Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 8, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00132
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 63:





NAssAU: Printed by JouN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

THE SPECII of Ilii Honour .ieutienant.O,.
ecrnooir P'uWLL, to the CoUNCIL and GaCEt
atL AisiaSL. x
Harcurable Getlemen,
1J.r. Spearir, and GeCinemen of the Cen.ral

IT.lE recent proors you lare given me of yoatl
Syailty, anil attachment to our mol gr.
cious Surtrrirgn and the Britilh Confilutliola
and thle !it!ufitionl you have discovered of lelf
riog tl.c Irace of the community, afford nle thi
irof It k.fing pl qfPl'r tliat yoen iurft lhi ,
fame I rludiklle ne of rondudl, wm, n.T-
dcrationinrl firin:r l- tor U a h i rporl. v\un hanl
always t a t r my feady allillta e and fruppor.t; as
yal:. :ifo thal! miv cnLni" rrlen evet y in afurellit c,.'1 t" 'c ll i o Il i Maiefly, alid tihe
g n-rr l I ; ;. i f ,:i hi faltil I SIlllji: e of iwh t.l
et r i cir pt on, Ilhlbilaisn l I thfr hiib Bahama-
]llin. ; l 1'nfi'rty whel, if In my 'himlr
\,il, .a I hl- gIt of my anil in to an:a;n. Fqr
lI,;< i I L e n l li It i i hlealri aid I.aI
I,) Il,,' r I l ic' l frcin o:r i l sl, alhl p' ccus-
t it i 'a ily trlanquil'y, l i:h I am foirr' ki
fiv h .late'i b' n itL ri i n ted'ir hi in wialn ith
(;i i t ouir io n porwei to (o in, I :ig atlilr
i ,, 'l f i iapry t o four a'lift naitch, ai lhit
Sr. nl ftl,n ; anJ th'iefo me It eirneliy,
1rC l !r c;t to you the lie f 'lar n n ni hr i-
thilt t .hewn, Zi.ii muff in the e coi'tn r arl
l. fl'l l'. -, Ia ; l re ore n it Itrat al rr:ury anal
good t.nwr!e ii i rt i sic haie ardcn' lIbourAli
fcr. *i
,11. S'.o:r, ard GCncierner cf C!-.reT
I c n '., 1 ntleltinr a idoulb i(:f yru'r ii cred'ing
toihc t :llptch of public Iu .nlirf, ith ke fa mi
temper a... calmnifi in your cl ';brrli.)ii, 4
coli.iuifly rianifidtcd in the lift Scill n. AS.
as t1 e Cl. : t Aft ii nriaiy r.rpircll, I 4l:c8r
eio i', ]ic:d to yllur firii ji lentei. h. h h f'irarli g
ol C. l :i. new AL, as m.iy rIe Ithe p lrprc for
l 1 :.: t inrtendl l. anit o!ilitiln i,:. M airfll ly .* rir Alionr'l anld a otnc ; t ninLi pulrl ,
tofoe tli. irp unl o and a vlice a hi ? i. t '' Jfir'l
aid it ', ,eral i, ii sib'Sa: .y f itria
The Ai o. f the li Tlii i A 'I, will ail i rT uira
Lyoir r ~l'atv i., as t elireic;i ) ,i inlm r ainJ Ione i'-
fij IriL ,'rl, r, o oi fOi riniorit rnale ,
YoI Y wll t:',e cfio I thoP, h on f ii 't.I
t}e ft l Lity it l' ivcl , n claf.i, .- nlld nt a alr l i ,i 'atrn a. (i a;cr
plane M c i arit .r I'antioc AV', t i) lcn'rl ,
Irs o i 1 ' n i ii I Ii ,'. ro, irterirll |r F, I rI-
camn nIlli I yr yiUi Ioniiiiral'ion. Anid an thm
Girinelt fir) iii4 n'ti 'itl is a grriranc,. Lh;
w it' t n I Attlli ncut A te yon w ill wilthotir
Srubt 1 '. itl ; ,lel t So p.1in fsif a Law. rit
rui:r oli if t1le' Court lIorf1c Andl PriiuiM
an in,.. o.t f a Woitk-nIofe four Ite conriuli
ni]c;t ai, o; f> i itr li u to rclr:anciry and rehelliois
S inevl, .111 i.l s that rc eliiice Lir col;i-.ecratioil,
or" Sh irli iiE. *
Ylr]i illtrrtii Si to Lhe eDtenfion orf nav;nafvi
anil r .n: ne,t er and ie pf oirlntion ofien i ggiiir,
witl tl ii irlior o o f arici.'ill iiir'I will i."tlhe nitl
plicarig in' ril- i you can n.rke our inoft gracious
Kinn horlc pIecinar ca e' pi valdes nmil excnie
to a i'n farilhlii Sub ijrls h erafer reinola,4
N11.r'1, Caier'lgnret itaji, SIpt. I, a83lt.
The ADDRESS of the GikAilAL AaEMBLLqt.
To Hri loniur JAurtEs EDWanaD P'ow.Li., rf;
Lir.,tril.GCnverneur and Conma'irr in tbhn!
in i d over the Bahacmain-landl, C/kancellnt,
Pice A.Jnrra4, and Ordinarj a) the faml, iF.
Mar aL pleafe ur HIlonour,
I"F. I Majcfly'-r erdutifl and loyal ltuhjceal
ShGc.ralliTembly iof the Ihliiama-1i1.ndltr,
imprelril ,,irl e molt fedfarft anid invioltable
i'fenti ae of bmchmcnt to our mol griciouat


