Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 10, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00140
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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of that houre 'i en -he vote ofr hs, to own,,be wit by Ite
. enteJed into o.i yellrd,), to the Rlht Han. J., emnrl. WH ft.d thh add dW,
Irifh Parliamentary Intelligence. S'" r, hr I 'er. Agreed oo faupp rt.
Lodt Iead ild t irI i :,t tip I~e p ia lr s to fas, Gre-c Several other gtnt!men
SHOUSE' f b 5. the Ied iteu L uiri em the tt Lj apo;i:;ntHl d w as pu sod "' on"' a d ,ifoi
SU S E O S. mb r lierday tol,, rc' i 1: 1t I ', :-i 1 i', For Ar reei.lllk to theaddse 'b
1[oTIIS Grace the i Licuten.nt having conic in leing read t(grl,, I.y paragraph. lwhel" Ilt part of Agalin it
a1te to he Hot Ind a ne, .e r,.in t fent from ir tame o 'n,1n,,; e that (atr s le..vI:g:l popll .f Hnue ft. ll
a CiGrace fur th g trendis. e of ithe (' m lll, thnir this couatnr l :. ty to refrnc or h. Ilrhe lub'L ( a VefNrlay the I" l uc Lorf..
ntwly elcl d it aker the R.Ehti H nII. J.I n Folutr, conImi rcaia l3.ia r wHLL rH t.i: e it I eftot Ie'l dl i utinl O ,
stc.nded ith a lilul ror b,,d of i he fH I ,O .ioH MLl .ll t 'o l ~r e l, gc. .i,. i t a a o -i' rln the ftoll wllo wio
Sand haItng declared his o n uO.Haimt. u, elitiltna a. nld pri'ciol l er i r leaving to ti e I'I, 'e t re' .l, i y L dCf ,S
Speaker of 'the H.o e of Crn Ion, the Lord Cluiccl- wh.,iter th,, n a anyf ur e cuti ..o a .n,- I Cq t you to act m y11
|t elor declared, that, by conmin. d .f his (g;ra e tie 1. rd irnrcial srran li t it h Britain, I I iot. very obliging ddretf., ]To fent
h i[ r e ant, he w auth,,r. to approve I i thc .oie The Sp-ale' was about pFuttit the qu ielAen o the onlieInce ani pproh.riy n, r I athio U
of C hr Connlllln.*, in .he ll lc on, ,f (l l, a b] r; that Ild Ir.-l, l.cI vor 1f Irny o fe 'a;nm : and I ;t I
hil ill ngollhid genius, hnI copiom kln, drll e .in d Mr. Gr l. nioi ntr l l ., I ef id lly d L a in '
: I , Uh]iiH C cllh I for ls a,.t o!.tiioin if hi beggedl lesr e ft .a fin word, I e t, rii'b H1 iat IbI' Irreet i ne r uto tioe t ibf ry
Grace, nael har tf t- Ho, le. ihe addrcl ke lllar I.e p i l ii l Iu,' i IH I unr t ,on ,f Ireland."
,rl r. IIIII.,l IIol'r{!e J d ,Io-La
Afitr thitl Commotnrruno nrl tin iH t ,l v err loifE., latelydtlilfel ; lc in ,t. ,l i[ ,u'f .eet l-: gi. ti I, Vl t ,irll.erty .ifa ls'l'erf r l. mo
s nd when the. lords had utrb, l, th.- l 11 e el n d.J 1. ira e n ln H. , i s1 o la' i: I H0- r to ti j rl I. ,,,
L( r I tl! m1. t i. d a.. anl. 1 i1 l] .. ... l .. . a l n I f H It t i .. .t t i '. : : : L it I as lea:". rcti: r theullo tIz z
(;r et the Lord I.eutnallr If r the joilHet nat H il y .nIl Iy r!t e i H:H 1. J -itte, i ace r t l,
and i egiry of hil adntn 1rH ,n ., at 1 thalt ktiog wlhI hir tl ett re an i t rHIt f ',.H.tti1w Ir l at y f I i .e i r y u incerely for Ikita a,
his iir..c or the extra idi ...Hr) a.0tt ..i 1 l re- Ihe huli.f. ... i r.o. l ar,. V it ll '. .t ;t- I i tit llni- y of i o-e r ,frpsi a
Sr fll of the kingdom nd ti l (n .c y i in, ,r II e l r i t I Fe.- I ,, I ,lly th r.ntl oln- ,f ite Fho, ule f
isllancc I es rLffid ti ]roni ie i: ipl.l'e y ihe ib! s t il.e h.l l f a I r. itl r. I i aiC t mi .nioui .u iJ l( reiinus a de
Afrtr a Ihort duehte th- quleliuon war. ot t" Ihe id- v.'nf fHr foH mai vi;.* 1].- ih, ain li y rl ~-, t Ia t 0 't .. .i n i r t I r to the tree "i' e
drele O rI lh, there .. j|IaroIl the Ilr. iir I ii (, I H1H l nia trot. a -, H :.o H i IL' Ih y ate icllnfll.! y incrw e withk,
(' Co .er.t 4.6 p, o. ;. tier i ne i, ,tar .e 4 l iat t lar ]i a ' .I' t ri l .i t Britin ; : I ,whI.l v ,o,-.oitl, nts 9 r sI r .te t o: l l :, l : i ,IL 11 [ , fatd' I t l a.' ', 'a re itf eil two countri l
( Illn sl o l CIoMM', Ni, S ltmhbr .[r J I'[ .irr : I l. ',I.i 1 .ll'r H e' I .h by lrter ties of hirniony
lHnens of Cutv a-, Snpl tne 5. ',L X -, :1, tllo frf IH~or
Z I' rllA tOinn H!,r o 1 ih t Ini-nd, vlig .tI Hin I-. pro 0On te I tI l I H It I e JltI dIlI H' eI Ii r' .U I lil ot I al ta g tity t ltlttH fl aflfanro
Sfuant to there il atillrnon' thlle clr k at I!lCt ta b. e IH ..,. ,,ai r.Hig t l t it l ut ; r H !l H n It it g S- epte r .nr .
Srle, atiil i nfo tr t l tI t l Ilh riut iv T' al tier L, Ior ali J .a to hl e i f a o rnIm i a. i sl t- cn r.o Altu five o'ltock his Grace the L
from th, R.iht Hon. I.lA iit. S lcn l' y, tl S|i H a t g H gif i t n utrulinr th. th Il op, ;.' r lft r cmne idol In to th Houle Hf I rds, n id
CHr of trha lrlo l ch h ib d re.L t 1,i l ih Iietii r I I I ih t t .c e lither n tich a n al. i 11 I .I t' ry ri afrrnr to .:e fl',lio ing lllH: 'l hehflifor
S|l r ear ln o the n-il [ I II I- rh Ln ruCetld d to n1 ,r. it 1 rth1 r .,il. 1 1of IhI ] I ri'* n 1 nt or .1 ricll u e-- Le- hay hill. in
rea' d it rlt lrr, w l ii w. I i .f lo litHH p I. t I I L. i r lli iof *t I I L rtry v.;.I I b cirr'- hil fi r .. ,i tr''g I ory po hlic m
rr tG 1 11entlemrl .u1 to sw : i liia:B i la I , rable tuLd. t 11LlL d e!'I L i clen-ii I ll" .l I- .lot.w ai d er1liA 1n
ti ll a t.' e i ., le i].e I f l i tie of fl o. h, anll, (l F I r llc le jrle I'.ldf r!ri ii r : H I i if l oi I, I. A fer Rlich, I avn p ce.It nleiileid
a whit tI H re it niy unl. rit t. ig, la..H d i e levI I rr:c i I a itn'cl Hn d ,11 loreign tride te (inhiornn t i-' loif, lie e ailldt i
tertint el tr, hr, Hi t .1 Hi t ni i-i lt I HH t. i c :I el it .ill ion ite li it e i ,ll L lnin lOH I nio Il t .u Hl Hih .frui dhet roo;
Spparelr, to re lc i ln l I l h lh ; C, erear B:'a ,, i we tl' Ih .1 t t I r ie- M.y I I al C;,ln 'rmnlo
Syourl v rh n.e- nTrlil l r I, wtiok l ,re; I I,,'., I w w u l ld AI.i HO: I Hi i h erIy idvYncedoii l
Sratini I t le a ld one 1 liinc' in r io' ,it", !i be ttl 'y ,ve ,-l, ,olH f i-far i Iee ot en'et I rrn.l ru it er 1e:' i t I o i(ult l lue tl pre
Ward if .1n intllu il ,'ion 0 l h l- i l i I I i t . I l'.. ] '; "1r ,r,1"I rll l-l:0rent, I I l er Ilill ti t i h e iihr la

