Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 9, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Vol. I HL




No. 124.




NAssAU: .Printed by JOHn WELLO, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.


IN a conference held between the Ecclefiaftic
Princes of the Empire the three following
points were debated upon: sit, To withdraw
themselves entirely from the jurifdiction of the
Pope's Nuncios, 2dly; to revive the ancient
grievances of the German nation against the
Holy See, to bring them to a knowledge of a
fuipreme chief of the Empire, and to claim his
protection fur the relloration of their former
rights to the Gerran Bifhopai and 3dly, to
eftablifl new regulations relative to the Eccle.
fiatical difeipline.
B r R L I SCftember 15.
Various have been the different fke'lche p.ribli-
fted of the will of the Great Frederic Ill. all
of which have been contradicted by auth'oritv.
The folluoing ia looked upon as autihent'e, viz.
*. After having reflured peace to my kingdom ;
after having conquered couitlries, raifed a vido-
jiaidlUimy, and filled my trcaftiry afteriaving
ellablithed a good ladminllration throughout mny
eftatc.v; after having made my cne.uici trembled
I reign, without regret, this breath of life to
nature. 1 leave to my very dear nephew, FrEde-
tic William, ncy conquered and acquired coun-
trics, my caftles, my building, my gardens,
my paintings, my wardrobe, and my furniture,
on condition that he tenders the trifles which
I dellinc to my family aa a mark of my remem-
brance of them; for my tlLates, my triafiure,
and my INople are his inheritance by birthright.
I dLiirc my ncphav to kave to the Queen, my
confort, what 4 has at prefent,' and to add
I ,coo crow us ger ainum : She never gave me
thL left uncifinefs during my whole reign, and
fhec merits every attention and refpecd for her
many and unfhakcn virtues. I lave to. my
Brother Henry oo,000o crowns, the chryf.-
pra;;fe iig fct with diamonds, ulhich I Wear,
one of my mnoft beautiful chryllal chandeliers,
and 50 antdsile of Hungarian'wine. To my
Brother 1F'rdinand so,ooo crowns, a coach,
aid eight horfes. To Princefs Amelia o,oooo
c',w'ns", and a fervice of filver. To Princefs
J lcnr v 60oo cro'lns per annum, and a box fet
,v ith di;am:ls. r' o the Duchefs Dowager of
l'.iff ieL so,coc browns, and a filver service.
To the Duke of Brunfvick two Englifh horfes,
andl their furliurti. To Duke Ferdinand a
handfoic i bop bhecaufe hle has always been min
flicicd. Toi.Prince Fiederick of Brunfwicfk
1o,000 crowds. To the Duschefs of Wirtem-
berg, citeihct to 1he Grand Duchefs, 20,0oo00
ernuis. To thle Prince, her confort, a diamond
i ,g. To the Dowager Landgravin of Cafel
o,oo000 crowns. I recommend to you, my
'tWe nephew, .my brave and noble nrny, all
my old officers, particularly thoe who were
about me; all my household and my fervants ;
let them ferve you ; and if they are old, endea-
Vour to provide for them. My firft battalion of
Life Guards fl.dl have two crowns each matr;
th ntaff officers each a medal, rprefenting one
of the moft memorable a&ions. of the war of
even years, that they nay remember me and
Their glory. The little legacies that I have left
-are ant ut of the trtaft i that i not mine;

it belongs to th; Rate: Look in it always as
fuch, my dear nephew: Thofe S aciee proceed
from my farings, tad I hope yd will fulfil my
laft requefts. To be a img f a chance, but
never forget that you area ma4 I latter my-
felf there will be no difagreemeit in my family:
Private views should be forgottha for the well.
being of the late. Let harmony reign among
you for the honour and glory of your anceflors,
and for your common good." '
We are affured that the reign. g King, after
reading the above will, promised before all the
Royal Family that he would fulfil every part of
it moft fcrupuloufly. ,
MADRID, Septtar a
The following are the princi cle the
treaty of peace, concluded between thi uret
and the Regency of Algiers --The WyAhall
be at liberty, whenever he .may think fit, to
appoint an agent to rcfide for him in one of the
Spanifih ports :-the place and fortifications of
Oran, as well as thofe of Almanzaquivir, hall
remain in fatmu qu, without any communication
with the Moorifh camp; thofe places (hall never
be attacked by the Sovereign of Algiers; and
the Bey of adC-ara hall not attempt any thing
apainft either, of them, without special order
from the former: yet as the aforefaid Bey hasa
fovere4mu authority over his own province, the
Dey of Algiers hall approve of all convention,
made orto be made, between the Spaniards and
the faid Bey; to whom the faid Dey will re-
commend to fee that the Spanifh fortrefles be
not insulted. In cafe the rebellious Moors,
who live independent and unconquered, should
be guilty of.hoftilities, fitch event hall not in
the leaft affect the good harmony between the
two high contra :ng powers; nor are the
Chrillians to be protected, when once out of the
reach of the Algcrine batteries. Three months
are granted, in cafe of a rapture, for the fub-
jeLas on both fides to fecurc their effeas and
By the 21th article, tlte Dey declared, that
in confideratior. of his Catholic Majefty's later-
ference, the Algerinca will not only reflpet the
coats of Spain, but alfo thofe-of the Pope's do-
minions; and further, that he will at all times
welcome at Algiers any thip under the Spanisth
colours or protedioq; his Catholic Majcfty en-
gagihg reciprocally to' treat in the fame friend-
ly manner the fubjelts or friends of Algiers, &c.
p L o N o o o, Septellitr .
Yesterday morning died, at Norfolk houfe,
jn St. James's-fquare, his Grace thi mo., no-
tle' Charles Howard, Duke of Norfolk, Earl
. a Surrey, Hereditary Earl Marfdal, Premier
Ie and Earl o( Englandl his titles and
e rates devolve to his fon the Earl of Sur-
re 'now' Duke of Norfolk, whofe feat in the
Hodufe of Commons for the city of Carlifle will
of course become vacant In 1739, his Grace
married Cataine. lnghter of John Brock-
holes, of Cladghg" i' ithe County ofLancaf--
ter, by whom he had ifflte a daughter, Mary,
born in June, 174,s and died in November,
17Y6, unmarried: Alfo one fon, Charles (now
Duke of Norfq&) bomr.March a1, 174, who
in 1767, was narrie to his firit wfe Mary.
Anmn, fte d oghtlr Of John Coppinger of
IreW4d Zfa which- b*dy ditdw4 twk ii oA

