Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 13, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Arom SATURDAY, AuouIr 13, to SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1785.

L.adO, 7 'et. (Cvoim .) NASS A U1 AVU UITr 2. hlveffet ccordlinw to law. to which the Go
jrrtmo thclrLordf Lipathetrtouaftrwhc follo t bl tr ntd vrnour Iws pleld t o give the following fhort
pCreo s killed. fOlltOiP crtrcmcnt I ufId I r, -.i, Thlt he muln r'cluen to thh p, e
Ai Kaol""cf T from.. . ... wrice he carimes" Upon which he a iked
ikl o folutlont werT, npon the return of JL i t l Ppr horf mth ea 't Int. ha, an or ice htl "a"*" m p u --th-h h. . -L
the Lords. reported to the Hautr THE Charlecfto Chamber of Commerc leavetore fit hisv 'u r Cfe l but thGovernar
S p ter t rd he e ing rkcelved circular letters from the hm~ "' lea re ft his el for fea but th-Onvernm
M.r th the minutLe of the evidence wtrrie Commerce of New Yolk, and from the Con
Itih., rdtesd to be printed tee of Merchadts, Trader. a)d Citizens of Bo
dayr Counlfe were called to the br of the relative to the Itat of the United States, wi
*lpcert, to be heard ont the Petitlomi ofHr, IT the name before the Citizens of this '
i, reieding his writ, of Cerkioraiii. Mr. They therccre rea eft a meeting of the Citi:
t appeared a Codhfel for Mr. Atkinfon, at the Eacha .e, on Thulit the loer
de a long and learned argument : .he was infant, a I o'ki t ii the morning, to deterI
1~l followed by Mr. Woc.l, Counfel on the on A proper apylica:l.n to the Ltgilature at
Ir, and having concluded, the farther cou- 'next meci"l, for 1 rtdrtef of tire Igriernm *
was upon motion put off il this day. LCitizens o tlhis State Ibor under, fromt
lrit. Captain Buller, ofls Iguns. and tlh firiLions aid prolibttbln; on trade.
lfigur. Captain Cooper, are ordered DWARD) ?),ARRLL, V. I
immcdiatcly. in addition to the fqtam- The rCerulators i S,uth- i !r.,ln arc, aer
al tat nation, under the command of Com- bt to adlvices froma thlcce* i hiih fprrit ; t
wlii ig little doubt now entcrtai,-:., of the Leg
kill pretfnted y the Attorney Ceneral to lure of that State iliing Paper itiMony, at i
1t of Commons on Monday all, for thte A", fetfion, which is to be opened tt lcth of,
Uthe creditors of Bmnkriprd and for re rembrer. So decided is tihe public option of
i the tirt of iuking commilions of BaLnk- meafur taking place, that property heIliti.
h *o twelve noibclt cret ommui',., a higli~r
lit, That it frequently hbppens in cafce by s, per cent. than it would foi (rj.
hikruplcy, that many of the bl.kriipts crc- Wriliam Henry Mills. Eq; andl his fan
tart inthe aft r Wetdintice ore cwhcre went pArl.enr? in the Brigantine ffihr, C
Ii the feas, or tor other cafes are unable ic"witt, wbich failed on Wcdncfday la for
ly to pruve their debts. verpocl.
y rl ttrl That double hare been concti MARRIAGE. Capt. WnLL
1ihtrr, as the law now fands, the Coin MmLTOr, of iis Mlnjfty's j7yt
of Bankrupt are authrilced toadmit Auras GAOmaa, daughter of
proofof debts under fuch commi fons,. I1f.. .. .
o the tth of the creditor himflf, although D)EATH. Mr. Josts MowaitT, for
hlta e capable of preof bother fufficicnt of EAlf Florida.
1 Whettby great Jloree alid inconlvetnienCCe Ag VID i1 Nt Froa
m_.yb. occreonrd to creditor. Aa mi. Brig Nancy, Ordon, r Whale Flft
p UitWrefor na'aa. That it hiall be law- Ai. Sli|n N.ncy, Sherield, Rholtn.e-l .
I the Commilffoncrf of BAr'krupts, in cafe it Sloo; Unity, Ba"ley, New-Y i,
Iit niade to appear that any creditorcannot t3. Sloop Poly, I.ccroir Chrtle,
