Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 17, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00045
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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SATURDAY, JuNE 17, 1786.
. . ..r I


t ijufl rssiWid bl the Brijaadiaiuhw ta Sru ,
Cals. PsACOCS, from LouDON,
The following ART CL 8:
Lg A DE NHAL. I.vry, Toyloilchetl, and
pickled Beef and Pork hlurn .oSmh
Ditto Tongues and Tripe Hair Pin
forkilire Hams 1.legant Pafe Shoe, Stock,
table Soup aIR. Knee Buckle., of
kifl Butter the newell Falhion
Iorter in Barrels Ditto plated ditto
Kgrr's bottled Porter t"Ild Sleeve Buttons
Latavia Arrack Ditto Shirt Pine
iblerry Brandy Sllver Bottle Libels
Cherry Brady Uold Ieals
Layillaire Gold nd Silver Locketi
Org et nlaid Tortolfeliell Snuff
rndy Sweetmeats BDozes
Loaf Sugar Iether Snulf Bozne,
Hfoln, Orcen, and Bohes mounted with Gold and
rTa Silver
Idia Sago Breaft auckles
Mace Uold Finger Ringp
Cloves Silver \atches
Nutmegr Mctal ditto
Almonds in the Shel Silver mounted Small
ellom Rairins Sword.
luak Pepper "ilver Fruit Knives
Iplit Peae Pocket and Pen Knivel
ile Platcd Wine Funnels
DiMrhm Muatard T ckle trullhes
PiKkled Walnuts, Gerklin, C. S'rec Razori
Mangoes, and Onions Inlaid Tea Caddies
bdia Soy Cork Scr'wi
Mclthroom Katchup SciflFai with Sliver Carct
Anchovies bilvcr Toothpick Cafes
Traveling Chefts "' toilflhell liton
airhogaiy l.;qnor Cafrs, Silver Pencil Cafe,
with hryfal Bottles Mahogary Bakganmimn
Mahogany Cafen ol Whit Table.
Hr.ndlek Knives and SlireDice
Forks C ihbbfe Board
Oval l.ookin, (alltffs, in Billiard Mb cc
plain Mahoangy Frcme' Bowls and Nine Pn.
Blu i Chun a C nupsad S- A gt Gun and Piflol
cer.s Fillt
Illf Gallon, QOart, aid Naedtlet Lobks with Inlfru
Piat Decantcrs m t
Qnrt, Pint, and Half Miahogaly pottable Wri-
irltTumbkrs ting Din,
hiled Linfred Oil in lJup Beafs& lIon ChafingDilbe
Whito Lead, gromni in Powdered Jcfuits Bark
Oil Magneli Alba
Red nd Yellow Paint disubr Salts
Iplnih Brawn Stouihon's BIttera
allow and White Soap HMhlian'a,' ture
InalhLinens 8priil Ul
enhrje Ineha L'sa Preventative
rto coheredThread Caloml
White, blue, Mlack, ltu, Camphor
and ferkt Kerayau(er Manna
silver Epaulets SehMi
Milliner's PInking.lroUl Craoi of tad r
and Leads 'I.nar Emnetic
OfcrK Feathern & Plumes Canomlle Ilmer
Willtiblbo TurlingtoB's Balfant
BAttOn Jamel's Powderi
Twill ndl Biindig rKey 's- Piu
tay Tape Tintare of Myrrh
White nSarfot .afilh Liq mce
BlackModtand Perlan mercurial Otmarat
Bell Hoop* Wiu of It phar
Ticken and Crodhue Paragoicllalr
Stay$ ithOil
r and aun ins Eftn ado of Saturn
Oled ClmhBthintCap@ TomearPCIat
Women, Cotton Hifk Y Dellw
Mens Thread & S ditto' Mcillot
mnsn & BoyatlrMi Shoe*' OIlleUlodk
Girlsand Chl lara black Pam Oil
Later and Morocco Liquid Laudaaun
ditto IBpiritto ilte
ik ltodon Boea :. Sue of Ltmons
Waned Clt Skmi Ih
Chair Harnefrc. oa te of HWolo
c'ikr Reim ".
aird Hunters i. PiP s
I_ Com.,,andlkes .
rn1ted ad plain IirS :.T
rti t PomnStom
iroW M r- Wtihl.
lfag rona alf i*c. ec.
lih he wil dipof or, no very foa- l.'atla'n
AeC'A.. g. ood 1 IPf. V A-o CII", or grl-

In the riaantine ILIZAMITH, Capt. David
Pi'ach, from LonDo. ;
Anid 1O k edU, WIhigka and Retail,
By Falconer, Shirref;t and Co.
At their STORE on the BAY.
r OAF Suagr White Lantlring
SHylfon, ireen, SoaB- Black ditto
choog, and Bohea Teas Black Mode
Bloom and Cal Raifins Rich Tafatrie, C tduroys,
White and Brown S9uar- Tinfey, iad &'ifiei, for
candy Waitiloats
Mace, Cinnamon, Clove, Tammies, Darrnts
and Nutmeg ballimance, shalloots
Sag' :Fig i u, ur, d SFperda blue Calfniret
', -t-SM .!A : '.i,
M. 1 r xcnr.l I.- n r '"
S r" . ii '.
B ll;l ; 1 i :r

Y w -a, I'.
M-'.".,, ... .. k y, "..

