Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 2, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00055
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vol. III*

No. i di







NASSAU: Printed by JoaH WELLS,.at the Printing-Offce on the BAY.

MtTiaOIOLooaIAL Drart, Najn, ANgsfI
lH staNT Of t.l
a 7 I O ( 9V Winds & WathIer.
. to..|^,m.t. m |
j o 85 81 B. y N. fh~ n rain at night.
1 lo j S S .t PSalyn rather.
3 78 76 76 ig./lg wrs.
4 79 83 79 i. Piar clear.
5 79 <4 79 E. Shoqwr at lht.l
6 78 83 o $ s. tN. B. lim. [the e.
7 So 86 81 R.N. to S.E. Shvorr i
s So 85 So toB. N. B.LghVstwair, ra
9 So 84 8 S. . oS. dUnm a miugbt.
so li 86 S. . CA./ mjie W .
1t Si S8 Is rari ule aVod a Wfry.
2s 79 84 go K.S.. ds.litbi wdr. Closed
33 83 87 So 8 . B. IAitir clear. [night.
14 al 89 So B. S B. SSllt, Heav rain at
Is o S8 81 B. S.S. Cf/i andfsltr. Fair.
1 Sto 84 I aT. Fair clear.
17 8 81 t S. .S Idem.
.8 8: 8e : S. a Ideaw.
19 ?o 84 St S. Heaw rain at ni~ht.
10o S 84 o N. R. fair lel1ar.
,1 21 84 S o yl N. Rain in the riuning.
11 81 83 So N. to N. t Squall;.
Sa 8i 84 80 B. N. Idemm.
s4 Si 8j 80o N. B. Cloudy. Rain at nibt.
a5 so 83 81 N. R. Clody.
S80 o 84 So B. N. B. Fair dar.
u7 So s4 So B. N. Rain at night.
S& So 84 0o N. B. HIre7 Sfualls.
s, So 84 So N. B. Idern.
3t o 83 8* B.N. a. Ienm.
31 79 84 So 8. by A hdem.

In the Ship M A R, Catain P OR RE 8 T,
from DO ND N,
AMD 10 3 t SOLD IT
FASHIONABLE road Cloths & Kerfeymeera,
with Trimmin
Irlh and Scotch Li sand Sheeting
Beft and common O Raens Duck, and
Sail Cloth ..
Cambricks, long and cl Lawns
Barcelona, Romall, red, and Patte-work
Variety of Callicoe, Chin and Printed Linens
Coloured Tammies and Do to
Men's Jackets, Shirts, and I rowfer, of all Asel
and qualities
Sgreat variety of lNilJrona.moo ery, ud Cut-
Meas, Youths, and Boys neat and Arong Shoes
Ounpewder, Tea, lck Pepper, and Spices
Large & ftnall Nqro Blainkto Plains & Flanael
Mens Felt, Caftor, and Beaver Hats
Pigtail and fmoakiag Tobacco
an'd and common Tin Ware in great variety
Kcilec, Ketchup, Filh Sauce, Mulard & Vinega'
Turlington's Balim, Stoughtn's Pills, and 0od
frey' Cordial
Window Olaf, Cordage, ad vari ety of otbeh
They bavo a4aFbr Sale, a CeaVcS ttnl.
Jamaica Rum, in hogifeads or caflu
Mefs Pork in barrels, Cargo and Mef( Beef in ditto
English Sope in (mall boxes
Frelh American Flour, juft imported
Madeira and Port Wines, in pipes, quarter cate
or bottles
p Some articles of elegant London made Plat
A few dosen of Mother Allan's Claret, and
A few boxes of Window Olafs.
Nfein, SpUmkr s, 5786.

European Intelligence.

B R U S S E L 8, JUva 6.
HE Emperor has published on ordinance ft u p
i prting all the Free M oina Lod in the Aduf-
trian Netherland except two, or at mols three, which
are permitted to be held in this city. fubjet to the
reg ulation prescribed in the ift ateoldlna publilge
t Vienna refp ing the fraternity of ree-M ons.
Ur asc K. M v7y.
The States of the Province of Utrecht hai had an
extraordinaryy meeting, to take into conoderatio the
the afIh of WVk h. At this meeting the o at
held April lat, wa read; at the end of which the
commiloner who were appointed to enquire into the
affair, and give leir advice, add the following as their
opinion i "r Tht fnce hitherto all profped of recon-
ciition hbu vnihed, and all means of reftoring peace
and tranquility to that place have been fruitleof, it is
nccfiry to employ force, and confeqauntlydifpacch a
armed tommifton d oblige them to return to their
bounded duty to the Stiatcf that is the mean time,
before they proceeded to this etremity, the gStsra
may give notice to the confederate provinces, dat they
may lee the necelty which impels to thef rigorous
menarsres.'-The Staten having deliberated on this
resolved to call another eatrordiay meeting on the
roth of this month, in order that every member may
have time to examine the propofitiont and give hs
advice. The city of Utrecht has already declared, that
they will not accede t6 ihe propo ftion.
u to s. On the jth ofthis month the Regency of
Wyk published a memorial addrefed to the Citireni of
that place. In which they declare, that, a they have
heird that it i ntno the inttention e Stat of Utrecht to
fend trop among them they will endeaour to prevent
their entrance, and will repel force to force, and they
rve thi notice to the burgelfe and inhabitant of that
ety and jurifdiaion, that they may take every proper
ep et secure their perfoos and fceCte an they may
think proper.
On the sth of this month an expreli arrived with
dli btchel for the principal Burgomafter from the
S .Grd Biliff, the Come de Welderen. The Grand
Bailiffinforms him, that he does pot intend to obey the
ilMf tion of the urgefer. A letter cane at the fame
fime from the Court of Judicature, addrefed to the
Magirates, in which the Court declare that being
authorized by the Statee to pblilh a proclamation for
reprilfa on the inhabitant oa Wyk, on account of their
detailing the Bailiff, they have feat fume copies of it,
that they may be poled up, and in the mea time they
inls on the Baf being given up, together with ll
n found upon him, and of which he was deprived.
fie principal Burgonafter immediately communicated
this letter to the judges, and he w e advised not to pub-
lih the proclamation, and a confltiitio is to be held
tomorrow to coefider of entering a protect agalift ti
preceding of the Court of Utrecht. which is coide-
ed ian iWofingeent on the coaftitution.
The Ambaefador from this Republic, at Confanti-
nople, has received order from the States General to
demand in favour of Dutch i. the p e of the
Durdanelle, and the privilege of navigaling the Black
Sena, coa rm ily with the ancient treaties fubifing
between the Porte and the Seven Unted Provinci.
ALo I S*, April t4.
Two American Neg aton came here a abort time
nee, with a eommifaon to propose terms for securing
the itips of their nation foam capture by our corfas
but their overtures were reteeed, and the Sranger are
Returned. The roth of th marthe an Algerine friate
Sbrought Into th port Phillipie, an Amerean
rvei, bound from Philadelphia to Olend.
Apl us.ft There i evsoe realt to hope that the
ce late concluded with Sp will be both folid
and d l. d'Enly, bhi acbuity and good
anfr, ba won over the people of th regency, an
found means to have fuch a treaty concluded a muai
Sbe an advantage to both nations.
Ve i N a. Mc V it.
Two principal mroatten at Ieeft throw lut republi
into the greatest cofuLba and alarm. Out dIepin
with the sTii ar*, e She fo of 4endles, ecapet in
Soi sions, ammunition, in suniotu t ( ilp, i nmer
to feprt the rsh Of tI hevtr .o' date.
All tfe precoautienm hae not tended to n rtm e
ware and the triaig adnmtages we e iead,
hr rsen eompenbttlng fr the er.enO af A
moone, whi tll tip eiluweirc.

