Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00149
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Exlrl fr1sn t Plrontedings of' l Grnral Aflns- citizen of America. There is nn proft.cin fU
bly of Pefflia. From Carry's Penvjfivasnia precarious as that of a merclill. Hle inciurs
Avning HteraI, Deimnier 3, 1785. great trouble, great lifLk anid gre*' expeCiir: his
O N motion of Mr. ritfimao resumed the pru its very uncertain. N c. intly undcr hea.
Sconolieration of the bill for encouragement vet" is ITo well calculated for navigaition as Ame.
ot navigia'ion and Ihipping. i.c. All the nmterials the pi lirfles within her-
Mr. Wirbill I have read and considered the f lf. Her people acive, enterpriling, and dili-
bill with attention, and It appears to me to fet out gent. Before the revolution, liir navigation was
: principles too extenfive. It takes in Europe, incrEaftig in a rapid and flrpizicg mniier,
Ara, and Africa. I conceived that it was di- owing to the enterpriling fpiri't our people.
reft d agalnln Great Britain only, hut It equally But at prefent, if welook road, we Iliall lin! It
aims at our friends. It will spread an alarm in declining all over the world. It Is fo far rltldin-
France, Holl nd, and Spain, which nations find. ed and cramped every where, particularly in
in we are about to lay huritena on their villel, Ithe W ret-Indies, that our hinlp can hardly find
w ll he induced to retaliate on ours. The French cmploymrnt. If we do Iot Linm oy our fearten,
Conful will doubtlifa write to his Chrifian Majefty thofa of them, who aie not in.tives 01 .itias,
on the fobj c. We Ihould maturely coifider will desert ts; ann IItin well I;no.rn lliat we ii ve
what we are about, not give offence to friend. numbers belonging tco otlhr nations. As UI the
ly power. For thef. and other reasons, I move friicdly powers, if tli. bull1 1 i ant ivad:l
that it be committed. ights, how can the' tj;ae ifIitcte InI t;,: c.fa
Mr. Smiley. I am not a friend to this hill; but c live nothiho to chntl ;nlcn thi.m,- .iii
I am wllini to gointo fuch a one, provided it is- it it does ina de th.le rights, how Ihall wi. be
dirceed against a proper objei. I w la ii tile lite a Ile to gein inrormati:n unkil, hy philhlillhin. '.-
houfe when this bill was introduced, and if I re- I "am r eref f pichlic'.irn, in cr.inlr to
cooled right, what gave rife t, it was, a general cholla the frnlil of the rcic cn ti uiTl firlt.
dcirc to counteraf tlle rfctrifrione of Grsat Bri- I Mr. 3,ilj. I mufl .ik iiw' l;c, Mi. Speaker,
tain. At Icaft this was the idea that went forth i rY hifemority in this arg o ent I io )ot preticl
but it now appear' tha4 it i levelled against all :to" b deeply verfed in it. Hut I iui'cneftandn a I' w
the nations of I.rope. hope we (Ihll never con- plain trnlhs, the infeccn:c I dInw Ir,.n whii,, ii
lent to put France, H4land, and Spain, on the that this lill lliould not bl pbl;i i.c in iri i.t ;li nt
fame footing with those nations with whom we form. T he canldour Ifthl Gati. ln iin whi, ipoke
have no commercial treaties. If a bill be iulro. lalt oll the fuhi. l, lic the Inmure ticrnly cinvio, cil
uduced for reftriding the trade of England in our ine of tlli. lie, tlhat thll c miy ie f ine-
ports, I imagine wwe(hall all agree to it. thing in it inimical to the flritilly Pjo-cr-. Now
Mr. Clymer. I nmas be finccular in my opinions; il tlls h pofflile, I hold it .Alifclrlty ncclTcry to
bnt I co ,crfs, 1 never rould fee the wifdom or C' nI.clit it, in order in .!ol gilinr them ofteicce.
jcflice of framing laws aAninfl GCilt-Btittin cx. 'I i Minilllers if thi ~li Ic s :i r cartl.inl very
c' ficerly, as many of the SI te have done. Thelry icPalle to Ice the fl thl hill, anid apply for
mill have aiifen froni a wanl tt t alICIiuiI. Both ,"' alteration. But ve Ilhoiuld ncvar reduce then
France nn I EnglanPl have exchlrfie fyflenms f 1t tlie vcecfntilv of tllis as'lp)icatton. What roln-
trade for their colnni, -. hich ale of long ftald :truin'hon will tile. Ipt Ipiol ocur colilult ? E;t;icr
ing anid Iby whiich the flpplyinp them is confined th it the I.lgifnulores lniinlfvlyania are ignora.nti
to their own vrlTrls. be oriagn of this in En- or wicked-rhat tlle)y re fot iyuiorait as not to
rlan was with the faltois Nav gation Al ; and know the cexiilltg trcLtici ; or '1i wicked as to
in F a crt. under Louil s tourteenth, about Ilte t eck to violate them. 'hiii hbing the cafe, Itill
fame time. Previous to the revolution, as we we "nlo piocccid with c.nlin bilhall we give .icy
wV. I flijcats of Great-Bri lin, we had an exemp- r i. l' ol It aloiry to e,1 tI 0 cdii, .lkir,, iin the Ihour
ti,,Ln ho( tllie operation (if this aft, and weu titled to particular privileges: But trom the tilin e ni l [Mr. ClyIceiJ 1J. I. r i.. he t iilptpproves ,f
that the revolution took place, and that wr he- iakrg .cy inh,,cle- dill.ilion c ih v rrptI to
camr an independent peroole, we were in the pre- te I.n c l. II ntirrly diffr i t nim h;. I vwol.l
dicament ef a foreign nation; and the old rerula.- 'c.l il- Iply vith lthrm. They 'o not Ratl d in the
tioun operate against Ic, without any addition l'n e liltht lvith r7l`)il tI I ic: cai, as ancy uil tr
