Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 15, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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beA fl oteithlAitdi g, consider fuch at were The Right Hon. Ger'*eman who had opened claim lo that aeneraIfmrds ad be hia rece al
pral worth as entitled to Aroag approbation ; the debate, had alto begun by an attack on his their, imprefans. dt the tSrbaronot m ne in
my, *a afl cicat gIiot urffcrreward and thanks, Right Hon. Friend for not having come forward which thle war was carried on against theRooliaI
f they should be found upon the whole to predo- upon the prefent occasion, as the prolcnutor of from tlhe Iritifh ofhcer who headed the troop.
nftct Thq.two RJt Hton. Gentlemen on the Mr. Haing. He had already h wn why it was Mr. Franeci c isead his (pech, whic.jmas bt
orter fide, had laid it down that his Right Hon. not his Right Hon. Friend's duty to do fo, on the ihort one, merely to an explanation of fats that
friend in moving the refolutions that had been idea of his having been pledged to it by th: refo- had chiefly come within his own knowledge, while
read, had pledged himfelf to conflitute a criminal Intions that had been read. But perhaps the Right in Bengal.
enquiry, of which thofe resolutions were to be the Hon. Gentleman tiagined that his Right Hoa. Mr. FarrSlart faid, the Rohilla war was not yet
fiusndatiol Thin he m d poatirv deny, as the Friend would have been the mot proper perfo ito ndtoodpepe..y, that in ta heiad. hl
ohje of thofe refulutionswasmanifely ofa very have conducted the buinefs of the profecction, no fuch thing as the extirpation of the Rokilljia
diet fope and tendency, and imply went to and for that reafon, independent of the notion the word airfUti4, had eca m-re
elaablih the neeerfty ot Mr. Haftinga's real, not of his having been committed, as had been at- accident, as the Englia of a w rd in Perftc, u
on account of mal-adminiftration, but becaufe tempted to be flewn, wished h'm to have taken which it was not a true trallation.
havinglo the confidence of certain neighboring it upon himself. lie mull confers, that if there Lord North roletoftate afew fats. l Lord.
Princes, he would be unable, as it was then were any real guilt to be invifigated, asd any flhip gave a detail of the first fending ever Mr.
thought, to reduce the confused and unfettled punishment to be inflicted, he joined in opinion hl.itings, witi tat eeiats that followed till
fate of thofe countries to order and regularity. with the Right lion. Gentleman, that his Right had the honour of nonipating him Ooverour.
Were it to be admitted, according to the idea Hon. Friend, would indeed he full as proper a General of India in that Holife, in'l74.' The
the Right Hon. Gentleman had seemed to fuggei, perfon to take the lead, and full aslitcly to AccC,.n- Dlrrtarsreemived him In si7Sy in hisa nlao
that a vote for the purpofe of recalling a Gover* plilhallthepurpofc ofpnblicjultice, aathoiifGel- very properly ; but, at a Court of Poptt
nour on motive of policy, ought necefarily to licmen into whofe hands the profccution hadfallen, til Maiitf overpowered tie Court of DOintori
he confdered a a ground of a criminal profccu. But. as another Right lion. Gentleman had laid, and confirmed Mr. Haltings in his governaat.
tion,-fuch a dodrine would be productive of the there were occaflims, when the bounds and His Lordlhqrieentloned a perlsn (Mr. Lauchsl
molt monstrous consequences; for it mult either eltablilhed rules ofjulticeought tobe over-leaped, Macleane)having been over in .ngalaodfBmladlia
reduce Parliament to the necefity of hefitating on and a prosecution conducted rather by violence with power to make Mr. Haftings regilaliono
fuch a Rep, however urgent the occasion might and refentment, than by the dull storms of ordi. his Ouvernmeut. Wheid Mr. Maclane bI ea m:
be, until after full examination of the conduct nary proceeding; perhaps considering the present arrived at Calcutta, Mr. Hafting ditownesd Mr.
yf the Governour, or it mut lead to the greatcft butincfs in that point of view, the Gentlemen Macleane, and kept his Government. Histlod.
iiuAtice anti opprelion, by rendering a profecs. that had taken it up were the fittef people to be hlip faid. that every thing went on well under Mr.
lion unavoidable and indifpenfible, although no entrafted with it. lialttngs's Government for fCme time, fe the
adequate enquiry had been inflituted to determine He then went over tlhe grounds that had been allar of the Rohilla war was but little known i
o its propriety. At all events, there could be occupied by Mr. Dundas, rc:aive to the breach gland, and by no means understood properly
nothing more demonlrable than this, that at the of the treaty of Potrunda, and the feizing on tie till the belet and Secret Committees had lat an
jpaling of thofe refolutions they were not intend- provinces of Corah and Allyabid, and particu- inlvtigated that and other fats, and Rated then
ed as a foundation for any criminal proceedings, larly recalled the recor!er.ion ot the Honfe to this fl fully in their Reports. At the time that the
bhcan they contained in themselves the whole of circumitance, fince the tr.znfations relative afair of the Rohilla war bcameimae, w his tLoad.
the object for which they were calculated name- to thofe provinces, which were in tile year r77i, th1p-laid, it was thought that Mr. Hflatilgrwa
ly, that it appearing necelTary to eftablifh coni- or 1774, an Act i-f Parliament had been patlled, greatly to blame, and to again In repeat to the
dence with the Briace of India, and certain Go- altering the whole fyftem of Eaft India Govern- breach or the Treaty of Purunder, but thCllrtit
vernours in India having loft that confidence, it mcet, and instead of a Prefident and Council of of Diredlors flarcd the blame with Mr. Haltings.
