Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 25, 1784
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00078
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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nrr of the Life 4 Vol.tir-,
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Lr .'edJ h npP-l loth' .k- '! Ant 4l 1.t I l n's twit
S a ret ,o ,on to o t w "th ine aI : l''1: s t y, ,
lnthe etwntry; thae to cultivat uederituain-
.rm4 the harry old turnatjg ( ],, vordl.
Chattle' I;h. rn f ~i"h w, T Fiace, l a.
j nnd the molftLcas (o f the dithfrtA briches at

tI ,I llher I t , A PP i I" ;ar-3d i Si
in.., mlraelh Ir.e Y i, ~ vr h.?' te I c' r))l-
f t n thli '. I Ir. Vi' t .' -

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h -,n ." ,Vt-v e" %v,1r ovl |",'. t e n d l h f t ,, .'*
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S'i .. I . oti. t. i- & 41 K ,Iiii' hfn ii .,
c i ae '' t ni.

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.l. '.* (il I'r .,,f t ,.. O i .J ( thft, n T
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.ft' e d -II.",a v l B

e.. yi ;,- ",l .!i na ,^ n eyor ) i r-e-
f di .. T l, r -, ...
ri: r TI t A." '
Sn a. i I a '' l i
i cr t it allr i

L. rI 'rAL 1

"\ 'rn Iithra" ,'er.acap 'olirr. *"inl. I tln-H^!'.
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a ror t .l. '% rty. 1 i .'r' Ibet' f Ino

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'Ej, C a fut jt firc Iias ed by fa io

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isart :f C ite 0.4 -it pci C : oc i ati

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aria n r ut t y. ,. '. who'l; r the irhl
Wtm r i i l Ioose '. r i'At4IiL. We

h i. L'c JA 1f ,-'i b ; i-fon'lC, t .- i, f
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andjti.'; .I n ". ry the tin( by Lhe lit d a of '
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lied ,.l , :e t J ,XiC(.
LiLJ a In'i.. I. 1 lre e oia lp l :-e It li whcre
ne liCA i! "'t l n' tna, or com mr iL an y t t" :., 1'r C" -
Sc.l 113, he "w I' '. f 4. 4 i i l-InIic, l i ia. -
4'4 .L I ,'.,.A ..iilt ,i f i..'-..' r ;
t, he .ii.. . .: 'i ', Or (oi a .)' : I
,ii's ti': .l.nll i i C .-ib grJ to pay I I' 1. '.L.'
fi'r t I i,,l' .i .

h i. ll clt l-,ll thrL e l..l i, i !hl:!i. I ':[ ', a ,l' t
t-:e. f lil ,- it Kl, ii )>1- i ,I 'i'

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14 'c it% i- .i .-
ci t' .I:.,': 'fiit iy"t I.l; .ili 11 I, i yt *r
i' !]K lter, with hi--'. -v '1 .i I, v..- .u 'i i' '. or-
'11 '.! -rr it w.lB TifCli ti:c i, '1" 7 1 4 i' 1 4 1 l. VL
n' oi'ri ( llI I e a r. -' e, 'Ii I ;, I '! i i'"..
I I, lo.' I an mi liJ.i dor atht .', I '
NVf( I i lt; .1i1,l Lvrtln v 1, *ll 1,14 4 "'it "
-qj .1 I., *' t % he w.,-,
S, 1, ,j r :l', 'i, ti.t' glh' I' a\hi ci i
[ 4,4 4',1 L 'I. i* ',\ 44 r nt. trittt in flie S2' ': !li..
I : ')e Cn il u-(ti ,'i '. ihe I I i.iI'c
'4f PI I i n... 4 ,xt( 'r4 *i' I..'. '. .. 4 i

I igell .11h! [. 1 j ^, I \ ; ( i k',.' i ,' hi '
S ;) It 1, '' ily I .. 1, i h ,\ 'y l'..

L,'hc- .41 4, I, 'I

proetrqed o artc licer nul of a lUu0 wt',iniv,
whiclt opcted frii LHit floor to tch illtU "ile
Oi *cn-.Mltlicr, -:.o was prerr, :t' i l n ep' , grent al iniulty .iveJ her, Ib IcAthiiglhihl
oi .'r 'tt rctts at the IndMIntent Al'Wle makI.un
lirr lr.i. "T"IC Pettr d's 'll htld. a It iAs l ian .
h,.1 left btil.%t wlit-h remalnaui'lwiIt h inli:l:,
I a', a- i rA k 'if intenmate littioni, 1a1d whlo01n 0
4,4! tite It' 1.1 I "A'4 ti Ihei me ,
Tlhr I lih.L hji. l I,'r it lif .lti i, the dmail hi ir
." a fi.h, $1 i;: i, r of the town of Irild.ilahonrp,
v t l.R iu :. I Po1 lid7.ii.n. This iut* lavi lJ ter-
1., ',I y il u:II., the liarplftdc rd, a.d tIe P inlte
. .,'il;m i her with th t lkt fo. her Khil-,. i
i I h ;*t prom thlatlkhedi mtl' h i1li 1d1mlltt
.- I i' ui'. tl.ll. cmtlucttl l Ih thei n,
i l .'e it. c'ir itippit in prtfefrrs -hissm.
.:'. t : 'nl rt. 'lt.( li h.m va 'ih li :'s. t nlettiilj
h h I ...i 1" li h iftr of hi tnlhr ;e ial
t] .., v'wic h d u.-'. itrltl in thI .rm'.i 'i.
-i )I l !" hO 4 .'ll Ih i l. il' l" n -I i : 4 --
t, f4 t -ii, i i t i ei e ,n-

