Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 24, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00130
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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"'..7.. -1 il t .?,

THE 1. 6

MA ;H GA zE'rT '




NASSAU: Printed by JohN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

af&- : -r

s ItiovrnNcs.
B fq Zt utenant-GOo-ernour ard Commander in
Chief in aad aver the faid Ilands, Ctanrellor,
Vice Admiral, aad Ordinary of te fam, e, e.
n& aAHERBAS It ia Hia Majefty'
l Will and Pleafure, figni-
Sl by his Innlrulioun bearing
Sd at his Count at St Janca's,
a j -[. the tenth day ot Sep tlmher i 174,
that the Lands within his raid
Bahama-.Inlads, fall be frhI ve)ed
r andlnranted on the following conditions ; tl.t lto
Shy, That fortr acres of granted to every
l. ':-and being mailer or miltra of a family, for
oim f hrfelfl and twenty acres for every
il whir and blhck man, woman or child, of which
S' ch family hall confift at the althal time of prant-
S Ing fiuch warrtnts; That all gran$er s be filt'et to
y the payment of tio Ihillings fterling quit rent for
every hunilred acres, to commetice at the rxpira-
tion of two years from the ild te of their ieflrcctire
grants, to e li;aid at the end oifeviry yeartlitrceal
ter, in default of which tile grauts to be void:
hllt his Majefly las been gracionlly pleatLd, ts an
enciurtaiemint to his I..yal Subjuets who have
been residents in any of the or Provinces
now tile United States of imerica, and wh oni
account of their loyalty o his Maicfly, nall or
may willingly, or by com ulfon, remorc into his
fait lflands, to order, at the a it re it to be
referred in t lie several gra t, to bEN'rea.itr made
to his flid Snhjeqts, Tha ot commence andI be
pay able until after the ex tion often years from
the date of their ref()e l grants; w'ich faitd
ratlt1 it is his Majefty's -alWill and Pleal'ure
iall be delivered to the Icev granlees ftic of all
expense whatever: I DO T REFORE, by and
with the advice and conf of his Majefly's
Honourable Council, illue thi y P,-oc!amation,
hereby making known to all crfons concerned,
that upon application to me iii council, lhey will
receive Warrants of Suo-'ey fo itnning out their
lands, agreeable to his Majclly's aid Inltruilions,
and their family lights.
GIVEN under my Hl.ari cid i.a Crnt Sal of
she faid lfland., at A7ari, this fflt d'a of
September, in tme Year eflOur Lord One to ot-
fnandfersenb edr nadelrihl five, nnl in the
twenty fth Year of His M i/', Ri"t.
J Byi b onour'j Command,
S STEn EN H v pro Secretary.
TO B E S 'OL D,,
S AT UBLI. .C A U 9.T IO N,.
W-' W STvert.Ac VA ABLE YoirUO
r .N E oG 0O E S
"i "t whom are Ca rs, a Cooper, IInile-
,* l who are g cooks and waIhe&_
.tW ady young Girl fo waiting at table, andl
y l who have been cn omed to boat*
.i a c. All of th ove Nregoes are
Amrcria Warranted bilk sle, will be gives.
a ':gn,. S hPer 28, 178-. -
S''A LL Perlon-indcbted to the Eftate of the de-
t ''1 cealtd Cap DoNaLD CAMERON, arc re.
lfted to umne tion immediate settlement I and
aobi se deI against it, to give in fate
met, iarci irlttierd, on or before the
ti of Nove rt, to,
ofoug, efpknaer aig r s

,C-" x ..

European Intelligence.

