Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 24, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00142
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Tr; Crdeoar, o Mr. FoRl Ad Mr. Pi TT 1tn a'd a r;ie ol if.:cer-fie .pnrentlrtel, knll tr.'ther uropean I
traded. rF,,rN Parapbl.etl. crw't, i" GhA.w wit a m,.1f fci.oli;,c ,nmiulat,,in-c tur', -'i ________nt,' i
S C.,efer ,,,to t, d i, 1,a ta,.pir' >i." hIehnced a the alne ; .mI of t ."' he l 1. O niDiN ',,
i't.r tr a fecmianta I. p,.cii), i.hich .u"lifics lem I fd ,f i .it 1 :ii ii t >. 1 is 'If': t. f TI. O1 o II 0 Bc
I he mii,, lIuu ,l l.mea'lhr, million. I, uit '0% a ffty al t!'' '; ln r'r feIal oitt oft ack te f l ). 'a0.gitrlteCrou ntali
|he world from both, Trie firft moment <.lr' f1Akc hi. hearcr.', iy rt.r.i c 'is a I lrll if eelr ad I nrIv 'l to hr 7iih i lA I
nlo the fr atc. But their gitlt aie uacqull, aldI men, ha' vryv ftatkly co. f..l ii Itt Ire ai'rAW. Anc.n I
the faoerior enlowmei.t of there nc is fdli. w nt alo0" iiht:r ti liArniidlig. lie h a Ii c A.m n ,f ,, Tlr f l"
cicll it oncl 1t thie otlhr, by the moll flang lar p l..liit -at an Pitude, a Iv., v.t n l d. its I a i;.rioni '''. r
nrt 1,if. tunethatcvcrliftcd a man prmlnaturc. ic r I f. i t i i : tdsc it.iiin i l ii "r
lv0:I.' t rl e e tl l. l ,ilitir ,n t 'b ", 1,
)y rrc of I.s filhere. of ...rr.s of Lily ollti rC I..,, c y t ]H. Iilnel ;r; if tint 1Aa I'; C 1 f.
Aft a routine of fcr"ice in mot of the civil e 'r n fr : .'f) a fl-cnit" '
beala I',f executive goventment- afr r fctll en Pilt thle i.inctr.olut s .ri y o,.f fi .- n, !h t ) e '
jyea, limng labour, tro llr e, ald tlil!, Fox .attained l tvd vecs, adihl .ic( f '. n oii of hi t i, t1i i i' l .' 1 ( (i l
unl ya frCicondary cmplIymcnt it lte Kiilrg' c un- I. jlr iou ill ti :l il t trtil i ih .,r. 'ln n t A red tA i a h a i .
cil.-- P tlt l't the birif olince in the inateaftler air it ivll fire h t i, I f., '. Ycfler ly H i
fnur'rrn nillths nagrecchb!e c' rcife, without the 'o he blhi: io t i-' ori n frltit i t' e fi I i ,tu| ho Iili tl co t I i '
drlillrcly of ':idy, tll e pall ot fubordinltlon, or ly fl lII, alnl '"ili i' n '' I il l e linin, of the Prt, I
tlie flr i'ir O, lo lg O nle ,iiance. tihan tli hli e, l. lit: i. I ., i".'r .' it of tli dii tf 1
Fox bi eao n t, a cAirer und c r family preitlices, Icotl i..:c "".Tvr i ,' o.l :! r 'i t e :ct nils L r t1 I'
ani had aI i.iaf I f o.ilacleb to fiulidei lhsn Iaie 1l '. l ni i I I ':,' l i 111 .h, ; ar t,1 iferw rta *
like Verpaflin's lintage, created lulft of cnc- p "l'" a' t,. ri n. ,, li .li't, i KIin -
amier.- neal r is ll- i'l I ll ih, ir the
Plit t etecrle upon life in .il tile eclat of hereldi I')l ".p l i i ;.f 'll r n ,ieii'i tl to
taiy glory, anil hid I e i rr|Iroi'> c iiin i i f in til- ir l I 'Pitt tIvc i t iret* tI -, -c t 'k o 1';i it cn tl ilth ir u
in f 'il fir r. ritil irItrle hr I like the n | o i it rlhl, l 11i t .tu 'll li,;c 'I:,; Ilr,.lt i 1 I.1 'i t tie I 'my er|. '
o l 'omitl y'" f,.-t, railed hill Itio.r rn of rlt indi ', d< ,il ,, ii, v e(; rl f era. i
Fo is fillab rlt of l.flll Cr-. i that ihrI ,,..ll' nr tli th lat I h: 1 n 1 lli y I '- d tI i(illt! t In i c,,f ially a t.,
ti c(oiil de in, I t Ilt oiwn Crll-li n l I rdl lid y. lit e'( t t '' .. t l inl o ,l ich is n.rte levereli fel L'
l,'Icme a rllr ut.h Ihe irpeople .rd I'i, it if h .. I. i' .itI i 'l.'de -. t1han tiev thlat tl f .b'.
, r I.. l.lelll e l, li, h i l o nin r r,.l.l ,I t, ,th ,J o, .I. I | r|., W 1 1inl Ia ofe their f
titl he c.n ocit r hope toi ra .it n pel ..>cr "!y tny e t ; h ,.' l. i' iI p- It i :, r1.r pIiticunila, ri ha otf th ir'tL 4
h, i cn:fr Nairow ind t ;crinfctried iIihl r ,alhIiifl ii 'i. I' x lI ,, ,i .f- ri' tictlarf n l ihn a t of t ll
(llChi clit. NCr C t'c p
f|.i,,r,, n i, .nlh a ,1,i-- nre w.,ig- I !l.r mli. l, i m he pta tly iil rI .
P'.tt ,i fid, n in t ,'eice tic l i g i ncst a i ,i:. h',*: Tt.lit" hi.lTe.Iitl '., it I t iit ', i ihth tin : ihllre i ct u ohf Fknr 1 r
Cltn',, l.It l llr. '.' l I o t' uIi it '.r r i l.. y it f! f I ir i l tfP u i, ,illct ii nai
bltl,,,ht,,: I 1 . I,, v; ... .n .ur n .i I t' I i.... ,, ':. I | . ( Il,;>,. : Ftn. hh n'ion anden trle c g
Sth v ,a, 1 ,he. C Lm r 1 p l cI h.,, i t 'l 1i tc ..i, , , I: ll rch, pArtly from his cn e
fi d i, at i r nlh i r .t, I' l, nitl l Ir, all i it t :t, li ie l th I .: ;i . i -' (' l t h vti t t ktn and are tol
S Ipa' i v .. 11 ml 1n< 1 or'^ lcillu a de t* r tlr^ ofll r ad. 1li- I l I. ; !*' u a."* '; ltt 'i '"t "- '', I p cr ofr I t Irdtlldn t
I r that hI nay reti,, ,i t c L ld ht pri ktt l l :, l..I t cin II r i ,lr a rtirtll i fe off
il r ilt, iy vi- ) mI tlhoii t lh t .er c cv.itd e po- I i I, C! i' r i l''r e lr d I in i I'i IlilIAnl' ed, wiitho. ll
I t .i.l in td l is co. ,iy, witho it h.i ,Ild of c, a.n- c i ,,a,, l ,. i. i l, il, , I l i' l erity o' I le frl"tllt
fi ,n, r y ; nd lh,s cre is o con reh ,l a ,< , ,f oi liir ,n ri had o ii
lhe s I h. or hfry, Ith or ncihIr, Atrlll h dhg ;to l, I; ,-! h F a a i .' ,l Ilat lno nli illtr II'ld i
Ith p ,n| iIT t ti. cil' the tic rn t. ., it., ', "I 1 I I II I iA. tir ty 1i'tt l' prop InIlefIlnt "l
F-. is iicimnn nld iill oii n i:h,),it acit l- a, I' !,. halt I r';! 1I,,f (ib""

t dAll flen I e iu I n, rr oi r th- nI .n I *tr Ittl iy C. .t I thi

the l I, 'I I- I A t. h ai, v. 0. li1 e 1i n Iey thero m.'r"