May 28, 1768. On April A 1771, heW...
married tu his prefent lady Frances, only child
of Charles Fitr.roy tScudamore, of Home, in
the county of Hereford, Efq.
September 2. His Majelly has appointed
Field Marefchal Baron de Rueden to the military
command of Hanover, in the room of Prince
Charles of Mecklenburgh, who obtained leave
to refign.
Robert Lifter, Efq. who is now the Britilh
charge des affairs at Madrid, is to be continued
as Secretary to the Spanifh Embaffy. The Rev.
Mr. Duteus is to be Lord Walfingham's private
Extra! of a letter from Legbors, 4uSgI 3.
S" We juft now learn by a tartan from the
Coaft of Africa, that the Bey of Tunis had, on
the 22d of laft month, laid an embargo on all
veffels in his ports indifcriminately. We do not
yet know the number of veffels that were there
when this event happened; but the matter is
beyond all doubt."
The Lenox, of 74 guns, and the Revenge,
of 74 guns, are by order pf the Lords of the
Admiralty to be immediately rebuilt in the
King's yard, at Harwhich, on the vacant flips.
The Elephant, of 74 guns, lately launched
by Meff. Adams, at Burfledon, for government
service, is the z8th fhip of the line launched
fince the peace was signed.
Thursday Captain Braithwaite, enquerry to
his Royal Highne's the Duke of Cumberland,
arrived from the Spa with an account of his
Royal Highnefs being feized with a fever of an
alarming nature. It is expected that Dr. Pen.
ton, to whom Captain Braithwaite brought let-
ters, will immediately fet out for the Spa.
Sir Richard. Jebb is alfo about to depart for
the Spa on account of the alarming indifpofition
of the Duke of Cumberland, Capt. Braithwaite,
having received orders to inform Dr. Turton or
Sir Richard Jebb, that one of them mull im-
mediatelv go to the Spa to attend the Duke;
and Sir kichard is fixed on. for that pusrpofe.
Extrati of a letter from Portfin*Lh,A Au. 30.
Lord Dorchefler, with his lady, family,
and several attendants, had embarked on board
the Thifbe frigate from Quebec, but by a Ihift
of the wind, and the weather becoming boifte-
rouin( they have been forced back to Spithead.
His Lordflip, it is faid, it determined not to
difembark, but to remain at anchor till the wind
is favourable.
Among the Ships returning from their
flations is the Adamant, on board of which is
Admiral Sir Richard Hughes, who is to be re-
lieved'in tihe command at the Leeward Iflands
by Commodore Bickerton.
The Flora is arrived from the Weft-Indies,
flie was commanded by Capt. Stoney, but lihe
died of a putrid fever on his paffage: He was
an officer ofetxa& discipline and order, and is a
great lofs to the service." .
Extra of a letier frm Pars.
e' It is faid, and not without apparent foun-
dation, that the fix Irilh battalions in the fer-
vice of France are to be incorporated with the
national regiments, change their red uniforms
for white, and receive four inftcad of even fous
eight deniers a day ; that the officers are to be
allowed their present appointments, and have
their refpecive ranks in Freach regiments; | ut
that, for the future, Ao Irifh gentleaan ina the

