Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 23, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00071
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. ia&i

GA7 Zr1lr11Ea


From SATURDAY, Dacausi a 3, to SATURDAY, DECBMBER 30, 786.

NASsAU: Printed by Jon WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BrY.
* -'

In the Ship CERESt from LONDON,
A.d M te, opagfor S.l 4y
At his Store, the Eaft T of Ch
C ANVAS,No., I M. .6, and Inlche
ofulbrp from 3 tS3 ditto
Clhek a naStrli White Lead, Ptty, ad
t)owlu, Bd Ti ci 4 and Whitn :.,
PtInillora Royal Vutirmi o aihlmroW,
Iluckabock, Id Buo Yelloy ke, and Lans p
(' tton Conterpesea fl .. -
Sulprcfnc white LRl Lnt il and Spirit of
UDrwboy., Table Clhe Trpetie
Yard wide, ihs, and ithi Lathorno
Irift Lbns 8 king Trumpet., new, bheeting, and carel
Sildtliles Qoilting H If our, anut, e
Pine flowered% t Tambosr minute OaI&lS, llid'i
worked Aprons D ointmmoue
ine Linen br dredHand Coinpafles
krrchief l Mall'ets
Blue paftework ditto ka Wood Pumnsand
Printed Liaena & Calliges imp Leather
Chintloa and 6na DuCapo H Hltchet
Woonena fupertne C.ttolTi 'r ifh Kettles nd Gar-
Hofe d Waering Puo.
Mln, one Thread ditto J sa'd Spice Boxes aqL
ChinefA Ribbons of the ter Patcher
ncwea Pattern. Tin oKiee Pot, Can.,
len aino- and co.rfe Shoes C tider, Lanip, BrafS
Ladies M.rocao and Clli- Tea Kettles, Pud-
manco .itto die ans,DilhCovert
Bot and Girls ditto Htmi Moore'SNavisg-
MeL ol ,I. fir" aod tln'
oorf: rlii, Semata Aj 04ant, Gun.
Sailors fcarll.ught Jackets teal ales
1'o. tiu Bay. Sctteel lined Marin Conmprflc redi.
IAt, Ai.r, C'ilimancot fied
Shallons, .nd Rutel. M'.uld.'andll
SiA itt & LuteRtringUm. TaILtv in Kegs
brOll Turpeatine A White Soap
Black Crape Londn Porter in Hog-
Fool's Cap, Pot, and Gilt efltad
Papers, and QTills Lf Sugpr, Hams, and
China Clp a-Soaurem, T pe
Milk Poa. SurlpDl, 3l PepIp, fn Hyfou
TI' Pot.. Mugs, Bafos, d Siol' eas.
te. &c. lanhd Starch and Fig lse
ISmallIron flo-LdAnrhers, Porfamnry
front 3 Cwt. to IjCwt &c. CC.

JAMAICA SPIRITS in P ttiaI*'dQ t rt Ca&lk
All of which will be .r on t t Tenrm, for
CaJ. good BMI .*/ F J T )
D ebe o, t1w6. (\ f
Have juft imported in the Brig Liv OAI,
,irr, /r.m L 0 ND O N esd C O K,
THI rOn O aaO LtONOn. o..
INEN lpery and Manchedfry .
L wooll en l, "
SElk Mercery sl Miitne
ILabetrdafl ry, fiery, d Shot.
Grocery, Comd ad Ship Chandlery
Hardware e and C.
Ch a"ar l, ,nd 'Wae is.
laoor.iiO an d SS
otate, ld lpe a in Hamper
Allw CowL f

.M hba d.ed Aios vetlivs," i"a .
Aprin mcefeud park, a Barrels and Half &Betle

=eep and Candles, IN Bs
Potatoes, Is Hampers
Allwhichwait efe MuBd Araltol Tom,.bet M
w MLb dinaUnd `11 *A. U is lI fI,
rfw, amsoder sIs% r