oI o ,., ,.,ili'r P ,hI !e . ,r l trit 1 i ': .:.. tli il..l, cilt;' g,lt .qh' s
til d < .C .4 A tf i
I il o i a in l l i i 1.t i, ii, p,,i, ic i, 'y lltd tolhilm-It

fir a p i, IV atinbhi
lthe '. 1i re1 t- fe l ohell o i c tt, ti I .'il lt r iitet .1l, I' ' I. I i t I, 1 i ard i ya.hd

the 1 1 1 IlI ""i ti, p I II ac I i flh i tli IId if I'rllll

n tr'i n l' i i, t'. l i ',' t.I, t hi, ,t Iii p i. i h l. l; Ih l, ', i. i, i, t e ln
cox ,ir he f e, l a- : il '. te'i l t* :i "i : .I "' i. i li. C I' I III li't l : ,r i a o ht 5.1 dr

lr'd c',li, e lli, l lt i ol p ilt l, t i 't l la t L 't'. in ir Ic' . Iti r* ... i, 1 i,,, i I ,, 11:, i t l i, 1' i ,' cil i 'i 'a tu,,,,, ;ei 'ri.g Tl
t e 'a p it J t tn I. li,, i, i l I, iit I I i "I th t il .i n 5 t l Te' I t lruli t ro hl eiyll
tl rh, II i l ,l i I.nill. .hl. l hi I H...'ill..n. t t' l l.- ,1 'i i ,i. ,.. ' ,- '. h i (,, ',i f. ",' W, l le h .,! I B i r,.I f ,. I" i lh l

O f r h ie ci fr ii t'.a it I11 of fl ', it t1it !- !. ', o -t'. 'ai:,r l I % r- ,,, ) If i thtI.i,: l v i thl ii ot lihd
o il l I ri ir L I i l l ".e ", I ', ,tr li il'l t'll l '] it il. l"m it ii i i' t lef, I, ri, t ,, I' It tillcl ,' I l'i tt r i i I f t'ft' ti .urif hel i td

,iC cttC i' Itt nIe, "i , t u i', .Al ht'.' t I. I t Ci It iIll. ii Fi I .I C i' 1' k i 1. t Itt 'r ci th lt' i tr otn h lp v their dieoIl fW
net c i c t ,tr i. 'lir fIp l Iii l :r ., t *;' : 3 lri : t't'' ,r"'i I 1 i ct i i, cc1 i to h e cc l oni tcf i s f lrc

ft pirr\ h a ns o r : Mma nt, ;n *;.* ; *t h, h his p e ,],,,,n ,*, yl r cl ar he fr u dB.

"'E c m ae 1 I tt, l It C '' I. ''ii i'' hi' ir 'II I ti~i, t tJIt 'l1intir ltIuhr afar 't l h. i ,lleti ,' Ithe cr Illt cit !,te Ittt rrt vr cr tiellh. lllullic, I lac i fic
I, r t lt l -,lrt lilRt ll r ei l r'el". t il t. r i i'''r.rf i l lan. t t r I i ii r dr t'. t eh lite::i, i lc w f

ifd! h iilr. Il hnt'li i i the i i ll n h "it il tll r o Ir ir r. n t .tl, l r rtui of e Irst hl ce f CE rnhiitrih
et tolC of then. The only o; hi, lfn, t l e th w r n hiEl r the c t of A`*,c"" ; IIrI.I hl, Ili, nllt
f ill, e 11." I I h I; !o I t' c. 'll t. l ft :ly iw Ii WL' e af r lr. "u' h h r w ,h le ;1, tll c F r ~1Pfetr rtihlc bll AItldr o

avobtit, he ch is 'Lurnt r lan< so 10 Of h f ilelan d {,,p O,. r (] tal of ho reflof E o
tI t I i t .f ,l. l y ino his acu, t n ol 'l. a lgi r i lll .n can p i t c fich far al to e em ly ,i .t i l"hf- l and c i llrmf t r ilh
Pr t w' ir h1 1 r Ik ,,f ly c ,,.ini' otire rea ; ,Mr. '.it. '. it, \ % 'I ;t, ,r a dsb: ni

c j,, .bl c it frt-iid.-il to riet.a the m I l 'i ~ "r, l A fIt a i .at i.n- ]o c i i. S i. iery i l- Ilc, io :oferi ,,;,any b l i th nienl h tetibe i
o'I ti. l 111. J|l lt CilC c ;tllhejt in l0 IV.i t !. !., ,s *!I .1 y ,. i h", I ,, ,,ll,i.vti. ,t, l .,irllif y ,< illh nn\iJ i1.dl il tnl ril^
the ih it, lfT r) pIal a I c rnt he drI re ii t nr t illr tie fe .'i r 17. %it V'c : haiiti c i ol a fi ltnig clll

tFlio, lile N c If, upon hi own imag. t r n it r ayI ,n ex.el ie Tl el o l, n.e nil iprinci' f. cli,- l air t log the f er I. f ren ih inlther
inllt it' ii, trc le te p hciritC p o if a y )rlg pai er, p ile in ver. l r ,c f,,rn is weak ,tl .' 1, l te an d nc ie .fpeati cin f kl le C d

cariiv v hi g .coirrllI i, l al d i ,f h ia .n lie t e a nll i fLt iii .iir ext h I% I n. e i t l sit( L I. Fi h i., ,i alr t he i i, ai. i t l. o th Ice ntrctillut
Pet I1I of I li- I. lhf Ql,,dy o fh I' Il II 'hli ;* i ", 11'' ,t. i; t "i'II tih,l l,, j!)e, .11d I ;i, r G arn!t i, On lir .ie ctll of Africt.

n nnrai c 1i It "h ii t I ,f' fd l ih .i If cn c, i ; I.I i itie r f hi\ ip.rpie, .irH e ll e ht the rrinl, tilh i tr pIt e tu l t aer crir il t uIit lre of A*

a lati ct le' ll I o with the lup mbeciri g fa vt y tni of vitaet d troll fr ie, d thate aila I plin vii h wi ll apoe ito fairlhit r
l lof h t ,i e l) i tyl iii't l icate the r e, o it int, when r i Ph lilly of ip- colfe aily il ofr ia i ie lttrc nl h ilia lc iltr

a hoie it, fe nity efth hnformel r, li arel it tl e on t he i e 'tar bench Ccrl mma iore T fmti p ii ld (f EuraPt@L t

lae,, i ri cm iarig. Fox has ot the fcly Pitt wit m eJ t, a d hifIf "the the co l of Africa, ,it poitine iatihr"cd1it
tl~ ay thn e i w d f n .upol n ya f dt' hit l eulon Maifir i the i' .! cell c. impute nOf k in ch Icand re l toio e crincy tl-hfl and f ircaifincef r tiilt
Pitt w; hI i,o,r< lk.,l c itfli'ly confiult, lhic gra Mr ill. P iItllIr pce- r tiC.t. ofoll>rlintel! Fortli
noj it found. Hine w rier ar tbove plain lin A fpruo Aid drIace aon of pr i.ciplt ihn vry in the i li, of ( 'tli onth herwife be Lfit i lst

