Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 7, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00060
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vor. II .1 T


No. Iis.

A ZEFIrll-E.


From SATUR'D A Y OcTO'a3 7, to SATU DAY, OCTOBER 14, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by JoHN WILLS, at the Prinig*-Office on the BAY.

An A.3?f.r appointing Caomn.tieotro Ic fari inSl ths LeJs
if ill furb Prlfio, /hc basn fufered in Mi Properties,
i', C.,nyu,, ef tIs Cf-e of the Jro'vic of EAST
fi.ORioA to the King f StAi.-Pafled in the laf
million of Parliament.
W HI RERiAS by the fifth article of the Definitive
Treaty of Peace, concluded at Veirfilles, on the
third day of Sq'tceni r, 1783, between your Majelly and
his mill Catholic Majelly the King of Sprai, it was
agrecI that the province of ajlf Florida, which was, at
the time of concluding fuch treaty, in your Ma efy's
allci .,nce, thculd be ceded and guarantied in fullright
to 1-ii .iftt Catholic Majefly : And whereas divers of
yonir Mjdtlly's fAithful fubjeas have suffered in their
righr. aud properties in consequence of fuch cellion, and
have fnt.iained g eC.t loffe. thereby, your faithful Com-
i 'n't, bing dcfirous that a diligent and impartial en-
quiry should he made into the lofics of fuch perfons as
B iy apply in the manner anti within the tim'e herein
ltict mentioned, and into fuch circumfltances s may
be niaterial to their reljpcilive claims, do therefore pruy
your MajjL fy that it inay be enadled, and be it ended
by the King' molft Excellent Majefly, by and with the
admire and content of th: LordsSpiritual and Temporal,
an, Coniminti, in thit prefciit Parliamcnt affembltd,
ans by the anthn.ity .f the fLame. That Colonel N/3iti
B. /" and yatb, ITfq; Ihall be, and they are
hit.'y "otifurtcd Cunimliffioncrit for enquiring into the
rtlp-'tikv loflct of all fuch perfons wio, have fuffered
in Iheir rights and properues, in confeqetince of the
otli in of the f,;d province, and into fich circumflan.
ctc ., may be nmaterial to their rfped ive claims.
II. A.i Ir itfautb/r n e.'d, That the Conminilioners
it i. dc namcd, before they enter iupon the execution
it tie n-, Ia ill tlke all oath bofre the Molter nf
tha P ,I. f r the time being, or one of his Majlfty'a
Ilh>, a ot tlx Court of K'iig' Bench. Common tleal,
rti *i. f lth Exchequer (which they, or either of
thi in, -e herehy authorized and required to admti-
Wt nrj ,I) he form fllowng ; that is to fay,
.. 1. d /fir', *ri t, t.rdicz Io yfil.-' y I n- .
I i!e. I all//r';tl, ti~ally, aid r/Kt4.-ri>y
lt ] ,1 /Ier and trVjflc ..f. ocy a.. A, iitttlrtd,
Ai A'it I,,r appointing Commtillionier to enquire into
tl. I.0 s to all fuch Pirfons who have suffered in their
Ptrtti i., in Confequence of the Ceflion of the Pro-
voI c of FA.,t Plrid. to the King of Spain, a-ordieg to
tl, r*,-, Jn Purport of t9 ftai A,.
Ill. .44J t ,1t frthe, emaled, That it /hall and may
be vlwfil to and for the faid Commillioncr, and they
are hrcby authorized, impowered, and required, to
etanmne, npon oath, (whikh oath they are hercly au-
th, ,7.cld to adminillcr.) all perfona whom the flaid com-
mili,,oers hall think fit to examine, touching all fuch
rrAtu and tlioingt liall be necefary for the execution
cf the lowcrs vetted in the faid Comnmillioners by this
.8, and all futh persons are hereby dire&ed and re-
irirtil punctual:y to attend the faid Cooimiffloncrsat
fuoh time or place as they fall appoint.
IV And 6t it r*ld Ay ISt Auth.,it efortfaid, That
th. fi il Commiffionera are h'eby authorized to meet
and i from time to time, at the office of the late Se-
crr 'ry of State, or any other place, with or without
a.ltiernmcnt, and to fend their precept or precepts,
Intr their hand, and feals, for any perfon or pertfons
dhatfiever, and for fuch book., papers, df ritingsu or
tecnirC as they hall judge neseftlry for their informs.
tion in the execution of the power veftled in the faid
Cumniniflinners by this at; and the faid Commim oners
Ire iereby authorized to appoint and employ fulh clerks,
.teffengers, and officers, as they ball think meet, which
derks and officer are hereby required faithfully to ci-
oute and perform the ait in them fevcrally and re-
elivcly repofed, without taking any thing for fach
tir leivice, other than fuch fiary or rewards a the
aid Commioiltoncra flihall think fit to dire& and appoint
hI that behalf.
V. A.d A, it e.aid by IS, A.thoritl iorefail, That if
, It Ihlall appear to the laid Commniflionera that ay per-
flt hall have delivered to them an account or cClam
Icyond the real loft, with a fraudulent intent to obtain
lare than a oiuA co.npenfation, the fald'CommlfEo'net
tall, with all convenient dispatch, report roch account
t claim, with the evidence taken thereup to the
birpmiffioer ofhi Ma)e*y' Tr who arn hereby
.%e. orized to I, ke fuch fur 14er enq3y upon the e6
they flall think proter de if they, or any three of
'n iaUll be of opInin ta foch atccoat or claim I
htduleati, then fuch mno 'fianrbe sbfnlotely td eW
Ims n M iy c ainiaffate er sewlkol WhUftMr.A