Sovereign and conflitution, beg leave to approach
your Honour, with our warm and moR ilnftigin-
itl ackrowlerdgementa, for your Speech upon the
opening of the prcfent Seflions.
We feel particularly happy, in the ample and
unrefervedr proorf ofapprohation, with which rl ,
conduct as a legillative hody has been honouredd;
and we cannot lbut Iepiefl to your Honour, hlow
much we concrti.e ourselves indebted to yourcan-
did and impartial repref stationn ot our princi;rlc
WI coin.hi't to his Mai ly and his Minilers, for
as a very flattering te monial of royal condll nicc
anld oodl opinion ; a ward that highly overpay,
Si., for every obftui on and diFculty which we
,~.h.'ve ith:rto encou tered ; and whir-l will be ,in
addirioril fliltiu ns to induce as to purliie aid
perlcvere, in the fa hful and iniiolable diilch r,r e
of our duty to olr Sovereign, and our confR,-
tu itlc.
It is as much our 'iiclinatirln, as we conctive it
tA bc our Indil'penhl ble duty, to brniili iiorm the
i'mMuirt:,-. thofe i prelioni of refentrmn: t an.t
animor'y, wiirrli ha e fo long, and ro alaiinOi, i'l
intrrll! 'e d ilt lian1 iiiity; and we aie I lapl ini
tli' orp'.,rt inirt of iterattir to yrrr IHo:oui ,
our tfrnli.naiation t adhere lifleibly, (at i r
hare hi:helrto done' to bje.,a of fo murkch irn-, -
tance, anid t, purfnie asti fleatlinif; artl pi
evc y ine'in that coi c w dlice to it- r. .,i', ir
.ndl eP ib'liimcnt of p llc order, lihmII.u_ a id
grin i iovernmert.
t idft the unpy.r oke and tio ent oppoil ;~'1
we have heretoiuie czr'ice4 'd in tl e Il 'ii 'ill
lr'rh.aric of our duty tnt r Snvere..:n a i ii :
P[ bhic,. it was ever at r ic ol (c,I n.. i.n i:
plelfini reflclionl to i.;, ( ifoL'l. a w l a .a
the integr ity of our owr, ~i li't,, t i I .,:; fi w.irl
to the period, when thile a l'iollation err Iia M ,-
jefy. -l tihe impartial i rld, woil I amply I -
wardT i forr the dir'l,'ih'ni alid im imclincl it we
nmuy undmr',ent; and iee ri retl lo the inmpirtia.
wll and dilirrteref iedr s if Tir Ilnouir's repre-
fcimtation I to iifpel litoft inprltiionn vhli h the
varinth of pn .riy 7eal hlid I' l ii : l\ liibouis rced
to excite., 'hrietvent hai tliewn la it ucither our
hIopci na r our confidenrcevere i!l rounded; and
we 11ll.1 row proceed to the tranlididoin n public
hit:br:it ; with an a!zeii,y nlI lninlL i iroprir-
I: lte to the deep feI.ll: we citcerrl;ini l o tiir SO-
icri:in's r ial proi'r on a*r d gioi intr fl, ircndere.!
dji t, on.!Tly rait fi I, i by the vrry rlittening anrir-
ire w iltli your lionour hars Lt'cll ilcaicd to
colnrey il to ift.
Ilprrirrtl sw th filch f.-tinments. ynflr llono',
miy rely c iv p n our pe leverinp: in a line rl'r(oiicrlrr i,
which r i l o crr.raled to proiilcf ficric l fuil .linl
elTcillial advantages; anid wetrllif that tlle Iinpl er
an!i itegrity minicirlln nur pa plr cri't:! ,
ill be an amrple and firlllciTent ileife., ir our
future calmncrs, moderation and dii.;l; cf.d-
nt f. s /
0%'e flall pay eveiy attention to tihe ."Brin of
a Could t Al upon fuch colftiitr;onnalfiriol ileii,
ag will il'fir e the approllition rif hin M. ie y, anil
lend to tile f-curily oflht Suitbi-t in his property,
and credit: And as there are no objr.ea dealer to
lio than the eflibl;lhment aInd maintcrance of
inter.-.l peace and frcurity, no exertion upon our
part Ihal be wanting, to produce and perlnanize
thofe foid and ineflimable advatagera refulling
aro aeli ffient and well regulated police,
1Toughost the government.
The federal other important matters recom
mended by your Honour, we hall not fail to pay
due regard to; and we flatter ourfelvel that in
every part of ourpublic conduit, we hall by pur
fuing with ardour and firmnefs the good of the
'community, continue to experience (as we have
lately done) fuch pleading teflitnnniall of the ap.
probation and support of our mot gracioml Save.
reign, and the gorJ opinion, and confidence of
i laHnonour, and our conflituents.
By Order of the General A/fsle.
Strlear a6, ni7l,