fervice will be diinguiffed, either by his pay 0aor Mairh ofa lI, from DaWM, Asjf t This gentleman Il a Captaip in the NaW, por.
his uniform, from the natives of the country. 1" We are informed that General Luttrell has fefing a spirit of eterprie, ad an Uauai.
This is not generous treatment from a great juft tranumitted to town a young gentleman, ding which quali for any adventurous n.
King. The battle of Fontenoy, and many others next heir to a landed property of I ool. per an. dertaking. He s toq) 0atiamed at the fettle-
gained by the Irilh troops in the pay of his num, A ho,'t isfaid, was taken in the very a minat for three years, it aspnual "lary of 3ool.
predeceffors, fcem to be totally forgotten of beadina te Right Boys, and tendering un. His eftabKled force is to econfift of ga vel,
for, abftra&ed from the very bad calfe they lawful oaths, in the county of Kilkenny. The mounting t6guns, andlspartyofmarines. The
bravely fought in, too much praife cannot be council was direfly summoned to invefligate the number of convias at Aril to be conveyed will
given to the. Irifh brigade for the prodigies of evidence, and from what has tranfpired, it feemn amount to about 700oo.
valour they performed againfl the enemies of to be believoL, that the young man will be fully The laft advices from the fettlaeneuts of the
France. committed far trial. Ealt-India Company are of a moft favourable
Mr. Eden, your commercial envoy, is che- Mr. V. the above gentleman, was taken in nature ; they ftate it as a fat, that should there
rifhcd in every circle he frequents; his winning a very bold aid gallant manner by Captain Con-, be a continuance of peace five years, every in.
deportment is talked of every where, and the dron, Ai4.-d Camp to Lord LuttrelL The cumbrance under which the prefidencies now
fenior dealers in politics give him much credit General having received intelligence, that Mr. labour, willbe discharged; although, taken in the
for his diplomatic abilitics-'ere long he will V. was fupping with fome friends at a gentle- aggregate, the fum neceffary for the purpose is
pi ove to England that the could not have made man's houle in the neighbourhood of Kilkenney, considerable.
a properer choice for the bringing about a com- a warrant was direly made out, and delivered O.oke 14. Gen. Elliott, the Govern9ur of
mercial treaty with our wily court." to Captain C. who infiantly repaired to the Gibraltar, has at length writtesto Government,
Sert. .. The Archduke of Auftria arrived at houfe, and vas without the fmalleft fufpicion acquainting them with his ill fate of health,
'iqver on Saturday night, where he flcpt, and fhown into the room where the company were and his delire to leave that place. His fuccefror
on Sunday bimfelf and attendants, in four car- fitting-he directly showed his warrant, and is therefore to be immediately appointed | after
riagcs, puffed through Chatham, about three clapping a pi.ttl to Mr. V*%. head, infified upon whofe arrival the GenerJl goes into Italy or the
o'clock, and arrived at the houfe prepared for his accompanying him. This was done moll South of France for a time, to recover his health
his reception in town that evening. readily, and not the fmallef oppofition was made and afterwards returns to England. Such is the
Etlrad of a letter from GCar, Auglf 2 t. by the company. report inii the irlt cii.l.s of military intelligen-c
The following is a faithful relation of an It is faid, Mr. V. doe not fcruplk to avow at houm.
engagement between a corporal and fix privates that he was in company with the Right Boys, The meeting of Pa.rliAment is fixed for the
of the 4th foot, and a party of VWhite Boys. and present when they fwore numbers bhit to middle of next month-we hall hazard the opi-
,On Saturday the a 5th inft. they were met at the thib he was compelled, and alfo to take the fame nion of its being the moft flattering and profpe.
Ovens, within fix miles of this city, by many oath which had been forced upon fo many round Seffion we have had fince the year 1763.
hundreds ofpeafantry from the neighboring pa- others." Ren Mat.-Mr. Mackenzie, who has been
tiihcs. They attempted to refcue the prifoners, WHITH AL L, 08d r 7. sometimes called the Scotch Add/ifon, is by pro-
when the corporal of the party addreffed the Th her leafed t fefllion an Attorney. He was lately in company
miifguided multitude in a fpeech which would iaThe 1.ighasb ecnplafed to appoint \- with Sir William Iowe, in the Highlands,
reflect honour on one in a more elevated fiation Exs prd ,f. to be his Malcpoty'sntiaroy where that General went this Autumn to war
of life; hlie with amazing ability and coolnefs tE.*r- dumt of P ,eanda Mifnier ePlciatIn ur to on the giowfe or moor game. After dinner the
xpofllulated on the dangerous tendency of the c .m et of P otugal, for ngocating w coer"- coivcrfation happened to turn upon poifons!
p .ntte d ont o tendenyo ecia rangements, in cts jntion with the Hun. the various fet of different fpectes were mna.
attempt, earnefily entreated them to delilt, and IR. Walpole, his Majcly's Envoy Extraordinary the various ff.c of different fpecie were men.
that it was not his intnuition or his with to hurt t y y tioncd, and, among others, thofe of ratxbaie
one of them, and though many may cape, nd Miniftcr Plenipottiary, now refiding at and laiuel water. We fay in England," faid
Should they provoke him to extremities, yet the the General to Mr. M. that raf/Lane will not
hand of justice would overtake them fome time L o n D o N, O8o0r 9. kill a Lawyer."-" And we fay in Scotland,"
or other, and make them atone for fo flagrant The Dunmow Prioiy Flitch of Bacon was replied the wit, 4' that fume Generals arein no
a violation of the laws. He alfo fully explained adually demanded, and awarded this year, to- dangL4 from laurel."
his duty as commander of the effort, and in the Montagu Burgoype, Efq; late a Commillioner OJoaer 16. Great-Britain feema now, to her
moft pathetic manner painted the fatal c.nfe- of the Vimlualling Board, who, with his lady, thame, to be almost the only nation doomed to
quences that mutt cnfuc, if their perfcvcrance weat though all the ceremonies required by the wear the ftters of fanatic intoleration-Evrn
laid him under the nccnffity to fire among them. inflitiation. Auflria, that favourite daughter of perfu'rution,
The situation of the corporal and his party j-tl ONv t., .1. i. h ft -mrtimment of the forces grants liberty of confcirusw-te'her fubje&s* and
at this mo-ernt was n uly alarming ; crowds destined for the colony of Botany-Bay is at permits the do6irine of Luther and Calvin to be
ware before and behind him on the road, and length fixed. It is to confift of a poft-captain, expounded in the fireets of her metropolis: yet
the infide of the ditches were lined with peo- as Governour, with a falary of oaol. per annum; were Britain to be engaged next year Ih a foreign
ple, armed with fticks and flones, who refolved a matler and commander, as Lieutenant-Gover. war, numbers of her bravelt fons would be fill
to refcue the prifoners, and not minding what nour, with jool. per annum ; four captains, drive by the bigottcd f(ily of her laws to draw
was told, they began the attack. The corporal s2 fiubalterns, L2 ferjeants, and 16o rank and their fwords against their narrow-minded, mif-
immediately cut the firings ofthe prisoners fall file from the corps of marines, a furgeon, chap. judging country. Intolerant bigotry in a pro.
clothes, and declared that if they moved but as lain, adjutant, and quarter-maftir, are to corn- tellant nation, is both odious and ridiculous.
he did, they Ihould be inflanitly fhot; lie then pofe the whole force. Much has been faitd with a view to convince
formed a circle or hollow filuare, with fix men New Holland (in which is fituated Botany the pulilic, that the commercial treaty with
round the prisoners, and kept up a continual Bay) nearly th'e Antifder to Gieat-Britain, was France has great defects as well as excellencies.
fire of one fhot at a time, moving on as well as firft difeovered by Fernando de Quicr. The That it has forme defects is not improbable; for
his situation would permit him, and with difficul- Eaft-India Companies in Holland pretend to what meafure is there that does not difcnver
ty got to the houfe of Major Dumas, at Crolroe, have a property in it, although thiy were ill fomcwhat of imperfdetion ? But thecihcinfmliice
about two miles from the place where the action ufed by the inhabitants when they attempted that has been laid hold on, in order to flthw that
commenced, and near Cork. Unluckily the to fettle themfelves there. That country, the meafure in quellion is exceptionable, is very
Major was fronrhome ; but Mrs. Dumas ren- whofe extent is many thoufand miles, is fo unhappily chofen--the truth being that tihe ex-
dered the corporal and.his party every affiflance, highly siteemed by Me Dutch, that they have psorlaion of eals is not to be in any degree. afec.
by letting them into the houfe to defend them- caused the map thereof to he cut in the ftones of ted by the treaty with France. The exporta-
felves from the affailants, and kindly procured a their Stadt-Houfe at Amtierdam. tion of this article is not prohilfted at p frent by
trufiy meffcnger to carry a note from the cor- Oflsoer z. Thrieunew hips of the line were any prohibitary law. There is nothing to pre-
poral to Mr. Hawkers, the neighboring justice, launched this day,. ithc Coloffus, of 74 glins, vent coals going from Britain to every nation in
who instantly came, and by his fpirited exerti- in the river; erop ion, of 74, in the Med. Europe, if we except a heavy duty that is laid
ons, prevented any further attack, until a com- way ; and Ex.eeent, alfo of 74, at Harwichl on the exportation of them to any country but
pany of men marched from this city, who fafely O'skr 13. The worthy Peer who prefides Kuch as is fubje& to the Crown of England,
conducted the prifmners to jail. in the Court of King's Bench, has laid in a good 11amely our American and other colonies. Now
The numbers of the killed and wounded are flock of health at Tunbridge, and is preparcd4qt the law with regard to coals will remain as be-
not yet particularly known; report fays, nine encounter the bufinefs of the enfuing term wih,, fore. Hitherto the French have had it in their
killed, and thirty wounded, and we have great his ufual alfiduity and excellence. I power to import our coals, upon paying the ufinat
reason to believe it may he true, as there were Mr. Mara, an officer of the Treafury, who, duty: and furely it would not have conducted
fevcnty two fhots difchargcd, and the situation failing with Captain Cook, had an oppbrounity much to the adjufment of a treaty, which is
of the regulars obliged them to fire deliberately of visiting Botany Bay, is the gentleman who allowed to be otherwise a very good one, t.j I-ile
and with efe&. The manueuvres of our gal- fuggeftted the plan to Governmeat of tranfport- I made the period of forming that treaty the pe-
lant corporal were truly praife worthy. We ing convi&s to that island. His intentions riod of alfo evincing a prejudice against the
are happy to hear, that neither he or his little were of the pureft nature; for not a particle of French, by excluding them from a privilege
army offeredd much in this affair, except a few interest could be intermixed with the design. which they formerly had, ad which all other
a unions from fome of the itones, but no way Whether it may not ultimately prove of benefit nations ftill have, viz. of purchasing the coals
dangerous to Great-Britain, time and experiment mutt of Britain under the impdtls which Britain has
Lord Walfiggham fets off for Madrid in a few determine. thought wife to lay on. Jf France has hitherto
da., every thing being prepared fort bi jougey Mr. Phillips is the officer appointed to fiper- found it not to be words her while to import
mae rcepi It tah pluA sPpild, ita be proDpok fectca~ta4t oDany Day.: Englith coal, burdened with a heavy duty, Ahe

