Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 9, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00117
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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From SATURDAY, JULY 9, to SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1785.

NASSAU: Printed by Joui WaLLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY,
+ 1 I

F O R S A L ,
OM THe LOwaIT Tilns.
JAMAICA SPI'TS by Brimflona
lheprncheonor [mailer Coffee
quantity Cantv
ondon partclar Mdicira Nl and Sikes
Wine, in pipe, quarter Pitch
cill. an bottle Ltndon bltd Pner by
Vidonti ditto the has or l
le& Murcovado Sugar, qun
by the package or fmar Tallow
eI quantity Paints
;fon, Green and Bobn heathing 1Pa
reu, by the Chet- or Cordage
frcaller quantity e Padlock
hmi est Chal. |
,iafkel and Sall. Oil And a Variety of other
i Yit.of Tlurpcoti Good. i the Grocety
Uie in ticces ihalf and Ship Clhandry buh-
incrcc s finatfi.
: A L 0O,
DA Afrantment ot DRY GOODS, received by
the NafTau.
r'l l P. Silfrbcr ending nety flnty to lcnac
I therc llpd, reqt a & ftlonti having dc-
mindui againlhtim, to m thcm known itumc-
7. .

F O R S A I. E.
OlUR INC:TON lHiln, Ship Bread
B in hc mf cacellcnt A fw boles Lancafter
order Candles
ldion Corn and Meal in Iligh Pr"f Jamaica Ruim
b.rrdr, in punchenn', hoglhetad
nftr rIl "r anl bl rels
'IT 0 n t. O L u,
At hi STos an S Ar, for Casu Cnly.
STRI II It liour
I' Iman Cnrn
Ship Drcad in ls and tinerca
I:ikuit in kerg
(Crned nBef in t
J,,nitaa Rum in ends and harrels
tffc,, Loaf Si.gar
HIylon, souchng and c Tesel
IMa. ira, Port, Shcr Te*acriff, and Lilbes
Mould and ilipl Candlei
ipr'nm ceti lil t
uFtrfine Snlap
Cor ilda, ch, &c. ah. &c.
STR O T. S uFarticn uire of
r I) he iill and hnerten on immediately, a
SIHOUSE atn I 0 leantly situated on the
Whlte CGlound, djoinl dIpt. HOGBDoN's Lot,
aiing abut te Acres of s good Land as
y in tle Ilzrnd, w ricon c I a great number of
frit tre, i. r lime. pismb, guava, and
"hit Oniapr tr alf ftone well of excellent
Vttlr The .ot is a ninlty feet in front.
St whole indier Aa one of about fwi feet
h a I thrne feet thick. fall Credit will be
iwel 'ipo giving bond eeurity if quired
r. lurlher particular a ;to Mr. TeHouNA
littn on the White Groumld or to Mr. Jonr
oto Wacth Maker.
i Uf NwafyTrimitae Sulferiber, a Negro Fel.
low named D, EN, I Ohoemaker by Trade
a dst born, and Sntprlei the p of th,
r.uuf< Mr. u...n.lCrIas,.' ['ro Ihl
al rtfinablt largest, will be d to asy Ptfd
I ti deliver him to t vtiolvot Mr
.die JOpM UCnR;
J;nJi, JulY n, iSr. 1

European Intelligence.

LONDO N, APaiL 1a.
A CONSUL from the United States of Ameri-
ca, for the regulation of commerce between
Englan nd America, Ii tortll to make his ap-
pearance in Loodop. Mi. tarid, of South-Caro-
lina, is faid to he appointed.
The Lord ChanctUr Itent on Friday to St.
James's, and received fr6m ilt Mrefty the Great
Seal newly engraved by his Majety's Engra-
ver I the temporary Great Seal, which the day
after the rbbery was caft in copper, was at the
fame time delivered utp In bia Majfty's pretence,
and defaced'fote him.
Yesterday his Majefy honoured Capt. Douglaf
(now Sir James Iouglafl) with the dignity of
knighthood at St. Jameas'
On the late grand queftlon rrepefing a Reform
of Parliament, fevera bf the Minitcr'e particular
f.icnds divided againff him I among them were
Lord Mulgrave, Sir Gregory Page Turner, Mr.
William Grenville, Mr. Role, Mr. Banks, and
Mr. Scot.
Mr. Jenkinfon and all his friends voted against
the Q.,eflinn of Reform. The Earl of Lonflatel's
people w-nt for it.
The late decision against a Parliamentary Re-
form is nothing more than was to be expected.
No projc6 of that kind can hope for fuccfa, till
it orwinates with the people.
A Guelntleman w'rfaying to friend on Monday
laft, that he was now in hopes the Conflitution
would be amended by taklug away the rotten and
corrupt boronuhs. I' Let the Conltitution alone,
(replied his fi icnd)it Is like an oldl Ciielirc Cheefe,
take away the rotten parts, and the rell will be
worth nothing.
It is generally thought that ftme depredations
will Ihortly be committed on the Spanillh fettle-
ments by fome enterpriflng Americani of the New
Staten, who have the /limului of poverty, unfup
ported by principle, tio urge them on. All claIffe
of people there wili for a retete to commence
hostilities, to that Spain bids fair to be rewarded
for fitpporting the New States in a way that lhe
little dreamed of.
Extral of a letter from Of/lnd, April rI.
4" Luke Ryan and Mercator, the two piratical
Captains who committed fo many depredations
on the Englifh Eaft country trade, during the
course of laf war, and were capitally conviAled
for their offences at the Old Bailey, after their
enlargement, which \rwa procured by the inter-
ftrence ofllit firit female chaiadcr in France, re-
turnedto Dunkirk, where, to their great furprife,
they foulnd the Bank, in which they ad deposited
near a hundred thousand pounds of their ill.gotten
wealth, was broke, and In coittfquence themselves
reduced to poverty. Mercator embarked as mate
of a ihip foon afterwarnl for the Weft.lnlies,
anti perillted in a form of Cape rrancois. Ryan
is now a waiter at an hotel In this city, and con-
duAs himself with the utmoft property in that
humble Ration."
April n6. His Majefty has been pleated to ap-
point the Rev. Thomas Warton, ot Oxford, to
b i'Pol Laureat, in the rooM of the late William
Whitehead, Efq. The Ilary is spol. per ann. and
a butt of fack, which Is competed for 6ol. more.
B:r. Warton is well known in the literary warldai
a man ofgenlts, and an excellent cltacal foholpr.
Laft month hew ftar *ai dilered at I .m-
Ibrg, larger knd more brilliant thn any other It
Sfeemedt tebi l Its form, appearing sometimes
round, ~ad at era mvalt l m7inef
it to. bethe f is that wa ta ei aAtrfa in
January, and which was (ad to be laItr than the
planet Venus.
There i very little pr ty If tlt tilt
borrowing nney ti y fo, as th tra.
rear do not amount t\ Ihe
'wMi be ftetHy h hle 6 n tp t( fum ftt t
following three articles only, tiz.