lill tloNwout' ANSWER.,
Mr. Spenatr, and Mem&eris f the GCenral
frmbl. ,
ITHIANK you f this very dntifl and loyal
Addreif, expre e of the juft fenfe you enter-
tain of the honour onferred on ui by our mdAf
graciolli Sovereign in fo ample a teflimony of hi
loyal approbaion f our conduct. And it give.
me the hicrheft (itinalion, that the General A.
fenmhly of thefr Ifla l hare aied with that calm-
nef*, moderation ani firmncrs, ai to obtain fuch
foihd( mirks of lhe ro I f.avour, which I am fua
will rr-'l h forfeit by the Legillature of
Ma; ry'q Tlahima-Illa Is.
'Thre eroi opirion yo are plerfed to entrrtlil
f me, ldferrr my w meRt acknowledgementas
art rr a miy lie alfirer that the honoulr, dignity,
S"i, I'ft picrop tlve o our moft gracious King
ih- lll port of the Britifh Conlitutiron, and the
p -'(l -itr oT' the good People of the Bahama.
I a uir, are the rnlv olirr I have at heart.
C rn ,t I ,,, e .-t 7s1. a
l[ -

On MODnAY I tr lih infant,
At TEN o'CloT.
A Otant'tyt o GOODS,
"ON'SIStINI: if Clihecll, Stripe, Ofnahrcts,'
Sl.'rc!:erv. Tlbaf'o, gars, Rum, Wear-
. ApT.irt;, "p r t<.h>TI Bldafc c.
.4 L 3 o.
SzMF VAttrALn YOUncri
N F G R O E S,
Rrel- ring to ithe c ate of Frederick Ifumerrt,


Wir.T.I M MOSS, ) dmrs
,l@?-rr I |. l -.
On MON- DAY next,
,It 'TIF/IPR a'.'crt,
A I.AlGE RARPRI. ORGAN, in complete
rt r,.r, aIln I i;n ric lent one. The number
of Chame.'a IrJentI, at Frte 91/arm each.
A l.T Per furs lavin- ilema asta anfl theE-R-iT
ofPr l.s ov IITBEaT d eared, are re
siritlltr' to reader Ihrm properly atteftld, and
thife ildrlbted in make immnediatpn'nismnt, to
Ni.,"r', Otvert., rlj f. .
A cOOn hanvd 14grn MAN IRVAWTI
and at hil Burfiners will be chiy to attend
ahbot a fnrr anil carry out parcels munf be re-
conmmirncnd for his honelly and lobrilty. Enquire
of the Printer.
Olnabr I(, 1uIs.
A LI Perfona having demands against the Fftat
of HORATIO SMRITHt Ffq; late Commiffary 'T
of Proifinns in St. Aiguifine, will be pleaded t ,
fend in states of the fame properly atteted, o /A
or before the ft day ot November nest, to
Attorney for the Adminifrutrir.
A LI. 'terlonn indebted to Eftate of the de-
ceafed Capt. DotAtD CAMIERO, are re-
qiueled to come to an immediate settlement I and ,
thoft who hac demands againfi it, to give in fatteln
of the lame, properly attefted, on or before thb a
IRt day of Novcmber next, to -
Admrniftrator,, Stcetmlar iI) 17t l.