ia not likely to make my epasiep t aIn o
fo in future. At all cret s, the rotation
coals is not at all affet&cd by the at treaty.
Thejr High Mightinaffe 'w do wl to
beware of their god aliens the French. The
French want to dlfpace the Stadtholder aIad
fo did Cromwell and hafioeiate King Chad.a
.id all the world knowhow omwel demeaned
Iimf,'lf after he had put the King to death. If
th Dutch hava cy conmuon kfnk left, it will
re.lily occur tXnm; that, as the French Ca-
litact is mad up of tyranny, its counfda, to
tlhlm, owevetlhe my he wordled, cannot have
the ra indeh ce of the pioplie in view.-
The firlt and moft effential fte towardAfibjuga-
tion, is tilt dermllfn of the nce of Orange.
That par'tiq go to extreitics is Itill very
du;tio*. I
The l otanBay fcheme is not only politi
btt humane.-After the firft year its espence
swill be but inconfiderable; and the perfons that
are to compofe the colony may, in time, prove
ctihliely beneficial. It ought alfo to be remar-
Led, that the transportation of conviAt to Afri-
t6i. idt is known to the legiflaturc, they would
lhnrdily he jultifintle, were they to be the means
vf bringing to a premature end, men, whofe
fotence is flijmply transportation.
Y:rri 17. The conclusion of the Com-
niircial T'ieaty has greatly difconcertcd the
pttriolic alias thefaiiourpartyin Holland. They
!il all they could to throw obstacles in its way,
ttern Great-Britain and France, in the event of
their own present diffentions coming to an cx-
tremity ; as they thought, and not unnaturall,';
t! it it would give the former power, from
v Inom they had no right to cxpL:t any thing,
an inlincir, not nmuchl an thl:r favour, ii. th
rriancils of hie later, on whoni .al their hopes
". ,l mik d. t
A\':lar at home recent little matter for fpe-
rul tion. We arclather in expectation of fume
"tiglghicyarliame ary bufinrfF. The Miniftry
nre pr.:)ating to net the Houfe on the fulje'c
t'f thi Commerchj Treaty vith France, andfti
tl;>t purpofe-e coulh-tnug very Information
rcl:iivc to the Tuppofcd confetel'nces from the
althratiuons in the duties upon various articles.
TheI States of the Canton of Berne have writ.
ten a letter to the Dutch States, importing,
that they have learned with extri:me concern
that their Hli l Mightineffes, after having, b'
wife mealftl averted the dangers with which I
they were nAatened from abroad, were trou-
bkd with intefline divisions, a misfortune which
Lis always 6een attended with the molt dange-
rous cicnfequcecca to free Republics." '
S liTey fat, 4 that in fuch a critical fitiua-
tin of affairs, uf which they had been informed
fiy the commandants of their two regiments in
the pay of the Republic, they expect and firm-
ly hope that their troops Mhall not be employed
is a manner contrary to the tenor and intention
of the treaty with the States General of the
United Broviices, and the capitulary made with
them ; and-that their High Mightineffee would
be pkafied to take fuclh msAfures, that their-faid
tnrimp may not (as the orders iffued by the pro-
ance of' 1 lland make it apprehend) be abhged
to tak. the field against coach other.
In this expectation," continue they, we
level fnt the nc ffary orders to the Colonels of
6te faid regime s in the pay of their High
Mighltinlfcis, an to take any pirt in thepre-
feat dilifercncsc, nd to pay no regard to anyor-
ds blint thofc iffictd by the States General, as
the AvuYcr, Little and Great Council of Berne,
did not form any engagement with any particu-
lar proviillP ith the States General."

