Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 16, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00070
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vo0. IIL

No. IS5.




From 8ATURDAY, DzcBMBxt. i6, to-'S AT U R DAY, DaCBMBat 23, 1786.

NAssau: Printed by JOHN WILL., at the Printing-Oflice on the BAY.
-^ ~~- a

N ', ar's Crop. in iotail lifted parcel, made up at
'.aI .a in',Sed shop, agra*abcto an ordcr feti fetml
hece, ju!l received Ia the NANCY, Captain M'RnIAr,
r,ni N ,,"N, and fur fWe t the l'rintin-OfIc. e.
In th: Ship ANanc, Capt. MAfBride, from Laondn,
TH OMAS H DGSON, junior.
N o

SAIL Cloth, Ofd burgs, Iriih and Britifllk
Liht..,n, oir lania., PilbUC.Roy'l, Primelt Li;inr
Cot n aridl l.n Chcks d Stripes, Muni,
., CI, id-.i,. irot o,. lather, and Stall' !,bilin.
3v.. til 1t."y Itat., Colour w and Whi.e Jean, ouls-
2t u le-, Dr.wboy, egure Dimity, Prillted Lilen
..i Coitll.n hlikid tclt, lack and coloIurd bik
t l.,i hieft, Me s amd W imens Silk, Co'ton, ana,
It l..i i.h.g!, SwingSi n, Ribbaodt, Si: k P'urf(
r .,;y a,,d fIrinii) andl alttins Ment Breeth Wailfr.
c ,* i.. r cd ilk WainlcIIt Patrsrns, Satin Fi .
s. W ttig Paper, Q,1in1, Walcr-, Ink c(&k..,
1 .k -,I po: P. uartom. ltr.- Powder, Ruffia Hli.ka
a i rirtce, Can'i., Ponseralia, r.:as Plated $h,.
e ii Uic t.l lilh Hooks, h- .,It Rod*. Na ,
to lot F It. ti;gs, Knives anld fiks, Pen Kniv,..
: H.iv.l'Sl.a ith Blral WeLights from 4lb. tio
S-. tMt .l'.c poons, Tortoill,,ill, Ivory, and
1. t(..snl. irttr in Bartels and ius.lhcAd*, Doubl:.
tI, encr .ntAei, uleter.i 6 i 0 ag
2 jo.. 1V,! 13&.
a %, D T.-1.!, I8. N/W
I the S1i A'..i.c, Capt. Alexander lM'Bride,
By th U B S C R I B E R S,
At lwir Store in tnBCcaIc-SThatT,
for t.Is H, o BIii,( .., cM 'fRr PRODUOS.
3. i Bc f and lrk Check, and Siripe.
K' ,,e Ilritir ed 1k, and hBod is.
I 1 .. ,n sii pe .)iapr nad T"owel ng
.' l'Ciiahmiuanco asid Durants
:,, ml Candle.s Mens & Womieml hrcal,
,,,at :iagr Cotton, and Silk Hole
li .l., Giemn, andi Bohb Boand Gi rl. ditto.
it le's 'i aJ 0 li fitue uad
I .,niti BottlcDr caught coarf Shoe
p.,,. r 4 'Woncns black & coloured
ii-r C l'c u Td Muli ar| Mrririoc6 lhro,
I ,,.o u d tlOi Black and Coloured Call.
I(, n tol Ic, mianco ditto
]., 'I. Ixts and Hatlhel Mel-s lalhionaldc Llack &
,. Mill ctlou td Halt
II d inkCto ffcuit Sanw/ loy. adIil GIts Alto
(*t. '.iary e h.i ,G. Wa F PlsniinM le & R.ask Lute .
Ser, Tu. & l roilla firings .
clett A variety of R;bbons
llth LiIcn. cd '.;heting. Bl~sk a, d "white Mades &
-c iv.lf, rom, No 1, tt 6. ltorltian
ltuI ii and ilclhed Wis- Ditto II, dliaks, Guan.cs
h,',g,. H Gis., sixldl, ki 9li
Yi.atSta d Dritannis reathets
Wr -d ^ wn iR1,l- Edg ng & Hlanover Late
Ar fw bhite Ruffia Perfumery andHt l'i ow-
bht.etng der
C(r.tto. Bagling Gun Powder and Shot
R.ifc ald Negio Blankets Spices and Blue
Blue & w white Ngro Cloth Cutlery and Hardware
Check and whhe shirts ltatioaary, Torrlry,
Tlwflers, Jackets, Frocks &e. &c. &c.

iaupera* PLOUR an4 A ,' .i P aAADO
.a*f,4e ItL0if al. 4M 1. Ne AIli
Liksoil, ph l3a. = 00 No".


LONDON, aMssa 3.
O N the 31 t oflaft monti a fort of encamp-
ment of White Boys took place on a large
field near Blarney; from whence they tent out
detachments, by one of wh'h a gallows was
erected on the lands of Dun o div an o
other a threatening letter wint-
of Cloyne, enjoining hit to
fign certain articks, wlh -', frlcary
to be carried into law. r i this
letter, the Dilhop difpatchd a truty r err
for military affiftance; on the approach of w
1he infuigents disappeared, but not before nine
of their corps were killed, and many more
wounded. The town of Calhelwas all in anup-
roar. Among the prifoners was a young gen-
tleman of z5ool. a year eflate, who fays he
acted by compulsion. It is in contemplation,
next fclfion of parliament, to cffecd a reforma-
Lion in the church revenues, fo as to annul the
tithe law, and yet meet the approbation of the
clergy. A reform devoutly to be waihted in this
The inflitution of a new police took place at
D..lU.. L . una tc ialter end or Augult, and
commifioners, with ample salaries appointed.
By this regulation a body of 4oo00 men are to be
ellablifhed at is. 6d. a day, who are to find their
own uniform.
On the 24th of July, a general meeting of
the Highland Society was held at Edinburgh,
Srecable to the inflitution, and honoured by a
Cmerous attendance of noblemen and gentle-
men, diftinguithied by their patriotic exertions
to promote the interests of their country. In
the abfence of the Duke of Argyle, their prcfi-
dent, the Earl of Moray, took the chair; and,
-after reading a letter to their secretary, from the
secretary of the Highland Societyof JLodon,
declaring all the members of the Ed-l.rgh
Society honorary membersofthe London locie-
ty and, in return, in like manner voting all
th members of the London Society honorary
members of the Edinburgh Society; fto as to
promote, in the moft effe&ual manner, the views
of both focieties in the fame patriotic line; the
g then took under consideration the refo-
Sas of a committee, approving highly of the
ted exertions of the noblemen and gentlemen
cpmipofe the Britifh Society for extending
th ehcries, and improving the fea coafts of the
khi m, lately eftablilied by a& of parliament,
anl rncilly recommending every aid and aif-t

