Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 7, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00144
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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prih flhould remain with the Hanfe Pa.latne I he. ewf!re or the Cerman !E rs a&
L- O N, -- d ie cai fe it mull be ltrkinM to every body, that ilde- nation of Its fyllem. The1
LO).NDON, 8p imber 14, 1785. pendiit of the pergriphical an4 political d," the parent declaration, .
arton o the Ki of Pruffla. whch was portion between thle A.lrian Nethcrlada And the it, cohmnoticate kv to hiws o w
Dc .td by h ot r n rCo nt de L I, the whole Banvria, the transferring (if uo large and Ra a mrat of Ili. tIondle and his tw
I'rolli n, lI the M.arqsi of Car- fine a country to the Iltfc of Aiulria, anl thire- li c fire to f cure himfrelf r
ntirthen, onelr ot his Mfjefi"s Plincipal SecErc. hy rounding, a it were the Aufitian et.irthy, Biritannic MIaJty I though he
tries of Slate. n(which already preponleratei too mt.ih ) would Brtinfwlc Ltunenbunrl, has lit
r.llv t KitgL eriv, Ito have very reason to ei- takeaway all aance of power n Germany l and I crrei in the conelillo e A,
lle.t, thr a h Crt th Court of V:cnna ihA r given up the fccurty, a well a the lbety of all the titate ther by given indAta proof
All t!. A:ts of arti ixi n of Bavaria, or an of the Efn rire, would only dlepend utrio the tilt-: fnventvr i ctroincide with L tWle ofI
Ia "qi:iton thereno in arty it!lcr manner, after rention of the Hoefr of Al nria. It feccrm lrt thin the celty of e faid treaty,
it- a rtq iliton hril en proved to the aid great and powerful IHolirt ought to be connnted e which gave occeion to it. Itto be tlIlmitTnblc, in the conferences held with its v.a monarchy, and not to thin any more i he ICing is pal icularly hanb ~ ho l
.1 li.,ttl:i, ll Stl.mernbr, t78 ; after the faid o" A" a ol"ifition lb alarming, not ol,ly to icr. theft new tie to the d fo adi iSft
Colnl: ha.l rtno inrd all its rctenfcona on Bain. many, b"ut likewise to alt Europe. hutilt already for ro Ionr at r -t~htr
I by) I!! p:ac: ofTl'Tcher, and had become it- It Ilhold liketife rcmemhe Iltit in the brier jtwecn the two Royal IHIl.a -atnd;
:t, irct!ir ilhithe other contradtig and me- treaty of 713, it has been prom:fed the maritime with hit nritannic la.Jeny the UM' e (,3
di-:r [owtrr if that le-,re, Ft.n4iarly e of the f n opar never to alienate any part i.ftite NthilCr- o for the welfare of the CGcrnq Emil rI,
c.- .tIs oQ the thel tafe n Palinine, werey tt n y lce nt ofitsnwan Hiu:e ; a l c ,nnoin contr, anti forlbenr fipplti
:!c>:. i. not at,-ted any alienation, dr, as it is lotion which caiinot be frt afie .itnont the co-. which has ai lirfentil influence ulets,
St.ll .,, ". any r lits pilconl,' I.lif fltnt of the tir par!ie. The Kting cannot, t neft of the reo uf hnrope.
M ..!:i, iriwer, havin,; ben appli cd in t ile o therefore but be per;uailed h a.ll that h ctlS b een
nittlhl of JAiniarY of the p client y)cr, by the I advariced, that the C ,illt of Vienina willi not very fl icu on fr
l.:t oui Derux l'.:it, t the Cot Ie of Vi.nna o fion, or rchaips nee.r, ie Iu l tle p-itidc of ina- 'l Joquv C L at E ,fquire, o.
