Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 1, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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la but h ..rrd, Halt e combat this feparste merits, for all have ecafietally6
apinio but h rinciled f realon" howc- themlelrce to his thanks; and to declare 1~--
L A WV R R T S. .r, they werettiife to folow ~o; the ptolie of .o o ion do, t h e ms,
DtaLYTt ShseioN, iu OLD the Court I tha ti cafe ,blow haviiig bet folemn appeal of religion, that the Brllie g,
AD.A TI, T Sss s, at te OLD BA Y, mraniteftly g th' decealrd it woll l.v. bave in o. part of the world better fu;sinedat
ne ;. ta i out L hute ilffiabbing I Jac. I c. genuine charader than those ofthe lltabliAmt
The King agaiele Daniel Mnnro had the pro en indices od that Al, the of Bengal.
ITHE prisoner now farrendered, in order to words inth relating only to the filabin of (Signed) r
- take his trial, and was indiRted for the mur- a pron not Ea weapon drawn, nor W a '5yr AlI Cnemeent, i leR 1.
der of Archibald M'Leane, on board the Her fro, n rtyfla& TPe aror Oen l hPavi S R C9
Captain Sinclair, by giving him a mortal wound on T.e Governor general lhaviss l
the left fide of the neek with a twon Trinity Ter, ( o. III. K. n i the general orl
The only witnefa called by Meoil Park and Sil- e C. vernor General and Council, of the eiesti s'Rv
ther, the counsel for the prbyMction, was Warkeys ag"i /l nlainccy, Efq. corps lately returned from the Carnatic, c-
George h nbry Mitchell, who dcpoerd, thrt This was an a.ion of Covenant, brought to re nothing to the credit of their Rhnires by
on the rht of the 6th of AugtI, s .-, being off cover the puiichafe money of an relate .. New- knowledgement which.he an an inetrdlit
Cuba in the Wet-Indice, between nine and ten York, told by the defendant, who is a lo)lif make to them. et they will not be difpeaf
in the tvering, na he was walking the quarterdeck after ai adl of attainder or the Statec hal been : receive from him the separate tribute of ble
he fuddenly heard a great disturbance in the Lhip's paned agpinft tim, attaiiig his pel-on, and confi- I ticulir and perfonal thank, for his hare Whe
cabin he ran there and pcrccived Munro and citing his efate. I reputation uhich their aions hareniertorims
M'Lrtne Itruggling together, M'Iteaie being In the deed if conveyance to the planff the the Gover w nt of Bengal, in its origi reesl
firoengR was holding Munro down with one dci ndalnt covcn.inted, that at the time o, the in.ct of theT .. hment to the relief
hand anid frikinki hni withrthe other, he did not file he wai prized ofa cld ir and indefcalift. ,i e al o I e trea s the eert ions have beta, t; b
recollca iein Miunro return the blow. They of inheritance, and that he had agu4d i iht to were made bf the other gallant troopese mpl
were feparatedby perfoi inl tie nab;n.-T'he wit- fell: in that lrviet will in io degree derogatefc
nef here h~eged leave to refer to ii)ne mcmo, a- The exiting alt ofattainlder wan admitted iy t c them to Ih that to this aid the Comigai
lmlstakenrby himwi'hntwvoortll rce daysltar- defendant, who lfo adiin:ted that the plaitilt, flpol i onN a interest! under the Prefdeaerf
ward, which he was accordingly prrmi:t>d tl do, after the evacuation of lNew-York, was lirnild or Sr. Geoe owe their present eailenee, st
and circumtlantially continiied to relte the pro- out of poRtfflron by the Comi nii onirrs uNe !. hat with elv rep t made to this Preljene rl
grel- of the quarrel between the .andi the at of atta.iner, who foi th efa tr -Thi n .1 the ucceeof the wa the moln hnn
deccallr ; he raid, Munro, at thlir intreatic', caufe which very nate.rilly affc.c e the intereft It mai wao unifortly made ofthe llid
was willing to lipprctfsallrdecntment, but M'Icane the loyalifts.-For the plaintiff it w'a fail, he was t slnt, as primrii dilisguilhed by -
on the contrary vwoual not liRen t,) the intreatics of not ahle to cite any authIo riis in point. as th li, i tiens of hardship, itsI-en rous flthmlbontote
his own wfc, bat declared, if fie interfered li was pCer tcli a new cafe: ihe eItended that' .li preffure of thole wantlshich affrTed everyel
would never again cohlabit with her. M'l~.allne th detfndalt knew of ther itailrr at he time ot u the service, hit w Ih were to thra,
Aw ct in fearch i.l his Iword, which Capt. Sincluir thie t rl a the plaintiff ain, iy r'% it f it, he haild ch a dilanre from tIl r native home,. the a
had flcrctrle; and Munro lwet into the apartment in fa pailhii money for nothing, anii the (lefen- *of ggrasated dillr fy its rady dircipliue, ai
of Major Ulquihrt, a paflenger : M'Leane never danlt in conicirnie, ought tortenlibrfr it. That tl.e I'ity, ad tffe.tie v tr.
