Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 17, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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te prop cto introduce I bt,'at all events, their fer from that princitl, dr fuel I o had farificed the claims of the revgrlt r
claims weeraot very important, amounting only their opinlooa t a narrow felf.iiterefl, atnd always llJ pfco.urema p teLAldl
to 3,oiool. The Committee would fee from Ruckto thlt Ilde, which they thought at thelime it would e but iftice that if t
hence, that tere ought to be a proportion i the mothikely to Itrcdall; trnt it appeared to, there with their and t ihe. p
relief granted to the fthllercr a proportion go- that the weight of rn erous. lnconrtlient, and "lainu that bhe ld been allto leda
vrncd bythe different degrees of mrerdt in tenoth- complicated tanes, Inho iflia. e the Houlfe of efr, Pr re to be laid hrb tee.t
mance, to eichrtain which, lad been the rouhbjet h Commons more careful, howbthey laid frblh bur- ni ghfalmo vd o ber tcom l ei
the Commulicfait er in dividing the whole into'puld then on the people, and that a fuller enquiry into that had governed the' d t te
rate claffen. It was not, he taid, his idea thatjhe the hifory ant pircfet circumltanrfnc o thoe ul.o~a milt onere with ireduptto tach.e Co
whole e of thi.e claim should now be difcharg edo forh, named fr the more proper, a it would prohs- Mr. Cait m ight afih appear on h
and ion what he propod should be done, he in bly be found, that the fatal American war wa tion the other d mad. thought .
tended ato arne a Athe the piolabilitr y of.Tnin cponlinued to that parnicilain length h by their en- that 'he should oltbed to Ilay tn
of the ffplpernr receiving that amend ial another courage threnit all in ing thpi. He could not but Parliament, unlerf the Hert. Oentle
place, to which they were entitled, on the grlowuda think, that the promoteer and obfilnnat adlie rcii their, and moved likewif e for thei
olaublic faith twd national confidence. He flot ld Pt, that w cr, if they had fih decency of rlepehtace laid before the Houle; and at the O fe s
fo the proftot peropoe that the fim of aJo,uool for the mifehirf- they had ocrafinrtd Ilhouh Iland it appeared what reduioins the Conh
should be granteit for the purpofe ot paying po forth, and ffcrv to contribute largely upon this had I inade, it might indl appear on what
rech on account to the American Loyalitta, by otaaion ; that the noble Lord, the great clanimn aI l red nt uio.s vew l made. He th liht
way of aiffrding them a p1rtforry relief.y Th i, trin of: tha ,e w yargeleln w n ho % .Iou i'teadt to It tl pro per bop or'~ a H -alt a U
rum to he apportioned to the fovcral elaflh raectr- ;,y thirteen fliilinga in tiie pnndal for (at ryii' ;t li tiniiinig their cnrqrv that what the
dung to the rate of orl ty per C eitt o the allowend -thI e Mreaitllac. npo pncipld It. Pc*nob. nPLI- liourr Chal dnnefr oulft he h&recL
claims of the two 6fi t clafles, and aofo per cent. tion-allfa feacril diftinguffiicd ol tindlo o the lac- a. thbre might Ibe rules W paid of.
an thofe of the ot hers; he Nfi, lie as the more ient Minaifltr--a, d theqvariontly wih pliaon, I I.r- froiti a very lreri ti io i r the
happy in thuly frnglthing that l Ci cnevInr lencean t ons, who had cnrichcd ta cllVr.n, wl:ie Ithe flioall'! illi tio l.1v that matihell uribl
ju"icep became it coiull he u fl'ad without nny poor cwtic fhornig,' lhoi'd n te lionir ainctid, to I rvr Iill parred, v. which mau nbwhe r
direnw bryth n on the Iptopl. h1,w thili pfli wal the plhlic, by oahlilg Ilit hurtli it ol idll tnmifi a t r lie prlnit t wou d t iit rfei and tr
t be raised war ni t at prefion t clmmtdultely I ia i tilole tf thle I.oyalills n w. Mr. M.tihi n f ilr i iti O II pn their tioikst on the it o theCly.'
duty to explai: oi t)iihe CiontnattrC of Walyanlc hiar really at o ra pon pil nicipl e le A'blc h oli, r e Crrei'r oi t approbaoon oU l
lean ftoulld hi ; i fr the ; o athe 1t, thlerefre lie it was trite, banad ftcqu ctly wih Al I:a tiiill lahlt ,;i r ill ite ci other le I. r R air thkpo rth
flioilal oa:ly no.'nolli that the plan ('t rtalrng that (if uiadatlnatcd ctllrage called hlonipy i-r cruil ta IllICt l.irl;,inicit. What thm honourabt
fii'n was b'y a ILotaery, which fiorn thi,' pr ipalial bill the tw "rdle Loirdt o oght iiiit lt .iic ini,4 oiaii mnlaot aaaidoncrld fPeard "Jimer t
hle liatd rccetis 'i, he had ra alia t a lavi'e ada ttc rou I t m it loe fiac h challengt'. ,M r. MhIr .n Ci l l, it piv 'hnal dl I ietcy to hitil If toi theofhat h .
Po itLice the fa11an of' aii i .li. II ther 1crt e appni-red tOli hin tat fatvotr n -c ii fi c( i i iri-I1tier' r, tIi haIve t lie apyroara on of PetlarI
nioc i', ilt. inf tin mwan v lho it '; kntr'orn \ vol,' l of their procccdigps. lie made no fkrup tol .
J hat the of e eran*. I I'. l l ',fght, foI that this etittty t ii a cou it tl r fin the kiirwle Iger oir opilton he h to;
