'ivl a I '1', tir, i tthi the Il IInd aforrfa
Itc i e ii in tle itx I ifl th ir fecral ifficti

f ile l r#'ands, a A.Sfau, ti41 7th- da,'

"I ",. vo,,ie,, d. a, aio.-fl.
1, 1) v i Ti .
"'i ll i, p 2p61br ,

I'!r reI. 1 : A llN
(,u M (.1 A Y rT l. er ith iral ,t
r,0 ITi STOK. I E oll, i

s i N r s ., R s,
Ll t 1 A C A U '
'A t.I.)11t' t Ii i i!* 1 N IAP pi.t p U.
l ia:,.' ,' i 7, ,i f r .Pi (.C .-,; / r)ry, l ..-
l: 1' )1i CJ ( .' c
rt i t I' pI I K I I oS I t,
e.-l'ri th 11' ,, ,A [' N IT r/.1r t X'immani l -*
prI n ,,t Ity 'V 0.t .r' c i r O anr l I \ VWi l n. s
J n. r, I hi'h w( I ll ( I anj c np at il S i!.-,
it oi u. ,, '. o lie dle re I in g-, ,d o -',t Ahte
tI it ir iii Iut-i l ;ia ha im ur it'o', \Viiidwjr. !,
I cl r i 1( i n p i l (l fpr r f lip.ziditto.
C 11 ) I 1 0 .V .
A'T ? I: un, i ti o li c, s of I;gllt to he C-,hu.
and I ,ili \ tIi,,t Air i'op .l :' l I u three M oI-tl,'
e'iri -; 'Itl. ltt.liifl iv ii lith nd with ap;.t oyt (

At l' ,'-e riei aTrd lI'arc, lrill 6b So'd,
a (i I'l 1 tof S l', lyil.h il ItRagg d Iflln d
in roild o,,.\ / /,
S JOivN gi Is, Co.
'uN. a -, a'r 6. I.

N 'I It !; III i'.Y (,IVEN to thr itha.-
I ht n' fth il .', liha they dit o illhoiil
'delay. ,i I ih lter, i~- ,r Ceinrili's nfe Oadl
tt'r it. t!p-r irl[ci ie Taal t <'r the Y ir i;8(,
asi l tir all Ait art of Tax.lc fol fotiner Yea :
Al'il h- it wairian' toi lry the (apte by uitiftl ,
will ;I'! ar L all fuch who hall ieleui, or inc

SRec m Prott/.nro, I3lrurey *, 136.
'fll) ,tt ria,, ti'n lotl/la Icttled i ni tl.is ndil IhI
Sotihe P ilAa-iflandl. who ate de firtim of
JiMnnI ,pi .aI le'iiin in G(loverniniert, for a further
S llPpy of Poi':fions, &c. are r,'ll'I l6t to Irlld
th" tn,; to thit Printlg.O ai foon as

'1'or, F, tr, arlr 4. 1786.
W ANTI ), a f-w SIllP CARP .NTPIERS atnd
V I..At'l IRS t I g MAxwRLL in
1c, Ci. t ,,, Enicuturage mcnt i ill be given.
Apt--y ir N tr.n, to
7"Iamarj al, ;86, J cI CHRISTIE.