!1 .,, ntt.C-ilh, tn.ill, in t coi i orit cnira- i, sooner or lattr arn ;at oqilition Iof Il ai7t, or eeratled Property ef It. t o SeM
lin, i tI that Pt inc an exchange tho rie by fume mansn or ot ter antI that, acoritit tcorn ilioia ir n Ith Perai erf fatap l
.lih:,' oi lavari.I, to;I, thor with the Upper Conn- I the principle manifeft.d iill i:1 its latter circular I Ine recfIed n v, ,
ty Pl't, ln-e, a.d the l eh, hie of Neilburg, a(I declaration, it refelvre ttli;f yet tlle pnliholity "S ert the property of tln
S ,:7 h.!, .for a rAt C(f the Aufrian Nether. and power thereof. Iliii Majefty thaolit litecould of the Siouhern State of Amri
l. Ia:, Ii; N ajcr- vall .. xiul to cermmnit-atc not in ,his citle do- it Ir hi oitwn ic'rily, a, brought away from thener, in oriolr~
t-n cu l;-l.fa vil ll at account to the Erprncf of well as forth it of thie wile Empire, than Itro pru- dere of oernmetit, and for hom h
T.i :'i.i, ai :ara'itice ,l the r,:ce of rllihlt. The pofe to his eo-.qites, to enter itro an alficiation tion of the Prouvifloa and other nl
t:,. v'chrc i lr Imp aerial Maltr7 g.ave to the conformable to all the Ilntlameotal connftitioi. ooti for the benefit of the real rfcmI
%. g, the.:o.:h ler;. inililt r Pric.t DLolgoroucki. of the Empile, iamcly. the peace of Wcnphalia, American War, have been rei ved, el
Slatl ailitr Itire rchitfil of ti:r Duke of D.un ard" to the capilul.alioi a of the emperorr, and detlrimen of man), loyal people, who
P., nt. ,ll ,rcr n. un m, tlig litt ahor fitch founI dtl ipon the eam|p!c oentll crntories, teni. (i, their tortl nea atnl rilked thrilie i
an e. .;in.- n;i l hate been a fifiicient ding only profi-rve th: pr, tl and legal connli-. e.'e noflthrir i.g.tdC, untry: nd
-.j' r..-c to ihe Ki,. if h Af Majfln cou have tinn of the tnpire, to miinof:in every menibher e irn ir po
cn rqa :!! feci r e trith rete t to the intentions thereof in the it e t aid ,trati t iil enjryllnril of hi ing te em and rs ctiv waies, A Ifl
f lh.t It of V-?nna. lt thatt Co ur has t i and p oft fliuna, and to oppfre eve their own mal er, nr Ihefare
rei. tl Ycr thl:r, ,by the ln(pIs taIen i. the course ry arbilrry and illegal cltlcrlnize. ontary to the duy incubnt nn n, from t
rt. nprT f.nt V tr, a wll as by thile e it ynm of the Empiere. i11t MajeRy h al rn on r me ny iltl incuthe on t e, from te pr
S' tnllp" pi;fic, t it it 'i annt it hring iltf If to withthe fame,. in I!.e MonI Serrne Elec- ,, rn by thne lRight H- on ma, el
c, ctce rcne nciation o i;e prric;.l of maik :, tore of S axny and olf lunfric I.nenblrglh, Is and anpfl-n edo by hil Mar', (hih l
t n.-r -n l aitr, an a aiii i,.n ,f HB varia. jitll now cocln led anl t lrnel a treaty of unL.n andy ,of t Negrytc, mahiit o my
I l.e fail C,).ii;, at' r ht %ing in it fit circt.'lr with 1r ilt ( ich itery i.s n ttt aga ri t ll e :rIt of thrn it rr t'ored, coat
"~uT, u iat sn l I-, i thle i m~ le of ti r I any peanyperf, cr a. way dlerit ory to tohe dignity, n force t, onrer and oidr. that all i
cu,t allc i -ine ,i t e later, in imita of right., ann prratira o f e his n. iefly the Enl holding m r~t he pr vy the Inhal j
tino uld.: i it I, n le C of hRu t, that it re- p eter at l' Ito inp ., :n Il which las abhfolitcy ofli e dn. ro Stahed ", f m e' Ibhl
aN~~~~~~r~~i rti xcnef 1or d trttan e Sti iuicro States tif Awmc e, that