The fod objet of our alarm Is till more prefling I
the Paeha of Seotari has nade war nore upon our ter-
ritories than thole of hit own nation. He i continually
making excurfioan which are attended with hocking
fcenes of bloodlbed. We have found no good effeea
from the orders which the Porte gae to all the Pacho
to proceed aplisnt the rebel,, and we begin to fufp'a
faul piny in this condua of the Divan. On this account
the Senate are doubly vigilant in making head agaimit
this cmemy, and Spolatro it ordered to be fortified.
W a t Aw, May a7.
The late news from Conlantinople is by no means f
a cific tendency. That capital is faid to be diflradtcd
ih hll the huriro of an open rebellion In vour of
Prince Selim, who is impatient to fuccced to the
P Lro UT n, Yune S.
YoVlerday morning his Royal Highufs Prince Wil.
liam, in the 'egaful, and the Rofe, Capt. Herney,
failed for Guernlcy, and from thence lor Halifax and
Loeose. ~wn*.
Among the figs of the times which are of aoo
afped, i. the adoption of Shakefpear's dition a n in-
corporation into the body of he bel ft ile.-Thus with
Mr. Burke, we have the venerable Oentoo Code
6a0red in the frv. nce."-Oan the other fide, Mr.
Hafting. appeared, in the fine compoflion preceding his
defence, with a view of our nals ial politics and his
finding in them much more than wv Idreat @f is
4t elf A letter fo, IleS, Mi s9.
Laft Friday, the Right Hen. Lord Dunboyne
who is alTo tiular Blthop of Cork, took the oaths of
allegiance, in his Maje y's Courtof King's Bench, as
preefribed by a late Ad of Parliament to be taken by
de Roman Catholic of this kinLdom."
BanreaH a lIrh frn of ,4a GOalente or Pari,. a.
The manufadures of Oreat*-ritain are equally the
envy and admiration of thil great meropolia. Several
houses have lately been eroded for employing workmen
in different branches of hard ware, by forme of the 6rft
people in this kingdom. They are much inferior to
eatn, but highly etolled by the lenders.
A new regulation of the Pot-Oice is to take
place here, omewhat upon the plan which has lItly
been adoptedin Londo .
I wu highly Ae4fd to fee, in confequenceofthe
ne odera from the King or resulting the mari
uniform, that it is entirely formed upon that weron b
the Britif naval Commanders. Even the anchor up"s
the button haJ been introduced in preferene to the
deur de lis. In .hort, Enllilh falhiojn now prevail
here, as much an thwPrenh did with as formerly."
ElT a f a lter ros Park, ?uM e.
The Cardinal' examination ad enlargement
being a matter that not only interet Pari but all
Europe, I should be to blame were I to negled giving
a circomfantial detail of what took place o the occa.
On the sth of May, at I o'clock at night, Madame
de l Motte and Mademoifelle Oliv were trasmfrred
from the Baftille to the public prifm Villate was alfs
brought thither loaded with iron. The day following
at 4 in the morning, Sergent and Raesg t, Tlpfais,
went to the Baille for the inmortal Comte de Cag
tro, they put him into a hakney coach, and brought
him to the Court hout, le l. fi CglHnfr was in
green embroidered with tgob, his hair drefled a',* Ad-
e.I,, hung down on his Aoude, and was tied at the
end with an enormous beach of prty-eloured ribbn
he wore very little powder The Co seemed per-
fedly compofcda he was even fees langhing with o
myrmidm of the law. He is a iweet an i man.
about feet 3 inches high. The Cldinlanl m in th
Governor' carriage at Sin o' clb the bid we rm upg
the KIing' Liestenant g out frt, Mr. de Louna
followed him t hey both lbnded hi amisenee out 0r
the coach. *The Prelate was dreed in a purple eaffok,
and dook lined with red, a cnp and Atlinpdof the fame
tolour, he ware she enign of the oraer ol the Hoel
obt, he looka letfeh, aid land very marh on his
ena | he tfaimed the few people, about 40, that were
in the Court. Horrer oatadcpied in hieoumteaunme.
and hi. ey full of teas, were reedy to Ict them drop
at every nep he made. Reiynat the Tiplaff, me tath
GoverMur and his LUeteuanm at the top of the aI
cafe, and told the Cardinal that he mipit fpeks b his
Counfl M. Bonniers, tor about 4 anmum enre he
appeared in prefece of hi jidge. Vilettg waseeauis-

