Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 24, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00046
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. r od



From SATURDAY, JUNE 24, to SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1786.

NAsSAU: Printed by Jou0 WBrLL, it the Printin* Office on the BAt.

Account of NCe Books. real knowledge. It is hardly polible to behold I perceiving that fhe wanted fomethlin toearell
A c n her in this portion, without coAparing her to a the began to provide herfelf with a train of ad.
lm poor goofe upon a common, wh hif:s at every mals, which the. bal enlarged to f ch a degree
fhlophical, bsylriral, and moral '1fon palleager without any provocati, without any that her houfe is a kind of little ak I though I
Otr MAIes. Bj a Frind t Ihe SI d. defigi to wound, and appar y without any believe it tends gather to dearoy, than tpen.
,s. pur i obut that of lhewing akwardnfct of ferne the lives of the various eretures it admit.
rpHli fair fex are, in all ages, ohbi t of urtbfilty its n i, and the diffonan its voice. Whether ihe is offended by that negl A which
1 and tpo*tice to men. Their natural at- 9 (ovy and tlevolenrce are l adive princi- (he has experienced fnom mankind, or whether a
Irsftlons aptivate the fancy nd the heart; and ples, that we are ever fTrpriTf, when perobns pallon for animals annihilatesourregard towards
give rile to a variety of emotions, that are easier under their influen indllge themselves in defcan our own species, may admit ofdifpute; but it is
felt than dfcribed. Barbarous nations, a well ting on the frailtiof thr acquaintance: but certain, that her attachment to birds, dos, and
s polite, pay homage to their charms; philofo- Altimira is neither vious or malignant: ihe is monkics, which has rown, perhaps, from
pliers, who dcfribe the progrc's of focicty, mark uncommonly tall nd, asie luckily thinks that alrcted tenderness into real palloa, appears to
the gradual improvement of woeenl and few a tall woman i flne 'male production of have rendered Orniphila utterly inrt'enble to the
poets have fallcd to Delphi, without touching at natIur, llhe fc thin to envy in the perfons of merit of haman nature. Sheprofeei to have ai
Cytherca. the little wom round her, and loIok down up. everfion to children, becauf fe i diltraded by
t of late years women ha qiuised a acw on thie comp tve pigmies with a knd of com- their noife yet, fo incoofitent is afleb atio, fle
consequence. by becoming memMiioe the litera- place conte The peculiar e!eva.tion of her haschoten for herconfant companion, and even
ry world. They prefer their inifible qr unfeen own figure m ads her into a mistaken estimate for her bed-fellow, a great furly Pomeraniaa
attraltioni to thole which are visible, and neglct of her own fe but the superior elevation of her dog, whole inceffrnt barking Is more offensively
the material part of their frame to cultivate the miad rt idrers petaifly ji.(t towards ours. She loud, than the motnoify infant that ever fquailed
casuties of the mind. While the Amazon$ of does not appear to think, that the grace, and in a cradle! She has many nephew and nieces,
antiquity unflheathed the word, and contended talent uf rman, are at all dependent on his fize or to whom little present of money would be very
fur pre-eminence with their mafculineriflh in the feature; and, fo far from defpifing any of her acceptable ; but Orniphila will not beltow een a
fiel of battle, the gentler heroin' of modern male acquaintance, because he is liorter than crown to treat one ofthefechildren with a plays
times will a leA formidable weapon, the pen; and hcrl'lf, lihr ias the good nature and coindefrenlion yet the will frequently throw away a guinea to
are ftitfied to vie with the other fex, in literature to ftoop, f-jr a flute, to the mot diminutive of purchase a little fruit from a hot-houfe, a a de-
an,l tih fine arts. Hence in poetry, painting, men. licius indulgence to heroldtallinglparrot.-- Ou
linflo y, philosophy, criticifin, and even divinity, 1t I(as once inclined tc Impute her off five foibles, like our vices, re very fruitful fourceg
they iave made fuch ftrides to rival the men, that aflc itoir of cenfouial dignity to the mere halit of vexation and ditrefs *and I happened to be
if the brecrhes are Itll worn by the one tex, we of li ranging, which Ihe acci tally caught from an ocular witnefs of a very heavy punal euht
biny lie allowed to add, that they are occasionally her coulin at the bar or tqh nobler motive, which accident infliked onl uamlle weak-
Iufc 1), the other. namely, that ardent admirdt of virtue, which nefa ufOrniphila. Asthe d th honour to
Th literary honours acquired by a few; have, frequently Icads its polleffr into fpirittd, though rank me among her diftant tiloo, and as
ni) doult, reteOed a luttre on the whqle fet. injitdicious, invcdivcs against the fuppofed adhe- thinks I have foml knowledge ofnatural hiAorr
'FThie ilolinencc o their character, and the pleni- enuts cf vice: but my friend Sophronius, who ihe lately fent me a very preng invitation
tid:c of their faine, intercft the world at large. loves to investigate eery nice diicrimination of tea, that flie might confult means new foreign
Hencerif ins have been framed, and volume charactr, and is very Ihrewd in his remarks upon birdjut prefentedtoherbyoneo4perdependents.
written o illutrat their jqualities, and trace the Lx, corrected my mistake. In our difcourfe I wa pleaded to find two ofher eces, and theh
thuir progrcf throu h the fucceflive Rages of civil concerning the foible of Alt ira, You have brother, admitted to her tea table. The girl,
faceity. Still, how r, there was a defideratumn lnely attinted little to inmra ture," faid my who are almol women, were Ing from school
in their hiltery, the ssfalsh fetiuamted Pir initj, friend, if you can ferionfly re that Altami- to their parents in the count boya lively
which is now*.apy applied by the author of ra't incefant invedlives again difipation and lad of thirteen, *a juft fomEton, to
the phila kalr ril, lt m rral Ea n Od Incontinence, proccedifrom th purity and recti- effort his fifters, d d to divert himfel
uniidc. In. hiad thiu nelieite fubjeCff which tude of mind, which feels and lghts in contem- not a little with e ties f1 aunt. e is
has been left n bed toy others, ie difcovers plating both the beauty a benficence of always feen like Circe, furrounded with animal,.
much ingenuity fets it in different positions, all the temperate virtues. nu IQudy her charac- A few tame little birds, who ly unconfned about
a:il view it in v oa lights and front the pene- ter more attentively, y ill d rcaver, that the her chamber, are generally perched on herloul
traction and de of his refearche, appears to reverfe of yodr Idea is ich nar the truth. der or her cap the ft Pomeranian, when he il
have. caefqilly eo d the rule l orace t She perpetually decl a against tfc iotr'gue of not growling, repores at her feet;ad and large
N'otlir~.Se as, I u l rmna. incontinence, becau under the malk of fuch fquirrcl occaonally peep. from her pocket, u
When fubJte 'llterattli nS t o much declamation, lihe ires tle ptrilcge of treating he is indulged with a kind of banquettlng-oufc
exhausted, and mmon 'to y the place her own fancy w' thofe licentihous images, on under her hoop but of all the creatures who
_of invention, th opening oa eld in litera- which it loves t well; and, believe me, there usually refide in her room, the mt riking is a
ture prnmiries fame pleafire to the public, are many prea a of het oir in the lame prc- very large and magnificent, but Uil-empered,
which doubtiefs felt by the author. dicamcnt." mackaw. The two girls had contemplated the
mot aicedere fonti. The charaef Ornlphila Merits the attention ine plumage of this bird with great admiration,
The firft volume, which treat ofthevirtiesand of every femal reader, and thews the unhappy which he appeared to return for, allured per-
vices ofOld Maids, contlaIns many carahlershap.- ffts with w h tlc affectation of foperlative haps by an ornament of flowers which Ae wore
pilydrawn, fpn ofwhi mayfcrveasan example, felfibility, as hvoas wtakne, is frequently in hercap,hehopped,ona ltddensfrom histand
others as a pattern, to the fiterhood. The follow- attended upon the head of the eldet. Thp rl was
ing ohlervajmtsactoncereng cenforioufnefs, thew Orniph, a lidy who entertains her ac- exceedingly alarmed, and her bro hafteed
that our author has ernt acute eye on fcmatl quaintance he ibft tfumptuotia display of with infinite good-bumour, to hrtief. He,ag
nature. u % this foible is giuluckilt poleffed of Iuch trif, thdcavbtlld t ht...aJt tIt lirh y gtUtyg
The cenrorial fplriti that I now peak of, is opulence, as c e Mtr, to indulge her *molt but the mackaw did not chuue to rellquih hi
entirely dillinft fr.m end andill.naturg, which extravagant cap Orniphila was extremely prize, and, in a fcoule which enfued, tore of
ar: to form the fubjeds of my following chapter. handfonie in Jher h d I thie i.hherited both the thumb nai of his oppohat. in the keea
I cannot more clearly explain the apeiarit of fortune and beaut he fou probably have fet- resentment, which thl vpllt aullh produced,
this anfflieih. than by little delcpton of Al. tied happily tn main e, not the affecatlon the young Etontan. Ited 1all bi ieth,
"nmira, aa leil the m~ftnriking example of the of fiperlative fen6biit reclered her merean b. wrung onftbe neck oha l tlt athout a
foible that eve cae" within the fop o my obfer. jre ofl ridicule than eirn. She had the mi Ringle rnecdion on 1* fee t at ma t.
vion. Altamira ia tall '*l ihl t 6rty-two, of fortune to fancy, that true delmy coinata n an Orniphila, who ma thltry, um Ged b the
and meagrc as tha oCicero, whom the alfo with the figure oti smaszon, abited the tilmi on beholding bd ao her fl Jcrn te
retfmbles, not indeed ithe force and eitgaee, dity of a fry. No IhoA could tart with rter bird; and, lavi al t o to tke fueh care
but in the leinh and vol ,il y ofhe orati I trepidation at the cr4 ing of a co*. O te oad- as they could fthemel i the tI moned her
for inluckily eating a bar rcr for her cufno denbeat ofa drum e would tbrew Cerlf nto fervant to eoan her ba tlly to bed,~ the
hi has leI harangue on teal and liigina. Ind of cenul t atlfid ite has frequently calamity her uar to fia t ei m
less it ai tt he frame. Ihv Alto r i ormwo a o lab
ry failing a er acuaintn- with all the for. led, that Uavp, d made_ hl the inhabitant frame. I have t her fae0- and l,
*arl t with a tlhe alm Bsee, of ta lawyer. offome more tnqul54. lobe, o wbidhthe jr is belive, wil ewre bept meto.VIlt k ulage Im
l req otelyobferved ,in Atlareclircle,Rretch- never woud af ouldmore power iltan 1I hear that, infltepad of oing for here l-bels
in forth a berlength of nck, to quelftion ome the natc nT',2gh4Igale.r This genlienefs, of vioir, the fent for her lawyer the ne"t gmontg,
dmant ;adY'oncerning the minute circirinttancen dl ofition.dSM n, an the lady might poflible wlli and made him crafe fam be wiln the Samea
o s fpeed intrigue, or to inveigh a4ainlt the iuce any fympiaetic tCain to amif hear with the spirited youth, who had eselted her lJarl.
irriedlaritie of fome person, who is accidentally the foothing white of love. Site became an cable refentmrtit by ridding the wa i dt i f Wr
tcntioned, and of whofe charader the has no Old MaidI and,ua t pproache4 the age of for chievousmathaw. ButifttliU t Ic boo fa i