T IR IIOUSE nsi LOT where SrFPHur
J I'tN, lq; ]tjy rcfidetd; tile lonle iS
neat, a:lt conulleint y r a fitall family, ati the
frTlialiio advaltayotll the toime of pirment
wil be made cafy to nt Pnrcha r. For ipairicu-
I.rs apply to R BERT JOHNSTON.
A'ajju, yanuary I, -;86.
In :!ic Ship LIGHTNITn. Capt. BULTON, from
ANt) N(O' OPW 0 NEL) FOR SA., I,
At hI, SIOP on the HAY,
DOR'I RAITSii lthi KING aiA QQunrs; a large
I Mczzotintii Printi of R on rT'1 haiil Vic-
tiy, 12t1 of Apil, 171T, liamtd and glaI/td;
fillolttil lanilcap;pc', wi'l a 1 )iagonl Mirror to
lcw tnll i ; Framily IHilil in rihli Mooico bitl
in.s, I' 'ank locuks )i all f rti, CoiI tinig li ufc
Fiks, PcIInkliiv, lnkpowi r.le Mi1ddlron's black
leiad Ptr cil, Camel llair lNnriih India Riubhl r,
t i e.a lik., Drwin g I: .,-k, Si1p t pier, I \n writing
I -. ?r of ill fl ,ts, :i': ',lacki cdli anl d plain ;
O..iiamainlci Slhees tit S L!iolltrl liolhly Writ.
t1: Pier e Pii.tt C iomaille', a Caiera hlifcuria,
'Iver jinttd "'trmp'e Sl)ctu r liv, Hlalnccs for
it:l hTii li llf lh'iha n fi, II liho) i rag l rs with
Dbeitlipri.s, itljin' .r (uil and Win,'v.ard l'aaffi"gis
with Dircatluns, CIharts iro he Atll.itti Occan.
St. Ocorge's l'hatinel, l:.pigilh Clianmitl '.
Call of Ircl.iti, W rfl-lI'ir., Li fate.ik, I1la-
wa e, &'. I o .ian lari, German iiu -. It n. i
Vilih!n tliitie, Viliin Bows, Haii, Rilin Huoxic,
&c. Pi) klct Cotrnpit.iions for the Violin a;il err-
r1:in I jul a Iniall C l.ountli% DIaiC, r, Minutts, liglc onu, &c. &c.
A 1. S 0,
Spic'r .anI o iin in k t r g ili aontl Iill Butter
ti.n I1l , I Pli Iter in lhdI s a il b riel', Ily-
fin 'T.' lHIi k Pl' ]<]r, Frnth (Olvrs, P1ikl, l
W a'itill Grk'nl. Cr :Lits, i td1 OdI)Inn, ludia
S y. Mul,!Ipiooit Kicthunp, t;iin I' ll Saucrr
,(i nid-n S lti. M nitl al'c fCIn TlIcil .il r lii air
P mtt'tcr, hittl mI I-fil t l tlrnatruI V i'utn lr.Soap,
TIp Ite In ns,l I.,litu .r IWV Ir, I'owvr lioxe
i1 In 'll'-, I lit Ie t Sthor lit I k'Ih (;i tutlcnmtcll'i
I l upli!" p ra l Shire Run.k' fit KILte and!
lotk 11wkiUt, (Ge;th melln's Dlr Shy Iadites
-nltt-lr ,'lk aird Cd.i.nuI o I in Gills ditto,
Slpl ',, M o:'cio Stito, Iadien fa.iionalle
i r1- I '. I aut lin-pr I t.l a-i. hlal, I,.pl ac8
Ilibt KI I lover, G'. t'nemin'I Dl G!f'ove
l.,slie faliioniahle Ti, lcu, PIckthica-l, anj
C'-I line S'.i, P:l'; TIoit tc. & To be Soti. or LET,
And. may be Etrre-d @a i immidiaiely,
A NEAT and airy DWE '0 IIOUSE in
jgood tepir, with a n lone built cham-
her, t ite houfe, ane i kitcl n, nlfo, new out-
hlionfri and neceffary, witl the Lot belonging
theicto, living very large, *d contains a well of
lely fine water, a gardiii d vacant ground
lhe in hole i, under a gfod frc c, r oft o which is
new, the pofrn, rails and ils ofcedar'nd ma.
hogany ; the fi!uation is pteafant, being a rifiti
gtuWund at the Wrelt End of the Town, comman-
ding a view of the Bar and Offing. For terms
apnly to T'noMis RKOxE, in Naffau.
yanuary s7, t;76.
ALL Pc tions who ha'e not ginen in their
accounts against Ihe estate of HORATIo
SMIET, ill; latter mmiiffary of Provifions at
St. Augtitic, .a J e lai time rtquicftcd to
ferd in the f v Vltrr atieted, to
Attorney for the Adminirtrltil.
N\Iru, 7anrcar 19, 1786, .
g t0) I"I ON, Salt Bra ilrlJt, Mahogany, Hard
Wood, dAc. for Sale If tk ProprieLoa at
Ezxuma, I

P E TER IE N, & Co.
H ATING fold f and d li;r.e' the Dry Goods
ranl Hirill HufiI nef the pIferot, ictuas
Ihatik:, to their Cunlicmerland rctqtin all per-
long indrbted tI thrm, to tle ard p.y off their
rcfp.llive accountit immnediat'y.