1' r - 1 hi n 4i *; Lt t' if aion hic

r. i' ,.. Lt '' i i ; llI ) '' ibt', ;
a ; yi~11t to llI,: ;,;, 1 l ;rt l)l tl e
oa r rv w eep* :. ,r'. ,' r. ":. '.- ritrile
S I, iTr.,..r i.! .ii o t o[ it,
r'. *\ i : e '* 1 ' ti *I, I l' : r-.' iti :ll

-. ', i .. , I4',.1 f-'l ,1 '. . i tl'i w hip-

r ,i r r":'- 1 il'rtr: Itm r l-'"* mtv .
I ,T : n c l I' r I', ,.' I "
i l ,. w '4 l ,14 i-' l't 'i .4 ]l)' l t '. e1 A n ,
4, "*'' n

iA1 1 1
... . .' 1 .. . . I 1 -ifi 4 Ol
.., 4. 4 ... i .'' .. ,,' '4 ,,,44 44,, 4. -
h.,4,,: I , , . ' ; ,'444' '. l' "I t .'' .. 4

4'..I I 'I In),
44 : in' n , ' .'. ' .. '14,, ', 8 Qi; 'l i .i '

I u. .P c' r iI 1 r lt.. .
A c i ; *! r *'- *'' * r t ,,,' ",' .,e ,' ; *; '. 4

1 k I t! ,, I .I .e1 I ln 1. n .,' n p*- '. i & 'll ' l1 -.
I, C- "Wwo4 4 4

c: a i i a dal a i lle t ,s, I r> I : us n4th' g. t
*. *,- I 11 -i '%.W I

S, rle, a, a in I L d .reat allon ,

:r ; ,r 1,.v J.,; ri t e br. ke 1 t l ,'e.
S.-Ct : '.1 J n e, trcv i I I ya lili he throne a'. wa *lm ,:n .l ,, .

1. e I .c rd Ilc alie- A, e p: a i1c tv hI BLO110i4, fid i hir",t h'i4 -i ,,
i* n. ,i t:; ar . '. a I lildid r c t' ir: n l y tor F ,
.4,4;- : i 'I., t .If -4 4 r... :r

"I r P, 1. : i '" t nt : 4f .f t). 't a id i nf .t il4 r l r.. r" i n''
Ithe f r i' ,r' wIni:rl int t I1 o, t i,-d ti r, i.. ii ,i l i 'i ; :i a-' -. r t

to Frt. ce 'r hlnu:..rd. td t 11 he, thT 14
r'w a rne i,,bth frly nIIIIIItlIable,0 One r ,', : ar lrlo t o I
ir' v I* i S a lk ', .. r. t ai A. i

t 1.1 In o ' 1 iiI ', Id .4 .1 1 I'i 1i, rt t ''.A' '4 ''4 ' t 4 ,
t.-;:ef ii]'f ...e iT-,I '' ''i a'nl*h ., .r .re 1. '-: de arfii' I i- lt 4 :. 1 i

maI. i e1. r* j 'hat i 4 '. -wa 44 '; l .'l : .b.t r- 'ie ify the he fo:t~ p t ,. .th lt
44ir nr pl" f .-iii. tll. ( r ie a l iAi'i l tI -c.d

t ,'mp( a, iut dte i, 'ir wilh trhhi han trs hi* erfett eV 'i li.

S'.dP,) int en.-'' ~c' ilh,(t me nr flwc one i i n : h flof ,n t tl' 1 '
4 'iKl .1.:, '.,- MM, .'t, .cet to ac otnfs* ..'T 4 li .r'i n King, ald 14'iWlIo'ni.w
>-'. f* i ''i-e i iffCs lri>(eufnt5^ fr i' .-. r.;nt it', $

r', '.,,I'rJ 'i i ih i c- ti e *It .h il nle, t olwtth / 4i%. tt 'itin1

for difaWro: in t Lre cisc t t 'r itch i.[To bl Coitkl ai.a'lt


I_ .. -




- -

V1ol. L'jT -.

NJor.g.Ius. ADTiTrcTs jUKaXE

GAZE Nni irjlfl



V 'cmSAT U it1 Y, S0T TDEII I 5, to s9 TU RIt A Y, 'OcT-rOU 1784.

