Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 2, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00068
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vos. H.M:


No. s43*


N~iLW~~b~q~ru JINX VEILEA MAO1IST011 ore.

From, SATURDAY, Dacamnuit 2'.M f DAY DEctMBsiR 1786.

NasAU: Printed by JoHN WILLI, at the Printing-Office on the BA*.

M2ti-ozotootcA-iMDsui'Ns~hu, NowauI's,
s 186.* ,4 F


76 8o
y 19o

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M7 I sot

76, 70
74 I U
71 80
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7 77
13 78
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7$ 83
74 ?7
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73 8a
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73 is

76 N. NV. W. iAi..
1 6 A.M,.i.a Zk 44Ce.
t A.NA. a& 9. r.n Z. Mo.
75 lh,., momw
76 Id.aeM r..! ain. 71anJev.
77 A.S8. 1. Cke.,
76 A. 8. A. AsMIn ka lh.11 -
76 S. 5. is AV. MOS 0410 at 411144).
76 & .a. 1$. 4* ww. 411al".
78 S. 8. A, ft S. Sar.,Rai.. k, iskw.
7$ 9-f -65.5 141w.-dd
74 *'-S.E* to NA.CfwS Cho fitddwi.d.
71 1. N. S Reea i. The lweitz,
7-A 9. A,. .1.N.Zf. Mil wld W ra.1
7a E. N. A. 174o,y. r6,e.
74 E. We6 ni~d.
I. 1a. l, S. Ulm-.
7 S LX. is J. a. iv. Pq Jiv~ew.
7: 8. S. 1. iso N. S. A.,. .1 aigbS,
76 J. S. W CY!. aad f./fry.
S Wv. Id.,,
71 M.N. 9. to Ar. WW ad,dedin
74 5., ArE. Fr6Ah,*ew C'"...
7I al 8s Lig" %Ni-d,
75 8. is -q, W-' R-ini. 84-m,""'
?4 IP'.8.I W e/V ftW-6 N- i 3r~...
74IX.-i N. N A. Rai. -it, .

W HEREAS the SqM'cnrber is well inform-
W ,d,, tha" hui Schooner Martiowlta, ion
IUianed by SOLOMOn WIThaLT, wai, in the letter
and of Jay ial, while on a tnlg vToage In the
siethbnt-h0od of Cape Cart. p, feliaed by a Spanilh
O..rda Cola, from CamalIh 4 and that the nufter
and crew made their fca91 and have gone for the
Britirh Settnccnt', in the of Hind ua, He ear-
neft:y r.qiefs all Britils L*. or other perfons,
to whom he faid malts oo e w, or any of th0m,.
Pucy talte applsatlon for a sce to get hither,
that th-y will grant It to thc and the blferiber
wi;l thetrly re-imbarfe every ce they may be
at in fo doing. I1.
Befjd x the after, ter w a on 'bosed the faid
Sch.,oner, WN'lia Xnp, a white man, and the fot-
lonwiig Ngreo, via -C/ 1 eleoging to Aset
-..< hfq If,-... belongings to Mr. y~ a w "
Bt, Didl, 7ytev, and y74, the property f
wtil requefts the Gvour of all the Printer It the
W.It-lndie', to puhblfli the above advartifbeat in,
th,' ;r -fv &lve capers.
.f.,,. Dmehr a, l86. "
AHOUSE t bli tented-q i HORSE.
CHAIR wiHA aS c ;,jor l 6eS.
ApalM the Prits
v-THlOSE Perfons who have o Re away
I Nevron, on thi, altnd, may r on term
polofed for c~eching Appy
J.f,.. *, +s a
N OTICBis he giten to Sil4 bha-
iN naud. atlit the B9 Iat I tstI
ttwron ndeteafl, y' bond, note, aomoast,
that they render in accounts of the ( pva y a.
tefted; and all there inde.ted t ttahe Ee, are
requefled to make ed3 pa ..o to o
=*ltY I r, I trill W
EBE iEZ3R LQVi. 1 p' ir.
'a/ vo. Nv.w iir 9, ,786.
T'HESubferib aer wa on .
oone n illbwftmh parfea. "sab hl,
rbhe hdoevesewod will he pM ia f
give fckar iiMstles of she t
to will bring thiUsdosaner m in &W