The India Compan paying t Go-
vernment, next Julys- 9oo,oo
The Sinking Fund to he'cmplo e
towards the service of tW j'
producing o 0,0ooo
Add to thi a Lottery of SOBe tic-
kt, at al. tos. per tt~et to the
fabftribef s a- (u,ooo
L L as' ,ouO
On Saturday ah epreft wanted lVld FInce to
our Court, with adVice that the dilputebthween
the Emperor and -the Dutch ws fa= t Ittlekd
Both parties agreed to leave the terms to the COurt
of France I ad the Ambfeldoas eaih P d a
Carte Blamnh to be filled p bt Ie Pret f MInlf-
try, which has been aceeordishgltdbe. Th'1 terms
will probably be known In afew days I n the mean
time they are fald to be more adtvantgeta td the
Dutch than was epea'edi '
A fort time since A perfe we diftiffed from
the Cnltom-houfe, owing to Ibme difptte; and
foon after bi, difmiffal he petitioned he Board,
rating, that If they would replace him, be would
point out how a facing of 6ooo1. per annum might
be made, wit hoit any Injury to the plic builders.
The Commiffionrre pledged thenifehet to tRen-
tate him, on condition of bie protls rhe ll* .-
tion fet forth In his petition I o*whticr le addrk
fed them as follows: 'OGentlentch, Tbere 're
nine of you, each receiving a alary of roool. per
Annum ; feldom more than three of you attend I
and the bqfinef might with eafC be done by three;
therefore my plan It to difmifn 8h'of you, Which
would he a clear favng of 60oootd
A ril ai. General Hasldmand goe o't In the
Salilbury of jo guw with Adliral OanmpbelN with
whom he is to make a f(rvey of the foitificattons
at Newfoundland, and frorf"thetie a frigate Is to
carry hli to his Government at OQebec.
Apriljo. Mr. Pitt lspe od pn theBud-
get on Monday nest,-The friends give
qut, that he will rub tbroughb' the prerentyear
with a loan of two MIlmrI l if b fhe Banker*
will be much dfalpplated, aw they thee been
boarding for -the Ila two itlntht, under an Ided
that fit millions at leas would be wanted.
The prerage Is to be Incnraf&t, a thort (Cine
with the following perfons, viz.
Sir James Peachey,
John Rolle, Efql Member for Devoi.
Lucy Knightly, Efq; late Member for North.
Marquis of Graham, Mehnber fdr Bedlin; and
it i believed, there will he twos If hot three, more
added to the above. .
Three compartles of the Roy1 Artilery; vi.
Major Sowerby'se Captain Maley's, ad Capt.
Keith's, Ie received edertfrainhem War.O-O ce
to hold tlrmnfelves in readkc hto embark on th
fhortcft notice, to relieve apart ofthe detachment
of artillery OV rmi grri tiQ -tt
Paris, Apr a. Phalp rt a
proclamatnfo, r oeati h r-
chnts too trade to the la Iat i de
public. It oonutane j1y dde rtclle I ftB
content myhlf to enimera tle pridpIl one.
The privilegeIs grunted for swe ear peace;
if war iliuld breakout during tt atfee, the
time it mfy lafA lhti not be r&iteoad I dimlu
tion o th fe vetn ted. It lthallblwf for hiw
Majefty's ibieas fettled It tWe'variou parts of
Id dmitilona tofod all kails ofprmoooa to the
IAde of larte or o that' are not deluded
Wb thir Comp'ans pHii t bmai tradlg coaft-
way, or whkl tetemed In thlaroeamaihaB
Ildiitol dia. HiMIJSyl j iteltognat to
the Ihlppin already ha their to e sm-In-
diso a delayeof a thtoc f their
are d n tonr to (the tf dL'OriM .
Iw thr fw Co#pttayb I6 a ii t. The
also -glen t*a fre LR W s FN t 71 aL,
Abu" aooR YWi ^^ woi*
tools, &ce. which wc llIdata'1i dha
properly repaired, at the expene edthe lU who
likewllc engages to k ec thbla I tenantt le tapn.

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