Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 20, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00126
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VoL. II.

t HE



No. 56.




NAssau f.inted by-Jonn WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

- a

l .AMA-lll A DI, 1
Nrw. PnOYIDOS r. (
j lisa Honour JAMES EDWARD POWE.I.,
f/q; lirLsenant-Covernoar and C:omnnnder in
C:i f in and otver r the /ai Iflanid, ('hanrlior,
rVic ral. and Ordinary of loe ame, Ce. Fc
S HEtEAS His Excllency Jl1oii
MAI WR MAXWLL, .rq; aiin-C(n..-
Sral and (Governour of the fli
li la nd, did oni tihe Ith day of
1 Dcecmli r laft pa>l, ill'u his Pro-
l clamationl, rtqutring all Perrfins
lar s having Granr of I aralafron the
Proprietors of the fanl U.ahamat-;l inls, or fiam
Licuternant-General SHInlla lo t!hibit the fame
or a cory llthreof on or bel re thle ith day of
Marcl, :o the Clerk of the auncil, in order that
tbe fame might bt laid b r tlle Council: AND
WIIERtEAS the faid PAr nac atio: w.s, on the
J) h l.ay of March, ctctinl by me, (traitiai an
excitri oiti f t!,e :line of d celiig in Claims lur
Jia a as afo el .i,, until th tl day uf Ju::e la1 t
A 1) WVIIiERAS tr.c f1id wV.a on thle 3jit
tiy of May laft further cen hby me until the
fit day of Aulitll aeit tcfuing ND WHERE-
AS Inatwithilanling fch.irepa PcI'olamatlons,
an.ny Pt rana- have yet nreg'rit to give In tllic
Cl'im a af), I DO thnrf !lany and with
fIl n.aid co(ir:at uf hi. Ma bit C.nit, i Pli.-. this tnO I'rocl.iia ion, tllictly
reti '.- .a1 il't; 'iI. lIvitg Claitm or G.aintr
a. ..latla l, J ana I lli ithin thle aidl l!lainds,
toi> I Ii tr e ra i co v tht r'Of. onil a I,
fI.ic llie i'l dy aof N itianlhrnext, tullhe Clei u
Ith Aani .Ill PI r.;on1 ni t 'ilthiii the laid
i! dal ', anid having .lami a afolrfail, are ht re-
by al.lw cd I v, elvr l Month from! lhe sit dil y I,
AugtItI next etnliing, to m.kc a retuat of loch
their Cla-in or (lian i r
U'/V. us/der amr InJdJ nfA the Great Seal
f :l rLJ ,!, a:,tJ, art Xa',.u, t nhis t ynt
IeL, d ,Jay o"f 4Jam, in lte 2.'r ',fOre" L-am/
One tn'tlani feren kanared and lrightla ;.e,
ad in thm tri, ear lr Iis Ma;ia .' R..," .
By Lit rII.w : 's Conminad,
I'IIILIP Mo-ilt.s, D. Secretary.
n oD) s A V E T I P K IN ,G.
i~ 1E S 0 1, D,
Ar PU I. I C A C T I 0 ON,
Oa MO NDAVY t h inflar.t,
At Mr. CAInIC EL'j Stor .
L ia H of the nillr
.AN A\N C Y-,
l.6aar1e"V It tI inP Maiefty's Could
o my t. aon nmir. .. atnit for Sea;
.- :, ifoa, hlrr r its ', rfr .ils, rigging,
and boats, in lots to fl;'tie .: chalfre. -
I. I K I', W t S F.,
iHer l!arpounr and llther WhaliOS UtenL .
Sl C. V. ( .i W-

PUB I.I :( A' IT N,
On MONDAY the s)th of "Agu, inft.
WI 1 BE S L L ,
S I. A V E S,
Three Stout NE(;RO FEI.I, .,
N. U. The pror warantl
ItN ,& Co.
oti 6, 178 A
"I''H CAkRU h Slop [l H a H, In.n
SDiLWLrnT,, Mafter, jil arfried from Phi-
lphia. Co fiia Pine Boards and
l 6i n,, tob. \

Amer'ican Intelligence.

M ONDAY ait arrived here the lhip Ceres,
('apt. Sr. Barbe, In so days from Cork. In
ler came palrcge .,ld N.lihanicl Tracey, Efqrs, ot this town ; Mi.
John Trmp'e a is allif a palranger, but died about
a week bchtre the veflel arrival.
Bolan, 7,.ar Is. thle of the firi nojreas of the
late f. lion ut the General Cori t was lthe fotmiIng a
new valualii)n mf the f weral towns ii the cMn.mon-
Swtalh. The clanige of property occalioned in ma-
ny places by the peace, together with the diflike
which grneially attends the va'ua'ion of the time
li:, gh.ul made thhi meafme highly expedient.
Ic Il or i'.fr i dl intquiilalits ,had Alfo ge.illy Im-
padcil the tofthe lall tan, andl ofurtheralrtlf-
nmelt coiulai ue reafonbly cxrtlcd tillikthC were
iemorvel. Trih retiurti, as, uiee committed,
withinihllu itions however fomewhat different from
the gen;r.l pr lier. The relative value of counties
was not as heittofore to be afcerrained I but the
toai ns were to be takeit up in alphablical arrange
ment, or the lha e town firl, and afterwards the
oil cr towns of aY y counTty, according to their
local lituation. Nltwithlanditg gtrar exertions
uere ufcd oln Ilt-j)rt of the c,mmittre, to bring
thii, h Iini f uf .iT luation in a pcrfRd itate before
the cotrt, it w found to Ie impradicable, and
SaJi li.nily rt Ia icd to another year.
