Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 30, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00059
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Voi.. TIIHE "o. 4:



19 B

From SATURDAY, SEPTlSbI t 30o, to 8ATTURDAY, TOBER 7, 1786.

NAssAU.: Printed by JOHN WILLS, at the Printing-Office o0 the BAr.

:1rhoaoRLoCAL Dioli, A'hfa, swtaortI, bsta81.1tAl r. America Intelligence.
176. Ntw.Pao wzDcuc." _.n
t His jo nur JH R0WN, "- i vi.
SikuaHir of t. PI"ett wt 4 andnek CtHi of th e --
I7 |s | 9 Winds & Weather. Bahama-inuds, Cif r M oT, At .
S..p.m il. m l ad Ordiar. th # to We UT[ h r.da lte ar&mbr of Ri.and, W hid
; 8 goHiN.A.Fir A PROCr AT 9 -'no nweek. a other verylgo'ous
79 83 So B N.. Frin Bre. A PROCLA ATIOh 4am" eO a"uttheir papers noeyl
S 84 0 B. N. B. Clow ad.qr WITHERE4A the 0 Afobly of there oieh, It I heir fatmer.ods hwovier io,
3, 80 Sb. N. Id. VV nmInd fiands prlbed to MWday the ha sab tttheeaebluea. Thi law, it ifaid,
8 3 ts80 SB.N. Hib wieawvraisi. AdDay M ne O ober nieat sWi tA t l it it enae, th p.ayent of ph had4 ante, ad oheir
I 78 8. l teE. B8.. Idm. thought expedient, that Gee ele rAflembly tecuritiep for money, Bull b ith acutain
74 74 B. B. to. S LyB. Idr thuuld be further prorogulI save Vtrreato time, which i Very trt, t, eherwife, e at e to
r 73 S.S..tW. o S.W.I.drlm. thoouHr rrr, by aDl Adtvitend Con- become ultedvoid.-..Wlh9agli mgoaminmmt
S 79 S. W. Light .ind. Cl/d. fent of his Majefty's Hone le Cool, to ifle this of Rhode4ld -llHow tkaredl iGlil is the
8 j 79 S. I. Fair and dear. this my Prclamatlon, oM lr, Mad I do h1brcastof her delson the piacipre fliand me-
/ S. 5. Id. m. Fre bre'w. hereby prorogue the fld er Aembly to aeration -t l snw tentive to th em inrob f th
', 78 V. Fair. Light uind. Sultry. Monday the 4th Day of mber next. oup* the ftl, and ldabl : -And how fevu
.a .t Sultry.. GH w.rr P -J adl a .t Great _oa the numouse meotsm deroaves oa r he estates of
S79 S. to lf'.S.I. Rain. Sultr. CIEN .er 'y Hi 4dows d orphan, and other villain who (hwarl
4 7 S 6by to S. WI. Cloudy. rdaly. of tfiand",a: a, Itle aAhhlyt' f th. erac wutisla othepublies "
S 9 N F' lemhrr, in the rear of Our Losn, O r otr r s
f 78 IT. byN. Fair. Heavrfwi'llfom Thbonfamd STes hundred aon igbhtJ-ix, Woacetrat (Maffachteftt'sBtay)( S30.
9 B. A'. Idem. [A EN. and a the Tue8ityirxth tear ofhi Male' People who were led to believe that tc good
I 9 iS. Id "r. Reig. JOHN BROW. would he derived by Contentions, now be to be
8 7 V.N.. to N..V.'. Fair, prene. By hIe Honour's Ccmmud, convlncqd of the contra ; and fnd that liad eare.
Ii 79 A' Ligbt wind .i r0lhj1oV..verI Heray Yoo F Secretary. drcdling drieanea, the? increase them twoo. l
;. bl N. FlIian oud! 00 D S A VX T H I K I N o. want ofiort re .among olrtfeltsbe molt fevft'I
9 E b Nto./ flW. Tunderfrow. felt by the poor and hfduirrioeatofitueea nity.
; .ig .E. Liht .rvindL. Cloudy BAHIMA.IL2tANc, t, CHARLIrTOWN, (MaetStheIht'B y) A fs 4.
;9 lig/ht v.rible winds Cloud Nsw-PaoIIDCa.l Allthe tiaesar nowreprefetted t Con refs, eeept
S6 ClouJ.. ighbIwind rainfrom fy Rio Honour JOHN BROWN, .~Wre, Delaware. Probably, fays a t rre t that t au
N. in the erning PrJident, and Conmmamder h Chief of the is convinced that the fupprt of a reprcfatiei In th
7;6 E. N. E. Fie-tb, se. Cloud. IBali..Wa Hlands, Chanteller, $ict dmirei, aietubly s an unnecefalr efenit, whiict l remain
76 7, i. N. E.. IH.W; jual/.l and Ordinar of tfl fame, ti. WC. amerename-.sbhank- .aolitltl hert-..hiltthey
7- 7; V F Hyit'.rni evrain.\ A PR' OCL VA M ATI N. fee them wanting the niaiii of fatitying the o dand
7j V7 ri h L:/r -. .. AaNin.. Aour PROC AMATIO iN. .*rrdl, r.m andotr t,rriterHb to a
, 7" .:. N. E Idem. Calm in tleown. .IXTIIEREAS it has been represented to me, attachment by our foreign onme-4c tsthilhest, aginat
4 I6 V Cloudy. lintd ad rain is that the Common fail of Nafflu, in the which, the ford of jultie ca Knte e draw; --
therafrnoon. Calmattven (aid llaad of New.Providence, wan, in the Niht whill they fee our flg ibladled (when admitted in tlh
of the a6th inf. broken, and that the follow ports of our enemle.*-ah a! d In those of our hn!
Prifonera under criminal Profecutlon, efcap nd no body of men veied with power to emnraft
SL N D from thence tO Wits, Naero. Ma named fth d pd a -mtc;. -whit et behold from the
it T h N D Ba N9 f ,bc our aha o as