KUN away front the Subf er, a likely
aNL Negro Icllw named SiaS, aout 19 yeas
*P, S f t 4 in he, high, ycllowilh cospIe thIn
be, and IlCuk. very goo knglilh, i1hadon whn
h went away a flraw hat with a black 1- round it.
Whoever wiUapprehead the laid fel and deliver
/4 to Mr. Taylor o of the i IB Nla,
4II rece ve the above Reward.
dxai"hr is. W iu.tA ..

NASSAU, Deemnkr i6. .
T I Royal HigahnS a Prineo WILI,tAs
H Hmawa arrived 'in aJP us frigate,
at St. Vincent's, on the gth oimouth.
The St. Chriftopher'sGaes ofthe Isad ult.
mention the following nedot of the Prince:
On his going on iore afterin.aer, Lieute-
nant Underweod of the army, t him on the
beach, and ailted him if the 'prince was on
board he answered no, but I4 wai on fhore ;
andrequefted Mr. U. hot to million it :-They
then went through the town together, and
vinfited federal gentlemen--in te evening, on
going, off to hls Ihip, he gave oMr. U. leave to
announce his arrival. The net morning he
landed ir form, and dined with the Governour,
Council, Affembly, and several other gentle-
mena at a public entertainment. At night there
wai a fplendid ball, when he diced minuets
with fever lodiest -
His Royal Highnefs, we are informed,
means to vifit all the Wet-India.Iflanda. It is
fAid that Count Damas Lent a very polite invita-
tion to him to vife Martinico. -
Comptc D1)ilon arrived foame ime ago at
Martinico.-He is to have the Government of
Ilia Excellency LoM Dorcheller, Governour-
General of Q huebec, Novt-Scotia, &* arrt-
ved at >Qebec on the a ft of 'Oober
In the Ship Nancy, Captain M'Br j vlt
arrived on Tliurlday from L do;&. I,
came paffengcer, Thomas Hall, EfGqrhc -
nance-Office, and Mes. Hall, Ms. Grah
and Mr. John Dennifton.
The Live-Oak, M'Naughton, from Cork,
and the Ceres, from London' may
be expelled here in the courfe of a fortnight.
Extrad of a letter from London, -Ool.r 13.
The civil diffentions now prevalent in Hol-
land, should endear the conftitut:on of England
to every native. The boated liberty of the Dutch
conGfis, at this moment, in not daring to print
or utter a fyUable on public affairs. In the worft
of tintcs the prefer, with us, has circulated the
opinions of the people. The faa that enjoy-
ing in ob many things the pre-eminence over
foreign cntuntries, we may atply the exclamation
of Virgil to the Britilh nation ; -
Ofortanri e itimin, fuajl IM vr.or !"
The attention of all Europe is likely td o'be
engaged in the commotions among the Dutch.
The Republican party are certainly an arbi
tary and tyrannical ariltocracy."
De. SchoeTr Nancy, M'Dougall, Phladelpha
4. Sloop SaUy & ierfey. Browu, Battlimoc
Sloop Livc-Oak, M'Ka,n. Philadelphia
6. schooner Willing Maiw, Jolianfon, Georgia
Hi. Majefty' SI.op ofWr Jamaica
Swan, Capt. Huntr,
7. Sloop sufasmah, Sweet ig, Philadelphia
8. 81oop H.Ic, live. St. Chriftopher
Sloop pEtfey, Gonldfmuith, New-York
(is a,flr, J:p S.S- ,t), I
9. Shoon 1.yUadlift. Havana
so. hlig Friendrip, Roxburgh; North-Caruliia
II. Sghoonelr Nova-Scotia
a Brig Providence Packet, Lythbie, Qiebec
.13 Shp Nancy, M'Bride, Lodon
Dc. 6. Sloop Dragon, Butterfield, Jamaica
Sloop Hannah, tl-lorth, Charleflton
Sdner Befey, Rid.ey., ditto
f.p Judith, Maedie, O detown
i3. 1eop Cateton, Craytbore, Oeorgit
14. tp Antelope, Drfeont, Anuaila
HiMsjettyesfloop of War'
S Cpt. Hunter, I jama
SI .rive-Oak, M'Kann, Chareflon
sj. Brigi tbelh, Ksit, London
f. Schooner r Mrougall Jiamaica
,J/arilt at t C~h-.Rosfa, 'a. mWednef-
day Next, and pai n Thrfday-
A BAG is left at the rinticg-Oace forLetter.c

Entrai. from the LONDON Pasca CUaMSMT,
of Oaf&r 17.
1azlettio, Is. &3. M. s'-. thel too ,.
Cotton$ f tbice, SWRs and Bal d. a#*
a so. ed. the lb.
A-- Tobo, Jamahle Ac- i. lad. a as. d.
tby lb. 1 4 .
lbosy, 5Ttt $1.'11 041. A tS& tIl n,

hoot for tpestado, aceulve or te& a*
bounty; r as. the cwt"-'Z1 to. 6d.-
third, 6. j
Foltic, Jamaica, y. a 1l. ISO
Oinfiat 4S. 3d.,a JsI od. the lb.
Hi mald.Jwi a l.l d to sdb. 3d.- a 3d. the Ib.
Cino, Carolina, A. a gs. ,d. the lb.
- A- f Indlia, 31. 9d. a Is. Sd.
- Spanil Flora, bcft. 9a too. 6d.
Llgaumvit. t,*I. is; a Mol. the too.
Lowood, Honduras, chipt, 1l. rs. a II8.
Maihoany, Hoadutsa, jd. a 9d. the foot.
Ncaragua Woods ;71. to 40). the ton.
Rice. Catrolina, I. 61. a it. 8i. tke cwt.
Rum, Jaualca, a. Sod. a u. Id. the gal. ksjea
- Leeward Iftads, as. a so sid. d uty
Sugar, Jamaica, lI. 4. a lI. a91. the cvt.
- Grenada, al. 1t. a sl. s. -- -.
- Dominica, l. ita. a 31. -
Tobacco, James River, s. d. s. 8d. the lb.
Tortoifelell, los. a its. the lb.
Whale Pins, a6l. a 3.ojl. the too.
Whale Oil, r1l. a ll. the ton.
lirmacetfl Ol, 39i. a 491. the ton.
Ditto, Cargo. I. 9l, a l. is.
BIef, Irif Mclb, 31. an a 31. 4. -- -
Ditto, Cargo, sl. as.
Frei the totk to the ntb f Ofoktr, thAre werv
ipWiort into the Part of Lo DOu she fllowing
quatltiri of Cotton.
From Barblalo -- a Bag
Dunkihk tano Bals
Grenada 140,300 lb
I s 14o Balg
t St. Vincent's 30 bn
Nice 8,00oo --
I.itbon 83,00ooo -
Oporto 1,000-
115 Base
S JaJaNica 9,400 lb
as ifagl
Rotterdam s6,oo. lb
On the nath of Offohr, r ton s 3 wt. Nicara.
g;mn wooJ asda fold at public fais in Lodoan, at
91. 9j. a 9/. 131. th te n.

