Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 1, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vol. III.




No.; io0I.




NAssAU: Printed by Jon WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

MtvOlOLGoicAL Dua.v, NeBfa 7es, t786. To the Printer of the BAHAMA GAZETTE.
Mr. WeLts,
oiB U soNOf VIlE plan I propofoe in your per lately, for pro
lNT '- Winds & Weather. 1 moing natural knowledge, od is approd of
I Iby lome; and one of your correfpsodentu hais already
contributed to its pogre. Thi emboldens me to
S s 77 As. B. qj. s Sovir. obtrde morn of my relfaioni on yoer readers.
77 I 8 s.. WR ats diWgF. If msie l p roPrtieL of Rice u a grain. it
6 So a Ral in t' Meorsmg. will appear to he a ernguloar pro aduion, end at the
3 6 t 0 N. N fa i all famen tie, wifely adapted to occupy an important fpaee
S76 S 7 Rai .Th sekr in that wide field for agriculture, which allotted to
S6 8 s 8 8 give bread to man. In every kind of dr foil, from
6 86 4i 6 Fg l ws r Mr. a barren fend to the riche earth, ome kind of corn-
7 76 84 7 Lw ritalrrifh s. ird pulfe, or Tfculent root, maybe culvated to advantage;
S77 Se Heav I 3.- Sol Ris al but without ae, all wet everflownlands mufthavebeen
S t 7 S. .I P0lW Seasor. a, ,,n~scr I .rss in excluded from contributing, in any
To "8 - 6 Se. V -- ;r & elatr. ll.s-!p, Mr @I. r lubllfience, unlefs by furrifliing pafiures
87 St 78 ., n'" . for o,.r ir.l. Thil laft purpose, it is true, is an im-
I 84 S. 7 ~ 16 t. t p.rl. ohrjcl to a graaier mnapopulouesountry, where
S Urs. 7rth e isr coint.a demand for cattle, to supply the
A4 3 g Ms. Rains. isb Evc.i.nd. mark,. 4f their owns and villages; but in new fettled
11& 79 8i. C/lsady as Avon. fote;!\e, colonies, where lands arc plenty and men are
It 7 t 71 E hgt ind Rain at K) ar.,, ad their t.swnsareconfequeny few and mall,
SlS E. Rain ON fNil q.tcis of natural palu re ar every
S I* ;IM. bco w r ho tv be met with, that cattle ar faoon raicd in
8I 7 78* fiH Ht rain at' vrerr at ouimlers, and become fo cheap that the mall
S. ri pri;e h,y brine wll not indemnify *t Planters for tlh
S78 Se., e,,.x necetlary to drain wet lod, and n mtke
a thri. i 'lfio pasllur. In fach countries therclon, if
3 71 f. IV. W. W. R... na ,c ha not firni6lied ua with Rice, fwarmp and
8 8&4 F. a'. Ca fult', [Ra. L inR fl, ni gist h ave been confderqd al ufclef and un-
-, 84 8o \Csal,, adofdtrh prnolhbir o. .c,. incapable of bein put to any ales in
9 so N" *i lfl. intj. H it T/"nder* the,. ,rlf of things, for flam cenurie; but
"8 6 8Sa ieM. Ca tu a /full'y. now it,'i., i- b arincd a d made to produce large
8, 7 8t .. air crops W t-. e 1, grain, which, from is naluIbl
". 8 S iit Iea. quaoi c,, srI, be always in demand, and thereby
S e wc o bCieom as tII, asple article for eaportatlon.
1 acipre for fn nuny various markets that th Planter
Sa7 cirt i ti At a i t to difpofe of iti but if by acci
: "' i !c ,ret I !slnud hL obliged to keep it on hand, th thick
t'' " 1 hulk V.'h wlkh it iecovered, defnds it againll the
', | ravaeI *, wrcil t na erls yeat, which is not the
*. i x'" i. 'ei- "h iny othcr gratin n a warm climate. This
. .. hiriantetral favounablaf ootingas thofe
S "(" "" 1. f 1 i 'r wheat, fince, if he mat Incur greater
,.;r o h ir d keep his field in proper order
'. .i 'D .R ;. idvaintafge. leuit nevertbelef. in his
St 'to keep I, crap much langer after it io made.
S > i fold, it .s beat out of its hulk, by which
. "'^ '; y o ;eratmio it prepared, not only for market, but
.." i. fr. i word, it ha the fecific gravity
S f .e i, rs6. "' 1t,. "o i "' portable qualititeof a gras, and
, tl) p r the table as a root or a vege-
r b i; iolgcter. the produdion of wrni cli
S '. - * L ^ ro-.13, o 110 aia gran ha, at yetbeen
"' .i. tt 'irl'atren -eetofpplythischafm
; he cab! le. Ntrpes, m thuinle,
S hae ce partial o the ii tan of warm coun
S. rii er w7Ita it rhaps more probable, fuch a gra
Say .- 1, I" .eieueplored reccriff of the higher
S o. iiudo,, vsi s..nk wantlsthe attention of the btanit
.' .A b lW O. tat e rv o t It out to the atice o,
the er. In the sdeo t Magaine for December,
6, and in thepp following, there are extra
i .from Majer tlger.'siMemoin of North America,
Sr which menrol) a PFrauilion of the upper parts of
Canada tAsIt bid* fair afwer, it foma degree, the
H RISTIE,--cp end praislcd. Lin iv9 account of the Nipiffaog
r JOHN RISTIE, Indian., who in rai' nd the lake of shutnae
.4 ,. w f .... hlcn, in our lace ass h called the Lake of the
t n cal aT. Wood%, h fay, *" their food is fuch a the lake and
A ui.,ll Qpnatity of Hihi roof JAMAICA wilddcrifrtsarfordl hem, fuch deer, moofe, bear,
NPI'M, "MU. C*VADO -lAR, it Barrl"s beAver, Ac. aodin forne places is found a kind of
S'- 'ircee, ; wild maise or gKi-.hich they make ufe of." Speak-
Irtib a t fhea "n ing of ltke Mich;gan, he fay, This country lfo
w N E G peducen a kind o(f s ld ats, or rice, which hathb
Ncw N F. G R N0 E S, ,, aruadyl bea mctionedugrowinguponLakeaNipif.
io. tcd in the Sloip 7 ,is Capt. ., : foaladlSerrier; lbut heltgrowin eFgrete
from pa .leny l1 in the fnial wate, where a anoe mos be
from aM'. hd a vey I ort tBem. It grwm two or three
Naf.;,. 7une 23, t176. f fm above thriatr. Its tolel refemblc noats, hut
h chltmsel i e*litkerice." Here then ean v ao e
0'gO r which Ieatte ldiaM forfood.ThaNipilffog
,!fma&*st Sttrgr e-" IeSe i-ow hewrr are lbe veryubarbme, and not to pln
tun^m~ ^ athisliltionadfidtcdtiaz t
"- I 9 u iL R the Bay, w- nin-otin Cls, that they will cat food
JL 114 lately Occu- fib CiA ,4 'ad.oe w .l ,turn
pL by r.'*; il.'-Of ( thinr Maids ur of gttin iaol cu proof ,
.. "r O' TowSON. teat iti.s becultivated by an indlr -people
'- 740 3, 87, u" aa ar4 Wro od, dthalllltgilt it B 1 lmei

