Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 11, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00148
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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ACCOU nt of New Booksr a n" *at etainmnat. Thil reedien may, no danbt. a *beep t and bread. Keep the MlVainra tet
Achco t of New e f ufe to corred our idea., Thole I had at lft' aiy to drink my health.
formed, on the cavil and nsiliary government of lhe IT'e MOLDta^iAVN. (Feigning a t
MstmoirsofBaAlo Dn ToTT. Containing ih State Turks, were haly and undigcecd. It is eafiell to Turkilh.l Ht not know underftlad. l
qeftb 7nri r t etireinslrCriamaf dselu ibelate judge of men when in aLlion; and I hall leave fur- Tae DAIo. Howl not anderti! ,
Var wibt R aal I~ tl nmausreou Antredolt, there remarks on them to a narrative of the event. of the onderrand Turkiflh I
Faef, and O fe tiju en atb Manners and lft war, when I had better opportunities for circuit 'in MotImATIr No Tirki He JbIt
Cualfont qf /te Turis and ra.ari. Trer/lated pea observation. There hillorical anecdote will bring understand.
frem tIe Frtenc. a Fler. bVoe. me back to Conflantinople, which I left An 1763, to Tus BARON. .(peaking GretaL We, In
[CONTINSIo D rooM OUR LAST.] return to Fratlce, and iniornt the Minifer, that I mull talk Greek then. Bring me I Seep aod- fL h
r-O thfe precautions, intended to infure honey lofe my time, and the Kier his money, unlef. I were and that is all I alk.
1 in the ale of provifis, the government add employed in foome bfiinef of more real ferice." 't Mo I.uoia. (C'ontinung to ftin .
the right of fiing the price. But than are not paid The Baron, through the iniuenceof the Duke de lance, and making ligna to thew there li ?-''n
she IL for on that account, under a defpotic admni- Choifeil, was font in 1767 as Refilent to the Chamn the villasi, but that the people are dli. "y
Ration; the multitude is eafily deceived; it is not a of she Tartars. Hi route was from Paris to Viet a h; No brea Poor- He not know and raf 4
iate of cafe which they s to that they never were from thence through Poland and Moldavia, to the Tui anorN. What! hae yv no br
accuflomed; but they are fometimer feiaed with fits Crimea, and the country of the Noguairs Tartarn. Tio Mo, rAVAN. No bread.--N
of fury and defpair, when they afamne the charadler of Ali Ag was hb: condudtr acrofa the Pruth, and 'TI BaON. UnhapI y peopki I a. maN .
their matters, and will be obeyed. They think they accompanied him to the borders of Tartary. you : hit you will efcape bearatnm alt lea 1
have obtained heir end, when, to remedy their e- The following dhlongue between tihe Baton and hli fomethi.. It it dfaglretable, no doubt, .t. hi
alcEe dearnefa o provifiun's the Vii r command they condudor, will gire a pretty clear idea of the ili IApp;tf*; yEd, however, are proof that EAI U,
hall be fold at a lower price; and going out incognito lence and tyanny of the 'lurk, and the wrciclihd lonrunc hiap en to many hoeaft ponple. -T
during the promulgation o this edid, perhaps orders fervily of the Moldovia. nAy der Ali, ai.d muft own, thatif mooeT
fome baker's journeyman to be hanged. Nobody en. 'Tua BD aO. Your dI ierity at the pallage of no influence, rrithrr could your ftrines. --l
uiroe on what grounds the wretch was facrificed, but the Pruth, and the good cdier yi(u us, wio l I cItreatures have ino food, for which I am owl
every body fnds the bread better. leave me nothing to desire, iny dear Ali Aga, were r than for my own mno.entary neceltiea, W
"la it not fnrange, that f greatr a cotempt for hu- you not to beat tllee miserable Moldivitant fo fren; I have the better appetite to-morrow.
vanity Ihould be accompanied, among the Turkei by or wet yeu to heat tIcm o:ly when they arc difobc- A Al c. Oh an ; for my pat, it wignui
