Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 11, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00113
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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S....... ~ P-r- rr .

i! eeerded in a nly Pt dif', r ret v qiletl" i.; l ,nt stanhall to Ad.
the (pirit ll of ho haern t aried ifla itely (fa- errt. 'pet the eak
iar I ilnntry Pror tf l igs. th r, In time Onmer to oir nfO. at oe inomat I i
Witni Irh lfen ytar. tlc ieverfe i mi Pure. hith e hi 0co lftenri 3
Slie h d.ftifes oea tru rpre u trim 6f tl ol a th Ilitnliti -rlm.,
Iloussl lCo fhsIONIs, r Al" Fodoar ,-fthiscounry ward IrelandTnolder tbIcpr(r.i- mol ..4
Comiroeial Inrtenr .aeems Outll-BITA L d cielf h ', a I f were Ilrikin and prenimiosti. all si t i M
dJ I.r t p. In fayireg hic e Dot fmran to girt it a4 hi femtli-we eivd from f
r HP. Chancllorof the Elchceigoulh t p te"erl n rns..,thsti cnit hadatt l edewifelyTrnciatg ig r rclou iedMIo didi ,
a per. rcliatie to Ireland, lt titles J wh.ih fwre iheir f(lei ndloa& tow rid She (filr kingdom, |ial .opae that I reld 'd fi aai
read a the Ne I the coirlery, it a th decided opinion, tlha r there I- t i e ritlI marktc in enfim
It wra- h. ncone that the Houle rcfole itlfli into illintirly pere o wif. 'om,, lndof rInhiantia policy in rirgatli i hr flipi' h
a Committed of the whole HoVnf for the purpri of ta tihe litter fftmm. than in that ilhich b pred t i; s -wer mnmeir, had he l' B
SinIt conlte"a.ien thab part of the KIIng Sprch. u.ifrtunetry, hltrver, whenever cone imovhadtron ptrm the dlteiiltir thl wld-es
ith recniontnided to their ca.cil aictntiun, the adjult- rmde, whether on alledged gcrinotii of janilt, or of i inftiiui.n and commn i
"t rt of ld."h Ui 't. in tihe c.mi ercial intlrcourfO li- gentraolty aud or favur, they had I In nade inrcmif- l .,!, an d lrwedt that ithtalniH
tvee threat rI itaimtlkl Ir clula,as were not yet Ifl dcratcly, and wiltolit at the failr tInI havintr taken ws e In that count t'l
tcron the crt, that while -e wre cncoling to Ircland at the warren here. which lat i ce t nin l
Tl.h, o bein O ried, tle vio on the ieof aoni e a ldnte to time local tun diadn ued, it w.ll nt e ha bucci
Iabi reclat to Ielalid, were ciere the co0m- narcril Intercllt thisnkingontl, thehi ptelf itry whith mconefa1curcricw 1 my ln
It 'o flirl acldn o etll trl l offered of pIa viiling f that .irt. Mle re de.
The Speaker chair. 'ncaltrenth and ro ofc the cmiiplr wucai Mr. (ialbhe tl k1 rl b. ee adlcrted to n. or l'ore nd ou e ieft i
Thi ten propl to he Hyon.esef Lords Having thus fmini ......Ria d th hhad ben the hwa l,,rh. hil M rhl
and Col la Iarm of rfolultio, t f"reia tyl. rrn*ehitherneprfue d. he w nt ime s inre Ln in chih i lrd b i
were inM ad. partilar defeliptl n.of the natural arld amlo0nlt rf e Lsiaripg in ie .i n
T'he C of the Eachite c rofe, and be- c i.cclamo. that had lien of late yearu i.le by the lri- Iquiepm oflhl ailenlil l
gan e g and ti le It cll mn tlc tl PIteramnt ir ia nur of Irclar.t, drdming from hoe ted indepee t, and it c r.d-qdrof
ca .1 hirat he littered haimlel he nol f it o ifrrmilera he lail dewn, c hibcolalulion So an lidnioble rate eoncalfonn thua had n T e
aulgeri, which he hadl to anm a o ne, vi. tha th I e& of Ildnial havinR been different idciniindiarntis of l. d
cried, a fibj d Iuch infnite iu l 000 rendered inder ci;des and Gn ar-lritain baoing gonr Co frelld could at tht infuent do l am
ad n agir.le, a that to which he w thal, fr that there rcIm : neIItry little nire to he reieded, ed, as far there hbingo legal
all their attention i a i tc do ijolie to wh,,i wAs founder p iry for i country tI complete he h thfe rrepeds amtted to ao pea
he wa hbut toocinfclious i being incompetent; bo Intling m, and adrl Irectl a" lull ainiI equal partit- and the piropo ed fytlrnm of icticcor
hovcr, clut lftal ide all pr .dice and piepoflel nii,,n of commrti.rl ,Tra e- with he flif, na oun- rot giee be that pradlcability in l
iion, aiI lideiof te oue were alnit led witione and no ion otflrlail't cnctcbnut here hircof the national it at prfetint cxied. At any rat
the tine dalpolifoito look a,ihe ohad hfirly and ctip.ce ncr m fry fr e the pi c ioe sd fmritycof be ntvigation, ti r In o point ofrtrade,
fully, to conlcder it upon it. true principles, and to en- .rie ad coniirre of he pire. headed that the Irllh weild t e-la ,