:!-tJ~i~t' P'lte by JohN~ WELLS, at theru

4JI P TS T .I1MPOR '1'11 n ntary ProceMdin 0 T.
liris 1'7GNY i1,iproov. Copr. C A*tr f, I -~ 4J.INO7ID 7 MT. 2.
(t a4,e hDI a l A/ PdWT ..i. medt h/ Ilrdh or, ti, C. .
& 11 JOHf .WOI HE 4 pJ-: fY1 1 Pliy7 Connril had41 heen enlploy-
[4 ( lin %# rg cie rcc r.11747 t'e thc'i7
-0 11,4 '41. "'n7 "r ~ C* '117:17 C 411 c be.
P. a A. t" iritn sAd Arn i, and 11477 .i 0o-
V...el And 1w 34 report j / I ( w dirav; ip, in rn ,c'e :
Icl I'lrl lllr '. vl,.C" it' '44711~ t14 lr c boe ~le


T. iv~.TootI7. An 0, "7'.rr :n13 .
lhl(or- mineml, boilail %17. lar-odi"l~
j ho rnhienu onr. ?'lr',i ) 1-1iM .


f ;i t nF vin '. N ,l

I :r~ ' nt~r mn"", :C 'r
T"111-1 T ul'o7 to, To,444

&lo ic.. Inf

p 7444. 44 44T~?_ I I34l4.

'r~ !1CF~rnr~i nr i!hr :0 1 , it
fe ruir o -h 074'6 i. fin- -il

ciic. c, tll for veff W., wift
IT, lit 447'for~tiCUlC. C I1.4ue
47 4 r, i wri vs.

by Private Copiltracl,
;-,TIN rC, tr ni or o bse.
'4 4, (7774771l i4'C471ill -the7
*eo trc" m-e-,nin,. r. 0'.t

;Ahj e F iefil! Acl,1llmilify of
"" feniur mr-d
'4rh4al:e I .. '1.0 .

I ri 11, efl "tr 3,,Fore ioo~ 1 he1~14 be 1 3i(g
r-eawe Ii, h,.,, i hi, to cc' one %,,.4 3e"
v, I.U longer th, AA1 .%hich -r'poA 1 t., Maz
.0 to kerep tha, t iz- .pe4r by p:.,)d'maft'ien. -
`lr Pmrwn.lrr-- i I,~ vrn~jfamyfpr,;:e;:
ri WO ,ntcl.,I I.I 4mpy 7 ; or7

itt ': .iof i 4 e uegatl pe te
Ilinnt.]. ,

,~ i'.7.r' 1. i ,r f
744!- 71 fur aj '411* Lk.. .,Poill 1A
4 4444 b ;' ~'r''hi 0 ill b
.41 -d tA C 1 early Atite'7Ai,
'74.,It A "I '744C 4.finfli. -4 '

fl *I h V0 L
V114 ..i7. 44n4

4 ir- IW
I.V.T 'r(rpli n, ,

,,lu ry 1,.0 i m LcW .
44 o 44 4 4Il 4,* or 444 44wnr -,it.4, .t

Tr Imte elelion, did no.,t fi.0 -ri or i:~r;
oc444' s aliin A 144 444 .*4t,,; 1., 11,:, i 4~*

telr i 1,0( the 'e. -Sc~~ II;ir '11
. ],.. 5 .o i fr t 4C77 474 Yr 444 C' .,
III jKe7" (N, 4 and Mr. I r, liC'. t 'C It rt'..&'
Njio-y it, md i0 Mr.rV n tti. 4

exrI'trait-r ivith the~ '71`0 Ofl I IC43,1 .4 4 4
'ior~ni CirheP hlnl.llfl ofI V::flfl41u~~.' C7. T]'07,
444m I f7e clP.'1i I I 4IT Onf W -'7 '07 I; i 4In

4 FA'77 Itfiae CA) 'C I I 'r sh w
'IF' Cou,Tr 1~7' M..r "3 47s!~I 'o u.
174 1'.. a. r 10!Mr. I ., rn'7.C'. it ~4

3CIit to PhO4C thlt ieb M ,jfir
M .ir j 71n ith the r cel cdi( eT4WI
3','l-r the 11'illI of Wn ,t,~ li v n.
3(I4C4 I' 9 p414CC (4r4.rd~ ~1'.~`k~ L
) 4443 ," r i 't h M "br e .4% gi-emit4
=W2611 4fJhr Z. Fox 4A*r 4