.cr attention, as I intend it lh.ll, I truft it may To 1 S L D
induce her to correC her injufice, and to double
the legacy, which the fo hagily catcelled." On reqaab'l rms,
The frA volume contains te moral part of the JOHN C RISTIE
efray, and teems intended to form a code of law Y J N C STI
tor the MIcrhoed At hib STORU a th BAT.
In the fecouid volume our author takes leap A fall quantity of Hil oof JAMAICA
into the dirkneft of antediluvian antiquity, and, RUM. MUSCUVADO S AAR, in Barrcl
as nature abhors a vacuum, conjeduree, that and Tiree i
there was a nngle Old Maid before the deluge. il Am Hlt
Continuing to revel in the feet, of ancient lure,w
he attempts to give n account of the datet Old NeW N E G R E S,
Maids n Egpt, Judca, Greece, and Rome, be- imported in the Sloop udish, Capt. Bru'an,
tore the Chriftian Era. After that memorable from Yataica.
period, the chale community increafed, and the a uU 86
honours of vicinity were reckoned net to thofe 7 .
of martyrdom. He afBgns a reason for this iapid
increase, which appears to have weight. Wanted to Pulchafe.
But,therc was arecoddclrcumRnc, pec" TN the course of i ias, a few Tos .f Ctr.AN
liar to this early period, which had. perhaps. an
iee otqually powerful and extendie In augment. I corTTON, for hch one _ua..,r of a Jlar
ing this maiden community i mean a very c.- &" A will e given per po nt-. Apply tl o Sati
traordinarr cutlom, which crept into the prini- GoILonG Horn, Im n, or on board he lh gantiltl
tivt church, to the feandal of the good, and the Robelt ad M Ry, to
entertainment of the licentious, the cuftm, (con- ROBERT HUTCISON.
deaned indeed by faints and couacile, yet fome. Who will take a few tons of Cotton on freight
times avowed and vindicated by its adherent,) for London. Three or four Paflen:ers maL have
which permitted the canonical virgins to attach good accommodations. Apply as above. (
rhemfelres to a favourite preceptor, and even to Kaf"aj, 7uM a, 17 6.
thare his bed, without cealing to make a public .- ~a a t
profeflon of their virginity. LL Perfo ai a dmi aainf t
This fad it to fingular, that the modern EAatle of WILItAlt A.AWLL decealrd,
opticall reader may incline, perhaps, to question are dcfired to give tcem in ith authenticated
the truth of it. Many witanefli concur in its vouchers and all pcfos wifc indebted to
flpport ; and, at the consideration of Co firange faid Eflate, are defir to m immediate pay-
a cunom may inftrut us in the late of ancient ment to the fulfCcibel as th are deliroas ol
manners, I doubt not but the more difcrret vir. coifing the affira of tile estate e1 n as potlible,
tins oftheprefent age will thank me for exhibit. il order that the rciditors may ive the didi
nig to their view the very dangerous temerity of dend uf their crfp:tetic debt.
their primitive fiter. JOIN TTY,
Among the epifties of St. Cyprian, there Ia JAMES IMSON.
dne addrefed to Poanponisa, which (hews us, in Attornics for JOHN C(LAnI, the dmiiiftrator.
very explicit language, the good bilhoip's opinion 2Va' a, Yune 9, i;e6.
of thefe refolu:e, or rather radl virgins, who,
ebnfefllng that they fept with men. fill averted J UST IM POR TE ,
their integrity '. The faint very forcibly con. J US M
demns their condutt and juftly obktvcs, that, In the Brigantine ELIZABETH, Capt. Dav-.i
however innocent they maybe, no one can long POacic, front LosuoN ;
be fafe, who approaches fo near to danger. St.d ..eo., Ir d -j i" i
Cyprian procrde to cenfure the boldncfa ofthofe nd to h Sld, IVholf/al and Rtal,
more determined virgin who attempted tojul. By Falconer, Shirreff, anl Co.
tify their per fCvertnce CA fo cerllo u a prae :-
at Let not anyr one'e th wary faint, con. At their STORE on the BAY.
flder herfelf as fuflnlexcfed or defended, T OAF Sugar C. p Wcire
by offrin her r to the ttt of iofpeCdion, L Hyfon, e, ren, Son. waiflcoat I ringe
mInce the profef judgesof virginity are fre. chong, and Bohu ea s Dutch Lace, from No.1,
qucntly deceived t : From theft fngular exprec- Bloom and Calk Rafin, to No. 10.
fion, we may cv ectve how ftrenuoully the ca- White -dl Brown Sugar- Holland and Diapr Trapes
monical virgins cd]tended for the maintenance of candy London Qality Bi.ding
this tempting, tlugh dangerous custom, which, Mace, Cinnamnon, Cloves, C'l ldra.a. Siay
det, root in the 4urch." Sao, Fig ltueStarc, aid deiggs, fruan N.. 1, to
his fiery trial 1 immaculate and incorruptible Ma ,rPedO Bla,, and
chastity, waa not bo-ommon in the primitive pc. Say K p laylock Silk Ptacont
riods of the church We are informed, by Wil. Barley, Split Pc IHops and PIad.
Iham of Malmibury, tt St. Adhelm, a celebrated Calk andl Bottled rIn Whitechar Needles and
bilhdp in England dtaring the Saxon heptarchy, Porter Pin,
did not, like other prieRfs, avoid the company of Mefs lcf and Pork Fine 'thrrca~ Lace, from
women, but often detained fome virgin by his Yorklhirc Hame No. r, to No. ir.
ide, both fitting and lying; and, while he held Turpe1ntia1c Soa p Blue, heaver, white, and
her in his embraces, repeated the trgth pfalm, Linen and Conoia Chec black lcarhcer,
looking to heaven all the while, and defying tile and Stripes reat Varlcty uf fashion.
devil, the world, and the eltlh. Ir the third Cotton HolLand. b Silk ad (.uc Rib-
volume he carries down the hillbry of ancient Tickings and ud g aat
maidenhood to the reformation, and concludes Jeans aid Dimnitc e Silks and Twi f
with a fermon to his hoary difeiples, from the Dyed a Prirned Je 7j 8 .- Cyprefs
toryof Jcphtha's a ter be wailing her virgi- Uh Coinr ree
slty upon the mount in. Cott lu r 7 i 6.ovuff lld.ue
Cotton Cou an 7-8 346 Love land-
Qm fecum viris dormiic conftffz fit, aflevc- A great Va.iety of printed ker fi
rre fe ineegru efe.-- San Cyp. Epift. iv." .inca, Chintz, and Cal- Silk L and ilk Cord
t Nec aliqua puet fe hac ecuatione defedli, licoGowir Pattiens Black bluJ e Iaflaics
quod ipici et probl pouit, s virgo fit; cum ct Clutig Diapers Mazur blue Perfians
manun o obculttie et ocatius Cpe fallttr.-- Sandt. Checked, fprigged,nripeed, Black white ditto
Cyp. Epi. iv." and plain Mllins Green aFaandarfinet,