VI. Aild hlfrtHelo, ma ld S, e A4mlityl, Jrf,
That in eol any perfon or perfn, upon examination
upon oath before the laid Commiflionern refpeaively as
before mentioned, fall wilfully and sorreptfy give falie
evidence, every fuch perfon or perform fo ending, and
being thereof duly convidled, Mall be, and is and are
hereby declared to be fubjed and liable to fuch pains and
penalties as by any law now it being perfons convicted
of wilful and corrupt purjury are fubjed and liable to.
VII. And vatev r federal preprietorof oEf4 Flotida,
and the agents of several other proprietors of the Laid
province, rcfpedtively intitled to the benefit of this ad,
are rcfident in the Babama Iartdi, and other of his Ma-
jefly's colonize in Aerica ; And whereas it may be
attended with great inconvenience to fuch persons to
come to G, tat ritart to fubtlantiate their refledlive
claims, or to give their evidence in support of the claim,
ofother proprietors for whom they have odted as agents,
it tinrtfer enidfltd, That the Governour, Lieutenant-
Covernour, or Commander in Chief, and Council, for
the time being, of any fuch ifland or colony, /ball, and
they are hereby direacd and required to enquirer into
the loffea of all and every fuch peifon or perolin, and
to examine all and every fuch agent oh agents as may
repair toh them for that prpofe upon oath, whih oat
the fAid Governour, Licuttnant-Governour, or Com-
mander in Chief, or any Member of the Council for the
time being, i hereby authorized and impowered to ad.
minister; and fuch oovcrnour, Lieutenant-movernour,
or Commander in Chief, and Council, for the time
being, are hereby invelced with the fame power asnd
authorities for enquiring into ftich claims oa the Cotm-
milonters appointed by this adc are invested with, and
they are hereby dircded to proceed immediately on all
and ev cry fut claim or claims, examination or exami-
nations, when tendered to them, and to report from
time to time, by the firt opportunity in their power,
their opinion or opinions on all and every fuch cid ior
'aimit, with the evidence on which fuch opinion or
opiuioifi was or were formed, and alfo to report, from
time to time, the evidence of all and every fuch agent
or agents to the Comnmiflioncra appointed by this aSt.
in order that all and every auch claim or claims may be
ultimately judged of and decided upon by fuch Com.
miffioners, amd be infected by them amongft the c aims
to be laid before the Lords Commiflioners of the Trea-
fury, or the Lord High Treafurer, for the time being,
and his Majefly's Secretaries of State.
VIII. And/e it firter rsarndy Tht inoclart orfui.faid,
That ii cafe any pelfon or perfonr upon examination
upon oath before the laid Govcrnour,Lteutenant-Gover-
nour, or Commander in Chief, and Council, for the
time being, ai before mentioned, hall wilfully and cor-
ruptly give fallie evidence, every fuch perfon or pctrfunt
fo ofending and being thereof duly coivided, ball be,
and is and are hereby declared to be fubjed and liable
to fuch pains and penalties as by any law now in beinge
perfoio coneiacd of wilful and corrupt perjury are fuor
je& and liable to.
IX. And be itfritr retefled, That no claim or request
of any person or perlont fur aid or relief, on account of
the lo of any property in confeqluenc of fuch ccifon,
hall be received, in Great Britain, after the firn day of
auoa, 1787, o in the 0a5ma IJofid, or any other
of hi Majefty's colonies in Ats.., after the rftl day
of M.tar, 1787.
X. Acd h itfurt/er malddt That the laid Commif-
fioners lall front time to time, at their discretion, or as
often as they hall be thereunto required, and as foon as
poffible after the determination of their examinations
and proceedings, by virtue o thia ad, without any fur.
there requifition, give an account of their procetci.g ,
in writing, to theLordi Commiluioners ofhia Majefly's
Treafury, and to his Majefly's principal Secretaica of
State for the time being.
XI. Asd b itfurrthWilArd, "That the Lorda Com-
miflioner of the Tiseafury, or Lord High Treafsrer, for
the time being, are hereby authorised and'reuked to
iffue, and cause to be paid, all fach foame of money, not
exceeding tool. to fach perftn or perform a the faid
Comnliflonters ball, by writing under their hands, de.
aire or dire, out of any pan of the mic monies re-t
maining in his Maje afy' Eahequer, whKihfa lmon rued
and paid hall be empolyed lotiar ot paynciA of Clerk,
mnd' oa"h e n sad iat d iyln PDi other
mo esora in ola om do 0tra o. f the P.te- .
an of =tl a. and l. &i& Baner and hI fich t9r-
tthe tl d Cc6.iU p n_
b h rmf-
w a a b Ire

the courfe of his Majcfly's Exchequac, without any fee
-or other charges to be t(kcn on the pairing of the Laid
accoante, other than fuch fum as the faid Commiffionere
all1 appoint.
JUI. A-dli it frthr renaed by the Autioritr aff.ied,
i crafe of a vacancy or vacancies, bv death or rec
ft g lIf any one or more of the faid Commillion-
ra, itM -fd may be lawful for his Maje y to nomi-
nate and ont fuch perfon or perfous as he may think
proper, tou pply fuch vacancy or vacancui, and that
every perf Lo nominated and appointed, (hall be held
and considered to be irveficd with all and the fame
powers as are delegatud to the ComaiiotA appointed
by thi, ad.
XIII. And be it father tneid, That this as alld
continue in force fir two years from the palling of thin
adt, and no longer.

Niew-PcovtIDOESC. "
By Hi nomr 3JOHN BROWN, W juire,
Prrjfdent, nad Commandfr in Chief of the
Bahama-Iflatds, Chancellor, Vice Admirals
and Ordinary of the fami e. &e.
W HERPAS the Ge/ral Affembly of theft
Silands ftands prrogued to10 Monday the
ad Day of (Otober nc I AND WHiRAIe it i$
thought expedient, that e faid General Aft. mbly
Should be further proro cd, I HiaV RtaHnIrolS
THOUGHT FIT, by and h the A!dvice and Con-
fent of his Maj.l 's Hon rable Council, to iftue
thia my Proclamation, oroguing, and I 'do
hertby prorogue the fald eetal Afftmbly to
Monday the 4th Day of bher next.
GIVEN t ndeo my and the Great Seat
of fth Ulanob, at au, thia aSth day r
September, in the rr of Our Lord, One
fouafan d Sesten Ht red and ight-.f
and in the Twuntjfxth rear ofhbilMajtj'i
B l Hica Honour'a Commsn ad,
Hanty Younas Secrctary#
iAHAnMa-la amas, tT
Nhw-PlovtDm.ICe, .
Bj Hi Haer J OHN BROWN, W f, o/o,
Prudent, and Commnnder in Cbf f th
Bahama Iflands, Chancelloer VFine Admir,
and Ordinary of the fame te I. Wat
W HEREAS it has been represented to mes
that the Common Jail of Naffau, In the
faid flland of New.Providence, was, in the Night
of the s6th inft. broken, and that the following
Prifoners under criminal Profecution, escaped
from thence I to wit, a Negro. Man named
MORRIS, the property of Ca tain Zdtard Lase
flout and well fet, an aabf five feet fit inches
high, nearly jo years I JOk COLLIN, a
free Curaffow Mulatto, t the fame Height
and Age, and pitted wit the fall Pox tI nave
T acatTotlt THOuRTHT Abyindwlh thlArdvice
and Confent of his MaJt 'lo nourable Councili
to iffue this m7 Proeld offering, and I dr
hereby offer a Rewrd ernmi Powih, lawful
Money of theft Inande paid by the Publk
Trtafurer, upon the Dca' of'the Bodien of
cirther of the faid Perfubnie Provot Matlfbal,
his Depety or the Ketpr the iid ail t And
I do hereby offer the like Rcaitrd to any Perfon eor
Perfon who hall give Jnfrmaltion of anty Pet fou
or Perfonl, who weft aiding and alfiftlng hi
main or proeurng the faid tfcape; fo as the
GFNanS tder and H nod tar rioeat Seal V
at jhal l, t t eM, tf. Sit Ahs
atSe t rar of r r Leord, Oo,
andSeedil HSOiO U I.A
ad &.n the Vec rre t hI Msf, .
UtisX. JOHN 120W .
'IL, mowU 'I Cnemend.i
,, a YONG ."
^iwM-'t_: "^Tw- a'- fr*-*