in4 4.]l7~g t 473 444744 C4, to4434

p'erforil c t I hr 7
- r;' ta t cd 1'444 y~c.]' Nie'I
1~ o wbrr r~ucls~t

*7-'4 34



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16 1


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mTinftrwr wihor *rprefentathves, theToftlure'.it be ta t, with taxi Or other Pulia.
Sraenaryimpoliii ;I without thelr ,-jirnt.
SMr MiAf n, ta ) ,o-ref in detence of his client,
butdeclariing hiur'.lf I ',ch tired with thr liliinel/
of the day itn til K'ng'i eitceh. trll almlr$ a traln
teer t> !ll brir*, Ie3. it l'n" ti.e. 14t, .
,'r. i1lFrer il,e ;;-fi 1 ijijtra c l ltd a'
eil Ie ueittce ole ,-k Tin lie m d actCit
j-'.re Lrd t dtf(cne
Tir J.7 J _'L JTY'! "f -- 'if ed on pro- c.ling. And
ti0 e lu',: "I 1 .> i; ) ," cuolt.g frumn dit'
Ter' t iin te a .l .i .c 'i
vir. iMar'i roI t '. finme waimthl atick"
S.he wh' jci r i t c r1 ic me t in.n e r icnl '
.;t ldrhii ,, a r Ic ' 'i' n i Le : I' rl
ilt'i, l.' r '. 1. .. ti f 'l o i" 1,,;'vc th ii.i -
.f '1r. ,' eC..i:i. ;i. a v. A tycl retim eitCer. i c

u ( 1:. i? L< I* d i
fdc..s Ip .0c-.n
B ; .l t' he .if ttj' it i: i e I ttle t a
whtl he t li.pth mat ter ; J 1 he in l,' ilnpt ancr,

mniioncd c. i hi M I
45rft v ,-i r. i '"r r ..... '

*ccrccct ec .Ene c.ii
cit I '! i.i l'i.'ia Coemic' /cc"
it. er;- t i of t impil rI l:I .' i
e1 '. "r '. e O "it, ; l' fit f', ct: '' c i'
c '., ', '!r. i'ed Ic I r C
p" 'c it1. ,' i "ftJ 'v. *', c "c i e ,;t
t' -t i l. r Ld'1 t )' l r.:i r c, ",,' c :
o' )i'. i elle c '
7'' 'e 'c. t '. E .'l'. r' .
J r ' ' ''. I iri I r e r ae'

'e : .
.-.,.:, -'-' .. ', th ;h l.

rth c -r !thin r,. I '. c 0,ri'. ; ," ..- ;
6ou i % d h e lee r

Sr. c r vI I n

.' e-'r, o '- e'i'. lie: .. I .r *

C ' ec ,' tr. ; .

Stuin nbr

i , , ... .:A t .hmwas- to
( r i .'." ri .: _. ,, -. ..i. 1 ., ;~
t of co rc; .. on l c -
I-I' Ce.t ,.- l
-Ce d Lft raw Cc Ad heue.' L
"r! cel I' r*re

", Mr. l .. t ..., IQ took I .. ; 'r
C Ccordinglc, and . a year
S Mr'. B,' rt. thp'r T .cr6 c t e nd er
%=arin-?A f the
t Sir ,t,, 4''f l'o rt ion ao !ihe

"BSr ,ea. ,t r ,r:e c:,, ontraryl -r htir L r
j' lined t e qi t ,
S, .. w i to lna' a ly
If h) f. -' thc: 1 c c and
M 't !'mh C t i:,; Cii 1f10 L bf e re -
I.Elit -igrete At.. C ac I:on of Cit F l i r,,:

e or. c ' t rc it Cgj]-t ;n

1 ' n 1 i.arndVouIVn a -n
4 rrnt ad 1 i-.r i cHe lte *he p ,.
-, Ati hnw ri t o ih r i, tnuc hti vy/e
-J ;ee r r;-t L Av I,; lbat oulonm et rt thc'
TrA 7 t.t d pprobvaiOn. Other i en igave

quer. i' a r w O -i tTt, AA iot O un ni
ci cie 1oafif-. iin t C ii Liii e

( I e .?I' I t :. i r .uri 'ert th lcheir. A cd '
"Ir. !I vt 7 wars the AtmerLJ a trada
ill, 11 `-ii -Ii e !:,I"-- ;-n ght be etu nde-I fq weeks
l C CCC hl l c 'it hrI aPlk tL' ettpi4ic caq.
'e. r rn i. i, ll Ihe ri c too IccOi, an.
tt a' tifc'.tu ,it '6ftC lis. e arcoMr4 'h 'e

O,: ctail of the haJi pr.a an.d ecnne. i :i t. NA SS SA U, OcrP E
,:.: h our fcllo fb) clt I I haVche..l te ", I ,l
, ,.i:; by thlt aukwar *; I, '! nfel l. II.' tLo f on. SI. AAgi i Sepcnmi.r
triJt witbAb.nclica; al d tned I :rc ni 'n I t e ti f rg S I RI, [
!itiuno it in cryfi-Mioi to u J iltio i' T AMt d irete b Hi Excc n C
i Minitter. J. I Trlo o% rednci.J
Mr. l'it alTtrllred he ger.l,:!i.: t. L! (I '. i.d mnrow out (i ) '., '.i .'.e i ..;'tlevTJ, aid .no- a r r L, -dr.,
*';n I & uniriae ;i'Ar i & .Ift. ..ft' il- Cttlncr y' r'fi to the oucil a A:;
trlicd. that illaud, and .theil Aat r tberc'o; i
'Mi. iuen Ice, ed la'tc Lu e 10 ..e \iniiti-r, lied in your Cuette, for the illo(r e, ea
th et lte Illh ,il I cd li .c;4 ; Ilia j .": :hr '- I.oy lla.i la e. .
-'t of th cu -roi'et l:.e' had 'lt -,. ' W t'lr I "
Shae t(0en vtuy l reet! ..B', 1t1..* '.n 1 't Mr. JoI W L. WelLs.
I litl l I. 1 u i I :..i ~a. f l Jtibl f,..
Mlr. ?reh I .fr t l Ih.: : tr'.;i, l,-. r t ~i' S ,, -