.dble e, a fubfcription was begun, and
-'ares a a fiderable extent immediately con-
tra&ed for.
At Hertford afiemin open court, a very
genteel well-dreffed 1ant observed, by a bye-
dander, to prei hard again an honcfi farmer,
and prefently t4 pick his P(ocket of his purfe, and
then to make lff. The bye-Rander (an oicer
bWslo ng to tn court whifpered the farmer,
--oillowed the thief, fised him in the street,
brought him into court, had him committed,
and a bil found against him by the grand ry.
-Hewn- u o honW trial, foind n Vtd_ fen.
uro iM. us in 114
A*ost hompa wu A[----!

custody of the jailer, on his trial in court, and
under sentence of death in the condemned hole.
The Judge, in paffing sentence, enlarged on the
nature ofhis crime, committed in the face of tlhe
court, where the lives of others were, at the
very moment, depending for the like office.
. Setemkr 6. His Majedy in council was
pleafed to order, that the parliament, which
lands prorogued to Thurfday the 14th infant,
should be further prorogued to Thurfday the
a6th of Odober next.
And to appoint a new Committee of Privy
Council, for the consideration of all matters re-
lating to trade and plantations; to confift of the
Archbishop of Canterbury, the firft Lords Com-
jillioners of Trcafury and Admiralty, and of
all fuch members as hold the principal offices of
Rate, thofe of Ireland, being of the privy coun-
cil in this kingdom, not excepted. (Mr.
Chalmers has fince been appointed secretary.)
This day the feffions at the Old Bailey, which
began on the 30th paft, ended; when 13 con-
victs received fentence of death; 34 to be tranf-
potted ; 15 imprifoned and kept to hard labour
in the houfe o corre&ion; 3 to be imprifo.
ned in Newgate; 9 whipped and discharged;
and 32 acquitted. Among the remarkable
tials were thn"e of Mare Suntle -an 11
catcher th former for fwind ng; the other
for robbing Major Welch, an American gentle-
man, by picking him up in the freet, and de.
coying him into a houfe in Holborn, and, with
another accomplice, cheating him at cards, and
aftenvards robbing him of his purfe; of all which
Mr. B.-was honourably acquitted.
September o10. Died at his houfe in Red
Lion-ftreet, JoNAs HANWAY, Efq.-Peter the
Great, juft before his death, conceived a design
to carry on a trade from Ruffia to Perfia over the
Cafpian Sea, and had actually fet on foot a trea-
ty with the merchants in London for that pur-
pofe. His death put an end to the enquiry,
and it was not refused till Mr. John Elton (who
had been employed by the Ruffian court, 1735,
in the rank of a ftea captain, on an expedition
from Orenburg to eftablifl a barrier against the
Tartars, but failing in the design of exploring
the lake Aral, Eal of the Cafplan, had drawn
a geographical map of the South-Eaft frontiers)
formed a scheme for getting to Bokhara down
the Volga, and crufs the Cafpian to Afdrabad,
or fome other port on that fea. He fet out
from Mofcow March 14, 1739, in company
with Mungo Greme, a young Scot, and in
Auguft of the fame year obtained from the re-
gent of Pcria a decree in favour of their proje&-
ed trade, on which he foon raised the molt
chimerical profpfts. Notwithftanding the op-.
pofition given to this trade by the Eat India
and Turkey companies, the Rulfia company ob-
tained, in 1741, an cxclufive privilege of tra-
ding to Perfia, and fent favors to Ghilan. The
firit of the two Britilh thips built at Cafan was
put under the dire&ion of Mr. Elton, who im-
mediately entered into the service of Nadir Shah,
as fuperintendant of the Perfian coat of the
Cafpian, with defignt to build Ihips in the Eu.
ropean manner, if pra&icable, and thereby gave
great offence to the court of Ruffia. Mr.
Joias HANWAY, who had before been engaged
in the -Lilbon trade, being a artner in thehoufia