Majtfy for the picfto rheile"' d Ion 'uni 1 n'e.fue I ft' its bred of nollc hlood<, .',al C:ni m:rniiiler'., from tile conmuncationtatlluat
fich perfmns who have I' fler in Lth lr lei s fl k d lence, lifl iti', .*nl n ifiiFrci ., t) ilt fT; i hrivren tIlmi, alill from there andei
Sand propeltie;, and havo gil .it tt ;itory 'thie public wiclare; thabt tlhe nl,:i o ih n 1a) -i liy rith R Ipol init -rlves, le entir.lyapproned
'' proof of the lolli' they l'a' r drrcd al i y i,;ir thi y 'il mall it,: itl to,. h I! ii l iid irht hlit> I i daol iL, ;Inl ad no dotal theHonl k
CommilitE necrs apripointed fo r that pil pole," c ftll i.ta l ,f li [I i i ii ih thl:t )(- vii:dl c'ltiilie it pac The famn con ldeceii
Thi Ri'.fol"liIn was ta lcil. f n hoe h"l t.aght the i it i 'i'; iand thcin, that they Ini viry f rly placed iothae
Mir. (C arf nexl t rtle ul ,i l .anolog lted to the t ol[ l a hl lt ) in Ih, I'''ii. th, )l lh, .t Ia ,i oll fI e p Ilig 1 f to he ald.
C tnmittcc fr tte trouble he v i, a.iii ito gi le oilyrafi.-lIng that hfir '.a I Cie iict l'hc Anit(i Mi~i. /It/;; :,t laid, that lie fbould confinehliaf
them, Ilcvlarinel that lie' ft .d J il tlhe place ol cai wai, the llIionrialbl i '! C- ti' i l ii p lli ;[t l n the rcafaonl lthl c I honorable GCulemasl
onc if tlhe MIlihbei s for H rl.ll re. Il tlh.n wcutl lhinfclf ioin leite', I) ,' '- tic h b'! t dic- it I; iven'n for rriom inllting the Report, namli
into a Ihort Il.itlniiet of ilh ii r I rf r. Ph'ili 'g C th n Lo ii lipt ,ge f th n e Loi li that lh might Iflke a.m i tion for certain lilhtbh
te i 'intor ot ccri in iiafria ao inf.a-, in petf C f alnietfr/riii f/lyr.'. namely, *; h iio.m t a l'arl] ja' iiiiil. Hle did not ier any good pnrpof reid
the excellence and u:ih:y (f wi;clh It treaita ca r-i- iIInt. Unit l th b ntlls ,. I be in i iti! Ibic, a, pr iion could alnfwer ; h e fnppofed ipplicla
ficate of ain office, al, hia I r-rcntlly tri,:d tlhc and thi itii'b; c i'iiiiAio'l"ii to 1 I I err Illy. tion hall been made to the hoiniurale Oetdlemol
P, %idcrs. lie mentioued that iin it;3t, Bill [itI. MrI. .M il la.ri, liit poni t;. o. cafion lie Iby f;ine of the parties, who wified h; but e
cie that loufc allowv'ie Mr. 'hlibli| uu lv. fur .a cind int bi ut :im. nlt the f,'it'' ice of Ithe ruich donlited vhetlier it ei-nld be agrenable4
full diftovery of the iigreillenta of hiii powdca.i ;, public in the crent iae irn.T n td aga iof tit l the partlcs in general ; Acatfe the layingilthbef
hut that bill failed in the other lol.a His puor- prcfitct Miltii. r, on at-count ot ;n in; ai'licioiu ta'i, Partliament, would immediateltaaufeltto he*ylls
p rte now was, he faid, ito in ve for Iifo all a fi \vl t ti Ih ian'- tilc tily lec '.l corro pltely to fit. nd it might injre or affr 9 their r
at one thIlirfand pounds, .i h'whicli Mr. Ihilipis IIhgI. tht trint.ou. ri .ancce of the Al i-ica i :*o d i ctrotintion on the other tde ofe Athe ik.
would be contentle.. Hie moved acncrdingI war, ai I lie never to-be-i go'tlen infiir orferel IIt vwil)l not lie ine carv y this modleto F.
and the Cotmmitl. divi,.-l, Alj 6,'.. NV i 14. to there Ipulbi in the coalition ,lClie two ni-*n lho tl in what was reported dlte to them, oMe1m
Mr. al.,rin withicd to knol' of lth Ii( pit ut I had I' v ,ltutly and fo cL'nnalitly otpo:lu <, ] cac tlity world know that in a very (hor' timh, wil
the It lu'tlin, relative to thl I iv. other during thIh contifi of i. they wrie paid 401o. or tol. or any other glets cf
alillt wol'tl be made i:xt div, as, lie Iu I. lie Mr. .,, l.;a IrAid, that in regard to a lotlery, he I per cen on the total oftinhir lonf perhatMI
Should g~,e for a paper irfpcling thcn, whiicih 1I l..1 ht -y furry if it should be necelltiya, I wa. the only lobjettion that could he ebroeph
he tholugt ought to I .'e been beclore the Cum lthat it a~.t always attended with infinite prcii.liae I att:inlt a partial payisrnt, that the claimantls4
naittee. to the norals oii the people, and greatly lironitlted llno'., by that mrearca the determination of .
Mr. F-.. olerved, Ihat the Coinininiieras it tl e ci rulilou.s a.d lernfrive practice ,f ai n- Cn, illionuiitnet, bcflor ie wholewagoneth
whom the American caiinto had been rearredl, lb.ii ;--iti4 deeply imltprnied wti iah i cle ail at.lifidereaCd ltog.tho i Al to layigtltRq .
wele cc tiny entillcd to tome compcnitvioln foa which lie .ad(, hli fe ecd, abt very inlliTel ly h before Parliament, kt w a matter that reqt ii'
the trouble and pain they had taken in the dif. trndaiavoutr l to communicate to tlte Ilitlie, lie nmIch conlidcration; there wtre many ranlr
charge of that bulin. ft, and prefumed it was the Ihoiuld ihunmily move, whictlh Iigh:t make him with to have them *
intention of Government, that they flhouil not be Thait a correct lill of tile names f tholll' per- Il'.liannl 't on the othtrrTiand, there were mr
