Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 9, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00056
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vat, fi1e



tA. i i.




From SATURDAY, SiPtEMaRx 9, to SAtU' DAY, SIPTIMiMBR 6, i786.

NAsSUv: Printed by JOHN WLL,-i at the Pfintlg-Office on the BAY.

European Intelligence.

C* l taN TaIOrPL, AM 5.
VIm a day t efrms the report rellate to the ur
ai ge y f the dlqmte between the Imperial Cort
aud the ublime Pate. The Emperor's Amanfasld
Lu received orde~t~ to infotm ith Reie Uead, ia
e colleus d e ISflaeialh for thc npre purpolc d
Tllt pad lli of t he deft In difput without aml
I(oai lt, In caf the Pa, will ane prcDtrialy e tk
the plan prdud by h l d ltrll Majlly for de-
ti. of e an" M. do Bulgeko, the if,.
fiA Mini., a fumally reemdd this declaralob,
Adding, that he Btaifr will e aUder I th eemllity of
fulailliag bar ncageu tto th i peror, m rind taSiliO
his urmn, if the Div do not give o cMos rical 3
fatisfadlorTy fwcr.
They write rom lclcid u i the diAtri of Arn.
brg, that the Duke hu granted the Proteints the
free elercife of their religion, and aligned to their ufe
a f(paiou hall in hi cafit, till a church Ihl be built
for them.
V Ir N P 7. l.
Order ur difputched to the Comund r in Chief at
Carifadt, to hold the troops in tradiefs to marh to
the frolttlicr on the fibonrte notice.
The Emperor has fuppreled the chapter of Wig-
thiengen uad 'riferea, l Carinlhia, nd those: of Lamr
brecht, Nsuberg, Stunt, Croaran, and Pcllau, in Sty.
ia The convents of Capuclhin, Rccollet, and Do-
tninican,, are illo abolifled.
thucipital,ueipFd to doi tflheAulfn Lov wt.CoiteK,
before his return. This i, however, eMac al ; not
fo the laying up the wal ma uehl oofigua, which are
colkking in all the prinei prlc a othe empire and
Hungury, which porteod fnmtbhing inimical on the
Conilro:lt, though the eaclfage of itWI is aid to
he wholly given up-
UvTeTC T, y a*.
On the 9pth the following wup ipbistod at WYkt
The Burgom afer and Rdac of the tow of Wyk
hniuag heard,, wid tfawtio, that may idhaitoat
cf the different provide e te clin d to defend the fld
place again the encroachment t f detytlim; and for
that purpofn have cspre&d wilf that the Magillrates
of Wyk would great them their ProIelNcubaive came
to the following refolution to gant to ncty plan rwho
iull come to the Pa&e-the proteli.m of the Ma-
gillnrcv-the right ioft hercl-ef- og hi with lodging
ani mairtainance. And (fh as require, r to receive
ten fous per dy, sad the woudei, the widows ad
orphan, of the killed, r e mato intained during their
lives. The Magianta ue to fet to work immedlttely
to provide ammunition ad neecll for the city, aad
the provincial corps of Ch efnerrppoi.ned to rereinv
fuch contributions as aay be made fasaout of Wyk,
for thc payment of the requisite expence*.
H A 0 o7 03.
The Afembly of the Sea tt-Generl All coatinge to
it, though the fbafon far advanced that they have
now continued their deliberations upwards ot (OB
month, with only fhort Interval, which is longer than
they fat even during the war. The afaire ofL the lRe
publitk are in bad plight, mom indeed froim lutmal
commotions than from m eaernl eab, toa the
toudl are fu from being fr dlquZd evn tcha.
Lo Bsnoa,. y4 l.
Mfoilflr havlnt been the mama Of bein
voted to Sir Guyarleton and Mr. Wtlo bl no pr
of oy deviation from their c ln IdJ Galuor fOu.m
elf economy. It i the dty l Der y MmiAfr t
Public to call into the fern e of thel a hleo a
who are the mod likely to fTrn hIt f YtAll. It is
ail, their duty to fee that the rttio of fo a bmuhe
out fuaered to go unrewarded I to do 16, O-U he to
aA ujufaly by he bct fdlends of the mtion I ad,l.e-
wifc, to leam the utility Of othm engh I pl
H 'r, i ai dfCiant of UIl'zlr.n tir P-l.
biSuce, mult hav* bea very eflt--iM *I pntest
tppme of their cmadv '
lMo chant d a fii l" wi'tll allw M W
Ua thm oUd t kbe si ri MAOnly y them hot
tbl hUitr mad, appMui tobe y o S WM M tM t 1t
u aln larTywill cay to Ionia ml thmn
yd. T howera do4ecM em Yp
d =ittU d (tlo sag."k ofiSM I I MI

for In coanldering the quatlto "Ier t pod
it ,'" at the nme, me rb ~ tp te ace
that before t It we lS curace it at
foreign market. The pMrth cannU e ade
other padteic s n realItame habswa ts wia will
S tum i-i ceafequeai of which, the epoorti
ofr to wciho afa uel wiubeo ut npoeabr.
I ecrsae of the expotation and fae of ou unifac
a et; and by thit enaeraf the nato will be er
r greet giTner.
Lord ternhope'svibes, on Tad. in the Hoaue
of orat, bodl well to the futue fu of his Bill,
which, to y the tA of Itr it r ill Bfonded on ua
caln p anaeytg ad fraught wit h may e-
ths en J absMlatle "11s "
Private letters fro Boy, received by the lift
paeei mentio, thlat Hyst alb, whom Tippoo attckd
in his rneches, w credit fuppenby the Ci oeramaour
of Batavia who had ent bhim a ser of Dutch KI
ginme and other oien | ald tint b hadasoe resolved
rat anlint fom the Loadvasit, or CUl of Colom.
bo, who, in pit of power sdrream, i iamolG eqial
to the e nuboveoeatios d. The I u ad.n
add, that the Dutch lo ter in hat t of the diobe
ha raply inreafad fncl the lae treaty of peaeo and
that they ave ande I i adnves dv u aLiao with
tbe Rajha on the Malah r .
. Or OF d MAf/nor Imre.o to.
5 The noble place at Hermabmhai o klt under a
repar, i Alength mtldtcd ad tsa Bilhbp takes
up hi cement raidene uthen i aew ofie hraing been
creded, and the beautul rde bid in e the beman-
Der. All thel thing, are hC to be prparatory to a
rimonI alliance now o the apl ailth a Priaucf
of Pr 6a'
be si? v s.ta'? T W ie IMy that ig-au
beme a appada to the Crown of Oreat.Britain.
On the deter "ide of the peny i the head of his pro
fent Mljety i ia te circle, "GrIau Ill. Dei Gratia,
11i6." Oncth fnilge fide, e the three e of Man,
and the onto, Qeucunqu jeers flahbit." Thoe ion
pren 0i the halfpence i the fam, ad both picte
are milled.
St 1 a d tod Lwin, fd dle waf Ctle. s
aasad Iee
dfit l 7M. .
o Iwaoaled to goIto au Sumtr Th atre the other
evng, but declined it.-' You u go, you tll go,'
were heaords You don't know how well you'll be
i I accordinly weot, and indeed wu not a little
lupritd to fI as much liberty of fatie here as in
England, in petite afte piee, entitled, f*~rvp Ir
f. Fe.ilufa,' 1s which fame of the order of riar
were Imarly lafled. An eril (piri( In the charaCtler i
a IrTncican Monk, scores on a variety of intrigues
with the f fet, nad, in pivate, highly ridicules the
order. Afterward, refumig his own form, he has the
power of exploring the etren of every man' hbar;
and detedingi Prter, on a all day, repling in ptlrvate
upon alm which h hhad embutled, he feizes the holy
father by the asm jiuR at the moment he it uncorking
bottle. This drew a ld burl of applaufe from Lhe
audience, and reminded e of the ane in the Dna.
SWen hear rom algiers that a Ieet ofM alte
arned vetils lately ca a cheor in the bay of that pot,
and billed te i f. their Mdem. The D fat to
knw their intoat. TheIr m asr w, t they
caueto demandiraeftiltootneeth ves Oon this,
the Dey rred his artYlier htoe I udy ant
parL.d to ke, Lnaa and La ming S.e b.ots
were thrown am he Mailf IW the bd ait
of the piwder* pre Teed Wt b,,. toeo .hA

ianm deal&ot ,enlm to he iral l J the hfareof

elthr..of Mu.ya. or of Itbl utI
Important quesiom betwe a, thl I
he w ,u .nthe
belam `t before the pre.
(an& cainet was Wda L l

