Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 23, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00058
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Voile No. Zknb



From SAT.URbAY, ShPTEMBIX 23, to SATURDAY, SIPT21riuu O i786.

NAsAU:t Printed by JOHn WELLs, at tlu Frinting-Office on the BAY. '

European Intelligence.

L 0 N D O N, JuL 7.
W HAT a dlArece few thort months hare
wroughlt lthe kAtmtion of the unfortunate Ma-
don e d a Matte A tender, delicate, fair, and, in
every rcfae, a meet delrable woman, dragged along
by a let ol eecutionero, treated with aU the brutality
conmlon a iliofc ruflian, the refute of mankind, and over to public infamy !-acculomaed to all
the :cil:t:ne of life, owner of a motl comfortable
tnanfin,, Irroallded with a numerous train dffirvantst!
Bu>,I wat ;~m:ar- die I Motte, but how fad rcverfe!
Collincd al i at hfilume prlon thIa S.rpttrire, or the
iinti'i brIndwell in P.iril) a room, or rather a dun.
on, is tacc by four, ii her doellig for life, two
Sirds nalled i. th r, a t.rarcdrug, a woric bed rf
tlraw, arce hr u!y Ilirtetur : al t I, toitr l-1 h: I or- .
everit og thtr, ihe lmt m oith,.r inir ith i ti vielcf
wrt rclci. that wer dlif(raci( r l r. -r !o o e r ever r in
I in tl ai .v ill h. r a lurt il t r t- h u, rv i
Ily th( lai adutris frontm Hitial we. 1nAt rland th'it
Colonel illi,,. who toel irslidt iir li rhl. i.t. war
on ih. M\I.kbhr coiti, h.I arrived ui CaI;ualr frum

of D)in.rarr, llwih hait hllh it. lincn alowyi beclltowu
on a C'; iptipl y'. t)cc. I 'ii; hld rtn icdt jalouf)
Imoi.r. tll Cinlllr.) t Ol t.Lr., W to have had lev al
iltiCtll;'il tc lumihjrl ot l.ailoufIr.ioe Ii tio lIIe u-
pr mie I i'iiii d.
'li'c rpd ol ('Cheiiolir fact the harbour, and
Its prin cipl mnerone lies 'i north It is a iragu
gA ts'. . 'r."i;. .*.i't-*11' ,o ,oih.Wel. 'in)
cutve "r'- a.'1 l- I tc life Pfor Ihrc i i tniod
r te liua~ li- i. to iiolcrtl only tolu Ii North Aiil
Norh. ,vle; ,in.I t.e ir t ie tim nu t l iji ,iuralic, for
b o mir (lli- t'n t'" h.,t .ln i a lt tu1 a i r 1 11ind,
vifirn vclITi'l ircl rus lt ntlry t'l uin liat tl'artcr
Allother .-ilr.inlt. l-, IiotwVtcr, It, that il.e boti cl
Iepirg O[ o *ol, hi1' Il)'y, ald ly i11., n i civility frotii
houth ta, Nir)l,, ,.nd chotl t( frlkc hionie. I! is dJllo iwe ild.ry tn olirL V.
tI) t oil ih. iuth Wilt li'r ol ihc illiid alreily wilul-
tilolld, a viflo l may cum, to an anchor a low water,
in five, fix, and fevc.i fIthollln. 'nrefd aidvllltac hall
aine ic irc ictarminl tilte Cours nl Virfeille i ti ri lorfe
the road f Chtthourg, by crcling levecral a olc.,
wa' ch, when inilited, will form a eIcure rrtreat for
Ilip nio this aramick burden. 1'he emil, t tlti.nte uf the
fpci"u. balnln ii to he defended hy two lnattcrici, and .1
l.irre lwt tilttanr is ii h made fior fit. lir Ihiur. Pole
bciulq,: AiiinulL cvcld at high water inl Iprii'g tliie, it in
proporred o nale a flrong mdae croifs it, s a fence
ag itll the vilmcancof the waves, and to creo a battery
illi th centre of it. For hindrinag any landingue that
island, aul defending the catiern point of the road, ad
fort i, tobh built near a fall cove, flrmedb-tweesn thel
prujaniino of a rock and a mole which i tom be built
tllrrc ; aid it ist ScWife intended to credt doeks and
uiler cotleltieucea for careening and fitting out veiffel
of aU kitdl.
Aniledelto f lsl 0d el'ntei Caiti CAoILroTao.
Come C& liotro, whole inme is to familiar to the
public or, from the circumflancc oft ahlfortune in
which h, lately I lood,iA one of the mh eitraondinary
charade in Europe. He is faid to be the ton of a
I'rince if Trehifiond. and although he hull fpet the
grinacr iart of hit life in Frapce, he ha. not the mnalklef
dcgrcc 4t (!allk pliability in his conopofition. or aun-
Thii Comnte, a. he it allowed for it is a title which
the couacley l' Fianlce has bellowed on him, when he
wan aranigicd before the Parliament of Priu. was
cloncly quelhiocined atI t hi birth and family. He wa
not, however, in fueh good humour with his judges
who had iniprifoned hinu ten mottha upon a bare an
idfe lufpieion of guilt, aa to fatisfy thi eiaquiry.-In a
tone of indignant impatience, he eiclainged, Ahla,
my Lordl, why will ye th prefl upon me qmtnueoa
(a vaue aid impertinent I-For the purpofu oljdice.
dones t avail whether I all d ienldd fom a price or a
benar P After a I and painful iarmo tm, whicm
the woman whom %iold tolA dear h "ema MlI*
made to iaire I after tortures mnoa eiqul ifi rme
endured, tha t iin the power d our eMeutioer to
lbWii onsle mot iCofi aaIUe it| te Wibb uialo