4hI B n-o I MORRIS, the ropert o Captain tdw.ard La, tme t eae ir anhaIdors Froad =defae4 m
The Baia. flout and Well ieft, and about five "c ciniche the ; adow of a ade".a-the dilgi of the UnitedS
E Il 1 Z A T H, high, nearly 30 yrs oli JO OLLIN, te tamled ud foot-and the charuadai of
S D'vt Phacoc, after; free Curlw tt, bot fame Height lea the pltich of dipgnt f, Into tS
Will pilitively fail in tfit week andAgef and pitted with the fm Pox I vys loweftltte of ctempt -And whift thefe thing ar
of November, wind ad weather 1unaeroLaruouoTtolr,bya withhAdvice teS l, ys he, of whateccqugeelsit to fpprt
S.ving. For Freight or Paffage, pply to the and Confeat of his Majtefy's Ho le Conl, an Ambly,wh cannot mahe anddfor.cene national
'", ,1 board, or to JOHN WELLS to ile this my Prolamatioa, ag, and I do law, and ereconmendad.insteamlegerregadc4
hereby offer a Reward of F u Paoi, lawful as the refll of the cullchive wlfdom of the oates?
/i i. P rfon. having any mands arinl the Mloney of theft flaeni, to be by the Public asronf shattarfr.m a o eltk in Vrwljr Count.
\ I'late of Mhi. JOna A llTaono Wito. Treafurer, upon the Delieryo Bodies of 7i8C9, s716
lr of, decea(ed erequettedtode- either of the fald Perfou to the Mar hal, Contentioneeuin e tharp madder away
h'ci fate, of the fame proper ttefed, to either hi Deputy or the KYwpeltof tl d Jail: And lka rope of find.-Tlh. reyiuleo wh6 loe I to b
of the slbfctibers, on orbefore of January, I do hereby offer the like Rward to y Perfoeor 'i trbled water" have, r n fomeplace, nict, bs trbad
;77; and all perfons indebted faid Etate,are Prfon who Ihall give Isqfrmation any Petfoan sfejouda'oiatatlhrrowuontbythle cquired to fettle immediately, h or Perfons, who were iidig and adffing In amet, and Lading tlemflved on a wrong fls, they
ABA WILSON, making or procuting the aid fa fo a the have goaded it theh Original obflurity, cementing
SARA W1SON, ormakini or prcutg the ids fihpeoathe l with having gained thr t ber r theie
AdminifStri, at I fla ind, or er Obt taadn latmticda be onv t ed il, .
PARR OSS, thereof.
Her Attorney, at New-Providenc. 0#1P m r mi and and tah Great Seal qf Lanctiata, (Maffr iehutt's B ) Ag~ I?.
t --i, wat Taf, a he tth ,aI rf As a moving delegates frolm tifrty and feied
-LL Perfon ribavingany demands agaloft t Set in h sr, tahe fear of Our Lrd, towns in the Coin of W are fer, nt by adjramant
larte of the late Walter t ienyj, deceale, Th adA Smen NHndred asd mighty a. thistow. oa the zith day.. f thio bant, ad con-
I q r1i fled to read in theitlfferent account aoi the Tre#ryrteb rear a f u i, je,' ed to tlo ref t time, Deaa. Wil HallU i the
nriy atteled; and all t of4whe are any way. c,. r r c JOH OiNOo i. eha, eva n ths C ib la
:!i :,i o the Lid Ef gate. Bond, Not, U .. ... .' 'e '
b A uk Account, are dfre make palmoat, d H ar Yboao Secretary aa, tetm itotea douo e" a felet
' ,,,bIhrore the aoth of 0ornet, that te 0 D A V 2 T H I K INO *"P"mem ."uahmd cmdeae v ladbil d ioof
Ff ribler way be cnajbd to kepaent to G AiD E A tNh f h i adtgeum"& arLe e L lfa .m .-
he bid flRateis Creditor a i ca ay 4 H UG DEAN, t s ym uanmanfofol, thet, alsh .
ntg'tce, the different accounts w b en ito 10 leave to make tender ao his services, as iaWiwa.a teou f peflm4,
the hands of an Attorney at Law lately. Vendue Mater, talindt and the publbp t a. rife.
DAVID IBARLE8, n general rand hetl his aiaperienoe lth, s.l Th lln nt6 of the p l court ia labin .
No/n, Sept., s ty6. ALhtig Executor. InB both at New.Y ere,. ill enable him "d w moa de.salating .nmedlfm.-..A lie-b
to give ample i to gulp bwh ipthe ha a*0o law, landI *A m e
FORTY DOLLARS WARD, to le a toer JthbnWk Mbe j
I lA HI&&" to es ror thi O jb *-.. "d"-j6-as 7 t '
I.ll be paid to whoever deliver to the ,mt-lld to ,r-oa tl -t S i m -t,
v .ubfcribe or to the of tha Jall, a awt Ifsr d hZlr 4 n ftt E t
Ncgro Man named JACK, a tmlkAt ler I f lpdyfeatI* ih*ollnd t* r& "ttet6t- i a. i. = 2% -t
5 '>et 7 inches high, ha an is 7 t i Tho Doln-Ca i l adwinoed No 1.. lieifeena t.oe l~ i)lA .
foereh, and ist m ed with por T Ooods t be peitigely Idand ne w-in .( The preablk ad anCi p gll 2ede.
lately belonged to Mr. Joes r.eceid h 1arIte -- itr'*fw w y oar a unal tcout the' ets usyp rl
LEWIS J ITOL charged for Conrm moll .ount. I., 'o the..--t. The (ervan t sndemer bd- 1
N.IV fa 4 a~u~ ,NWr, S a"'.t, -1r owo'a, and .i4 h a l .e. t h d 'ti. ,