TlI..--. doohll late if the inipoft 'uty which
wa- giantedl Ito Cooagrcf', was a ftbicet of furious
cm.iij .lr. atli dIt floor, ; Nor (II t rfir.eap the
Ilt ;t of foumr mtanil r s f ithe lower Hrrofat. Im
prit -dI w'til ilit nerallry Bf tli:. inmtafre, which
*lIe crnitcililrnlce f twelve States i:i the union had
I' nit n iI, t'ey felt too folictrous for its fuccife,
'ti tei in ll ilc fpe'6ta-irs of the delays that It
rciividl in a ntlyhbourring government. They
accotdminly introduced a I ai;Br ',nvlrl'lf duly of
venty five per cent. on all goods which Ilntold he
inil'ortd fri m anny St ee which had nor adopted
this grant to the contfelcracy. The ftvcrity of
fc arc Irll dii not fail to alarm many gentlemen.
I'h, y th alght it .A dir, ft breach of lhe eonfedera-
iorn, anid liraild ihl othtr States not take a fin.ilar
erp, the lml.v would fall tpolt ulr 1owni heads, by
our beinca the only State pi clitlled frolll the com-
natrce of Illolc.Illandt.-- Nrvirtheler', a ftc fe of
the nrrt i'v of pain; the coltatintial dlchbt, which
ir was ltholught the im;alt was hlft cL'ullated to
lno, prtiailed to far as to c.any the hill through
tl;e lowrr lHoife, where, howv.,r, it ccier re-
tu-tre to take the force of an a&. rhc ad locates
fta a Ciongrilionsi duly, Inottiihltl.nditng, did
nit give over their attrmlts ti, enf,-fce it but
ilppurltd a lurther meiafort in aid of tile Cfs o-.
jtit. as will prcfcntly appear. /
Pcrhips tor realfiIs above fated, notnotion
was tlaile fir a dry tax but a cliimmiltae was rai
fitl to consider genetilly of ways and means to
apply the tr al'ury. Their report conilincd of two
mc.laurcs, the one, i bill inmp.(fig duties upon
lic, nfed vellum, parchment ahld paper I the other,
ba bill for granting an impo'lt duty of five per cent.
to the United States, to be in force wherever
twelve States in the union Ihould agree to it t and
granting likewife an annual tat of a4.4l7 dollars,
being the State's proportion of the remainder due
for the Intetlft of the public debt, after dedbllfing
the proceeds of the impeft, for the term of twenty
five years, agreeable to the recommrindation of
Conerefs of April it, l783. *
The pafllin of a Stamp-At was found to be one
of the moll difficult measures that could have oc-
curred. The weight of the dutiie was adt etccf-
five, nor ;he mode of colleclng infeafible. The
right of levying the tax was not unconftitutlonal,
and eCcifte have been found tobe an afrymode of
raising p revenue. But it was the mcalure that
Britain had adopted to cicrcile her pretended
right of taation; in he. hsadl it has been pollut-
ed, and it was to be feared, that the name had
become too infamous to allow that credit to itL

principles, which peihaps they in fat dlefrrved
.uch were faid Iu be the prejudices ofthe people I
Uoder tLhf ciit"mlftainccs, many members were
for refrr, ing it to the opinion of their conflituent
previous to its completion But others opposed
this fep, as the effect of a timidity unworthy of
legillators. They well recollcbted the unpopula-
rity of the cxcic laws at the bIginning, which
hail now lIecome a favourite tax with the people.
Ikidule, the very proposing of the guellion would
imply a diltrult ofthe bill, that, in all nrobahility,
would be decisive against it. The difficulties at-
ending the hitlfinln were not corfned to this pint:
The citablilhing of theduliedarticle-and Ihe rates
of payment, was alfo greatly embarrafTed. The
jealolify between the commercial and landed in-
terefla contibuted not a little ta this; a jealotfy
crr to be lamented, and shilh we will venture to
fay it is equally iljurions to both intercis, whetr
wel; underflood. The bill, neverthichcf. was held
up by a finally, though firm majority ; and having
hcin contneled in Fcry flare, was now fuflfred to
rift on the table, while the lloufe turned their
attention to the fecond part of the report of the
committee of ways and meann. This confined of
two nolijti, the one, a giant oi an Impof dtty to
the United Statcs, by It States in the union; the
other, a dry tax for the fumr afore-mentioned.
for the pace of Is years, in order to dirchargc
the national debt. The merits of the former flb-
jit had been large'y taken up in the bill already
defetihed, Mr taxiig articles imported from Slates
which were delinquent in a like mrafure, and par-
fed without oppofitiln: But tite latter fubi r met
with a very different decision -Whether it was
from an idea that the impoft duly alone would be
a fufficient li. king fund fur the life nf the union,
though it was not calculated at more than a million
of dollars annually, or whether the dificelties of
railing moaits by a dry tax, imprrefed the Houle
with a firongtr idea ofthe rragnitude ofthe grant;
certain it i, that the latter part ofthe report wan
rejaftcd by a iumecrous majority; while the for-
mer, though founded on the fame recommenda-
tion of Cooagrefi, and forming a part of the fame
fylem, was adopted without a division. Thus
partially accepted, the bill was transferred to the
Senate, but did not aln their conclrrence. The
rigour with which thisbill was handed, however.
in all probability. laid the foundation of a better
fortilne for the Itamp bill. It was now confidently
affected, that genllemen could not fit till, and
with an inflexible obfinacy rjr every means that
were offered for racing the moticLs. If our cre-
ditors in Europe anl at home. were to be denied
their demands, lill the civil lift furely were not to
be fta ved. In the present ate of things, fo trifling
was the produce of the land tax, that without
further resources, lawq cou'd neither be made ntr
executedl: Andto withhold the grant, was in fad.
to flop the wheels of oervmriit.-From wfaltever
motives it might have arifcn, the bill now galned
additional ftpporters, and was canied to the e-
ate for their eonctrrenee. After fCme alterations
in the rates of the tax on federal articles, it was
finally agreed to by all branches of government,
ard Is now become an ad.
