Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 27, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. II. THE ?o. s,.




NASSAU: Printed by JonN WALLS, at ihe Printing Office on the BAY.

SEuropean In ll;githroughout the whole tt at S ltead. This wa Mar y.
European Intellgnce. third remarkable instance ofloyalty andpatience Coptr a tofromthe/ r ltbt Ne. lord nOnaog
under fulfring. and reproach. The feamen an I G ano to Mr. Di I.T-Dov. atler ntraeer*r
L O N D O N, May 4. marin is in the Downs neat applied to him, ani dinaire De Lmar Hauot Paiiam ra.
T ORD OEORGE GORDON waited upon would not heave up their anchors, nr loofe fails I R.
L Mr. Jenkinfont on Monday morning, a3 one until they were redrelfed. Her wma fourth secret It II with real pin i inform yn, that the ap.
efte K n.'s revfideta/l friends, torquc(t him to opportunity for a ailOiyal man to have feized on. pointment oftheCount de Mal'lWistocommni
carry fame Intelligence of Ite grease tm portanre Lord George (Goron was then going on rating the armies of their High Mightiretes, gee piet
and coinfeqence to his Majety, and the whole the present crisis offered by the operative weaviri f. ncr to their friends here. reing The Itasam
lnui of Hanover, minediately ; but Mr. Jenkin. it Glafgow for a irvengetul man to encourage; faction predominnni-g in the cnnril, a the
bn not being arrived from his villa in the country, but Mr. Pitt faid he had het er make the whole Hague, they cannot but entertain fufiplitin thAe
otrd George Go, don wrote a note to Lord ute, the fubjet of a letter to him, as under the gallery injury is.tended to therepublic. They field equal
io solicit an immediate interview with his Lord- when the Houife of Commons was engaged in hu- averfLn. jea oules, uneaflIrf., and heart born-
ip--to which note Lord Bute was played (in fines was not a convenient plsce for treating thefe inc, on this roccanon. with the brave old DitIch
Itefthin half an hour to return the fullowiig very matters. .orJ George Goidon then left Mr. Pitt Geierals, OfRncrs.and Snldicrs. There rnrnediona
ptite Anfwer: and as he wac coming down fairs from the lobby, o0 the Porrign Merchants, who are f-tiled here
roite A he met Mr. Jenkinfon coming to the Hoofe. A few tirmhle likewLre r or our tri pd in H .llian who
lTo the Right Hon. Lord George ,Oofdn. words palled. Mr. Jenkinfon faid.he hold apply have Red there with their riches and tmAing to
SLelbrckc. reet. hy letter to the Secretartrs of State. Lord George the proteiion of their tHih M ghitineffe from the
LGord Bute parents his compliments to I ord told him he had juft promised to write to Mr. tyranny ofthe Inqfi ionn anid the unlimited rap
d Gorurg Gordlon I the fate of hi' health ibflch, Pitt. ci-u. monnarehic ..f p n. PF nee, Portugal. and
SIh.,t 'hr least a terinton toibufinefi woulil be dif- L,,rd 'enrre,|. ;. .ae rmine.l ne t n to fln '..a..,. .. ..:. -.. :. t-n._ -

