Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 14, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00061
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Frosth SATURDAY, OCTOIRa t4, to 8AT DAY, OCTOBER 21, 1786.
NAsIau: Printed by JoHn WLLsa, at the Prita 1tfe on the BAY.

European Intelligenc. rti. vs. latil the th id Wthe dieret pwers areund, although France
ti e of the Infant Du Gabriel, we happily delivered in t h war, will mot likely render any ofer, not
ToatN, Ye.... ce, P :t Madr id who was fee afthr bptied h cepted, whh will not leave the whole control
is a confirmed am.ter that the lt d a by the names of Pedro-Charliant.Jo- her.
:11 ofitu.ble augmenaton in hil troops, dwa l s a- err' tnd-..Jo lMkoma.c.*he.Thmu de 3. Letter from Lilbon,of a ver recent date
ta, number of reait kailued in the country is a further v a c teei ta. ritr.Rai t*Pcter mel th her Faithful Mijflly hb r solved to reca
pIof, sand all t rfe titter place re iri. 1et t*. 2.. till do the C hi 'Vo Piato, now her Ambaffder at this trcpor.tioion te port o.1 Pricea nd i State e B ,.a.eT the fellabUlanm effChrialhnity, Court, eibau diaeiconu of the atl
that d.4t not mia much in the po itic. ftflar pe,t- te i elal rn eat ntotuet of males to their safair.
fc. much furf, and is t he fu defge.>tl*MWa .ilt-*'O fuperatjlos ofI ft that Cech Saint .Iat6. AtA ltewilUl witdlethae fewdayo,
l.ton, tog.:he with acn:tcr Lr.w heh probl, who.fe fflltlbear,y welb the i d iapenl atr .d bein .rovcdtDe.ConSs Altotlemawhoh3
Sa..thber time, would no, have been noted, b now a and pi them with e viruefor which drcc iedhi, cducatioee a ehachity ol t Wap. a
gives rile to many conjeaure. It is this, an EIAgil f ho ychraiera were theaImelvs lainguilthed and who was one of the 6r pan the fondoa, lati
geitloeman of th, name of L.ckhat formerly a General during and afterwards cnonitaed. died in India, where he had accumulated a very .
i the k.mperot's frvicat. and who has livd fie time to. T of atugal h ben grf lymif- durable farmtanc and having no tatha from a pri-

ct. It asw plIble hthis myaty be onlyt there cc k fofr roty oi rfi` l al much o his, more indeed than was con- of 6o poor children heoaol. is nlroted for the build
vei r c maen a to Enghi traveller, btt t,. above g flent with the oices ofa feverg Princela, from all ing and the remainder isinveld in the hand of" trufe
tienam', tlnert connedlion with the houte of Anitria, worl conttra. Her notion *female delicacy are tees, for the above.meadnted, and other oharitali
make the molle tf hia jotarary atubu toe omether o .id ad utcrplonu, that no fema l performer n purpofet. Lard Macart the prlnii l a ing ex
permitted to appear before her n the theatre, nd cotor, the Archbbiaop o tahb rye ala p of Leotn-
hen ill ofhc nature, d that her feet anttd aclrs mey onr be fent when entering den, and the re of the hui ot are in he trume and
On tr dy that a, B e i. befor her cohd, a temiperary recent is laidto the cach door eointd nifitors to the tended feho t and the M
th that the B"t bier enbiterap hefare without lrepet on ant iclnedprs he, f wile with 6may" il e ChureD thwardcso, sad Ovatfeers, for the btoie
her cmi to En t rivellerit sl. hbue abovte n witoelother prtltc lIars, clearly evince tn fit bed olfmthe be ingd the rtm.ind i td i the han o trf

coipae of iburghbet affermble, but without arms t; lofetfsl of dfilf tion imputed to her M.etly. She b sy. yesterday Sir On Crlete wasrit the
tice cputeinreported to(each.ofitoum lltattiad patlb h i founde isd a onvent of nLiche Levee at St. Jtam 'o, and kid the Kinagl hand oo
rie e the nomoicatroin of the Trb.n: The Burgher, has raifad a mufaolem over m vautt, w ere thc pro- being created arcif Dorchefler, &st.
ofend a the al a of the gecy,rod po t be interred anclfter her decet.iwh i do d the rDuke of th Biedfa's a hine att Wooba
t,ti 'Itfett addedde, to them, btiomaig that they 7utyit. Vefteeday eningdieduh, lehoa fctt Pot Abbey, istobeept uponfoehade dys aac oenouot
tri the. ,,ath R 'of lh Tribn, an onforto my, the ighto Hcn. Letd Oranth. hi Gappo e'it being ofit age. O e an rdeyl khl| I oandpthe

tie I, i. of the Burghers n the fpecf sine month, or .p sa. We have been acvoured with the following ed hi, till year. Upward of 4000 perfos die on
all thei oainhag tRgea tBholl be ftcs afide, and re la autheItc information from wt land. the grounds the rh o day, and wreatetained f n the
ohe ,y Irhet mrc bocile i They further r folved to Evry thing bears the nei erioad al in Holland, m liberal manner.
I o l1icsof ot e aove atdremfe to the Sitates of the .and from1 ry o f latstani.ue wold e led tocon- The Alrsrantema onfwar, Gy44 gate, at Chatham
dtki tt I rvntortt, toe ucgherof thae towns, that ree ludc e that thed. acte unt doubedly uponthe eve ofla is dered for the J amica. ationd i mediately, in the
flo p na rtnor.1to of t he a md corps ot the Bu trial cootefl I thufermelti. o iverfal, and the two l-. room of the Jail ofthettt lately co. c home.
i it and i.,r a copy Iborld It feat Iy way of hio, cleon feem every where ready to run to arms. The Very large purchafuehawlately been made, acd are
tf .nl t, ht ,. inui Mjetly-I'the .to ncy, s the pe p le arc fo rb in themfeler, throughout the whole fil making, itn our fonk of B gread Banking hofs at
ln ,f ,i tc incet refitd by the ihattat of outry, nto bodi oftroops, upported by vol ry Paris. who are much cons withthe Comeda c
Irinckr. he rhcrile d. they roipCtm fit that they contributions ndare ent aretand regular in their hours his, the yFrec Mialier. Difret R eafoae haven
.re11 eutilt ,d i tpon the eiton of the Mitirctsc of anrcifmg themfelve, and rigorous in their ditcih. hen aineed for th d mtare tfome think the cuo
f c ndly. that the retulotian as very often derogated pline. i, the certl ety the bcommercialtreetisbeingfeoo
I o; the t ,ly, that ploces are dilrtlod entirely Ti he French agentsett a&ive to promote mibchief, to be which will give a fadden rife to the
s ,.,ty manner; 4thly, that the Burhert have not mix in all companies and fpiit up the people to rclon- fends; ethers faoe it proceeds from the preferableth
A t i1 rforcd t the unhon ontradtd with thole of the ance, both by open encouragement by fthret prof. confd foene that even ahe Prcch place in our flocks to
a her townst Shly, that the Deputics of the villayes fees of c ffeditu fepport in maintaining their e. room of their own. CertiU It i that oe. of they com pe h
give her voices in a manner qnite contrary to the reh fi i They are career d and attended to by all, while nation rge purch o h afers been oar fundo, and
tu iti .f the State, in 5784 6thly, that fome lpri. ge the Englie t who happen to be in the country, even on that fpecie is onfantly flow, by in tothl counry. The
have hef n rped from the t e rghbths; :hly. they bllo u oramue Into bodie wth diffiutyfcape by ofal fromry plan which begin on Tucfday netll for the C progtr S
,pnik the dert. of the ow i and ithe ai ner t i theiributippon, d adhetene nto the tantholder. We outnd antd enftant purthafe of lack in the market, by hae
watch they'were ot ntrat. i ed; 8thly, that the town isUl thi temper very npiefant in traveling; exorlbant Parliametary Commifienrs, meets with anavurfe
a very Inui flate ; and 9 the efifal of perif- charg were often made with wanton their dioc i. ean id th pprobk th tion.
Snn to learn the mh tary ciareas we were obliged to fubmit in promote mflitf to be cs dad, which will gie a fud rifee th
inuyv i. By the la t ua nte flort Morcco ha e We could not peronives any proi ltof up e to rci- funTheKibe ppdefs i thatpreed from the prefe
learI t cht the Emperor had i trlated to the foreign cbon fabmitting to the otbr, or any prnepecs of an aom- dieerent navigatos of the plt of Magellan ilould to
fu thatr tnhe p it li Tgt s t hoeld fDepi of thellncefo r mdaotif ig brought aboti There feems to be no e amen ined e nd own. C er ed, fit ome time ago a t the fri
wird e topesr oi in ommercil nation, rary theme medium. The Stad ctldr muand aeithtended to by absolute, or ate Santa Maria to beomited oat at Cad for th pu
f., ti a that of Mogadore hat been hitherto; that the olce mul hbe aboli hed; neither of which i likely poe. e T command of dl elowi into thiwellasthe care
prlanet mionter hu d tderat the fame time to notif to happen without the di fficret parties fpri coming to of eeapl tn g the important cmmil on, wufor t e ig
to t,,-e4 ful of the e ate-Goeneral, that if no Dutc blowe. D. Antoio Cordovy Lafo. The w.olfailed onthe
veffel arrived i the face of three month,, the entrance Ther people are gre tly fupported by the Freunh in- f th of lsan Oober, and after a fercs of bad weather.
of that rod should c e granted to the other t Chriftin terit and the Stadpthr der, beitdes the powerful potty rb termed the Stett Jan. C Notwith andint g the dial
rations, v. e requelled it. The Speniards have oh. hepolfel'cs by the adherence of the old families, ia fup- ti sandudtagersof the enpedittlo, DonAntonioperlea-
taired in thert 1arts, the re of the ports ef Rablattd it f to be balifled by the Counrts of Lendon and Berlin. ly succeeded, and has arought home a chart of the
Dverybe la. fite is, however, greatly wanting is thpt frmnef his Strait, in which all the p, aee, dromonttre, sad.
f.i.o Ia. t ot ye ci situation would require, and ths nfortunte dfedt, therer remarkab e obr s onoth co re laid dow4 n
The unfor Byunte worth, who confeomed that he mur. which as by no means common in the family to which with their longitnge de, ttod tand refpciu ve dil
dern a drummer mn Hntingdor h ire,wau bro t ht from he elngn con, ontinnaltl coutnerad, the edasvour rof c, fruom ren vigomsi of thervatio. On leelau ld r
Suthryon T fdi y p nd lod ged in Newte f oro few this, ourpty, to reght trbo quality whilere t heto be no arrived at orSt. Joelph, the tmeat feathern rthe
h rd be after whichhe wasput.onn the rtio of the Ho. rages the di aders of the opposite prty to pol atte, continental Mariey here fou two bottle Cdi wth an pur
tidn aS tae, whichabou habe hitherto i th t to en tr bolt d ; neither of which i likely p tio. whie comm ed of t i a s unte
pring wentou f rdom ther the fame time ton Snow-hill, t happetur without takhe diplaff e, whict riti teoio of exeouing ahe impornvll' ant commiE id wtat atp. Thed

