Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 2, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00116
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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TH i

VOL. -I.

No. 49.




NASSAU: Printed by JoIN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

lUO NOTON Hams, I Ship Bre
JIJ inthoft eaallet I A few asU Lancefter
w er C a S llC n
ais C and Meal i High Pr sonlce Rum
-brreh in punc s, hoglheads
rAt Flour sand bere

Jis FAslHIIs, JoHn HIwITT, Mejerr,froe
LIanarooL and MAEIRAa,
Those. Wmn. & as. MoTs, & Co.
At their Store on th yl near the Treafurer's
ON tkh arn r/eef Terms, bor Calk, Cotton,
or g ills of Fxchange,
LOONDON Partilar Madrira Wine, Iondnn Ma-
defra Wine, Port Wins, in pipos, hoglhciad
and quarter calk,.
led Port Wine, by t dozers
Claret in clfes f4 dl n each
Iotllcd Pertcr, and lI p1 Ala by the canl or dozen
GlucrAnft nd ( heniir hccf
Yoruthire Hamr
Potsat o errc ls
Irih 'l'ong in half iar
McI. and Cargo Hee( and rk in harreli & half barrels
New Role BI.lterin firkinn half firkins
Mould Candles i, b ,r. a half boxes
Seop in ditto and half dirtt
White and Red Hcrring barrels and quarter barrels
Vh;le i' ruit in t of. nalb. and a ib.
Ship BiRcuii in hhds.
Supsrfunc Floor in bar'rl and half barrels
D. ul alnd fingle refuted Sugar by the loaf or package
Ilucca Oil in cof-a
ar and SuB Rtifine
oau ;i hogthead,
split Peae, Darley, and Oatmeal in Jals.
Alfo, 6. the Package,
A OINERAL A6soITnra r or
European'& Eaft-India Goods,
Sairuble to the prefant and Approuahing fcafonls
DO hereby puhlicl-hy advertife all and every
IcPloifn and Itrfonl, not to credit ALLATTA
ktnlIH, my Wire, on my account, at I ll not
pany dehbt the may contrad, either tf wu
*in my name, after til *a te.
NA'fa, fll I, 178y. /
Journeymen A1ip rights.
r'IIllRTY able expelnced SIIPWRIOHTS,
are wanted irrm lately by the Subfcriber,
who will give to each od Ready Workman, that
may apply to him at n Ship Yand, on or before
the Drf of Novi mber stand engage for one
Ytar certain, Five Quis per Month, with Bed
and Board, ceSrvni Ga and an Hil/, the
Journeyman finding Wmfe ; thoe4Vage to be
punctually paid the laf Ia f every month.
Na", 7Y 785. N RUSSELL.
"ofes, 7ly r, i78 .
1 time, that all Accounts due to the Eftate of
the late THOMAS Dow, formerly of this town,
bi aiandler, which are ,ot dtilhargen on m
ore l i ft day of a utr neat, will then,
with laliniion, be jt into the hands of a
Attorney at Law, to brued for. And it Is re-
Ired t hat thofe Perf having demands again
feaidLEate, who hae ot given in Iates of the
"itmr, agreeable to the k rtiftment of the Ad.
I 'mliftrtor, in this Gaz Augua slth. and
tFttemhet 4th, and mlrth, 1. will, wlthoul
riit lb delay, deliver them in mediately, other.
i'ie ey will be excluded fri any hare of a
ivialcud which will be made in member next.
Mv.i, PETER DEAN, Admiaiftntor.
,up I, 17 S, s,.,

From the Ge.TLILMAn' MAo ziNS, fJr 7an-
arO, r785.
Ma. UasNa, "fmaike, Aug. 1784.
T H1 following letter, never before published,
was extracred from an old book ofmanufript
in the Inand of Jamaica, containing alfo Venables'
Narrative, with colonial and political difcuffinis
and memoirs during the lai century. Mr. Long,
In his valuable firvey of Jamaica, hal made copi.
oue quotations from this book.
The tranfltion is bold and inscurate ; but, as
the Spandlh original is not hLfboe me, I have not
ventured to make any material alteratios.
"T'hia letter of Columbus, which bears evident
marks of authenticity, appears to have been writ-
ten during his fourth and lai voyage, when be lay
in a noft deplorable ftuation oathe coal of Jamai
ca, where, after having completed his richest and
mot valuabledifcoveries of Veragua, MCeico, and
the whole coaft of Terra Firma, from the Gulph
of Honduras to the mouth of the liver Oronoque,
he was forced to run his Ihips on foiis, bcing fu
rotten ant! worm-eaten that he could no longer
keep them above water. Here he fRlffred the
eatremelt mifery. Seized with the moft ecrucia-
ting pains of the gout. dcferted by mol of his
crew, his provifnis exhaulled, and the ratives
his enemies, he had no rt source but to tle hare
chance of a tiutly fiaant'b finding his wa) to St.