To be S O L D,
On Mo r the rtlh/ JUL nixt,
tu r t g/Sr f Iw/tr' iI tie at Private Sali)
N E G O E S,
Prom fourteen to twet three year of age,
well feafencd to thib clmat accuftomedto hard
week, and property wa -Among them
are faue neat, ceaa waiting ches.
The Conditions ae re ste balf of the
parchare-money tobe Mpid in fcr months, the
remnalder in tena oatna, appro fecurity being
given before tkhe property iaiter *
Thofe wtlin to parehaf by private bargain
before the time o public file, may know the
tcrms by applyhl to
JOHN MORRIS, VYndueMafter, or to
TMa4 a*gy7'atiS786.

A Viariet of worked and for trella
plain Muflin lHadker- -Sky bI Lutetiring
chiefs. Whi uttflring
A Variety of Chind Por- 1Bla tto
during : J ode
Cambricks, clear laIin 1.9r.a5aticn, Corduroy,,
S54 worked Mutian pmr .inrfe. and 'ifu.o, for
6-4 Dreden ditto WaiRtcoat
Courfe and fine Irif l. Tamik.s, Durntir
Rueia and Iridl Sheatilng Cadllmaanco, Shalloons
Brown Holland and 3-4 Superfin blue Cafimere
Ducks Sattinetasadltalii Crap"e
Britanius, Platilloes ruaan and Tow Oiaburgs
Onalie, Huiat ck Sail-cloth. No. 1, ta No. 4.
Printed HaI llchic Me fine and corfe Shoe
Red and blue Mulla dicbl Me= ine and cbrfe Boots
Check and Pullica dito Ctildrent Boy, and
Bordered LawI ditto Youths Shoes
Spotted and firiped Cap Womenmando irlanel.l
Lawns thee Pn pe and Shoes
Ounce Thread of the bet Wome ns tafflhee, with
Quality, from No. 7, to FrenchiHeai,& coamon
No. 6a. I.adies Mwrceo Shoe
Ofnsburgk rr Taylonido. Chirt in apd pirb dato