ito r ler totakehi of there Sae for the ifadmurder. He of all is at no great dilanc, it will bev di&ukt for ere copdthe oitn .and adTed aclier, oaneid
ic ted r melancholy kf p i o fthree hmih, the eanwhen Enlad eto a red atly rfeorte by the French in g athn ao unf l t Oobe, tad after v aerie of fid weather
flit rd u q.elina oulde Itgrnte nto the h .oir tharan fE, iuoe be th older, sad csn er pre. lar este. the Stait Jen. he Notw nt sdin thea ifa d -.
ta th. lotd t lthewholtr. th Spniards tral e nearly allied toby the adheree of the old families itoh iee and dit en of the chpedition f St.Do Anl pere-
tk- vey little neauris, the un of the fine hap poled to be ed b y the Courtal of Londo r al Berlin who le from tce andove brought home o eha ofT dth
.ere y... h a he appeared, ega wfrablneg io a aeaer, e equre the fo a ditt rmef h Strait4.I n who t he cape, brs, procawora, m ogl
de1n ik thm, Ja a ng, eh.1fftituion would require, ane ti d thu o dfes.t, other remarkable to Oe eto the aooaen. a tehd down.
h.ei nfornnate wro ho eofednthath ur hih evetby fo metan eddommo d in the family to which with their lwengittideer, laituds, atd raiorae dita-
areated Lor To fAe~ryl.e thie, our rly, to remoft o rfqudiliry, while it as esa- se ar t St. Jrived whetS theyfe out u their a retun -e

L euy the oof ha' Thereisnodoukt, therelore, theantlhfrabinlatet thde tfto af March, and unrvud two atits lest.e
month. nnonr wrthqhirth ofa.n peaihe rodo the Human. rgelof the whle, a nder of every Stpp at, to av ale tio th of. D t h, t lt a o.e ea.te. anha

fr et will ery melaynchoy market hisfacebd, andwhen Englan t ad oaevery thing ionght t he lare to ing t a account w f their ow he S stra fit dnrent
1 a he tho wei .hv uwhole n truth lIL the Ip Hene near ied tote family lpon he r b r oes to be eve-po mad sa e v s channelof( S edy tBo lee.