bhrrg mide to tiem. I.antc has fioclar regul ""Ilati On. :' o0- of Ithi-, ..,, i, r treaty lthl
ti-ns, which be has at times Rcfpenided, .nd I hacanol ccluc .p'ic wih-llh- I 1y lIt, l ail o:ic- ..r n
fffi'red us to trade toher ilnds. Bit this his on the iccth-vfrtwan he I Ir. I m,:n fl c m
rnver been mret than temporarily, fo that wc; I id nt think ul a lc. fe fi that cnatiI,.
have not dtrlvcd much advantage fromit. Tlhe I hir h ii.igI thiI feIc.t .,i... ,a, willhthir
Enj1 i are in general im.c e f.vourable to ius, and i tcnd'lit iln o,'h .. I 1, I cant difiref.
why we call new Ielii dti.i, are rather relax i- fell flate (I their liR-*ci w It i .,'i; :u: ef.its
ticcn. Prm the clld one-!. tN hat do conimer ci.l Iciec tley not n. to ii, .it i.-I nion wcIcf
trv.itir produce ? 'I hi. are marks and fymnptioms ri ycanIl In.ii e ie e hIav fIj !'It.l 11 It i I e the)c
i ffr ndlhip and amity, and nothing nire. iAn ri t ile I h.lf a inillicn I,,r iL, n .\rc nation.
ila a haey n figgeited that by this bill we fnlold cciiomioily fo gi.rl- rnll No, Sic, Inut IUhinlii y)r
nciptl all nations w th vihoim we have commer. o xpcl9 to lave occafiu: Ior thlir f rviers.
tial treaticy. Englan.d is it all times ready to cun
tcr i-,to a cimmerci.l treaty with in, ind has Elatra fiocn iLce /iccedircc if ic'o Hola 'r ji
of:Tled In terms, vwich we have refused. To R-pr f ,r [ iri if .S r -(:-Cs r.!: *. Frs-n i.'.r
level at Engllatd a p\lhfively, would be tio invi- Ceai ,In 1;a .l; g n i !.
ldous, and it we-e better and more fnitahleto Fi B-tuiKY 2i !t;/i.
.our circurmffances, o have the bill fcupicifled "THE 6ov:-:01,0 '% ScrCt.rc brou,:lht do,.,n
aitogC ther. a m ftF;c, with fc erral official pipers, let-
Mr R. Merri. I never haid n oppor':unity of ters, &c. ha lia iJd betn i cccivcd 1u i i thle ec, Is,
informing myfrlf of tie nature of lhil hill, blut on among Ahichl wvre the following; :--A li tti,: fi :;
ils second rrealili an finll myfelrathcir iltnlc thle S.cllttar) l Lof P,.it to hI. i'.ccllrency tl.
4rel t, gointo a .lf. ufioh of it. Huil from what Gou~inour, i,,oii .n,;. that J, i : c Iclnicle, l i; c
onerive of it, I find it to be a bill of the gieat appoiIint'rd by li' lhit.inlic M jlliy
ItR i nortance. I cannot make up my mind, iid throughout thl Unitt.I St t, c tle lrilrcli
wliat i av le its operation. I had determined ti natifcoll, h;d lir.ii ricog uled by CLnI[i'iel, and
trirl with it, till its publication ; and, during that all priivileg which the tlws of i Atiii ,i -Ii
the rceTs, to examine it with the attention its of the land give to a Confiil- Gteneral cckivd by
rn: initaue requires. It is intended to encou.agc tlhe Uiited States from any nauioln illt wlhomi)
oe Ihilipping alld navigation-int mi rlqities great they have no commercial treaty, hlad b:-ci jrantc I
totilion to prevent it from nt rating inlmically to to the faid John Tecmppc Efi.--A liter trl.:i-
the--. Our caclifi.n from t Ilnrilit Indis is not emitted from Jtlohn Booncn Graves, ElC; relative
ii. ccnftquenccof any new retulation-but merely to three hundred and twenty thoul in'l, and all
the iffet of onr new situation ; as tlh exclusive hundr dand fifty icoufand guildrsi, blirro'.ved of
laes remain the fame as formerly. Every nation individuals in Hloliand, during the war, and ne-
hlis ii-hubtedly a right to regulate the terms of gociated by Cuominodore Gillon, for the hbnefit
the tr Ite of its colonies,' and declare we hall or of this Rate; ordlitd to he referred to a Coin-
S lt; nt tra e thither in our velTels. There are mitter.-Letter from the Secretary of Cong;irls,
S nafit res to he gone into, to produce a treaty informing, thnt Congrefs having a great anxiety
I i h Ilifre powers. I cannot on the whole, fee for a l i, ely clole of thie public accounts, hadl
S p(cGle anger from the pnhlication of tils limited hice ime for receiving claims on account
bl. lTe Fren-h have here a Conful and Charg6 of the army unto the IRt of AnginRl next, after
ies iffli-rt,-the Hollanders have a mTinifer and which time no claim of that kind will on any ac-
a 1 rcni,-adI fIl have molt of thofe nations, with count be rtceived.--Letter from the Delegates in
wom-m we entered into treaties. Should Congrefl, part ov'hich related to the appointing
Tthif discover the bill to militate against the rights of agents to meet o(e of Georgia, for the pur.
S'or j trrelt of the countries they represent, they pofe of forming aFlderal Court, to hear and de-
5 wilt make pirp-r application, to as to prevent termine the claim fet up by that State paginlt
ir. icinrlous effeds. They muft certainly know this, for certain lansl; alfoan efimate of tice cx-
thl :Itcrence between a bill publifled forconfide- pence that will atLelll this contest, amounting in
ca ioi. and a law enrted; and no measures of the whole to ten thousand dollars, one half of
retaliation will be taken until they have waited which lum, agreeable to a felion of the Confede-
the event of the bill. The navigation of Anerlei ration, mul be defrayed by this State, and the
itvorls in iat co fqucaces the intcrk of every other half by that of Georgia.-Letter addrclcd