European Intelligence I 911t .Ant1* j.
.tis.:o,, 1- to of ^ -hicbw denoted a WM d 1 5 dm Umi do
L AST week a Merchant, t tl place communicated A ce in cafesof lfiolty, belam5 i i2 SwhS a Su IN "-qk
Sto our miniillers a letter from Algiers, itwhich he iB to hpltal, attended to give hia opin. r
was informed that no coafair hd fret out from that The *0 tfietd tomeofhisen eririeatcolleivly, Set Ihm them s ur w .
place before the end of April, but that there was but the part reafuoedly, .. to occafioa ito TlewA thsss h se5b he a dT o't,
a great mliy ready to fail againfi the different ma- in her faculties. People b, w wat
ritime power li the Mediterranean ; that Landiefet, After d bee uftioned by the phyfcian, Ife tt wtete o*rL a iiceas u oea
(Commilloner fr m our court, had arrived there for Ippeared. etw d, and seemed a it IAe wasa* 7 *td
the purpolf of effeaing a treaty of peace with that making il to weep. saying at the iM D time, s a ioTeley.l.h lnfo r i
"^ gt.ncy. but that thde people murmured much against : Tears give rhe relief' !,is lll fan tecelvel la
thoe B-y for endeavouring to be at peace with fo I The lt meant which se ufed, wu m 4o Ivoly- wllal, 1titp Idat Chief, aCO skgS ,ddrffese
many nations., thn dl.c condition proposed by the hAndi 'defrt knife, worn very thintoward& the point. Which is ichdls the following manner tll
yey to our C.omifli.:cer. wire of fich a nature as not ,nd e d in federal places in the handle. I have bee Ne o at e thh 1
to he abitted, and c' leiciuntly lie was finon to leave A incident to the aforementioned tranfa&lion e I have benat the ea, nd have
Ather.. Tia Intelligence coin.ling with what the to cc about w.sitere n years .r sfl the Kiag a- ed to thio plt e it iou tol d me that nI ohld make
,ni,; fi nicely received, order, hAve licen given to co n" in hia chair firos Buikigh as thefe to gx peace with the back adtons, fur which I fiall do all is
si:tp faLne hip. of war to protect our trade,. n a woman wah then, as in th llainte, tca y e it baa now been rv enen clays incr I hedL
AL s o 2, -.Ma. and broke the front gias of his fedan. Upon Wiondaats, Mauees, Delawares, Cherokees and O C p
There snot a more certain c itrion of the ate 'of t inatin, pthe e arppe red infatie. wa, but as they requetled another Couincil might
eom.,erce in thi, kingdloin, than that of every flip In Yellterday Mr. 'Adams, the American Plenipoten-. ld when the leavs St red in the l ree at the shad.
the river beins to taken up, that two (hipa which were lary took leave of the King, *u his depatude tor tar fo rwr, hen they would kr as know their id
niteel to be built fo r the ltiain trade, by M a p a in they are not peaceable, we, yhe _ii Nati.os, wl
nMit, Ivee rele, for want of roo umol eter i 4t 1 Tf he follotingt lttc ter, nthi' a to ntrke earat t theo aia
tr., l .1togo to t:," her y I*v olag plI'he following Eittelr,Eo uontin r l.a edeavour 'sn make them if. heh t rhat .
lall, ned ter prL n s obliged to be fopt fr. Siax, s written Iay n olficer on board th Ven tiasn l towns will be held ind two weeka it td. I wdate.
'ihe Aiinericarn no longer build or 1s, fo ea lare flot, snd was public hed t Venice, by authority. uted vbry well, and Ihe dons all in my power to make
lums of muuacy ciapcanded that way will s ew center at 11 The ardour with which his lail attack (May i6th) peace.
omei. was fupp.rted, is truly allenlihing, and ha. complex. While the treaty was holding a Capt. John Brant.
f s, he I.nAir Ga et tile AbeeldAiy, Auff 2. ted the glory of our valorous filuadron. The enemy 12 u cian, came from Englanid, and told aus thei the
Th.ismorning, as hie Majelly was alighrinf from could not withiland our confilto and we I dire&td Srse, nlt .hotd made a peace with America and it the
hi, carriage, at the gate of the Palace, a wonik who aid b backing others, they gave fulffcist token of the Ian ere not pc -cable, they wull put up with the
oho owan wvaling threc undilr pretence of preftting a enofu ion into which they were thrown. But what cofqi uence.
petition, truck at his MAjculy with a knife, but pro- filled up the meafure of their consideration, was the CORNPLANTE ".-
vi.'entially hit revived no injury. Thlie wo. feigned attempt at landing, pirriornicd by fome of our Naw-Yoan, Aarj 4.
asin was immediately taken into ciltody, and upon boar.; all the artillery of the Tunifians was aillantly A traveller fromn the cawasld infnrms, that tle
examination appeared infant. pointed to that fpot, but out men could receive ada.- townsef Proviience and Newport, Rhode-.Iland, mntk
Alacbratic patiisoliat f theti iattp n the loi ff tl, rmage, the halls being fpcot before they could pollibly a molt doleful appearance, half the (hops being that,
Sovnereio. reach our hoats. and little or no buaintc of any hindi brought to ital.
Hit Mijer y was epping out of his poll charier at i on the contrary every gun of ounr teld. till at Iie corners a t the Ptreets are crowded with paper
therifareneni ance oadi. ancauh', near Marlborough. tall we tienced all their bater ic, which they lan- money politicians od oppofed ideas, cheating lik.mnua
sali, when the attack wan ..ade iipon hi life. T'he donned with great precipitratin. Our brave Admiral sic ; and, between them both, the poor Legill.ture.
woman by whom the dedpcrite attempt wa-, lhd refulved to imprnvc the gyporturity, ordered that no- mauled asil bruised without mercy by onia paty for
bectu oferved waiting the Kin;,'s arrival for tome thiig night be negleictd to conopicat iei de *rutaion o iakicig theaccurledi de randfonleadis,andby lhe other
time, and preinous to the a arance ol the carriage, of the town, and thim wuason great part efeieted, fiaec It, not carr)isig then intro euionoen no tny a e
took her action between t- gentlemen, who were it was inltantily defert.d by its inhabnsantsr. After fons formed. M.iny Of the iunliantatst have beea greatly
unknown to her, and with hoen the entered int a dlays pent in that iniat attack, plealfi with hiis fuctcl, difircllied, county conver.t. cailltedi ti remonfirate, Sc.
flight conveif.tion. On the rriage approachitng, lhc the Aildmiral nade ligsm to decr for Maila. and what will be the ilse i is difficuli to iltcrnine.
beyge4, with fumeon ernete ll, lhat they Iould noit We had only four men killeil t id a few wounded. Great was the firugg.c itn tl hateC thu. s to make dr
inimpede'her in an attempt dliecr a niu nwial to lii the flauhtr mul have been great among the Barba. monly a tculcr in all calei ;-lhappy for Nei -Yirk that
Alajefly. As the door t carriage v.a' md auin riat,,l and our artillery viy latal te t n elf the plan was frollrated, iherwilc should we alo have
the King was in the a f alighting, Ihe flirted f or- which burnt for while niyht,and the Imoak wa% fliu bren thrown into a fintilar coliRrenation u ilh Rhodet
ward, and held a paper ard, hisi Mijetdy, ws i he ;trceived duri. the belt part of the fol!owcitg day; yet Illand -nflead of thia..n.y we ecie glori in the
teccived wi h gracilc s a ndeocenflon. At the lunt liune of their batreliea had piccca of ordnance from exuntatib1i-our late cnilfiin a p. io unimvrlally equal
itnidant a knife which lh eld in her handa and which turiy to ot poindcr, and the artillery wa well ter- uih ,old and filvtr, and is catched as with avidity