foilinl his word The witecli ent to M.iior preliminary artici of pe.. e nrving itipulatertllat The Governor neral has ilremd i inseam.
Urqltau-lt's rou wlerr ne faw Ihe Major Itad"- the Congrefis Ilo l to tniini end tl e retaratio n o l iet ,pr him tI t t rrhmtnl Id
iin t the l...r, arnd Miunro in the room with a all theforfeited eltes, iI, h a l[h,ilatiion coirme, lo oifer histhan thi bf, rc he ir fhparhtione,
named l inall l oid in ia h.ii. lThe witnlcs ad- the right to pals aiP of tfrfeitilre, and would not aii ldefil es t e Comninaiini Officer, wh o thei priftiiner t*o difrer.irdt whatever :-ight have erten madctifthe right toconfic.ite hail been lie is e call hia riend. willmke thm
come fiom the dcceal' I till ., properer tine oller- douibted. kown iI pub orders to the officer his country
ed ro rl elit it. Al'tl Ini time M'Leane came He aim tte if the a to al indler had pa l aid to i native o~irrs ani priai fr
to c oe iot in a v er Ki leNtuoll a lamenting the fiit(fequcnlt lto ne ronve ance to the plaintiff, the of the ilx mint. The term of his public
.iii oif tiword, an. ni 'i n- very agCg.ivat-. ilfendant i. hat cafe, iiull nit l;.ac )e:; iHence. is nA within a fwdays of itsclnfet buit
ig exrp:clioni and i;. t:iti ,t MIII' he made liable. i a cinfoiltion to him this to mix with hilr*
a motion to pull the I funi r f the Major' Counfel for the defendant wan igrocreeing to g fei tor the tlor of a ferice endeared to him y
apartment, but he warned the L'eceafed that if he arlue inh behalf of the defrntlant. 1, I I.old M.Iin- ,1ra. y year, of care, attachment, and vicillitudea
I.lid hands upo( Lit hle wolould rn'. him throiuil field liegpe., lhe would not trouble hinfelf, it was ai declaration of Juftice an.l gratitude markinvi
the body, having then the naked ('word in h s clear care. laft pei;n i. (jitnede
land, on which M Ieans diiltned lor that tialte ; [i Lohdi,ip faisI nbi was nhilig inore or le fs (
lbut fill ipefillied in hlis ahulive language. Mbunro than a ci .:'lntionl on tihe palt of the defendant -
tol.ln hm would ptomife him a mi ngon Ihore that he wa feriZd ora clear eflel in fee, at the FORBES T EV ENS
-:lhat the iliia was no propel place lit, and be. time of the fair. So he w as by all tifl laws exift- R,
lies, he did not think iinvlifa niatchor M'Leane i"y a that time, aat sri/ ion, ti thij ronftitu. A. tf' SSTonE en B., appltCapt, Olol
at the fImal word. M'Leane fwora fitively he tion. He did not covenant ag.linft Relolutlons of I J HN f ON's.