inquiry you hoa to nke of edit a wretch ln| Who
are you-Whence do you fotne !"
'The Cmite, we ark well Infomned, is a excellent
fcholar, and a mut scromplilled orator.-He has
pradifed phyflc in different partsof Europe. not s a
profefion, and with a view to gail, but smroly upon a
principle of philanthropy and gorf-will to h fellow
creatures, having very often w.ompanied him cures
with acP of the ntot ucine*nmon tounry. He lives in
a good Ayi, in Ihi country, at Biompton, near Chel-
La lae large films of money wit federal f our bank
er*; and isbid to he uftffdd of colderable wealth.
The Comne, oad his wife, whois a l.innll lady of
noble birth, were ten months iamp nluned in the Balile,
in feparate apartment, never oase feeing or speaking
to eah other, and denied the ak of pen and ink.-
They hae beW married fiteen yrs.-Their children,
ten, w(te feat to their relations, and were refuted the
common right to their lather and mother.-
All the'" property I the Comtt, which Oovernment
could lay their hand4anl wit filed, to the amount of
Pin thoufandpotnds ot aJ/sof which be will ever
tich. This s a putment for a fufpiio of guilt
i,5 ia (wSr ,r it jo S ,
Notwithlfdidiig e Comutc ha to thank Madame
de la Mutie ai the thoreft of thfe evil. he yet fay,
he is heartily for the paur woman; lie Ia
met wiit ah punl et equal to her crin~e." He hau
made a v trhendfuom present to Madame Olina.
A certain lalbionable, more tean polite Lidy, we
are informed, put the followil unguarded qureftoto
the' Clmte Caglioanro in a very full affemby.-Pray,
Mo.nfinr l Cuiho1w amnue youI by your otoney rc-
loarecs? His i.nfwcr waronac.and fie.-,i- 1'"'-
"Madatl," lid he. th wh. is11 .. 1woct wlhe to
7i y S. The fecret hiflb of the St. Eulltatiu bufli
tief i., that the agent.a f ub-agents, &c. have paid
immnnfe fIan, to liberal lt mten, and that irregUalr-
r-ths h th e iftalrernad feamen are flarvilm n for
their it ire. If the bimld paled, all the flnlh rrte
gularly paid would. nout lav been allowed, and the
fficcrs noull have rlullnid--rf/ d/
In ti:e cFec of the ft. Euflatiu price bill, the captors
h3ve nu-i every thing to apprehend. They complain
hgiutly o the condut of Lord Rodney. It is (aid that
he wa nt to Mr. Pitt ald fignited his dihlatisfaiion ini
ftiong tcrnl. Mr. Pitt faid he wau frry that he had
it beena mde rcquaieted with the noble Lard'l objc.
on in tine, to havoai4lme him to oppofe the pa3age
oi the bill through the Hcoafe of Conmmna. Lord
Iuodiny afifwerd that he aow informed hnm in time to
,ppoplr it in the Ilorif ofLorda, and he eapedaed that
lie Ihnoil do fl with all the powers if Oovernnlent.
Mr. Pitt replied that it waa imlpoflihl that he could
intcrlere minifcrialty. He wouli request his brother
and their Pcers, whom he might he able pderfolaly to
influence to go down, but it mud be left to hit col-
leagifta m at minilferially a they thought IS. Lord
aJ~yonel id he did oat perfcaly underfand iefe nce
tmeLk"on, but if the bill wa not efeually opposed.
by G- he eTould ptach.-'fhe lill was e(etlually op.
By a letter from Vimna we gnaderfland, that the
Enmperorexteado his improvements and reforms to the
minutehft bjeo which he cweecilv may aSfe the wel
fare of hia people. He has lately oLAfred that the
clergy had hlft-o their proper drefa, and pat on the
hi of te laity. Out emnes an edit of polina
and penalties ,l the reverend genatlcman are obliged
to drefi in chrar,.-.omewhat too much of thil abufe
vallai among llve.--svia. booa, bucklain breeches,
t ifom of ta iand rul.s, raonad hat, Let iLck
cad eth* e a of a eocaomub
5 l I N D L I N O.
Wedncfday Ing Major Jame-neoe.g e &al e
alias Winter, a Wlilito a-ias Sawyer. da iewg,
alias Johaoa. tu Allmde.r, &c. ic. Se. wit
kbrolht bel di Lordn MT r and loerM et aild
hall, charred with hbaing fadulJ .ty c'dtWed fTe
Mr. Felth Mtter, lt i "r P1it-roeet, three gainea
and a half io the monh of February laL-Aboat he
middle of Fbcbgry ka, the prifoner caUed at Mr. ea,
hoIte in Heet-lrect, in a iduriot attedidd by two fon .
ae o, od after infoenoig Mr. FdtheniatieU having
keea recoammded to hW by Mr. RLchietAd wheVe
Mderaood wa h is pnrtie'adr ind1 | liet FdrdM
a ladyl riing hat as S aen Ir M t. t 1a1tiieba
ut s hra -m i_ ti a te dM l wi*h
Sea ilol(W So raid iti wa

