Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 16, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Yo&. 111,




No. 11:.




NAssAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.

American Intelligence.

Ht A L I i A, (NovAleotia) "7-y so.
SINCE O. lft failed for England his Majfay's ship
0 Afillm .
A ranlpot wthh pert of the At battalion of the 6oth
regiment hu arrived Once our liat.
y7.0y %. Since our lat arrived a horge tranfpert
flip wi h the remainder of the 6oeh regiment on board,
from Jamaica.
Yetcrday arrived the brig Manilla, Capt. Swan,
from the Costl of rail -She has made an excellent
voyage, having brought in 300o barrts of S trmuati
Oil, and t8o of Whale Oil.
3. Monday arrived here the General Elliott,
traWlprt, frem Gibraltar, with two companies of the
te" l Arti.lery, under the command of Major Adyr.
to relieve the Artillery rationed in this province, &c
AEf min. L.A Monday arrived the brig Argo,
Capt. (V n, from a Whiling Voyage.-The Arg., ha
brought is so barrel of Spermacau Oil, goin of Whale
Oil, and as cwt. of Whalebone.
Tucfday f iled for England the Lord Malgrave and
another tratfport, wi h the 33d regiment.
Died. l&t iturleday. nalian WALDnON of the syth
reag m t.-and on Monday his remains were entered
with military honouros. s. By accounts from Ncw.England we
lea, that ft total a flagnation of trade prevails, as to
cecc fon very great enibarraffmnint% in every branch of
befi.erl.. H-traled on nse hand by the Algprinc-
excltded fi,'m the Britilh ports in the Wetl-Indist,
h..rmp' rt I ptpetually with new ordinances even in the
few IFr. n.h port. where they are admitted, their vtffcls
lay ame.t vfilefr.-Ship building, that branch of bufl
etf- unce to vahlmble and profitable to them. is altofe.
their at a ii.nd.-The Continental Congrefa, wearied
orv with oimp'a nin to the different States of the in-
fufriciency of tle power put Into its handt-cither to
ealle it to keep its foreign cngagpemnts, in a regular
payment .f the intercfl on the loan now become due.
Cr to p- y th ,t attention to the cllablifllmient of a regular
frvPem of trade, on which their (mutre eliflenee as a
C, non, wevr th nun depcd-fcems to hbefitate, whe*
iher or not it Aiall abdicate a flaton, to which nothing
lbt the fi .dlw of power is annneed.-'l he little Stateof
lh,d.le-fllai to remedy thi inconveniences and ember.
regtmrori under which they laboured, have betaken
lhmf. lives to the wretched expedient of emitting
,.nsol in Paper Money -Thishasthrown that St.te
into fucha f, roenit, as has occifloned the merchants
and Ihoplieeter, almost univerfaly to lait tp their
Sorte and (h. p.-detettrmiinsg not to part with real
for ia- property.
S it.L atn 7-,j so.
The Hoofe of Affimbly hav been pleaded to grant
tie I hundred p undo to the building a LiOa-ISouss at
the entrance of ,ir harbour.
1 hey Ihae a'ft granted five hundred pounds to the
comprlt ing the road leading from Shelhamre to Anna.
petli. and two hundred pounds for the Btriogton road.
Mnndty arrived the Brit Tamerlane. Capt. Bafittti
from a whaling voyage, bith 26o bh~rls of oil.
*lu.ftav arrived from Halilfs, the Mary-Amn traf*
rort, with part of the 6th regiastnt.
STr. onna's, (New-Brunfwick) Afril 23.
Be it rnmaled by the Governour. Council, and Afertn-
Vy,. tiat an Erglill CGuinea 2all pafs current ad
he rcce ved f.r twenty-three nillings ad footr pence,
an I a silver Engliflh or French Crown piece, for five
ihi'line and fix.pence, and all other Inglsh gold and
file r cocn in the like prationtion; and that Spaniih
rille I I)ollars hall patf current and he received for
five Oillinti each and a Ha Jahies, for forty fbil.
:1.. in aIp ymenta to be made within this province.
7t.' 4. TWo valuable vefeolwee brought into this
tr laft week, from the Bay of P otmaqsaddy, for a
caleI> 'of trede by encoachment on the territorial
rtrht. of eartatritain; the one under the fadion of
a .vil officer ethlitlh*d by the goveramnmt of Masa-
c'lufe-t, on Prederick Il and, within this prOneI had
rf-t atid her S rgos apd the otharhad reported her-
frilf at the fraid office for that punplee. Thehave nho
ever rnn ditfmiiled hi-cife their fitu.oinh, end we trw e j lmgthe fplftt coab
' our vigitat affic of theslltgiae WI.fN11110ew a1 a
woiging ti othas ud a. AWl to ike tlla tlvoMr,
Cr any ifi', ,who ray T efrUme to en".iftfych
office within thih peOvce,. by virtue of an ampp"IMU
fro the gove ouaat of MarahtftU.

sataf r. Weceagratulate our reader the arrival
of Sir Guy Carleton, K. B. Govemner.Ooeral, at. ut
Quebec, about the beginning of laf month. We have
received this agreeable informatlha from Mr. Hcggcn-
bottom, a pertn flationed by Gegarment at Lake
Tinmitfuata, for the purpose of forntlding difpatchea,
&c. Mr. Heggenbottom received it arm a merchant
immediately from Q bchec, and alf r.ohe with Major
Matthews, Aid-de-camp to hi. Excellency, who handed
At the i9and of Beck, and proceeded to Q ebc by land,
nh burincts for the Goveruour Generl. Mr. Hicggcn.
bottom alfo informed us, that upwards of one hundred
people were employed in opening the road., and making
the communication between Canada and this province
FALMOOTr (Cafco-Bay), Yos. 1.
It is a proof of wifdom in governments, as well u
individuals, to fubmit to temporary evil., when calling
benefits may be thereby fccured.- The three caller
counties have submitted to a temporary evil in the
flagnation of their lumber butinefsl-have turned their
attention to agriculture, whereby they will facure to
themselves laing benefits: rp.-The three eaflerni
counties ae three wife counties !-lairly pIoued, had
the fubmiliog mentioned been voluntary inflecd of
forced. Hluwever never mind wisdom; they will remain
contented without that, fo long as they are in poffefflon
of the benefit. What one ever has, one clestom
BeaT-o or, 7- Kt,
The fum now to be aftefed upon the people for the
pay of the member of the Houte of Reprefnatatives
for the five laft feflions of that honourable body, that
is for about one year, Ia no lefs than 11,00oo11. ,.
y.e g19. It is really altoafiinbi that there Mlould be
one person of common fnfe, and commnu honesty in
America, to oppofe a planfor the permanent tylfem of
national revenue after the experience of Is many years.
while Congrefs every year have demonfisatcd the una.
voidab'e neceflity of this meafure, and have alfo Ihewn
by the morl conLduSve and forcible arguments, that the
federal government cannot exift without it.
It ia obfcrved that the old pitrilot who conducted the
revolution, are for the plans of Congreft, and the oppo-
fers are people who never were difliguilbed for politi-
cal ifdom.
7y3 l. fofpiteoftlieirmrniura. andalmot infpitc
of themfelve%, ithfe American States are dellincd to
national importance and national felicity. The great
Father of Nature has chequered their condition with
the pairing clouds of tcmporary dfjction; but their
natural force will foon bur' them into beipg-they hall
then look back with alionilhment at the trivial casfes
which have impeded their progrfis, and blufis for the
puofilaaimity with which they alecnd the fteps of em-
pire I
A letter has been received by his Exceltency the
Governear, from our Delegates .n Congrefs, contaia-
;mg an intimation of the pcrIponing the afcertainin the
boundary line between thi Commonwealth and jw*-
York, until O&ober next.
.uly 7. A representation of the condu& of the
re ugeesin the feiturcs, Ac. in the caftern part of this
Commonwealth, we hear, has been made, by our
Supreme Executive to Congrdft-who no doubt, will
diredt their Ambaffador at the Court of L.sion, to
demand immediate and ample repraratlon fo .the ia-
'dignity uffcred thereby to th authority of the United
7Ofy a0. 'A corr ondent observes, that as the wel-
fare, and cvekexifence of the American, tates depend
on the federal government and at this cannot ei8t
until Congreft have complete nud ample power to rife
a revenue to support public credit, and to regulate the
whole fytem o(commie-therefore, if the Statea any
longer nciler to give tho" powers to Congrefts athiag
remains Atc'olgre to do, bat to inform the State
when they 'all re from the helm-eand abdicate'
their oice.m-lor she 5tes to tr ay longer, is to
fpoet with their ouilsnuel, oad f o cer th felyt f
prey to any invader, or to a tyrant, or to uoarcheys
sOUMSTCCMO mIa immediately be done.
It i fa id, the very perfoo who were the eaft
itenattuo f the meam Col o a upper. ,io n R .
lllaode Sej t u e refuite t)>kin itg yMaatto,