would nrt delay the matter, if he iuld find hi. Enmpires, or against an trmrdi force. A covenAlt i V P O R SAL
fwo-rd ; that Munro Ihou;d have chance if a of this liit cannitlt he extended to polikcal Rcvc- A Large a~ eral Affortment of EURO-
tiht a Irim, and if L, diii not fl him lie would lutinn., or the accidents of var'. PEAN and ST-INuDIA GOODS.
cut off his care, or attack hi hercevr he met The plaintiffwasnoinfuited. L S ,
him; and lie faid lie madl t declaration, that
he might not cie utd r th enomination of in The King again// Lord W'altham. T ON"O psrt r Wired Porter
affalTn. M'reanie madre lfe many more aggra- This vwa an i.dianritt for perjury in an answer Li Madeira "Wine. Eftince ef S Lpre
vatingrxp:rmeiina; Mtunto r ainingi'xthe cabin, of the ldefcrdant's in Chancery, and Iwas a cault the quarter calk or Me Bef ad
and Maior Urquhart l iatiin at the door, with of confidcrable eape't.tion, buit went ofu very in. ,C" hi arur in dml
Munri's ford in his h md, which lie had prevail. exprecedl)y, on a flaw in the indilment, c ing a Siherrety dilto iiTe in ditt
ed on him to gi.e him--the witness beiig outside variation in tIte name of a place, hthlvren the n. Ilich proorT JamaicA n d an .d OI. amp
of the canii near the deccafed, about or rather fwer itfelf, and the recital of it in the indifmentli; \ef.lndlia'Rumn in pun. tnchnor an Cblt
before eleven o'clock, the quarrel lill continuing, in the anliwer it was cnt:tled CLrie fll, a i tlit in- rhrns and hortheads AI &c Ar
and the parties being in the fitiiation above de. dilment Chu*ell, Which they will rdipore of, on the moil re(i
fcihbed; IMLeane in replv to fomething Munro ble- ,e Terms, for Ca/h, God Bill of BEaqi
had aids called him a liar, and a fcoundrel, to The followingGCcneral Orders were 4~ued to the or Prodre.
which Muiiro replied, with warelth, .you are a army in BeR al, anil to Colonel Pearce's de- LI Perfons indt to the Ellatnte dl
damned rafeal, upon which M.Leane reached over tachment, jiu retrnedl from the Carnatic, in / ceefed Capt. Do at n Casano, re
or :,crofs Majti Urquhart' Ihou~ldt r and laid hold the ath Ii Jainuary, a few days before Mr. qeed to ome to an i medite ett t I a i
of Munro by the collar as if to pull him out uf the 'lalings'sdeparture. Ihnfe ho have ma aaint it, togiveIn l *
cabin, but he did not pullih;lnodire ly out : Munro e Port tin.t, an of t an. p1 d aOF the fame, properly tteftpo, on br ift i
flaggcred a little, and the dccafed Iettlig Munro 1 HE Goveror General having been precluled, T da of Noembe
go, retreated backward, two ot thi ecitep ; in a 1 ~ the riflnneeofthe Ration oftheedetachment ayo Noembe R CAMERO,
veiy lhort time, a fcw fecoids afLtr, Munro ifu]- late returned from service in the weft of India, Admin;ftirtrft.
denly rffhed out of the Major's cabin wiih the from raking his acknovledgecntrt in person fur Jr)1N MACDONALA
ford which he had forechow got from the Major, their .ernimlary fTerices, and being now on the I Adminiutt
and made a defptrate lounge at the body of eye of departing for Europe, requefla the om-. ,/,r., Septi 1, l *
M-Leane, but milerd him, biut by anotherlounge mander in Chief to publish to the officers, his 'EIN'( determined teprod eute t t4.
