Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 25, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 83.




NASSAU: Printed by JouN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT.

In the Count of OnDl avr.
By the Honeurable JOHN BROWN, fqu;ire,
Prrefdet and Commander in Cbirf n and
ewr the faid Iflands, Cha.celler. Fir Admi-.
ral, and O(rdinary of he fame, Wt. ~r. bi.
W H ERtIAS Henry r.nge, ot the land of New
SProvidence, hlq'.ire, hath, on the behalf
of Roberrt H'lliam P. el, Erquire, only Son atld
Heir at Law of a e Bdi.urd Powell, Efqmire,
,Ie I.eutrnail-fo ernour, deceafed, Elz.belb
l r a' d Mr a rlo e, Daughtersof the faid de-
a afd tllefaid Rob it William Powell, Ilizbekth
Il.nre and Malaj rao being the next ot Kin of
te f.aid 'ecciai ma humble lt tome to grait
b:m I etrrr of Admin i nation of the Goods aind
Cha tWi, Rights and dits of the faid decetfcd,
dur-ate s./fernia of c faid R.birs H'dlliam
Powlll, and by the un t of the faid liltbethr
A;o e iinl. la; Trong, t Daughters: Thclce ae
t' er. f r. to C t, and A0' onili all and fingular
tic (. slitors of the fai lecrafid, that they be
atild pear hi feir nme, in e Conit ol Ordinary,
on '1 huil da, the 9qh day i March neat, at ttn
o'clock in tlhe iii, oon, to Riew catif, if any they
hbae, why the f:id Ailinifiration Ihoild tiot be
GCI'EN .nlder my Hand and Sial at Arms,
at nA'afau in Nei Piovldence ajoref.,d.
Dated ithu i6th d'y of Februwy, l tIhi
Y'ear of Or Lord, one tlouf n.l feren
oA drd ad r, elyt flx, and i' tshe Iswntl.
firh iear oj'llia Aoj d'i Reign.
By His Hlonou' rr,,.andj
I'.pvY \J ia~.. D. SicretarT.
F u K S L E,
A Il USE and LOT in Church Street, at
prrrlnt o cupied bly'eli Sulficriber. Its filu-
a on ei f,, erl. known to becalcltatedIfor utiaiielt,
tiat liirthrr description woull l inectf'ary.
Ji l.lifli in ,i I lie given n tor af i ut the .oth ot
Api it n x!, .in i t e Furniture, o infirling of Ta.
I I., Ct,.rs. 11 dleardl &c S. will be fold on
the fame IOIludittins, byi C
\IWho intends failing for 1rg nd in April sent,
tind dtfirre all Pertons havi g any demands
a.ainlt liii, to call and recei e payment andl
t ilt who aic anywif, indrhtid tn En, by bond,
role, or broki drbt, are rquele d di' r
h,. account, imm //J d
I' R S A BLT ,
T IlE HOUSE and LO where STFrlHN
lHavIN, Ifq; lately refitd; the Iloufe is
neat. and coicirCrnt for a fmjl Itmily, and the
t'a.ioi11 advantageous; the tnrm or payment
will he made cafy to til Purch ar. Fol particu-
lars apply to
o HAN DI NNI. ION ilntlllilnig to l.ii for ntg-
land in the cou, fc of neat mth, rnqufis alI
Peif n to whom he is anywife drbte, to call
and receive payment, and thof indltrd to him,
ts pay their rtfptlivce accits iai'hotl delay.
He aio, for the laB time. rrque thbfc indebted
to the late Copa tnerliip of ItjN IPh/IT I, &
C,. to pay their accotr im y, there
it aanahfolite neceflty fi.r cl, inl the bnfinrl of
that Concern before his dtp,irt re-.Merchan-
tablhi C tron, Brazilletto al k, r.owenodi, Boa-
wo, d, and large Mahogany, at Market Price, will
be taken in payment.
1 he Buinln in his ahfence will be carried on,
at adnal, hy ALtVaoDFr TAT on.
