Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 21, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00146
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 78.




NAsSAj; Printed by Jon WELLS, at the Printing Offce on the B.AY.

On WEDNESDAY the 8th of FEBIUARtY et,
By JOHN M ,R R-1S,
S L A E /S
la Lot agrueahli to Pu 1haArs
ConslaTsl or
The Conditions will be made own at the time
f Sale.
Any Pei on willing to purcht the whole or
any jart at Private Sail befIo th t limet, may
know the terms, by appi Xt N MORRI .
',,r,,,, nrI 2y 14, 24 1736
In the El.ip, LiCHTrnIr CJpt. Iluaroi, from
At Iis ;ln11 on the B \Y,
P Trr \'TS f 'Ie K'c anis Q-es-F. f on
I eT 'r r.1,',r I' ti'llnl: of Z ff ',v. ITr'c
et" rl; aind ic l glaztd; f. a' Cr Potrait, -i
th1er .,i I. a ltre MV7nt .,ion t'r ts of
RP r, a r *I Vid"'.r. IVh1 of Ar I1, i7gl,
llpr.l a' I a. n'! colottn" I andclrap(e. h
I D[ a t'i ,I ,I riro to ve tli hem ; Fam :y Bi, l ,
in i; li t i r c hir in[inge Co;rt Kaltnir; f ,i
i7', lt 2a k t -k if sall fort., Co.! tiii g H l .f
F )It .i t., lTinkp w iter. M iedll.ti,'s lack
ile I' cili. Camel I air Pt nci In ti Ruii tr,
Chisl In: lirawinilt Bsk'. l) t tir WnitrI
lp.r. r of all firtE, vilt, black rd, c I a dl Il n
()Onrame ite Sheets fo ho'ir. l111l ay i "it-
ie l'ic zt. 'irit.. Compties,. a ( an.e a tbfcir .,
Silt r ,,iiii l Tetmpe pret c're. Ialalrces to,"
Wr:t '.'g Haltf Jih n f,", B Iho '. Drailht wlth
Di,i s, e IHo i: i ;, If and Wilrdwa ld Pa'mges
vith )inrci ,n Chart. (If lhe Allailic ; Ocear.
St. Cciiire's Channrel, nglin il Channin, S W.
Coalt if hciilnd, W rf't-Inn,it, ( h faiieak, Pela-
i r, I'. l 1ti in t lit, OcrInIii n F'li R, i m.n
Vi', i I igs, Vt Iin Blow flair, Ihtfin H xIes,
irT. I e k t L- ,ip.anioins t r the V o'in mii d ticr
man l-'o r, a lin.tll C,,lleli in of New ",lfirc
Ctuntriv anite, bline(ta, finKgt Sor.I, &c. aic.
A L .; 0,
qSpired c.'moi in k its, Y'irlllt:re lBacon Hamv,
Erig li ., 1 l:lf Biruter in lthrin a, Ilar Poiltern
in li 's, .. ,l list e.' Ilvfr,, 'I ;I, BRack [r pier.
Firlt I ,l ., Pirk'er '~ s':llt (Crk;inp, Cal
pero, ai,,l Oitnitn ]inlia S y-. 'nllfllrotitl )it
chip. (0:,', Fillh Satire, Garettn 'edl Mile-
challr !i it;;tfd aid pl-ii Hlair Piiwder, liaTd anil
fift Pr.naitum, VWicdfor na;, i'nrliing an.
Tuipe Iiort, I.nvtii'ar Wi ter, l.o|Ider Boxre
and Pllni. Lti,;c fet Sliho Buck'esta .ntlemrne'
faIfionablr lilate, Shoe PFik k'c. fri Knee alnd
S tlk ni klil, c, Gnti., men') Dr, ft oh- <-, L.adies
Prtfas 'lk andt Cl imarco Shoer. Gils ditto,
Chliilren's Miorrco Shoec, Iadir. ffillinnahlr
D ,1i I'ia, t n ioo ps. Leghorn litsA. L.idiea
HAilt Kidl Iloe". Geitlrenicn' D't71 lovess
ldiles fallionah'r Ticern', Paekthilra., andt
t.rohbnre 'tlvs. Pirtai1 Tobac, o, &c. Stc. &c.
T- tI Yi t'is P l L LISH E D,
Prtce Two BITTS,
The Bahama Almanack,
Calcul.tedi for the Y, r of Our Lord, i7l6;
containn:I the I.unilinn*. Ecliprfes riling and
kiting of ithe Sun and Moon, Holidays, Money
Tablc, Tide rablc, ac. frc. Ac.