The prftant Iuiws itu lfH -l hddk I' lT te eirsacn i -traddcu s of which the Rted, s CemnM r la Chikreftbiblftfau v
inflitaity more gpro Kct cwk 1 have fwora flae the sot of March Nor*on f 1thsOt tDt UM e..
stimbr of years. lue. t has not only T hcltlseas te4 with rctedo t .to pI*. t1i lo n at.blt fsJl- to halhitl broad pen.
t.v*d thiIem from ul b~tfted thtIWyo a degree of fei what tti airtld dand JIupiter. I. which eqlppisgfao
wIalh the Company never experienced. To fll fit- me I eold bhe d l to h l ." .d*. J /
u iftsiillpsof p.uids of eain a year, at only a hill- a
i..g a po0alptofit, will brg ing ecar a million fterlng It for this raln. thsee ofend 6t m *teths O hei
a ear rof.lit; while their rvenucin the Eaft, under fines the realai threata f regu. M, lt l
tI r,;"' ila ti o fthentewiva, arecooilantlyapplyingto nation, to mtves tf c ama*g ljr 2 r s I
-1, ujl the debts contirAcid abroad during the war. ewvn fo yaM s bWefore thisperiod| hopie t fo w
S-- theirfrp at (ix per cent premium-we fee their in the tlam theredrfsof th W proha vgl Jl"tl | kt or
,I i ret hrre pound. piminiuian-we learn they have an would eqnllp .lvedo. thi Prince, who, f his fde,s Jsedv ehel!h
i 6e.. O6,0o0 piounid a year paid them by Govern rhable to thr loenteftlble rights dil drttimte n lterted him "i Mch.' The AtengHllt*c ,tg
,r, lh.hi wortht, according to the prfcnt peice of ref ol g othe s of June, toels e q.hlited of th totbe aettV t tlhkir old en"Wy (TitpJlab)
..:l *t., -o ,oe pounJs: and betide that, we fee com 'of their owneommiuee-men. s.Tlselealn aend, ling fmnuigea Ayesilvteoas& traopis -
t', it > hf.lli;; allisth tca trade of Europe wiltin them- took through d.. confidence which the citletI gtto, n, mhe
I .-- ay ol. s r.the'm froi,tifomedicultica- enote that, coififrmable tothe aftarticleothe aw M tto' Tippo" btsteflofit.
S.. til Jme ,lht,,-id lthliigh they encrcafe their renon to which they had worn. the flit Burgo. procgted cdod I a tjW rebel, el' uatiaJErJd the
I., it 1. tn;ly to carry on ani extended trade, and mffetr would receive te oaths of the faid college of M atltacoentry, after different repcetmes, in whicl
,- . : i ti i.irc v.loable.- India Itock has fern ; but all that thq citizens and e bad the advantage, he went after as the Portugucle
S n tt. mn .I J.videnid ol it per cent. whitm every i momitseg could do, to obtain this a of juice territory. Thinking he bad fiticient firength to pult
( *: ~Aisn l.unliuO,-..o.nd will, in fpitc of thole who the firflk Brgemalr, was ukllefa, and absolutely hist enterpri. he detmlned on ttacking Hyct Sativ
SLt i.prc.i it.r C.uniipany's a.fair., Ife j t uccef6. he made teveral attacks on him, but was repulffd eetf
.-, :I ,l .1 chuir priplerity il At leanth the cl.ineas, after having prefetted many time, at length he ref&lved to take a battery word is
....,. by the I ullic. addireffe, were compelled to prcfct oe on the 3d of ed, s>di ttJuatackhe not only oet noomttn, hbu
S t i Jd, l U.i,. Yaiy'sflcet, for the aut thisinlant, July, u the ahi*/.t ou their fidet acop was ihaincif morally wounded. He was brought to
i > ;.h ir tin. iii thl course of lxing take of which wo have the honout to laybefore your Excel- Seringapatam, where he iied; leavwg hia foo, minor
t .:.utl t~.i iy*oio Ihips, of which cvu are 94 llency, a. allf of the detail of all the meafures and his Uictsor, under the trelager a egncy of one tt
. i vc .It b3 lou; vo) "'n. Twelve fall ae tl before the council of the city. We add toit asa jlti- aie, a yoeager on of Hyder Ally, and Cade, bte
Cliiia drcid a1i, bAck ..;-.n, the others for tat fic ,tin. the regulation idlcif, the hfervauce of which their to Tippe, diao. ntentcd with thisarrangeoasnt
pvat vl Indi i, two t( SI. lSi. JCo- the cities fwore to maintain, tofither with i copy oppefed the regency of Camarodln, and openly Lseared
lit. o f the notes of the tcgifter of the CouncU. ,,tve to t enl te 6h of January left. This brought in a great
xtra' f a letter J)fl "Isi, o0. rhis affair of thacktisee from the st. t ember dedl oef to le at Secringapatam, by which many lives
"Tli conriiii. als rciat nuew negocasting here doet ry45, to the 6th of May j786. The wn l ioe were 14. In cofe wence, twe Minifters of she late
r t o' ..ny ieatns fera to be reliridtld to any local to fetve as a proof, what a legal, well-founded, and Hyder Ally, the one calledB rnia, ltaminncoft.avmara,
triiiutio, or o ,niy particular branches of commerce; becominit line of cendue the citizens deptrd for the the othercalled i.ifsn, took thereinstf go.vrnnict ins
h,.ri qally r l.t.s to all the dominions ofthetwo count- introdtuidir of the regulation of regency, and to their hand.; fome fay for the interest ofTippoo baihb'
ri. s fj that the prefint arrangements arerto be confi- obtain the confequtences which refult frit it, by chufing fus others to invest themfives with it, aIslfluatiiig
d.1 tI ii lIt hght of a compleat lytlem of comulercc a collcge qualified by the committecmo of the citi. the young heir to the Throne. However it ma) be.
h .ow rc: l'ral.c and Ureat-Uritain, and alay, among zeus. their adminifiration has refturcd tranquilty to the is.-
u:,ijr btefitL to both, lay a fytlens of harmony between In cafe that the flep taken by the citizens on the ternal parrot fthe country, formerly belongiag to IIyder
then not to bh c.liqy diilurbcd. the peace of third of July, flhald be of a mature, contrary to our Ally, but not to the neirlihburing nations. It s nfi.
l.ropl iolay 1b: cp.rminnct." intentiosit, to produce fataland confpicuousaonfcquences dently laid, that the Mahratas, who were allscnblitg
a i.r.. f/'ia Littr, frim D.uii, _/Iy. I t. by the conflati refufal of the Council to pay attention a jiunterous army before the death sf Tipjoo, hLoe
SA .' g, it a ai>:rter allesnbly held yclierday at the to our r:ghti, the citizens thought it indilpenfable and marched out to plts the River Kdnay, and join them.
iL!fi.Ttl, tr" Lod ...yir, Akldisan, oh nifl, Co-n absolutely nrcclfary to impart an account of all that felves with the troops of Nif.n Ally, to gaun pt &leon
it ,a s:1 Ctzta .I, voted the free on of thlii refredt- palled to your Excellency. for the information of his of Tippoe's dominions, and to divide them amongfs
blt ..nd .ii i 1.1t city to tise Righc Hoi. the Earl of Cha. Majelly. This is not dune with a view to intaret the themselves. Their ultimate view feemi to be oa ct-a
ta l, 4s at iftlin.ail (it their hith cllccm for that kniuo ncneroityof his Moft Chriflia Majcfly, toad blith Ayes Save, en the Malabar coaft, wish a view to
I ..! l1 ;!'r .id inttrtpidiry for which this brave youig f h:m in this cafe either his aff.Mr, or his i guard that country f.r thelfelves, becanfe they want a
SI i, ienourabily ignaoincd hinifcf at thede.- ircOly or indirefl. Knowing too well, that as hi' fuElcieac amber oftroops to dcfond it; and rcftore, as
Lt It, l C ir.lrar ; and alo in tuken of their grateful NIajeflly would not heldd with an indifferent eye, if the fame time, the ancient families of H.fy, on tt-..
rn ri. t-l Ae tf the dilltingilhed Fatriotifm, public other powers houald undertake to interfere with the dition that both hall be obliged to pay an annual tribute
t', .::, .id c.iicnt abilities tf :ii truly tllultrios lftlher management of dur dichefic concerns, it would be ill to the Mahratras and Nifan All)."
Ir sit wtie v ilt cof unfals the Dridtih empire derived, for breoing us at lft that we Ioald commence by giving A.s 4. His Danilh Majcfly has appointed Colonel
jIt.y y.i, f i,,.o0h glory a.ia advantage." uccafion even in appearance. Ankcr, the Danilh Conful Geoeral at the C- urt of
A lerr fruo il ( tIt. r, received by a merchant itn 'lherefre stir citizen thought themselves absolutely Great-Britain, to facceed Majct-General Abbecle,. as
tT.: lty, hp thi. full,wing.- E"I 'he toipirr boud to make this notification, flekly from the eclat of Governor*Geacral over the ADami afl-lnJia Scttl-