e*um-nwealth'a gratlug aid, or pyifu maetic to of faid olender, tadth dt te herel thorid ( ttdo f d, pl it waI at the fame timet tiue ppru, f,
Co.! tCl. wJitle bl accounts rensd unifttled. b.r6t ..a ju, 'in'i ty'J the judge pre fnt, my choice, for the blank w nl ervtaV rr..
S, ll ul'Htdd~U tu voted by I great majority. according to ith.lawl tl hnId, and t mike aljudi- dicular, sad was of qit, ithf tfC I .rid-"
'n,,i, vogd uansimuufly, to correfpond with our cation and determtution, and that three nmmbebs t e fall down It, It cera would awake me. h, ut
li:.r u c 8 d"on mention n ttoa w (.t"tt keow, myfriend, that we tlder dnh't mind teik

tw aqci ti I t*11 had t ab
5n'>.lointoadic c ifftiondpI ^ fooPPte wtd would have been IrgiInto the ri i,,
Ated u t en.mon ly, that th u c lon eu rt their h u i4 ,t l t( 'llt f od ou i UM Jpd c nU wi & >p L Mm
anrr.tna nmdervours; by aHti l a t e t'4h rock,, lyg bout ichesfrme

L: I ~nmnlt.ilc f 11e that the t proecedgs .ith con.- perl .Sai... n .o. b,. .ib .ut edr but .fwcd mo liit., ,'un
te,'nlOn f'nfintr in the p obHPe paite t o n r a rather ended by the authority tforeid, jnge, fraind, of my situation, not f,,u
vui'., tn chuie a I,.mmLrc e to Ioedrniil-o,"o .ts Toe the legalomade oarryin the ard tohelp ni -ingfl'r>, .er, mut eed bMl .'
..,. alihbl, tbh reported tol lon tio at c utioo hiH be in frne fully and completly for or lto n i ltn, ideed I could n
"0 'Q '". ..e. e .o o t r
,..... ininuo t. every purpose therein mentioned and contained, until help nt felf La lg.paji to she other tide
"', to~ tjourn this concioBol, to >1aon anell oeace yauint1he fume which hav bren committed ti irosn r dared me nallc. to a etgcInte n'rYel
i b ... at i ould.y ol Scyetaber l eilMlot'ik thilti ad s.w s ik.h iyb ae/ipitiattod nd Cfu I*t rtidle g crtS iai.he whole nictit, i,;lh.
t ei y oe o .te a .... the oiftn hi-a-miMueyr, Way be fuU lybad, aid. ihanatfwlwhm I bfh ihuJa iI t
.. .. ... Chatirnian; alie ctcrii any thiig in tlI'n to theconirary laftu .out Ifour oclock ii ta h moir,.g, findi
N ( m'o ., ns. in any wIBnotwlthllsnding.. b a rcfi4tlnc oil tho h nrinott g ,W1f dl, I i u)atl,,o
*. i1 TT. fti2 ht He bouilii. ri r'alr Affemnbly it"'llrtlh o"'ned incy f *l5 -1ljd t' atpibty In.foru ic h I "ii e ai rhearwhauon lryou or pomlnl Ihallt'e dud h- enpcdition; then findin"Yfel [dilcngacJ Iook oh
o. r: et a onoti n l r e fnn:t day hta *th ef th ine aetrefal, efor y'or liec in my hand, and inh Ilt i lr at e nlalour*
i nll1iniy the iover r t their the o y the at atfore ~ertcd, ciuiOn- I brought on ore critall uiafturing twelve fret lon1.
6" Gtnf;.r -ii f t lI j'afb4.iy, rated, mentioned ekdtl'd,' il, fr the fair his ee were tio feet apart, and4 in4ge hi, moaI t
SApp'ieatlo fi o m ygtde, iena ef this lh tffcence, fodcita .u'a finoee: t Iee then the muo have been thirteen tncher in irdlamter huis i
f.irntiieut rhie ditirrdetnl4aerlneodftihe a nt0 (um vlf l li Al JJMy.ld codinug war ifi touhd, ind rurpaflcd'i dithing I ever hreIr
io: .cco..t.of tbeufnltali*tg orf o u the on t o(Di onM i P pi teoi of; it is tre Ithd h the cafdii ofl
tnol fvmac'ulcl anr Iis'~r oe one m.olyr tnTe of oni Ohio, bust nm of the oLnidu plihal t thia wti My
good aind' wholetel M fnie s h odflhthate, doulry u ed I tinfrh.ll i a i to iprfe te(tefi( fame, and turiofity led ne to ophn him. nd.'te any great Ilaf.
anid cinniltutionally pneliugted,; the cal thethe other adei ty to be o the the gnral trafury of nent lound the thigh and legs of a nmn, whlnb at ih
calling you together this ttanM. rthi fat., had At tho der f co tne(cd, pay lII frfi eight happeard to me to refrtble that of ad oietr,
Preifct appearancel are bi with deftirdion, andif conl of prmficretn an i vidLtin,. Anti afo, heth, the rhc had hoeo on : I alffo tad one lidt of a reg.
it be tru that like caus freTrodunlive eflike tHls or they, io u eading gain, for cury after offenee1 mental blue co(at with hff lapph i thi. fnurril mr
in the pnI>(lth a, will oa moral worlds, iftirertno iup. e de coMwivmn tb iof lhaMf'urfit and pay nam the mati, for I know that the oflie~tr of tlae rAner
chelS to the prelnl t r cobinotn loisntd lln, your f tb"rt45 I#lf df,|;pding S y pnund. 4army hadl no flch costsi all tlrfe direinnltance. ried
Ilv7. are utfye, yttr r pty I iFWrti; ed nlur (4TYlonowy, er. i d 4 alltrpriety arc.- my curaoity, nti, induted nr rt make fnho kot.ach.,
ibertie are s t a fatal, intltll and malatuhicion jhld- able (t this a, r w. I i i oide aci fchcrli i r into hi. Lcily, s:n thnei found
To avert this impteding ratophe, prty Ipiit unil And beit further entled by the uthbrityforerfaid, ,a fiqua.r cantcc cuvereld with haHecr, t l.hi I
private itnterci mull be i'hai, the blicgou ll 'rht no complaint or iuonmation thallle rtccivd by o,.n, anid loaud l o bo'ois lull t Iltaor, otn of
Se the jI',fl nar. The legillative mu e wif, and the "an'f the jnitllce of the C.lid courts that is not made in ftherry wiine, and tle other tf ecrtelcur tp'rit, with n
rectuuvev detiive. dine fbtim, iccordin:g to thi. at, within ten dtys aftur iumL.r of other things yru may letter corrive my
I am centlmetn, rhe oernc. e ihac he comnir. Andthat taty lcling, when yopu cnlsler the .rcmrnarat. relativeto
vWh cvrcy wilh for tl.e prnofperily .f the ate, caue the fid d!A to be ylublBcd in the Newport and .thi. line, thant I car extent them. I would fitrcnra
.r* Your moRt obonientl'humble Icrvant I Providic nei *lpenis a t:unulmber of dietr things. Lut I'uc n iv cSar ri
J Oi 'j1 N GOLINS. i (A true c'. ) l .*r'd a p'./y.i of I .'m.ena, I ,l ltrb.,
rp.t, fg l3,a~ ;6. ... Witlctsr H. 8UitRBURNrE, D. ac. .'ad t live me, rhat in hly i sini an, the grrelt
SarA'. of louio.e-lLA*a &c. & .'. Paoviunemdc, A .nf jt. mndiaitune a unn can crpernirce i n tr:,i river, r ( to fClt
S"TheT lonourable Cn.uiral Aelenihly of this flat, Iehm a lleepi bank into the I~,r iin inclh an ar Ire feur
i. (G..',n Ar.a lu, Avugl ., .4 II. I?56. .which c.nivtned at Newport the t3d inalnt, alijourned c~rieasre and I hope, my .lr.t r ri. d, l h.i will be
A Ai'c a in addition to nn amcnrrln.nt of an ACt, clli' on Satouray laRf, f ., .. f.tlhe c tt caultin to ill tl.en wuoti aItn fiCnt n filing;
t Ad, An Ao c in adti.itn to tan nlni. t o. n tAe if c.u aud I linocrely u ith tiat it nmay aiver be y~ir n lo."
Si t i tnl l We lra*n frona Schharry, that tIe reverend Mr. Ne.-Y,.., A 2r, f.
a ':i on Htel l at o ih May t ai, ,r *Soimnr, Ldtheran an ailter, in the Vfthqtr of hii A ptir:on ha h I ly Ibtn rithe r to ltheift en
:'iity of on lioaed ,hge, rnctiged hi. (lh in i mractloua macer, tter nours at Nen.Hlmijliar, I ya ro ui nor f ninnh .1-
I"*la . beend totally deprivedof itr bot el'Irr On tuitr f ihu tlhale, c mln|aiuy l s ti. th ,'..l4-
liGflF ASir it* t.ahp.ahed imaxmi .ia lI4iathnii getrinug aake In the rhoring, and d rr'e ving 16m rn.rirs f. the lan.i w ill .. Ct.O:ei.l.t r ruter. I| a.i