C L ,
S ': ,+ b
; .. 1 i
, r
A O F .
C t i a ' !I e

c *> ?, rr ii '11 a 1 h, ., i. d
il p':, i M '.1i m,
A V '. -,y *, A w1 rl : Pt
*I MI.'1 i" II' Ua' t I. v a..4 lr.,%ks

C('Ai t i 'i. V,'' It. l i I lr..' l ,i: .Ir i

It lli a Ua,[ I 1n 1 i.ii AI' i t i c Wi; ll
kI uk, '"' Pe*ticoatl
il. '..... I 'lAi% lnca 'w '. 'tralle, and
G :'%,; Huikabhak 1Iluw
PAanrl Ilandk archiei's F.i,r t I., ditto v;'d
Red aorblue Mufin ditto bll
Chetc ail Plluiatdier 'llt" Mn r .I,
BoelftId f.I* dilfdo Cot n. i > n I r
g ,iv, t- .ileir.nd
Spottnd and 'Ariprd (p t" a .
O.nrc "l'hread ,of ate beft MlcN co r! ; :i H-ni.,
,; ty. I ao N o. 7,td itl i akh I . Is la
,i. A6 tli'n a .ri t,.;'' 1,I.:I t
Oa'ap a.. r I
C p tt rr> I :. '1, :>I L* *:

D u t h -l. a e, l .ie m: o P r, N 1 h 'i" ' o a'l i,: a

Chliludr a .an' ,,.nrc :, IV .. .r
Latie I r.ul ';'. 'rt' .r I i' ,c
BJgingi iraill No. I, w ,'l L'iir
No 1J. M."
Black, pink, malzrinr, arJ ra, ..t r ilr'
lylock Silk Peett ..t. J ;" It. 'i
Hoopand Pads I a, ,! .i'do
Whitechapel Needl a n.l (; i. *t,'
Pitrs C(" ih-.r
Fine 'Thted l.or., Ir'n S<""A' ii41.
I No I, to No i. Iti, i'ry .('*ri, .
Blue, heavier, white, a-l .Plain t fa W'ed I air
blkak Iather.
Agtet Variety of (aSh,' I'n S i. !.n : ent- ': 'nd
iAlc tilk and Ca4 RKab- elt P'Cma Itun.
bons ''oU Powr,!. n 1:n'
Sewing j ilkl l d fa 't 1'ln War,. co.H|fl,:: ,..
*.8 fine Cyprefs ua'ar B.'a, ph a, ad
'rmah Net .a'intd
apiand SoI r Gassu Cardai W'ter:c'n P.I r
8ihd r-Lov-tr l4 Ca"i.L,:icks ard i
L kerchki'f, '' '.
'lk l.Taatji Silk COdrd" catr D asn II I S
a'.ack and bhta Tallot t'r o
)rrine while PCa koace t Part nA ',itdd;g
acdk and hirt0dtt Pair. XA ."
9ren Mstn.vdASaeS. it, o1. ra a4r. amid 34L
Sfor Umbrdlua Not
It-tbl'.e Ltcltkinlg ShtltBSg Ia S3 ke l1

Huk. andiinge td Crkty Wre
HI. dtto Ga 0 Shu d C oe-
Round Plate Bolts licks
Ship Scrapers Pidt ad Half-pint Tos-
H, ved Hatchet, bwlet
Smom.irg Iron. Dcunter. QnuludPiet
Wrought Iron Tea Ret- Cafere Tabe Kniveenu
ties, .. Forks
Iup of winfed Oil Sct of Dot Furniture
hite I.ead, ground inOil Measand Women plated
Spanioh Brown, in ditto ShieBuckin
Vellow Oakcr, in ditto Sciln jl ad Ponkalve
Red Lead. in aitto Silver Thimble
Lampllack, i' Pound Pa- B r anp eld GilhTrum a
perk b tlntoSiached
Blun edge China, Olas Cordage noted 1
Soup, and Flat Plates Spn Tarn, RuaIi Snt
and Dlfbes Dcep.ea and Log Line
Tureen., ditto Ac. A&. Ac.
Which, with their former Alfortient, will Bs
fold on reafonable Terms.
A PeT' on well acqua r With bflnef, and
in particular with Po g of Bookls taktl
this opportunity of of! h trvicea in the
examining, eating, or fetlia ifttlthdlg debts ;
alfo, for drawing out Ide thr, Contraa of
Agreement, or any Itriate bulnle whate r.
For further particular jgflire of Mr. Hugo
Duew. rT
T aIS x r.
Ardl nmn be I ,
r1kMl STORE and CtiAR the y, ad.
1 joining the Printig Oic, 1d lately occo-
pied by Mr. 7uh Cbrir. nI oof
20on,,i 7wne i76. THO TOWON.
T 0 B L T,
rTWO Froht ROOM, with Piaza, on the
SBay, furnilhed or u rnifnl Apply toth
,o 7n. tunae. 1716.
A LL Pertons indebted to Mr. Jo( al'Tr
now abrtnt from thi lland, ar reufte
to make immediate paimtent to theIublciberv
onhrrwile they w III be immediately fu, Without
dliftinbirn i and thoft bo bhve a demands
against M r. Brctt, will ke pktaf to e them
known, tor JOHN ONES.
ALL Perfo having ay Art of Gods
A W.earing Appta o M ,placed in their
hrsiad by my late Wife Ma* O'lira., re
hen by dfired to return the b mediateFl to
me, otherwise they uy be inUB of kleglrI-
dic3 bciig.hd recoureto. s idebted to
me in any manner nre to difebch
their rcfpeive accomlts as Urly aI they can In
order that I iay e enabledto ftiefy my Cre-
ditr.* .
lao j, '86. HENRY O'BRIEN.
LL Perfon. having rnydemd pfd a tp the
A nIte of WILLIAM MAXWlS. deceafd
ore delred to irve them ih w auletledf
Vouchrns i and all Perfaiu lwiff Indebted te
faid ELate, are defred to Immediate pay-
ment'to the BSbfenehaer a e are delroust
clhang the afirn of te a Ia as nioflble
in rrder that rt1Creditors Ma t'ceive tle di -
dend of their rt lvet debthi .
Attornice for Johi CLaRa, the Ah~alllaor.
7swe 9, _726.
A LLPerflna t lin de agait the late
of the late Llrtea t. P ar, Ae rt
quefed to briinn* their aceo to
HENRY TONO, Adulialrator.
A LL lrfonr bagel thllnate of
A r. ALEXMANDRa onlf dAedrM, lrte
ofthis town, are d taed tom(rt IstM
and those wh e li i d m re
perited to. al that
a ra a tmay be t M Me .
A 011 HAdr.
ALL Pertfon indeed the tate of the
A dlceaed SciiasL Meotlte O e dtrUa,
Planter, a e leqfuea to make pIleIt e f
blfire thae ith of jynext Oind tb i ft
demand iapmit tlb Oa to deliver aIn a-
Itbcf, S o.