Itala aod at that time told Mr. F. het e wa a
Majoring the Rilian armt.
I hen Mr P. plirtelvtd that the pattem which the
Major had, wu htae by him agreeabl to dlrediles
from Mr. Richardll, for BtAou tcrnpiil a thort time
betlre: and was fatifiaed that ceerf thing the fuppofd
Maor had utlterd, was btnieed in troth. The Major,
after givihg bis diredlians Mr. F. went away, the
neot day he calkd age, urged the fnilhing of the two
ladies iiats, aid ir. F. faim cmpllnlcintb on his tape.
rior Iylea oeeckin hats, hel e one for his ow
wear. He th eldJir. t .thathe had a bill on a
macchast : the tliy Ie a tooL aid that he would go
and receive it. Ar. 5. .'ed to fee the bill, a in ll
proability, he coilld dire. him to the horife, which
would (c tFe trouble of ri~niring eliewhereg thin
he, hr.ever, d.:i' led, and dep. tr d; the next day he
called : iih, id he had ;f .It rrircd in his brother's
cerriteg from ..l bnlltr but iha' hving drove at an
Imnu dcrta rate ap tU ccv,"i and being obliged to
return to dinner, -A. Id be urder the nectiity of hiring
a ehaife, h: he ioul, i, th in'l of lharaff.g his brother'
herfes; an.d rtq-eftd Mr. F, to lendl ilm three guincae
in gold, and half i giile.n in filer, for the concvnience
of payiut the tornpikea. Mr. F having light gold in
hi pock ti, taos apprehte.nive oi i;, cailfitg dippoint.
mcnt to the Major, br rrowcd three n: o guineas from
his uext door neiShbour, which, wntli half-a-guinea is
liver, he gnve to the prjioner. On the Maj [ 'sl flt
ting the fbop, a mna at the delr alked Mr. '. if he
knew hlm And oi ant vering il the aIfirmative, wa
told by the ltiniger that he was miftlien, that he wat
Simple, the netoriou, Iharper, bet refused Mr. F. the
yrmir of makiur ul : of hi, name. which prevented Mr.
t.rom puratlnr him a, .at ltme; ?in n howrer
fomuwhat alarmed, he i cnt to his friend M. I iehar4I
fun, who he imagined hkd recolua,minded hifil that
Mr. Richardfon denied evr having dane f', and de-
clared he wol t trul into I- a guine., a he at
tuniptc :n take him in for 4oL HeI then referred Mr.
I. toi Mr. (;. of ite 'elemple, who confi. ed Mr. R'e
account of the prifaer, and rcreunred man. other frao-
dulent anl cfr which he h .d been guilty that from that
time (Feb. .a) MItr. I. conceived hiniftif bound to take
every pouflile mn ns of atptrehenadfli the prifiner
which, by hit Lfeady perfevoraicC, at length proved
effltual ; that in the course of his enuiries after the
Major, he had been ible to r oa t e ot ne of the md
ecfariru als that ever difgraced all individual; haring
loom time ap received intligeni of hi ha haunts h
prourcll a warrant, and after eiin, repeatedly difap
pointed in apprehending him, ont Tiufdea laa ptoafg
through Cheapide, and preinr a coach anfvwrai
the dtfctiptioa of that ufed by SC mple, he infiatly
(ailed to the driver to flop, bhut without elei&. He
then puuedthe arria, and after a lg chafe, at
tempted to leap i at the window, upto which the
coach Rhpeiad, aid the Majr efdnaped out of the uppo-
fitc Mr. Pt. pofed The Major then took olil-
ter In a banker' Clf, where he regatied till the arri
val of the oberafroto Bow.S-eati Who coiduecd him
in fifety to the Ceomter.
Alout twenty peronppeed in dit the Major
for differeA ele of fratdudiethSenuart. "Mr. F. and
Mr. R. were then bound oyver i pr fcuto; and bah
LordSlip fully etAe Itted theJfMner to Newgtae.
sW o 10. The O ept-fideoAdi Si. tepheu'i has pro.
teted auotM t bat eIpy benchee or almot a month
pat tho' t* ha beem or reO a bahrfnroelg o,, sad
Enifeho4 *wcthn that ime, th dur the wtole pro.
feeding part of tih feflloa. It wod teem as i Cthe
entlefilel. who oftrlly mtaer in t ,i quarter, gave
thcmrelm no acoace sowut what is Leajikcsd alter a
certain period of the uos'tdal tEa p I Afiri they
aH u -n119ad ,b it fiff Imly mr, with-
make a hold laud,.bat AsI"acalyfedtesa, wish.
out haTvin eldtie rt iele Et r of e pat be-
fore their eyn; idwttl ft tfad th:;iMvl foUled i
their attacks o tme faw at .r-hla., t;.e defeat th
gr.smd akegidear ksrvlag tkr .,Varnito U do with
outhal a1e wiel r th a _i.kj noe. It
tI or* em.trtrue ;tof rlprbcuir
r ; f tllan, ii, .f., X d f :d rewave tf
te epll te of t. lt iLt -, lt t n nt a feri.
on oBn f,* eaa n uoBkH i aiJt ftr tbuiohl 'isikujanii&te2 iSruoeW
Is met asejMwea noo ofo( "d k.e Irok