European Intelligence.

V I E N N A, Ocroeasa as.
A MONG the repoita that are circulated atthin
time, it is that the Prirnce de Kaunii
till lhortlv take a jouricy to Ratilbn,on bufinchf
of high importance.
It is alfo reported that the Spanifh Amb.fl'ador
fome days ago presented a memorial to the Chan
celiir, in which the King, his mater, made
known his indication ot noo longer pc mitlinegth
Rul;lla fleets t men of war paffiny olt of
the Ocean into the Meditrrraean. lI h' pr .iire
was talked of Ifme months ago, hut i/ice 'haal
tine luft mucn h cic(it ; but if the above-mneriln-
ed memorial contains ftich notice as it Ti fid to
do, fuch an occirrcnce may aftialtly take place.
It is all.) mcntinfid, that so fail tf the Spanlli
line are ready to fail oin ith lirf, in cnfe of"
the approanhi of a lRuian flct I hut however, it
in not likely th t much can be donethis )ear, as
it is not pltbabhli that any RuIfan fleet will tqit
the P.alt Sea sl Si ting. In the mean time, it i,
well known tht the CouLrt of Ruf&i is uiing eve
rv tlfftrt to ctabllh a formidable navy; andi tIley
willby isex: yea be altic to make a piwtrftil op-
tion to ally di'ligns of the Court of Spail to tnrir
detriment. "
It has been for fome time reported that hnflili
ies lihac )ecen commenced by the Turks on the
,onlicr of Croatia ; but the Poite hah nio plt
hrerin. Several hordi of favage a d undihfci
'lined Turk have committed fome rexcf itf e, n
it has n t btcn piflale for the Balls ,ws of tie
it ghhouring proviinct to refliain thoife plul-
lci. re.
Betin, a',,ter it. Fre'e:i.k the Great, ito
the fTili'aftiro of Ita people, Is almond recovrr-d
,rnm hi late indifpoli'in, which wa* what the
P.Aic ty call a w.itndring gout, a disorder wIhch
is helrditaiv ill the nr.nrihoirrh Family, a"l
with wvl cl his prefrltt Nljcfy's father was much
.m dflci.
I'uhlic wonkl are canrying on here with the
itmi.t itapitily. At Pol7utani a noble hospital
hIa It ely Il en en'aig)ed, for the reception and
maintenance' of lo,rco fildi.r, children. The
h, ye are lred to apticulltre, under pea rinta it
di'lercnt pa ts of the kinighl.m, and ccalinatly
taught tht. te xcliei of a folditr I n Sundays arln
'i lilay, ; r s that IhNff frivants of lhe puhle arr
reua;ly calculated for the ford orthe plough-
llare; a Ip'tioif however numerous thr
lPruiin army he, the K;ng tncourages pnpula-
tion, and tluc ot ot neglt the cultivatlon of hbi
1 lie author of a paltry libel, intited .Les
Matinters dII I de Prilfe," in which his Majel'y
has been treated with Sgrcat acrimony, a. lately
taken into cnulloily here. It was thought the fcrih.
bier would have hern cvetrely punih'd : hut
Fre derrick. with thrt giealnrfs of mind peculiar to
I.iJ character, dirdcti the mlgiftrates to ft the
pi or fellow at liberty, and make him a prefint of
.1 bndile of nrw pens, as his tla." the King.
wi h his i.fiul poignancy, faid, were in very
bah older."
Though this country is at prefer in the mnft
profound flat ofiranquility, preparations fir war
are carrying on with the utmoft alacrity, our fa-
gacious Monarch torefeeing that the intrigues of
two great ,trighbonrini powers will probably ter-
minate in an attack upon Siikfla.
London, nA'ovew r so. "he Aniwerpers, It
feerin, had flattered themfelves that vcfels he-
longing to that city wou:n he permitted to go iup
and e'own the tchiel', on paying fome tripling
i1tty to the Dutchi they had even fixed the hbr-
then of the veltcls which were to enjoy this prii-.
Irge, which, in fad, extended to all fhlps, except
men of war. On what foundation the uftrian
fp ciulators built fuch hopes, it is not cafy to dlft
cover, as nothing contained in the article pub-
lilhed warrants thb a unless a very ermneona
confruttien b put upon the latclon of the Ean