S-- e the important fuIle~5r that lihe had tuched tip in,
the Chacrellor of the ac!.t.qutr lil, lie hadl
Parliamentary Debater. thought it incumbent on hint to make te thecla-
ration that he had t hat day delivered.
HouI Co hM uamr y 4. The lueftion of adjournment was then putt, Ad
,*itr. CIKANcLLO. PITT', SPitCO, tONCItDE D the hotfc rofe immediately.
IroM OUI LAIT.] DANcI a Ian riMaTl and loaRTItCATin of
HT E willed, therefore, when gentlemen were de. the DoCK YaRDs.
firous cf pointing outtheone, they would be rra Sq r Crw nerd ef sh/ or ermtt (tr.
o good as to come prepared to fuggelf the other; Luttrell) brought up the Ordnance Eftinate,
this, he could affere the Houte, that every podible which were ordered tp be printed.
attention Ihould be flcwn on the par of Govern- The Chancclor ,afthe Brtbehetr next brought up
enct, to every fuggeltion that carried with it the the Eftimate of the elpence of eretting foilrfica.
fma!left appearance of praticability, and that no tions for tie protcPlon and fecunty of the dock
pans should be fpared to carry (uch a fitgeftion yards, which was hkewirie ordered to be printed.
tito teffa At present, as he had faid before, a Tbr Cbh.wtellor of she rn eter laid, tlh t hre
variety of proposal were under the corfideration thought it ncceflfry to give 'noice to the h.iue of
government, and the great difficulty lay in fix. I flch circumrfances, relating to the paper .i. hadt
ing upon a fit place to transport convid, to; 'till laid upon the table, as would enth a them nimr
the matter was decided upon, it neceffarily be- clearly to comprehend and lie prep red for tih
came incumbent on government to difpofe of the qulletion that would anife upon i on Mondla., c'n-
convidi in fach a manner, as should at once ferve night ; e lhpuld fir Vie prcfcet decline entering
to fee the jails of their company, and to keep into any argument wlirfloverconrcrniing it. Tlhe'
the felons employed in a way molt likely to Iw year before lat tnh ruin of soool. had been voted
felt by them as a piniflimcnt, and to conduce, tothe Ordnancq fr'vice for the purpolTe of fortifi-
in fome degree, to the public service. Incolive- cations ;-that fLm had been fullercd to lie dor
nlcies, unavoidably, won!d result f'i;n the con- mantwithout plying it to the purpolefor Which
vitti being fa employed rather th.uan fet out of it was intend, and confesuently in the lal ff.
the country; hut thore Inconveniencies, great as finn, when the Ordnance EtAimates wee moved,
they might be, mult be tbmnitted to, 'till means itiantiation was given to the hole, that tihe flln
could be found of duly enforcing fentenccs of continuing to lie In the hands of 'he Board of
transportation ; and all he could fay was, that ai Ordnance, rendered it imswcelfarr for any appli.
f)onl as ntch means were fuggefted or determined cation to be then nm id to Parliament for money
Su, no time loft in carrying them hto to carry in the foirificiti in th it had bien begnin,
fiecution. .s they intended tr apply the fion that ht d already
RETEUN l AID FINaMCs. heen wanted to ihemn.-IHcr.lieIn fr)meililiti,-
the ChanelUr i the E.hleer rofe, as foon ss faMtion irifing n thie nlinds ofa p irt of the houtlf,
the bulinefr of thi day was over, to give fome from an idea that the plan of fortificaitins vwas
notice relative to the order in which he meant to ufelelf and objectiolunbl, he had, to prove hvw
bi in on fabjeRs that had excited a great deal of a.ixious he was on ail occafiill to do his duty an
attention on the paroflihe public, and had very guardianofi t ie national purfe, undertaken to wave
natuhlrly been io 4~~, f r with impiti-ncei by for that time any further proceeding in the buli-
ninny gcntlemitn.of. t hoinf. The fnlbjets lie net Un.tll a Blard (if Enquiry shouldd have beenr
alluded tI were, he idAlhe ttlte of the rcvenue, aprpinlctl, colining of several offccri of dillin-
and of the finances of the ..otiutry, whicht muft of guillihe chlarAtirr in both the naval and military
needffity be divided under two diftint ldh. ltd, adil fcrvices, and the whole pla should have ween re-
form two separate oijedis of enquiry and c nlile- fcrrcd to them for their opin and advice. That,
ration. The L of the two witll be ain lfcr- accordingly, fuch a Board iId een appointed,
tainment ofthb al of te te o the revenue, whici and his Maiely had corm iffoned thtm to
could only be ried from a comparative Rtte- proceed in tie imot efflcla manner as well by
meat of our aial national income with our an a5ftnal fnrvev upon the hpot, by all other muo cs
nual national 9iurfment; and the other would of invcnigation, to infrin t irMfvc oathe fub.
b;, an afcert inment ot the bell and wilcit means jel, and to Mnake a report o heir opinion con.
of( pproc eating the furplus four revenue, com- corning it. This Board, faid, conillted of
pared with our expenditure, fo ai to form a per- ofliccrs whole reputation, en their nannies were
manent fId to be conllantly and invariably ap. heard, would prove he i city ot the intention
plied to t diminution of the public debt. Gen- of Government with ri' to te butinert. There
tlemen uld fee that the hi of thtie two ohjta were federal fpecilti: fP ittel propofed to this
would r uirc to be rirlt gone into, and that it Board for their n;jny y, among which it was
nmift be itirely difpoftd of, before it would be particularly referletl them to ascertain, whe.
proper to proceed to any difenflion of the i"cnd. thcr ,ior dockk.r'rlq PIh nolith .and Portfmouth
Unuer this imprelTon it was, that he had mawed could be thought f anI defenfilbc in the event
fome days fince rr a variety of papers contaiinng of a war, by a na I force :Ilhre, ey a military
public accounts hander a variety of, all of force alo:tr, or h a naval and military forct
which account~were neceffary to be before the combined '-To is their anfwcr wai, that nci-
Houre, in ordJto enable gentlemen to marl: and thr a naval or a military force, noreven an union
trace the order nn progref of the increase of the of bosh, were by y means a fvilicient security
revenue, and t* fee vhat was on the one hand to for the dock-ya Independent of fortification.
be added to the annual dilburfements upon They were further directed to examine whether
grounds of fair and accurate calculation, and thI'plano of fortilication proposed by the Maf
what, on the other hand, was tobededulicd from tar General of tie Ordnance, were fltfcient-
the income, as matters for which credit bught ly calculated for the pnrpofe, and uich as were
not to be taken, in refpect to the increase of the eligible to be adopted. To this they had re-
annual revenue. Thefe paper Mr. Pitt fald, ported, that on the nmit mature deliberation
would neceularily take up fome time to make and noft diligent enquiiy, the plan alluded
out; several of thet wgre before tle lioue alrea- to was thought perfectly adequate to the defenci
dg, others were accounts that were to be made int.-nded, and that it was the moft eligible of any
up to particular pelods, andithough not all made other that could be fage lled I not only in being!
out, were daily taking out and completing : as left expensive In regard to crc&iot, bult alfo au
fops, however, as they should be upon the table, requiring a smaller force than any other that
after allowing a reasonable time for gentlemen to could be proposed. They had been alfo direteil
infpc them thm would take the liberty to move toreport to his Majelly, ftchl tuather matter as
for a committee to examine them, and report might occur independent of the particular points
their amount. The appointment of fach a com- referred to them, and they might think conducive
mittee appeared to him to be the proper Itep to to the public advantage within the whole depart.
be taken, and as he committee would fcarcely ment,-and they had consequently given many
have any tM* a o but to fum up thle amounts useful hints of a nmicellanowuand gncral nature,
'f the dif(rent counts ann to report the total which, he hoped, would turn outto Oonfiderahle
to the houfe, cpparerl with the total of the advantage. After their report had leennmplet
other fidet which would nectiearily give an ac- ed, the plils they had recommended had beer
curate Rateme t the furplus, whatever it might laid before the Board of Engilene, with direc-
be, be mfould hop he occupation of the commit- tions to cftimatethee pence of ayng them into
tee would be but lrt and that, in consequence, execution; and th= etimate e had now bought
no great delay wqd beoccafoued. As foon as up for the information of the Members; but they
the whole was, omeaml of the report of the mu fee how imprudent it wold be for him to
committee, fully tairly before the houfe, heI lay before the public a matter of o serious aid
wo(tll give notice of an ealy day on which he delicate a nature, as the rport of the naval and
would State what the measures were that he had military officers, anetcer;n' folmportant and fo
in contemplation, as molf likely to conduce to anI frious a futbje as the deftnc our dock rds.
.dvtarntageous appropriation of the futplus of a To proceed in carrying into eWiCUton te ub tc
prminanet fund, to be inariably applied in dimi- matter of the report of ttore odlc, soool.
oiitionof the national debt. As it might afford wold, for the prem nt,he eeearyj bitt as that
rfln tfatiation to the que to know, what fm had aad bea voted-for t er of te
v 9 tthe'reafoos that hithrto had retarded, and Ordnance, with ,ie to apply it lthne Ktauntr
would or (qtse tfw o lolar des ithe bring. I udrcoriderati here wars no necefity of
iasg i d e % o l.atlio and difcullion of curing to Parlianmet for a fcctd vote; and the