member that year, and, after experiencing a va. ursive the King fPruffia, whofe death Ihe eina, and written with his menial MJeAty1
riety of hazards in that kingdom, during a courfe is faid to have hal ome previous warnings. own hand, he was at Hermanftalt, in Hungary,
of twelve months, returned to St. Peteriburgh Sj_&ahr 29. ,is day came on at Guild- on the iS thofJuly, more than oo mile from
January 1, 1745, without being able to cla hall the eleion Lord Mayor of London Lusembour surrounded by water that rem.
bliht the intended trade by the Cafpian, partly when Aldermen Salalbury and Burnell (the two dered traving alaioft impraicables Other
through the jealoufy of the Ruffian court, on fenion in rotation) were returned by the com- letters of a late date take notice, that Wamp am
account of Elton's connections with the Per- mon hall to the cosut of Aldermen, feled Mr. forming in Moravia, Bohemia, and Minken.arff
flans, and partly by the troubles and revolutions Sainibury to that miportant office. Mr. Skin- all which movements do not feem to be made
of the latter kingdom. Mr. Hanway publilbed ner had a great lbho of hand--end Mr. Brook without a meaning.
an account of his travels in 1753, 4to. intituled, Watfon a profufion of hifes. In the mean time the Turks and Venetians
An llittorical account of the Britifh trade Sepemoer 3o. Though the peace of Europe have come to blows, but no formal.declaration
ever the Cafpian Sea; with a Journal of Travels appears to be firmly eftablifhed, yet the feveral of war has yet taken place. The Divan, at the
from LonIJon, through Ruffia, into Perfia, and. Iates of which it is composed were never better fame time, as not a little embarraffed by the com.
tl#1ugl Ruffia, Germany, and Holland.. prepared for war. du& of the Dey of Algiers, who appears in
W iich are added, the Revolutions of Perfia I The death of the King of Pruffia, on which earneft to render himself independent of the
during the present century, with the particular I the general tranquillity was fuppofed in a Ottoman Porte.
Hillory of the great Ufurper Nadir Koull," great measure to depend, hid long been expect. The Count d'Efpelly, who was employed on
4 voil. .to. ed, and had given time to provide again any the part of Spain in negotiating the treaty of
The firft puLlic-fpirited institution which fudden attacks; this event a therefore appa- peace with the Algerines, h returned with the
owed much of its support to Mr. H. was the rently occasioned an alteration in the pacific fyf- Countefs, to Madrid. The terms which the
A,,':ne Saij'e, eflablifhed 17S7. Mr. H. pub- tem. There are politicians however, who, pla- Algerine fovereign infifta on to ratify the treaty
1:1h. Two Letters on It, 1758, from a Mcm-m ing no faith in a arances, do not feruple to are mot enormous; no lefs than being pid the
bi of it," nud Motives for its eftablifhment; predid, within tIhort period of a year, a whole expence of the damages done to his cap.
cLntaining au account of its inflitution and pro- moll bloody Germaaic war. Thofe who remem- tal in the federal fruitlef fieges undertaken by
g;r fs, a 7-." Three Letters on it." And her the fudden irruption of the late King of the Spaniards for its total deftrution; and this.
next year, Reafons for an augmentation of Pruffia into Silefia, and the weak arguments on over and above the annual tribute of military
lnw..'. in the merchants service, and provi- which his Majefty grounded his pretenfions, can forces for the purposes of war.
d ;ng fir ra number offeaamen in time of peace, hardly belia Wthat present Emperor will qui- The plague, on the coat of Africa, has nearly
with 0t.-. gl.ts on fupporting an additional ma e, 1v ,, .' inM resignation of to rich and effetted what the Venetians wanted force to at.
ri e foicc in time ot peace ; on the means of cr~tb ut an equiv;dent, or a tack, viA. the ruin of the city of Tunis; where,
ex-' d;nd n he vavi:itiuio of theft kingdoms-; fl.tugalon. The example fet the foreign papers fay, the pnortality has been Ih
on .naa. ag proviion; for the lioys titted out by ly th 'caflng, in making the con- great as to cairyoff s3,22 perfons ; and, to
te 'a-in Suiety, when dilihag'd from the qu utify the'like means in recovering a confirm this almost incre lereport, it isairm.
Ki g's flaji., a c." .. ri,;,-of which force only had deprived the Em. ed, that Ro,ooo keys f houfes that have been
The n\xt public exertion of hi bhenevleance pr-el Queen. It may not, however, imnpruba eteared of inhabitants Fy this dreadful disorder.
w-.. hi r-s pnap.Il for tt.e relif and employ-' bly happen, that Sikfia may again change mnat- had been lodged with the Dey.
mo!'i offratndnci Gidl aind repenting Piolitut,-s, te s when call expecdd. The Dutch republic are in a very critical fitur
in Five Lettrs to R. Dingly, Elfit; 758," 4to. It has ahead been founewhere remarked, that, action by diffentions among thenifelves: thefe in-
Th's vva. foiu after carried int., execution byv xer lance the iatcrrvitw between the two potcn- crcafe daily, and are on the brink of breaking
the jant urndartaking of h'ia fa: and friend, in states in 1769, the condut of the Emperor hlas fui th to extremities.
the fla.lli'hament of the MAlgalen charity. borne a Itriking timilitude to that of the King. On the 27th of July, the States of Holland
T'La benculence and public fpirit of this good In his dcfigns the Emperor has been clofe, firm, 4el4 a ni.rting, and came to a resolution, that
mrin were not cutinaedito chia;icical fpieculations, and penetrating; long in deliberating, but quick the coammnaand of the Hague should not be ae-
but realized and carried into practice in the in team uting; and not to he divcated from his flored to the Stadtholder. The numbers were,
above 'cited and othercharitable inflitutions. If parpofe by plailik rtafoning, or unlooked-for for the evolution TEN, against it NINE. On
his incune was not >.q:al to hi, wifhvs, hs .may containrencics. this ref, lution tle Stadtholder wrote them a A.
IX< flad W1 la. Ca auC Ll t ra tAr tjoi anitatutious Un tie other hand, time present &lng wiw nas tphrica r ef.r, lnui .:.l Iih 0.a- ra. .t i..a innai.
frun tile fre-e coutrbuty ions of the public and jull afcended the throne of Pruffia in the prime meant at the decifioi of the States of Holland;
their v,eli wcithfers, and by IhE ditfn:eretiednefs if life, has been (chooled in the difcipline of hii a decision agreed to by a majority of ONE voice
AL-r.-d hianfitl the patriot .id friend of focicty predooeffor, has fought under his banner, and has only. He confiders this refulation as an outrage
and th:l haman race, in the fulet and molt. ex- beon the favourite of his uncle Prince Henry % committed againfl his houfe, and as an utfurpa.
tearive fee of the wvords. to wnhijd military kill the late King was indlcbted tion of a right which ought not to be difpuitcd.
M?'. H. was fun, w. lieve, to Joa3: Han- for the iefloration of his affairs, when his mis- He declares he cannot abide by that conclnfion
cay, who ,Was MaIle aCaptalu in the Navy July fortunes in Saxony, in 1760, had reiulered theau and that the SovtEIGoa (by which he acknow-
9. 1t703, andl died May a 73 7 ; and brother dcfperate. ledges the Majefly of the People unit.itan le
to Tioman Ha-away, mare aCaptian intheNavy Tao fuch competitors, and con~ctitora they States Affembied) has not the righ'i without
Ap-il ;, al 44 a Comm'iflionrer of the Navy miat ever be, will not catily yield that lhjea to reafuns of the highest importance, wodeplive him
J-ias:ir '.6 ; andid ( Xi ober 1i 72; he had which both perhaps may have a doubtful right. of a privilege inherent in his high office, and
avathnr brother, a ; was a Cleak in the Nan- We may therefore conclude that the fears ofthofe abfolutcly neceffary to fupport its dignity.
OtLe. who are apprthefive of war, are not wholly un- This, fay fame, is little lefsthaa an open de-
Stperar 2 S. Ey a letter from Newcafle founded. The Turkilh politicians fay, the Eu- claration of war; and, in fad, houilities may
In A Trne, an acemcuint is received of the me. ropeans mut be blind not to forefee an approach- be faid to be already begun. /
lm.wl:y fiate of v,)asg Ma. Heron, f(n ofan iugrug~ure. The new King of Pni Jdi(patched a con-
at tracy of ,ltk place., occafiosed by the raif- On the i Sth of Augult, the day after the old fidental meffenger to anuimne his acclion to
cli.oa-s p.-a&tice oflallooning, which we have r King died, the new King of Prufia arrived at the crown to the Princds of Orange his filter.
':en reprobated. This ttnM ppy youth being Berlin; previous to which the death had been whiAh has revived the unrage of the partisan
hn' in afliit-g Ltoardi to ihis balloon enthe announced to the garrifin, and the oaths ten- of her houfe, and given :iirito the aunfe. On
rjgh, wln-a he was to alcand fioim Spinal, bad dered to the different regiments. His Majey the 5tlh of Septemberlthe tows of Hateja
noat the ba.lan itakL fire sad burat the cords then gave audience to his minilers, gen era-pf being' summoned to adasit a garrifon from the
UI rsiicl it -was coafinaed; and baig bus lofoe- cers, and other peons of diftiafjius and; army of the Stadtholder, 'efidfed to fubmit, and
r 'r tmauntel ia an ina&at, a id with it drew Mr. feared the order of the Black Eagle oR Con put itfelf on its defence ; but the burgh s, hav-
II ,m, ,'fe hand being enamagled in the waie. Heiatberg, fir- miaiier, if fuch he could ing received very pathetic letter from the Baron
crd, was cwrnid o the her;agt of zoo fee, called, to his late Majdiy, who was himfelf deCamplen, and odthergentlemenofGoulderland,
whes, on tee bsTking Of the baoon, it gave owa uminiCer. who wished to fpare birgherbloodtheysbandon-
way nal from that eight a he yhg aan, It was nut til he n4th tat the death ofc ed the town, and the garrifon took pofeleion.
rho r ted fAi upon a ta te, d hlc fel upon King of Proffia was anaoancedmt Br e. The parliament of Bmirdeaux, which was
a i r-bed of t exarh, ia aZbick he frank far which, large bodies f ria p* had fumnmoned to Paris on the ad of July, ii confe-
anerly knee deep, ad rwas jal ire enough to been o bfered isa motion towards thf tiers of-quence of their refufal to register a
(prak when takca ou, but 1 died (n the 'pot. Pruafa, for which, till aA it wi, not eafy to date to confirm the duke de Poligna-
Ifarmrr alialy Li.edi the whole musituade, accouat. The orders wte equally myflerious fefion of lands recovered from the fea, and who
aw.ig which were his parents, rdatioas, asd that had keea receive0t Oftend, to provide have been kept long in fnopence, have at length
frierls. AS ren t away (fxrowful; but what asitenr fr a body of cavalry that were to win- been heard, and have received their difmuifonin
rsti be the feings of the father when they teer ia the Low Cxuuaris. At the fame time it fublance as follows: That whatever has bea
wvre toid k ins he ir fie! (oa the awful no- was remarked, that federal coro of Rffiisa hitherto done with regard to the above lasdA
amat, Lanaii made hi efGape, while the fury raoopswere aalembing oa thcefeiieraof Pulaod, Ihall be looked upon as null and void; L dt tl h
of te popwlae was yet repe&d by the dread with a view, as given oat, of faciring the ianf- commifion given to the Chevalier Petel,e %I-
wkh which they had bee frmck. eace of Rasa at the aplpachlg diet. Add to means authorifedlhi proceedings, and is *l .t
T Phe nct Amein who has for fame tmaM all theft, the Emperor hiadf is faid, in the fore to be cantcdlI that a new oeaumlo. U
Iaalured uader a itavens aleao, her Loado Gazette,, to have arrived is p & in w L p mr wedil d l ah t
remi s*a canamets towO. She o ly heahat Luxeabaqo s the ph Papal; thon lletg bien =1h ae&ive rights of t
j. ~ ~ ~ o1S8 1 ^ ..t>K~*dto at thVaj5 adMdWl