ran the word into his breath. M'Leanc. cried, countrymen, and to the native officers and fepovs EING oftla armwl or.cmL
oh I oh! oh! when the witnelf perceived the of the different segiments which formerly com- i t informaft law, all v fuch hain sAi '
word broke in two -M'Leaen expired almost pofed that detachment, his thanks for thediftin- nation if 'ai" n 2 a white o r lA
immediately-on fearching, the fivord was found guiftlcd honour which their gallant and perfevering ift'n if a aine a white 'd ifT
to'have entered the Ieft arm pit in a direction to spirit anid Iplendid fcefl'c have icnlrted on the ifawainfa fmre Nero Tenm Do and I
his heart. Government over whiclhe prcfided, and on him- a Negro Slave FeI Dlla rro t s
This was the whole of the evidence, on which f;f in particular, for .he hare which he had in So uberibhr caution 1 Perf f
Mr. ice (who with Mr. Jic re Gould their original appointment ; for having tmnder that 1o employing a cer n' tho Jl t'
attended to aflilt Sir James Marriott the Judge of appointment teinred the lure of the Britilh arms, Felow named ROiBt who ilrerh
Admiralty) obfcrTed, that there was no colour to for having fucafdifulfr attempted and atchievd a in the Ordnince drtment. -
fay the quarrel ceafcd. it had continued from the i long and perilous march through hnltile and -"n- DA pad upon his bi "s de
firft struggle ; that though the rule was true that known regions, from the banks of the Ganes to A-D hs l t
no words would jutify an action of this nature; the wefern coat of India, and proved by their He forms fiend nd the
a n provoking asthat no n i ; in the houfe late,
yet there may be woraI fo provoking as that no example that there are no difficulties which the nwli. Mlin the Haue mate ityo ci. ,
pallie valour could enlale a nman to retrain him- true fpiritf military en.erprize, under Britifh fort Millt Efg; a1d tlh outh, -i,
fclf from relenting thfgn ; bat that here It was condu.l is t capable of furmomiting. for the education of outh, i
dear a blow had been jiven by the deceased. Mr. The Goveor General defires alfo itavailhim and Aritnrti. Alfo, Zli Greead
Julice Gould remarked, that it was the conflant felf of the iae mode to take his final leave of the graph, if denired.
prafice or the Admiralty Court in indictments arny in ienral, to whom he hall deem himself OTTON, Salt, Brailett hosaiy,
for murder to find guilty or acquit generally. bound in honour to arord, wherever and whene- v.-Wood, Ac. for Sale by ftiPr tm
T re are no intermediate ftagd as at common vcr inquired, his tcfimony of their coUlleivT cad Eruma.

^ *. 'A





NASSAU: Printed b

ON Pedro Manuel Mfquera, Capitan
Pdoto delaSctia San Percgrino, Dun Fran-
nticRv Macire de la mifma Sactia, Don Juan
ginon Sans, fegundo Piloto con is Icgalidad
Jlida raponen puntualmente todo Io acontccido
i d naufragio, que hemos padcidu y es to
Unlendo falide el dia Virnte y fietc de Agofte
Ip urlto de la Havana, para la ciudad de Cadiz,
dtdita y unu dcl inifiomens, a law once de la
sier, fentimol que cl barco havia tocado,
klo, ynmediatamente fe fhif la maniobra de
ior por abantc, a lo que no quifo obedeccer por
Imr fclupido el Timon, y guedar cnteramente
bndo en la Cabcza de lo Martires, biendonol
ndle ctit.ulo dcterminamos picar cl Palo maior1