)nomingo i n n Indian canoe, which he pioviden-
tally accomplished, etiuntled, as it flould f em,
with the following letter, and the papers therein
mentioned. Whether this letter ever found its
way to the Spanifh Court, does not appear. ]
LellerjPa ClaaTnorPFri COI.UlVUI to tI/ King'
/;e ats.
Szt, araanaicta, IJo03
Dlego jendes, and the papers I fend by him,
will tflew y ur Highnlrf what rich mines of gold I
have d covered in Veragua; and how I intended
to have left my brother at the river Belin, if the
judgment of Heaven, and thegreateft misfortunes
in the world, had not prevented it. Hoacver, it
is fulicient that your Hlighnefs and fuccelTort will
have the glory and advantage of all, and that the
'ill difLoviry and fttlemrnt are referred for hap-
pier perfons than the unfortunate Columhbu. If
God be fo merciful to nme, as to conduct Mendre
toSpain, I doubt not but Ihe will make your High-
ncf and my great miflreos unlertRand that thil
will not only be a Calle and Law ; bill a difcove-
ry of a world of fuijcls, lands, and wealth, great-
er than man's ulnbounded fancy could ever com-
pr hend, or avarice itfelfcoret. But neither he,
this paper, inor the tongue rf mortal man, can ex.
prers the anguiili and amfliions of my mind and
body, nor the mifery and dangers of my fon, bro-
ther, and friends. For here already we have been
above ten months lodged on the open decks of our
Ihips, that are run on ltore and lilhed together.
Thofe of my men that were well have mutinied
under the Perras of Seville I my friends that wera
faithful are now fick and dying. We have dRiroy-
ed the Indians provisions, fo that they abandon
is all; therefore we are like to perilh by hunger ;
and thefe miferies are accompanied with fo many
aggravating circumstances, that it renders me the
moft wretched object ofmisfortune this world fall
ever fee; as if the dilpleafure of Heaven feconded
the envy of Spain, and would punish as criminal
thefe undertakings and meritorious services.
Good Heaven, and you holy tints that dwell in
it, let the King Don Ferdinand, and my illustrious
miftrefs Dogna Ifabella, know that I am the molt
miserable man living, and that my zeal for their
service and intereft hath brought me to It, for it us
Impoffble to live and have afliiions equal to mine.
I fee and with horror apprehend my own, and
(formy fke) there unfortunate aldefervingo p
Spe'i dctrudlion. nAla t Piety and Juftice have
Retired to their reegl above; and it s crime to
Sha e done, or have jsmifed, too much. As my
mlfery makes my ligfe urthen to myfef, fo I fear
the empty title& of Perpetual Vicerby and Admirals
render me obnoxious to the Spamifb nation. It is

vifible enough that all methods are made ufa of to
cut the thread that is breaking for I am mi y old
ageoppreffed with infupportale pass of the gout,
and am now languifling and expiring with that,
and other in frmities, among fasais, where I have
neither medicines nor provlflons for the body
priest nor facrament for the foul ; my men mutiny-
Int, mybrother, my fen, andthole th-. arfaith-
ful, lick, Rarning, and dying the Indians have
ahandned us, and his Orace ofiaint Domingo,
Obando, has fent rather to fee If I am dead, than
to fuecour a, or to bury me alive bere for hil
boat neither delivered a letter, or fjoke, or would
receive any from us. I therefore coacl-de your
Highnef'a officers intend that heremy voyage and
life illouldend. Oh bleed Mother of Ood who
compafllcotee the molt miferahle and oppreifed I
why did not Cencll Bovadilla killme, wbea hb
robbed me and my brotherof our dearly purcha-
fld gold, and fent us to Spain in chains, without
trial, crime, or Ihadow of one? Thefe chainsare
all the treasures I have, and they hall be buried
with me, if I chance to have a cofin nrgrave; for
I would have the remembrance of fo unjult and
tragical an at die with me, and for the glory of
the Spanifll name be eternally forgotten. lad it
been fo (oh bleffed Virgin !) Oando wold not
have fonnd us for ten or twelve months periiing
through malice as great as our misfortunes. On,
Lt it not brina a further infamy on the Caftiliaa
name, nor let future agel know there were wret-
ches tb rile in this as to think to recommend
themfelves to Don Ferdinand by dcftroying the
unfortunate and mifeable Chrilopher Columbus,
not far his er s but for his pretences to difco-
er and to igSi tildXpain a new world I It was you,
oh Hleaven, that Infpiredi andconducted me to it I
do you therrfoft weep for me, and Ihew pity ; let
the earth, and every foul in it that love jultice
and mercy weep for me I and you. oil glorified
Saints of God, pho know my innocence, and fee
my fufferinge, hae mercy on this prefent age,
which is too enious and obdurate to weep f r
me! Surely thoke who are unborn, will do it,
when they are told that Chriftopher Columbus
with his own fortune, at the hard of his own and
brother's hvrj, with little or no enpence to the
crown of Spain, in twenty ~r and four voyages,
rendered greater services no ever mortal pan did
to prince or kingdom ; St was fufferedto perif
without being charged lith the lealtrme poor
anrd mjcrble, all but his chains lng taken from
him: to that he, who jie Spain another world.