ALong the memorable events of tbis fteiin,
Iay be reckoned the grant ofCharlelon Ferry,
during the term of forty years, to the propriety
of the bridge, proposed to be built overth river h
that place. A measure afifeng to aterjaal an l-
teration iT the alue of ciates,lhould not be fop
poeid to pafs without oppoltion. Orat efforts
were made to throw the bridge overtbe riverfrom
Barton's pnlntin BOlRan, lo Leehmere'a point ea
the opposite mAr. lBt after accurately furey-
log the roai and founding the river, government
were deci dly In four of the former paffage.
One good effr that will arie from the decfion,
and which poSbly had fome weight in hanging it
about. It, that the unfortunate Inhabitants of
Chareftdn will receive a benefit, that may ferve
in fome degree, to wipe away the recolletioa
thclr fuffrlnas in the war.
In recounting the proceedings ofthelatc f adni

we md- with aI prpofal, wh;rh, however iniade ofthLi aS, there hall not be elnoted from any of fireiyntr t or if It hall be hadte
t .i h I appear to i h its defighned oliti, "t, harbor, crek, hay or inlet, river or nflore, any vrfiel that hal cleared at any Nava'. 0o .
quats .ur ioteay from the ben lt dcgne of bjeitr or any other place within this Commoiweallh, Ibi'mmonwealth, atheproperty3ftl,
l!'. Ihls was afdraught ofa lecr ofinitru- any good, ware. or merchandze, the growth, ofthele St..te, nllalllateriwards enteriand "l
cit,. to the delegat e ild Congrfs wherein trcny IanU amt eture or produce of this or anly of the Uni- her cargo taken In and cleated as aforeld, h
wire lrc tdtomvegthat body, to ufe their i"flu- ted States, in any Ihip, vclTel or craft of ally kill. forreign port. as thile property of a furr; ,
erie atI the Courti of Europe, to eflablilh Come Irclonillagiditller in whole or in part) to, or beino vefTel upopn her return into thin Com
mo lc of tdo;ding national dTffcrencei, other than t'oe popertly of any of the futaicdtl of the King of I 1l be *orfeited, anid maybe ferld by thi
tIi it of war, which had been to long the fcourge Grar. Bri-rlai. 1t11cer ofthe port where ihe may be t o .
ad drlifgr'ce of mankind. If the attempt Ihould t Prcrkdd nrverthelef, and whereas proclama- any other p rtion or perfoas. who may.po
prove iffic.acaios, the letter observed. fich an tions and orders hare been ifrl:ed by the Gover. for the frme, to lie recovered; and the
pcrve in. aioiugh frutulerfr would he cuit idc re l r.ur of several parts of the Dritili doml inns. lotr arifinig from fuch forfeiture, to hb aIplle
easl ,fr flgrtu, ole l Ogr overlrour of prohibiting vefl's belonging to anly or the United fi.;, and the maler of fuch Teflpel ea
the au fre, who hail granted fif many ietnal taitn from eiterig their ports or tafficking hall forfeit and pay for the ufe of this lC
fivour. ti the people oftAmerica. The dcl.gates there: B furtber-, That in 'ac: tile faid ealthl., r. fim of one Indrea~udld,, to heur
t cinf;, i i carried no rncllftency with proclamationsr atid ordt i hall nt rcserltil, aIl vered as afrl eaid.
the u'tige if Congeref. to caufe the Itlttr to be air rpren trade allowed tofulch vrelTel, ind the Co- A4d 6,dit urlbthr EmOid, That each Nwal.,
eltere 1 ,i theirjournals, a a perpetual mtmtntli vr nour of this Ciommonwelth Ixing iertifile ficer in this Commonwealth, prev;onte to bin ,.
it thor flccefors, tro improve any opening for thereof, fall by advice of Council publicly fir ;ify m;tting anly. -re to an entry, (hall adlmolfitr
rtetttirg this dcfirabl PUlpoii :. W en we confi. the Iame byhisprroclamnlions. thi lhallI the Itore- following oati e (r amrmation,)to the mrate, :
trir the lhiltAnhrophy of thi motion, every moi giitg clai of thie aftl be dicon.i.ued, and Ihall oneoftlhe princiY owners there.f, (provided i
of feeling mrlt lament, that the country Iu which cerae to Trallre during the time opwn trade ve!Tel hall appepIo be the property ofthrithi,
it oriciriir.- has not greater mtans of enforcing hall lie allowed. ol tlrfe Statis) lin certify it on the hek of tin
ii l d; and mi.1 he led to hope. that the flne And be it f.urbtr Enafled !, thb a tlority afre. regiltr (if n)t lone before)in the followilwore.
i iiorfition may continue wlic Prrvide nre may faid, That flom and after the I.iulI fi n day ut Alu- PORT of
r lL' heIr powers andI her iini Whither gult eaxt. if any Ihip, vtll or of any Iind, Tlien perfona!ly appeared before me
it were from defpuir ot the end in view, as aforcfaid, be found ill any port, habouir or rne of the principal owners (or thecomme
.I ron a fear of appeoling to ii,tlrmleddle with crer k, or any other place within this Common- der, as tile care Mray be)..fthe Is
th lorf nt critical lii tiou uf the pwcrs in hi- wiadri, taking on board, or having tdeli ol harld made fulemn oath (or alIrmation) that t .