t0ai1ac cou el fin dc que no fe a hrief tIa barcal
is eta contormidid nom reauntbimos hafta ci
AsdilLr cuia oiora hallandlono con nucve pice
drcaua., c" la hbuoga y temiendo no fe abriele I
SttIa pu eciefcmos miferablenment dilpulimi r
I, trno a a tierra mas ynmcdiata, para cuts fin
r:h lla I ancha, y bote at agua, enibarcandulk
cela el Capllan Maclurc, una: Pafigtrl,
we ciiolz Marint.ios, qul-dadmlof al cuidiado dc
lirrcitailda Satia el Segundo Piloto con cl Contra
Natlrc y idos Mannrtoas. Alas dicr de la manana
kirnficido dia logpranimo cjLr un Cy i dl mnang-
) 1 y a0giin talitriAl., cl qurdA Ct'.e c h11ha cin Ja
cditaia de C.ayi l.ano ; beilicado cl dcicinbar-
ue det 1a Pcict, y cl Maclire enI fu culmpai
nm do Iart,o iadq l Iqua .ilo 'v.i, cot.tcnida cn unus panie-
o; y ali unitiino I plata que piudo dalvarlr, coT-
toilo' clto rclolvriron Il Capitan y Maclirfi
ula rtflrid. Lancha C dt!bulvielc l a la Saetla on
c'lu4 de l It io l uloi, Contra Maeftre, Mls
nnrcis, ) .ilgil viverez y agiau p.aa A. S hli* f-
ca de la gent En ruio tailiiai hallandoue a
rotiu cannlo ila gente iencida ya de rcmac
alularon por cl Nordc do (Goletas uno comrr
kpia y mrlia dPdifiancia, y la otra a una vifta
fnloi rilrtte; co fdimojlracioics baltantenmente
ta.aritllinauiitamd a la Golita mas yinmdiata
UiaL adla la Ci u r, fit Cdaita Griffiths, qua
ta fe havia a lmailo a ni)lutros, la extrcim
matfidad tn qulia hallabanus, pero ella faltan.
0A ala, ilc'c, 4 a humaiidad, fe defentendiio il
tutflta 1fCI I s. lqualcb ti oficiai duda algiina,
yiil. rll rrepcfdasi, y i
arilld.ntamcliuc ue ec cxprclado Capitan dc la
Gll-ta la @Nzc Icconocio neilfram fcnales biro
k bordo, ~ fj adar fondu, como un cable y
ntdio lc i cte a, poco dcfpusc de haver cxpe-
rnc:.tAdo ella trania de la primera Golcta,
actrco .I fegunla a la qual fc le higicron ls milinilf
kIalce, que i antecedente coaa Goletar ynm-
dulalmrnte q h cumprehendio f nos reconocio
rribu fobre n -ras y cntonces berbalmente le
upulimos los Pligrom en que nos hallabamos
nnolapitain lenchli Joaquin, condolienidolet
aItlra defgracial noi adluniti a fit bordo, ai
tilno probeyo al Capitan de la refcrida Sactia de
aia, ui fraico dtl romo y fu b.,te para que coq-
t icief e cft c lIos lifitcltcs ell cl mell-
onado Can qua fc hallaban fumamnente fati
oadsd la fed, lues de recibia ftc focorro
t partino l Capiti la Sactia al refrido Cayo
Prniendolc pr 'ran' Ite at Capitan Beuchem
in f acrI a Iurdlo de la Sactia con nuef
It" Marincrou i niai en la Lancha, exccptuan
dduaque mi rompania ; a fi mifmo~S
true a la genrc de mi tripulacion no per-
lttelc fe acticafe barco alguno a Sactia en
itlicion de io hallarfe ella defamparada.
Miliendo Ilegado el Capitan al referido Cayo
Ptclipo al Macllre y demna gcntc la proportion
hiahavia hallad ara tranfporrarfe a puerto de
lamento; ynf nciado el Mactre e efo de-
teiliiopalar AIdo dc la Goleta, relpedto de
l chendi lcfoi del dlioma Britanico, y Ilegar
dl Aw t la la GIleta Nanle Ic propufi a
allan del nos conducik e al pucrto de Pro-
acia, C nt ncion de rccoxcr lo que pudicfc-
1.4 de la carg. de Ila cxprefada Sactia.
dia doe c Septembrc nos cgbucamos ca l


No. 6i





y Jon WELLS, at the Printin Office on the BAY.

referida Goleta, y feguimoa la derrota a cile puer-
to, en done hcmos Ilegado con felicidad.
