Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 23, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00124
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 79.




NASSAU: Printed by JOIN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BA?.

European Intelligence.

L 0 N D 0 N, NovsusiHn xi.
TIE vwA Ie'rt prepat nation both by fra and land
arc contiIueC( with fuch vigotu by the Court
of 't i buri gh, particularly the railing a ilew Ico rp
ofr tinIldii t anid chaffTurs, amouiirinPg to 35 or
j6,00 no tin, a, fecm to indicate a dcfrigi to cm-i
nuci hIolitnliics the enf-iing Iprng ; but agapi n
whir pwict they w I; be diced, is yetlp robrbem
imorng lle politicians. itrLain It is nat ii the
Imprtfis lia no friiou, dtfin of entering into a
war, imniniCf txapences ale entirely thrown
aw:;': Slc i it ton Lttic drcaJ ol the Porte, and
if ioo wll ac(qu.tiritd will the difordtr which
pr v.ols ii) Il.e (Jrlornan Minifhly to make luch, had tlle no other vitw th.n to defend
u.rf,.fin rale of an attack. Next Ipring, howe
rvr, will difiover the p'an of the two Imperial
Courti. It it geincrallv thought that Poland is
inert.clltn tIJ ii tle scheme of aggrantllfcnitsn
fI 'i. Itv II s t ,,o powerful neighbouts.
EhIl c the rtp ni t ot the EIniprefa ot Illnia quit-
ti g r : tHi;l c t or ir with England anm attac.hIiii
le It I" 'r.' iti grounilels, or tlhe .icc unt itt
th Ki g t I 'i1 in tar rling a Meor at to be pie-
fculcil ed 11h Clih micclr at Vii Inua, ili f iii l 1.1,
i i tn i ol rr itrnntir g thL huitti.rn flctir to
p r, ro (.tf l c n fe n iti lti M e ittirrne.1rnit, m It
b I 'l u .i I' l hI is rtncafi.ri wrt 'il I* tl hc higlt It
di ., ;rrren' C .IJ:a, i- i hn lL .iinl Iw n i tIo ( 'i
ar ,,p, r' end oll jol the trillion ofi l ih l
in i l tr ; Li.i Il c. l t I t k ol
', I < p: r ,Tl il ti e di: ily ,r in itlm rtltty
f," l' ir :t ..: ,il ai lile I tni t C.i 'i avo r tl I
i' I I i. 'i ti't) i a r ll ( ,t r 1 it h (Gic t-
ri a i, v , it" lir tio tJi- op:ln I'
iti on ri i -,i! ye t p rne t ih i i ntl -at nrd M f i
tirl;i Ih n'. t t" -r !. I 11 I lleclt ot th ll in, Ull Ln
c1Cr wi t I I l Spain.
t' I la r. ig bals offlerd a prenri n c-t
1,< r1'c. to i1 r pi ruin ,h,. t, il uit rC e bult
Ani.1 i i way of maikii g I r.ut if p.,1 I lita .
Many xir m n 6 ictn .ilrt it, trid lor tli.h,
It p i, .nit -" I ut fi, Ctu', at to suL p.iet.
Ir. I n i, I .' t1r 14. I lic l ota, iA'llt Itits, wlho
by" ( "r *1 i t 1 I i' ., i lor J Cc nila c, :ll pi nl "-
f' t I it: li .*n N i tolh-Arnr iti, ,mit reled ab, .t
lit 1i oIl 'l i'clr.lh r, brin i'rn mith hii lm upwatr l
ol I 1tr lt .it n Ar daits, l ll ih arl piJti l iln tll
l i' it ,i.,, In (oI chThne riirn. .%r. lousi alu
wRih Ip u ] birds and quad.,i pidswith hiin,;
V', Ii. of ' l ii M Ltio is fuppui.d to t. at |Iltef ll
alt thi ; '-I (.oril I ;,pe.u
hr.' ,j i .1 remi r I. All tie re iin lto fent to
thi~,l ,l t I, the liu -r,ir art Ill ilt ith u and
art i ni .l 1111t I cL i'cltfion of the Dtinii. tv
'it I). M.rrucrt i-sirtuoal ou) ul ah yttadgicd
uponr. It idlr'as legimicnt if g",le to Gerinan(y..
i l.rIt ii! i l git it talk Iic c of an excsangc taking
a lict Iun .li a and ltle Low lcoiititca,
"e" Cryt i ri g iocJ to prove that the Cabiintto
l-i t rn rr ()i,teiir'a. irti.
'/l .-,- Of'tb, Ie ThI Prince Royal,
*'r s oti o on tAour into Oifftany, it exptdcd
Inome iy 1ire colic'nlititin l the monthly, .1s we learn
a it'll i pn to his luillo t pronirfi thirouthi Eu-
r'pN tinl thi fhenin g, In h is ag.iri cxpctld to
fe off ii a v lit to all the Ciir ius "i It i wh. m, the
King is in al'iancE; it is prol'able, in ime of IIi fe
'li: his II glinci may forn li itK ciotreedlt its as
im, aC tcculc t him lie Tinone in the prtfcut
S 'es, 0.' ir. The band of robbers, who
iInfyl this city, adi which it faid to amount to 4o,
a h'rng anhAnt arc fome perfonis ft family, con-
t'lUe their mal-prditlice; biut as f me of them
lho hadl conialed tlhenilves in diffirtnt parts
Ite ti'y, have bcii taktn, we are in hopes of
'tRiveni g their kiader, and by that meant de.
triy the whlh, gang
h1Ve are ilfrmed that the only companion of
tc f.mur ,sohher Angelo, whot fleaped, is reti
red to the Province of Salcrnum, where having$