Mr. I., ter, lhit '1, e. i.., tit .fo nch ht 1 'i prIr l, ui etefl In thia co ntr.
h- lon)nllrll t 3 1 e,'! ther lIo. to n j.1 itll tI Vl rinou iltlnk~nl r rur;e
lire i n:. a .. .. i r, butmorPrticularl
clmitl.l not i.ut ,m cit c' e, : n... . .et i( I ,T. h|t cattiOl io a reilne th-ir
rommiltct, Lul uelI v '1. .;M, r.9uii I i. Tkr*e dt ii prala li j t.(..0
. aiJt>.., It[. m 1e on 1lh military Mi civil ,
Tie mnotdb, .t wordnn i i '*. :. i'mi.'t t" e wiihnr t
r', irre r e .1 .. v,,ur lxtellmrc.
Sir t retennd. a pi l :i 9. : m ."' ca **, c <. *' that 11
i of Ir city Of O.-1'. 11.. "' "'r ll i r. t'.'!,J il that my
tf hi en il J, I" ictalwsr to r 'tic e h/ 0 b tht nanie
; e r i e thth ht e It Ic l. e to ie t te .r nitr
errpierer Ictd I? ; i.!. a', .etdl pra ic tiI t t li ,i tIy bt alffu rl
meln II I IcIke l t p tit. t l t i eo .r.m a illt We li c'"t ', c s' W ill
'I it;, n. Ai fti in a e .' I .. Iti dd .'l. r A It n ti l 1 eri rill,

'* ... 1n~n hr 1 .- e, I '. ,'i A e t I 'I ^':ol ll '
den I x .w n V A% *e lt'eetl ee.'

( t ec l'?'.c .0 '. c ^ n El i i Jtt i F c.J itiia ll 1
| t1i '' J . V ''.r ' e That 't t '":t 'ir l t ,.
.hI ; . ,tp., -A1 lor toy

i Mre. Actri., i iwe ,' ,a It 7.. p*
t .A' Lt' .oI I il'ly t1 ',

I. AtIelr e r;:, c i l p' lr '' hn'' rtal jee ^ l. *e"p

e: c 'c't.' $l'ojp 'fiiKiie|i 5 icfe o .iitit ee' d Ifl" 4 "*> '
.., e. . .i f ~ t i .

1r, IiK u:r et. r
Si. ,r t ii; r. iE' Ci* l e l t' $.2( i C, A ,t I

SAull+r .'.1 e V i pr
e.1. IN, ft i- i'

\i r. ,.".,. ,' :. i,. t''l e rJt l k "'itt,' h. ,, tt*i

* ',,"1 ii.'. ti : .... e unn e, d"I ia; nff -ii*"'", "t
I ien n .iC

i +t cteio v tt 'h' e i,,. .C'e lh i y m ,,, I-t'SB e'.1e

*er ierco b e.. 9.'' te o r /L '^h' '*tiw 'e
ini tr wl iie t te ire ti en -i .
I te AfIJel ef oe'i, 0 I tt: it c i. l 'ii t c I 0c c

fi I tgh 'r t a.l t.1 irr Wt CIbeii rn r co i ,

-X o l. %'tr t rF, n gor tc ) 11 al tlh:v.eianll &%
c fic I I !ar' iyI iI] ihe funl 1 '4 Si f4.-e II ift kr' I. e i
S: t r p + 'or n ohe wit o ;iec t
t.. ,t .g-,to gi,, the i.t' L -, ii iIe -Wek
co' itr l ind to prce liit i *Fenl r Cte L .l pI d
hcarirag of hothl mrg "'1 liN p4ti le 111 whni i'o r% r
Mr. Pier aceepti'.l u( ie pc' *i f l' Il l, orieirI ii le It itI
it the .ct're time, tIe I.e e.'" it gi hg P I(
foff \Ig Mr. PFi e c, 1ie 'a lt Iw I .,a oceir t: W TO icr t Ie I :
a ricll 'he fligh racell. xI & atn llnapsr e Ca i
fj. Pew difi'lated.r e Ihl caslle 8 a u11r. it k rnclerl ae i e i ,C
'to, the raeife of tIhe cilore ..f cimr'oi ter. It'l' frt qduovr a-tl'm Ci
-a. hlecanll. m! lhe :.opic ail a -i cre not here I! Ia ( '
I ohe c ijoled out n T ir r!igh TM rtiti, en it, P,
did, to.a r : c: 14till h''4 thinly C I 0c
awer t Ow i'ruredt ion a, ell W titW. I Ie
Art. iitablet, -,I, 1l the rig' hart
rer atim. ire arAthe reflierfie
2 c lic .

