Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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N ATURE's irft-horn, hail to thee,
Ruilic Nymph, Simp;ic;ty!
D.elt in rubes of ifil-t grey,
Sprightly at the mtmith of May;
Fairer than thie Gr;cs three,
Rural Goddefs, hail to thee!
Come, ansI frilini br;rg with thee
Mi'dly blufhint Miloiey;
Innrocnce, with brow felenc:
Rofy Health, the ',oold!aJ Qytecn
Calm Content, wilh cheaful air;
Piety, the heaven born fdir;
VirtIoits Love, dry id ol igllile,
Tri'pirg on with infnt fmite ;
BlefiLng oin the happy) plains,
Artlef, nympls, ant cronl'ant fwaiins;
Votaries truite to iov, aidi thee,
Rural Q ieii, Siniplicity !
Co(ddh ( come, atn fit with iae
Ulnldrneath fIme aged tree ;
Liftening to the woodlark's lay,
Rweetly warbling in the fray 1
Or the milkmnnid in thie dtile,
Tripping on with brimming pail;
Whill her fwain, wvih cage'r ret.
Haftes his much lov'd I.air ito Inct ;
Now he hear. her pail,
Jocund homeward fi -il the vale ;
Now they fit lcnera'h th, llhade
Nature kind r h r.c I -"' nil- ;
Dreathing treti, iai i.ami' .cf. glee
Tales of pure SimHl licity.
Or we'll iin lthe hi lra.n
Shouting j riil o'er the plain ;
Hear ithin jell, ;ind fing, .Lid laugh,
WIVhile thrill Inlit;:io n at' lhey iqu1;i'C
Whtn 1 r .i mr a;I the v.lit
View; thr'r min h v iih h:trllitl Imile,
Pleaa'd to ict the ripn'di ear
Rich repay hli, iillnlel race :
Scenes like ltch helt Ilnit with thee,
Ruial QVecn, Siai'licily,
Thee my Mfre li.t'1 (ill ltendn ;
Thee, the Muiifc l.iilrft Iicil
Lead her to thy fli-e'I hliwcr,
There thy oultlrn inllntne Ih -'aci,
W ht h inlpiredl ih>I h ii. f yor',
Rich in Nature'i rietuii- li-,
Ard of lair, with Niat, i! Ine,
Cray arndt G"ilrm I'h lhd I',lpite ;
Happy Iardl. helov'd fl ttlir,
Qjern ol Vcail, StnpliLhty.
Oodcrfs, rill to ihcc I rite,
Antd mny erntrt pl.tycr rcitne :
c tive m Slitenliii 's rgertie lay.
Or tiheI l.uinfu It i of (;G ;
Or At Iall the D)tic reed,
Cunningham', iife-ior nitet,
Nreathiaig train isfi' ,ct by thee,
His beft-btlov'd Simphlicty.
Let me charm the nymphI and r aini,
Pleas'd wri l Natuir e ar itis fir.ints:
Let me draw the fi c:t tear,
From the fllcpherd'ts eye linchere;
Or in liains that fotly move
Melt the maid lit virtuous luo ;
Or on country feflal days
Tune my reed theil mirth to raifc ;
Tlius, uncnnicd, let me fing,
Jocund as the fmillln Spliing
Happy, ifapprov'd by tlce,
Rural Qr. n, Simplicity.

FO R SA L I':,
The Si' oP
Burthen at 'it los barrels, ha, had
in rs tons razillclto, 7oo hbthels
Salt, and to utibulr i corn ; is Iltre
years old, New-Provdirninea built of rcdar and
mahogany, fails remarkably her fails, rigging
and cahles only fix months ol had lately a iho-
rough repair, and is now comp tely found. For
terms apply to
N. B. If not Sold at Private S le before Mon-
da th th th inftat, ile will on that day be
Sold at Vendue, at one o'clock under the Ex-
A HOUSE itfan air art of the Town, and
calculated ie a fi l family. Apply to tne