I p, the loiwerr llouf: thought piop.r in wnih- w"rilt inlthli Commonwealth, any ot the artic!lC flii is the fole property of the citil
he 10 their afllit It t the prrpolitio.i inil] fau thcr aIurclaid, contrary to tie true intent ani t ii t. r 'il Unitie States, and that no forclinr
a'. eilti U. old lbe paid to the fuhject. ing of this act, every fuclh fhip, vrerrl or cr ft, irirretly or indiretly, hath any part or Dun
(n.1 the Sh if June the General Allemlily o' the to(gethe with their ladin,", liall be forfeit e!, anI1 thereti. NavIa.OIrICILe
S,.it ef 1Conncdicut finillted their Spring S -ll a ,i, hiall an1l may be feied by any N.v !-l)f:irr, o 'n- And I, it f/rrthertenRedhA t r n authlari -I
t I lie clofe of which his Excelltncy Govianr r leftor of Excif or his Deputy, or tby any iIthr That ifany Naval-Officer or his Deputy l arfp.
Grilwioil ottered the following addril : tilzen or citrtens of the Ullitlc State-, andi the time tir enter or clear any rvefil, contraryto t
SGentlemen oftlle CouNi!, wirJ faime may be fueci for, prtfccutec! and recovcreid trite ittrt and meaning of this al, or ifany vI.
,* (ei/rnlem oftb llo-uf. f ltpr.p-fentiivuis; ill an y Court of Record within thisComronti'raith vatl (fTer, Col'retor of lmpo!l and Ficife, e(
SThec p: iodis now arrived wh.ii you ar called Ilnoper to try thie ln me ; afli after tidedtllict hhe their lit 1litie, hall neertCr any'ofthedutiesse
in t!e c uife of Divine Pr.vidclccc, to retire rchrgries of tioftctitig tIl, fame, from the gofs qilred iof them hv thiv at. lhe or they, nfinflt
tl your habitatlion. Your real and attention to pr duce thirctf, the iemaiidetr Iha" one or ieitleftini g their' t cfpcfr doutie. fIallftiri
tile hLFi tf. of thie ftin ion, july demand tlh milety to the perfon I.r pti' ,)s i. .o IIhal lave ard pay trie Iulm ul'f rerhundrd pr/.nd, one ir.
itk ill at kraowletpt iitii ol all concrnri ; oi al ilh fta izu e lhlpeTci r f andprofecutedthe fam, an the ty thet irf for Ihe teor ftThis Conmnmonwtath and
iviclih guodil fcrvice I now return rou pub icthank iIthie muoity hall Iie paid ito tile tlaafI ) uf this there otlr nirty thi cof ftr the f ifr le ic t f
But, gotlemen, thou I vuln havc atlt a t cr.- Coumouiwalth, for the lc oth famle. or per fronl h rr ma ofrecitr for lthe f me. tol h
ti1 1art yfo far a yo.n have goic, yet your truth is And be i f, th.r EnadiJ, Thit from antl aftrr filri for. aI lrn cd in any Cournt of Irrcrais
tlit carr'cd intol1'l :'.l. conMPIL.t Ec uitlon. ''T the hill ray or Augult neat, thirec lial nit lie t a t'1Cmmmowr.r nrtipri to Irv the frme I ln
pr omote piey'iCy vi, vl in" duiry, froiality, anld a t.kt n out or landed fiom on Iho ri ally !.ap, tl- in a tti1ii lherrlfha' he r etilrred iri* lpali
dl.C bedCtlnoetot it .aware a ll important duti llS I' on craft, not wvi. ly belonging t'., ir thel pir- any filter exi of hio or their relpetired.
ti t oil anti "inl cti:l ;c to c.JI aloud. for your prtly of tile citizens of tile t lli:lt l States, any cv. 7
it ilt attentive excirt i-6 h li laMp'le of law. foods, warts or mirchandize, in .aiy p nit, t,.ir- Pre -:'l ti d, /f, T at n Ith ine is this at
rnakcl t si nIaturilly a power lu ipillti on o the I,,ur o1 creck, or any other itwithin this fI.ll e conttleed Io prevent any flip orvel d
n.niJs of the people. it procirrly iirrtcrdd-is of Lo,.m inwealtll, except the port. or if r,. Fal iI it i|r this lt rnimonwlalth, and owned rltb r
mininemt fervice to Icind ad conduit them in the .eb, ( (i Gre BAyand JDurlmnrmt; and if vq whrle ni in part by any ofthi, frnhjernsflllrt ia
t u oo' ti cotlmfort anld la1,1inI.fs. Stionld lict llb i, vl Il or craft, lnot ovned as a:ortfsad, Ihall nof Grr It itain, from taking a cargo uponli
tolufnlcf lake place inl the land, it would be an bh f.und ill any port, larbulr or creek, or any f:rft ldcarnore from this Commronwealth, o
iunrateful return to the Father of all our Mifert'i outirr place within tlis CI~ inm onnlueth, e x'eupt the r,>. tsrm., sn(l nn furtlhr retrttlionsthalll
fvt the inetimah'e faIouls ann.l benefits received; the po-i ol Ber'm, Falno:.tb, .in aifs BtI1 anl f ril v fI t was owned by the citizens tf er
anid should the Alm gihty in Ioch r.fc, in lighteroi Dantmoutlb, a .ailtr l'il, dilfhargingt her ladiinr Slates.