lhad neither in tbl, io In tee old world, a cot-
tage for himfel, or ltm etched family But
should Heacvn Aill me, and feem dif-
p:eafed with what ie de If the discovery
of this new world would be&W to the Old, and
as a panilhment bring My life in tiia miserable
place to its fatal pet iod I t, oh good angels, you
Thi -men, a 8 sib kJight, and a fovoarite a
court, when Columbui w ab vanour of Hifriola,
wu feat out with a coamn to enquire nto hi con-
dud. He had been rce d toB hi Sovereigns, Fer.
dinand and Ifaill, ai li, eoetouls corrupt, a-
bitiuon, and tyrannirra ltwu thought hi, gr"et
crime was that gf tesli lmmenacly rich. He was
herefore charged th working the gold mines within
hisjurlfdi&ion clandeAinaly, and concealing from the
offers of thl crowthwee that were the mol vslsble.
As his ruin was proeddtentd, it was efy to ful
acoeers. He was (rail, dhstefd of his government,
pat in irons, his whole property confifated, and tihu
ampoverithed he was feat prifer to Spain. Here ha
found means to get admirtsae to the royal prfeace,
and wau again rer into favo, probably os romife
of making Lill more valoable dllfcosrites In pefut of
which, on the plh of May, rt, be e fail with losr
fill banks, sad touching at t prtn of t &Dmiagn
on thce appeionua of an pprmt rig ump he was
there rfuCed entrance; his ksewid of cIe t ardn-
bled him to efcpe itsfury by laUkl timnly & o in a
nommodionu creek; wheroa he lh d t fatifb din to
learn, before lis departure, that his ioumatte anoy
Bevadilh, with 19p ,il, chlfdy Isde withe pre
perty of which he (C9 k) had besn nbbed, oad
peri l4 miferably.


,La fctr te d a ndao t, iand the animal feemed to be very little I armed, wha robbed him of his l
t at ficcor to my great lMi reft ; nfl knowF how titled. Th1 other was on a duils the I .id be; t ,idle conlai.iing ,fme at
Mtch I chr to filrerel for her glory and fnrvice, and almoft fevered i, f but the windpipe [,i* ; allJ, ., illp at the tl net telonecd town,
SlLh lI have ftland piuu for lether y an r and ho fiavr fnirage it may aPlear, the a-ut AsM his t hs, and atnd oath before a i

ud ig .itild will prookl e leaven, and that the g Bra othr r amount of hi loft, which tar
Wchlih I hae UifCovcred wd' ir up all mankindedr'4th o rr s, aottlilitht ii! his tots w eke s
ltl I hvi anld rcopined. o that the natio mayd pr for their emancipation more than e v r. A a vi untary crf. on themfelves, to
tO rev,. anfI rapi ne fo tphat the nation mal fw en wlll certainly produce lanllit in the .U iotnone of uck A sar
h,..vle to tul'r lh. hafer for what cn ious, ll- Snuu ftmilartothe recent onet in th. "Nhr h". .r.t i:cr ntut (, ad nan linl,,nityi .
c .n and ungrateful ptoph do now." I e wnter f.lfe, to date it faom t. Iil l i ,,~tt,, t.otl pc. It is r a& i dit
.. ..... of fuuw in OiuBcr taft, to that which ,i et cable Ci'irti have within
r- d'yean -y ha' already lei five micotittit ti' t t" r iecutel refpriltg the ;,oti',t--h
J.tlOpeal litlgCCC. (, r dayu, er ole hundred and feruc ty o .. ;rs I atii the tlul l