WANTED, in all next month, a quantity of
Cotton and Brazilletto, for which Cab will be
I'vtn Apply m above.
NA'anl, Ftb roar it, ryl6.
C') ON. Salt, B azllettl M mahogany, Hard
. Wood, Ac. for Sale by he Propristr at

J O H N W E L L S, rHE Subfcribergire thil ublc notice to l
At hi SHOP o the AY Perfonl rider t in t Iflandl, who are
At hi SHOP on the BAY, indebted to the Houfe f Caoon1 HAlmai and
II A S F R SA L E, Seav.m, of Saannah, t at their bonll note,
H'1ESH Hrfon Tea from Ladie coloured Habit and Ac. win. without diftinrsn, immediately be put
1' tihe Engl lM Eall-India Kid Olove. Into the hanls of an Attoey at Lw. to be reeno
Warehoule Gentlemen's Silk, Thread, vered, as feira year Ind ence have been girvc
Blarc Pepper brown Leather & Kid without producing the de ed effer.
Spiced Salminn in hi. Glove ALEXA DER J. SPIERS.
F:cnch Oinrc. London made Saddles 'a'*, Feruarr 14, 1786.
Pickled Capers, Onioni, Silver cape Twig.
Wain t,, and rkin, Ilaterd Spur PANTON, LE I E, & Co.
Inda So G:reen Silk Tmlbrellas At thir New .TOnl, a) t:eorntr ej Unlos
Muftronm Ktc up Vi'in., G;itars Taan- an the A, B ,
Pl reer in barrel (;crnma Hulte. ind Fifes H A V E F O S A I. E,
Eglilh and mifsi Buiter A long iuset fiopt Piano AGENERAL AffrtmOnt of PtROPEAN &
Pigtail Sd md nd plain airForte EAST-INDIA OO DS alto, MiADiAi
liSceo in b Pnd powder pln WINa of the flrS quality, hip Chandlery, Hard-
rifth L.inen Hard and WIe Pomatum were, Grocery, Crockery are, &c. which they
Cambric* Nlarchalle Pomatum will fell on the moIt reafo ble terms for CG o, or
Leghorn and Chip I tat I.avendar Water .feed HilI of adheanre.
.adier Riding Hat. ELfence of Bergamnr, Li. To be SOLD or LET,
Ladic ollo.nofthencewet vendor and Lemon be OLD or LET,
falh.n Ladie Silk & Hair Culnt- AndE ay be a ntirded sri.medianrtr
Ladies wllhen, Packthread ionsNEAT and ai WEI IN IOtE
anl Cr ,'liicne 'tayS Tupee trom Al good repair, wlh a new tone built cham-
Ladie, Drcfs Silk & Sattin Hir Pins her, Ifore houfe, and kitchen alfo, new nrst-
shie" Wilndfor Soap honfee and necelflarf with the Iol hetonnging
.adits Sltuf and Morocco Walh Balls therein, being very large, and contains a well of
Shie l ShavinAig BomI very rine water, a garden and vcanr t gront.l.
Gills end (hillren', ditto Cat Steel R.lore The whole is under a good fence, nmot of which is
Ge' tlrme's Ilrefd bStnt tef)rig Cafe' soin1plct newc the pos, rails and nails of cedar and ma-
; enlrnles' Poted Shole I'Patent arkng Cl akc hogany ; the situation is pieafant, beinge a rifing
pucrlc of the new a Keyer' P.llt round at the Veft End of the Town, commn.n
Ladict Pallc Shoc Bucklra Godfre' .Cnrllal ing a view of the Bar and OffiCr. For terms
Lat stock F Knre Duckles JG.nfre' a. P r apply to TMCOMA RoDE, i lau
b e oth & Knee StUhkIs lames Pwitre y tir T, iaflau.