hal received, thel iea mllM wBem
Aro. t time K ee Cat. M-f., a oe fo
PenMets, oed by C.L. MWt;t,, ml ltatlealy

boarded, off Halifa harbour, b; an Engiliu& cuftoe.
houre boat, moder the orders of Meirns Henry and
John Newton, and condu&ed into laid port 1 this vetff
was bound to a Freach port in Newfoundland I after
Ahe underwent a trial in thrir Court of Admiralty, She
was acquitted, but not until the maftcr had paid the
court fe., amounting to 6dl. incurred for Ihaving
prcfamed to fail in the Britiih eos.'"
CnA.sniiow-s, (Maffachufett.) {y p.
The frea city of a circulating medium obferves a cert
refpondent, Frevails not in the United Staten alone I the
erhbarr.mneiit confequent on the want of a due repre.
fentation if property are equally, if not more fenibly
felt in the provinces of Great-Britain : great and many
bankruptcies have already happened, and others are
daily taking place.
The withholding fraesn the polls cededby the treaty,
though preventive of our fur-trade, has for the lft year.
operated much against the interefl of one of thofe pro.
vices. Their laal remittances in fur, the principal and
almolk tole export of Canada, have net only diap.
pointed their realenable expe6atieas, but have gttatp
added to the dillrcflei before too f(erily ei lt by the
commercial interest of that province.
Our correfpondeut further obferves, that the preeso-
ding remarks, or relation of fa&s, are not intended as
confolatory for our lots of the polls commanding the would rather load with inventive thei
near lighted politicians among us, who have oceationed
the infraction of a treaty to alonilbirgly favourable to
the United States, and reedetive of io much hoonor on
the negotiations of our miniflers.-a treaty, which, put*
tieg national faith and honour out of the question, we
were bound by every confiderati.a of the intmediate
and more remote intcref, moft rligioulay to refpet.
The ad of the fate of New-York, grating the con.
tinental impolt, having been referred to a committee
of Congress the committee, after asking a number ot
remarks on the at, fubmit a reittlio, purporting,
that the ad fo reffntially varies from the fy cm of in.-
poft recommended by Coagrefs In April, t78j. that it
cannot be considered as a compliance with the fame.
NwauavT-Pota, Ydu to.
Elral of a letter t fras* ag Yuiv to -ed to MP
f/rie dia thl ioa.
By the left and moft authentic advices from Eng-
land, it is certain that the government ol that country
will not, on any terms, form a commercial treaty with
thi -the uniform language of all parties bing, that no
motive cxifs in favour of a treaty, One they can pocket
all the advantages of our commerce without uach a
A treaty of commerce between the United Statoe
and Portugal was agreed to at London, on the aitk
of April laft; it was then fined by the Ameriean
Minister., and before this, has been Fred by the Ile.
nipotentiary of Petugal. -N relaxation of the ret-.
tionn, prohibiting the importation of ort into Portl.
gal, could be obtained-the condition of that branch
of our commerce remains under the treaty as it formerly
was-the trade with Portugal haealways been a favee.r
able one to this country; with Portugal and Spain the
balance has been, as I will it was with all foreign as.
tions, in our favour.
There is ngt, in my opinion, any probability of a
peace with the Barbary powera.-Conagre are delitra
of that which alone can obtain it. It eancerainl whe
their even Spain has concluded a peace with Algiers.
'ee trucc eafed on the f&t of April left i a peace was
not then concluded.
The Envoa of Portugal and Naples were them
waiting at Cat gena for th event of the Ipanls W
gotiation with Alglen. If peace is eftali bed etwea
Spain and this power, probably a peace wil he con-
cluded between Algir. Portual and Naples If it i,
we iue almost their mly ob&."
aPovioncac, (RhndI and) y.1 5.
On Saturday laht ended the fetrm of the hoas rale
General Affeembly of ths sast, at Newport. Durig this
feiaon a tax of 0,ooe. paper cartency, wa ordered
to be alalefed on the paoll a efataiSO the lhablstnef
f this I ad to be clleed isad paid lainte the
lgearalaltc on or before the 1) day fJmIer
he at. e OA deom al tatW, tih alerli hle i s
wig aed lat a. wMatthitds dered
*ts &and pl raid em o hene tin late day *tU,

Mitio ofA"l of than mo t ,is-
pectanst lounef which eme bMore the Mnofe wai, a-
at in addition to the Ad 9 endninpapl mon0ey.-