in m / i 11 1 .1 l I' I 1. l h .h c n' .1 1: .t. ;, y .r till t l..r ttaii mT a f nfiaa p hs
c HOryers id i II- .I i, -y o r ill i .1 i i- i re r r i lrl. 1a 1 i i I ll i r rH l, H Ita iic I i &i ine rtr IUtlcit

*roIn l I. .lot itirt lit I ;;;v n : il I 1 H hH I I i tl'll I 1- o t itlve 11 i. It It H .' re t nt p tin t (1 u n ti .rl i ofth{e v t ri W

sanil the li-t I) Is rc tr lclilj.i. tc, tlcocit, 1 a' tunf -litvc we nico teen l b l[: tHt i. HI I L ni to *' ink itv t It his MaKhlY ll
siogetd, and du iilti u-l it [ rv iit oineu of Ir-I fr-i i t t rH., |,:.ri- it 1i t ..a 'l ite tlihral ]'r li n 1. i..uenmdt orrsd
Tll.)\1. 'lkXi IFN H1FRO .H ,ltrtil.\tM..o ly t'i siitor ii. 1 t' itH aneHI tie h..uu.r.lle ttuytpporr vhil
Slljth yeptr 'i i r, "l' i a'1 6 ir r l t: Im a 1 p rsH '- T ti i 'r t gH e rnf I n. It n I, gH i nto isc otrihpadei
iTie Right 11 n Mr. Orl- f I e h t H- H I i i tL HI tH I I ty a -. 1 1 i yoi fae t i l lu'r. d rhe dignitY aii
lu arnc ,ar a b:It -f to o Inl i If H I li I r; t Hie t i ih real int i 'L o hili people. Tkir
-1u0.1 II :", 1l, ,-, -r I ,' oi n1 l i A I I l

Cre I th I ori Li :. iia r .. a. .. . i la I r Ir i. I n i 'r l r .. aninr I. r t d i.rv p n t.r: i: l i, a t inn o dert, l geis a
ito 'e Li.c le i A lie H L lri I l- I ] I t lir li in liad I l l r ,, i| t; trH. ,,:. I i, i, In, I, .l it i hallbe ty ltsy ia
c d dlt I i a on r ~ i l. \c in p . Hi 1 [' f i ll 'l 1i *rl, l i. I1r .a iIn t dr. I. I- -r ('Ith, I ni l -, Y th fl .o I le' r y, it r wife lat li r
t tluci lc l .of H Ite1 n.. r ,t 0. n r H t '.t shir t 1tnr1 r'tne Lt niiL ,i i, r 1 w Iprlo a "t.
SKitty of M-. 'tere. I .i- lH i 1w i lt l 'o t i n oti : .iitt .It c ri-. Mittt' -ne i 1hi fi U lnr\l l la i G rntletrnen,
tnd t oer in i ii, .u i tt i H TH h l I r a. -mso, i a r. Girair.,tot H rI IH :t L. h e n i H1 fH ti oe neI Hi.tfH.lHnn in hs bfr iJthl
odeltgedm t (nd l ooit b, t f, ,iIrll- Il ; Ir .l, i ii i. \ ,-\ i :, i . ,'r 1r l lr ral r Ihi h h, V f' c In I. mLd d frIk I
Ei).%I. kX I" Fi.N hFRY." lr, r lo,% M 1 %ill' rolry Ind tl,, h:,o ,r ,I,Ie wiippoi l .1 lll

Are th O t fi i e u i of H H } :icatrisi o iy tiL- b-e it ,,0 .'i i-d hioert e li. t I on, I hoet nc il l serIe ditali
lm hni any o: r n 1 her Orl I 1, 1"'1, I. -1I i-. I I t La 1h .i ",t I, lie, lili w rc Il. i *nil Aibe 1 c ha lrCt I i l ll Cf y dlur wl.fd ,li
anlir.a wo wo ib tl g- it i Illt I f- iL f I, 'i t r ,r Ioi 1l ,. hH 1sI r; sid II- hte i:Lr, i tn his p plyn Tt inla
C I he' J.l [. :rl- lotLt I A:, i ,1 E r IrJ 1 h, , ,I ,l 1 ,I I 's 10 ,'nII II,- % I Ir thlrI: I' 'rl i a RFdlht, dead 1

t led oth i Ih ol w.1 h i I I : I -, i il i It I li i l n. ro t r is tf io "l r I t i r. 1-l, rh i t .i ig tr nqu ty l irt dily, ndlbe my ht
(nit i0'eli ( in i tf c i.l I, r 1 I. 'l n ll ti r l .a l ]i i.h lrn Ii n o.l ; ,n Ul H ....i p it <,f thi.r ,l The con ltaI l
cl hH il l1 re l a 7HH n t *. 'r' fir t n al r l : t o rtiuef [ rtc r I 1 .tra liHe rtI r a\Il i r i tl hot tin ]illl itl:ia-n.I r : tllieir delieratr
e-fi hoot lbtl .te u t ... a lur T tlior n t o L i ,hu ei] t piopit. i ,,I ,,cd oi it. tA .,tiH, I, i r oe atl cittioi t afl l tir1 te he p t blis
Leff. i n- n an ~ i r in i ht l 'it hl c .1 i; t! ll t-ni. ~o. a i itopt It- : r dj li ir i f i cor ideneltCtit
Kit tyll la al ( l llll Ih r ] A I. {;ra lhl d,.!.., l, h I ,. nu f '%I-. V1a ihL' Ilul Il t, ,I ,,n I t Ilil ,

It r. F tlr, h'e H i i n rt i ai," 1 'tll ,i'idt i iw rl. 111 ol ler. on T n h.r ' ,hr jic M h l r i t onfdtt Ihtirll
%,Ic '.to thi,, sLa ft I t t, Ii l Iean 1tei1 1lrl n rr ltell d ln