, was conrealed under the memorial, wa dirted at the vcd, the enemy having beidr e their owi countrymen, oeven y ftraibers. N, %-York has ever had the honour
breMll of the king; the Atoke was happily avoided ly from all the neighlouting towns, fevcral very earpen 4f fuprertinK the credit of thrir paper enuifli.ons wit.
his Majllty bowing as he took the papel the made a Irernch ithic, r, who had been under the conthiai.d of tie, that of the former war withs France ac r loft its
second ftreke, but the uteudait Vrniait, fcuihng r Ililli ie a7.utrn, in the all-India canfpaign. lk- credit at all; it is not doubted but th. infant late will
d-rift, rutlid trward, and caught hert rt, at the na ne lil-ce, the Tunifin commander had polled as each end contnae to hold a dignified fla:ion in the common-
time Mr.Toplin. King's, teized the ki.i. if the town, fining parties of boric who hail ftrid cr- werilih of currencies, and be ever hounoure with the
The Sovereign, with aima ing tenmpir and f-ttitude, 1..*, to fire vithlout diftinhion or anirty, on all thofe sight hand feat in the brilliant foiery of coitm.
reelimneilat thel i-ftant, e I have received no injury *hom fear might ilimulateto fly fir fafety. The lhat I wva yertlday .ilked, fays a trrelpordent, wey, e i
Don't hurt the wooian! th poor cWeature appears in' thrown by us, is computed at above tenl thoufnd, te Ithe prrtiner cis, a, un mtlon t -,w I thought
fans!" whence you nay foam a tolerable goui at the probabic I the luiion rather bordered upon limplicief, but a it
His Majcfty, when he entered the royal apartments, damage done t the enemy was a fair and plain one, it merited a reply equally
opened the paper, in which appeared written,-To the ZEirs-a fia isflcrs /ree. Uirelet, fri) 2i. sageounlut-The reply naturally fuggflel was, that
Xinsg' mull E:celleat Maje -the ufuial head to tha The Delegates of the Prtibend oft ih city having tey have noea to git oyo. All that worthy tire
petitions, liat nothing more. taken into colsfideration the reform of the regulation public or individual notice they retail weaLly, which
Upon, the woman being fecured, Mr. Pitt, Lord on the r3d of July, have come to a refolutin to thit has lately been, and there is appearance wipi lif cona
Carmarthen, LorJ Sydney, the Earl of Sulilbury, the llccft, 'hhat having examined the pretended grievan' tiiuc to be, Indian affairt-Roguc-ifland inju-lice wal d
anafler oftRoll, and thlie Attorney General, were eon- rec, they found them to be legal; that there are even perfidy in their late render ad and penal law with the
vened into the council chamber, were thy piocceled Jonte of thim that are diametrically opposite to the re. confeqcuces already taken place-the grumbling of
to famine her. Her name is Margaret Nicholfon, gulation of z674, recogniid in 1747, and confirmed Ma.lachufctt's yeomanry a account of their heavy
and ths appears to have lived formerly in Lcrd Callr in 1766, when the nation enjoyed profound peace, taes., &c-Many pathetic and ingenious pecrformanost
ta family as an attendant to fome ofhis Lordn ip's That in remembering their oath. and the dignities have been dealt out to yor at hlfercat period. upon the
athlers, but fine that time ha hasealleda afe mp. conferred in 1n74, on the Stadtholder, by the general gra nd and Jdlmortaifubjedi (fo far it relates to the
drel, in the millinery and mantua branches. atil tinaninitous content of all the Regents, at that time political well being of this country) of the federal
About fix earth t a the lived with Mifs Price, of as the only means of prefervint the nation, they will requifstions..but to whasil? might they not a well
Argyle Buld whole service ihe quitted on a pre- be very cautious of offering the leafl attempt against the preach to flocks and ionel for itis not s e simple con
tence that I e.- d been ft a capital fortune. She af. power of the Stadtholder. They moreover declare, vi.dion of the propriety of any particular meafure, h g
terwards worked with Watfon Hatter, in New that they will look upon, as unconstitutional, what- the crr g n c ion, that wi bring abo
ond-rteet whom l tly preffed to present ver may be refolved en again that poo.n, was it even the d fined. Do you not rewnrk thar we awe
etitioiihed r behalfto ajey ; saying continual- done by a arity. That they find nothing in the re- houy lalling into frae, and thi fotely for wan of
T, he Iad targe ponl government. For galation of 1t74, repugant to the rights and pivileges thofe powers required by Cooaref o levy the lmpell-
Sla ree r lfe, e lodged at the hoe of the province of Utrecht. That it is on of late and to regulate the trade of the fate-nd for wanteof
of Mr. reke, bookfe lathe coner of Mary.le-Bone tha it was thought proper to blame the Regents of a general reformation of pmaners N-Are you not yet
Lane, near Poertmau .-She did not appear inthe 1674, 1747, and y766, without producing any weighty convinced, that Al the evils complained of by evorr
kaft embreramfed, the Council, anfwered fome or convincing rcafona against their concdn; but not- late in the nie, refulti lamediately from the want 0
queftiona with eoenmee and others incoherently. withfianding, if, with the content of the Stadtholder. proper powers in the great leieral head of the ail
Her objed, fe id, was to obtain the prayer of her and all the members of the State, there was a wilh to 0, ye unabelievers, howlor lat we bear waith yo
edition by terrifying the King, which Ike fancied the reform the regulation, or introduce a new one, they That arm which erA o Daey-..od cia "
ight of the kife would have effeded. Upo. it being profef.s them lve difpofed to at in concert with th' bilked ya se eiwoold ill enail
3obfeed that th ppr he I pefntedcostlained no Satme.." to fhle I of tIusfrAef chii thlyq inellimable
waiting Ie repid, the K iiwhat te wasted, treal elhatirfeesr BSgf, 'hlvy. b gleSIl f -11 .t.!-r**A.a well aay
a ha Sad often presented P aettt iwhith kb I We jail now learn, that the AliroWabe, and her ye opea hsbold ah Camel -ootiw throw the
feems, upon enqoiry. =pato P bees .clvred companion, the two hips which failed la year eon dif. e e faedle, as are happy or tito a
but they boundedin atH o glailag incolletacie, coveriea, arrived fate at the BRUra, in January laff, ind O ri ent.
and were difegarded at theie. where they made a tay of three weeks, and then pro- -
At intervals Ike talked lachisato n goveranment- eeded iso their oya round the Continent of Souh P I R Ai C. I"
swful lech a fcat es anh e Amneriea, intobe pa lie Ocea." Theday arrived the spa" now st. Fraelts *
M*lersofot of the Ifliat Alei d n a id Aslo e rt s Piat,, 7/l me. Pala, Cape. Paul Vial Havana, ftr Ctdhi
Aoeld avow the motIve.- her -- deThbefreh* TKie dthtechelerl fe-ety are se has pt ba here to t follow pai
who had a right to pqufi .A her, ay et thefede a prsm g abe lduriM lass of en aedaclossa Jah| *s ad e*
u *s m fa ttiems rsanaieddieat sar sleIM ad bees, hals eosevd it a Iea Mef tahlg shno few days after fe va *t 1
yilldsolr wgfr ece ug so t ..i.fttcordin hb His Majefly be the w d ai ebyit
&K th VonaaSBt11lea Abeen 7.l a. ofi. nloss