Amj Tow' Creop. i1n fanll adaptiil parcels, mideup ct
TT Csea'od s i P lSe (tO uwrrdeL rffrom In the Ships LIowrTOe, NANCT, aS4 Csars,
hkoij t oe l edn thl C 'BtaiM Fr & 0 LO DO N,
,rm Lonau*, nde e. A lo .A.
Ihthe Ship NaJ,Capt.Aftr, from Leads, At their PTORE on the BAY s
AND IS, A ge A gene ffmel t of DRT GOODS.
THOMAS N, junior, UYSON" Ta C o
I S Loi Sugau r e f PIII
CAIL Cloth, 0 urgt, tri and Briti;h Tong~es Bottd d Ca Porte
LJ Lines, Britannls, tie, dn Tri Canva
Cottoen ad Linen *S M 'na. Hean Cables fea to inches
and Childiren Moreo,L.. Butter Pals and Oi
j.le and lBos Hat, Ccf- aP Nails and Spikes
erpmanc. Drboy Candles at. & c.
.ad Cotton Hudhor o ..6urc L iil 'e Ar Sol,,
Hudkerchiefs M o k, Cotfd It, C Pdtoan, Kwn of fsct
Thread Stockings, 8k bands,Slk l .. ... MADUR WIN
ready uade Dimity pttin Mna Breeches, Wat r 'i tir esr dDo a I. 'aby
oatm, ke. Striped S' Wailceotlttcrn., Sattin Flo '-y "' o-.
rentiae, Writing Qill,Wafm, Ink Cake, JU T IMP RTED,
Stick and Pot P otm, HL Podtr, Rufli Hucka-. J U IMPORTED,
buck, Green c vas, Pomerna Moa Plated Shoe In the Ship Ne.ty, Captain M'Bride, from LoSMiN
ad Knee Buckles, Fli Hooks Bolt Rod.s Nailh, aO TO t SOD ar-
Sad Irons, FiO Sl, Knives aForks, Pen Knives, S T D D B
Scifaris, Hatnda withBr e eight from 41b. to JOHN CHRfSTI E.H
.ez Mcl rTable Spnars Toranieglli Ivory, mild SNABURGS, th and yard wide Iril
Olueoea ChPort,. iOnjea Warel c. 8c. s Dob i aen., Sheetings, BaSpown Hllanud, Dritanul
-afa D.e.-, . &c *. Pifol Laws, Silefia, powlu, Cheeks ad Stripeo, Dmw r3, 178lCr. Bed Ticks, Bed BetaU, Prtted Linaeu, Callicoes,
SIt TT "t;* I M 1P r 'i L" 1 1 Chlnts, Dtrotms, TaTrmi , J U S I M P 0 R E. U Bordered Hnaehet.. MueillQi
S From L 0 ND 0 N, Figured & Corded Dinitii Lone Lawns, Cantmrick
Fro Gases, clear Lawn, Holld aip, Woese Star
In the Ship Nancy, Capt. Alexander MBrik, Book u Mu in,lb read, Model, Per,
lansa, aettietc r a ewing Silk, Silk Stockt
AND NOW OPENING FOR SALE i t and Girl. Thrad an
B the SUBSCRIBERS con r d, and 811 Oloves ad Mitts
By the S U B S C R I B E R S, BCottonoeeTrejan" ..o,, ,,
MenseBoots and Shoes, emenCalimanaeob, Boy,
At their Store in FaRDRICIE-.STaT, andGin Sho a and carw e Hat, Bus nt
Girls white and brown we Hateo Lade blackean.
FrsCASH,GOODBILLS,.rCOUNrTr PRODUCZ. ver with Tri minin Hona, BSlo, and BohA T l
ESS Becf and Pork Check and Sri Loaf Sugr, Chee, k Pepper, Soap, Candl,
MLVI Rno Butter feO d Tiek and d Bnts Powder and Shot, Hair Powder and Fomtum, Le.-
Hams and Tripe Diaper ad Towllig der', ega'not, Ltfeed Oil i Jui a iea Loeat
Cheese Calanane and Docents Porter, white, blatk, and red ead, yllow and red
Soap and Candles Men & WomeanThred, Ok.r, Sap Pekta en, Ror., CroTnc l a,
f Suar Cotton, and Silk Hole Slate, and Pencils, .Plated fy Silfr &T. ge.
Loaf Sien, and~oha Bos and Girlsditto Na., DJ, rewkr 1I6, Ir