no proof of the contrary but whatever its merits s
be n this re fpa there femu to be lle doubt that it
might at a wa aftr well as wiaUtr food for cattle
ich u aot material bjed tithe farmers in all cal
counttiea. With this view I beg leave, throenh the
channel of the Bhlama Oaaette to point it ut to the
notice of the ihabitanotdof N koaltiand NewBrnf-
wick, if it is at prefer unknown n thoi province.
If it bould be found to anfwer the pureofC f foam
only, it will be a capital aeMoliftl to them, because
from the manner in which It rows, It muft be very
hardy, otherwife It would be Illed by fedget another
aquatic weeds, which fpring up ixuornlatly in lill, tal
low water; and it grows naturally in fuch plaes,
therefecu to be no neceffity to drain their overiow
lands before It is planted, as muo be done where Rice is
cultivated, or pafthure banked In, which occallona a
heaRy crpec to be iacund before any return can bo
mule from thofe article, ad plu it out of the power
of a man with a fmll capital to attempt either.
B.ahaa /aiP, y7m l6, I86.

On reafonsw h Tarsa, far o eCau M ,
At bJi STOIl aI BAY.
P RINTED Linens and Thread & Leather Glovs
Cottons. fiwu rfaI e plate
Check. Linen, Lawn and Baclka
Muffin Hankerchief Cuatea uad Pem ngave
Chek.c and Stripes Chia and B Loeb
Yard wide Irif Linen Weomme SciNre
Brown Holland & Dowla Search and Fig Blue
Brown and white Ruffia Ha Powder
Phecting Hd sand (ft Poomatani
Britannia's, Nanje Eanc of Bergamot
MarfeUlc .tl a yard Lavendar Water
wide, crd Iorne and Ivory Cobi
Dimity, whi and dyed Ladies Tortoifeiell ditto
Jeanctts Macking Balls and Cakes
Book Mu8in, rded do. Mena ne and coarfe Shoe
Coarfe. and fine as Boy and Girls Shoe and
Caimbricks P tump
Black & coloured a WomenaMorocco & Lafl-
Pins, White Chappl l lag Shoe
common Needle Ditto Leather Pmpa
Black and blue Dra Maids od Children. Me.
and Callimancoe I ro S hoes
Black Ruurl Check Shirts ripped Jack.
Broad and narrow three et and Tworu n
Fringe Crockery and Glob Wan
Black, white and coloured GOleceer and Chetirs
Ofirich FPathers Chfe
Ladies falhionable Chip Fine Rafe Batter
Hats Jar aiisu
Mena and Children Leg- andied Almonds
horn Hats, lined and LeafSfaer
bound HIyfMo, O m d
Mmn Womens and Boys Trea
ThreadandCottl Holfe iFelloadQurto Podfta-
Men,, Boy and Childu em Wer
black and Beavr e lad W e,
loured Hats L c. c. &Ce.
'rpHE Subfcriper does a re farewarn i pet
I fons whatever, par Mlu of cela
and Drofers, from or ce g ff this
fland, Ne ro fellow my, wbopA
fm a free man by a fd t whk has beta
prod, under thel ua
out, and Geonre Orenanhil tl ld, Itaed of
George. Oretniaod, u he they may dcpncd
upon being prosecuted to tmot igoor of
HJltasi, 7-fr o, r?.. *

ALL Perftm indebted to Mr. Jou BaUTT
now abfnt from thbi IMad,
to make immedlt pment to lt
othcrwife they Vlill be ediately wit
dilintion ; and hole who haven i
raginD Mr. bett, wl be paleaed to s
know to JOBMr