tn lhe Ibr rertay of Ccrnarets from le Hm *.
..y. Serrelary of I'.reign iAhlIs 't
Ioi-afincl.. that a fuller repreelentailn
Ikl:en place in Congref.; he having reeei"tt
sr .. nd cd-vicec from uroipe of irs
pvoriaw, to /l-i renirn,, and which is
lay before thrm.--Letter, to his Iaset
Coveriti.', fined John 1angrdoi, of He
flrict, rinquliiing whether thlesitale ha's '
into any commercial opposition to Great.nit
aid nlii there r agreedd iith them in emipox',l
C(oncIgr s Io le':ullatelthe commerceaLdii
of the lfitrdl St trr ep
Mr S-, cvilbed to know the pleasure e
IlHonr a ith r rfper to part of i letterfrom"
del( gales in Conger relative to as es p *
% wo.lii lbe intciire in contetr;ing our difip ati
orrips, wlrlherbs-tl iIanfinef. had not-.
itFi i|d ] ,i tIe iCommittre of Ways and MHler
Mr. II,, h. .lit that C~ irmitre hadiEfi' fe. ii l circii-,, ahlridy. A fpeetal".
mirce Vwoild certainly be hbtter; pat
li:h, 1 4-ito l tirel cy cietermincrl i< perfewerls
vbic-a. i,.:'i li i;: tlit el in'l di, put
if lice Conii Iltire.t \Val; nlnd Meaal itoul I
If ".|pinimn that an amincalle a(djultmeat dJ
rcintli i, fy alc'ieared rnil( eligible or thatthtlik
a' iS l o ii l, fificn t value to encourage n
pi iL-vrranice, i chillier ut thofe cake, the gHe
crou'd H.oild ,n a very itukward predicament
G. nrre fPiri.',c y wirvied not only to feconds0
million lr a Ipecial Committee to ens iretbb
tie litucilinci which p food in as to the _an.
ljary line letwveen thisltate and Georgia; bladt
ii illild lo cxtrcnd It* lareflnigation to Ihetnsm
dlv lin bet wern aint d North Caroflna, and lhi
S1 econ ,ln ir fl-nrtiay nlceffary, from the condl
i.1f lat flare tiwari u She hId declared ti
Itii,:.- y line run I r;nig BritilhgoveromenttaU
I.I I ii ';ioprily rin ; riv Ihe had gone fartts,
a4 Ic cs i.i i i.rciind, by i giving grant to diir t
Iiins ir ruining Lin. in thit part ofofiael
called A'c- -.e :;iifti ; he new fateofFraillikd
ti b ha, lune tie flne ; f1l that gentlemen woaN
In (.cie hIIw preCf( d t hey were to enter inli fooC
nml-frc r r aft rtainirlg in as precise a ma.nticr
p, In-le all. onr hiuindaric ; nor did he erltai
Sli cubt I'1 that in the event it would appearthi
our hoiindo ics leould r tend greatly beyond te
liia Is n pi re< nt Aecrahlly unlleiflood.
.i'. R, ad fphoke In 'he quc-llnin-he thagt
(ic1rg, .i~c-hLady patrTdcil as mich lan.ld, drclufli
clf a1. nowv, nt could be govetn(d wit
p..n i, ly.
.- P.' rcti,, rather thought it would h
etit r'"un.'is ,, li Ii ,::l. lliw had the Ilonle ficfficient authority for
In-linlint Ih it any icnjil encroachmni.,tor ClIs
rree i., 'e I| o 1. li Rll ate of North-Carolins!
I'rnc all cc (ounts 1tia hel knew, fuch people
wer 1 itltled on oil- bound, ries in that patn ofth
rcounrtry, uicdcritnod themfi lves to he uaderee
prn. Iirnment, and lived ill due obedicnoe to4e
..:; I' C4;lronc could not give an opillond
plli lt wh lther it would he proper to enter ilte
a c rtellt with North-Caroliua or not, for bcdil
ni;t tiink fuch land ae lay on that boundary fie,
ii:: I ci !L1 as to thle cheicigcllty, could amegitt
- a lditlii ci It numnbrc (vgrgs to foi m a single fettle-
ms;t; bcut he was Inxnur for all polinkle r-
tin; I dil(jute vwith Gc le by ecrcly means il orf
no, n e, itn-ic iiwitb ju:lice; i rticularly, bli
CltuWe e 'd |I l opriat'd part of icib vere lal
to revoar(1 our Iliicin for their fe.rvicen; Inded
'iC co;il, Iricd G( lo;fa much bound is poind
K:'tilttlc e to rewardt tlhfe foldicr ais oirflSlls
foralth )Iuh; they micy hlt have fought to defended
frnti ir, yet inl doing this. furely the Ait d
(;curgia was alflh curt t e felt h;mfelfo elS
dlin-ly hurt when he co:lidered with whats>
fireIndly Irotives tlis claim was urged: forltldi
not appear rcafonable thlt Georna could eatfr-
Tain ferious hopes of filcefs. Although foaid
tlie Genrieians had been fo illiberal asto altdO
f ie of their cocnmifioners were intOliicIlt
other 'fe thev would tnot have fiuied the troatl
he w., prdcft t lt the fig ing of faid trtalty, t
didl not fee th le It aL arance bf any d ti
Commiflnners ftour GEgkh being ntotical
bhu believed the above illiberal affentious w
rather to evade t t trratr.
Mr. IlaMter h4 been informed, that a uA
of land was difpitJed, very valuable both o" 0
count of its foil d fitration, by N tb CaLise"ul
he could not ve an accurate defcrlptio t dit'
present, bit d not doubt the faB.
C/onrellor eTuliegr wifled for a fpcir l
miltee beinll named, to enquire into what ,"
the real ftate of this buindlt. There Wehi
two points neceflary to be afcertahlaid; tw
was whether it would be confoant withthei
ciplesof equity and justice to proceed, ad the
if this be thought proper, whether we em
money for that purpose ? tould a repS