SO B a) L r,
And mes k Ea Rfred o hiNawsdise&.
TIHE STORE and CLI.AR on th Bay, ald
I joining the Printing Office. and ly oce
pied by Mr. 7 C W. taa, i we Of

N'fa'n, yJ l, al7. 6
rlE Subtcriber doea hereby forewar af
J. fona whatever, pa iculary
and Droger., from taking or of ilt
iinad, Negro &llow named l
for a fret e u b a f
proved, under t inae
out, and George reenhil It
George Oreculand, as he or tbay n
upon being prosecuted to the r i or *
the law.
IVf;a,, ?rNe aS, sg6.

luc, !.k green, and drah Gau Poatr e( Shot
coloured fuperanc Tnaly TiA Ware, teiainga of.
made Costs, and fl.aot Sugar Bos, plaii ain
Coats, with fathausbl. painted
Butto. Garda Waterino Pt
Ready ade Waimoa C.odicks an adr.
Ditto black Silk and Drab toa r
Beechn, Candb D.ef t, .y
Sail, Jackets, lined and thorns r
unliusd Sauce Pasf and R*.
yo,. ditto, ditto PIans. &A A .
Duck atil Canv" frecke I..d. aod. Z d.s
Boat Clo"kLa Nail -
Ti king ad iped Linen Shinglig and Spike Na&
"lruwfirn ('he Locke
CottUn and Duck ditto H aouiad Hinge
3-4 and 7 8 Linen Check HL ditto '
Shist Round Plate olt
7-8 CLoton ditto Shi Sc
7-. Coamit aBd Son White sfjvcd t'itL.
ilaft* Irons
Quiltd Dfarnt Pneticoat Wroght I. n Tn it.
7-1 Flock Mattrafflu end tie., tr.
lP.llows lut of Lifeed Oil
Four-fe~ Hair dito and %W ite ad, o.ndinaOil
alcrr se panis brown, is ditto
Mn a Ain white Thread, YeloU Oaker, in dtto
Cotuto, and Silk lole Red Lead, in 41a
IWomna line Cotton and Lamspblack,,ll Pord Pa.
Silk ditto pr ,
Atcnscoarfe andfineHetr, DBle i. CG
with Buckles ad Band. "SU-Tad- M ul'a
Difto b:ater-eolour ditto ba* i a .Oe.
Ditto fine cocked ditto Turce, ditto
ChilJren, and Boys ditto Yellow, blu, and whit
Youths aud Silorsdittu painted Croker War
Meedicine,, conffinlug of Ols Shmdn and Cule.
Glauber Salts n icki
Jeluit Dark Pmt and Half-pa., Taen
Cream of Tarta biter
Tarar ktactie )ecaatrcn, Quarn ad fi
bteughtoa's Elimir Cafe* of Table Knive d
Manoa Forks
fl'rlinton' Drops tsIt (f Det Furniture
Jallip, artlhoru Meniand Womea plated
latvstda, belagu.ia Shoe Buckle
Guran Arabic Sciffars and PeakaLivn
CaFnpl" Silver Thimblci
Scotch Pills Br.t.. numated Gilt Tralst
GUdfrey's Cordial, Ac. Cabhet, from j to I w cb.
'lain and fcnted lair Ccrdare alorted
Powder Spun Yarn, Ratlling Stuff
Plain and f.ctted hud and D.ep.Sen and Lo Line
uft 'omatunm Ac. &c. Ac.
Which, with their former AIFTrtment, will be
fold on icafonable Terms.

On TUESDAY nc"x July, st7s6,
At David Macph fon's ifore,
In FaauesicK ITr rT.
TllE GOODS then re lnkg, cofiting of
T Irifh Linens and S Table Cloth.
Munins, Mukito Net Gas CaUl o Chekec
Stritpea,Camblets, Darants,C m Trea .
Ribbands, Handkerchiefs, B Lacel Ge a
tnd Silver Laces, Hats, Jap are, a Aa
ianLity of Gaiss and Kart Ware, Kties,
Scallkr, warranted caLt St aors, Bucki
Cumbo, Watch Chains and i l Sedls
Chryflaln, Gold Slides with Pearl, e.
itto Locketa, reafl Buckles, L Hm-
mers, Adzse, Mas, Sugar, Te Vine-
ar, Se.

Some Sailt, Cordage, pa r Oakum, a ca-
al Water Olaf, and the Ues, sl Coutenr ad
mpty Trunks, &c.
Terma of Sale, Three Months Cedit to
hafers of O u n.udred e I f and C
or smaller uumrs.
7Jne .30. 17-6.