pie teps, and is to no gar a'S c cotcprehevflne rain the reftnpticc c'f violated trccft from a (ic le acrc n andeit the im' riod41
to the hmean cla.grfT a Hnrdl his: awclre t comdiariy o; rai m cr a polit, with a mid dec- detit li iatn ort'mncth a tinte trhony du
t, i icin, I;to N.vari cy f I pon hi own his image. t n it may ep i t o e l pinci r i fo t failing, thart the flo wi"
lity fi- c h, lu ch t he fep rlt it of a you cr ped wl, ccr. more cAr*es Ii, weaknefl to Fre n c. hfi ad difpathed Fri mrc cmptar die willtieft
Pr- itonI higt h coloeirea i;-nd if nx ha i dotnot con- i 'l .dic; oir extih ni. h atcy rd ihimmirftde hi(r i! mo fir att. icihin h, .as i thofr poel k no i
Ti:,Ce wVi ith Ih f) id fire, upf hion a r given fi he n ito gver in p ple, of the mjul iand Ihall thref i n reception which he wilc l imeet lin it
&I I,-alt Lompof(ca )'O wilh the nlumberihg fu ivty on 1r fioltled trufll litiuo kmnlp, ind had thr wuidt. | ,.]cr iill aflurdly prove loo frmmidablt eft
Of Ili phri', -. city to vioihc4tie life rcvolttion, when fittl- r-p. r 0 I ln -'p
Thne a mft unlndity fthd orpeechr, compa with ed to the onpayment to re ir nc- comie French Oliers would be thtIIdo
ad in g Fo ha the faculty t wi mor j a d himflf the ther coai of Africa, nith pol milv illmtrhil,'
to ar lthrrt, wvordh upon a fluj~ct which lie doles min flcr of theh rr ot." (-)I,. kln< and rcvoluitionas enforce from the Fr, Captain Tosdh
not undrritOAvu. Hr nev afp P above plain fir- hie prudence ket-pt kirr Ai lit, hut then lie ar- if thiy should not othcrwire be ind is1
pie terictn, and is to tu gar a comprchrneifv raign d the rei-fiiti, of violaitcd truly from a amicole accnodnii iod.n T he'
to the mer neft f apicuy. utq his arcu in Company of trailing n-osopolifti, with a ruft Ili- \ .. del !dntd l at Portfm oth a nthau nt NO""
indeed into a variety ofligihlt tilt then his Her. telm- r t. intended for hi-. f.iiling, that the f~ri 00 0
lity is uch, that he f1I ad sh a wurd more F- ... ... ... trench had dispatched from Brct withiIiLOl
than i fuffi iclt Io i:ir'tl 5i fitnre- A ,LL Pifron h.ji.l' aily Pitt on the contrary i. inexhaunibleandendlcri. A MA., riY GALLAiO dcPif e arrrr.:itd cO-10 beftore h n, as it was well knowsthisn.
Itle will at any given time, upon al giveu fDubjek to g;ie in ria" of the fAm -and all thofi "ill. reception which he will meet with in 44.ffl
ina.e a moll fnlendid-ipech, tinbellifhcAl with to make ,aYmcnR teI Lill fr' n tl French Oiers would betkdt-4'
Saaudy (luingi feltcncc irlc7* loCatCDtc*ted, r Co -* -IGH DEAN. planatlion ofwhlttbofrinllnudlons 11nmnlic
........ NautUul floop of war, Ciptain Tup# I-W