*aJ Arfti amid in Court till about Ileen. After but for them, and f tteatpublk baited with them, Imes Scott, for B*fea, to stadapobthalit i eT,
m Madame de la Motte wascalled; this ungovernable futlaining the molt arduoul conli with enemies on he fhip's crew, at the time of failing from the rr
temal appeared with the greateft/a/ridhbefore the evqy 4dc, and fadions a his own board, What i, confiAled entirely of Britil Subjeds, many of ael n,
augulf tribunal, fe ldifpofer f her dcfiiny. Mademoi. thi rl udarefr of ar JM b 'pJ s y hat. after having performed their oyge, quieted the
fele ,iv wa them called in. and after her the celcheb ham of the bI .. Ag l ,i the co, t* Amet- ,
ted Comte. The two laft were interrogaa t at the bar me rfource etm onea ttgg I-S. ,gep. a x ia. loJt wast O a wi in
of thi Court but Madanme de la Mtte ad Villette tiposed pu fy of chaf cr, will teh em mda do theprric f d o
vidervat t trial feard on the fWc itaor fool to hT poftcrity, vweos tir SWi Jarie. wi toutine oc time on thai caent, a inu Ln
which great Criminals fit; the Cardinal was the laf *' tM orefa I ei a ito ir e thmn" '.,. Nantuclet men were pocured, ata the velel Icot oe
that appearrd.oHi Emi -en.c was tewn into the Ad- f Ater4 lof hfre r e Ar 't41 *- to theSouthern-r Pithery; avtifgcd tlcthef -m
vacates Bench, where there was an nrm.chair placed hi .Attorney rlneal reteis t. Ry1al Or&r the took her departure for Europ. h.fou- aime l
f'r him.' The firt Prgildot infornml him thaehe wao no t print r the cerateandret of tll4 ( dI o. the ya1 y8' try ve aiat tb 1 t flooS wh.-
free to fit, if he thought proper. The Prince thanked Thie td inant, at ten in lthe toionialn,'afn doe the oil was o erod for entry at the Cuftom.houfc unde
the Ma itlrate, and toldlhi hn h was noIt faigued, and reeteuil, went to the Czrdinal's palace and, delivered tki.defrription, Train oil, from filt taktl b the
t'at the heunh, that was be indhim, would befuificient, )him a lerterrr dol e, by which he is exiled ro his Abbey crew of the Mary a Britifh buit lip. one third
if he found himfelf iliipold.-He left the Court at of Chife Dies. The Miater then, in the King'sname, whom kcicgl uidMlily' flritifh bori ltl 1 0e there.
four in the afternoon, alter having' remained an hour afked for the demillon of the Grind .Almonry I Trance fore free of duty."
and a half before his judgn-When his Eminence came with t.e rdbboh of ihe order of the Holy Ohnfl, whirh -- Thi not appeariTr fatiak rye, the eflic rgt he
oat, a nuencrtous public shouted applAutc, and he then is attached to the dignity, tiot to the rero' nof tie wateJ rnademu lfenury of the caig., the legality a
law by himlell that the nation was not agalinu him. Grard Almoner-S-Some Feople lay,' rath'nhat Ainnce' w*hie tf trial inqueflnm was t,d deterrn..c.
The (Cott immeliarely broke up. The Prelate was acceded to the whole, ,thcrA pretend that he The only point that appeared necei iy to be afcer-
re-conadued with Caglioilro to the aftile, where they wrote to the aSovetig l ah houf hbeT i the arrival of Mildne d on Whkbt fth lit a nt aIf-th urp i-ldeatly
lept, the others remaining in the public priin. In the MinifterofStae, to rqeuinl him to fitarchiihotntur, depended, was, Whether, at the tinte ui hitig, on,
flort, yeflerday the jk of May the Cardinal's ene. and that of hia family, could, not bi he deeply third of the grew.reey wete britath bern lobet,
nmies ltuid themrldvet fadly diftppointed. The tnagie w wounded by fuch a degradation. \en Baron de Bre This the eoutnfl, on the part of the prontrtmn, pb.
dAratea were all atlnembled at a o'clock in the morning;' tcuil told Priince L.ouis that it was his Majetly's plea- tively denied;. and th vie radlnc o the o ut l Oalt e-
what with re-cnaminning the depoitions, and confreot-; fure that his Enmence should ble out of Parit on the fendant aafrenuoufly fferced; and which, nodiing a.
itnfl wltaltme, &c. it was half pafl feen, in the even-' rth iqflant, the Prelate replied, I ithall uobey,-4r hearing toehe court filecpic t to dilprove, a vetrdi was
ang beltre the ihol's broke up; at thnt moment the. 'the IRhans arc born t6 gSve the FrPndil Nulhility phq given for the defendatii. By thi, ilcciripl the bfia e
C'ardioal retired from the bar. There war that day a' example of fubmilfion to the will fh their Soveretgn. qf jhe i#enocu are difpptiupttol el jio t,, .to tbt
elinocr forth .oagiirates of 8o coverr.-Ar five i You fee, notwirhflanding, that my leg ii ,i the niiPt, amount of more ihaa 4,0001. And m they will he
the anorning of the 3flt, the Rohan family paid their, dangetotoi fltuation. If it were pollilId, I should with compelled to make good the damasgea fullined 6by r.
re pe*c to the Jdges; they hid the Prince of Conde to have a Ii ter,'but the thort pac1e p time allowed Ilayt.y, from the long detention oT lif pr.)perty,
_,n i the Duke dlc'ourbon, then folluwedl the Marcchal, ,ie, is not fulfiierntt to bhas one mIdIe i lo esir, I Ihall will be ,all0 at fetI1 jcol.
er Fouhize, the Princefr de Marian, Prince Ferdinand. obey, were I phyltally convinmd that my leg ilould be The correfpondelt who favoured as with the above,
the Duke and Duchefs de Mont-BAifn. the Comtiefe cut off when I get to Clafe Di..' adds, for the inafoermena of readers unacrlaiated with
dt Brinon, the Princes d inefeLamber and dc Vasdcmnnt. Caglioftroreceived to iquit Paris within three mercantile tranl*ditan, that fine the liparatioa 'of
Aft r the Houfe rice, the Prefliidet, rmclliou, and days; he had a cctinl over him wriift he remained, I America Irom this country, an ad was paffed whict
I. I'lton, fet offiminc.!iarely to inlforn lii, of Yeflerday, between twelve and one o'lt ck, the immor- ampoled a very high duty o an oil, imported lite
tlhc rcfult of the trial. .The King waits I their arrival taI l Truro went otut of town ; and, t' tit laift barrier, G;rea.litani if Lande from fih not taken ky aritik
at IlIgatelle. The aryct was act length iffncd a three he received fut her ordsr-lr'fe Uii ng the kiugdia uo faintedit 6 bWt, diuch -duty was rclttedu prnoi dd ted
qunarti r after nine in the 'ceteing-' r folluwitg it lral4ce within three week. ld'cf the <~ and the voel, werd flith. Th
the t-nor of it. Madame del. Tttcter he whipped, Madame de la Conmt*ffe de laotte, anid olla-. bounty comtin.ingmad>re, wherc;th IlkT dtlirea
sad hbrnded tn both ftiholder, in hk.r;- a rope about motive lle Olva are to palf the rcifaitveir otf their days fourths of the crew. wete he Mijetya fiutR t
her crrk, aiul fl to make whia rl ey c il hief the ,,l,e'. at Guingham ; the former is to hare a penfiJn of tu0.o the thip blrit!A built: the allwa;ie of qone-foiirh t
oer,,,n,'t, f, r Ihavin daIcI to Ineti uc oiff the moft livre a year, and thdq i'trc only j33 livrc. the crew helig nhide fra the puirpo le f andit'tintg i4t
sugKu n:ime tin order criminally it appripr ate to her- When the ComcriTe was goill to the bar, fthye or finhtIg vrTel a pi',eer nonlbmar i Naurtickeit-mn,
llta a diarminrl nccklice, valued at i ;oo. oo livres, antd eked one of the tipflaff that at, ailld c t he olcliho, without whole afliulace' the' SoutJier liah; y koIddna
inalty ti h aUht up inia .onvcent fir vr -r.--Villete *`s that villain, the Cardinal, 'tiE' -She was ttld,.' be carried on.
to he bansiied frotuthe cap.t..l and nt ctnv-nla tot cir. tlai fhe appeared to anfwer ite quelioni propoefc. .' Ie 19. It appears frr-mthe Isl.irtt if thl- iaf-
Fine Caidinal to be honnur bly .nequitted. 'agholhro Oald'not to itake others undergo her iu.ctro.rrgarlr t.' nel.nm Parlhannmo tht of c-i the chk.rges asyet hflufht
and Madcoiloifelle OIva to be dildlehr.r i ." When this WIthill the Judges wre examining this verj., li was against (overilno-r Hallingr, tlrte it hut ane which, i
judilmenita was anLuuoceil, the uoithi., a& if with hnie fpitcfully hufy in tearing the Ilaves of the Cardinal'a the opinion 4 the Cm atniMi. artaihes itiminallty to
von.i, cried uit, i. ai o I ft !/ In, ji,' 1i n j.g, mc orettial, and told the .magiftlrat, that to prove Prince h c cnduct. It i,, hih having inplofed on C tc Sing
So that thil affair, which ha.s Io ing kept all Europe I oui-'s guilt, and hi, privacy to the tranuialincr intc hc tcn heavy a t:-.
in fuflence, is finally conclu td." Royal I'ark of Vcrfail:es, it was only unliary to lie One of the firil ywellerr in I.nldon, we are inform*
*Ja- 7., etcrlay morningat. eight o'clock, died at nfluate, that finct that affair, bi s Emince had a new ed, (ly% an evening paptr has given it aq his opinion,
hit hcaue,at Sion, in the 74th yar of hls age, t'ie Mnfl funimcr-houif buJt in his garden of Saverne, Iwhichh that it.c Llur.nned Irelttied to his Ma --ly. froma the
N1,bl ln ugh Dake and Earl of Northurhberland, Earl called'Baci. (htl pilt.c) and the alley that led to it Nizani 4t thle Ieran, it very little iffiwr in vrtueto
iCPery, Eron Warkworth aid L.ovainte, Lord Lie.- was raised hy hy t Pe lyrelate, I'*ie de l.a Rt, (the the prniep.Al di.nuirodin the KirJ of lJ'rasn's punSchli
ttrant and Cutlto Rotulorcm of the County of Mld. Alley of the Rnfe.) 'I he Cardinal owned that the conmmtnl ly kntwn by therneme of Pitt' eitmond. '
llefx and Northunmberland, anld f the town and foumnieru-hnul was called o,. bu tt tat nae was only 'fue 'r. \Vtn all the adwatltagcs vlhinh the lreao
ounnty of Newcafli' u;pol Tyni, Knight of thie Mof giveaI to it in coafequ eicc ef an idea of his own, .ad have idel ive triy0 ililieral prohibioui, tihy are pu
Nuhle tf the Garter, andn Baronet, who, with a that the alley w.. called after h:s gAatdetcr, 1.a R.j, able to keep their ground with tue li itithi radris. The
men4 princely fortune, afllained hiscxalted rank through a very conmni n name with fcralalts n Frace"., bf, bllat'af'trade ill lici w;th our fellow fubjics il al
life with the gcatetr digity, genesofity, and fplen- xirti cfa /./ur from Gitrjey, y./7. their competietieta. Engliflb good, as wH fian their
tionlr, and will ever he considered am one of the firf Pritm charadetl of tihe age of which he conflitutd to dif- fays ti I tomorrow ; this evncing he is invited taOc* diilhftbe in France ; ad evep the inhalitanttof our
tingnaictcd an trnamncur. Hi. Grae' eaitflive chart. ball given on the occafion by tie gentiemint of those flannell lflanal find that tiuey'n with cale outdo tie
ties to the pior, his conflant eicoragericnt of liters- itflin. Yeflcrnday he died at the G, vnour's thit dly Frenchmen. Thb fiubjcs of this country trade irem
,ure and polite arti, and hii generous patronage of at Dr. Sauntlrvz', dad to-morrow, if ltill laere, at pritcipl and inclitation; the ItcTntlh aidc because
every kind of ircit, make his death truly a public Mr. Bell'* they can't fubft p without doing fu. "
lofs, and will caule it to he lang and lincerely lamented. Fm.tasfe o iter ,jr D-niua. Afrilf6. '3 r f.llowion is fid to e a cmrree liftl of the t yot
The late Duke of Northumberland was a very con The officer having obfervcd in the snded of the wvafe lands, which it is propofd tp being fpedilyh*T
fpicuous inilance of what great things may be done by Oovernour uncommon marks of pride voted hinlto a frte of cultivation: i. Ne Fore ; a. .Dea u;
common care working upon large property. The Coventry, and not one of them would diue with him; Il'ping; 4. Sherwood; s. ~lceyi; Wlichwti;
eitablilhment of his Grace was as mnagnifiemnt a it was thus beitn rendered a military figure, he very properly 7. Wthittlcehry; 8. Richm ~(orklhire) p. Roce-
pollible for any Inglilh nobleman to be; He had at all acknouledged his error, and by making an, apolog, tunhau ; to. Braden ; tr. ; 1t. ChArnwood;
tines three nahmson houfen, and of late four, in occa. was admitted to dine with the military club, an atpr- j. l.icefcr ; s4. Plick 15. Nardwood; t6.
fianal ufe.-Ac CharlagyCrof, Sin, and AInwick, he fent harmony is tolerably re-eflablihicd. Goverhours Vi i-rfdale ndl Rowtlaindl Ihdltaere.
Ipent fus that were immense in different fortsof very in the Wefln-ndies have received many inliruoive lef. .fnra/ *f c ftre. Prhh.
coltly docoratione.-PidAure by every matter ; even fons to ad ith condcfefeuion and good feaf." lc Clerc, an ig ous tiiman, ha prefrentl
for copies he gave 0oo guinea* each -Gardening by 0 ieetrau of a ,lter /rc C('.a'i, .4i(i i. the Royal Academy o ienrcd 'ww .iventeda Ui
Brownc.-Biillings by Adam.-In the twolaft article,, The order from Govertnent admitting a certain with ftur wicks in it t t produce a light equal to q
he is fppofld to havefpent not left than ity or eighty nnmlber of Roman Catholics in the Affembly and candles. It coflmes aot tounotes of ilin an hbo
thoufiad pounci. In conflant bounties and elemofy- Council, have been not only opposed, but totally de' after a few caperimerts the Academy hka approved tr,
uaryd nations, hoth public and private, his munificence feared hy a moft spiritedd maoton made and carried anu :econmeicnd it a very acoaoiMca andoe the great
was toolarge tobe concealed. In support ofhisfriends against Government. The Affemby was cpe&cd to c utility for public reomsr
cledions, his uegoingi were, at times, very large; and be diffulved, but no fuch mcafure has yet taken place, I The King will fet put lthei, a in. to view the
yet. notwithfandlng all thefe calls upon him, fo elfi and would only bring, on a ddifaxrgeate contest, like grand works of (ti'rboyrg. The tiles are in the f rm
caiou wereorderand management thattheefnatearco thofe which preceded the trouble on the American of a cone, and there atre of the ; each weigh flar
anulated confiderably. More than fifteen year ago, continent. The conflenand'aGnimfirtcs which already millions of pounds, and wil be 7o feet higher au the
he was able topurchafe the property on which Lotd prevail in this lWand, afe focklg to all well djfpofed highest spring tie. 'The 'inaer cage s to feet dia-
Percy had his feat in Yorkltire, and a few years fine, people, and If not feafenably crulhed, will prove fatal mter at the bottom. Each cone cots 4o00,000 Ivrca.
the mansion, ianer., and boroughs of Humphry Mo to its prufp eity, perhaps to its exiflence as a Eagliltn ueet a. W winterr Athint but afirm and beneficial
rke, in the Wel, all were fold to the Duke. In iort, colony. The French are highly offended because their commercial treaty with France, to make our country-
the rental with the Dukedom, he left at above ofoool. churches, and the lands whih belonged to them, are mc no only cententd among themrferres, bt lefn
aid to his fuoend foee, o.ooel. a year. pt into the hands of the EngtihA, according to the i.imical t the French ; and, by conference more
7Se, Is. There re very few fpeaker in the Houfe lProtelant doerieso of the cnititutiln. The French focute of the oatinaation of the blefia of peace.
f Commons who rank a raorr before Mr. Hardinge carry their ranebur fo hig ag fti the Englih mer, Such a continuation would make n at one rich and
liufpeech upon'Mr. Hallinga'* Impeachment will long chants, that they refuse to tre with them. Perhaps happy; it it therefore our duty to wif very well to
be remembered. A corre pndent who nffeffde he Mr. Pitt might look on this colony with contempt, an the plans now carrying faref w d -t Parls.
heard with more pleasure Mr. Hardinge's peech of the compaifon to the Carnatic, but the real value of the Ju.r 23. The attention that ha been paid to the
26th of December, *783, than that of the ft of June, island is wellunderfiood by the French. T'he fortica. xcenln of trade, during the lit and the current year,
a 864ha (fent us the following extra& of the former. tons are very near beian completed, and are esteemed begins to produce very Arikisg and pleafing canf-
lie is defirous to bferve, however, that the public can to be equal, if not (speror to thofe lately ereded at quenees. Our,Ea-l.ndia trade ia improved aiotm t1e
a yet have received but aa imperfed account of Mr. Martinia." a miracle. In the BaItte and the Meiternanea, one
Hardine's late speech, but he pollited that from Lately wadeterminedin hisMajelfy' CourtofEnhe commerce is far from bng on the decline. In the
which the following extra is taen, himself at the tet i that long depending caufe, the King againft We(lf-ldis it louriftea; on the Bolna of Newfoaod '
nequeft of the Eail-adia Company, and it mut be n. ayey. The merits of which, aecordiag to the lad t does the fame ; and ia the froen ocean it i
thetic. evidence produced in court, are a follows: more profperousthan it was at nrV period of our hiftery.
What all be faid of Mr. Hafting the delinquent ? In the year 7y 4, Mrs. Hayley, defendant, having The ambei of fhips that hatk bee n in aItu cnplop.
a and what fehool prepared him for his prefent charc- debts, to a considerable amount, due to hbr from the meot fnce OAober lft. is immnrfe
Str i Log the Servat of ths CenpnTy, L h I li Cd fubjc4e of the VnVitd States, esph ed is the Mrul, The public is pleaded, sd oet without god Mnbe,