Jcvaour to ascertain what were the Ipr-er mnafures t.o He herrl this prl cf hisr . be ta mn, unler a'l the circumlla.nce of the cafe udl Houfe of the concel cirii by Ilx nible lord in ihe end faubtalnial advinrpc.s e
d-.h a due confideration of the icl. tovc iluatin of lic hblu ri!b n li IIn ith year t .I Coiic-riius ot iiiit p- feorc of wealrb to Ireu; we
twn 1itrr khitgdiom of Great UBas.aitu and Ireland, lr per. nor uPnfl ton he grite hut which hid brcn rJuhly inftale n l poor cuatmer to deal
wo'ld pro'ccd without fourth clotolgy to aIt ilie a ,ie iiconaiderrely nade, without a proper regard to head ofe frinty marker to tcrry il
.aittiinit e the outlines of thefc propolitions, which he ithe central iitcrfl* of the empire. good iuftend lli 4t py eti to I6 -1 -
C old h raftir have ocerliun to open to them. hut He next adverti tIo ihe rcfo!ution that had bIrn re- i rT o 'Jr ile ditail of which, he did n,,t imaginc mt -ould fIrrld t oni a fIrrer dllae, and which had been pro i be irecel rv for him t proceed. i.led to the Committefhy hMr rot. wli he wa. Mi- --
Aftir ami per.ia.n. to l., urpi.rt, Mr. PiLe wt r, i lcr. Th..t icfiluliot r hl Atccl t, havc been equally F O R S A
.' ai in to litlo wh..t thl hl Ien aidd i) Mr. VNl1 n a irirnl-i.erate anti llj &iratire, un the very falne IOUS an i If
I, riutr day, r-!al tie thlr corntnl of NMlirlnr,. in rnl of ine ,re havtrll Inccc takn to provider the iTun and the W
having open-d thI. ubin o uf them ]it i,poliu. at l ,. t ,enal flrength and lcc, ity, iin tl.eiti as whaulwshen and other lnfut matic ,
bcLll rcad to tie Comnilr, to the i .orlaui nlt -I t I.r- i ,t ,nrieat nf G.a-Brant w rce l d d dinln. a c l.d cI.i,
),-. : iie.o it hi l hti n broth l ht fi rwarl, And ful.II II d J. 1t eII pa. rtit l on tl-rf. two il: it ccs of nn-i
In th i cct li.ratinul I he Blrit L; I. ;aturc; thi Mr .. i ., Irland f.r 1 confi ';eb; b Li.I,, nd l ftir rc- IT S T R
P. t )!l:licd d clarilng at the faiic e tie l t lh i otilir pi ol-il ir ih a m l r(lh .it imprudent .n their rlt r u i NA l l r, lir
c il live xti hftlhcr from has Ithoights,. tlin a. in- hl fail; the prircple the prifpOefi&ns. Ilaited mn the l Nst t-
ten.rin to treat the Btiri fl Hote of Comnmnin with the rrfhin h h hn r.lioo. ih b hn eadl to th: Cmiatre, A ND wt
finlal.L thlre of diitfrtpe or i:iltctiou It had brrn proceed .l uuon0, A ill hi. )eiuion the tcue!. B S TI D
dercnud the moproplrl.way t', I oeI l ioabu il.I v. tl.t of l at cfie: botrhi l,'s of the quellion, and At Ail aon f Wct41
in h mnlgnirudle -u d mlp~mranc. that his Maijly'a t- oftlain. cere: i'.ntp.e r contcelen to Irelnd nn Ai Alrt f (fh Calier
uiilcr. hooI.ldcublo th.emclva to IL-tlc whal l.e Par., the part of -c..- Jritl,, to provide tir lte c.tirn n l; .mle Min L.adJi.
liament of Irluall .tdiin l t on, and ul-uot ohor ;nTrin; fi h emrire, 1l (eclrilg an ad iloalio l lIeuan Strip~d aw tl r o
airmu and cooditi,)nt they ce willing to n-opetatc i1 ofpr.te&ion and alrety to itm coctmercr Hl oblirvc.l, .Tui -
the fAication ,a lhi atf ol c.-rcetion And inter- that he was no firangr 1o the virais t malamiiiatry T.unlour RulBle and
conrle as Ihoult preIude pollbitly of anly jr. ouly ri pnrt. and publicatli. n that hll Ii it.ii.iiUiciIlly cir- prn
hetcaFter, or a.ny nmlc ithAt mrigt IInd t ceraled in ord-e to, crcale l.nlam, saI inlmie a greneal re ok Mulll. t HaLaler
create future uneainf r [eadl to difcoEticnit a d dil- intiia itoIhe mind of he pt-p. lhat th thr pr poliminn chiif
union. For thi relon reason which he conccivcd to ad been opened to the PaIltnii. ll of Ireland, an 1 Ch;nt
(peak forcibly tfiour l the rrop.llitn had hcen hib- which he wa at.rlorized to fay. lt mlie will the ltderd rCamlkh Black
miated to lm larlia ln t n Ireland previlouly to his Ian.tinn of that alircbly, wonid givc a fatl talh to Rhtmnls . Une
flatement of dai to Coimm te ic which he was tolef important lanw, the lws of trade atil i.igatann ITrih Li.en
th-n addrelliag kiMalel and the eolfmucCeo proscd hec Whatever nigthlhe the opinion of thlf who culcttaimi. Sta iped a& PL
propriety of t inr the C onintl nite iiht cd fuch an idea, the motion he i oild tha day prmaife, Lae, .idits I
aow proceed upon c~n r"und, atr- wtce aware would be foutd to be *ei nMlurr, not liable to any one