.r cE i.ninhcl n.,t cr il lloll enteirlain the nothing fure it ohjifl hit to m.tiltain the cnon.l- it her maid their rfcal t. or who hu"
.cl> thaI ht ,.f a 'io/, i. o, jf ed change of tlti.l.I hi nm nl td Epi and !e nboj t j2i lh brought avwy clatrlll:ncly. nA e the r'l
li ii i.,]. Uut tr istl .itilion ewenti rtf-J nentin; cj ; and whitc!i theilcfore caltino give tlhe S, piemlner, ;go, dae of my omal
./ th o. le vi1atll, t lttht CotiIt ofVicn- leal tlrcnafidt f tin te Court of Vicnnt if t'at ,' forward e, to rne a; the Iands nidl
r L i10 i !t.rtain,i ai, id 4 fl 'ltli/t, o a ba'- Court has the In.e vi- is alldi intention ft Ihe cl,oi rnennr bhrre
ILI rf it irtl;.i. CT l.i c 3 ci tier, ali hady ftroni rre l ttci t' iil t 'i te fa(i tI fyin, a th enic ireafn r./ ', Prh ;t.~ o
mii tech in Itfchr, t thn i. ll coniiled by the the t epc, a-ir .11 ia itlnr,:l T pete rl., from tie I eftr1rilni Ihir fee.
IT. rti n ol hc Cn,.t ,f Vcna, That by ti: g~nerrct of frul, a, Ii.,I t.y of Illh h,:l of tihe he been in thei ,
i, It- r: i pc;.. ,tI L tirn, the Ilui fc P.loai. Lip re. It cannot I: dnimhictd that tlh e Knhg, as pa te irthai t tanh .
i fn h i V txio hinge int incf iiprf It an Eletor and PrinLce if liie Iimpire, all, as one hit to any i;rgror
j, Tr -,l Ii i : eih ic ol li pt-ace of 'adlcn fa.)', of the contraol.rg p ,. t, r an arnl oftlir o ,f Amr tra rri-tr
it zh.ii.. cr ivt I tH .i,i.1- i.f B.irii Ilids it ,-. peaec of Wrll:pa;ia a Ter-l:-n, has an incon. ar. af f.nm rt
*"'--' ot,. t I/ IC PIt- h i.fnfits plionrlrn tcltible right rrn r'-' t h 'C sillt hin co-e at ,niil.n ti r-oii l f h I- Mol'l chrillian M'jey the Erapire, fich a cu;-Ii'titunal and in.flcnfi e ah,;y .ih trn
i lf.e not to coppolt the fame." It fnilnu treaty. a I agt in ronn
c:aily'. h nwee-, fr.ilt:tin ct y iltick', that t.e T J'e h ing havirl c i.lad in a c war to prevent cht 'arn all peri
Sct,tnllr.J;hr palltti did not mcian thereby to allo tr the eichan:e ad a:': farther t;ifmemhcrment tif tn ca'yi Ncrrcr n
to itr lie nit lt O .aria aiy Ihiig farther thin a Ilati'a. (rhiich war wl a putt an e d to by the h t cli or .-oan
p. iOa/.clinh'ge off ime dcioi r piee efciutrr peace of Tltr hen.) )P Majcety has thereby ac.- .Icr, For flr as'f-
quir. d a rpg! a: rfl .p trl ar and licrm anent i '. .'
tuil. iblc tl itsi tercl bHo it certainly nt not.h quirei a rt, a int tprti r and permanent pt oircevery ferer-i
inor could it be ilcrnolo;JI at itliat ime, to allow titer( nt op1i It a:iy eclhln.:c ofr lai rai, pre. 'rl h ert eri n
a tno:al erlilhanr of a large EIt lore alnd Fiefof ftt '" nd I'llrrett i d in fq dloing this byI finch c' o C e.el,
the tnipre w liich being un d the diflpoition of mnat.reaar are co;forri tb.e to tihe laws of naeia t o r re t-
s I ryMan c rcth an
the ( hlen Bll, w a.s or ata liable to an altera. ant d o hlofe of the Vrtauln mpire. Ii; l.ij. .:no th orn
tInon ofthis iatul e,) whiich wonid have too n-.arT ly lf II'f1 hli nohb atioaj ind rlightr, i lihiit Tolm.nrt h I"mn
aft. dcd a:nd o.vrlitined the eclfntal ran fituio u p','olu;t the diltl i Fi :F-,tnn or reproach of tl-.. tho c ol the A'
of tih Ele.loral College, :inl evtn in t intcgrlty C'ourt of Virnns, anlt w thntit giving aii ji;rl i r rc.