FOR L 0 N D 0t N : ,,,T ,, P., a Orts
Ta S$il about ri ti;t f bfrb, rTw BITarI ,
Yir rT itt' hr ill 1:a1 Amlnanack,
i N A N t "' ,I fr it- tar Of ( ord, ,
JOHs Cio.j "i al toel' ,, i i t Ecliff illid a'r
'a'L Forur Firight o! Co' 'i', *n'ly toh"" li' i;,. a.. iT n a iI Moon, HoliiJayt, r eay
Matler on lnrd, r o .', I ',., &c. Re.
J(I'IN PETTY. ArPe.t I 1(10!,
FOR 1. 0 N ) C) N, 'w i FrIef
I *He SHIP. : .. I :., : .:ae at HLl.c ai Houo
i, .. .. .. ( i .t'. .... fir the Prospl t u
.- TX ,i ,! i I. ci 'rt printerr, att
Ur o'!. 1, .,., "L. I V." -. .. Hard
r I' 1, 1. Cn o '. rlt i .;. rI piili notice total
I I .u i .. il Ihfind w ho le
V.-- Ii *' '. ''* l 'It l" of C it fl iir IAn ,.A

I I .1 ,' -I., b '>" "y ",t>bee n .
1ho I !`- J
.S :i c I li irNli SPI:I' en lo

1 'I. I I ll .
I l. ... r.... >i '... ,, 1', T. I ) J I S I, I ,& Co.
i I .. A

l' r i t,, !)s air,, M ,n,,,a
'1 ...i. "" I t ;I i "i Chanllrvy, Hard.
I '. ; !, r i .,, i -r .,'.l, c. hihl they
Stl 't i iln t llie r.ill i .r'l .iible ttms fnorCa4
ri li Iit a **iti" -
ToHN 0 1 C H T E Y,
....... | .. ,e: .-.. -" I (r H N I iT .andatoEY ,h
a" Lc. 1 "' IIr. ih 'e ',, I reqg,:t that thont
l 'T i ; ] ; ,' i l , r ' ('rl mes' h: r. h !.,en f good a toho.
I.. .' ". I' : '.l- .'.'", swill le p'rea d to
I t' e n, i'.r : r ' ntl Atl Perfoin
t'rr n ,1111 i ': him, arc defired to
i I i: recric ' the r Providence Packtt,
imrnt f : r le tro Id ClIthsand
hr i ; : 1 ', : Trinimir.f, Al4 ,
t'rl J r ; V, ': I. lare, rpil 3
' 1 c. v ih hel will fenlata
p'- V:I c1 INFS, carried

* I I 'i .'' .' : L' ai r, I .. I n ,, i P S' )I ) o r I T.