wht.. from and whidher l .saft a f lrer Wai h n tchan g d nd

n, S" "n Ipea oo, the* ic'lr, d!-P .n
nId vlanait for aCadi. The nof the le ads a lb ilm A t--e --bi W f S

e nt.c armed ith pCa fols and eu4 imt.edlandy l ii the o ,* .
board. the tnow, where they (elied eV Wnas ioder of -,dnimltfagtl 4 '-i,. -
the crec, and conhin'ed die forward, and pla ac-.n rt. w l": a ls l, the-
try over them.-They the szintsd pi6 adqqdg 0ltilsi 1 d. up IIIb, t
went ite the calow, hud took ag tlat ap? a T .iT tfLih la aillo a1s?4fr, ta a,-
vlui lilc; chry bookt e.jtew large telt that to tnjtd reulatl o aiem aa wbeg *qy ale ag'.y r AV
nMy, rn right nfor fid iry pero st f ; to a dut li mled to pp, mIletl at t-
amuut of 33.349 dollars, iS gid and ihker a rtgfi- of 'io us hI ca er I at the lHavana.-This thdy put into elr long i appeaane, whenrailled s lhe teld i.iol erling, or
bel,., oith ten (mall chels and four boe*. o fugar, i nd an ale faubfliute aid while the fildthe
h;,.i iary scared on board the Iloop, and returned whole are fobjed to thefederal artica af, ltn
agoin tic tle tiow, comenineing a fecind plunder, when conmmillionn are ehofea, with diferciponary owors,
tiery Ii uk and tlc'll in the abin was broke open and who sm to be forced by nto men, ld to petcecd
riled; thic laIli traidl did not eve'sefcape a search, Immediately to the bofe o the Creek nazin, they to
thiy ,lilhhd then of all that was valuable, gold end ctalIl Co grefi of the nation, ild dlmnd of thbmte
hfijer the-bui le, linen, Ac. &oc.-they thuh love erpeeratorof te murder, in the spring lafltto '
four I li", Ylihkh laovnd to lie water, in hope* of hottau for their futone good lhaeiirsar, and to mwar t
rAirc ticlcurc :-and took away the poultry, flip lnores, due compenfation r the riseaplce ti fl uate ha' beLt,
dc.--)]ire.g the rtime ihy th el cwoasnittinig the vii- or will beat, in defending thcstivesagainlt the irrupc
laii, it. iw iltliurAl tmui ahufe, vnd oule of tldm ti mn, and punifbiag the perfidy o f the indan,. Should, hi. lad cu bt> cul.ecl-.-Their long-boat not hbe the commilionersi not nicct with ample fatiifaditon if
ihg luiicLient to carry oil lttir plunder, they took the thref points, they ace to deliver up deeir power to the
lio.w' yawl, w.ih %tich and their own hbatthey wunt 'Military, and tp retire,
off -x.\'- lit ten .it night they permitted the Captain To provide for the epencels of thisilitary ppolt t-
suil h, ourc I i imI0 return te titunlow, exchanging their ineint, -edifillature h.s voted, thatjo,oooc. ncrling,
lu.ig-o- lfur toi. lilow's ya'. I. in paper.#flil, be truck off as foOn u pollihle, which
Dust ca it l r of the S. o i o ie a lawful eiuder in alkpayments of debts due,
fli i .ii.t u itu ii tin raiy guns, ablit 8o tuni bur- or to be due; and this endllion isto befecured byfixor
tien,; |I iitiii it m.n.d .... -iii.i i>y about adi/c fleois of land.-That the altercation while
f, -y oi, 1, if whilo itx or fovtn i,.y v.irc hire, the took place htweeli the. executrie and futne of Illh gien
r,]t ,... It woa i .,filic to lifkovor wlat nation rniein i Chiarhims county, was debated in the Houl f
sI-v i ir-:'i. l:a.iicy le il. .iade 11. rif was a nfil- of cflembly, w;lli woarsuih and afperity; thit the
ture l hS. ilii, luiicil, .i iianlh, 4n.l Dutch, It i- to lh -ei w oI o1piiiion, )c executive had overitrailcd
et ,.:i d ,hat.. l h.hi atriocHi, illaicy Ima/ tio t go long their power, in reg id to tha fuli6rcdinge which ih, y
ulip cil' ed, a-d 11a' it> -lfull will he takii, if pclhible, had uidelcad-hbut ath& fame time..direc&ed the Chait
to i, tl tl .l ii..ipravcd wretl.eo, adIu.s dt- ham gentry ti be prolocuted on behalf of the flare.
.. "i. ,iiiiiu i .n I. tin it is liiewi feS. .d, that a commiitinrili is appointed
W, are airu'lo t. "alf.rc the pulb ic, that the rc. t trealt with thie C'lotawi, and to f-rm ian alliatiec
part ct ic lib ich .'nftul, tr th cr agletrs hayinl with hatnationaaitit lie thereeks: andthatGocrnour
o aI 1" 1.- it ainyi ,. than v s blrlyt ftf. Service heas made an ofi.r of affillance, with 1000 men,
fic lt t -r rI, lIhe c aD: of the el tifi, ate, b ill to op rite ag.ojill ilihe upper towns
tep.i, i loii l -i liit dbitud i_ 'hit fiued I-y ptle s*/ .ibr t9. The late Reqipiltion" of Congrcfs
oMi Intre i I ranci for ithi Iieifit oif v dlll adlonittd being made in virtue of the powers of the conltde*-
Iet. itin- ports ini tIhi t, lr-idicn, is vi liout foun- ration," differs greatly from thofe heretofore made hy
*a ...I; a id i to h tivA ii, there is Iucc 41 ahi-nct ul that body, and a de a) or snoi-coihpliance therewith,
tiy fioii. l.I*- riciitd, vI cer for l its iif-, or will ba piodutdive of eventi which will Ilhakcevnthtic
fI.r (i.- ciii cl e, o .oti a'i. dily iti. fjt r, il, h1lTmc1 ed bfis ol the union ; it is confidently laid, it was roluc-
SI l. n t, I< liit i. y lIt prevelntinlg t'i iil,1n-.iio! taut'y adopted by that hbie bod)-but th inatreniionof
s-, Itchc l i fli niil.I onl.crwle prafitt.f-, lci .-, ir tiii. f:vcral Staltt to tleir prdlBog rconincudalioui,
e ii'ti i I ll sil aid yi m iir lg branch of ici c mI1- ha d- i v ilcn hein to this dercicr rcfort.
rc c oct il ie iiiC'iii It.cIoii. It isalfo very ecrainO, A coirclpaondtnt remarks, if we would rescue our
th. envin tihl.- rce i -a. so.,.i hav tlaklc 11 al, cluitry from impentlinig rangers, all ranks flould lay
ha,! r i It I I. theI r pea'" 4i a.itar., twhihm hlaIe aide fuperrfluicy, and firive to promise public credit,
cen. i n i I. ; lcte;-, er tl- -.irg it bh- .'li. l..-u, ai l ani d national hinuur.-.-'re should glory in a lorvt lot
thlin l l.;i r iiniiic, u iti d Ji ch they would ,nI t hpciclCity, frugality, anil indlittiy; ti ctle would then
flave ritc. liid th ir ari i '. cet 'ion i. ; I, bcniiie victorious over vice, and America he a wealthy
ili- .i tl l ri n it hall. beiriite l ci p l i :l lIo ai dalliurihi: g peop'. i
tli. ire;, .iii r a.Iy ihtactl 'cd ia .-c alt,. i v to. At a nicr.c ig ot the Soci-ty for the propagation rf
llietiadcof h.i.c ui nri ,- '. Jtr. j,/ I.l.,, i Ihi (efitl in tor gll parr, ., held in- Loionli, on the
Iit' tAtA L it I c s" ioti day of Miy lills, a debate of fomc kliigth toik
i r ipn Ar n c A, Ar u i plate, to detrrminrit hitherr the monty which before
aItie crroidly oipirtd, tht Co.uips fr ic olimepfc o e war was annually Goit to New-York, Ihould Ibe
a lii, the weilerni. of raisg irolpc. foIr ihe ilpul .- c. nt ned in that dcha. l, or tet tot picw-Brunfwick;
hil thi t ticr e Mna anoitel a wic Lt *, .in cwiill, -a e car. ied i- fav r of the latter, by a "vry
ace-/ r .r I-h ltc ii ceonli.aquesnic.,f thle lrilld t lderae Amuj, ,iity.
vte ci- i-ly 'ibe I ironfquen .ihc.ok be l .re il pibor a. We l har that the Phillippine, an
te tine. c c.c.-i ,ill, in il1 lk.ih.Cod, be i rt-d for ncricao volcl, biund from lPhiladelphia to Oftend
the ,c Ir 1, lp.. port f tho" citeled f'ort'- on'"d" i I. i..r fr -'e. aw.laaMcd itlo All ri.
I uoxt is icaly t Icc the fllaie of war wIl be kindlld
cacw Oine, f .*h vuIunte cr ci mp aniesof lig t infantry i
o tli. cii have tInd ed hcirl prices onthl occasion. .I.. ...y er a GL A l^.
Sca-c. ioi J nc, Contrrcf- called a rctiloniin, al- L UT1T'T with WA ia cypiter tl r d on it
provn r if tIi oil. rs given, by the i'o.iiinller-Gencral .wo Do.LaI. n Rtw d will be paid to linder,
it' -.h il. Iuty IPo.tniallc, not to receive tie paper on it being left at the Printing-Oice.
m.i ity any of t- tataes for pofliage of t.rt Sl. 14. 176-
l Ie .a1 id il th finic nimtith, they refolved, that the 7
S.-ciea y ad War should der. c the ommannding officer r HE Subfcribets exg leave to aSint the
of Ih Ir.,op todet:, ch tiwo companies toihe hi it, for Ladies and Gcntlemen, that th carr ton
thcp.rtc W, hear from w-Yor. thit he requiftion forth ranch, t their Shop on the a y.
year I7X6,. wa- p;,llcd in Congrefsthe ad inft. whereby rnc ., a.IITER .LY.
the f.tes. are called upon Ct py intoe. o-s the ws-w ea t. 3, 7. IT tie LLY.
fury of the Untiteid tal, on or before he ae of Janu- E-Sfirhi taken Letter of
aery 7, rhcr t- ve iqta f tt 77,0 iE Susbctiher having t -Letters of
d,,Iars of f ec ai oindensrf nttrt : Admlinihratim on te Eloatef the decca
iad we {"oethat the fevera ftate. witt fpettedllyadopt fed JotL, HadISTT oA Ea,- t.rlabs Jns
the rrquifrition and discharge -.irh quotas thereof HALTY, and SAta HA-T, ottht Wfand,
t i.., I,. fth the natdnal (fith, deitret alttlpterfotindl bted to an lpthc faid
r ,, ., o -. Eftates, toallke immediate payment And thofe
.1. a l ... 45 dayr from' leaving ay demands against the u who have
S," 8,0 i9, 1` .0.'wo not.r a ylr y delivertedliy ttted to thereof,
a . lately bee feistld to Mefr ti. por l & Steens, art, TIqutlted to
'', co, w oftres4c dcliver them in spitlout Ifutt r delay, to
wo s I ulJ and feised- N7 l A SO6..
h,:,; ic, .llon bus.d in mins.ler .a .,n. t
,' ,1t i hi LibeirtyCapt. i a den in. 'Iint the
at n E e'ltdemands aloft so th
..... :. t,,n ii. t l t his, ll to fal me A Eftl te of M r. o A- I islatoe W ILSON ,
050: len ceA at re sad o
., I ,lc r,, . -,, hri Qsneen oFrlanc, lat, of -, e 't & ed tt, a to either
P^.l..,.~lf ^;-,>4, which wsac lvertates a me property fl .o hr

