Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 28, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. II. T T H E No. 44



From SATURDAY, MAly 28, to S A T DAY, JuNE 4., 1785"

NASSAU: Printed by Jo0i WELLS, at the a~ g Office on tFbAf.

A H is.u. JUTT IM R4TY F D, European Intelligence.
heFlrFa CH oft li HIonour T.IE'TPAWiT-C.o- labt Brig FisH Ji, N HIEWITTr, Mit r, A H f.r
55 5It ,,t'R I JW hL Is. t, both loufc, o Ffta i n u P A It $, M AR ICH It.
.u eW.t.l.l, t hh luur ofAn- Lram L.VaOO nnd IMI.L L HE laft aifwter from the Emperor to our
b, oill e Gjtle of May, 178 N- ,ND o SOL BY goirr. lN not, as it is faid, favourble to tlh
,. r. .Sp p.r, and Geltme, f thl C.enral Thos. /n. & jas. Mofi, & Co. ,D, h; tevertbeefe, it Is prttendld that things
cl sht.Will not come fxon to an open ruplturr.
A iiiy- hi At th'tt Sdre o Ofi,'near the TFrinefo Th Itreaty of alliance between France td the
ECiANNOT '.ifnIfayou without givi:nyou thi Ofie. States Gener' of the United Provinces, wato be
talpii,ony of my entre ac ppkn o baow n eit yfnr th L r f ble 'ermr for Calh, Colton, Jallty concluded and fistild as yclerday or the
.lut, tad warmer acknowluedlm orn ti ,r C Bills nf Exchange, ..-s M l foret
IInIn Iny anNI temper, tyrtiu tltrt in l o particular Madera Wine, Landln ', Aolarrb ii. M. delay Touche Treville Il appoint.
ptlnlgi the puilc ha lllt il ort hlits t Liodi rl ,vd a Pa ort Wine, ii pipes hi(lgthka, ed Vclt-Adnmiral in the Triim of the Coiint de
pIlay-r lc violent ,an Iinprovoked op~ylti ... ct lt i. Grallr, whois n ill confined in the ca3le at Willy.
t l" t:cl t' r pti'ip i t fi ning and mil d Pirt W.n by the dozes M.e Entercaltlaux, the uncle ofthe fiiitive Rx-
sin, u) i. c, v l I ti l rihe nt liR, and isvAlre '[C it iii r'af 4 doa.nti -ch
en, ih.r I vol l lir in, Iand iytlrc [,n ltin 4. j4do nl. ch b nt remains in Ftiance, the crir.te of his
jtle ct iIti in ~ cii hy and ruin. Itotll Piter, vcril A:c ad JHcrcordlti r Cyder, nephew hi iing preclluded him the command of Ihe
Yi tir aItiiiii.rr lte circminltlnces of the fIil- bty lthe alk or i lip dtlinled for the I nlt Iadies; another perfort
pi, -t llfl, a ttili;t their taef for one uia,, !tr d Cl cr i Chcrf is .priim a cl o it" in hi room.
a I l s .i .. c tirat will be highly plra- Y Iofli.rc Itn. i a n n, Alurrb j2. They writefrom th Haglue
iro,,r Moil .t coI Kir- r, of anIit Ii iA: a i e- r iie c. t t the Afrlitmbl of the Slates. Cncral, having
rti, ll m t l i lul. Ill, r i t ty i1 e in l- h .a.n t e ao f hh'fbnrra .n..llk. tht votes of the fvcn province relative
i r '. It i nrit I anner. ne ', R. r i kin,;n I llfi"i it ilie I ipia ror's dlemandl hat given llheir ulti.
,ti tr. emn l t. citi t ll11ro nit m nne r au t i l, in I ]%i t -all rboese ,a *t atilnr in the nrgative, declariig that they
tlltcalnii g o ..r rr p> w. I ,t vo ,r it,.,,il, ,a in ,, r,, aid t "n .. corply welh finrh thard co litions. Co.
tiicavuiii po VIl I .l 'li .n th f hii, hv, Ivb .,, it. ri bnertr tosas rarterb ircl aer rt a 'ln IL e foreign Amnlisir l or5 at the
nirs in I s Aonsd r pw ani 'cta c 1i P 1111' i h u tp. l *a ri r v-ith whonm the DutFh are in alliance. fo
htiirclnill enti yo,: i f arlia r -ll 9. .i 1 0,,, p t ,,r it' b-r el. -d I lfbart li tmi the Ir ff.iir air now hatll.y coming to a crifis.
oiter I. t lall n ii y "- mI ; tl Atgle ci cd uarby h le l f. ury jg t Extr. zl f a l-ltrr r tm AmlerJam. Martb I-.
tir, ai w.,a i. n .1 it .', Ii tti i i i r c., *"- l41le alla ,. f thiscountry now look mord