', a ,,n- ui!t d/antl
1 14.I i ( 1- . I *. iI Ii ; a fo rr i
i ', ... I i .. r i 1 i t lclrongih4
:IF.-i : v L a i t.lltinl a w llw r
1' () ', ai i, i .. ,. tir. a ni n11 d ar't grotmi
T :1F T'C aid .i ;, iar i fice, l i mot of which
I .v ', t < iy a t '.r' i ; ir i r i' aT i Iail of cedar and ma-
nit.'i. anild t'o .. a '] , i : 1. i'' i nl' t, lhei g a rifln
f'r iiou. oii .l .v I.: the r r r0- -- -! *I' I,, 'tti''o -n comnf an-
w i:]l itia ., !e ta: t: thI ,'. ,f Foi ;i," I - . n t' i ..' .,nId nfliaag. Fo term
la: ap;I) to /T" : -t R : in Nalr.u.
Ifn it. r 0 1. IVF rfl
) R AL Ia 1 I.i'err sh.;n" affdaifttlheeatc
A 110i U3F a I ,i-I l i .';',rtc'. i ri 1 iF "'tt,* F' ,y Ef; creatfed, M ar
A 1,1, .t* ,, !!. "I '!i ,, .' r. p r!' tr ed t er
"ai, ; hr I r .th : iis.t inllebted tI
tin i. ,,.- c: I, .,n t ', I,, ! t i , .,', ire t i.i to m tt pa ymni c atl
la' a fl t , 'iiI I .i ,, ;, ,. ., '
AW i! I~Ixt, nen.! 1'. Fi n l* :trl ( C ,IIli ml of r.I. C A CE A rLEY,
blel Al I t.. ll, llf .. & c L .xll Ile f-'Id o" .v ,, , i, ., ini rl
thJ fime crii an b MEhy COT.AND, c \i P ii h 1 n-y rianlis alynftflt
WVin inllte, fa.iA r l:ngl. d in A Ni' r) t, : IPt. p t Il.' lAi 'v Ffq; deectefa se
and dcfirrc i all P t ei..t,< ha]in at;y ;thm .: .' I e to tivt e in nti.P,,. ae in its thereortotle
again nie, t ll an II tcr | ay.e t : .l 'Ihr' hersr ; :rid lid'l indh I to the Ifme, to
thole' who i ric ar -wifceini itel o him, Iby h-id, I tCik imnm-iart p.yrient, iha the affairofa r
note, or ibook '. t it, arc reC(uteled to difcharg,. I flalt may be fttled aI roon po.lihe.
their aceta t mi/n .'ai,, -:'y. FOt1tBES & S''E.V.INL
iHNr-IN ibNI:;TON iact:endi'lto fillforl ing Attornics for San IlaLar, Adminiltrlti*
J land in thie n'erfte of rext montli, rcillt a ill 'a# r. Fr-te..-r i I-F6.
Perfons to whim lie Is nn-.wife ind-bted, to call A '1 Pe"tron hairgi deiiand on the Eita
and recci re pa) i lnt, am thiofe indebted tn him, ._o Mr. AaLXa onrt R tio B .a deca ted,a1
to pay their ri l, l;c ccouint without 'lelay. of thi town, are t:l; irtl o render in nfate
He alfi, forlthe ,l14 m requeftI thlle inleteid their claims, plnpcrly atte d, to the fsblfribt
to the lIle Cop.lnetiliB) of IOHN PETT Y, & and thole who are indebta to the eftatc are "
Co. to pay tleir accouettI immediately, aa there lquieroe to make payment mediately, tlatt
is an ablloblue ntecellfy for closing thlt hlninels of affaira may be fettled a fino as pofible.
that Concern before his departure.-Merchan- ANTII. R XBUROH, Ad-
table C tion, Brazilletto, Bark, Loguwood, Rox- A'.'i1s, 7Janar,4, i;86.
wood, and large Mahogany, at Markct Price, will A.I. Perfain Ihavin; dcemandi e, agi T l'
be taken in payment. A of ANTHONY MOITWI.tL, late of tbhi To
The Bfinulle in his ahfence will be carried on, deceased, are (icnred to deliver their acountlln t
as IifIalby. A.nxaoNDa TaIYva. the Stilricriber properly atteftel, without adell
WANTED, in all next month, a iantity of andl all Perfonswho are indebted to the fald Ea
Cotton and llrazilletto, for which Carl will be are requested to make payment immediately
gren Apply as alove. MARY MONTELL, Adailtr*.
Najuau, February II, 1786. Nafas, Februiary Ir s76.





No. 84.




NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


Account of New Books.