all. reckottg frnm the Tth day oft u tint toii m tl:at Potenltatehlint ii .i
L. ON D O N, APral ich the irtih 'allpfi' no happened. i ) fr rttf years pac.
tATl a difewrc.c in the 1fprit of aeicia- ca t I adout t int fer ltat- ielatterri Sru irtuo t Cret tl-Oltnfi al
eV tionsI fer prcuir in; llie inan ell ucies of ithc he of thi period fiant bernfrny i ', 'r .r;.rI l (.rderi f from I o i, inent
E .arld, a .iiJ iole fir a paltamnl aiy relo.m a Such anohr i nn-s'c blisa ol cctte',, i ti 'i fr hat clti, iii .n he i
It ;i the ,lilT.tence bet eni private itteitlt nlitl miny ol' mtan ill this inlltl. It na ', r ihood he i
i i'rl:c ;,it! i'he Mi litcr may do wth the Con- frit inabout Ihe mili d of Odiober, anc '1 I __ 1 j,
ni".i -o .. he pcalos d hc'is nor hl.timcjor 1t11 April, vhclen the w'her clear tup" F r INe I, ,f
nit cunrfu!int in1 taking the nlin of the country tlt after the t.ees are full i.f atrr 1 a l i R Y InE i N I
(o i ai creation iii its r. hut the i (lutck is vegetatitlt performed inll coiL :,. .-"' ^r 'c Iih' eet cirtI h ti'"c
Ili .tllrl daniirlo manufaturcs of enormous pro,- the finoiwt. S I ity at Cr-l
lic and ca.nled on uas nonopolic, roufc. ti t The reafln that the pones ofNiagar,. i' ', v- ntdsnl, " "I
conlmlryr, and f.rns a body wlic1b will ftoun b a ad Michilnmiaiinac, arenoticdcdd tothe. .: Itr I,, a I i' eirt On the frtr i
.l;l:ical f.dia, and add to the evils which this arcordlig to the letter of the treaty ) tig n t" already aperiencet ftom hndiescorabind thrusnh they lie to the Southward of 'th a. I t ,r mriun i :
ail a2inig together either oin aIbitious or inter- gree i>f latitllde, is the non conmilili i ,' ,,'' t' rlrtme
it l( priticiples. | Anirrianra with their eniaigoents tt,. i., |',. I,,lit Mit,.'nl Sc c.i '
'Ih friend of this country will rrjt'ice in the Loyaitltr. "l,, i oli tioe I le "To
litf,tn 'Li w nhich feimn to be talking p ce iin '.r- It is tacnowlrdged in grerral that i. ,' ii. t a.' pIai
lilai.uit-tu refer quteioiln of high ad H.lttional fTrrd lth treatioLl the p gret l(iteRin will .tndit- '(
.i.iccr~n f) comnnuillioi alld committees. Mr. the ianufacdure sand trade of Irelatl 'r.*. ',i
Demn ter, fencing the lfcvt of precipitation ; and Or caniihour, knowledge, and force. IV ., 1: rin.irl ,
the il -humour occafioned by not conifllting the I.ord'rs ltpniue, ill a f'w words, i, II '' ir ht f'r, ,- '
p.rtice in:eercd, in great creitll, has detrrmiTied Iitain muft be ruined if the nvinlatio I i.,' ,, ito he 1.
ti mtint fir a committee ito c ini.1r of .a proper en lip ; and that it is inalifpenfil' ut< . 1i A. -
..o!ier ndc.iiultufndg tD;tiili FrtlieriCe. T!is c .n- governmentt i fltanp tl o Ihew feme f ir, ii .
initlcle witl receive ilnform.iaii' prreviohu to lte to d sic whetle it imill make a lHand. i I .It oveet I a of
in' ,n! .'i;,n of any bill; a J no faaiin, ciihr in A 'The pubhle ;are at laft in p i I' im it ; a e
ior ,it d power, wil hbave with moutit r e the o. th iwhlic f Tippini Saib's cruelty tot I i i et .1 '
po'ltuiily to ob rlni. t or pI) I t it. 'lAlii is tile l oldits, afttr he t ad prevailed up< I I e: r ', i i .1 e of .t tv '
wvio ofdoiog bti inef thai ha'b the goo.l of th lhw Iheir arm', and march Iut i fit a vm '
i'i''.ic, and tot thle rame or inti.rne cf in diiduale, Capt. Oakes, tls noa no onn ol GCr ral
f r itr objiel. Aid ()rders ale fant to Prymn lth, for a draft to be of hiis own i Iflri:e, anil those or h '' al"
made iof a numibtr of I tiptwrightl, cake :, &c. oi-tcers. It appears itom this gcntlema , onal.l
to he iipped for N'evfouniilanitl, tofit out fitral tise thatt hey were within lhree day ,' rw i ~ t ,' | T
mall ve icl that are to be emip:oyed as cruif rs, m thsi in a liit if e aptivity, durpi ti: f rii. i i'
lor the better prolttion of the fitliry. od, they fallnred moitre difgacful ali 'i r i i : iv civ r t
A company of the artillry at Woolwinth is or- fpinlhmienlt than ciii be cvnccivcd ; i, at r, bl I n lt I'
dieret to prepare to cmtoba)k for Gibraltar, to re- tiltir provtiorn w.a a.iminilltred in ftr "a it is -
IK rCe thr coipt coming home ftom thlnc. minnir, iiltt it IIIa pcrilhd thri~ogh Ih' t halt 'f.* f t'tr
Mr. Beaiumarch.iiv'gai inius nti coined to the T'le lilinbc were firluently chainlcd tot ; p t e me an <.i i'
Siage: lie has wrote ol n ancienl t nd m c.lern cion t e ti ri li.tatiii puf tlite ltltr, r
iw i ce with great Lnonrlcledg anI i etitu ly. 'l'is .r to a Iate i f ilatnity! Media, i 'eb' l t ti: ,.. rI e l0
h-rim him we know that the Roman Bankors wrre i llu'lance war not only rfl'ife.l, Lilt .nplic'v '
all.o agents, broker, and notarica; anll th;at the l 1 1 ited on thofe hl:o attempteditlhyr ry ait ** I '
moilern oninr iln Italy d., not derogate from Niob- their wants, or mitiig.ate their pain I r t f it ',' : fs JI
lity Iby tleir employinent. The Mlufe., too, ii- nitlher room nor Ieililc at p rtent to I. in IIe '* i lu ,
clilning to Iimn, anl calli.ig forth hii poetic power, ofthe l.f rent criuelticr whichicK fce l f' inly I '; 'li i
hl'e ia will the fiO ftlaicy treated of ithe '.lhield tiir r ieders; we mult thte refoIe refer th I '
of l'.,ll n, l', eleg.tlly dclrcriberd iy Virgil in the Narrative iltff, exprcnfiug uur liurlriz I r at o.ii''t t1
cighth book of the Ei)lid. It i. a dilingullield man fiirvives to relate to firanllg a fory. i t tr 'eye
p.t in a fmlll colleion oft Mr. B' P 'mn. Hie On Friday evening, about fix ,'cli ,. I ,i .... f i'.