VA. - ItA k? .- r j- A k ff- .WIV


HALILEAX,(ew. O) OeRoa 7.
Sip.ttm 17
oterea of a iefaI/rs a is Bfosv,

" n HIS fa&ious on a lth is in a
L general ferment d orebodes a civil
war.--The dilpofition that I ever characi.
zed the people, viz. mobs Mid injustice, s again
broke forth in an eminent degree; fo much that
they will again have occafiotf or the counfeland
service of a focicty called &i Cmimiai, cor.-
pofed of the disbanded officgaiany pf whom,
fince my arrival here, I hae nuen company
with, and though they ant allowedby thefe
riotous people to be the faviour of their country,
yet they lare the pooreft cdaft of men among
them, and are viewed with as invidious an eye,
ad thelPople they call torks ever were; they
begin now to find that their fo much boafted
republicanism is a mere bulbear, an ideal charm;
and I believe verily that nine tenths of the peo.
ple with to return to the government of Great-
Britain again, and which I predi& will be the
cafe, if their late army continues backward, and
which is highly probable, for they are not yet
p~ad for Iti 1t litaryt...cs, unlet you
call their paper securities pay, which fell for fix
Ihillings mn the pound ; an absolute monarchy
will only be able to keen thofe pacific, and
check their propenfaty to diforder, riots and in-
juftice and I am feconded in this opinion by
many judicious moderate men here, who ac.
knowledge the incompetency of their laws to
the preferrTtion of god order and virtue; every
man here conceivng himself a king, and his
liberty is to do what he pleafes."
SHsLBVanIBs, (Port-Rsfeuay) Sepelser s8.
In the floop John and Jane, came paffenger,
the Chevalier de Leogchamps, who fome tune
ago, for the ill treatment he received from Men.
fieur de.Marbois (Conful-getneral, and Secretary
1i particular, from the swat and good Ay of
the United States, his Mot Chrilran aefty)
gave that minifterafea caeas in one of the
public streets in I ladelphia; in confequeace
of which, he was arraigned before, and received
.a feverejntence rom ie Supreme Court of the
ftate of Peaylviaia PfW of 4 MnO only, eas
two an i ienti th h ndewent in
the ajl o e about the epiration of
that time, an officer of rank was dispatched a
second time fruo the Court of Verfailes to
Congress, q g that body to deliver up the
Chevalier, w .,cdaiaed M as ibei
*IrwF, welt loat fubje of the Al, Me-
maryue this q&ion was not immediately
complieal with, bat the Chevalier, apprehenfive
the Stat ht, ougtb aniity { rnder
the ctoak of afio fi yve their aft
hbafoughtaIp dei te Brih gZdfrn-
ment. tThe C m t make a cogade-
sable Ray b tt,, another take up


S. t. Gover
-and Iae I a to
W fhr is bg mnM tJ day.

Oad0 e s. Welearn that the C.mmifiouer,
appointed by A& tff Parliament for examining
the claims of the Loyalids, have opened ther
office at Annapolis, and that in a Ihort time
they are to proced to Digby, to receive the
claims of the Loyalifts there, and from thence
,to the city of St. John, New-Brunfwick, where,
it is faid, they will remain during the enfuing

Aly th UNseIT STATs is CoXoess affeml
bled, O&ober to, 1786.
The committee, confining of Mr. Pettit, MrW
Lee, Mr. Pihckney, Mr. Henry, and Mr.
Smith, to whom was referred the letter from the
War-Office with the papers enclofed, contain;
ing intelligence of the hostile intentions of the
Indians in the Weftern country, having reported,
That the uniform tenor of the intelligenced
from th: Weftern Country, plainly indicated
the hoftile difpofition of a number of- Indian
nations, particularly the Shaianefe, Pattawat.
tamies, Chippewas, Tawas and Twightwees.
That thefe nations are now aflembling in the
Shawanefe. towns, and are joined by a banditti
of defperadoes, under the name of Mingoes and
Cherokees, who are outcafts from other nations,
-an wio htve affociated anat f-eelds h.a....
try for the purpose of war and plunder. That
they are labouring to draw in other nations to
unite with them in a war with the Amorionsi
That it is expeacd, one thousand warriors will
foon be collected in the Shawanele towns, front
whence they have already dispatched parties to
commence hostilities. That from the motions
of the Indians to the fouthward as well as the
northward, and the exertions made in different
quarter to Rimulate the various nations againft
the Amerleans, there is the troageft reston to
believe that unless the fpeedieft meafusare ta-
ken effeaually to counters and -defeat their
plaps, the war will become general, ad may be
attended with the moft dangerous and afting
That the 'committee therefore deem it highly
necelfary that the troops in the fervice of the
United States be immediately augmented, not
6nly for the protection and support of the frou-
,tiers of the States bordering on the weftern ter-
ritories and the valuable fetnemenuon and near
the margin of the Mifflihippi, but to efablilh the
pofeflion and facilitate the frveying and fellin
of thofe intermediate ands, which have been f
much relied on for the reducion of the debts of
the United States; whereupon
,Refolved, that the number of one thofiand
thoe hundred and forty no-comumifoned offi.
cers and privates, be rie for the term of three
year, unsf fooner dch ed, and tt' they,
togetlvr with the troops stw in fervic, be for-
med ito a lgiosary corpe, to cof eof sa4o
non-coumaiffioned ofcers and private*. That
the a ditionDal r t, l ed 7 the f6obaving
*States, .ie prot tona, to wit:
,N~ bmpffe k400
IsMa aaEiietts 'oo Infatryiadas.
,Rhode- ad tr 4 tlerly ase
Virginiaas d M a d,Mfc o
aiku( i.


