Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 18, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00114
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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o..4 'H H H No'; 4i' -
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SFrorA .8 A.T U 1 D A JVE t S A T URD A Y, Jts .i; f, f.i "

S NA4 sv u inted9 J. V WELi-a at the Priting Ofce od the o t *'

s, BAUAMA, Atil StT T. wa. agaln to the d, ath upon the m l
a PIT. P ai*At e it mrt r( wadWe ir. Other W n fi
l Mir Richard Swetin, d AD JO a itr tt to i i the uri* req tir i ne uio e
If"uir'. awlt aUbfcat feom thtI netl Our rcfdiutln hid eln lreadyta Menmbfm *Wlbuti mltfe_, (u 'fmi-t i
Saldlni thck bAutf of Salt Rl.I k My 'o h "y rtry d tid tHir furmonfs; ive, the wh d feats are t ila-I
.............. Ccnc -g- durin.. the--nl I Rehr...'-_h" condua, the ronowhil lroteft wa! llill it i !_l ta
Ct a ooodaCuato hedrin htthealrf beaf" co d e tg't sof give r t- blei 4 c entd It eaBtl P
b e nropronl knowledge of the h e. dinly'mldel whic, wyarec told hs been. unasgiAbe tab I
'Adv-ti-t- entl your lia Week 'tIrthd;dtl In the aH id'Pd~nbe in' im.
acd the Public, of wiTt iiher d lycone'ive that Wi l l I dcrvr tacoent and tmeI
andtl lhofhat an ieffiable. tht1"ad ce re, pofd I a.'sadj byurp- Inhabite tf at Ba Mi t Ife O DO
talrvefeq tquetted to public, It oth f( e, given Any naiiinto pI d itotolly hi and l PRr T a i
d i our ztte, and will ford all e to the coolitutlun.-We tr that our co5aa t b. t ie t nd vlf dmi.ily, frI
olripnia Pa m i thltheyhlbaefitior yeeer dell l mett with our aopro t on t lo t th id ai
'Sl nmth Snd d ublicclin lorgdeO ....... pear ... w l rto to .*W an'dyatli j Al 4nd l 0bren l-pfO.
iy, fnmmtry, and epsditioa'aode whichb noI &fofjntreiIi icur 1t alliolilhlilillpe,
..l.e have taben to refot mand con. rcu- reuluiontloptn mntn C dll oi h' t it ( tL
Sraning, aguments, opoof de of the Body, w a arroktceto e nt ls f iertnth prefeflHd t eally
lleor affone, or to la.rlidate the fa3d tie fle and name of tbh c fathtoli* chbofen and 4A ll ed, to conRbsht a 0Ho 41l
bin there Papers, canl only f th People of thre I.anls, othy tlon proper and the cm be nowli boe und byo
Yetrese ipoeance of the circum nc@, to Frame. wi e ;
Sand principle of the matters they the PETER DEAIN, Me h Ez.inA. dn e 3an i4 ra ffh. Ado in si
Motsen to dibble In I for ttjscctrain, that man PZTTY. rot i for Aindros MOm. A,
IWa did not arive in this lIlna, till the even- J'Voc 'ami, (N ri d e, Ajrflal, 1711. (Sind) -
ar.your .lft Week'. Papr wa. publiflhed, Bi .,,sta rwa M \ t, LANDa 4li.n,.
in time to lend his name tothe aforiaid Nlw-Paort sc. I Ja ,Mn, t M l ffi
whc it wra either in or goihl to the *V tbi Puhlic Lntrument, r t, known ,nd PIum,' 'avin 'WId'tmtfl-e town, when
khic ~ PETER DEAN. i baide maniflli, thlt before it awlre, the pree'dlt Pbcel St bade, do hereby thl
SJOIIN PETTY. WIi Deputy Secretary, N.taryI cTbleqp publicly tftiy nfy apprlbloB ol, lad concur*
7 .,17. JAMES moss. illbie, duly admiite.l, rwr flg, ln ln't^a Ine th e fame.-
-. 7-4. dwelling wih thin Ih Town rln li . , JAM MOSL
dlwnsea.rTlrAr T /tht l Au A IsLA s iin of New Providence 4forelsid, oiI i cp~ N4 ; ,prlli it '
Msal, btiv renklaer iroierelEunma, Aba- m d amcredl Peter Dan and Jaoi Irt 3
I, Ciat lnd and Aadros Iland, ibh are who, lcin at tthtmreqacntp rod, efafet Pa, irs iL'-
,snlt rtrredl ins he O>Aira Al Afr asIu c and fay, That thrOenDral Aflcminy alf 5' ,? '. Ai Nl 9
it, t h f ieand, Eleiutam, a linds was, by proclmation, r iruirtl .,meet Wm. 1 Lhitboun
lw.Provi dnce, o Ae .r prrtiall rynt I tle town of NU in I in the of ew lohn ergu ffd : 0'"i" n IHla.n
stdin the aid GOnerl A emdlt noeojft i pvidcnce, on thme AIr day ofPcbruary lat paf, iohn Wood o' 'iloi asloker 8I
h.rtn oIf Njau, ad a$ o arranfll Pu.lithe difpatch of publie..bulcrint i ad h p neS A fIt Ca elt a. A.