ol the Ilepi, ihi MIlidiry have taken towasr o en
wti the t CrOi a Lari ad fweft, to fame general
MC"S purp. ,'Thle fdenfla and lands ceai of
Asny thouand of aereM-alot a of whkh may be'
tendered yrodutlive. There it every real to believe,
that Parliament will warmtly encoag the jtba eious
dlPofal of them I aid if they do-hdft eden, wiU loon
become tifible the public interme will h enlarged-
the produce of the iand *ill be coefidaraly encreat d,
in canfequence of which money will b more plenty-
and a great many idle hand, will find employment,
though which many wll be refused from indig en
and ruin, It is very unaccountable, that fome Minulers
dJb not conceive the ela of turning the Crown wafllt
into Iburei of national emolument.
f7-r aO. The following is the Charge given by the
Chief Baron to the Jury, on the trial of Mr. Fits-
gerald at Caftlbasr.-" The prefent is one of the
aloft momentous and Important trials that ever came
before a Codrt, and through the whole f this mrlan-
choly boinnrs, every feeling mind muit he happy to
perceive that impartiality and teaiperance which have
dllinguifed the euonlub of thrfe who were appointed
bring to iunflhct le the author of a deed cot lft hbartibia
than degrading to human nature; and however incli-
liable I may be to lean to the idc of mercy in all crimi-
nal rates, yet in the present afte, I muft conflcs, that
fuch aggravated guilt never appeared before me. It i-
far front my intention or wilh that any thing I could
this day lay to you Ihould bias your opinion ; you are
gentlemen of conference in this county, and I am
firmly perfuded of the ftieteft impartiality and your
verdid of conlfquenc muifll be the result of junlice.
You are in pufclibon of eltablilhed faith, front which
you will douhtlelf draw lair Inferences, antarniiltlc
with any unfavorable opinion which you nt iy have
previuully teceFvdd against the prifoner now upon hi.
trial, and entirely uninfluenced by anyimpreflion whiih
an affair th .t hai bcen reprefnted in the molt Ihncking
clouri, both in private cenvcrfation and in the pub-
lic print., tnuf hwe mads on you.
It Ia s. myt Province to prescribe the vcrdi& nccef-
ary for ypi to bring int you are-agood judges of the
fadt whi.h appear belore you, a I anm, and by tih ol
muft be .irtted; if tanr point of law oicurs to your
iined, or niiliutla of douht as to any point ol aw, I
will, with pleasure, as will my brother, explain it to
you, anI give yu every aflifrance; and from my
knowt Re of you, I again trejeat, your determinationi
willl.e rhe refnlt of wijilom, imrrtiality and justice
the lir ur of the laws may fornlcties he itrrethed to a
ua iS'ato un.terncf., ind lthre ate itiilracc where
lcity tmy be repug.ant t justice."
F.. aI. It it not in the left qu ftionable, that
tie return of peace, inidcinulenl t of any new aCis oi th
Ickinlature, is propitiou- to commerce. but it i allr,
ul qlillitonatle that the commerce ofan action an neve
attain it. lull range and ceflcd, without the amicable
iititrpoliirion of thelertillatie power. The lalt of thefe
fact. wed illuftrated by an attentive confederation of
t lc ir. feut trade of Great-Britain, and of the ftep that
hAvI le ton it. Look toward India--and fee what iha
been doer it, enlarge ,ur commerce with that quarter of
the glo .c. Recrollt the attention ihat hai been btft w-
el aoil I. prervanton of our Wft-lndiatralde. Olltrvc
v Idli lLrt a IT liity the commercial intercsIl of oa re-
v,:iliil.o' Illellons In America have been oultivlted.
Ht vi.Ltk the rcittiotra that were lastly made to reinsue
,..*r v..riru filheries eaenfively bneficial; and alo.,
til idufitry anl talent tJuiat are fill employed to im-
",v. an PrrUionig the intereltlt fnaviaution and trade
ill: ocicri.l. Art: anmilft the ideal which luch a prof.
y et niav cecae,, let it be remembered-that Miniftry,
nu t c. renting thsmtelies with renewing our commar-
cil t.l:ir:.c t with Kutih, have entered upon, tnd, if
le, r.l itlirlion may he credited, are on the eve of con
cer t,ri a vcry nlvadtageotl treaty with our former ene
i Iranc. Iff litlhcinmportant circumflancehealladded
to oter rec ont, they wll exhibit a late of our comn-
icrciai aiffAf, that mnuft afford fiacere delight to eovry
t,..r ILc on.
aLe i l.iice of trade, and the balance of exchange.
halv. wiliin the lel year, experienced occasional fBc-
tii. it.s. The former, however hasinvariably, dur;lg
tlr.,t time, been much in our falour i the lurter ha,
lnver been against uo. At prefent the balance of
exchange runl high in our favour.
.ntrral r *a better fr.. Ge(t*, 7a"t 4.
Wt every darecceive the moft fattering accounts
rf 'he fuccefr of the eflabliilmen which hah been
Jiin end at Conflance, by the citiana who quilted this
It public in confcquenee of the late anfortunate revo.
lurion. Their number ia already increased to about
;oo. The simplicity of manner of the inhabitants
Iecurec them again that luxury and dillpation which
are to baneful to induAry, and which were ccrtanly the
caufes of all the calamites that have befallen this mile-
rab e republic. This circumSance, added to the liberty
which they there enjoy, and to the proainlty of ther-
tefent fitluain to what wastheir country, are among
bhe principal cautei which have contributed to render
thi, infant colony to Bourish ng. The Emperor hau
r-..ted federal very confiderable prvilege and among
a tier,, that of f.undingan ioependent church and it
l.p| n. angularly enough, that the fpot, which hab
.,,oD allotted them for the performance of their religious
worflip till their church ullt he build t, i the vtrly.ame
t,ut which were burned the two fi martyrs to religious
liberty, John Hula and Jerome of Prague. I write
fthee tartau yo, becaufe I do at doubt that you
will think them intereAig. The generana pirt of
iiLrtty now animates .o flw botolu ioany pt d lu-
rope, that thofawho suffer on that aeout eanot but
comam d u teniftln an0td rectp (iM tor