OW oona" in i ee ww
mf wkik h ofu & pee* US w ,n*e S
enrl atied f a I ;-h* H !

eel jglhmo
'x^^wvu~iw .ssan u.
Mwtftnu. -

ile iregi and opulence of O ai depend
u itim ely on the fueef. of h. cet e. It is. how.
ever,, that this fuccefe la, in gt tneaur.
Sowing to the itdualry and wia of "he e h o pro.
Svnce it is to regulate the laws according to which trade
carried on : we do mt, in n yIwt, filt on the be.
Snets which result from the avuincement of national
Credit. O)r trade to our prelcut American ptffelliun
r ard to our .c.l-Tudia Ifluid, In oy great : bet would
it be C,. were the .a.igain wlo to bdiftekrded, and
Sthe Thirteen United State allowed to become the car-

we would we log e joy it were the petio of the Corn
mutati"t Il to easet in a very hor t fpc we aay
hope fur infinitely large retoto frin the .IhiL. of
Newfoudland, CGreenland, and the cotch cowll : but
we &sold have very fall roeoa to do t, unlf,
Government and the .egillature had taken p~usr
and effedual Peps for rendering ar fiferies
In fad, the had of the nierchant can coie mruc
wealth: but it mua irft r arengthened with a a
of that energy which our lawgiverT an e oum
a. ,reaA f a lIter./m usVtulnt, as
On the soth, the day Ippointdor the Odinar
Aleimbly of the States of Utrect, to deliberate npo
the of Wy.b matl of the cor~ of volu t s
who promised their aalante to the inbitants of that
little town Lent couriers to ecurag themt the volun-
tears alIo kept a detachnmet t of h therr com
nder aunu, to march to Wyk upon the il intcl
geace of the State having deteied to emp y force
Ogai wthicm, but abil the Stateput othe dai.
tenant-Geeral. r ton m of th. This u e o.
Authentic and indteEu md it depend sad
Ioa. f peef t he SeIod d l Su te invee
rice and of Gaccl i&oount, 9A a AMu, 71 ,
I.., /e Dr. WJn'ea.
Od which day appeared perflly, the Hea Lieu.
atena to-ueral John Vaughan, oa ofthe capt of
pte ioand of St. Euln us ad it dependenc ie. ai
nde oath, in addition to afidavit erefore tade
oh the ad day of April w9t l latr be e iof a
ric and books of waMont, *Uw ate hi hv Lbeen
delinedto the deponent as Ligd OMn. Geo-e
sryges Lord Roae y, thei r mtlae, hethi de
nent, further faiso, Tat a low day ago, he opp=i
letter to Wilam Kno, Nll who. at dthe tistof the
capture of the lfaid of St Zliiua, was Under Secre.
thry toe fld Gberge Ui l we then *rery of Sa
fur the American depart A nt K q ied to ohe
him the fIhd William Kea, th Wet rea Leome of tfwe
books and wpin wen tma4etud Ay Lwid
idneynd a h depoent, Lord Owrg Gel-
maim's fid office from the Well-IdiA, re-ellig the
c ptwre of the laid island of be. Mlhutiu and whe-
ther the faid books and pa were in the faid
o.ce at the time be, the e d Mr. Ku., qui ed e
Cie, to which letter, the dPeoent received for aswer
the letter herunto sncud, mard A. which he verily
believes to be of Mr. Knee'es o e ng. That
thi depoet afo, a few da. o ald Mr.
Pollock atL erd Sydney's ,wio. eat time ot the
captur of st .ltalm was i kIni Lord George
Gesaain' o de; that r. fck declared to u
deponent, that he well romiupmed at the beks and
papers were troomitted into the $IM iernti of tate'e
o;i c from the Ids of SL. ide=t that they
were aflerwards imfpeltd *Mtf.'am e amd Mether
peto. whoL me be he ne oet "a Ihuti whi t
ifttiande became of tu b ms and m he (Mr.
ydllck) dotandn tel.. 71M1td&1 l Mi.fId o"el
told thisdeM dpn i V ea .rahr o ed

eelr a theory oe *----
Telinweedn1 his ditne ilalI
G* & InT M hval furtKr or
a dbriiod Ialieeha nt*w ,
ouetUdj u ol dr Wkhat io.ors ,
his egiedys power e> iiW~ifueu I11I efaidn
S ,t rV'AUoGHA3.
(A.) aror da is r eo- 4ll~l
Lord 1Mo no *tudr.-l B the nqu ue* o o.
p" tIonaea They, isbuB th mo

ji.e, .TrTJ der tkpiua of Mr. Pollock, the Irft ereficerce of a loInn o the irtery f which ztas 4 ibUr /.n < y e
I ,I, vn:l i.till in the office i and it wau to him Lord Iearcly beat in it Its lfIe ood. The Iard.d pe11 i iU tndavour by a clntreiltfaai ctl i ta
;., r:.e gar the order for delivering them up. of France and pain! the staul pWlaiP o Co ti'' faf YIt'd B ngli curiolty whh efp.A to what I
Tourn moft ,incerly, the t M a E(.ul.lro ,e.tir* ,,l win.ciid f French Iyaltr, .d..i0 .e,,-ry of their
I- efa.y, Wa. K NO X. ltua.tiSBi, . OthW b to IwkL ia. i. g J er ig wu r B med
A44t ri V Lord ble*y, $si April, 1796. Mado chal, o an (ae tary tta re the htwishI r to
O-r whih day appeared prfedl the Right aln hd o I torry fail w t ere wt a
iarrable GSorge Bryde Lord Rodney. Knight of wb ran 0o ch t idhoa hee teoth.agvea h fubjea S temeigt hake
l., ntftu honourable Order of the Bath, one of the hli sa ;at e a time 4 r to hahiis u lithdp aft. Att haftef
i( prori of the faid illnd'of St. Elftatior, and its d- unfor l th kh rtom merchant's d thter, madc uae of rh ewi
pI-njleciar and make oath (in alditiop to the afBait hl.5 eahumUitf Or did *edie4 to obtain thr dilhiJ of hlMnt
bh him hcrrtoalre made ot the Iad day of April, i70~, : r , th Art rgimnt. A ler Frs ilke
itr. i.iet hv beLCndelnvredo toksof accountswhh f .o ehtrrrivilitdei on, m. r whn hns i do elfpeaksia* fiew
ar. t1 hive been delivered to this dcpoentr and thr lt cy ar the nly nation in the world capable of carry- t'he l~lficik maiddrew up titio herfelf, and wih
I. La. I scut. Gcnerat John Vaughap, or their agitis) hins o faccefrsfl coptipin with us i mny of the I ,r f, ld chBatia ct la' oe adpitbly Sec*
that th: hooks and paper* to by himn mentioed to have ig ore a fmpore l ctii with sf c o n a irce y of tirak, ,,ned, to whichdahe fap a ft i afuperb gondok.i Whe
wereforwarded under the rr imitportant maritits of ttrrucre. ro break, roted, tit)which imi fofpenned a firboodole. \Ven
icoeI ira imlted to Englandr were forwarded under the or t la to ruke their I lrit of rivalry, would be the King wat near the place of her r a c. the liber i
i h l d of St. Chriftophcr, oM board his M aj y t lip M oll it I| :i| a tv t d e p, able t oo t tg ao i0, enlSl f tee t ttre br i Oit .0) yasr si wh
rlte Vned .commanded by Capt. ltouglait which ittae boy, "'"t ten years old, whom
thie Velnu, coinainidd I by Capt. Douglas, whh ftl through entering into a commercial treaty with th nie chefe a the molt cativatin fupplicant his M-
tifp failed fr ELjind a mrt of a convoy under the ftited PrlNlact.-'The lltei of the treaty wth the ity read the mnlmvn, te thcteaaM Sl tidi
oiaiinud of Connomodore Hothain, in virtue of orders Frn.h would be a fca towards that dclinrl ie rvt; w tt the or he brought with him, a the emblea