The bill ptu presented o( ThurfJay by one of the um*r- would lave fallen a facriice; bh the timely intervention
bers feroh Warwick, without any preface or introduc- tome of the principal es ratSe of she aty, prevented
tory speech whatever It wa read and referred to the uay further violence. At length the Oovanoura" of
neat day for further conderation.-When it was taken the fttu sad two of his council apueed :-He top.
up on Friday, it was Arenuoafly opened by the reprc- pod to tall away ome of the ringadera f the rins,
fntatives of the city of Newport, of thk town, rt- and weat to his hoot. A council was called the
tul, and North-Providence ; and oibh)ed to by a few Governour and all the ciil oici were agent rt rigo-
iseabers from several other towna.s-Upo putting the rous freps were thoogt efr b the jaity; but the
qnectlion, there was a majority of sx in favour of the Governour afured them. that he had informed one of
hill. I1 he members from the city of Newport, thofe the ringleader that if ih again violated the p ce, he
froe., thit t, wn, from BrtIol, Weftely, Johnllon, and should mart his utumot auJtery for the fapport of
a !prt .l the rtprelcntatiouo'fom Pyrrfmouth, War- govern nt, an dthathe replied, that he might depend
wick, New.Shortham, Charlefown, Exater, TivertAn, upon bi peccabk condud fature.-On thi, the
1.itrl-Compttn, Richmond, Craniton, North-Provi. the coecn arofe.
d'nce, anl Barningtna (which U mre than hai f the
t.wus in the Itate) voted againfl the bill.-During the Hu v a o N, A e .pjl to.
dlbaer, the members from this town acquaintc the y entlemn from Canads we ae informed, that
ho, that it .he b s in to awth nt the Brith, to fr from having any intention of deliver.
h.ucf thatoip h ll wapi n ia dintoalawy e it p ind ue p the Weftetn r-ft., which, agreeable to the
to retuleaif an immediately after it war oten, treaty peace, ought t have been done fome time
t'.ch r cter an tPntould t no ed their protoe. ejun e have lately mair'ched a regent fruk St. John's
wh-ch tihe I ,cr ifLc a tould Le granted; his was jut
at the r ilin a th huauf for dinner. In the ternoon M l to inform them.
the inmchr r from Providence presented their proteft, iN w Y oa ra. 24.
which was reol,and wae in fuiancte nearly ufallows: By accounts firun Stretford, in Conneticut, we arc
W'E, the fillfcribers, proteR against the bill's being informed that the Right Reverend Bilhop Seabury has
paled in:t a law, for the reafeon that fellows vie. lately ordained federal cindldates for holy orders in the
jtl. clcaefr, it i necctlary, and of the laft and mot Epifcopal Church; and at the town of Stratford near
important conrfeqcnce, that the proncediop of this four hundred perfons were confirmed by the Bilhop.
legiflaturc he founded on the principles of juflice and agreeably to ete rubric in the Church of Eingland't
equity, to the end that the lives, liberties, ad proper- liturgy.
ties of the fhbljeds of this fate be protedied tad prc- 7aurfe h is carions to observe, fays a corrfpondent,
Ic:ved ; and we doubt not, when these is the cafe, that howmuch like an illegitimate offspring the litre of Ver.
tie laws nanted and promulgated will be firidly ad- mont is treated by the latest of the union. That the
hired to and ,uildtually obeyed, sad prevent the neeel- ought to be thus treated is an indifpntable point, the
l.:y of introducing fuch penalties to enforce obedience, having rejected with difdain the purchafc terms of ler
a* woulJ ilifgrace the ftoe of T'Iripoli or Algiers. adoption into the confederated fiterh',od; but, fur the
ally. l'he bringing forward this feipplementary ad public to be kept entirely ignorant of her proccedings
i-, in our pinionn, the flrolgeft ptoot that could be and local fitnation, is unpardonablk in prinlrr he
~dduced of the iniquity ofthe farmer adt, which makes following is her prefeat political latc.-- Vernlont it
the paper money a tender for paft contra-s; and that it yet in her il:fancy her count' llor patile to appea.r-
i for thi reafo:l became odious to a certain caf eft prfo- ance, but intcrefed in peindcple; her politics confined
pir, which rlafe includes the grarteft part of the inh.- within her own hnundarte, coufequcntly her politicians
Iirants of the principal lea ports, alm, It every indivi- far from being profound in that science have involved
dral in thim mercantile line, and the perfuni who pet f thbs flare inmt .n apparent nrcefity of eorretinff and
(or would polcfr if they had their jell dues) the largcft reviling her conllitution. Her conflituents gruenble
pioportitn of prophecy within the late, and if it Ihas inot vehemently at several late adse of their court,
already hbconme tf odious that it cannot be catrntld a e declaring them to be unconflitutional, particularly the
exccutiln willoeut compulfory mcafure*, thi' aelitinulal Inrveying tdl quieting afl. Their neighbours fpur
at will, as we believe, make it completely aloni- them on, and even connplain thenflves ; and we mtay
nahle. clpet that the ifluc will not prove altogether peeicfuel.
3dly. 3ecantfe this feepplemcntary ade fcems by the: We he;r horn Concord, Ncw-Hampltire, that tlhir
pteanible to require a religiis ohbl.rv..nce of an :'Lt navigation adt is fufpcended until the other fates aldopt
which we d:c i unjult;-the infection of nlch words in a fimilar.-And that the lumber ad is likeltwie luf-
fln:c'i al a is, as we think, only a mockery of rc!i;iun ended until the firf day of Jinaary next.-- \, sillt
as well as of jitfticr. liear from thence, that the treasurer is dire(lcd not t.)
4thly. Icclufe we thint, that th- only iult mctlhod -cive y final fcttlcment ftcurities on which interrci
in the prliat circumflano-s (.f the late, that c:in le is it.dorlfd.
.edopcd'l to quiet the minds of the prtopl,--to beget a y.d 6. lThe great truths, lays a corrtfponde nt, that
confidence in the legiflature,-and g:ve a currency to Americran arc alien% to Britain, and an independent felf
the money, would he to repeal that part of the atil geevcrning tation-bcing felt evident, one w.uldl ima-
wlhitch mimke it a tider fir palt contracts, and to or- gine reiterated fflertitns entirely necdiefo; ytr, lirpri-
der refliatiton to male where perfons ush, have l- nng as it may be, notwithltanling the ttrdious, but
ready been i.ijurelby ir,*-to create a demand for the glnriors confliie, and the expence of blood and treafure
paper money by .rdleriiig traes to be cille&fd in that to purciSfe this alienifm andi indeepl endcrs and lnot.
mnney, and to withhold further loans or emiffionv. wvithdlandirg that hundreds of tunchen of faithful quills
jthly. Becanle the uppofition to the measure intcte have been morn totheir Ilumps in the ad' of regiflering
dSd to Le fllported and tnfiored by this act, is foun- on as manty quires ol virgin paper, the hazardous enter-
did hi opinion, and fupporred hy intcrclt, and thenem pife and acquisition, and the new additional and confe-
re, we conceive that it mllt be ar.gumonts. and a quenti.d duties, from this alienifm and independence
conrviCion lo their propriety, and not force, that will ifTuing, thoufands there are. at this late period, who
alter the opiaiornsit men. have iot, eitherr from wilfulncfs or ignorance) the
*lthly. Becaufe our experience during the late war, leaft conception of their being spiritual fadt. We
when nlittary aid was employedto enforce obedience, grumble and are allonited, that other nations do not
has proved, thit computlfory measures were fotnd in- feek our proeercity, at thqapecrce of their own! Can
ffiercitnt to support the credit, and prevent the deprc- any thing be moral ridictlou lhan to luppofe the nation
citation of a paper currency; ansd if thismeafure is now in particular, from which we have ahnlietcd, tnnhld
infifted on, and carried into execution, we xopeed the ftudy our happiness Had we laws of ,ur own. and
fopplieh will he withheld from our markets, our adtivfethof rigronuly carried into crecution, they would gain
andenterprifing men concerned in trade will withdraw rafped, and beget dignity. I intended further to conm.
themselves and their property from antng en, and nient upon the fuhjet, but obkrving a paragragh in a
the people will be driven to ad& of violence and defpe- piece litlnd Ieprrtiali;., in the Pennfyvania Herald of
ration. Ialt week, which is perhaps couched in better terms
(Signed by the deputies from this town.) than I am capable of, I have extraded it verbarim, at
N Z w H A V 1, 7oly 2a. The rellridion of the trade of America tot and
Accounts from Newport represent the situation of feizure ef her vefels in the Britif Wefl.ndia Iflands,
that Rate as truly unhappy, on account of the late at however injurious it is for the print, might have been
of their Gencral Affembly, by which any person who afily forefcen. Americann, a has been frequently
refdlle to take the Paper Money, emitted by a former observed, by becoming independent, became to all
ad of affenibly, or in any way attempts to depreciate intent and purpofes, aliens relatively to Oreat.-Bitain.
it, is flbjet to a fine of too. lawful money, and for The old laws reftriaing aliens from colonial intcrtourfe,
a ecnnd offence, didranchifed !-The merchants have are thofe alone which operate to the exclfion of Ame-
ahnioft universally fhut up their forea, and buainefi of rican bottoms, from the Well-Indies. 'hofe temorary
every kind is dropped. The country withholds the usual regulations which admit American produce in Britif
Ieppliel of pravlons, which diftrefs, principally, the bottoms. are a ally a relaxation of feverities that hold
Iricklers for their iniquitous money, being generally againft all other nations.- Thb, then, being the
thofe who are empoverilhed or largely in debt who cafe, America hat little reason to hope for any change
please themselves with this eay way of bengfreed from in her favour, unless the can oblie Britain to open her
thejult demands of their creditort.-On rilday fe'n- ports in the Wea-Indles to Amnrcan veffel of certain
night riot and diforder prevailed.-A number of pfons, deferiptions. How is this obe done ? By vetingCon
headed by one Wanton and one Anthony, infolently grel with full powers. to regulate the trade of foreign
demanded tht'the Aora In which corn wa lodged, nations with America. This, and this alone, can tun
Anold be opened, agd the co fold for the now emift the balance In favout6f America, which hat fo lonn
fion-one oftho merchants, who was a Quaker, wasa o fatatll vibrated again her. Were Congrefs poffeffcr
intimidated by tL r threats, that he confented r but of tle power, the firl Rfep necelfary to be taken, would
they were not eualy fuccefful in their atteent upon be, to prohibit Britilh vrefle from carrying Britith or
another tore the awer of which refetted ir do. Weft-India produce to any part of the Unied States,
mand, and deelaredtht they wild defend their pr. antril a full power was granted for American reffe
party at the saque of their lves, -The number which feely to carry America produce to an part of the
eolloted to prefve the peace, nd to aull in adefnd. luropean or Wet.India dominion of Irl.
ifse proeret eang wp too rst and their This wqold eedlHy #Te a log wanted alter e I
Idu w ld To Ie be a coni ta b which their Ab qr r the lteron e be.
blew would hfave bo s i wh-ch their dot fa ae COarn I .