s iy 't, .ii. lla i -i !l. '31 .. n' u ..ti.. -.. i i i, k ar' t hali e',r. Th'le answer of the Emperor
pt; ti .ih litd '1 t t. Lm.i >iibi ]. i t. % P.. ,he D t ultt m tum is Arm, and abate lit-
;o my .nlan Ir and l i; ,, iI. , .if r i-, .i .-li nis first pretenfions. Illmi:iating
tAccp, i ,il lihn Jmy ndert th f r l r/ s lthie i < litiota are, were afrald they mult be
Ile] rsio, m).u hlhvc 4 n plaI" t l n A tAt As L O t 1 einiatte to, inkfl r are a unredofboth France
flet Tnrit,.'..n c nu .t Fliropeailll & I ltmc f andPr TiT TheCotunt de Malleboi, our Frenchl
II n m c i t ,t ii'i .'i prnl l.~Imatna er is rhi, f, ii arrived at lDunkirk, W*
i lail t pr-i li nt k- np more of y r t;lle r, my t -. I thr I'gue: Time will fhew what the
ly r lt:l.'tr l yt t ,1 li m:t r my haly c it. ), it. g .,.,. n ii lt i' e bench will di f Ur il. Unfortunately our rulers
eritt i rcsy It I .itati htit Ci Ci t it'o t ) d I'.' e it aI e I, Iiw, -l adc dci ie
ri c c .yn fu rm e *hl>.nt hr~ r d ,r l .-- ,iOF.' a.l havet ogre co fi.tence in their new...aes."
safe lid r cr.iiTmIcI piomI I hcC ;P' rilt I ,rn,,]r in ,C.ik Ir e AlIiIn bt t f .y) a cu The F, cnch Minifer ofthe marine has received
ad ai i t, the pulpiuty of all tlhe Inilalitalnti ol hy 1 ic I ,f A gpull ; a l ;ul o ai' ni ic liebedi m lanchofy account ofthe lof of the Fendlnt of
hfe ll ti to0, le rllatr, ale ircqll (cl to pay)menlL bt 4 gn.,i i atibned In India, c immanded by M
T .t ,, fn.nh heing now entlI, 1 io that lime, to y n" which was ir.lve onahore by the ncgll.
Te(f pro;r..c nhe Crn.,l Afn y i u i' DA7NI7I. SInlI.A Ak AR. Ifncer of the officer in qialster!yw iting. P
tt' ,i rtih u day of ptmbr ntx' tnf '; 4 n I, p I 78 -/ Marhb 4. A elter from Amlerdam ity, that
t ll ''s ,b, ac s IFORBFS & SL- N the yh.v ci ciel inlvice fromLebhorn, that oneof
.4t ir l) .ftl&N thel l FOR BI'S AV( S 0.' NS, i ,ir rlhip bound to that prt, was taken ofrthtre
,Ip lchf. r I A hrir Sori e l s, f Pt" Ot e- l|,hy the Al grines inil as ie was comm ng into that,
Clr b a C JioussOnN', arbour, aud was catied into Al Ire, and the
S HAVE FOR L a wer fent up the ropntry ihto1laverm that
i K 11 rge asI 'nci'l Ali'rt t I account had been laid before the State;, who
MJOTIN MO(')R I I & Co. PIANN and F \el'NDI 0( a ternnined to fend a 'lct of r n of war to
By JOIIN I S, t& C. to demand of the Dry the (hip and crew
SN r I. S U M 1 to rellenafid and if the demand is not complied
AMAI SI RIC 8 t i' In ll is Biig HawKn, C 't. CONITABI k, from thin to juln the Sp lards in bombarding
thy c Itoh ef u lti toore g1sw
ya0i"y AND 1'O SO King e I 't t .f the borfe, and
parl ByJO N CtII, 1R J oithr-e ofn hay waoier
C:IA sttit Piorter At li ST deL r I cr, c l i war a
a1sts dii, w ll i Algiers. Irihese inj, ln'onevfat declstations8
P C) req[ ar ad .ed .
Prhlr Agti o eobIgatio of w and b
IAre in .E...... .the IIa of f idce"Sn
t, ,he irdait. me rn to demand, sl hawve tbl
ull, n ,lln ct f e employee to thLe heft of Cr j
te IlAlrl oA-Th r f1-f 8 O D,
n trnt nl -in ilt GrLcE N... .'Y. L 1N TOa hie trigthSed Oran f 4h
touI .nrup. i ShipChndLry A o t t u ey ave alro Ti=a
and iA Ticrc Bt gtltt^a".** L4' t gt forldn inak At Caertuagn&
L Abrtment o DR 'o bl y bt h r. a inolct I
I inthe I at t b and olh1 M..1 re' S, 1tuh r i

n l ias, of this Tow afed, will .)r I
I c~rP i cun's. t of c wfl Shia, ua "s I
In. ,a -* dle uianh bl ist fthe
JgN tt, cat a1 wy sotall faistre fa~d.The N
S'gLIAM CHISMsFe peru ae
AL El a nindl a .
1. r a, it a ill


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