a trie' .opy of whihl order, marked with the tkrter A, lanNe of \ .Ias's new A.Ai(aIF' i'. the vcry aht f girding on the ford, the fu diet wu
ii rlnrctt.o ainuwed. And tinl deponent furllnr liuth, The varitry ofmo.rn whikh prevailed in the caurir. ,rdere it diar the ate day wasalde hap.
that on the a6th day of the faid mnath of Mlarch,l7r1, of lal week, re eainag the reet and ery etrardli- y in the p his inn mift r
.o w trote .mn ofliciad ter to YPhlip SteChenR, hf.i the nIry ccnduft mal CuI t t rd hiaa. oln li i thci Ien a por ,iilh n hel ni iated A t n ulel ie g e,
:;,-retay of the Admrinrty, in which he took n,, th, Prince of Wileo--indnc. r toa y before ur e ,u.- o al.fth nulical otnelred. Awho hef lhimt shtp
.: I ,: truth and fatl wi of ia having feett to Inn'land lie the followil euthcntic Furticols. lat- th plo ittrt iuf 1t4, two a rA r .eto a o-k.
t,.h heo ko funM.e of the inhabitant, ot the ri r island O the hi station of tetherr i h.blilu ,an. it tosam.rweer ind redtel.. The Tuoe s f Itl
I i, tl.,h sta eu to e hte fad bthiei eri.aei laty'. M hl il. wa ni itullaiy inetimttcd t btliler the parliun y e ary a, fL c a is n o sid won lun tr r
trhar .e Ald ci letter was received by tihe d Philip grant id saooi Pe r.lllutt, a proviln- an id lie ale oncell Kig'e pe eli f prf e o; the I hefl ti
.c, ],.t., a, hia unhnRi a. aud heie.; true Cy mapei fri ringop iout lhisi rclde.te in anl.t.lde wsrefc, v for the cnl., afterwhich iots
.i vlir> In tlettr, markthe m, thi> rcirt doth almo an e nd ,r 1, nfaw r cln rf a wOitho t | n i w a o whn h orfi t
t", tt'ionv alnnet. erit da te isvn ad st. Idnth lih- le, o anl nt ai i t larch other arrn georet ul s were :pprIrci highly dTelighted at a nasnYe. or. Inra tt
tr i.. iannder, beatinogdale pn icl ale t, rEi- ; .,lancnt with hif illuf trio hi lh .ad rnetcclry to dy ytire tadouru. He tcarh en hon th
tn, e.lid nrf March, f3mt anLl thi a tspnne tolt Jiitl ;ivehin bhccomino enrancr in, t bic lif. r'auriot, n atmd d nedthre i dOui u h tcl f ft he aftlo
rit'lf.fadh bi ian r tefe'a t-he n amfnto.sania, c 1']he hourcfthold ftbliLment, amnunrting to .4,ol. why the ttnanont ea ne at & rl ah olmnderibi
tn bi hire Maiel'.ln hi the V riand thi rc dee rt pe arnm -liite of e rri atan far ar. upetie,- hirol irde e u o ale. Wthei tzad i in wItrhic. tl aey
sn the b;en air'. r ivrl itn England, ai the deJ|n.nt herf and other ren ppatagr.--criitlt hometly made 011 hti'!i r he dArrdnt4.o howlur, tht the npibedo
lath been .hftt l .ud.avrily Gbclc, bltei trllJ to or hiNhn i, by tlona rtt in fth e I ri i*,. d L~ per had nothiit i n g difagre al in t found. In lse etveu
aiile odticeof hisaMacey then Srcrltary of State for foarmance iu liiterture.,-teca ir Wihthe apPft of th fe fme uad pn repted the morek-gt wlth red
the dep.rtacnl : end Ithin deponenrt i.itli, the ufrtlnate and tceritoin.-frotted a leav y hat balls (a .' iu) it waus nlde th te br i
that he conceived many of the Lfid book. td p pcr a, dnmad on the 'reaftny of the r inice ad hie liberal of a old hip dltined for that iear The Kin clo
contained better Aighly neccIairy for hiS Maj c.'n" f dpiart tn i bn lld i h hi inre-omc.wd rhrougnh hm the ei h, fl d H t lifceua weo bhi
tl,vcron1ent to be aeriu;nted with; and ehip pni,.i pl His Hiahrcn. thuuonalrir eorinln c tpen cton of an brl.l;rira d with M., lde tlderonnay, the Biflp l
ter W c far, ata by i fer tt Os en rrafed gTte ai e ltli is Mafete f uffirn ts e3000 o y the c u .n a h e Iapie rrant Ia the m i oary the q
abiew irn trotfltt>lg the fame to hri auniajeiys ai r sniper t e, r uld ginfw t it nefer lfta cl., without that Sfe, and it whe noon whe he arrived at Hor l ee
w.n, ti conwi y ufefu inte ligence, t nd to he th iashe trtevlionof r rlinicr.e bing eall ed inh te impof li mbl r. The ih, ra ovrn c in the moming, tlh or
booki aend pprnlodKged in a place not tihty, ready tribe ant ,,ob At I in h, denin the prfu cot ltin baisn, it mrn from Cherboure, aPe iried ino th rod en
produted okwenever larliumslnt or tile Cofrts of Jolliet n,, srflae hi the t onler oit oonnoet tio t Jo,ot t per ifahre de Giac, and rtmairnc there uotil hit ith1af
should lave oecalicn f.r the ht: ad tois tepi. it l n th aum wi th the T! aid in of the pr tst of the Ib e the to n. 'uircu e i. vellnl, in whieh the Senrc
thatiin an or .utt th tkday of c arthn hi ti plla hc, the eichy of C(tonwall war hy no mmani *liiet wro. rein rofcnd the Scier, war at t little diutnce fao
drponent, en aompaiy with Leal iac .anlr, 1 c.1 and viltnfor te oppon iof he hefir Apparent of tis hti- Iloietnr, the Captain received to fbule the
the Rev. u Wikliai aget Ciurt, ol tol. n:ctit ap. th Empire : Mr. 'Pitt dd t dtf dicrote tlls tnowli with a t drth difilahrg, whilft the othir rUtfi
pi intu for the gcoadian hftr c i an:d tal rI rn I' ih ofe Fl;on. hwut informed the Iultif, Ilia the hn le nri u,,of thto the Neaulrntaia coaft, what r trerflre wag
fhid lllnd of cit latihe attend d as M ,,.rd r ,m ol ti e nflt nrifinte with the ini.g, and ththe would have th k naolent cntonaftd to the capricc of Nirptu
sait lin akht 1 h aI f dle-Y d ioertr. .o tiiltn s Hiyp p ible i iirfo t hu n it irir.d -o r th C ptiene rm d r t an; thm l oot e Ar
thr e Rev. no olandin tare, o Miet a f ith, w t,,,o3ho etr ai fo l nd fu nu grr ot were the hrinurs pa
r :datchircrnjrlundge o r. ea hbllI iers, ur n a potion brt e ripe w adnninind wrn be prrhnt t wip, htn an nrotal rvtr fton in; lorr e nee of
his lid toeirra pnlav;. of tie aid oAi li, Ci;, r a j Th 'Hrihne waryl evc freed fram lufijelle on pero byhbnt to, ch olan.e r to ratie ort.roiedo
having b.en trihealitt d tan, an I dtih:ad .i rri faid Wc.lriteflay ntornin;. lift, whtn li recintl from Ir hi p.t oat h o w is onu ll c ain l e n tna y t iel
dlic; tha t he swaa iuorraeed by I.vain N tep' ';;he s tn ir wrttn t the tut. a l rnttu. No I r tn rontrrt wlr e