forgot; he therefore, akcd, would not the pre- foin who have delivered in their t ti he obitjlar, to It; ihe Iad rather the lolei fotalu
fent be a prper time to cone io vote io that Conintllioner faor Lettling the clams .i ithe i ,.Ige ii th2m hll.n hinf il f: onething lwasnplt -
fubjled, ant desired toknow tile fcriunncitofthl Amni ican loyaIlils, be laid btyore fa I litfe t ent, that the Hiigt Ionourable GOetlemanM -.a
Right IHon. Ga ntlcman opplo.l i to hill. a6 loon a-. it can be made oat; loqelcr witlh in ,, lroughthe forward : d meidure folr .. '
The CiarIl/or of t/ie Ar.ri paid a i.urime "l the aiinot ot ench t original demand, and like. ieir toi the faint find ai, did by t '
compliment to the Commiflionero, hlt lthoght wife whatha, beep allowed by the unnmmilion- fare rire an approbation to what hadbeen
on fuch occali~t as that in which they we're en- ecr tao rich cl.imant. unter the at.
gaged, the payment ought alwa.ya to be diccrred After adtradig the motion, Mr. Martin fiid, that Colonel D,,dnai faid, he could not helpIEhf
until the hnfintfs should be finillled; he r. pcted if it nfliuld appeir clearly to be the r fner cnfea that opportunity of aiing that lie likcwifct*(tlf
that this ilea had not been originally alopited in iof Ihe lotule that the papers moved ,lor ought not many inconveniencifc m:ght arifc fromJpyilltlt |
the cafe laf the Commifniuners of Accounts, and 'to be I Inted, I would Dot trouble gentleamellt eports before Parliament.
he thought it by all means advifeah'e tofollow it hly a da but that he itould wath theaiction tr the i ohition be read afecondtisn .
in the prcdeont initape, admiting however at the 4to l;and I-. the journal*, that the Iublio plght. 'Mr. DemptFer faid, that for one returnedW
fame time that the Commiffoniers for.icquiring know haatheir Repreenltifta hbad not ten thank tli the Riglht Hol arable Getletn
into the claims of the American Loyali1.t, ought wholly I ftlive to the hbjecl, atd that i,,ne the meafuto he had ralreght forward in favor,
by all nieans to be liberally rewarded. fublitatial Itl-n. hald4 bng ten why it wold be :the Lrvaliwf ; that he toou t opportiiit fitA i
HIouI of CosMMNS, 7aun t. i"mp 'per that fit~lch paper flould no be laid Ibe- rprcfiing his .ntireondtte n the Gatia
fore ih Ilonalai. vrh'v were appointcto coecrethis ae, "
The Report of the Coninlitte of Suillly having T'he Spe.ker told thlI Honourablc (entlemacn lbliercd the ylifna t a' the me;f'dc
been brought up by Mr. Gilbert, and rad la 1rft I at the proper qruhoi for lin to intrudcali 'ihre wre a few points hewifi tomto
'Mr Mar t t h a n mtioi world be, to,move for tlie rej iffit- tL, Right Honoirable Gentleman, thatwa .
Mr. Martin (aid, that though he had not the ment af .tIbe lRport,, andtlie, tou mteni,,for the tend mntch to satisfy the LoyalifR s comnpleili. i
honour of beinta mn'ch jcquaittod with a7y of papers Je owilhre to hbia faid before l e Cunamit, Ice- fatllot. The Bfrflt sa, that th c o 1
there'fpeeab]egentlgrten, whpohadundertatken(to tecIts tjick it OvhldhIoea immhted. "'a,' -aittobe paidby inItalhlnentl, but be pl ,1.110
examine the dlaim of thole pCion., c.lfe~l Amc- Sir ,djiff iMe ) a few words on the Tub.- firh finance; the other, thatfomethitog S.
rican Loyalifts, yet from the general good cha- ,ed., an.I had apprehended, until nowi, that the done for pcofcltiolal men Ic lo, that t
raqer he heard of them, he had no doubt of their paper ldefircd by Mr. iltlnhi lud been- Rbeore: the ali -wAinohed that whatreed idn-nlfould a -Ohd55
being worthy of any Ittug that could properly be Houfe. n their penlons, Isoald ide by
repofed in them ; but tht he thought, that in Mr. Maiq.( faid, he flilhbie pefeaty fairal et, on the pont ld n e t
mntters, wfh'he tke',inerdta: of the conmmnnty with any mqik by whih his obj d could be ao'. ttly receirtid'. e anw:
were deeply concerned, that' fhe teprc'natliveo eompli ntd,hs,0ould thfrcfo- c follow that whi h. artin'a fpeecl hih rfi1etl e the
ef the people flaould, as rfA, s was polflble, fee the Speala luid rccomqepedl,. and secordingly n generall. l an id, the AW a l'"w r
Into cecet thing with thdr own e(ei. He Ut tfe'd, moved fr,!tha heteprt, Me., f'ua which diLvcd. the b d the h die ..
he was totalMfree from Ahy Tpirit of cruelty or Martin aied, thanthe muoqn tnttao nll to have nen; and, notwitltasding he was uanl ,
revenge, but that he could not but make a cdier- made hart bgei fuggeleld to nm y a very valuable against it, ehiit the whole cout5yT 7s wad *
encehin his 'own mind, between two dclfcriptionl Mend of hit, a Member of thatlouo-. it" yet he always tookpleaft tolma f thm.t
of Loyallf t, namely, flich as Iholld appear to Mr. Eden, faid, that aa the Comminfiosare had lived in a country where he could m alitaba
bhatated iupop iuniplc, howretv he might dif. cxetrifcd a .fae tion ig their dCtcrmaUtion an opinion, though it ni hatbg elhtnah d t