of thee whole cofe:lreatiTe fyfRcm oIt e Empire. ca"ife it aittdibnte it him tinl offnRive .views or ,iS mrn
Admitting even thlt h', the peace of aidn, te creps agilf that Cioit't. Tbe Kin, cot'(Lnot, i i ra tt m
H-.iufe of tnavria was al!wd to mae a partial t hcrtfrreit, hbe n t, imec aiffTcltdi nd C i -oy anha m
tichat.-r filitable to its intercll. of folBpartsnf ui'pript, when a.forncd tlat tht Co. r, o, Vien- tth Sa.-, r
ill pCfftffIons, thio Fonvr ha p mee b hrog. a e'el aimed a n;ll this initn in its dtl:.rarions, -le that she anw
Itli by th: 8tth artlclr of the peace o Tfchn, publicly adrc;d to all the ConIrts ;f t!iros,.i plI te- ia ta ,
aind by ithe feiarate act cntrlildcd at the fame lime and of Ihe EImpire, en-lraouitng cven to Sire the tie. 'tl f -c cr'm
betiven the E.I.A:lr Pa.laine ant thie Diplie of fail trealvan lmious colour; I tav Pc fro4 1
lDt]ix prolut; breaufe the covenant of the lloufc Ilis Majety believe iioleqJave g'ivIn the Ilal. av.,tC Palin "from n (;I
Paltilie of 1766t 1yr1, and I74, are therein re- carfe tno lch a procc hut rather to hane A do we, at the Hufce
Ierwed, whereby all the poflelliona of the Hoiife mrited nnore nicec, for his n lcn, pitrioic, nd LtI fl ai ro.tdl on
(,f Bavaria Palatine are chal i with a perpetual diiinterrnld r nndua, as well before a; aftir the f brAirr' ; and t i,
nod mnalhcnahil Fidlcicomin. 'lie ancicet Praq.- peace of Tefhen, in what r!ards Bavaria an;It dcFrc to i e.1 '..l
matic Santion of that HoIofe, excluded at Pavia the Ho-lte Palatine. Kin Mai y will not iatit ttI on or b .rml e c'
in the year r3a9,'is I:Pkeife r rred to therein, the manner adoptll in the fail ddclurcaiim ; " v\'ri
whereby that whole illlou lu ha bound will take rprcialcare not topjcriminate. lie I r'-. lW EN-.
il ile ntiver to cechamne nor ot ife alienate the fatisfv himfelt with appealing to the tctitmorntnc .t.
Ica pait of its pollffflons. Now, n the peace of the Eleoro and Princes of toe Empire, wffl . -
TIfchn, together will) all i!a lIparate ads, is un- ate, that without anFllegehtion or a toe T .j ,
der the guarantee of the King and the Eictor of whatever, he hak conufld hhty to enince to l'jil1arTn1
Saxony, as principal cotnterting paltiea ofthat them tht inadmifibilityandfigper of any I t I t i toa .l
I. .et, likerile tinder the ;uirantee of the two change of Bavaria, and propose to theb" to t re hat .iyo t i
;.:, it;ng pPowers, the conlrts FtRuilraand France., ente nto a c.-lit tlonal ttaf uch as may i- perfonrwith whom tl -
s.,ttie,, whole Empre, it follow, therefore, that laid before the whole wbrld .- o remove every, ea fet....enth who
n rxchane of Bavaria. whatever can any mo:e donht about the purity of the intentions of hif Thoeir rf iitment eith I
take place without the ernafe:t anil concurrence ,ft KKi ; and the jfice of the ]lps. l has talel', of Ship Chardl Ir lr
the powe"t jult mentioned; ind especially not hi M yjenthinis it hlsdoty to mak te hcondlq' wSihe difrde. ofat i"
sl-thur-at the intervention of the King and all his nn" Of this treaty, md the motives which oRa t hh f ru I-l
e 't- att ofithe Empire, wfthftlintiah intferl nmled it, known to the principal powers of Eu. the tal th of b"rua
i s tinat'this rgn and importwit Duchy of Bavat- rope, who am &oy wayi concerned about the i;7 tf e nci mr a