was advifeable-What to punifh ? No but to Bengal, appointing Mr. Ilafings, by name, Gover- At that time he did not think it right to recall Mr.'
real thofe Governours.-- Whether the conduct nout General of the whole ofthe Settlements. It Haltnngs, because we were on the eve ot a war'
by which the confidence of the native Princes was would therefore be highly inconfifent and ablurd with France, and as it was imagined hoftilitie
ilot, had been occasioned by the execution of or- to look upon him now in the light of a culprit for wouldreach India, it appeared Improper tochang
der from home, or from the imprudence of the any measures taken previous to his nomination to the Governour-Genriau, who bethought poltlcd
Oovcrnours themselves, was a question by no that great Ration, which, in Itfelf, was the hightft vigour and abilities i and that was the reaoa ct
ceans involved in the popriety or impropriety of crti te of the aprobatiohe f Parliament. Mr. Haftngs being luflercd to remain Ouvernomr.
the recall; becufe to be the agents in a fyftem of The papers that hadl been afked for were cer- When General claverin, Mr. Monfon, and a
which the people of India difapproved, would as tainly very proper to be laid before the Houfe, let lion. Gentleman near him [Mr. Francis] were
effetually destroy the confidence of thofe people, the mode in which the piofccution should be con- fent over, and they had a Majority in Coudcil, the
as to have been the original devifers of it. There. ducted be what it might, lie Ihould, for the pr.- (overument, his Lordihip faid, tar the
fore, however guilty Mr. Haftings might pollibly lent, avoid giving any opinion on the fcvcral bet conducted of any, that ever hadbeen in ladl;
be, the refolutions now referred to, were by no moacs of trial that had been mentioned; but as but that was not of vety long duration, two of
means a charge against him I because whether the Right Hon. Gentleman had appeared to drter- the Gentlemen being unfortunately no more,
innocent or guilty, his return from India was mine on impeachment, ai the heft calculated to With regard to the chargeof inconfifcncy, about
apparently necelfary at the time, and thofe refo- anfwer the end propofed; he hoped that he would, which fo much had been faid, 'his learned niend
lutiont only went to point out and Rate that ne- as early as poflihlr, make the Houfe acquainted mult give him leave to declare, without has mean
cetfty. with the different lcps which he proposed to take, iug to impute ioccnlifeecy to him or any other
The Right Hon. Gentleman had dwelt on the and e as explicit as polible in the na ure and ex- airuidual, that there appeared to his mind tobe
extermination of the Rohillas with all the exagge- tent of the charges intended to be made.-lHe a manihft want of conltulccy between the refi.
rated and heightened colouring, with which he was happy to feel that he lonuld come to the huil- lution. that declared Mr. Halting had aded in a
was in general ufed to grace his argument; there nefa with the mo't perfect impartiality ; and if the manner difgacefiu' to the national honour, and
was no prfon who had heard him, but would guilt, imputed to Mr. Hafir.go, were made to defeating of parliamentary AdiUsllue, and the
have imagiedthat event hadbeenin fadattended appear, he should think him, by all means, a vote of recall, which poke f lh long alid mi
with the uanoft barbarity that could pollibly be pcrfon deferring of the molt exemplary punilh- torious fcrvices i the word lo. indifputably weat
conceived, even to the destroying the lives of all ment. to the letent of comprehenoinr all his services
the wretched inhabitants of the country, without Mr. Fox role to explain, which he did by flating, and that certallly it was highly inconfitent to
difinftion of age, fex, or condition ; and he had that the mimate he hbd all along been arguing icclare, while the refelution remained unioefiod-
alfo reprefentedit as a fubje, oh which hisRight upon, was the Vote %the General Court, in edl, and in fuUl force upon theirJournala.
Hon. Friend thought fo lightly as to make it a which it was expreffed tha warrenn lHaltings, Efq; [TOb a coNTr IU D.]
matter of peculation and enquiry, whether fuch should be permitted to r n home, in confe-
a -peoccediog put in the estimate with a fum of quence of his lag and mo 'isw services. Mr.
fortylacks of.zxpees, were jutlfiable or not.- Fox fpoke in explanation of fame other points, To be S L r,
His Right Ho. Friend had entered into no fuch in which the Right Hon. OentWman had either -- '
enquiry, nor had he fuggeted any fuch doubt; mifconceived or mif Rated his artment. o f T04 ,
he 4ad-barely dated in his resolution, thatthe Mr. Duda aflured Mr. Fox,Be had alluded By JOHN CH STIE,
defolation of the country was not neceffary torthe Vote of Thanks of the Court of Direc-. J O n .
towards the recovering the money, nor had he at tors. At Mr STORE an te r.
all gone'into a cnfiderateon of the measure itself, Mr. C. W. Bougrhte Raou rofe to answer that A fmall Quantity of High Pr JAMAICA
withre peiaither to Its jftice or humanity, but part of Mr. Burke's fpcech, in which he had RUM, MUSCOVADP SUG, in Barrte
filpy .an eye to. ts efficacy towards the insinuated, that as Mr. R. had originally fecondcd and Tierces;
l-e wikhl it wa.intended to promote. But the motion for the Select Committee, it would i7t a fr Healtkh
thm ra Ioe the only instance of want of can. have become him to have brought forward the New N RO
dotur the Right Hoa. Oentleman, for he was buinefa of that day. Mr. Rous faid, he had New N U 0 ,
by'no. mane ]uJtied in reperenting in filch feconded the motion for a Selet Committee,and Imported in the Sloop 7s*u apt.tIt
Melaaeholy lagmage; the metirpation ofthat peo- been a member of it, as its Anri object had been from eamair 7
plea ri Wlla not, a be had appeared to infnu- to entire into the Supreme Judicature of Bengal. Naiou, mar -, iU6.