judyiment to punilli a iunigra!eful peroplc:, i.urd or any part therrot, o otherwife thJa above-mce'- Ad: b/r it ftiior thr- en d. Thit this ad Ihalllic
pcllcuce, or famine, or the ford enraged tiuned, the faid llip, veiftI or cr.f', .togciher il'h tile in flcre until the Unitro Stales in C6enl
ctemy-1 or Ihouldl pe mit the grind adverf.iry ,f htr lading, hlail be feited aind for itre, to be re- a!lemnllbd, fall be verled with competent prior
mankind to fiw the feeds of dilrctrd and enmity, covered and appropriated as aforreaid. foi tlhe purpnfe, and (hs ll havepalTCd an ordinary
in: fuch a nanir ai to turnim every mnan's I ord Andlbe it further EnrieJ. That fiom and after for the reru'alion of the commerce ofthire 'll lai
aeraiilft lts fellow, till the ar.lh become drenched there fad fi. t day of Augull nteat, there hall be and the perinil may arrive when the faid ordiilu
twih bicod. as halh been tlie iate rfkinigdomsand paid by the maecr, owner or confignar, of evrry is in take if: ', n.dno fPffd 's ,w .
empires inl fundliy ages of the world(took place to llipi, vtIele or craft, ow'neld either in pait or in Newrert, 7yild We a-c informed that C*
rar y as the time of Cain and A\btl)what a diltl f.'- whole by anly foiiginer, at the time of entering Fier., fime rimer fine. came to the followinglit
ed undone condition would the people he in To the laid Ihip, vwicl or craft, into the hands of th' to'ution rrfped g the Pcliliin of fundry MYr
av,id fuch terrible calamities, the only way of Naval-Ofi. c of the ports of Bofon, Falmni.,, chants of the town if I ollon, vi.
efrcape s, by rcpentacc anol reformation, to im- and Darlon.,tl.,, alOrefaid, for tile ife and benefit Ordrred, that the Petition lie until Conl I
p!om the divine prote'inn, which I. tse only ark oftlis Coiiimonwcalth, a duty ot'fife/hllings per hall take mino cnnfidrae i i the retort o tilh
of taftey, capable of affoiling compleat security ton, for each an every tlti fAld velTe may mea- Commm ttee n ar application 'olhe Saitei ftl
ani deliverance. What people have ever experien- fore by ciipert:l-s meafaretrmcnt, and a further veTc Connif. wih thre owr. ofregula Tralq-
(-il more fgnal inlances oft .ivour, or had a more duty ol two Jlnt g and rigtb: er.ce per ton, as under certain Provif noible foundation laid to be icat and happy, than light aloney, in additliin to hviat by law they are ruly n3. "e arrl frrnr m-l tIlt tit 'le flel
thrle of the United States have had ? What Ihock. noi fubjeCt to ply, fur Lh, ufe anid crvici of the I Collrn of MaachT.nt, tt ,lnri g h- ir haft fbes
ing ingratitudc mluft i thin ie, and how i.ecxcu- lilgt ICril l and likce lc pay inr tihe CilllreCt r rfolvrid ilpn pr noi ,*, ts li fumitedtnoth
fable nuln the people be, if they wilfully reeiCt the ot Impor anld Excife. for the continue of Sufolk, Co fi.lrration of Cor.zlf l ihe Ler"itfe1"
means put into their hands to enjoy the billings Cuiberlrrrtan id land Bryol, double the duty on tIh all tihe Satten in the l onJI t ota t" the
of peace carried into its full and cutnplcat ex:cn good importrd in aid vellel, as it or may be paid tion if a l..rleral h.nplt trp. r
tion I would therefore urge you in the moll at that in upon the I ke grods imported in a vc- r vir iig th CInfnglt *w
pielling manner, to ule your 'itmoll infhlenre. to fel bclo.)ing wholly to the citizens of the Ihtrtl f.hfer iernt to in rinetrcfl and fttl
promote pity, virtue, indoltry Tnddfiugality, ju. States. ani afurliter duty o' fprne Ihall he pail the federal nS. coipolin the j i
ficc and benevolence to mankind-liown upon upon every bul el of fat importedr in anly Vlip, Ann c.n Repn thic. j..
"cery vice, and imprtfl the duty of yielding due vtffel or crafi, owned either in whole or in part, 1 crnral Co Ir f the Rtit of Nefleu-
obedience to the laws; alfo to cultivate that har- by anyoft the finbicd- of tie King of Greatn, itar T Ih at heir felon pafled In 3
money htht has fa happily taken place in thisltate, and pre iiou to heir breaking hnlik they Iliall sivyep n v on mllce or merchindiaf,
and in fto to the weal of a people. I bond tothe faid Collcltor for tile payment of the v rodlu re of any I
SUnd r thepleafipgprofpel l that by yourfaith. I fame. "Uierd nte41l ted in anyvelit
ful exertion-, attended with the kin I influence of Preidrd nnvrmrth le', iThat the flid duly of/f- wholly or in part any ffujer fthf th
Divine Providence, the people of this ftatr may penceper billel on fall, hall not le pid in cafe an King on pa .id f o iting both te.l .
.,.ggoy the inctlimablc hblefing of peace, I now cx- open trade (hall be permitted in the Brildh domi- carr ..
ScnTe you from anyfurther fervicethis fllions, and ons, and during Ihe continum ce of fuch optn They have alf., the fame penaltri fWbil
HItartily with you all a comfortable, picalant, and Irade I fuh pernotion to befignified by the Go- the landing of an no ot Irholl md
-fal' return to yourfeverathaltitationr." vcrnor's proclamation, anaforefaid. the fIbijeds of ignited States, arty whti .
BoSTOn, 7Tuy 7. And whereas fame -erfunsfor the fake ofenjoy- that State, unl e Harhonir of PifIcatl"
A. ACTfor e Ptie dilation of NaviatliM and Ing more extensive privileges in commerce. Ihae ANeu, rat, 7. Yesterday arrived ia lt
Commerce. had double fets of papers for their veffels. in orner from Fort Her er, his Bacrllency Oo .