ib* k i illit k I I hr I

b~j 92 ^6 71rW~

_ _ r/ tlruarfho a c a'twn au i 7rotrl. n overdrive 4& cam to the rpot where this ri. American ntelli'rcnce.
urain my refdence at BIruffcl two years face, I m.e gentleman was Baaning, when to the furprife and
foughtt the honour of being acquainted with an un- aftonim ment of every prlon prDent, and by waey of f
fortunate S'panilk Nobleman of very high rank, being proving his argununt, Lo told them that he would Itop
*f one of the firt families in Spain (Count (ulman). that ox, whiih he we fure, through his faith, would PnaTLIAx (CCOacE-Ba) da l y.
*I Ie lft Madrid with a view ofrecovering an immenfe not hurt a hair of his had, but that, on the eonttary, 'NE *fthe favourite tenets of the new Tarkil po.
f* rtune, to which he had an unquefionable right in he womld turn away from him immediately. He did 0J phet is that the people's irf care Ihould be to
he Pli, tia;I but thefe large tradiL of land being in as he faid, when the beat, without regarding the words promote agrlultur, au the nobleA of all uate, the rit
the polliion of the tll families of Brabant (not the of the poor preacher, inflantly threw him a confider- and rpport of all ates."-Would to God that a
o*ty country where power'ofta prevails over justice) able height and left him, to all appearance, without prophet, ac the fame derl might wife in thi
I coalidered his fuit and fituatio air4fperate. How- the leaft fgna of life, Province f Maite and the pea believe in him, or
ever, there were not wanting avarieinus native, 7alv 14. Mrs. Robinfon, the once famous Perdita, at leca in what he should uuh k-Thisthe Politicinu
Swho. in hopes ol gain, fupplicd the Count with very died a few days ago at Paris. This woman, who wad with propriety might term a/faing JiM.
large urfms of money to carry an his luit; and the paflecfd of mot of dehltnmiable qualities, that make time A gentleman from Mew-n.lucler, informs, that
Merits of his claim were tried, and tried, again and glidu efily on, was uthered acrly into life. ihe was has tried the experiment lately recommended in this
Sagain; and though they as often appeared to be jull, the daughter it a gentleman who held a commiflion in G~(ctt by C. Ford, Efl of (owing fait with fla.,
yet the Courts of Julce could not perceive that he the army, and was married, when at a boarding-fchool, and that the fauccef is likely far to exceed his expeda.
was a legitimate claimant, but, on the contrary, that to a Mr. Robhitlneu, ,-' .o an attorney, before Ihe tion: Flau that was very f( a I and weak, and that
lh was an illegitimate impoiftr, and papers were even attained hr I vecieeth year. Thcir finances or fume he feared would be good for nothing, at the time of
prodluced as copies of a process carried on in Madrid time were low,and the being poffloed of ftage abilities, Arewing the fait, it now in al ourinhiag flate-that on
SaainlD the Count Gulan, an acn impoftor. The was recommended to the late Mr. Garrik. Her firft which he threw no falt, ruauina i its former uupro.
s ery extraordinary particulars attending this fuit appearance, on the hoards of Drury-Lanc Theatre, was miilng condition.
Si. would be to lung to relate; therefore 1 Ihall only in the charadier of Juliet; but that which brought her BsrTON, Auff4v 3.
*add, that alier several hearings, &c. it was fully into notice, and gate her the name of Perdita, was Speculatie men, fays a correfpondent, vew with
dicterminedi that the Count wa a ballard, and that Shakefpc2re'sWintr's Tale. In this dranuarti romance, afloniihment the present prolped ofour oaationa con.
Shis claim wa~futile. In short, the Count, from4iving ihe attracted the notice of his Royal Highntl the cerns. He obferves that there are I*arcelyaay who
fuirable to l.i high birth and rank, fell into the utmoft Prince of Wales, who loon becam enamoured of her, do not join in reprobating the meafires oflor leader,
Sindigence, with many of his abettors, who had ad* and took her Irom a public station. The varionis lit- and tfic oxravagance and dillipatrio of individuals; but
anced him large fume of money. actions tte has line been ii; her amours with Lord it i to be lamented that there are none who no morea
Lh this dcltiute condition, he was urged to go to Malden, Couluucl Trleton, &c. &c. &c. are all well- than talk f thefe things; we want examples. Some of
inna, and lay himself and his cafe before the Em- known. Her admnirer having worn her out of fashion, the tip-toe ought to give more frugal lalloais to tan
Screr, but bitng without friends, without money, and the retired to Frasce, where having lived far lame lower order of the people.
*alsift lunk in wretchcdnefs, he formed unwilling to years, and finding Iteral of the engageniuts of hoaour T'he news-paper are almost every week feting forth
rocced further. At length, however, he wa fup- that had Ixeni entered into by her royal .nd noble the low fate of our trade. That it is at pafent very
Slid with caf fuffiient to carry hia there, and admirers, broken, hecircumitances ltraitentd, and her low, is too melancholy a truth to be dcuiet'; yet thau
*thither he went, obtained an audiacar of that git reputation gone, Iht funk into a fratl e ,f dcfdpodndeny the whrlei caule Ihould be attributed to the rittlh, ap.
Sand good Ma., who, like a King and an Empfror, for several monthbetfore the died; exhiliiing a woeful pcattotcvcry wrong. ritstruethatthey hace pru!
Sdetermined to read all the different proccles carried inirance of the nr.ifety that never fails to overtake the tedatlinrtrcourfc hetweenthelctlatseand theirillaud, in
Son, and to make himself a perfee master n4 this wanderer from virtue, however exalted their elation. the Weft-lndie.. But if we only caltour cycs to the
a opprcrtcd ranger's cafe. As every proceeding in reltriliouns and heavy duties laid on ourpreluce by the
that country ia carried on in writing, not by pleading, I'enh i) their ports, there we hall fid they aniount
Sthe I emperor's reading on the occasion mu.l have PU B L I C AU GT I ON. almon lto the fine : but fttingalide tlofe for the pre.
rn inmi trfe. t'he coinfqucnce, however, will give .* fett, and turning our attention to thl late adv. rtie.
infinite pleasure to all good men : The L mpcror de. On MOND A Y th ta O o1LC meant of the French confl (whereby" icr vcffel. in
4 dared the frntence of the two lat Court* of Brabant Precrf-lj at LIT N 'Cl/ s, future are not to be. admiitd into thcirt ports in the
void, and that Count Guftman was the Lgitimate W I L L I, WcL ~-Iiiics, without his iafljxrt") is a mnattr that
heir to a mnitfty of the very large, fates 4o the 'rin- too Smuch affedIs and intulit the honor of heatc nitol
ceftRimlberg, the Duke D'Arcntlh;, and thle rince By the SUBS I E R, State, to paf '.niteicc. Is it not thc.t-
de (Gaire, &Cc. Ac. to the amount ou mn ny miii. ui l The oP ring aside, as it were, our ctllomn lhole. nakligi void
o of flurry. lThusi this gentleman, whEom they itre N Ie t very official paper vwh:ch are give by Alc otfifr, of
Sending but a few days before to the gallki at an r N I I 1 e flatn, treating them, and thoul vito appoentid
impolor, will, upon his arrival front Vin'na, take Bilt of Mahoga y and Cidar, at them, with the u:ntolt ontmcpt, vhil.c clabltllhli a