atals&dhkfinag lad cutting of the people, but Thlne fat on it the second feflon, but that they "" "
lls the temoing:thema to a different place. foen loft fight of their object and were led afide 9' 0 B L B 9 ,
Ie moM ohi tbe flarpefed to bear himself rere- t6 the consideration of fubjcad totally foreign ed may he Entered i immsarults ,
Mntd taPonfrui ce o, what hewa nowfaylng, from its original aim and purpose. On the third rH STORE and CELLAR on the
as rull t ed p titdfoarie the fordcng a peo. feffion his name was pit on the Committee with- T oininfihe P intn, Office, d ate
1 MSHerp hcas and removing them to a out a word of previous intimation to him, while pied y M. k ICr i n -uoi
set ittle feueace, and not he was in the country, down in Shropfiire, and HOMA TOWION
Itable ttheuia. ijati hceandinhamanit thathe did not afterwatk attend It. How there-. i, y e6
lghei hnadibe au of that unfair and fore, he thouldbefingledoatrwove an mlpac.
ledIdl r illr e 'ghg, tkht he had learned to ment of Mr. Hafting be could not difover I He l' I tAWAY from the Subilritelr, tpentf"
diftul sal drUt. f did indeed conflder ha er thought Mr. Hating, a criminal, nor Bite, on the -sland of Abao, a latto Fl-
ta ntindn (tirhough far Ihbt of letting wi A him tobe to wondered. Mr. Rousfaid a low known by the name of 31, g*d lmetly be-
Il Abe h ws t flband word, a the Rht fcwr ad refpeding the ntuatlo be had at pre- longed to Miior Beltte. aWioerdpi7 d
HiT-er se3U lqa deavoared to repre t feat the honour to hold, of Secretvy to the Borv sad deer him to me, or ia yto
t- rUthe Fthe ) M a thing of very of goltreo Donald Fergfon, Ihall receive T lire
demdfu 'frts nad ft repugnnt to every nti Mr. tranci: role to peak to oe or two fad t reward; and Ido forewarn al pet bn a
a etf hiuftaatre, that aothlng could poi. that happened in India. Mr. Francis then ex- bourtpg, employing or tali hi offthe
bli t adeNapte the Aonetm motive of plaid the aSir of Cora a Alyab. e and. JOHN fRO O -
dlit t a CCfity. RIted the crueltie praelfed on the Rohillas, de. naf4w, Twt Iya '16.

* following is the copy of a I tter from .ord G. Gor-
don to the Marquis ol Caermarthen.
Myr LoAn!
Sr. Tuft an American gentleman, sow ia
Lj, is poflecfed of undeniable intelligence. that
pt Adams, Efq; (who is received by tie King a
ilhfidor from the United States of Anericar hp
Lahry paid him quarterly by Come D'Adhemar,
4.4 Ambaffador. I thought I my duty to
: your Lordlkip with Mr. uoftl's comanmics-
to me, for the immediate information of His
ajily's Council and Government, that you may
lutf Mr. Adams.
I. have the honour to be, ai Loan,
b Your l.ordilp's moft obedient,
S and moi humble fremt,
TFn do./4r, Sat.rday slgd, IVWdll-nJrIt.
,Te following is a copy of the Marquis' anfwar :
MA ,.ad ,it, Mafy 1786.
w Lord l'armarthn prefentshils compliments to Lord
Gorge Gordon, and returns His Lordthip thanks lor
aisaterecived from him yllterday."
tgI, A. '' ,r Gar,, Cards. "

h the Brigantine Alvaitruaasto n-Bovo,
Mater, from LoDon,,
At their STORE on the B'AY,
for Ci/h, sgod Bills of Siaucage or Prod'wr.
BEST new Mefs Beet and Pork, in Barres,
STongues in Half Barels, Tripe in Kege,
ls,, Chethire and Oloucefter Cbeef, Bar-
Snid Split Peafe, London wired Porter in
Dozen Hampers and Ten Dozen Call
tnale's Porter in Barreli and Ilogflneaei
Tabe Beer In Barrels, Ship Bread, Soap
i Boxes, Black Pepper, Congo, Souchong,.
Cntr, and Bohea Tea, Cinnamon, Mace, Clovet,
ad Nutmegs, Loaf Sugar, Railfnl Currants
p)irs, Cafes of frted PicklestJetchup and Soy,
Ieet Oi, Capers, and Vine r in Jiga, White
lad, Spanilh Brown, Ylow Okre, ground
hOd, dry IRed Lead, Okre and Whiting, Putty,
cirits ot Turpentine, L black, Coals, hati
licks, and Pan Tiles,

iAeneral and large mAll mem t of EUROPEAN
iat EAST INDIA D Y GOODS, to be fold
by the parcel, pieces package; confilting of
Ma, Shoes and Boots lack Florentine, plain S"
kpi and Childrcus Corded Sattisn
tWei ck Paduafoy
Vtecm Stuff Shoes and i e, ree, pink, t d
Morocco Pumps as ,eran-
ls and toys black add Rib Silk Gaures,
whitc Hats crchifs &Apr
Olaburgs, SailCloth, and Mea 4d Wotens 85S
Tkiin; Hof with lain and
hble Cloths, Huckaback, embr red Clocks
sad Diaper Anaefoti ilton, & Ger-
kiS Liens, brown and mad St
White Shectingi Sagathite, lbkt, and
tunni, Dowlas &OGarle Rattinet4,
ta iliecting, Sileie, London bro blalk,and
da Pi:lol Lawns blue Boa lcthk
Curl.twn., I.aWn, Blue & brow Tr'symra
lad Cunlrics Broad Cloth O Patter s
Iblic,, brown Holland, with Ti in
med printed Handker Amenaad W in loves
if, g sand Silk ar
hikted Linens Strlpe, oops LaMs, Edgings, &
Check, & Check Hand. Ladies Hats.