... as IS -'...S( Netii.Wmd t4u n-re-..ll
,t a: tao-,.A,, -p fwI bstcptigYfakelsldand '.. ARAi IO.N, -

Mopt -w 41t11111,114gfAttmg

Bjib4#lt ,.Mciri i il b 'o( CATrICh f
. ledton, jei-li beginiingvf Augft, adM. i
ritw tlbt wM.*htd& Btuio, was eacipc9d to
h pth't ornlSg h s tjfe Madcie and thi.
GoCAaad that L Donfle wn ld w emblrk' for his
0mraiment crly ia oallWir.
Th Hunter, J John, Purlcha; Roman Emperor,
l rteon f im Lnadon-Priendibip,
afkeburgh, from Liv.ierpo-lace)lla5, M'Kcllar, from
Clyd"i-are arrived lt .i.rlefta.
Thc'krig 'Tuie briton, Goldns, from Jamaica, ftll
week arrive at :xaome, snd has cared out at the
Canlom-Ho.fe here fur New-Bronfwick.
'TIe Stilly, Ogilvie, from this port, is arrived at
Oi"I I'uifhdy morning died here, after a short illnefa,
JoNM .aliUsoU, lcfq; Senior Afillant Judge of the
GcrceJ Court, and Conmptroller of hai MaJcfty Cuftomas
for the a tahana.
ARV-rD uste, o" wo
CGidr 9. School. Charlotte. JaIkfta, Clurlellon
13. Stoop Indufiry, Kennedy, ditto
14. SBoto. Tryal, Tucker, Antigua
SAnro, sFor
Ouier 6. Sloop live.Oak, MacKann, Philsdolphia
8. Loop Silly, Cole, Chirnsflhn
Ship Mary, Forrcft, Apalachicola
s h,io. Reectca Raken, New.Brtunfwick
Ito.Shl. Nanc-y MacDousRall, Philadelphia
Brig Peggy, CIntfont, Londlon
Brig Ralert Paiterfoun, Jamaica
School. Bedley & Polly, S!on, Antigua
Brig Flisabeth, Peacick, London
Brig Speedwell, Phillips, Bali imore
fSluo Fi iendflhip, Wallue, Charlcflon
Sloop Fanny, '1 kicker, Cpe.l'rancois
*m 'The Brig Pl'kirt, Cssp. CLUTaOMn, till
fail &fr L.oi Us k i kelt tpA fai l wiind.--ler
I TI'ER BAG it lkft at i Pit aINft-()OrrcF.

11 U G D E A N,
B)EGS liave toi make a teider of hls services, as
SVetnate Malter, to hjfriends and the public
in land he 'uItt is experience in that
line botht at New.Yok adhere, will enable him
tI give amp!C fatisfaftionp thce f who may be
pleafd to ertrul hitim wijthsir bufincfs.-Any
l'tfciol having Goods todilf of, may,by apply-
ing at Higb Den'a Office, ave ait offer for the
whole, fr any frum from Os Thoufand to Ten
Thou anid Dollar.--Calh will be advanced on
Goods to be ptltively fold, and none will be
received that are limited.-Five per cent. will be
charged for Comminfion, Country Duty, Ac. &c.
Aagnjau, September 30, 1786.
On MONDAY the lAth inRant,
At XI o'Clec l
At the YENDUE 110 .
A few B ela of TAR, 3
A Variety of DRY'OOODD &c. &c.
A I. S "
A likely NEGRO BOY, who is a compleat
Waiter, Barber, &c. with indkputable Titles.
V'fj.u, Oflber 14, tySG.
l The ScH
S To0MAS Jac N, Mtltfi;
Will fail on Wedl day Afterfoon,
wind and weather prmilttisg For Freight or
Paffagi apply to IRREAVES.
RICE in Tierces, PITCH,PTAR, and INCH
BOARDS, Imported In the abotove velr.
FOR L 0 N 0
The t u.aatwe
DaVID Placc, Mafter;
Will pofitively TaIl in tpe firft week
-S.~j of November, wind and weather
permitting. For Freight or PaWa aly to the
Mafter. on board, or to JO N EILS-

j feet p inches high, has an ipedimct it his
frpeech and Is marked with ti all delve a he
lately beloaged to Mr. J t HS TON.

high,, ,h a I Iti s

ma. m tt oth T1 iaM bgkneers at oeoaaandoo 1 l** B"h IotIeu of daUi th MI) 'hd sent bat
.- lkit. whitis former prWpoled the inA q,1,'; i' ,
idle i o plqe angblcrves tf ait ret aineen, or little
Parliamentary DebWgW. .wd~, ar ht Ae
.n1 whlcls.r e'd omoee itll&"y L wich =
Ho a f L, Ma a. e le nd wet hoe wom tohder tem.