T HE joth of lft month the head of the late
J Grano Vizir Iltd Hamed Pacha wai exprofed
on the gate of the Seraglio t and on the 9th inilailt.
his luccelthr Haznader Aly Pacha matie a public
entry into this capital, and took potlicitiin of 1!he
dignities of his office. The polities of this Minif-
ter are of a complexion different fron tliofe of his
predecefor, lie eting difpoled for war, for which
event every poflible effort i in..king ; but it is p, o-
bable the severity of his temper may relax, when
the conference in relation to aecrtainling the limits
of tlle two empire fi.all be rrtewed with the Im-
peral Intclunciio, with whlom the ncgocition
wa Ibome time fiance fIlfpended by the Captain I'a
clha, upon the iltpolition of thei Grand Vizir, de-
(liniing to initerfern in fort;.g politics, on Lhr ili a
that his time w:i occupied III p. curing privilirns
for the ilhiabitalnts if tle .ity, wio wee thl:eft-
cited v ith famine, and tII ri'prd'.t:g the pit, t.:;r
tumults which their diflrcll',' c:'itetl C on -ai-
fioncrs have lately arrived lier e f'-,' tl e L:gh li
Tartars, inhabitij;g Ceorg i, hn unJer Pri:ice
Hlerac'ius make ,ntinual e i-fi t. I the Pro)-
vince 4o Daglhilan. The I:::c (; it Vizir, anxi-
onti to prelcrve ts.injuility lbei v -. 1'- two lnvi
pecria Cc:rts, dccilimd a i tyl:.p,:. w;th the
IcTlit(iioit of thi L.efgKllii; blut t;cir d l utiles
exped thlei rcauif will I)b ei'jiifedt by l.i3 fiiccct ur.
Within there few tlys t0-e plague !i. gait li ro-
ken out in the fubui !, of Pi rai .idJ alata.
Lonlon, Yute ;d. N,,vthal't 'liEacellency Mr.
Adams is publlicly Iflatiail, in this oiuntly, as
the Ambafl;htor ofAmeria, i tLopic of a .omn-
mercial Interc.)urf r rtvivced, and irntlemnci
loudly argue ftr the piopiicty of the inme:Jre,c
exhibiting the late claiiiorov priceediogs at
lolton Asi an argument ioi the intcloiorfli. rt is
effetnial to men to t :ter ;Ito the difciIP;Eoin of this
point without prejoid:e. I.:t us enquirer liI.utnly
into the fat. Is i rnt erca l to Ite lupply of our
Weft-India iflands with lu lr aoi i pri,virfios,
that tlhe Anmcicat.n. fl:o;:;l ber lulin ed to carllry
them thithcr The af\t r Ito tihe qnefll ini p!
No-fur by ;I petl;on to the flouf of C'otr.onlm.,
lig,.ed by cu' Captains and Owncers of I!hrlp, 1L
lined tl:at they are icady tolupply the 'efll-India
mnailct with American produce.
'hle itorton people Itgin m i:' fc.erely to fre:
the I)icfld eflea 1 ua their indepi ndcilty-" We
have no calhi, dlr trade is it incd by Englili mer-
chants reliding amongll us, who monuop;li/c all
out tradeiL, fay thlly-and then they come to Vtry
wife refolutions of llrlllm thife ruinr s. l'conm-
imcre out oftheir warelihofes, Ihops, holes, &c.
mofPof which they occupy, and make room for
-themfclves to fow potatter and i'a.nips.
The fpihit of eitigrating to Amerio.i, as at
Akugth fubfided ; the mdelncholy reports .en by
tholee who h.le heen there, and brouighl' ack for
want of pt.rfanfris have had a ve y hr "y tffCi'l
upolltlole \voewhoeinamgilnatioisteemed with worlds
of wealth, anid whole chimerical ideas put them
into full ponllffion of them.
.u.n 17. It was well obferred by an old and
refpeiable Englifi author, that taxes and im-
" potitio:s ought tobe in a faLtc, as f.,il in alhip,
"* not to tuiaige and overlade it, but to conduct
" and alTure it." Had this been duly attended
to, he many heavy burdens on the fubie*a, of late,
would have been carefully avoided. But, unfor-
lunately, our plurical pilots lave not cunfidcred
thejult analogy of the cafta repr:fcited in this
Letters from Paris, dated June 20, mention,
that the celebrated Dr. Franklin, a few days be-
fore, had taken hit leave ot the King and the Roy-
al Family at Verfaille, and propoftil immediately
fLtting out for the Portof Nantz, from whence he
was to:eniarik for Pbiladelphia.
Mr. k1.iings has bad the peculiar fatlifastion of
being received with the moal flattering marks of
dllinfton andi regard by the firl cbatar cra in his