N-A S S A U, JULY i. 'e .a Th d" d it allr msed b
"lf li ooverartito of the publk havi been ch of Aug s ril, a r ergia Rdugee are w1i
Senggl'dJ ,a the flubjrt of the umrriac of the Iln, who o" thi county wel."l
,oupngr branchesof the Keyal Faily, th following tl" f 're .s'rdl/ satwJ ed 7
trement of the law on the imattr, ay est be mu- Incled c ye rda cr
cpralle to our rc ders.-By lAtute i ao. Ill. it is very melachholyIw t of a rdl tleat
/ cA, that o dfcendanut of Gen II. otherss thltr ed heros ao t tate U iredto
iouc of Princei married iuto feiei failie) l thrtatent thie e iyw ll a. li wr;tr
Uable .f cos.tradiail natrizony, without the pei. o sihe ccu z is mn 4pioln, hat eiglerated the
ol cornfrtt f al; aany marriage or maorinuwnial ncotra, made thoouand agri He ii otherwise arcemte."
ibhout fuc I ct nfent, i. null and void to all mtets The following ii the account alltded to hy our cor-
ad puIp ilr.; provided, however, that fuch of the refpndulat:
id c ndants as arc above the age of 25, may, after Carle4i/., 7., 16. Thursday forenoon a fire
twelve moth notice given to the King's Privy was discovered in a fma!l building in Oadfidcu'.Allcy.
Council. contra t and folemnfIe marriage without the Broad-ftrcct, occalooed by the boiling over f apot of
content of the Crown; unleft both Hoifes of Parli- tallow in the cellar of the houte. Smoke only i1uin
elent hall, before the expiration of the fld year, at firfl, could the neceltary mean, have been renderen
etpredly declare their difopprobltion of fuch intended immediately, the dreadful confiqucncea whikh follow-
marriage. And all perfous folemniing, sifting, or ed,m;ght probably heve een prevented; bnt the lames
being prteint. at any fuch prohibited marriage, Ihll buriting forth, and an eaflerly breeze getting up, com-.
incur the penaltle of the Itartte of p rwer ir, i. be mulicated to the late Mr. William Smith's Lort,
out of the King's Proteldion, imapriluncd during plea* which was fTrn dellroyed spreading general devf
lure, forlfet late, &c. station ai it wetnt oi, aid threatening deflrudioo to
On the l8th of May, his Moa Chriftuan Majefy' the whole neighlonurhood on the fouth ide of Broad-
fhip 1s tfarcvt arrived at Putt Royal, in Joamaia, with trect. 'he wind suddenly Ihifting to the fouth-.eal,
the cu4omary notitfcation* and complimeata from exttndcd the famesto theoppolite fdeof the treet.and
Moillca outtede St. I.uarne, the new oernour thole who conflkred their property but a few minutes
ol St. Io .ieutenant Governour Clarkc. bef ei in a Ilate of faifty, and were receiving the good.
ly alvi iJ orgia and South Carolina, a war of their dilltreffednciglihburs into tlr houfe,were now
btw lyr.i Ue o d Crecks appear. inevitable. in the Ifae diljal situation, haviftime to lave ouly a
iucraeitanmenq ltlinn Lands, ad Indian being tmall part of their golds. he whole city was now
murdered tby i Settlecr, as utllaniaur herctu- thought to be in the moft imminent danger, not only
t re, are the iammeiate caufls of rupture. 'he extract front the flames in llruad-ftrert, but from the fikes of
hviLh follow, is cupied tronu the Charlctton Evening fire which lcendednd lodgedupon anumberofhoufes,
O, r.ttc. nany lv whi.h took lire, and but for the greeF rca er.
t-.) eof a Iter, da-e' nr A4 ajta, My 16o, 1786, titnt of tle inirnt., would have called a geceral
Jfr a gentleman .ore to s iet ha1r.,/n. conulagratron. i flames were at length cnltitied on
A. I coneive imce certain intelligence relative both litla of I d-ftrrect, within houles bhlit on brick
t tr Irac of mtatnrs between our neighbours, the and tile, and I the greatest cxertiono tf all ranks of
oal rgl tisaud tie Creeks, will be agreeable to you, I pcuple, thi lirwt as happily got under. Fouutcea of the
trtt:nlt ysau ft.h mnatri.l occurrcncE as I can col- ehLt florc, A Inmiulti to Bruad-flrcot were entirely de-
iait. i o)fd, ald others greatly damaged, with smaller
O0. my arrival the day before ycfecrday a' llorc, which were pulled down to prevent communi- I found the people in general and the afnrt i catlion of tile lames. Tc whole lofs fuftincd, cannot
of gtvrniment in fo profound a tiate of ansailrencc be afccrtaine,! with exadcnef, but i imagined to ,be
a!,(,ut the bulinlfa, that I was in hopes nothing furious I nor Lkf than f.. o,oonl. frlang. 'ke following per-
-,u d have occurred. I had a great dal of conversation foie were httatit ,ut, viL. on the fouth fide, the frare
with tle Governour, who was dilpoled f treat the late Mr. Walisani Saiith's, Mlfrs. Wells & BRthune,
attt very lightly, and, like moll other there, to hold Mr. M Cradic. Mr. Cohen, Melfrs. M'Caulay & Da
SIe lndirans very cheap. I tlron I llrnt that two ol the viq, Mlelif. R.olert & Hall Stewart, On the north
tcttlirr oa the Occonie, one in Walliington and one in lide, Mr. Atkin, Mtffr. Aberethie, Muirliead and
rite C'ounty, had been killed, and one of the boditc Munro, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. Samuel Blakely, Mr.
h.d lbeei fut,,d accumlanitd with every mark of con- Stroum.r, Mrs. Gualt Lr, Mr. Logan, Dr. Wilfon."
fit'red ititility, conformable to the flvage cutuoms ul AaRIVro laRE, F-m
the l.idlans; that several of the old traders had come Jc,., yK. ScI.t,, Willin Maid, Johnften, Charlefton
in; and that Colonel Clarke hll marched (though 'y. Brig pcedwel. Wallace, Geori r
uiithoat nrd'r.) to cover the frontici with about .io 30. brig -Fltfa, 'Thoma., Jamac
men.. Still the ,pinion was, the Ind.ots would not pro.u- Y Siedl. Charlotte, JAcklon Cl.irlcfon
cccd to any very daring outrages, nor crus die Occo. SAILgI. Fr
ame at. y 1 patt force. .,ne 17. Sloop Sally, Cole, 'urks Ifland
Ulte I lol an old trader, who had come to Co- 28. Slotp Shrlburne, Attwater, Halifax
lnl --- with a friendly Crtek from the ntion 2 Schoo. Polly, Kelly, Be rnuda
a'ut: three weeks ago, told. nw that he never knew
t1~' ho! litic. were iqendcd when he left them; but CT A HAG for I.ETT JS t o go tIr.
hr ws convinced the lpaniards were urging them to Brigantine Lavk OAe, Capt. bVl.Ioi, fr Loa-
t k- up arma-lld aetinted MGillvray a Lieuteoant non, is left 't ti Printing Of41 an il Io be tals
C('olonil in tie .Apani r frt4ie-ent theid a fnpply of awaj in Monday A.Ifterpeo ait ier o'CIek.
arms and anlunitir and given them the tLrong wARATOR'j Favor AeIived, and will
anuratncieo of tltlasp r a r in
",. 1l, I1t t e i / ay on hit return with a friendly afar i ur ext.
talk, but from what I heard latt evening it will be in
vain-all hopes ofa cconciliarienlre at an end. J U S T I P R T I
** I a car herond a doubt t t the Indians hate J
been litong ritatcby the encroalenns of the teor- In the Scho-'ner CHa.orn I, Capt. JACKSOQo,
gans, a.d ave lnmg waited for a poelt to take up from C A.lsa No
the hatchea A tin event abou three week, ag.d to ol, '
gratified ir wi. since the fettlmmenut have been And to old, 31,
tended o, and en over the Occoniriver, many of '
the iIn a remai d among the White.s and lived PANTO LS b, ES Co.
vith ia m till lat upon very peaceable term: o nei R ad BI T
of them hadtaken altcy to a young woman, danugh. Ud K .
terof the nrta whole houe e hUaid, and lked her Naffar, 7ul 1ty6.
fr a wife Il man confenced on hit agreement to
give one hu der iins, part of which ie Creek Baham Punch Ho e.
paid hIm. orhil liquilar bargain was tomplet ahae P c
ed, a broti f the young woman came home, and T-HEc So having at a conflltrable ex-
not hei ae fanse way of thinking with the father, j pepe a t ip the aI e Dwelling Hou
". etht an a very fv roggin ; on which they I otelo pi Mr. Do, on the BayH the
si direly left the fettlemeat, an fortly after a ryof Mr. l for the above
party o them returned ant burnt the man's liaufe, pr t and. i d .binifcif with a
which was on their land. *No blood wa, fed till atukofe ant g pro 0 hmbtri
about ten d7y. .so, when the murder* I before men- e l o humbly sequels
toaedd o tt o his de the river. I have the favour and ind ee of P bl c, whic
fince lea the fole reafon why they did not crfs be will ftudy to me bJ t uunremitted
soner, wfthe i ht of the river, which owig to attention to thofl who may ch to honour him
1the rfed, r htha enabled them to do it. with their conmands. He a tooatinves to keep
"I dil wit Uovernour Telfir yelterda, andin open his WI/ferrn rat ad PFwb nleif wher
the evening an a ref. arrived from Clarke wit. very every pecie of entertainet will be provided
d -w.0 That he had marched owT an*heocc. i. the ort notice. AO N
Ill in with the Indians, (who wee ccompeaied by f O N CAIDI.
oany white men) in fuck force, (about lon) that he Nafao, 7aly xy6 l.
'. tcomptlled ta rest, and feat to Waflingtoo for
s.tiortemel which nmrch 4 wo days ago to A LL PtRo adbd we Eftut of tfhr
him. Heat d id they bad Y dIn three o dAeeefed o.,lteofl
e gpin rd ead River,l'mother wa gone Planter aret rFutc kd to mak payTaents, a or
tira tt e and the hd a t w* oing len before the lb f'Jur, 16 I and th~t bavinh
ll fon tht hey had croted rie ver to deliver In accomu
.h r qe MAltrie', whom th hahd klled with demn S lft tider to
i h family e An thue elpr d came I from Wil- thereof, due dt by the faidday, to
ltomfon's f m ik 65 m e om Augfta, with l tL D MORLBY, Admliairator.
c4ut t dathie other party of Indas wuas feesn 9 aas, I 6, 1786.