Mlntly make proof of his debt by his own Sloup BctFcy, M'Natighttl, Gco I
11 receive in proof of fuch debts the teti- t Blg. Gy, rdncr, Wh'al Filh -' .-
17f sa pIfi caFabic of virg evidence etc Ame r San, S-Yn, d u
ree d"M. endeavour, SbhedJon, Kew-Y
Ire ui wlccslufce, direding the I -olli ll "
SocnoT .toadmit the pcrfon LA PollyT, cDrkey, New-.Y
loy policies or -.-L e to make proof on Eli tabeth, ollett Baltim -
the perfon in fled, of any debtldue i Fifh er, Hew itt, Linop
Mabnkrapt, in refpdt of ruch policy, unlef6 .. t
SSffio s (hall fecjPlcau tothe con- Pre t Nw-Yo GazrrT in.
L-Mbat the CommifBliltrs may rccive thhe P t-%rorh, 7.; 29.- On the arrival of the
Itycrteditir a lut ficit proofor the debt i; of Conllicut i t t. fi nce in New-Li
this ad fiall not affri the authority of the (don, the gentlemen of the Prthyterian Coagrei
rlanccllor, Lord Keeper, or Conmmilioners tloa were to obliging as to offer him the fte
Sat Seal ;-for dmittinp as creditors up. their Meeting Houle, in which he preached
Itt bankupt's elrte any e flns who thll very numeoin11 alrdiencns; the lpifcopal Chn'l
lthemlttrlris crrditors ot the hankrpt, in re- had been burnrt the ground in the court oft
tP money paid for Billos .th chan c, on c- Iate calami:nut war, but the Paifonage hot
e fthrebad uptor lshr )tl"ale othecom elapsed, and it is now the refidence of Bilh
-, ":~tc5contraA fortahe SbUtry. Tru d aCytli c.
16t ef money eri.rrc. into-on account orf t"en. Hiiimand is eixpeled every hour in C
rllasrupt, Ir onre the dlate L thero mmif nada: And wc hear from good al'thlotity, that
aough fch irtmenld Atw ti hot madie numlir of enginecra who lattl arrived from En
Atr thedateooh fch p omient Then fol. ad I iat Q-elic, paWsed, a few (lay fince, therui1
"tr thie efr litniting tile time within whicbf. ontreal on their way to the polls on our fr
laon of Bliting Ii flll within whihe tie t bt whether their obltJ is to ilfycii
4'ofed manfrte refpftin the Coart of repair the works in that quarter, or to view at
"rto cotlnd w1ill not be atny) frthelr carried. lly 0out ground for new orne within trir An ;
M the abone mentioned menrnre originacs ju'ildilion, we leave the public to eonjcCure.
l tutlyh known, but the odlium ei cittd Captain Benamin Ncwton, malter of the flo(
b-" l known, that h e xcdtein di Be:fer, arrintd at Philadclphid, froi New-Pron
it, is the mwlt general, that any political Beftv, amist atPhiladelphiafron'Nei. Prow
tlre has alarmed a country with, n the deuce (It from Cat-Wfland)inform that he cou
Iltd' ra of General Warrants. not obtain pemillion to ester, land, or all h
21tAy a Court of Aldermen was held at cargo at New-Providene. That he prefented ; :r,
lai, when Aldcrman Hlaley wasi bycon- memor'i to Oovernour Powell, whertin he tr
St wrtild to the Ward ofsidire Without, ted, that he is a Britiih hlbjea, and a r .live
Bih he ett s Farther of the ity. that Inlnd ; that having formerly bad Conneieti
l itfro he to lai that the ae in trade on the continent, he had come hither t
fletdlo.alindrthe on to Baron de tL ndn rfelic his accounts, atnd having balance due t "
'r Prnipdttena i on to Bondo dto Lynreat h him, in order to facilitate the colledhi'h of therr
rittl ntiniarTy ion dni tohe oration of h b had purchased a foop, loaded her with th
Ietttllet of i'n tnam oein Indi, for wicn produce of that port, and weded to his native
rI bo r d as an quivalct is one of their ftt- country, where W prayed is Earllency' eper
WO the Gold Curt. million to lold id Ulhi 'ergo, and to qualif


-- 1
I .'*A '


-, .-' -r


From S AT URDA Y, AvoUST ti, tO 8 AT`iR'DAY,. -AUGoUT o2, 1785.