hi fleat in the States of Brabant as 'Prince Si rldai Abaco, about Six blonthsago, and practice not only IIne, but uolpnsa door'r events that
Tilly, and Count de Gufinan, one of thie hrl Gra n- is well tound., miay tcrininatC in the disgrace and ruin of o.r uadc
dtes uf Spain.' In by lig to or it anty nation but ouir own lith a right in iar port..
uly i.. Were the late Govcrnour-.eneral of Ben Inntory to be feen b and ruder the eys of our own oficers, to aun c the
gas to be tried, as Britons commonly are, by hi, l SLA that is by the Priucec of L.A.n-- I. -- 0 A L t particular alland anl port our vetirls Ihaligo to,
ot only be t iedy, but y hiln onutial.c lie do. A likely Hcvr.Ou i t. flag we IhA ,l ,.wr.
tope.r nhavt e baft J. byfume ol the niaivne ol India, Tit t*, he
in that manne r which wecall fcvere. But hat appears fail, and thir easl burkn- '
fIvere to u. nmay appear gentle saul lenient to an Alia. To be ibld by ubic Auction, A, it he.o .. thofc wlho are intrunled will ...
t:. Prilces of the Eat executed tbhir Ikhcn e mania,,cir.nnt f our public affair,. ta frufr:re evcryat-
a.ailnf thi Ciompany oa cafternririnciples; anid had not On U S DAY e h f Oc te t made on our honour and right' as a natin, lure.
the meaus ufed to repel their attack. born a rrclia- At ithe louf/ of f'A D. S TUB B urar the ly thl"l in ofice will uot, on this oc:ation lie wanting
balance to thole llud, in order to give theat fucccfs, the Govern hr t Horje, by every propr method, rmniediatcly toremonflratc
Conpanmy'A lervAnts would not have been bclicvid to *iull thi.i sew proctcdirc, wi:h that manly dignity aitid
have been in earie.ll. Howver, th .oiudluot ,lT the By GEORGE HOLL IDAY, I ira. which aeluatcd .i, hik iruggling lhr bing, ar.
Company' rvalh by the chief that live i vi- Q nty of HOUHOLD FU NITU nally hath ranked !., anmoig the nations tf th earth.
iyo their teedurri ich th ey ithe ell, crhe w cA-nfifting of Tables, Chairs, Hurmas, Look- writer iathe Newport Mrc ury t i lag wcrrkthat lould
Tbe four gientlemaen women his Royal lHirhno ef. ig Gla lc an Eight-day Clock, warranted good, k paper nmoaey ulom thie Ifane principleithat it hat
the l'ari.e tl WVale hai ehefcn to retalr in his & &c. m1k9 en nmande in rtha country, and then iake t penal toe
houflel ld, and to whom the management of the fund A variety of DRY GOODS and IRONMON- complain of it, would imm.oiateln litht ul thee tortlI
to be let apart for the payment of the debts is entruflld, GERY. ,a r billin. It I w are made to lok ba lu~d dcflroy
re, Colonel Hotham, Colunet Hule, Coloticl Lake, Some SAILS, RIGOING, BLOCKS, and the autlnitiir y oif note., hondq, and o lthr legal obli.
and Hcnrly Lyte, JUNK. gatio.-Iln the manc of all that is f.cre in govcrn-
'I'rttrlIall has received oricn to go down to New- A few Houfe and Field SLAVES, among whom ni nct, what have we Ibee contending for fo many years
market, and take invetitories ofthe fhorlc which make are Ibmc fall olne, Ihandy for waiters. with Britain !-Was it only to Ihew oar ecurage, fpil
up hit Hieghnefs's ftud, together with his carriages. A Large FLAT, well calculated for cleaning o"r bl"od, impoverish our citireus, and tht airft a
&c. and to bring the whole to the hammer with all or unloading of vellela, entirely new. wnre fctne in our itlin m'-Io foel is a principle of
convenient fpec.d-oad when this i Jotne, the creditors A quantity of Madeit r and Mahogany SHIP life, and to complain of injury is the birtrighti of End-
are to he atniebled by advertisement, and the whole TIMILifB liln T n. To be I tprivedof what alone is valuable i
arrangement to be submitted to their consideration. a1 t tr overaumnt, and tIare ordered to flint osr mnouth, is
The grand room, the furniture, ae. of Carleton-houfe A t rin t Sld or Rere ad di iulr to in ulc. Penal laws to prentr the
e to be aed, and the whole ltockle up, & eefpt two or That improved LOT on which he now live. diftiaion of public grievance., lth ih n springg >f igo-
three ftall apartments for his Highaels' uife when he COMDtIro n .-AAll Sums under Fifty Pieces of lance and barbarity,-a difgrace to tce p)iilholnhic era.
may canfonally eome to town. Eight, Calln when called for; attd l11 Sut'above, and a fourge to the true prineiplet of lchrtlliany. 'lth
Ii>s debts amount t about ao,oooL The eiptnee Six Months Credit without Intercft. freedom of the prels want now only to bea fl lped, to
of his Royal HighneFss been chiefly confined to his Nau~sa, Selrr mkejn' a y .pt ur uo a footing *e ith the Sth-Anerita..--
buildlinga and his Rod. The latter coll him 30o.o0 l. a "W T-appyu 1'or the cautf of humanity, that laws do not
year ; hut it was an epenee highly bneficial to the r 1THE Subfcriler having taken Qt Ltter ef ter th natre o th r the works of Gd mull
country, u indeed have been all the eenpnc of the I Adminia tio t on the E t f the deca- have been extremely matilted.
Prince.--He wa the .laf of farfion'--he notonly fed JoHN alW Of, E s Jo on A da is. A a ate e etg f the new town omf
attracted foreigners of the higher diltindioo to Eg- HA l, and SAR ha Iland Portlad (iate Fa mouth) Cafeo Bay, the qudelo was
Itrlnd, arulosS ar nd ito, lat L ho Cood
land, but he fpread our fafione ad our manufadure e .ITri all prtfons nl dbted to of thhe raid p'a t "k ifh the town were hi ftaoue ot having the
ver urope. T him we are indebted, tht from being E tes, f mdie pay t andt i thore e eaern cui ie fored into an laon
...s to pelt I and ia i n e n
the implicit imitator of France, we have, feo three or havn daens the who hare e agatn ti alld wn the r o negaive, ni oe voting
four years iven the to that cult ehd nation. gn the aalr esti.rc. They howave judged it pamper t
foiuh ,r the uged of beth fez! ad of all& countries. s
'iI, iea a ,and h oalld ri dev.tcr thea i. without farther to nd hae ibatreald them to uppFer every mealre that
V1ydlr o t nw i fment ruing in We- JAM4 HOWEn w may be therein aeirtadefor that purpoha. Pele Wodo-
nix-dollars far the new 'nrlifhments wnatal Bae r pp
ebPtt bde soo tri-do"'* for cuttitg a Naa, Saptember a, 1;. worth and miluel Freema, iqrn. and Captain hbemaa
i fro the lr nden. to TOIBN oDRIPTEID fonm Mr. Garner'a Sandford, re the gentlemen who empo e the ddega.
Berlin. L'ihe ria-dolla ir i al to about So. 6 ong- S Wharf on. Sndy ai ght, a MOSS BUILr The iddlefe eowtyenaeo tiol meta Conerd the
Si money. o] biht ilock, a very OAT, flat bottomae, painted red with a black .id lt. After voting their proceedings ean litutional.
Saturday evening i about hf plaeg in Bht o fgat upper Breek, a black Jrm with a whe edge, they ted ten gievanee, which they fay, the people
rctr anrditnrir prebarTa oo ldi forth pante- rOWs with fqtr oara, has a hole cut in the fore of that oaeut b Iour un4er, nearly. similar to thao
mreet: auietnee on hevia o .f the- moft thalght r a llaft, and is branded with the enumerated by the Worcetr eoavnentionl though. a i
dmeroiuaon adce, Mring t be rf, that he was n ame of Diaek/b* in two place$ on the ftern. ufiul ir rach meeting, they have sot proposed 0on
well terudedof tr th .f It, that he wpotve Whoever dlerthtr tot hcPrinter wireceive remedy. They have alfo voted an addeftothc
lotthwell r fun id of the t tt ut D t4 th t.. th U ', a.1 t;r W. of It. .e"lt o e y is m "O Oh .