ir g.s -: a 1 a
it itluss tho'<, a
g aded, ed thelIe w

enr ,I.r ,- ,
inr of r. Pe eilioo t icrd rd


. m I --


from Eaf-Ilorida, with fome ntmbers of Lays-
lin>, Blave,' he. hi 'order to leek an Ahint s
there land. Matny more, I am ifqid bye it-
ter from his Excellency Governour Tonyn,.ale
ily waiting to know by return ofthis Olp, what
etlcuurasgtin xil be piven, in order to follow
"llliet erimpleCGh-O rnment has alyvady done
itet hinl r t hofe y unfmrunnate end deferring
Suibjcs ; and are, I dare venture to fay, (although
horm fone accident moft lihkly, I have not at yet
ItLCived any t.ffal advice thereof,) fill dlfp rtd
to do rr ; as much in'lttfd a ifa circutLancsvs
will prmit, but whick I fear will not be uanl to
tliei nit ril aridfiiferinK. Should you, Oentle-
in n,think it aln oltnj l o& pIlicy to encourage
their fltlilllg on thin lflnd, by ailbrdlng them forte
ldilional in'uccainent by colonial aid antd immu-
gritiet, I Ihll be hi.Ippy to conc:r with yIu, a2m!1 to
ljgnify the fame by return of the Cyrus Tranlpoi t
ito ovtrnour Tbnen. J. ORDE
o erwm.rieit-llonfi, ia AJ22, 17l4.
The CouNcItr aIun A ftmlfv
Ili Eccllercy the Coternrur in Ct9if.
Irl1,, Bpard of Coundil itnd ouife ofAfltnibly,
Shaving cpnfericd together on the' fubjett of
iour I cerlteny'b Meflbgt of this da to hoth
i* ifce, bate thereupon come to thelfollowilg
elfolutimnsu w)ich they have the hqi'fr to trar I-
'mk to yrear F.'cellenty, in anfter to that Mellage.
I,ji:iaonl / oftI CoUCIl. ld AltrsspMtI.
~'f/-r.,, lTat the Coiuncil and AITimbly are
'Irf.i',ii to thi t rvery dt(rce ol faoi and cl9:in-
na;(e to t le uinfor'inatc Loyallfts, that at air i.
va or utay l erxpcedlc hire.
Rfrt.'adl, l'hat it iT our difpofition to iv. fuiiil
tiiinuniti toi r thm, aN nuy r it-ILl Ii in deflrou
of nl' g Antoigflt u, andtJir ithli ri.ipr ft oi
If_ .; I .w f.r xemptiing all fili in Lo 'yaII. .i L I
ih, . a fr(.iiI all pu(liLk iax s o01 levei y r'iA
I' "./-.r A v e rely oi, Covei nmrnt firti .
i' l" ifp. to ttli LT..I .;Ion O :.
p iatcl ar.l d aba: -i n , I tr."
lia.;,i i, the r'ol lny % ill irni'u filch as rw
1 i,,irnt frulerr, wiqh rti;X lni- others manual
,, thecrrlftl, H Cik i 'lic t 'ittc-
A li :'nutio ilt o n o le f ti., laI.dt (., Iiu tlC
it .i .' In'i t ; -II ., Iwh t it i s f .
*:' .;) ', may be Aledl by p,'iae I, "'t;'-

ui.i'I a li 's sof' rc- I I Iu
:'.: ,,, Thal a CoP~im;t;r Ie fappoittl t i ,1"-

dw,, Ch airer, ,lr 1 ,, I 784.
Prefidrnt ol the Couril.
t of'tA.- 7', Mi ; . 1- .
2T1O.'111A.3 1 "
I ." tit ,li- Rlcfdrep, theCounicil T mul Allct
S rfr-! I 'r ad tle exelmption frorfin 3a> I
I I er v i' -- I'l' ec hive fi: riA d lthe in:ce 'P
i, i rllt ; thougili not heing able to forn a
Ic ycodl not dlofo officially. J. O,
,!.~ i Mr. William Walker. who had cn
ti ntr I 'rft-Ftll irrlori prior to the
.,, :( t prince to the Spaniards, obtain
: r iif' ,'.Jlre atnt Irttern fI om Ootldour Ca np.
; II .irTaica. to unable him toremnovehli s effc,
.I. 'o he fcr nip|laionA in the DeflnitiveToa.
1 : I ar CI at the B.lier, nrotwithflBndin( he
I,.s ,i .,tevr f-r faIt, hieawfel was iopt,
nlre il.'ar, from him, aqdhi~Rllf tnt
I ..r to New-Olkans, 3" Iluet,'in'an After fourten d tiloning;
SI,:.n wsu granted for hilsl aof e1p
,I O; her comnig offthe a4 l
n. I u lrint- a board to hwe 0.av d
blnv'. I! down, an IndigntIy toiw thef i r
;iard o fubmit the rpcrt be
i. c to cmllp, theedn I
oV .. aiper*L.Tl;dst, |d~ opere .
1 or un Ibdlf-i-