That the Seretery st war inform the cxecu- 1 The honourable Senate alfo ptfied yesterday,
tive atlhoriticaof the r-fpei've States in which a address tq ethde flating, amongft other
the troops are to be ratfed, thi number and things, an aM monies that have been re-
rank of commifioned-offlcers to be furnifhed by ceidv in t the confitutliotoolulice,
each State in proptiom to the men. and how dt l onies have bete depen led;
That the pay a allowances to thrtroops to which addrefi J now under the confiderotio of
be railed by this refolve, bc.the fame as eflablfh. the honourable h6cu of Reprefentatve*.
ed by the aa of Congrefs of the I2th of April, NowVmir ,. s. Tuefday, of Cambridge,
1785. andthe fupremnse ctrt, and the infurgenti, and'
That the falid troops hall be ftlbjea to the the military of e~ry defcription, the cadets,
existing articles of war, or fucl as'may hereaf, the artillery, the lght-infantrys and the'camp
ter be formed by olngrefs or a committee of the equipage, &c. &c. wlhichi have engioffed the
States. attention of all prlecrs, degrees and conditions,
Refolved, That the States above-mentioned from Thurfday morning until Monday night,
be and they hereby are reqiicted to life their ut- what mullt we fay ? That Tuefd.y came, that the
moll exertions to raife the quotas of troupe, court fat, that the military to the amount of one
rgfpc~ively aligned to them, with all pollible thioufand three hundred, like Ci:far, ,,n;, trni,
tp.Hition; and that the executives of the laid vici, came, faw (nihsgy) and overcani: all onppfl.
States be, and hereby are requctlled, in cafe any tion, that every thing wore the appearance of a
of their Legiflatures should not be in fcfrlon, brilliant parWds; arid that the itrftrigentacWt'c
immediately to convene them for this purpofe, not to be found-Though pleating the tidings to
as a delay may be attended with the molt fatal the lovers of tranquility, thofe who delight to
confcquences. featl on accounts of bloi'en heads, mull be mor-
CHARLES THOMSON, Secretary. tiftled in the extreme, to find themfclves thas
BOSTON, Odlobr 20. difitppointed in their expectations. *'arlurtiuw
On Wednesday, the committee appointed to mntes', fc.
consider of the diftreffcs to which many of the Paovlotteca, (Rhbode-Iland) Novewnir 4.
inhabitants of this commonwealth are fubj yCed Etrafl of a lefter from Duilin, to a Mfcrrantile
in difeharging executions for private debts, on 1 tofe in this t,,%, dated Auguil 17, 1786,
account of tihe great fcarcity of a cinrulhting I mull ince more requell, if vou regard
medium, fubmitted the following queflion to the your own intercll, not to fend am "tobacco or
Court, viz. Whether a tender ad, or an ail rum to be fold on this coaft ; for if detceltd,
fufpending the operation of the lawv, refpcaing your veffel and cargo m ill be feized and condemt-
the recovery of debts and levying of executions, ned. The fur~ ~'irs along the coatl have lately
wiih not he incontiftent with the conllittution of pratlifed the fending oit boats, to ti v to pur.
this commonwealth, and militate with the con. chafe goAJds from the lhips as they arc palling bv,
federation and treaty of peace, unlefs the debts and afterwards f;ize thi There havebeen no
due to Britilh creditors be excepted ?" The Icfs than 12 or 14 v, flh'l feizcd at Cork in this
queilion, Ci far as it rcpieets the confcdcratidii mannIr, for fmuggliig, and a velfcl now here,
and treaty of peance, niar put in Senate, where hbcloiging to Nvw-Loiiu!on, is under feiznre for
it was determined, that a tender acd, or fufpen- only offering to fell a 1Iv pounds of tobacco to
flon law, as aforefaid, would be inconfillent with one of tlih fe boats : ther:ifore cnution your cap-
both. But lth qu1ition being put in the Houfc. tains against offering to fell any fort of dutiable
whether they concurred with the honourable goods on the coall of this kingdom, or bringir.g
Senate in their decision of this quellion, it paf- tobacco in packages under 42lbh. or rum in
fed in the negative by a large majority. Leave calks under 20 gallons; for if in frialler calks,
was then given to bring in a tender ad, which they flbjeet the thip to condemnation."
1;.. e la;d on thie utbl, was read and comn HARTFORD, ( Ctnner ticl't) NouWndr 6.
m itt,:d.
Notwithftanding the decision of the Snperior By a gentleman of undoubted veracity, from
Court, refplecing the paper money of Rhode- the county of HampIhlre, we are iformtd, that
llland, no lefs a fum than two thousand two Mr. Shaife, who commanded the late mob at
h,.ndred and twenty-feven pounds, due in hard 'periigletld, has cnillkJ 1700 men, who have
anoney, was paid in one week, by twenty-fever. engaged to prjttec him, should government at-
Kiuw re's-the watchword of Rhode-Ifland's tempt to do him jutlicv; and, that he had the
ldtilee. impudence to write, the week pall, to the fe.
OAibe- 26. Accounts received lall evening Ilett-men if Springfield, ordering them to fee
from Taunton, fay, that General Cob, wi tt their militia hold themselvess in reainefs to
about 300 men, took poffellion of the court. march at ia minute's areniag, tojoin his party;
hole on Sunday evening laft, and on Tuefday and that each man inult ie properly armed and
about 12 o'clock, the fopreme jud:,ial court carry lixty rounds of cartridges. Iftbife thins
was opened it. the ufual mant,er, without inter. are e do' tie green tree, wbbat tsl be done in the
eruption. .The infurgtets (about 25a in num- dry'
ber) were affembled at two miles diftance from It is indeed painful to think of deriving ad.
the court-houlf, buti not, expecting that the vantage from the calamities four filler hates';
court would attempt to lit, they were not pre- bauifhinle indhry, economy and M ard money
pared to oppofc them. No official account has, from their domin, it ords one conolation
been yet received by authority. from their dominions, it affords one confolation
been yet received by authority. to fee them take refuge here, rather than re.
A number of the militia from Bridgewater, to em take refuge here, rather than re.
we are told, were on their march yesterday mor- cross the Atlantic. Perhaps greater tncouragc-
ning, to fopport govertinmcnt. meant was never given to thife 'aivnal rtue,,
Prince William-Henry, one of his Britannic in this flate, than at the pre-t moment. The
Majelly's fuons, arrived at Halifax on the 5th p ', ot hvg chand the form of their
init. The Prince, it is faid, intends a ifit to g vernmenti the late revolution, are habituated
thie United States; if fo, as being the fun of ti consider it as the bell p.ible form, and are
an Euro an Monarch, we doubt not he will not defirous of a change; the labour ofthe hut,
meet wit every mark of attention due to his ba are abundantly repaid, with every
_aLk. produukion of the foil ; the arrearages of our
kr 27. The requifition of Congrefs, for taxes are in a fair way to be fettled foon, and
railing 66o men in this hate, has been granted the glorious stand we have made ag i paper.
by the two branches of the legislature almost money, tender laws, and every dmon of
unanimously. dilhonefty that haunts our netghbours, will re.
Yesterday paffed the honourable Senate, and dound to our prefeat honour; and future advan.
were fent down for concurrence, an a& autho. stage
rising the trial of perfons charged with tseafon, N. w-YotK, Om8Air 6.
or any other high crimes and mifdemeanours, to 0 nhe instant, the society of the Cin-
be had in any county of this commonwealth, 'In cinnati df the Maffcliifetts met at Booo0, in'
certain cafes; and an aft for fufpending the confeqnti ee of the late infurreiion--whlen, 4po
privilege of the writ ofhabcaM cotpta foralimited s the o6ri of that Commonwealth, ahiong oth0Z
time, refoitI, uos lefa pathetic, the fgooing, W