WHEREAS it is become expedicntnd necef- that they might appear the properly of one nation C!inton, who with the C ml onremap~
fary for this Commonwealth to make lbie Com. or another, as might beft alifer Iheir pur- for that p rnL habn lherthold baent
sierciai RegulationsI far the encouragement of pofes; for the prevention of ihich impolition., with the Ol IotIhI1" in apru is
their own trade : Therefore, & it nared, That from and after the irft day ofthe dlre1 ion lftlhe l : An"d m
,it ine Rd hbr th Smate and H iftofRhprefrm- of Augurf neta, any vffel which may aptitar to happy to helrthey haveaccom ifledtidrbdsI
tlaty. r' G Crt ii.(cuart a ofmnJ, and b the ar have two fete of papers, by Ihe one of whicl (he very furcctheffly.
Strof te i, fan- That from and after the frt may appear to be the property tf the citizens of We have the mnif a.Uthentlh.4le-Z~i.
tf .io uo acat, and during the continuance thc United States, ad by the other the property northern frontcls of tbit t at lkthatl "

ined to keep pofcfion of the potll in that "! While we ratlefolly acknowtledlf the tor "a farty f though perhaps It It m
te and ai a proof f fuch serious deterina- porary aid afforded from your roval treasury, we be better for us in t nei.
they ha tely reinforced the garfInat Of* umbly beg leave to rprefnt, that fomeof(ue are u Thisnew ira ltohr rllIed the rommni.
with two companies from Nisgaza, and ar- languifhng in prisons for debts codntraed In this wealth of KentuLky. red r, eonn puiti;on contmi~
ttily fent back a number ofpeifrns, fubhtlts of country for the iuccCftries ol life, many have worn at this time o (on ftls h I .t le fore a feparation
united States, l ho were ontheir route to the out thegenrcfity of their friends, and at this no can take place, m. tt he I av ;scrraftd.
sia country for the purpolcs of trade. ment depend on the Irlity of their creditors for .s The Savayg 'Pill contirne to o nm;f hier,
i ater rom Pbioaddpbia, dated 7ie unesa. their liberty, and others muft perlh, should the though chiefly aeut the Ohio river I but it is not
.here arc variouss reports In town, rtlatve Jufice due fiom the nation he longer potponed- of any aonfiiermble r o fenencr."
Sthe late Indian depred.rlons. I have been at wretched examples to the friends of monarchy, Alexnrrin, 71 We are informed. that
Sie riO to informal myfcif particularly on the while they remain tbus cpofLd to fuch complica. much mif, hirfh Ib v b, en done hy the Inm'ios
ld to bIlievo, that what has happened is not But we forbear father to urge tlofe iher.
Stlal aflo.r, I or a mere ally of their lifordl ly divine virtues ot compaflooo and Juo(ice, which we RiemLna, (. R a venlenran iftarryvrl
rts mre, b:t ni conleqience of a regular and know animate your royal treaRt, in humbe coofi- from the ht country, wer rarn. th..t a Oamily,
cei li ' One prelti firongev.dence in flp- dcnce, that as your Majetly has been cracioully fettled jn Po e-ellrv. uere attackird about a
t of this opiiiiion is, that they began at Ktc. pleafcd already to rece mmnnnd'omn cafe to Par- forlnipht no yfrnCme tIndi-n, ant tiwn rtn and
o'rkey, on lle Scoto, on Hockheocking, and near ligament, in confrquence of which an adt pat- fonr children killed ;-the mother of the children,
wbrli]a. about the fanme time; and a Mr. Walker fedtr appointing comminlnonera to arleltain our 1it. o ipnortd. was ror-ir.a mrhr them.
arrived in town from the caft branch ofSuf- claims. You will again, Sire, condtfcend to re-
Shnnah, informs that fome people have bLan ncommend to Parliament a lipeedo poFmpcniaeion f-
illed on .Tioa, a branch which faIls into the fuch claims as have b.eeo plrfual.t to the faid N A S S A 17,. AUGUST 27.
S.fquchannah, abcut eighty or ninety milt above r aertaimed and appointed. .N the 9th inlI. the Ship fnphia Pailey, W. R.
W'ming. All thefe ihins combining, feeom to And youth poiiioncrs, as in duty bound, 3 Swan, mnaner, fren Iumarica for London.
uecat a general dif conltlcit amon Ithe Ilo.l.s. will pray. ws driven afhlore upon Cape Florida, but was got
Sentlonman Irom Pitlburgh. with whom I ave (i0i'ndr ) JA. WRIGHT, offthe day after, he the riertion, of the crew,
a go d (deal of converf.otipn, Lays ]oriivcly, ** By the dlre ion and in the behalf of the aided by four wrecking verltrl hbelongln to thia
tbt they are bv no means fataoried will tie late Ap ent for the Anoerican I.oyalifs." port.-Capt. Swan, in a letter to Nicholas f.'r-
trety, and will not, he thinks, give up the terri f lr k a. It is '-porteo that a new effort has tier, tfo of this plare, fuivn Carn. Btll and the
tioy odod O Indeedt this f(ems to be the general hern malic by the Kiny ; of Sp:au for the rriulituion eft f the Contains haver ivedhl wi.h the greater
opinion. of mn of tlte people frtm the back ciiuoI o~ Gibraltar; hut that Mr. Pitt, the Itritllh pre- cii'ity: and I (hfll make itv hy miners to report
try, who all IL.y that the Britinf take grtat paiiaS mirr, had plot a positive negative iupon that requi- their f.lepciv endulnt, tno l the n nderwritre at
tor ncte i o t ohm a ic.i'uury of us. Six or fvcn litnin. Lloyd's Coflee-hlonfe. cW ill be pleaded to
mimnts are orl!cted lum Ireland to ga. Wil the Other reports arc cireu'altd, that gieat part of reward them for other tr-ihte."