I at woii, medals,'tio laid, from the faltous Bouts- Aqnatic Balloon was funk, a little ab I In .ant
Rimrt Academy at hoaloufc. In the graces of minlerr-lridge; the invenotr wa. in it intileli. if olt
.eg, to, he haa .honie-tetder and engaging I as finer at the tiop for air; the all i i he divtil*i' .
as infant innocence, and much in the manner otf whi the tide, ac far as Lanilati hIir t That whir'i 'Bi
the celebrated Cpunttfa de la Suze.-Orditnary interim, two flih:la' were made ; the fir 'h, h wlict. 1 :'"
bards deferibe only murmuring brooks, or floerry that all was well; titi tie fecouil, that' .,r,' 'I rmins i1
meadows; ibt our French Hero, soaring like ain i .ttant afi tanc ; upon whit h the b..t ,;.mles nota',
r.aole to the Sun, views the different alped of attended, illnntlly hau!ced up the It' f e t ran, ' "jt
the varying IIeavens, and the traditions which found the man early drowned. It e ; fa siCtre objed~l.' "'a; i n ttnl
cottintua lly Tift the waft pideure of the Univefe. through fome mistake, the water got in i Il iam, rovs, ment 'l I 'e o
He ufs all thlife lively lgures, and that bold yet the Inventor purp 'fcs making a coiind c hals n funLit l t' tci olie'al
graceful freedom of language, calculated to ex- Apil 6. Without playing the polite l ,,i. and book, al s williprloi
prefs the ihoulgts and ardors of a palonnte mind. mi ch i too deeply divining, it may cai e,-r' at ii of the ft t.'a
It is fid at Paris, tbat laumarchai is indebted told, that the propointionn front Mr. il difovr ar, andt
for hi ftuddln good fotun his releafe from St. Parliamentary Reform, will end, liLke f1 hi pe, treafu wh hal
Lazare, to the intrige n a male, pfitions, from every other Milniflr, r : I ; it will mak inowt h*a
Wlen the lat' Lord Clancartv was Captain of a Amongft te various honouirs and err .1i,, i otf mntmfciei in t *s le
man of war, in the yea :wae, and was cruising in the gift of government, the mitre I ,. i other paulic in pri.'te p -
ofithe coalt of Onlncea Mi Licutenant (a Scotch la hed the leat frequntly. It is tw a the fceleute to hlln Ay. a
Prefbrterian)came hail intothe cabin, and totl frightful interval to the dliviity, that ill h ]. r l-ht is nheP' of ibr A nil
ahi s ri.lflhip tt he Lth olaingva dead ; atd vyng, fince there was an Englillk Bilhl : .. i T..e c part curly c'red '
what wat wtorfc, hd dlied a Roe ln Catholic. Lord cant. ,nd,! tr to ctmmuOicate t""* e l W'' I
Clancarty replied, he was viry gld ofil-" HAot i dli Martbh o. The conllitt ulr .i.'t i I tnirnt matters every kind eTich
fee! my Lord. (faid the officer) what are ye glad hereditary honery, for which Iomi poot ... .r tt ,.., ihl'Afe mannfrtiip" Tw wl
that ynr Chaplain deed a P lh Id" Yc an. have long been applauided, wa no where -' w- ;:te O>ienlal m inufeviFt'. 'e .: the
fverrcd hit Lordiip) for he is the M .ea PonI coaiipicuota than in the Ill, of Man ; otulrmc. i 1. in; lthe tlree othirts'il. 'oticlin
ev.r knew that hbad any religion at all." or even mall theft, ha ing been fare tie a(- r. it sc h;h concern the I.t'.A U
Withinthe fefw dayavarietyofcrioraxnpe- in aourr ofmany veara, cfpeciallyat a d; i.., n ieraltheantiquitioc miJd
Wiheu' have ettn tried mc animalr, by way of from any of the feapotts. Thin l emr s rpr;l.' ,-.ill gi'e thbfe acco unts detail t
amputation, and fevering the leading mufcular ,o the inhabitant of populdoa cities a, f rlit 'Iited extrada. T'o peet wfrle