aind ouai( obed lrsu'y arin molt puQnuially a~ndertco i of light through the winilotlhu ts hbe dc pflumed indcpendcnt jlri.Kd inin bi thl n te o(f i o
i ll .il, igovlfcrnt:inilt, that plr.etl uFapn te baiech e rle hie wila to open then, in order to cnince hin- Ilati cf Vcrioult, du cxercifr mii/ aon vi .-ms .ato e
f I anlI lawsbe inediate, and the pcnalt bce iniinti. felt bytrying th isrenewed fenfe, when at thefame in. ) tpprefnon, injullice anid or eIaled ditcetly cofrequent upoi counvidwn, and 'itant advnocini toward thi. window new opening, l I ilhjcets ol faid late, in sl.lng *and embrirl i* their
thatr ilie u( .lld mlhodand timer far holding not only f4w full day-light buat the cdhurh, which. ropicrty, which lics within their litn i ; anl. uinler
curit within thia late are impraticaalc, ioeldient, Ilmnd Rpl fita oi h df ling lfa i'f'his spread adiln- Irntencc f d to thim,to anrfl siid l vycartribatnis
,J inaappllc;all,tL tile true intent and mcanrog ti he ratio>naid ~uy *rougln tle bouhe~nCwii gh)9iprhood. in ithe la.ndtl tihe petiltoners fur alltdged fr.e:.,
ld, and itogctlhr infiullicint lto lrry iatoffet He was thuloferwhn caus to participate ol lh re.y they I tvoBnt.bnrefst, but receive real anl
tin uod purpi of thli. leailitre ti.iuchnigtheiolfae. his joy; ancd the SaiAdith flitwyrain, to the na uith. itfr ;:til i nor t- niJuck ac s entortin sand ioi-
'It'Treforze {arc by i ] r .nil ;hem lays.y,. meant of li on egrgticn, went without hi ulguiude arlIn, thcy nd l:y by awu s of their own information,
bly. authority tlrcol it it A ined, Tiht the to church, nd e aisd w;h Itrtelt gratitude tih In violation tho la ofnItion, and ithe pr
irude .Ic procedure, iand tle.ptctyo of la proclt Creator, who .on iiable rt d luch wonderfirlworks. .f the confee lon if the Unired Statta: And fur atl aniy perfn or perfnus.wjo Ihall ia pilt of il p a r ai, tr 19. tler, that t do, in a l wler and hinnu. ma ner,
,rc:chi of thie forfaid ad. or any part there o that C p;ein Hutcf beginning rt the point where the maere inroad onthe froitlers af Nawl mni.hire, and
fuIh person or perfans would thereby be fubj ra to he weft boundary l h6 i f Pnnilfianila roffe the Ohio, haul from thenrchepeiceabe futicdia therenf lh their
ien.atyof the lcamc, hall be ai follows, to wit: 'htt aid raninag a Wel rur.fe ta re'peeded near prifen, fn open 'obatpt a of the good nd whotelaie
the c.,nlplaiu:tt.'fh;l apply to either of the. d juge ui welhf salee, ail diflri.i 'laid of, Whkh Capt> laws of faid late; ic they flit at dleiance, and
tl.c flpcrior court o6 judicature, court ot tllize and Martin hu rbc vey: from the c~fscn ef tib. nreen thtmelves wr 'tohitel tenitory."
pcN;crl jail weli vry within thil Rate, or to either of Giod the.p if d a eulog i flw at this feato l o W rtupon h a e ptl prayed (or Ipro u ieoa
tie judge qf t inferior court of cmuanon plei wiltin:i tl year, iala frinltt tat longer.ttan two er The confnmti o pe iidio, we hear, wt efr*
the county hereri fuh offence hall be committed, nd thra perches. i fippneo( that it will he nest Odt- rtflo the net f
lodge his certain informatirt, which hall be iffucd by hr borfa )l ro e djhriile aelaid of. No fvages Enxra.lf h lr'i W'eefir, (N. 5.) Aogef r4.
the Slid judge in tihe following form-. pave yet &apeared, nor ilt here any apprehenila of 1786.
(Then ollows the form of the complaint.) danger .. ITh talk a money and the meeting of con-
And hereupon the faid iudge hall command to.the strir f f. l it.rf,id. ,,O., s ll~lii, rcntloiot will he oild ia -fgreat calamiy to the
faid E F. that ll other tlingt omitted, hle b in hi o. Gto ln ..i'lsm. oor an indnurioe, ft af'l t' e anialty as can behal
ropet person ctthe i id court, for the lid county, to *w Mc good ried, .. hem it will 2tir en u aopu to a ,Llit.-N
AIc eftdially convened on rte day it "Our ituatian isr ri. d a'o th'linlidte4yi t drld, teol. having prno rty; ilt thnli 'Iinfelf f.fe to
te to sawer as well et the gatefinar and What ~ are totHllydttit'e of trafthla fa Rfl p I Lt with it without at valybl e ridertiomnin hand.
company, as to the ald A. B. who ah *0ll litthe aid letter; my prefeat is only d letter of frileddhip toge- So tat instead of or griievlnne ei.iredrcfed by the
govcrnoer and conauly as for himself, doth pnroeetc ther with a o n antema, te hapt pend to etgaordiiary means twIjiug, thy nwill'lbt encrieae
,f and conermnia he premifes and further to deeat ue fSmae da. ag.. ioe lMa f ry Ay lift the t'woaTld. Indullry, uomoniy, tad eanetlI principles
re ceive what the faid court Mall consider in thii behalf. gartifon wiahy aLate alad a haple of Ail a i, A e yitH b e aid of a liic patience ad bcrfeverance will
All which ball be iad and sealed by the faid judge, of which was eceedingly.*mrt I i d ad iOar lt, and will atftree hb ti te lef we reek for."
nod dirdted t4tlln rllt hisdwe ~ y of dte ciont wenty miles n theMn M ti f thO if thaeNmu- ,Mer sa. he o ti etihellcmt lani ind
where the o~nder9e ofrniy bd'fond, idaie faid dog myfelf kllling luitr, alfew 9igeon4 liddlid- mid arttiitls nmslthddark pcts maj,ftone
thneiff w hl daplty ull mevi ahe fwnaf adlt e to maing the works of mm.ter-*abot-rtnidewn-tnrtlvt- 41fthemn, k viewed thhel hlihlc'f a verry oomtrn
liw; and mahketlo o otrtthw l u an tlk u II h enA the margin of.uth6i e indl arTed ndldy.a,litrle Ilefcope, uaing lft 'litk r Aasci ed gdf. to deltnd
judge,.o itdiattl oDn hi i(oia thc fale, )ph.its kelOw me, which, by iu and apromiing appear. t e e eye. Bota t feeo*'the willn tne ry abt u t
plaoe fex holding flcou. and gien vno d atiy' iaantt, invited te to thraw in n hen being there fur h4min, my lhcwvrcryiaanyof the i flrmaer.p, aml
writing to all the otM' of jsl said co rt,'n5m5it' time wleithout feefe,l elbtlved to prepare nmy *watrscllOehfAair.x, or part brnghte than ofual,
tine and plc ef holdigi fa2m, and tLhat ee (nd bed for the nfgh.whi con f pnn l -in and l ange u any of whiclb cofliate bwh feen r anido theirrlt
iudefa pp lied f sreleld, take pod adf'aidnt oek leave I alf'rbillT m Rfte calculated to d ppauccll the ahher limb, drk pat, d e rm.
bo pamMr, ef lItslful ceathuat ay i dm itfr u d, ii b dI, t dI. l thd qtt ; m ,'fr -' Tmn6 itleee a' a .ittc p,.
ilS r mp aina M tlh i be dLlhited t Iav*f t i. ,*'ia T a m i vi oae %la li, ed t rli of li ad iathort thp
ihitedltab. toefdtqfi .Peo t dli di d ther I a Ma liitsslk lk I- lin c bl fna 4oanHh thhAtrh qaf ft thrflUd l.iaAbe ad la 1 Mis gl) aeyftd AnooDlro f hea Abdfedut fl,*ui .ly ad lt'perf. at the
county where ,c, in, ,reuted. l e picor a t.. &"i S. -rtitiner t a d
Be i enadled b ymho eenfhid, That the t u g of yadh I in me rnds and .of te. he:intb mAt4erid
byaiti o mr ity therea f priedoc h the trial i u*r ans l tS t flgatio eth. u what hit reo thelr i4 ,awi anhe p rn *oa