tween America and the Britil Websnd is t,
Introduced on this tapli in the udak Parlauti
enemies of American navigation have never dre to
offer fauh an infult to the common eafe of their hearen
as to pretend that ;he .We*lllnit coud difienafe wi
fapplie sr A rine. However Il ne oe
eggerate the.fllOing cotfeqne iauifold adme.
tag of Npv-Seotau, New-Brenflwic, Caporseoln
Ac. Atc. it iould be too glaring an atdiv to p
tend that they could furnilb At l umbe r, a.
&c. necerary, in lets than perhaps cesitry'to coe,
The main prop of the fyltem is, that America i on
prenad to oer ay terms, and that temporary regu.
litions will be fuflicent until re Ih. This is the bti
of the states. Congreftlhave nbt the powiter ncefary,
and it Is fruittefs to expect that all the Gates will iaree
to retridi Britilh Alp individually."
cted ./ Iffee firn s P'. wlUj, lef .
On the ljth of Junelaft, a on oT r. Juda Bur
tonn, of Amcnit, wett into a well of his father's to tler
it: lie filled a bunet, which his father drew out and
emptied, and on his returning to the well, raw his foa
fallen to the bottom ; he fnt another of hi f(-m down
to relieve his brother, who foon fell on his brother *
The father, in his turn, went down *s help his foes,
and feeling an unufual fenfation, came up with fome
deiiculty out of the welL Several attempts more were
made to relief them from the well by dsfreant prfus,
till they were taken out entirely fenfelef, but by blece.
ing and vomiting are now ie a hopeful way to recover.
As there damps are something frequent in Ameri.
ca, the following caution may be effome fervtic to thefe
'who will obfcrve it, via
It is a fad, that when the damp air is in any pit
or well, a candle will not burn in it, but will fo on
out ; therefore whoever goeth into any pit or well, ie
him frll light a candle, and with a terd let it down
if it burn free, he may safely venture to work in tho
well, if it bums doll or goe out, the damps are there,
and he had better keep out.
What the euavtat are which are emitted from
thefe damps, is fill a matter of doubt; fome fuppofl
them to be flphutous, and others arfteical; but by the
fell of the vapornn in Mr. Buron's well, I can believe
it to he neither tf them, for the fminl wai nearly like
the fluffof an old rank tobacco-pipe, and wasfo plenty
that toine ofthe fpeatstors by only breathing over the
well a few nioncens, felt the had eiffr9s of the vaynlr.
The ingenious of thephy)cal branch, if they Kow
any tling in regard to this trarge phenomenon, ar
delired to publith it for the good of mankind."
Toufday the ayth alt. the Lcgifature of Maffachu.
,fets made choice of his Excellenry Nathaniel Corham,
lion. Samuel Holten, Ron. Rufus King, Hon. Nathan
Dune, I fquire', delegate, to rprcfe.t that comtme.
wealth in Congesfs.
On Monday lan, at the Court of Quarter ScEioas,
all adion wa- brought by the executors of Mr. Ntat of
the city of .ondon, merchant, againfl Mr. :and, of
til. city, merchant, fur a debt, contracted l revione to
the late war, for npw.rds of . naon wih the mntrct
thereon From the commencement of the late war to
this time. WIhherl the Britilh hall be Ia;id ioterrl for
motecy during the war-a time when the p incipala
could not he paid; being a qeDilion of no fall impor-
tance r, the merchants of thti and the other Anterean
Rates, was warmly debated by the coenfels of bthk
iartic, and, after a hearing of upward. of tselve
leours, the Jnry brought in, as thrir judgment, that
Mr. Sand.s fould net pay faid interef,
7tl 14. Unatinmity,in any leiflative body,is ahppy
prehuge, and cannot fail of affording the molt pleating re
fletioni to the confliturntr of that late, which can
with truth declare'it to be the cafe with their,. That
of Maflachuretts have been unanimous in their acceflion
to all thofe important requilitions of Congrcf, which
hove been fo much debated upon, and are To materially
cfTcnrial to the happinefi of thefe plates, both jointly
and separately. A young fludent, ays your corref-
pondcnt, firfl fearches for the key to the fcience he
wifhes to acquire if this cannot be found, he pores in
vain apon the armeesif book, nor wil he ever make
proficiency ; tmkfs he implicitly believes, that the real
Ipirit and iLffacy of the science itjufi that uhich hia
tutor vWdlly alerted it to be.-Jufl o is it with our
young fludents in politier-and jufl o nluf they fub-
mit to fuperiorknowledge and abilities, if they would
avoid plunging the country ito irretrievableruin;-
for, that they cannot enter ilm the spirit and effcacy
of the oengretional fyftem Is evident to all.
Difflntiens of a very alarmil nature now prevail In
the Ifate of Rhole-flandd, crafiened, it feenc, by int
late million of paper bills.-The affembly, which met
at Newport on' the :sth ult. pased an at, whereby
every person who hall, by declining to receive themes
their nominal value, or by any ways, mean, mnMner
wliatmver, difcourage or difeountenanee the paffing of
the faid bills, or in any degree depreciate them, en
convidion thereof, forfeit and pay the Sum of rol.
lawful money and if calivided of a second offenee, a
be rendered incapble to ele, or to be elcede, to In
office ofhonnor, troi or profit. within the fate, andto
forfeit and pay the fnm of rool.
The above a& was paffed in the Igf r houfe, bye
majority of fig. The deputies of the town of Prcvidmee
protefted a ft it, conceiving it to be introdudive o
Trhk preahet to enforce obedience as would dif
the courts of Tripoli and Algiers. Tho prtel wal
retede, by t t two houfi, as difre pee l, ad, by
Large mior)ty, refused admifioen n th ies.
7 ba. Onr mison of Pper maemy ha. at lergt
nade its much wiled for, and Ikr woted tppnarace
to tiertiverrd faltfadlon d the edt iee sd ui
p" dtlo s ily heuarl AdeUg w Ik-le dr