arteries with an intet of inltamy floD ng thel kingdom, which r rltlt villains '.f every s to e printed toY pt l
effain of blood, and uniting the iidedarterIe. eie,. But it no efs true than ftrae i r f inl
Theft eapfrimeont, which hte been numerous, I at, or above T(o year, two pe'tt i.,liy h, Tiq -iite The t "- a
hre been lately tried I swo of them wereoffneh there fultered death, bth of whn, i Kint. ae Melhrl B 'lt
a fingulr natm, that they C e'worthy of publa c Englilhmen and pirte.. Lael"anntary, a Stcotch rpt ii o lr, tlr T telaot .ir
anilice the one wia the ampntation of the hind- inrchant, named MitchelltrWa p.pi pr. o ;hc a 4'AkbC roli-c. vorilltei. '
Ie of half grown pig the blood wa intltly poad, between Dowgl sah iPl, bf 1.ur men dI eiirra are called to the famne


,ith Dticay, sla kl thhe approhation o L AT IL.Y,-8 ,L I D, it. 3D
Sto il up pl they ma chaneato .Aadsoald SJdft*.6 suoTIaST BTI C OH g 11T, ff
Kme aeat. Al lanedi mInd, Ifrael ef ill VI" WAa] h b llnon of the B5tT | Q .
Im r, tii, are isited to caslemrn the mu- XL Cosome1gsla9 & Americ and the We& t f B, u$l.
pliict are prdervedle thooderirel-ropol- ladte, ie 9iallwr booke au astH t ,ta
[" ihre the! will be allowed accept swl to Codna ia i iIlcbh moim is ekmrU
where t rhey lJdes will R" 1'*W dtIes taem i ba
-ir perpetual feretary tok eac~ ciy li- time, d ti m t Wl', vIe' alam s
cower to M. le B.iroo 4e Btrtlcui. t c tl- I yof ored Beef in r be. *
.n that may be made by Rnesogers are tobe the We-lWllInhn a d y Janaica Rum in higlhedlis l t
lifted by themfelves, with the names aIafofl Otf U td hal tyi4 litI Coffee, Lwoaf Sgt r
Suthr ,. It i- f-ucient t nuiet tWhi: I te k a., ,Hyfon Soucholg sod Bhu
t inflilut.on. t ears th Fhaliaer ofbi uira 1 re Madeira, Port, Sherry, Tweir mad Libq
Ily andd gives it a title to be ranked am thtse li eO. I 'y Cl i ot Winel
tcommndable 'ettablIithmehtti wichi Mold and dpt Cldl
't made inl favour itterl. FOR BES & ST S, s.perneai dnap
O'p(. **,_ FORBE & ST&V ^.NS, '
N AS S A U, JUvY 9 lA irSre SN t h o t Capt. xo. Cordlage, Bluctk., &c. &c. Ac.
rrE are informed from St. Mary's Rivr in HA V E O, R A L JUST IM PORTED,
VEgar-'leriaJ, that his lEit rclicy Gover- A Large and Gie ival A llmcut of -URQ. In t/ihS hiNAissU, Cl. HurT, JrLn Lo .oo,
or Touny arrived there from 8t. 'Augurine on PEAN andl H~ST.IN GOODS. t ANDTO a OanD
3d of June. It was cxpcfcdl that all he O the mie rtlfoible erm, fir Cali, Produce,
afparts woulil fail from 'it. Mary's to their I UST K E RT D, or Good Bills qf Exchange.
aintd l.diulations. hefoic tLe middle icof thi In the brig FirHe, Jon wt lfrt, er, By JOHN DENNISTON,
inb fFrm LivP vooL,' By B iJOHNo DENNI STON,,
lhic.Guply of Pilpres from the Havans, fo AND NOW iErc.ra 1n io LL, At his SToai in FEaLtRICi SbTIr,
,u in cd by the Garrifon of St. By JOHN SULLIVAN, & Co. CStPERPlNEblkblue Whilsal d coaloredi .-
ijullinc, l.d1no irel the -oth ot lat month. A srri 6Toit si, Ba, et e C Ondar!b Bri d Clot is. Ds
La Sarnday even at 7 o'clock, in lat. 17. '.. t ral o oL LCTOR i rinmings - DusI Blruket
no, )4. Capt. I&al1 in the Sloop ormas. Il Unt' Iri" I.iren, 3-4 7-8 td bPIck LW
1a Bi from HiWal il, for not ; la A OdruRa, AsrM t~Nt ,o yard w ide rhod Edgings
:'_aDii from l hithtnmfct and & Eromt-Inda Goods Do. Slirtriag, 7.8-and 0- Duteh lace'
n hour anfe, a i ll. l I iltd from Afii. European & Eaf-India Goods, Whi'*t Bra"wnR'" io. I w.hie. ad brow.