C. o l4
i f own t t

l:"ci toinejwkl~iqMH b^ p the
:iver. Lkeubfte to-allb Bl p
hbulwht neru tl-Orlc ir'Kra e'dler d o
rtemr down a k ,l t to fea ham te
iately. He w aoply, when the
I tc'.4t got Ib f tM to wWixr lateo

theeri ofhe nway A the eary A t had better
%take out iSpniffA Itpnr, h ae a Spalni Cap-
tain, um to a riTw'd axqw pilot hias veTl,
anJ then return Ca pe.-Eanoi
The blit aok. On the Wd ftu the flrft l
Laken by the Intedant. waltn fecure the Spaihn .
Papers which he hri fcifha, ltgmed-then lit ha
his informer radly to prove the vefel to be the f me
that hid been under Brililh Colour--denied hli
having given Spanift papers-and Icized, con-
deained, and fvld the refT-l and every thing on
-boarl, tothbe utter ruin of the unfortunate Amol.
aretral Cimpbell had conip'ained of thefe
matter to Govern-ur Mice, of .ouiflnna, who is
(fPlen of In the moft favouratlr trrlns, and con
duds himself much to the rfatlfsli, i A i '
ilh Settlle. He eaculid hImfiff ir int
In the biitnrf. as ot of Ilii line; !>ut hinId to
Gen. Campbell no complain tothr C-'l frtof in.
Yenlerday w rI.IIM I' .'4IrI, f, .; arrived
here In the Schooncr Sally, t(';:. li..iic, from
In lr. 9, 40, lone, 9, C.i:t ilrr fifpt
with the Ship Bay of ll'n:1iiia, Caipt. Connor,
from Tannica bound for ondou. oi 1t6 days, all
ell on board. The It er faid that great dupage
had been done among the Ihlpplnlg to windward and
at Kinglotir l-y the late Ivimvee;nd th't the pirt
Tre opened to American veffreb, for four months.
apt. William Randall, who arrived here on
Wednecda y lat, from Philadelphia, in lat. 7, j4,
met with Ihefchhoner I'ling-Fini, wlr.'f at!ph
Hlit wa. late Mater, b.ut wlh ha'i"nb .ield t fen,
ant no navigator on bomrd, w-.,i hl k'y met witl'
arnd brought in here. T]he FIlyT:i Fill war fro
Georgia bound to Jamaica, with 84 hirrels.Fler-'ir
We are foriy to inform our riadeel. t'ilt I .-
brip Iteprlitor, the propiety of ulin 1il~.r, E 1;
(il'thi li rice is !il. A J.irrm31CI vI rpapv o o
4th of /An li', ..ntiono, that l`e ,-' ... i
', i I .. ,, ;l1i. :,, i rt', i. .' I' 'e X' 1 ;
i ,C' .. '. l ,r both .cll dC4 g ) w. ,;
S 'e c ,rtllr-tnrC : 1. '
| In ,i fl, lrri 'i .Ca' weC k fri(" EUl'
Fi',, If'. l CiiLiubu., Efq; nod his familyy c:ini
S;iOrcii,'I i'.
An I Yvrk Panerofthe ad of'Septemlx. C,
Ilr "t .i.i' par.cra, h, 'Ve ramn Ir m '.,
I twar.. that Colonel litll, who went Into L i-
Si1 t() demand the fi:rrerr, N Irthrrn and W,' frn frontiers, h.Ia rtl r (j
C ( -,' ) r lIaldI;m. t. l id fC i el aid tren'cd hirm
llh pl,'/ n r. 'lt ,ali 'ed him that lie C tili
ronil I nl)t le-' Nchl,-I '- I Ihth Lnited St:,ees a, hi' i ,e '' -. .I r for that pi rpofe."
'I h- i nch Wo.lln-.i Squadron, conrf.0'g ,f
.* ...1', rnrntiointi Slirpi, on the Ad oflf' a itl
.,iC' rI LyInnhavcn Ba7, in thq Chre. .
I 1' 'I hi; 64 I e Comic dr I,r: !.
La Ari 'hion, 8o Le C. de Ma.lnamr.,
1 [) o. 40 Le Mhllqili Dubounz f,
I.a M-der, 40 Le Chevalier Diunra t,
Lct M, irral, i 8 M. Ilultwai ,
I.a Fa i'. le, so M. Dtlih:: de,
La Lu;.'c, 0o M. de 'a Noulf'i.
AKI; vrDn lR F. F ,,
Sept. 1s. Scheontr HoI Marcd, Char tllan
a3. Schooner Polly, Wylly, Nrewhlrm
Scho. Ameri-a, Ran.lal, Philailclphia
Sr'lo. Flyig-PFih Maftr Saai. .h
died in the PtfArg. r,
0,e. i. ,lnrp Dtphin, Oibfon, Rhole-tffand
School. Salt'- Bailr. St. r 'Iry'i
SAILst. ir
Sept. A6. School. 0. C'-,bell, White, S.a:', ,!x
o3. 81op Amel;a, Srwaine, 1Bot in
0/8. .I. Scho. Dolphin, Sweeting, Jamtic.a
The Difpatch, Woortuff; and Emperor, Ren-
nie, from Landn.--Pitt, lHarvle, from Linerpel.
Doe, Sutton, from A/frca.--Eudeavoiir. Moor
and Sally, Darrel, from 7amaa,nie are as rivd at
Ch kricfto.