joined fome other han!itli in the Dutchy of
Laviano, they commit the moft hcrnid outrages.
The Agent general of the Duke ot I aviano nar-
rowly efcaped being lafafliiated by them.
L ndin, A'N iiber 16. Yeftlrd.iy arrived the
mails firn JIolland and Flamr!cr?, which bring
advice, tiht lle Conde de Efpilly, lhaing re.
lut ind to Al tiecr from Madrid, with propof*ls
that aie ac&-pr.ibic to the Dcy and his Council,
it ins cXpeCle', Ihat peace will be finally concluded
with that Hart arian Regency.
Ni'twithfland;ng the itports which prevail to
the contrary, we have good reairo to believe,
luom good aunllouity, thar the Piinccfs Royal is
caitirtly cigagtd to the Prince of terinmaT his
M iajely, it is laid, it, ir to delay the ni't :ars
for fin e time, as he doie not approve of the crl y
r a ritge of hi. idraaihtler. The Pri:,ce ot I)-n
inmak willceitainly not pay a vifit to this county y
Iclute the fpring ; anti it is not tltermmied wlhe
tier even then we are to be honouecd with his
The c.rtll of the amazing asnd rapi rife of the
fnd:: in at I.ll dliLoveczd. TI.c minilhr ilte i,'inor
thit two nillriirt of convls (hoilld be paid oif, liha
ermplo reIl lomne o Ihis favonrire I 'rkeri to Luvy ip
hionmt twu milimii, .it v;.rinuib i" icer, from J8 to
61, whirc'l i n .I'rAri lnve ii t c.Il I 1 oo oool
I hii fnlck is int il.h taki -n ouit f ithe maiklet.
n.i is tnow really V- hi a, i i'vttd Iy anl ael for
,.it lh ppflet. I lnld't Mir ,fler i ft tIh purchaft
oil t lc l colifirl- lunl tie lop ,ing of hic Itorilc;. the
llrockholitrs mV oulJ tlhet havt riun iu the piice It
ani tnuniiO-iis pitt4i, and it w, UH hI iS r bell im-
p lrlil It flr tilt- .lt n tier to hal c i no at thi im,
ittlouit givirig atEl ic lit ; thl rfore, it r hr pi-
eut ihp, lthe p lt lic ill ie ctf- of tn Iom I iono
if the dnut at at Inw prt c, withlUt 1i in rg oblired
I' g any i'iouCtir iihar'cv ; ar dl it fir p (ed
Ic .niv i 'nr its o l e Cullionl will be ftfficic t to
;,,y I l. Ihi h ,l t ~ .
A Ifi u-ii h;a heen fiubmtittcd to Goviernment,
for lh I Alt. l.roin of narny aid ai vy ag, ntv. The
xlri ,illd l drit of it i tri aibolifli lhi., ful icouls or-
< ci of Inun, ito 11r h ine blrnfite i hilllrto i rron-
rc:ted I y tl em part of the I flic al ro;itie, aoi
Illine not only to pr fir the plb'ic, hlie to rcono
nile ion individual 1-y divirhom the pricc cfconm-
ir.iiUr ln bIVA etc thim.
Mti day an minhent Attorrey in the City filed
:t tcL.,mation in the Kitg'r. Hi(ch that corntai ed
9 irt0 lt c't, 'he duly if which. at 4'1 per Iheet
munint tii n:ol. and fix hIlics w re prep.ied for
'iinilel, co trainirg 40too lth ls each, r lhich, at
3i. 4t winter, air tcu.t il 4co'. Tlhu tihe la
(.x trial, amoitt to morc than 5jol. nd lthe frim iU
qrtlion g.ire trfe to tie law fiir, Vwa,6
.-n b'in pitce of mtlfiitf of o ignore than
he Due de Chaitres has jufi imported into
France frirom this country, A. coniplite pack, con
filing o(f fifty couple of launch Ions pounds, A
hnittiman at d three whipper,.-in, in order to
fhew his own couintiirymin the difference blct iwct
Gallic and Brililh f)x-nburtinrg.
The lite Mr. B;.dmore, the King's Dentift,
diattls by his will to lie interred at Nottinghan..
the place of his birth, and that thi' fingular in-
firptiorn (all be enrtaved on a marble tab'et in
the thuIch: Near this place lie the remain
of T/onmas Berrmftors, &rc. who acqui:cd an ample
ar.d liberal fortune by Telth drawn .*
Asenrember 17 Thee lalemcnints hare appeared
at Iarn, in thie form of tabis, which have alr-ady
found their way into the cabinets of a nuibcr of
pe fons.
'I he firfi concerns the land forces, whick it
makes amount to sii;ooo men, including the pro- troops. TIfs flatement gives an account
of the a4lial railing of all the corps, with the
nanns of their Cnmmandela.
The feconrid fatement is for the marine. B it
we learn, that fince the return of pt ace, 9 miips
of the line have beea built in their haibourtA,