" a .. M nd Boy, fine ond
London Bottled Dtaght coarfhoe.
Porter Wom.en black & coloured
Black Peppr and Marll Morocco Shoes
Puints niil Black and colourt# Call-
Grindlones Eao ditto
Rted Ae d HatchetI M nl falbonable bhack &
Corn Mill c olonred Hats
Hand and Croflcut Saw L sand Girls ditto
Crockery and Gltf. Wane a onale & Black Lots.
Copper, Tin, a ron Tea Ains
Kettl arety of Ribbons
I ad niudSh etalp B andwhite Mode
C .maNo.,toe. 1 iu, t
dbeadhedOtOfa DI tdlttoplinGaues
Hoer, Girdls, Fan rand
pasl and nBrtnia Feather.
Saitelad brown Rolls Edgiap & Hanover Lace
B and white Rulb Perfumery and Hair pod
Cost Oun Powder u0elot
te an Blank"ets Slpices di uia
Bae&wat ro Cloth Cutlerr Hr-da*.
Check and wh Shits *l T 'ne,.
Jack Fros / a. c. ae
. D oi and TAYLOCR.

sMpr p trIt ad HIP 11READ.
y, ae SIrrdI SPW Nas ,
1rfu, a )o af6.

In the Sloop HOP E,
And for Sale at Captain DDlT.Y's Houfl, o0
the 1y
TRISH Mefe and C o Be and Pork Rof
Sutter in fitkiMs and I c fine and fsperfme
Flour. r
'L 0.,
A few prime young EGRO MEN.
Apply to Ala a a Eva.
ANe.,, Amr*err S6, 5786.
For Sale by Pri te Contra&,

B E S E T,
W Briti boilt, a A' new, i'lahen 40
lonr or (hembifa l ronrakhl
fa, well found it fails, Ruc. bleaos, F. For
further particular enquire of ao board, or

'TI hige l Price wira ca brt Sab.
1rik, lofod COT Iv.-Pos
ron Kdwriaio l be sht and del.
l y7. Aplto ROM-o trJ QN,
Or hliataimc to IOHNMBo ..
$40, DAmmfkr, 30 7 16.)
& !

