Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 25, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00115
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Mcsl k lri rd Phwi,* ait ts I ra ppication
them was a dent thig hid lift it with I
I Jury, Caving, jin'y dl(l*t him, he hoped
nn Poh~flndZPaeh talktt would make a gs
Uf t Ihcmft that it wodsi be the laB tie
'they(nowldfkhull qtba .pl The Jury co
fared lholl~4Kfa) ihd brout It their verdi
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S nan being fettled, hisFeclle
Si. :. "" e nU'p 'rTucfday at the State HoreaftiO

,y n1.. de I CANNOT, oin this
.r alsly and ii. h"""nave applo dlhsi IV*
e ,, V.iii in c f tv e lve Magifrate" of Ihis.
t.h inW .. '1 his proof o'l yaor conhldenccl i,
irirc t in o ic u mb en t
1.1,i t e fla tionit, as it was ll tulltofynur
rtpie p-'ef o l- isicn e obsn flia
l "i 11n unn. fluencd by ny HkIlatonei
O ."l, M'.On crl'nlainre whIr anicivy thi n i
Sel toa aii o at fisr
., ,a a n I the ch l it u i royals
o preceded the Coir mon. cali h 11 fi
ci ,i bi ma wll oMy abllii S in prh
'ally known,' Such n thry a e, II IiS lbe
ileph Bao ltri, wor ; and in tha rx tin t1,d
,,i;r $ulirt o f f"ort i ma fattairl
atslars to f me Cto ap wieat ao ek
'c .artcus t i f will -c dily i ce. a
s. A Ai d' T att .h e aeen B
St, e. merit, the %oodoie piDulr;, ,4a
I 4, fi be pr motcd anrl famed. '
Sthe everstin A I oi conflittion of gvern
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,trare, ali the general duly of rhoae, who har
tiesrl wire l nation of it. It is ii*cusmb ent
r. Drl to dwir e to ieclase, he that ll
r. David >or, h I h
AIto th ar a r omy publi.conl tln ball he
She dth lance a owcier,c le'iann fil iloni
Sin, t l Mr. take po ,'S I lfnre tyou S a
i. l adnld r. tr tary 1, yor i t im s on at it,
,gfar l s M. oded wosld Ilte oniflent witb5
-, irlt;an'c. cA 'loi, wi MI 1 r(dlvcd lrwith5'
i- ;c r' 6 t a t, &id 1,.ltl telrfl be etrir.
il b\ h eah Wi'tn tio r c Pistin was
le 'y the Ie- -o pol fhe Cm on a
I the pill of t l, ht l Cimmor nl. ce.
to Mr. "ad- tri ht. it etgs p iiil eoe. 3,st
*rn i >rii t .is ni i he busslit Il l he
.ar. .ho this lu.1 ,lapland#| he t mtafire
Ai t ic 01,0 instl1 lepenil iareal e a afta o
vr, dth e ilt t a r cc ti, the ptinripil ao l
It d j crri' refp d"'r I -,lii, or a (4
r laws. I y gi''l tie clr e
~r. iiildiiii, dill,'ftion to fipi. it" ; slid thiS
;, l be til, l i .lufiijtivn Iycur slr A nf hliil helie
natio thlke , of h'.ir ol.lTrv;nce of it. Th l
Sa lleir hi b, highly ditlelac'd toi fe any i
i s i' proper up or aiT tmany res p'opo'ld i
lgthorfthe Itiver tilletcnry it,s lubnrt it;
i;Kht efthe ml, I1, ,f hit i blood and wethalm
'),aeling- l ed to IUI them in a uliltuatn toAub
cc rdin- to 'prv-r nithotf infripgementa
.ircy on the coiIrra ftuch itnnrall it will
r, not sht rr e'llfvr sira "n t
till a'Ir hIis
Si list Mr. irshr of t rir i rnnu it .
] 'l.e liati of one rrr tVdlf .
np a little e ricn ral an enea l f* se
,pproisc 5d re icr hri ighthe nrva tM
Src pr eifsi tu of foreign al fal ht's hal
st it quit hin large a balance a lt us, d
Mr. Sadleir re "'o fatisfy thgtba'ance car m"e
St t. lake his Ti ish, with altlthic man offenkml
zoine 11)o, to our power, fallsvery flort eftlts
a Tofe t anu which have been
tan, who by the war. are fraduall y enlargitln
no rI.olneipl Cn tita roon increase to their forar
ame hese tion Isirgan BNitainanl olher natieMoascom
meatey n do mercisl fyftk they have
n, towab tia ihlife nation an Uede
S ( their tadle wit O
a t as hllir ownof
hr. *li onr, o.1 frosts t st
tr. I)atitidon, !tacsee I heir o
It thie at unr ing the only
lfofp ol. thr. und er. *h 4 I tre lle rl
,,I ict well h Te IItih inly
ing heard by hn, toll b
unhat he was the : ut it is
he e Congoef hve not yet been