kcrlichrf Poland Starch, kig Blue,
hite, olive, and tbror apd Hair Powder
Jen"'. Ponatum, Tooth Powder,
lithCord,corded D*ty Tooth Braf ,
Md black Sat ine Powder Bags, Puff, alu
Mlns, white & c red Soxes
"Thrada Shtying Boiesi Powder,
hailion Ga u Lawn aop, and Brueoa
.ndketchiec TapeL e, Lavender, Oange-
Isiag Silk heating Flower, and Hungary
Haodker r Water
hs Needle FaM Hair Netsl, RuBaa Pow-
les white brown der Puff
hread HoTe love Lip Sn, Milk of Rofe.
'Ftens Thea Cot- Bloem of the eB s
t Hofo o Cyplran Wa Balls, Chi-
T hiite an brown ncle Glovi
rad ditto Scourig Drope, Efl tial
Mi white, an arown Sailt mea
Tak s Zence N Lemo, Capj.
a*le, green, ue, and Orpat
k Duranits Tea China, in conptlete
k, blue, pink, aj Sets, Plate Bowl, ad
I roe calimanto;s Mu a
ape, Bomhbaine, Cupda savers, Ten P
Mntua M Pots, and Sgar
hi'nble neat Sils, ad D he -
4l1 Petticoats Qu 'aWae*ateIlh-
.T Mode. e wl dC c
a, "d turfct

atson, Msut, An u ots, ortas CoanlS,
ugar Dihcs, ad Cofee Pins. e
Pots L n, amd Weights, in
Co andSa t T e Sees
jug, Pepper d Mufr Mariner'd Brab dWeT
ted Pots CounpalI
Sales Pickle llBtter M n cmme nd high
Tubs and Sand mounted s addles wih
Porrlg TeaCu Illtrs Furnitlure mle
T and c Cap Car HaIaem iaest., com.-
TmplsTl'aChinaglaaed, plat
t sets Copper TeaKentles, Brale
Can deSadeSa i.Pt, Candleik
and Half-piT amblere Coper and Wood Pumn
Plain and cut lDeantersr n, nh Jacks & Eaflgs,
Wine O es Tar'd Rope, Spun Yam,
Gallon t 'Three-qurt De- 9, to, and aI inch Cabl
Tankard and blue Finger laoNMONtsaT, tes.
f Baoun s, 2. 4, 1 3 oand sod
Tin Cullinders, Fil Ket- Brads
lies, and Pudding Pans Pump Tack, and 6d
Gardeu Watering Pots Scuprer Nails
Quart Pots, Dil and 4, 6,, and led Clout
Plate Covers Nails
Patty Pans, Tea Kettles, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, o1, anda
Pint and Qart Jack Nails
Fountain, Bon, and Spout 4, 3, 3,6, and 4od Nails
Lamps Dcck Nails, Sheathing
Coffee Pots, Sauce Pans, Nails
Water Jugs, and Spice 6 7, ,and 9 inch Spikes Narrow and grubbing
Cuork and Brafs Wire for Hors
Bottling Portcr Helved Hatthets
Glas'd Gun Powder, in Felling AI, Pick Ales,
sa lb. Kegs and Sad IS -
Dudr and Pigeon Shot, in Iroo-C ow Bars, and Oar-
finall den Rarkes
Foolikap, I hick and Thin Hooks and Hinges
Folio Pot Papcr / H and HI. Hinges
Letter Paper, Cartei Shutter Bolts, Window
Paper, Slates and n- Hooks and Eyes
acit Pot Hooks Grid Irooa &t
Quills, Ink Powder, eal- Frying Pan
tmg Wax atnd Wa Shark Hooks, Fitb GiOg
Quire Book,, M n. Harpoons U
dom and Copy Boo Fros, Adscs, Howel, and
Seameus ruled Journa k Drawing Knive
Log Book Paper Round Shaves,Crowlrons,
Mariner', Compafs re and Crow Stock
ed, and Calcudar Dowling Hooks Cooper's
Moorc's Navigation an Dogs, and Tap Borers
Dailily tAiant Compaffes, Cold Chinlcls,
WeSltndia Pilot and Wil. Vice., and plated .steck
non's Navigation Locks.
Near Tea Urn,, with Sil- rafr klno'd Locks anid
vered Furniture Door l.atche
Mahogany and Iilh-Skin hip, Crof-cut, Hand,
Cafes, containing comn. ''iant, and Key.hole
pleae Sets of thinefe Saws
white and green Ivory Claw and Lathing Hane-,
Handle Knives & Forks ners, -
Ivory Handle, Split Boac, Turkey Oil Stonre
Stag, Black Horn, and Jointer Planes, Saw Sets,
conmon Knives & Forks Files, and Iron Sqau
Eatteau Knives, Raors, d& Brafs and white head
ea Kniees Tacks, Rat Trape.