IS the Brigantine ELizAsTH, Capt. PaACOCS,
AnP Now orPm11 o roR sAL.,
At the Subfcribers Store,
14 Fa.IasICC STasTr,
For Cafi, goed lWi or Pr.du
U green, kbown, M cn rou and i Sah
Sdraband mixtn oad and Pumps
Cloths Women@ bi A caolwd
Blue and brown Clffimires CalHimaco ditto
Black end blue Shalloson Do. do. do. Morocco do.
Oreen Baisz Ditto Laither ditto
White Flannel & Swanfin Boysd Girl Morocco t
Black, blue, and green Leathr ditot
DLranis A large a turmeat of fia.
Black & Mue C oalimoances imab Ribb so
and Tammlnle LuteBrig Umbrellas
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Cord Qja's WOre
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and other faiiobable Blacltt A La ablck
Lutefrings A lSrg tMM Of F
Engli Per d Sadf. A bl do. of Stblmf
tets Porter i barrels
White Tabbnnett Toegues- Tripie Io k
Black and white Silk and Iri~hA e 3utt
Thread Goue o OQeon tr Chedt
CTae, Sue, nd Cypeol aH uMw dtX e
ditto Cur Mefaw-rtSrthe
Black and white French leaf

Boy and Girlsdil ilt11h A .*1 t of .a
Fethers i bar
M iou hr Wo 2"n Aislco'ifi ieap
Cotton, and "ilfaK m t calme) Stidk
,BciudOiriS-^ kdt S
Mun anrd Woam La- HirPrsNadfte l
ther Thread, ad liak" Pi wl fralo.
SGloves Atc.
ThAhV kA- do for S
A few Puadcems o Old f SARA IMWMt
Nafa, yuts, 1786. 8 .

Parliamentary Debates.

Hovue /rtConitos, Firuanr to.
of the Doc -Yaa s,.
T HE Chlandls, of lth Exs.. ker faid, that he wi
Entirely of opinion with the Hon. Gentleman, i
to the impiupriety of the Houle coafenting to the lot
tilication., unless they appeared abfolutely indifpenl
ble ; for he by no nlcant thought that on the prefer
qurction the Houle should be governed in their deter
miniation by the qiadouo, of the furplus of the revenue
but folely by the ieceility of the meialure for the dt
feace of the navy. Let the surplus be ever to great
it ought to be no motive, nor cou!d it be any aexcu
for laying out any part of it on an u fclela project; bu
though there were no surplus at all, if a mealure ap
I'eared neccffary for the fucurity of that great bulwar
If our glory and firengrh, the navy, the cxpence o
carrying it into exCcutign ought to be no obflacle, fo
in that cule however difficult and dillreliiug it nigh
te, it would be the duty of parliament to provide th
means -Our being rich, was no reason why we Ikould
be protule and prodigal I nor though we werc poor
Should we therefore abandon our neceffry dcfon.. 1
we were rich, let is increase our riches; and if wi
were poor, let us endeavour to diminish our povcry bI
every G.ving that did not mliitat againll the real falety
J our dnminiont ; but let us not, on aty occasion
flflcr outivele to he betrayed by profperity into cx
.ravagamce, nor kd by advLrliry into dclpotilcncc.
Mr. Y)j' (aid, le wilhed the ellintatc uo the ord.
nance for the current fervice of t' year could be voted
regularly on Monday fc'nniglt, and the qcittions rcla-
.ve to the efliima*e of the fortifications reflrved for a
ftlture and difind consideration. 'IT is would not
retard the dispatch of the public bufiuefl, and it would
give gentlemen an opportunity of properly and ma-
turely deliberating upoun a li.b1i that \ au fo new cvnu
in idea, that he could not p J'uade lilifelf he should
,vcr agree to it. 'The navy afngland had hitherto
been looked upon as a fafuiciscsleturity for our duck
yards, and as they had ben or Juch a long courlc
of years without fortification he Ihould cxpeit the
moll convincing rooof an fulutue cccflity for the
nmeafitre, bc;ore ie should corient to vote any of the
public money for fuch a p ulc ; he hoped therefore
the Right Hon. i;cntlem would not withhold from
them ruch parts of the puot, as difcretion would
warrant the difcueaone
Mr. Courewry faid did not mean at prefent to
argue on the propric r impropriety of the ropofed
Tortifications. He r, in the firel place, t thsnk the
Chancellor of the bcquer for the vely clear, eipli-
cit, accurate and ffaory detailhe had entered into,
on the principal t on which a board of naval and
landof.fcerl, to e e and report the plan lropofcd
by the noble DI at the head ol the ordnanLe, hid
been citablihed. Should only oblfrve, it appeared
to him, that tuch military judicature tas infltuted
for the exprds pur e of putting the: noble Duke's
office into commouin and to report their opinion on
the judgment, and t military .ir g.-rig cap-a
city of the ioble Duke, o ha d fubmittcd a plan of
delence for the protedion of the docl'yard-, to the
reprefentativo of the people ; but ut eraei a well
intended but groundkfs fufition, pe aps, of the noble
Duke's experience or abilities forth ant extensive plan
(attended with an enormous epnene) required, and
almost compelled the minister to acqulice in their
fcntiment, and to fufpcnd the execution ofthe propo-
led works, till a bard of naval and land officers had
made plausible at let fuch a fyttm, by their appro.
bation and authority. The Chancellor of the Exche-
quer feemingly fubtuted to the irong teafons, (Irong
numbers, and forcible objictias, of numbers of men,
refpeciable country gentlemen, who might always, it
they exerted themnfe[len, command the attention, and
raenin the exclffet of ary minister. However, when
the eommifion wa made out, the public was furprifed
that the noble Duke was appointed Prefident of a tri-
bunal, whofe dati it ta., to investigate the noble
Duke's fryem o expence, and report to the King, both
dre prtaiabllit the plan, and the judgment and
ity of the proj dor.
Mr. CO n therefore, laid, he meant, if the
Chancellor of'thiiehequer had no objection, to move
for the CommHbmns infnru&ions, which were given
to the taOie Dt, on hi* being appointed Pelfihent of
Ato-si Al elkine te, Mr. Coutenay further
o ,the lp& enX bd.eie e of opinion between the
Chatkel r e"er anit the Itn. general,
tg that nopart whatever of the
repor made yi Board, could with ant
b eforethe public; but the Hon.
crl le i cNaroay.eclared, that much
tifefi infornll t e, colleAd by the Houfe
ttn i ut the fmika riflue or hazard
'o Jdtyl. D an 14t Mr. expel d the admiration in
bie QIed Mii ie' d? the Chaucellor of the
betqbe, li( op 1 eI patleuhlr pnat. (being not
only a olitirt ot, but a point with which he Wav
partkular ori aot. Itrin' having been an officer of
.tte~C a~ut ld, he could not help
"i r oE al Ho Oneral, aganft the
ptto Chali l of irte, Exchequer. He
ioSeti, ld1 ant lhlp wlbhig, that fua parts of