the moit abfurd benecolcnce toward animal the lea diaent better to-nmnrow, I allure you, than Ic tlt
vicul to fociety I arbarity itfclf has need of fame Atl AOs. What natters it to them, fiance beat To IBoAon. It is nur own fault. Whydl
relaxation; it crufine men under the weight of its iron them I iAult, whether at be bhforo or after ? and ii at let us flop a a wretched villa where they fr
rfepire, but finile on objeca, the infignificance of at hitter to pranced to bulltiela at once. than after a fo much as bhred? Facing mui he your pntli ,
whith can give no Maniety; and the pride of dlfpotlm, lote of tame Ant Ac. A wretched village! Sir, if dle,
while it confounds all beings, choes its favourits from T BAno., A li s of time! And is your time ne f did inot c.iicral it, you would be enchantaL k
imong the werakel. well employed then to beat wretches who have not a nall town, htore every thing is abuadant, ru
It is on this principle that the government, while offended you, and who, with all good will, fubmiffton cinnamon'.
:t enforces the moll rigorous pionopuly of the corn, and ecertioD, execute things aIollo impnelible A T'r BDaON. So, fo, I fippofe 7ear wi
which Ia confunicd in the capital, by an enadion rui- A Al AGA. What, air have you lived at Con- fit is come on ), u again. "wi
nous to the cultnator, and a (difribution leI burthen- flantaiople, do you peak olur language, and know the AL Al Ao, Ily no means, Sir; it is m a1 yl.
tome to the baker than the ounfumn.r, allows fo much Greek., and are you ignorant that the Moldavian wllU ping fit; lrh eth crainly will not leave me.
r cent. in favour ol turlc-doves. A cloud of thfre do nothing unekf you firft knock them down Do you order tn fatliify appetite, and prove to yeo h l
rds coftanly alight on the velea which crofthe fuppofe your carriage uw.uld have rafed the Pruth kno e Nhc Muldvians better than Too. permilt.
port of Coniantlioople, and carry this commodity, un- waiout the eercife gae then all night, and till you (peak. *
covered, eitler to the nagazines or the mills. The arrived at the ide of the river ? THa BaONt. And will your logglng ahts
lbaame'i never oppofe their grccedinefs. This Farmif. a' T BaRoN. Yes, I believe that, without bea- hunger ?
ion to lutal on the grain brings thim in great numbers t n, they would have done it all for fear of being bea- ALI ACa. Mol undodultedly. If Ty0 hlawe
and familiarize them to fuch a degree, that I have tn. But he that ats t may, we have no more rivers to a verr enrrllam fuppr in quarter of a how,
fctn them landing on the Ihoulders o the towers. wat- crofs, the poll-houfes munl furnih us with hnrfes, and (hall r. pay me every rike I below.
chang for a vacant place where they might fill their we hall only want provlions, which article I am mont I i Da INi. I take you at yoar wemdl e
crup. in their tun." inlterfcd I : and let me rc n, ni y dear Ali, the more e mnemier, if y-u puiitl the innocent, will tmel -
I nTo ifilh," layi our author, the dcfcription of fela you cutler nime, with the lWiR, o. )your whip, nlick linly return yur favoura, and with a hart l
the Turks, and give an idea o their fludied pride, it on my throat. Leave m to pay, that i, all I ,kfre. will.
willbe fufliient to q Aot one of their favouritc adages: ALI Ac You wou:l certainly take a good me. ALu Ac. As heartily as you plefc; do n
b Rih' c tithe Indies, thod to avoid tudigefilun; or your ionoy would not Cnly remain as lent during my negoilsion, as Iu
Wit in Europe, even procure >ou braJd. during youra.
And pump among the Ottomans. I'laU IIho le thblc ny concern; I 1,l pay Trt BAon That Is but reafonable; I wild
A* Aretrolied of the proccioun of the Grand Scig. o well, that I hall hve cry ting nf thebt, atd your place.