__________ ...- _- .... --...
-1 __ -ira-va

r _


The C luMtlr Ihe Bxcheqatr faid, that with
rd to the tit, heilwaiys Mnlended the LoyA-
lb. 6fould beali! in the firit Inlauce which would
ibe the ca e I; clufe, al the 5o,oool. was only
it of the whole forum to be adeand, and that
Aim would be pid In on4he Bri payment. As to
o.foluenal tIlef, which were looflq of income, it
was Impoflible to maki them any rccompence out
r' a per centage on rofte fum ; limit that he had '
blended that the rlctilon made'from thofe who
eieved partial c penfation, should be applied
ald the temporary lpport of thui who had loft all
,iWual income ely.
fColonel Dua thought it proper to Rlate that
i Cte was a ret of claimants to be mentioned for
he onfderati o of Government, namely, perfoil
who had made g eat gain by the war.
'IMr. If~imot aoferved, that the perfonshwo came
bidt that dcfcription wgre e ry' indeed;
whch he mentioned, left an idea fhoul go forthl
that man oftheflr perfonehad made considerable
forluiel by the war, which, he was fairy tio fv,
was not the cale.
paso, yute 17. B an irret of Council, dated
the joli of this r inoh, the firL thirty volumes of
Vgolairc' works, ptle by a foreign literary fo-
'dc,ty are fnpprend; d a fine of nooo livr-e or.
,drcd to be levied ollthver dore not bring his
l The arirt add, th8 cfe works are fupprcnled,
because inimical to morals, and the authorl-
1y hofhe dIlawt. I
SLodon, ounr 19. he H. of Commbns oil Mqn- '
day, camt to the It folltrwing Rlolutiorns, viz.
Tlal the 1t1 of IlI. rlo. per cent. now
ptialie con *o n gc roles prices at which te+
a forld ci) Cag0lcud, 'lita a a diity tlpni all
ta, liha e delivc-,d to thie buyt'rl by
.thr IE 1. -ln- n i rny, thel e Ic.1 be paid L l.
e l tI*t r; o.tdhulier dtlt of 7:. roe. per celt.
to b cInli;'n ilpo n the ge gIofls ricr at which
fucrl t1n IIA il r li to llie 1ilh iLi LOth be paid
byites of t he r eir' t o' o inp ,]lly.
'liI th w b grcft.ii,,ing the
t:\vw \ ,i ,, l 'tf t1l ek;I. of tc:,Iny i|uinJ i )
wth't be r- pc.iLd.rAn.d, ,- a bill c(dclcd
lno lIII In Iir n so u n thli Itcfilutioni ; and pro.
litio t. (lirt'.r d tc Ire ,.i.L il the bill Ir the '
elf rs Cr tile Lltlifi, to atXliciin the cxnD rioltion
U, .uay counll were called to the
bar f !u ie of Peers, to be I yCj on the
Srit' the King aguilt A~ lte, when
aftrr t, i-' Mi. Bacruofi tlid M cLliodt for
M. A': .lie Attornoy aMlI Soliiiltc. al;
on bli. i 1 the l rown, tihe following quellion
was p r i the Jiuiigs prefcut. .
\' .I there I any error in thie record of
Tl.e I I Chief Ten of tle Cost of Pxehe-
uer di :. inl thinanimous opiiiiia of the
Judges, Ihat t e is no error in the record of
'lejiut I.- t." fc Lord Chancellor then Ioo-
'il 1" tlbadgment ofthe Court tfl King's
leinl be .In i,"' ichic upon the quellion be-
ip. rcd accordihRgly.

1'HE l. 1i.beb intl ning ti) embrace the op-
I pnir l; ,) of a rafl' -e to England in th .
Tranirport tl'finllc of returning his mofl
atiful itl iL i, thllfe who have been pleaf.-d to
iouir him ,a i ticir Cufoam, andi reqiifft nil
prfnim ton rhim hie is indebted, to render in
taci of tli .,i'ntr on or before trhe 31 dlay of
'Oober ncx: An.d all thofe who are indebted to
tan, are hr i.), (di hred to make immedliate pay-
ast, or their accounts will be put into the handss
l lan A tto r , '.0 .
in Wii llt 'i'av nertat ten o'clock, will he fi)l
hitehopr :it th; core r of the' Parade, findry
'ltiel t l -i 1 r Gold ali Silver Watches.
Sectteadily rihd ght day Clock, Table anti
'.a Spom.n, \V I Makers and Silver Smith's
1nlh, hL;Il \\ le fmall lots for the
n'eniency o,' prc irers ; alfo, a few gal-
l JrImaic.r I n d fundty ot er Atticles.-
L K E W I ,'E, or
At thle nfar, tn:me wII be foul, that plfafltas
IlIate Shoprl fI;nahle lot a retailer, anl may bhi
,vel very coi-rienitly to any part the pircha-
knray chure. Alfc, a Negro Boy iell known
ae. compete waitlr, ha;ing been ai' attendant
ve''s I n .ill St. Au gufiiie for I(ceral
I' Ua eking, an) is of a proper age

14, t178
ving d ants a fttEftatt
of IHOaTIo SarT Efq; I r ComfiflTlry
'ifinine in St. A l ine, v pleafed to'
in iates f th e p r ttefted, on
: t:me the Il day of November to
Attorney for the A larit.
ak'u, S~,ftmber 24, 1785. I