the report might he Celek dd under the check ard co For S A L 'E'
troul of the Minilcers, as mniht be udcful to the ui.m-
Ibraof the Iouti-, withoutli cin detrimental tu the At the P R I NT I N O 0 PF C E.
public; and he .orged the .ceellil7 of thiA, front the sETTS of Merchanta Account Bookb, othb
nature of the liutject, on which the Houle was taild 3 blan Boouk of all Sorts, Drawlng Writin
upon to fouint teir judgment, the matter being out lUottingmand Wrappinl Paper, Qua ll ad Bi S
So the common court of parliaaliitarr procerding Pets, lnkta.dsie, Pocket i kbd derSel andOc
and not only entitled thenm to, but ma.i -e t ity nd other Pnknic Lodon ma red
call for every degree otl inlormatioll r 1Aing Ink in phials, red and bltck I, Powder,
Mr. L .orr reprimanded Mr. Cuttenay for an in ph red P der,
attempt to mniflead the Houfe by an iiflnuatios that blae fidin Cals, Counting lk.le d PFiles,Eb
as fome of the qeftions at the Board of Officert, were Rulersm fliding and com 6n Ack-Lead Pen
c carried by a majority of one fin le voile, and that the CoPy Lines fur Scholars, Draiving Books, Wat
*r President',. Fr hispart, he lau been himflf a Mem. Colours in Shells and Boxes, Camel-Hair Pencils,
i- ber of that Board and he would venture to Ilake his Cafes of Surveyors Iinfrumenltl,Circumferentor$,
own knowledge again the iutio t he the lion. Ipare Needles for ditto, Money Scale Sun Dials,
C Gentleman-- ., touild lafj.' airmt thlt van lot for Late 1at, i anul a, foxes of JIrking Types
e' a tingle quelnin crricd t)y a fnalklr ll.j,. iyt than Gauging Iatil, Book and Mahoatty aLkgam.
That of twenty to ilrce. inio Tablea, q.trc. Dice,1cMoul aHary VIII, and
S Mr. 1Hdf. il. 1 faid, he had been .re (f i. ft -ho Molry Andrew Playing Cards, Cribbage Boards,
:C I lullion srre againf furiering ihe firtilo..'i,,in t, to ucket Bookl, Etwne eafc.l Memorantumlt Bhtt.
prcXeed, having f.nme farthe proul .1 thlir Bonds, Bill, of Sile, Bonds with Warranta
k t o neear Ordea. e.,hat Itre it h, t y! h atllby t, cor s Judngmict, Powers of Attorney,
t ife lt l it hotl r hi f B ill, of Lading, Seamens Articles, Bills of Ix-
r pesfliy at lilr'tty to I el at Ihoulrdl: r to hilln bfth. change, Half Pay Officers Certlfiates, Recogni-
Saftr the I ouli was a.l r -d ei th l'inllo ,',f the f
t Hoardl of Navaland Mitlirt a y fflicert upon the lubjec, dances, Prices Ctrrent, Mtortgages, Indenttl-.
Sand the matter Vwar tndlr eglar difelll-ho. and1 ether blank Forms.
d Mr. C-ost. .v faid, th..t he by I., ntuan. itended to Leadenhall pickled Pork and Be. hAled Val-
an't as a faI-; that any ItflU lion hail ittl carried at mon, Yorkllhiu HaItt. pickfee l and
thu Board by the .tlliii' voice <,f the l'rclilnt ; he Tripe, Iflin Butter, Portable i3d jtavia
e had orly fnppulid fuch a ia.i, to ilrengthen hii argll Arrack, Rafberry and qhery dyCapillaire,
Sntmet whiJi was, that the flouife could Iy no means Orgear, Brandy Sweetmeats, Loafugar, llyfon
judge purely front tll report of the jltlire aiid ro- Green, and Boeca Tca, India Saga4 Mace, Cloves
Sprictyof i, nole it ul allo acteon.panied "ith the Nttntegs, Black Pepper, Almonds in the atell,
Siisiutctit, that fo they t e the gr,,und oin which Blli,in Railins, pickled Walnuta, Gerkina, Oni-
the rcpairt had been ma,,: t 'lt at preltnt dcpr vct as otns, C.apers, and Mangoes, India Soy, Mufh-
they were ,f th oife tIIt iti, ttiy Ptlit, f, r I hat roosm Ketchup, AInchovies, boiled Linfefd Oil,
a l'car thid been crrin l a tt \'fhite Lead ground in Oil, Spanih Brown, Yel.
rite Uleitrd had 1cst catrie d by a iiiJet(y 4 ofe e .nly. loIn Oke.
S r. (.'outtetay re lrdct, th. e t i\..s his intentiu u to
S imove lor a copy i,! the t..lmnifli,' anid illrutston.. Powdered .cfuits .trk. In two pound, pound,
t he ChanUellfo *r, I/ ..'r, i, til, that if tilr Hn,. italf pound, and lintartcr pound Bottles, Caon-
SGenthnman pet killed in Il. klitg;. t"' prfopr IrI'etl., nmile Flowers, Tartar lmetic, Glauber, and
wouldbe for him to move for an ad&rWts to h. Al-Wilty I pl)m Salts, Ipcchacuana, Jallap, Magnclla,
to lay before the Houfe the players le sl.t: tir, ad IlItxham's Tincture of Bank, Stoughtot's Bitters,
by that means the fentfc ,f the Houil woulit !.: l .io u Catliarides, Cresam of Tartar, Calomel, Keyfer's
as to the propriety uf nimhng puttlic a matter it it, Pills, IIannay's Prrventative, Mercurial Oint-
delicate a nature. cnent, Mmnna, Sc:tr.i, Jamea's PFeer Powder.
Mr. Courremay nmovd ftr the emnmmnfinin app l,;tin !:lour of Sulphur, PIaragoric Elixir, 'Tionure of
the Mailer General f the Orda-viee 1'rliditi t thlr Mylh, Britint Oil, Tllrie:;ton's Blafam, Extrad