ptrhed home an foe-n a-ir ffl.le afterirlt;rt rrirel NASSA DrcA!i 71 A-ii RAMA.T. i the coal, to gie the ri.t incl licie to uo- NA S A DECEMDE 1 RA S.A
Jcrmrnvt ofthe Trnc Oe ofl llulr+s. O N Monday litR Arrived here from C-a;lefon, I .l cner JAMPS
"I;rtI, (etr I It i-s icirirelr against Tunis Cortli Croppine.r, Ea; lf the Ilavana. r f I llJAMPS EDWAR1W11POWPLnt,
,tpr .l t riiltd p.ovihces of the Low Countries Tuelday being the feflival t. iJhn Evage. iand ' ire lai rds, C/m, ,.had.r
that l.ic ctr.rd!iriary ;Lrm.aimnts making by our lift, the Free Malons ceebrated their Ai. iri;ary. tr ral and Ordintre 'fbe Cmame, ar- cl
Slater, both by fLa nr I. i 1, ale direded. The In the forenoon they went inproetffim ( Clhuch, o A nd OCL A t'[I N.
Oltompan Pirlc is the only pavrvr again which where an excellent difcourfe on Itnevolence, clia. A LI N.
thel ims of tile rtjlib'ic will be tlrneld, in con- r tityandtherelativedutie men owe in ocrity,wai WHRFAS it in His Majefly'
fori'yi to the .ali tl, lately rtronilidcLd bEtmeen detlierrd by the Rtv. Mr James Brown. After h yna Wi I and Pleafure, figni-
Mir Sate anri Itl cif 11 tinna and Petealboutg. their rerlrn from thence, they dined tcgethcr in fird by his InnrIdiion hbraving
Hfe. f, o'.er, 19. T''le day before yellcrday the Lodge Room, wherelthey 'ptnt the ailtrnnon (date at his C-ulrt at St J imen's
the rti'ficat.'i of the Pl'i a. inarie wa. rrla'lvtd and eeniing whI that decent fiftivity, harmony the Irnth lday of Seplrelmbr I;8
en in tile AItembly I. t1 h:,ltes ( ; the an"I niitual fatiiialimon, lfconfrpituou i all the *lIat the I ands within his, fai
qufli"n, h we v. r, I.ciir carn id only by a majo- rc gilar alerr.blies oftlie ancient Ilih lthihood. It lhamal IIflnds, ,tall be cilrve yed
rly of io'e' tiao tit prnoinccs ol Houlland, ()h Wednefiay arrived hrre in the "'Tranfport and granted on the following conliitione ; that is
Utrecht, Over 1lll, ail G-oiiingcn. Ship Am;ty'- Prod uia ian,r Capt. DAe, from Ja- fay, That forty acres oflanalhe gelated to every
B,,/i,, ot'!-i 14 'I h- Kiirs olr lover ign lica niica, on their wy.v home, Di. M ir of Ihe 1d prifon, bring mailer or mitliefi of a family, fEr
danger tinly ill ol liis IdJ .in l hctOili ry d:li tdc el, rercmentI Li.t'r. WVioodlgr -,f the Rnryl Navy. hiimfCr or lihrlilf; and twenty acrer for e cry
whil hI h h. I wev'r, .itl.ked. hl n t his lne I.itil. Naylor of thle A arinres. .l'ign Flianl at I r ilr and lilac-k man, womanor child, of whica
wi:h ii,.omnsiaon fury, af as to alia m lii. phi fi. the t! h Ir ipmerl t, CX t. KI icA k, a niumlhIr oI, I fami;vly lii1 contilf at thie .a'tual lin of grant.
clans; I ,na. lt Ih tvcr, rclitalk ti uk l-.Ct cire- it Inl.iCllids; alilo, Mr. Adamn An m s, forrrerly of igr. fluh w rra n'is ; Tl'hat all gratildCea In fal, rli, to
ii. an.'! !Iln. Pira, C]:o.,r o. The E .itili Ari.liAtirlir lhtte in Ithet Illndif. ecry hundred acre, to conmrnen-e at the e p;ra-
who l, i lJl, 1 xpil, lt h.i s n yrt arst v.I e hii I .aft nip lit vc rrec ived f nm Antipna, T.n-inn tion of t.o years from Ithe alea of their rrfrii lt e
'appe. ~ : i i. city. J e aTl aritsr geinraicnti of Paper' lti the i ):liaingr if laft nionlh, t rm which grants, to he paid at ia'c end of every ear.r Ihcre-
euiilnurc .ie a ti' lh. w" er naetiCcr. I andl flhoulid e r' a*."- nimde s. CoPlioutn rxtl tl as the Ihortnfi afterr, in d(ef.alt i f w which Ihe 11pr atS to be vil:
Iv 1 I' r, o ir ri ,I la re a, we, a rcpirt of of the tlie '.aounld pitImit. Bat Mi; M.jctll ha. hetrr grcia onllr pleafrd, a-, an
heir, I t c I tc i ker a ut' o Icri' ca itlinetg i i:nm Ile -, lti val in all ails of Ilitain, ha tarr n enrcouiagemrn rt lo hi. I oyal Su' ii l, wiiho have
lal nit I > t .ii r n a-irj that nmay lp tIsent ( remat kia 'v fa, tvr ible atnd p'a"ntifrl.-Oll the been refiderta ill anl of hlie Colotniu 1 I 'rovinices
thle I i ,loliic u r al T. inhili tl ahlikh have c sl l 3i l o'f 'Nir Inb*l, torks were as follow : ; per now th. TUnilted StAlti of Anmtr: a, al whalinof
a]lite a. A that ba e II Apeln in the prfrenit a cents Ir t; taper et'nt. I 3 per :"ne. 6j ; account of thi.r '..-allv to hia Maliy. lhi l or
I ..rB i H1ak Stl(k 13O ; India Sto.k So0; and riling. may. a illingly Ir Ily cmrmp n'lirn. ren ,ve Ilia
LItsle .! ic. T4 Thia Eneli:ll Min:fter .ha, l'r ( rlri e of Excharnge every where in favor of faid Iflind. to oler, that the qil rreil in te re-
la-s I .l i a aT.r.ita 1oni.i re aT v.ih itlir I.ordon T'hie Itercipta at the E rch.iqiner, grrat frred in the f, vernl gr.rt, io hI I -rcafcr made
M1,T i h l I lli lirt.. Tihe tr atlion, we in- hbevioa all foriner xanmple.- Wih th fe gtld to his faidl S'b.i.,;. Ih.ll not cowiii inac anil be
dri ,.: I,, I I -me is-w ari.angt aie ntsi a o" c nI- ti "i th ;-. 'e :tke our Iclvr ift the old.I yer, .aid payable iunil Plf i thIe r liilati.min itf I1n year froin
n1 irt Iwo prwct. In thle courf: of enter i .a aLnew one with lie aafricioins pi.tip ct the l;ir of their I(e tir,'live< ; which f1.irl
the i i ar i.lirt oi.lmpion a t P1tsit ariai t thi ar hir,"t of our Couiintry's fill mail ,i .ing rmrat it is his Mijrltv'r R al W ill anl Pleafrue
in kl-:-,'.: s been rrec:ll.el ouat thin ; .lard if s I a-ironted aleFCiildAicy in 1 tlie frale of Nalir-.n, thali licel,'i red Ioi the feveCal r-U,',er f ree of all
thel ri T ', i, tiiiuc. it is r -l tr I'1r, nil j nia gyi all l.' II linitakrg; of dtipponintel Politi- erxpatnc whatevernr: I D1) Till RI'T ORE, hy at.d
tlc [i,.i i I i-icll whic, l ithcr coilt ci ie,: l lt a lllir.ia nt will -f na aealon Rie al. aihh the adi vcc and r.infnt o.f hl M itftv'i Iin-
trivi ,u '. The CMyras armed Ship whiti failed in cman- nour tile Cu cl,. if te tHin mv Pioc'lcinitin,
lr,, a, s8. Capt. Ms I cl'- 'irle ha re- I rpany wr a h the Tavo ilh rr s and Ann t infp lr., hath.v making kn.iwn to all pcrfmne concerned,
criv i" .: "I.dIIl .1 I I c n111,. I ,i IL 1 from St. Mea,',, ab. t th iniddle f111iq mn.o ', ith t ]]pon 2ar1 '-C 'ion o me in Council, they will
f r, l i C ., r. i-y 1. -,ting hsA t .'t a II1 iil, .! Anirn. in liltr t I 1he i1 inll.-.-(;- receive \Va!.arrs of Sfiirvv for ruI rninrg int tlicir
C ', w 'eta I.n in r a-.' it, ad it r ve .i Tos',n anl hr ih re h. i irmvr d fin ,air pr Igrie ) ,le no sMlijtly'. .aid iillnrud ion',
ll ,r ir L I i I,, C ti; 1 : Al .tn I' o'i.,r hot ai I lti I'n Saitnia previous and thlicr falinily riliht .
e eIstis . ', e' t r i a `.,-' t he l t p fr'on 'it M i '-. GIP'EY uner my a, n al si/r the CGret Sca'aof
4IaI1rn, I o' l l.. i' r, a ln t' e r ;sc g a "slra '1 t c n i rt! ai -sr c th 'I r I lIg P ajovy derre I!, aid i I 7eda. an INTus,, sl fifih dai of
',11, a1 ; 1 nl- l o IC i P iA -ip- ir P P"'-i, ,7 ire wt,' tl.a-il sir yt Iyv frm Iao i.'-iN'. Serptr./r, r Ihe trra f fOur lord Onr th-u-
rup, ) i in .1 ir t ncr r c a lea t Y- Fe. I' q- i I al y ,, Fan? i'y, ivdl'fr--r nv / ,.rde/i id r tie t and intjh,
alich ,, ;. I ri i ,, n i in ly I Pi i-a' o''r I a, ' i nmr t. ainld me t;v ntl.y-f / ear -f l, are"l'se Re In.
the Piro -,'-i. raiul l]ur. (i, i, o,r .t I1iota i PI 11. ,ri la.,sC .,,rC t in lli T-ffcl. The JAMFS FDlW ARD POW LL. "
1:, , ', -,,l oi ] : in a.- it', u illuia Issl I rl l ir Ir a-loni hcorc B Ills f l nu r'i C ,Imand,
tial ' I whi' 1n i it.- lt l1; 11-' a r e ll'. Ir t. Ia t ra I .'I rit ; at ier- RTFrHtsN Ivli sr pr Secrerlary.
toHi ;c. tli n ',ei h la ir l; l. li ir.'. a ; , l I. ir ri .'. r ats"* ir dl fl ( 1't pI irt about the T IIFKRPAS h .li l h lthi ,,n wa, beufre
Stl i : .'ai al -, a 1 ,, -,, ". ', t ly a t'.r ltfit tI dav h iti, oi llarMNl sr rof Monday Ihe
1"rg i ,) : atrI,- r i rl( i i.t A iea na Hmi t, rif ', h ir; n I.hrrIe e open, andi the 'Iluo ne Ni rGopa
lin I p ,: !, r. D. n. .l. rn lia, Mitaor-ni, St. Thu-.a'. ,a m, ,, h.-r r i ep v:. Fra r <. under flt- rnti .e
it.r .. ,-.r ., -.., r -.l -, A '- S Ir, ise. .ti-rit'' Niew-Y rk ,i , n. a ,d.V ,1rle aging ao Mr. Flor:
<-/ i -. .*'* ,s1,t ift' P d.r o DP ac, .Trtnsca I : hr.hy 'offr : Reward I In, Cvr,,,,ss, for
I" e c'i fri:-,a. i l I '- ail ;'An i* S. .p aI n vivo 1' ii, Aniicia rlch ,f ithr f-i I' Nr.r, to I never wii appre.
tl rh e ii l-ersi it C .'i isd l' I l' 'ius""l anc It'cc t, In gis, Londin he-i ad 0l livr, ihm to me int i 111h o offer
ilt, ir .at tar anr is,-w ai .ct :c< r, C' i ar, 'r I ther f-eI- wart ti aivy Ptr or Perfons who
a :Ii i ai: n lii a l it 11 ti ll CLt l- r "- J -. a "'. I T' rit Cr'4t. Cair e' v i ill. ge I f,,i.,, i f th ir be g harbored, to
t *, be paid on cluniIio of tIr p"i offendlnr.
I. .Alst Iat, cminip a IAL thi .Comil iirini (o r en. LNY ENTU
kre ir I C. eir'v tu. C' tr 1 a r a I I.iIt n i ,i 'I t'le Clainms of lic Anerican D. M.
:ne: I i nar, t:m$ a I e r Lft at 'the Printing Offcc. to rc vciv e A' .-u, Dnlnvw -r 9, 178s .
hi -or 11 "- a ania d nit it a aiti ai...> u l ,ifn rfatlaim l titlfT iplioln wtho -
tl-(irn> 5 r ';ii. i ir lthai. piwt-cro l to Naa-,Scotia, T 0 I. I T ,
Lair a. ns-,tl 'Sir I il-hrt oiyd haeob- ortoIEngla'id,in orderto fiit'ifitiartcirClaims A i PLNTATTON at the n'eflrard, lately
t"iit. i n.'s i .. ilS i 'esi ) 1 it t I i.- o ,n )n rrlnnt, fin Iols I fllainrd in the caufe -1 occupied by Jon MaT, Efi. For terms
". tr (,'t .,. ar onll rle rcoloi' of his 1ci- of t' ir So.r4 it U lld Ci:iuntry. app:ylo
*ti., a. ...... v dl sat i i inlii r- l s.i. I, ir*l i 7 W ILLIAM BRADFORn,
tar I h oa' ii '.lnot oi-'i -ir asid hi. corpi, U STr I N1 P K R :' 131 Who haa for Sale, a few uzens of excellent
S .i. ig of Oat import t Rd Pie .
.tia tir Sa ,rroll~r IlierP.nT, ranjit. Gvaai (io'
S. tY l e w ylK" O I,'F Il' l h:i ;:ig IIV 1 <1rma:i a saairlt the
-.. .. I th. pendlir nigociatioi with A ND I F. S T I. l' it E Ite hr dthe ear.iled IILHtRY ENtFatr,
I"a rs it .,;ilsa l inii tt to offer f, Rin5I,,le TArmi. of New Piordevncrc, are roqieled .tiric in fates
Iit asiii I, c a i o17' te r lir r ca i rac b ni c of ItI i c 7 ri rin pe opetlA at te td, on ar before the
a'aI i n ir m, e .re inn thc.y ft i ly J 1 1 T I I, ,, r' day of )niary" n nt e a lnd hnf inl
lhr a I t C! y lay, thataty a oild not At hi S n the BAY. dlelrakto the faid E wlate, to make payment by
it r .- h f; Itl it i lr :. Tlh y apllpre. Fi r Can/, eati t n, or (Caotan. Ihe liJ ay, to
I-alaitg, arid lm, 'it> I- vii its gua e ,a E tretrrdao f taithie neat; and w3 rh-a in-M
,tad, r 'ir w e haa, oi-III irTcr ler -IIc le.fl- I)NF. Hoards, dar hinle, i riler Miac /, r J31,N ARTERELL, Adminitrator.
el in rl.r,, 1 I :,pl.a a, it is not k rt l ircl Ship cad, W white B cuit in Y f december 7, 1r78.
t'eiaj A. ; i i .br: lay hanr thti ourr l.ei- Nev erIttrfin flit .
*"" 'inl .!.,m ri of thl .. W II: c r i. ar anr !- A L SU JP S A L, 1t UN AWAY from the Siulifcribrr in South-
"I'I n i,;ir ]4ri, lt intotl I: t ih c l 'yon.- Mi'r;Ta. PorIt, Vldonia nd Tn.ri Wine, I Carolina, about x years th followln
btraal mrnvr ai. wlirh is niare ienriC.Il ti t (I Ihm () ca Ruim by the puncheen, Ci Tr, Hol- N- roe viz. Mnda bout irty' ars ofl ae,
a ali traai. TI, y d nl.tni Ulie .ailmilli in ln laynilfe 0G, Railine in caki, belt flyfin and feet 9 or to inches high, I ak good english I
1 hian Iy, viI firom nt, i tnth ai (fitlable lI tI Ta, (od Filhb, Sc. t &e. 7, thick well ft Fellow peak broken Eng-
Pt la ,l al a I f ticir ti na, glove., .-- liCer, ali( thk ele l ie wench, a ver
Thlirs e huve a- ftifid, anI d hnere thie WAN1'TL TO PURCHASE, griod Seamfrtefs; Su, a tall im made wench of
'tievn role. SMALL GANG f NEGROES, of un- a y!clllowih crmplexion, her n Sam, about five
the cta rnicrcial arrange- A doubted property. lAppl to yars old an b th, run way I. d I am informed
"bIttll Fr;ac and (I.tat 11 itl.l, tfa Clime t J OHNSTON. le has hall Io Children fiae. Sak was formerly
a; l a" a ni f'I t t"" n A I IP rfo Iibwc tllr a te oa the t he property of iMr. Ne es i his andt and
*2n adtrlet ill A Urr iwla nastrke tair'in of A lSrjea JoiitnIf Was L, of his lcmother is here, there is r to believe
t ace itiear c a ; hil f-ppofi-eTen Regrimnn, ace ncliefled rto lifcharge their rcc is al hre at t i and her family.
hut, o a i it arynea aPnal t fe hng any dermnds agalnft; or giving infoemalion to that I an et them, fball
A" l e amtlvnrige. In a naaioni pliralfle of to the fid itettiate defreal so give in accounl. re 'cei Rewintd of rui', Cireo, sad i's
i i. a, -i l lI .lfn var a m Inat u of int fam prE erly battered, within the above G iner for each ofthe oth COMMA
net tihe caft danger of fuch an event pro.- :; f h d tlme t THOMAS COMMANDER.
nnihilmiation of any. "MARY WALL, Admiiftrralril. Ner ll, n, J.

