Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 30, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00107
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. Il. TNH E -T .., No* 40


From SATURDAY Y, APRIL 30o, to AT I R A Y, A 7
S- fy t ' 5
NASSAU: Printed by Joni WELLS, at the Priin g Office on theA '
.- .. .- -. . w A -- .....5 ..- -, i ==; Mt
.....* ptainllorsop- .*uoa gt oaby ci ham ,Ira i itam t ri Em*rl m ifti buffer ana.b a"t 81.
European Intelligence. r r ru i o
W"l la ct C hre al l r J 1 Ck tgor cfathe wXdcl
Loaone, February l1. ai t not cp rTHE following i the Plan of oammrcsal Iqe. is meal mi ate 1 'r dL r rompa4zoie po gI es a bring bin bath betta
course between Grat-Brain ad Ireland. which, of, or r duties pid over n vs. oany dutie paid ce e t(be Ireler of his Mtf'
4 the 7h indtnt. Mr. Order, Secretlry to the Dokc therton in Britain. exc., 't=of inl ciia l r
of Rttland, laid before the Orand Coimmte-of the IX. Rtfuviaed Tfat i' e' for .thie I d fiHeiur.r oth O c
Irifb pulstpanec, and smendad on tha itch. benefit of the Drtlt Inon, ih t bheta IMc~taRt~n'% i t0o d as e1rtt~lait Thnintuog
1. gRSOLVkD, That it ls the opinion of dirs CoM- aru cle' ron foreign eaten t aed e kd ftoht a; flr o.,im d nI rsl
uittce, hus it a highly in pucut to the general iite- ime to time, si each kiangdr, a rd sis t t fin to l- ttbe t i
get of the Brieat empire, t the trade betwae Oreat aCffd ,ef~a.lpreftndI todld i pinttlont -'iT i Ieie bo gien to bl'for eti g oCor.
lIritau and Irald be soonraged oad aetendeda. much lar articles of the grolwh, prodoat, or mumlisurie ol lfincr ton enquire ilto the ~fe gr lta, pcj'quilq
u pbit, aid for that purpose, chth the iltcicousic the other. Wr tnolumenrs which arq or ltey hae bhen reectve
tanesnin.rc. be finally fetled and reguluad o pec X. RfuRlved. Tht it is telu m to the ceamtrelil In nhi p&lic Offied, be ihrein oneetldnie re e.
ent.cit and cquiLable principles. for the mutual benet iotercll of t)his cuniury, to prevent as msch o mibe m into any abultr which onpy ill In teit fau. -t
of both couauorl n anccmuation of aEirnaml debt that treoie i i t'rsport -itlho ravitio* .l lact uelsca feaw Ires
II KRlolved, That, towardcuarrying Into full efcdl highl cretdicat, that the anua;ltsveue m l dthinhga better chdlllndl g nd alaihll thnlll Ufialam
fo d.irabla Ilcaletiren, its fit sad proper that allar- am n dom ud onde qual to its aimI atenpa. io thla d rlic'. *a '* -
tic.e., not the growueh mr nufadlure olOrest-Britwun X. Rlved, Thatl, far the better paol4gio of ', ss ioV d Como ll. br wry s
or Irrlatid, Ihouldt mported)Jnto each kingdom from trade,. whatever fui the e role, rJdiry a vevw of Th f e tha,. f s. r .or be an ionfdjB dl
the other icirirlly, und.r ilc ne rin rgulatio., and thls kingdom (aftcr deu aig all drawhachks, o pay- Welmtnimfte Pltirin bri p sea',, itas maved.'.lt
ai ti a lne hdtie (if I bjcd to duties) to which ihcy menta, or bounties grantac in athe t drw ) t oun nau ldra s) the cotnki ePnow callpl pn fd l, Gntp-
arc 1I.h.i, ihbn imniported dircaly from the place at Ihall produce over ad above the rum of 6j6,o D iu bell rafe, and oved, ihat the eaonml be rtqOi ad
thear growth, predld, orpalmul durt; and that I each year of peace, wherein the annil revenue flia peak oqlyl to oto pjiao u given in evidence oe th rig i.aiy 1iii. u nise i.. portattono into icthcr equal tJc annual ex Fance, and in e h year of war rexaminatin ufIlh thpf lrbrIry. hicelped