remoirs iofIAON DIo To T I. C(ntai.iini the State
htTurkijab Empire in t he Crimiea, diiin.g the Iltsi
War with Ruffl i. Itilb numnerots Anwcduitri,
Fe BS arnd O/fertvations on the Mlrnntrs and
Cuftomji of tLe Turia and Tartars. Tnratlaltr
frmn ibl Irech. Folh. &vs.
[CoNcI.tuuo rno oat Ia Ia1.,
A 1i' pr opirl to oblftr, that IIta, lrc e lortad
1 thin the rcf ol Egypt, is bounded towaid Illie
e by a fi.rit nf paln-trre, called the Iorel of Bferc-
lo, tlielandolf which isl much hil.hi r tllhan l I IglRl-t
rif .r ol the waters; and this to ngraphiit.d rcnt.iri it
(ullicinlt toi dtliroy the fylm of tli form.niionl of Delta
by fer;inrnt. A country which is higher thaq e
erci:il i,;indati,.nl, can newer owe to rhen its o n,
ltich iilm.:nt could only orcafion the dIition or the
tco bIanthil ol the Nil; hut neither thi.circumnflnrc,
eer the exillcnce of the island which feparatet thml,
deferve n much attention; and M. MaillLt might have
fpared lhmcfif the trouble of reviving the Illn nof
I.phoru. ota thi l wlel which Itiunt litno to hove net
nith any rtIg;r. i.ol, I i. cutcmpoinict."
Dr hiLw ap" .. t ih o adopitel llte opinion Ilre
ct,,r rovcrn t .; I I lc i.lll t, i ln cling l )il't I't
GI r or Nil ., liath liccn app.ol d l0 i i .* hl .i;y to
l Ie i elI i r pipulatl:n of i gyp' it a ltn:llir: The

i l- lflad l .rlt : On l, lt. iloti[g, ,

IBl;: li " ,. that al- ....... r lr I, ,,a I d .u-
f ..t l flo .t |.b b lp]l, l r .>uca, I t ,w nte n I t .
(,ra.-- of l,,ic I n rt:t n ,l fa :: 1 1, ov 'r I a "
hF I !1, 1, i.lli, .l i nt rd titt l i tL it i- n I
t -'.i n it -
lllniei 1.g3 Ir lilnoCCII tO' LI.

Al- I h- is l ll il of l;iio i. *v
ho res;ylt alive theq ly thr' l-ry ':'
Cto :al n. 1Ji C i rcd n el li e lll. .tl *'' 1 1
pro.l of it. 'I c MLartn V ii wa a .. t 'l., I \ J11

biters w ih h-1d pnoll ,, I ,is ,.1 l .. I;. l,- dI fr l
a c. ir:n>l n w io h 1.hi i, ,hii k-LIl. 1r. arnd l,11L
B(y i ,l lef. conf-illnute. h ll'c -r. l-.lid their ) lTan
nyu adillrhnd. wheinc llinti Jil..i, lnoe or.rl
Beyn, watched their oppolL tinly tIo .I c on th ItO- I-
vcrniti t.
lfntae-A., a watt i.f abiluice, r-'fty, difilr.-;.-
tlin a .d pcr.i'oul, lern'inx c ly ...'ittd to M. rI l
bey, glove ncl it hiqlann,, a:,d Io .,-u ly If a v .r:cy
of opprltii.ll and ll I oln, of ":ilt hiny Toic, llh
ati t Co i. in l.:c, w'l r: thi vr mcti. MSir .!, ni
hit r urna frto li, hltokij, uc hie hail bhr n ri liar-
rafl the Aral-, lrarl I hat oe I f lhis lon-clIt l ha I
befi hallini:., -' p I ly bolim .-lia.i, a 1-ltn.yntl oe
Juafff lcry. li llhlrtoin re fret lo tuit l.Ki llh, n
caofid the cerr. 'ion to he r, aid .th lfiry jafflil
f well diff inil, 1 ii angcr agthis affront, that MMrad
IKli cd Il, iih f oin i he iclf.dwith ilmpunity. :f
had n n-, -i'n Incetvr on hi return to Cairo, vith I
kind l tr.inr le ; ai td inlth hit andl iItn ginc'I
tienfli iv in tlc i llir f ri-, lty, wt ien, on Ithe ith (f
July. If, l i;.l JIirl, and all the BDty of ihtir arty,
wilh tl.r \uli ,i, l. ., falie.! oi O if the city, to gain
tie ctru lil of te Nilh, by .I i g ( t'.l Cailro,
and, at tilt iii.e time, fi.llui,,ln. il lhe h' .k Eliclkt
and Mt.rid to fiibnit volutari;v, thur "ning othler-
wif; to I' !'i tt hem to it by f.ti'a.l;; o I-or i-C o f arms.
f.d. I an infiurre tiion di,' notr i- lime to Iiel
oprofie party ti afenthitble lic ir aT.naliles; te only
rifotrce I'f, v's. In poff-f thcmlfcilveI of the Calltl
*RfCair.,. Ithe oict'r, nf which are als ays at th: dilpo-
fll of the r-hlig party. Ncvcrthcleff, Muraid and
Ihrahim, it:fu't,. lily, and Ihtt uop in the C('allc by
the trop -, Ifr withoult, tried, in vain, ilhe power IoI
the Firma-. of tire Pacha, ,tont they kept pritlner,
hut who. prohalay, did not tlcire to extricate thenit
from their cmbarraffmact.
What mnll dillrcfled Meur2 was, that Irmati-Aga,
who was hit right-hand, and whlnm we have beforec-
Mtentioned, inelid of coining to thc (IatWlt to join his
An order, in firme of an edia, wi cli the Pachao
Of three 1iall, tilled Vifirs of the flBcuch, iliuc in the
a"me of the Urand Seigaior.