NASSA U. S iEPT M nB 24. SUCH Loyali .lls h to embark the Trtnf.
O N MIfday the G r ml t re p ser unde my direction for lggland, ar
be GetlcrM Lv rnherr hereby Informed that they will fair4 wlnd aiid
QNT We d rifda y tt re
b h.aiZ the 4 .'oppnd weather permItting, t, Thurlday the 6td O&o-
a cl-eees,. 'oos q .... tTr naote I.t. Appkcatlor for Patage muf be made on ot
SAGale oWiI'd, whi .rinl bteore hurfda next. And it is required, tha.

hiicnalby varied fnoetiaea a few paipta to the Gonasrictr, to
forenoon. as continued 'lll aq .--, the flons app n g, will produlle Certificat o.
cone onCukrable In t iao
a rll r rfottics tef a e int t the aLie t. ROBERT IEAVE
Eaftward, at others to the telwardl, during the t L/
afternoon and tvcniis.olf Wednefday. At mid ge to rlpor. .
I r and on Thn Naau, September 4, sy "
sight tile wind was atW.4.W. and on Thurf- Al", Srapm-lra,.. ts $.
day morning at N. W. Atthe day advanced it Uh S T IMP, TED,
backed more to tire Weftw and at the hght I the hip Mascu P tL r,-Capt. JoI s
of the aletween o a.d l 'clock, blew with, fTrom o o al
amazing violre, accomip with heavy rdin' AN D r ,B 0 L
from W. K. V. In th noon it came to AND TO BE SOLD
Weclr anciat iglht In th ward ofit. After WHo.rsat a and RETAI L,
several heavy Ihower It gradually no- By Falconer, S reff & Co.
derated. By Falconers S1 i IT Co
The Ship Hlope, Ruaftl's Ship Yard, a At their STont o the DnY. _
was ilriverrfrom er g, and carried a Sloop tOUR.F. and single I.a Hoops
belonging to Mr. A g of Abaco, with her; J.J reeled Loaf Sugar filk tlicoart
at is o'clock ol y the was feen driving Hyfon, '1 sE Cardinal, ermined
before the wind oun o fea. She had only her Green. AS aloctat Fr ine
lower malls in, ot a fail. Several people S"ouhong & r S A at variety ofiblboous
were on board b of her and the SloOp. A B ehn LJ. silk and Twill
fna.illvEll has lns gone in queft of them. Currants and Raifinl. e .Sarfnt e
j The Ship. Sally, rifa kill, nrmoe aeainRf Capt. Brown and n'ilte S se, blue, e,,,n & Ms. f
Johnllon'a whaif, and is much inluredl the Candy rar Macen TaCrefa D
Tranfport Ship Polly, King, drove ashore at the .Cin nc.i .oun. .u rh e
White Grdulc, lit i3 little hbnt the Brig Ba. Mlace Srot, fine Cl. I
hamna is all, rlllore, wilh the loft ofher bollfprit. Mulard. Sallid Oi 'Striped Gu cre
Upwards of tbl*' Sloop, and Schoonrrs, with a pikhle,. Kerhrup W'menl. Stay
number of hoatil, ,e a.rounnd on the southern Barley, Split Pea Ladic. Morroco. Shut
Ihe iofthe ha Ioit. I C;i an nd L onio ed French Heal,
The Tranf1lolt Ships Two Sifterq. William and Porter Ditto Callinmiaco, black
MIy. nd the A with the Ship Mercury, M.reira, Port an he.ry & rolour
GIllfpic, rode out lc Gale. \V ine Wonin (inse leather ilca lf t ilence with which the wind .Mrt BnrDc and Irrk Puamp,
blew, may he o l from its tearing i, Iy the 1T''pentie Sl. r Girls and Children: Mo
I rgft, fcial hie largefInt ntree r Li Chectsal.d Suipes rer h
It 'h lf Iulal i by Ihe Cottorl Planter! i very al""ned Men aorl
rat, inut id willingly hope it has been .r.i"" Checks Y iounth; onlDnin ditto
S e. Be o-Bed Hunt', Ticlrg l'nen line toont
ir ate r Dyed and India Jcans and Fine wax.edCalf Skins
-- Teaneer women Sirr Corton ud
S I l P 0 R T 1T P. l ai, lId lrurrled Dimilies Threal Fl,Be
S val .ndc Inmerial Ri Men- d to doditto
In the Ship MErlicvY, C pt. JOHN GILLF PIE, Qit.lng. ,can.lI rnoch M]Tens & Wornml, Silk do.
fm .M*our (rcll.n C *'-.e'.. Wcsi.cnrl CnUlit 01n tl
A N D I 0 It S A ,L E, A r-c iriL rerd e Micsr,
On the mvn. R1eairbl/ Trrmr. I in n, ( h.r, e: tall. Hahlt and lean ditlo
By JOHN DENNISTON co 'i"i Ptie,. I'WuM n Sblalka nd vhilt
-/I ..... 01o Ditrlto I1 P-nt4 anl Cot- Silk dlrco 1