Plated Shoe Buckles, Coat Iron Tea Kettle, Coffee
and Wailcoat Buttons and Pepper Mills,
Silver Corals Waites, and ludian Con Mill,, Camp
Tea Trays Ovens and Iron Pota
silk and Oil'd Lawn Ur- Kitchen Dogs, Grapnll
brellas Bar Iron and Stee
Braf Scales and Weights, Double Steel Spring Men
beam and chains and Hog Trap
7ht haw alfo fIj Sale,
tJarbados ISumani Mufcov5Jo Sugar, feafoned Pitch
o ardscfSi lately inpoeted.
T' U-lf J we r funhfdir C4, Pay.

In the Schooner CH sTo Capt. JacanoN,
from CH1t>LaTd
SAnd to be fold, for us'
Superfine FLOUR and BISKET.
tfe s, ulyd I, 786.
Bahama Tavern & Pupch Houfe.
THBE Sublcrber having ata eomldrable ex
pence fitted up the lare Dwelong Houfe,
lately occupied by Mr. Kbit on the Bay, the
property of Mr. JON. L .D for the above
puroe, and having prove 'tmlfIf with a
Bock of the bet Liquor ne. bly reqeft
the favour and Inodulgnce of Punlc, which
be will study to merit, by the unremitted
attendon to thbof who may chuet to honour him
with their commands.

NASSAU, JuIr as.
T SL. s V a o-nle of Joan 1,
S u the rowint*tdE t-" Irigadier Genal
MacArthur, late of te 6oth regi st, i appoted
Oovernour of the Bahamau nds, in the ron if John
Marwell, fq; refFd."
Commodore Gardnr rived at P lyrt l t1 e
Expedition, the lsth d Juu I and oth 4th inflmtu
Commodore PaJkaham ,filed,i the Jan, fore
The firfr battalon of the oth rei faile d, is
three tranfpos, from Jamaka for HE the mat
f itn monumh.
Early in lftmonth, the 4Ad rgimet failed, in two
trfports, from Halifa, for the ISandl of St. John
and Cape Breten, to relieve the 33d.
Ship Building s goig on with great fplrt New-
Bunfwckk. Oeneral Arnold hau cn9gaed In that line
of buraictf; beldes fvera l rip uand nall Cft
he ha launched a hip called the Lord Shcld,
300 tons burthen, builkt bnt 4o mileabove St. John
entirely of white oak, which," fay the St. Joha'
Paper, is allowed by the heft Judge, to be u good
strong, nd well bui a vefel, s t ever faw,
Should do credit to any country."-'Te encourage.
meet given by General Arnld to Shpwrlght, is i
colnderable, as to have induced may of the able
work-men in the Amerian State to engage with hia.
The two following urtiles are tkea rom New.
York Papers.
B" i ., *Vai It was ported aft week, that a
Britith fort, in the wltern country, had been frpri-
zed by a irty of Anerican forces, ad the fueceedm
night it wua re-furprized by fome Britlt troop an
,ldians, and the Americans found therein manlcred
concept one or two, who made their elope."
.one 14. It is firoogly conleanred, that the
wcfteru p.ifts (fo called) or the barrier of the United
States, more properly, will prove the coat of another
eonteft-Ai, on the one part, the Briti goasrmenI
feems determined to hold them, and o the other It
cannot be fuppofed the United Stat of America wil
permit any foreign power to hold poeiollD, e ai armwr,
within hirdominiooA.".
IP icut. Smith of the Navy, and Dr. Allen, tried
here on Thotfilay laft, from Jamaic.
By the ,lath of John Chalmers, Eq formerly of
Jamaica, which happened in London the agth of
March, we are informed a confiderable propr has
fallen to John Miller. Efq; late of thi plae, but
now in England.
Laft night, the Cellar under Mr. Hargrave's Store
on the Bay, was broke open, and federal barrels of
J eur carried off. Initances of this fort were, till of ate
Wry rare here; but the frequency of them now, de-
mands the ferioul coofidertion of every inhabitat.
A Wa'rd Patrole from to o'clockat eight, till 4 in the
morning, has been instituted in other towns, upo
fimilr ocrafiona, and good effect eperlaed from i.
The Erig Vigo del Carmen, Antoo Pbriga, from
Havana for Cadiz, on the night of the r3th ln t. ra
alhore on the Martyra. Somhrwc ehng vb froe m
this port, falling in with her a or two after,
she off. Part of the cargo is brdbht hither. The
unifl Captain resans on board the velel, and 6a
Coon a& he rceives new rudder ieon, and rome otheb
articles, which he hasan fea ter, nteds coming to
this port, to have her repaired.
Aa nlvDo lasn. Fres
ydt so. Sloop Fauny, Tucker, Jamac
sr. Sloop Return, Pirrine, New-York

as B, the Hmseral JOHN BROWNP, Jfair
Pridnt end Coamandr ad Chi f fth
*hava-IAsds, C 1:0i16.r m
and Ordinary iqf I~-Sf . (r.
W HEREAS thb Oeneral Aiaen U of th
Y Iflands Itand roroued to Tueflay the
the Ift day of Augutu t i AI r wMnlnla, It II
thought expedient tbeahe a OId Ocer Al'embly
fhouid he farther pro Iled I Ars Tuai-
roU inTHOUc HTv r d with the advkMad
confent of his Mafty onourable Coedcli to
iffue thin my Prclmathnprroregs( alddoId
hereby por e, the G ene ale y
Monday the d day of Odtober aet.
GrWN under No ad anid te Ornt Sea
IthrAI oads, at Xa h : Twr twh D.