latio of o mflar Iu., hba hKeatafore ieatn6 rtlt
lhabitants of thiEf feae to difruft all ma r of power
cirelating medium ;-blt the heaurhy ofthe fnedatlo
on which our prefeat emio la Is tAll m rhc, DLri-
uedy fuch a to command the unlimited conidee of
the moft Torifed laBdel.--iTh iatereft of the frut ad
the unanimous voice of the citlaen, called, with Stea
torian lung, for the measure at parent adoptC. FP vrt Doi; and woe he to the bae, daf ing, ia.
*ial/individual, who hll date to attempt th' fallatk
otftrudlion to its free circulation I
It gives us a heartfelt fatisfadion to be able to ac
quint *ea reader, that the paper money Isreceived by
all ranksof our fellow citizens with the greatft reai-
ncft and alacrity. Nay, to Ihew their townaea ia what
eliimation they held their present million, efvenr, on
I ueday and Wedcnmay, eichangd, at their own par-
ticular rcqueft, gold and hler for paper money, toa
aeoaidcrabie amount.-Thia we afert u a fadi; and
hail the eircumftanse as a happy omen of fpeedy national
profpernt y !
The bickering among, the inhabitants of Newport,
occafioned by their new money, have been the means of
ofme broken heads and bloody noles, the week patt.
ly 192a. It is averted on good authority, that
,a 70,337 dollar are ncclfary to be raised by Congrefi
the pretert year, t786, infpeci, of which no lets than
2.724,46 dollars are due on the foreign debt. No res
unable hope can polfbly eaifn that the ftaIes will rmife
that funt by the ordianry eile *f rrefaitoer, as the adual
Ium in Ipecie, which ought to be paid by the feveral
faCtes before the Irft of January neat, amounts to
3.o70,ooo dollars, including the fiecl part of pat re
quilitions ; and this fam iseclulive of aay provion for
the domestic debt. During the precient tage, ia ly
ol the fate, fur paper money, a fallacious medium, and
in the preleni dilfordcred and enfeebled fiati of govern.
meit throughout the Urion, is it in the wifdom uf Coo-
grc, to avert a total ruin of our credit and character,
as a people, with foreignuen, or our own citizens? Tlue
quel/tion is a falemn one: our affairs have come to a
,ili%; a revenue can be ecpedcd o0ly from a grant of
the five per cent. impof, and from tax:i commcnfurare
to the fupplementary fund; and nothinK but an inimc.
diate and universal adoption of the nmcalure recommend-
ed on the i th of April, 178.1, canref.ue u from bank-
ruprcy, or prefcrve the union of the fta'es from a
fpcedy dilfolution. And, until public and private
bur.efly, iudufry, perfevceance, and eaonumy, take
place of vilionary fchemes to acquire r'chcs fudenly,
and to geT rid of our cunbarraffunits by hoont means,
we cia never caped to support any rcfpdiability, cha-
raSer, or credit, among ourflfve,or abroad; hut, ater
preyiog for forne time on each other, we h:llul, at cngtli,
blcojne the prey of foicigner, or of Inlei ambitious
tyrants of our own cities, to wihome the people will
ft.lmit rather than live in anarchy, aud thus verify the
prcdiaion of all our encmie,.
E L.t A sT s.'row n, 11.
Nntwithflanding what may be faid to the contrary,
the hinaces of the United Stateof America arc iu the
elof deplorable situation imaginable, and threaten a
diffolntion of the banda of our union, unless the diffe-
rent late, fp(edily divcT themflves of their local pre-
judicc, and adopt federal meafurcs. It will be a
phianometnon in nature and an irrcconcileae folecifm,
to l hold a bankrupt nation exuberantly abounding
wih a great refourcen, if properly applied, as any
pu.vcr on earth. Never wai thee a people on earth
wlin pollilfud greater advantages thai thofle of the
United States. Never was there a path more plain,
or neas.s more simple, fully fufficiene to efiabbfh our
profpeiity and happincf, than thofl which prcfent
thenillvie to us. Heaven by the advantages put in our
power, does, maugre our own backwurduefs, almoll
conipel ls to be a happy people.
How fluduating is al fublunary things! Look we
back only through the lat tea or eleven years of our
own timic! What a valf aieratiol. in the magnitude or
extent of the Blitilh empire! What wound, wha
bruiftls what amputations in the bndy politic I What
difmcmberment and tearing of limb frum limb!-Of
all thcfe dreadful operations and accidents to their in-
ttonal frame, they now begin to feel the Iuart and an-
getil. The agonizing pain of frclh wouuds yet await
them. BeDc lei all the t wounds and bruifes and pultri-
lying forc already inlided, they are surrounded by
friendly if not hoflile Dwers, who are combining
asgan them to render other wounds incurable, by
fiaibing them in every vital part, in their remaining
comenrce, navigation, nmanufadures, and agriculture
and it complete the catalogue of their woes, their
tatefuncn and patriots occasionally helping them by in-
judicious and opprellive Icheme for paying the national
The grandeur of Rome was the work of mny cen-
ttriea, the effct of much wisdom, and the priee of
atuch bloid. She maintained her gtandeur whilft Ihe
prttervel her virtue and a rigid abstinence from luxury
mad effeminay ; but when luury grew up to favour
corruption, and corruption to neuri luxury, then
Rome grew venal; pleaftre fuaeceded in the room f
temperance, idleiru took place of labour, and an at.
tachment to private afairs extinguished their seal for
the interest of the public, and precipitated them into
a vortex of diflipation and venality, which oon depri-
ved her of that honour and glry the acquired inher
>any conquest, au well an her liberty.-Into tchb a
Sftiae, at left into a fate as miserable a this or worfe,
.*ill the people of this country fall, 'aikd we umke a
Political virtue ofnecehity, and abstain from thole e-
tnragancie which our noceltiet ae ot equal to, ad
which threaten the iteu's Inpedependce! What ome a
0f appmr4hing slavery I Luury aad f fneta ban

fpnmd thele EtUritoa from the pales tileol Sh
cealit Alleuy. Wat gme coeh f grlefto Ith"
.bardy vua uid vliso eitu ieu by whof jois
xe=rtio u country bea b mcied fei m Brie
iltl mamvi..e To behold the fair riuce, purhdu
fed with I much blod, peril, mudoil, forted with,
enough to una the oMiller, andblge the briny car
fromthe ee I