kOPEAN INTELLIGENCE. The States of Holland take their retutione Moreover the Dey engpge tq b r*dy to
with fuch fecrecy that the public is yet entirely enter into a negotiation for peace with the pow.
I norant what anfwer will be given to the letter ers which his Catholic Majifty has recommeade
L ON D 0 N, OCToata '6. of the States of Gtdderland, who infinite that tp him for the purpofe, yad whichjre e
they will quit the confed-racy if Holland per- .with the Sublime Porte, whofe order the D
O the other important benefits which the fifts in its meafuresagainft the rights of the other .fall always refpe.
i fettklment of New South-Wales afford., provinces. The determined ftyle in which that According to letters from Gibraltar, an'
is, that v,-: raluab article of New Zealand letter is written nautl greatly emnbarrafs the An- Algerine corfair which left the Bay on the d
tretnp, or Flax.Plant,' an obje& equally of tiftadtholdevians,.though it be certain that'the of September, was chafed by a Portugude fen.
utility and curiosity; any quantity of whkic majority who caufed.ito s-lba- written are far gate, which obliged her to run upon the rocks,
might be raised in the settlement, in as much as from meeting with the approbation of the pen- and burnt her within gun-thot of the fortrefs.-
-*t grows spontaneous in New Zealand. This pie whom they reprtfent, and that therefore The crew efcaped in their boat."
Plant is fo admirably difpofed by nature that it they are abhlfing the power originally veiled in His Excellency the Imperial Ambalrador has
will ferte the various purposes of Hemp, Flax, them by the people. Zealand, Groningen, and lately had federal conferences with the Cabinet
*nd Silk, and eafier manufatured than any one Fiieflaud keep a kind of medium between the Miniflers, on the operation of the commercial
of them. In naval affairs, it could not fail of two parties, and are ufing Lvely eflirt to bring arrangenmers in the Emp r's hereditary do-
kving of the utmoft colfequence ; a cable of ten about a reconciliation. Osecyflel is entirely in manions.
inches, being fuppofed to be of equal Ilrength the intercft of Holland, aud the authority of the His Excellency the Dutch Ambaflador ham,
and durability to one of of European hemp of States of Amersfust may be looked upon an null, it is faid, lately pirelentle to this court, by or.
c'.-,e inches.-Some of this flax is now in confidcring the difcord prevailing amongft them, der of thc States, a Memorial, in which the con-
lngland, and the manufacturers are of opinion, and their precarious situation. Thus it is cvi- du& of the Sladtholder,. and the federal Provire.
that camas made of it would be infinitely fuperior dently falfe that Holland lands alone against the eco, relative to the present diflurhances, is amply
in llrength and beauty to any at present in ufe. lix other provinces, and that the latter have re- fet forth, ill order to diflipate any ufpicions that
The threads or filaments of this plant are for- folved to make it a common caufe to oppok' the may be entertain of the views of the latter.
mcd by nature with the molt exquisite delicacy, alleged defpotifin of this powerful msmler of Mr. Pitt was feht for to town halt week for
'and they may be fo minutely divided as to be the confederacy, whole only crime ctosill. in the purpofe of bcing' ~dkfnt at the exchange of
fimall enough to make cambrick. In colour and wanting to lool, upon the Burglhers as a the papers cniceriing the treaty which has been
glofsit refembles a very pale green filk. Thead- political exilczM in the Republic. T includedd Ibetsecn the courts of London andi
vantages that might accrue from this article As to tle Prsiae Stadtholder, the tiers hle lruffels. The Count de Kagencc and Monf. de
would be important beyond defiription. The has written have pmrduced uli oltl, ,,ti.c th0.11 Son ,ac wc thcie e arti odn behalf of the Enpe.
benefits of this place being to well known, it is to alienate me'n's minds moie and more. The ror,.as Duke of AnuHria.
a pity, both for their own and country's fake, public think it difcovers, a idlI the pretcnfious It is increrlibilc hlat a number of people of
tiat many thotfand idle and difordicly prifons, tf his Ii7huefs, a tune oieproach which the property are coming into this country from Hlol-
who live in n,ilfry upon the plunder and cl riit an j'ri nge. .t on the refpe d due land, tlidhrough fear of being involved in the aagi
if the pu:bli, cannot be immediately fhip K d i irt:ainly by ino means proper to rdifputcs of their country : fo induftrious a people
for New-Wales, more part iculily boys a i I, '.tiqs. arm an acquisition to any State.
v os might make valuable fbj-tiu'lo]' e~~, in~ '.ert has been inalive for A letter from Flahhing fays, that the States
mns.uito, and become happy in thet' 'days, wa. g for courier from Berlin, of Zealand have given orders for eres'ing, about
beneficial to their county. it is aid, is to bri the final ititentions four miles up the Scheldt, a ftron battery, oa
Seven lundred and forty-fix convicts "i ne ''f the King of Pruffia, whl lher he will take au which i' to b- mounted 2o large pieces of can-
to Africa, from the year 1775 to 1776 i the active part or not in the difpits of the Republ non; that this battcy is to command the Scheldt,
tu-ife itaccount of themci given in to the Corn- lie.-It is thought, upon good grounds, that alnd that no veffel are to pals up an t down it
mittee appo iutl t consider the retui ius relative his Pruffian Majcfly's refolution will, in a great without having a proper pals from the chief
to j tils, exhibits the following alarming expeli- nmicaire, depend on the explanations that fhlill magistrate of Flufhing. This will entirely flop
ditre of human life. Three hundredandthirty- tike place between the Courts of Verfaillcs and all trade that way to Antwerp, which, it a