it remained only tfor icti legiture to decide b prpftions would remain to be Rated saJ di-
Ito. re aen o ap., *,rd-tr,'0aode e wAd r i t m adiT
for idelf tl bht be re they procetdd that Iengh in a cuffd at a utrs day, but blure that daysrried, he ...
matter (to ( cah imperianceit the future welfAre of moln sincerely hoped, that gentlemric waid r rlae Iicare Il d aN ter on
the two ti hhin wilh was that they would turn io examine tle laws of a avigation ani tr&le withk I ad I oT p litlg
their molt a attention toe the fuhjiA and %when accuracy andl ininute-ca, a.ndectodar.r to nauie lilci White Iromt : Maoinal Capt.
they did fo, that they would not fulfer thera&lv to be Ielves perfeAly matters of their nmrnultg, and conlrtlc- .-ontinltg bSout in of
led fide.i by so opinions., arted hy this or thatumail, tion in i.rl-e when it shouldd become r.ecclaavy to nme, any In the 0laud, w l Is
or fet of men, who might either honetlly and fairly an tion thore Ilatute it might cnit again happrc :s it had fruit trat, iz. hie pl I
acrlin certain opinion on the fuhbjt, or who right ,lone on a rectnl A .lije, chat the perflna who hadl ieen chill orm e tre,*
for purpoles of p uor political cannraion., chure to fuppifed to ba mol partial to thofe laws, and mod con- Wlate. uC Lot
proigaRe fuchd atypaj0wa would b4 ferve the view vcrfant with them, had wholly rifltakn the priciple The itvhl lp fr
fthI laes or theirprl uon which they proceeded. I avinR pointed ol.I. lrcfiae high lbathr ca ak.
Mc. Vitc eall to iheelk&oni of the Yk- h. went in .. Jillion of the objed o ath, Navi ption lowedi
W.oth atotre 014lte ce lbepAen (Oarbt4o i. Ad, and latled. that at lpefent, withou- any frthr r For fauthr c- a t
antil lls *C*mte L fLdt5aIor pall ycrrtC; in cocuceliun to Ireland, that mouniry ehcld Itgrellydo a rer -OL i f h1 t
lrus to have.ree l, t~h. oi i o,; e. t. d.>hcalcr H c teiit affion,,y A ppalllln a ter, wi'th h i w''e r.
(ytem wfli dl ltae.r.d.miis, .fo atyu c entrlgeman prfent llhether In the vrew, ht ?", VGtt. Ao i
f trllancewIo s a nd rait l 6, t N.g Irlad. A&, the .hip ci tatl n a ted Wer man ramtd F So,
In ithe early pF r the ccorlai.n, it had be rh confided t be Driii l vehip, aito ilt i ouar owner Ue o r.