Mfysj, ir h Mbr? w Lord, Ga sI-vrw
fend Sews = 1"d 34fZ-ix, -d
i* the rwverqsia rmaw fsi ~8
B, Wi RHuer'r Comnusrn
HENRY YONG1, fledtary.
N OTICE hi kereby grm to whobt
1 Licences to td l L n have
expired, thAt thereon ba th wita
out having their Liacerce wri fAilsjc
them to tle fln and penalties pBd by lr.
HENRY YON Screatary.
Na ij t YAr i, t7.

Mr. Hating eta up the time of the Hoaurte.
The Ri ght Gcx atlcman has pledged himself year.
Parliamentary Debates. *" i hefae God, this Houe, and his country, to
oee* e Mr. Ha ingsa .ime notosioe delinquent. He
l@o r Cose s Casti, FrO 6 16. u~ce~lled Opon to retreat his pledge, or to placed; and
rm trJ hemigthavaamoved ail fl]ionfor his papers, and the
IMPriCHeINTr of WANLta HAsTilea, Efq. impeachment thisday, had he been a read as Mr.
[CoUTINulD IFOM OUI LAST.] Hadfinga The mode of proceeding the Houe will
M AAJOR Ba, (aid, that he treated the House would jde ao, ad aIU I uall fay on the parrof Mr. Having
1 have the goodnef to indulge him with a few naowisl that he i radyX to meet every charge, of every
words, o in foimnrtan d a th; hut asthe Right hind that the Right Hon. Gentleman can produce.
Hon. Gentleman over the way had not thought proper M.y he hbabro foiwird, nd ser.e been refu -
to make a tngle charge againA Mr. Haing, amid d. I have attend Sir, in the glera. before I had
the declamateon and alruon with which he had for t'efa-i honour to haves feat here, whn I have heard that
longs time addreeedthe Houfe, hi obfervationlhould Right Hon. Ocntloman defcrbe the oppreffions, the
be fon. The Riglhth Ho. Gentleman had mode no "ravage, the crtultia, and the devaftations committed
charge again l Mr. Hafling, to which he could reply in iengal, in fuch terms a. I conceived were beyond
but he held in his hand a speech which the Right oHn. the warIt imagination to invent. I dclarer to God,
Ontleman had fpoken upon a former occa lo, before L have at time thought that the greatest part of my
the Major had the honour of a feat inthe Houof. This life had been fpcnt ua fame quarter of the globe far
fech did contain many very weighty charges against din from the country the Right Hon. Gacn:eman
r. Haiin g. This speech contained the fence of h c defribed. I could inliance many of hisflights as
the Right Hon. Gentleman's fourteen Reports-ard as well as the tale of Ainla Ally Cawa and hia ulnfrtu.
Le had deckendedfrom hi high and elevated flation to ate children, but thde I rlerve to another opportu-
the rank of a common pihieteer, the Major faid hlJIy. A few words, Sir, in reply to what Ian fallen
had been able to meet te Right Hon. Gentleman upon the noble Lord, and other gentlemen. relative to
fair and equal term. He had replied to the fpeech and the Rohilla war, the floppag of the King's tribute,
to the charges; he ad pointed out their abfurdity; he and the talc of Corah and Allahabad. 'I'hcf: fuhjeds
had refuted them, in the opinion of every man of lnf are yet not underfloo in England, but I will captain
not tinltured by party prejudice, both in and out of the them, and from no other authorities tan the 5th report
Houe; and he was very lur that he should be able to of the committee of frcrefy, prefcnted to the Houlfe b
refute every other charge that te Ri"ht Ho Gntle. thec Right Hon. and learned Gentlcman below me. Sir,
man might bring agat n Mr. Halings in future. I fy Mr. Halitins was not the author of the kohilla
Much had been faid by the Right Hon. Gentleman of war. It originated from measures in which he had no
the fairnit of the Report, and an attempt was made concern, nor ws he in iengal at the tine. I was a
to pledge the Houe to fupprt the truth of them bre *ltern offiepupon the feivice that produced it. and
hetruRledto their fenfe, and theirjuftice to diOinguif I will flnethe fads as they are. In t171 and 1773, an
Isween them and the Report of th: Secret Committee. invasion if Oude and Rohilcnd was threatened by
The Reports of the Committee, of which the Right the Marattas; a treaty w-a concluded between Sojab
on. Gentleman had been a Member, were partial and Dowlah and the Rolilas, to which General Sir Robert
unfair i the fo! intent of them was to criminate Mr. Barker was the gta.raore. By this treaty Suj. h Dow-
Haiings; but every individual document tending to his I and the Bnglli ware to drive the Maratt aecrofe
enalpation, was purpofly omitted. the Gangc., an the Rohilla art I the cpc!ce waes
He then taxed Mr. Burke in plain and unqualified be ho lack, of rupees; the fervi was pirtrmed; I
terms, with bringing a gentleman to the committee WIa in the army under the co and oa Sr RuLert
room, with dealing the Major to warhdraw while he ker ; we drove tht Marattas refs tle Ganges, we
was talking to him, and after a long converfation with boarded that river, and c utin on the Rohilu frtn-
the gentleman, finding his evidence was not fuch as he tier, till the raina had ee in, d the lMrattas had
wanted for the purpose of crimination, he declared returned to the Deccan. W wa the refalt ? The
the committee, that there wa no necelity to elmnine Rohill. refund to pay the c, and in three eral
that gentleman. Was this the proceeding 'f a man letter written by ir Ro t Baer, e advlfe an
who aded from a regard to public justice or was it attack upon them, and fay heir treachery and breach
not the proceeding of one whofe enquiry it was for the of faith are proverbial. A thtr alilake many gatle.