four died on their pfi'age ;-T-1o hundred and a ed lin. This gives the States of Holland tretfh feared, will give ffience to the Emperor.
fc' int one were miffing foon after they were fpirits, and makes them little apprehensive of In:; Oaoer 20o. MSr Richard Bickertor was at
ludid ;--and of t!he remaining one hundred and Majlfy'l.interfeieisce in behalf of his brothcr-in- Court on Wednefday to take leave of his Majdlty
fo. tL-out., fx mo'0ntlhs efter their arrival, no ac- law. Fiance uniformly perfeveres in lthe i hlefi previsi-s t,, his getting out fos IPLflinouth to
,.- could ue give-. of not interfering in the domestic troubles of the emibark in the Jupiter, of 5o guns, on board of
Etra,? ofJ'a irni'.at Lerisr from E r.hls, CJ. i2. provinces, and, at the fine time, i, refolved to which he hoifls his broad pendant ascommander
The Earl of Torrington, Minifler from the prevent any othi r power from interfering. Eng:" in chief of the Leeward-Ifland fquadrn, which
court of Great-Britain, has at length brought to land incontelfibly f.iiours the Stadtholder's par- ii about to fail, and not as Governour of Bot inv-
a conclusion the commercial treaty, which has ty, but its influence with the States of Holland Bay, as has been erroneoufly mentioned.
hbien under negociatiou for foime months between it., hithtsrtso, very fall. As to tith Court of The Commilfioners for reducing the National
the two courts, the articles of which were ex- Vienna, there is the greatest ieafon to believe Debt havr ,suaght 3oo,oool. of thi three
changed on Monday laft here, and immediately that it aill obTerve a lfrilt neutrality ; though, pet cents. alts.ouch they only began tillis plan o
dispatched to London to be further ratified by doubtlefs, it will watch every opportunity of the 2d of Augult; and by the end of this month
the miniflers of Great-Britain. The Count de recovering its ancient loffTs. -they will have reduced the public debt about
Kagenec has the whole charge of this affair." As the whole, however, depends upon the re- 330,0001. and a few day 250o,oool. the fe-
O,'oer it. The following are faid to he the turn of the courier from Berlin, nothing can be cond quarter of the annual furplus of a million,
outlines of the fpecifick terms on which the positively determined till that time. will be illued from the Exchequer to the Bank,
Spaniards will cede tnFrancc the two colonies of Extract of a letter from "M/idril, Sept. 14. to be' laijd.*t Athe fame manner ai the firl
Efit andWeft Flonihn the continentof North- The definitive treaty of peace between our quarter; to wIt. will be added the di idenids
America. Court and the Algerinca contains principally: V find floustea has bought previous to the ulit-
I. The King oa in ecdes to his Moll That the D)ey of Algiers, ulhen he thinks t the kooIfor the Aichiehnas dividends
Chriftian Majelly the fovereignty of Eaft and proper, (hall name an agent of lhis own nation to oa ts 'rWduced three per cents. and the old
Wift Flarida, who is to pay in fpecie fir all the refide in one of the ports of Spain. South Sea annuities ; to this will be alfo aided
art.lery, ammunition, &c. that remain in the t''hat Oran, with its fortifications, and Al- fuch of the Exchequer life annuities as (hall have
fortrcfles, befidk- the equivalent to be fixed up- manzaquier, hall remain as heretofore without tfalkl' in.
oaln btsen thetwis powers. any communication with the camp of the Extratl of a L.eter from Edishurqb, Oaober 14.
2. Spanilh fubjets,' oofing to remain, {hall Moors. In coidequr.nce of tl* latecommercial trea-
,aves all their privilege cotiinucd to them. That the Dey hall not attack thle faid ty, ian eminent houife in France has written to a
3. Tlie ,MfulChnrit4s King (iall be under a towns, and that the Bey of Makara lha l.ot be hk 'e in this city, defiring their iffitance in'fe-
rsitant obligation to keep up cigkt battalions permitted to do it without orders from trn y ; "'y.g a correlpindence with fomq of the prinei-
If 560 men eacl,, as a proper barrier for prevent. but asthat Bey is in a manner defpotic, thfSy pal manufacturers of gauges in Paifley. We
wig. .a any.'uption to the Spanifih Southern {hallapprove of all the conventions which fh c hope to hear of many similar a locations from
Proviaces front the American States. concluded between the faid Bey of Makafrnd that quarter for the manufa rcs of this coun-
4. The King of France undertakes for him- pain. i,. try, and that trade will flo beyond what it
felf, his heirs, and fpeceffors, to guaranty to the f cafe the wandering Moors com ; any has done in any former rod. The lofs of
King. of Spain, his heirs, fueceffors, &c. the hoftilitic*, the 'good underftandin obwAen the America will then be little elt."
Spanifll dominions in South America and the two powers' not be broken ofj~': A letter, lately receive from Liflbon, gives
Southern Seas, as well as the iflands of Cuba, In confidetoin of his Ca lic Majelly's the following description of a cltriou i "ttos
Portc.Rico, Hifpaniola, &c. in the Atlantic dignity, the Algernhs 1 hall refp not only the non, or rather a Lufu Nature, cWs'lilt.'
Ocean, &c. for ever. coats of Spain, but iiwfe thia of the Papal ence of which, however,. we do not,preltte W
/ ,. The King of France engages for himfelf, territories, and the Dey fl ae a friendly re- i vouch for, as the writer isnot perfonaByllj.
hi heirs, fuccenors, &c. never to. alienate toe ception to all perfons under protection of t to us:
above prn-inees Wrom, the French Crown, by his Catholic Majefly, or under e lganiih flag, \ Don Roderigo de Menedes, fun ro the 0A*
bargain, tale,, dower, &c. except by receflion who Ihall enter his dominions. ernour of the B of All-Saita, Ias feat.
to the Span&h. Clown. There are three other Is The Catholic Kig enga to a like sci. present to her Fo
inferior articles. procity on his part. 1 whofe pe pn hkittIItI6 lA M maJ'.!ms