r HE order of tie day being read for ig into a .. ne Repso wtl I. is l .nu s every dn which coatit froem
.L Committee on the Bill for veAing caeri amw in ,aimon wouJd ocjm s deciey inled urplue, The wqAur shop p-t that tbe petItoa lie on
th, hu-d. of Commiflioners to beapplied to the gradual a Wd o o'afierProdval n neceary for the purpol the tae, which wu eatrtcd i the arMatinve .
u atmti..n of the national debt, c of Mr. A3A/erm WefeVe then moved that the order of
Lored L.jliabt t,,h commtenced a prelinuiary conver- 'rhe &d of .R-IMad defended the ffem. The th day for the second reading of the bill ftiMld be
ation, which lalled for a confidierable time, by remark- pefent ate of the foods, he oblrve In reply to fome deferred from tl- w until Ifdy text.
ing ont the difgrecabice situation in which the Houfe remarks that had been made, was not occaled by the ar.J'it merely id, that the motion flould have
mo now involved, by the refusal of the Commons to '.imprudent pronmies of the Minifter, but by an dual hi negative.
monmmunicate the report of the secret Committee, whicl. insx of toney into the kingdom, He quoted the Mr. S64idaa aid, he had hoped that the Right. been tile ground for their proceedings. The Holat prrefent rate of exchange, which was o per cent. a Hon. Gentleman o this occasion would have adduced
lit obkrovd, w.a. Ow lett with no onc authentic decu- iavour this kingdom, in proof of this adlerion. fume fubflantial reason for his condcud, But it as
apnt on their tille, and without a ray of information Earl and the Duke of Ahmam faid each now evident that AdAniniflration aded under a fyflc.
%o the mctl non.mentous bnufinef that perhvs ever a few ord in explanation. otic plan to delay the moit fcrloud bulinefs of the
called on their ariention. They were in fatA forbidden liea Committee then went through the claufes of the nation until the end of the felion, when the attention
to iru. to dActf. for as the report ws not rceo- bill, and after the Hoe was refumd adjourned. of etlenen was fatigued, and w! et it bec e im-
latly lat o. their table, he fuppofeid that if they poalible that they fuuld nteet with the difcuflion
created to end any argument on it they would be t Ovi b r'Oc r ruAa
to!i,;, : hAt aomhe inbt aricii rho allit would be Uform MOtm, H fIs rfdn, Ma'j at. which they deferred This, he fad, vaa more plrti-
tb.,illtthoo;hen thde thol oit a wo ld i ci normal w k h i ulaly evident in the prrcant inflate, as the RlJht
Simlit t tha od thaio nu corliant e. kown, itu W 1 its A r L a F I s a i Hona. Genltkman had mentioned alft fcation the prefnot
mi lt lien t o ggret ie w thaftt c bl-la ram e he ould o trely it h: hbringinz g up rthe report from the com m ittee on meld re of an M ile on wines, though for rearo ne hlict
m'theatiity. Iy der their ete he sfil eme, he the ought r es known to hihofelf he thought proper to refceve its dif
that it may he anre becoming ef d iythe i he ol thewhae M irherie, fir to the redr&ion of the euo e n until the end of the preacnt. lie alfo condemned
to adciofr the proceeding frt the ut. lngrof oed. man cotidomen of the lcinatialcr in other oirenrflaneeso
Hsi. lordfhip we followed int this opinion by Lord bountieC at inpolitic. and next to the proceed in particularly on thceett of a doLhroatiran fih r e t
Srormont and I.ord Curlille. n arliatientary, being introdced twice in the I l tel lert fOaal thant no aore elw l la s i touhd ila i
In reply to thele obfeivationt, it was remarked by feron. u t Al d ol the pno plme thi a w e ],rtinly he th.
l.,rd Barhioerll and Sydney, that the report was by no l ir. 7 Iofla juofied the introeldudion of the hill, ghp ted o ni the nen could was ake rtai lty nat that
treans iciti l t he i 1 parefi ot deliberations of their and ebfervcd that none bet tax bills were prevented by
.ordlhipr. If t ws intended to declare from, the n ot the orders of the H e from being introduced twice prmile e tprmi c ore wthed to know e wh. t u-
any fulhieti of a deficiency in the fuptlieo whichin in the lame Cflion. Prel the p roi l he d, should have been mde., a
their o.oin.n waas Only purpofe it could anl'wer, atny After lome convetfation on the point of order, Mr. M.Itt IntM r t a reply o th Mtwo luett riig t Ir
argument, on cthe head coul only ferve to perplex the Clma, ..oppufd the principle of the bill a Oppt.ov ,fve he laid hc dt d not wonderh twhaft hyie Hos in*. e
qi et fli t dmon h Cm imota had tr hanfmiatted th hilt, ipo and impaolitic. M hei n were beth re hady to reply, a every pertis ma Fry hae
eomfidence of the taiftence of aceh a furpluc; add even dMr. Hlme', followed him, enlarged on the andvanta fotlt fume om matter of "rimelyatia in the hle n have
if a deficitncy shouldd appear, it bmlonged cxaluflcly to of the Urcunland Filtyery, and the flagnatmn in that lund jalnow heart. of erhitn.he t g
the Conmnmon t;o make god time anate. The general trade, which would follow the atilng of the prf lt negative mto n-o of the ara.or h is of tet a.
policy m of the mcaluse, and the propriety of the ppli- law.s f leat ethe io wt he a- ow h cn
cation of tihe furplu whe tprovded, was all at Mr. 7mlif. conteled that a.continuatin of the cteman, w what he had now id, had c
oilot ptradiwed hrmfnd in deelaratiom frqmeniy made ac
belonged to their I ordhip dlliftcuf. present bounties, which amounted to 60 pcr cent. on other tia m. c the fi 'l he denied ansr y or a tlton is
'i e qucliioa flor I B a ft leaving the woolfeak tie produce of the hlhery, wem equally exorbitaut aud mem .lry refpein the dao y of meai ar whiclt wos
was then pt, teand carried the affirmative. Lord uonncefitry. m ry alied the o ofmca wichwa
&,afdle tsk the chair oa e Contnittee. Mr. D" mplra Mr. Alderman Y'affnr, Mr. ,. erely ta calioned by thoir compiciot d ayimpaei-
Lord ,.' fa n a fa h of confidrabe lenh a- Mr. Sgtd au fpoke after wh on lon to g on the ro ut reglatin the wie
then to h o eetiaew f r bill I .r the tLofie a the 'cfrrmg the further consideration of the report to this h on Ten ret threa Dc lar that ian
whole of whidh hIc ,nfi. rce a. loundcd in fallacy and day fit'night, the numbers were, .de; an e *to d iedt:c h ad te o
dcelfion. Inr the firft i,hc e de alatcoed, anidf the Aye, d. a bee i ac nd ee to be i ntrodced., he bad SOr, ly
well known flad iaotioama; of cunircre, to take the Nice 6ctpreIfcd a hope, shen the printing of the tat bills
rcceipta of a tingle year fer tihe calculation of future %so o entioned, that the reign of taxation woi over,
rvcnt, w a lrocecdg the illo abfurd ; to the M ty o a nd that the regulation which was prpoled, would a
folly of vh.oh, t h ay tbmg cold add, it was the The report was then received, and oerkrt l t to be hat a rccount oe thie leG ncefeary.
placing ofn t e r erag n theft e nceit wo it e unkn thwn p s r eng d. rAir. SI ,Dd oa bfe rvcd that the Right Hon. Gentti-