sadte ohis Committee for toinr on, it would NASSAU, FanRnU Y n d fo cofe, adat the fAmetimethe alk are
ne eearv to refer this report to the Commit- noelofe, sdat the ae tiei e *1 aCe
ne of Ways and Means for allitance. As to the N the course of a debate which took place on not much thicker that the feather end of a goofe
boundary lie between this lare anti North- the 3d in fant, ie the AIimbly of SouthCaru- quill, that It is at firn fiiht evid nt it muR fieldd
oamlina, he was fatiatfed that trad of land ins, Irefpceil the expediency of calling a Con w. he French plant it annually Illt eblialy
alIed New Acqu:fitlon, never belonged to any velionot the Poplc inorder to have fonie alter. and March if poeible, and then not in feverc
other ate than Ihis I he had taken paine to In- nations made in the Conlhitution, Judge Pendleton ras'. However much it may be hlnved f mc-
tiplte this point, and at different times had I ooled,-- What fort of Convention could be ex- times in ry imtuationa, it teceoitr ilonerdiiat ly
fired to prove It to gentlemen tlt were in the Ipeted, if that Houf did not appoint one A fort r 'oo ower or two. I never had thecu
era of oin- lifter Rate. It had been faid ba of Convention that he never wiled to fe. a Con- vif, to determine i whether it produces more feed
tilpan that our poefling a very valuable vention by the People. Every gentleman mut than the rothe, kind-. bitappearanenare wrongly
Sof Iand, depended on the ihe of an equi. i anticipate the confequent horror, that muil a tend in itt favenr. c'ne r ecuiarlly mull t o he forgot.
mylIf cut Ie'ore it has eesw.e!, it ratronti or fai nutfl
table regulation of the boundary line between this fitch an A Ifembly, as e a Rrals, tin might b well hut if cut r after, i ts .ery apt O- fie. When
,ate and thit if North Carolina ; furely this I e' peted to follow."cry apt hen
lId bectnlidered an a oinjlworthy rthemot lFtr R o/n Letter fr.o nan Amtrilre n Loaln planned early, it may be L faur *mes. Such of
froinuS cotfileration ; for although another gen- I frlled in 7o aica. iyour planters an cu'tratea ey d hdgo io wth-ro
Ileman had givn his opiiioin lth at few hundred I The' more your lanld. are explored. the linsa ian Georgia, and are dteremiteile to attempt
cres was a that cruld ie coulfidered a in dif better fitted I tiippofc they will be fout a r every that cltlre with you, would l o well i, d pt n
pule, yet the ip~f dixt of any gentleman could I kld of tropical rullure. I will eteem m fclf n"y on the Frank, sai they lnay be ailriedl ltu I
l fon ithal .ofd hme Moutr afi yc been tat cafe o crlh train a cl-p in ti eV y oIndira
evtr be admitted as nficient authority for that fJtuoiste if it (Iall be in m power to li your b in thA ncare as certain a crop in ahc to prond
Houfe to proceed upon ; but a Committee tould t planters, by puintin out to them antd dfcLrihllg care thAe rel. is frm ifanila, I at op pr-
tot be arttlled witl any capence, they would fucb article' as expcrince hath already dentrit.- iut the o ih hendl then they m ,lt pw I cari r ,pp,.r-
draw together kwhatevrr intormatioc could be ftrated tt he worthy of the planters attention ill tr'i'any le; hlltthen c'iI lt utn piartic'; b
proured, and bIy tlis reul:. r moRle of proedue, tie WeIneies, Alid by propofing ullll others as ttentiol to thre foae irn e.g ut o f. II, time pirta
that Huufe could iake proFel leps for doing_ ethm- have been tried here, hiltt lhae failed through i,. whiihe in h er, this tll the am i ofli i pried ir,
res jukic. If they report that the landt is olnce ir fipienefv. hie Lint i f pR ill only ai pled to
worth toiteting, every enLdeavour should be ex- I cant ai ti eafa n of the year procure Mnlla d ind to prevent mit itclh It ae ircf itp
trtrd; if ttheruifc, then the matler wiotld drp of you any fturter tfupply of Nantkeen Ctton Setd, ill F e ereithry twi writ cude or ito ibit nhi of athe
courfe. It was hlierved that the legiflttre of it will tn eavour y fme when it isich will preclude a po ty of any.
Georgia rather leaned towards all amicable ad. rIpe. I am aflonifrel that vion have no Cl cours Slhnuld it not be in their pintrr to ret it fro n
juifment of this difpute I if it were fi. perhaps, s"onrg ".ii. They are greintly depended upon tlland, at illn can iain to !d from i fi th r ,e
j n here wlan d 1 ci uloihpariohrv we c iere t rh noeuny aan s ropne can eepd i ro, Thir. pmr ire
the Committee m ght gain fCtisfaftory infoinmatllon here, till i. tuch pariflcs hller they are planted, time, oulr planteca not being as rt ftpon'cd. In