ASmN If a d iftorah iAthm Is CouWld r I i l inetteaf aflmll- u t bA si -ntu, t -
friend6tse, daeld sath Aisp f, ;)a einve o( r whergo ever It '. pelietrated wi:hm,- .r
General ParLto, who tome tum e* wet to this Commonwalth. I "
rest with the Indiuan, hulmtl ia.ed,l Ao d Inetfsd Oih*t at the Coonc C :'-r i ion, thIse- rc' vy r. '. ,
ne that from what dicovrua hu made near se cnd dy of Septrema il cl:yar, ot Lord, I In: o I
<)hio, he is onltidt Amtrica, a m a plt, antik one thouofd Lien h -, r I elgry.f anud t! "rag. h ..., TI|r. t, ee-.. ,- ;
ave been inhabitcd bylime dsilhud netlo ,,a, wers e eleventh year ofth l;I, ".~. of',e oU, th V ..t, r 'l ,. ..MeW .
acquaintrd with the artl, for in diliga the tr.ondof tedState of Ameria. '~ pi ., L, . : I '. ,,
a nc fort, cofiradled on the Ohio, 00 silweft of .- l.. ': .'.. ..r 111 i .
Fors Pitt, whih is on the boak M of Penfylvad y, 1nAl i ., 7 idtl -ii cnre. r ,
they came on brick-witk r.guldly h1, Mu fetm John Avery, jun. Sea, ,- ,
inon found brackn they found llb, the frulo of a ir
gul.e .-,i lort, and traced the ditch, t.waynd BAHAMwA.ISILA* DS, 1 4. C.ptt, .
.o qutdu6Lu. They aldo found the uing o t town, and Nw. PaLOID ic. Ic .
a prFodqlu, py)ramid formed y art dfig her Ir. I
ol tlir dd.ll and which has al l rinse le that Pr'nt, ad Gem.' Cf ,( e. .
be oul1 errcve therc hadbeenthreegrowthe orweed Bhai Iflands, GCb '
oII it uctrllwel:; and he judges by every appearance and Ordinar ., l 'o F ,
that lth ltrget orks that appear, were dunc at clal A PROCL A o' T
lii hunditd )ars nAo. le there duguppt of the "THBREA the OC r : "
jaw borne f Iantnmal with three inth in it, which ER the G
three teeth as trey Iy in thejaw ck the pace of to VV Ilnds lands pror .4 Mo 1.a,
feet; there hebrought home with him; thednft of ad Day of Oetober next IlA , . ..
one of them yu have incloefd, itwciged tfve pounds. thought expedient, that th, irl '
He utrilurcd a ligh bone, which he a found, which mlould be further prorogue ..' "
w.a four feet ii inches long. The oldelf Indin, h THOUoHT FIT, by and wit
o knhowlidge oany fuIhtnimal, but the hsve atra fent of hit Mljety' Hono
ditin that once great bet was there, who devoured this my Proclamation, I -" -
all the deer lanlbars, and that the G;reat l, killed hereby prorogue the faid ,
) io with liFhtlig in omnpaflion to then, as nothing Monday the 4th Day of Di n
fe rd d t. i nd.V r ,n Ha M l
One of the teeth he ha given toVYale-.ollege, of t iflan di, at: : t I
.nther he delil. for the philolei,hic.l society here." Sept ron/r, ein tir, '
St, 4. By ntllcman, on whofc tcracity we can bornd Seven Hu '
depend. who aited in town lalk Friday, from North. '' ;
ampton, in the Onty of Hamiplhire, we are Informed anrid in Tw enly-fx
th.t on Tucfdaiy 1, the day appointed hy law for the ign. !
itinig of the Cool Common I'Las, in that town, a 4 Hi onur's C'ommavind, ; .
nibmleilliongof o men, So o whom were under H' mI YeaOF, SeC t n
a-ni and headcoy a captain of tlitlia, affembled 0 0 S A V T : o
there, with the afonablc attention of forcibly prc. lAHAA 'lslA9 '
ctring the fittinof that coart, which they etlnted, Niw-PRovIDloNCS.I ;I be
thl,, jdgelfrIomth threats and proceedings, thinking Bj i His Hmour JOHN v, c
it lkcure tu ptoc, in the bulinfs of their olice. I'refrent, and Cmmr~ e .. -l-
'thc lime g.hotii adds, that a convention haol Biahslna Inads, C( ha ... i ,. b I,
I.~ hi, ld in thatounr, which lha voted, athtir and Ordinary of the famen, :':'
lllln, that she ate, courts of common pleau, andl,
4 t:. 444 t z Ci r ', ,4
Ca,,linon .tl.44 the i.ubls, a well s unncicellCry 1TTHEREAS it has been ed to ... ,
stud copenliv. W that the Cuonmton Ja F' e I
,.....onwealth of Maiffh,ifett,. aid Ifland of New. Pro, iden. . N'i e,
Shis xcll Iy Js oo. fq; (;overltour of the h br ,
the Cullwealth cf MaTtchoulcet. Prifoner. undt er critintal 41 4 4 t c e". .
A O A M A I O N. from thencc, e. wit, A Ni Pl 4 ,.-i 1e.p i. i',4 -'
.'hertas ilnirul.T has been given to ihe Supreme MORRIS, the rort .
Tre.lrve i r,, tk Ctonliwtlth, that ,n Iucfday Irt fIl,,t atnd well fet, a u ..
l4.t 1 hiulg Aoullnglthc day appointed by lawt or ligh, neia rl yt 1 old It'. C .I \ i , ... .
I Ltht little lt Colimion 'l-h n ti 4urtof frce Cur M 4 .V 4" 4444 "
(coli sl l- of Peace, at Nrathamplto, il hle nd A, and pt it h the .I Poxl 1'' . 1'
I.,iity tl II l tl., .h tuihi. thllii Conineo s to .cl h, a ttwltn l p. t on# t vinga t ,
l, .. ....l.. l uofopi,. front I eral. pirtt ol that 1 THilIErnE THO TGriTb "I w.i1.A 4 .. 4 Itctly lvrte,
C,,,ity, an, lItd nne ,urt-liolle in Ntorihanlou, and C mntfnt of hist efty '"4r1 CL ., i.a"iy T 'p>y
nma.y .f wh,,m warmed with gun., fw-ords and to ille thit my Procmto .ti. 1, ,2 .
ialher lre.lly wctl, atnl with drum beating, and hereby offer a Rewa of Fi P-. __ _-' -..
.1, 1iylly in cnir p and open defian ccofthe au- Mocy of tlcfc land to bt h. 11,- P 4.4'1 < II. Perl.. 's !v.Ilo a.4 ,' ,
tl .r llhii goinirrt, did, by their thlrats if Treafirer, upon the lier, .:e i ** r. ..
S. c nd kct.epJlilc llion of the Court-houle until either of the faid Pero to t '-. 4" -t t4 i" ... '
t Ilvc l', ,, 4ii o tight of the fame day, prevent his Deputy or the Kee r of ti ftild fail Aln 1 '
lth littig if the cc and the ordely admiiniratioun I do herb offer thelike ewardto anvPyr 'rn ''
tl )illc .i that cof. Perfons who hall give Inform, n on of a s iPtl .,
And lhlr.leastlhil handedoflenceisfraughtwith or Perfone, who were aidi," and ;I4I1' r' m'it, 'i
th ,,..,: lairl and vicious confcluencec mull tend making or procuring the faid `Eaie a *:I t 1
I, uI.v4rt all Lw i government to dillolve our cO- Offrsnr or Offenders laft men incri e t Lor, ,
ct 'lln onltiltilrldd introduce riot, anarchy and tlhreof. T. "R
luahi, lich ild probably .erminate in abloluie u rGIVN Iudr mv HJand an r ; '
t14i1, l) l4 d conLlenttly deflroy the fairelt pro pct J Han a it ,. I ... 4 4 .a.. .
14l1 hJl Il'4lln4.that any people wam ever favou.. 4 /._ id I londa at No 444,1 .i 4 .. 4
r"d l; ,,, i. lis pcop i will rcelize, ifthey do Septemerr, in the r.ear (:,r rl ,, #4.4o 4..... *4.. *le. '
e: fullt r thelckit o be misuided by the machina- Thoulfand Seen hundred ael Bl, da 4 I, ; r d
lirns .lnt ral, w a teacher onfly lu m and o the Twent xib 2zar qof "l A ;Jty e i i "
the ct.4rtcr ofthell a oid moit .lolendfriend: Reign. JCHN BIRON b, the a t .. y .
I have rhcrefore llht fit, ky end with the advice Bj M l Hot H .wr'i Commaind, 4. -. e:
f thiC Iounlcil, to l thil proamation, callingupon HtY YoiE, Seercta r I ti r
all )judg., jnalcecheliffi, .pllnd jurors. conflabl OOD A V E T H K I N_ l. .., ., ._ ":J rl, .
monlalthl, to pleut and fuppri. all fucl violent FoR JL N 0 ':u w bNe .
14d riorou, pro.e if they Ihould he attempted The BI l N1 I. Law sto "1
in I ir lcra lcor. to the I Znd fp k B i T H, dAVID SF,\,
A.lld Ihcrde.lrurfuanto thelndiflItlfbilod M L 1. ' H, .,in -
Iowettilhe ood Ipleof thisCommn DVIweDah, Pnm'A ,Maft ; .
folemnly eall eo m, as they value the b i~of III y t r th Arit rer p
?fdons aed intdehdne, w ht te t e o d and wter .
veh oil ad n trurc theyhave prcbhaed- thy ttinS l ~lod t em "'f c, ld vtot hen lh' .c :, r K' e Kc .;,
rteud tl. r faithhich in the bIe fGOD r 4 a er onMite board r . e 3k-t $ I .- f... t, t .R a b
t01fhu ni4e d wheAnthjigo tdtote thof the lat e 4 011 th .- k ), . IC 4 4
Ifl ttu tio ll n f hk I"nt-e it L I' s . ,he t r + .
ot thee hopes rib becoIne contemnptlo a DogsTT. tceea r 1_ n, deieti :" J0"-