Molurtnilg Shoc and Kace Mieandfi Alba anyar., t7l. f
Buslier Daffy'. liir A LL. PerfoTs ihaingdemn d a Irhn th etare
Siver wi.he Epfom Salts, l of aMU'L Fraatn fq; decrafe are
Wi'.h ('hyflal Medicine Chefs, requeled to deliver them prj erli trefdl to the
Fathionable Watch Strinit &ct.fe. n. Subferiber without delay ; ad th indehlrd to
SO H N H U C K LE Y, the fald effite, are dcflred to mak payment as
.U oon as pollsJle, to
TAKES the liberty to request that thofe ORACE 'ARtREY
Gentlemen who h ce o Iood a, to ho- dminiC ratri '
nor him with their c mandi, will be pleaded to fan Marb, I 7 16. ii
Jifcllarge their rcfpt e e accotr s.. All Pcrfoni .. Prin. han ay e i' mrar
havingany demandllfainft him, arc d.finrd to Af ean ho a ION in n fq d e ed, ate
call .r t ^ e. 0lla o4r HAI T, Efq; drrreel., Ira
call fur payment. desired to give In atcHt conts, thereof to' he
lIe hea received bthe Providence Packet, a Ssbfcribers and thofe Iri ted fo the me t
neat Affortment of faionable Brord Cloths and make immediate payment. at h a s .f te
Ktrleymerr, wit, trnltre Trimmings, Al4 Ef at, my e tttled Ias fl padire .
(mold and Silver um .Lace, Epaulets. 371h t f RBEl S f rFVTr, .
Regimenral Bult on/c. which he will fell at Attornies for SaMAR HAL Aminifrat. .
reafunable advance. a"/cna noT ra. Admi7.
N. B. The TAYLOR's BUSINESS carried Naf'a rPebr'"rae. 1716.
on as ufual, at his IIoufe n Frederic Street ALL Perfo ving demands on the I da r .,
NaTu, Yanar tl 1Itl, L Mr.A~ginn. l RomaluIte drceaed, lite
Softhi town are desired to render in Sater of
F O R L () N D A. N, their claims, properly atte to the fuhferiber|
Ta Sail about tl ti yt of arr ste' l, and thofe wh re indebted fn the estate, are re.
The S quefled to mak payment immediately, that the
N A NI c Y aelarte may be tled a* foon as ponible.
A I r -, fANTH. ROXBUIOH, Ader.
Jon. Clostet Mafter; Nafa, 7rus r4, r7lU.
For Freight of Cot n, apply to the A L Perlfn- 'ein g daeimind aln-T-.-lt ar
MAaner on board, r to A l of ANTHOS MOITILL, late of this Town s
JOHN PETTY. deccafed, are dered to deliver their account, t I.
PFrwray to, s 86 the Srbferlber properly atteted. witholt nell(Al /1t
F O L 0 N .D N, andlt Perfonlwh are Indebted to the faid Elate-,
The ea are requeltcd to make payment Immendlarely t
Wll M afT i a.. MARY MONTELL, Admlnlftratri.
S A L L Y, Nea//. a', re ar sr, 7 6.
A.ianlaIs Oo l, Mlnle. UN away from the Subhrclhr eaftwardly oe
Will fail in all at Month. For s the town, two egro Men named T.m and
Freight or Pal apply to fI//j. m'p l'iddle flied negro, full mouthr
FALCONER, SNR & C. or f hl ow.. little marked with the far-
WILLIAM BEG E. p.1 ,l pf ery tal. very black, peaks \
Er r- A Tothto me, Ihall have One Cuins rtwarda for
Peary se, t6. good Whoever will deliver and or
F O S A o eh qf them. I alfo forewrn any perfon or per-
A VALUABLE NEGRO who woullr ona fTrom harbouring, empleolng, or carrying
fruit for a Houfe Serving or Stoe Negro. off this island, o I am d mined to pro.
For Particulars enquirer of t c ac asy that doea.
ANTH. i P lR J D .LL
Nalas, Febr>ar .W Mil 1 NAU 1ny sa7

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