n tr t rh toe very { popl t i araminc' Evehmr uc te a
tirlnr Secreary. tt, I1 by neC or mrn te alt ierk. air iernlrle I;ng., in winch i. iajeity .Ianlderild, nit onth great nc Li then pperatn of the lribar, the l
the i oc, no bnm of acoInnI, or .Idy ti t h cilr din th e hc rnt inltane, iat r frl i of tatans, tae pomp of tinr veAdl, te re heated
the i oietd hr, l holotveo ofle o a lIs, Iaas ERu thac r d as th e wh M ntt ad tht e Moa fre ties tad t deha.
p.Itint or dotumcant r,.litt ni to the gri tl capliured at trilod, ive fld irnrin fr an inetc e hcinvng n cto hi a w.'." --. No Soiid s chc ircil iiI, i rt
St. l..illatiu., rrnma:ned in the laid tirice, to the bIsl Iiihnl.s.rcvcnue. Ti l ', incc aI l.cared in the utnni.ft vOUr "f the ing, oprated aIf rean*gly on ntc, tlat fr
o their lnMiige d htirf lr that the pMp troanf. anftr iihmnt when he read it; hat .,llc aling hilire, am n" (ol co ( m mcnt!) I wihlnd to ld. a renl
tlntted frum t. uleuftat;u t thiit Adponeut, and which le br. orl Souhnmpton woull artid lni n thj "'. when I jlaoded here i e to a alk be n ariitimlly de ofitel i the lid office, m hilft followi gi morn ig. He thein told hib Lnrdihi., tha.t the fquare, amd wa carried at the fight el manyof
i.nder thc alre&uai otathe Sicretary ol tate for the had ade utn is mind on the fub jt"; tha't ms le the mot bead tifl women in fsre lie tuen mena
Amcc:.Ua drp irmntnt, had afterward, and n cndid. a r te in whicl he had met di. fee the dock and the otle work* eartrying ua in the
table t n finiae, been. delverd'out of the office to ieic .a ricn it renainca n 'lhh h;i n to Itkc the only place. The furioubarath of lop'.deirdpive, the town
irfmtn ; aid one of the clerk. in the lfd ofTet t,..I anhen min hi, hpowr to answer tile demands of hi. rnrirn of a grand iUnianatio prepared at the town hiie and
produced a receipt figned by a prltin ol the name vi trad, fmo- and other; that to enable him toeirfle this on- the e, where a triuphl aramt ehibinl a
vafge, bearing date the 3tit of January, 178;, for cl ary pa rpolc,hc a rcl veid to Jibaad hithoufe- alegory, eprcintng Lewiathe XVI. fupl-rtil g the
two trual.s aind other package, or hags ol pauper, but held-to ff-cnd.tir ittinded improinent. of ('erie- tawn oft Ofr.Ae, and protedtlif th from thee
Ihupairticallr puehai'els ba.dol t reollei, which are ton iitlln to fell all hi canriajn, and cver) hori atau mlt 1 tiraen Atet ens loel llcltn fn tle loyalty
in fuch eccilpt&fererbcdtbe r boekandprpcntrnf of which ihe ni a poa manl i afn.ti the dtr e mot al ent m t n fur t, loyal
maittd hfrm St. EKiatitns, and at the foot or otton, of the vlis and the Confortlrrnt fll ring., to tibe ile of thet of cite inhabltants.
ltch reedipt it it iaid that fuch papers are to hedclive. tawaom lie flood indebtea. Tht from hiM futre in- Mrjnifonn veryfreral knowledge o traendal
red to Rihl.,t D.i.o.,., Ef.l. And this depo. cNne he w.s dcticrmin.d that annual th, Wlm of tine enimres waoulsinakt him, of all other, ao eof
nent failh, that the f-idbookiand papers were !odelie-. 4001ouo. lhoild be atthied to commence from the mfu- thle m'Oltproper in Tinifuy to fI ne.d tor tinc rolny
red out of the id olce ofthe Secretary of .tte with- it quartc-, for ihb e hret of thoec who have elin, department, and to fuich, *inead c I the Foreign SCre-
out his kn*wlcdge or coafet ; artl, as he believe., upon hM:n, till every demand was anfwTred ; and that trynlpal.he .ill probably Ite e apotnsrd ; ta 1Lsol as
withiat the kno, lede or content ofany other of the foar f hib Highnefi a friendn Moauld be hxed ona foe tlte i limnt rife., a lew changes nlay taie place, bot
,apter,; anti that he was very much aftonilhcd an his dae apropriation t the aone. conpofed of the friend 4 the priecnt Mianfitr; tnd t;iat the fiMS .tak and pipern hd betmn f. Accord lg to the aforetmcn inned determination i. the pilie o o i &I1 that can be icixccd by the
delivetrd hut oif the fail nice to a .y person wherever, him Highnefs, lattrs wrre ofh Friday written t thfi Ot p ition, ,.. i
without hi kil de sorg tpprbation, as thet not o- ntlemen of the loufehold. noting, that their tfee- ,.fti'.e difpolfak.o l Crown Undo and foireia l
Ily itii.te mcra whihe clerily fiewead a nerrcfpoa.- ls would for the~' rteet be dirpenfed with.-l-.Ald t be avery popular-.meafre. Ever fge the tca.
dso:e and Inter/orrr between many Britih fubje anndd Southampion't oend'a on this occasfm dee pflteprtl- m. mtan of the Americn wa, it has:betn kioed tuo
the enemies hf Grelnt4ritari, but dlib the nature of lar mentiop; hii t.otdlip, whti he Innrtdered hi. brthcgreatblnyoftheatianao, ithe.tcnp olbabltdll
tie trade cattied on at St. Eufatius, for thepurpof key nf office, epeffedhitsfelf in terinte'm ftnc water fth "ca to lighten the immall e load which b.thcrutJ
jfpplyin-j his MAylj tI eotmies with provfonh and attachment, d eitreate.l that whenever his fervie contell broht po the public. Both in Iarlie
very other fpeeie of navt and military oats; and could in the left degre be ccctable t ihe Prine, and Ot of parliament, 1h. it been extuled AC .mr rt
thit'd.peat.t arth vry bel ifie, they might have eft- hi diighne wy d hea; ol that as tb owich Minificy ought to ix a firm eye: and Swiem
diefdcitial Ia tlt ea.tor. of Bultias adrit fittlfnso rle of. no eftilati in "r dn w tt.~O hnwev lertndact, Iri .fe dcifln, manT of the tlimis now his mind dde e te t th Mirelfe ha d, for Ayin .P'eapla
A ir tiaIdh4lletoyf rttaloingthis i; atl|ooedyn ie: lao rtherrn ilen the dPi* dr 4aq.w .e
a4 tint ddne(*idt~ lb Ia'.h iW autrtlr liable to ,wb varoto thir rn dim- u smel otgc we .iFf) enr
give aeu further r odtir'pEt 'oa t o 'fn t3lnttraes br ter edaeaio.-fli' d red, that the and witie1h wefr I it' loon to derir vfra ( .tt