thii fa.s di.e aqft th...e elihe do's ..* Dy b t.', a1"at ;A, ';;.U i ,.
$tirfme I n e 1a.dataW 4e -t the IMnap File. yt'La it gttltin b h wt a d
ad paets df e a *t helif '4 l as lis #ady ad i& dr the -f e plaffed a law which &bey bad
ire with the liarfa ce s~a k L e the the e i b* a A* o .h .n I Amean omnpsaeen i ; making
pM c and ct i at l ee o gb am( i t t-a has, lbl hi t .in ra .. for dbt due I in' btt this indlace
4omlthat -(e. is gret b aserm a sherwn se a rou*s S e am er dfnufte G rt ansai W impolitic prects
d foefinrte Ied a nd V pat e to atthil happi te W. V a. Aa .l hee ae to plead their pology.
Wa have the pp teatmsatef I n t h ,i m.146i y; lan. e .Clm ~,i sIo i Ca e, that the mschfice power given to them
w regtlar,, esaat l lical s nic m Ir ai twwatr the U o104 ah at the6 Uitt w tod& A thiliituion hla intoxicated them with a blind
uae., or brighter parei, aem igetu n n the edge of t he tos- rothe rinea e 1 4ls -'tt.e fl li ofl the own political omnipotence; but I. wil
tie dtilparts*i had oft what card-Iua peatt e, thnI ae.t ento f. e hr i would take the trouble 1to afertain tli nature of
arNtir f atseinlstl aowhilr mt rthe fatterse rtUCt their t CrBol l) gl' finance fr it would frcm that this Luoincfs is
iat aing melted matter runaig to part whkn a Statei.l ' 'oa .:.*: wl. oo ei thie coatinnt nu prelcnt
swtr *(ba that of the fl thrown I t :"wm pea' f#Ise letter fsi J .f1tc,1in n ch io n.
Jltaetr /f lior fee s egy.ahiea ie aII a w A1 0aira, dated a o, 6 w ad w I cthe ftirlt pla"c, government has a rirht to Ievy
7., tl.or elildduefenrfd. i t efet of V t P i. mir oat.r.nrit,,, I and, i I pi my
SReporat have lonigh ien i irte-lat, that lrc- ." BPiutUl nrs of that Sar, the lTe h1oiirthelr pc" iary
Thing citraolinoy t fos B ha "aedeo i Indeed, oMk Armgul f u i a ister on me for the prc en t.
*n Ut icrrival ltow tht Amierd sidAr from 6l coMill n the next plnce, a papr bill impliel that ino muscle
I'Pri, wand thee i W Fre tf chal sonsf ameL It the Ammu t a e itf t q bI the (ate to the barer: iBut why does iai
iniglit e looked fo grieatr thap the atore eoiti Sme e th ihtut ftr aIlr -, Was Becaufe the eblici has not coin to make pay-
etf of curiohllt. Saire people whyle pct A eutt wil them qta ccA w'' This bill, then, only import, that to imuchh
tion caiitlei themln iu know more of the fbj tha4du tbh p do f ta te;i ut that the iatf s not able to py
uihers, miake ts fcrct towhiper, thsta alliance wish e t A le Boa this law obli ing me t
prance is ii eiagitation,-q d to aenfrm tahi, from the mthe idih( I aatll by an tsaer an Rd fiber, mai me pak the
rcleat Battering appicarurc, the acomplifd .tth political Je a" whi to t he oyto of helsty tI b the ta law, then, i a
benth t Fiatcc, may proiAby crofa the Str Tte of e pl i wri t ountry, fena tob obligeti fto r fopport ro go
Dover foiutr than ,filts cipet. Her avowedpredi ml mn Ie cytta rp i tiig the Unied WI r1nt; *t a Inm fher ohlil
la-i.n .fr the lEngIlh lifautae, manlers, and what s e tholse power that uatpeccda- to asrhe. dslia 'bi h flt
1id e.l cfirpriilg, the liigion of Enpla, adds no ry fe the of thl e unaiB or pm&m ab ratis it wo all td ofu i l de.
( *)eBlgh i T;C o:t rci chu reafcur to think you had better be ml I&,iat ui ts.nal l tat cu plc pe.thilesal. itr ih ,att rltht 0r& e s Biaas bewi ser A*M*
tlhcre d ij tn tmthe L ha y colonies. Think of try wr.jfpitlafsiidJi y -with t he other tliols e. i r .wltoi *e f rre n,.
thi, I adv you, a man had beer li veon hir eoans it coaMlrciall irl; grlg Coi tnrlie to -" Oe r iwllcr p eeihd*'rt l l
to the northward of Fundy Bay, than on milk and qcip reati ul -q amnmrce, wo terms benefisdu to thil upo e commute ant indnrSt who wilt
honey, where he may dread uthe arms of the two mo t their conuoitueu t for, if the interest of ftheountry lha ki s L te e that hall in Itsloft pa.
tiowerful nations in Europe. This however, to your. rekig 4ut the Iprtalrle Iof certain arcl the pro. peTrw. authot the Audit or to ge an ertif
Ia." or mouladlur'of fortin weantric, Ihould be a thtt owes twenty ihlilng toena out hohbri i g
As commilliotn, are rappointd, who are Ibon to a*m sader ilipqlqtei sltridions or coidiilon. .in onethoufand pounds Ierli of it?
umet in Convennontt. Annapo is, and take intaoteni- Cougre aloue mult negaciate the terms; individual Whae he geisthis rifari ie tisinks bhlhflf wrll
Id iation the romitmoince of thefe tatt, it is helped they fat1 iuingl s athrliy iwhatr io eter into trea. *B if he ean fP it for two ,iuiUa icnin. Thus ten
will lay oawn, ass. fai principle, thatr the the isd tihe a ) t e rat. it of treating, without the jthoand peands sterling dim by the public li the lft
ats,, i tihe thes are appointed to, are ont t power of granting o. withholding particular privileges lpapcr money is worth no more than twenty killings in
and laylyc lide al lel attachmirt, and every pri- a nd exempions, It an shfoatte aullity. Treaties of cosIn
vate, ,iuicr view, will cinfdcr, upo an laexntlive commerce et centradst orpah between two favercin I pity a poor mao In my neighhourhold who
plan- the advanmagcaof the difneren tlhnrtes-the pro* pwerii and tariffs. for adjudl the duties payable when he weas rut k lid by li( htiaf, fold Ili four
dril. o'lt'i fveral ttilu and watert-ih various bran- by each of the contradiog parties in their rlepehive negroee, being all that he had to flap orttimallf and
ches ot agric Iatur and manullfaurer, natural to each dominionu, are usually appurtenances of fuch treariue. his ol mother, who has bhe confide to her bed for
State, n.l in what mi)ner they may fubfsrve the good The power of impolfng duties able on foreign mse-. federal years .
of (he whetr.-It will be evident to gentlemen'offt ehandise e is, therefore deto the right of rest- T'he pool creature's blindneft mnle bia onab'ato
mucli ,ilrn .rntir, that thine aturl produce and'ltua- ing and this vi festp. properly girn, by the manage the property, and he hm llPtponf'4 hnlmflif ahd
tion .Ia ri. alte is fuch, thot if they eart bring them, comtaderation, toaCl, e whom is coded the his hrcplefs parent with the little inteet of theftrnall
a it wi rt, tI oie focus, where they may units and adt forcrign authority of the tint fo to our fame fove- fuae due fto hit egre s u i the pertai wlo bought
torrtir. It mult give great energy tj the commerce reign authority me ha te power of eterolling them fye he is tired of i terl d T ill pa
at th.f ri.ltet. thill riigh. l* o pal which e' ar do by felling acow tar
d.. Ae A orrepondentenquireu,from what quarter it it lintceig to he wihed (eo.t ti e oau corefpon- paper fulcient to dirhtge the whole debt !"
muaihrlecrivedli'n tranquindlt .ini happine f a republican community this high important nation nal concern maybe fully, NASSA Oc
CLan tstlei lrlltil. proctdfroit the bowel ot lusdi' I ably and liberally invenigated. Much, ery mch, of CTOBER .