Board of Esiquiry. otf Saturn, Tlirner'd Cerat, Mcllilot, Yellow Ba-
"'lb,s 'a..'.'r sf5. /',: e,?. tV"ie"td tot liil hs..i. tlicsnt, Liquid I.itdlanun, Spi)lrits of Nitre. Salt
ed .low the lion. Gt,0!ttt!3man had 1tl ti,,li to of Leamon, Dal)ly's Elixi, Palum Oil, Spirits of
change his mind. allot lll atry t, thit not-C he l arthilor,, HBlliitn ,i Tulu, Eflence of .Lemon.
jum givet o. hat daki ,t te:, ta n i urtltiay atH,. t Blrgamot antd la,;cIdIar. Syringes, new.invented
the Honuirable thalitd ti. had bnin kild to, l y %isI. CiuppilY (la',.S3, Glyfler Pipes, Lancets, Sur-
pofed onl very KoI.I grI.,ll., and. by very iound oi- gIons Need!cs, Alpothecaries Weights, Medi
vic., but fill it oltnct hilt it v would be but .dillid cie Chelta.
to explain to the I lint.. Hard and foft Pomatum, Hair Powder, Pow-
Mr. tLu,:-. t i i., litht furrly there could be ni, der Machites, Tortoilkthell and Horn Combs.
fort of objcitlon to |,itducil cg the by whi h Hflair Pins, Hair Kibbon, Drefliog Cafes, Bathing
the MaflerGenertl ,I the ordhiance hIad beer .I'Ipe.iit. Caps.
el Prcfident ol a alittl, which Itc again dcf.ri;bd La(diei elegant Parte Shne Buckles, Gold and
onl inftitutcd a ca rol''. I o'- n lunilclf. Silver Lockets, Gold Sleeve Buttons, Set Stock
Mr. Stheai.'. faid that thle coil.I he no danger in 'andi Knee BI:kles, Silver Lalels for Decanters
laying the inflrulii.ns .tat n csointili,, before the plated Salt Cellars and Wine Funnels, Silver a<
Ilonle, though there might in pultllhing the report of Yellow Metal Watches, ltatch Chains, and
the a- E l erld f rpf Strings. Gold d id 'ilnclbec k Seal, Gold Finge
aI eClsre e.*iI4l ro.d..iise..tdi Iha t .lirptiaf Rings, Silver bladed Fruit KilCve Silver and
at th ngen tI. l, d to hn,, they hIar ae Steel Pencil Cafes, Gold and Silver Handkerchef
in the mingi of th' KP (;crtbknl.n ; they ha11 ap-
pared grievouly offended but t'wo day, ago to find ino,Silver mounted Small Swords, elegant
the Army Ellimati e taken into on.fideraton before Boxes and Toot ck Cafe, &c.&c.&
the Navy, a.d yet they wr defirous of entering r HE St.bfc r intending to de rt thele
ino a lo deat, ol c tlrdnanett, ld I' t.i fi, to I fnds in a lliot time, ru Per
were poftponing shB rlcewh t n.l-capiot s they in ebted to him to make immnlatea yet
feemedto hive to m at heart, acl, a that of the thole having iands again t n. wit pa*
Nivy, whihl had appointed .r thet dav : to t'd to deliver in fate ofthe e wit hi
prcvnt thereore a uf of tinele o nd o iels of time. JOHN O'ALLO N.
conversation, lie hl d nmve the er cf the day. Nai:frt, y'me rI, 1786.
Mr. t fta. i ew wor halleng in tle n A LL Per indebted to Mr. B BRa
Minifler to fItv an fai rcaolin It vithholding the AL eo I fndfbted ud,.
omnili, r1ppi utin the M a el .c.ral u1 the to m a be immediate payfrom this bdlre
Ordnance Pertelent of the Board of cers. to maile immeiate pay In to it
lMr. Serida obtaved, that the clty was now otherwise they will be immediately withoUt
till Icni than it appeared before, t fitrutions being dillinicon ; and thofe who have d.aide
no longer d-manded, bt fitply illfrument an. against Mr. Brett, will be pleaded to the
need to them, by w" h the ler General vwa I known, te JOHN J .
appointoeI Prelidieit. L ALL P erlbon having an Article of ood or
'/'he Cb of declared that he A Wearing Apparel,or Meney,s Isthekir
could not re(olledt ether t had been ny fucha A y
formainfrument ed o in ii bt at by my late Wfe M
rally vent thie wa er ime to detain thr hereby defired tq return the fame 1 I t to
fom one of the important departments l it me, tberwife they may be afml of a r
dmty, the car oft Navy.-he Ihouhk therefore ifift dica ieing bad recourse to. 'loe e
apon the motion a had madel for the order of the me in any manner, are requefted to
4. their refpetive accounts a early as t cl t
Mr. Cwurtey his motion, but the order of order that I may be nabledto fatify y-a
the day was carr. editor HE Y
R .al6 1R 714 "* BNRY 0a il-
UNM a h Stubfcribe, at Spencer's 0 t Td .J L t ,
b*I it., oob of Abaco* lattto Fel. WO nAoM ri wit a
IoQwkwn by tih name of ylw, form ely be. T t oy, T rir8 lr w tw S
longed to Major klton. Whbw t will prhend Boys einter.or
land deliver him to me, or in y absence. to ,pTs. Y yi .1, t786. '
Donald Fergufons, fall recire l .wve Dollars
reward ; and I do forewarn a a from har- O 0 A 3
bourinw employing or taking si Ok aforefaid way0 be feawf .n
Ilfland. JOIIN FE USOW. A SHOP on the Eiuth Bde
i 'AioKJas, Janr 7, l 86. Apply to Mrs. VITHIESPO N.

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