WiHOLF3 lt .and H 'TAII., tr, l lidkrh'f Ditto Wail and Italian
At his SrTO R in FRU~Da ICK STREET, 3.4. 7.8 rd yard 'wid Brown Camblct Uoac *
For GCSt, Bilis of .Exchaivre, Couton, Broztile Irit l.inn' Cloaks
and otler Ur.vsed. Set of Chints Borderine Cotton alttre Jar;pe "
SrPERFINI" Itd Sritinng Paper, Wan and Sired Check and plain Frminewanbrin ditto
( 'I &n onlul, & SWome i Silk Stockings. r I & NLedile wrouht Chec allMLinen Shirlt
nfle & coniI no B et Gloves and NhMi't,- '- Yard wide Saulfie Shirrs
\h h i, ire I at Ditto wlle and colored Bne'r Muillln I 'nen T'ircn, Duck and
red llianllrs I.eahr dilr Mulin Nr, & ISi n lI'ava I rowfcrs
Crecn and blue Iaizei India I'r'f in, fGreen, blts Book MAfllS in :l 1"'7 ie ranval Frncks I
Surioul ,nd I Wa.h Cloats white & black Sarlrcnet wrl-:!hr Iiandkerc cfo l'arnnught ('reirc oatis
baih.i' J. ceirl I rowfers, Mock Qeilting. Cotton long and lFruokI and Shirts Ciountcrpane nc ('amnlrrick i Jea and Camblit haol,
l(ilh I.sIen 4-4 7-8 J-4 Pctli.n Qnih, Scarlet lrit.inii., Coats -
wide finalss Nankers Purple, h'ue, pink,
,Dowla., Law & N n'rr, Drown andl Ruifia black Durant qgiI I
' Broln IHolland Blak andcoloured Sawing She,- rir.e Petticoare
Kitui and rith She a ,' L Bro..., Silfius Mens black Hat.
Camhricks, dqtar L B.omhazcen, C'rans and MitH nbac: . Plain and fcented Halc
Nte'li wrought ilrto riflce Stulf potted I.aivn Gauls Powder -
Apron, .and lkce- A vci iry of lalhionable small Shawls Hard and fort,Pnomatirm
c lhie, i t'ir'ns i: t'lo', C and Powdern Boesand Puffs
Prcnted Calico stuttn ,Mralfs .r n I Pl'illaw ,i C(carrf and it O n I areadar Water
.i*ite and Jins ik. .iwn ind Muafl;t 'hrcad GlauCber Wa'r, Ipeeacu ans
aid Jeanet ITan ilkherchl f s , naihurg & Ta Camomile Flower
l.incn and l Ch 'ck, I. ViII. A Andrew r .yI Oznahrp g Rhuharb, Cream ofTa0l '
and Strip inr C'di Sail Clih, No r lnihamnl' Tinlure of '
bilk, Thillc n Colt n ., F. t,. and aid. ,Jails Suipcrlne Bla.k Cl Bark
lklinia Crid Cru Cr and Hand Sws Blue and otier fall able Liirfeed Oil and Painta
.rannts Calimancnes and Taimnics Fahionablc Shoe. Knee, Blul Callimeret China Ware, confMing of
Printed Hag~ kerchiefs & anid 'llk Ducklesl nifrlhte Flanrnl Porter Mus, Ton Pod
Shawh Snutikr bIlack, while and b ue enamell'd Pint Baorse,
nanaburg W Colton Cotreau, & Pen-Knives Tammnics pintenarncll'd Cup
Bagging Shot from'No. 4 to 6 Ditlo, ditto Dirants Saucers, and Bre al I
Tapes. Hnirr I.Lace LoaflSuigar, Black Pepper Saulietta, Denitfm Sells *
NIl Tfor o omNo. 11 Polana Sterch, Scented Mourning Crpels Glaef Ware, Yelrr Ware1
to 69 Hir Powdaer Bombasaerl, C'iblstle Tin Wate ,
Coloured O1smaig Mauulb and dipt Candles, Three pint Blantets Hard sad a.llery ditto
'hreal 1'urponrine Soap Sriped L.infey Matranffe An Afitenment of Iro-
Men, Vanuth, and Chi- Sll Mnrd Hat rathra different fies monrery
drens coloured & blaid NomtregsCiannrmn ea cilours 6, 8; ro, o1, o 4 Jod, ,
liate Cve. and Mace W e and ne thread pike Naib l
Moo,, Boys, Girls and Hlfun, Oreen and Bohca EJIgin; Oun Powdar
childreai Shotes ad e O I Ditto Thread I.ce Shot No. r to 6
Pumps RaifiAJ and Currae6 .l Black I.ace. Tapes Pump Leather, O aki
Women Silk and Cali- New Rofe Buttetl Lcawn and Leoc Handher- Roll Sheet .ead '
manca ditto Cal Porter c.ief. Deep SeaLines, Leg
BihleI. Tclasmenti aud .Doable GloueefterCheele, Black Thread Hmbro' do. Fil~ n dltto I |
Spellig &lk &a. &. Ac Shire Barton, and Mollda Sewing and B6eie win e 1 I
SA L S White Chappel Needlea Cordage, &A. Ac. Ie. -
A few PI Jamaica. and Widwaerd land Rm Pound and Paper P
SMcfs el I'ok, Bip and Pilo kt Whii wit th cih r A' ortmnta, will be SeI'
tMadrk r She Wr fc Ac. c. tt Tns.
:.10 *