on this pint; f,~ccially, as they would not be iabtn hae nothlln to fear from h elIl rt t e hyan mfer ant io at fpe of ef e I.
Upd1cld to report in balle. cortrs, i. thie (core cf provlla ns. I have alwtsel that tfede they m n tpant out InFtme ofr he f c
fdmlirnt. bane alwa thly t oheat l iri t ly I will mentliin the melhod I foinwed wit'
Gre. Pincli namr. CRancdlr Rutlde, fl* ,Mr. have Pl. it I u. ot^th- Ill I r
,en. Pitckncy, Mr. Head, Mr. Utc, sain Mrn. fP. hlodIh the general ,carc ty ,. lihi has tprai ed fouccef. As thie ferd only wart my olhnjct, I ,lanr
Cc)!itun three 'ur four grain. n hoes a' ,he, ianc of
1 i tr a i n ny parilies hcre fine lie two lft litirtricanrc r, lree or sftr FinF. n ho'et h fr ivanc of
Smy people never knew what it was to hac a fa"r 'li. to ire the f rIak ronm toe frrad anri fhr
faailty niel, annd I have always hadl proviflons tfor i 'rr them lhe up in wey w to e (it ithr cpt i n
F O R S A L E, fare willrou: ijuritng in ycrol by the cultiri.el ie- deni- them all tpt in wet eathe pt in
lIIOt SE and LOT i Church Street, at cefl"ry to raifc em. I lry are of difirrtnt kinds elc lii.c, and tranhplantid them ir n ile fimc
lpreicnt occtpied bye Siibliiber. lT iV t withl uailltieo rptlir to each. I will ne mn-r, and found they Rnool ihia n ol l a- well
Ia-nll i Ino el, kli own to ucalcnlaildtur huifitie, to Cf' d %iu foome c.ilkis of thllrm with ample in- a" c hb" r e tr I c tuce. ny thcre mean. in little
that fulrthr llcripti < would e uII ertl yr. 'ti( re'alivv to Ihlir culture. At pt cfile, I l cF that a rear. I raised a ut fcrv of frur Acres
Ptll ffi ) ii l he given n or l:oult he inrlh of ca"i. It ft it y.hin any ftipplicl except a little imrte fralh Icfs than hhfatfr r fphmiful rf reed. Mr nur-
Atli tl', nnd the Ftiit re, citii n 'a-. ofth Fra.k tr Fir Indigo feed menti.nrd in my o p'v h tivod drlten hri.aee, and rains,
tle. (h i.V H FIt.icrads, c &tc. sill Ic fld on t-ai, [Se Nito. 6.a] and turtle Mountatr I ice, ';o' iile ,ltly. When thle flCer tiprn the pads
Ilae i ti t lio uvls by : il i, Li tme C cconur. of ach. dI, N" *dirrrnt Him. hnd micft hr crrfll'v ga-
J S SCOTI.ANI)D, I be true 'rat k or Free lliga, a r I itionred 'her d they ripen., bee.cfe after they are dry,
WVI.i ;mnnds failinpgz r itgland in Aptil d crt, T formerly, is rhlutcly dlpended upon h) lie th',)- ntvr rpen and rancx Ifer he ferl ienhef .n
i, in liirs ill PNeins a ing any ldmands tlrnh in Hirpamnol cxcipt in coll bleak lin.a- I 't tlher, a' te Raut larmt anpdCutr iimair. rut
aoLfnl o liiin, ti) call and it ive p n)mtui; aid Itons in the nlirltains, ill which Ihe Hal'a i Ile. t-h con0r,.lly hiut, antl in that monn rdrop fri r
thuift hoTai e anywfe in,' l d tl him, by hond, cies anfwcis btll ; thia laf is what ir cutivamcd 1 Ic lhe It:li lVhenever therefore the firi! s p'cketl,
note, or hook debt, are rte ulcl to difcharhge Ni rlh-Ameica, and grows wild al ior,r the hie g-,iiud muf be c"miredl to pick up the
the r aicountis immellet-cly. Wt-.Indies. 1 he American I.ryalifle, when they prdo villich may have fallen off.
Sattr.mptcd to intrcdduce ttie citl ue of iniligo hie re Thec Mouincain Rice will not anfler in placea
1: () 1 S L :. in i7ai, being ignorant flhe o'he. kind, planted li.,le to long 'imro.phinl hut in Ill f.aflnb'e pa-
I VA I NcGRO AN wi n w tould the atard ofcoi l rf, and nd at the fam e tim riles hr Ie, it row to admiration, ihoan hi'l. o
A l o, a liere Serv r a Store Negro. trial tf the Guatimla. "J hrer years unfo'rm a hRat land. I have fern it prod-c fup,i-
lir a d ertic.llar ds r riere ef 2o ycricnce has pronsl, that although tie OGati. ftinly. It is not the i lotim if this munrv re,
SPAN'clta ROXi3URCH. m'vl ii hardier iII tllil climate than the .iltard, P'at it. hut I am certain It would well repay the'
A I. R' n ne lier will land cultivation, except in the moahn- p'laitrr t~ nble who tried it. The people I ere
",siu. reA, amp 24, Jt6. r t.iln and often not cicn there. They neter can prefer hirying American rice at a p Rile per cook.
\'WAN rFD To RLNT. be i ifcil in luw a;.i warm situations, excrlt to plart"ng any for IhemlTrlve, i thne tronn'le r
IIfiti, ln- nary Ip *of times iplln teW IIlld jailf cleared after this r'eani it it the'' fay is ro great in third country.
(tfine inan airy art of6nle Tow*n. anil the dlie culltlinoally, anil no art can make them Rlun to neatai! A cenO',rman i !i,, nreri.lhfr,
rt c I'nllld for a fmall fanly Api'ly to the lie. I',rlunately tihe Irank tn iri i es in .11 thee l"ol ; plante I a er.-p rfthm Menrtain H;rr -I
Pl j i laul ii i.ioni, and a vitiety of information fiom year. which prmifrd well, but when rearl. t