nller, went ov-r, to the opp'lire party, ilth It lor allr to bIc tonfir rcd, according to the lawI nf Tlgland,
I.han igll Ii'ht h: 'i I Iholal'ld li ii- i, wtl aIhith .h, as sllhtl ; although at fuch they eoia y many important
Ia. cntrilliel. Tlhit. tr.heaJry )rI. k oly hligcJ Mu- intunitiec and privilege., which he Cpeciiii. In gne- a.l Ihlrahllm Lt li into the Uppllr I gypt, with but r-.1, Ie julily obfirves, after Sir Malthcw IHale, that
kw tile law ol li'glanl rather contraidt Il.all rtalld the
i" I l.y t, poffl'iOn of MiniLe. rThe traitor. II a oilahitliteo aliicni.
mnc', \ it aidvl.r d to the dignity oif 1 y, at was Soii- Mr. Chalnmer, fceondly, loexaine the rtgulilonl:a
maIi-K a .hll, anl IIU'e hd if M IIuti bellowed r n for opening Ihe American trade ; the pri:ripde or fpi-
te I ltr r an niilrmnii ai,'[tt foil e til bialil:intlo lie [it ol wlch h, lie IhetI, is an an icly ti, reciiove hil
had: ric --, a frUtiiglt I c!ire. 'Peae was proc-'ained various ibtltudlion wihkih haid ibtoL throw in. to
.t the ia:n t imec; and Jullilf Iy, too mucnih blended channel by rtlcntmnitt and retaliation. In cin llol IeLCte
by Ili rrice, ti ptit-iive that lie h.d ouly bee made of the act, hidh were the reluit of this lilt,, the
u: of a a tool to Iiring about thi revolution, Idifc.- \nlmcicaln c miourcC was loionturnd ile.tuan li I.tvou-
vr rd ,t r, li inlcltiini to rrile h all lf altv.c Ial'k ch.l..l !I a I that whlreril it hid hloo rly llunr'd
lis c ipaLnIi. I he two IllitI.l 'i sel not t loil when tile IV itiLd Stiatc cininliltitl Illu ilh tUIonla.
b iftlre til.' ipitnifl d ihtt, for hailng fo l,,h u:i l'l. our an lhl.r proves by two. i dnil vi ws of our
ter.-ran:l L i;r abiitic.; they alffafiuated ihti ,: hi i rs cnla la. tia tr.tdc ; ill, of tli ciaprt. Irnmo (;
won F-oii; lis l artil,.ct utdcrwint the n f. ; Blriltan to he LUnitecd State,: and, licondly. the
anid rti lwi Bocy, Stintllan, wai dai p'rir Il ci ii .g. nl-port fronI tth Ulited Sti.,te to Btlrain, as lave
nity. But little cvezits :ld n t I rIniif a I.dura:it I rIg litcl y tile lait pirotlanationl On thi le
airce, and it owas to be iireLI .n:t. that the tyraL.. lub,- 'li Lr auhor propofct fnme rrcelary regr.latio.i,
would not lung united, waiter thce ut lrutioian of iwitl it uhl .ocrturni thoie that are riablithid.
the fhiritve-." 1 .!crality of conduct is alwtly right: but in
'I .t I Lrun re-inibarked at Aki andria, and cra c,i' i'rialt le trgudl ttions it is the niore liaud.1!, li aioie
hlong the tli t c f JI gyl yti to lt hrour ofJiaf. 'l ii ,c* e, t :in then, the didisrtt o. inltrill lI ufl t | re-
, proc.: ltd on hurtl.ak to R.1*i a mtty in P I'i- l, t o tic l ge i. of p Coliy. It it, o I tIgrar-.
ile, hlrc the A.-(at of th. l.nlI had ll ., l. 1 1 t] Ai.n rir tan cI tI. rrocia ,dl unkindly tile