Mtrccti has leat alt Anbalfador to the Gonvcrotir It he citcumflances now esiling, which muft have a mcent.
:qt1ii liiii, t'.uI.lcl t ia p.ctcnt of funicfame i- of ii.i itlp influence on the pefteit adsliiiftration of the One of the principal trpics of the Leve yeltcr-,
i. v: f tt hil.i he ll AUlisep all comtIit.c Iron |,rt vice. and which might thervi infpire hi M.jcfiy div, was, the inforraa ion rerpeding the Prt te of
tTlrb>.ry to i .it gartnilo. The Giovern tr n r riirn with unfavourable prejudtice, t1gugh u and mall- Wales, who, itlppear., the mn,,mt i the count of
r :.i ft vr, thu it w' wit in hisi power tI, fo .l tcth iiu infoitmatiri,.. We think ourselves themoreauthe. the ldcfpcr:.te stiumpt on the life of the KaIy, reathid
Sr. ,. ri:: he ih. l rdci from the King hit mnallitr to rized to taci t ii flep, as his Mtajfty cannot be indif. him, fat of fiooii 1righron to Windfor. Hiet Hi h-
to i., nu I if a fltp wat ut to fuppliig ilhec g;; riln, f(rent to their situation with whom he i% in an alliance, ntfs, we learn, in his transport of jy for the Kng'e
wih .:viliuns, tly coidd be tipp.itld it n other folemnly concluded between him and the Republic. happy efcape, ruthed into the ap atrert where he was ; hcapcr rcte: that he ihouil li hi hoiLt an Accotditigly we ought tohave prevented, and ouron- fitting with the Qoeen, and embraced them b-th wilb
accot.t if hit dm.tnld, adi he niuft wait for a fi nl 1) defigii Jor this notification was to prevent any thing all inagisabie afciion.-The Princerles alto par.
;* fvcer L.11 it arrived from tt El.-aud, on whith tle tt.t rou!d injure it in the opinion of his Majcfy, and took of etelicily, ad a moe, ver
.Atc .il'dir dt iarcrtd home ecuiingly not 'plcfed at r,) iform himi that very far front wilting to prcidlice, yet toik place oithi the pale of the Loiwt. Thi. is
tli .ce. t. Ite hlad n t with. by our imefarc%, that alliance, we have on the other the more acceptable, as it will no doubt tend to that
J.ettcrs ftim Conilt) titintple datcd Junte 14, declare, hasd no oitc. object than to recover our rights and pri- acconimodaricn to mach w f ed, and ti vety ardes tly
that hli in the dilkant pr:vitccs were incra- m ilcg ; f. bit Majeflly may ind a firm and ton- defired'by every lover of the auguft huute of lrun-.
tin-, andl ut the I mouse rebel, K. lculk Aly, who l'tant fipport tor the tasoitenance of the faid alliance, wick.
lii c't], il tilc cEursi of the lA t winrtr, fuipofed by in the independence and economyy of a free adminif- 'I he American Coigrefs have fet over by the last
the lV rj to he ce.,ii, tva agiin in arms, at the head trmtion of this province, which mufthe the cenfcqutnce New-York mall, a very large pactLnof letters ami pa-
tf a nusrnerou bidy tf difkipt.maId trops. sf the. independence ind liberty of the citizens of persto Mr. Adam.s, the Anertcan Amshafador, amo .
Slie tiv,:r Tiha.,s i at this tisue a f-ill of shipping Utrecht, of the people. f the other cities, and at length, which is a Maoifefto, which haseja delivered by Mr.
as it ]la biclt or irn.tny, and yet frou: the cnltant .f that of the whole province. The citiscusof Utrecht, Adoa*e to theoSec,'r iaof State, to be by them laidL
uttertiiaiice of the proper .llicers, ai.d :hc tips being in attefting thefe Mas their tue fentiments, fupplicate before the Privy Council coaiplainirt of the vcryuts,
Sr4i. rl) mitred, ilie uavoi;ati;n is rot hb any means the Almighty tepeaur.down hiblefing son his Majefy juitaiabl roceedings of the ;lglii p lhpv ef warta-
iftru.cad. and htroyal houle; .that he may prolong the days of tioned-in the Wefl-tndie and America, wh ch not con-
Cony of a hitter f, on, l Citis if Usc h t, to th, that great monarch, that he may take him under his .tent vith the fetarre of vcle going into their harbour
,lrfvti ~. I'V 00, tit Frisih A jl.a.r is tmh Stain immediate protedion, and that he may continue ihe wkhout the proper palperu, make capture of fuch as
Gti, eral. glory of his reign and his heule to the laft generation. are only paling sear them, under ce lour and pretence
lIr l.on o, Signtd in the nane of the citizens, of illicit trade. One tiflance is paiticularly muetioned.,
The body "t our citironi have had the favour of Your Excelltny's, &c. i. e. of a voteel from St, Piite, a Frtnch Coouoy,
giving thhe firtll iaris of their high eftceme for hit Moi ty 3 t. Thle officers of the Spail frl igate, Santa bound to Botlon ; which was felzed at more than a.
Chrlittin ilajojly, .nd of the entire confidence they Mlaria, while in the Straits pf Magellan,tla federal league diftancc from the ueaf and carried into Halife.
have ripifed in hi. facrcd peroin, by the proposition interviews with the native of Patagonia, whoM they (uharbiour, where As had beenconidcauaed, and the,vf-
whlch they imad," to the States of -his province, to deftribe as i a peacealle difpofition. They are copper fel,~d eorg9 fold. The Ambaffader has, it is i ,
enter lito an alliance which has been effcctnally con- colbured, and have whitith hair. They arc nat efa i hinted, that if the aggrieved perfona are not made
eluded and confiritned, to the great fatisfation of the gigantic c flature as was fuppofed, but they are corpulent amends from this application, the. French Court will
wvhlc nation. and generally about fix fiett high, as was eflimated on j take it ap, as there was French property on board..
The particular pro.fs% of attention and true attach. an average of abuut 6oo them affembled. ThcSpa. There ts one object which all the American Ambar.-
mesnt which his M.icfly has condtirually hewn toward" uards meaftred one wh fhcvcn ftet one inch, ard faders in Europe have been infirAted topurfue with al
this Repubhc, oug t to encourage us to a cotinual reatarked others who wifrom three to four inches pltible ardour, and that is, to propose and bringto a
exertion of stery thing that can promote the advan- taller., happy concluCion, a treaty of 'onfederation 6f all the
t3agc of ther alliance. An alliance with a people who Aogf- I. A large flkia fittingout at Deptferd with onstime powersagai the Algerines, teunifian; and
fct no value ppon the preservation and cnloyment of all polible expediteion, fer a voyage round the world, other piratie la tesA diuct Infell the Metdrteranet.
their rights and privilege, which are the clential and on particularr discoveries: the o micre- and feamen are and interrupt the comfierce of Bawrpe and America.
folid foundation of alliance, muft be destitute of any picked perfons, and the mot expert and bhefavigators Two plans have been, aopofed no this bhea-one thst
reil advantage A! the period when we made the o- t : can be got, and fit to endure hardlhlps; and, for each contraing parBagreette l, and in turn
position of forming this alliance, which has fice beou tJrescouragement, to have double pay on their retran kep ftationed in the Medltene, a naval fedron
happily concluded, we were occupied in making a to lead; and every atutlion wilDbe paid t focha t a for the rtd~nao of allf .lpsrf t f
statement of thofe particulars of our rievances, for laud tgdertaklag. th agof Chril s peweci this fequedro te ve
which we wanted redrces, by the re-eabli, Umeat and At i. lt thj e eDuke of Derfet is maktu .erng y w ,, t io to b one eet
eoeayment of thofe rights and privileges which were prepatge te retun to hh em biy ag the FraicF the t e the utio to whi i the bosegeeg
oura hy the ancient contitution of the province. Court, wbSch we are infornetadld ll thaU I f s f T =e orytbrther lbnt~at IIftMl.t a prpl
So fir In the particular adminllirti6tnt f the regency next week. iVf it alards'ot tot
oft i ity, we fiave proceeded. The Maiffeacy and A ua 4. Sir Richard Dickerton has received froni to.eitsl byIns her.i s*ru i
citizen hiave rmed ilpi and refolv a rmgu. the A1lty hlI Cvommifr a CVmmodt odfbs of the Mixi ; thin qbe toif ba -ta flit a