European Intelligence. I dence of his Mof ChrMian Majefy, during I Apr4 i By accounts fro l waawe areared
|ul which, he deiimred his credentials. This gen- that the Englilh intercef in t b part nof ttglbe
ST. PETERSBI URO H, M c 34. Utieman was presented to the King, and afterwards predominates over that of all other European au-
ST. PTE SBU H, MA to the Queen alu Royal Flmily, by M.,nti:ur ; tion. Amathema'cal furvey wa lately madeof
tJER Imperial Majety was pleaded to tranfmit Tolozon. Nothing has et trar.p ed relative t, our territorial poffllions under the gIrernmen
Jr this day an Ukak, uor lmprial. rfcript, to the commercial treaty. As to the prohibition of of Bengal, whicn contained 'atra&t.f coontly
the Senate, notifyin tothat Afcmbly her latean oanglilhgoods, i: isa merebugbare. The hops equal to gfaland, Ireland, and Frane. taken
tion of feting out, s the courfeafcat January *bout this meropolis, particularly in the Palais Itogether beide racing the outline of acar iomo
upin a progrefs to her newly etablited govrem- Royal, are loaded with Brtith manufadures; miles of te coaft, aId a chain of illandts etaent
ments of katerinollw and the Tauride. which, like the Britifh breed of horfes, carry jo5 more.
-sTangres, Ferw y st. It appears, that the their fuperiorty, in fite of nationaljctalony. 'he Indian Colonel, Jofeph Brandt, 1 prep-a
affatri o England are taking a mse favourable Pars,, Msrtb I8. A report is jut now circula- rig to go to Canada i a few week. me will
turn this empire. Tbe Emperor of Morocco, ted, that Bohmer, tc jeweller, hs been arreAtcd take with him a number of curiotm weapons of
offended at hearing nothing in regard to Sir Ralph and lent to the Baltile; it having been discovered, war, antique and modern, as presents tothc prin.
Payae, who left this place about fee oth fine that the diamonds in the never-t" be torgottcn cipai warriors r the fix Ind an nations.
towards carrying hit propuftiops into effct, and necklace, were partof thofe that had been stolen 'I ere is a report at Paris, that there are at
receiving no reply to his letter to the King of bme years ago front the King of Poland ward- present three Polilh Noblemen at Verfailles, who
England, written laft AnguI, his Moorilh Ma- robe. It is certain that B:hmcr's father, Jew, I have depofitcd in the hands ofOovernmu at dfer
ie"y was determined to acve a public proof of his has refided many years at Warfaw; aid t is fite i cet proj .ds, all tencing to the curtailment of
rfentment ; and, in touhqueocc, the 6th inlant transmitted the br ilhant to his fjn at Paris, wna the Ruffian Empire. Chbnt de Wiy, a young
an ordinance arrived here, agmenting the duties is al~C a Jew, andljeweller to his Majelty. inol:em.n from. Poland, we hear is aifojfu atri-
upon all provions epotedby the Baglifh, in The news of the day is, that tile C..unt d. la ved there; and on the very day o* anuri*
ccntradifcon to the treaty of the i4th of July, Motte has been taken at Conftantmnolc. It is which wason tl.* iyth of March, had no lefs than
7ta, executed by Sir Roger Curtis, in the iIaie nmiverfally agree here, that h: lett Luoadon lung two coinfereneen with M. de Vergennes. PUM-
or Great-Biitain. The Inglilh Pro.Conful, Mr. ago, and had embarked on beard a lhii1 baind to cians in France are on tiptoe to kaow the purpt
Duff, absolutely rfufed payment of the additional the Mediterranean. of his journey, while common fenfe tel ti.
duties, and by the diredion of the Overnour of Rome, March i. The workmen have finally that it mutt be fomethin of c'nfequtece.
Gibraltar, caused a reprefeatation to be made to raised from the ground, olt of Lte fou rilrry of Afrd 9. A great emigration has talk plba
the Emperor, tharaperfrreTance in thefedemands Sig. Valedier, the new bell, for the ; it from Denmark, anid other partsof theCoM o
would be equivalent to a fbrmal declaration of weighs 2g,oo0 lb. axerdrp.ais, an.1 : a! to, Cherltln, toe newly-acqunrtd doaiioni be.
war, and, that if they were not relinquilhed, a with baffo relieve, reprcfenting the Twrlre Apo- lo.gii.g to the Enprcft of Kuffa.
rupture would inevitable cnfue. The Pacha has files, the coat of j:ma of he r:igning Popu, a:id Solitude in prison requires no argument. Our
received orders from his mailer to fufper.d the that of Card:nal York. It ito Ie huiin upon the prifons at this day may be teamed the univer-
cxecution of the orderformrrly afmilttedhim till feeple, and rung for the firft li-e on tnc ielival litic for the fudy of vice. Al other chooses are
lie hall have given an aofwer to the Britili Vice- of Peter and Paul. The Eail o Alb,any, who has mire femisaries, where they learn the rudiments
Conful. From thele laft orders it is coniedured for fome time been fi:lijcl to tairtiig fits, which or the science; but th.y go to prion, as we goto
that the Emperor is delrous of a rtooaciliatuoa had brought hiii t low i. L s "rge, j trt- the degree 'of 4 ai r ef Art.
with England. crament of the Cl..rch, by the r-. A: co-lii, the later adjrices trum A'ri
Haga, Aprd Before the fatal affair of the thee, the Cardi.ll York, has bl. evr i :. .m, it s r. r f,.'ly aupartet tht the alr-
rbth of laf month, it wasexpedeed that the Statrs better, and great hopes are enter' 'a ii I,,ely had hitok t* t edit ~ f'rad ld to its re
or Holland would not have broke up without ha- and compliea recovery. c The Eat I .cli ro-nasy at Amintr.J.
ving deliberated o tit project or restoring to the London, April In the Ho : s, n. t.'ftandifr.n '* xfltriit n ,rde t! cin
Lord btadthoider the command of the garrison on Friday, the Lord Advocite v( ri o h' *:. Sate', (cner.d, aI e art e crfabhilled tnt..
of the Hague, in confequence of the proposition intention to more for an aug, 't it I t r .- n ; a, prrmf o'- v h.n- :Irc f:ps, w'iw-ir i :
of the city of Amfteroam; but nothing has been falaries ofthe JuJges in the d ':rent -'* s.' Iei, 'ttir-; *, ai' *.n ttis, region at .'
dnc hitherto on that fubjet ; therefore, we mut Scotland. He then moved, tha cc.':nt ; t I trr la..i wth ut a P.r- pa kag "s i. -
wait until the fittings after the Eafter bodays. It fees and perq.ifites paid to t! J *, t I hi- r V'ct.hl-' a Comni n-t c but rn I'ltic :
is the general opinion, that tie Prince has in toice Court of Seflion, Baroa of the t )chc I J-.. r.Ji p t. 'Thife and thoir internal diputes t
measure (hut the gates of the Hague againlf him- of the Court of Admiralty, .n- CJi;, ii:'tr.. i: iti 1d Lia: a 1 ,nlrcriat fu.ition.
fell, by saying in his letter to the States about five laid before the Houtf, and :cil i t! t- :tI L. ,'- L o ijre fineca-cre t-vejoll bhec-rr '
or fix months ago, that be could not retr. to the deration of the Cmonilittec or :;P~,l i \'r :d- ow' &n c.. per .' .:un : r life, aroth r f ,:
Haguetwbi' l the somand of the garriJon was not neflay neat. pe arnun, hoth ,f wn.i Mr. Ptt hli t I
refjlred to ima, furb as bis father and ormfe.f had Aprl 4. The cty ofAmlen am i.. -rdol- rreu., 1 ;:; hil up. by i! tterr will be a r .
enjed, itbihoul rcartradliRn, forfo long a ti.e. It red ny a majority to restore t ;.i t t, ttl Pi I:i. o't sir. 1i. asmea .
is evident that ineonfeqsence of this declaration, the command of the garrifiu at en R k, and t trie"4t v t b h' i ,
the bhoncr ofht, 'trrne Highnefs is committed; members of the ppoFtle opini ,n r, ', o- th Verres- "A m
and that by not refforing to him the faid com- letter, accompanied by a memi H s; T* c pa' r -
matid, hiscemicskeep the wholefamilyofOrange ble and great po.'eri. ii w . r : t- treat' ; l"r't '
at a difance from the Hogue, as long as they motives oftheir op;o'ition. Tl teq c' ..r r *
please. Neverthelef all this muf have a period. and federal town.. ha c und -fttod th;i aS a :
As the Stadthoiderlhip cannot in any mariner be notification; but lte deputioi. of, Docdrrcht, I '
abolibcd, matters mut come to an aciommoda- liacelem, Leyden. a,'i Goda, have taken a co-
tionthatwillputanendtotheprecariousfituation, py ofit to lay before their co lituents. Thofe .n "
in which every thing remains during this time of of Amiterdam itfli have taken the faid mtmor
trouble. Iu confequeoce we learn, t t a aa be ad refcre'dum, fo that the mater inult unat" ,
inning towards rcttoring order, the council of another loCintigation. ,
Amaterdam, whob a aJoiity of fi r fx votes, The petty Aatfs of Barhary continue to" .
perff in their opinion' to retore mand to the greatest part of the Europc.r powered trc, "
the Prince, have written to t of the other before them; and the molt tfrni,,abi c ot ': ..
cities, to bring them overto t opinion. with powers, Great-Britain not eIcepted, fill, ,.' .
the precaution suitable to : iity of the So. nue to purchase the r friendlmrp 1'y aU aur. s *
vereign Affembly. Upon th hol it is thought, prcfent. Atter all thie expenct alrd colt wj
that the Prince will be obli to acquiesce. The the Spaniards have been at, tacy *ale alT It , .
idta of being affifted fwor n hand by the King obliged to fend an offer of peace, w'lich the .- -
of Prufia, is a chimera w all fenfible people gerines have condeccended to grant, i,' condl. ". ,
laugh at, and which, fa as contrary to the that the Spaniards pay them large :s. ..m
interef of the Orange fam itself, as it is little and rnake the Dey a number of- t plc p A "
to be dreaded, fnce the iance formed with fents.e The petty fat cof Tuons o treated
France the Venmtians, who were on r to %Pmidabie,t
Carlb rtgs, Marcb as. The beginning of this with fill greater indignity, h, .idl| ot only fet
month, an Algerinc bark. of z6 guns, took a Nea. them a limited fpace of time to determine on ,
politan armed fettet within three hours fail of this peace or war, notwithltandia Venrtis.n aet .
port, after a very obftioate and bloody contest, in was ready to bombard theic itl, boit likewilk f
which a great many were killed and wounded on in cafe their demands are. complied with,
both fidel. The ncat day the bark, with her have threatened total deAruI n o(f their trade f 1dr .,e '
-prize, fell in with two Port uefe friaten and n in the Adriatic. wrntudifa F. nf. -
armed polacre, whovigo7ro attached the Al- Itought to be mention the credit of the that theLrn rrf, e a o be a co.A. .cr
erii'es, and a modefperte battle enfued, which Britilh praeice of furgerytt there are at pre- cal power, wIt ad* toa iat or cn r
lifted upwards ofthree hours,tillatlat the bark's Cent no fewer than thirteen y gentlemen, na- of which the may ha o ; ,ama;rr (T
malts, yards, and fails, with molt of her rigging, tives of Spain, who attend halpita!s In ar as the Freneh ms s
were cut to pieces, her rudder lhot away, and about this metropolis, at the erpueae if the F.-- the ports o I
he in a wry leaky condition I yet the and her niih Monarch. t:e aunreoiCce cr I ,kp1 the'
prize kpt iring hin ant showers of grape According to letters from Berlin, niager, i.are Air itac with iispr omia stm tey
That into the Qeeo' as killedandwound- lately cered palling between that capital ai,,i tac wanted, m'ch lreiy than the Ru&.I
ed a va' number, of i; the men of war asilo two Imperial Courts, from which it is coi.ic,,rr, and of would aggofs tile mAs "
edpt aontiual -direed canoadig a final accommodation had takea place. It is to tbhemai To that Rurla, Ater a body al
into the plates, t fnk the bark, and re- however, very doubtful (Cay tb re acca r nr- zplr would sa T r oW e r o t ru
took the ettee; l fo acon a the Poetuoee their the Emperor has given up te : ,a I "w. 1k halW f the ruits a
came to board to tl poSeloorof the pzeitbe eaechnging his Aultnrao dominons fia l vri. v.itrie.. A to ich oitbe
A.lgeri s ft fiere to in three place and her or whether it i* only popOa certa. it i;, 'city i or -h -CatBa-ne -
Captain, t her bal the rew j, umpe d into however, that his Pufin to-rfna.. r f--tt.o s
the tea and werve wned ....., TiM with asiitted dilignce itw Tn- a.p. h
lew u-p, the Rirmates e an all his people dertaken to prevent it. It t th h ,',g ,! which It m Jaoaa
on, boa ed.- Sardinia hs ,el hi t Ani&n eI- toC amllt
--r-- pil -- The 4t u -- la- t, Mr. e" eto then aliac fsr-prernn.rn the ia t
Eden, in traordinary and Niner PMc. it, whibc is an &dVitiofntn misti V !.d isatiot tbm.illt
poaeary Drenilk Court, ba a private for, Iad likely to po(I- the Oxon t a tltg