** -A Bag for Letter; togo r b
the NASSAU.,for.4 0NDON1 .r

.4 -
lt atlbe PRINT roO OFFPIC. ndi
09-k tl "'a ">y .a9 Wedne./da
IN ," '" s

BiaUlA-IsllAa ) .I-
Nil V6rovarbci I a ea.'
4r Hli Bredllnr JOHN AXWET.LT. Fi ,.
-Cdlrm-GCne:al, Gtee r rid Comland-, *
eia/ in and 'uer tie ftid island, -amlttlnrr
Frur- l almi nr Ordwary bifbr fu.t, e. &fr.
HEREAS the pa~'rtation o
certain Spcicis of Provjfi
in the precnt .iicunfP.ancsc
thinC might w mA4ntlrdwthrco,-'
e uen h i kly itrejudic. i tc t'i
ha hlitatJia o" thit Iflainds, I
with tih advbltt a ebn eato ti AI M 'sl ti
llmiar'an cll, to u thlli.l cl
I"t:l 1tr7ly prohihwmp Ito ;lrtA'.;uol from
this. oCr iny olher lIpud within th.i G6nm Q ntuag,
w.thnlt the lialrtrlooof, anJy Iked, Flour, ioi
ir Cfn; lte rail rroibitinn to c r:li.Tti' frc *
the date hereof, al: I t' c.'iit'>'r lt't', r-
perA. ANI I t lta Y ivi 'T I..a t
importatin onf ulhdt Coa n, .,, 'r: -
tlr e h deaof NorthA .ACa, ,
uitilturther eiternl in nay $hip rt V. Cl nu/ "u-
vigiatre- ar-ord. -I to Law.
Gvien in-r,' tmr y rd and te .urreo Seatl t ta
.. lifld'.. a. .. VV.. I/is "89' day if Ip
tnerctr, are :in' rndf--rtn h. imd ir ,i
nI. ri, md Im ti trm -ir :. s 4

B if A L *mess,

'-i- a'

7 e hr 1'rtifV F 'J
i bi i:l' PCn
S'e the requite of li of AfflmN1 ; ; h
S ind C If the Corfmimtrtee -I l 'ia -' |
I ilfidlrenr :n En '.tFl !:. F'-,- I Pi-
r' n yn Er I i d hi i ,i h' tr i 0 mi'j"i "'
I wIl 'it ,ppt '; '. tt:r r, f:crilec jointly Ard ii vtr
C C'. Co rnc lin'n~. I. kt h'n lii X,' :r onld oCf I'
S i .. r tan 'er4 of i-.. F ,.lt, iC Pr tii T '* .
r Si~ . s; f r':cifyinz the sIhCru r '.- pr
fu f>.d fin, l-te ot'lhe fall C :' tin .l, F '1;&
,r,, -rrt, i"d he riethlnodi J.;>Ied f'(I
of Iii lrh property to thl I-e< .,iiiiiairgc ; tor thll
ripIt re of more clearly ar'ertailinl the dl.inrir-
indiri. I;.tln for eorcomenfatinr fro (l oe eremntt.
fnr the loft of immioveab;e c prft rtY I the ctloti'
f 'hr I' oh in,.. i
: i : !f' r,, C 't ce"ore -ic" .T N r, that
al perl,. c li c rerpn ld may ar 'v q*: 'L.'. ,ri e s.
f' l aving i ldh fa le c rr r n , I nket
Srtlp rrc, .Iat he ''. n ') of *t.
late Sllh over;tj A' .

F u R ;. A 1. E,
aft tir Pai tv OIs aC,
A TLAS :ari Bi. "- >,> 'r *
Fle.lrphant ,oul jlf-t j. c!i "
Imperial mnt
$-.per Roiyai '- Rcei;r l Palt
P y.oyal i Ment.r--":'n, '1 e "
Medium "t Iht, ,
Thick and rin I.ramen'i it e-a "
folo Pao "t QIrnlt'a -I '
Qar1o Poftcitted 0 d'-pr *

Foolrap gilt aud a Ia st, &lslai'r.,:
lat. Ste aid Penti l
Red and black tIkpow- ChildMran Bokst .:-.14
d do lap. anil ChartN J 1"
Blaet art Red Leq Cvunl kaled -'rt
acila '>t .?Bap #owu4' eja j
i -a:.ta4 $gwt
ther 'ae-
I ., ^ a ,i i I .ow.,- -
or^,^1^ ^ --^


1"".- 1 I'e* -
_j rp I I

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