h1iwnn g .!1 ] pa' t of thia
on the nex r a!bthe S" ates--

al (L. .LEX. DAVi:h ON. j rprtt to medyIk t0l s1
af 4%h S$ t184. J. GRATTAN'. chant, the tadeifan,
he CaentolL te proportions mentioned by Mr. inded eve i ote.
he D fon to aov Ortta ain aboe narrative, ,fo ull n o i
o of man tittorieenes and tsfeience to the principal ra e 56 d.dt
ier an exchange of pilota, Mr. Davidlon declared
Sthe iiptld came' hnlmfrclf, Lord Macartney ht or t
wotha 3 lvenlr. 1Dhilfon any lufnru o bgio 1
made the proo with a view of termlnating the d t her mell
Ier a ei th ale. int i ly
a bon (il '"led LX. DAVIDSO tfilly

" . .

S- T A D L E. wiasfrltfpenrfiblyne netlhrt,
-"rr"WADDLE, in tl:e polite world, is the fur- dn i did not dty up the "li
O) N L. ,lT;,rofBere. The definitlion f the tcais Thames hal unirchelt the --ic
prictti inuhl the lfme; whatever ued to bne a fill coi'tinudti 1flwthrtm itii
S -,,tt-. iy GEOnGE COLMANI, FIf- jr'e is 'i1W A tqT'-ite. Here an extraordinary roI Vil l
I1F ilc I l bublIe, and bIreaks with a glais, But on all their occasions the bel deAnltionl I report, but pot a retort' 'lTo
You nlnf t, l oil your winl, if you with It to to be dlawn from Example. The Coanftlforthe lion. Socl
lai Pray, my Lord Canter,--ays a very clhr- reports from litfni authorities wer
FIir thle bubble mnay well be deftroycd with a puff, ming wospan in the pit oi tle opera, the other The Counfel for the Hon.
I 'tl. not k-pt !loating itn lhquor enough. eeninl-wre you at SAlilbary's ball- thtthatey had a riplst to life rsirnio
Ic is a if uter, as, pfilofophrs lay. Was there any otly there that any body knows ? C C, a oetlcmen, yout gltl
aI his is i n iwcr, ll pg inlilo tphr e .rt hat fort ofa ulgar thing was it ?-Oil, replies the wq.ter." n
'. t l, a f )r, y blocked i head Cl tc, Sh y Lord-it was all Tw ,s.le-perfe Twaadle. The Deputy Treabrcr pro
It. you'd liae it look lecllr you mu rkoiftn t Iive you f(c the new Coniedy-What is deIce, whrrein he ilciofed, that
i yOu' hael it lit ?-.-Taddlt. laut inter, he anl oane (f the Ul
well What fay you to the Trazedy ?--T7u.i!lr. water itde, for the pilpofe of ti
Thii, :c is no more than ajorney 'tis raid, How do yn like the pantomimine !c-Tuaddl, ir'ant's barres from theilr moortli
tvWhrc the iad olIbi iollt part are cont'oundedly Toraddle, Twaddle. llt m adlift, hut rc're ppoifd by
Iad; I (wear byl the Itla whofe bright afpedts your f v nts, who thretned tobeat tt m'vl
Sl leit ine lic our ypurs, and all travellers will dianiaod eyer refcnlile, tllat you are Il.c Only ob- ci sllT r.: upon ulict they ranled in
owi, i l o whoim aily foul dnts,--a.iy a Beau in : rae i efcerci wiho) pprenenldd oneo
Th.t'tr the roads are, we jog menily on. grep 'r,,,x.---'Twvdd, iepiic the Lady. hrourtht him lbfore a jiuftleoprac
s world to T r liknd en, )on y hnliiiur,--)li a liemibher of parlla- ty of ?f; //f, tv to Tlhlatre lined iasaleen, wment to a trad.finai-- I wll pay you, Mr. Ther di lraion was alntl fror-0 t i.O
Where carh man snouind has a part ill the lien i a ay- rd horrillc, mn horrid o rro
"li, oar part to he ilrtink.* and 'i18 Inult ir o1 "lt 'li' ll' lVp in Ilt cona i'rie a Is 13 A m -tot theri rid. horrilsle, mifl htrrident ofhorron
'i, or part tumore all di ink a ys, the bemattr o fat, aie lort id inc v good [li Kni-the America andl triniic, c flpecial pleaders I the
Tht ihe more you all iank boyr, the bter you ai the iliiin'd ioililtin-- le Dutch, averred. t.hit the irfpa. was a commi
al.i andl the COtilmutalioi A-'l--r ake a Inan poor) river in the 4i( of f .ninA
This life is a dream, in which many will weep, but )you illay ilr) inl uponi i that I hall pay you Iw itnlef llcr Ir it to havitbeen cb
Who have flranige filly fancies, and cry in their in a fi,'lltniht.-I beliic,-I'cy's the, coutr of -i4dri/x..
Ileep; in a fiIlky tone, and butiloinig his turtout, as hie Coirt. The pDaintiff muft tIfffer i f
But of us when we watk from our dream 'twill be I rwa leasing the lhoulc-- that is all TwiLad.Ue. CoItIfil for the Socirety.-Twelve It