,tie French and other papers, they have yet
i, inflicceaftul in producing any thing which
tan ud in competition with Englit good, lI
rmei markets. Manufactures are not brought
in perfelon in a day ; and as the foil and climate
ir'eat unfurmountable obstacles to the French
Sging wool of the fame quality with the Inglifh,
id they cannot fmuggle enough from this
WItry, to manufadure a quantity of doth fuf.
ident to turn the fcale in their favour) we may
utke ourselves eafy on this head. Every nation
hbich before took our woollens, muf have them
aill, either at lirt or fecold hand I and it Is eafy
to judge which they would prefer. The fame
ilirg nay nearly be faid of our hardware. Tho'
Sbft iron be brought from a country to which
hy have as free or freer access than Ourfelves,
1ey have never flown the faime tate, even In toys,
ltatihe Englifh have ; and it is certain, that even
lnulh anrizans, when decoyed to that country,
iar neither been capable of giving their work
Se fIun elegant polilt, nor the fame temper that
they could in England ; a fure fign that nature has
ihrosn invincible obstacles in their way, and
nature never can be forced. Perhaps England is
lbtoalt country in which a manufadure brought
umn abroad, has been carried to a perfection
fupeior to that which it had arrived at in the
til al country: it is needless to fay, that the
o aln manufadiory is here meant. But besides
that, the raw material was of our own growth.
Unlci a Duke of Alva, or a perfection fulh as
*uwraifed in France against the Hugonots. Should
nift amongit us, and force curartizans and others
employed an working up the materials for their
lsk, to emigrate by thouCands df families at a
tme, we are in no danger of its taking its flight
tom among us i and we may lill Iccure to our-
I cs the preference in all foreign markets, pro.
ideld;ur manufacturers and merchants only take
wc that the goods they fend abroad be of a pro.
pr quality, and avoid all unfair dealings.
Lendon, April it. Colonel Rofs is appointed
by Lurd Cornwallis to be his principal Secretary ;
ud McTrls. Madan and Halaane are to go to India
Vith h: I.ordlhip.
The Emperor fiter, Governefa of the Auftrian
)et~arilanda, and fuite, are expeltcd at Brufflci
,1a fvrr days. All thoughts or the exchange of
a: country for Bavaria are given up for the pre.
A curious Ij ceptip..A very extraordinary in-
i nac ofi public deception in low life has occurred
*ithli thti. fiv. days at Camn w ell, which may
c fairly dctcribed as biting in general ate of
a nationo and confusion, froL m dto the
Mth,, of it. It now appears tba the lhoal of
Sandil nd't fory, which apple in moit of the
pipers, relipeing the recovery a large dormant
forttuit, through the good o es of Sir Gilbert
Illiot, was a grofs falfehood aB impofion upon
public credulity. The felloI however, conduct-
ed Ihe deceit with fuch ad s, as to exclude all
fufpidon of the truth of it. ry person at Cam.
berwell received the relate agofp ; his taking
i.rge houfe, and orrring extenflTve epair,
confirmed his accout oo uden tralnfti: from
obscurity to wealth, n obtained him credit from
A variety ot tradefmen, ho were employed inma.
knig thefe repairs accor g to the modern fashion.
His t.d,,, however, if had any, hau turned out
to ;e a mifcilicvuus ta for the unfortunate land -
lay of whom his leaf as taken i pr in Ilia zca
for Miodemll embcUlih nts,he has cdmolilied
one It..f or tne dweln k, and totally Iletroyed
the office, befides cutti dow a great number
of good old ufcl tree to make an hadndome
optiiig to the building ides all this, park-
palin0 to a very great tite was dlrtded to In.
clofe bis landri, fo that the cftimatc of the expence
may be generally gucired it. But all thi time
there was to moay ; not a killing appeared.
The first day of paymenC being xled on tor the
fth of this moqnl, when Sandiland wa to receive
Cs dividends, and the tradefmen to have a large
dirance out of the money. Well, on Wednefday
there was a general procefflon of the tradkfmen
to a coffee-houle in Cornhill carpenters, brick.
layer, mafoas, plaiferrse tilers, backfmiths,
[itern, and paper-mea, all attended for many
sours, till it wa,'l inquiry, difcovcred, that Mr.
.- was not known at the lank, that he never
hd any money to receive in Ihort, that Mr. S.
is the language of the vulgt hod wife 6iw
Ir,, and left the poor tranaelmen to thift fr
them elves. In consequence of which difo*ter-s
they returned in confusion to the houe at Cam-
nerwell, to remove their different matetil fit
the premifes, in which bufinefsthey were mplol.
ed the ntater part of the nights o that thU poor
bell of a building made the al panc of a gete-
(~ !illmination. In addition to la atrtifice, the
Inife of S. affeted to be fo overjoyed by the go6d
news, that Ahe fet off a few weeks -ine to her
mrudkat Pooole, glcodefcended to arrm na
hsndfome affort, t ilk ad other valuable
ticle, of drefa along with her.