P'O' the hu ot eo t tttd tot o t t (./,, t n r p t dd t e b-me b
o"'ey of odher Ritiona i, the view o whom thty Jte Mr, DUg in tt:44 .

Joy ry eithehrmto cyl*thh ol f thel tat e 0- 4 be.; 1! b"..' N -*-get lvt
eyei, tlsr he alDwl1'i. nthe w ..ld net dLa.rd to fend thr'm n aw-- 0 . ''..- -', ,i- .
l'leve tmnr. me.le atheocurity h derirWfA. mm- ble.* ,ao I c ( w, iao. r.. .t h" tht ht that FI
t. il atd foietyl i t their lies libe ia id P l CV. -Ast b I I, ll ., ba Il.. t.s.
11414tflcywoul no v devolve upon their tjn- to eIther of the oli
iildI Pnc freedom and (sLrtR, a t'stOf affchy of Ito Or book debts ta)! I 'A.,
tlution and llavery.I do ato eastefly fo O = jtr otbmeook the eI[ .. 4,, 0)i- loln. thet p
klrncly crll upon them to ald anidlilk with th*lt &ro t1a ,alc
Irf4Vt the aforetld 41 cn ras, and to erl an ., oal n n .mmec~r a0 in O I CH .
jgeoeuppreflin Sa tuch foliquablogn =M% .1m .-opge1 md at l4t 44 n.l 4
it the Atteeaey'Qmtief b erelydiroed hid ubmdeo
afec te and bring to cndioani the qthout dylloCLeS. ItI a bt
uderm and abettorc of the sltref ewoeioeevue TOj E12
o of In gold vOr at; and sib *. 6 40

IummPwy helmflaaeneom. ke. &. It weto W lmid L s
go. a Wtto sceaulmOnYu lauioe gr6 Now them t
.ar tn i i. He ot en h. dh TghteeuhrLc

htI -d e the adts fhrOill, fs.d-u hd bedle a maatnmy nd be to th rsew mS
.des mo eit"dol that bI&
Su nr c he a awe~ d tl lber oahed. eedgci a. o he WrONl"d a hethe d ers .
.-e, h wsldsmuisoemntieonsalg m thrns ri S e ae msesuly by not fr.

'trftc. Mr. Pag dun the maStte caBiu a' passed, lalIdsolaion tolghtliich wl h1.
If, n TIr Iios I. b E so furnc B ie M g I I hatrn g fth as u rm a the Ian t MODf. N 1wa for iac th me, that
a Joetenint 3 cf w dr 3 1rh idthatis thaem per e ti$ e a asw hO t o 0l4a was of which th o'unm.