'aid, I.adies anid gcittllin.n-- lays a well ldrct fel, aI other barrinfer., who jut
That the tears of te tankard were all that we performer, with one hand in Ii breeches pon kIt, apnr aMtol-licr, and one frnenntedaL
Ithdl. anid the othtr wiping li ire- we arc Tci7 Cii i' l fi r ilit defcnIdalt.-Two K
lorry that lteplay f -- niiil be pollponed, Il (,II, iir anitoliny.
S0 N N I T, Ml.-- in tlkcn liidiltnly and ala-ming ill- -- - -
sad .no ke rieln 1; H-r Gsrs-a(e DUCHias f Pioh, p.h, fa)a the ale.ilece, looking i.on I i P
l DavrivHist. to the ltggarl'l acoiiliii of empty bjts-- J UT R T
I)RING me niwcrs, and bl ing we wins tlt"l's a ui;a ( li. li .r Ship Nassiu, Capt. tri T,ft ,'
A) Hoy, attend llhy lafcl'l c:ll! In like inmlnner this ulcs woult is applied to a AND NOW oPRuINO Ioa siall L
I(lln.l my blows lt m) rtllcs twine, sumbtr of teinpurnl y ltotii. What is tie conttft 0N 1! m i, tne,,:hl .rl T.Pm ir Cabli
At Inv teet It croli fall. at 1hC tea l:e, bctwlt iMr. Twi i;asid; d i- ie B ills t/ Ichanl
lIt,'tilt, in litellft note,, the hist ; c r, u 'a Ant for the pe'etiit Re Ot 1 io l Bills of Exchange.
FI c.1 the I'fl, nl lo. Iil I't tile t ; rit,, we ItLve only to look tothi .lc ,:uf, 1) .1 () I N D) FI. l SiL'ON
1tt tlty l I ntl are litis fl-',, S. Irt.t .y. At lhin S, o s lE in PrDtlI ICs TIIIIN ,
Asi tbic wh.l1ri.ig zeph) b tlow. K I N ( it C II. sl :dld sltl,1, ntls and A
K1ING 'I II 1. I.
Sorrow twouild annoy iny hceatt, Oni Tul.iciv can'c, oil in the couv n~f Kirng 'a t ' Dufli Blki" '
Buit I ht it blnEful flii ; Pe: li, (,idlliulll, Ilfoiue Elarl Man -hl .nI- 1 t o Ir I ti s i 7- ail Blick Liae -
i,,)i I c CillI h e ti l rapid dart, I -Lil july, .in al ion f ltet fi uhetie! t' I e 'Ierad. Fali
I or I tI ill l.iighl, and I will ling. I n. Swie of te l s AiU! Tr,,i/41 were, -' t an i 1g9 Dutch 'I :
\Vhal avti Is the idowicaft eye and Mr. Kerne!, ioal-m et c'nt, was i wh i l Bla If ck, white il lat
WinIt the earr I the fi;h! Nert r .as tllile a caulk ill which this gesilleirn l iw hf, lst iwit t ltand Iahe
W:iy ithonl grief liuft ouiir wa.y, of thel long wio e iore generally concrnute I se .1 :... wome*in Silkmea ilb
H'lern wt live but for a day ? Never wasi thi a t ,aie iin hichthe gentlllelli i, I ot. and Isfi L t~]
ofthe lon; robe wcc ir' complcally dilcfomlitidl. ', fi s., I l ow nr BIys PnOump
S T A N 7 A S, It was a general laugh alinift the Lcicty of the N. 11litt ri, w B Soya ,sher
/.Japted i t1e Tiu,, of" f Frend ,nd PiltAer." Middle l, D. ta. d,. Ldktrclhicfs n fll lraM mda l Ld
---k eaal sbitspauiiire t.lf 'l hc .itinl ,anleaugl at tle I FriletL l:i :lrun l W'ripping Pam
Srura r. t 'fri. Ti RL.- .. Tlt t'lvtI cl l si urc ri lautllil ht tie cicty. Canbric Comamn Fic l eI
r of h1 li e (lreiki in caiurL laughed at the foCicty. Cttilol & I.ilra Checks Ret & ltack Ejri
IN fearch of b ils I'd iever roam The genilenm-n attoriici Iru hhed at tile fociety. aeI Stripe. and Wafer
I rom clime to cher, tho' I hald I lifur 1.' cir ,f t; cotitrt, w hofe duty it was to in lia N-r<', Bibles r ti.,I
More inplure yielded nly iractful honr, con:r..iitlr,., laughed liud at the fielty. Co,,rn,, ,,uernr -nc. is SplItl
Wlcic lives mny lue, mnl oly O trafure. -J l, laugh ,a i echoed-Inay 'twas rc-echliCd in I 1e,' J ins & Je.-ilCtclt
(noRus. Ih, ciitr ulof lclicluer, andl vibrated in the ICut i c bl.t-'n .46, lso,
My girl to hiief, hy all cai el, of Clauinoi Pleas. It itlled Guildhall, inipeded Nr sai a n Craces sa t itllti
What tranfIst lia a t ee to mrthtr tr .'ilule of the coi tit orfCo:.lietice, and Ilbook E! a lI rwiw Cu-amlel, rniad Am slld!
ily words nrL not with fitlion drell, tle portraits of tnofI learned, coiled, apid piern I Di"'.ri., C(.llllui.nlie, &I Whip and C -lnl
WlItn J with praifes fondly Stet iher. latg:cd faes of the law, who liangl upon I'c S1is teel Plate ilade
Not all the gifts thi tl e Lrings, wail. IC A lk Pertictt, of different Whip Cut & db.
tmu all I.le upn the riv e sndbonalmlll I k e& Mtt