II. i e t(ins h v- iy ads gadio lhe diffRrent qitsrteri of Ilifpaniola concur to prove rlltritv It v l derfrni, Pe hv thI hunlrrir pc. rF-
A llt (,it J m I h ;Iilly th at it is the chi cf acnd almoil tIhe cn;y dertl hrearv i, fa;d to he the lift fcafn flitr -lui e ;
d, lirI Iq, give in AL fed ac thereof td, dise dc thc Preo ch, who, Tprt aui:uially sout bill I have frc it planted, fir a winter i-p. fo
d.llfcrih and thnfg i iled acc to tihereof. II two millions of points weight of Indigo from "hll grain tH fCne' poultry."
rinlandiat paym onde ihn i the affamiro f the that colony. As your Iflanrs, wl.ere wellwa- TheBi- Hawe. Conftl., whirh fa;r ,l frpm
Itat., may be tflleld aCsfo phmIh2 i, t tercil, muf antfier foi in lign, it may ncver- hi port the r6th int. for Barhunrs, funp a
pO Iat STE NS. thells be prefumed front their tropical rltation, leak n the h, and was run aI re ,he
FU0KHI.Sy a &lSTroVEN u] r l Samphire eReaefr e, abot fen leaies to wind-
tlocrore for SaAN tLLYt Admainiflra that no other fpeciec will ever ifuceed there, Sampire Reefs. but n es t n-
,nrnea for S.,,. H. Ad ifsrari.e, pt the Frank ; ain l filr this reason, I will ward of thit place. The crew and nart of the
'u .rrgirv4,e as irforin.tioi on this head as p mbli. cargo and r'iging are faved, but the veffcl ip loft.
SThe t:rank, like every other Ip.-cies ot In- A*riwF inest, Fr.L
PANIO ON, L ESI E, & Co. (iog, grow heft in a loofe rich litil. It is lit to F't. rg. Prig Peggy, Cardner, Whale Fiferr
t their Ar., r J cut in d weeks ; whereas the ilnlard takes ir 19. Brig Ranger, Pat,ernon, St. Th-mAr
T ain. u r l- Aad a4. When at matulityl it isonly aboutknce Sloop Content. Trikmr, FR.ufi,,-
H A V k F to KH A E, high. unless the foil anil feaftn are very favour- at Sloop Polly, Craythorne, St. Croi
.GF NEi Al. e EUROPEANf able; but this period will be eaily determined by SaILsn, Pf
A ASTAINDIA ~ RO A EAN&ofuch e^ cch af your panti,f as eultiated Indigo in l. 2". Sltop -.ive k, M nn, ...r,
WIE of the q'alityS ip Chandlery l.ardti North America, bafe in Ithis as in the other
wire rof the fail v iy, Chandl&cwhichthery, Hard pecei, the bottom leaves turn yellow, and drop
t fe Gro rly, Clroceryh Waire mc. whifr c, ley when paR maturity. It has a much more often- T A D N, & "
w Cell th e u o 't PfTER Df o Cor
'e, Rflum, 'is, Pckanfr five fmcllthan the Baflard, both in leafand liquor, ]AVING fodoff. andde rtethe Dry rooc
r eeps and beats more easily, and requires letsime I- annd Retail bUflnref fomthe ne(fent. retlra
I O H water; the indigo it produces is alfo filter. It thanks to their CuMTemtrrlad rquetef all per-
CtKES h hert. r t t t'hof yields as much to the acre. theother, and much fons indebted to them, to f1t1e and pay off their
iA e th lie ry Jw r a thAthor- more to the vat, which is owing to its mall fize, relpadive accounts immedi tely.
,r hmntlem who have o a o gnood asw o ho- as more ground mufl be gone over to fill one; but
r m with their cmml Wih beve pleaded to this is an advantage, II one fet of vat will of con- D UN way from the Subfc-iher ealrwarily of
difcharBr heir rIpeie accrte All Perfictam fquence take ol more weed and fooner t an im- t. the town, two Negr Men named Tinm sad
h" anyr deandl agaIa nt are dcfired to portent object to the Indigo Planter. When it is Tally. Tam is a middle lfed ntgro, full mouth,
CAIt r payment. i very oun it i liable, like the theirr kinds, to be foienthing yellow, a little marked with the fall.
cie as received by the Prodence Packet, l deroycdbr -very hard rains ;but when it is three pon. T2au, is prett tall very black, fpteakas Aenr( l
ireay Amnrtment af fashionable oadClothsand orfour wee oldit ispaltfdangeron that account. good Englllh. Whoever win deliver one .I"
Ieilymmeers, With suitable mIimAng, Al/a, Infets are laid to be fonder of it than the other roth to me, heall have Ow Comls reward for
itt and Siltcl Vellum Lace Epaulets. j3th kinds. I cannot fay fo a yet, from my own crpe- each of them. I alto fewarn any perfon or per-
r "imntll "utn, tc. which he will fell at a rience. Notwithianding its dimlnutive ize, no fmon from harboring, employing, or carrying
traiablOe advance eI eperlenecd Indigo Planter, however huch he them off this island, a I am determined to pr -
N R". T"he r AYLOR' s SINESS carried may be a Iranjer to it, can view it when It comes fccute any that doea.
"i ,ial. at Houlr in F deic Street. to maturity, without pleasure. Its leave, although PMIIP BILL.
'Na a, Ymarj is, 1716. falr, and ot a lulecrn colou are fo tick, and Saife, flaaw j.w 16((.