H nhl th. t i n l ier r.r l l e r l l pi.hllr Ill. u'tI l. I o uI, iv- ,f.r I I ll.. rl v ey' < l*, .i l l l. st e I i l l T i l ne 1 1 l t l 'h.'I c df tTdf0n. Y
titin of,. t tiuellc i ii O y tn1 ''n l'ri lih It!ad .i tltt ta i itrI l etd tr tr i n;.>iii t ib.'ii I l it i ;olf towhichIc d

be t Inlu l I e ll H' di nllig i. ibt 'r I I i tl a d IhII H ,pot i ti tin In .t tIi tI-er I to II f iten r f Hit I e T U -ahettnddohM woulr jo, y mh e Ir r le r n I ei i tn ,"' d t iTI Iv t rating 'n b frrn atin g h ert e
jiOlf l 7mn |, l,.i', lI I' roil'f i" no tn o rt lief dt thii l hi r ozll I ci l l, oici d dlltlli

t oulo crale to i it tl I i] I i h Ii a t V r hn t. l, i .. ii tlc iineral f1 :.' ., I l I , r 'ri ',' ". 'r i t l I fin U it t I re iis ndI t Ira ylil"i
however, thh t a*inIther ldri an iin t bha ;Ir:- 1]r. Sicrtary (Ort '..t. r,..l, that tI I.l t li n. ,her t lh si" I ilirti nt ib n thric.lo nlae l a t
n e tttev d ol rhe beteit ol ithb l .it' it r ; hlt t l when I ll i n- gHtle:nian iho fpoko lat I d tll!, 1 great de'ial Hlout i'tabl'lily ar.l tlenltiih l ithe tntpiretrs
id I(dI rced Ih w p'e rilaly ad, p a d th iy in re to t p i re rev.vrl tihe l ::tljeVd lud-l to ; It-.'t ll i |aihuon is n(,t .ltrlv l nf.rle y unit i g t 'h iltiersl ds
ordelr,anld git'r dignily i lic -preeta' o ne .of thI IItf deI ; II r bill bn f<.rhe tin pibll , Hitn itdelrclid *. t hl. ih ln.ig trlno in I general and equl, tol l
rt i tf Commton, he would not 1.< ,ate to iov- -o a1 1 t .le giod fettfe tf people i it rer "n fli t be rm- ra-yciprocial an I n'nimo n al tgnui. ..
H f ( the Right Hon N r Foller ldo lown t rkhi e al.r as ill: d or tot ; lo lnl i:t could no I l. a dfir nble lciS, Tke oIr, Ci:rtncller lthi flid,-" It ike
l- ISpeaker of tle HHI Of." e pt flatimpd biy the general it ll lof the | o|le I pleairr tha' this parliam et t flod r i
Lint Kilwarlin feclltl cel d the niolion. Il :H i c l iutli- buit hi litot b ae t la y ti tnlot tTic lid daiy o Novellber n.-st tsher t hIst
i he lerk then put the qHllin whii h p.iffld una- Iill nt rut 'ot ot <, ht i md a l ipcf tialte t.j' ity tIo ind this psrli anre t t. p .ro g ned scrt o f
Sniniouflyp ill the aflirnativ, ain trh light lIo. Jlhno bri, it before the Iibli ; as to the feni of the people, -- ---
Foilr was, by Mr. Order and Lord K alw ii hn, to I iti, inhath Holhel oult i iwatf o,, lih l forit frol t t-- i'N-- H E "
Soduard 1o the chair. their rcpe-fenttive, lie it dared hail he a . ny. PANTON, L I tS L
l'hi creti nony ofbciTg approuv l by thi Lordb thue intrrtlledin pushing lthis liinref: tl e in aul I It tiio of it at l i
took pl ac toull tipc o nt th p.lbio lis.lalin hIt ; h wo uld t Aid A tir Nhear STott r, ar t lt BW r
h Losd Headfort mo.vt l, thi t a committee be appioint- be hll citiugh to afrler, thlt th t bill wour l be far from ST ill r and I Bi -
ed to draw up n ai ddels to his (race the Lrd henig i yisfonrtuue, cirla'r to the cuintlrerc orconflitu- H A V E F 0 Bi ALlO
v' Licutcnnelt, for hi flc atnd prudent idminitliation "- tiin f Ir l. .A O NERAL AfIortmn .EURO
l H fatd, when heconlidercl the I wisfdon which hal fo Ihf. hll Lawlrfi declared tul e a.iuircfs Ikould A EAST-INDIA OO and s W m
conficauorlly dilingt.t.lhed the recentnt Admitlildration, hamic lt nhl a'cW Ient. W ale of tse fa ft tln litTy Sb Ckire d
the could not withfla id his dclire of givng hi appro. S.r Hercules Langrithe concurred in opinion, that an ware, Grocery, Crockery t- e..
bad.rion ha r h i.n. :. ar f ndd .. e er7t 1. which they artantgema 0f 1 friendly n..ture hould .e inirr, d i nto ne r h m" l r r ilo
a- hd otade 1.1 fear of leland. betw-en I country and Great-BrItitto. He oblnrontl wil fel n te in r
Mr. Howard fecondedl the motion. thaI the a fi, ome part of which hal ieen o L jed c. good dl rf Exlbha tItge
SThe qoClHion was put, and carried nemn. con. Ad to by a RiK: Hon. igntlemtn (lir. Giattan), is hy WA NTED tTo PUtRCH"
Siour ted. no nn. clnlufin e; for the a of one Iflion is ot Wi -A P. 1 l
HSforoed timr 6. binding' sg o n ther4H psid the higheol compliments to A NEGRO WEN who cn fi ,.
SAbout four o'clock te aker took the chair, when that genitleran'o olilse, and though he was willia to A and Cook. Ap to t I**
J the eight Ho.Deann Dll y moved, that chte S.eaker ezpre' hais oidarka of hil cloaencc, yet fe wh*at r ee Naf,'Dt D kr ,if, 7''

_ 1~




No. A.




NASSAU: Printed by JouN WELLS, at the Printing

Oflice on the BAy.

European Intelligcnce.