"^ si an easier sslr: |

Her (mkea BtPl l,* 'd amended by f,,ars of Ahe I lo- ""cn t f ai i0le
ifSti fpr .ktnillag tewi Uak It Wal nil 14on if treliali tllrisight by Lhe lion. bilut i r a i d wi
tr blt llowl tI' ir niurabcSc i t y of te Middle 'i;le ai t Mr. Kennc all r anIS Who t Mn'dsI, and Pafml
'ih her i le ircorncaiv it, afr die itlin ct i that lbolli sstoa lnd lal K eo dl sell

Thren Iho lllllr. S J got 'The declarAtiolt Ratlf tio the paHf to have been o titr iher thia le s I ui
L That irtmight -t po a re. ie, cotnmitted vSi it ara;ns, r. upon the river nRibhton, St wig s adh thy
Ihnn hear, ye l 1 r! T'Ihamles, in Sai city oif London. MT'n's and Women RSilk 0l Olas
1Hr bu. er This declaration, had been pernf'd, correeted, ( Cotton & lhtread Stock. L
Her .,,i To amended ty a .T ,. ,',deri of1 te fion. h,.' a c 'o qe .'.
W allic wbtoo indl n ot r, od, n Iurciet of the aiqidy of teple. Tiey h Pr. an d ; wblue Han.
ihconceived it halp not a Raw, not a clleice that ,lrchiet., i.S le Pt a
E P 9. A 1 L a paper worm could inlinfate his noe into. in U.. 6r ll l i

Hay Temples build kcry Wind that blow. Chief~fut. Your charter is irrvalcat to the fAfda ASoso
WHO rittenoht u d for faa, The Deputy Treafurer of tbe Ho ourahle o- Se ilors dt l,