F.r- beo r CM4, th" o brar T~ .AlOIto o In h ed w fl on ntluirn to be dihfute sladess ehflaloste ther prblicJl t e &d", anlwr
l alu In sxpdiat i th e aiCn dged1 -h h com aie which re e d wat ri hi W A t s
to ffTrrdt netiles d oor l chs di atpn ardedidenga tio htPofwbIyh2McV.TerUCtoi efOa fer a tldtivh ovio n b f t rs .. w: ..l .
hereafter, Mr t veh sui ab srloseran nefurg tee fs- @ th i t -, oh .
)la a-- i ath aist e win heirnmit a F.-red p .icd, hat'p adw nqt the frnalect ob In tircad bof ated ia e toe.,
aIhrom.e Tdy wwitlao lohfr IC mue d thde- 1 to wht rhfoi o rf Mr. Hallmng onf the fubjer rbin wl d, h Itr ofs he th u advantage.
me opt rild. wdolld bae, m4 inolt dew- I kore t han toaneos h e fmiewr. t rall y or ro pofbe wasd to as litrta in slit s
m;ine." .. theLfn cltaree,eny amornc an, a> b itoh lofm r. woeu Ily- hWivwedw l j ,hea lji o d, the
Me y idil gw,- eaded os lthe If hae hd dec lbhd n evidence r in the cooe ofthe d Ir y In llai in te aI would, the
40 the bil liat peit N K p eii n adiece hti FU I tlat citw iWeo toh e- yneoutftit a o ii Lt u te b fsnrpoi tl,,s
UeunioknO vYhermna feuhodotld hiHekyt gT aIt the prolvntreont whole itwao MC pnirealRied dcay
:a&a. $me sbdomnto the Intl anrm of taronc 0'" the motion for receiving this elde t t at:, whc h
heobhred. muiwO5OOMif~hin nile dice, iitally concerned nm that the effete of this bloeide auore alvod be olt. I,
than hrtn,. ad 1.5.r taOd. hto ibe made the ground of criminal wold, t the fal time, p trenemberd, thatmen.
ecpld.e id hi a1 lisla Wi "dh 40 of*aft k i2a e a uetara i. oI reque"led to ekdi-
C a wsu no.b oa Intrele M n l unqda e r i odtIl f mr r.W gtpofobl injure conflict l mrlt had o 'ielbutd toi per l ad it. lu.
..... .. s He Ji . ..oerolhe y 4 thatn the aipva"tagrefl'oing |it,,
Crown. a ld the sritei xpnusteol. wl byh ub orei were" f oone who m c iy. He S n o this th nt hmer bet
aeu h lilta w irde. obr did met know hew Oe had nt t .ho augh e its ley t ao peiied by th Riot ih. ta o a Of a .c
whetn. a et ltgofthe.hlbat ghl. l i el t U may was found fiat to t rhe p, -.a thi loook'lf l athe a pt.,
ere Hours usd ehe was Of ilon, aumtl b e rr
ai, jpl..o of r .rm ae. foren. prm11. ho oBhw .of.i iilm. fuatedb Il rliamntot, aundol en to .Fpl, ,
dor on -.d.tloa. :flB5i tla r tlheofdt tli. Mdr n e prt of Mr..aiI.. ; mneyto their wn ufc, b thi. they
but put in ha cdlsd'hu oa the four wo re :n clle U n d a l u wed the mib e hcpe twhev er l wa me ele ehawt dli ely tnad ,
the thnt.g Jd ehe hic > t a db l"e lc her ofartl af- fc~Uially. He >1. rfmamhlud, tut in pp faigee, If it tfol 'lIk thbe onim tatl or lethb mentioned anllng ftnle other inisei I- f cubkepti. Oa the Commioncr w t Ic.le ,
we ainiroa t a 1 ar Cfubjs on lhih m ah eon eoavtet which h ad li with Captain Wil- aWt O. ut r I h u n, it alo went to cu the d.fl., I
had ba Z~auwhiche tat ha Tie los chai r je&. t dsohm u o co
d been. eid. w e awiceb e t fdeiom to uear lims ao thie (ll .. ties by whkih Ehc lton was attended th times i, .:
nure betfoe a io u lbred; The nrfr of Mjor lllld be i poClllon ot minute o it was molt ncc ry; he thercfor ,neludtJ, s.
t euin t thia Mltry, o l whickhe k needle ihtl that comlmn ou which did not orre(fond with iving hi mol N ll e s aflcnt totil ou
pctfluly.' a crthel ae of which he was aclf p- thcgcmeralncp riontltn now girc. Thfc the Mi- Aftcr a Ilhut co.verhtin bet.o Mr. F.,d, o..
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hl iireutihaelwuhtheirprejldiee ;for which rrafoo, nay im l iop ntflenect, it became niatter of .l" uu %a', tha i the proscf ,,;o the ui;i i, 1. i,
eobhferecd, l would be impolitic so hare 'tcfource iiveftigiat o if not, theB the procwediitg e'. totulLy falt., y t d propiu;cl.d, at all rsiup, te ; .I I: ,
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hawev, to d d, wu whn the bill appeared, and Mr. ..iie d t e tfnet pu ity o hi. npt.Ily, ht oll rcA,, that i cit, t ..
the people, hqdji itheirpower to cj.mpue iot dwin- proecdli ein t soh froe aindprei on. He d tSirt', n,;il *vo.lud be ,fned , ,
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ehoje-i *.lr l.tiuoul head woul betleflrang- afeiine. botL Gidea might be brought to ut a .ua. i, t,, .' t .......... ,. .. ,
oel. Ar' I' l .pde which the increraf ufolicet 'i he Spoler intelsedr ad put an end tohe "- o ;mu d d dtl naiin wi.jn- I,, -J !
&itigl.t itea&A de o of that would dcpet.d ,nt. vetI sfti ubhlg totally out of order. that,, ,' .,,iln; ut,, .irt,,. ., ,
nmi:nBg ;iIt by thte mi-.ur i umuch would lT.he Hot hiing the refolve.d itfelf into. Corn- be r.tir;ly 'i,. ttt ,dth r:, .
paid w a tcnd odhlu tac-to a got(erum iount tintee, (Mi t. John in the Chair) proceeded toe tic ths-n |.,,p a,. eddioa '
ftIetfcerby. ,s ia"ilae Miat M rhic, rtaitive to the trntluion ;' whi ., t o a., ,i l,:rhu.,, thi,.u r .......
Sir VGr1 t Mr AMr .ft, and *he A.fLrm Old. t [ rwhch. the HouAl ad es r.e-" eOe, a- ,;, ,: ,.,h ,15s",,,,; ...
Gelard I'lok, ia r'which the refolatin palted, and j9rd l eroo ow. tot H. ;'- 'a t't 'Al;,l'ary tcuiil, c ,ilr. tn: a..1
ao be reported n Monday. ..-A- 1t, t",",. .- t.
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MoD*rT. AM l. rho Oder of the day being d for ring into a fcriy... .' o. !d i.ol 11 a!pl#hi. lltf"""i
Reld a Id time the llf-India Judicature hill. Comalttelo the charge il Mr. flilngo, t P prha-.. .s-, in this .,lJ ,titorv' iSt
Agrced to tte report of the reloluioustof Iriday ltl eatman pwpaed u the bar delivered in ht It- tlh nst i ;:, L ivlog r .1 kI y wa', s. r. 1
outhe.winaetrade. OrdErd inabill. |r to the Ildmuc produce by Mr. rj.k. I. hldoing im ii, .-o which aioouor .
S 'o. u we eaIcufd from go0i throu Wthe form o reading A dovolun nit thlii lubA Ct fucrd to a u1.t eV.a

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ajtly~ ?o ieaks fcurtu, without may peci Tua Ma M. D.pjf. thendmrf aO Uch ey w'n
de!{,tas.ol t e r 'of c; C cd u 'thu Tll The l]ll. rro i into : *'t Committ he th et, c t wcre name d wmed which were > foctir.fl, '.-
Aue T' e power in the ff.cer of the uoa,-t...s.1 1 1 aga Mr. Hlaflinil Mr, St. John in the paled whenret. the four million e acumelac.;( o ,
: s i It owc t hme hc. ery ow red t hir. Capt. Jece' wit claled to the bar, ud eamsi- the difeharge of L h debt, and tlublti burtle o oa
I10,sm a i tl hit owed nd.IforthepIrtfeoauthenticuiatIfeeia0lltUt hfrotm dtfinlted, fn to admit of fuehea. Th re ln. hu
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e" cnk^ wge objr t he debt, endicl whote 1 ever prt bouild famed with th.:
frocthe ten.tio aMr. hwhic coiled the Itttntice o h Host o a bue endHat iiti would ceio to oo p0
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T .had ptar a etc woedd he dried t the ayLtma, thf itdetoefufonire, tht we tidouid i-I-
ferve, whata Bock were rte par, thet CotaUllme were I for the driEals of r pa bie dioue
t no a t empowred to UfW relitee notice a their ow Thrt joh w a thie wleiaw J the bill we
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Sdie, occured Mo as a Iln repo. ofop movedbi the eod tcer of hiAm bill f
the Eel st faedan lr the trble of Awigtho sods r tte I .J& ren. e Asa, that the ac la9k1j of fimeDt -

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&Wky hsle n torIs the Oeaesftlkleegrr inthdoraftefloended. What a refswMr. vmn l a as Lf th oionha would chold o
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whtt r c ioi wrpi;fth ar, the CiM&ASr wmeter the dOfkp orfffao N

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that Wej.6 A Js claiu 'villed Irse~ pltweve it]
ow a ow~ :
I- o a ul, It. a esfuaiv m IN W 1."

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