VOL. Ill.




No. 82.




NAssAU: Printed by JouN WELLs, at the Printing Office on the BAT
t a m

Naw-PIOII m c. C n
By the Honourable JOHN OWN, RquidI,
Prodent and Commair in Chi.f f be/lai
I.ands, s. W e. .
WTHEREAS by the death of His Honour
V Jauls EDWArD wiLL, .Efq Licute-
nant o,nvcrnour and Conander in Chief, the
Chief Command of there Ilnds has, by irtue of
his MPajcly's Royal Com on and Infirutionm
to hi. Excellency Joan MA wiL, Efquire, de-
volved upon me; I have t refre thought fit,
by aInd wthhe advice of hi hajt' Council,
to sllri this my Proclamation notifying the fame
to all his Majely's loving Sub a within the faid
IflandI: And I do, by and wit the advice afore-
faid, lhreby require and auth riz all Officers,
Civil and Military, within the olnd aforefaid,
to continue in the exercise of their fevral Officce,
uitil firthir orders.
GII'EA' under my land and the Creat Seal
ofthe laid Ifands, at A'afau, tLii 7rb day
of February, in t1s Trer of Our I ord one
tbouland fewr n hundred and ai hty-fin
d in the 6t1b Tear of lHi Mtae/ly'
1y Ilii lo.nur's ,mmnad,
Htln Y YocIs, D. Scerctary

MlAw-PanvoD NC.$
In the CoutT of OROINAKT.
the :,sourahle JOL BR~ OWN, f/quirt,
Pr fle.,, ard Coma detr in Chief in and
r*rr the faid lands, hanteellor. Vie-Admi-
ral, and Ordinary of bte fjam, tc. Wr.
W IIER.:AS Henry ronge,ott Ifand of New
SProvidence, vfquire, hh, on the bhalt
of Roert Willoam PoWll, Efgire, only Son a.
itir at law of yames kd d Povll, Efquirc,
lae Lieutenant-Govtrnour deccafcd, Elilabeth
Mnre and Mary fn, Da ghters of the laid do-
c ifvd. the aid Robrt ll',l m PqIell. Alizort
.Ioore and Mar)y on t ln i Ihe ot"c of Kin of
the (aid deceafed, made hume ftit to me to grant t
rim Lettirs of Admisifltglio of the Goods and
Chattels, Rights and Credits the laid deccafcd,
durante abfentia of the fa Robert William
FPlell, and by the confent of e faid Alianlj.
Moore and Marly o,"ny, the Din terms: Thifc ar
t! erefi.r to Cite and Admonifhl and singular
the Creditors of the fid decald, that they be
and a-pear before me, In the Co t of Ordinary,
on Thursday the 9th day of March neat, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon, to fliew aufe, if any they
have, why the faid Adnaniflratlon fbould not be
GIVEN snder mn Hand and Seal at Armi,
as Nafaa in ANrw'Prwridincie ajorfa L
Dated tbli, 6ti day of Ft rar,, i tI
Yer of Our Lord, one eofan fnn
hn. drd 7 efthty jlu, an j* A Onoanty-
d r b fr., an i .
B) Ili on

iPtai, of Savannah, that th bonds, otet
&c. will, without dlftinian, im diately be put
inn the hands of an Attorney at I to be recoe
ered, as fcreral years Indulgence h t been given
without producing the deircd e Sffe
afflra, Ftbruary 14, sy16.
A FRENCH SCHOOL is opened atthe
A Houfi of Mr, HWaddnm in FrtderiAk Stret.
For Terms pleae a acquire at the faid Houfk of
Mils MoaTaLL.