approaching vacation there inall be a meeting
held of deputies from all the parliaments, who;
in concert with his Majefty's minister, Shall
form a new law, to ferve as a principle on which
all future decisions Shall be founded. The par.
liament was treated by his Majefty, when ad-
mitted to audience, with the greatest refpedl;
fo that on their return to Bourdeaux they
were received by the people with acclamations
Paris has lately been amufed with the exploits
of a Gentleman Giant, who gambles, and brui-
fs the pcnojIc who win his money. He is known
by thr name of thn Ch.valier de Boju, fon to
thei Conipte of that name. He is noted for his
flrengrth, for breaking his chains, beating the
watch, and keeping the officers of the police in
dread. His matter-piece, as related, was de-
itndingi hinitelf against even of them, who at-
tunmpid ti apprehend him. But they aec pro.
ronled ftouni an amusement of another kind, viz.
Ant tilotes of the man with the iron malk.
Th'l, iBinking-houfe, or Mount of Piety, at
Naphs, is entiiely burnt down. That buildi-lg
took tire on the evening, of the 31ft July, and
the flames talidly made thjr way ftom the roun-
ting-houle to the warehoufe, where the pledged
cloath was k, pt, from thence to the timber-yard,
arid oth-r parts of the building. All thIe a -
count-books, the pledges, the timber, and the
p.'per lbetlonging to the bank for about 70 years
back, wire confamedt. The ravages of tlhi fie
lailld three days. The damage to the bank is
flil to amount to 1,2o0o.0Co cownf, bcfltes imn.
incuf, ls to t l tholc who had pledged tic;r goods,
otn whih th, re was never more lent than a inar-
ter of their value. Several ot the perfons empioyedl
in the bank hav been apprehended on ftrpici'cn of
having wilfully fet fir: to it, in order to coinccal
thiir pecnultitns. Thus this fui,.rb edirce, the
work of the ic le!,atedarchitcia ,Ia, which
the populace of Naples al .ayv fparedl iln their it-.
furrcettio i, lin. fialln a victim to villainy.
Oilacr 6. Mond.ty died, ;t hik feat in Eldtin-
II.ll, in Stffolk, the Right lion. Au'.t:uitu'
Vif.ount Kpp)el. tlis Lordlhip wasI born
April 2, I ;' and froni the early part of ihia
lil' ;tad bi'n broghit up to the fel Il vice,
and was stlth Lord \nlti) itn the South Stas :it
the reduction of t!tt toin of PaI'ita; in t44
ie was iuate!c a Captaai in the Navy; in 175 I
he was Cto;im'odte iii the Mediterieanari ;in
177- lie was ,r.inot-d to the tank of Rear
A inti:;dl ofW te K.c1, and in the fame ycar.Vicc-
Admiral of the Bhir ; in 1775 Vice-Admiral of
the Whli c ; in 1776 Vice Admiral of the Red ;
in 1773S Atiniral of the White ; and on the
24th of April, t78, was created Vifcount
Keppel; h ing without iffue, the title becomes
This may be called the era of treaties. We
livc jull c, nelutild one treaty with France, and
another with Spain : a third with Ruftlia is in a
fair way of being amicably ftttled; and the
f.,iurtli I lhli we are about to commence with
l',t:..;'%, will, it is to be hoped, meet with no
r,. '.t Iu "i, tiol. A f0h, however, is lill
want;ti of more importance perhaps than any,
or .,dl of the former, and that is a treaty with
o.,nltves. 0 Fadion! when will thy venom
craft, and fullffer our domellic forces to be
hcal-d !I
Ti'hl- arifian Ladies now drefs very much
a /'A ligo. Ont their nancen.-coloured necks
they wear large handkerchiefs, which they pin
under their chin, and take particular care to
puff oult to all enormous volume; thefe handkcr-
'*lft-~ etrs (liars), the appellation
injs ju, as thi7Uel'Swho puff moft are the greatell
impofors-JPr/w ellefontl olfer, mains /lri oant de
Jorgesf/ oves thecfeber, which arc mofltly made of
muflin, lawn, or gauze they wear a cloak, the
fore parts of which are very' long, and which
they tie with an elegant negligence behind.
The morning drefs is a chenife made of lawn
*r cambrick; adorned with two fringes at the
bottom, about three inches deep, and ten or
twelve inches afunder ; in the intervalare bou-
.uets neatly embroidered--then follows the
itpoir of camhrick fuperbly pinked into femooao
it the extrtmitiei. a