N ki. Irom idlir.slt Nt Prom elf-instrellednfs sand a the happ-eh oilhiagreat eqamnry may de on their TPHII Mamwell, a thip the property f Mr. John
1.1 r ipint tisurely it. I'hecn'y ftiaee from whedhle wrifdom and virtue. The membenof that body should 1 Chrilfic, mentioneti in a former pe to have
ii, yl rt rniod, this national nhppintef muffhpoceed lay aide eteryloal and felfi( principle; d every in- been launched at Maxwell, in Abacos ti day auiTed
is, pairi.iilmn, or tlm love of nor country ; that it, an dividual of it fIhtod confider himself, not ro much the ere front that piece.
a sticerninairon to prenomte the intereil of that reptrfentatiiveof ipartieculr fate from which he was By arcunts fm the Coeft o Florida we Jari, that
fl riey of whiich we are members; to attescl it with despite, as of. lthole Apoe ican empire. There there wep a very heavy equinodiaig ale there.'
a r:vc zeil; to nerck& no opportunity by which we commiilioners It I hoped, will be cautious not toea- In the Snow William, Capt. Byren. which failed un
nmy, without violating the great law o ulverfalbe-ne ceed the boud of the ont mifios; andsnot to inter. TuefdayforHul w" it V'.ngers, Capt. Donald Camin
vrocnce, alv o.ane t r honour, anl rofit and gene. medli wicuth an that Pny, i the mallet l degree, ron, Lient. Wilua Smith, and Mr. George Cameron.
roulliv roto rice to this igoverilgt erinciplte all ifererr feri with the O of indidual latest: their This day died here in the th year of hisre
r.ngrdt and Ifl etcafve claims, of aist pasture Itweer. blofnl is to tist fach a codelf commercial regula- Dr. Jon Gu Y.-During a rednce of t went e
Pj:Fi ifin once digned to take up her rlildencein o tio as will provi .hne r fal to.the United dStarte, as ,yea an6lia Iand, he prafifer lanadine i with lnglar
Alilriica-or never wound fte haicbe come indptrcn' o nation and a code hirth, ifadopted, will be ti foccef! He has left behind him the charate of a
dinat hut now, tlas, where has Pime fown ? methinks force inevery Iatie in the union. benevolent Worthy man, as ell as of a attentive,
flie ronaer exists in defeription thuirreality-Aheci re. 13, fllevla r i f are mp ldfrlas. tIlle yflrtg able phyllcian.
prlilcsedl only a an antietcd land forgotei virtue! Gase, f ite Fel >leMieaoth ealt. * T7ka Brig PsOlr, Capt. CI.ursoar, vill
f thi, he iruc if ther be not remaining come few By e nawhe arrived lttihe rt h intfi.froto fai, wed a4 eataler pA mirxi. eal TUE DAY
aras to rekLiUti the sam of paubli virtuei-that the Wan h we re infamed, t Mt t he Irft din A ETTER BAG
FI ri, or fLeptre of political 6ghteoaufnch-wrethed, ma attack waI e on Poft t. V rt by parof alt a g the PeTh a Io-Ortc.
n.ravaredly wrcichol, and i epil t be our race! Indifan, ltall. t.he Pp U ,. a after Ain r -C
aad, it we di getnerate thus. continue infeuufble to of nearthre Ihorat haliHoa we d to e P U B L I C A CT I
timh baetyof a I fcial duties, reoerin thrcom- with the loft' of it, tfhir n Tmbrh. e ao t M o o xt
mian bi ds of nliance iwkh outcede, and checking the inhabitants wat olifi killed sd sand ded. On MONDAY t'hyi lntant,
thi. Itiure of our moft reined fisnlation,-be not far- *Weaire given to rndf land by a gentleman who ar- WILL DB L VI,
ptifd, Aner.xrns, t should the hallired ghoile of our rived here the lth al. from French Creek, that ad- n
virti.ous anreteon, and late herees, whot iprecioatnives vice was received before he left there, that the Indian By the S UBi B I 0-
lscrc an....n.nouly lai down to pierhale your glory Chief Craptaiiter, had incmbled a great uniber of C IX CatL of Old BARIB R lt.
-ri up it judgment agatl Tyou, and the protedasio Indisas, of almost everTy tribe, at BlfAloe CreekL. TwelveBarelts of MU ADO SUGAR.
of your ceefthal parent l'withrwn. America drew where e was laying before them the rfulte of his buli- r ir ctCl FISHc MACKAREL
nout the fword for c a oo cl but for jul)ice--aot to in- ne while at Congrefi, and urging them in the ao s'-o NIS
tel'd.c, hut to prevent ltvcr ; nor, if a ,lirit of firenuoet manner to be at peace with the United Swtats I tA E
lotretinlm be diffiecd, will it ever be in the power ofa It 1 f ld the Corpplantcr inmend this plare eai j s n P S li
piti to enclave her! If (fa tmodera writer) we foon awthe treat i over when we lhallb inform id of Rty Mz"sud SHINJ qt,
heti a tir atfedlin for oue rives if we would reap the difpohltion the direct tribes towards thiscoun. A Variety of DRY O0 UDS, & C. be,
the fruits of our own industry, and enjoy our proper. try. HGrOH DEAN.
ties in I curity,-we muflt stand fin to the cau ofaour Pa r ait a o, (Virginia) dly 6. Namaj Ouoberr, m. _
public virtue; otherwise we hadbetter return to the' A gentlelaan jftl from Kentucky i nosi, thte r StathcritUcls beg t ea acquaint it
r herhage Ar our fon, andl t Lthe inclermeenci of' Idians coties their proice--of p the inha- 1' Ladis and Octle t cTrry li
the open Iky for our coverio t go back to uncultivated bitante; thI aoit the middle of MVy lft, they came he H I DRESSIN B S, in all its
niure whrre our wants would be fewer, and our 1. ino the naellsbrhood Star&rod a nd ak mnumbees ra l their Sho t on th
petihe.ICf.' of hofes; ut being purfuedbyprty, tder con- iE l. RICHTr WYL.LY.
Ir is worthy of obfertation, fays a corrfdpondent, mand of captain M EBtire, three ofthe lodias and a ---
that the lIgillaturea of federal of the ates have been white man wtre killed, and the bhodes retaken, toge- rl retibcr having taken 6ut letters of
diteded to convene by their rrftpedive governour. In their with the Indlas baggage, rneamnd ammunition: I Adlnidtration on the tla Cf the decea-
iinthlsate confcquenceofdirpatchlereccdiediam Con. That in a very Ihort time after, tht-ndlans killed and led Joa lHi wTy, of Ea lortla, JOHe
peft. Thisis a prfumptive proof, thattthelirexcllen- falped a white weman, wholived near a place called IaPT, and SlaIt HI Atfas thia IfId
c" conceived the butinmed o fach coditquatnd e would the Crab Orchards. deMst sil person iladebted t y of
jil'ify them in the exertife of this great prerogative. .R.oeoan, (Virginia) .gaff so. 3 ktg.s, to take immdiate p t ,
-P.lLA MrAs, 8-i T *.u a We well informed, that the Old Aotca haAi lesnQapte ,gi ft ,
rnit I ad, thot theisentrable pony of Comedians, (GdOr the dkiodtee f NM h avi aggideme delivered in attehed st
le.aref., biay ir i have wrote ae.eouo a H1alm dd Heyl t hi feh o f d h to effirs. Forkr d ia a retvn rdedto
ld ttter nto I ahi. ey Governer Chlnte, s eachett New-York.h *btstledhpermidApe eni rft B d, them t.o itot frtbcf dd to
'"neUa he leifatu soon t conveolena. U-itfine in this City next O&Abrt when a fcioslis thenm e on, O Wt th without ftrtef L deay, to
ai ml senlR o Fe impoitan a e5Sita hk g lAewlm b.t ll f r their M erti Vt Me : t ts.; H .OW.
Cogretr tefrt ing kerht and Bl. N