NASSAU: Printed by Jolin WiLLS, at their Ptirting Ofice bn the lAY.
A .. I

European Intelligence.
L. ON DO N, MAY 14.
T HERP Is no department of Engllfh minufac.
1 ure of laite o a utndantl intproved and Ira
moving as thle Clterier, particularly thole Inter-
iianed with ftrata uf iron orw. The late ditcoveries
bf Lord Dundonald, relative to the extrattlon of
far from pit coal, cannot fall of circulating at
home All the money liltheto exported for this
necetary article. And there is aiet greater force
f wealth to therountiy, In the hew modes of
fmclting and working iron by a fire engine alone,
without any mill work dependent on the cafual
fupply of a mill inream.
lt he land nwnesa of Shlropihire and benbigh.
hire now tbelnw ligral support of proper adven-
ture', thert cancabt be doubt of their becoming
bhe flrft'minudluiring ilifrit in the kingdom.-
For their coal, almon all ofit will coak, and their
Iron ore has belth proved by experiment, superior
In polity and quantity of metal, to any other
We are inform d by good authority, that Mr.
Powell, who, about ten years ago, went on foot
from Londorn to TolKk and back again In fix (days,
neans to perfo-n' the fame jourery In the fime
lcnrth of tinm, notwtillil.rr.,dir: g the material atle.
tat'on whhl tetr years niift ofcourfe to Iis
tlfirtiantage. 'The place of larting is at Shore-
hlitch Church, from whtnch he goes. to York.
PartrSlrgs, 'aitrh 14. The Britih Fafitbry
hcre is Jn a a ot ouirilhing hate, and London
artlesl of mechalditz are continually pouring
into this port. i ht Emrrefr has too much feafe
tver to enter into any engagement injurious to the
mutual grad traffic of ihe two nations.
Aril ii. Ordels aredlifatched fur the hips of
the line and frigates equipping at Confladt, to be
ready for fea in the rourt of the enfuing month.
This fleet will br compofed of sy fhips of the line
arid I frigates. A nert of eight lhips ofthe line and
tve frigates will cru're the eniuing fummnr in
tie Baltic. Siree the arrivAl of intelligence here
of the interruption of the commerclAl Intercourt
tet*een this Enmpire and China, full power has
teen transmitted to the'OoyTrnour of Jaknifkoy
to exert every pr. tih'e Fcdeiior towards anami.
table accommonition,and to inretigate the caufca
ol the faibfifting difjgietemnctt. -
Iv letters from anfradan we leNi n,.that on the
ld of February,t t a, minutes after two in the
afternoon, a violent fhoc-k of an earthquake wAs
felt at Mofdoek ani In the nelghbouring country,
accompanied with a ftbterraneous nuifc lr riabling
thunder at a dilRance ; about an hour after anot hei
fhuck followed, and it was fo powerful, that ma-
ny people were thrown on the earth a thlirl (hock,
fill more violet ihan the two preceding iotes,
came on betwc-n si, n and eight it the evenhrg,
iod this was,, ,, pl by ah fourth an hour after
midnight,4.r -:o*;dsb m:ch force as the two
lslt. 'hefe lifba,6 wv alests felt'at Iillar, whEtI
the liser Terek was g,'aily.itatnd by the fuc- mntionsof its bed. -
Port mthb. May Is. This morning Admiral
Cnampbell lioirft.c hi. Aflp on board the Snlifbury,
and this evening filed with that flilh and the Mer-
lin floop of wr, to i Newidundlaod.
Ladon, May n6. ['hcre watt entered in the
port of London, during the year
1694 6ooco Brltilh tona.
; 10 7i>0,ooo
1711 1I 7,00
17511 19,000
1J731 1.,ooo
1761 s6,ooao
1?7I 16t.lt90
The oat port. ha.e increaf d in fimliar propot-
ino, but the riterl ports have increased their
Ilps in the laicelt nurrber, while the pooredh have
itiely added any to their anddet flock. Theft
tt and theft reafoning. apply tany competllion
"ctWtt a rich counir and aB0or Be.