, The head-dre&f are variegated, as ifual, ad
imnitOum. The men chiefly drefa iin Ae d Pari,
Pute or ardofe (fate colour); their buttons are
mostly of metal and mother of pearl beautifully
The fdolowime letter was fa byl Mr. Pitt to a, of Gloaefrfire.
"s8I R,
Thinking it may be fatisftory to you to
receive the earliest information of an event inte.
refting to the manufaflurers of Gloucefter(hire,
I take the liberty of acquainting you thal atrea-
ty of commerce, between his Majdty and the
Court of France, was signed on the 26th oflall
month; by one of the articles of which, the
manufa&ure of woolleas, not mixed with filk
made in Great-Britain aiW France, is in future
to be reciprocally admitted into each kingdom
under a duty of 12 per cent. upoa the value.-
Woollens mixed with filk continue prohibited in
both countries.
I hale the honour to be, ,
Your mnoil faithful,
and moit obedieeYrvasnt,
" Downing-,freet, 07. 3. W. PITT."
Thomas Mafter, Efq; /

PETER D E 4 &n it --
Have jult imported in the ri ,1.ffl
JotsN M'N.iutnGHT. .
D,.7 Jot L U N D I l j
rarliculars of which wilIhbe iven next Week, via.
Fa ost Lo o N. -

LINEN Drapery and ancheitry
wi I '.a ry --
i.k Mercery and Milinery
H-lhcrdaflhr IItliery, and Sh
,ro-cry, Cordagc, and Ship C dlery
1 h:arwarc and Cutlery
Copper and BWir Ware
China, Glafs, and lrnniongcry and badltry
Chelhlre and Glouuceter Chccfc in'llamipcrs
F in C ORK.
A4i r.l,,,td Nose and vrej, via.
Prime M.f l3ccfar d Pork, in Barrels and Half Barrels
'lT'Inng;eO iI ripe, in Kgis
it,. R-,f. n ttcr, in Half Firl.ins
S..ip and C. idl<, in Boxes
ltouid. I,i HBRf, ini Tubs
l/itatnei, in liampers
All wlich ill he fold on rVl ,e rms, but nothing
\i. hea dc ivsi'd '&lihMtoty is
it tjri, 2liok, 23. l
In the Ship V'-.y, Captain Al'SBr.te, Irom Lonnor,
A ; D TO B o a
O SNABURGS, 2t s and yard wide Irifit
linens, Shcittngs, oavn HlI!and, Biritanni.
Pitrol Lawn, blkfias, ID Ins, Checks and Stripei
Bed Ticks, Bed Huil HInted Linens, Callicaci,
Chints, Durints, "l'Canys, imancocs, Printed Linti
and Bitrdered HIandkerthi Marfeillcs Quilting,
Figured & Citdilerd Diiit, I. g I..n, Cant rick.,
Gauzes, clear Lawii, Holland ape, Womens Stays,
Book Mulliin, Humhums, Nun I head, Model, Per-
liiins, Sattict%, Flrtentines, Sc ing Silk, Silk Stock-
gnog, MI.%*Wnrimcni, Boys, d Girls Thread and
'ttoan i Thretad K, a Sd, ilk Gloves and Mitts,
Mens jr1se and Shoes, Wom Calimanco Shoes, Boys
and Gi Shoes, Mena fine td coarfe liars, Boys and
GUrls w and brown Beaver Hats, Ladies black Bea-
ver with rimming, Hyfon, Singlo, and Bohea Tea%
Loaf S CheCle, Black Pepper, Soap, Candles,
Powder 'hor, Hair Powder and Pomatum, Laveu-
der, Ber ingfeed Oil in Jag, Vinegar, London
Porter, white', a nd red Lad, yellow and red
Oaker, Sonap B'o A, ienknivcs, Rzorn, Croffcut Saws,
Slates snd Pencils, Pted Buckles, Sifiars, Ic. Icc.
Kafa, Decem,,r t. 178
In the 81op HOPE,
And for Sale at Ca in ADDIRLaT'a Houfc, on
ilt Bay
TRISH Mefs and C rgo Beef and Pork1 Role
SBtter in fitkass; I Bltimor' fine and fnperflc
Flour. L S 0,