no rge c, which lfre jnrinfrirri by Girer' lv.Ie A YMcr MON e
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Account of New Books. o epric. Cn, I I .'i. .v e xpcY or t c'.2 l ni Ir, e
cy -.i 1, 1. hr hcal. Shc frugyl eefr rf ) Ilnd (v rol lv ol ;Ile oad, Trrii
tit'tl ticA c., it, dcI amii, the app-ar tne of ev, rYi to niderl;kte the MITi u fs, ar' Teer
FE MA Le Tr 1'lo I or., AddrAe/ to tl her, r ua. vwhith nort hb and sn all "!a' ift tAiijt their Prpclt l, i'ate Lp, at the .'
the Adm atien f their Daug.ters. e fIem., n.I other % ,uld e hall, ,. N i;, nic an%, time before hr I ft Icf a y
Ec n ere not eI ,rge a n he i, tr ta -it: e act, the gre d r li c itr ,I h i t r v eR ..
i' 'ic r cJarr h a.. cale r Ci ... ....... ,r r ..i c e cr e ,-'f .. .. .i a the Iti. i... ..tri. c' j I T)S R 1 ) .- Q
\ Ili;' dl cn, a. th the (1 rglfl argi,:r l id, her1 Lr 1t a 1e nod. II, mi h brr n o',cr hidofe at, t C,
fi fert., ha- alo d it wih a a'.giua., at once elcg-n' lo r ave n o trt de,- A N D F R S A .
p ..,rh l '. . ",".. . .. h ,h . h -.. "I gI.. a l o 4At i 1, D: F O RR s 8 < 1ST F
n 'im. g, anl .I ti i t, tie I a, '-iIt'n ; ut the thii, orthe i If rre fa ,, k (i:' ,,i r re- : S Itres T I (AT, epo'te .
ob c rr ry i ntil drrabti,:,.n d Lh f!Iithl a'trntlr, on i i', h.IMer Ih' nrtr nr.lrh i e i oi"h ,ri' ,' or Ar i ij
r I F lALi' tor t p lf r, re io- t it. A' el'I i t i, t vi n wi 'h l no t t, I n i' *. r rT' I.i lr I ') I nll
t.y rrr e hav. di[ofvendtc t wm t neecliary cto lii r lr Ict .;., A ,- h i rhlte .. vr. Mn ,h
l E, on Irt t !i ln i I 'wrn Ilrc
"ht rTid..t i. f loa k ers w..! ippe.l r of tcatr 1.a h or great, A. I" ,al .. l ,, e 4 | J I n I to )
c .l ,i ,.itic, Ic lr e thfC v irtun i,. t ,rr p .. r, rbvI ,,hi ri 1, i I ,... l) fo h:l i :'
ro! LqactItly be i trunfrd nlh 0tie importtar i lk of t c r n : r ,I e rrn ~,t dto
i'e h r,,' l re h d .iw ii.. tonei ; ct lf i F ic ye n t." pir 'r . c"yi(i r.' rre I DF wh A Threa do.l i parrr 'c, I c i ih c iil c- W rc Ii ii i e t e o n h n- w th f i. fli, ,, ,1 n P p- i k iit qi(ure, dirto
gi-ci' er, ir:n i ad.,p' ,l the re lTg! fo -l1, i 'I.h i t S I t I'"I cc yr I ('! f T< h dr l I N
Ith I.i .k.' .di...i i li;-vc ryi i iiit i try, 'd er, if r1r. o ( 1 i Pa-r M0t 4wht i J,
ain'',-s' le Ki' b h e 1,' tai a dirin 1lilt al r. ra ',, .. '.' t. Pr r-li 1 i o
r c l :. t ,l i v s ,. tc: .rl ag t >, ii fc. ", l. >], d" 0 t', i t' f. be r:' 1 t IDii ,linire" i i
>.lhe y rr il of the d..y t ro* .s c r,.,i of tIr I lt: r ir r,,- i 4 f1 T 1 1.r fl I i.. :h ar n pes Art1ic q tii o'' I, r r t ,i re f an ti in i in pei'tl lr'i. k. rr. vru. r i er'-, I' '. r t ; k i n I er l s t l ret
c: f r'I. ',ic '. .i f , l I' n ~r.lits, the prrc er ed t h..lg of I n t'i g;f, at on of l I.e ii I t i Whl '' CharTc *'h i Naldl
eltoL : i f C b p.1.r I- c ro fit oi-prli lin that hc h art, i., ,rr tf r, h 1 re e,. ' 'ir '.,,redi Jc Fs11nle .Stricnc
rh e t : r i o ', H a e i.. ,, r .ac d
fltt, 1 4 t, l e '.d t a '.', , t r 'It i 1 -[e I tteriy, or- fl
i , ;. ) 1 ria l l th e IW ie rontw l I in I ,dl ], I , h e ; } l,,1 r T e
utp Iic 'ni to. 'I r . 1 ': I n i c r .. i I , n c o. lrl l rI ,
"',Vo i. rhl r on Iical ,' r n r-i : ,,, i 1,c | ,', e i h ilre. n Md a r .i a -ilr ci
r r.f w c. ,s h. i h Iny ie c11 w it t i.r tL ta i. . r 'l l iiJ.,- ii c ,l a n l i,
e a n r[ ; I f i e nr 1 r I T r w lf r .I hr n e
YIer 'h ma ch-, n ar i fi , l dra ~'he r n c : v T r;i [ iT, I r'., I ,' I l
t V '-,,r c lie ye, -, -. l'rli o,, a h 'd1, 1 N h ,w -P T io i 'a ,. 1 li '. ,' a I; 1' 0., i rc r etch," *
d u.n i .y Ma, i, 1e1 t . I .," j* N I t' w 'I T i. .; l.:1 i noero PL l cdi W.ln' o,
I n . r 'he rnctirT'lg h dni~n ... io , ,,,: ,.'.' I' p 1 i i cis r ,ilc. ,, iolao
rtoi, r. -, mui hi ronectl td 4h h: aarc. il i..' ; : I ,', 1N-..'.o r. ', r,, T I
IapI I t- i. f "I. r l. l flle', r C, c a l Ar. car l N w-,t P-il '. a .-, .,'. P r n i t.... -
e -, c. crl'. i"A ., a io ir 1 A P R! 1; t I \ IA'fT IO N l l..' l, ; ,,,n T V."r, fa,
e, iA Pl ,,. 'a cu, t f l r An ii.' l ,i e c c T B wrl I ,a
rn"pr potit, n.', hbi: firayr n!l the hne .a', nr,.., .. i S ih 1 l .\ ;n 'i n, I ,* .
I erd ht i f I. n .d The r r Il11:iir : i .. : e li;:, ri .l Tr -ry
tla',; thefc oac iarrrila r1- ic aIrTl -0it' Ii 1 '! i i h 'i ( r
i. ite pin' ci a i e e 'ilar Aw I
Wh .lt e l e l tcr.t ,h,,n.,h r i i, V -i. i ,', i',, n I i.l, ~ ,, a. fl', 'ra' enL1 Ia i
ta 'I ', e "i c ..A rh- record, i. '' l "" iT -1.f hre]l
a c tl, cer. t ,ll, ; ..C ,' 'it r ,'. , *, a D' k V, t hr
Icc ii' I .-dt I" a. guru 7hl-n e
A I 'i 'i. I I l i
.' , ,, F .... ci' i.cSh, 'i,. r'' 1 !i ii =.h i r .ir. 1. ci i ,y or li Oi l
c i... -!5 0' n the dn i re
;.' ... I Inc I '' i' thea po d I I I fICIPel o
S- "' -'; '' '".. rTl i) ror
' .., , ,i .. ..'? i..a. I.i 't ia i '., .r.'' I r '.. .,, ''ni u l','lr.; i. c c.i. : ,. ,iillr. otf.1 o e t l|
It. -,h', t- Tr. 11 IIT! :r
CI ' . i ,t t- ":' ii (, [ '' ; i c cc c: I .' di' c ic) .'lt iuo c i l. :f' , rU }r, m hm |
* '.J h * l l *I .. '' ;, ' i ( k.l :"%, i ,' o i i i l r T df lt a n I