IN the laft cinLrence between the Grand Vizir
and the Intinintcio of the Emperor, the for-
men gave the cter the moll poftive and unequi-
vocal proofs, t(at the Sultan had nothing more
at heart than t~ maintain the milt pcreldt liar-.
nritty and iiviolble friendilllip with his Inperial
I hc Republic of Venice have been treated in a
vrcy iflerent flyle by Ite Divae. It han given the
Vrci ianl to un.'cretllad, that it was iti dcfire there
fl. iiiul m.ike pi'ace with the Tlunilians; il they
di I not, t Iat the P'oilte would alilt the latter with
all tlt r tllore. Ii cionfeqlience of this, their
An. alalor with iflirclty obtained a delay for 75
days, ndl he ha Iclet cvr.ral expratrt to the Rr-
Itlli'ic Tile B lh.lw itf Scutalla is lilipptfel to
Sve fome o(rdile ir alive to this bhufitcl'r Tlnt
rinlch we know of a ili rtaittyv, that the Venelial i
hare citacred into a treity with Rilia, which may
p Ilblily entgrideir ..itllnr w.r wilh the Olton i i
Ei pire.
IMad i,, 7Ull aI. A ld-ree pNiiltliihe on Ihe lith
Of 1 C i, coTatI n he o :lwi .g, vi. I iperieli C
)I viig piinlud il i( ith i olnlr" I pia ll ikt sit Foy
Ih, R yal !aT als tlllerichinlt lhipeu sa rlletleitli
at ii.i dinlaicrl, ln- l inl nies of talmn, n it.ikeii
f, Ih lli frc f other nations, lii Majefty oi letI
tileiffr, ,rhat in rililne ltl fl-g uied by men ol
w ilia'i lieb divuili lingliw i-toi thl r l ,th
tlo .id loi.ttolim >lrl i tol I onlitlilln ca. hh oil' quacl-
the mnidl c l .rta., v I. hi i ill coita in the lith i
li. ii to tie cilo with the arm' of Spain re
il ie l it the tw iol i rlie t of Cafi'Ie anti Leon,
fil, in. ftei l ly Ia Rl val ciow ; tile fla4nic o
ll raiii i t. i)i le (if hlie 'inectoloiir wi il i tie arnsi
il i Sp.iii, in .1 y, llow Iquare near the i Jg flut.t.
'" co' ",l. ini' tby the ileCrciants i lltitsp aire I
t Iti fia r. )ii t w tlihout the al rm a.ltit lie 'hc lt
wlihli if 1ih colii, i lin i l vi ttd into tire' cqitu l
p.ilt :t l lr ppi r anl lol)wcr oniil to be led .it ;
yi' 1iw Jalrrtalily, andild he mid it yellow. Tl'i
ait c J in. Iny, p J. ill the ulnropteanl octan, as fir as
thi laitiudle o Teelitfi ; 'a the tIi,
t I.. vi o)I Jll) ; in Ametica, iod ever) where
cl i, ,' Ie tit f J ii,.ury, 1787."
An/''n, ag / C..p'min Verheull hala
jif li i.,ti l lit V, d i a Ilih d 'Io' ry gained by a
fluali in of IF Repuhli in t! t Eaft Indies, iIn-
Iter tlie 'coeill ld itf C ntlin Van i.reMn, who,
a ter th.. fetil <(apeli on, medit tedi a thinri,
arl. Olt- Klr g of I iii l. "Thisl intw cxpetli.i ou
ftti t'l did like the two (ilrr h lThr tinelmy were
rir .,l-f with ligour, hicer lhip1, a se etirely
dlilibled, tli rl Li lc L n, and they itrcublired
to. fl. Ihe Ir, f the Rpia)ublic then made a
di' ciit alt the Iare, where thity conquer-
ed or o: rtiyad t, thiiing. This adtion tlok
Ila er llr ,cii u'f .l t, Itcr.
'ihe Coimmandanit id a to reltrn to Batavia.
after hatiig put evtiJ thing in order.
Aft lthe iconqcit I thle Illnld, it wnas nec fary
to tke llthe ( it) oi Ition: in c Inflfctn.'nce, iatell
tire NF\fl I rc t-t to a'tick tie place, ill tIhe in
hlhit.i ta led under favour iof a dark night, a:til
lft all ilitir flore, bIehind thten. The Mlailf
Kiig, whom the fuigitivea hail oppri il, offered
tle i.ext miining the country to Captain V.Ii:
Braa-m, who louL poffflion ol it, and fct up thi
Dircti ftatidaril.
I'.triu, Autufl S. The de Crafle ha'
Ecien at Conrt ; he was prfint ted to the King anti
Royal F'amily by" the Martcial ale Cafrire, Ma1iti
Atr of tlihe Marine DepArtment. with whom Ite
Connt alterwardsn dined. Nq (tine is firprized al
hI flat teringt rceplion, fine It i known that Mr.
de Caffries has always avowedly been the friend
auti |rotedor of the unfortunate prifoncr of the
Etiglifh Admiral.
isgnft an. Many people are ia doubt whether
the trafuls aftinc for the imprifoamtct of the

Cardinal de Rohan, Grand Almoner of France
be the teal ones; bit as they are publicly reported
at Vetfailles, they certainly merit lome degree of
cielir. The fad is at follows :-Mrs Bohmr r, the
K-.g's jeweller, fame months ago, nffeired her
lM.ijcly a diamond necklace of immenfr value g
the price fixed war I,6co,oo livret. Her Maj fly
is fippofed to have repllied, that the fate of her
inaincca aid not admit of her expendine fuch a fulm
on fo ofelefs a purchase." On her Majcfly's refit-
fal, the jeweller endeavoured to difpofe of the
iicclace throad. In the interim a certain lady
De I..a Mothc came to thejewellrr's and told him,
" that the Quern would take the necklace on
condition of Ipying for it by inflalmenta, and at
the fame time ililled onthe purchase being kept
a prolfoiid licret." Mr. Bhnmer did not think
proper to deliver the necklace on the frength or a
luppoltd letter from the Qeern, which the lady
had brought, but required fome better frcuiity.
The I.i'y hereupon all'ired him, that one of the
fir pcrfions about the Court fltold he fcnt to finish
the ba.ugain. This petfcm proved to he the Cardi-
nad ie, who after having called it, Mr.
BoloncLr, fint for him to lii hotel, and concinlded
the putt litfc f'r l,4oo 0)O live. The necklace
wal delivcredl to Miadame de I.a lMothe iin return
I;lr Fiotres ol her M icflv's, payable at .1'feTrtn'
1linru. the flIt o f which fur 400oo,0) livre, became
dur the til ,f At -ift.
'Ihe C lndinlal lthaiil nrpledlen to take ur, tlhe
',ill. t e jeweller, y rcaanl of a frirnel about t hr
0 .ee'. pefifi, lail his compl.iott, heflre her Ma-
itly, tiio ether itinli his v i i Chers, aml nig which
wal a letter of tlh Cardlinml' own writing, in
ah.'llt lie Iflyi lie had delivered the necklace.
The Qjren wan Ib n.ich furprifed at tlier ft I.
:ico;italle proceclding'. alm It* unwilling to he
lhei that anV otne coiild lihave hlccn guilty of filcli
io-'l ilmpilencc, that Ilie took tin dat mto exa-
Icil init thi. nierry. andi obtain lte fullell
piioof,, licor e IlI: iri l enltin it to the Kiig.
1)11 siindaiy her airafl hitil< I i,roltned the
King of it, and on Itiotld y the Cardinal was ar-
llhen Ihe li.arn Brclcinil Ihewed the Cardinal
the paper' produced by the jeweler, it is faid. bih
IF'"inrenic'r d his flnattre. and unas /f
affiR'd, that ,hr wI onIgrd to hate a n 'a fs feat-
tr bhim 1,f, r be reldd reesi-or /in/felf, and
that after he /iged i* onTfffion of hi fault.
he inplored tlhe KA,'s ilemcnr, and efered sfpay
t/M I 400o,00 lia'tri i 24 hovurJ time.
'The QUeein' hand is not forged; the notes
are fignted l iarie Antuiine:tt do Fritne, which is
not her Maielty's method of fining.
On 'l'ti'dayc evening the Caidinal was rent to
the iBa.lile, antd all hil papers and effecA fiat up,
an well as tlihe of the people in his Icrvir, and
the Count de Vergennes, the Marechal de~talics
and the Baron de Breteuil appointed to examine
lc'em. The necklace is fippofed ta he taken toI
pieces, and the diamonds fcnt omne to Holland
and the reil to Portugal.
The Grand A moner is the firft Cardinal that
lila been at reFied nceCardlnal Po'ln ac, for bdi'-g
conctriled in thte.cnfpiracyof the Prince de Cella-
mare; this prelate was b.ainied, but not confined.
Ilii Eiinitnce is attended in the Baftile hb three
fervants. and is petmitted to fee the Prince de
Soulbife and the Priiicefl de Marfan; he allires
his friends that he it the v;rtim of an intrigue,
anld hehaves with tile greatcf fortitude and
Mi. dte BPllcome having fome order to receive,
and particular buflntfa to trantfad with the Kiing,
and the Marflal de Caftries, is expected in this
city, where he will refide fome months before he
emnhalk for Pondicherry. The new India Comr
pany dfign to pofipone their grand armament till
April 1786, a period which agrees with that when
the Duke of Dorrc will arrive to conclude, by
the mediation of tn Comte d'Adhemar, a tretyT
of commerce with Great- Britailn a treaty which
will abrogate the laft prohibitory laws iffucd from
the Council of Vertaillcl.