souty rpedr y. HiAll be lully dran back on c- witu rtr to fuch equay, hout rbr apprupriatec I in docbl d u wlt bry ,ji c n
poirasito 1s shb ohar. towards the support ol the naval force of ie ia liir. HIufe. f s3J 14 f jritys .
i1. H.clo.ed, d I ha for the ajme paurofe it is proper in fuch anter ats be parliament of this kingdam L al MI e ul spd rt P it"ldto then lle
that n.u p|uli Utn IhouldcalL in eatercountrty. gat dirct.- but M.PI ine(ascr 4 .nuchd erda c
the iioini.Itsiiii, si. oi l:e.I any aticle, )Kh growth, Pair.i FcbnrUry It. A r r kind rf CthlbitiMe i *hici hi fld hcr not do without itjiljrt oto
produce .r niauufdurc el ihe other; and tiat the du y noon to be iven to t' e ~h ; 1 his is n ro rliark etc-orn, cjafe rato binder the hite" they wt
onhe In.ul..ioii al o cai) luch alrtcl, I fulijae to giant, of i lfiet in heithr, belhiltd in falh a ininnt ngd i-dlfetndt'lhF *I'er li'efiaia t .h il*.
duty in either c.uitry, lb uld he procltely the iante sio aut rtferve a prrpndicular direction, Wllkh I' lo be And Mrsr tt ebei'bltlleAi, and diiP odmalni,
mie ctuiv as sn the otier, except where an addition fce offrom one of the windows of the Theilleren, to a motli wl made, s that hlae igh btdIrlbA d*if
stay bi nac.tffr; in eithrtuuunty, an conlIaquctn ofla afccnd into the atmofpher. '1ihl colbRioa Ifaire', ill, to.s oe a temre.r 'Nthii decwgld a In so rio. e
luirn.l duty on any fuch article of its own consump- it faid, be acompanied b kyvralrd oheor a ef fle. ilebate, wh ch at one in the n morning, wa doatedie L
ii. w tIfthrJlipinggiantuibouldfall. withinQuis minya el diiilo. Ayrtf3Anio .ar n.1i-jitri. :s .
IV tfi,,: eThat in all crei where the adtiis on bhe Ciatills where thfe aeroflta machinmsa'ud mnt Mr, Pie I.s sadr smd; the t is dclif
ariice. ,1 the growth, produo, or niaioufadure of ei- iinown, an idea may be forenwid o lhe trrr Jetho in- ua frsules lrwdipigmbhrfeadt 1whkih bitng mean
other country, are dillcrcnt on the Import i. a otal tlhe babitants of the country on facing s in fall as .:ird rbel ,c~hefycr( 4i4ti. a Comailt, iMr.
other, it w.uld be cib |earn.t Ihat they Ihould bc reducca luud-. '. Gilfr4t.iale iar,,i the prtiel ptrphtioan
in IhL kniigdom where they arc the hilghft, to lt "London, February so. On pth h inflant 4ply nmove.'In ihcl rit H fCe la C nb.Li, dl. ain
antiii. pya)bli itn tl ulthr; and that a Ifuth articles Stralinhor Bowes exhibited articles r he ie e p the tc ;ih ipnflO n te. b haclr ftllh.
I nul.l ... espntable from l.c kingdom into whi.h th y court of King's Belnc, sagirfnnherhuld, ca- per. after au ttisro io lsh 4gao.e
liil ir smpoirted. a, free from duty as the limnilarm- ment of her p rfun; her ladyrhip diired to n-iial0 e 4hlf, ednclp)tlf eh tithe fQJp ,Oti' .
oc.,tan, or home miuufadureof the fmte kingdom. pAtedlion of ane of the tiaves to her hau l4*ii That it Ati L's t, l itHtfi
V. IKluiv;o That for the fame purpose it. s llso was complledwith. hil ht a fli th blI f
Prn., ltha in all ales where either kingdeln Ihal In conlqoteac of theanmisation ofthc-I ,fl lld%|i a-i pt,- Ulhlr Iti" oi ne i _
;chrg article. of its own coslumpuen with an internal of WrftminLer nd hi. affeffor, on the 'th In'tf i' l l ehe;t cad' ftUH andat i