made attended to be addptea ts to itn4etor
3oo,ocol. the estimate of the fte iie lbr the car.
rent year, and if gentlemen thought proper to op.
pufe the carrying on of te forilltations, the *.
hold in Which t1ey could, with thegresteft Bo.
prity, argue that question, would be by mtiOn
that aso,oool. only, instead of soo,0o61. fIud
be voted for the Ordnance, that to the Boad
would be obliged to apply the ,oool. In hand to
the current fervie, and, by that means the bel.
nerl of the fortinfcations, mut of necelity drop.
I e carncfty entreated ofgentlemcn to come down
to the Houfq free from every prejudice on the
prEfeht *dtcaton, not to con older it as a aeie
r action of Ordnance fenrice, nor au a aill more
unpopular question bo Portification, but to con'.
tcr it, what in truth it really wa, a a Naval
question I the present meafirr being intended to
p otect the fecds and vital forces of our Navy at
onme, and totnable as in cafes of neceity togo
ipon dilltat services, without an app ehenioaf
thing crullied at ibome by a fucceTsfl attack of
an enemy on thofe dccf-yards, in which were
deposited the lamnina of our future vigour and
e\itence. And lie further cautioned the Houn
againll 'he dallger of taking up the butnefs a the
fig ftlion uf any one man, however great ad
r fpucit>a'!e, declaring, that they were not to ao.
fit.r it as a mere alrertion of an individual, ea
lingi:e Mlinuit r, but ai a matter reftig on the is.
thority of t number of the ableft and mof efe.
ricUced iein in the two profclions of arms, ea.
dered ltill more competent to the talk by a lag
a!ld moolt iniute ivclltCgtion.i -nd research.
C. nerl HIlurger rote, partly to avoid a debate
in tlhat lage of the bufindr which was eatreet
dclieat inl is nature, and partly to prevent
hitting llent from being construed into an
li n of all that had been liuggefted by the Ri
[Ion. rGenlemen to the extent that it fce Ik
go, .s a corrcd reprcltelation of the report oftl
itar, n of Naval and Military Oficerts appoint
toinfpI the proposed plans of furtifyil t
dock-yards. The ( oetrat fid, be hoped the
1,iniller would lay before thfeHonfe o muchof
the report as might be submitted to public fe.
Cal, without violation of discretion, or dant to
thI State. In the report, undoubtedly, there we
putl tiht it would be extremely indierftat to
naike matterof notoriety; thole he neither wilk-
ed nor expetvd to fee.
7"he Ch a ellor of itt Exchenart declared, that
le had not Rated any thing lightly, but from a
colletd and attentive consideration; that it
would appear what he had faid upon the fCubj
was perfectly true and candid; and that however
el i:ly and miuni.eyI he had already examined the
report, he win\ld ftill farther ady it before the
day appointed 'or the debate.
Mr. SIbin dsid, if they were not tofee fuch
pirts of tie Kepoit of the Board of lnfpeetion as
iwre fit for the Houer to difcutf, they wee e-x
a.tly in the fame situation in which they food
blhcre that Bonad was appointed, and,inftead (
havi,g the while of the question fully before thmca
as the Right Hon. Gentleman had laid they wooU
have it, v1/. not qiabe afertion of anlndivil*
of a liigle MiMlifte, nor of any man in ollCce
on the authority of a Board, conliftin of MM
and Military ONfiers of known character, eapt
rience and lutegrity, they would have Mnthlbt
the bare afeitlon of the Minifter to gunde tuh
judgment by. Mr. Sheridan faid, he had dnodMI.
that the Right Non. Gentleman meant to be a-
curate il the statement he had juft made alM '
nittlines of the report in question, and that b
Ihd delivered, what he himfelt conceived tobeat
correct statement of thote outlines; but the HouM heard that contradldied by the Honorall
Gencial behind him, who had himiltf bee a
lemnler of that board inprder therefore to egab
bie the Houle to ludgeltrly between the Rilt
ltonourable Gentlman and the Honourabl
Gineral, they ought to fee fuch-part ofthelc *
port at Ierft as might be fubmitltd to their perti
ftl with fatlty to the State.
Mr. Dermphr laid, a he underood it was La-
tended to apply the Orplus of (to~iveaC e tO
filling fund for dimldnling the nation debate be
thought it highly improper to factce any pit a
it to a speculative ob=f t like the present or tM
part, hL pretended to know little abot c
tions, but unlefi they were found to be indipe0
fably ncctllary for thedrfence oferdoclrde
e hoped and tr t"l tut ParlMent w W
fcuander away n f tht
lht might be l F-d 4ut t ach ad nta d
iflhing the natl d
the public credit, which u reRr
dven for the peftm*11t of the "oa tfl
the ftrongeft meant of defence in a ta
as it iould enable as to make fucb eaertlion
in our present opprtflhd Rate we molt defpiirl
A[ To tiate by JOHN ..JW