unafalmous, ,via-" 4 If l e
fulfered by any particar `f the
unpaid namy may be (aid to be aggried but
knowing no relief can be expe m tumults
and f the pp' fm (halletr
be dir to the Iawa ad th oa. bitif,
full confidence that t he"y hall itnay eeive ani.
pie and complete juftt--6. As citizens, and
-a public creditors, this flodetTy r'itereffed in
the prefervatiqun the con tit qnai and, ro
long u life, and iti attendant bllfings, fo long
as public faith, and-private credit arewmade the
facredtobjetay of government, agreeable to ita
origionil uniitutidrn, this society pledge them.
feltes to fipport it by every mneanswaid by eveir
exertion in their power."
Nowvme a. The whole attention of the
Affembly of RlUode.Hland,.isagaia called -ftans
to defend their ificptmate offspring, paper aro
ney tendered, froiW tbt taped attacks lately made
upon its existence by the worthy citizens of that
Htate :-but, inlIcad of lchiing the breach, they,"
by an additional impofeJA oath to take
ney upon par with gold and filver in all cafes
whatever, whicli with a punisnhmtnt to delia-
quents amouuntin to an abfolute-disrranehife.
ment, is propofed to be enacted into a law df -
the late, vrill ill farther extend the evil. The
town of Providence has already protcJled aga;nIt
the bill couched in terisr of freemen. T1i, bill,
if it pahlhs, will doubtlefs he productive of very
ferious consequences.
No-vemler 9. By lafl evening's nail (which
arrived at too late an hour for large extracts) we
learn, that the (hip Triumph arrived at Quebec
on the 7th of September, from Gravefenid, with
a number of Royal afre, and the slip M'iDo-)
nald, from GIalZ'ow, with fev"ral other,, and
j2o Ilecrage pallengers, faid to he tihe whole
inhabitants of a parish in the Noith of Scotland
-That on tlhe 7th of September, thelailfport
dhip Sally arrived there from St. Chriflopher'i,
with four companies of the Royal Regiornt af
artilleryy, &c.-Fron Albany, that the (Gvwe .
nour of Can ala has forbidden the Canadian and
Nova-Scotia rifiigr'es, who have had lands grant-
rd them by this late on Lake Champij liin, ft-
tling at Point-o'-Fair on faid Lake; as it is a
British Garrifon, which he alleges he hasrders
not to evacuate or ftirrendir.-From BolItoA,
that a Rict .1d has palirxl Maffachufetts Legi.
feature, to be publicly read in all late or county
courts, and to be can'rid into inmirdiiate execn-
tion against a.ggreflorns that tlQ requilition of
Con;- r-fs, for 66o mnill, was iminnmiitly grarnt-
ed l the t o Ibanch ; a treafon act alti paff~el
&c.-tmd that ,.c rGeorxe Brw a native of
Britain, vwa corntted to prifon for his oppo-
fitiui to goternmjt. Tihe court at Cambridge
mcre lcproteted bl cadets, artillery, and light.
infantry, but fourin no one to oppofc or dillurb
PuHtilurALr.IA, Otser 28.
Moorr. We were this day informed, by the
Pennfylvania Packet, that Mr. Barclay's rce)p-
tion from his Moourih Majclly, has been a very
cordial one. Succefs, equal to his w;iher, at-
tended his,.negocation. .To every friend of
American ctitmerce, t h mult give the molt
lheart-felt pleafltre. Thri ngers froin the Bar-
bary corfairs, induflriouffln aggerated for fel
fish purses, have forSome time pRtt beeert
fore :hornin Columbia's fide. Should the fame
happy iffd attend the egociaion with the
detected nr of Algerinealundere a free com.
pierce inu e Mcdite an, wia a reduli(ua
of the exorbitant infiurace on A r rica veffLh,.
would be arong the many obvious good confe-
quences. )
Idnas In the Affembly, this day was read
a letter Iim the Lieutehant of Washington
county, liting the depredations of the Indiana
in the adjacent country, and his having engaged
fame woodm -nr to reconnoitre their pnotions,
and guard 'agft a furprize. This tth r is,
,further c tion of the various abcolnta
already receil of. the hoflile view' l s .r
ceiigs of /andians. Huat isy ihudlad'
is ant p te scenes that, in all probability,
Va. ob place among th I-ftWd.