a (' rdi ' ".t.'i r l C i'' j *. .,i'' ." !i l'i''l "t S dio' 1t i er, tir 1 I i.lir' lrv in f t
a , .e ,t y, 'r ': im.nii ga .u'-r f c ,' f I i i" *,,,l t O 'l,,i.,r, ; i.i'. c ,ia I,'il O itn 'l. | r,, .. i,' T r 'I'nrlto d
a c ii . *. 4 tA ,;ii .r i o '' .- "" :, ",-. r' .,r P ./,ic l' J.. *it'L / "./. i-t ;aD l V' l,' t 1 LrLL -u i I 0-II "ar.ves SB l
Fv *h .I: :1. bl i ,l rt r a, y ,r ,.- .l, ; t r- h , r f I {, l . ,' L r, P n" t;!,$ r, I T rr I ntnd ll|
., ** -,-;.r.n e, r. o r.; P rar1 LIIl .:ri \Mi ":S 'DW AI I) 1 IELL. ;,',' :',y, a.! r .,llh T i," r,
at t I, -. I:hee are ii ii!: r ,,fI i J I o 1 'r ,-s Gr-n I.nflc'ir r;nll i
l,,.e, i I, ct. r ',t.n '.ia c i, !1 )0 Iorsc p cclnI c.' d TilTlaiii T', rI, llin' l .l t
t'- -f h, .,,rk. w. fr ,,wc.c ,t, i., S A 'r n Fr rial at ,hi d
of .. h .n l the .tr',, fr rh S E ,.: 11.e I ne pthorirl ncl
Ito Be >c r.,lr .,'lti, a:r di i k ..? ig a i Aiur... i A 'r'l tffFle
tr r.wt a r uon '' I l.r:in rri Pcrfian Cer.ent-r. Plia
'r foi.... cu te1 t. t f,- T(t J , A frnealr aft.ct.. ld
o.r fl Ltrn r'c ra i. i vrnr, c i c- i,- h- l, 'i i 10 N 1 4 'T J4 P er '6. Pe;-r -Bfi Til rTarentineS
Iq a l. e i tfnl.rcm tht r1n. hjr>c f- rji .- "P S or hi..l J.'s -i .l,"l Ittt I I'teenr.
Tail.lcr-l r lftb,, h. a. "'t Petcr D m, 's S tore. D r c.: i:.: : I:' ;,,r.r ;
A. A tZicin a.,,!., ii,0cl, pt, l-riccer. ;ii Y.
*4 A4 fcia lktpp'wi cc,1it.- ina m inn''l T hr e AnI. *' S'(' ''C 1t ,')C()i', n l Hiinl, p i, ..t.ihl Cre.lrt
o af hlar. l'te r.i t inlal! be way f dif i rc ,' 'bh rf ." b P1"i ri nt, C t pi trl, are ,1rilhli',c4. i ;,,ro i' I I n ,;l ue Blt cr
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a' rfl t- eoft 1 t icr.l. d.,niccrr. all, l c prccau- iui lr T"o l| lih e Pi es of T I ir! ; ifor ai Ft; la ., Olrichh F ta- pi'k te r-r
tIr ,f rf -0. ard r farn.f ia;. na ccty of it 6ilnce. c l,,ie T-wn hii.e< Pi rc of il>ht, ir., ir I trh-l" torth canI F; lIl
]- ..p nja aid all will re oni', vi, Iher ii th n -i e r IIrin .l Tr hre Monhth ( rec ,t ; and n* & ri.hini Tthrt d 1 iri Pinc' t
*, f"-t- lo t" f r". l" gC. o noble, f( dv.le, a. t ih r al al. ,ve ive Itlnre pie, ,r f E .ht. Sia ; hPe* i-"' .r Saw rn Iw a;-Illgl H r, 'N it tritch. ir, any c..-. to b -row the crothe', or e A reaA iItnll Bl're.r clnt
rr,:r t-rfif np in the v:zol or fallchi. -l. in ut i i. Ie -'P! e I r .--''i'. 'oril o' nod i l utl t a e r C,,nei-tJeroitnd'
moa, rrt tli;nt an ai or o le of diflancee or if. t I 1e deC';I Jd til l the tCict .,ce coinpetn, 2i r.,i IK ace ., nd an
I at. ccrl ih0n firike ouIr fancit as drlk and lce- with.. P hIIr afetr- l tl' i porter
I..-mer We ae (ffpe&ad in proportion ai -e flu- Th Se Sle n eire' at In o' lik, and conlitle Plain an,1 l;lier'ra. r Thralte'dilrtto
P an. y j 'y onfdeed idt eda criminal, from wir foll- till I, rvry Poreneoin, till the whole i difpofcd 5-J. , tt.4 DilperTtiAb A Arnartci t d
SI o btr hd. 1of. CI .th. (candller Tmt
Now mi.r ;.r frp, tro th- opinion of th-world, N P. merrcanihillc Cotton, cir Blrnil. Finr Iimlrk dirtl Gla'' W ,'
wh fd m confu ta, ai)d a rr prrfer that of her litto, at C th P ic I. will he t.ien i namrr t. Dirip Naplin ktely W re
non h-.rt. And the on: bh> i cltcixio, that ha SrFRI.IN & MACKENZIE. Ionn aInd dear Lawn At. A*
it 'e n 'cie h ih fiimpl.calt ii fpirt, and fflr.lin JOHN I)NNIST'ON. CanbrickL
i,1) r.,. a>ny acc-un.', he de authed hb the trap- Klr,'t, Dfrember If 17a 8. 7'"y AnIr, likifcaf' r Sf o
p,..f Ii'e Ir ei rerieiniments of luury; but in FT ON~ ON particular Effl'cenfrri
s--, .i--it. wrdlp roveherfefgrrcaTyai nhonit.- TEN GUINEAS Reward. Li MiAira 'Winr, by Met P '"crl
1, Y frtr to their fl chiralfry/ a[ndlralicni of the R "" , *i the q ca or d l ,f
clitnu rn.u Athi 1hi.l tfel harearcin ptrrI t.l D tRV awaT from the Sti crihur, two Nc tro the ancer talk or do- blle,
orraa mN en r i ditto
to",e *nd rer fiht is toe Iar t.iot to tttradl mere irls, aname Dr aph a j Ti.', lately ur- D;it M ret dintt Trie in Kte
c.riic ty nd mcpe-t neic, h I my o t all rac t fut t'*hi "a Mr. l*'AYa r ate.I) lihH In of a yel- Sherr, diln pai. and o
ker eimlrtr c ronern nce. Hu t there i ni worth. lmhoh omrplexion, about ten year old High proof Tarnits snd Ancdtiv
which refult- nvr from estrioa on I tril. We cannot Ti7"h. in a fmart, fqut i ll bhicI k Girl, or Weft .lnilitum lnpun. Rice in t I
e rNd. without iruaggling, or vicious, within "Vc y the rAme age. A Rew of rvo GC',4:sas he'n, and horpthleal. ht. A*
1i Idine. will he paid for each, and Ct invea, if har- Which they will difpofe of. on the
H 'leaven hannt a fnter or more perfe emblem on bnlored by a White Perfon, on onvidion of the able Terms, for Csa/, GIed ,r Cd
uibh, huea wesa o l tnuiins plicicy. She adsA offender. JAM3S HIPSURf. or Praouu.