,. t 6' 6 -d tha.t Americ, s with di ntre dar ,l hta ptthe ~ oua itBW:. .
f vm ll atit e o hiI- aft ielr', In 0 "+c:-jIn haid, tan madeto anA ... ,n. w,,a.,ar. re --.i _+ii Ai
not yet been Abrt Idfini (riwjea toopt tirh#e cmtdiui t ti not tHrIi8 Vc ttf k .^' -
*b-igh 1 r dldu Wiont offt9 ots 'c4 i ls.. / ,eye tll oMmw kaizelt etihit' aAdil E dldth '
Sm le nt I. GreHi ial eithtluten an wrill ria .

ty the death of the Earl of Nonhiegtta, Lord
T'rl ow is uwu a Teller of hi, Majefty's Zhelquer.
The above nobleman was lkcwifa Clerhlf the
pasiner, which by the will of his father will be fold,
st the mdane arifito therelrom divided between Lady
hidg-" T "ln:tlh and her filfr.-Hli Lerdfhip had
ether faillp apointments.
By the cbove nobkmtn's death a Green Ribband
becrnel vacant.
B3 an authentic letter from Berlin we learn, that his
Mu1jy, their King of Prbilla, was not erpeCed to live
,4 dnydy as hen tle letter was written; his Majefly's
hibTder s a dropfl n the *emonah..
lthe Ducal C.llIe of Ol( cflug, the otalalrefidenee
t the Duke ol BruinlwiciBvern, was lately c.litoy.d
by hlc, with all the outbuldlhgs.
''E slubifctibtrs having aornilation that frc-
J qcr.t trtfpalles have CJen committed upon
their ladit, ftluated at OJar Harbour, on the
iyjud o' I.tttl AbtA tal this method to.war
die ilalbiantan of the adjiatt il4mnds aint fOi: b
pradic iin future, at thely. dcltrmined to-pu.
se.blc IaggHretlli withthe mvt verity.
E. t wBGG.
afflau, fSeptemrkr t, si T.
ri I. R A C Y.
RUNAWAY with, on Sunlay the lith inl.n t,
from the Illand 6f St. Euflatius, the Sloop
UAtltER, owned by the Subfcriber, whereof
GOoaR3 StPuriON was M.ilter, and then laying
tl .iand on in the roadl of St. Eullttius, by thte
Mite, named JAMtr BUrHiE, a native sf Eng:-
.l::d, about twenly.two years of age, about live
feet five inches high, fair Mhort hair, atnid masked
with the final po o and a negro maun boy named!
JAMEs, (the Mafttr and two ittgroes Wtilg on
Ihore.) The Laid Sloop is Britifli built on a new
plan has Llack bends and yellow fides, a cockpit
a-baft, three lengths of bede itn her cabin, which,
is very high, a lead pump that carries the water
overboard without coming on deck, her maft han
very little rake, flt is vety natl finished and
ftils remarkably f.ft, fle is about forty-two feet
eecl, was formerly called the AqATHA, coming
mn.tded by Mr. Tudor Tuchtr, built and owned
by Bridget Goodrich; Efll lias h tt in the WcRt-
Iidic- about einht months : Any intellig,'ore lh-t
can be given c her to the owntr at Anlizui I
to Mi. Robert Crawford, St. KttL ; iMcl! Ioi f
and Atrindll, St. uluflatjiau; lr. Chlt!cs IjagiArt,
St. 'lhoinas ; Mr, Johlt S nlpill, St. Cr is
Ileirl. Park, Baltes, andl Co. ,mil'ca; Air
ti !liaun Tuivocr, St. Viucvnt i "lilro. Giloih
ant Kerr, Grenada; Mr.,Johb.Shaltao, Tur ttla;
or Mr. John Nihell, Trinidad l will It thik-
fu:ly received by
Anigrita, Atny t? .J,/, 1786.
N. 1. The 1iilt f the above-mentioned Sloop
are very remarkable, a ie.un being run through
the middle of each cloth to render them flronger
and to it better, hal two quarter lights in each
Ilc antd two ill the breath of the quarter deck,
lhr mail and topmait all in one piece, is f;iat.e in
tlie partnier,aid alfo fqaare about one foot above
the deck, ilh hlat quarter dclk rails about one
loot 1l.,yh.
W ILL be paid to who eer will deliver to the
Suhfcriherr to thel(eperof the Jail, a
NcIro Malnamed JACK, alut well fet fellow
( fct 7 jnclhes high, hat an' pediment in his
plrteh, and is marked with tl fmall pox: he
lately belonged to Mr. JOIs .
A'(ir,,, Sepatrer 2, 1716.

In the Ship' A R Y,1Cipiain FOR RE T,
B IS l Htfon Tea S8ail Cloth, from No. I to
3 Loaf bugar &faburgs
lack Pepper hc s asnd Itrtipes
P'la.n Starch aid coarfe Irif L.*-
Di Cine -
Ye lo e D ShBeeting,
Wax annlTallow Candles. h 1 Nikeorb
Role Buatter M and Woeens Silk,
Yorklhite ifms. Thread. &C QtWn Hole
Spiced salmon Youth and Bly ito
Pickld lTipe Menu care and fine Shoes
Qiin' Fiti Soace Womens ditto
PAUd Oil Youths, Boy, & Childrens
'Turkey ig I ditto
london-bottld Porter Chit., Gla, nd Yellow
14*dOilod Paints Ware
Whildi ilh heir former A1fortiAln,.ill fo14 on
reariasb* Tera.
N.B. They hiaM for.fds, .,few" PliuieiJ of
high prenf JAMAICA SPKlIMTS.