.ondde*, Atugl 7y. Mr. Righy's account at
the Pay-lffice, are all to be fettled befoic the neat
meeting of Parliameni.
September I. The French have at laft facceeded
in their long proitjted deflgn of reviving the Eaft-
India trade by its ancient channel, though the
'ynlfof Perfia and by way of Alerandria. lEery
thing we are allired is finally settled with the
Re's of Egypt and the Chiefs of the Arabh of
the l)r rrt, who in confidcration offome trifling
duties have agreed to enfure the fafe paftThg of
the caravans, and to grant them proper efforts.
Though this negotiation was carried on with the
gre'atef fecrecy, the Pnglilh residing in Egypt had
notice of it, and ufed every effort to resider it
ahoiltv hilt without fuccefs.
It fill however remains a great doubt whether
thin trade will answer the fangpuine erattli.rnion
formed from it. The moment the paflai: to In-
lia iby the Cape of Good IHope was difcovered.
the trrck now attempted to be opened was alan*
,Iocted. The difficullies f land carriage, repe-
cially through fuch inhofpilahle Idelrrtt a' tlrfe
of A.abha, wli re whole armies have per fhed;
the r.apa,- y ad Ireat hety of the chiefs of thofc
tribes, who will always rife in their demand ac-
tnrlinc tIn the riches of tl e caravan, and Ifthey
fint Ihem mnrc -, than ordinary. will, from thuir
ifit;al.le thlift of plunder, make no feruple, aI
has often been fiullll by experlener, of f i'ing the
w!rile, and which they will be the m-re rradily
inlllled tto, as no power o=n plllith the delin.
'I-ent ; all thrfe circumflance mufl render the
tfra. fit l.lngperrinl, crpenfivc, nd prerariouas
that no reafnabhle cpetation can be formed of
itn eeer fievcredig.
'iTe Iluke of NewcafIle, and without ayl
fp.cfic a;inlent, i fto much broken of late, that
h canintt he experled to laft much loin r. Ar
Svrent therefore comes in view, which howeve-r it
mFay be a private Info, will beneft the public to
the g5eat amiintft ofthirrv thnufand pmloundc a vear
f-r Mr. Pitt has, with the fime mairnanimrity as
iwhn lie rut the Pell from him, ani gave tli-r
it' Ciol'erl iarr"', refilled thc alltrintmn inta of thil
pta.'e afl'. anlll declared that a finectel f' pr epo-
flri ifly (detrimental to the public. fl ill exilf no
lonlrr than the life of the prreent pitlif r.
EfrtrnaR f a letter from Dublin, Aigf t;.
A tradr to all the world ii retremely capl.
cioas in idea among trinflmen. but thle molt diffi.
tlilt of being reduce5 to pralice of anll thing we
know. Some diftrrfline samples could be pro-
d'ccd that this is the faA. Oni the ronclulfinn of
the late war, thee arofe a kind ofjor ir to ufib
w;ith all out gw'odl into the American markets, and
return with mountains of gold. What was tIh
conrtiuence ? The Americans conflrained all ma-
eulfaliures, &c. to he handed over to American
Agents; thnfe American Agents forefal'ed tile
fale, and told the Irfli SupercarRn, that he mult
either take foch and luch prices for his guno,1, or
leave them on credit. He pererally chfre the
wififl alternative, and at the lofs of perhaps a
thild in value returned home, deceived and cha-
grined. There are at this hour men who had
ftore : up warehouses of goods in this city for the
American market, and finding it nfrltf. to fend
any there, are ftrtggling with diffic s, with.
out beinp able to vend their manufadures. Such
are the difanpointmefts attending a trade with all
the world."
Every mail from America brinp account of
the ernlion of States in that q)tartfr ofthe globe i
they firing up like mulroona after rain, ald if
Ihey go on at the rate they have begun, infrtcd of
j3 there. r ay foon be 1oO States, ir every marn
may be. what the Ametvlcans have to Iong panted
for, hli own laifllator. In other words, every
main's hand will be aiainft every man ; anarchy,
coufullfon. and domeflic difcord mton enfue i and
that once flourifhing country. fplit into an infinity
of fmall Republics. ail inimical toone another,
will pro ably exhibit a contnued reole of blood.
hed.-- Tbofe in the tbtc fttlemnhteli panien.
lar, being cut ff from all comumiucaion with