To b6 Sold at Publik lwflion,
On MONDAY the ssth of 8raTiMnaa, st)6,
rTHi following LOTS an LAND, late the
Property of Mr. Ro B T SEPNCR, viz,
A WATER LOT, t in front, adjoining
to the Wcftward to Mr. II son, and Eaftward
to Mrs.ClanslaTi, having HOUSE, 36 by so,
a HOUSEI, a by 1, with Brick Chimney and
Cellar, a Kitchen, Necftrll &e.
A WATER LOT, 3o in front, adjoining
on the Weftward to Capt. aso, and Eaftward
to Capt. LANa, with the F Me fa Houfe, 40
by so.
A HOUSE and KITCHEN upon MrI.FrsH'
Eighty ACRES of LANDs 3 ileSfroan Naffau.
The Conditions will be declared at the Sale.
Truftees for the Creditors of Mr. Roiert Spent.
F INE HYSON TEA, at three Dollars a Pound,
and London double REFINEI) SUGAR, juft
opened, for Sale at the Printing-Office.
*'IHf ublfctiber hain b inifoTrmation tht Tre-
A. quent trefpalfes have been committed upon
their lindi, situated at Cedar Harbour, on the
illand of Little Abaco, take tis method to warn
the inhabitants of the adjacent islands ag.inft fuch
pradices in future, as they ae determined to pu-
nifli the aggrtfnors with the ioft feverity.
Nafau, September 16, 1t86.
P I R A C Y.
RUNAWAY with, on Sunday the z3th of An.
gun, f om the Ifand ofSt. Eiitatius, the Sloop
BUM? ER, ovrned by the Subfcribcr, whereof
OFOoGE SI:.IPon was Maicer, and then laying
offand on in the road of St. Eullatius, by the
Mate, named JAMES Busrn, a native of E'g-
laud, about twenty-two years of age, about five
feet live inches high, fair Ihort hair, and marked
with the (mall pox i and a negro man boy gamed
JAsea, (the Mafter and two negroes being on
thore.) The faid Stoop is BritiM built on a new
plan, has tlck bends and yellow Aides, a cockpit
a-baft, three lengths of bedi in her cabin, which
ia very high, a lead pump that carries the water
overboard without coming on deck, her mail has
very little rake, fie is very neatly finished and
fails remarkably fal, lte is abMt forty-two feet
keel, was formerly callt le X ATHA, com-
manded by Mr. Tudor fgi uilt and owned
by Bridget Goodrich, Efql re been in the Wel.-
Indic about eight months: Any intelligence that
can be givrn ot her to the owner at Antigua, or
to Mr. Robert Crawford, St. Kitts I Meffrs. Role
and Arrindel, St. Eultatiiu; Mr. Charles Hagart,
St. Thomas; Mr. John Semplll, St. Croix;
Meffrs. Park, Bates, and Co. Dominica I Mr.
William Turner, St. Vincent Mnefre. Gilloch,
and Kerr, Grenada Mr. John Shannan, Tortola;
or Mr. John Nihell, Trinidad I will be thank-
fully received by
N. B. The fails of the above-mentioned Sloop
are very remaiklbic, a feam being run through
the middle of ea:h cloth to render them stronger
and to fit better, has two quarter lights in each
ide and two in the breast of the quarter-deck,
her malt and topmaft all in one piece, is square in
the partners, and alfo fquare about one foot above
the deck, fle has quarter deck rails about one
foot high.
WTILL be paid to whoever tl deliver to the
SSubferlber, or to the Keefof the Jail, a
Negro Man named JACK a Aouwell fet fellow
5 feet 7 inches high, ha an imdiment in his
speech, and i mar wib the all pox a he
lately belonged to Mr. JoH an o
N.Juv, Sepalter a, Id1
TO B Rt N ,

A HOUSE to the E TWA Bn,
Forermty ocelied Ir AiI, 1iQ.
For Term apply to JOHN C IS tl

NASSAU, SpTrma ij3.
V U8TERDAY being ti Asmirfry d his Mar
Sje ly' Cora Ta Colu were displays
at Govern it Hoete, and PFot N s.
nl dlefrp of lbw'rag monm and poretetosm ie
Sea has crofld lh the toatheen hmifphear withet
a blan-at leal we hnae elt eOM- event as agree-
ble as It was uneapeed --8oiu of r Coot canet in
mateonlogieal matters. howMer, foe m alt rtbe*
SIe that his Man willU nt e without a S .
SOn Wedaeday night died here, after a sever ad
lingeringilhef, Mra. MaS HALL, WiSe o Thomau
Hail, El; of South.laCwia.
AtavenD als. Prs
S. 1. 1. t.loop Live-Oak, M'Caau, Philadelphil
t. Sloop Endcavour, Nelm, Georgia
so. Scoo. Tyger, Walker, ditt
Sloop Friendip, Wallace, Charlef'on
s. Brig Rainger, Paterfs Shelborne
Sloop Fanuny, Tcker, Georgia
Schoo. Amelia, Newton, Philadelpia
SaiLro. f.,
Spt. 17. Sloop Ragged Fortune, Rate, Philadelphia
c5- A LaTTX AG fO Ar LONDON, to g
Sth s Capt. Braos, i p at le
PaLNTImr Orrics.
T HE Subfcribet beg leave to ap laint the
J Ladies and Gentlemee, that key carry mI
branches, at their Shop next doi o the Sfign o
Briltania, at the weft end of the P e.
_Na.a, Sft. j3, 1786.
A LI, Petions who hate any demands again
the Effeate of the late Captain GCtoce
Doanrtr, decented, or upen the Ellate of the
late Mr. DucAtD Eavisn, alfo deceased, are
dtfited to fend them in properly.attfted to tIl
Subfcribers, or either of hemjat they maybe
adjufied and paid. And those tfont who are in-
debted to either of the faid Eltes, by bond, note
of hand, or book debt, are refled to fettle and
pay the fame ia the course of te week rafoing.
A there is an absolute ne ctty for clofng the
above bufinef immediately, all accounts what-
ever remaining unfettled at that time, will be put
into the hands of an Attorney at Law, to be fued
for without dltindioen.
'.Vna/, Sept. it, 1116.
And to e Sold at 6th PtI itIo-Orrlsc,
Price Poar le aL.
1 in Sonth-Carollna, from a nitilh Province
to an Indenendent State. a rP'i lto.
HE Sub-cribet oe palenger to Englad-
Sthe Snow William, Capt. Byron t. fo
dcfiret all perlbnt having any demands aglaift hil
tc call immediately for payment
NAafa, Sfptembetrl, 186.
A L. Perfons having any demand aralalt the
SEltate of Mr. Jons ARMIs aaQ WILson,
late of Long-Ifland, deceased, are rquefted tode-
liver states of the fame properly att ed, to either
of the Subteribers, on or before the t of January,
i787; and all perfont indebted to fl Etate,are
required to fettle immediately, with
Adminfratrixt at Long.-i and, or
Her Attorney, at New-Providence.
ALL Perfons havingany demand against the
SEflate of the late Walter Bellie, eceafed.
are requested to render in their dilferat account
properly atteted ; and all thoe whot e any ways
indebted to the faid El.ate, eitherbfh e d, Notl
or Book Account, are desired to fe payment,
on or before the osth of Ottober t, th the
Subtriiker may be enable to a payment to
the faid Eltate's Creditor and sJe of any
neglect, the different accounts will a iven ht
the hands of an Attorney at Law immediately.
Nafa, Sept a S, 1786. Alting Executor.
A LL Perfons indebted to the BAe of the late
SMr. ALIxANDai RollTa1s QCat-Iland
deccated, are hereby reqeeled i make Imm-
diate payment, and all having cca O agalnft th
faid Elate7 to render them in on before the aft
day of May next, as all account rendered t
by that time cannot be attended
THOMAS SMITH, lmialirator.
Nfa, &Septe nrr 9, y176.
SUN AWAY foem the 0t Maday she
a }rt *f Jui, a Neg ed md Ja. WLh
*e, winl thei f nue .a r a M
to thelprf thepulic Jae in SuM sah