T i now faid, by ad vie from London, that
he Bill for cltablihing Fre Ports here and at
Bermuda, will not be brought before Paruliment
till rent Satfions.
From every land within this government, our
accounts rerpe1in the felfonaie weather and
profpea of prollon crop, are uniformly favour.
able. A letter from Abaco fys, We huve
nothing new here only all thing flourih,
which I fuplofe is now a piece of intelligence
out of date.
In the Brigantine Live-Oak, Capt. M'B.ide,
which failed on Monday for London, went pafoen-
gers, Mr. O'Hallorn, Mr. Malcom Brown, Mr.
Watfou, Mater Doran, and fome others.
Wedlefday forenoon a fmall boat, un which a
fail had very imprudently been put, was overfet in
the harbour, and of three Ibldier who were on
board, one was drowned. The body of the un.
fortunate man, after being sbout twenty minutes
under water, was got up by a Negro Diver, and
brought alhore to the Fort; every excition to re.
tlore him to .te, proved ineffctual.
On Thuilday Dr. Thomas Tudor Tucker
arrived here Irom Bermuda, on his way to Charlef.
Capt. Jackfon, in the fchooner Charlotte, from
Chailefton, on the s th of JunT, in Latitude 29,
Longitude 77, fpoke the Ihip Hibbert, Boyd, from
Jamaica for London, all well.
atL, to MiCs C*aoLeNs Monatson, Datrghter
of Julon Morrifon, Ifq.
AltLI-D Heas,. From
'ruly I. School. Charlotte, Jacklfn, Charlelton
.3 Snow William, Byron, Scarborough
5. Sloop Endeavour, Johnfon, Philad!ephia
Sch. Sally & Betty, Brumball, Charlefton
6. Sloop Nancy, Sweeting. Barbados
Seh. Bermuda Packet, M'Neil, Bermuda
7. School. Tulloch, Nova-Scotia
8. Brig Peggy, Gardner, Whale Filhery
J. Schoo. Fairplay, Pierce, Baltimore
4. U:ig Live-Oak, M'Bride, London
5. Sloup. Carleton, Craythorn, Bermuda
6. Sloop Hope, Eve, St. Chrifltopher
I Sch. Willing Maid, Jobhfon, Charlclton

Ih the Brigantine ELIZABETl, Capt. Davii
Peacuek, from LoNDoa ;
SAnd to e Sold, Wholefale and Atlails
By Falconer, Shirreff; and Co.
At their S'TORE on the BAY.
T OAF Sugar Printed Handkerchiefs
L tloo, Green, Seu. Red and blue Mullindicto
chog, and Bohea Tas Check and Pullcatditto
Blown and Calk Raifins Boideard Lawn ditto
White and bDow Sugar- Spotted and Sriped Cap
candy Lawns
Mace, Cinamon, Cloves. Ounce Thread of the beft
and Nutmegs Quality, from No. 7, to
Sago, Figl, Sidhc, ald No. 6x.
Black P cr Ofnaburgk and Tayles do.
Mltard, U Oil Cap Wliei
Soy, Ketb p Waifot Fringe
. Brley, Split afe Dutch Lace, from No. 5,
Calk and Bo 4d Lode to No. no.
Porter Holland ad Diaper Tapes
Mels Beef and k Leade* Quality Binding
Yorkfhlre Ham s Children' Stae a
Turpentine Soap Ladies French ditto
UmLin and Cotton C Edgingl from No. I, to
and Stripes No. 1).
Cotton Holda lack, pink, mazarin, and
Tickings and Bed Buata layloek Silk Peettiea
Jani ad Dimities op ard Pado
yed and Printed Jneu techapel Needles and
Dutch Cord
Mock Quiltings Thread Lace, from
Cottn Courerp nes No. 1 to No. Ir.
A great Variety of printed bear, white, and
Lien, Chintu, and Ial- black Fathers
lice Gown Patterns grt Variety alhion.
Cloutin ipe able Silk sd Gasn Rib.
and ri d4 Song Silks and Twift
A VarIety f at d and 7-8 us Cypref"
rte Crape sad Soule Gauze
daring hi
Vanity of Chhatx Ber* L.gkd-l LBve Handa-
Cambrick ear Silk Lacestsad Silk Cord
=.4=wheMnl m Blackl and bue Tallhties
6-4 Del diot Marine blue Perfisma
Co"urae s ,t s Blaek and white ditto
It aol ni s Gmren MantaendSarftet,
Da1ekll Sk y-bluM Ludring
l 4A. While4 for ULaokellag
olit lLackdi
Qni;- Pain ~ le pldip~