It tow';1, Ib ; L 66 their atwa

Gc tnI it~u ,a git g t i~o .

j n~ A1W S S z: U.t in. tie AN
e tw., 2~it die~oav lfii, s h:rd r, thondo
that eheo~at0 tht.otln n h acr

~r fcVt. *# 41 s

f . v" rprqh
4bA[AIalflll a t.Ai") -'

a.'min -~ I the 1elit#to

f M ini-,bq ftffthe trt -1a

tet t1~ddk bw71:frc bw th 00,i i d
'I, thi a I4 hl' anut rl jT ~ aI l

t j p 10f tr tI t Wn theit &4a it t Ij teAfsuad

yeM. L,~a d jc

s rf ...,af #-4w

ft4ct &4
4--f t 11

o j
**, a <*,. S. J a pa

to 10 bi nt ,, S4RS *,,( .1
i s---, -w, s lp, ,,,, ,l ...; ... 4,w i., h *'vl .. .W .....- a -,.-;* ,

-- rt 'i a0t a'A !,-, -,.
t w >,it t .# t ,, .,,wt .. s *Od* t.LMM
A l L Ilk f! Iw tant:y A1iqsisr,.f<,i.t- ;o- sic p.1*, H to I
iv d .* r ,
r si qqw4. p r A jb ., t 5. it :, A .. 1 .. *- - i .- I
4Ve..jtJ?.0tfuIWJite.J. ** jS'%.?- w. *< 44ha^'"''-M Fr i .. -,U ,/ W; .
,e, "tn illpm O t . .. .A :..

,' "s N#1 strsf .' *,avll .,
W4rn a a. . a .- 4..
a "uLOie sk:W 4r fr as dh*

,rn.," a.* .,.t -

S '- '-'5i- itp* P.e. ta

Ha^ ahb o R '." so
vo! t1 ft a 0 "j..4'

u ,< / atce'L.."ritiiw> w a i i ;It .t s.ft.. -
i~~~~~tes"- ~~ ~ ~ ~ J. Pw P"Ci. k a.y~ss',Abctg,

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