Gun,. Gung.
Let Detu Frere 80o I Le Superbe 74
Le Seduifant Y4 I .e Mercure 94
RocItF aT.
Le Gcnrercut 74 L'Orion 9
L'Audacictu 74 I La Fouguefe M
Le Borte 74I
According to the fame statement, France has
now 71 Ihil I of the line, 74 irfgalte, a corvettes
or chibecs, 36 notes or gararle a7 cutters or
I'gllt r, and 19 bomb palliots or gun nitar, in all
i*6 vtif Is of war, nomintilng.togetler 83168 plni.
Tht number tf men on the peace efIblilhment Is
41 oco. ani on tile wr tflallifhr'fvc 70 coo We
fre by this that tihe marine dtparimctit has by no
means f ckened its vigour.
Tte thid Table i. entitled, a View ofhe Ad.
ni.ilirra a'in of the French Financre for ItIJ. Ac-
coiding to this view, the receipt is divided into
three chaiptl,; the firfl containing contribu-
tinns or imptrft of very kind, which amount to
n1i, p an f.refls, doma re &c. aq,roo,coo liirei
the Ihli 1. tec tlxes (n the Coon ce, 7,ocd ou
I Vwi; in all 617 ocl.oco lisrts. From Ilii fudN
lonievor, In Lft hc delidttud to oo r ooo liven ftr
E.izren and dlflr.-ina, the expcicets .f which can-
not be (ntrc*rl anr ng tht ri cipti, the effrrlive
total (f v i;t h amnitllna o In c c ooco oo; ihe ie-
irr.l am, III hbirll as afi.refaid 617,o n, oo. lie
exyrnice aio10iint to 610 I.oOiloo. Thua we fee it rlrecr's the receipt as 0oo,ooo Itre. But
tlii ( ifleence ii conpreifated, and more, by the
.n7 lr;t 'n, of icimburfcenoLat which have Lcca
ti fcihal nd.
According to the hef accounts of the late nrni ot the marine forec o' his Catlhnlic Ma-
il!y, as it c.uld he collected up to the ift of Ai-
: u lift, IHe total is, 71 lhips of lic line, he-
fi.eas igires ; a force fuprtiar to any that fpaia
ha. witrnffcd for two ctnturi~ palt.
Thle Papcrs have announced an answer to the
Ki:ig of P iriAt's Declaration bring drawn up aid
fron to be dlihverd. This may be true. as far as
,nim, d;ately regards the Piovince of Holland; but
the aifwer to he givrn by the States General is
b no mr.nt in luch forwardnrif, nor dore it
Ice m p obab'e Ilist it futln will, unitfafthe ir:Aucnce
of the Province of Holland can operate a eoll ge in 11'c difrofition ot tie reft of the confe.
idr.rtrs. Gi edirland, which len nearer to the
Ii Iffian t: ritnrirs, and which Oould of conlm be
rht fiht vslim in the refrnmlniat of the asighty
Frtdtric, is fnrn gly incline lt an amicablK ac.
cemmrodatioi. on the tormpropoftd by that
Monarch. Groningure is of the fame opinion.
(Tticchtr where parties run higher th.n ever, car
hardly come to any refolutlon I to that the De-
puties from each ofihtfe Provinces havirgno po.
fitive orders on this heid, the matter doe not
fecm likely to be f)on conc:u'ecd. The Proflnn
Mlinifnei dlocs his utmoat to hluen the bufinefba
hut hitele ttot no purpose.
It doCn not feem obe the infertin ofthe Stadt.
hohll't to return to the Hagre fon:r, as ihofeof
Iis hofhbnidl who had remained there, went llt
Sunday to the caftll of Loo. Mindful of hisdi-
nity, he means not to return till matters be prmo
perly fettled, and till he receive fartifation fbr
the infnits offered his family. The patriotic par.
tv, on the other hand, does like to give up its
schemes, is training every rve to come to so
accomm ldation at any ; with the Emperor,
and to form an alliance ith France, Ilagiinin
that fo fupperted. no power will be able to oppoal
their plan of annihllattin the power of the Stadt*
BsrtraN of a Letterfrosm ser Odlofr so.
Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick arrived here
yePerday from Potfdam. and has taken up his re-
idence at the Palace of the Prince of Pruaa The
armial ofthis Prince, the tour laid to have been
made by (General Mollsdorf u $c1lu oad owe

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