.e citlized pat of lurope, will by derre c. men, of whom not above one third re Rutlians, The Hebe frigate, of which liee willow
generate into cre favages, and like the original the reft being composed of men of different na- is now Captain, has certain Cly d r ad
Inhabitants of the county, being obliged to fub- tions, among whom our Britinl tars make no in- Spihead (as raid) for Gibralta, aid tlFTe
fift by hunting, wil have no other refource but considerable fhare: .he offer. on hoard are like- of .l guns, i wnich Sir J. Lindfa camsd e
carrying on a prty trade in koins, or making wife a great art oompofed of foreigners. will follow. One reafon of the Pdnce Mbri
plundering apeditiom aginft their neighbour.. John Jacklon, Efq; Barrifte at Law. Is ap- to this Ration is, that it wif le him ia in
The rir nal States therefore, if they mean pointed, by the Lords of the Admiralty, to he tunity of fering feme of the inell ports
to preferve tcemfeicle, tult adopt against thole hit Majefty's Advocate General in the island of world; and besides freing Inly and the Cours t
their children, Iat very principles they lately fo Jamaica. Florence, aplcs, &e. he ii to go t t.
loudly reproated in Britain, and with her c Sx Sestemarn a. The following is the anfwcer de- where he will probably me r bo ther
claim, livered by the Marquis of Carm then to Count ltoail, who are go o pal the
..---- Immedt bii 'stu/ l Lofi, inconfeqiuene of the communication made in that capital of the ecclte c toriet
EBffi rideirndum, niepajrnrra Irkhur. by the Court of Berlin refpleting the German
The llpanratla now feel very ftretely the ill League: BaHaMa-II LANDSi
effedts of the aciouragement given to the North The King hasreceived with pleafurethe ecom- Nsw-PvriovlArCa,.
Americans. The clample of thofe States has munication which Count Iufi hasmade, hiy order f Hno AM' rA r
operated as a powerful flimulus all over the new of his Pruffian Majefty, to Lord Carman then, of BY ,liM Shna- ED An POWRE
world, and his Mtll Catholic Majefty has reafon the fentiments of his faid Majelly relprtting the Liet; iar r, rtnent ,Cav or O C nmi im
to dread th.t in a fw years the tr.eatures of Mci- treaty lined at Ber;in the ad of Ifly. in tkhecon- ,ime Adi ral a;Cr t id 'r d" Ciu
co and Pcu will be flread overall the ret of Ei- chlding of which the King himfllf, in his Eledo- dr art y
rope, withmlot nce dcrgtiig to vilit O.d Splin. ral capacity, was pleafel to cicuir. A It 0 C( LI A A A T I O.
Thel. f. of the lih Pr.pofitions is notattended The lively interft wh'cl his Pruflan Mail fy IERIAS ti ~ or nn r
with the lofs of popularity on the part of Admmini- Iever ceafei to take fur the naainlenlnce of the S'pcies of Iayin
Oration, nor will it be follvwetd by the lifs of Oermanic constitution, and the prrfervation of r- ilrt crc nifna'ayisk
power, as ha* been to induftrininy, and at the the rights of every Member of the Empire,cainot c trended ll iti oft
fame lime fo trrtcoiilly ieprelientcd. It was to but lcflerve the giratelt prsife flm thofr power i;hly pren iall
the voice and clamour ol the multitude, lnt to who are true friends to the ptnrfperity and ecli- taits of their n tas; I Ha
the majority in Parliament, Ihit the hMinificr fn being of that reffpeahte tIfcederatliin; .an1i at T H 1 R NFoa cunr i ",h
judiciuully yielded; and as this country was the time time that the Court of Li.oldon is ticr r atId wilt the advice and cif oflHis Ml je
equally divided and indiflerei t to the event of a to render tlis jultice o tile peatritin- vicws tio his Hono ,rble C'ouncI, to iffile my Pri a
fyftem whicl had opened fuch a fcene of conten- Majefty, it letters iflllf that the mral;ires tin, hereby irictly prohibiti the E ma
tion, he racrifitcl with a goo grace his own poll- of precanlion, which the three E.irtoral Co lrts of a,,, S.pecies of Provillone. onms this ortm*
tical maxims n to he violence of party. It was not have thought proper to take, may never become other il td wit hin this over or .e
Inability to prtfccote it with fuccefr, hbt the neceflnar, by any attack, citlhtr dlire(l9 udiit, o plac eil wtot the limits therof. o
moderation of the Miniftcr, which preventedl his upin llthe ackniowl.tedlged ri.:htl of Ithe IGrmii ,c Iroli ,luit to commenre from and afterthe fda
plan from being carried into exrection. What Hnoly ; hit th:lt, for the future, lhe moft fol,- hercl, and to continilr until further orders.
the Minifler eawld have done, is evidtnt from the h .rmony may lbe re cnahliil ,d, anil the nlft lin- Ctllt v"d-r r"' tl,,d i rl rr od er.s
facility with which M. Foriter ha, beer raised to c-re confidence for ever fiubfli between the Ai.uit / l I
the chair n the Ililhi Seraic, though oippofed Chicf ,nd the illullriolMs M timber oi the Etrpiic." /v,.i e ,r at itear a raf ..
with all the weight sand inn .ice of the Dilke of E-trar of Lettr fto Bra/th, ,Spt. ij. J n. fr'i I Ie hi dt-erda Onirdei ryve nd.
Leiniter and hi 'whole partly. lTollic ir.dlince, We are all in agitation herr, all is war and tveti ,frth rr fl 1 'li/h' f esdI .
therefore, andI difcrclntio' of GC lrnmint, .ve may rum, r- of iwar. Frid ly morning laft marih- tAMEa EDWARD POWIEi.
fairly con:clitle, as to be attibullte that turn which edl to the frontiers of IHollnd, ipwards of three Ri o M iAD POW'l mLnand,
the Irilh laitlinfts rctcenly take in the filter thoufinild men of the Hen.ler regiment by order of JnH OIl'A.iaN,. pro meeretary.
kingdlonm. the Emperor, and dlrhle th..I quantity, connfifli;nt, 0 I) S A V i i TI E K I N .
Searimber ro. The Admiralty Board have lif- of drlcnsr., &c. are picpaiingl to follow them :- A E T E KIN .
conliin id the coinnm iu i iil the ports of the Hal- there i- t be an immelisle irnc.i.mmp iSnt near Ant- O H- N M OR i S' & (
tic tor mantinu.imtled ciordilc for tile uFe of the wrerp, which is I cotlift i)n ;llt of a ouit iono liI A i F O 5
navy, it Ielij, detIernine I in foilure to import the remn; and I le laft night,(Satiid iy' oinier ai it. a AS "! "
materials, and to manlt laiur them at home, by el at the (nit ofB Htll rlto ellAitDile'sit A T OF
which they will be of fipt .ir (inality, and the the frcret i-f his difparches hIve l t it itr ipird. 0 O D Sd,
moneyciilrer within the kiing.loi -This i a well The fpeculitiol in, thi the rerqifitio In h i p Clianlle y Oraocery -ii
timed rtgit:atiotn. made by the Emperor is aculldcd tio i the part of -- i
We are intor.l.ed, that ill a few days will be the Dutchi; but others aie of a diflere.It op;ni., J I ST 1 i RT R E D,
shipped tmi l.oard in orl.a.nuic n oe rfircl ill the and toriletic that this ,il!it iy pa:eanitry will I1n the Schooner tai i.T, C.ipt. Gtar, fTrm
river, bo.ind! for GiCir.ilt.t, a large model of an produce very frliont colnf-tlrltn; e ; iticll time, Nrw YoK,
ancieit Cuatsault, that h a lately been Kexcuted by i lle anullntments aid lcvitiu r of tis iay town r .I4 n 'o B .: 1 S I. ,
an tnieit i oii .r ni-kei, according to directions i otn as uftnal, and the inm liagefrd i ar hals iy nit On R, ,i, a, T,-I;t
given by l.ruen lan (:elleni Mcliel. It is though mcanIs foothr e his wri'lkl. l fint" the By J O H N II RIS TIE
that this njin.ine, which was ufcl by the- oI Hrabatiuiai:, or ratr there ai- Pc -:' i r I l ngI
Greuksiadil Romans tfr proj lting dart .ind othir diante t the Ijfc:Tiii.ilt pilig s (it I te .At t il STI on tleC nr A
mniffle in th ir attack andt dcrfn of The Empteroi rin reellvcird ocut tup Fperr Caflr t, or Crm .
l4ice., w.1 prove applicable to fmine p tr cular fI I ioI t not aid bra h, h. turning N:nnKiirs P NIC i1rrd C.ilar ihinSrlc, Picki- tr M
Fcrvices at Gibraltar, for which ino lei aitl'lery into Ilahldc and C;.'ents into coach.-houl.s. I_ rdI i harsrlA, Ship !od, White B:LfcaitiL
is not well fired. Sr h trll, cannot will more Ihc Plirflhood na imur, and the ph.ilofophiru ke New ltter in firl n:.
profteit ofulc e bmadt, than under the drcedlon conegriattlate thrmfel,lI oi the clie iui. III it I u .4 S 0 PO S A 1. EN
of the-veter i comnantldr, who banned the hot- at oice intrepid, geir'rott, and deci- Malior", Polt, Vdonyllia a lI TcneriRfe WCiC,
ten Ittempt ever n itte 1,i0on that folrtrcrf. lirv l I Inra Ru'n by the Cloffe, tl.
We aic alTrrc I g ,itl authority, th.t Iorlntfn.ti, Set. if" Siled tl. c Kine .r i va, R ;" ins in calkl, *halt tlroi l
lo.oool. wrrth o'f lh(t I d anond whi ch t.a- or- aild Qn, en, two Ihips boundld for the Hi lua1 t', Co- lilt, s c. Re. .
caFllred fo rm.acli n Fe in Paris, anJ milae the ollnh Seas on dilotrerle. if I.I. Pirlni hai, ,I ,,. Ilahti, the rrvoritd ahl Ie iof.I irdinal, anI the 'Vrena, Septe mhr 3. It has been r fr aome ays /1 Fl ''e of lie Ic.,a f'. i Mt. ann WIaNc
mayerit.s re tlicnier "I an alichm It. -iwav ,iulii.y rpurted, that the itlilptltr with Holllln-lI ire i-e- I tlll'F i ii tioi M(uchIat. .le inttC more. d
difpofoel of-I n thi city lrra fo In'gitr b'for, itt, inewel in a very fleiosl manner. It is now niiclh ft" lliht Jil time, dIeliI to t ive Stales of t
account of the tioldtf.liun was received frol dloubtedn whether hery can lie terminiateld by an rtllrc propltily atteflCii; *'I.1ol dehtcJ tothe
Pa's amicable on.i The troops whit hId al lil fIlat. are il-cireI to1 n like ymernt bee
Loan rich o'll country neighbour been dilteded lo alt, have received frlli order? to the next Return Dav.. lv all aci ts not the
of the late Counilllot FaPzikcrliy, whoi ha.l often rclume their niarch for the Low Coittrili. lThe p'id, will bte rlrel in t!c hand an Atas*
endeavourcd to Real his advice, taking ai oppor- wolks in our Arfertal have fir foime days been ney at Law, to le Fiter. for.
tuiity one day, iii the conrfe if a moining'a lide, carried on with the gieatfll adivity. JOtIN HfOYD,
to ark his oliinion uponl a point of fmn t confe- Pa ., Se/t. 9. The movements among the Im- WVM CIISII Or, ?I (ae
qucnce, he gave ii v ry fully, p.lit rely, and periall roopi, quartered in the Atltrian Low JOHN IERG I N, t
explicitly upon thie iHlincfs ; hut fome lme after- Coulitk I% iiduct the inhabitants of tlnfe provinces NaTa, O/Iler 3, i73 T.
wards, the SIuiCe comitig toilhcothie'schlamberl to belied, that is inevitable. All !tlr ltiecrs
in town in a g rat hurry, fays, i Zouinds, Mr received by the three laftpolls, mention nothing WANTED to CHASE,
Fizakeiley! I hve loft four or live thoufand bill war being an thepoint ofbreakiigout. Not- A G(COD indv Neglt rtMAN SERVAIIT
pou.nda by your advslce." By my advi e, withlnanding which, it Is generally believed hee, a anas his Hulinfs wl be chilflyto ail
neighbour how fo!" replied Fazaker ey. Why that Ihe lealon is too far advanced for beginning abont a Rnre and carry oiut rccls, he mattnli
you were in the wrong in the opinion you ave a campaign. The Empe or wants only by all his conimandicd for his honteiy lobriety. EMfa
me rellaive to the manr of S-- My I nienacs to connrain the Dutch to fini llh matters of he Printer.
oplilon I" fays the Caounf,.llo, tul n.i to one of fpeedily wilh him, conformably to his defirc; D UN AWAY Ir..n. tihe Si iftrenbrr in b.L-
hs hookti I n.n't r. member gpivi. vou any that is to fly, his Imperial Majefty flatter him. Cariiia, att fl a, the foUiauS
opinioc upon ths fubi ~l I don't r-mnember ha. felf to give law to them by threatening to attack Negrosi, i. Aran.1lr t thirty ycare
riug had any fucl thi.g heCore me; I fee nothing them at a time when he they are not feet or rs inches hi, Ipeaks g R
ofit in my boo.."-- Book No, fayss the prepared to make head agalft him. 'e, a thi well fet i o fpaks brok
other) it was as w ee r riding out together :t Utreeht, Sept. ir. We are afured tht their lill ; indr, a thick ne maue wench, a l
Prefon laft fummmer. O!" lays the Counfllor, High Migihtullrlff are at this moment delibea- gol eamflrecfs ; su ia lll im made wt
"I remember it now; but that was only my tin- whe:hcr they hall at once r Ical their two de- a ellowil aco mkio h tr asn Sne f
tmqa we ellowin, cofpa;xion, her Son Sai, ahbot i"
travelling opinion t and to tell you truly, neigh- plsies front the Imperial Court. years oillwhen thre I away. and I sni a
bour, my opinion is never to be relied upon, uo- S ,r The O an of wha en two v children away, and I am ia
lefs the cafe appears as my tee book I" war is ortiered for the Coat of Africa imnelilat the property of Mrs. New n in thils blan ld, da
The Ruffians have launched Rce Chriia l ly. Four hundred foers, intclaine arailncy, her mother is here, there is reafon to bel ki
five men of war of the Imne, two of which, the are ordered to embark for the Britilh frttiments, is alfo here at this time.
Santa Catharina d Pied Pimo are three to reinforce the arion e ranforttion Ay person apprehending Sa and
assirortt^ or If and her hoo l
deckers of o a each thef two p ae convi are to make go thee g information to that I an gt t
been equipt at Cronfadt, And are now in the It was the report yeftrdahat Commodore receive a Reward of atd efrnt Osdiau,a rai
Balti with the leet, fer the purpoic oftrying Cower fuceds to the command in the Mediter Cuiia feir each of te others.
lad cacilsog the hipes theIy eah carry So I tmac, and that Capt. Coly does aot go out. aNye. A tsi. TUOM a CONMAIDEW