A few prime young N GR9M EB.
Apply to AaaAA m m


NASSA U, December 23.
SCorrefpondent, after mentioning fame late acconatts
of immense portation. of Cotton into England
from foreign co-,*ric, particularly there being entered
at the pert of London alone, in the course of one week
in January ,la, no left a quantity than 67.730 bags
from Holland, addrefling himself to the Cotton Planters
in the Bahamas, fays, Hear this, ye Cotton Plantera
Increale your industry and your capital as much as
Syou can, and fear not that the utmoft ezertiou of
Sboth will ever glut the Englifit Market."
The Convention with Spain refpcding the Mufquito
Shore, &c. does not appcar to meet with the public
appribation in Ean aud-in extenuation of the humi-
liating claofes for ifferting oar Indian Allics, relinquifh-
ing a valuable country where many thriving citahlil- .
meant had beeri made, and the confequent facrik--
private property, it is alleged that the treaty of poise
made under the administration of Lord Lanfdown, and
ratified by the fucceeding one, left no alternative!
Mr. Eden's Commerctal Treaty with France, as far
as known of it, is faid to be highly advantageous to the
Manufailures of Great-Britain, particularly the hard-
ware, woollen and cotton branches.
The Article in this Treaty, which allows the free
importation (f Cambricks, at a duty of J5. per piece
only," iaye a writer in a London paper, can never be
too much coan needed, if it Is tiken only in a moral
point of view ; for if a contraband tradebe a political
crime, the prohibition of that article criminated almol.
e c y lady and Gentleman in the kingdom : And as to
the I iicn Diapers, there was no pollibihty of their ef-
capin the ignuinuny, and oftentimes the punishment
hiceh is ow atatlied to fmiuggling. The duty en that
article is, with propriety, fixed fo low, that it will
l'7 e wir.h any perltin'. trouble o fonuggle it."
Thrc London Papers Ipeak with much confidence of
.n a'rccment having adually taken pace between the.
Courts of I'raince an.I Spain, whereby the latter cedes
to thN foa nr both the Horid.. and Louifiana.-Our
c 1jy all recoiled that a furmile ot luch a negaci-
a .lcg on the tapis, was given in this Garetta
Early MMrch lafl.
On "'h latday evening Mr. Dryf.lAe, in the Vigilant
Custom. houfe Tender, returned froin a cruise to wind-
waid, having previously fent into port, the floop Ame-
, .i, B illie, an American telel ; the floop Fanny,
Tucker, at.d the floop Faiendfhip, both Britits veffels,
ikized for illicit trade.
On the 4'h of this month, the Brig Ranger, Patter-
fon, fro.a Jamaica for this port, was loft on the Col-
leradoes.-I'lih mailer and three failors were drowned;
fmn; of the crew were brought to this port by one of
our wreckers.
The Charlotte, Kidd, from London for Halifax,
after being levetal times driven off the ca'it of Nova-
Scotia by violetut gatle of wind, born away ior great
fMll[efs for this Sunday, 40o miles N.N E.
from the Ho!c in the Rock, Iipoki the Elizabeth, King,
Ircnm this poll for l.otloti, two days out, all will,
and nao luJiplied by C;pt. King, witl. v after and other
ict cfl. ie..-Ou hurfday the Charlotte arrived here,
after hethg three tloonths at fea.
A Ship, firtpofcd to be the Ceres from London, is
rowin hte olling.
Df(. 20. Brig Live-Oak, MacNsughton, Cork
Schooner Tryall, Tucker, Antigua
2r. Ship Charlotte, Kidd, l.'rlon
aD-. ar. % i,'. n Inior.. tRmith, tGeorgia

N OTICE is hereby givcn, the REC.IVEr
G.NKasaL will not clear out ny Vefcl whatever
in future, until the Duties inward and outward, are
paid, agreeable to Law. /
vaa, Dn. Dser z.1, t7I86. / 0. BARRY.
A LL Perfons indebted to the Eftte of Mr.
J. aLN W Lrza, late of this Ple, Merchant,
deceafed, are, for the lafl time, informed, that unlefa
they fettle to the fatidfainon of the 8.S ibers, on or
before the isth day of January next, eir refpedlivo
Accounts will be placed it the Hands cf Robert John-
lion, Efq; to be fued for.
Nafa., Daoesr s., yf176.
W HEREAS the Subfcriber i1ell inform
ed, that his Schooner M r owa, cornm-
manded by SOLouON WITaLa.v, as, in the latter
end of July lafl, while on a tarto g voyage in the
neighbourhood of Cape Cartouch k uued by a Spanifl
Guard Co Campeahf; o that the matler
and crew made their efcape, and e gone for the
Brtifil Settlemeats in the Bay of H ra m: He eur1
nefily reqeftis all Britil fub jedi other prfeson
to whom the faid after or crew, any of them,
may make application for aftitlanto get hIfther,
that they will grant it to them, and the Subfcriber
will ch fully re-imburfe every Depence they may be
at in fo acting.
Befidesthe nafler, there were on board the Skid
Schooner, Willi._ K..f, a white man, and the fol-
lowing Kcgroes, via.-Ce/r, belonging to Roles
Hn.. Efq; lfac, belonging to Mr. 7.n. wVarise
Sam, Aet, Dick, 7ermsy, *ad 71i, the property of
Who requela the favour of allt thlrinter$ in the
Weft.-lAe. to uabli4 thd SbA sd'W$lsK 1I