** titi If to him, and is therefore unter a neccf
u* ity ot declining the honour his Lordhip in-
*s trenrd him.
"* Monday morning, May t.
Lord George Ctordon then called at Mr. Jen-
hilimon' a.gin, ti, fie if he was come from his
villa Mr. Jerkinfon w;% not cm'-. Lord George
left worul he wircit(calla alrilat halt par two. He
d fi Mr. J.nkminln vas then gone (as the ter
vInt fa.dl)to ti Hcloule ofCoimonb. Lord George
o rdon Ih.i' wni to the $ecrctiry f State'u
offir, at St.J.imes'., and en ini.,d for the Prime
Inofi rt, al i' d lired to knito i the 2oaostiil were
lting ri.c F, c.-ear.- t.lid him Mr. Pitt -"-
pot t'itl, ,I'd was no C Jtncil.-Loru
(;rlt urdon then went to the Houfe of Corn
on:!, and leit in two notes, one to Mi. Pitt the
Oll:r i, Mr. Jinkinftin. It turi ed out that Mr.
Jrnkii.ron v. A not yo t t arved at the flouie of
Co nii n., bn.t M. Pitt (.;ter a confu't If in upon
it wilt ,\ir. I'undaa) came to Lord George G ir-
con, iiiuder thi- gafery. This was the firlt tim:
they hadl evr fpoka. Fi om what the hy -flanderr
r at, L,.rc' George Gordon was ve:* Ithrt with
bh.i. lie told him in a few wold., that many
worr fnmrefil particulars were come out refpel&t-
ili ll]]e ilti undione to the Treafury Spies, who
w re c p:;)ed t y th e Lrown to watch him and
blh Pn.rltaitat Fritnds. That there was no occa-
(on 1f, finfuanldeing the public money to watch
tin; it wvi. Ill le better employed to watch foreign
poa.ret and Irnlarnl. As to his difloyalty, be tie
fiMl htrm to fhew it, and dared them to' do ltcir
'uSor A the fame t;meheagreed that th. liHulf
or flaii yc, had been entirely under his thumb ever
tncr the royal Pilftit being given to the Pop r)
bl:e in England .rnd Ireland ; but he had always
cr diuit d (imfelf prrlitrltly. He then tolt. Mr
Pilt that in lior yt.'Jg. when he went loScot
lard, flme of th lea is there took him afide.
and alter Hationg fome o' Ithu q4J falhioned words
t- hii,, which he had utA. in hin SIeeches in the
HIirf of Commons, aginft Lord North, they
told him they had an aLedion for him, and alrked
h; wvhrth r he only op rn d th' minilt to gI
flic s anI 'molutments, like Lord Fredlericl C'aml.
ket, andl the rell i;fthr S:otch nobiliv amii memm-
tr or whether he really mreait to be h, ncl ?
l.ood flc.rge Gt.rplon affnurmg Mr Pitt that hi
anfwer fiti,fying the legre they propofd to make
him King inimeliatrlr, infiead o his prtfent Ma-
jfty, which h loyally refifed. Hei neat reminid-
ed xi. Pit ilia. fioon afile that, in the year 17So
hb h, fifty thoufAnd men in London whom ht
brought up as petitioners to the Houte of Com.
mton., quietly and p aceably, not one of them
Ceo'ri(nrl in any riots or t'Ulawfnl proceeding,
and lie %an tritl fn. high treafon and found inno-
etr Somr time after that. the AtholeHighlan.
dlee took pollrefin of Portfmrou'h. and wrote to
bim ro rcmeriniiw to head them, and that there
av Frreat treafure thee at that time, the draw-
Itidgt tip againflevry body elle. aind the woien
of Hlimplhire in their interest, the feame ari

from his perlccutors, though he has been ino tcl
every )ear to come down to Olafg w, ev.r finer
he was in the Tower. lie has alfu.'ed the pro-
telants within thefe few days, that hi and their
enemies fuall fion he tound liars unto them, a id
they ltall tread upon their uIgh places.
They that trunl in the l.ord (hall be as Mr~nt
Zion, which cannot be removed, but ahiditfior
ever. As the mountains are round atbot Jerfa-.
lcm, to the Lord is gouid about his people from
henceforth, even for ever. For the rod of the
wicked Ih.Al not reft upon the loqof the rghteol' :
I1t ib. ,;bsC.euu rp. V'-.Ih their hands u,,t, ini.
qTity. Do good, O Lord, unto tinmoe Ir. .i,.
goo(d, and to them.tlha are upright in their hearts
Aafo for ch as turr alide untotheir cr the Lord Ihall lead them fourth with the workers of
iiuiqu t) ; but peace (hall he upon Ifrael.
It is hoped the Duke of Gorcon and his family
will now begin to feel ahathed at their conduct,
rvfpctling their brother, Lord Otorge Gordon,
and be enabled to difcrin. before the eyes of the
whole nation are fixed upon trm', that the dona.
tions, titles and offices, lately bestowed npon
them by the hereditary Arch-Tieafurer of the
Holy Roman Empire, are on y counted by wife
men, as the mall dult of th balance lcn weigh-
e.l with the heaty scandal which lconipaimc.
We hear from Glafgow, that the people there
are all in a ferment on account of the foppnfed
treachery ofMt. Paterfton..:h prtfes ofeilitv-five
iof their Societies, repreflnting fifteen tboufand
perftn, wiho is fuflpetcl of having betrayed their
interelis, and ofhaving fold them and hir address
to L ird Sydney and Mr. Pilt, at $he time ot the
rige for a'Jdreffing the King. Ponr Mr John Pa-
tcrfon's fitration, in thee lrermltaancra, is more
,atv to br imagined tha' d ifribed. The gracioils
countenance tht minafteiil ly fill (hew it himn
f ir i.rcu,'ig that unhappy Ydrtef, hnr 4' him
more at Qlafgow than any (tyi rle t c.oiid
pofihly happen to him. The' it:luenz of the
court operates on a Scits prc fea like a malignant
tcver Poor Mr. John Paterfon. not being able
,o hear his new coo t I itnds any longer, haa
written to his old friend Lord George Oordon,
bagging a letter from hk Lordfhip for publication,
to rtftore his former charader, credit, and peace
of mnat.
We hear alfo from Glafgow, that Gerlhom gin-
herifn, and the irteen treufand taws hIarred rd
eigbtrJi. ws.vA ri,. Rill coiinuc Raunch against
Mr. Pitt and the Irilh propofitions and they en .
prefs the greater aei ion at the who'e adminiltra-
ion of government fri theivcontinued perfeculio-
nfLord George Gordon, their agent and delegate
in London.
We htaf from aun oril that the fliopkeepere
oif London and W ft'hner have applied to Lord
.eorge Gordon to ale them in opposing Mr.
Pirtta inded tal onWisl hope i and that hit
Lnrdlhlp has already co onicat an etlOal
plan to them, t prevent that gticance.