lilm Jilt t I i tt' i ilt I ..I I i ., i, ily i.e :r- t n lllan front tlaxt., whi 11 all either alien, formerly
v 'I-, l .\rr, :; r id ,cl ..t .tP,;, I ai].:. i aid. blth a rect ptln if Inch a boon might have cl-
I p. .i .a-'la tii .i [ I II L ed ie j-.1'lo fy of nFighb o(tning nations, nkhofl cn-
lI r' c.1' t~ l ,ii iii[ ,l. t 'e i: t J l he ule,, to '.- y or Iry ard ta olgr.fe tr iltiL irtance, '. Iu I hcte
h i- i l l ti 'td'itt IiL'.i 1. k flip lor il, .rc iiifc noin indted, whlo iltnk, that the abolition of
: I .. irt. ; ailii i rvi ., I I: I *I I'hI, 1.-, coalla.I :le alil Ii tl' I. would IrotlIote our cinllner ial inte-
tl- i.u:'i., u li.'c t it-; Archt ] ,lag,.. cdIov r i t i ': thole ;'c intelligent pItli.n who figgef, that
A rua, .1 1 vi ited 'i, i. t lhl raise fold C.'athagc, tlit iIpitling of the al ien durit on alien fip rather
!I i riurrlil o. 'l. aulin, i lurc he it Pirt l:nti rktd;I and l1,an on tel l IIle:iallld.zc, would augment .r naval
, | ,i ,i t..i i. .lrcngr'. 'I le l tin-ci nt of bin h may he toillfderedlas
I'l ii. .. i tt- ti la- pie-tin, th e Rea ltr -y 3 ul, in prp fr:i>n a itw .irt dI dted in our delfire to
iro Ilc j. I t oill t' ,1 of thei Ac nth i. theo o, rid h nr It thie acqttilit. .ll of
and of the It le: .i ll. c a : ;.. ai ln n hi e Is I: t ) ,-.,w r. 'c bI oafl in v-i i tof our religion ani libhrry,
to rcci, fr..m h, I rt 0,,I 1 t re : k uil f. ;-t lili .- i "l" "it walth, if our hipe are driven frone
S-- or c'tie:nrl at ifiindcrs, and we arL obihged to itiahe
li.,j ,ii sLn i .t li g Sr.ljels f Pu'ir i l.n: u, l, l on:tns to Li r fitl, whilo iha lately oiighr ot. in
Loin /i l,, '. lb C-III. I C Ot.,if I'. I o a na na. in are about to gve nna, nwr.lgelln nt t or-
1dutirma a! iti.,l ofit e i[' ,l t.'1 lies, alit of pitr.t cli- it, ton!iit i thd ,ry of their pcoplt tly ityiht
t otfil t'eir ity lla. icly onI the ii-nlark hih idt diat
.4n Iqi,,,,t t .f ti, ,rtptrin,, CtiI l h / n" et- ,ho I lalt,,ia, I tl Pt' it tih itigortit ,nfarit; me
iei,4. A is EdAtimi, oteSd. ircil]., ia:hr than to the ii create i private npultnce.
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live paiH'catt: i's, Ii:h provtaate-P cry dititcrei-t larifi.rd to no projea of private pain, or derfitof
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L' ht" are itti>ied to Ivih.n hi 0 tn;1., .; aim fa.liir., and not to the fault of their olicLer, that the
SIlt ri ', they 'a: ct im in t t r1ennit nl tol .ies oi ten of the lite whith hal been flipulated, during
Bnt:,;n" iTl.i Iil.ful Atriin l l ,)!'l, ioi, A lhir late im prul ntr quarrel with Britain, to join the
ll e Ih if i the rt.e, Jre i the certtCn plation ol FIrertch flit, never failed from port.
thic Britih law tHill ir;ti:l 1je'ri are ill t111 :irlet **I Anl attention to theft cao l thcratilon doet not lead