there a by thelnglish; ind lesm by elsthrsDtch, It the %eein ik iba w aid mnwhr.ul .lA SAAT f OR 1B .
Dance, Sedes, Ruihans and Amerkii.e.tahr.ther liltsa tbmagt .They ropleles *d S AU, OCTOBER It.
plan is, that the cader of Maltas be i invited to lighA teas f k e is w .i d lu fa T WeBAIndia paper give the following account
untcenago the pros.a mof .all fl.betBuipa., tkd rarifiea ted, ,wrsie d '6 aof af hreC whis happened to windward
contrading parse, Isa up tdintans, or in A iw threp mw p rk Sf & erfswet on the ad and 3 aof lat month.-
Mdcire.aotan(f and tbat e tentradin pairAel ai sh r'shuar., us 4a tig *him, BI*be iifeT.. IisduJ 0esae.r On Saturday
eachl fur.nillh a ota la miey, to eyidbsanually into hui widnev ldoo, and llmd ie down his hof. Sight h ad infant, the inhabitants of this island were
the treasury of the uorr at lt- tM.-mehle the neder They domanfidbll Ifom the ptaiu with whom he had alarnal by a torm, which, for fame hours, feemed to
to keep ccultantly at feaz fat"e licient to fiear thr trkme relauad he1 we- fteed.U fly to fete ether threaten the fame direful faedc which were experienced
freedoai of navlgation, within w latitudes to be fei- plaoc r.ulfety.. from he hurricane of iylo. About aine'o'clock the
tica. In both plan a ;saslio rv.lia that h qsaimt. The .i earsawatilaolseau aig theIllWproe wind blew very freth from the N. E. and continued to
or priefrt, paid t the Barbary tato, thll c a., i~~~iof.tue peple. lhey b avoe a nrlesly fn' ivnr ia that quarter until half paft ten, wh.n it
detutomine I anil thma- oa na elity of .ipi las 'lf altoMieds in this =mnneo they ft i o fupi shifted to the S. E. and blew with the moll alarming
tir.ugh the Medittera.anoa, beung fura.iladc wh. ild.byearfmonof ttit and bnflapce, Aind!4het violeace.changedfuddefnlyandfrequently to every peiac
Sl, lhall of courfc no longer cguit. 'Th Cotvei ohk abtk fibl other eai e than the ldlezd a ef of t bdompifs till ajat midnight, when it began gra.
SP ao, we arc auted, ha, lent a favoieahi rto tha aiuitelion isa uitsa; every property is at fakq whilu dually to abaut. At about eleven o'clock, when the
prop 'ial, and has exprrfled in readiqefs tr aquatic to a fach outrages exift. wind was at its height, a ball of fire. of a very furpri.
treaty, founded on either ot the 4lw plains, whesser. Yefterday evening a rept wa circulated in tpw, fg appearance, was obfcrved in the S. E. iffluing iron
the Udter maritime powers fall fiGfily their approba* that a aumserous mob 4q plafantry, In the vicinity a dark I loud, which fet forth rays of light to a vall cir*
tion of the yflenm. Tlse Couat of Naples warmly Watertford, abSeibled together, and opped the pro, cumferencc,andcontiaued vilb!enearfortyminutcs. On
.fpoulea the popoplitipt, Yoaqe pa4 5igland have not wiflios going ito that isay, declaring, they would 4et Sundaymorning Carlfl Bay exhibited the moll ftriling
e v 11 at .ny aufwer on the fje.t. fvecr a fioKse article to I brought in, until the White plfire of defolatio, not a veffel having rode out the
xtr lof.a l ttefr 4f elaf., diurl YpLS. Boy coauined there houldbelibenraud i confequeoee Borm. The following lift contains the name and fate
Mr Lamb wanted received ty the all y ufAigicrs, of which, thirty-fis of theri deluded saticteant were of every one that was in the bay.
and oltligcd it return without bcig admitid to a negi- turned out of the goal. Ship Townfend, Blackburn; Hibernia, M'Conanel
ist. nihowcver, thii may takepla herealter, through ly ai. Another attempt hasbaa recently made by GeneroMs Planter, Sands; a&lre and intircly loft.
she ntterpo.ition of the '.nmpcrur of Morocco, who we a diver, with the allfiftlan of a bedl, to explore the Ship Brathwaite, Lee, is alfo ashore, and it Ih fup.
fi.d has at l.dt coucluds4 .peace with the Amtr.,ea wreck of the Balgi lof, Idisman, that lies unk apon pofed fhe will never be get off.
bites, thirooul Mr. BarctLy, theiragent." the Kifl ,Bank, new arthe uace ofur Bay. Thet l Brig Bridge'rown, Mathey, oiore and lof, as is
V,,iit l, iu I Letr to oacc f his f enda, has the fl-' perel ent has een fo far fortuaite asto reward the ad- alfo Brig Ifatela, Taurner.
In. tg gei-" Yau oay perhaps *pprentd (fiak- yenturer's haserdous labours with the vals of two Tlhe BiltWilliam, Bliry, isaleore andit is thought
itg I tnt cit ) th, t I alit be l i lome danger, o thia bower-ranchore, whlch h has weighed, and are now fiS will be got off.
voylae, of filing iae the hands ol a Basbary sofair ; lying on George's quay. When he Istde cndcd in the No account is given of the Brig Sally, Bates.
bh i1 cldc yu areaju all fue fear,, I beg to tell diving bell, the fel was fo placid as to permit hint to Ships Three-Brothers lt, B n ; Polly and Charlotte.
v u what ni) lu1iti clapaiu, who is an Englilhtnaan, make evcryEcccfferyobfcrvation aon the fate of thefun. ilbard; Snow Scnhoule, Davis and Brig Barbados.
It ..i nraed ne hinIate.f, r my own life of mind.- ken fhip, for a fpate of time upwards of three quarter. Barnes went out in the floim and have fince returned.
)It Iulpec.,d, it ki.s, .tLat I h.d nie uiaoafinch on of ai hour l the vtlffl, he fay., as loft her upper decks. Captain Gilbard and two lads with him perished in
't! ,Ihead J' 11 tt,eef tr irivately allurc'd me, that hut lill remains entire with all her valuable cargo niher attempting toe on board the Polly and Charlotte;
I no it id f eiag .lraid 01 being taken with him, hold. He intends, we hear, to protleute this objct as the Steward o the Brathwaite was found dead on Sun.
i.r tl.>o l, a.. as. i hi' to come: to this, he il, long as the fecafo will admit. ., day morning, and hts remains were interred in St.
i.,]ai,lbly Ll.., it,. lap u hals.ow haud.. I--i-- -- Michael's church yard in the evening.
I u a L. I The following vcltils were drove alhore within the
O A Sn.ay May ., the h tIe .ysbhaved inan To he P U BLI Brig Sptediell, Connel ; Sloop Indulary, James
on .iiums sna.i].r at l.i.,akilty; lcwviil gcnlmnm o: ACONTRACT bling entered into for cutting a (theft have been got eff with little injury) Schooners.
tt,tlt IIIc It ca.ft qu1.. is that pirt of the c Au ry', ca .al fix feet vade and even feet deep, front the Bermuda Packet, Keeling; Toney, Ames; Advcnturo
t t,,ilai t. a .thit atI ,-, atielcd In t, Ip tllui bti, HWi rbhur, ina dircel line, through Mr. Nu is lot at the Nirthy; Sloop, Mary Jane, Clifton. and Porgey,