fe private v. eance ? He nect nated, int the men have ran into, the lllas are not a nation but
SHon. Gentleman had very particularly elami conquerors of a natiOl and a country now calle
an officer of high rank, Iieutenart-Colonel Robert Rohilcund; the aboigin arc Hindoos; they are
Stuart, on the fair, of Oude. That he had walked him perhaps two millions at pr ent, but the Rohilla were
of the affairs of that country; that it was described as tbe of Afghan T'artan ever aounting to So,oo
being ina ver innous flte; but unluekily for the men, of whih half are n lw wih Fyzull Cawn, and (
bje the Righ Hon. .ectleman had in view, Colonel they took pofclion of Rohilcutd In 7f4a I mention
Stuart aferidb its ruinous late to the true cafe; t thethe fade to destroy the elcdts of the Right lion.
large um.e paid byth Vizier to the Conrany, in conf. Oentleman's high colouring. The fact of Corah and
quence of aly em elablifhrdin i77g, anthe etradion Allahabad, s m fmallcompare. lley were fornrerly
of fpeci from that country to Bengal, which was to a the dominions of SujaI DUowlah. By Lord Cliv',
prodigious amoot in a few years. Colonel St.I m cement with the K ig, they were to remain with hln d
unfortunately fspoe pointedly to the ditatedion of the or tle fuppot of hi dignity. lie quilted ahnm-mn
Begums and their Eunuch. If to get at truth had been them over to the Marattas, upon which we refumr"n
the fole objdc of the Committee, this evidence was polflfioo of them, and lopped the tribute, t11 orders
moli important, but it had ben wholly and totally Ap. Ihuld be fant from home. 'hIde were a complete
prefled. There was not a uagle fylable of Colonel approbation and amidal the vn rous changes that have
Staart a evidence in any of the reports upon the table. happened. no one has yet thought of giiong C.rah and
Thiscondua, the Major faid. might be jll fiable in Allababad back to the King, or remitting him his
one who took the Duke of Parm fo his model- tribute. AllMr. Hatings diTwas to withhold it, till
durir. vitr ,,,ts i.n l. ,jiras The Major faid,, he had orders from home how to ad, and there were
he charged the Right Hon. Oentlearn with injustice in.. The nbl Lord has a id, that he appoint.
thno infane and if he Ihrun from the proa/Mf' lr' ling, itn 1774-that the Director, removed
would confnt to be called a calumniator by, that Houfe t him in 1776, rgh, a. he thot., but the Propri-
and the public. The Right Hon. Gentleman had indeed tor refined it. Sir, it s true, I; aDired ,1
taken thu Duke of Parmn for his model: he would not that time, wid much iote fI
tell his enemy where he would fight him: but the removal, but Iit longly rf a Propir C
Houfe were fnfible, that if the Right Hol. Oentleman were decidedly in hi favour again the whole
had meant to roceed a a p menry enemy, who of Government. Then the noble Lde tells us that Mr. C
hrom afene public duty m o mave an imph- Macleano reigned for him, which stopped all further
mnt with as little delay a I ble, what would havb proceeding, at tat Will the noble Lord detail I
ben his codui I Would h hve lated then the to the Hoe all theurious proceedings that attended
aode in which he intended I proceed? This Sir, faid that reli atlion he will, Mr. Hailings will be
the Major, would have be faird honorable; but muth oliged t; im. How Sir, was the bufinc
the Dukeof Parm is the light Hn. Gentleman'smo. managed SMr. faleane's powers were submitted
del, and the Duke of Pkm took every advantage. to three Direds, and one of the three thought
The Hon. Ocleian hlower, at Isfe declared the them no powers tt all. If the were dear, why not D
mode he stendtd to proceed ia. So defirous am I to fubm"i them, a they ought to have been to the whole
affift in forwarding this bunefe, that I pledge my court ? BuL the noble Lord know. it wa noa resignation B
honor to him, to tppl him with every jpr and till Mr. Haltings fandioned it. After the deeh of C
document that I can, relative to Onde, whh per- Oeneral Claverng, the noble Lord three feral times C
ceive to be his ong-hold, or on ay ether fubj confirmed Mr. Haings, which is juft the fame in my B
Sioted a L .m Sir, I e hbe fuppoted, and I cer- mind, a Ifhe had appointed him GoveraGonG enetaL P
sloly d. whar I am to ay, fpeak the fenti- of Bengal; and he ha given an unanfwrmble roa-
mane of t6. HaiAg g t an end b his. for to doing, becaofe U thought he podiffd wigour and B
turn but I &el him the irongef affedion and hilihti. Iam aln eld henobe Lord co-
gard; and my own reputatio, wlh i trifling in tend, that *re dif ence the aPyoudmtnti B
i t coderation of to great an objt, is ccrned in 79, 80, and g blna from uthat f774- B
the ifu of this bufinae. Ifay frmMr. Hailin that rhey are th l t and the n ale o1a mut ecul
f.o from dhfitri to lude any ecna this Houa me, if I fay tht I too high, rfpcp for him, to B
a .bti itn.oLe I et orit, anid ourts it; fo Pit e he will contend, that if he bed deemed the
hrt -oarto In the way of it, he will R hilla war o acc onept l meanre, as to d5q L
e.-t .g .e. -ma with any, matnb Mr. Hlfi for high ma ofce, he would ater a
3le oe na arderto forwardM i h charge. Ba full knowledge of hatevnt, have three everel M "
be trmi ia J ice, the dignity and the l confirmed i in th omis of Goveroour-oeno rl of
,1er tof thin l .dfi a wIll not be L.d
the ik th Duke @1 PFmn; th, a they rwl Mr. p nrpl f l howealdways c0o and n.