Don Juan Ramon Sanz declare tambien en par-
ticular, que haviendoquedado abordo de Ia Sactia
para cl refguardon de ella, y biendo fe acercaba
la Lancha, ditcrmino con los que havian quedido
abordo, embarcarfe en el bote y pafar al Cayo, lo
qual verifico fin haver viRlo Goleta alguna n thaj
que fe hall proximo a tierra, em cuia virtud ifo
_rocuro haccr dilijcncia de dicha Ooleta refpelo
ce hallarfemas adclamtadala Lancha, y fcr cmbar-
cacion de man refiftencia.
Declaran loi Mariaeros Francifco Recohado, y
Juan de la Orriaga que eflando abordo de la Oolern
Nanfe, hieron que cl bote de la Goleta la Cruzer,
fc delftracaba de la Saetia, en cfia fupoficion fe
embarcaro n on ue fra .Lancha, para ympedir el
faqueo quc havian echo loa de la Golela la Cruizer,
effellivamentc lu rjecitaron quiltandolc dos fir-
nrones de inhacodc polvo, y tree caxas chicas de
azucar, todo la qial condrzeron a la Goleta del
Capi:an Brnchem Joaquin. Ella Declaration a-
credic ballantcmc.te la malicia del Capitan
BAHAMA IsLArnro, .
Don Pedro Manuel Mofqiueo Cantain and Pilot
of th. potlacre Saint Peregrino, Don I'rncifcct
lti.a', Maier and Supercargo of the faidI polIcrr,
pnd Don Juan HIamon ianz, fecond Pilot, anil
Fr;enclrco Rocobhado and J in rie la Oriaga, two
S:ilo s of the faid politic, r verally n.ake *,ath a-id
I:y, that the conteilto of the precrceling lrcrlar.,
lion are title. according to their refpcetiivc know-
ledge and bel ef.
Swuorn at Najam in Ye.r-. Praidenme,
this l6to day of Spteimber, 1785,
before mi.
MICHAEL OGANT, AfnlltantJudge.
TRA N S L AT 10 N.
Don Pedro lMaiiel Mofquera, Captain and Pilot
of the Settee Saint Peregrino, Don Franciico Ri-
vas, M.atercand Spllprcargo of frid Settee, and
Don Juan Ramon Sanv second Pilot, do in due
%irm, declare that the following Is a punCtual
Narrative of l.e Slhipwieck they fuflere,!.
Having failed from the Havana the yth of Au-
gufl for the cityof Cadit, on the 3ill of faid
month, at leverfof the clock at night, we felt that
tht vefrl touched, and immediately we enilda-
vorured to put her about, but could not, the veffel
having lolf her rudder and li-ing fall aground on
the head of the lMatyra. Srcing ourfelves in this
lituation,we cvt away the main and fore marls,
l1 the end that the vcffr might not fplit
Sthiscondition we continued tilldaylight, whe
we found nine feet water in the hold, and fearit,
that the vcfel flould fplit, and that we miplt
miferably pcrilh, we concluded to go to the near-
eft land; for which purpose we put the launch and
mall boat into the water, and the Captain, Super
cargo, a Lady paffcngcr, with fourteen Sailors;
embarked in the launch, Icavlng on board to
guard the forefaid Settee, the second Pilot, Boat-
fwain, and two ailorn. At ten in the forenoon of
a'le fame day, we got to a Key, whereon waa
nothing but mangroves and brackish water, which
Key borders on the middle of Cayo Largo. Having
difembarked the People and the Supercargo with
two bags of bread and the mall quantiny of
cloathe that each could fave contained in their
handkerchiefs, as alfouthe f.lver that could be
fived, the Captain and Supercargo resolved that
the launch should return to the Settee to bring
the second Pilot and Sailors, and fome provilians
knd water for the people's fublfflence. When they
rte ahout half way, the people almost tired with
rowing, they aw two Schooners to the North-
ward, one about a league Als a half diiance, the
other in the oriea i wit clear and manlfct dc-


monftrations we made fignatl to the nearest fchoo.