ggTQ S2 AUJDCiisr g. US' .1 9Aoieele ha.not fpehi
u ,, NA. i ihah a ..2th of .st1 i a tariff, which makes part of the treaty,
s,. ,,,(he aj .... ... ....... ..
kvped VytCo I shisuM be'mutuagl imported oathe terms of the

r t a A nd fofomo l thep uota on P tGe follow ine n dt y
c p r, I.. i. .esintoi. an Iren o .t cn ----ar...... ... .

bryny.p ca n are tht o te sre byc inet
.w. . a re fe ltr iQ h L BIt u t Hh t f e a is no.t e t ot
p ted a t Wm aEoftf, e rn.l dli per* ig a q~ i o no dt
1 i W s dirc te tm then M atmlo .nel ot ut by an . v e of ,paor
t arc a real, injury, a they '* na and away tol t of r. t7hi re er g ed 5 t f l re io n t of 30 pcr cent. d loWer
U produrce pofi tle c, un t more ua ff ally a tHowevr, tt or s t ,,f to M 'in thu a te h ot demons a duty on aach, tho
c o ba er.n .ta .ori .,.rncni d fro the pef t ne an T l.or p o he couioternailtahc internal duty. d
Areenthly to tl. Ond todag er is etter lafte tdagreaa warestD e ery, ic andV al article whether on a duty or
navarr And fconiatr a rcop ith nebi oft Tnhe StatesGe.neral met on Oia tert t he 141 ... n th di p al. I 8s. yard.. p r qa

. t "ie of the da y, th hpnt They a me 't ofederaiur e T f ot t liwlitoI, i eel, copper, and eas, are to be
copper it ais th, unt & indgfrpol ne .. .o d ero, Fri ... ,telan n id3. Brandy i t -Britaina r p" o n a .n...

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ap ihos ll't the l*who i cc tione or e fongent ce ot"h n th ... cent d.tand telon ron ollady ic an -
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By J il4 Ii 51. I i T I ; z'efufSl, to 'puan itr to b e u o t'dirobe& his Jam. ai wde str ee ac d uti of eth report

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A ot ew kee ,er,.,<., 3MMA reaI n j 6-- + s ,, e 'efitts to of the intiRua and ,Kicle, a arbwurs
The AiiA (Zkth'A9 o r hif fti lce elfo

WaxITSAtL,,Oatrder 5, 17l6.
S I R,
A CONVENTION between hils Majefy Mnd the
King of Spain having been signed on the 14th of
July left, in which it is agreed that his Majely's
lubje&e and other colonial who have hitherto the pro.
tedion of England. Aould evacuate the country of
the Mufluitoa, and other parts of the continent and
ifiands within a line deferibed in the faid Convention,
under certain conditions therein mentioncdt I fend
you incloi'cd by the King's command, a printed copy of
the raid Convention, which you will make known to all
hii Majftly's fubjedIs within your government who
mu; be concerned therein,
r I am, Sir,
your moft obedient
humble foreant,
T1, Go,,eraor of the Lemiefa ,feadh.