Li stio agail thie ci re, hut ncre pc ted offl with -all ed of the lown, to the Mangrove Pond near the Harriet ; having cleared out to fail on Saturday t is
11, d., anl obid .tlire to Iave their livel; 1- New Road-and it being fuiggfled that confiderablo luppuotd they have proceeded to their defined ports.
l'Ii i' t s 't It a e a hi chapel, Atavurng advantage I eightt be d.rivcd to the Public at large from In this town the damage done wa but inconfiderakle,
I rh,,t ih ni to. pt seeabe behavitir, at d another the Caali being made wider, it is propefed to raite by a few fences thrown down, fome fmall houfats and a
.i k ocked off has tu lc as h ws reitting ttfun t ilt' 3:icription Two Hundred Dollars, being the aum frew rcee d efirpyeds being the mort material. Cheap-
Ir, IAI A. i 't.,onb ta t addition to that already fabftribcd, whih will be lide and F Cntabelle, indeed, present a very painful
i t I > frt m natlt an.non to e ntmanawap y r roquilite to defray the expence of diggian a Canal of Ipe2acle, from the number of vcllch wrecked along
S,. ir, cMI ititoM n. A Ie e(..inp; made at t tn feet wide and foven feet deep, an of making more.
lil z 1 hen twctiry.-fi ttoi.o.s WVhtc Bo)' Iltcng Flood G.tes, and a Drawbridge. In the country, we are told, that had the ftorm eon-
r I- .t ,lbel ry, woud lhc prei cited .il thi. mal (cutlcmen fubfiribing Five Dollars, will be entitled tinted a little while longer, univerfal de olation would
c ih err) ar in the gettri clnilrnation, and t the uc if the Canal tot feuering their fall craft in probably have enfued: the buildings on manycftates
a' it a , clc re whly they been left too a,I weather. have fulffcrd, and great damage has been done to the
it, tI of it lc tti,erc.iti, in t. floangc and un- t bfljtiiluns are received at thr PrintiOilOice. provision.. The negro houfce, plantain walks, corn,
. o t, c t wt. IWLL I -,AER Afoer- ottonand canes, are into general much hurt.
n t.,, ', Jtteti. when tht taoireflo w ho ra1 t at -L IN AR Appimtd r. The ftnall craft at Speight's is cenfiderably injured,
it 1 l, i -h.rt. a o.i, tle patbh picft, ho ,as .JAMES INGRAM. .,|ia.dbt. work. everol boarsentirely lof, audit istmutch tobe dreaded,
I., Ith .in -hIt .llnt ...n.on bi) the repic f that KN.a, f r'a9d Ic, r)S6*' that federal valuable slaves have perilhed in that part of
S e,. c vr.uted by retry icaus to lihtadie the land.
h... t ,. i f., ti jitiiit.g r tivtlugty cic, urgt- "V'IN 1 HYTSO TEA, at three Dollars a Pound, tdRef., (Dolminiodt Septtae rl. We arc for to
n .r'c ',1d o p *, but a oain ;i and he tas aJ t .nd London double 11EFINED SUGAR, just learn from the nigyhbouring lands that the Gaeo on
l', t, t1t .k. lter l t .a pto of fatty. A' Dro- opened, for Sale at Ite Printing-Office. Sunday the 34 of this month, which fortunately paufed
pi 'J.", i I. tt cy Ihverul sd'the price, bar- over with fo little injury to this colony, hasdone cea*
....l' ..t.. .ieiven nh at t'theparolh. A Sa- crib'rhers beg leave to uaint the fidlrablc damage to the Southward, particularly among
t.. .y :ty I.etic very our.geol, reti e ad Oc.atlemen, that tb carry on the Ihipping:- In Barbados, the whole of the (hip.
t l er'db., and arbc rypan wih the AI DRESSING .DUS31NE3Si all its ping were either caft on thore, or driven out to fea Ja
ca.. i, te,),1 taamter. *ball, sand armd s' mane, wat e Acitht l, at their Shop on the aay. St. l.ucia, they fuffered equally ; the planteherc loft
a e ,,, l.ced .iliftcia rides btcfor them, at. brch, at their Shop on the Bay. oft of their provilions:-Martinique felt its fwrr We
n,.. i y a .ta, i canop., to wheii the eteral o n-- t Spt. 7S6. ' RICHTER & W illy. are, however informed that it was not fe violent in
no it trd1,. I i ty v fit every person, hfy tight, Grenada.--
S...... pv.ntigthe people from ting'. FO t L., 0 N D N, On Wednefday Mr. Dryflale, in the Caftom-Heoul
lh, e plaett ty ret ir to s e' thlireeis L The BtGANei a Tender Vigilant, returned from a cruise of twelve
f lt it. i. cy "Ft"ya.t tt hik lle bod" V T'. 17 A B T 1 U day, with the u.ider-mentinncd vefrels, fired at the
ftl,, ,, ,o .. bck, a a 1, nl ZA i1 F Corcoflc. for breach ef the Laws of Trade, via. Ketch
-- Io 1. li it.> Its P, i lith \6l j W "*D* Pr-COC KI lllsrl Liberty, Burrows; S!oop Henry, Adams; Sloo Wild
St3.t..... ttirak arh 6 A' : poi itdl, il,a for the" W pll oftltivelyfilinth i o nd week Daniel, Frith; all belonging to Bermuda.
th, If, I trahe dii, pherrt. of cNovember, wind weather 'he Sloop Sandy Point, Hamilton, feized en a for.
S itr, nireeitlebreen lhs althe tidgl 5res stlttig. For Freight or Paf ge, ly to the mr craitze by the Vigilat, and the Sloop Indufiry.
111 l'.'ti final er I. t trhe grt&t.i .-r of the Mailey 'ot board, .o to Ke"y eized. in the harbour by Mr. Tatttll, are
,r ., a y tt M, heret i b dtr JOHN WEL lieed ithe Court of Vice-Admiralty for brea of
ate I ,,h, -n a ofaIi vode.Fiwt*ZAetiM m t I the Laws of Trade.
d.. ,e, 'I. lAt fa Ilavgietldia.f l;rtlk the. I"a "E Sutiekir having taken out ILettcrs f Aaofrne s .ar, F..
it,* a9" otey i aninol et kaohe o AdmIniration o! tne Eflatesot eceat 0iC.J. School. Sally, Berry, ihiltdelphi'
to I 9.,t; ers y >s tells r .teogt. d "h1 1 Adminirli on on te n e, teti t6. Brig .Cha. ing Polly, Venab.. le. Jaaic,
tllI ffl,, Se. r i. -vi.ts. ohehatidtOAer a mh taifl b ee- Jon Ff of H koorl oK itan ar Aloti e .,
"eIt rhy '.s, ^Whleohadi.n ea stostoJeer HLtrty, and SAAde H td ao a t lannd o tr ij. Brig Peggy, Clutf London
.Iti f I,,t itfloiitcit tht te afa ioaltos. Theya firesrs allU pfo .indbted to any the taid i. Brig Ranger, Patterfon, Jamaic
rdO.t ,i t .i oIt nakea i tile .lEd. ind fa d ra,-' Ebttes, to make immediate payment. d thefe I, Schoo. Charlotte, Jackfon, Charlefto
s i l iiiin, fhim, ry ill, My a"de nr".- having any demands agiaAft the fame, ho have
()I-: Yi,,, all, le thwl Itk l .r .. .. and s in attefied icu tlhereof, F'ORTY DOLtLAK5 R< BWARDt
hI, I t a 'ht" t P1b 'aIh. Tholl already delivered in atted an thteo LLARS EWA D,
ty weAr. h-. tm In without further delay, te TTILL be paid to whoev wiB deliver to the
fT, fth p frpo c if>. r by; hb ttt' 1 JAMES HiOW W Subfcriber, or to the K per of the JaH, a
r,-d .,: a l n at night he iaorced to y r eAst ir 5 feet inches high, has an Inment In his
t ^t Arhdreatenedtro d I' t holl kpi S-'4 iT Li, tIifoo.fivbald any demand A wk the pctcl, Buld IIs marked withb finall pox: he
Itb'r of do d w uwltr, lately belonged Mr. Jo oi TO