No. 90




From SATURDAY, JoUN 17, to SATURDAY, JuxN 24, 1786.

NAssAUi Printed- b7 JonN WALLS, at tpfe Printing Office on the BAr.

Mr. trL, .
SThink the plan propofgl bix y ydrct c net
a,;-i, a good one ; an di u to in'war4 i
m willing to contribute myl of iE ot.
I am Anfrmed, front Januir that a ~ir .y CIlO
difkovrry .i narlul hi orhy l lately been "m4
there by a young geanitk n of e a" of Mrib,
who i* a fIrvcyor. He was rianntht i iof(a tra
of land in the woods fpnne time a, Mid finta h
way obllruded by a blckd with, ihkl b very consme
ll over the woods in that couryt, he cut it, a
obferving u few drops of the which was mUI
white, .ll oin his hand, he rb oa f u he faJ
Miant nd cptatoued {lk .WfiSIwt
la ou ki of To hsft, efe
tihckened, 1 l ll Lin. HI
therefore pulled it off, t to hd I
ancommonly tenacious sad ltfod h
to examine it more miautly, w et J rte it t
I the famous gum or Cafin which tdw Itle ott I
t as are made. My correlpondent infon-r e, tha
ilm row in grept abundance U over the wolnd i
Jamaica, in every kind of. A. He ha fcnt me fpeci
en, of e the withe, leavt, feds, andlgum the t al
be obflves, is harder thn thbat commonly fuld in th
lops, which he fuppofessmy be owing t' the fitueto:
in which the with grew. which was a bed of honey
tomb rock. I fend them to ou herewith, nd betg ol
wi:l let them lie in your thop for the infpedion of on
hlantcr, os I hope it will be found powing alo, in ouB
lands, and that it may become an uticle of commerce
ib its wy. I beg leave to add fuch other partiular
relative to it, as ,have been able to colee.
Thi, Orantge anomt.u, s ublautice fe ubfU fnlutel
tliiin 1 in its nature from gams and rcios, a it wu
neither dialilve in water nqroplrits. It has not bee,
known in England for above twenty years; but thel
h lave ben longer acquainted with it in France, whet
it is known by the name of Ca oteour, or the Eljii
R~S of C.a,. o, and is imported from difcrent part
offAa and ,'at America. Mr. Condamnine, in the
rilt ion of h,. voyage down the Afintoo(, was the fril
who gave s information of Its origin, which he
dfcribed to hbe milk joice, got from ineifioh made
in a certain tree by he diano who received it into
earthen nioulda, ad Mtreby. gave It various Iapes.
My correflnndent fsy, Itis the bark only of the withe
which prodocet the milky uice. I.t had long bafed
all the chymifls to ind tit n Inaslmes menfraumt for
it, that would dialveit i*khoult degi tselafticity,
until hunter 768 the flunol u ymnil, Mr
M ayer after a al ]d fold that
todiforled, qtklg*%d Aan l rib er, orn,-
lrg with it ca tr ha t_, toh upo-
ration, leave the rtin iad, p f iu frer
tonfilcnce, elacliy ay, t athck Iprtett, satof fuch
.frmo a the rpern tea dic e to e it yhl* In it
liquid uate. The folidity, 'kibillit, Ind eblieity of
this production. and it proprtleoof not being Zd'icd
by aqueouu, fpir tuo au oily, or other common
folvcnt,. recdeii it a pieced yfll aalhlM dlMtr for the
caumfruion of tubes, i eitre, ad i-u other
t lrnamnts, in which tk* utdt p inrotte, At e
erw Poaid,, ar y. ., LUC IUS.