ieor, on the day of his coronation, may enable ua to w"h greater certainty lhan vu yo.irlf. A" ALt Anc. rRifei. hides hi, whip ndrhiihl
form a proper Adgment of tha, pump, f whihl they ALi AGa. I tell ly will not get fo much I.tvancecarlcly towards the Greeknd taptlim
boat fo much: though I cannot but acknowledge, that a bread. I know the ; they ilall on being his shoulder ] How goes it, my friend, how ignhL
there is fomethlng both brilliant an, agreeable in the beaten besides, I am ot,. rd to defray your eqpenea Why doln not peak P What, doll thou not helw
retinue which acconiaanirs the Grand Scignior when every-where, and thef. a. ll cals ae 1ich 1r gih fiend, Ali Aga .-Cnme,, fpeak.
be joeh by water. TPe beauty, lightnef, and richness to support the hravici inip Ps. I ist they illi h .. "'a NloLI.,aI. IHenot hkow underlaar
of hia barges, are to be compared to nothil. that the ligh one, and wi be: **cl 'atl.ficd, pro b A Ara. ie not know underflandl-Ahlk!
French have of the kind. His Highnefs has alone the wlibeaten. This it acil iarg! But lricully, ny frieLnd .Aoil
right of an awning covered with lcalet, over who h "I a" t U onoI. I beg, nim dear Ali Aga, n will nrit undrnAn,t the Turkilh Inguage
art three gilt lanterns. His barge has twenty-fi grant my requell : I an willing to pay, an I will Ta MoL oAIAN. No; he not know ldib
rowers; and a finlar one, following it, is always engagS thy are willing to be paid, well a to be lnd.
made uo of on has return. The different odicees of hba audly treated; ffller me tu manage this matter. Au ACA. (Knock, him down with his II, dm
court accompany him in their fevcral barge s and the ALI Aca. But we (hall be famalhed. keeps kicking him while he rifes.] Take lhat, adil
great number of them, joined to the czadnefl of the 'e Basor. No, IIt; I have taken it into my take that to teach thee then.
ro vert, and the fwAfmef of the vefels, pcefent the head, and mult make the experiment. Tas MOLDAVIAN. [In good Torhilh.] WhtbA
mouf majetlic appeatace, joined with the mo0l agree. ALa AnA. Well, iou .re punitive, anI to he It you bat me for I Do you no know very wel, thla
able prolped. proceed will your toran eiet,, .i feats ar. poor people, and that our Prince& kcrtely kla
bl When the ofn of the Grand Seignior is of age to you Itand in need to kaw iel hlold-ilms: but re- the air we hreathe
appear in public, hi. barge, likewise banned by twen- member, it is not julithat I Iould go without my AnL AcA. ro the BA.on.J Well,Sir,yartl
ty fin rowers, is diflinguifed by a blue owning I upper, and when youaoratory and your money have am an epcert malaer; he fpeak. Tiurkilk alrad '
beGldes whom, the Vfir ia the only one who cn have both faded, you will, no dlubt, thilk it but right I raruloue y. We hall now he able o hae a litttem
an awning, but it muft be green; and his barge is on- Ihould take my own .ethucl erf.ion together. ( o the MornOdan,. Ile
ly allowed twenty-four rowers. Tui BAUno. Certainly ; and thef flipulationa his shoulder.] Since It appear., my friend, that M
The Multi, led"n his to the inclemency of made, I mufl beg, th.t when we alro.,ch the village underflandefl rhi Tarkifhi tongue. tellme, howhllk
the air, like the low ivate person, is only dallin- woCre we are hle'1, the Primate may he fAnt to wihthhyfelf, thy wie, and thy children!
guifned by nine p Sila and the right of having m, in order that I lay treat with hiln amicab:y for Tite MoLDAVIAN. As well asitca withb r
two men on each hbeff e other barget of the proiviona; and likewise that we ha.e a good fire whoare often in want ofi ectfaries.
geat, whole number qa are, in like manner, undd ome shelter, where we may pals the night AlI Ac. ''llhaw! thou art dt