.~ft 51~- L_

Pariamcntary bebiL.

I o aC of CI om Ion C, hid4P q
I xn I A Irr A
[CoNTixr uci raoM ova s.%t.]
T IIE order of the day being read for
Sthe committee on the lft f India Jud
Bill, '
Mir Fhri coppofed the Speaker' leaving the char.
In a( lion, he laid, to the reafoni he had
urged, a variety of others prefented themfelc
more mature consideration. He certainly appro
the claufr repealing the enquiry into the paperty
prfoni returning Irom India but he thought Itih
that. the bails and the supportt of the p
cllab.lihcd were afo taken away. Thist ad
nmerly urged and Rated ta the foundation of
yet by the present bill it wea till
the fperlruare wu fulated to alfe
bfervable, that the court ina T t of
India were to be was w Sl o whe ch wa
invested at the Slitil utad with nal
and eanthuive jrifdidtio Watever the opprefion
which may be ieritd, and whatever a may ap-
pear, there wae n reerve nor apeal. Whe thia
violation of th toolitutioa was pberved n former
eccaflns, it as nwered, that it was jultied by the
twcefity ol ab cafe, and that the manm wan i
recognized. Na r.aratiored rseniai ctrr.edieriws,
,./i dfinte irads. But by the present bill they had
fubverted al their former argument.-They had ad.
ni:tecd that ordinary reniedies were applicable to the
cafe, as they invefed the Board of Controul with a
ower of transferring caufei to the Court of Kig's-
ech, which before were cogssable only at their own
tr bunal.
N, reply being made to thde arguments, the Spea-
ker lift tie chair, and the Hute in a committee went
through the clauses of the bill, and ordered it to be
The Order of the Day being read for the third read-
iag of th( National Dcbt Bill. -
Sir G,.y Cjoer aplegized for not fubmitting, in an
earlier (tae o the proceeding, a qefion, which, having
feen the dfribution lift, he bead now better ground for
onTrring. He meant the average of s,Jo,sool. at which
a Right Hon. Gentleman (Me, Orenville) rlimated
the annual produce of the Lanq and Malt Duty, in
reply to an Men. Member on a lte occafon. In the
Report of the Committee, the average of the Land Tax
was taken at I,967,60ol. and that of the Malt at
67y,otol. which did not juify the exaggerated climate
of the Right Hon. Gentleman.' He wished, therefore,
to explain, whether the crcefe, as fated by him, did
not in the laft year proceed from the payment ofdebts
incurred in former years.
Mr. Gcisel replied, that an Hoa. Oentleman (Mr.
8htridma) had accuftd the Selec Committee of talin
fometimesthe averagenK and sometimes the produce of
the lat year, according a i fuited their design "of
fwelling the amount of the rcvenue.-In reply to which
he mentioned, that at lea, in the produce of te land
and malt tax, they had not followed that rule, a they
made the average estimate i ,6oo,eool. tho' the receipts
of the laft year were ,ajo.oool.
Sir Tamn, Jrism offered a clae, empowering the
Commil loner 'to prchafe Navy bills od Ordnance
debenture, which he withdrew on an lainmatio from
the Speaker, that no cladet would in the patent
ft e be accepted, unlefs wholly referring tonome prim.
eple aeady contained in the bill. After this it wa
fent up to the LordiJor their conctrence.
To lAr, M y 16.
NaTIo T n on LAWS.
On the cond l of Mr. Jeanhilaf's Bi for
re lating the I dp aii ndviatio of thiskidom.
"he ". di Scotlnd prtted a petit
romm the wner of two Amern built &i ew In the
at o Leith, prayig that the Ihm, seeda to the
former ufage my he onaldad us itil belle ve11
and tbehat a ay be i~Nad I the bill for i
Mir.Jnlif arehended.tat the precedent would
rove extremely dan an, a may lay a foundation
for a prodie the n particularly if indl
Sany degree of ode. ob that tai
wu a point which for the immediate intrfernce
and regulation of FPlament and the more tc-
lpr. as his MajeyftT Attorey-Oneial hM rto
aermi fed a difmbenl ia this e, whih, I ion,
was not haIOned by law.
The ASrfs7 re ie that fach diretion bad
nover boea eraf by him ar his prdectfo, eC
l the cafe of ve bandedn our at, which It
wau fteinen au r of difficulty to decide whthr
hy Si he edas totally rboa ll. Under fh
erenapR theeni o of the Cantoe did
tM All p toleie, but had referred the decleNI
to a OlciO r of the Crme .
TheiJ Awm fLaid, that when the dae was
Inteaddlcd. he traded It wa t to the H We.
lhat t111e11 e a dia IeM I = cti wen It

wahrs theiam Batfl, &a& el woldlMtUa
AYw r am erd "a n Mr. A ul.. aes
the pei n adernd a Sri the uabl, s-'
UM wmul odmu si.
Iwrjcuiircl of MI. Haoritt.
T as Order of ldae dy b rad f. lI at
Comdles as the clug* oat Mr. M te o ,
Mr. JAnl dusi Mif oudn SPuMI Old
M T e M4 wi aecourdlly called In, ad wen