's h-- vi .-CS .d ',~j



I II .

. : -





No. 76




NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAv.

T'he ftllorving Extrad from a Letter, which a
Gentleman here haa received from his Corrcf-
undcnt in London, are publilhcd for the in-
frmanon of the Amer.can Loyalifl feltll d in
thlde Ilands.
London, OA8obr 19, 178S.
yN confcqtence of the power of attorney and
paper you were pleated to commit to my care,
I driw up. and on your hlhalf prtfented, to
theCommiifiners appointed by Aft of Parliament
for inquiring into the loffen and Cervices of the
Ameicd.ia I.Lyaliftl, within the time limited by
that all, a Mlemorial, in which I fled as fully as
I as, b'e. your Loyalty, Lfis, and Srriipr; and
to ills blMtnorial I annted that power alnd the
other papers ; therefore had you Iben In England
(where the prrfenrl attendance of the claimant
w1s then requilrd) you might h vw had your tas
miniuaon, Ihd it c-me to your turn :ti be I erd ;
and of there pir.iculara, you hve already been
mIa'de acqiailelrd. But I did not Ihink it prudent
to rtomnicndt y to y to come to Ergland.- itl.
Bicarife of ihe rpeonre attending fuch a voyage,
and the length if timn that might elapfec ibfore it
came to yaiir turn to be heard. lime, which in
your fitlation mutlt he very vali:blc.-ild;y Me-
ctale as the aft capirtd b) its ovwn limitation in
July. hdl ni' the Lo) alllls een on tlie fpot, riady
to I'ulif!antiate tlihir clainle, it wtnill have ber i
imp, fit't fln the Commrfionitrr to have ranmiin-
cd one 1a'f io them within the t;me pro fcrbcd.
Amn--dlly. ltecaufe I was well afrT:red that ano-
ther rtl wotlldi pafr, not on:y to rontirnrie the
fnrlltr :i,, h:lt that fome plan would hie adopted
to f.:e tihe Ioyaliftl the trouble and cxptence o!
ittenil c r inl this country, and t a ffIord an op-
prlim.ity to fit -h as from p.rct'iar circumflaincc
wrrr IIl altI to lodge their claims I y the ajih ct
M.larnri'. I ;74.
An act ..a .paffid in the laft fimlon, prolonil:ng
the tinmi of hearing and rec iviing claims. Oiet
C-Inr ,rf i.r i r added, an'I Robert Mackentiic,
Sq; (;a't Secretary to air William Howe ) if ap.
pin rlc in the place, of Mr. Coke, who relignei'.
Twn (if! e i.uri mfln ners have filed for IlIlit'x,
In or., r eo hic r th. claims of the Lryalian in No-
vt 'c ,t a &,
Y si c..iir lr'ng now ready to be pirocecdrcd
rn, (,n!d l:il the Commifionetra will take with
thenn) it r.ilml Ie proper to point not fitch inittrrh
as mi Ire i etielfary for your Attention, avd the
proir.fon ouogl: to pro.luce in foiport (if it, ot
Tour exalinlation. Indeed, the produCtion of
frlh ,r nfIl ly is of fo much importance to you,
thdt no ,ippilitunity shouldd he lofl in collec ing
andi direlting it, previous to your examination,
that the jillice and propriety of your claim may
fully appear.
I har, thcrefire, trcrecommend to you, ill.
To p,.ve your loyalty and attachmtnl to Go-
verroment, nuii opposition to the meafures of
Congitfl, and your fitcferings in conl0eqcnce
tlercul'. The earlier you mani'fled that loyalty
and (ippofiiiol, the mole mneritoi iolu you will ap-
pear.-ad-'v. Toprove that you hire been attaint-
ed by name, or indicted under the laws of the
State where iou formerly rei.lred, becaufe of yi ur
loyalty and attachment ;to Governmtenlt; and that
lour ciate hath been seized, coInfiIated, and foli,
in confequence of fuch attainder or indidiment.-
3dly. Your title to the elate co fciLed, cotnficat-
ed and fold, and the value of the fame in Gold
and Silver on the tgth day of April, i7yj, or at
any time before.-4thly. If you have rendered
any eflential Srrvicea to the Navy or Army, par-
ticularly aeted as a pilot or guide, procured intel-
ligence, brought In recruits, affilted Britilh Sea-
men and Soldlers in making their escape while
prifonera among.the Retels. bome arma, or in
any manner aflTed in diftrffir.n the enemy, and
forwarding his-Majefly's ftivice. You Iloul!d
bring forward all or any flch Servikes, and fup-
port them by the highest evidence in your power,
lbecufe fuch will undoubtedly be considered cery
m wmia ide, and highlydderving every degree