.. .. ..ha... ib. to id- 'lU."M, .* Noe. .so.. e .6to a 4" i ow a,* .-.
P R O L O G U E hot Io a 'duih I he 'md 'hbe rtfisted-d do; S4oweme S0. ou ulArae Uem dJul
To the COMEDY of TIT for TAT, ist 17*0. 6, AiAmela bon uwber 1
AAted at the Thatre Royal, Haymarket. Deebofe 1,r p9 hi hii pcaitlna of the whid Th ef at was bo September *, i741
Written by Mr. COLMA. duachy of i ob l B qtc4 t 174s be .iriaed i. J n 14,. 1 the P X Abeth.
ti .o .the y w I; ;cded to~iS t treaty of Chrleua-Uorlet. am 1 n1tv -Wolfetbvu.lbywhooa
Spoken by Mr. PAL IN. Brelaw. he ned a. land tok n a one dauhtet Charltte, bora 177-and .
OLlONG h Eth Old agland ivem, as from the helm, Pra t a blipd to If lia fr.a He m f 9.r eqLa of .He ilrmftlt,
L 2,1Dramatic Law to every iller realm, deeaa war ?lln. d ,i 4 lo .afeatt th ir 'wnm ,ne. ht c Fietam .edlt.-wijlmn. born
S&otland her Theatres delights to rear, Anf t e lf in 8iida; took C t'Sl; l 770r trede.Ch-caries .ewis, born 17731 Frederic.,
But for fpplics, for way and means, looks here: fated Autln at Standents. sc. with A ftli (%b itlapi4ugull s, born 17 Sl another, barno 78;
Hibernia too ihprovce a friendly hint; and Poo dwuas proclaimed at rIdean. In 1747 1 sai4 &tWler, 1i231 and a tlr, Fredertca.Laife.
A new Play, Honey! fair, there'e nothing io't, granted rreat p ivileges to the rProeltats that "a Willhdilna, born 1774.
For we have all their manufcripts in print. settled in hia dnione. In 7s6 he watdeobliged to _' .
' ,2 uc f cake hi. truth. Acroft St. George's Channel to war with Il ay. France, and Sweden, te took ,
" Bullin vain the Jrie wold imputail; Lelpkc, an In vain eapc&, grave Chancellor to lit, "e to 81 1" K o..f olnd to delivr op hia
And Igard by eqaite the rights of wit: whole M ilm at a, and took eEdrioa f H'"HE making of -paper money a legal tender In the
Whilediian lManaers feel no compundlion., D"rK .. Ik 7 he o hid t aiwW y to part wth A. Aensctn Statoe, ns mo. evidently done to iujure
And laugh alike at adions or injunctions. their Lr""ea t i wIrr ispb, a. bear arms. He foreign creditor, anid the u jouice ih aggravated by its
defeated the A jCDh aiiear Pragne; but was defeated bi.ig committed under the funainon of law. The
Yet to be juft ourtfelve, we own to-day by them na whdantz. which city they afterwards Americans fay, their paper will be faithfully redeem.
That from Hibernia comes our printed phy; took. NHisa 4 al Allauten'ffel dfte.ted the swedes in ed, alid dhat fords are provided for that purpofe. If
A play firit flowing from a Frendhmean'r pen, Pomerania, (took Anclam aud Lrmoin. la 17y8 this were adually the care, the injlait wionld be
Cork'd, bottled there; decanted hcre .Kgin. lie delfaed q rmy of Rufflans, that were matching Ifteied, but flll it would sail, f cr editors who
Three ad., in Paris, kep lthe fcenea alive ; again him IkV ultrin, bet uas furprilad and de. erax&i payment, agreealei to thlcir conttra l, mult
And thofe three adts, in Dublin, fwcli'd to five i fated by tdri te at Hoch-Kirkcn. In 1; (lthe fufer, by being put off to 'a dillant period, It.the
But Dwarfi, ne'er treading Olant'$s Caufeways, we war was orea with varioati lhccefs. In 1760 the ftcerity given than be ever fo good; and the mawe
Lop of two legs, and relt again on three. Ruaians and Atlrianis took Berlin. when the inhlabi-* o if thi fcurity, be it note, bill, or bond, cannot
tt, r'nfomed t lot 1,700,ooo crowds. In 3761 he be p..led,in pan.ut to. srEignera. But nothing in
Oh, on our Trilpod may we frmly f"and.; wat fir inunded by 'o~iany armic that he cou'd onl faA can be more idle than to pritnd, that tile pater
Anti hail lil;e -hem, our cargo fae on lad. !it o. a the d fi e. In 76. tlce.wa. fig. ned*i t litle emitted will ever be pid at it. nominal value, if
Fr.iicth Irtif, I glfih, what 'er the freight, i d with Rulia at Pterlbrh. al a. It is not intend by thole ho give it t
Your fentience ftaips it merit, false it fate. ,. ,a. a ah, ,a tod with Hulla y, Fac., sld airary currency.o EaiIce ht hewn itn very
From me, whofe utmoft aim is your deligiat, H. 1 ~lburh. In 1764 the ato f) Fecy, "fti nce. that on atseipt toi firce a currenr6 a pipe.,
Accept the humble offering of to-night! -l ,, med by fire. 'lt e t' of u. qu ,,slto i.frpeciei, has. Ien filloaed by a iif eaUt or
To parefe, whercvcr plac'd, e ftil my care, *aaJ n .d deft. ltroyed by fire. 1:i s the of It il the market If tI n...r..I*
Aut rury, Haymarhct--or Wellclofe liatc! h.e .o rk A t d Berlin. In l766 the King pre. hol.tersof tCongfids paper have not, from v.autiin at
to f~ev" nirm Pritites fupcib services of their difapoiirtment, thrown it into the lire. there
celain made In Berlin, in order to encourage that imu'a beat this time threc humilred millions of dollar oif
E P I L O G U E. 'manf4aory. In 1767 hi n er Flredcrica-Sophia-Wil- it in exifleie f..iewhere, the nominal value of which
helmina was Analiicd to the Prince of Orainy, by is nmre dh i fit!7y millions of Britifli m-nary; yert l
Written by a FAihND. h.mthe has itie itwo lfipsandi onedAughter. In 177, *uniplettly lunk, amd evil dead, i: dlin v ail ataf. ,f
Spicten by Mifa FanRIu. the Kiag took iflIflion of PoliAi Prulha, and dignifild I,, r, Ihat ('ongrefi, in the dhiktiflni i,f their debet
t ti s of yore, his acquiition'with theAame if :New 'rul'ia. le had a r.1 finance. I do, pt tven take rc twice I it., alith' It
r hmeholt yorna,'s fan fators c rere, at arivale conference ith the Emiperor at Neil,. In th:e ani) be fiehtll an their inurtai. the. mall fit e.n
0Ov he wcdr 'iifkel frtln retrtent 773 he took po,; of Daaick. In 1776 the iproinifn to pay the hol7l-ro f I it tt'* full nominal
Prc h ,, .tr d e ,, M.nd irtl e of men rand D)uke of .Ault mde his public entry aino Be value. Can it b, f|>p,le.. that the papcr givcri oat
ricllo'r ti,d cve r .en, Jind, beware of mend in. on a vilit to the Kt hyy th. fI. vefal affemiblit. of ittdividal Stat., m old
Srill o'er a ld i o repealing inght and day, lhc King was rat hrr blew the middle Sise, well i.t take th ftane cou ft ? It mrn.y not bh t:itrirly the
.ly, fiuan .m all a. animals of'prey made, a.d remarkablaetive for hi time of le. He fame; C.n'-f provided .no fu d for ll I ayou,nt of
Bat now, or theirs is changed, ot elfe our nature, was become hardy by exercife ansi a laborious life, for thie ITqer iied hby then, it was n ,It itI time, tlur
And main's not hld fo terrible a creature. is conil]itutiun originally at ionei of tl.e IlroIgell. a*dted is it irefnt, it their power vi. tr'vile any
No dame now take, beneath her wia g her charge, Hi la k anatoed firit a.t d 1enetra:in. He had but the alfeta'clk at lea), pritiod to pro.idj. o.t'
But I.t the tender chicken roan. at large. fit blue eye ; hi. voce was inulal =nd articulate, a uc tothe purpose. by requlrig r) tr to wha
Sho..l. Sq--fr..., t i...lh st .,so i and he tfarIely ever f1pks but with a fmila. By ihole the Iap-r is first ev, fee rity, hy In rearglt' ,f ltr
Our girl'. no fool-the '1 give 'em 'it far T'. wiht, ad oily lt hlis pituTc, a difilcnt opinion might elate., tht ,he unt m A pat n p.Ilr
MI f ree om Lfhool, and firing by ,nitton grown* be formed. Hi. features acquired a wonderful d LeadI lilf A curee wld fellow, round the town. of aiiniation whlte he convtrftd, which is entirely llt poaranc', a pioviflaoi Inade for rits reointa,.; hae
For cry lile a flle i at c tmand- on ia. Fr fti e l ore li death he (itoped th, f' who make it, know h w tw ti lest it fl: dially
Fo,,r ery bowaiurttfeyen.Car aty m r-, ;od i,;clitted hiI head almitlo contla.utly luto in l end, ,a.d are rafolve1, frin' te fiif, to d, i
For oglein, fl 'irng, Tat .ide. le was very partial to the Frech lar guee. Thi. ], ipir ting malde a legal tfnadcr, a n ,t who has
belles equl beau--and Ma.s givs Tist for Tat. whch he fliac with the tmoill 'fluency, and muoh b tunme indebted to a.forign merchant f.,r ycdarecei
lie firft that falers win her sy heart, more accuracy than the Garman. His daefs fteartly scil opt hina to the amount of ten thouilsd ,pi niid,
And ,retna'.. lackfmith joit, m ne'r to prt. r varid; it (omlued fof a blue coat, lined aiad pur1.lafe an eflate in land with thaef eflcts, by a
hNow like fair Verua tourirs vaiw r l, pair, gt vriSth'ed, analelln wailoat and bracch.s. li, om-rt;age of which ellatc he lrtaw's ut of the 'J1Jafur.
Thi.s .c.. love, .d that roun-my dear. whole wardrobe c fled of two blue coats f.,ed with paper eo the amount of chat he twe,, and teaihert it
At length a fhort moon wafted, one to tItat red, two yellow waillcoat, three pair of fellow to the ageTt or. attorney of his creditor, and thus .....
How runs the reckoning of-Our 'lite fat. breches, and a tuit of blue enmbroid. rce with rels .i. dcht. 'hie creditor find., that it is to i., pr.
dHe rails--fhe icoldi-they're yet upon the square, flver, for grand occanfon.. The velvet fait, rtou eb pole to renlonflrate o.r cmitplain, .nd therefore mAnle
lThre', fitll a Rowland for an Oliver tny yar of afe, ed aal the vigour of ynuit. the meft he can of tie pvper thit fo-red on litit. and
Tol abroad and tavern h roam, li always wore boot wit alulTr topt, which fell in purcdtafh fctice or mirchlaidilf withjt at a d, conir,.
She.ll have her cardd raivate friends at home.. winkle about his anles. i, ht would have hbee and he will allow a large one rather fhan hold in his
Your temper, M m .-' Sir, our teaipers fult, thut etravagntly large Egland, though of the hanuso aper which iqf n to ae e him T'hus .. depre.
You once were i.4d, and you, but nowa brute." amconAmo ly ufed by lhe ruliau offer ., cavalry.. gteion c-meace. on the tufc cfrcla ,ne.ft!a.ipaer.
Should he prove tas', what remedy for that ? l, e ,eBtrally wore onve cf .e large fide nornera ot atl' until ehbe infg called in, when thif