determined by the importance of their employment., with miniiog with the inhabirtazl andl without art in want if nothing, nrept of beinwla l hta
have only one rower on each Bench; nor have the pfur, which as made its in fear ol the little often ; but alln od ime. Pre
foreign amballadars more, or any right to the awning. Moldavia. burineft. I mufl inflAntly have two fterp, aeded
But the barge of the haramemployed to conve In that cafe," faid Ali Aga, I have no oceaflon fowl*, a dozen of pigeons. fifty pmounde of tm ,
the wumen of the Grand Scignrr, are manned with to go banore." He then ordered one of his people to eques" of burter, with fault, pepper, ntmeg, d
tour.and.ewenty-rower, and ba white awnings, ride on, an4do what I had dedred; and again repeat- aon, lemon%, winces falld, adloodiledofiles J
towered and eclofed all around pith lhttices. They ed failing, that he would not go without his in great plenty.
likewife make ufe of fences of lines cloth, forming a fupp'er. 'o Te MOLDAVtN [weeping]. I bil
narrow palrage, Isading from the gate of the Seraglio T" he. Ienkth J way we had to make woull not told yaiia, that we are poor creatures, wiloet f iOs
down to the boat*; and when they go abroad for plea- permit ua to arrive before fun-fet, and our refting- a bread to ear. Where unai we gtelneasa
fare, which is very rarely, the linen fcreens inclfe place was indicated by the Are which was ready pre- As AOA. [Takia his whip from oadwhb
the rural harm, where they dicrt themfelves, and P hit, ail heating the oldavisu il be ens
into which they are introduced tith the fame preca. Faithful ois engagement, my condudor, wheo You have nothing, hae you, lofidel a l t I
tion. Black eunuche furround dhis inelofure; and the we alighted, t toward the fire, fat himfif down make you rich in a trice, the fameway I oadTma"
Aelcquis", armed with carbin% form a second line of with his elbow Itaning on his laddle, his whip opon your tongue. [The CGaen lie, and A. AeA
uircumvallation, to forbid al aftPoach; and we be to his knee, and silently enjoying my approaching diap rurnt and fite by the fire.] Von Ieet,Sir, myin
him, who, not apprifed of h.danger, hall come pointment. I, on my part, wa not lef eager in my iafomething better than yours.
within reach of their balls: th. roke of death would hope of procuring nouriament from that humanity, Ti BAIOn. To make the demb frnt l
be his first notice. It is in thi manner the wives of which traffEic it noeflaies. I alked for the Primate; but not to get a fapper: for which reason, I te
the monarch, rontionlly peoned up like theep, fome- they pointed hint ont I approached, laid down ten I am a quantity firipes in'your debt; yew
times enjoy the plafures of breathmg in the open air. crowns apon the gronn and poke o him in Trkilh, ehod of procuring progviona bei n bitsh h
This extraordinary diveroon, certainly, giveo no and in reek ; and in c following terms, aitlhfully mine.
et idea of the habitual enjoyment to be found in tranllted. FTdo 2 enTINen.1
ate harm of the Grand Seignior. It may well be Tat DA*'o. (In Turkilh] Here, my friend, .n w a
believed, that the women live there in a let agreeable here is money ti buy the provifiona we want I have t A good live bep worth aut half a
fuanner than in this little park, since it is naofidered alw'ay loved the Moldivians, cannot bear to fee them 11the orks re very food l this brL k I tWIp
SBroudi-Affequi, i, n /coen bnd, whih ee. UIl-'treated, and be you ill immediately procure me in all their Canms, and compare it to eF IAft
eftandi-Afequis is a Acatdn band, whidchexe- vinI e
cuto the office of e p o of o the palti It cm ti A title equilvaen t that of Mayor, ban hi func- A Ti weight of i lit o4 Oii.
IMfd of the grgadiere otfh t lL dgi.'B, lios .di er in proportion Slaverryiere from Liberty.