a ~-~. ~,~.~.-.r.. as son r, and. r. ,l auto er l .orur t To .,..,n o la tw
polly of Ikhlaiwmye rotndun Ireland wlIo flhfc. pnls croquae Diory they hald e rilt it e ry priltee I N Pom ,"and "
viewm to leth ape)l ttel valna lf t uender the INmlantiod.aA, l thate iofGc re.h. ae Ngro ima na anl. il te yt
110|~au e ltopaeie,;tbhetq ain coul epentar, wiet th hi wife a
*Up4 brIli H0(Pe net went ift a 6 T onfdent ion of ihc ekeS, hat y7n-Pl. 01k Rain
her ioey eaSo.v t sI eauithlaiitBo oeitt Iciiageleelt d p piinn efomfreecmnirrsl, "'n tmtarl Voie, ab
brfnrApmagth. cwuaos w e c pt, he nnleq ab ove are alt Am
and caem ae tivo"tuiu 1W mw qt 1 t9 Who that had beei mo.aocd by Severa. ana if. cot- young011 Niegro Fe try
p in UIp a ianrrew =Nlieynpudl leetr t AmoaftacrLpiioat. had bctidiffufe4 llloverih in. a!
a o eASSRlc Aa s whltW iolatc ciS Wgslna ad. dent d4. ic" c., er cnaC t They rentt off In e

k(etes to cacilde ue rlom1l lta te bfe I Groosr bcitahosindt her cBilhto, If d ove tri -
At to bo egurdd lePreetree to d ocpinf t te tllac of this ( a+p ldaa oe aId t`A! dl
Qeqa argued cUth r t impro hilby of Irelands eve c. eir tf r tcher
Se b -U S h en a et t ci Gf*Iricai t lsea everaca j h

m i ig lu 0. 4t as^ OiC

'vai. 1!. A 'fl *


Nt ul..I1s PICTU )U A.EtE IN vlrA NAOlaTRli* Hor.

ion S.AT.URDAy, JUNE i, S AT URDI4Y,. IJuw .tS, 778.

NassAu: Printed by JonN WEiLL,, at the Printing'Offce en the BAY.