humnaity lte whatever atblwe eemer of bhe earth
they may be compelled to retreat."
; 9. It s a very-ueftionae point, whether or
not we orghto teek for say e"aton of our mucan.
ril trtan a with the Thi Suaso America.
If wecaa c ad fack market. (r our goods in other
eoMutrias, a we have now good ru10ag to believe we
all Sfdd. w wll have no ccfl for any dealings
with the United Statet I any liag regrdin our ea.
pot trad: And, a. to imnporta-. t into Ltami or
the Wa.Ind.a lands, we re likely foon to be ery
fully and adequately supplied by ourremaining American
Colonial :--t which government hae given, ad very
wifely cotine to giv, evry poible encouragement.
Ilhere is one fad relpeting the Thirteen State., which
their agents here are very auaious to mifrepretent,
namely, that fince they have became free, their payments
have come very tardily, and, foactimes, not at all.
The fatally attendant on the name of Rohan has
extended ifelf to the Grand Maltr of Malta. M. dL
Rohan Polduck has had a very serious dispute with the
Commauders of the Older, %ho unanintoully voted hi.
apullson from the island : but the BAilli de Sufrein will,
no doubt, through hi, great and well mcrited influence,
h:ing the matter to a happy couclufi n. It ilin ular,
however, that no lcft titan four of the Rohan Zamily
Should be deprived, ail of the fundions of LordCham
b rlain; ad of the tuition of the Children of France;
.idly, of the Grand Almunry and 4thly, that the Prince
ocubifo Ihould be obliged to abent hinifelf from tIhe
Councils of his SoveciiKn, with the additional notrti.
Scatrsn of knowing that Prince Louisiathe i of that
tainily that it to poTffat the bilbopricuf Strabarirh.