To be 8' 0 L D, I
O0 MotAYr th4 I tt.f JVLIr next,
in the public VINDURB liOUSE
(fot di ro ris dousesJ, u i% latir wte )
Plr ?oi roa Just 6 0, IU lCLITiTY
N E :GjR ,:) E S,
From Fourteen to eey-y4ht tr of Age,
wll feigned to thu s iBM a. M ftha d te hnr
re fonie neat, cla" weabil.
The Condltiona ir one bal of the
Purchafe.monCe to bi maontb, tse
tmainder to tn i moatlta' apl? rtc beng
oen before he proptrft Iisi
Tboore wU g to pur~~oe private bargain
bO the time of public y kow hP

ISH IQOn% Vadue xcra; o to

European Intel gce.

is Co.TaioaLa,' is.
A, Cgg$ J PFA4oPsw^. rf mi h
as mr..f it e cte^ rne b a
w I s i ot mhe.
With .oo en, tmen an oft pln,
a a totra ufb er r nr b th mel part
. of thawi flc<- the m1111 ,
ia Vd t The tS T, whohave
*d hithe!r a very th e trade inth the Qcr.e
sI e an.adCircalllun, acraiug from them beautiful
i wman, with whec ~yo r all she haramitof
Sthe rich, natmplain tht thi t rande hr a een
Injured Roce te ae eltendd her dominional elo
j the Crimea and C b n,and aine the Princes Hernclia
ad itlomon fubmitted to her overnteam It i with
i the greater danger that the Taf can now imae any
Seuuriona with view to carr off the bautien, and
Smake a traffic of them.
The Pacha ofScutari continue hisdevaeationn aI far
Sa Romania; his approach hai given great tmnesefis
both to government and people.
Firuary A. Matters remain here much in the fame
tain. The health of the Crau ~ Signor i every day
More precarious, and it mun be confeffed that milfor-
tune clings to this Prince. Iehas lived to fee many of
hi. children buried t an early period of life ; he fee
hit empire ficrificed to intefine diviions; the people
r prejudice againrta: tm, and aliettg the affedionn of
hi heir apparent; a powerful fb u in armeagainft
him; the neighboring powers fely plotting against
ai domain. ; fanatics preypiat h the credulity of his
fobjed&, in order to overthrow the govcvmcnt: he
Lfees evy mibrn tLelat htom b e O his
cnfe of ill this diorfen hLim, bat he ut neither col-
rae nor the mean, necedrry to avert them, and he
finki nnder the wesanefl. Death alone can relieve him
from his uneaners; yet ha not the tofolation of
his people' reret, noe the profpect ofleaving favour-
able report bhind him.-We have often had onecaion
to regret that tthe pranfa of fLietce is prevented here
by the preiudices of thofe whoa rank enables them to
Spt a eop to it. The Multi haeitI fed the greater
Sdifpleaflr at the Grand, 4b e hI had permit.
noted the literary tnd typographl fiety to print the
Encyclopedia with engraino. ntrary to the tenet
Sof the Alcoran. The (eO Ver, in order to tanif
hi, regard for the Aloran, has given orders to this
floiety not to proceed wirh tho enpgrving4 only to
print the letter-prefs part. The nfiwd t ol the foetety
has rmonRreatcd agatnf this, nd had has poduced lte
perminui. ne purchrfe all the engravings of the Paris
edition at ten tivrmaech, but in vain, a. the prohibi-
ltion is confirmed, which obliges the society to depart
frot their oenetra&.
Ftr.,vr 6. The credit of the Capitan Pacha in-
erealfe daily he is he of *e tle lategreat revolution
in the niniiftry; almolt all the.important employs all
in the hands o0 lin creatures: Thofe who thwart hit
view will foon havereafon to repent it, on example of
which has recently occurred. The Mufti, an chief of
religious affairs, thinking himself tt of his reach,
caballed with his Highha'e phylcian ataiaft the new
Grand Vifir, who hae dot yet ben mAftled. The
Capitsn Pacha hao blou up the mir i he tmm .diau-
ly complaad to t OregijiLfor, od the two c.e-
manehave been factfled. 1)et buat one thing in
which at not t fLu "de, tlut roug the

ed, sac dat eoo1 A r sitihlvb, that ua r oon aa
his eyes iae (ed, hit young and ipetuo~,~ fuacther
will adJt the warlike aMlmsof tiaetAdamiraL ifthefe

c lontdaioroft
,h Wa tt Aat" dut
hteRis -lfdi, w h anand i iint8d, to form aa
lline betwa the tbi e iwr= to prte t the ele-
potntte*. It u clin dt p ce fu natGon
the Tuoilit Empsre, thedm mt was a more dangtram
'AtReis. r hr, Th wty i -to ma
in citation hetm- os,;:inrt$ad tunea, nud .th
wiah^Blo inglepA. ,opy anbinhy v ch. Itia
an ft lee th tht a ntloan ane u tanouri ge
to gain advantama ror p, at the lgnp o
other. Ou Courft aE tre a e as3 t e dde aitoS.