d1y in li manuflalote, ora duty on the material, the Houfe of Commonsi, Mr. Wclhlre Ell movin trs"e anl th't M acrt Sd'lamvel
the L, mat.ult'adre, when imported from the other, ". That pparnrlo m this Heufe, th *h linh pMlibn of thie; ltl to thi uw-
ily he 'hergcJ with a farther duty on importation to Corhett, Efq; High lailiftf the citr of Wellminflr., that be wilip tpln poportl c O*lng
tae lane .iiaurnt a, the internal duty an the mpnuluc- having received a leecrpkfrm the Shriffeof Middlel f uch ar of hat Alhof lMot ai Me a baerill ie
re, or o an imouit adcquatc to counterail hc duty (qe elcdjng twp cat snto fer c ib Pauliament (n thi' JirsplVtofbi(4hi L d Li. 1 9*
n the nm: rrial; andl till b entitled to fuch drawback city, aud having takessaind fnlly cbod the poalamalt r~ t m t ri sb b it I, -fB a i nd ioi ,
or bouneci on capuiration m may letav thit fame fub- rth day ofaity laidf beipg the dfuete befsretukisc shIL Mr.MlM .ultsi i lv P RPrln. ,'.
Ir tiii ,, hiat-er burdens than the hosme-made nnu- of the retrn of. tie fid writ, he he now .irKad l JtdP dlm r.lPbeditpa'-li ,l Col. e ifafperico
Ianurr; fuch farther duty to continue o lgon oal forthwith to mabi return of hi. precept ofAmidnm h Watifft aiMr.tI ?S.*' ..
the ilnernail coifi option Ihall bt charcd with the uty in purfoance thriof;" whichh honeWr was neegtiuvd bn the call no o e Hol of Co o mm s $
o dulres to balance which it tall be impofed, or unil Aqd Lord Mali ipoetd su uieldmcntr *t 'at.s o worfund f *a lan -
the manufallurei inng from the otherkingdom hall the! peakr doJaqulnt the HIahlidf ,- o loa do.-ne, uScj flbe m dial tdk
he fuhrecd thitre to an equal burden, iot drawnback, ihk, Thif li no t pr'clhm d by th rcfoolt'of whh is sqtio. iatll a M ol n d.lS
or ron poafated on enportation. ti Houfe, c1mmunlesied ohm on tfc A arch.noiaUi
VI K tulv d. Thau, in order to give perman ne- to lal, fr nmntg .l W witen r he a d|e i1Flc a .n hi
the f elti now eftablilhcd, it ane- ia hlls ol t x'c4h fo. PLa
cf f rfs olJun,.c i a" ad,-tSW is tWi 1tNnbe V)a l a lw Cc a
ou.ldh heilittc im in a etier kingdom, on the deylb has to ersna oy dl1 a an ia atIn C r
asporrainon of any rtile of the growth, produA, or have been Iht Itk ll duty fi A "and enltll |' oA6l l
ianulaRiure of the other, ecefpt ach addicnasl duars juf and rn~efbo mo losi appAP s 't b to hilm ihat i l o
itasny be rcqualite to baluoe duties n internal on- maef likely I a d ir dlaYim fotlt- that d
fuipa"'on purruianat the foregoingo reflution. he i noti doiag by the* want of, cda- tl re
VII. ReL,,ied, That, for the fa n purpose, it i a fe oe dt ta*hel m t be Iai ePth a-fll' i
tin'ryd rthr, that no prokition, or new, or adi. irs kbo I~tq .c fhi du." M
ionl duties Ihold he hcraTt Wpolftd incithcrkit t-r PtI i '-
"omontheeportailonao,,ni.-.ot., ,o,.h aWxr,' ,M ( '-,*, 'LI ,rl i tr ll
product, or nanuafltr, from thenc tothter, sP, d -h. -i la
except fuch as either knLdarm they dream kipedicat, L imvpdiam eti
tinle to time, upon corn, mel lialt., oaur, and bifrnit i4 he i ir t aft hwerAn
and allo, except where there naw etn ih robhitinw, q or wi
.""bsoit ii sot redpe~.ei dy any duty w uhs not eqoal shl-"
t. iht a. hi evl "ry oi'& Va, the " P rohibitionmat "-" "

a them e qal.'* p m,
hcia ht imo a tht t
9 Asrha d-m -fa

*0 ~ --~ -

I w' sf




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