ofcredit. And no doubt the Leiinlatire had this afforded u ; for which we can only make return
in view, when by the a& of Parl:ament the Com- by conducing ourfelves as ufefu~ and peaceable
mifloners were diiefled to Inquire int the Ser- Citizen', and by willing them a long continuance
tvi ea, as well as Loyalty and Loffee, of the Ame- of the h2ppiners they enjoy, under your Excel-
rican Loyalifs. lency's wire admininrration.
In regard to the lofs of Properoy, the Commlf- We beg leave alfo to elxrer how mnch we
fioner will exped the highclf evidence, as well are indebted o4 the different departments under
of the exrilence, as lofd of Property, for wh'ch \sur Excellency's dirfelinn, who (taking reamnle
compenifation is claimed. It it, therefore, rot- from your F cellency) have executed our binlnefs
thy your consideration, and, indrd, I would with alacrity and dispatch; and particularly to
recommend to your attention, a ftrir conformity your I:,xcellcncy's Secretary Mr. Brown. for hil
it the following reqtifition of the Board, which cheerful endeavor, to render as service, on
has been long flied up in their office here:- every occasion.
It is required that titles to landed property, Dominica. tid Sep/t. rylt.
s" and fles of conwfiated ci(ater, Ihe proved by Stephen Paan. A cent theRliht Ha. LordArden,
authentic documents from the ref lml re. and for himfelrand family.
cord offices in the fevcral Provirccs," if p;,t, John Rofi, Attorney for my onrd Hawke. for
hly to be obtained ; otherwif. as the irxt b1ft Major General Tonyn late Governor ofEal.
evidence in your power, by personal lviurva T Cr Florida, for Henry Strachey Efq; and fur
trItimony.-Srch authentic documents I Ihould himself.
imagine might he procured from the State in William Young for himfelfind family.
which your lands have been confiscated and fold, Mathew Ste'wrt for h':melfand family.
by waiting to fome fiield to apply at the proper William Rullet for himferfand family.
offices for them, and have the fame properly Samuel Gray for himfelfandfamily.
excmplified under the fell of the State. /nl if Alexander Conninrham forhimfelf andfamly.
furilh documents cannot hb pe-;nred, or fholid lre lohn Martnal for himfelfand family.
refiufed. then you mnft cter to the Cormmnioner; Nicholas Warrinpgtn.
the I igheft evidemnc. in your power, of the felzure, lnrry Newherry for himfrlfand family.
conflfcation, andl fale f your rate. William Joh,afon for himlfelfo.n family.
A' a voyage to Nova-Scotia or Fngland, will be Simon Brice, tate Serincnt of King's Ranvers.
attended d with czence, I have to recommend Tihonnm Gutflnv. Pierre Ctnnae. Daniel trnenr,
*o you, as well as to all the other Ioyalills in Thoma. Stafford, Thomans piers, ITree In-.,
fimilar fitnation., not to make -rorrlelve rtrr..cay, j, in Mrakhin, Richard Pont, Zachariit
as the Comnllui,mn-rv will in all probiri ily go to Brint. PIoert Stafford. Charles Mai,;han,
the Blhamni's, to famine the claim of the Loy- John Nidrav, Thom-nn Jfhlin, Charles Watts.
a'ifs thlire P nd if they Iholllll not do till, they Several of the T.onalift being in the Country,
will give you foch notice of timeand p'ac, where nd o,,herrn not to he ot with in Toun, are the
9try will attend to thin hbufinerr. is mni *pflt reasons more have not fubtiCrihel.
tlf .q ally tend to the adlnanement of jilt'ce, J. CRFI.IHTrIN.
and )our ob.aining that corn nation. your I. ocy.-
ally, LofiLs ani Services will be found to dreerve. To which his FPrcllen-y wasx Gleafed to return
Ican alinre yoi, a more worthy fLt of gentlemen the following Anfwer.