l~cing ol ,efe titp.ig.ltimeunkncwnepcnc engrold. man hatl mentioned a contraliaion in ionir opinimns of
of a futnmc year, a-d theic inferring a furplo. I le E A. I T I c ta A C 0 M A m e. ],is, whith hIuwcver h )ad o rg,,ten to po ve. T'his
took notticc u the many very htavy charge. which, tho' Mr. Du ma, presented a petition from the Eall-India however rcxtned no wonder with him w ohen Ie could
not provided for, ever totally onitted in the prId.lit Co pa n, payig that he time ht h bringing alfaoMrve that the Right a on. Ca e.nd fortt e
account. Ainnigfl the firlt of tIIf were the militia iand in pr aying wa d they om ne perni nge lo purticla, r of ti, own f pechet Acunmued frgot the
the dcliciencic4oo the civml litt. of the Amrican Le) in.mtu b was exfiteml, they may be pertitmi to rarticumre of lin own fpealie. Accultumed to that
alifts he fi.uld nothing, .s they had been hitherto bring in a pcttion for leave to extend their capital to pcrfimage wa, to iniake affetion. without aev...*u
taimlorte d by a lotCr. ie l yhaold therefore t ona of the amount of tw million; the catmle of thi. the tiformaoion, and to make a difplay of knowtloake by
lriportm d hy a lo cu., He Ihould therefore let one of ade of ko hch by ,
thLr e gaintl th ater, and lfs buath tunheeded in the i ad a o the of 78, ntom y the mere aid inflind it we not mas tter ot rp
thefPanitled tin e Commuta:ion At, bT the lfaouary operation if his recolkeion sometime, failed, lor where
His Lordlhip len adverted to tbe situation of our of which they were enabled to extend their coerce, The beamsof wrm imagiatin play
navy, and hab re dions intended to Le made. T'he which could not be done without the leave of Perlio, he meniaryt ft figures melt a way.
re t, he fetd eveien l to epref a doubt which was folicited by the recent application. Thuis a. thie iimaitin f the Right Ho. Gentma
he oth e o d even f, ed be e aintained The pt tin wat ord tcd to lie on thep table. f the Rg H Gentlema
whether r6,ooo leaniea imould be flill maintained. 1ettian ma rera no was greatly diltinguilbed, it was to be eup eted that
Sonic of thole, he obicrved, who had defended the S.Jtrraciiftair of Mr. HASItooC. his niemory fliould fontttimee prove deledtve. i-'or
propriety of this redudion elfewhcre, had referred to Mr. Belc proposed, that Mr. Middleton fle.ld be iniance, he lead not laid that the prcnt meafore hied
the fiduation of our navy on the pcatc which iucceedcd ordered tfttend the Houfe to-morrow, and to brinw been proumfed in the ail feflion ; but he had laid that
to the war befoi e the lafl. But as all power and with hin is copies of hiu cortcfsonlence during his it wars nitiontd, which wae certainly a proof that it
/trength was to he confidlered at merely relative, did ontfial c city in India. was under fume degree of confideratior.
the ,rcenc afpe4 of poliiocs jftlify any compalrilon Mr. J, Major Scott, and Lord Briat.dvs,, oppo- Mr. Aide'rrd i'mlfi defended his motion, hy
betwc'n the two p0iode? At that time the firength of fed this a lteJinig to create unneceffary delay. fluting the importance of the Intedure which was to be
France wao broken And her fltee reduced to the Iowell Mr. ourie andst Mr. Fox were of a contrary opinion ; agitated.
ebb. At present marine of that kingdom formed thie motionlowever, was withdrawn. On a division the numbers were
its primary ohij 5' attention, and their effort were For the motion a)
demoatflrable by increase of their force in thatde. J xc o WItIS. Againft it 7
apartment. A petitid wao presented from the wine merchants
After going int a long variety of calculation all of l. ndnlraying to be heard by counfel against the Majority 50
dircded to prove t fallacy of the report, his L.ordlip bill for traecferring a part of the duty on wines to the [To ei coNriNurA.]
proceeded to (hew, by on average cftimate of the years Comnflionter of the Ecifc. "
of peace fince the Reftorataon, that we could qot now Aldmnan w ami fla aid, that on a quftion In !m.
etxpcd its continuance for fitch a length of time as to portant whejrrivileges fo dear to BritonN were invad- FIlNE HYSON TEA, at three Dollars a Pound,
give any lcegrce of elhcac to the present fcheme, unlcf ed, and when Bodioiu a meafore was tobe enforced, it and London double REFINED SUOAR, Jut
acecompanied by greater exettionM. He declared hew. was at lea r tifite that time fltould be given to thofe opened, for Sale at the P'Inting-pflice.
ver his intention to vote for the bill, at it wa ecccf- who were luffler, to inflrua their counsel on the
fhry that ometlhitr Ihould be dtone, and as in lit objccionab arts of the bill, and he thought that for A LL Perfone having any Ileqolpd *i"n the
opinion, a thert e~rience would point oat the defi- this porpothe fucond reading of the DIl should be EIUt' ,, .ce i 4,? .,r rt d e-'o-'e,
ciencich of the meare, and the ucceflity of raifing a deferred, i1 r, are reqtlifl-,, to rriK;r me tir iti glint *, : ,*,.
real and effcaive fuItus. Mr. Pit replied that he had given notice f h- propetel .itlt ed; ,u>m ,'a tho.ftsr ,,ftcP
Lord C,.//.f!rdenared into a defence of the bill on intentions long fince,.that-he had fully eplained the dbted .mae 0d .41 tt itl t ".
general principle. in the courfe Of his argument ke part and the tendency of his bill, and that the bill e be o 3i
glanced at Earl %anhope'a plan, which he flaid wa itself, if he underflood rightly, had been conoftieat.ed bOOtr Boo A ott at, at tir *f .
founded on an evident injustice, in giving one fund the to the London Tauen at the steering held by the tuber beri. t bhe se, l edt thap t t
preference to another. wine-enerehantsa fortanier tih e. Stbrcriber mar titled t
Furl Store agfe to vindicate his plan, whilhldd Alderae Now afod, thatman far echo aud been the laid tft-j t of ItI
not, he laid, give iTy umu preference to any fund, infofrmedi nofuheonmmunicationhld been made. neledt, h 'railltl COot Vt "Ic t eno
but oercly createj new SoTk, to the benefits flowig Mr. R l f et at on the murain of the meeting tihe hauda ,i ci Atr o'c at i. r tvt
from which ev, acgholder w at liberty to eatitl" he ed recel ojn.otefrome r4. Moody, n eminent 3" -F.A'll..e
himfelf wine m r rtj deilag to know whether the bill. Alu:',-AxetutAt.
LodCnT..f and afterwardaEarl Sttipe, fpohe which sad Imt ndedto theelmcf.lpdfoionth .Noaesut im'. r$, tyi. ". -
Lord L .aib defended the Noble W'srl' plan, teugat Thin note had l doely beon pn- 3 UN At.infritjte ctic t ",tti
which he laid boe with it the foatm'e of *leiftnd fwered, the fuelk pmullon that it eould he, R 36 of $ W 0firo W Who -'h.
o ot e e in.f T hnd o f th e p orp fleity w h ic w a s a tt i- ped r oi e u ff e d b y stil l V e r n e o e m e d B et a rs Ithe' t heb h, e
Ibuted to it. T cond of thio fe who Oappofted it no t written at two o'clock In themeni, toushekl to 1eet.'1 't0 ,i re1
tcmdall r

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