tLiZh .Mq, pe
Tiafe, and Tiffe, ft C ge a
Walitcoata Cam
Tammics, Draltrs c Pill
Callimencoes, shallom Oedfrev'sCe dial, c,
Superfine blue Caomre Plain ,a d Hair
Sattiaeuand Ialian rapes Powder
Faue s"d Tow Oabr ws P1N ad hmad har da
al.cloth, No. is No.. N fv Pemams
Mne fiue and coar tfSh- Oan Powder and ket
Me. fae and coarfe Boots Tin Ware, csning of
Children, Boys, and Sugalr Ba. plain sat
Youths Shoes painted
WonunsandGirlfinmeLea. Gard W esring Pote
thcr Pumnr and Shoes Candlickl a d Tiadtw
Women Stuff Shoe, with bou
FrenchHeels,& common Coadi BieaQ aad Lan-
Ladies Morocco Shoes thonr
Childrins and Girl ditto Sane Pas and Padding
Blue dark green, and drab Pans. A. e..
colouted fuperfae ready d. sodd. asod.sa4d ald.
umde Coats, and lhort Nals
Cuats, with falhonabla Shingln and Spike Nab
Buttons Chel Loecka
Ready nude Waitrouts Hooksand Hinge
Ditto black Silk and Drab HL ditto
Breeches Rnd Plats Bl
Sailors Jkets, lined and Ship Scraper
unlined Heived Hlaulteht
Boya ditto, ditto Smoothing Iroa
Duck and Canva Frocks Wroag t Iren Tea E t
Boat Cloaks tkes, Ac.
Ticking and Striped Lines Jagl of Llafeed Oil
Trowfera While Led, grondin Oil
Cotton and Duck ditto Speni Brown, in ditta
3.4 and 7 8 Linen Check Yellow Oaker, inditto
Shirts Red Land, m ditto
7-8 Cotton ditto Lampblchk, in Pound Pa-
7-S Coarl and fine White per
Shirt Blue edge China, Olau
Quilted Durant Petticoat Sp, ad Flat Plaus
7- Flock Matursae and and Diflia
Pllows Turenou dite
Four-fcct Hair ditto and Yellow, and white
Bolftcra, plted er Ware
Men, fine white Thread, Ofia ihad ad Candle
Cotton, and Silk Hole fieka
Women fine Cotton and Plat and Halpiat Tam.
Silk ditto bie
Mencoarfe and fncHasu, Decaters, Qnart ad Pit
with Buckles and Bands Cafes of Tabl Enive sa
Ditto h,;aver.colour ditto Forka
Dito fine cocked ditto Sets of Ded Furniture
Children and Boys ditto Mensand Womman plated
Youths end Sailors ditto Shoe Buckles
M.cliined, confining of Scfls and Peakaives
Gliauer Salts Silvnr Thiml
Jefults Bark Braf ioatdOutTrans
Creamof Tartar Calets frob S o m Iteh
Tartar Emetic Cordae saotnd
Stoughtou's Elixir Spun uarn, tling SC
Mana DcepSea sad Lg Lin
T"rlington' Drops Sc. Ac. Ac.
Which, with their former Ariortment, will be
fold on reasonable Terms.

The Scaooua.
1KM I DCaptain M'NEAL,
Will politihely toil on TuvasoAr
For Frcight or Paffag pleaf to appl to the
Captai on board.
A few excellent OnIuoi to be fold cheap,
board the iOd Schooner.
Natna, JYel 7, 1786.

n UN AWAYon the joth of Junelalt, aNegro
S Man named Bay,commoalycalled Brr Ui-
land, about fve feet eight nchIhigh, tamme
very much in his fpeeeb, A lIp rpenter br trade.,
and well known about the town of Nalau, far
a thief and a runaway. Whoever takes him up uad
fecures himn Jail, al receive the above Crewad
to be paid by
Nasfaa, Jl. I8, Sp176. J KMP.

AnL Perfoa riarey =aa Cae
Eftae of WI.ILIA- INwgalu,*
are dcfirod to give tha ia tIn henlate
vouchers and all pef W fl a ted to
faid Efate, are defred to mmedlate pay-
ment to the flbfcriber, u w m delros of
clolfng the afar o the as pofble,
taods of their refiptje debt;i