could not Ine found for the purpofta of the enqtli- CG vrmevmt-ffoiNt, RefsPu
ty, than the Comimillioners re ; .rul you nerd a4t' Sept. 178as
nmt fear but you mill have ample justice, ifyonr .... GPNTINMrs, ,
nre'r .(io"s arc well founded. T Retrnn -you my vAwrmeft thinks for your very
alffeiMonatc Addrtfo.
DOMINICA. * It g'vc me the greatefi pleaftre to think Ihat
To /.bri xcrllent John Orde, Effquir, Capftin- my earnell tndewvprs to rcnter the situation of
General and Gooernesr i C.hi', i- ,ind id er bte f) deferring a fet of people comfortable and ron-
Ifand of Drmi, ica. Chanrwllor, Ordintart and vrnlent, have met pymr approhation.
Vise admiral ofihef, me, I'. &e. &c -. le knowledge of it will. I am fur-, he moll
'Ihe ADERlsn of the Antrt rCAn LorALISTs, arceptalhle to our Oracions Sovereign, who hat
fettled in this Illand. rber acquainted rith your mertst and frfferings,
JAnr i pflit rnvr E.vetl/ ner, and who continue alfurances of intention to re-
IMPRftS.SED wlth a deep Ifnfe of your Excel- ward the one by.relieving the other, as far a
I lency'a attention ad good icT tojirs Mri;fy's circunitances will admit.
faithful American Suihjct', whohanc taken Ifuge VoIrr arknowledgements to the Councll and
in this island, we are happy in the opportunity of .Affrmbly. desired to be made known through me,
returning your Excellency our nnfelgned thanks, for their liberal aidnd afliflance (and which can-
and acknowledging with gratitude, the benefits not he too highly' fonken of) lall becommunica-
we enjoy from your Excclcency'a foor and kind terd to them thgeilHlefl opportunltr,
interpolition. I am happy tdhcar the Gentlemen In the dir-
Thro' the progress of the late unnatural war, It frent department rfnharlinate to me. who have
was our fate to experience calamities, in common had bufinefs to franfait with you, have merited
with thoufands, who rellnquithac care and corn- your thanks. .,
furtable polaitions, hy adhering to the righttous le allured that no relaxation (hall take place ia
carufe of their Sovereign; and the event of the ny endeavors (Ci ferve Yout it In my dtty in the
Lonleft has deprived us for ever of he enjoyment Ir instance, an.d r ot fincerely my inculiation i
of property, and comforts attrndiug it, which the net.
alifluity and labor had made our own. I have ti" ifnor to be,
In this situation, we confidrr ourselves niof. Gentlerrt ,
fortunate, In having an afyltin inl an Ifland, in Your moit obedient, and
which your Excellency governs in chief ;'where mot humble Servant,
we have already experienced your Excellency'* J. OR P.
care and protcdlon Iand whe-e we ha' e every
reason to hope your Exetl'cncy's intentions of --
rendering ou in future a happy, an the circum- A LI. Perfons having d the Ffateof
ftances of the Government commit:c.l to your C1 Mr.ALIANs onDIR enIG deceafed, late
charge willadmit, will foon receive the Rpyal ofthis town, are dlil o render in sates of
fattiton. their claims, properly to the falbfcriber
In addreilng your Excellency, we a ot omit and thofe who are ind l to the enate, are re-
making our acknowledgements, thro r Excel- quneled to make pa Immediately, that the
lency, to the Honorable the Council ana Houfe affairs may be fettled as oon as onfihie.
of Afembly, of this his Majefty's Loyal Colony, ANTH. OXBURGH, Adsr.
for the fcafonablc relief they have to gesroualy Nrau, 7 7anrm 4, a7U.

I I,

t ;, A


.'l '..

i, i!

i'i ; -h

,! !'

i i
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; tii

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