ilh pofte on the lakes." othe iflnod of H (paniola ha. len offered a acom- A few day. after ~panif Polacre was raf
7ly tJ T"h la tal lli from America to Lon- enfiation foir Gibraltar. without rffcA. awa onthe Flinrila re. The crew abandoned
don, having cariedl f.. lew remittal..s ur Poila&drph;i, 7uy 213. On friday laft central her an,, carried off faite an't part of the eargo;
merchant, f ald o atniny plras ofinabihty to in, l.Le R. uitltr one of the Comrr.iiflioltr for Inlian flme of for wrr e rs have flre fived great part
mood their payninits, that many c.loital olcel Affairs,left this city, rn lis way to the Big Miame, ofthe remaind ornofifing of wine, oil, &r.
aIe refuled f.lnling out gooli, unlcll thlt failure liric tle wComm f'lonTi rs h:ve orIdered the Inlians The fclon r Thrsoas. Capt Conner, trnm
ondel are accompan:cl willl drallt on apii e to be .iTrmbltel on the (nft d1y of Oobhr pert, Port Rote for this port. on herrtaflfae fp ke
glc 0i Londooln. at whiLh time the traty woth ti.e wecern nations ',e Shiip, frrm Jamaica for Londoa, in lat.
E.tar.lra of illrier foru Loolz.h, w ill c ,'T.menlce. lo, on y. aFl wel.
SClnain it i(tloo tile blct ..'hoorot) that tlie J 7-ly 14. Nlo meafu e biJd P0 f ;r Ito d aw from A Io .n T a e. from
(miutst iofl almofall the .a.igft claims f lithe Amnc- iin.ividtlu.l the ktowledl e cfnllet to t he forma- Aug.. Prhef w g. ITene Reading. P Ploiin'a
lica I.o;.elitHo are allowed by the Commilioil.ce ti. n to a liberal .And ilcfcaiLe Li frm .f ranonfac- 26. Slofp Hannah. D;lwnrth, Pihladelph;i
t corrt.lir. lll n, which it is thought wv'1 grc: y 1 te t, racde a1n ceont e, i th i s country, as the Fclhoon. hto.ns, Cnnror, Nova-nScotia
Itrred ttepIuiedlations that hail been, al- tintitution of a tlcirly o tr thr p no:rlotion thereof. t? SCeaoo. Swallow, Ewing, Vireinia
thor!'h in lrome drgrct falling Thort of tle amoL.n'i ton a plan nearly similar It, that (I the tlluly landl.- SarI t. ore
-i:. i : .'nd it i image nocdtlhat a certain tuoni wi'l hle agricultural fucilty oil Plil..delrl.hia. Ne ,r A u g. at. Srhon. No"ry. fIT, f rleore:a
tpr ol .c yn to ech i clainmant, a .d the reii.a in would t the Europenulo Ia.:v e attaiont totheir prdhclrt 3. Sloop Ne'' Cr ftill. Charilefon
der pa'il flin .1,i oal iiflalmei:i. Jdegoce of pellctii.on 0 vraioln blano hes, but for nj. s,-hon. S. Ma Reimnfo, E. Florida
l' 'ITle Lonalifs in order to refs the eI.c;.fl- unfltionl of thli nal r : and the reafolo isobi Sch. Sifannah, Df-ereeio. New-Ynrk
Itre tue nOrtioun in Iheir fiTour before PAl-ii amn I ous Prl ifoln cna,-tJ in trade andl inanlufifa urea, b
rFle, loave pelfc::ted the following petition ltoi h however deficienl of Tceroilo knorclotlgr, are, for -
MajIty, whl is mutc their faicnt, orurandl aov thic mnt part intelli get wi. h refra to ir own J US T IM P R PD,
Ihitr own mnimerdite applcatlonlu to tle Ilouef of part:rular branch of hufiner,: they perceive where In the Brig FarN'HWI. pt. 0 s, fro
Cuonmons, tiz. the ltho plranclrs there and can c.rily point out N fw-Ya ax
To thlr KING's Mulft Excellen Mjeflhy. the means to be adopted, to toing it to perfedion A ND T 0 P nl ,
Thi PETITION ofthe Aerots for thle A;imerin loins, when an enlightrenc hbody of people co'lct On. R.'onnas .
L.o) allit, in behalf ot tlhemfclvc anld their t lois information, ansl digeft it into fyftem, the Ie- By J 0 H N C P T S T I E,
Coniiti tanIt. ; 'A.lalure are .co le of fIve PrxTho of he troublcthJ ey
A* f, ffgrai;ou S tereig, would otberwiter peltirnci; thev proceed, more. At hit FlTn" h r.
WEl the Agents of your Maijly's faitil'il over, on a more certain loonadation. Indeed FPr 17'a, Bradl ta rie.