^ ,




! \

r -- ---- --

-dpc -~~ - --

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3 'I

-Li wf, to.r,!. e at C I A :i i t !A t y U n te rl. 1fnl iitl d in aK',r>. And all ,
S ,, v.' .lr P ,a b fore, rhr ii irft j t irpa I -I *, s ppolin, :.,h t ld.r
1LIT. ERARY ARTICLE. 't 'r ..., . ... ... iia.,,,h,, 2 .,

C ,) tr< rc .
Sr h t I,, 'p it t i ',~r'l I I 't 1 : 1. 1k ;s f i I rh n, i ., I ini "" '

B : 1)ti, A IFF I *'. Vj fir'' .In ,. .,~-' . f. ... Mi. r P ACKE ' .

cr', r 1D-

h 'ii *X MOLi SALE and RETAIL

,] Ir ], ...... ; .' i .i... -... ..A.t E .th. STOI L O.k d R
S ar. .. r ' . '
S. i,, r. ', ', ar
: , '. l oa ,
. r' .. .. ... ,, y ,i, ,, -. : ,, ., ,I ,. ,0 , ,' .' r I I, a o e-, *11 *'t'e f il ; {,

4i. ', ; 'L, + i '' N r | 1,t r

* i : h I'' 1 h ' r. , e tr i,

Sirped (ian
tt *. ; "i r , r .. .n II.n i. , ,i .n StayI,

%i "de fine o heel

in:,, nE
, : ' *a ' '' . .. " ,, ,J 1 1 ;' EKroEd Ia f

z i t 'ni t line
0rd i. 1
.I .' ... .: . . .1 ..i ,: .. '.*,- / n
S' r .. I , p 'l di r r/ f ie

sirO -il
E" ~ 'i at Oct.
k*- i' ..-.. ": Ti ,o, e
,- *', l- ,l, oifmlc i ir,. (.
'-, ' ' , . .... T! -* ** ii .rii,7,1 .o,,r,5d

S r indt
,i ,,Co. C.

I I crcd go
- :. . f ,'' I ' T- r T In ila

" 'I 'T, r O . . I T' t i ,roa d P t

S 1 , . i : .e li..J' P ndl
V er MurT,,Parta
S" ... r

f" .. .... .. .. . .... .. ,,' .., *.. ...... :N-r

,,lit I. L', | pit ,i
S' v n e! a ' . \ n i J 'n 'i .. .'' l

Si o ' m h o r o : i k lr r I r i n
,f tier ' ... ..e & . A . -
S* .. I war" V10 NO+i

S; : : .. i yr
V 1 fL ,, IL. A trt -in C! u-

in.r' 6 P N. Sal t, Hra ll;tla hink g lla
7.r ; rLd II Ih d h 'Ni r l
Ph t lw t r, gr i rr
-r Ji.. ' 'h .... I i II I
,. Ic e r
to be r ea j y at

1,' ',* r:-. ,1. a ,h ... ... . ... ,- I ;., Linel, l l ry ,
E! 'L OB snJ P l
p1 tary InquryrU
nI r I nr Mu .s, Time-

S .l .. . k,, r r r V I '
c 0- r f- Ifrl c

*'P ... r "3M.ry 1nqu, ir. ... .. i >,. c,'J,,,:,r,. b r,, !,r, I A, 1. ,, rte, '-1.I "
;J 1.:; ,^ r ;b", ; ;r,, ll ir, ,, N S l o. A ^t. no6y ,4, H r* . . 1
... 1 t s II :' len ants w, a tr gI i rl .. 'tha r .p :, . r II n, th tN o It
e- r .. ..1 ,r .al r, ,h o g o Chno" cdt . r O

r l i^ ; ss; r i ,l i n ,, iax 5 r,,,.r1 w t i r h.11 l r .
Fr- -Q:i "Jn 1: r ther n Iher 31 r I8

S, ,.nlr n t ll, i e I Il p L i A.

J --

* !

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