kingdom of all parties I his manners are eafy, and
uniafimingi ; le has purchased no bnroughs he
lan purchafell no votes amongft the Propliftors
to whom he is indebted ata time the mot critical
to his own reputation and the intereflt dGreat.
Brilain', for the moft Independent, honourable, and
elrretual fitpport that any Engllihmin', at any pe-
riod of time, ever received from his employers.
Such has been the great influx of gold from all
quarters into thls country within this year, that
the Diiedors of the Bank found it heceftiry to
lower the price on Friday from 31. 1s1. to0d. to
31. i7s. 9t1. per ounce. This sterling fad profee
more in falnur of the Commutation Ta, than all
the fine fpeechetce conflantly hear against It can
couniteradl. .
H.igue, 7nyte. Letters from Mantua advife.
that their Sicillafi Ma efli sarvvedl on the jd in-
flant .t Boulogne, bh i:; met by the Emperor near
the city : that oon the li this illiuhrious company
made a tour to Verona, and retirnCed at night,
after having been piffent at a bull-tfiht; that the
Grand of TulncAlly a.iv elI at Ilouloane the
7th, ar1 tlihat on the qth thle Kin.i and Q cen of
Naples 1rpartedi fr Parnia, ta dil theEmperor
for Crtmona, I.olvy, and lI'via, In his way to
Milan. w: crc :e is to gi.e their Sicilian Majeftic
the meeting.
lt-i-l,.:, Jltnte 28. The famous French Difcoun-
tintt)anik I:l nearly regained ita credit; it now
difonutts at the rate of four per cent.per year I
bills of lc;l.irTre at three months date. The ban-
ker* andt othrl monied men take the bills without
any hcfi!alir' : thcir capital is in hank, either in
ipccic, or in bil:s of Exchange, payable at a nlort
A very remarkable cafe is to he agitated this
finroti at Lincoln's Inn Hall, which is briefly as
follow :-A gentleman who, as a lunatic, had
been for several years under care of the Court,
requclls to hare his ftatute ofltinacy remo ad, to
lihae tie care of his own eflds and person, and
to Ie' permitted to marry, on proofofbis being
fully ,mpos mentis. The relations of the lunatic
(whoi it eetms is really returned tofoundjudgment)
oppoIr the pla of being restored to his proper
IciAr, and crninevt Counfel are engaged to plead
onu both i ild3.
It is certain that trade has not folorithedin Ame-
rica fiance the recognition of their independence.
The fvpit of adventure role to fich a height, and
fuch yina:iti't of good' were poured into the
ma2i kl, that the pricesofall kinds ofcommodjtlei
I'il below pi;me coft. The farmers had therd-
vantage of this overflow-They bought every
thing that they wi'nted at a rate uncommonly
cheap, anti they fold their comoditie in ret
at thet own price. The Merchants hare the
I:cen ruined, ind every fenfible man is turning
views to agriculture, while theviolent advent
ale making unw;fv and infigniflcant ref
against the Britifli Mtcchants and Fac M
;t the fame time they never can carr
7uly r. The Dilfop of Ora
peted to vifit England In the cou
From the continued residence of
Ofiabrugh i his .own doinions, Br
of course increase in fashion with us, as
ing military academy in Germany.
Mr. Yelverton, who is shortly to be
to the Houfe of Peers, In Ireland', was fe
an Ufher at Buck's Academy, in Kin itre
Oxintown-green, Dublin. His knowledge of thi
claffics was extnnfive, his Irtniulatinn cear and
diftint ; and, by the advice of his friends he ad-
ventured to London, where, he entered himfclf.
fudent at the Temple, and, during his terms, he
fupported himfelfin company with Mr. Scot, the
present Chief Jullice in Ireland, by a translation
of 'Taitau, and occasional afilitance to the daily
prints and pamphlets then publilhcd. The canf
of Ford against Fori a moft remarkable litiga-
tion In the fonr courts of law in Ireland, brought
thber Oentlemnt forward, and their reartkabl

~- ~PIIhas1~It

r JiP .



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