land, on account of old connedionse and on the other.
onme management < nereary with Frue, le that
Court Ihou.l by her Indluen with the Porte, rfLunt
any vielr which the Impteft may wit lh further at
the Ottana Court. ,.
Our politIllan hay, that Ruit is decided to take of
fome of the heavy tames on the French wines; but we
apprehend tiat Prance doea not care much about that
as ite findrno difiultr in getting rid of her wince.
and *e cannot be fRpplied c eapsr. Formerly we dia
not knew the tale of French wrine, but our manners
are altered within there 3o years. There is another
branch of commerce that France may have a with to
paurtke of, which would be of real utility to her, and
can only be obtained by a treaty with m this is the
trade to the Blck Sea, of which the merchants of
Marfeilles have already afted the pronts.
Pui.a, Ma iI. If pblic report i= to be credited.
the Emprefs of Rufia dired her attention towards
Derben, a port and fortress attaed upon the Cafpiaa
Sea, which 1., and with great reason, considered asthe
key to the Perfian Empire. That thi acquibtion will
be artempted ii the moe probable, once RUffia fill
eeircife dominion over the eity of Derbent, which was
annexed to the Ruffian Empire in the reign of Peter I.
Prii, MtrAr 16. The rath of this month in the
morning, the Abbe Georgel received a letter of exile
to Mortagno in Normandy, where he s to remain till
further orders. He tampered too mrch with ecclefiaf-
tical affair, and caufed to be printed and publifted for
the firfl day of Lent an epifcopl order for its obferva
ion -The Cardinal being ffpended in all his fundions
in consequence of the sprif ,rP now it force again
him, was not authorized to empower any perfn for
that purpose, nor did he testify a wh to employ M.
Gcrenl pen n thi '.eaoton. The Abbe's officiouf-
nefa ha* brought on him the ral indiatioe. Th
following paflge in the counterfeit manate a vatea
the offence of the author:-" Sent unto youbeloved
brethren, as Timothy was to the people whom Paul,
being in chains, could not teach; it ha been faid unto
ul, Itrun to your hands the bread of the divine word
to break it in the affemblies of the faithful confided to
our care, and you will fay nto them, Ac." See Ti.
mothy, second epifle, and the ifil of Pa.
The Cardinal i very ill, the confrntiing of his wit
neffes in itself more than fulkleat to canuf a larm.
ing revolution throughout his whole finie. Notwith-
uinding hit very impeatfc Rate of hJkh, he cannot
forbear filing when any one o t m who have
liberty to vilit him mention his journey to Rome.
there to answer to the Hst fteri fuppofed accnufa
tlon. He rays. LA faint Pt f Pava i., t.
ftrtlt rp ri rle ait r I roiri falt s r.
f..c y .t, cantuloi >i a, Wil Date I I '. Ic
f iLrnte, iodrail n rit &tv l B/istd d n'irrsil.s oa
I ivlifferrect W It tuMM a faru/ll .
tlrd, P lt. The laft account frem tke Hvn-
nah metition, that about fifty mile from 'tfp,
northern city of Meico, they have difeoverd vei
of virgin gold, of which ome ha been brought to thiu
capital this gold ie found in a pur a fate as that
etraed from the mines by mean of mercury, and
upon the affay it4rovel to be air ctarau fie.
Isrt ai. The Marquis doe Fueat whot it
laid, is appointed AmbL ador to Ieland, arim
here on the 6th of ebruary, and hath bnce that them
had divers audiences of his Majety, the Prince of
Aflurins, and tha miniftry. Th young nobleman,
who four years ago frccded to the title and eftatte
of his ancefton, is endowed with uncommon knowledge
and integrity; the display of which haa recommended
him to the heir of thecrown of Spai, who b at pre-
fent Prime Miaiftcr of his angaft father, ad charged
with the weight of public, interior, and al.'
The Prince, convinced of the tall olf thoMa l-m
imn adiately appointed him to lS the Pol Of inprea-
tati lf his Catholic Male at tic Coart of It.
JIme,' ; and it is fLad that win Ma after sa hb
We elned alfo the immediate arrival of the new
nglila Amballdor, for whoa a Honuu baa a long
npaht d, which wa tfor the Earl of Cleflerfeld, whe
ad bean appointed to that pol ; but fevral dm'rcnu
hmaen hav, delayed, ud nce totally preuted his
&an Jofeph Trido ob Is Loon a ft le t for lM.
allai with two ip of war, equippig at Ferro. The
bijet of his voagfeliu obeaftemmamoeava
chart of the hi flas d than y an hitheruowln,
and lbsttbry ton. mrspf rnwiaM