0 Year's Crop. in emall allotted parcels, moe up at
TiAic ueit'steeJ Shop, agreeabeto an cortt fentied'
hcace, jilt received in the NArCT, Captain t'Btasl,
from l.a aDa, Ua for fak at the Printinfg.Oeke.
H AVE juft received hbthe Ship NaNcr;
Captain M'BaIDIn. trom.osNo(, a large and
well tfforted cargo of repen nd Ber.Jfdi. Goa',
ofwhich particulars will bc givwe next week's Paper.
AL 8 0
Porter, Chede, Hams, M s, P and Beef, Batter,
Candies, soap, Tallow, Paints, l, &c.
in the Ship Nney, Captain AM'Bride, from LonCos,
Alan TO ON a1Otn aT
O SNABURGS, Iths and yard wide Irilx
Sl.inen, Sheeting,, Brown Holland, Uritannias,
Piftol Lawn, Siilias, Dowlas, Checks and Stripes,
Bed Ticks, RBd Bunts, Printed Linens, Callicoie,
Chinos, Durianti, Tommy, Calimanct, Piloted Line.
ond Bordered Handkerchief,, Marfeills Qtihtin -
Figured & Corded Dimitie,, Long Lawos, Cambricki,
Gases, clear Lawn, Holland Tape, Womens Starys
Book Mullin, Hlumhums, Nuns Thiead, Modes, Per-
fians, S.ttiPets, Fleientino, Sewing Silk, Silk Stock-
ings, Men,, Womcn,, "oyl, and GIdflread ind
Cotton Hofe, Thread, Kid, and Sill Gloves and Mitts,
Men Boots and Shoes,, Wmenan CdI *ico Shoes, Bsys
and Girls Shoes, Mc. fine and coarfe Hatt, Boys and
Giri white and brown Beaver Hoat, ladies bIdek Ba.-
ver with Trimmings, H1fon, Singlo, and Bohea T4l"
Losf Sgar. Cheer. Baack Pepper, Soa
Powder and Shot, Hair Powder and P o La
der, Bergarnot, t.inted Oil in Ju, V ,
Porte", white, black, and red Lead, I w -j
Oaker, Soap Boxce, PcnknivesI R
81stestnd Pencils, Plated Buckleii 8 C.
isfe, onr.or a6, t yos l
S In the Sloop H & P E,
And for Sale At Captain ADDIaLYav'Houfe, olt
the Bay
IRISH Mcfs and Cargo Beef and Porkt Ro
Butter in faskim and Bsltimore femand fo
Flour. ALS, (
A few prime young NEGRO E 14 ,
Apply to ARAa S MLTI.
S fifel, CuM ..ar6, y. *


PHliADELPRIA, Novasmea I5.
If'k Vr /'jeW ji Raff, Oat 1o0.
'T'U ,i0afrnmaid I ha given ought to beh i
JI. cteat for y lake t and I communleate It
the gtreateft confliesce that It will not be divulge
bat dpenod upon it, troops are pouring Into N
,otia andi Caminida, from home. evenary day I the po
in the wefl of the U. S. are daily fortifying I the C
rifone at increased; comnlatlilonc from Vermont I
at this moment in treaty with the BritiM commillUton
at Montreal, to bring about iutaino with the old
t.*y.nna'ti 5ft= gathue g over y repibl
"irie terrible thaey have eve" apericnesd 0t
the thunder Is now on the point of bretail up
your head. Godtgat that you may oge teail
and authentli intelligence, thatcyou may be preper
to relilft the flockk"
New-B.atvrwtic, (mKno-.rer/y) N au.e s.
By accounts frrm New-York we are Infeamed, th
the Icgtilature have pfled a law at their late fellow
obliging all tnafiar of lillloparud coaliting vefela fro
ad jacct fl tea to enter and clear at the cuflom-houf
in the fame manner a. vefiels arriving from fee tl
ualhgtctndn to all craft of twenty tons burthcn, und
penai ty of ono .hundred pounds. This, we are tol
1as crcated fomer trifling dillarbance between tl
mailer of federal Now.England veff-hl and the cLfo
houfe officers. Tihus we fet the citizens of this flat
rcgosdlcft as it were f paying their own debts, dai
throwiti inte trhe trearutites of others a hat ondoubted
ought to be put into their own. As if we wer fa m
difetre:tt nititon,, each flret is cudcavocring to -
foecthiting for lie own tentfit, but fc:dom does withoe
icjuring f',ine one 0 f the union, nor considering ho
wet.clfe y a perfed coincidence i, principles and adi I
Ii to ti,. cndering us a happy and flourilbing people
The nceerity of ir:biag mott. nitenlive powers in Cut
grefa icver appeared more reqtife than at prtfent, i
the uio fees, entirely deprived t f a fvpttcine ho.
and till there arc tome ricdlual firp taken, we at
fearful little tife but anarchy and cotufufion will prvac
thefe Irailti Statct '
Let not (fys a lart'vritar) nmy dear countrym.t
our national faith, like tnlt cf ancient Carthage, be
come provirlhial and iontlr'ptuou ; let not an imomt
dcr ite zeal for liberty drioroy our union, and thercb
fjbjed w to infuht and flavtry; for though thl.f
Oti. whenic cemented to.gther under one conmimo
govtiwrmn:r, mual bcon',. the envy and aftllonifinci,
tf n airiiinel world, snod coatime through age-
I frice. f,,ler.tgnali i hintrcdent;i yet, if we 8mtl,
he io .juttppy as to Iee deaf to the vice.of renfon, an
to ptlnpoue the confidlration' cf what nimy jofly h
tiirmel ur political fety, difcoril and division would
lie the unavoidable c enfet tcitce, and the Rathe, a with one another, muft become an ealy pre
to to c. pride and ambition of Ctme foreign invader
or, vhat i till w fe, Mu uft 11 under the power e
tonic t.fpirinlt cititfn, who, tiating advantage of ou
wetcknin, nay, ,aln the ruiuta of liberty, ctlablifl
tyranny anid ibfiiu fway.
B.t.Tatuay, (,eyaWatdJ a 'ew,. It.
The General AffIebly of the coanmonwealtho
Virginia, have unaninually resolved, that an a w ongh
to pait, to authorize the Governour, with the advice o
council. to ciame intt fal deffei the requaition of Con
gref% of the acth ol. for failing a troop of cavalry til
the iervicc ot ftle Unaited StatCe.
v "' Frim tl I'ITTSaBaan (A rTTE.
fifVfreaiu Cnwoa,J. '
Personally came before lan the fuafcriber, one oa
"the justices of the peace in and for the ount y ol VWeftl
moreland anl commonwealth of Pennfylvania, Johr
James, and being duly fwrn on the Holy Evangethd al
Almighty G(Od, faith, that he left Detroit on the <9th
of September lah pal ; that thui deponent few a cer-
tain Colovrel Jofeph Brant, with about Gn Mohawk
Indians, on the month alorefaid, leave Detroit, and it
was reported tllibulinefi was at the Shawanecfe town,
there to counsel and try to pacify the Indiaoe in that
quarter; and this deponent heard it reported that about
LoO fcalpr had been brnughwt into the Shawanefc towns
lao fumnmer. Sworn before me this 9th day of Oato
bkr, 1786.
John Springfield alfo faith on hit oath, that at a ctr-
rain place calld the Salt.Licks, in the Indian country.
le found the body of q white man who appeared to
have been killed by the Indians, a he was fcalped.
Sworn before me Wis ith day of O.tober, E786.