No. gi.



Fram SATURDAY, FEBRuAry ii, to SATURDAY, FEBRUARr 18, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by Jonr WELLS, ayhe Printing Office on the BAr.

-he- ~ ).Moo

Hiw-P~cviOaMC "
I, tjh Hono able JOHN BROWN, Efquire,
Prlident and Conmm, der in Chief Of Ihe faid
lands, rae. We. C.
W HEREAS by e death of His Honour
JAMIua EDWA D PoW Ls, Ef|l; Licute-
"iant Governour aInt Commardler in Chief, the
Clief Command of th c Ifland has, by virtue of
bis Mairly's Royal Cl million and Infirudeions
to his Excellency JoHN AX\vtrL, Efquire, de.
volred tpon me; I ha therefore th'Iught lit,
by and with the advice o is l~njefly's Conncil,
to inut thri my Pioclama n, nooLfying thle aime
to ArI hi* Majefl:' loving hjesbj wirthn tho laid
Iflaad l: A ul I do, by an tdi the advice afore-
laid, hereby require and thorize all Olficcri,
Civil andl Military, within the Iflands aforrel;d,
to rcotinoe in the excrcife f their fcecral Olikes,
uI.lli fu I her orders.
ClGFA' rndrr my Rand and the Great Seal
ofthe tail lR ds ai t d afa, t Ar hil 7th day
of Fb, uary, in thr rar cf Our lord one
Ihou nnd fjeror /I -.ied ard eigqlt-fbv,
and in the 26th Year of i:N Alfajeliy'
JBy 'i II nour's CGmmnnd,
Iir vY Yiatci, D. Sccectary.
At his SHOP on the BAY,
The Following ARTICLES, ViZ.
5-RE-SHH-lnTlear on, Xloiuring Shoc and Kan
I h fnriglh EalndirauJi B d ll.!.
Wa'.ehoule S ler \ 4a thes
'a l Pepper Watch (h ynlls'
brc d Saaim n in kilts ralhionabic W tch Strinrg
Fr nch 0'vrt ladies coloured Habit and
Pickiled Cacrn, Onionn, Kid Gilove
W n nuts, and Gcrkias UGctlcmtn'. Silk, Thread,
Inlha Soy brown Lathicr & Kid
MN',roaiom Ket:,up Gloves
Cun I Filh Sauce S-ented and plain I-Hir
'P iro n banel, Powder
-Englih and Irdh BuDter Ilord and foIt Potrriatun
Pgrteil and Smuaking To- Mnrcchalle I'oniatunr
bacon I.avendnr Water
( aot Suf LIffnce of Berganor, La-
den Seeds in Affort- vcilar and Irmlln
emnri Ladi,. bi.k & I lh. Culls-
Leghorn and Chip Hats sons
l.artiet Riding litas Tupee Irons
L.dies HoopIof tls newcll Hair Pins
faIhlon Windfor Soap
Ladies Ticr e. Packthread Vafh Balls
and Cr b hone Stays Shaving Boals
Ladies Drcfs Silk & Sattin Cafl Steel Raorn
Shoes Drcling Cafoe compleat
.=die Stuff and Morocco Patent Blacking Cakes
shoes Keyfer's Pills
Cirl, and Children's ditto Anderfn's Pills
Cnretmcn's Dref Shoes Godfrey' Cordial
Ormlerean's Plated Shoe James's Powders
eueklcs of the oeweir Magnefia Alba
pmtterns Daffy's Elixir
Ladl s t'ae Shor Buckles E'pfom Salts,
3,t rock & Knee Buckles &c. Ac. &c.
To be SOLD or LET,
And may e Bntired e immediately.
Srod repair, with a ew foe built cham-
ber, nufre houre, and kitcnt, lifo, new ost-
hours and nceffary, wi t the Lot belongng
thereto, being very large, d contains a well of
very fite warer, a grdcn d vacant ground I
tire whole is under a good fecs, moft of which is
new. the ponl. rails and p ilt of cedar and ma-
hogany ; the situation is pleafant, being a rising
ground 't the Wef End of the Town, comman-
ding a iew of the Bar and Offig. For terml
lPP'y to Titnonas Rolat, in Nlaffu.
y.enuary 7, i:-(6.

Foa L O D 0 N,
To Soil n nr ifer/k fl af April next,
rhe new Sntr
P L L Y,
JoHN MA NAUOHOn, Mailer;
Burthen 3 tons, built of Maho-
geny, juft the Rocks. For Paf-
face, having her Cargo already engaged, apply to
the Malter on boasd, or to
February ro, 17s6.
; OR L 0 1) U N,
T ,SiJo in ibree 4r,
(Or lef, if /hr Cargo ars be J/,p d joaarr,)

S-e col r bottomed, is a fiift
Soiler, anrl has good Accommoda-
tions. For Paf lge, he Cargo being already cn-
gaged, apply to Capt. ron, or to
N. R To be Sold by Capt Burtrn on board
raid S9I;p, lately arrived frm n London, a tew
larmpct I liih Potatnoe in cecellcut order, Wired
Poerttr, and Tripe in kegs.
February st, i786.
To Sadi -b.,u toe sjb of Wartbh ntt,
<,.l The tSsa
N A C Y,
\U A J"1HNa CRo S L, Matr;
For Fright of C on, apply tothe
Maltr on board, r to
Abeury ,o, 176 J IHN P1'rTTY.