h r aattaoff. tam eye ed, toI their LE, ed a, y WIS JOHNSTON.
y, i no. aal ,. i t I abtibr, on or be fr the ft ofe ry, ) UN AWAY from the Suble r, on Monday the
I n I, p n. 5 I, ialpfi o. indebted to id Si,.. JR a ta Jsly. Na ro Fellr Joe. Who.
.m ys hat i liwot ruird to fettle immediately, with evr will appreend the aid r.uas iy, and deliver hi
eP^Vyar. T 1ah ; I "' SARAH'WI JlN, tothe keeper of the public Jail in all reete
r They s lMedltthF AAdmibtMtrti, at .. o d, o Or tG-. G eori.n
nde ., U BMddT 'rAc RR a ROSS, HEITs OLtT*P ROSS
I Ar mitt wkS R^e Act ii ." Attllnys, r. liNw-*le M C. NOP u, ,+0 ,4r 1, l786. '
I"" "' ,,,~.... ,',, %.Z> -..

5 A- A i ,\nf? 4 Th aetuCoyMie Irastf t he wela olef thi
eortpeodaC. Mr. atipngaobjced totheeduliver
ammeo l ahsalt sttemte elude sayileseff
Parliamentary Debates. pi hah whele wlh oreare isn,.e the
Mlier f bishha.in6t at shat period (RId lbth.
iMr. Usitea B iMd" a ehi. defmce depda ded a'Mely as
S the alretie of thut lMao. Gentlrentk b lest to bring
ItHos aPf Co s MOn, Fridtsa, JVis 2*. tihe whoeof that taUAdhe to light It ioold move
that Mr. Middlato. -e allied i be i st th Hoofs
N~A* o A o Law a.- to deliver in the whole of his coirfpodene with Mr.
htilnaasduring his adrial rcOidenee at Otd. ,
T-TIE Lord Advocate moved for the second readit The Mallterof twe Rollas ppolad the motion. M*
I of the bill for empowering the Comnireoee O faid it was a proceeding unko e to our laws to call
th, R1 vc.inu in Scotland to grant regiftea a Britil on a tied pofom to produce p e ate p rawhkh
1Ilct v k.nll t. swo 0hips now in the poet ofLiistl be- tend hit own canvidion, and that is Right Ht .
I .inji to Mcf.r.. Beaumont & Co. Gentklemen may as well and as legally latrodieei the
Mr J.i Liol,,n ,ppoled the motion. It would open, rack nto that Houl to torture Mr. Middkton into a
he ii ia onlet for numlbcrlefs ap lications. The coifeoln of all that he knew.
SvetTeli w.rc buiiil in America fo late a lance the condu- Mr. Buke faid he could not account for the reafon
Ian of t hc oace, and had no claim to be diflinguibed i oln.f the LearIIcd Gentleman. othorwif. than by fulp.
f'on a ni.ier of others in the fame predicament. p.,ng that he had a inferior and more recondite kind
Th- Lord Advocate f(ike in favour of the bill. He of law for other fitstions, whilt he thought proper to
I.ii rI. tihe ownicr of thefc veffels had debts due to. deal out a facondary fort to that Houft. ln this. par-
th, tn i Amcri a at t e inccommencement of the wae. to ticular he aid the Learned Gentleman remdnded him of
t amount A i a3i,'ool When the Pace was con- a Right Reverend Prelate who ufed coslOantly to write
:it the n ts ho had been font for the scotry to tn wiine-merchant for a h*gilead of port or the
r hl. del t., found it netccflary that veels should be infe rior dry. For furel in any other ~l:uation the
>,.ili to Lr.n over the tobacco, which was received in Learned Gentlemen coo d not have fid that public
pAy-tnr. The cu.-age, icon, aud all other material, men, whowereaccountable for their condu, went
tre Pf-at frn Ureat-lritain; fo that in la nothing ,biged to produce cvery social paper which wa
wv.. Aciiticart hut th, timber. Ilia l.ordfal., alfo faid demanded.
t.h, rdl ,i ilcuncil in I; o, by whih there itflels Mr. Fox taid, that if the diftidlion was adopted,
S tircidI c!# n i ] i- n the American trade, had the which had been mow laid down, that ever. 1,ivate
tll ,, f ..I .i. aita l.t //fa.s law. paper should he foppreffed, and that the diferitination
AMr .. llihoioin and Mr.Jctmpfer fpike ainf between what was irivae and what was phlic, was to
tI| b.ll, a eitng fintded otn no particular claim ; after be vefid in the hand, of the perfon in whft hands
wtich it was itlhdrawln. they lay, then all refptinfibility was at an ind, as every
E x ca I s on W I tN a criminal would certainly rtfervetho'c as private pa!ersn,
The order of the day being read for transferring a whih contained any matter of eimination against
part of the duty (n w:nos to the Commiloicurs of hinlfit. .
v re Mr. Pitt, Mr Burton. Mr. bheridan, the Attorney
.r. Foa fai, lthat un ecrflanding that the Houfe was Gt itlinf.crtJm ycitelrL., ohcn it wa. fiiggelled by dilltihnion, between public and private papers; at Icreth
to,, gcnrJitinc that the vnc-mier hanti were in full Mr. Pitt proposed an amended motion, which inflerd of 4f thl ltenen ad l.ulci of this hill and requiring the whole of the papers, demanded only fuch
b fing i.,,rind on the c,:,tr..ry oy very tcfiedabic asrcferied to matters of public concern.
authority, t! at t!e hill was fearccly known to then, 'lhit motion was agreed to nnantmoufly.
nntil W\.eide:tl. y, when it was pointed for the ufe of It waa then agreed, after fole cortcrfatlion, that
t.le M .etcta ; he lhoit.ld ow move, that the lecont, the final difcufion of the bufdilts should be dcfcttcd
re..ig lh,,uld be deferred until "1 elfd.,y next. He until Thurfday.
thought th,' was due to the conlequcntf of the nimeafure; T v t s an a AY, Afi o0.
h ght it wa. due to th: honour of the Hoouf, and li as on Wt a s.
to the ,Iccnt behaviour of thofe whole iuatcetLa were X O Wines.
ta ldi th i the bill r f he Houfe refolved itself into a Committee on the
Mr. Pitt tlid, h cou'd not conceive any neceffity for bhll for tranferring a pare of the duties. on winter to tIc
t. inconvcreiiic a delay. If the feotiil tcadtling was Comoillioura of Ecaife, ilMr. Gilbert in the chair.
defctred till Turfdily, then the commitment of the bil lMr. Eriltinc appeared at the bar, and fpoke very
cluald n3t come on ti.l Friday, on which day, it any ably againti federal daiaf of the bill, the opofition to
gc: opp0 f d the Spe.tcer's leaving ti-i chair, the the apin, le being tefecved until the report.
Sill mny thereby be pollponed outtil after the Whitfiu- vera totidences were called, who Pated at great
tite,. O- the ireitolnt that ha he n held, the length the i.* nucncsies that muft fellow from the
geutk1irtir whowere in poll, lin oftl.h hill weic freely bill being ipaffled into a law. Of thefe the principal
permitted by hi H,*li. ftie.,l to co.>mun,cat- its con- were. the tribaaffment that oauld be created by
tents to whom they If that notice, a, was "aiti-ngtheli rcof th. R.vcnue Oacer, who wato
urged, hai arrived toi, later, thty were furely in p fief. be preflnt wcit the wines were broahed., Ac. the in.
lion of the mrnutc, of what fenmed t- then ti obj co- couv nicnce .f a frequcat removal and diflurbaner of
tiontallo part. of the bill, .nd on theft th(y night have thI wine fur the purpose of taking loik-the ncceilry
i ltualcl thoir C(.ivacl, In a, to be ready ont thb pIe- df ktcping 11 additional feClant or clirkh-and the
t'int reading of the 4ill. if not, there was 1ji ino ightl into eir cinnearions and bufinch which the
reafun f r dclay, as the Coumnil may argue on the e'icer would quireby the czaminattn of thik books,
d,.ules of the bill in the Committee, and aftcrwards oin and whuh nm te turned greatly to their ditadva tage.
he principle on the report. They asi p ed that it would he found rcitffary to
Mr. Fox replied, that this would be a tran.ltfition of increall thlttumber of Revenue Officers in a dege
ti-i ulsal modes which utge or reason did not juilify. infinitely gre r than what had been propofcd.
It was impoflible, he conti.ded, to sprte agaiall the After Cearing the evidence, the Hloufk adjonBcd till
Bill. firl on its several parts, and afterward, to aleend to-morrow.
t, is principle. He obhfervd allb, that federal claufes Wi Enta AT, May 31.
,lad Ieln added from the mlcirvailona made by the Mr. O ilbertrfented his bill for the better ne~ao
imercha,,s. ,u lhh were not in the former Bill, with incg of charitIl in: t cl iouf anod obliging ttll en-
wvhich until Wttincfl-y thty were totally unacquaitecd, 1-ul1d with Ge difnbutiti of donatitna, to he re.
and on which therire they could not have infrted ibl f r ndu' in the f the tr
their Cuilc. pf e for a eans, the Chncatrei of the tqef
their e Ca r in unfcl. rcpoefcd in thfev The bill was read a firf time. When
On thlampr froped delay a lou conv crftoot pace. the Speaker it about to read that claufe which cm-
LordH tachaotp Mr. Cnoftee debtMr. Sheridant, re in th llst bil aead -er time.
ord Nwaucthanp Mr. ou ey, Mr Sheridan.Amder. po19tr the lhurch-wardcns and Overfecro of every
man Mewnham, Mr. iopcr, Mr. Hufftry Mr. Mo r. parild to examine all bills, in order to difcover whether
Min, and Mr. Pn, fpoke, for the neceirtty of the delay. or not any fui remained to be applied for the purpoft
Mr. Pitt wlhed to compromise he fencfs by yield. ol the inlitutian. a
ing to the pint-icd d-lay, if it were promised that r hi Attorney-Oentrae imagined that the power
GMdstkmtne wo"lIl not oppolce the goirg into a Com- met tos gra ed wan too cuttnfive, therefore he
mittee on F iday. nimed o' t wit e r
Mr. Fo (aidn hre ea only pror.Ife for hinmfelf, NMr. GillIt declared that there was m hafolute
which ie fernie would. necelhty foreach a chlufe. Any gentleman who took
On a divi fitn their e appeared trouble w read Ihe bill would, he was convinced,
For Mr. Ilai motion, readily conar with him in that opinion. In order,
Agani it, however, t make it more generally onderftood, he
moved that it Aould be printed. Agreed to.
Majority. 74 hlie Hotfe having rlolved itself ito a Commisitt
I N of Ways td Means, the Chancellor of the Exchequer
I Fn I A r A t i I. moved federal refolutions. One WAS relative to the
Mr. Francis movd. that there should be laid before lottery intended for thae.cet yea.. The tickets are to
Ibe toufle a Rflsetlt of the debts of Fort-William, be fold at 231. s. 6d. The number, So,0oo, and te
Madrats, and Bomlayn with the anmunt of the Tica- fum to be raifed 6*t,7$ol..
fury order, ilfiacd by the feveral prefidenies.-Ordered. TIhe Atlinmey-Gencral referred -to the cafe of Mr.
Mr. Fraicis then informed the Houfe, that Mr. Mortleck,arflfv Mg the namra eof the Conmltflolsr
Middleton, whole correfpondence with Mr. Haftsngo OF t Luid "rl for Camthfge. The teloCt"1 the
had heen lately called br, had informed him peoroai Oommitr *0 reand, ud a motion made eor difehan.
thal he had delivered up the whole of his correfpo.- g. gg 2laJ er ooLMderatiam of dt bhfitefoc Thl
dcter, with the opi4 of hia own leteve, to Mr. He. AttorneeGenean then moand, -.' t -;..,,
tinga by his piticulg onder. That alterations, now deemed renmreh blc by
Mr. Sheridan thvdght the eondud of Mr. Halingl, the Houfs, had been made willmosithe confant or
in that iniance, llghly criminal, and demanding a knowledge of Ge. Ade.
particular enquiry. That any breach of 4 fmilar f paw etould in (ftwe
Major Scott related the tranrfaai1 vwilk itl oefll he. d4ctmcd bt th Heufe a highly criminal.