Few manuf.rnrc have ever ronL rO~f I l payment, and their alarie are estimated at
beginnings to perfreCMn, with quicker fte f thia 4..91.30 mrem.
the Irilh Linenm. The export frme Irel c.. Leds. My o. We hear from Portfmouth,
cording to a three yearn average, that the Miler d the Ordnance hea not employ-
Ending with i1t yards '.376,499 ed convince hi Comunifiom tie prorict
736J 6.t4o,35 of bith ufelef. fortificationa. ai himfe it
S ,4 4 making eIxperlm a en igon a d fortification.
1776 9 "-'l,1 By the rotrmr he has mond ontath red hot hot
ll I.. i s i... fli red from a canon and odged timber ofthe
W while the fIrl Linenthus increfedand iwere thiekucn of a thip's ide, wi fet It on fire ; and
finding their bet mraket in Britain, tihe Britii B- by the latter, that brick archeL which he had at
nes intrenafd nearly In the rtme proportion. An a confderable eptlp cauli toRier the gunners
animating truth, appearing from the augmented fromthe fire ofthe toadtooe dflp, i a much
quantity of raw materiAls brought in, and thofe more effedual. method of kockig people on the
raised under the bounties of Parliament, from tIie head, than fall tfatfrom the eramny as the fil
increased quantities or Britr4 Linr exported, or of hit own guni multlowdown tharches. We
made for fate; and from the limininied value of are told hil Grace is to be Cq ander in Chief,
FarraJ Linesm at different times imported. Is wells Mader Surveyor of the. rdnance.
Ili a private letter from P.rls we are informed Advices are .id to have b received, that
that the Duke de Choiecul. tie late famous Pre- a deep Icheme has been folrd between the
mier of France, died on MAoniay the 9th infant, Emprefl of Rtiria and the OeB Ilaperor, to
at eleven o'clock in the fiorcuoon, in the 67tb year divide between them thofe putp o the Turkilh
of his age, iniverflly limented. territories which lie in Europe,'id that the Ca-
The Leydlen Oazett givesthe following nccon.nt binrt of Frnce is privyto t he dego.
ofl:h unforltu:ate death of P in-e Leopr!il', young- Moniday morning lltlhe light baggae of Prince
dir fon h of the reigning Duke of Bruntwick, whc Eilrwvrd waUnt from the Q P1Cen' Palaee to
perilited ib performing the dulties of humanity. Woolwich, a put on hoard the Augufta Yacht.
" We hate wii lin there few days c periTnced the Pi ice Edwairmbarkp foe tih Conti net an Sa-
grea:ret al.imitica by the overflowing of the Oler, turtla; next, .6 Gravee4ud. d
which bu it its baniksiu fveral placeE, and carried By communJidf Wh Majcfyi Co. Goldfrorth
away houres, briilpcst and every thin that orpofed dan Capt. Elphinto. are apated to ettd hie
iter curfr. Numiaerslfpeoplchave lofttheir liver Royal tlilsrines Prince E40ad oh hoard the Au-
itr this ratpid.tAnunation i biit fall the accident guftU ytiht; to GewOtlLy.
arifi-g fronrit, n i Ins fogentall)larmer'edraslhe ILOUStB ofCOMMONS, MAa ao.
leaitluf the gooil P'rinct Leopoltd Brunfrictik. JaaIscA PTlaTara .,
Thlrs amiatet prince fardingat the ide oftheriver, Lord Penbeni roa .oremBnd the Houte, that he
a woman tihrcw herfelf at his feet, befccrhing him Iha a few day fince ptatepted'a Petition from
to give orlers for lome pcrtin to Fa to the rfteu Stephen Faller, Efq; ati t for the Iland ofda-
of lier children, a homn, lewildrredl by the fudlden maircn He meant to move, that the faid Petition
danger, the hlad Irft Irehind her in the boute; Ciome be referred to a Committee of the whole Houfe a
foldiert who where alfo in the hrae place, were but before he did fo, he would, he fiid, lufl touch
crying out for help. Time Due r endetaoured to upon the three great obf ur n wbina the Pc-
procure a flat bottomed boat, bUt o oe cqild be tuition turned, and thaoe re, lft the esceeding