S l., and thsa ct y felladi>el ing into bh adkb telM te theI Camrlntl et all thL
oeindertstionr which we hLilatly cmYplens witnh, i a rg whine the* were urie cl p rp .T
Parliamentary Debate*. the tpp oi* of a cmmIu.e for that td aig teirn Amd wher. they waere numnr.
Tlz wda nofthd eiy ba rad fr the HMkir prf abie heb prodt m of the carntu. Thi obje.
Ho R Co as as on so inam the caMl of the bill for gvelug tain dol bdipwdeuI.rl 701 tht aW.MIf thr
MHcO tmo aou O mlir l. fiume is Cmmlffio~mr t thu end of every qpurter, to a thr l o ad sn ltI. tUh d bteenfitl
( ONTr VUIO Peo on 1 T.] b lthmle HdtLrSl.di ll atsonnls getlh a noo l. B"t h w weil the tra.
r HE aain tiono of Sr Robrt barker wua dirta r. t hrae r and in a lpc of coa dmeabl a o he objealo decline, ohe it was ALa Is te in
ed chieoa toward, the motives dtht oecenedthe length, wholly dsed to alleged thawnitia a tuterly account, n t h ntead of S,6eoode. the fua
RKhi'la war, and continued uointerriped anil cakulatn, the validity of which called on the for which l yhL d hbeea gla, e wamasIW o pro
M.r. B.,,e demanded to know, whether the whitef Minifter to contad, prooled, that the frthr Ct- duce no lftsthun sJ ofL U ge ntlea e t h pro
wVA not one of the fuh.riblng withgta to he pace ideratiio of thibll iMold d-crred on the grMudie '.pr 'to hie wa Ie eiidc, here wa. nhi
coacluded between the Visicr SujehDowhh and the he had to offer, which, in hi.op-li.s were fitoeasi oii n full and t mpl te uafrn their i el s
Xoh.dlas, by which it was ipulated that the Rohill that it he ws eto yield, it would ot be through od whn theth Cammitce were a ed of havi n
t!Il pay to the Viticr a certain fum -Anfwer, To. the want of atgu ts, which they amply furnired. g' ated the dileant breach eof receipt. the t was
Whether he did not confder the Company boud by A to the objft of th bill, which went to the redu- conclinv, that in eoe Angle article of tecelp trher
,,h libfcr;pt.n to guarantee that peace '-To this tio of the national te as it was an objeA fo truly e iaute had fal bot ofthe realy b no le tha
qu. tion Mr. Nichols objcaed. The witrnf with- defrable, and in whi be heartily joined, hehaould jo,.oool.
sirtr. Mr. NAcholi aledged, that as he fat in that no t a prefct fay any l in on that headal t was a He lrted te prprnlt of drawing aids fnona S.
lojra as a je, he confdcred the queflion not only confmati devoutly be wilhed; he would there- ry. Until flie man could he devised of fippre
irrcle.unt but ui f'ir, inmnuch as it wet to matter foue cofine his obfcrvas n to the report of theScleb the (pit of gambling, it mayas well be exerifet
.i't-rrvo instead of mfttr offad ; for that reason, he Committee, the tubje of the day, a unjet of fuch wt pe to the Staue a to individual; and we may
corfidered it to be his duty to rfillt the qulion. important, dtt he ad their attention would he as wll petead to reject the prable draw to the ba
Mr. B r4 contended, that many circumRiances con- directed to it in the co of the debate. The honour- from wile and becr, becauf temporary sirhiefeean
nrAie.l with an enqllry like the prefent, mu, of neccf- able Gentleman (Mr. st) when he brought forward eared from the intozcation which they *ccaoned.
y, be c ined by the inion of the witnee-s; for this bill, obfacved, tha t drew the eye of all Europe, Mr. uasf faid, that as a member of the Coeg
inrlncc, upofc a (encrea was atked his opinion a to he thereton wi led. the Committee might have mittee, aud therefore an accused man, he hoped th
tI. mode oattack-of defence, ce. ie. fIated the cconutn in fuch a manner, a torenove Houlwould indulge him for hon a time. He dwelk
The Attorney and Solictor Ocneral both bifihed r=ry caule offufpldon on thisartick, and to convince much on the advantage which had resulted ioml th
that mtntters a tion did not figure with the form them that e were not afraid to meet the fituaion of fuppreaon of fmuloyri but eateaded that mnuac
,shlth the law lribed upon the lremo procediang our affair, however difreDfigly they might have been wa yet tobedoese. He nianced feveal tra.nd which
at an inmortanrial. painted. Thus would have laved mony opinions Ance now eUied, particularly i the mportUon of rarn.
Mr. ir minded the learned OcGtlemen. that got abroad, by no nteans advantageous to thi matter, By the re fe monu of aferstaing their comments
the prcfcnt pr ig did not partake of the nature of ,nm which he proceeded to make many remarks, giving eight ao wee now fubtralod from the real nuom
a trial; that ow nrved for the Houfe of lrds it nt i u his h opinion, that the opinions of a noble Earl her in eaeb pacheo thin delegation of s. per ga
wn on:y an enquiry into the corndud of Mr. Hallings, (Staniope) on this fubjet, in a late publication, were Ion ea soo00 puncheons imported, imounited to a
whereon to ground an impeachment i therefore, not in fo nany poaBt c, nformable to his own, that he lkf than 4,00oa1. per an. all which Irght eally, in
nnly the prelfnt. but any millar, quellions wer per- could wilh to fee them adopted. He I:menred on this his opinion, be aved, by dmiiuilhing the number
feily relerAnt. The Houl coincided with Mr. Burke occuaan the abfreac of that noble Lord, who had in sfTlefs loern. and at the fanm time encrea ng the
'The wietnci was again called to the bar, and anfwcred this inilauce exhibited a degree of plain.ealing where alarine and the alacrity of the remainder.
the queflion in the negative. To attempt oeter in: o at ws eteatially aceiary, and on a lubjtA where, of The quelicn was then put an Mr. Sheidn' nmtin
a detail oft' n amimtation that frms only one branch all other fulfldeluSon mul be the nmol fatal) He which, after the gallery wus cleared, was negative
'f a 'ICy volnina charge against AIr. Hafting, then adverted to the #let Committee, on whom he without divitou.
would neither be eie ainin to our readers, nor by did not intend to call the lafl rtfledion, bur only to Fariar, Mayf.
any means convey *firmaton tending to give a jul oblsrve, that the chuocf them in his idea did not doi Mr. Soric brought up an additional charge again
idea of the condo that Genteman. At ten o'clock p nd on that candear ad liberality that bould ocrte Mr. Haftings, containing no new matter, but refr
Sir Robert Barkcr'. hatination was flith ed, andtht on the oeation, as tey were apparently concnted ring to the former charge apranf him relative to the
ioule, upon the motion of Mr. Burke, agreed to re- with the heaoDable gatlDeman (the Chancellor of the Rohilla,. The only Prince of that unhappy race who
port progress, and proceed upia the culmination of th E .chequcr) a many points. indeed in many more than hid escaped, by treaty, the general exrerminuaio,
eha witnufes the te.t day. he objcad o on a fimilar occasion, in the perfon of cultivated, with Joo faubjcds, a fmtll euten of rt.
WenttSfnAT. Alau his honourable fbekd Mr. Fon. The flatement of the ritory, under ciraunfltncet of greater diifouragemmcn
SThe order of the day being read to confer further account plainly Sewed that this aertion did not low and opprrlion than any man ever did before. There
lhLc charges again Warren Hafings, Efq; the S rea- from ranudm, but the maturft deliberation, as it wa could, Mr. Burke faid, be no objelinan to his charge
t. cr left the ciir, and the Houc went ino a Commit. plain that they gave up their opinion to one that they except in point of time, and he should have eshibited
tee, Mr. St. John in the chair. efenmed uperapr, evinced in many points, on which it before, but that it was not fuUy made out till yeler.
Mi. fr.r, tahen moved, that Col. Champion he he aninadvritd with much clearaef, pointing out the day.
.ca'le to the bar. He proceeded to caa.nmine him rela. propriety of invelligating certain calculation and fats, Major srca declared hitelf diffaticaed with the