--" -wED PO
, .. ..*<, ;' :L 0 c E M AT Wc'
3W5tW5 and Cans

ltl4 wa .ri Ifaed d '
11 FIBREA is BEcd JotII
MA"zwsal.i dd thme sA
413y of Mchet
Prod-lam Ion, ai1 PFr-
o ss havnl 0 of Lands,
from the of the Ba-
at rs Infnd froml Le .
tIaL tlr, steshibit fail, or acoF
r .11 Clerk oltL e c on or beflrr
k t.; y O March I order tal (tI
ti laid Prnk ty'le Councrd t
iRE IS the r motion was by
on C st.U y of further coatl-
s r- u. I.l t At ofl une
) i)WHE AS i.IV PeCllos illA
R., ,l *Ave, no lhlii ilng flch furhe r
Si d e gi i their is
fnJ tb the VIJI'e
n 1.. a r on rbl Cou

it It a

blir y

'" .''" i i ri
Cow,-is' ..i q er L,
ii ; slri e*, ) ,ds"
Pi n, D. ma lee i
O ( AVE T "1 .K N C.
.11,- 4'. 1 "a
Hi, ; ,- jtMpI P.EIVI '.- rFW 'I:LL.
.,, *r r r ;, ulp ln r ,
... :..-r d ,*< w4 o u, -. .
0 i AM N.
i ERlEAS ti Eliprtatio fat- Spectre ,i,3o ,
4' V the prectets .tsmflaiw of
S .J 1 tl'liig t e .it1t cd with
1, hh3 Moulds.
'-HAV TkoVoBT rIT, h-
a>it ;.tico 0i 1 4tniil M.J6.lyl
lr .nCll (Ini hrtiry Proellamatioli,
pruot the airtltioln fomin
o i ur Inlrd th 0Goverirm clt,
: I -nirt f a.n rd, Flemr,
t i, '. ite .IF ih(bitls to con-
ci' r m I ll Plifonl

I.. /, a.s I, t i rrer
.. A, ke notl S ivC Lolra -

ii ''ar s t e Ort, td
Ib ar I
r ... ., t, H.a crctl ry.
(" asa


i Io '.- WSW
F ;l: i LaneL

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p nr4 t&,k'ii

European Inetl f Iic-.
C ADI Z, Matclu 1.
1 UR fly.. 'ftiiqet rspail. Ai j i r:w
camph ,. r qlippel win alln l r i .li.
l it'O d od-r'rs 'ftcrdn j o111-
Ti to rtlrOn board tteir rceT':t lhil, by
pt fartyhtft. Tl, Irt . rntE vl
by two altea'trtgar:, v, : ,Tra
rElr,s ad i;l iich 4o arn ,thilp m .1 l sot1
I ombisnwfiorc iltl 1a ior ttt d-.olrui r le
ilreo arlylnA c enfuir.l month.
Thil mrnlnng aiiivl It S.n rlo, wirh a
.w-gAlleiy rinand withb o All tr. .,A, l.t pri;e
Piy ,h soth lhe was attaicklu fteii CLal'ys,
yhich fle br t. T; A:n1 un l ol ilrin uat i thestd
.- tell In wviih thl one 1f' h1 madrt !ize of.
,hle men will oc tent to our galkys.
S L*l*.lk, f Mareb sf. TFhe Lor-s of the A m rat-
l(ty ?.a : I.made a Htalding oer r te.he Roatfl rop;,
ou w"lh arc tent to be polled ut ill at; the K'ng'q
y Iad I) tla for the ful e all perfii a 'i l. Ith ll li
c ncpurchalrrs of any lhip or' :pi fild tii of the
Britilti fcpv;rc ItpeCI thedirtltiou bf tike Adm;nal-
Ty Bia l, fial give a iuIklCkatt bl to,the foul
luw i: plpart I i .
I A. 1. baling pturr hd oF Itl Lonre Crit>-
rifft .:ers tor eecutlng the ofl~cr ofLt, I h
Adin,.li, at public ,ie at hti 51a P)'s. dov;s) id
at Woolwich, the (hip -- lli- a I --- ;,
do declre thiit I will witlr r-'imo l's A, "-
the Ciill hip to be fully kwrl.et1.!' 'o 'ip
fir timltr, and that ?'Vl Xbi, y a. n .
whatever again dffpoflt Ymip .- pAr'.'c
bor-'gaiss, in h4 rlentillhrlcil coalidtion,
or t eir,A ura eaue fuce i'p tn i ripaii ed, nnder
penally of 16fc'il iAg tlhe flm of at't thoulaiid
patll.'t lIwfol Tar:Icl) of U c'.l hitaitii."
'I li abonte elagnetinrt 1.; to tlted to ill flilpi
whi nl' o(f '6 guihl d upwallt. M 'lhe pFi-
thrfer is to nd tt fcritie for fully comple-
ting Ilia iugrIment ihl. .;cguiasun will p.
vent our ml of war a thought upforifos
ele eithcrt 1 the l t of war otreat.
y letters Rft reccl flm Gene a -t
44d, thl tie or -. rnlttIii, fili' pr
t nati. t Repibi, by thlie na u' :
ui And particularly Iy Ithe MInift racer,
t hi, faia onm tting with the fp l of the
Citier"In n Ilie cantiiaty the violetnrtr
which bI t to aahs hU i e l hill min.
played to a r dortiml.h ihabitantl r
who werd t I Iw lid lregil l
Soo rh their ft r I tothte
llil, fI w ot m tha t lty t I I
Sifrcodfrd, itit' r dc 'iilto the hrIlds oi
their Startis, ir tr a e tel tli Hiphrred
bobad a drefd rts hli ulhrpd a.**
a'tity At Ot . too Ilnle th i"U lono c
'Ifny. Dot Ivmi Aict lts s'ilitF is
/'orilkal de sro do wtFU 'ir o