Walt I guilty, they will pardel him, if inno- rafld when any thing fo re wau ad e to i n,
.a .d L they will not ruer thi s Imortan l point but when he heard tht e Rohiltu were tirpated, N
b nau. a. nneceualy in fnpe e, =te dll [ ada whole people deprid of their elc he was
eM V" atnempt at an nteerft delay. It oto pto be aitl warm i to be (fUr it wa. wrong; it

wau weaknelr to him if give -ay to his feelie
upon fuch a triin meare, and he would adavour to
amend his adult. bhe Han. GLdeeman h explained
the patter ofthe Rohil w curlpuy, a.d tisf
orily tothe Hou, hI n po doub. .The Roblln
were O.mgern. thecn e they had no rightS thu
country th lived in. de rh Iey he Ki h
better right euds clear l; the were am atrta
r s hut th aborime gin iab nin h
twahy compklions, children the Ia,
their infancy pofeire of the ell Thi beings'h
faid Mr. Burke, to be fur there did wifely o et lo ,t
the Robills race,. ad extinguil a whale pet I.
ving purle4i hisrony for fame little tic, n B.
laid, the He. G demano'.tu s al dewl., Qus ,h
nftuted all hi chae, uad that if he hd ctwi^
as many, he would refute them too, remind him of
the brave Cptain ia the play. "w tiey or Kill
'cm! Twenty more! Kill thet too!" The champio
was invincible no doubt, or he would not have talked
alintly.- His threat was equal to a reply ance pubn
liked to a fermo onn the 3oth of January, which wA*
entitled, A repl to all the famonu that ever haer
been, and to al that ever all he preached n tih
joth of January." As to his having omiUpa of th
evidence received the fled committee e, Aport i
question h4d not a drawby hin; but, iLt' ha d, &
fad might have the fame, as every commiate in
drawing up thi r had a right to exercise their
own judgmcn ad inu:rt ijl as much, e emit
as much of the evidence as th t proper. ku
if there was caufo for complaint, or apoeua I
would offer for urging g t. As to hie aa*ng po lee
ings of pairate namily, he felt no malce agld an
man;. d any lurked a his mind, it was ua awu to
him; and wa a vice of difpoalton that nature cured
him with, and which he had neither yet difevered,
nor been able to fuldue and eradiate. With reward
to his having fent out writers to India, as n lie
and learnAd Gentleman had alerted, what trime wa
there in that fad, or how did it diftualify hia fra
calling the codudt of Mr. Haftings in quaelio t ITh
d misfortune was, that in trath and In fi, though
he Iad lived to much in the world, ad had fe large a
circle of acquaintance of all forts and degrees, he avae
once had made a Diredtor, nor hrt, or procured t be
(ent out a single writer to India. Never, noot Moet
Ihe Hon. and learned Gentleman was oat in hi
conjecture. A ain, the Hoe, and learned Gntleman
knew him by is flyle, and had discovered him in the
difplatch he d the Brd of Diraori in 1783. W
miserable judge of fyle muat the Hon.-and leame
Gentleman be, when it to happened, thatJhever al
w ittena line in anyone- dispatch of the Boad of Di
orsn in the courfc of his fife ? The Honourable ud
icarned Gentleman held an office, the daty of which
was extremely finlthr; his duty was to shdi whr
another man lould fa ; for, a headeof the Bard e
Control, the Huaourab and learned Getlema
lida:cd what others IC d, and thu the difpthet
int out to India, contai the Honourable and lea
ed Gcnrlemnn's fenim with the Beardof Dited
ignatures. Now, had been concerned in wr5rin
he difpatche ofthe dore in ry$3, he IkoulMll m
lone little more le them, and perhaps bre
erected their fyle fea, he should have aCted
Dr f editor elerk honorable office frely I
[( CONTa cort .] )

On eaMl Trun for CAIse @A,
Shil STOag s t06 Bar.
RINTE Linens and ad Leather Glow
Cottons Mean f(laionable plate
heck, Li. Lawn and Buckle
Mullin Hankerchicfa Ca teau ad Pen Konie
Checks and Stripes het and Box Locks
a'rd ide lrl Linen omeas Sciffler
rown Holland &f Dowlas ead Fig Blue
brown and white Rufia l owder
Shicting H atdfeft Pomatua
tanmia's. rQ cen Elff of Bergamet
arfeilles Ouiklig, yard .ae Water
wide, corded Horna Camr
imity, white and dyed Ladies l i dim
Jeanctte Blacking and CAe.
ook Mufin, Corded do. Meouna si cMsf
oarfe and Sne LJwas Boys ad amu ml
amilbricks Pmp
lack & coloured Ribbens Women I"o
ins, White Chalpel and ing
common Needle Ditto ?a" .
lack and blue Darant, Maid. Chalemni
and Callinmanesm faces
lack RUd Chreck Pubt
road and nr thread d T
Fringe Cd ad OGls WI.
lack, white and leaml O a nd C
Ofrich leathers

Icon, Woense and Boy Te _..B
TheadaadCetmaHoF Pldbio ed qrl rF
le. B and ChUdese pe .
bora d Bane QPU an Lost
black ad Beaver eat sa and loared H1a1t Otct A.S

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