S A L L Y,
.,'.,3 AeNtiloa o ria, Mattner;
Will fail or 1 next Month. For
Freighlt or Page, apply to
FALCONrR, IRRErF, & Co. or,
Fleruary o1, 1786.
AN I LD, a fTw aH RPEN'TERK and
LAROURERS to go to MAXwnTL in
Ana o. Good Encouraement will be given.
Apply In N1afau. to f
7anL y a28, I RL, TOTIN lISTIE.
A L. Ptilbns dcand on the ftlalclof
n Mr.ALF~InDil RnxiBU e deceased, late
of this town, are dilirtd to rter in nates of
their claims, properly attefled,t' the rubfcriher ;
andl thofe who are indebted to Irefnate, are re-
qorerled to make ~W=entl immerl tely, that the
alfair may be fettiMJas Coon as.p lible.
NA Trn, annrurr 4, 17a6.
ALL Pcrluir who have not green in their
accounts against the eRate of Hotarso
.8Mri.t, Efqi late Commiflary of ProvidWE t
St. Augunine, are for the lat time requenWl
fend in the fame, properly artefled, to r
Attorney for the Adminiaratrax.
If/mou, january 19, 1786.
A L Perfons, wlho have any demands against
Sthe eftate of Dr. Perta SauV, deceased,
are rne quoted to bring in their accounts, properly
atlefted; and all thole ho are indebted, are re-
qncfled to make fipedy payment to the Subfcri-
ber, who bas obtained Lettes of Adminiftratioa
on the laid Elate.
Naf o. FPehtrary t., t16*
ALL Per'fo having any dadnds against Mn.
A MaT OALL*HTa, deddJed, are requefled
to gtve In tate of the ame and all tofe in-
dobted to anke payseat, to GHD

Al thir Noe n ost, at sr *e tllo

'aI T nad e f l nT ,
A EAST- DIA 00D0 S io, MaeasD
Wail of the air quality, Ship handler, Hard.
ware. Grocery, Crockery War &c. which they
will fell onr the mot relubleic terms for CnS, -r
Set Bilh la Bskreiie.
P AFTER R, & Co.
H AVING fold off, an dlne the Dry Goods
Sand Retail Bufnc lr the p;efent, return
thanks to their Cutemer and requef all per-

On ReasroNAIl Tullas
At bis Slos on the Bat, next door to the
PIuIaso Orrtes,
For t Cab Branillkts, or Com. ,
An AfTortment of GOODS,
AMorrao 4 WeICH 11,I
S OOA C Ior Clo s White Hattlt
SShallo., Ldies Ridimng Hlt wiS

Cliesc aud Lica SotripNs ihr Tl T
Srripld LarIy Tea Potts
Bed Tilk Milk Pots
Bed Buat luiar Bafono
Prined ad ik Be Pinch Ladlea
Funiturs salt Cellars
Printed and A- Huad. SilC orlle
hsrchiefs Sil'5oe Hckle.
eNar ecns Col dilI- WuOs s
Perises Oold Sale
Mirsfillcs ;Oi g. pla Ear Nrngn
and bordcred Drp Lkets
Corded nd 6 ed Di. 81eeve Bottou
omities Mrean Bucklas
Vhitc and Dye r sa Hat Pia
Brown Beaver Hard Were
Irit Lineas, Ifroamongy
frheclicg Pirfsmeay
Plaltilloas Osa Pewder and hei
Royale sd Briu iss ail Cloth No. x
DowlEfs 44 6, 6 d, od, d, ood, S
trbbnrs heating sd Deking
Hrr. and Ivory Combi Nails
Mens Thread c d Cottel frib Batter
Hole Olocerlr Chaes
Women ditto Londoa Port in Calk
Military Shoes Potatoes
Meas and Youths Sae White, Yellow, Red nad
bound Shoes Slau Lead, ground in
Women,, Girls, and Chil. Oil
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rote a& Leather hoaes Paints
iand Pamps Linfed Oil in Jugs
Dreffd Cell Skins Paint Bralbes
Men black cocked Hate* Ac. he.
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from BALTIroap
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S barrels
Indian Corn is bags ef bahelsses
hip Bifcuit
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Crackers i kegs
Pice in tiere, and hall tiere
Pitch and Turpeatin
Inch Boudards, hingles, Ite.
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tsils sd C l Pigail and Leaf Tobec, M.
deira, Pnt, neri Vdooi Wine, frtd Hlne
and Boh by the suur eheft, thft, or Id
ysntitf, &L, Ac, Ac.

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