tive te the condu of the xpedition againtk the Ro- which they might have done, as they had it in their period ofaddcring the change, but faid he lould give
hilih.. A d eut f a conAderable length arofe on the power to call for paprs, that would at once have fCtis no direct opposition to the receiving it.
asintner of eamnib CoL Champioi. tied and informed, which he infifled they did not, and On this the charge was laid on the table, ordered tn
Mr. PAte objed to the lqoltnion, whether the which he reprobatid a dccertion oftheitown judg- be printed', and rcierred to the Comittee to consider
Rola.lla uar war not coiduacld with cre c ft lnceo of maent, which he couplimcntcd, if they chofe to have of t.
gre.t cruiety a'd opprc e r He Lfid it wL a laiing exercifcd it-.ive one, who broke through the decrorm Mi. firl now moved, that the Hofe refolve ittcEf
euctit.n: and betide., it was of no importncc ith.. (Mr. Call). Alter thi hecondeimned the partial mode into a Committee on the Wine Trade; which being
opinion, unless it could be eltablilhtd thort MA. 1l'l (In1 his opinion) of comparative and illotive cuaulation, agreed to. the Speaker let the chair, and M,. .UOibe
Vings was naccefTry to it. That ought to be the firi that could only tcII to nmiflead the judgement, ard took it.
V nleftion. It was of no confequencc to the present en- divert the attention to glitter and flhw, without the Mr. Pit then laid, that he had this day a meafureto
qtiry how the Rr..lLa war r w conducted, unlcfs it leal folidity. ''o favour the Miniacr's idea of a fur- propfe, which had on a former occafon bee agitated
cold be brought bhom to hMr. Hailings. plus, they had every where in their fltaments of the ith much warmth, and gven up to the popular cl
Mr. BaSrl protetcd against checking the examins- receipts taken that which was contingent as infallible, mour. At prcke he made no doutt but it would be
tine ot-wience in the prefcnt flagc of the bufine.. iand that which was merely probable for an abfolute received with more moderation. He believed what.
The Houte were no-v fiatg as an lqueR, fril to cn- certainty; and hadds mads t appear in all their cal- vcr might he the political differeces in that Houfe
quite what wan done, and then to bring it home to the culationn thLa thihuet'J wea yostr only Saplea. and howott*various opinions might be on the flare o
perfon accused. If he was not permitted to bring his M r. It was ptjuvet time might prove tie the finance, all would anite in the oecety of impr-
evidence in tbh nonnr, it 4vould be impollhie for inc icacy, and point i the futility of the whole be ving the revenue by every advisable measure. And
him to fublf are many of his charges: flu inaance, yond the force of argument, but thort as that time indeed this dilpoliton Iould be mo prevalent among
he might callne witncfa to prove that the country of might be, it was not prudent to wait for its conirma- thoef who did not think f* favourably a he did of the
the Rohilluas ndepopulated, but the fame witncf tion, ar objeds might present themfcives to-day, that iteuaion of this county. For whoever cofidercd the
might not be le to ty that Mr. Haltings was acceffl. could not be attained to-morrow. dercafe of duty o wines, owing in Inta degree to
ty to it, hnd therefore the right honourable Gentlc. After flying, that in the article of cunoms alone, smuggling, and in others to adulteration, within the
man's argumucrt was abfurd. the deficiency was no lfs than looocol. in the quar- late years, mui be convinced of the necelEry of ap.
Mr.. r fr 4i.i, i., kis object was to come at the truth, icrly account t ndi.g April 1786, he proceeded to plying fon remedy to the defalcatio dhat appeared.
and he was indifller.nt i what manner it was done fiew, that the glove and horfc tax, though reckoned On an average of eight year, beginning in t7 j, the
fie certainly did not with either to put leading quef together at iao,oool. fcarcely produced 35,,9ol. yet to importation of wine ua at f.oo tons. O an anverag
Lions to the witnef,t or to take up the time of the mpply thefe deficiencies, noting better had bee. ug- of the eight followingyears, at was reduced to ti,ooci
Hounf uwnacctfarily. geled than a tax on the traih J perfume ihop, by and on te* average of he latd four yearsit amounted
Mr. Pitt n hed the proceedings to be thorteted as giving parliamentary fandion to range, andieggalisg in . to 1o,ooo toie. Suppofing, then, that the con-
much as poi, but did not intend to throw any o.h ferme. The enly proper ta, in h opinion, waS t airan of w nc was ngreater than at the period
flacle in the y of bringing forward the evidence, the arnile of hir-powder, which had been originally tl adeed ato the increase to the revenue, by the
ie ob)jeded event to the flhpe in which the question fuggefc by a noble Lord, who had ertninly copti menafute he had to proofe, would frm a differenceof
was put, w ought to have been, in what manner buted his thare toward the ta by fuggeling the iou. 6rto00l. But netwlthlandiag the importance of the
was the Rohi war condelued [Here a loud laugh took place at the expense of I.od bjd, he would not recommend the improvement in
Mr. Fran lud Mr. Buark acqnifccd in this, and aurrey' head, which has ban long ueanioue of any th revee at the expace of any portion of our fre-
after a iSort cverition between the Attorney-Genc. external enmbeUbment.] dom or itation, if the lerations to be mae conul
ral, Mr. Dundrs, and Mr. Pitt s Col. Champion was After commenting at great length on thefe late. he thought fubjed to any immptations of that nature.
again called to the br, and underwent a long cxami. mentor, he adverted to the absurdity of placing the re- he objelioan to Sir Robert Walpole's plan were, tkc
nation relative to the Rehillawar. ceipts of the praot year agWA epeinr of it would in rete the pm r of the Crwn by the addi-
The Houfe thi went into the elimination to Mjrt lt.-We wegr ang aet pe ent, hfed, pa the tional number d olars to be created, and insure d*
cfMarfae, fornealy Survey of the Province of Owde molt imprudent i e were taping with 0 eager 1a 1lic liberty, by making every man' ho liable to
efter whith dei adjournied, hand itte blo0omof onr 'pesity. and Apolling the Aneehed bywocitoein. In tb e prls ofed, thone
SS lnUtia saM 4. hope of futar lJn Fior thia prpof hemoved, hjeaioa would be done away, a the regulate
Gn. n his own, aswell ashis frieniudcs t he Cona Lf hld e dbt rred to this day woult ruir no reiter addition ofm eer thin 6,
gaot. wibed alit thll'uae wih a trnt&ilUo (c'anight. o heela fClariies wddot amount to more than asoel.
that he hoped y would not think beneath their at. Mr. OGIeei he wahappy to have at length as The laftmce oi the excie would a1rI be eclned at
tention. In thIeturn that he auds of gentlerpes in. portity ofheaW g r oltalea fI long prormlfd, prfoni daring In wiN, either by wholtit or rctal.
ecowt L hilop qlifldto and ut euly thareate d e had, he con iffed, hin kad nott be endedto private imivll. In a r
Sthe l the ama had apprehollo.s, as a god elde. hat f.oe feri aa r to thoe abr dr., whi wn very heaS,
on .fay .ied by to e D, A" ritio t r ra, which had been overlooked by the Cymmittee. who Uld ws without havs a:fplr ILace a rt
dun rMe lo I their num t rolh ilr h be f in the repair. He wa, howea r, fme the, tlpee erid be locoveaienee In that
w ed shi o h n t doeutaighk belahe tlett alyM rlad i fes y ha, t be he a bpa io e now oevl eight lddML he fket diselty i,

tdhd I lei in rurt. S' ,ema no Ogg a e is onf assi- 60ee gq .Mt LB.l
two of*, 1o 60eu s th thle uthbciity hat the ft th r. Aas cs o of Ie !t .. hhe Afe

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