IF. ).. 0 1 W i lc i nmtlMriam hIe*
crate the li'l and impolitic tn;on of the repub.
';c with Ftrin (whit'f France rI maine the flave of
Ronnejun aA th y ounit to do. They fec their
loine) ir anquility now endangered br it, as well
as therr future commerce. indeenener.e and fr-
vereigntr. 1 hev were blind to theft co f(quenees
nfthrii fo'ly a ftfir ; hut now, by the hlfine of
Pr. rllencr Ihev foriee th, 'flrt mifchiefi oftheir
hatrful union with drefprt;c F a, ca, a well as the
Engl:fh dn, whn begin the frfelvem. at laB', to ac-
knowfetRr he weakrnefn of their leaders. Mefl ure
Fox and Pi't. in heiigr enfnared and altlred into a
monronu coal t no with our own mal;inant ar'y.
raulhhle argulentr i very foon fugere thretlrve
'n the hnman hrart when it fre i int Jlftnit and
uncinaitih 1o be rtcon.cledl tne.r-pteinn P.r-
fons, ptmphletetr,, and o'ators. Ite not wantingR
in either country, to Prrach, write, and haranttae
in Iri'r of nwixcd mnatriudr. 'AiP finin' praoices
neceniarllv out perplc upon friful erx ure to de-
fend them, in like manner, Irte more fid 'etl the
defnrtintirn intended asrlnti the repluhlic9 the
deeper the ar' were neceffly to e'nrcean It.
The wnop e in Holland have good hearts like
the Fnglift. and too much liberality of m nr, and
Iood-will toards men, and too etenifee a know-
le'ge Foer thle hole world, to ent rain any pre.
in ieel, in this enlightened aee, againR the Coont
de Maillebotis. t eaufe he is a native of Prance.
Gooal men and good families are difperfed ever
the whole wnrld. Rot Cout de Maill bols, being
tainted with the lta'ian religion, makes him very
unfafe ft be ilatoducrd among the Anokeofthe
rrformed provinces 1 and raifes alarm and di(grnl
among the PPrtefnantr, who know vry well that
the introcduaion and employment of a period fa
tainted, in any military consmand, Ii at thle hour
a daring breach-and violart of the Wond old
law ofHolland- and the f d of civil nhkert
brgin now to fce and on that no great ad
ditions o amt am ents to the eedom and inde
pen(ecncy are el looked fo a from a frn fer-
'ant to unli ited mnaerhy-The conmfrtin
examples of the Ifraclites of old (i theirddte )
are giatefnof recalled to memory by the Dotc
and th irfrienda' in support of tbeir present ob-
jeMiohand ans rfionn to frvne underaranvc Gene.
raTs. For though ftrangra were admitted Into a
participation of the privileges and eomfomtt of
God's people ofokl, upon their turning from the
Idols of the nations to them, with their whole
heart, and binding themferlve to their peculir
polity. ;et we a, no esumplo of mitaryocom
mieds, orcivil onfIacea br eerr eatroled or com-
fered by them (in their ditrrfilf ) M ant prld
on any persons, cwn df the nobki faem tim
preateft cnne&icoa. or molt pnwerfui abilitli
e'aalo (to borrow the.wedr of Paul in the New
Teftamnt to thek rrpt Heatbcn Ephefiws) ri
de e S* e X a q t d7rmi o flfr'o, tett e .me
grae s o t o fo uoham sat
s" ler f tti cbllienscy, and the NoW
Hbi Fiaill of Ltdwa to which you baer the be,.

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