ilacmrf. accordingly met on thatday, wrre mddely proro- I d) HN BAK, P.
ltbemi ,nii ofr eght of your Mebers frob glund until the lit day ofrh gisna. 'Thai elr n 1tb # r (4 WsTnn DsTAICr .p
the General Aremnly, thit contend here, many of the Mcter tbi dl ttfl dl thk 'W4 R*m Mss rt t I*
iTarku proroeizlons, (with what hnttnt we porpok of d4fpth pa ulici buBidr,. u a*,l Mst ,
l to Jud ) on Mlday the 4th! of April agan proroged o tt r--y of ant
LIth grven reafo for unealatc in the That having likewili p tatly attpndd (ir-A.u- esi, mhn OrJa, M iik I& .
ny and ocaeuned varloul opinion IT on that day, they were trUler (erogued to 'j fMJaiA I fp. r belly. E..-.
Pubiie at* large, We thc ubacribcrs. twe IwCtth Ayl of the hd mltant.April. Thai AND y are tb iMn koRetrn of ch Per-
eeding Membes, thilk it but Jit i aad ganedmogly trelblefome t a etxpeive. nel FaTreaiY lt o lh anids and pi rfaid,
asl l well I dutly as oa our Con i (ofomte Memlrl telly iminpolm tt letnl ali tinr' li hav lt .Vola. WithLstc. A
tlhe Inhabitml tbl of thladr .s la r ari Iamger from their prve irln is ,, particui rlyA at S N sli Ast Ledrfthn t misa
tbhu ppblidly, but cotedl nsefrpimg thimfofrom the out Iandls eri which mean,, .(idet .n1 LHJO. A
llI. r . aI Ty number of the Rpt.l lllive of the .. ,
i Me lben of the Oeneral Aseipy, many Jk are now able t Irom thejloua. whcreb) iMer. r ,
ss were elteOad und the ialnme in of your people lage are Ino fairf yad fully repre- I fO hereb Cf 0aT. I ht tld the
ftowernour, by the iAfltace of two A As he General Aremlipw fiting I the withipt rwedL do
Itetd the Ilands with the Returning Oficer, M aowing mbemrhnot attendib to wit, Richitd r:nifu.. BJoAlm i .Ltmrnm, John
I ipdprnirp ofe of dominating men to his SwC(ing, dulyleed fnr, theternJkDftriAt O'Hallmn an. m ire. as dul
Snius nn lA betn p)eolded to meet qa famnd of New Protsiane, John Kemp fori lthI *tol t. o'T
thfAprolinlr slaorIef,aftGovemnld, lnhcr, James Baird (or Lono.flant, Jgtig lmlS klliJ
til bad iledl for tngland, tl rLiouneiant.i MSTa.ohJnWinniktt,i i the depoc Peter Dfean: -kdl t',it
llrmea's. specit was fcadl l immediately nua, Jamels HIrrkb f t11i-at tHa Hih Iitllt lh
s petitions werer printed' t Hofe. coein Ts., lames Ridty ad. Wilsama Ken &ri td, Mt" P
ti a fale Retlurnby the Provoft Marftl Abco, Oorge,Millr-aml thitpoce Jn on M.O
uMilers for the Town oft 'ltu ; he havtlg P ty, for Andles IIa nd to tha AIpeD lltnd, (8aad 4) ( i" i. P.b
Wead apon qith, Johin Baldwi Thoetms R- .acoI uma.-and C,*JlaBunq.,,(lteme W e t1A isras i;t
I J n O'Haloran, and Paul Lgthou; rs ai one half of the fepalt, he iP .
elea for the (fad Town of Lffaul wkn e body ofthe Jhibitantel : t .
I- ad thw leflir number of Votes atlti r(ly e-i -nt ThaIi Jel" i. . r IiV, -
l.lRod Robert Johaston, Jon Fei who the. Ownerl aw
ABl b, ad John Wood, were it pfanlrs .lnd ched upon- h aa siok, t
t _a ld 4ae tiH aif'klf Rettdirnlr the Iiib jai ul T4e aed rJi.i j
DUriA Dtrl of lllud lof NeweProvideno. Ikir ltIispy. ew muai, John
SM artal lt havg nli e manow returned deFtbyit P e P Iraduheleo ae i andi
balt a und Thomsu itala, ua duty elbcd I.ia Drr i t ll, Ip gOf Iii f
Dlbd D*r' wih4 be ithld haLe return I.i-Lrnil ii" Wtlf .il t. duly
M eA aid J tt lla lt hdthir Wmtb cr am bil em m l an* .
W il liam star .
L th MR lly &ei # Ihrl5ai l ain iihi#f;I wgefJd
'rit rov l;nimU bJ sthp..b pttb u K .. oel te P.
voienter People,tya5rdblau teylntuls h6 theft ia Sr.Sdb koide the PM..
d ptitlel: WLsap heripesnhe bftori- I.thamltrrinbatioaM.bf4he il peititd padacm l ty It 1 MSL t1 o.tbrl teom-nlnerl.,
14 114he1r with IA other Members Imaedl. trarttoevery principle of equityand jutie, whlh. tha the ro a Mirfll, er hl lawful DFeputy,
mwrrw tbnlvt from ote t id Hou(c. cd i become Judges in theii own caufe where, should cal Mucr lo the Gctcial Afcmbly,

i t-" .- "- -

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