tlicir bit h-righlts whvli In ncv.r he fl"itedt cice'pt us t) appnree altogther of the ineafure of allowing the
lby their I wt. nitilhavii r, anil can n-itr hc takernn nel ai.ula piodudt of the American Statei to be
away bhut It Ie willofit ir fe .-w-ctite::. hiv al ol l' ly the law ol i] I.:t and tiy Our author jullly, but with great moderation of lan-
thel i.ctlifih law whi Ii illo h ih dmitir oi f in divl.- tn -.g, it :ch gives truth, when obvious, the greater
at'i no 'ittri-r and irlneli!fl, force, the American we ght, find% faitlt with diflcrnt proclamationsofthe
liyalill., o fl i maltw d tiln tl e li rt ofl" the Unite'l c ,rivy countl,which wcre ilfued from a very precipitate
.ratei. tv. n after the prace, arc lill, cordingig to o.ur and ,li juld;iing anxiety to conciliate America regard
ithr .. i we fulmfric ti th i rI;. l. n to he re- and A.r-rican trade, ad if that hat! been the only con
gIrenl a liibj'i L lls, andl ti pt auliar privil- mitr, vorthy ol our care : he alfo juftly cenfurec fame
gircd ol a- liti of I n it Dritai n. of ti.e iealurel refpclling Britain, that have been
** "'hey mayt i it thctcfore the latls of their an.- adi'i -: tly Amcricat States.
reill.; they nia & af nicrcl nt, .o as, o t-ter in condrt the he I. haiite nst confiders the prodlamatfsof
]);;tihl plaintatioi; they nay a. rnar-ncr or materse O.t perv c. i c:l a they afred the Britith Welt Indie.
aavig re any Br lih vcTel; oan! tIhey 0iay cxecut any ie maI tvliat' s their .'ants, ews ti*eir model offap-
olice of profit or trul, or fit in either ho.lle of rartii- ply, nid trirucl at length, conctning the policy or
nient : and when a of thcle ri;ghr are Itnicd them ol aidntting the Amerluan vcelt. ato their
'if we crept the priveeye of hitting in paill.a nt). th. poIt.. H icleirly demonfirates, the it is lpoiffill, md
cLay rclort In W omlniltr Hall for relreft of fome ot the iitreit ,of Brcain, to fipply the Britilh We*-
their. wronn. i wre jultice is adtinilacredl happily, Indiis il;i proviflons and lumber too, without the
according to th principle of rigid law, without t re- A-ImeriLan tfatr He then proceeds to einac, that a
gardiu the did c of political convernitnc.", commercial l.tary with the American fratc., in their
B t the coli its, who having atchievedf the lata prefant cirtuntftancct, it neither neicelary, nor would
revolution by It ir tffor s, and who now form by their I advanitg.ouli to Great Britain. On thil fubjed he
refidetnce tl lizens of the United State., are in a ffords very importatit, and it appear authentic intelli-
different predicaIment; and certainly, as our author gcnce, concentinn the nnfcttleu(ftate of the North
deatrly fiacws, without any new law Por the purpolfe Amcriza, the weake& of shftr in Coenef>, lad

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