Vot *IL




4d. 6o;

GA7FZrl iE


From S AT U R D A Y, SEPTEMBER 17, t S A T U R D A Y, SEPTEMBER *4. 1785.

NABsAI: Printed by JonN WELLs, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

Europef Intelligence.

LONDON, Jue 9.
PRINCE EDWARD, whodirembalked at Stad
Son the l3d ult. was met there by his two
Royal brothers, the Prince Billop of Ofinalurgh
and Prince WilFare Henry, who waited his arrival
at that place for fome days. The next day they
went to Lunenboutg, where they flept, and from
thence proceeded to Hanover, where they all ar.
rinvd in perfed health,
1 le events of the two late appeals of Inchiquin
ani Fitzmaurice, and Morgan and Jonce, wi;l
fervl to cool that spirit of attack which has ol late
fo wantonly arifen against the decrees of ite Lo d
Chliicellor. InI the flr car:, the Houfe of Lorlds
decrnlinted that thes1ppellant w'i intltled to
Jo,cool. ad to no according to lhe original
drcle :--in the la TFafr the only v.uiiation that
w,, imadt In the ticcrte, was in favour of the
it f,l,indiot, iMrs. Jones, who ilnflad of having
a6.oju,. according to the o iginal decree, will be
n,*- cnittltk to about at,oool. for principal, inte-
rnLt aid cof(t.
Jins1 so. Y(ferday Mr. Gilbert male a Report
to thle lonfl of Commons, of the fi.ven sefllutions
crmne to in Ihe committee of wa)s and inans, oil
Wedncfday laft, and which are velbatim as fol-
low :
Icfilved,. That it is the opinion of this Com-
mitree, that towards railing a supply to be granted
to his Majclly, his hels, and flsccellore, within
th kisilomn of Great., by every male per-
fon, never haIing been married, who Ihall retain
or ,rnsitny any female frrvant or levanta, the
f ral a.ulditional fume following, that is to fay,
tvci pcrfol who (hall ictaip or cm loy one
female (crvant, and not more. the additional fum
nlt Tlo Shillings and Six pace ; for two female
fervanti, and not mores ti additional fum of
Five Shiilings and for th or mort female fer.
vant,, Ihe additional fu n Ten Shillings
I" Il blvid, That it isne opinion of the Corn.
mitrte, that towards railing a Aripply granted to
his Mrvel)y, his htirs, anil Ilicc.flrs, within the
kiing'iom of Great-Britln, by every male perfoln,
lrt I atingi been married, It hli.'l retain or em-
p'io any male ft ivant or fcrvants, the additional
yearly fum of twenty-five Shillings for every male
ier.anl, who hall not he retained folely for the
purposes of Illbaiindlry, or manura(tstse, or of
any trade orcalling, by whicb the matters of fuch
fcrvints ecrn a livelhiloin' or profit.
1k folvd, That I is the rpinln of this Corn-
niitti, that for and upnn evesy warrant, man-
date, or authority, granted to any Solicitor, At-
trrwty, N taty, Pidlor. Agent, or Procurator
in (;catl-rilain, to ijflitllte, commence, or to
defend any fint or prdcutiou in any.of his Ma-
jely's Coluts at Weflrtit$ier, & in an Eccleliaf-
tical i.rt, or in any'ofthe Cfurts of Admiralty
or Cinqiue P, is, c any of his Majety's Courts
in Scoiiai i, the St Scffiqa in Wales, or in
any Cnurts of th ountlicsn alatinc, or in any
olhe Coist holding Pleas, where the debt or da-
mage fbIil amount to moTe than forty thillings,
there nlal be charged a & ot two killing and
fix ptrc<.
Ri filvrd, That it is the opinion of this Com-
mittel, that for every Solicitor, Attorney, No-
tary, Prodor, Agent, or Procurator, admitted or
enrolled in any Ecclefiaflical Court, or in any
Courts of Law or Eqity in Great Britain, when
furh Courts UhaU ho Pleas of mofP than fort)
itillings, fliall ptevwis to his commencing or de-
etnding any fuit orolecutlon, tke out annually
a certilicste 6f his admillio inrollnent.
Hefolved, t t is the opl of thisCor-
nNitt, that for d upon every hch certificate fo
taken out by ay Socitor., t attorney Notary,
Ptr or, ge nt, or Procnrator, who hall reide
in ain if lte inns of Courts, or in the Cities of
LoNdons or Wr fminfler, the Borongh of South-
walk, PI'at.hi f iSaint Pancras and St. Mary-le-
S bou, or niutin the Bills of Ilortality, or within

the City of Edinburgh, there ihall be charged a
amp duty of five pounds.
Rcfolvcd, Tha It is the opinion of tlis Com-
mittee, that for every fuch Certificate fo taken
out by any Solicitor, Attorney, Notary, Prodior,
Agent, or Procurator, who hall refide in any
other part of Great-Britain, there hall be charged
a famp duty of three pounds.
*" Rtfolvcd, That it is the opinion of this Com-
mittcc, that the allowance now made for wale or
leakage to brewers, felling beer or ale in left quan-
tities than a cafk containing four gallons and an
half, be discontinued."
The laid Itcfolutions being rad a firfl and fe-
cond tire, were agreed to by the Houfe.
It was afterwards moved,
TInt it Ie la inflruotion to theCommittee of
the whole Honuli: to whom tne Servants Tax Bill
is committed, that'lliy do make prorilion in the
fadl Bill of the firl and second of the faid Refulu-
Moved, That a Bill or Hills he brought in
porluntil to the five laft R ieflutions."
June 16. Mr. Pitt is at this infant at leaft as
unpopular as Lord North or Mr. Fox ever has
been, and fironper marks ofdlifapprobation have
been liewn to his measure, the thop tax, than the
noble Lord capsritnced when he lofl America and
gave Irldand a fr e cade, or the Right Hon. Com-
moner when he gave Ireland an independent legif-
lature, and formed the celebrated Coalition.
fhe Bithop of Ofnaburg is in the conmimlnon
of managing the affairs of Hanover, and those third
on the lilt I he will be Prenfdent as theolder Mrn
here die off. Prince Edward will alfo be put in
the fame commifflon on the Orfl vacancy.
It is faid, that Mr. Adams, the American Am-
banlldor, was (dembarralied at his firt audience,
as not to pronounce the compliment preferibrd by
eliipiette. The great person before whom he flood,
very good naturedly pafled by the omiffion, and
told him, that though it could not be a pleading
circurnflance to receive an embaffy from thofe who
wicr once his fuhjceda, yet as the right was infur-
ed to them by treaty, he, Mr. Adams, might de-
pend upon being treated with every mark of regard
and protection.
June si. Yesterday his aoyal Hlghnefs Prince
William Henry went to the Navy Office, to paf.
for a 1.ieutcuant ; his Highnefs was received there
at Commiffinar Marlh's houof, from whence he
proceeded Lbthe Board Room in the Office, where
the fiveral Comminiinenr were introduced to him
by the Comptroller of the Navy, after which his
Highnefs produced his log books, journal, and
Captain's certificates, and was examined, and
pated for a Lieutenant accordingly. His Royal
llighnefs anfecred all *e ufual questions which
were ated him on thleaccafon, very expertly.
His log-books nil ja risl were written by him.
felf, and left to bh't ded in the Cl rks of the
Aft Office.
Oni Wednefday Ita the Attorney G$*rhlnfmo-
ved the Court of King's Bench, to mak.abfolute
the rule he had obtained for ChriftophcA.Atkin-
fon,,Ellq to (hew caole, why the freire Facria,
whi a worn to have been made out, and to
be nrt.,and the want of which was aigncd by
Mr. A as one of hit errors, i t.align.
meSm Vtiw hefiore jt.rrs,
Rhatnt b e _dTrAA .,
agreeably to the award tip the rl. B in~ead
of fthewing caufe agalinr the role, the Counfel for
Mr. Atkinlon dcclaied t ht they had infirnolions
not to oppose it, but Iay it enthely to the ladg-
meot and discretion oftl Co rt. They o iferetd
that fhfpicion bha gone frbth extrenrely iajrin-
ous to their cliht I that he had been, irl fome
way or othe. prigto the withdrawing ,he writ
in qieftiomn,; at In mfnghft afterwards a(ifgn the
want of ft as an error ; that vio fupicion could be
more ill founded, and they truifed it wo-'/d caaft%
when Mr Atkinfon was, of himself, w;illng to
wave the benet of their error, by not s ponga
n w reniae b. ehg ad out; but more eea
to put an end to every imputation of the kiand, Mr.