a 5 e7 Statement of the Claims of the
lf Loyalift, is taken from theCom-
Arp ,rt, which was laid b fort Parlla-

s 4 flfl

o a

i s


St t D 11
? o -

1 I a. E
h b

N 6

;^ 1 '" I -

Sl alMI New I om, Daug!ter of Capt. Bcn-
rA --SMs.EL FAILEY, Efq; Attorney
SlilD, For
a16 5101Ph a ah & Reh erca, Hall, Burrmuda
B.1 iig I n a PAt Aniigno
i,,,h A tlop, Tc urner, --ditto
Ah A li1- Letti togg by the Schaoped
. B.Capt ..A r a/r b, f tr L don, . up r Mar.
*fr', a3 r, w d Cili to #a eff oQ Tjurl.
P. ea l ln

1 R 1, 1 TI 0NC N
SM N A Y, IJA RY li 76.-

khicN ,L al Iw ll cri alcbu lted
f o lo lcd Pre of E htW or al
lt thlo I Itm ied wiel of E, d a.!r d W,

it del0 fez l till (Ao Ce e comply d

S le 1to r ~n o ock, anti centr no
, terry Forenoh n, till tde whaln is dilp'o-d

AicA N i Us, D178 ler of De

The Scaotrio
Aboutr al Tons hurthen, fails re-
m"rk y1A1 a14 l i well calculated

ft r Fa lr, Wrckcr, or Packet
it Sthe lp l ah well fouRdca anl, may be
i1. Sup Il i; Ai Ploir i]r, Aripl it

*u6e'r17, 1785.
LLPCrfo.6harvinr a demanxi again .
lAir G ALLAHiTCip c, 'lidcr r, are tld
,'/ in lA tes of errrs to by the d llth in
to l e a /ymc e ta
Sheidr DITt)(0K sf 1 nANi