ner named the Cruizer, Capt. Griffith, (that had
then come near to us,) of the extreme necetity
wewere in: butt4hey being oid of humanity, took
no notice of our signals, though we had no doubt
of their being feen by them. We accordingly re-
peated them individually, but immediately that
the Captain of the Cnriter obferved them, he
tacked and went to anchor about a cable and a
halfdiftance from the Settee. Shortly after ha-
ving experienced the cruelty of thhfirft fchooner,
the second came near, to which we made the
fame fgnial, which as foon as they ccmprehended
bore down to us, when we verbally exprefrd to
them the danger we were in. Captain Ben;tanl
Watkins condoled our misfortune, andl received ti
ga hoard his velel, and alfo rrve to the Captain
of the Settee frnme water, a Rlkt of rum. and his
boat to carry thief fiuccor to thlfe on the forefaid
Key, who were fufflring greatly Ly thi n. When
the Captain of the Settee hal received thore re-
frelhments he went to the Key, hilt firf dtfired
Captain Ben;amin Walkins to approach as near
a. prnfihleftthe Settee, with the Sailora that came
in the .Launch, acceptt two that went with him)
"and alfn charged his Ship's crew not to prnmlt
ane vefe! to n alongfide the Settee, on thia fuppo.
fion that fle wan not abandoned. When the
Captain arrried at the forefaid Key, he partici.
pated with the Supercrgo and people, a propor-
tion ofwhat lie hail knd icqnainted them that they
might he transported to a place offafrty. On rcer'.
viog this information, the Supercargo determined
to to rn hoard the Schonner, though he did not
coilrrlehrnd the Britith c0lnms or language, and
on hit arrival on hoard the fchnnner Nancy in the
evening he propofret to the raptain of her to con-
diiut them to the land of New-Providence, with
intention to ret as much as pflible of the ra--a
of the fortaiil Settee. On the au day ofSeptema
her, we embarked in the faid Schooner, and pro..
needed to this port, where we arrived happily.
Don ruan Ramon Sanz particularly declares
that having remained on board the Settee as a
ptiard, and he feeing the Launch approaching
from the fiore, determined with Ihonfe mesthat
were with him to embark in the mall boat and go
to the Key, and in his way did not fee any or
either of the Schooners until he was near the
land ; for which reason ihe did not go on board t (
Schooner by wh;ch the Launch might have been
'forwarded, and be a .effel of more force and rec
Francifen Rocobado and Juan de la Orriag,
Railors, declare that being on board the Schooner
Nancy, thewfawjhe Schooner Cruizer'a boat going
from alongside of the Settee, when immediately
they embarked in their Launch and went with
T;tent to take from the Cruizer'lboat what they
(ad taken from the Settee, they eff rually put
their intent in execution by taking from them two
ferrona of fnuff and three fmall chefts of fuar,
ail which they brought to Capt. Watkins's Schoo-
ner. Thil declaration tefffinc fulciently the ma-
lice of Capt. Griffith.
Df'ON Pedro Manel Mofquera Capitan y Pi.
1 loto de la Saetia San Peregrino perdlda em
Ia Careza de lee Martires, Francifro Rocabao,
Juan de la Orriaga, Jofef Maria Mofquera y Juan
Santiago, Marineros de la mifma Saetia, heimo
villo," cn Gaetta, la Declaration del Capital
Orimfth y trees Marinero* de fu tripulallou que
entire la Lancha, quan4o benia parm borfo, y fl
Golcta, havia un artecife de piedra, y qeo efte
ciret motibo de no havernos recildo a fubordog
a efo dicimoa que no havia tal arrecifel one hee
mony ageno de verdad, qnta el dichoCapitta
Griffith y fi marineroe dlcen 1 fino fer mala in-
teneion, que tenla, porquererfe a prjechar de lto
cfctos que tenla Ia Saetia, y dejarnoa, perecr
come la acreda, con la Propte fa, que hit al
Capitan Benjamin Walkino, endicirle nono req
eiefe a fu sordo fine qie not dejafe que con af6
fe median aprouechar, de todo lo que tenia Is Seea
tin; fa fcr dc adi Comcido s ai mia.I dk4l,


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