CoNVsoNTaON tHwect hi BaitrANNIC IAJui) V and
odb K~No of SPAiN.
fise,,d t Lono,,, the o4th of 7yd), 1786.
rT1HE King* of England and of Spain, animated
with the fame decre of consolidating, by every
means in their power, the friendship fo happily fublftt-
ing between them and their kingdoms, and wihing,
with one accord, to prevent even the lhadow of mif-
imnderflanding which might be occasioned by doubts,
misconceptions, or other caufes of disputes between the
fubjeols on the frontiers of the two lonarchics, efp|e-
cally in ditlaut countries, as are thole in America,
have thought proper to fettle, with all polhible good
faith, by a new Convention, the points which might
t ne day or other be produdive of fuch inconveniences
s, the experience of former times has very often Jhewn
To thi enil, the King of lGreat-Britaln ha named the
Molt Noble and Muft lEcclltnt Lord Francis, Bmlm
Ulbornei of Kiveron, Marquis of Carmarthen, hi.
Britannic Majety's Privy Connfellor, and Principal
uecretaty of State for the department of Foreign
Affairs, &c. &c. &c. And the Catholi. King has like*
wife authorized Don Bernardo del Campe, Kpight of
the Noble Order of Charles the Third, Secretary of
the fame Order, Secretary of the Supreme Council of
State, and his Minilthr Plenipotentiary to the King of
Great-Britain; who having .omimunicated to each
other their refpledive full p iwers, prepared in due
turn, have agreed upor. th following article
Art. HI Britannic Majcity' fubjedl, and the
other colenifts rho hve hitherto enjoyed the protedion
of England, (hall evaCuato the couanay of the Mufquiie,
a, well as thai continent in general, and the illand-
ndjaccnt, without: execlption, ltuated beyond the line
herei.c-fter described, as what ought to be the frontier
,f the extent of territory granted by hit Catholic Ma-
,:lly to the Englifh, for the ufetsfpecified in the 3d ar
tile of the prteent Convention, and in addition to the
Country already granted to them by virtue of th ilipu--
lations agreed upon by the commiffriics of the two
ceowns in 1783.
4rt. a. The Cathnlic King, to prove, on his fide,
to the King of Great-Britain, the sincerity of hit fcnti-
ments of friendflhip towards his Majelly. and the Bri.
tith nation, will grant to the Englilh more extenfive
limits than thtc pecifid in the lald treaty of. peace
and the faid limits cf the lands added by the prefeant
Convention hall for the future be underlood in the
manner flIlowing:
The 2nglifh line, beginning from the fea, hall take
the center of the River Sibun or Jabon, and continue
ip to the fource of the faid river : from thence it Jhall
cr fsina ftrait line the intermediate land till it in'er-
fects the river Wallis; and by the center of the Same
river, the faid line shall defend to the point where it
will meet the line already fettled and marked out by
the commifferiec of the two crown in 1783 ; which
limit*, following the continuation of the faid line, ltall
be observed as formerly flipulated by the defmitive
A't. 1. Although no other advantages have hi-
therto been in question, except that of cutting wood
for dying, yet hit Catholic Majety, as a greater proof
of his di'polition to oblige the King of Great-Britain,
will grant to the Englifh the liberty of cutting all other
wood, not even escepting mahogany, at well as ga-
thering all the fruits, or produce of the earth, purely
natural and uncultivated, which may, belldes being
carried away in their natural flate, become an object of
utility or ut commerce, whether for food or for manu-
fadures; but it is exprefaly agreed, that this lipulation
is never to be afed as a pretest for efablifhlng in that
c 'untry any plantation of fugar, coffee, cocoa, or other
like article, or any fabric or manufacture, by meanielf
mills or other machines whatforevcr, (thi reftridlaM
however does not regard the ufe of faw mills, for ist-
tingor otherwise preparing the wood) aince all the
mland in quefaion being Indifpotably ackirwleged'ito
belong of righteto the crown of Spalh,theftleatts
of that kind, or the population which Qreld folow,
could be allowed.
The Inglft Ain be perpaltedti treport od
covey aU S uch wood and other podce of,.i pl.,,
ia itinatural and ancnultvated ate. down the rivers
to the fa, but without ever gangeyo tn lhehit
whih are prefeibe :o dn by the 1dlslel a el

forated, pur d pahs ityllon a*t nbnfoer e no twe' hfNid hZids liald the his n
meat than the b asid tlin e t _,l iti fuhi etrfro- praiolae e asthe wtpa f c.lth
eoantrie isl p l, it la hre be widely accont.p d. .pe t r the
A...*. ^rB tfl hell seVidb*lo to --eI ; ,^, hCahll,? rpe f b
the AIp U-d B by the WMino!akn, a e., ofMK ib rii tay a
cnrcne4eonditiz that eno for tion, or work, of 0Ipag ns pan thest. ,.ii. ,