American fitbjies, who have fufflercd in their amidt there divrfi;r ofaflhirs which engrof the .:- A Quant ny of PINR AD 0 nd CEDAR
rihtls, protperteln and polli'fl'ons, in confcqurnce tension ol our'eg fiture, it willnot, unltfa a plan SHIN IT.P T
ol other loyalty to your Majefy, and attachment oftlhi fort he adopted, be pofiole for them to at- F O R S A E,
te1ih Br: tith lovenmciit, nimo humbly beg leave tend toall the muniti" of Irade, ortoapproach at y Water .OT, a nin
ts ap roach or royal pcrfon, and to recall to all near perfediiun. W,\ : e particularly happy to 1HAt pleaanl, airy Water .OT, adoinine
itur Mojc;itl' colliftuoii our Ready petfeve. infom our realce, that feeralpublicfpiritedgn- tothe Wftward of Mr. oagT SnC-, a
(rance, and In 0 mplId fInfferingl, in support of tlcmen have had this in aphtation for fome time on the White Oronnd, at pr t pofleffed by
r M,,tfys tlo!otr, /.e defer/ce o e' Con/I::,- pall; fo that rwhocver has a with to reader his "r. JouH OUILa, nm feet d and 49 feet
to, and thc pI rr-atan of tb Empir. naine celibraled, as Ihe founder of fo hneficent front. with a new Hoft on it, s a, and has
Calltdl u tiaosmon with all yor Majefly's a fociclty, teed only fltp forward anti flubmil aJh- a well improved Garden.
tfbithe, by t.clamations under your royal lig- dicioiuo p'an to the public, ich we ate co dent Por terms apply to JOH ORRIS.
anatr*, ithcd aatilons rof your rofal wid by your will be cItered into warnnly. Nafiau, o f. .
Minilers, and thei ref,)lIltion of P.rliamnentl; alld Recent Letlerr from Europe inform us, thatthe TPHE Sni-hcriber r'i rn h t mo rateful thanks
flimnlated by oUin own principles of loyalty and Pope has oprnedl two polts, Civita Vecchia on the for th- favors o th received from his Fritcnt
tafllfe n to youni Majlly, we did not h. fi'are to Mediterianean fra, and Ancona, on the Adriatic and the Public in larr. f e dtrcd inn BuD
oppofc the rebtlloon in crica, in every ltage of gutph, fi)r the adtmin on oef(Tels belonging tothe finef under *h J aLLi vAN. & Co. bhu
its progrelf, ouoirihiar4 oh, the confilcatton]s, at- United States of America, on terms of perfed finding the lo Im and Esnort, refr
landdrr, and de'nath, v 'ch our perfLverancr, reciprocity; and has, moneover, nominated p" enormoo sat J ndcr hh Rnceelty of declining
in ihe caufe ao1 'olrr jlqjoy and ilis country, fon at each of thefe ports, tI) render every net- f Bu"in he prc t t; threfor diffolves
oftron 2 -lor C, 0.u from Jamaica f ereoi. l
were threalenit, an thef C. er.tiofcd to. fry service to tlofe Americana who may a e C th Pro n r ih i or to well
Many of ouor flittillA have borne anrm there ; only. that the fubjc of tLjd othe ., ,ian f, & ) t I oyse
tnder your Maje Generals, who can etRify I'apacy tall meet with Lmnilar friendly treatment Meflrs. TOat WrrIau? eenT Mn.T ereIe 1
our tal in the co on caure; others are rlcoir.e in the ports of the United States. We are infor- of them, hands he ha lfta the Books, nI i
the dcltitute widows and orphans of fathers and mcd that application on the above fihjed, for the fisternke ivre &oe ; he intends kI.
bulband., who mingledl their blood with the purpoe of opening a new vent for the New-Eng. ving this frao few onV
ftcrilce of iheir property: All of I0s have been land co i!ilh, wa: made by the American Comr- All P erl hng 7 s.y d d i against him. ar fatd
Wprived of our Aneri an ipoffeioans, and the afl mlfltouner in Lompe, too he Pope's Nuncio at Cpsrtnerh of yhn Sullina. & Co. are defired t
dettaindlr and conllcfatlon pafed iginft us, Paris, who tranfmitted an account of the propofi- f idd h dtieil actnunt for pyRmer. F o d
ate been rati-d by the Treatl af Pear. tlon to tihr Sovereign, by whom he was cmpow. JOHN SULLIVAN.
But whliloi we thus faw our properties made recd to conclude the bufilefs as above men:loned. .onff>.., Asef s7. Te It .
itpric of peace t for our fellow fubj i, we truit- Etra of a ketrfram Dan.ille, is tenlwou da- KTOTICe Id oH.HtY GIVEN to ali perfion
ed ill ote hio r and justice of the Britilh nation, ted ofy pa, yt. N d indebred to tiate of Param Ucanor. dereai.f
I iole beha f we fured, to compenfate us for Our ccondconvention has met, and is now fed, to make imin iate ptsyentr, and all hfe rh
te aer.fice or which e were made the victims! fitting. They have refoled on making appltcAtion have demands a the fld EIas, ts feed in h
SYour Mavfty fting, as nw do, in ana to the Legiflature of Vjrginia for an ad of fepara- c us preoprl' fled, to
mlnst degree, the older affetions of both hof- tion at their neat clton4 and a petition is new MA TWEEDY, Adminitfrator.
toand and father, wi fondefcend to consider the drafting for that rpofe, which will be read in Najes, gy. 7 g.
wretchdnefs of r reduced from afluence to the convention tha day. .An addrefo will alo be THE i hereby forewarns all PT --
tnsery, who ar able to procure the common handedout to thepeople, on the cpediency ofthe 1 Igai ting or crediting his Wife Mat r
enmfortl of lof, for their wives and families, and aeafare. H he wl not deem hamfelfccou
'il iudge of their feelings Itould their prfent ". Several late aA of the Virinia Affenbly, for any debts le may contrad either in e i
e '* lbe aggravated by delay and dlappoint- whid;h operate grievouly on this dinlter, have an. or in his name after this date.
ticipite theappllcatio to anarlier period than Asjuf sy, dJ. RICHARD H .

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