foL. II.

No. 74.
Oe m T




NLSSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the tAY.

or J A M A I C A.

gl N S TO N, Oc roU a 1a.
lli ip ii p.1,I, Capt. Logan, on his paf-
fron iCiaT ltion,; ivn !at. aS, faw a fhip
bni'gei.l, t*, ri- IEalre to windward of him,
qlu t anld btclen full e; hle bore d6'n,t'h i,,i n unbgrui ton biinl" him
lbkt ihei rli e 1kIll a appearance, made
tgot cl' .I, t her. She could not havr
lalttl iii T ltcl' on any account, the ilniid
plitIrice I,' ; on her Ire, but lihie every
,ltdlin a: iht r; and iffo, 'ti II, he fear-
kdrireriu ii. oni defnccelef vlseIts miy he
mbtTre any -r(Tel of foice comes up with
Ertro, of a I.tler from B.rmuda.
ITh, ii Ui.;cmtcnit given in there linilds to
sH- tic' i. ,o il"' k o'if their caitc sand
aly with oIi calli, I fear will ruin moRl ol
rtAanr Ic Ti. i o'hcr people, as we entirely
Frd .1 ;itii g ad" employlnr our own
Il'. F Ir i i,'t ,l I ihal he ihi;greil ti ri

rli' ,r ' ,. i i I' .1 iup i '5

"'l p .M-l I h h .,l .l"l H T ck I l.*
ill 'v ,' .i, c iom .on' T I rt. ,tllen-
ricol I r ]' l tl c l i:i lb -r, v,2

n i f E' (t r.t'i' l
"fi .: a1 d er/ 11 l,. ort lle Af.I,, mh.
'tIr": I 'i' I our m Il. ilr r i tg c ii.

lt ol' h: l t. I s o mni, t p:rn K t i i i )..1 nc
r T, I p :, r it g rI i i) w lc !h i.
,r d h e I, ,c fi ll ain c dl h y ih I it.
, ,,, r Ih,1e th t ,i n, Q;,
Il a r n qIs h t h1. e a ll l. f ,11" I v
tsil- v : :iaid m hlit nor t 1i h)e n 1,n
Il -' i p'' .ri i' as we hat1 I illk t
"r i t aI l I' 1 4r ,l it perti iod, I ltclrj'.r
n Itf' I,, tl ic tll .l lt h in J la ell, '.
[ini, to p, .''-.b l thellu cxi)ortalion for a limit
Vr'. .it,.-r, and Gril-.ei if, f/me A7Tnily ).
"IT is vi ii l ii t t: l c,'rni i.ut I ''-ric t hi i
i't enc' h 1ch ith Puihlic nectff-irly I icuir
irt r I .l li. m, iM fucl h il.ian 'i s i h.i
*'h it r tICV I:! recrnily Ie n i filtd ; it.
rch lh' .nin kl tand other puihl c bituirnm ,
lineth i' 'h ," il *i, Ih ir again hecn confi era.
tir : I il canlce fllaes oftlihc tpenc,
fchl 1 if1 rril Ithir n tcclai y repairs, tio aid
rr : ,.i i ma rply oj) m he moft ftiugal
'lir.u, c i I, 'ple. ,ts yit miy think p 0-
t'e '-,,V i, lo tIhatl pirporc, as for 'h
pITrt I, t c It .'p, a',d tile other necc iFry
r't7-' I '* ec *' golieimeniit ; which I have
` di'" i l r i, r I i vi..l.g I'r ill th th t cheer-
t!kinr l 11 iirt, wkis h I hIvt atlradv expect.
Irn'l, 411m f r %t. tlh y iai ve rvC.r lbcon lujuftl
Gr. i,;'u' f t (:r !.
A:r. S, akc; aod ,-nt/ew, of1ts Afml' M,
Tt, h p; iiiels wliil]i I have hitherto enjoy
tI, in Irlnit ag the bulifrilf of the I'ublit si h
ou. a wi',, iti"- the pleal i. confidence that you:
dlberaiinn. tt il ll crnioduiqed ith that harnimo y
""I "'fatch, which mull be produtiluive of piub'ic
caistsa ge and private fatisfacli, a; and, as iwi i:l
I" hie the carnefl winlt of mv heart tI promote
t11happiners ani prosperity of the iiihabitants of
this illand, of shofe favor and indulgence I have
hadifuch flattering aiputrience, I nhall, at all times.
"it' cheerfully concer with vou in every mncafurarec
alclateld for lo dcfirabic a purpoft."