'A report is now current that Osnei Clark bad
ge on an expedition agapia the Indiana, who having
intmaton of Cl delgn, removeheir d- the r ld
property, together with the woman and fquawe,'to
some of the Chipaw town but that Coloel Loga.
was difpatchod to deliroy the tore., w General
Clarke wal to attack the Indiane in froost In both
thefn enterpere our arms were fuccelsfal; ColonIel
Logan bunt their towns and hboys 4000 huoleb of
corn, and took f5.e priftoml aer ad Goneend Clarke
rooted the party whics he atlad, fter a nlrt
m eoreatLke css,,

It to heirformaer'&na-ls ; thus they avrived at Pa
a* Sr. Vincent's, w they made t&ro 4a Indian
I who were withVwhe Ffneh nand A rnicean at thi
T'r place in a friendly amnner 1"they were kept In coo"
e meBet'but a Ihoti d eore tbeta he O e0 fet thm
ets liberty, and d 300o men from the P'olwith hin
"- ad appointed o, tse to command them, to keep g
ca, rifem at Polft at, Vincent's far ine yea I this bhfinc
>y, detained them t" daos. In this tinm the flMleri bhgj
an to ba very oef and wifted to return borne I how
ever the Oenerr availed with them to march fret
ed that plane towarlt the principal tow s on the Wabal
river, with affia them the hufinet, that they can
pn cou be affed.t in a few days; on the third day
march towards the town, about ao of the men wet
very claniorom and h in the afternoon refused a
y march any furthw, on the i lt Infornation the Gcatr
received of It, h ordered a halt. and in the moll pre
' fnlg manner be'led them only to march with hb
he three daya inoret l whithi thie hee had reiaon to belie,
cr the Indiana wolM hei her be reared in a holile man
f' fnr, or they a Wold make application for pLaCe I n
arWmaent the. IOenral coaul make ifoe o had an
O cffct with them. T'rhe Oitneral thought it mob *
, vifetbe to colk& hit officer in council, when it wa
y agreed tw to return, and they acordicrgly feC of
y "I' , o al hini;li flawdat Poilf St. Vincc:t',_w;lh
y vl*t AolIdipg'a treaty with the Indiana, provide
i th'.l '.iIiat far it.
I nwaOC< l_..irched from the mouth of I imc
, e., a lthe iat inanet with Soc men, (6oa
S Lkm wre on horfeback) againfll the 8hawianctf
Soime on the hean of the Great Miami; and had I
ot been for a dcferter that fot in and informed th
Indianl of their approach, in all probalility the whol
r aromy wonld have been in their town, before they ha
le known any thing ,f their confiny. It appears tha
before the L-trrt.r had got in, nmit of the wavrnior
iad gone tni t in ordcr to meet General ClarKc, "o
' knowing ofe ayohcr partymarchigid against theni, f
that by the tiaMe Colonel Logran arrived in fight, rmol
S f th. InJtiani hbad left the towns, they made prifouer
Y eo In women and children, and killed ia men, alonI
rer i wae their olidf, King Mcihntha. who gave hint
r felf Iup without any refillance with hi* wife and thil
dtr.n anl aftcrctards was murdered hy a Colonc
M'iary -they f lurnt ten towns and village, and al
d tleir coren, hrounh' off ft.c li hrtl* m4"A aquantit
of plunder. rfte rfqaws and children prifonera arr;vee
Shtere the alft imif where I ezpe.2 they will contiuut
t until cxchaged."
y AoUn 0Oe hTA, (Gcla) OAser 7f
'. he following letter wa received the 4th infant.
f John Haberlmm, Efqulre, Chairman of the Doard o
Con.mtninotner of Indian Ajlrira for the State t
Georgia, Augufta.
T- aaklti T7,i, &.0t. 16, 1796,
"S I R,
f A few day. fince I received a letter from Mr. Jha
t Galphin, dated Lower 'J'owns, wherein he informed
I me that he had received diifpaches from the Conmmif
fiontcr, f the late of Georgia, and fome for me, and
t rqueo ing that I would meet him in this town to re.
ceive them front a hands. He accordingly tame eq
the Talarfe town, 'on the aislfite ide of thec river to
this towo. After repeated invitati,)n to cotle over,
and as often refitfed, hc feot me over your letter of the
F i lsth'Augutl paoid refpecting the talk to the chief$ of
. this country, he has taken fromm his inexperience) ftch
nmeafures as muat defeat the intention of it. meaforca
Sdire&ly contrary to the forms and ufagea the Indians
are accuromnoed to oiferve on fuch nccafions t therefore
you need not confide in any report he may make to you
on this fihbjec.
I Ica~k the fenfe of a great majority of tia onatifn,
Sir, whin I tell you, that it entirely rclls with your-
felrvs whether we war or not. If your ist.e it (tcre
in its profeliona of peace and fricndthii o ve ua the
proof we defire, by orderlnW all perfons th. ave fet-
t ed themfelver on our hunting grounds tiu iove im.
mediately from them into the proper boan, between
the fate and this natio, as fettled a 4d reed upon
when it wat a Britlhf government. I f cI mea.t.
furesc arc takes, the Indian will lot pu fafidence in
any talks that are fcnt them. ht.tnie wilh of the
nation to fee the fettlmenat on ~itt aonee laId abean
downed. T'oee are the princpll ground for quarrel
and difference, and wihen they fc it accomplished,
"they will thena become Aeady aVdetoe friends with
you. "-
I am rnatha fluprled that you etpref Ignorance of
the repeated trepreleitiol we have fett to your gover-
nonr refedUtngenecoethmoea, and It was owing to our
never reeIvtaeng fihtoiuaa that finduced l to resolve to
do o irelta jIke la fpif, sad to compel tie people
to remove.
Plc.s heqeflly the wlaelf eour heart, as of your,
Mad we are eIu ally hyo prepared for sr. Baut I
Isp uou mw know 1the dee of our diosti, the
= 7 .Cinnoalme of yt oardei-
be mated to resiamo m dsi ly, tha Wi my'be
'losfriei. --