In the laft VFs I.s from I.oiDON,
Awo I. Is Sto, CNIAo
At sthirSmor, the Corer Pf .P1LII Fi fThrr,
near .Th PAR o D'
I) OYAL Pattern fit of Palre, do. dIn e-,ll
1it dilto, roind and oval rearn ciloird 1r I i a
of dinferct fices, Royal P-,lirip itto lo .it o flit
Plates, dittoditto diti> D fcrt ald MuI.ffl i'to,
ditlo ditto Pleaf.re Boa 'at 'rn 'rn e r I,'
Sitto covet c Howit id Putt r RBut.. il.,)I
dItlo Hutter TuIIl' ani lllant-. Mil"iad Pm'l roil
Spoon Mug of l difret, t re tS ; I'llr ti' ,
Tea anti Milk Ptl, iilto Slgar Dinfl, prtIrn
c.liure1 Trea and Ci,,- Pots., i'to Chainl r .a.
'itol ditto lMik wer C rL d Salt., frey 'lI'n i.i.,
vaIiega',el figured Tl'e I.o1 cj vrl di k <' rtto
-iam rco' rrcd Mugs flUi', d and pi', i j iF,
rofe rnti. inllted CofiRT t Tl'a Pot', ,iito ha!nr,,
,'ito ('itto S'p.r ithif ,Ftl M iik p if' ft- e
marine 'pririltd Pincri Iwi .frl enia''r !, d tti i 'ill d t'it, btlr di i ,
a1tn, P.ik Piattern 'I i ips and S.ai,'it,
Ili'p'h Buht' Poll T, I.p. Tllca! e id, rp hio red
ditto rin ,, ftaihtr rc'r d F fu p 1'il'*,
ream c-,lorced l.aJpltl Lpi anld aSjurrt, Irpt
,h.to Pf ptiier Caftuprp, Ra ns andt Carnh, l'P t-,
Siltn ;itt. Tii/u vi, IRtfi eR n mellhd Cii-. rit
Staitera. fIinl D it e iiil F fii Draiit-t. tiotilil
c ri':oliid,v f(iuiar. iR itc atR <,etiraon Sallad D I I I
va ireated and plain Wallmdl Pafitip, ( l '
Pattern green (di ei ain 'iie flat and (i1, p
Plates, i.r,-, two and thrc lqiiait cream ri O'.4 t
Jigs, bound laki, Dinflj- and HIti ..,. Alc IT
'I'r a,,d ', fre Potn, arl atiid and hbuoF Mr
pFuil l rnnarvelltd dli'o dio. aI.tr fe i a p. tl
Milk Po , Svipai I)iilcLrJd Bdiao,, 'htr., (., i
ard Saucers, (!o. enname ld 'i anid off( 'f i
Ch i co.lir e Cups anI So rl i p .ip'e hlock penrcied mati'e id rd ln (l!Iti. driap
ltirpile hbirdtred (titi dito, T mple rifterri
CHrin ditto ditto, blA and red rpetiilcil n.ai c
Tobacco UIcc', Pin llre Boat P'alti itn 'fira ut
Ciffee Sets, ditlo itiot ha f pint Ihrrlfafl DBa-is
and lucirrs. flird aiid fiuit ditto, T' antd Cof.
ter Sets, fine painted, gi!t, black penci' di, (". na
gl.izr alid enl inamLed Mugs, IFgyptiai fn ted
and ic Dkc Tea 'Pot, red penciled iad hlned Tra
and Coffe Sets. Powder Flafkat and Shot KIyt of
'a inis Intrtin, Candle Slo.li lcrl Court PlAin-.r,
Hulntlig Knives & ricrki,Sliaing, Huotci, /'.-i-in
and Jeweller's Brl-ftem, Tailor's and Rarlbr's
ScifTrt, Na.il and Pocket ditto, th flre care,
a vxiiety of plated and pinchlbck Buckle's f he
newest pattern', Children's Shoe Clafpc, &I-f
Dog Cellar Locks. new fafltioned Spring SnnuF e,
Silver Watches, ennamelled Balloon Snuff lHn ',
Steel ditto, Chain., White Chapel and con.m a
Needles, Sliding Pencils, fine enntrmelled Salt;,
Silver and gilt Hat Buckles, Landf, ape japannect
Ink Stands and Candle Sticks, green, pink and
graved ditto d:tto ditto, fine Stirrtups, Shirt
Piln, Ivory Combs, Tortoife Roman Ink Stande
jad Waitets, ditto ditto japannted ditto
aid T,'a Trays, Oval Landfcape ditto, Maho.
pany Shaving Cafes, complete and crleant, fine
grten Bread Bafkets with Landlcape center, P oa
and PoLkit Knives of all fort', Paintinigs on Glafs,
Hridlc Hitle of different kinds, Knites and Forks,
Razor Stiaps with and without IaroIs, i great
variety of 'i irkets. Scals and Keys, elegant
Waiftcoat Patterns, Coat and Wailftcnt Buttons.
Linen, Checks and Stripes, Ornahrigl, Bel Pu*t.
hamn Mulftard, Corks by the Gre t, Gliadfllieou
&c. &c. &e.

Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00147
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 80.




NAssA: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the B'-T.

B r I, ,ur ar'.e JOHN BROWN, FPqnire,
SPt, .l t an4 C(:,nioander in Cb;ef of thefrnid
I/i,.,-d, _- . &r.
W lIIFILtEA,; lIv the di of His Honour
J it-i W 'ivAin OWHit, U.pf; lieitc-
iinft tip tinr aid C ataI!-iier in Chief, Ij*
hl-rC t "iiu i.ilp or Ihi f l f1 iils ihai Ipy villilir
Ii MAiitl\'n II Ro Cmnm llim iand ifl inllions
t hii. x< -, i Jotl MAXno 1., t I fiuirr', dt-,
nil-(d lip, i tt; l.; I 1 e l llfr lr ro le 1:iI1'i Ilt1 fit,
band wiilh Htc ad lic hlis Ml j,' f Coun cil,
Ino iflt' dh,- ion P;ocla lion, lOl; f) ing the fame
ti all hi. M P p"f-. 's lo vig, tlbjet'l l im thin e faid
Ill(h i: i I o. by an with il.e !ad ict afore-
Iahi, r ,tir hv r'luire .
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