That ms alati ft heald take plats witoen the
order or coneurmnm of Parliamet..
SThat the proper officer oald. deliver to the
oumfefo comreil diartef eds Mh, to be reglarly
thd, asd ope for s iafpedlooit asy nemer.m
Ik maumcOe were feworally prut, nd agreed to.
T a U 3 0 I A 1, ym- I.
Agreed to the reprin of the elittionsef yetereda,
for failing monCy ay a lottery '
SThe Fortieiatimn 61M ordered ftor tbi da, on the
mention of Sir Ocorge Howard, wa deferred tird
dayf 'emnight.
SThe Hiof teemed urgent that Mr. Borke alomtd
iMs diatmly ete on t a preooted ettqry into the
liohslb war, as the ground of the fel charge of Mr.
Haitolipt on which
Mr. Burke, after waiting till the Heeoo filled, abt
five o'clock rtfe, and having thanked the AlTenmbly
(which by this time was very full) for waitis con.
fcted that he never fek himfelf in to ardione a Ituatioa
before, on which atcomut he hoped that gentCeene
wiuld fo far yympatihueu his feelings, as to pardem
fuch unineational olnlions as muff neceflarily occur ia
the particular he had to lay before them.
"llicy were lot come this day to decide on the chs.
rasder of an individual they were come to decide oa
maimes of late, o a code of laws, that millions
unborn Ihould cit ter be governed by or arpra to; that
at Freftnt attraded the eyes of furroun ing nation,*
eawould either prove a blot on the amen of sn Erg.
lilhman, indelible thio' time, or rife it, il |f, bfli to
a higher degrcce of national efimatiou fcr juflice, huomea.
nity and public faith, them it has hithirto lield in the
impartial annals II hifiery-the very idea of which
in the prefent occasion, should preclude all I rejdice or
partialtry; that every thing should give way to theft
great objedis, tha rafed Rome to that etnviable dignity,
that every nation flowed in to her, and wa. proud to
own hter way. HF did not with to detain the Honfe
in dedtmatirn; he only wil ed to pripare them for a
train i f, that, he trofled, could not be contrae
vwrted that ev n Mr. Hal in, had pleaded guilty t..
and the only difference wat on the principle if them t
and fince he had mentioned Ri me, he would poiiht out
how flhe fupportd hor province., as long as a ftark of
patritifmo remained in her befomi in the firfl pace,
Olt maintained t cm by a tlntinuity; they were mofily
connected by land, or lightly difievered by fke In the
next place, the Greck as unneerfally fpken through.
ott.,them; and of courfe every man heard the ahier
(peak in his own language, like the miracunloa gift of
thIt tongue at the fcai of Pcntccofl. And. lilly, he
that had either crquered. or was dele ated to gcverm
a province, adopted it wish a dterec of para ...aicc.
tion; he became the father of the people he was fene
to preside over; inscad of privately joining to ceter.
umiante theri, AC rcdruffed their wrongs, poured oil
into their wounds, or gathered them una cr h .ir g,
even as an hen gatheted her chickens. I his wa* the
pride, this was the emulation of every rnvernour and
the cerdfrial aciater asa charadcr, t the friW digaity,
and fought af er by neun of the firit repute (which w.e
not the cafe in the percent affair-ihda uas dfla(;t i
there s a gulph like that betwixt Dives and L.azarus,
I etwiat them and us; their la, guage is known to f who met with every afflilance to carrying forward the
prolfcution ;-formality was neither didlatrd nor de.
tried, nor papers refused ; every archive was Ihrow*
open, pid every record fuhjcetid to public irfpledlion
which was mot the cafe in the prefnt affair, as was
visible to the world, to the difntetefled;but th.t
in fpite of all, he hoped to come off vidariou, even ia
the defeat, as he was well convinced that the matter of
chargess he had brought were grounded entirely on f d i
that time would ftrengthen inicadof diminibuing them;
and that he fsould find rtfourtes in his own befeam as
,this confldcratioi, that if he toIld retire under the
Igfir of a tf i fer, he fIould hhve the balk of
naakipld ol hi fidle; and that it would he a confolatiom
Ithat thoft who had cleared Mr.. Hailing., had cao-
Jimoted him, its open defiance of the fkrrgeaf f.4s
pod the soet meedable evidence in cfieroboraion if
thofc fadi. This affair involved in il the hooar al
the Hoef they -had pledged themfelves to bitig it
Terward; let their honour therefore nevr be tarnilad;
let that be falt wkh father Paul psep#a.-e i a vq
prniMfed this and mmNckh nte, he wt over the gror
of the charges, he had already ehibised sitift Mr.
HaWingi, flr e gxti ng faote explainin 1the0i, and
axltetitog the whole, as it wr, itt On e Point f view
-in one, appealing to the hunani of the Houfc; in
another, to thg jAice.t in third, it the policy cf
nationn at large, whieb he dwelt oa fee ome time.
elucidating b appiKcamis Iremo hillory. ancient and
muodera, for the lurpo of crowning hi remarks.

DlEQS tltv toUlm a a t he f hofhij oftwu a
*jDiVedulalters to ble amic f s the puhf'
tiii i dnreal taid btf I lcnpe fae Itlhn
Illltitb e$ NWok1V It re, will sl'bas
,to |tMe 'uJi ae hfaiim tl. r *job my be
pkjAfed t6 t ibS ith Il' lt bImInvfa,-A.

am, of fer fo
from. Oney du 0 adva

j l i ejscnS 57!o1 .

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