To be fold' by Public Audtion,
On MONDA net, at P. o'Clock,

M A R Y,
i A dtronn, ftan Verl, bult of
M ojany and Cedar, burthen W oo barrels,
obt above iS months old.
Incntory tobe feen it thee of fale.
Coaditi a. C ..
Na./au, &pi,.fn*r if,, tyl. .
7o be Sold at Public Audion,
W I T H 0 U F. S R T E,
On MONDAY the aith ZstetMBEn, 178,
'nIB following IOTS LAND, lai the
.po|ity iof Me. Roli Spalsc, viz.
A WATll OT, fee front, adjoining
to the Wtflward to Mr. BaLss and Eafllard
to Mrs. C!UISTIt, having a IIH E 36 by so,
a HOUSE. 2I by 1q, with a Brice himney and
Cellar, a Kitchen, Nec A WATER I.OT, .1, feet in fr adjoiniia
on the Wtfltard to Capt. IDA, :s, II Eafwald
to CApt. L.E, with the Ftl., of Iloufc,. 4"
by zo.
A HOUSE and KITCIlEN, upon Mrs. Frasn'
Eililhty ACIIES of .AND, : nil.frorcn iinIafau.
'le Co:i.itions will be d .'a.ircd a' the S.'<.
Trollese for the Creditors of Mr. Re-rt SpPeue.
For S A L 'E,
O N IE Ihundred andi Ffiny B l of NEW
Apply, at (barlottr IllU, to G of Is WIL AN K
or, in Town, to f
Noaiju, Srepter I_, 178s.
FI NE IIYSON TP.A, at three Dollara aPomind,
Iand London double REFINED SUGAR, jult
opcncd, for Sale at the Printing Otfice.
Anrd to b- S IJ at It. ParINrrl. -Ovrlc
'rie Fore, D'I)ar,.
''l"IE IIISTORYof tl,.- lie REV-LUTION
I io So ,th-Carolinu., from a BrJitit Province
to :in In,1 pedent Statc a Vo.'. a l o.
AnP I'flon ovr en imvieJ&Irjy,
A HOUSE to the EA^rwARD,
Formerly occupied by ST'rll Hi vi Efil.
For Terrm apply to JOHN CII ISTIE.
laaui, Atugul 19, 1786.
AI.. Perfonrt having any demands againfl the
SEflate of the late I'Iler Bl.'e.~ deceased,
are requlated to render in their di crent accounts
properly attefed ; and all thofe v o are any ways
indtbttd to the fAid EfIate. titlj by Bond, Note,
or Book Account, ale dllircd tinake payment,
on or before the zoth cf O0lobe ext, that the
Subrftiber ma.y be enabled to ke payment to
the lid Eflatt'a Creditors; and in cafe of 41y
negled, the dilkretnt accouoita will be given into
the bands of an Attorney at Law immediately.
Nafiut Sept. rS, 8isfi. Aingr Executor.
SLL. Perfons indebted to th *tate of the late
M1 r. A LEANDEaR R KosRl of Cat.lfland,
deccafed. are hereby requel1 to make imme-
diate payment, asd all having oun a agalnft the
faid Eftate, to render lthm in or before the IIt
day of Mayeut, as all accou a not rendered in
byth that tim cannot be attend to.
THOMAS SMITH, Adrlhiftrator.
Nafru, trlemkr 9, g786.
Fo H U L L,
a JorH BrOan, Malter
WWil alt tI a tfewdays I has i
lent accommodations for paflengers.
For paffaa, apply t t t Malter on ar

th wll fi tpllb ,a e
111 th k t dbh tail rolp aed

o'jhrh, I1t) ; aft OA

T HE pafinr an Ad for the lBili h of Parer
Money, by the Legletore of Rhodc-lamnd. hia
occaloned violent comnnotons in that mSte..--The
advocates for and spinil the maafure, ate laid to he
nearly equal in krength, a well as I acrimony ard
In Maffachofettla Bay, th eoe lt are alfo divided iu
opinion, rqfp ainl the promety of having a Paper
Currency. 'Ihj inhabitants of the interior county,
are reprcfeited to be uhanimoufy for It, while theo
of the trading to*esdefprcatiedie measure, as
with ndilibarkt ill,.
At writer in the Albany Gazette, uqder the ligaturo
,f S.l,, reafoun thus about vcrfirg Congrtf. with
lilv.,'r~egn potr.--" The legiflatnre of a flute, it
the autliority of that whole Ilate solltceld-- beu,
thtrclore, a man fays, I will not lohmit to a law, he
tectl., agai(nl the authority of the whole .late. In the
Ilot. nuntancr, C(:nl''f is, f far us their ponwe caieuds.
tilt. authority of the Thirteen State, cole ed ; and ni
idiviitdoll latre has a rilht to fif, "ve will not abhie
ly their rlolution.." fbi. falfe principle, thit Coa-
Precf and dhe Lcgiflature are bili ilti.t arid io!!e-
pcsiltnct of thl IEcopl, unlcfs corrredd ,ll th in tle.ori
'ld practice, will defeat all the ends ol governlntnt.
W'e ars c.nlrantly alanicd with the danger of glvini:
power to Contgrclr ''hofe who diclainm upon thin
h:ad, are tith er ignorant of the prioipcls ef goverh-
niclt, or are italicioifly bent on fowing difcord. so
long as t tnvrld are dependent on thelpeople, they are
not a dtliuilc body; they are the fuae body as til
poO Wl, thrlefour, we talk about giv;nli qwer
to Coanrelt, we talk noilnlt ; invOtig tConmgrei with
power, iu otling more thl colkding the power of
the peCpice i1to. a point wh; le ic mouft be collcacd
befute it can ,e exerted. VI hen we talk ofi giving the
imilu more ithan collecting the durics of the continltet ut11
a point, and alttice caoont he done to all Imrts of tlr
contincur, till the %.hole union has the collcelen is its
.wn poiLCr."
Anotihtr u r:ter on the fame lubje&, in t Na:rYdak
payer, li, It we lock at(,nnd, to 'the fitutloh vof
tiICk tlnttIc S'Ates, we fblal lind it truly I!cplrAh!l I
the nati.nt 4 f t h' world Lfinp every artifice and Itrata-
get1 that can be dcvifrd to injure ui, and cut ff our
trad' ; the right to thi i:avigation of the Millifipli
.abfulutely denced us, \vhich prcvastt our back country
front Itbtingfttkd; the wellcrn pofls withheld front
-., which usagreittr5ietTancen cthAt hiitueri and
furroulJed alnmof on every fide with einmics to our
prac: and pirotlerty. A quenion naturally prefenit
itoi tho lle refledioas: i'runm vhcnce, or a\hat it
thel, -zullo ( thref national evil*? Is it rot fren the
want ol energy and rorrti,'n in tile gotertllmint o
thft( I 'itred Star ? If is ically the cafe, who is to
blarnc? i- it not the pcrplc theimllv v ?-How l)tg o ilt
nrar :%r mil!ir. of opleo be dupc's to their d,, pIo
jiiices and misfortuncs -If all power iphlerat in,
and create a ifuldiirnt l r lfor the pUrpdfs.ofguvcrittfg
with L r.cac. i~W thi once cfdcled, our ears wold
hb no nore dinned with the loft of trade, and its cou
conSitant circunfltancec.
On tle 7th of July lull, (Governor Bowdoin fent t6
the .rgillature of AS aflchufotts Bay, a Melage, o.
cify;ng his having telliguccc of two American veitisL
being feized by t Civil and Cotlom-houfe Oflkernof
Ncw.Brunfwick I they lay at anchor near thl welren of the w pa.iale of l'aflmaquaddly. This
coudu," fays, con rcfpondswiththhe a& Lately
p:dild hyj e cIcginature of Ncw-Brunow'ck, cra-
t iLl;tg tt w.fecrn boundary of Charlutte county,
1 to the w can fhore of Palfamaquaddy Bay; and
SI,oth togt cr, (hew a dipofititio to eclude u froni
the navigikion of that ay ; and at the fame time
o mufl be considered al a violation of the detnitive
treaty of elpce between the United States and
Tl'h operation of the New-Haihi-hire atd Mafla-
churett'e Bay Navigation Ada, is lutpendtd..
'Ihe ftooncr True Bloc mentioned in oar laft to be
calt awayon Salt Key, has been fincc got off, and towed
into thi snarbour. .
The fchooncr Rebeca, Rhode Rankio mailer. of New
Brunfwick, with her cargo, libelled in the Court of
Vice-Adtiralty for a breach of the lawtof trade, was
yefcrday acquitted.
On the 8th infant failed from Riums for Liverpool,
the flup El!en, William Scale matter. In her went
piiTafiger, William Moe[, Elq;Jamo Mot, Efq; Lkut.
John Mowbray, Mr. 1Bnjamnm Lord, Mr. Winfree.
Mr. John Sullivan, and Mr. Henry Wood.
The Elen carried home upwaeda of 3o tons of cotton,
the produce of the Bahanma'., '
Sp,. to. Sloop Shelburne, Aetwater, Philadelphi
1t. Brig Adventurer, Boyd, London
14. lichoo. St. Mark, Rcdmoid, St. AI~siPune
i tVb WitLL#I Cajp. UroIa ,' is e) p t