chiMKdjrea ^ ^ M W < 4lfftra.-.
r ea. I ut-f Irtirrher

aindn h iup, tt 1st
%SI"t it 1hAt It
d rorw a l at Ls

It ta
, o -
het* t

rcem it, havlr llnagiied, that il iAl imp n!ilh for
thmi to ernly ihr nii its 6thfbir rirMus, '' ;
!mtI ei. stlilliid tvre ty lt i '4at can cnitrilbuie
totheeoitryarld ni .pct.,' 'i 'itf. 'i h" r 3ani
ehotln to r,'ign il;tci.epot, t a ret, i : race
ji.l.srcl, rattcy Iharl "iag(<.r I '1 qr ii'" with
mallrition Std Ewiriom. One miFnii jueIgme.
that th lid ad crmpliired uthch tfhre
wary not Atll remllning at G"eime aclad efvir-
toual and Inr l rupirlte citlires", rh i fre witt
hllire the dJltI7 pro, ri, e i, n',Ipton, ai tl i
deltetThabl policy of th'. ci t.r pite .i'I
party. ThITif.* rsil's 3 4 ciite" rie 6, an
IlndTr Its* yoTke olk,.ii. whic ra irti:ula c cun-.
(tanii C jilr.:p their for th'"r I 'rcrnttobeat. CiL .
iae C this trp) 1 e l .' C tA f nit art, tifhe I*r -,
b.'n yi their intli i:tl a, c 'ilt ne '; oii:.
:-. t e precipice, t ia fal;t' i ',' A, unt t
i\ s erd. thia Is l .' I i 1; 1 r -ad l re.
i t*c 'nem ., wt '-i i -," 'i, /
S :'.y Iiu< m l l ': ..
',i' ''i h .t r' li :
t"* 'i y ',l 1 "i l g th ,tl i" 'll ,"*'. r I *n'i l ' "'" cn .,'-
'is ; n ;; Trclr;. va ;':sr ?'"v Ii..:.' ein.e' i'fnlt
*(i Ji 111 l'rc l.,(|id "r"\,^y ; "- i, 'i.wcl n lr,
* '.' .. i .,' I Lu th.; is, a' e w wotihlf
'*fr" ril. l. i rO iv'oitt ast:i Ihocked at tbCir con-
1.i ', :i' ."rD ar n prtrfet lork, 'upon wi th
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