P I R A C Y.
D UNAWAY with, on Sund4y lic z3th infant,
I from the Illand of St. EuIat'u., the bloop
BUMr R, owtcd by the Sublciiber, whereof
laronra SairMon wad Mafter, anid then laying
olffant on to Ihe road of St. Eunatiu, by the
Mate, ianied JaMis Buras, a native of Eng-
land, about twenty-two years of age, about five
feet five inches high, fair thort hair, and marked
with the fmall pox ; and a negro man boy named
JAMsa, (the Malter andi two negroes being on
Ihore.) The faid S'oop is Britilh built on a new
plan, ha LI ick bcIods and yellow fides, a cockpit
r-tbaft, three lengths of beds in her cabin, whict
II veC) high, a Ical pump that carries the water
overboad without coming on deck, her maR hai
very little rake, the is very neatly linilhed and
lails rcmoaikablyfat, the is about forty-two feet, was foranrlys called the AIATHA, coin
iaanded by Mr. T'udor Tucker, built and owned
by lriiget Goodrich, Efq; has been in the Welt
*ilit. about eight months: Any intelligence that
-.aIl be given ot her to the owner at Anliigu,. o
to Ms. Robert Crawford, St. Kitts I Meftrs. Rotl
and Atrindcl, St. Euflatius; Mr. Charles Hagart,
"it. Thomas; Mr. John Sempill, St. Croin;
Mcerri. Park, Bates, and Co. Dominica i Mr
., iliam Turner, St. Vincent; Mellrl. Oillocb
anld Krr, Glenada i Mr. John Shatnoan, Tortola;
or Mr. John Nihell, Trinidad i will be thank-
,ully received by
A.Higra, Augsft s86. i
N. B. The ailsof the above-imentndlop
are very remarkable, a fcam being run through
the middle of each cloth to rentder them firunger
andi to fit better, has two quarter lights in each
fide and two in the breast of the quarter deck,
her naft and topm ift all in one piece, is fqeare in
,he partners, anti alto fqiare about one foot above
the deck, fite has quarter deck rails about one
foot high.
W ILL be paid to whoever wil deliver to the
S Subfcriber, or to the Keepetf tLe Jail, a
Negro Man named JACK, a flout Il let fellow
I feet y inches high, hat an implement in his
speech, and is marked with the fall pox: he
lately belonged to Mr. Jon Fox.
Na.fs, Sotfrmsr 1786.

Fo H H U L L,
W I L L I A M,
Joan BraON, Mater;
Will faIl in ten days has excel-
lent accommodations for palrengers.
For pafrage, apply to the Makter on board.
A LL Perfoni having any demands against the
f. Elate of Mr. Jast ARtM taoNG W Iiaon,
late of Long-lland, deceased, re requested tode-
liver Rates of the fe proerl atte tedt to either
of the SubfcribeO, on or e he be of Jauary,
787 ; and all peri a ndabte faid Efate, are
required to katle Immediateitt,
.eq. ..AR WILSON,
AdmiarlratrI at .llad, or
S PARR RO h s,
Her Atwtlc, at Ki Nw.Pivrdcm

FROM the s8th of lft month to the 8th inftat,
Sthe winds have been very high, accompanied by
heavy rain.-O the 6th and 7th the rain wa. incelfatt,
ard ha ovcraloed all the low grounds in the neigh-
bnorhood of town.
The Schomier True Blue, Hill, from Antigua for
this port, was cal away on Silt Key, about a Lafte
to windward of this plate, eo Thurfday lf't.-lhe
cew, rargo, fpars, nd rigging, are il fared.
AaRsoivn HeaRt Frnt
Sreoltnr 3, Sloop Nonparcil, Philllps, Antigua
Sptearver Sch. Two Brothers, Vincent, St. Ailufrine

In the Ship MARY, Captain FORRESTo
AND TO I 0ot1 D rY
B E.T Hlfon Tea Sail Cloth from No. I to
IJ Lesa Sugar Ofnabur s
Black Pepper (heck. nd Srripe$
Poland Starch line at coarfs hiti Lin-
Fig Blue cms
Yellow Snpe Ditto cetinmg
Wax anl Tallow Candles India ltkeeni
Rokf Rutter Mens a Woment Sltk,
Yothfhire Ianis Threa & Cotton Hlte
Spiced Salmnn YVoth Be< ditto
Pickld ITripc &lens cos fe aid line Shoes
Qliti I'fil Sance Woenst ditto
Sallad Oil Youths, Boys, S& Childrtns
Turkey Figs ditto
London-buttled Porter China, Glald, and Yellow
.intfeed Oil and Paints Ware
Which, with their former Affirtment, will be fold on
rcafonabe Term..
N. B. They have alfo for fale, a few Puncbeons of
high proof JAMAICA SPIRIT..
And to be Sold at ".I INTI6so-OIrics,
Price Fotr Jlrj.
in South Carolina, from Britilll Province
to an ludpeindrnt State. i ro %o.
dAnd Poljegn giwn i diatllj,
A HOUSE to the Ia T ARD,
Formerly occupied by bSrerPu A liEfq.
For Terms app'y to JOH (W IRRISTI.
qa'so, A.4u:u iA, 786d.

7o le Sold at Publj)r Auion,
On MONDAY the ,ath ofg 4ripTMni, 1786,
7'IIE following LOTS iid LAND, late the
piop.rty of Mr. Rr aT Sponct, vii.
A WATER LOT, rt in front, djinisng
to the WeAward to Mr. on, and Eaftward
to Mrs.CLTrsTt, having apOUSE, 36 by so,
a HOUSE, st by Is, with a k Chimney aod
Cellar, a Kitchen, Necefliry, .
A WATER LOT, so feet in ont, adjointng
on the Weftward to Capt. al: and Ea.ward
to Capt. LAit, with the Iram of a Houfe, 40
by so.
A HOUSE and KITCHEN, upon Mrs. FalH't
Eighty ACRES of LAND, milesfrom Nafau.
The Conditioni will be declared at the Sale.
Truneel for the Creditors of Mr. Rnelo S pe e.