1!HE 9f erlber oea siaffeger tot e laun id
i the now illam, Ca pt. yIroo I
deftrer al l orts bangy afy demand .gaiaftAl
to ull on Mntday next fo paTm t.
Xj% to i.ett I H Do S'. 1

I. b.. Cr,, ', r.charEur f Abr. .&h, are tk/fi rw-
i.v s0., r,* 'd r le/A ie eu l l a e rwJrseln u i,
wao ial t JokNION S COaL.
BY Nture's gifts ordain'd maskiad to rue,
Sle, lim a Titian., form'd his brilliat (%ed,
A nd taght congenial fpiriat to excel,
While from his lps iaprefive wifdom fell.
Oar botHe G Idfnh felt the foer igal fway,
To alh we owe, hl. weet but nervous la ;
o Fame's proud cliff he bade our Raphel rife,
Hence Rtiy'sis fm, with eynold's pencil vies;
With Juhnion's flame melodious Birj glows,
While thegrand (train, in mother cadence fows.
And thou Mad.s, to critic learning dear,
aortcr and elegant, refi'd tho' clear,
By llulying hint, fill form'd that dafic title,
Whi:hhigh in Shakcfpear's fame thy fate place.
Nlcr Jubnfon Steewas, ftlai on f(coe round.
Acute, laborious, fertile, and proflonl;
ingciteious HJf.ufw, t to this school we owe,
AnId farce the pupil from the tutor know:
i're early parts accomplih'd yers fublinmer
.Lu I fcience blends with Alia's lofty rhimes
Amiit lthef rhime, can Be/Vdl be forgot
t: .e c y Nrth Urituas now clicm'd a Scot,
'lho to the fge, ievotled from hit youth,
".abibl'd rum him the facred love of truth;
Slie keen rrfearh, thle ccrcife of mind,
Aunl that bell art, the art to know mankind.
Nor was his energy connu'd lone,
*Io friends around his philosophic lthrne.
lt< Influence wide improv'dour ktter'd ifle,
And Incid vigour matk'd the general ftyle.
E P I T A P H.
ly SOAM JtsNsNGs, Efq.
H gERZ lies power Joa no. Reader, have scare,
Tread you roufc a fleeping beat;
Rell(iou, moral. gcn'rous, and humane
He wa-but fclf-fulicient, rude, and vain :
ill-bredand over-bcarngin i difpute,
A (cholur and a a brute.
Would you know all his wifdom and hi folly,
His althoi, tying, mirth, and melancholy,
Bsu1N and Treik, retailers of hi wit,
Will tell lyo how he wrote, and talked, and cough'd,
and fpit.

In the Ship MARY, Captain F O R RE 8 T
from LONDON,
FASHIONABLE Broad Cloths & Kerfcymeer,,
F with Trimmings
trilf and Scotch Linens and Shietings
Belt and common Ofiaburgs, iavens Duck, and
Sail Cloth
Carnbtl ks long and clear La n
Barcelona, Roiall, Bordere and PaRte-work
Variety of Callicoes, Chistz an Pinted Linens
Coloured Tammies and Durants
Men's Jackets, Shirts, and Trow of all fizes
and qulalities
A great variety of Nails, Iron.mong ,andd Cut-
Meas, Youths, and Ioys neat and A ng Shoes
Ounpowder, Tea, Black Pepper, an Spices
Large & (mall Negro Blankets, Plain & Flannels
Mens Felt, Caftor, and Beaver Hate
Pigtail and fnoaking Tnbarco
Japan'd and common Tin Ware in great variety
Picklee, Ketchup, Filh Sauce, Muftard & Vinegar
Turlington's aalfam, Stougbton's Pills, and God-
frey a Cnrdial
Window Glafs, Cordage, and a variety of other
tey bah e a f for Sale, on Coefigment.
Jamaica Rum, in hogfheads or calks
MeCA Pork in barrels, Cargo and Melt Beef in ditto
English Sope in mall boxes
Freh American Flonr, juft imported
Madeira and Port Wines, in pipes, quarter caks,
or bottles
Some articles of elegant London made Plated
A few dozens of Mother Allan's Claret, and
A few boxes of Window Olafs.
Nafau, September s, zy6.
ALL Pcrfons having any demn da algint the
ERtate of Mr. Joan ARUST oG WIltos
late of Long.lland, deceafd, are que ad tide-
liver fates of the fame properly ated, to either
of the Sabfcbers, on or er t led f Jannam
y7871 and all perfos indebted to M lEtatcare
eguired to ftte imMedl Aely with
Soldaniitntris, at LMoc- lsada or
Se PARR oIrS, t
Her Altuomsy at New-rwml c. I

Parliamentary debates.