,Bj fanowi JOUN BROWF, Z/Mk,.
a. manlfndo, diewris,, 4liS," lid.
m, cea.1 fii jhae, t.. WIe. ., -
. TTHEREAS the Generra Affe ly of
theft 1fihmds fiand protogued to Monday,
t fI .thre 4th ay of Deneedmbe u rh nt i A.le
ill WBI>nA Itfithoghlaet peaint. that the (aid-o.
dr nal Afftmbly loud be fmsrter proronecd; I' Av
* riin/rOat THOUGnT PIT, bh and with the alvic.
e and conifcar of his Mtajefly's HonoMie Cucil, to
I- ifun thismy Prtmtion, n'.I do here.
o by rooge the (aid ObciD Afembly to Monday the
8th day of January nezt.
S GIreNV tac, miy Ifrdc.n rtt GMaro 'aP, of't
.A" d Aooa .1 o.. l, 2a 4 a.y lamaie,,
S. ty, 2 -.,r .V 0Yr 7, v, metwf ..,he,. ..,at
* ..d .y-.' f, .f iCna t, it.,.s aw. ift a.,
o ii Ne6'5; re-Crl -0 n
f Himir YonIe, Secretary.
W'L ,HEREAS the Subf'-riber s weDl inform.
d VT eol, thac his Schaoocr MATfrOW*a, otrn-
t handed by So,.otOim WITn TSy,.~8, in the Ltter
F .ctd of July )a.t, while on a ti1i;ng voyage in the
t neighborhood of Cape Ccartuet, fired by a Spanilk
SGuarda Colia, front Campciath; and that the stalfa
I and crew mal thiitr tfipeG, Id Lave gone for t,h
r IriEll cSttlelcu(Ma in the Ba Honduras: lie tar.
Sienly r"Caqu-li all &itifh fba r, other perfnta
* to whom the laid tler or w, or any of them;
n nay make applioaian for a tnec to get hiihcr,
I tha they will grant it to th and the Subifcrlber
n wiln hccrflt,;y re-uibutfe every l.ace they umay be
1at in fo coin)g. e.
I Beftdl tit; softer shows. t T b"d she fam
t Schooner, Dit',aieu X a white na, and the frb
lowingCE Negoe, vis -C,/fir, bt lging to I.o,
Haat, Efq; //rc belonging to, r. y7.. 1Ia o,,;
Sai, B,, dW,, -Ym, tand the property of
f Who rcqiodfi the favour of all the Printers in the
Weflnic. to ui to the above advisrifacat
their rfpetr ice papers. I6
e v .er , ayU.
STTO BE so0,
INDIAN Corn,/hip Brcari, Penfe,ot;ta'e.,Onisns
A Albany Doar, Twro-Inch PlaXTutpertiic, So
Iron, &c. '
I t K w I s r,
Pbty warranted.
Ala ae A'weirms 4. t736.
For Sale'by Private Co#rac,
T-HE HOUJI nd LOT at thJWeftward.
Sformerly'olccnpi~l by the late JDHa HAI r'
Efq-'-For Terms and further ParticW s tpply to
Nafast, Nsv. 4, 1786. JAME, OWI.

THOSE Pcrfion wio th out Runaway
J Ne]||.e, on this Klaad, may hear term-
propofed fur catching them. App to
N.ifn, ,. D,.,lr 1, I7E6, "
N]OTICEit hereby gven toy fpcrfonsha-
ving deman as H ,nft the E t oi ]a n.I A
Ziwrov, dreeald, by hend, nose,kr bookt scra0)i5
ltyt they render in account ofI jca't .
toIeiid and all thoAte Ildebted t'-n htt
reIutfled 1o make Iedy payment, to k .,
SMARY N.WTON, teualwria
', BEM AR LOVay zect ~.

R UN AWA] I thn n is ee#. Mfjl|

[o t.~heke dt, public JlnNJ~ I r ,
On, du.L E .

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