A SUM of MOYEY being raised by private T O B E -0- T,.
Subfcrlptlon, for the purpore of decaying ON E
the eapcnce of Inclofng t e Refugee Burying PLANTATO W ,
Ground, on the New Road, Tradefmen willingA occupied by Joum M Tn, Efq. For tBro;e
to midertake the Buaines, are requefled to leave apply to
their Propolals fealed up, at the ting Offices, WILL 8 B.ADFORD,
any time hfore the ofnur Who hal for Sale, a CAounl of eaceitnt
Bn tieI.A i a Red Port.
N w.PnovBaE.c J UST IMP A T ED,
Bj ff HH mer JAMES EDW POWELI., In tIe Brigantine CAoRrna Capt. Gaa*T,
fi; i.,telan.Casern~ra Contmmadre is from I.onMio,
Chief in and over he d ll Cbanrllor. A ND FOI R 8 A L F.
V'ce-Ad .iraadOrl yo ar ef'ne t .L By FORBES & STEVENS,
A PR OC LAM ATION At br Stare oa th Bat, i ,fk Capt. Goa a
WHEREAS It is His Majefty's JOHNSTou'.
Royal Will and Pleafure, ligni. EST Ofnaburge Clouting Diaper
ifed by hi IRftruidions bearing 4-4 7- and 3.4 Irifi Ment white and brows
date at his Coint at St James's, l.inien Thread Stocking.
the tenth day of September 1784, 5-4 and 6-4 ditto Sheeting Dito ribbed Cotton ditto
that the Lands within his fall Plattilluc and Ditannias Ditto while Silk ditto
I Dhamaillan *Ih lllelucveyed Garlic al SilCefis Womrn Cotrrn ditto
and granted on the folowin conditions I that is Br'w Rullia Shecting Dito white Thrad Gloves
fay, That forty acres oflanle granted to every R"a".ri c' Ditto colourn ditto
fayThtortare o Ib Printed Linen, Chintz Habit lirro
prefoin, b-ing mater or llrefr of a family, fa r Calie n I trns V t lons r w Slr lk o& esa
hiitfclf or hcrfef; and cnty acres for every P inted .inen and Cotton GIlove
white and black mnan, w man or child, of whicl HatilJkrchiefs Ditto coloured ditto
fach family hall ionift at he a&Lnaltimne nfgrant. Checks and Cotton Stripes Artificial Sprip& Flower
ing luch warrants; That II grantees hr fubjeCt to Check Handkerdrefst Hat and Bicraf Pins
the payment of two Ihill g fecrling qIlit rent for White India Dimiry White Chapiel Needles
every hundred acres, to mmence at the expira- White and oloured Jeans Fiddle Strings
tion of two year from t date oftheir refpedlive Striped Dimnitie Watch and Cane ditto
grants, to be paid at the id of every year there- Quilling% rtal and mnck Black, white and eoloured
after, in default of whi t granl tno be void: io-4. 4, and 8-4 Cotton Sewing Silk
But his Majctiv has bee acionfly pleaded, a, an Cuntr1'anre Bloom. Hylon, Green and
encourainement to his yal Subjetsi who have Scaire and light coloured Bohca Teas
been ielidenIa in any a e Coloniei or Provinces fine Broad Cloths* loaf Sier
now the United State of America, and who nn Scarlet,white, blue green Marc, [Nuttmeg,. Cloves.
account of their loyal to his Moaifly, (hall or black and light coloured an- C;:nc mon
Cbo fomires Du,bam Mallard, Sallad
may, willingly or by mpnlifion, remove iuto hims stripedl a Du Mhltslla,
faid Iflands, to order, that the qoil rent to he re. Bhl., hle, arind Preen do. Mulromrn Ketchup, and
fcrved in the reroal grants, to be hereafter male blck, & blue t'.rillimarncoe Pickled Wralat.s
to his laid Subhicets, Ihall not commence ani be ulias and Tanmaice Ccrkinn and Capers, Cur-
pay.,b'e until afrtrthe expiration often year from Norwech Cripe rant Jclly
the date of their tefpedive prants; which Caid Irlmhbzeen Blue and white, and ena-
grnts it it his Majefly's Royn' Will annt Plcafir e DIich Blnkerts n rolled Breakfat and
fhrll he delivered to the feveral grantree free of all V lhife andil friped Flannel Table China
enprnre whatever: I DO THEREFORE, by and W, Tch Plin. Ntro Muga and Biaons
with the advice and content of his Majefly's Ho- Brown and blue Bath Ditto Setl of Tea China
norralble Council, ilfue this my Ilioclamalion, C'ari -t M-en fine & coarfe Shoes
hrciry making known to all perfons concerned, Gre"" B",ze Ladies Calimannco & Me
that upon application to me in Coincil, they will SadI.r lined and firiped recto and Sattin ditto,
receive Warrants of Survey for running out their ]acketi Fre ch heels
lands, agreeable ,o his Majenfy's fid lInfirudions, Strped Cotton andDuck Youths Sho re
"l'rowler, Girls a nd Children, ditto
and their family tights. Cana.v Frok. Men, hlitioolbte cocked
CIVN rmdr mi y Htind and the Great Sal of Cotton and Check Shirts Hats
Ihefai.d fjlndi, at a/f~ nu. ti/i fiftb da of whie Rufcld ditto Divro riolnd with bkls
Stetrhrrew n te inrear of r Lord ote rnhu- N.ikeen .nd Corduroy and bands
fiandfr''t, h rrertn.l cri'ry /,re, andininthe Drrethr Girls and Childrens whim
ta,'ntj t Yrear ef I[ti Ma e V's Reign. G(ncham WailU irt and hrnwn ditto
I\MES EDWARD POWELL. Plain. lIriped, check and Field Bredieads conpleto
By i Hi onsr' Command, flowrcd Mullins wiTh iGaunc furniture
STF-reIHN HItAnn, proSecretary. Itno Matrarlres
G O D S A V T H E K I N r. Ch.ntz Iordtring for Nefl of Red I.esther sl.
G(wns Hair Trunks
IIEllFAS theJail in this town waq, before wi,'he. layloek. iraw,. Ladies Caravan do. with
,Vda break, n t4eiorning ofMonlay the Wlhite Shon, Pink Shot, hrafs lock. and handlut
tth inflt.hrkeho n, and the following NF;GROF Silver Grey, and Peach Hair Sievel
made their efca v;z. Po1dore, belonging to I utenrines Green l.ufring Umbrella
Samuel Farley, : Fanr'ifro, tinder sentence of Irlacr and edged Tiftanics Travellirn Lanmps with
anrfnorlatlon.. I Nero, belonging to Mr. Fro : and 'Perfiant Etherial Matcheo
I do herehv offer a Reward of Five Gidneas, f.or Str.p-1 and flowered Bro. Etherial Matches
each of the fail egrocs, to whoever will appre- dcs A encrhl afloroment of
hretl and deliver em to me ; and I do olo offer 1.3,'. Sattin and Perian Carpenters Planes
the fame Riwart to anv Perfon or Perfons who Pe'ric.ats Belf Turpentin Soap
..ill g-e form on of their beini harbourid, to D". bhlk Mode Cardinals RAdHerrings
he paid on convli ion of the persons offenrlinr. Eitta 0 rlet, ditto with H aunrndpipe
ErTllrire Mould Candles,
HENRY GL.ENTON N Dtir n Dl Hoops Roue Butter
19. P. White, hlalk and brown Tonglue
NaIuq, Decemb.r 9, _18(. Foarail and OlrichPea- Black Pepper
I.T. Perfons having any demands agalnit the the s Starch and Fig BlM
EFiate of the deeRfed lItrYe DFMraRT, Nun+ Stiching Tfreads Hair Powder
of New Providencc, are reqlRened to give In fates VPc It &k Shawc fringe Hard d iod ft Pomatum
of thrir claims properly attefted, on or before the C:,. Borders ETfence of Lavendcr snd
. tth day of January neat ; and all thife in- Thread Edgings Bergamot
the ld E botch Lace Gunpowder and Shot
lted to the raid Eale, to take payment by Fn ICanron's belt Londos bat
fo d day, to Admlnirator. R hibbons aflrted tied Porter
JOHN ARTERELL, Adminiftrator. Plain and DiaperTp Tpe hrale'.ditto in heflicad
Nl/rau,, 7Decei er 774,, 4, o.4DiaperTable A Affoitment of Ship
A MEMORIAl to the Comminiloners for se- Cl*th. Chandlery, Tursery,
qniring Into the Claima of the American ine Damalk ditto Glafs Ware,. nd Croee
Loyalifs, is left at the Printing Office, to receive Ditto Napklns kly Ware,
the firnatuirc of perfont of that defcrlptlon, who CLon and cear Lawn &rc. &l. &
have it not in their power to go to NoeI-Sqptia, Cambrlcks
orto England, in orderto frtbflantiate t oNDOim par The aur Eu eeife fr Sales
n~Gover'nment,0 f mrelos a T ONDON partlar Effence of prnce
on Goernmcnt, for lolc e L Madeira Wine, by Metf Beef and Park b
of their Sov.reigl and CountaV the quarter calk or do- barrels
Naiau, December tO, 17S. en Flour in ditto
W ANTED To PURC SE, Dit Market ditto Tripe In E
Sherry ditto Paints and Oil, S"
A SMALL GANG of NEGRO of un- High proof Jamnaesand Anchor andCable
doubted property. Apple to 3 Wef.indiaRuminpin- Rice in tiecns.
ROI .RT JH TON. cheon and hoglheadl. c. &A. .e.
OTTON, Salt, BrazillettoIhony, Hard Which they wll difpfe or, on the ma. nati
C Wood, tc. for Sale by Proprietors at able Terms, for a GooB Af f #J ngsi
EZuma. or Prodw .

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