Attorelks (or Jon CStIg, t26 lallBtWir,
Nf ,EJI 78AW > Is ,

.. r.-, _

Recovery of Drowned Perfons.
;f,w th, nsw JdiMhu .f Chasedr/s iaa.ry of Ar

T H following I methodof reatme nt recon
Smended by the HnoMr SOctTrr ofLonDon.
In remeoi tdm' body to aconveniet place, great
care mulD he ae thUt it not bruised, nor Ihake
violenly, ntr roughly andd, nor canied over th
shoulders with the head banL g downwards, nor rolled
upon the ground, o tro a benreL For experience
prove, that all the(k mothd ae injurious, and ofte
de the t mall nmaia- of ife. The unfortunate
bjed Ihold be cautioudy conveyed by two or mon
person, or in a caiage *pon Araw, lying au on abed
with the head a little rail, uad kept n a natural and
afy a portion u poible
T body bag well dried with a cloth, Ihould b
placed in a moderate degree of heat, but not too near
a lare hre. Te windowaor doon of the room shouldd
be left oen, and no more perfoa be admitted igto it
than those who an absolutely necfry; as the life o
the patient greatly depend upon having the benefit o
a pure air. The warmth mol promising of succcfi is
that of a bed or blanket properly warmed. Bottles
of hot water should e led at the bottom of the feet,
in the jointof ahe I and under the arm pit; and
a warmingpea lerately heated, or hot bricu wrap
ped in cloth, rnald be rubbed ver the body, and par-
ticarly aloa the back. The natural and kindly
warmth of a health perfon lying by the fide of the
body has been found, o many cre, very eflicaiou*.
The hirt or cloth of an attendant, or the (kin of
a aeep frveh killed, may alfo be ufed with advantage.
Should theft accidents happen in the neighbourhood of
a warm bath, brew-hosue, baker, gllaf-houfe, falter,
fop-boiler, or say fabric where warm Ices, aSes,
embenr, grain, fand, water, &e. are easily procured,
it would be of the utmoft Arvice to place the body in
any of theft, moderated to-a degree of heat, but very
little exceeding tat bof a healthy person.
3. The fubjIs being placed in one or other of thefe
advantagot ciretcus taces ai peedily as pofible, ari-
ouftimulatlgmathbodshoold next be employed. The
moRt eflialous are, to blow with force into the lungs,
by applying the mouth to that of the patient, clofing
his netril with one hand, and gently expelling the air
again by prclog the cheft with the other, imitating
the rong breathing of a healthy person. The medium
of a hndr bhief, or cloth, may be ufed, to render
the operation kfi indelicate. If the lungs cannot be
iafated in this manner, it may hb attempted by blow-
ing through one of the noftrils, and, at the fame time,
keeping the other clofe. Dr. Mooro, for tlis purpose,
recommend a wooden pipe, fitted at one end for filling
the nottril, and at the other for being blown into by a
apefon's month, or for receiving he pipe of pair of
iellows, tobe employed for the fame purpofe, if necef-
fary. Whilf one aftlant i, cotlantly employed in this
operation, another should throw the fmnak of tobacco
upby the fundament into the bowels, by means of a
pipe, or fiisgearr, fuch au are ufed in administering
eltertI or by pair of bellows till the other inliru-
ment can be procured. A third attendant Ihould, in
the mean time, rub the belly, cheft, back, and arms,
wiek& coar cloth, or iannel, dipped in brandy, rum,
or gin, or with dry falt, to as not to rub off the Wkin;
Fpirns of harthorn, volatile falt, or any other timu-
lting fubftance, mulf alfo be applied to the noflril, and
rubld upon the temples very frequently. EleC&rical
fhocks, made to pats in different diredions through the
'body, and particularly through the heart aud lungs,
have been recommended a very powerful ismli and
from the trila that hve already een made, promise
considerable fuccefs. The body fould, atintervals, be
alaen allit, ard aried in it poitlon.
4. If there be any la of returning life, fuch as
Lighing, pin, twitchingor any convulfivemotions,
eating of the heart, the return of the natural colour
and warmth, opening a vein in the arm or neck may
v beneficial; but the quantity of blood taken away
h aLd not be large; not Ihould any artery ever be
opened, profufe bleeding has appeared preju dcial,
and even defrutive to the mall remains of lie. IThe
throat should be tickled with a feather, in order to
cite a propnity to vomit I and the nofeltl sal with
Sfeather, l or any other flimanot, bo as t pro.
wek faceeDina A teaspoon full of warm water may
be -oc alyade4inifed, in order em.lean whether
the power drfwllowing be returned; ind if it be, a
abhlofpoea full of warm wine or brand and water,
may be vir with advant e; but not before, as the
Iquor might get into the [ung before the waer of
fwallowiu r-turn The ot er method, uolid be
tetinued with igr, until the patient be gradually
When th patient bas been but a L (te tin feat e
blowiB io the lmge O L.hwew.hale It foie
c (d.d s ti, yet a peodrelvery, st pot to
be eafted i ge* ta O t he above
methodsdoled with for two bhour
or upwards, thero fod mt be the leaf
rmauaum of fetur life. Th ne meenofrefto-
ti are a the ari othrcafe of fud-
dea death,
When ehe&e. r o anfceetfufl, the fur-
seen'* la e isitra eaV9, 'oi r on j the -a rk
rekeba; fot tbj 'Ar ati freely Into the
ngt te aperire made in the canal. tbroih
k they teevh d ila thar nnl te. t I
rcftore the play of the luW tp, d all tht m;Mta of
the bck L