bound l Abaco in nleIln. hih il/ bte Aoftd f, n n"fesht terms, aftr Dowlar, Drown Holland thers
nMIIatfon, Elj; C Jultice of there Ila ndes Cai, Cotton, o Good Bills ofEichatie, Silefias, Britannia Wmets silk Calimance
d hi family, John sker, Efi, pt I r" And conOUt of the following'ARTICLES, viz. Blur L.iner and Lating Shoo *and
Il, ind Col Rirhar ing, fr "rof o utl YSON, Gren and Bridlek Girths and Sur Pi ol and L.wn PumpI
relina, went P ogers in thle violence h Da t s c cli Plin, llriped, & flower-. Boye ad Girl Black e-
rkt, Is which failed t dy for Black Peprer and spices wfpi ed ditte rocro Shoes
*loe. Hoife Uruthie. CL'ly Coba & t ilulhle Do. do. do. Uaidkctlchief Men flne ad coarfe ditto
A laTED H r e. Hearth, Cloiths, Scrnb. ndiilijcanl&J nnets adJ Aprons Wra=p ibPar
J., Schoo. lveSrprize, Bigge, Virginia biag and! Pait ditto lt. tib C.hric Commion s, Pead
School. r. P ice, Not ll Carolina Ravec's Duck Iilitc Cord Cotton & I.inea Checks Red & Black Saling Was
Sloop laln Wallace, Ealt-Floriil Printed I.inens anid Cll- Corded Dimitle and Stripe and Wafers
luaD, i'br cc Ellint'Cantoon lilia Natkeen Bible, Tefhmunent, Pfil-
i s. li fly's Sloop of War ,A i Inina ('hlint Ptrintr Jeaicnnets c ('ton Counirpan trr, Spelling uld nayer
pine, Capt. Savwyr, M o-aicl l"lia N.iAr rn MfarcIlk. Qu;.lrLg Drled Jeans & Jeannet. Book
wloc iht, Canpbll,, Barba dtl Scoch Nuan dito Domnbazern 4 6, 8, Io, 1o & 3od Nalls
Sch. e Surpri igge, i ri tiered out Whi cGaz Sattin Stripe Norwich & Italian Creape H and HL Hinge
1. -looi pe.r Eve. St. LChi ,l tophen Bi' Jcancts Blue anld Brown Camb!act Brsd A e an.d Hatchets
Ca lll. Pacet, I eil Lu.lo. 'ant . ci rii rnes Durant,. Callimanucoc.. & Wilp and Crof.-cut Saws
9. Ilir :tle.'c Paket, lig'l, Lotdoan Striped, -chcked & a D)u.h Rope 'ltamrties l Plate Hand ditt
aMu, in "Waiflcoat, bhawl, Cloak, Silk Petritoatr of diE cea Whip Cut & do. do. Files
II I A .' Yard wide, 71 '-4 Trilh ond other rringes colours Ftlt Irons, Deh Furniture
U .L 1 A I, U.irn Stationry White, and other ion. Tuble Knies and Forks
On M ) A Y the Ih Inant, aran wie,t -e 9- riti HairPowder & Perfumery al!e .ullriu Pen and Cultrte ditto
At a /'i. S eting I..dici neat liding & other Black and Whate Plated and Metal Shoe,
A F air. Spirit. 1ta4 84 lose foth Fan. ,India Perfiuns Knee and Stock Buckles
One P lt -n Iw- Ol ltum -l cIl and j-l per Fiddle String. Stinm nd Pelong Scilarsn C-rhk -rew. lai
Cheef, H n, rasp taed Laidtra Mert liae rock lron. annamelledl Cleak Pin. A va iely of lilacs, i. Smand and Snufera
it IcPtitk Genera, &c. t)itri Drab green ha ringlc csithrul and other falak Mahogany Shaving Calf
A uti'crnr ilth Powder Eng. & Pufa i Ribbon* Swing sad other Drcl-
l A few Ati lf Y G nihi P lured h Culery Men's and Womean' oIr 01ne Ile
A c i t GOP. Lad;ie ear & r cd 'in Ware Cotton & ThreadSo- Br alealnd Weights
At ifLVFFe eLc Ed;uinr netlylri ed fniariery ing. CopperCrants.Braf.Cocks
The LOO withRibhons An elgantvariety fSilver MTen's and Women's S W'hituectppcl, Sail, sad
N E \ L Y Clhildrens Beartr Hat l plarte War, canfifting ;lolve and Mirre common Needles
i t er Ta le and a Mn elt ditto rIfthe follinl Asticle Men's Hti, Black, Wh Pins Rars, Women &
i urth Sidton iu! T a nSlkn Bacl oul Iana Gaobltc glit inrie and cGreco undernea Men Thimbles
IR a 40 tols, i t of C e- chi Salt.s, Crera ters Sailors ditto Grid ione e
A rd n acor i an oany, an ofllE th Scn kra.ldTw Brackets, and 'Tnklrltd Womean Riding H A feaw articles otJewellery
21o01, crplly ndjb rent to lln es wIth 'rTops Dh and Girla Itea ia.