Hu ftopropitlagtalte; city of London, drawn in Ph, rf A G Mil1i"e 7
remp tt b i e r, ciey being called as a witnefi, he proven fup- WosaB ', Ricking Hat i A femert *S
atb C-.Sj of bit ea r L portiofthertrtiiitiright cl.imedby the fsiey B.n t rht oirhdt -i.
Whol irtutd h welin. that the river Thames ie an ane.a rir ; t t hey la ;' a' om l. N.o. Sa e kk
asl 0am vbentVet 'E l ger Templajhret? Ilonourable Society of thile Middle Temple is as A vanity ef P'rinted In- DittoaHiIIlis
%amm belle Ven Templ .c ila Soaiety, remarkable for having better wine ean,. Cliroc,, & Chintzo Pal,
'Ta rt arlsOes. than any Inn of Court. Ptr Loeken,_ jI

SINCF noal hi th to Wind. i. due, Iofs, und nnootr drw i di JPt. ellasqa d d t
Therl llps lth to indnotV ow'd, In ful ort of the antiquity of the 5ciety he Printed and blue Had 8ilyrre
With j devotion a the Wind his od, produced a parchment, which Ile called Charer. kerchifs Calltc Pi
Mr. La, (fulcounfel for the defendant) allied if Sprigired and gewmed JarpIlad Ca
W1IO all to WIl and ndlght to Valour there wal a bit Of aui to it? The whole court MuIlta Ticraenwu r
owes laughed. Iitca ditto Hadkcreiia T r i t
,Ill T'rmplesabuild crvery Wind that blows. Cbic 7smks. Your charter is irevtlnet to the aeknd Apran J
nollht ur9w'd for fae, The Deputy Treafurer produced n Ajp of the lie2 ..
But to propillole galg ;e city of London, drawn in tbe rtiln of Kmi llde 'lntt-
"l'r. jift to city his name, and Magag5 a other drawn inthe reiln in Bail Dck Na.e sflgi
Who filled the dwelling fails? Bruads, anothe2drawn immediatelyafter the llad. H HAS 4 0 FOE I r
ing of Ju11la Ctfar, and Anotllher draw imedi. Jamij sad Wladte I a -Ol
SINC. nought to Courale, all to Wfnda is due, ately after the Fire. Old Madeia al d adrry d Wis, Vl
I hecr Tcmpei ho juilly raised by youl The Lt Map was produeli u aeidee to w Ohat Md eirs P paid ll Selr, AWa. Win
1 6444 90 wk~t Mcf Fork Philadephiss lows ie as


ii f)


Nas 1; Printed by Joh WErLLS, at the Pinting Office oin .the BAci

Tr'? iipwrights. >JUST IMPOR'ITFrp, o a ". ,i
tl poIIIPWRIOTS, Trir atst, JoHN hrt. r, J.:r. By ARC(IIB:A1 i 'Ll,, ,
r a "ni y the S cr. 'a /ook I'HI INi ION HaBi.,Dsa r ,
aci b f yWor mathat oiri ol z leo ~, Jpi Il it irft *adteltec ve -" l r.tinal
), p I Yard, minorr efire I y JOHN SULLIVAN, & (:i. o a. "
rof And rg fot one At tlir A BTUa sas As BA*, uext a Cu' t- .i. d -- n..rf
aI~ ra oli.hrMont withb Bd -Frb., sI t.. .a
.' himi lr a 'o br Europcaa & Ealt-lndia Go,,'s -T IM P0 TE D .
j ' I LRUSELL. Wirh wtl l, d/led f oan rf:,.stl i *,., /r ~, e W9r Br n. Jn w Hwr r r .-r, f- 4,
-!:S, L'ah. Cotton, or Gootd BIfit /I; ieclt ;i; c vl o ud ,Ml'E r;r.
-. . .. And c.ofilt of the following AR'ICI.E, ;Xz. AND To 11 Alhm t ,
-- ttir Ztoi : on op.
S. .O. L D, .' (, d dA -. N,, ...avd .l 'irl.i. Vrr i. ; J .'i 3..,'n ''J ...; .
S N C 1H RISTIF, Bick Lt.r r .nd apice. wihip. Attir te :ur
1b. LA.l Y, Ffe IH-ruit. Curryr, Csrnbe & ti. .&
H r tt, Cl.ths, Scrub. lidiackn& Janr rm,. If; cnn Ci Oml..
S trn e t PiDti id Litias d Calji. Cr tji -. . p rih i T l. at i I.

tudia (iii' 'rorin d J-ur. PR A '' o '
S Lar. n s L.'lld u N a CUrn 'tarfJill Qr l i ag iI ,. > a ,
"n & r l- ,] atin Ptri- r.r -. it I

1 t .n CI' I .' l
W ,"-, .I i. -, 0. \ l k .d in k'ii '' i h l
7 1 & 4 11 it" v,0 a re t: f.P. inji hi
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