Spica. 'd with.hi endeavour, ...t m t cthat, which it, wa, drelfd, o hould be taui.t to belie ... they, I. the. legiftoir., and f,.ver.ig.i f tlhu
And well you will repay bhim l it for Tat. that te frirler was gro ly hurried id n the e cctioi of st.le, .ot. laoenl it by; t other tore flumn Iry pro.
..e .... ....... .... .- hi ofice. He ifed a ge gold fnufl.-boax, tht lid r. editi I'ls it is well known, muftll be the courf and .
V namentendwith dians, and took an omamotderaot fa ci the paer;t and lthe a I bliie, who gave it ou.
Brief AfemsioS of It late Krao (f PastA. quantity of Spanifh n the i.arks of etach fc.... /li'" wil i o er vi ..i. An iaftance this of fraud
Since, liket ike, how h l our friend requite, Elihaira| rd tan hit will t and breeches vii a '" i1jt.o-.tIoe einthopfe Saatv, f. .ritly to be pait.lno d
fREDERICK the Orei ntwho diedon the bu th day of ctr on hide ad t tn''rrdheo iel a j e th mqrcey at Ti c re
.. Agu., at Berlin, was born Jnuar j 4, 1 l e. a greyhound,, whihc freeqnetly cateftM ;ji '|'ha gore i""et ,,fAlgetiar, wvtah p.roii its futje
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