found to venture across the river, een though the ithilh duties upon Rite, which operated Ireail
Duke had offered larger umns f iney, and pro- lthe detriment of the Wftlndia Planters. Hia
mifed to m hre the danger. Atla, mored byl the brdth:p faid, he was awairthat thofe dwtlea had
crie of tle unfortunate inhabianlts oete iburb, l nt year been ltred bur in t ey w;re at high,
and led by the feiibility of his own enevolent thatit was of l a ca tenc to the planter.
hart, Ire tniik the resolution of going-to their A second o was the big1 rdltseaon Sugar
aliiltance lnrfelf. Thofe hr, were about himen- andthethird,fU Intercour ft hAmerica. Tb.
deavouired to sdifrTaile him from this hazardous laft mntionediras thathe lhid, tih b he bould
terpize; It touchrd to ithe fil'l by the dirtrtb of peak lrit. A report he remarkedhd lte la the
the nlfcrable people, he replicit'ln the following alft Sellion becnpreleptldfromt tJaj ltteet-
wonrd, which Pa nobly pidture his clharacr : Privy Council uat w yit had i noted To
" ;I Ir am I more trns tirb- qfyou or them P am late, he co .u sat imagine. qence
a man likeyeoafilei, dnr niathins ought to r at- however had ''. 'a he could do nothiln lo it.
mfndedht bern built wr ofi~r e m Unlhaken, That he beliere. -o could prote to be 4a ery
therefore, in his refilution, h e immediately cm- extraordinary pe. *frlance,idl wholly tunwirra
barked with three watetmen in a froall boat, and ted by evidence ; he woald not then o Int
crolfed the liver; the boat did not want above it. He wo,'ld 'reti' ale that amogthr afer-
three length of the bank, wl hd it ruck against tion, it contain' aion that the proace
a treg. and in an infant they all, tlogeb with ofCtala and N -coiu were equal to the fu
the boat, difApptared. A few a e r, the p(y 0"te Weta':L. a I nd with four and other
DukL a ro again, and fupportedl a thor pr ton, with ..ber and aes. This ar-
time by taking hold of a tree but ihtiolenceof .on, he fald, w .Oly groundleftL as the pro-
the current Coon bare him down, aid ever ap vince of Canada 'been oblied to Import con-
peared more. The boatmen, intort fortunate, fiderablei qnantio, of flour fort own ruenance
were every ona fared, and th e alone became and the Uoe fnoarof Jaal' hadlar yearapp ed
the wiaim of hit own himnltt. The whole city tthe Gio, ars iroflloa-SotL fr roiwmh.a
1i In afftIhAlon for the lo of this tfroe aslale, and had cilyhitsndeIb to obtain a few harrefo l
Prince, whore humility, flntlencett 0maw rlee, and about one haudred and twenty boulisla
and compaioIrate, difporition endelt huhoII of vertoesa Hia Lordilipwent oer thcpgoUnd
rankd. He lived indeed as he died, i the higbete W all that had happened in Jama and uredl
c nercife nf hum eniry: Had not the csrnent been the neoeewty of the Idents bag paritefd
fo rapid, he wonld, nd doubt, haCe Lto 01'd1, erron a intercotarf wh the *Uited U itaeaof
ua he was a remnrkibly good (wimttr," merica. j ordICr to ithe e blity o
LiAn, A 7ril t. In the eouitC oJftear. fl rtrn f the calalltitfl UhLty, eaerleaed
Pureugurf htipe entered the 'Thegi, t ISpaTh tely ,lt Co bd with i ht- Htihelio .
Fp French, as aEnglilfl, wnts, so Swe416, itself into a Cootitte of C & o
70i Danlfb, 3 Itufihin, to Anjffirie..aj AmericanrS Mr. Jea,4injla role to It&nl~ttto the consider.,
as Venetian, at Raritan, 6 Protlan. ne front Rtion4fi the Cmq!C
Haiburgh,. a from Bremen, I from GeOoa, a pri 4 o1 af;Pd,.i that compireeiud jai
from Dantzict, I from Lubeck, g from-Naples, 'it 17t% nipfmta emid eTCT extecnfive erdera-
and from orea. 1, -.1 j1r tions,astiaftinquafion. Mr. Jenkinfoo procted.
Hahblu,, AiI< a. Accorditgto letped l ed with a rehlar abier to Lord Pesihrn,sa
LubeckTeeraf trading boufsk i d r

-. y --r --


t i



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