Mr. anter, R. 8,. has, at the riquet of a mem- TU S T IM P Rn'lTE
b of he Huane Sie, publiled prooa for J U IM PO T ,
eeovering person. apparently wd. In the cae of In the Brigantine EUtaztTs Capt. P&Acoc.
Sapparent death by, he conlidrs that a fulpen- A now on. a ro u
Sfion of the actions of life has taker place, owing to the A NOW su1 oR ,
loaf of refpiration, and the immediate cfed*t which At the Subfcribers Store,
Sthis hason the vital motions of the animal; tlealth In FaDscast SThiT,
fayE this privation of breathing appears o be the fBrt ,
Scane of the heart's motion ceafi g; therefore, molt For Ca O good Billr, or Prrlan,.
Probably, thc restoration of breathing is all that i mne. lLUE, green, browr, Mens ooerfel and AS eh
e cfary to refore the heart's motion The les ol life in J drab and smit Broad and Pumps
d drvrl people hAu ben accounted for, by fuppoling Clothe Womem black & mkolr
e that the blood, damaged by want of the akion of the Blue and brown Calfimirci Calimanco ditto
n air in refpiration, is feat, i' that vitiated late, to the Black and blue Shalloons Do. do. do. Moroo do
e brain, and other vital parts; by which means the Gran Baize Ditto Leather ditto
e nerves loofe their effe upon theheart, and theheartin White lanel & Swanlkin Boysd Oinla Meosee
confequence it motion. But Mr. Hunter conlude: Black, blu and green Leather ditto
I from periment on a dog, in which a large column Durante A large a irtMteet f.
of bad blood, vi. all that was contained in the heart Black & blue Callimancas ionable Ribboa
Sand pumonary vein., was pushed forward, without and Tammies Luteailrn UmIbrela
producing any ill effect, and allo from the recovery of Superfie Rut, let Wom c stays ad Perla
dI vned person, and full-born children. that theheeart' : Ditto Ruffel PIticoats
motion muDf depend immediately on the application of Dito Sattinct Dutch Lace lad Threa
S ir to the lungs, and not on the effe', which air has Bombaseen and Princes Edging
on their blood, and which that blood has on the vital Stuffs Plain and Diaper tap
Sports. Therefore blowing air into the lungs, foon after Norwich & Italian :rape- Bobbing
Sthe immerflon, may be ullicient to cffctf a recovery; Camblets, Osnaburg, and Nuns coloured & AthlC
and the deogificajd air of Dr. Prielilty may prove Cotton Bagging rhreads
more efficacious thn common air. But if a considerable Sail Cloth from No. I. to Sewing Silk
time, s an hour, had been loft, it may be neceflary to No. 8. Shirt Moulds, .Cp W'r
applr fimulating medicines, as the vapour ol volatile 3-4 7.8 & 4-4 Irilh Linens Check and white shirt
alcali, mixed wil th the air; and thler re hell thrown .-4 ditto Sheeting Duck, Onanhrg, a gniu
in by the noftils, a applir.ttions to this kind to the laini, firiped and (potted Trowfert
olfa&ory nerves route the living ps isciple, and put the Lawn Brown Holland & aFali
mufcles of respiration into adlion, while ifme aipycia- Flowered & need worked Settiee
tions to the mouth rather depreF' than roufe, liy pro* ditto Linley & Turky firiped,
during ficknetf. The larynx Ihould be at the fani time Bordered and Lawn Hand. Surtoat and Watch Cae
prefcd against the affophagus and fliine, which will kerchiefs Playing Cards
prevent the ftomach ad inteilines frem being too r Neelle worked ditto ditto Morocco and Hair Trnel
much diltendcd by the air; however, the trachxa, and Flowered Lawn Aprons Cambric & mined Flowm
the aperture into the larynx, flould be both left per, Needle worked ditto ditto White, black ad bre
fcvly free. Heat is alio congenial with the living 5-4 to 10o4 Diaper Table Vox Tails
principle, which by inrearing the urce ity of a iun, Llotlh Blue& white,pink&widie
increases adion; and to a due proportion of heat, the 10-4 Damalk ditto ditto ditto
living principle owe its vigour. B1.d-cloths properly 3-4 and 6-4 wide Diaper Black, white, and been
heated Ihould, therefore, be gently l.,id over the pa- and Huckabuck Flats ,
'tient, and the fceam of volatile alali, or of warm bal- Fine i(ripe bordered Muflin Hand and Crofe Cut fl
fams, and effential oil may be thrown in, f as to come Striped and Checked ditto Crofs Cut and Whip lt
in contas with many parts, of hi, body. 'he fame Ell wide Book & Jackonet Files
team may alfo be conveycd into the stomach by means ditto Broad Aela, Hatlchea, and
of a hollow boogie, and a fringe; together with the 6-4 wide Book Muflin narrow Hoe
fpiritsnf harlhorn, pepi.-r-mint water, juice of horle- Tambour and open work- Cutlaf. & Grubbing Hoe
raddif, and alto bali. .s and turpeitines, in fuch ed ditto Door, Trunk, and Pad
i(mall (ipantitics, as i ot to prodnlce hknch. 'Thece Do. Muflin Handkerchiefs Leck
may lto be thrown up by the anus. When the heart Ditto ditto Aprons 'CocksF Coaee t ill
begins to move, Mr. Hunter advile. tollfen the appli- Suprfine Tambowor a i Scales ai Weights
cation of air to the lung-; he ailultcly forbids bleed. Shawls with open'ork Steelyard
ing, because it weakens the animal principle, or that and ring Sail Maker's lPalm as
principle which prefcrvcs the body from diffolution, Superae Cn tsh a ws Needles
and is the cafe of all its adions, and which Mr. Hun. White and beerow Rusla H and HL Hingee
ter fuppoes to be inherent in the blood, and coif:- Sheeting Craping Irons
quently lehens both the power and difpofition to action. Cotton s Mafilel 4. 6. 8. xo, o0. a4. & SeO
Nothing should be adminiftered that ordinarily produce terpanes Naill
a naufea or vomiting, or by the anus, that hat a ten- Irilh Ticking and lue Cutteau and Pea Knivea
dency to produce an evacuation that way ; because Linen ,t Table Knives and Peeka
every futch evacuation tends to kfLcn the animal powers. Printed Linens, & Cot Rauors in cafes
On this account he does not particularly recommend the Chinta Patterns Womens Scieane
fumes of tobacco, hecuale they always produce ficknefs Ditto Bordering Tin, Copper and Ios Ta
or purging, according to the mode of thlir application. Mullin Dimity Shaes Kettl
He recommend. the following apparatus, with a view India Perfianslls fioable p Tacks, Ces aen
to the purpoes of thifociety. lift, a pairof bellows; colours g Irons
fo contrived with ewo feparats cavities, that by open- Ditto Dimities and Dutch eas lad Shoe A ese
ing them, when applied to the noftrila or mouth of a Cord oBInle,
patient, one cavity may be (ild with the common air, Cambric and long I.awns Chappel & eoame
and the other with air fucked out fro the lungs t and Linen and Cotton Checka ea
by fhuttiug them again, the comnston ai nay be thrown and Stripes and ound Pi
into the lungs, and that fucked out of le hin dii- Check nd Printed Hand- Olnall a
charged into the room. The pipe of t e mould be kerchiefs a tfall e eh
flexible; in length a foet or a foot and half, and at Dyed Jeamand Jenette f miaty
left three cighths of an inch in wid lhy this the Bed Bouts and liking .tm a Mdlehltes
artificial breathing may be continued, the other Mock Quiltingand Maillin A Lag effortmeant a
operations, the application of the ftimnito the fRomach Cord Qe, na Ware
acepted, ate" going on, which co not be conve. Denifmsu ad Printed Je Dio ditto of Olao War
nicntly be tCe cafe, if the nimule ; hellows were ttea Lintdeed Oil in barrelasoI
'introduced into the nofe. The next the nof should Black Sattin, and black & joal, l
be double, and applied to b nostrils. Secondly, a white Modes Wit Lead, Yllow
fyriaoc with a hollow or fexible catheter, cf Black, white, blue, p i ..,.
fulnictent length o go toe to omach, and to convey and other faflionable lac a LW S It
any ftimalatng matter 'o it, without affeding the Luteftr inAl A longer_ aIptet
liago. Third y. a pnair nall bellows, fuch as are Englith Per and Serf. A 0 -Bel .of OW
.commonly ufed in throi g.fmes of tobacco up the neta Pomrlia rea,
anui. TWhite Tabbinett Taegues endTl&
The Hiumane Society, ce its aift eftabliihment, to Black and white Silk nd Ir lroC BS r e
the beginning of the year 77, has been inltrumental Thread Gauses Do**h lO ot5 lChwh
in recovering two hundredghty-fevcn perfons out of Crae, Suffal and CypS pe MaIa S
the number of cafes, to whiq their attempts have been dit C'i sd lead Dmi 5
applied. Blc and white ea Lebur
-. ^ Net a a a 4s.. e*ia gg T-
7h 0 &8 L t F. Mam s wemasfi S*Sl* tea Wa
A SHOP o the South lMde lhe Parde, od lrisa tto with Ab r C
A" Apply to fMro. WITHrESPOON. vZO emna Thre i, Sd a i.
J. UN AWAY frosm the Subcriber, at Spencer's Cottofaud Silk Hoe Poliand & emnita t
L. Bite, on the Iland of a Malatto Fel- Soya ed irlsd dito n . t
low known by the mime oPf i fotmerlc be- Ma sd Woma La- RlrP de an .d N.
longed to Major Belteu. W lHa lfl apprelmd thm, Thmed, ad'k Pg o
and delve him tf e, 0 ity*bfence, to OloB o W*
Donlld Fergufon, (hall reehrTwrlve Dollar. 7Lg er e* A O L ,,
reward; and I doforewarn nl .'C tH froa tar-. wb punedoMa_ f 0M AO iIMTI-
boaring, caploying or ta Obhi lo e afoerefi d DgN 4 A O

lnfd, O7-t, s786. UONs, s7.t .
Nseeo,7anet, p~d Neeas Yw's 15 W

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