To be 0 L D
On THUR S DA r the I4th of Strfearbm iNlant,
And other perfoln ESTATE,
Of the late Lieute nt-Govcrnor,
An inventory of which is n the hands of the
Sabfcribers, and the article will be Ihewn by the
Aciminifrator two days previous to the day of
falc, between the hours of cleen and one in the
forenoon each dayTrILLIOG MACKINZIE.
Noalf, Sepfrt er a, ly6.
ALL Perfons indebted to the EER( the late
l Mr.AiXankDii RoanIRTAonfCat-llMlad,
deceafed, ire hereby requested t make inmm-
diate plymyta, and all having accot I against the
aid hftateJ to render them n ot before the it
day of M at, u all accounts reendered i
by th iat i cannot be attended t
N ,-. THOMAS SMITHI, Admllilsair.
fvI lSltpomakr 9,1 ii.

A New F I A ,
Performd a ra.. r with Univerfil Applaufe.
Compiled by Mr. Hoot.
AIR. Mr. INteLnow.
Y OUNG Barehul with gen ivy crowa'd.
Hither brings hi jocund train,
7Thn gayly pu the blet round,
Wine lcan ul ev ry pain.
In rofy whie all joys are found,
Then gayly publ the goblet round.
If care diflurb, orlvv( molef,
Drown them In a lowing bowl.
They ae'er with pain can touch the brted,
While gay Bacthus cheer the foul.
th royll wine all joly are found,
Then gayly pufb te goblet round.
AIR. Mrs. MatrIa.
The trumpet founds to arms, to arms,
And calls thee hence to war's alarmed,
See glory pointe the way:
She ct thee hen to war' alarms,
The trumpet aoutc to arms, to arms..
DUET. iT WIIOarTN aod Milt LaaIT.
Turn th) Shepherd, look on me,
This wa torn and look on me;
Diana leads to love and joy,
Beauty leads to love an joy.
SON Mrs. WasnGIyTn.
Hark, hark to the found of the tweet winding hera,
It invites to the chafe, and awakenu the morn,
Diana leads forward o'cr mountain and plain,
While Echo, earptou'd, repeats the blythe otrai
While Bochu deprives thee of reason and wealth,
The sports of the Nld give pleasure and health i
Such innocent piftImei infur us all joys,
Where no bkf e* diftuebe, no malice deftrop,
A I R. Mif LAutr.
eniM, Queen on Love defending,
Wotes thee to er foft dclight ;
Take the blib qLove attending,
Beauty call 'tie Love invites
Dove are odfng, Beauty fuing, a
'Ti Belut I t lls 'ts Love ilriteL
ronIghopiel foft fight, and tender fewt
With ~l, the tal of fot dclhine ,
Attending aU nor.e appear ;
'Tie BaXty "u, 'tie Love inites,
I De Caput
I yield. I bw at Beaut's mrine,
E;k;ht gaddefi, all my foul is thine i
The reig of Bacchas now is o'er,
Love ad Beauty we adore.
All reftae in e find;
Beauty conquer all manaind.
kanty, queen aelo fot deres,
Hither lead y laughing boy:
Love that e'ry b ite1 nfpire,.
Love that br ern cr joy.
All rebflaaain we fad.,
Beauty eouen all nuskind.
ISppofed to be fun in the Perfon of the Poet, by Mr.
jhanr iau at te Anacre ti Society.
elt by Mr. DAra.i-Thle W dt by Mr. Sfaaa&TT.
'CAY so mere, Anacreon' old,
3 That his coaltitution's cold;
Warm'd by Bemty's genial lay,
Or with focal covene gay.
'hen, if copious gtblets low,
I with lfty vigour glow.
Talk no more of aches or painr
faded arength, or chilly enl ;
Place me sear Apollo'e ,
live me aule, give me wine
When I hear the making ram,.
Florid youth I eel agai.
Tho' with feowy hean spread,
Wifdom blofomeu nd my head
The' I'm fometmc grave ad thg
I And rlpf aga age,
Do but toacl ta anchin agly
Strait A rnacreo's fol'a on as.
Dll and languid ae my pow'r
lrkfatmei pl my wacat hoera
'Till thelucious owl I quaf,
daily then I fg and laugh;
Cirel'd with my fon-our igh,
More thaenortal then am I.
R UN AWAT from the Subteciber, on eaday the
R a fJ ly, a Negro Fellow n eo. W
aver will aL nd the fld ruaawy a ve h
to the keeper the public Jail in Ntan, aeoeive
One Gi res Reward.
jfjHI, kgs90 1. l T.
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Parliamentary Debates. every s me in the power of k.e NMe t'*cml.,
'ITh would encourage the He. 1 4 war p"" eas
agaisf another crimil of high rank abAndet wi
Ho sa ef Co as on s, Wedlnreefds April 6. t inthat Hlos, LTd. A ,tW tie eU.A. $a 4#j
,ado ., i .c, is.c sai a e Wae. call, garw
..... ..e. L ,,.elexia ed with Jel tle.,, We..] Tlb s aobicul ite hab
([Mr. PrTT $es, r Waded o -,.e frequc .hently alleged his accut5 we were ror
prrty numerous tu therf de oftbe Hifue t lie
U E then advertd. n nrn. tenrs, to the imp- el w hi an, d tha ad r l
H Lnee of the charges the table. Fram the themnles I to do. h fsute thu lte Coaliti nuee
ltuation of the perfe a rcued, and the nature of the ton w altered.
charges brought ginla them, the honour if that Houe Lord N trs tor what he had fe atMr
was materially concerned, aid would be injured by an doe in that luu( with refpef to the allultin wcl
hall or erroneous decilon a tondign punisment, or a had been to 6royr made to him by the Ist ia-
gnal and unequivoal deliverance, was ildifpenably Geutlemtan. He had frequently courted ah enqoity

might be able to adduce, he kacw net; ut ats he ho to lear fro the enquiry all he depecated wa, th
ped sna tr uled that he would be able to cleat btfclf he milht not be contina.ll.u d wi a epetiti
tfroeem the guilt imputed to him, he wages enfttuell Y of the Iomer eharge up every q gelan a, merely toee
deirous of giving him the culiei opportunity. On teporry purpoi. this he was coni et. th
the fabjed of the charges on the table, rethought t the enquiry wu ot kept byt sa favot r, by power
aecetfary to remark, that they were in many parts or bt r the athori Hou toe. In te m were
overloaded with eatranou attr; in others filled with he ,reid upon the audour of th e Houet tat e e l
circumllanocc totally irrelevant; that tley were fre. not he ad .cutao the eard in e lis hunbehcuat.
quently obscure, and fomclimes unintelligible. How- manner.
ever therefore he wihred for a tfeedy and eriouin- Mt reargin apologized; after which Majn So" t
vefligationo he thought it rrcviouoy necefary the theaf motion was carried without a diriefon.
charges Itould be difrencurnibred and explained. Mr. logir then pr~meent r te w .ocr lo i.
Mr. IF declared hmnifef ready to abide by the pe- to a libel wrictcr by Mr. Haisiga again i tel e t-
cedents which tihe right Hon. Gentkman had quoted, ir.tor.saud the abandonment of Sha Ala
o gino re ap are to bre rlly p P*it. oin Cs cludiug a treaty with the la hreelta'dlie Ao
or.n i ng ra d otnty op ea e th o be eraJ m in onte .. .
He animadverted on t he a bertion that tr e charges call with other two, w ich were isn great fonwArde, ea
gained much of irrelevant ad extraneous matter. 'his intended should complete the whle.
he totally denied. That they were copious and dinutc, Mr. litra neat reiandd the Houe, that chl p.etd..
he would readily allow ; bat could not admit tha they wa the day appointed for going into a Comnmrtee, ana
were burthened by any etenfie n which wasnot jlified hearing ance on this bufi He had to leSiueca
by the circumanlaiCesa ohf had ch nthe afe, and the eclt of he ai, that from the decayed coition which
supplying the fullest information io the fubjed. He tAle in gmare l bra t r thbe ran-ii h"-e
conude with defirig that theprecedents might frthe cul, depr ve.d .of the llane ofme wt
read, o r thto delodc the a ne of fume ver
Alon co e o then te k place on te relation s 'ologiai tar non-tendanee o account of idi
which s precedents bore to t fe now pend. and loing a ertiate from hs hli
atir lwan the omar mf hiso remarks took ottafea btha t purpaoe e [aid, that on this ceMomt e lsidd
coin ed in. thew cro r ht o m i tot o So be a oupelled to change the order of the witncF fe wM
to vindicate the charges he ad made, and the mAner were to be examined; that thee who were mat iifire
ini wirh Ith were given to the Houfe. would be irt ateuladed to. auongl them, he haie
Mr. P a kid, i that if the R Geleman was r R et Barker, who now at.tended a an
would reduce his particular charges to certain iffuable dece, HI e other fore wiltec that the Hlot. wold