aidfic whatend halu as any aimbe Saoda.ieroi tobea t ear. Tle twoe nwtvsutl mtb anvtl ntehasih to
nor any body p otoedl nor ai y idece o t* eanh 6ther dupllcanot of the ordwri Which fdeyadte
fther puraomplis ent of utilityI can fie t ana no twee the for tldihe andli hnt the r 4 higtBrIfnta
fefa contrary go Intenunonsi of. te kltl govern- ic MaeSlr' on Mi6 art, will IrnlQry leghbloU all ke
ment; than the ti individueA f Spit, ali the nowf vent front and frig Flg ar ,p opr waipoe warli, health
frdge of thief govper nment), it ii hre i ated, as an iodi- ln d on i s, a to ofed.rin th raadtienof the
penfible conditicm that no fortification, or work Spaih f rmed ik theb l e an
defence whatever* hall at may timebe erededi their, A. ii. The two oin."; ftal m utncallyenlhitt
nor an duy uof troop poll beed, no twr ay piec e of wit- eah the cordipal k f n orders. which the are
lery kept there and in de to verif th good faith dispatch to their rbeenlive goverbno sad ecomiomado
the coplilhe of tlish nation hil enjog t which iy.Americ. far the p Inliaxt onventihe pretfnot c.
eight be includedfrin beee the paint ofknow- vtiyo na and a frion changed te, wthin th per pa p of war hall
ledger of thfme ritl government) a Spsitat h officer that aoi it can hdone to n j that
copartoillthey, acc upnied by anth Eglter comifary r ance thin aef performed We, the bft ordee r Al Mi and
officer, duly authried, Rial ber Walldmitted, twice fro with plenip cordiality f their Bodri h ch the tw
year, to ialmine In o the real ituatin of thig. '. Soverviigrtu have bofen lead toef fe eull people.
Ari. s. The Ia iglif n atio Shall enjoy the liaerly th. 16, The pron at convei ha" 'il be ted bt
of refitting their merchant hfeip int bt e athowedrin- their Britannic d Catholic afourteenth and oh lon
ge included between the point of Cyo Cain, cluded the tione ecchan ed, within the face of S x weits, E. R
Cmaler of firkualinds which are situated oppoi t ha not be r if it can de.
part of the co the f tin f a nacutters, at the diflance In wit, We the designed Maters Pled Mniptent
f eight. lagti from the River Walli, the ven fri t plenipotentiaryd, that their Britannic and Catholid sj
aye Canabl catchree fr on the River Sibn of: a place In virt, meof our d in he full Article p he fgaid
which a alwt been found ell adapted toto that pem by t the present convention, alld have d their l to tie w
of. butor which end, the edieir bou and arie, and th fer inf the ian, or n the net here th
abpreceluely artc y r that frIn witn where, We have awed th day dJualyt, on
be built but inAll the rriilon is fed include the tire t and ed thereunto the fea of our ar
e opref condir ti e n re of rc ationat there atof L this CARMARTHEN, (L .)
Any time, rpa Sovere ingover tor country, ing whiany i, Cv. nset CAMPO. (1. 3.)
military work t and ia like manner it SihaU not be
granted to athe an of war there o r to nly, the the time of changing our SoverARnAR n .) ti
rufe an athens or other building, the ubjett of which cation of the Convention irted the 14th o rJ 4
oght be the fprduca, in of a natural etalibisani. loft, We, the herndee gonfied Mir- Plenipotentary
ed;6. It the fame ripulated, that the obfergil may hav e sardd, that the vifit of the nglih and Sp'ails
frey a tobly catcthe new gr oant.he coaft of qthe cou- Comthe N riew-P, eutlond in the rh Article if he SalE
rmply ign t.,o them by the lea t treaty of peace, aid ao Convention, with relpd tso the ifimad of Cay Cosea.
of 9 atbich isadoled to them by the prefent ConVen- ia to extend in like manner to all the other places, wsel.
and but without going beyond their obtundaris, and her in te ilt and, or on the coatient, where the
confining mthifelvt within the diainice fpecified it, the Englilh cutters Sall be fi, ated.
preceding article. In witness whereof, We have figoed this deilaratiol
ail. 7. All the refirillionsfpecihed in the lai ttea- and affixed thereunto the feals of our arna,
181, fo e entire preertio f anye right of LONDON,rnment, this ift of Septembert. i' 6.
mit Sary overignty over the country, in wguhtih i 1 MAqtheirIs CAMPO, (I.. .)
proper to the ablia, for nyin, the privilege o making CAR ARS e GHEN. eral Aembly of
ft. of the wood o the differenally aowd that fruit the 4th dayandof D mber infn: A
other produce, in their natural multiple, a here co it is tr-uht dnt h the laid