TaIr- AT, M II.'
Si .. rj to bring on the cocl.afo of
SMr. Hatirgl on Friday fse'amngt.
Sal ated hi intended mode ol procedure, whh
tht a t opcrat. ditfrlon of cash charg hold
tak piece, othe lavie which a =decio Bay be
lacm ou the wolr
Mr. A thought that it would he preferable to
decide n each charge dfItMtly. aod from thefe deei-
oaM to infer the genil opiao which was to be
Mr. Fea wu of opalon, that et the feprate
charges, but each general topic, ftch a the Rohills
war, the tranfaions at Benaes, he. bold he the
diJhact object of difrcffion.
Mr. rk was of oopiaion, that if a vt wato be
given on eteh charge, whether it amnomted to a h
crime and mifdemeanMr, and if yet e the whole the
Huoae ieould decide A*ginf the impeachmet, their
previus dccifis wonI Involve them in an aukwm
On this difference of opinion, a long converfktion
uate. I wat leog th ed that it fIoeld be refer-
red to the coofderatiou the Houe on Friday fe-
miajor 01i, was then called in. and eamced
relltive to the aairs of the Princef of Oadr.
PFsni T, JMy 19.
Mr. RSft moved, in a Committee of Suopy, that
6,oal. ikould be grand for the purchac o.f lade in
the dind of St. Vincent, or the ule of the American
Lord Surrey dedred as Ikow whether this fm was
independent of the iSereol. raied by lottery for their
Mr. Pi replied in the airmath.
Mr. MiadMa moved Lf a lil of the names of the
Loyalift who had been rivedo, with ihe fImr granted
to each but Mr. Ste le isfitg on the ecedfity of
fecrecy in this particular, he agreed to withdtw the
IrnAacUnauil of Mr. HAsTINOs.
Mr. jStr, dvertig to the converfation which took
place yelerdly, hid, on account of the liateas of the
felon he would wave any diterene a boat the mode of
proceeding, andl adpt the plan of the Right Honourabl
Gentleman, by taking the ffe of the h lfe on fpecifi
Refolutioin loaded on eah charge. He afo gave
notice, that the Houfe Aould he prepped, that the rft
difcufion would be so the faubj of the Rohill war,
and the neat on the eoledo of Mr. HM l at B renm ,
and towards Cheit Sing. Of the order f the receiving
charge, he promised to i falsient notice. He alo
fald, that as this day fe ennight wu deemed too early
t da, he would defer its insrndodUo to the fllowlag
Mr. P eprfed hie ,refgeft pprbati. of the
propriety and falrnot of his coadas.
rMr. P .ri thea, a- the fulgeftio of Mr. Pitt ad
Mr. Vanfittort, read theworde of the refolutise which
he intflded to found on hi Aft charge. It cofed of
a brief recapitlatlio of the circ im l au nd a codfe-
quent avermnt of the guilt of Mr. nafingp.
The Committee then proceed to har eideace hi
apport of the charges, after which they adjouned to
MooJnaT, May St.
C A r T a of St. E'U ST T I V *
A peition wai presented from the agents of thfe
officers who were concerned in the capture of St. rula-
tiu, saying for leave to beheard by conmfel again the
.bill tr merriln the bufinea froa the to ce tain
Connmmiffier to be rppoiat.
Leave was grand.
Sir GC I rewd'rfthen moved, that the facend read-
i of the ill for thh perpole Ihould be deferred until
Thurfday next, on accosut of the absence of a learned
Oontlemn, (the MaBer of the Rob) wheot opinion
h pprehended would be of much teoe iec in fan-
ilnhe determination on this bIlmacf.
ir otion was dol a geed to.
A Mit t CN Lo la I TI.
Lord Srre ber ht forward a mtion, which had
heea a few days lie ade by Mr. Middleta, bt
afterwirdi wlthdrawn,-Tha a lift of the America
Loyab, with their re peirre chinu, may be lad en
he table. Tbhi was, in hopia, a attr of oo
Imch oe to be overlooked. It had been r.
ri faf their cub e amounted to 3,ooooool.
Sh bad bce been reduced to ooonl.
Th were m y of the Aserice fferern ewever,
who had tht give in their clhin and the he under-
ate4m~U t i6O Lttb~w te ullietrem. O,

bnm ul ne lU ,iel lei done talia 1
lat lae tn c i had eh. ta r d o hna

the ialeo i PeUmMat, and wih eu me
aphift w Siso am mub mnade. Hiscl oth

o J oi to e the medio Ma pofet.
but 6ai tMI tawal y befng it forward at ieohr
TeeAta. JMasgi.
IttAcastlliN of Mr. HATrstIX.
The foult went Into a C uittec on the charge
niana Mr. aImof S. ir Na uaniel Middietom wa
cIlI to the br, and euasied after which th
adjenNrd ill to-morrow.
WaOsNIDAr, Meay 14.
On the coalderation of the meI( ge Ifm the Phare
retiring the report of the Seldt Committee a th
ground of their proceedlrg on the ll Ier the ditcheag
of the national debt,
Mr. Pib moved that a reply ifhoid be fiet,i fbtu
* that on eCmimsion, *s precedent cmekl h foeud
fuch a communication, mnlai where ta ipa h
were the situal grois of the bill, a=d I:rr to.
fueh in the facM."
This reply, after a Mort converfation m the fl(bje
of form, wa ordered to be truamitted.
On the f third red' of the hill fo repealing etcrat
clife ia the lute I d bill, aid f. regslatiag th
Judicature of lodia,
Mr. FI. arole, not he faid, to oppose the bill in thin
late ftagP, but to encr his preteft igaink it. It ma
with hi ditfnt, as eftalilklug judcature smannon
Rad unknown to the conltiotien, and as doing little
where much wac to be done-as repealing but a mail
part, w thr aca the whole was objgtienale.
the present ocecalio he did noe rife to argue, bt to
protect, bet he cold not but oblere, tht Miniere
in removing the clawfee which were repealed by th
prefect 0, had lhewn on what 1ght gro unds they
proceeded to the moft desperate staulrce. 'The cmr.
pulfion op gentlemen returning from India to make a
lull diklofere of their efedis, iR ct jetified by (aeng
necety, was a piece of tyranny, for inuance, met-
ampled in the hiftery of liatio. That neceffity, it
appeared from theit prcue cdn ud, did not ccii<
and from that cond it wa plinly to be Inferred
that no conf deee could be placed in an adminiftraean
which from flight crfue Wold proceed to Loch dn-
gerns innovations
Mr. D ede defended his econdat in introducing the
prefent bill. The Right HeM. Ocutleian, he oblenrl,
had himfelf alleged that fome change in the former
bill wasueedSar. The alteration was oew prodeaed
ad before his b ojedioes were made, he ought frft to
have fated why in the courfe of two yeas, he hba
not introduced 4Zatlin better hikMfel. The rnpe
of a caue efereinf the ditclofre of epe wan
crrioeacd, he ai, not by any cotvie of iu u.
propieity, but merely an a coint of the diQlga whid
it had occaeed i landi.
Mr. Fee replied, that it was a ftrange mode of rwa.
foiiag to i that a in p who wu ct ia the khbit
of bunging bill* into dnt Houfe, fgould, by ow-uuf
bi r a bill O uny fbje&, be th dit
fro lfa in his obdliin to wht wu briht -
Mr. Shri. obterved that a &ill for this perf
had been aually ibrIse by an Hen. Froie el
(Mr. Francis) whikh hi boee fui l i memly fir
the plrpofl of bmtIati l them ah oi before tl
Hafa. He fired M hew, whether the dif oqai e,
ladia, which wee alledigd a the ctaeo of repaliMl
that clade which required the difloure of prelpty.
could not eafdy hae foe t eea, Was it Imagined
that Gentlemen in India would have received the ,d-b
asbenas ora blffing? And if that dilqiet wam*
fuffcict ground of repeal ia m itance, wau it at
equoiy fo rclpeing the rivation the right of d1
by Jury, eonccm rb whih the Geaetmas i li
were equolly load in their emplaint
Mr. G,avst hid, thda t was imagied that the
cliufe reMluib the difcleot of property would Mo
chav occ ped ay difcouteM, M It &rdad piesi
men returning firo Idia in ppetaMky en eem"
thrBmftves from calany and rproach. lI metinu
te coduf of Lord Maartm y, aoap ef o thej)lt
ofthis oblervatmio.
Mr. Marf,. intend~ pted i ed ei s r n lf
that u other oerden of the day "were poft farOV
rpof of int o the p om itte no te l us
bill, he hoi that the pufeo t dtehte may i bflem
fo a the amgmq .
The bll sei.n=*d W the fl*s ntied"
h"t Ol tordu AA4Ic6
[To al courNTIIs .]

RTUN AWAY from she tSe e b.M e
31gtOf July, nonro I i cM W t W-
wevr will p hein nd bd i Sy. d E
*e p Je of if th. im, il aZ, uu _nr
Ao th beeper of the pt r

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