Ceof H&*te ponf to Pitt, for hie asack w ore M *
points and bring them into a narrow comnaps he ap re l e itself into a coatimtee t and f tehat pIO p
prehonded it might be attended with great convenience. ro h
Mr. Fie contended, that the Right Hon. Gentleman Itcd that Sitker o now i eavi e o lh cca tr.
the re fury Binch attempted to impo a taer on it ed, tha Ie" i il aclS dltey n to heap e M.
Is ight He n. Friendch chart te hlioue had nod e to hear M r.
his Rig t lone crend, which no mean he hohe taltmin on te lbje of the cargo now beare them.
t incumbent upon him to undertake. He argued with it would be unfair to make ay addition to l e of chd.
great force and ability, that there was abundant matter i e or c to 1 in any fuple t y evidence, u until Mr.
contained in the charges for that loule to form an r r tn n Brfi} l. e rvan, nlMr.
opinion. a or no, whether th were wa utatliiend A in ingr mthoeuld he bees, heard.
topnlion drs onr M, Whethrer th u was 8lmcnt n .. .... Parael replied, that as no limited time had bee
to ground un impeachment again Mr. Haingr. afftcd, o which the perld aerutsd war to make ias
r.d o pot g he fra m .in tedroe t r Cnt pendo aenate was to te Goahe
id of the Hofe to A te enqui, worked c bythe parole evidence to the charges already bere
up to a pitch ef'eutraoediuary warmth. hm. t oub, in opinion, be .e mr
Mr. Pit retorted, that the Right Hon. Gentleman tem. tt o i the in ha is aopnos, bas ec m lce advath
had given a truly itiking fpeimen of the mderation agee the pr i ac. dthe we complete
and temper, with which the charges against Mr. Ha charge sw e made, the a I addition would be nerrf
t!igo would be condudled. If hs ururtucnitshadnoe to hi defence.
.oen becuee I b argmen d nn Thi rencs of opinion produced a long and defuh
been made te vehicle of his malice; tithe Right Hon. tohi convert tion. bhe. fpar ers on the attroe of Ad.
Gntltan.s intnuationg had been left toand irtonverlation. the calling on te vidct o, Aee
jindgetc thy perhol would have been attended toyb mibntto, rgal thei g Ioeio c, r
the io tit t l trefnet Withoot endeavour Mr. Pit, Art Dunda, the Attor aey-Goenral Mi.
ct oh n Wilerorce, and Mr. BearLroft ; on the put of Ohlpe-

Mr. co t~~ he fbould ell Contiue R foplg Ho.n.. e. to.. .
tocopywhe npse hex ttota upontiu foder tion, o n Mr. Foe Mr. Burke, Mr. drlsn latn, Mr-
that there were many parts of the charges that weld o Brad Ar. M
otruire evidence, because they were not futicintly An fruth'er, e fi e .k
rounded gai r. Hano although t md A dvifnon rneuad on the queslion for the Speaker'
tro eh r a Mr. alu t h lld n Other, e lung ththe char. in which the numbers were
to be urged in aggravation o offence. Other, he Scng yers so
waru again free to acknowledge, tended firongly to Ayee 1o
eriminate that gentleman. For hit own part, he had Hora n.
no wil to fide the enquiry. If he had any particular Majority agai the .
wil, it wau that Mr. hafllings might be able to affert ri nt the l etiou o d
his innocence, ecauft he had much rather a man Imouad On the return of the Members from the diiflon, etn
be innocent than guilty ; but hedefied the dark nfmua- Speaker flared a doubt whether in point of order hMr
tions of the Heas. Gentleman, that there was any Ha flitnge would be heard before the Committee of the
mention on hi to fioife the bufitacf or to prctlude whole Houte, to which the papers had been refened.
it fiom a ir candid heig, or before the Honte, who had given him the permigla
!Mr. B o ndd to Right Hen. Go noe- toa neak.
man, when ha4 ipke next time upon moderation, to it was after onme time determined tha Mr. Hal-ingl
recoiled the flowing couplet of Arbuthnot: ud would be heard at the bar of the HouSe on Monday
Tihn o, r n'd Ar pe lt of a Nortrg. Nc.aian, neati and that the Cvidences fl hou be examined ao
8rm,'d i e i.U lf should a.n Mneiy it f 'uceday.
After Mr. Burke had ifuotweffully turned the laugh F It A e, Atril AL
of Ie Hute upon Mr. Pitt, for his attack on MTI. T io
FlIo moderation, he refaoled himfclf and a lrtcd, Q ta P rie a.
thoit any idea of his having aggravated the crimes of Mr. Powya entered lnto the lifery of the di Mr. HatI g, wae a ma unuil inflnnatiou. Itwas loawrthat xifnced in the proul ce of (e;tchoe ftceta
necefary, for his own honour, and the honour of that year t763. when it tfir came into our handr. Hita lg
Houat, that the charges lould be brought home. He made tome very good remarks on the bill of 1e74, he
wa determined to proceed flop by ep; il he was flrip preceded to the heads of the petition, which amoutre
p d of one argument, he would closely follow up an. in number to thirteen; to every article of which he
tr, until he had firly brought the matter to an ifer, faid a few words, to point aet the neefity of indulging
unless the Hofe in its great judgment, would out them; an the whole ammtencd onlyto the reeef of
him Ihonr; there mdeed he mUltbow obedience. Ifan participation of the Britihs laws, fach as an optieou
arm was lopped, BUll he would affiall the enemy; if a jairy, the independenrcy of the jtdgei, the trial by j!,rj.
leg wai taken off; nay, if both were amputated, lail, the pcrtanclncy of ahe Habeas CorpUr AiP, tsgertlu
like Widdrington. he would fight upon his tinmp. In with an eariell reqiel thdat the retention and dififtilliqt
fhart, nothing left than poltticl id th, by the dlred of the officers i civil departm.ts, &C. may m., A
orders of the Houf, Should prevent him from going they do at prerfit, depend ,n the will of the (tore-
reglarl on i he rolt cirt obje, to repair the nour-Gencral, but on his Mlajely alone: it we allof
injars ffainrned lsfh honour WA hnampalty of his the with of the inhabitants to have as Affembly. with
touny, many other points on which he dwelt with mJic elaroe
Mr. d lb laed that Mr. iHftiang might be ne and perlplcuy. After this he movedft lw ae to
brought l =oills puiament if guilty, and if lnno- bring it a bill to e6pi0 and atnendthe l4 madiaS
ent a = d. The Han. Member earnefily hoped Ad .. a
tha i lm. Mow ini Cbeinets would riceine %'' jocsa

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