The HIIunble AoDnar of the CounciL.
Is M ti it p 'eafe tour Honor,
WE his Mairnft's rro' dutirul and loyal fih-
imft-, the Council of Jamaica, return Tour Honor
our moft fincere thanks for your Speech at the
opening of thi I. -fint. I
W. are ti illy lnh'e of ynour ITonoi' antie-
ty to alleviate lthe calamnii'toul rl-tq of the late
,liim, and of the inrill!urenlelor ll ie girvn uo,
In l-layin, our meeting Indlerlitlh Iirciimftanceq,
ai Ionl aq a .luc regard to the public hufinefs
woIld admit.
The favorah'e fentiment which vyur Honor
: pleated In enterTin of oir part condunC. give it
lie greatest fatif.alt'nn : The public Vwelfare 'Iall
be ourconftfnt otieft. VW wi:.i, n all occrlions,
-nde~vor to prefrrve a ni plromnte the evenral
hi'm nmy-ccrtain Iliat lilch conlult will le the
ceft nmcani of fCruring a ccntinuanct of your Ho-
nor', anprobnlion.
'' Ve Craterful v icknowle'ge the afre and hin-
pinert we enjoy under r y Iur ino' 's able admili.
fl.,i n; an il ,oltr inlwearl;l almt'onn in th-
i'ir h.irge of the o'triir1 .I'I implmInt di or'i '
v'ur exilt'ed ftilimnO, tt'ei I Itn lro a dloiih or
v ,ur really con -rc i ct e r i ev-',y mefa'ire liit
'in v c'.' t inc'lC' to the intertl ol ilu-rofpelity of llii
< > lm'n lll vI t
To wi ich ilii Inor wnl p'er'l to return the
f'Lrv;inc ANws n:L
GC,,.tl ,ei 'f 'sr Co(',,. I.
tt R. p!r if I i sce' t of my molt cordial
i'lrik ior thi; verr nti 'ein" laddref,.
,*' Wlrh' I with g 'eat p'ea1'flie t4ike hol nera-
Ii in trl acknonw'r ,ge how match I feel mnfe f i-
.lt er I ti, vn il. F r ymoii ;I IV c- an I -.iillita c'e in
'lh e fi''hll lr i'rnv the inl'ic> of my ft tioi 1 i
:r m it in to oT i- vlt, cle lltr' I lllr i will
u r lie mv o i.'-,iv i t avai' mryfell thetoi f nitii
'1 e Ir al pI11 'I, .il'illvtliece to you, ta ini vi
*.irlI. ro'.t'i' ntly with a tite llenn ton to tilh
rit rtft i f the r i-n'll' niity ath' I whiich mufI
Ire rqlal!n the oleit 1 of onr c re."
The friimnlc AilDR aF ot the AsssMILT.
Ii* tlar iit Inc f/e r Ha r,
,i" 1 h's M.ic'ty' dlt iF' l il d loyal fi'ulire ,
'c AIT' mIi y of lviii.iiclt, rein.n your II minor niur
i, k1 for you' Siecchi at ithe foptnii g of this
;( fl",.n.
i. The con r.i itinon u of lchi n' rliced yor TMinor
t it na1y olir mI t timi, a Ih i .n le Ile pllini c nli'iiel
it id plet it t r hiring the in:trlt i wh;ch vi c filliilicid hv the 'ate
Itormn, anl viour h Iing in tl.e mean time taken
mcarures i-i Ihll cttil 'ai erl to prevent it probable
conftqneuice, a ercnicril fcar:'ity of provifi nr,
(Iroingly m :rk vonr Iliionor's* attention to our u f-
feringa as individuals, a weln l as the care of the
community at large, and call four our grateful
aciknowlct'V ments.
Though the calarmitiei wih which wi have
been of laic repeatedly visited, have :nvn'ved us
in cirumftances of great diltrrf,, we will grant,
as far as the ihimprovetiled crindiltin of the island
will admit, fufucfupplit as may lie necelhary for
rite repairs of the barracks and other public buil-
lhig, the fupport of his Majefty's troops, and
thr neeelTiry expense ofthe civil government; in
hat confi lence of their frugal ap'licatio'i, which
imr experience of your Honor' attend' nn to the
ilterefts if thi community, in every department
of viur adminillrtioni, fit jiuItly infpirei.
The fatlfadli mi which your Honor is pleaded
to erprefs in trapfaintg the bufinefs of the public
with up, we hive equally enjoyed in all the inter-
cont fe which we have hitherio had with your"ilo.
i or I anil we have ino doubt of the bufinefs of the
frfion being conduaLcd with that harmony and
dispatch, which mulkbe adv itageoua to the pub-
"i The favor -at iandullce of the inhabitants
of this island mal ever attend a Governor, who
makes th, it haptssefis ahd prosperity the coaflant
objeCt of his care i and it will, at all time, be

our earner with tn endeavor to render that Co.
vernamnt eafy and honorable, which has herrl
adrmiiniftered wi*h fo much benefit to the people
we have the hinor to reprelett."
To which His Honor was pleifer to m he the
following ANSWER:
T Return you my sincere thanks for this very
afleflionite Addrcfs.
I' will be 'ny conflant en 'eavor to merit a
continuance if yoirernndideclr w ic:h ip as flatt er-
i-i to nie, as, I hope, it will hr ben, ficial to the
puhbic, and the interelfi of the rommnrnity.
which I derive fii much fitI-fiAinn from beir.n a
member ot, in each *'r.:lritmet of the adminii.
tra:inn. which vour favor sendets to cafy a-d
lgreeahle to me." -
Ilil Mairefy'ls Fips rtropa and Pullt I-Dp ve
rrrivci at Port HRyal from the LMui'liito fhoe,.
ghr''p en h-iard a pIrt of the Ail tegm.nt, or
nri ff l detachmrnt nf that regiment i' left os
'hre Mi;n, to Io duty th re until frcih orders ar-
*, f ( im 11 Mi.;i'ry.
's'c are i' -fiimed that the lnger.;ou andl rnter-
", fi P" r. C'.iikr, Inflnd lt.irift, with fcveral
>'hrr Crntlrm -n ahnuf itIr t io'tlr of laft month,
x.'r'-d their fiimmir o," the hittift rilKge of the
'' i init lins,in fearchol na'ial inirifities, and
,ne irtio .Trrltain thelr ; icif' attitude, which
'r l fii 1 t' i he nra 'v a rni'e and thire q(iiarter
pnrp-n,'ici ar frmi the level of the fra. Int this
t, t v1rae.vt ti'i". 'lie mer'iiry in Fahretihr it's ther-
mein'cter is faid to have food at u degrees at nIou
Ftra.'ft a */tI'ter from 1'it'g;,,, .,pet. fi.
'* Our I ,tie, ci fe whh your islands will be
-revenord in tile coi fe of llis winter ,r fplinge, inr
clrnfiI'r ('ec or the re1rulations of yoit Cnurt
-frnA n .' irWfl.If.dia trade with their Iland
II a I ptrohiiti'n dore nor take pla e 'err, I
am ronvrincd a daly oifat lraft three ihiliiihgs
ialltn w":' he imprnird upon Britifll um, and
If frr -".ls in the rfme proper ion "
bvr,,,l of left-r frisn Portfrnutb, in Fir-
intia. 0.b14r 4.
It iA in itneral IhIlrIht that our Affemby,
at Illicit meelit c a 'u' Ithe olth inft. will adopt
nrTie mrearflrel to countreraA there adored in
.rect Hii t;n: and ie ftioull not be fiurptifrd to
fee a top pitt ti al comriruicarion between this
Siintrv arr the Rrit'(h ISlnds, or A duty laid
h i' will Ic equal In a prohihitinl.'"
Nrl.,.,uler in Fidayv lat week. the Hon. Iftnfr
of AlniMly rnit an mefage to the T.:eltetrlnt Go.
vilnor, reqerlfting that he would he p'rafed to
appoinl a davofnrayer. fttine, and humrila'ion,
in confrquerce of the la'e hurricanes; which, we
Iinlr-flta",. will he nn h Fri.'. .ecember 9.

'rl pl Copa.tnerlhip If Jon. Moaiss & Co.
diff(lvs the alth qr:chrury next, and as.
liey with to have all t ir affairs fettled on wo
hrfore thit day, thry desire, that *a
lrf,,ns wllh whom th have accounts, may come
to a flttlicent with Ity as loon as poflliblc.
Their remaining S' CK on band, confiRing
of Ship Chianlery, Irnl nongery, and Dry Goods4
will he difl(f-li or at P h'ie Audion, on Monday
the 14th of Feruarf ncst, at their Store- in
NA' fau, Dessmter si3, ilt.
B EGS Leave t nform his Friends and the
SPublic, thl carrie on the B/re and
Wbhit Smitb's Bts, in all I branches. at his
Shop, near Me erqire and Aadrsrfe' Ship
If not Sold fooo, tl will be Hired for Ihri
Months certain. Ap y to the Printer.

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