pernr'a rovereienty to Saftingen, as though thO
Sche'"t lll its nameat that pace, and was froa
thence to he cinfitderrd as the fea. Be thus as it
may, it is hut too cerrium, hute has bett ftme
nii fcnreption, sad that fell crplanations are
unavoidable, to fettle that matter on a fixed and
unalterable footing. Thrfe trell regulations will,
,rccard;in to cuftiom, rather injure than benefit
the Repultlic, of whole compliance the Houte tf
Anfilia feemo to entertain no great doubt. At all
event, in whatever way it be fettled, it does not
aitmir of a difrute, lmit a pnfitiev and conclufiTv
settlement, wlrih may effLitually bar all future
!ifi.tullins, will lie a general good. The Fmpe-
ror, to all appearance, fermi fincerelyto with its
that Ibc may. wit out fear of igrruption, purfut
his other plan, particularly hi. intentions relpcd-
ing tavaria a which. if we may judge from the
iteftation pbihlieed by the Court of Virina, in
reply to the King of Pruffia' declaration, be har
bIy no mran g:ven up.
Ltralo er a Ltter from fCerfan, September I3.
The Rnffiit~ feem fetionly ceagped in aug-
men'ing their maiinre and ealtndirg their corn-
merce on the Black Sea. The Baron de Rofarowilta
the Imnerial Co, fill General at this place, is inde-
itigahile In his endeavors to turn this view branch
eritnmmerce to the advantage of both the Impe.
rial Courts. In nr'er to do this, a dirrt inter-
ciu fe between us and the Autrian dominions ls
to he opened. Mr. de Rofarowilt is fitting out,
at hi' own expense. a Ihip called the Minerva, to
he commanded by the celebrated John MKkenzie
who is to conie under Rufian colourn to tbe
month of the Naefter, and go up that river as far
is .atllei. The brerits of this navigation will
be rcnfi ly felt in Aunrian Poland."
IF,.,,,an f Oie Jor, 6. According to a prn'ad
account the King of PrulnIa'A a'ry confiftl at prn
rent of it91.,t men, i)f wh:ch iJSat are lbfan
try, andI 39.48 Cavalry.
Ldet. A.,'ember i. An exprefa packet wal
recrevcd yrvrnrl ay at St. JPmer's, from his MaI
ienf's Conful at Lrghorn, giving an account of the
fevernal Nemmfourtdl.ind and other Brilifh fhips,
vyhich havr vifited that port in the course ofthe
laft fi mo lhe. All the Britilh Confuls in the
Mediitrrrare-n are dir lel to trrarfmit homer
very fix ran'hs, a fimi'ar account, in o'der to
determine the late ot the Britilh commerce to
that qlsa, er, v' h:e has been for fme years To
irmarkallhy oil the decline ; an attempt being in.
trn ,'d, if poflhile, to ievire it.
Much has b en flid concerning the fliep taken
hy thr Kiig of P, tfl. relative to the intended
exchange of Bavaria. but rothinf of the reafonl
that tend to iirCiy hii Majefty's conduct in the
hutintfs; we Ihall therefore tran0ate from the
Bulla iarea as much as will ferve to throw a
proper IUgit upon this important matter t-
"It it he expedient that all the principalit;esh
should he prrferid entire, and in an undivided
flaei, o that jultice may fland on a Ilrmer baas,
and that good and faithful fuijedts may enjoy an
uninterrupted peace and tranquility ; the rle is
far more applicable to the grand principaltiet,
domains, rights, and dignity of the Bledors for
we would ad with the greatet caution, left the
very propi giving way, the whole edifice hold
rafi to the groutid.
4' In the lit place then, we wi and command
hy this Imperial Edit, that henceforwardi, and
/sr *vr, the prand magnficent principallties, fuck
aR the kingdom of Bohemia, County Palatine of
the Rhine, Dukedom of Saxony, and the Marqui.
fate of Brandenburgh the territories, furifdlc-
tionl, vaffalage, and other apptrtenarces thereto
belonging, fall not, at say time. or in any man-
ner whatever, be divided or difoembered a but
on the contrary, (hall remain in their whole and
infeparable fate.
Idly, That the eldeft oa do fluace to the
eRate, fo that the whole right and propen y he
vriced Is one peron only. If owin to infanit.
or any other mental or bodily infirmity, the fai
tidct fo9a bold prete Incapable of holdlng thW

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