Ho e g iteoaMo aer ridys Ajtria

o & aIlr wai Wlling to mRIJ
L every todthe inhabitaus bf tt oun-
tlr eteand the Inluence bf the Britift
e taeutf wrouMlddiMtti bt heh d
idot In his he id, counter t that prefoted
Cbythe or. t an. It wau a fbbjet of mukc
$mmlpacto% hich itwa not eafy to deUid-the
aisue nligion, ad option, rendered
in peuld o .Corlmton wu etoatn shortly
for that s e it in order to report the
ftuation of lai, to entble Miniller to compeof a
proper f m for the g ernmcnt of that country,
which preflfd to be a douiing i one.
Mr. Iea war much furprixed, that after twenty-two
pars, we ioulad be io* ignorant of the affairs of that
quarter, a not to be e do foiathing to fatfy the
mind of the people, Jr petition had laid on the
tabe for two yean.
Mr. Coeift inn thatithe Governour of that
province &ould n inveled with that extraordinary
power he had enjoid-as Chief Juflice Liviue
w difami edo 774 or doing his duty. This
Ad.4,rsue -, denied.
Mr. Ca o confirmed it from the minutes of the
Commanttee the order of his Maljfty.
Mr. Mr. Sloper, Mr. Pye, Sir Jofeph
Mawbey, M Dermmper, Mr. Smith, M. Brcdl,
and others delivered thnr opinions on the fubjed. Many
complinenats o both fidc were paid to the integrity and
profellional merit of Sir Guy Carleton.
After which the Houtc divided,
For the notion ir
Against it 68
Majority 47
MAY e.
The Chbeieu If t IA A EsDewr gave notice, that he
louhld on Frida next bring forward afubjed, refpedCt
ing which he a few dayibefore the late recesr gni
fied his intcntN of offering tome motion ftortly.
What he ma was, to put fome particular fortsof
wines under t management lad regulation of the
Mr. D.0ua flated, that a doubt had arifes in India,
a* to the coellrution of the claules of two diftin& AAf
of Parliament of the sjth *ad 24th of the present King,
in refped to the removalofa covenanted tenant of the
Conpiny from one settlement to another. 'his doubt
had, Mr. Dundas (aid, he underilool been entertained
at Calcutta, when a noble Lord lately arrived there
from Madr L to take upon him the office of Governour-
,:neral, an therefore it was proper to bring in a Bill
to eiplaitl with this view he moved for leave to
bring in ill ad he gave notice, that his intention
was to brig in the bill this day, and to get it patled
through all its different flaresthe tane day, unletl fome
particular objection were inade agailnf it.
Ihe Speaker, in conrcquence of the refolution ofthe
Hi:oue, called MIr. tlafiiugs to the bar, who, having
been informed the purpafe for which he was admitted
there, oltur v, that he wan not accultomed to public
speaking, a therefore begged the Houfe would in-
dulge him n th the hearing of what he had drawn up
in his defnce. His memory was not remarkably tena.
cious, and as the refutation or contradidtion of the
charges brought againfl him required frequent referen-
ces tocertain documents and paper neceflary to be pro-
duced, he flattered hinfelf dtat the Houte would eefily
conceive the propriety ol Ih requiltion. This having
bern icadily afliatc to, Mr. Ilallingu proceeded to
read his dcfencel He belna by renarkmg, that the
grounds of the cerinae n were ill founded, afperfive,
and malicious ;hMt the various publications of the
timc courainedhe molt unwarrantable obfertionton
his condua, an that the prefs daily teemed with the
mtht grof libel upon every part ot administration in
India; that the mof extraordinary of all was, the pam-
phlet lately published, in which the charges of delin-
quncy were not onlycopioufly difplayed, but the name
ofthe accurer himff(Mr. Burke) hinted in thetitle-
ge, by which i would appear tht it had not only
i cid on an thrity, but that the aecufer had
oficiounly condcetd to become the pubfither; that
thefe chare had b the result of mach deliberation;
and that, urin a od of fre years, hit enemies had
eteed theirai in order t tfee the different
xoends of accuef That he anly r ed on Man-
ay lat, with the miuion of the H Ot Houfe, to en.
ter hilaef opon a defence; and that he no appear-
ed preped to meet hit secuien, in as few diay alnft
as the year in which hi enemiae had been eagaged la
bringing forward the matterewhich tended tocriminate
and afperfehim.-That he was obliged to reply to char-
emetini aog thing fped ; a i that they might be
cwd hi=ftral nameer, with voluminous commenta-
The he had been i India from a fchoo-boy;
a t during tied of thirty-fix Tyea fervitude.
he had alwy e hapinef, to matn o ao d re.
peabIle charater.- I hat by the evil mclteenat of a
w idi tme of Notoriety, he now appeared i
Sanfrfa itlatioe; but taut he dch to eot
forward ocseca.on a4 meat hfif. rather then
efubis ied h hrafnt aof a MUrMUta
Sphwih rait rd to th e l
oWd hib nt or the Idrtl oftthe lme
h1 1iful 4 meass hbulte i

That he had adted teaeldiag the aweriee eof ,
time" and that h ad I fereqtnt reduced
fuch areamiuic, as to def the findio of ase
deha-That mam had bn per- W h
tion, ad that in theft dilateiomb was euiray q ift
the ir otees of lahs own mald .u ahat ahad
his pgomram ent in India amid the ieeet of baidn w2
-ub1ieds.-Ttm had repeatedlyneghd the tana
of hi employers, the Court of Dinem of Linue
India ComlNi and as he had the rlua fioa dif.
che fdg rad him wit lh Z Ayu
mppehrate, he belivd, that o th r o eah
hbi a right to call hieb *coa isqlt Mr. Hai
firn was tieroptd by -
Mr. Ab*. we1 *po, Mr. gMlp haith ii.
drawn, begged s lnoww w blalr uia dsfieul *at
be receivsI without rei ad n a antr t sI-a.
ed bui being infosa d that the Heof had alrea
reflved to hear the ftc,
Mr. H.Jtaf was cal aod went O with hi de.
face for about two hem wheaapsearing tobe
fatigued, he wasrelleve Mr. Markak n .
terwards fucceffiely b the two rk. The fiafh
continued hearing till ner elevea eode
'I he Chsrl.rf, e, ia w semr oblerw, dSha
he had been the remainder of the defense
would take up a le time, he woead move da
the proceeding &to adotuinedlll net day.
Mr. r, d immediately roif, and declared hientlre
fatisfadlion with the minute manager in which thede-
fence was cauched. He was perfedlyfatidedth Mr.
Heaings Ihould have full gope, nadecvrynlpob ia.
dulgence allowed him. But he wasan Inahop hat
the whole would bao been one day 'i bmu d. ad
therdore he Iheuld be namc better plad that dhe dos
fence might be then furnifedi however, he eridk
would not by any means be fiaEred to entged beyond
The:4 eri thea pat iheJhie. and the fwthr
hearing of Mr. Haftage's ce wa adlourMd.
Mar a.
Mr. Dasda, moved, that the bill for plaeiingdas
in an Adt affed in the s4th year of the reign m epe.
fent Majety, (f far as related m the oeyotmen f a
Goveror-GOeneral, &c. at Fort Willina, in Ibeper
vince of Bengal, be read a fcond time; whkhafer a
Ihort debate wa greed to.
The bill wa trwrd committed report, mo
g ofTd, read d trd time, pdafed, ad ordered to
ordt. Il a Ihort time afterward it wa feat hlck
from the Lords, who bad agred to it without an
a m.ndmlcnt.
Mr. Hllga king placed at the bar, renewed hi
defence to the remaining charges, in which he deie
positively being the author of the Mahratta war but
claimed all the merit to himself in making the MabEratt
pare, which had now laed dhree years. Hsckarged
Nundecolar with being a Prince of the gransereta
chery, and of fueh infamy of charadler, as to he a roga
even where it wa hi interef to be hehe. He ch
ged Mr. Burke, the athr r of hle charge agalat him
with having made partial enraA frmehis own eernm
far the purpot of crimiauai him, and of omktiu
material p* which would have edanded to hi
He concluded with thanking the Hooe for the indol-
gence they had thewn, and exprefled a wil, that he
might be permitted to lar un te table the minute
and paper from which he a read his defence.
The Sior alkdl the Hon. Oentless, whetherhe
had any thial further to fay? and being sanwered i
the negative, was ordered to withdraw.
Maor Stt moved, that Mr. Hafingsbeperitted
to deliver in to the Houfl, the minahr and paper liMus
which he had read arwers to the matter contained
the charge of high crimes and nilfdnaears.
Alderman Li Mr f r feconded the moion.
Mr. BI desired to fecoad the motion likewift.
The quttiloa wa* put, and d a dto nnanimouf
The r then qd red Mr. Having in., w,
being pieed ate the re informed t the Hnae
had compld witA n as move tfor by a
hoowabl ther or the Clerk weold .aro
down to the bar, ad receive the open fran him I o
which Mr. Lee went to the bar, and Mr. Hating
delivered him a large i ndI of papers.
Major S.rI next moved that a fiffeiicit niMuber a
copie of the faid paper be printed for the uf of d

Sir f i y an Alderman T'wferid eth
(econded it. I
SM. rk faid he a f the moetiaens aw
t1 action we pet, nd t.
a then dsd wl deohe day to he md
for ging ato f whole Hoa . .
coonlder of the charge h cr.ese andBlafdeners
oun again Warren P. a"d
The Speer having the cb, the oe sewBiA
itself into a of the whole Ha r
Hatings uLs, e Mr. 1 aeaiois chb?.
wita their woul aam g l7Wol
da, calin = qPIk w hb;, g minma nclir
Sir bet arke, who ws ea ined *ladve-I
the dap odl f the eohilla Chief sd the
Doerhwl. The chif poits tured ou*s th
di4 l of htlefe prIns
8uSoofthe Archetbiovstye&.omNfgs fh
r r*o as epied

Cl'o n gmiwu

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