Wood defred to give his folemn affurance to the
Court, that he had a*gned the want of a P imrr
without any infirudions from Mr. Atkinfao, or
his Solicitors, and without their knowledge of his
intention k. to do; that in point of fai, he was
himself ignorant that there was no rt-sdr, but had
merely aflgined the want of it, from kleaing that
It was a. common pradice to charge for it, hut,
being a do mant writ, not to make it out, and as
it was his duty to aflign every poffible error, he
had taken the chance of this having been done la
the present cafe. He added fome ohfervations
upon the affidavits; hit concluded with leaving it
entirely to the dlretion of the Court. whether or
not to nake out a new writ. The rule was made
Wednefdatla balloon was launchedd from Rou--
logne in France, which took up Mont. Pilatre de
Roziere, and another Gentleman ; hen they were
at an amazing height, the ballqook fire, and
burnt the cords by which the ar was fufpended,
,nd Ihe above Gentlemen were dashed to pieces,
in a manner too shocking to mention.
HOUSE of COMMONS, 7 ,m o.
AMrsCatn L-yALIsTS.
The Order of the day for going Into the Corn
nittte of Supply being moved, it was read, and
the Petition of the American I.oyaliqs, the Re*
port of the Commillioners appointed to enqi;re
into the claims of the Loyalills, and otherrelative
documents, having been referred to the fa;d Com-
mitter, the Speaker left the Chair, a.d Mr. Oil-
bert took his feat at the table.
The r-enselles, ,f It cbeeqer then rote and
opened the bulincs of the American I.ovalins, by
rcprcfenling them as a let of people, highly enti-
tled to the commiferation and humanity ofthe
Houe ; their luferinet, he raid, were great, and
the caufe of thofe sufferings was their atichment
to this country; he wan therefore perfraded there
would be but one opinion ot the motion he was
ready to makeconcerningtbem. Somegentlemen
perhaps might think it more proper to defer the
bulinefs till next felions, and not to introduce it
until the Commillioners liould have finished their
enquiry, nor at fo late a period, and with fo thin
an attendance ; but fuch was the Atuatlon of ma-
ny of the unfortunate persons In his contemplate.
on, that tholId their relief be pofiponed to .
ture Setifons, they would probably he fout., un-
able to enjoy or receive the bounty of Parliament.
lie then prosteded to make a renera statement of
the amount of theloee fuftained by the American
Loyalifso the whole oftheclaims given in amount-
ed to between four and five hundred thousand
pounds; of this fim foor hundred and seventy I
one thousand had been allowed by the CouniSlo-
nere, to whom that enquiry had been referred by
the late Parliament. Thofe Commlfloners ha
made a return of the numbers ofclaimants, and
the amount of their claims, very Ju ldcouly divi-
ded into separate clafel ; na the firt clars, which
conIfied of hut 31 persons, were included tLofe
ahe had dilinigilhed thenfetres by certain mate-
rial services, and thfirclaimsamounted to rilcool.
The next clafs confiAed of fuch as hadborRe
arts in our fervce, and had adually fought the
battles of Britain, among whom where comprifed
thofe who had formerly Ided with the Americans
but had afterwards come over to us on the faith
of proclamations. This laf defcrptlio, though
perhaps left meritorious than the former, might
yet be thought by fome more entitled to remune-
ration, because they came in under specific en-
gagements and promifel the claims of this claf
amounted to 66,ooo. He futrther cumerated a
clear of claimants wheit fofles were admitted by,
the Commilioners at about s?.ooc-,.-thof were
pe fons no other way diAfnguilhed than merely bf
their loce. Another cats confifted of thole who,
having replied in England during the whole war,
had dfferd under the charge of netnrity, Th
tuatlon o thole people was fuh as not to de-
mand that immediate relief which jtlie aid be-
nanlty called fIr oh the dart ofdfte others he
(bould not therefore lnadst them In the motios

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