HEREAS an Advertifement bath been re-
peatedly inserted ia thj Gazette, fo all pre-
fos Indebted to the Sob iber for Duties and
Taxes, to pay the ftme ai as the aid advertise
merit hath had very little 'fit, This final notli
ii therefore given, that unl the Perfonsindebted
for Duties and Taxes, do fully difeharge their
repetitive dtbts within ten days from the date
hereof, the famne will be put Into the hands of an
Attorney q Law, to be ued for, without refpei
of Pqrfoi[. c
I 1 Receiver General aid Treafurer.
\ IPri l4 ce FebuarIG Ill, 1726.
a iC5 lI lElt tLk GIVjN to the Insh.
N bitanti of this land, that they do, without
delay, call at the Receiver Generafl Offce, and
there pay their sefprttive Taaes for the Year illS,
as well as all Arrears of Tases for former Years:
And that warrants to levy the fame by diftreft,
will ifule again all fitch who (hall refuse, or nc-
gleft to do fo.
ReceivrGOeneral and Trcafurer.
Neei Priridenef, F 1786f _
JOHN DENNIS'TOid lnediag to fail for Eng-
land in the cnuife of neat month, requcis all
Pcrftns to whom he is anywife indebted, to call
and receive payment, and thofe indebted to him,
to pay their erfpetlirv acotts without delay.
He allo, for the lat time, reue those indebted
to the late Copartnerfhip o iOHN PETTY, &
Co. to pay their accounts li ediately, as there
is an ahfolute neeemfty for c ng the bufinels of
that Concern before his d arturc.-Merchan-
table Crtton, Brazilletto, ik, Logwood, Bon-
wood, and large Mahogany, t Market Price, will
be taken in payment.
The BtUfinefl in his abfenee will be carried on,
d ufinal, by ALErtX DEr TATL.OI.
WANTED, in all eat rmnth, a quantity of
Cotton and Braiilctto, for which Cail will be
given Apply as above.
Naff1u, nebrury it, s78(.
THE HOUSE and LOT ,where STIrnEs
SHAvI, Efq; lately rcS d ; the Hoouf is
ieat, and convenient for a fall family, and the
rination adrantageouls; thc crms of payment
will he made eafy to the Purc er. For particu-
lars apply to 1

To be SOLD or LET,
And may h& Entered a inatediately,
A NEAT and airy DWl O HOUSE in
ood repair, with a few te built chan.
her, Itore houfe, and kitchen alfo, new oit-
houres and nee fary, wi the Lot belonging
bereto, being very large, d contains a well of
very, fine water, a garden nd vacant ground.
The whole is under a good i, mol of which I
new, the poftv. rails and pails of cedar and ma-
hogany I the fitnatlon is pleasant, being a riling
ground at the Weft End of the Town, comman-
dine a view of the Bar and Offiag. For terms
apply to TomanM Roina, in Nafsau.
Jynuar. %7. v786.
A LLPerfons having de and against the fate
l ofAnTHONT MotL, late of this Towu
deceafed, are d ead to er ir accounts to
the Sublerierir oper t ithoot delay;
and all Perfons ho M c the faid Etate,
are requefted to mke ment immediately to
MARY MO LL, Adminiratrat.
Naf__ February i, I
ALL Perfons having anl m ids again Mrt.
A Maiv GALLARTI ca, d a, rereqndled
to give in late of the fame i d all thofe In
debted to make payment, to

fe Sail n or khfi the f U nartm
The ew
P O L L Y,
I0 Jon MsI AluorTOn, Malterg
saBthen 3o tons, built of Maho.
Sy, Juo oa the stocks. or Par.
fage, having her Cargo alrdy engaged, apply to
the Malter on board, or to
PETE .DAN. & Co.
February se, N176. /7.

Tr Sail in Mue IVet,
(Or l/f, if er Carge tA iflied pjor.)
She i copper bottnmtre, is a fwit
Sailer, and Ih good Accommodsa
tions. For PalTae, her Crgo being already en-
gaged, apply to Capt. Burton. or to
N. B. To be Sold by CapL Baren on board
faid Ship, lately arrived from London, a 'er
Hampers Irifh Potatoes In caceflct order, Wired
Porter, and Tripe in kegs.
Ftbruory it, isl6.
To Sail about thr atth of arb mlot.

JONr Caoesea Mller 1
1or Preight of Cotton apply tcabe
Master on bard, or to
February so, si6. JOHN PETTY.
Fo L0 N DA- N,
The I
$ A L Y.
Attllena u bitest, Mailer
Will rail In a next Month. FPo
Frreiht or Paifle, anp', to
FALCONFR, s t RE & Co. r
FebuarJy so, Iy6.
AnBcn. Good EnoaF t will be give,.
Apply In Naffan, to
y7anurrS, ta6. TdtN CHRISTTr.
AL'L Pe~ron bhafl demands on the Tare of
Mr.A.aZnilM Rwlerao n a dceaed, late
ofthil tnow, are *fired to render In flrte of
their claims, pope attefted, to the flhfbrlher I
and thol e who e bted to the edate, are re-
quelfted to makh 9Ot t Immediatef, that the
afalra may be frttlf on as poabl.
Naf hos, Tm"norrv tris.

ALL Perlons who haes not given their
accounts aga n the elate of Hinazi
IMITH, Efq; la e Commlfrary of Protvf -k .
St. Aiguftine, are for the la time reoSd
fend In the fame, properlyatrted, I )L
Attre fb the hAdaoB vft
Nafau, 7&l y 59, dU.
A LL Perfona, who Me auy demaol alralnlk
A the efatar of Dr. PaTra s4os, deerrafre
are requeftcdto bheIn Io their r'nmta. popeieC
attended ; and all tisOft mwho idebted, are
qticled to make fped yeot tn she SoW.i
her, who ha obtlid ad of et altlorafd
oathe Caid late. A
ANram. Airhan jn. nb.

COTTON, artm sNahay, Hand
W",* as

I, I p


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