iedr and the fae rf Englitriin hall alo e bfrved BAHA further prorouedMA IANS
with refid, ato the new gratt. In c ithfanding c the N uo-P r r yandwh the advice
inhabitants of theft countries &hall employ the Dl lve. H o r m svj .
imply in the cutting should hraufpporting oorfe of time nd nt of H ae.'s HoNourabOWN, juil, t
and in the gathering antd oranfgoring of taho fruit, fue thi, my PadCmison,i. roChieg, and I do here-
withit wheditatihe any onire exti me tlprovidments, or Bahprama-orue and, Cld Genr. A -Aly to Monday the
the foSprmation i of any hrtm o government either 8th day of January. We. We
anihitary or civil, further than Such regulations as their A P R 0 C L M A T T 0 N.
satholic and Britannic Majeties may hereafter judge
pr a topply to heabl, for nintainig peace and good ber GIHE REAS Ih ie Generat AIreat bly of
dcr aoagit their refpcdive fubjedia itlal served lnd nd prorit efd to Monday,
Arto pre. ven it i generally allowed thal the woodars the 4th iay of De mber inflasnt Agr
and foremt are prcehrved, and even paniiply ove by rngu- WuAa it MI thlught pedient. hat the faid Gi .
lar and meth( dacal c ratings, the Englih Jfll fbfrve neral Aflembly. Should bh further prorogued: I utve
this main, far as proper o i ble t if, notwithflandiug THcroRn a ncs Pi, by and with thOWNe advice
all their precutir; on on, itiould happen in cor of time and chnfetn of his oiaje Honourable C cil, to
that they were inwant of dayicngwood or mahogany, iflu this my Pirolamation, Kor and I do herr-
witreaty which the Sanihl priceni might $e provide, by prorgue the id Ge bly t Mnday the
the Spani government ovll make no difficulty to fur- 8th day of January next.
nive a tuply to she Engliprf, at flloir and r ifonable GIrEN ld,, inR, H tte FArea .Qi e, / I
prifen convention, according to io oe dh tEhe
Ah . article ry of he d ffible precaution tall owith served A, rear f Rthe e Le OM H v
to prevent Their Britannicg and the Englh all take care, in ,d eihi- a t a if r- f
tordetforemov the regulratin dobtwhichtheSr tonidovern. bi f. Reins.
ment ball think proper to eilabltlh amongft their own JOHN BROWN.-
trubi celru, in all comf tnihecaion which they aynk hitave Cne
wiceary to declare that the later; onn condition nverthe olef that End co"n i s .
hventionll be left in the peaceable enjoyment of the H 1 ON sA i ,1 N
internal adentagres improven the liaf G 0 d C A V G.
treaty, or liplarechd by the prefen t convention. bc C *
Artween the.aid Mhe Spanigovero aUORll OFFbeordered to On MO IND I Pth in ,
gn hive ahid Englih difperfic d, all pogible facilities ED WI 7N APTl oMAI, rA M c,
for the remo vl po ti e ft n gre upon by the veaii I tcou A L
prfent c ion sacconrdingry to e lpdeclat ion of the t H i. the
th article of the definitive treaty of 1783, with refeid At nt Ot.M H4 0
to there country ailt md ry p ufe by the d airing article. i Th SL O ANIELd.
Ar. it. their Britannic and Catholic Majot liea, in r sN P
order to remove every hind of doubt with regard to the 45 I
true conftruion of the ptire enention h k it Th R
wIntiosought tobheovac daiet rrlingtosih. ficere* n
intention to ensure arid improve the harmony lad good C C A *A G 0.
undelftanding, which to happily fufift at pfent b e.Ci e e 8 1 al TM
tween their laid Majeties. SUGtAR. COF E INDIl PICKLED TORI,
In thia view, hit Britaauie MaeJlhy engagra togive RED WINE, BARTS, OMALLS, &c. Ac.
the mot poUtive ord for the e....ta of the coow. HUT C
titiaabove noenbionydp'b all his Ioibes b ofwhatcvtr ROD T HN. Coliedae,
denomination; but'it, contrary .n (seb declaration, iM. Nf i Artiela to be 4veCedTlti tte MoN f
ther Ioild silltehsmayla roeto n efod ringitoupre is pai= I-
fbag, by xetrieW Into the'terie-,contry, toendeo . Z t l
your to obllrn& the entire evacuation Walreadly agreed S _
upon. hia Briltatlk Majefly, 16fa from affording Wasm UJAwyr from the an
the laft fAcoahr or evet Moetdcloo, will difivow them da evening the 6uh iNi a A "ie will ma
in themoha flean manqur,has ewillquasly dgthofe 1t1ro chow named -PANC
'wwho may hkereafkeratteatMofettle upon the teuaitory VeNtX o f Jihf-to!j, 0q ,he
belooguhlg ft nnI~ha ibouBt n *e15 ks oa t t1wla I TM as !*Jn big
Am is. The ng^& dtapoahdtbeco.nt. ^ed.*. r o thi re hhe

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