ss(tama.ll crpnce. .. it canys Pint anhialf pint Horns, W- and do. ye Shoe Butbles
Intnluoy to be lio.n at the ti of a na.rgs Silver ript A nvrinty aned Lin- Dirto Hat & Hiandaerhief
Y 2l, :7y5. DEAN & tlMa Bater n ottle r Labels en', Calicoes, & Chint Pins
F H AR TA A complaar alortment of Tea lUrn Pattern Lockers, Ring.
yJ' tO H Ih N ORR Ct Qeen's Ware Coece Pats Printed and blee Hand Silver Thmble, Ac.
9 JO l\o Ite .ivrDpool China & Olar. Tea Potswith Cadies, em- kcrchicfi Ca Porter
On THa I.OWFI Tnll s. War grav ed, e. aic. Sprigged and lowered LJarnd Cra Raild s
AlMAICA l'IH iS by Brliaunaue Menu Aitched and bound Pier, Oval & SwilnLgAk- MiuLin Glouccfter Checfe
herpuncheonorfmallcr Colfte I rJaved I.either Slit in G altle Ditto ditto Handkerchief Turpenatie l p
Ipalty Canvna I Men fironE Shnonunan Mould Candles and Soap and Aprons ni es
a particular Msadtia Nail and Spikes I Ladies C.llimancn & Mo- in holes Check i& poed Tlhred Mro lurd
Sin Pipes, quarter PilM rocco Sheoe s Punt PickL e .l& Lucs, Old lac Hyfo, Ore n ud SBl.e
5rk and bttlcon bottledl Porter by Ditto white, blue f black Paint. and Oil Millinert Teas
bait dittn e hu per or rmalIe Sattin P lmps Naili Bed Ti'cin Shot io.- 4. t and 6
"hfl'utcvado Siugar, qwntity Chllemlrd hoe Jar and Calk Railine Sail Duck, o. a1 to OluGd aOu Powder.
hthe package or hnal- tow rine Cordovan Booel Almonds and Curr' n HEI RH S .ALS tFOt S ALl ,
i .uain:y a I I Wamrnetl leather Shoes H.ambro' & Log I.ine. fteull aud Windward Ised Rn
iao.,i ,end t oII C th il Paper en ft WomeneThread, Seine.Caftl-oeted8 wisg Old Mi aeia and Sherry Wtle Whie Vlnar
a by the Chet n Cor c Co~ton anRl Silk Hore Twine Mce Park, Ph lladell F lu, Ac. tc.
aller qutity 'f Men ani Womess Thr'ad F thing & ChalItLne
ad Uloa Buck, Doe Kid Skin Iron Pot. FO R L E,
fi and Sll Oil And iety of other I Gloves Brolol & Orbi Holes YVALUABLE I LAND In WarT-
us"'rnpmayn. 0 in lI GOaer Contoaft Lnen Checks Broad &t Allin lt r Tas ?n ire of
s lacires and khalf pdCha dlecL Striped Holllada Picket Bill & aid Irmsol 0 lUNCw
elet5 I f Mens bkiWOW Com Pet Liverpeal betled Ale, by
.rcs A L,S 0, V.M M lh uiablinuC L r lteedak A by s 2*262e on iimm 1 tey, as
lfortmcet of DLtt'fOOD, receinitllil, citspleak Prter t eeits MOUSand LOTpleafslt Ated onthia
theNafru.. Scarb 6SuntSta Srit VC t Parf. esy WhitOrsmcndj adjiMolg Capt. IoDcsn'a Lt,
&scasrs'dbUBeShdse' h 4i lsbibtmish bou' tqn Acnre ofu good Land
or C I A R L ESTO I) N,- I.iwan The 3cueoan a Menellttshifsddceswise 'Ansilie we sats rIlt lt,'mti ulme, hog pllt goava, ad
M hsdl4e:.2edaptesac' awaeeo so Wq ti alt Rea als ofl eumlellut
STH Ink #0 abot altl7 In fnoart.
rmio a e '5- To beaplld -by P r ate adhe "" rp4a'd
Pr r IFr th(. a p 1 l elhthit a tb.f BdRhfthG ldnd if required;
pnoodlatioVn, applK l'th n trieen, a e a etiddttA r 't t i pply to v. T Ro"as
i N DEN ON and a armarkable .k theW tOrMana to fMr. Jos
t i:s. other particular enquIIre- C WWtco Mateo.

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