I Y 't

tau, and a anew vapid c mmrancati between the The chemife d'snfans handkerchief, and double gauze ter ci a facial being,but its bllieny t" i of
aflhb diel and America. sprons, ornamented with leel buckle, are quite the the law is (ill proportionahbly dugnatsd, earitle&ea
NapIe, F&i 8. It is faid that their Majefties are to rage in the Beau-Mode. are more, in that walk of lif, beneficial, and fr a
undertake a journey to Spain nest spring, and that The feel buckle to the front of the apron s an bas uupon which the property of thoufandede~nd. The
their augult father, in order to enjoy the pleafitre if adoption which ha a more naterialobjea than .hiuon tyof o a foew dI
their company, baa offered to defray their traelling -aits qualities are awq.oic. t. w Oaxem y, al5 r e li oInet3L
asences. Letters flr lome, date February 6. mention, awercI lelr 6ftheli lf
Ja, Marc I. Tke C y ha ben tha the Bhe d rerpad that pat of the decree bisM i a -ick 4. *
for tome time firne lc loje to ftani g tt alnd within againAst teitdety of i or s the ae mild, rm, conv yet I r d feeling
thefe few days has been attacked a fever. His ltiled, thAe A M r Z ri, pM at a4 wAs at (u fau ud byAhe te naumll a
health has been defpstred of. The Cardinal Duke of Rome'n t y. i if they wer r whom e pro eto He was one of the ind.
York adminilters to him oicially. pince the fever has ed perform e rie at feret art, they were pde the Houfe, h by th
abated, however, the fis lave become leat frequent, not only excoe united, t condemne to the gal ere it t o uni !te eman, w la the long in
,ve, o ot mlc,. .... a;g iO
and the physicians entertain fome hope of his recovery. lies. 1This i i frelh infance of the bnevolentand I e Houfr, w dinguilhed for never being at the
Whbia, Marob as. The King has been pleaded toleration which dinianuih the present Pontiff. levee of a MZifiter, or alkil a favour of luck.-He
to appoint John Elliot, Efq; to be Governour and Letters from Italy give a very dreadful account of an wasa irng n adv l for the Coallitia.
Commander in Chif of the Ifland of Newfoundlald, earthquake, whkh on the cth ol february took place I A Bil to amen and render mere efe&ual the
and of the Ifland of Madelain, in the Gulf of St. in the island of Corfu. Part of the town t nowl no fvl3l la.w now i.frye0 for managing the Filecriea
wrtel. more than a heep of rui.n, and the country about earind on at Newfoundlsod and parts aIn fr
L2dotrn, Marnb I. It appears from tli general tenoi which prefe*tt. p(ol melaqcholy lcnJ. AlNweo t t~er titan, Inrlad a the ltils domiiona in
of our letter from the Continent, that the Pope, in people were btied under the ruinl; and the number 'trope, and for granting bountiess for a time to be
council, has declared Cardinal de Rohan fufpended frthofewho wIre dangrrusily w,-. led is coueistCef, united, oanerainternaands o~nditiona,"was snIcataed
from that dignity, not for an oppnfition, but for his The Governeur and hii family ha. ji(i tinme :o reach yeterday'to thd IteT lC ofCoiunmons, had a irl ttinc
having submitted to the laws of his own country i a the prt, and t gIt into a bo ,, before his Ioufe, .a and red d to bread a fecoad time.
kind of religious cnfiltency which one would think the moll nob edi l, was cunalleatly fwallowed Both oaufes of Contocation met on Wednddry,
ccurt of Rome fhouldhave forget, ever fince Monarch up. It is futh that this terrible fcourge had and adjourned to e rth of M.y
have dared to cease being prie ridden. His Holinef, been felt in kel St. Maufe au Argoa, both of xs foav Ciantrs, dsf. so.
in a fpcech which, no doubt, was as eloquent and for which have lW cofillerable damage. On Wueat lI Chandermagore was delivered
rible, jurdi tai a it mutk have been abfurd to conm- Mbr l olltile i a intil i h Mr. Wilton tbtit'onmmlfnaryo the pt if dh
mon fenfe, jar h ,ai has proved, by an ifllrble cnmman f d at of fli the reom of Ftcih. The ccto of the furieadr wa i
argument, Catl'/tr., that Cardinal de Rohan added GenerI ty fllewing form. lih and ren. Cmi
unworthily, as a Prince of the Ecclsaftical State, Ity ye er da ,g I flowing veer inresotam rie,, attendeds of theila,
npie.ay thinking himfllf amendable to the laws of hi and interel tell e was receiver at India went t i I French fold
kgui and Country, his dignity fubjeeling him and his Hoise from by the packet.wlich left tCale ta eapya wra d up. i lflear Dangereat 'f..
mildemeanours -/s.tiyely to the cognizance of the on the rth o ovember la The engagement en- pomi.tent, as part of the French
ConfiBory, or Papal Council. An epofaulatory brief tered into between Mr. HaUin. on the part of the i Bengal, re the commanding |
was on this oceallon tfut to the King ; bt, i we truR Government General, ain the Ib V;'ider, had ben the l lftr ;t
to what isnerally reportedof his Maiely's charader fulfiUd in every parttar tIayL the Viier, had rr Jitl .
this eldel fan of the Church will think his old AMiwase pai4 up every rupee of his le ie,cludinglthe debt ( o
only in a dream, an4 will treat her visions accordingly. of 7Jo,oool. tad the monthly fbldy due ti the troops rwe on F
Meanwhile, the Cardinal is like the hot iron between -The provinner of Beugal, tunarc, ard Owd", were r e.
the hammer iad the anvil; if he des not repair to in pereb tranqmility-M.\jd.jee Scindla, preparing to s w.
Rome within fix months, or put in an appearance proceed to the Deccan and holilitirs hetwecn T'i poo e
there, he will be deprived of his dignity, and his pur- Sultan, and the Mahrartt. hourly cxpcdcd, or a-ually *were f ttered i *h '
pie hat clappel on another head; whilfi, on the other commenced.-Seven ~tps laden fromt Bingal, and no yaice b t Dangereairflacem-
hand, the criminal law of crance binds him as a cut hills drawn upon the Cnnpany by the Givcrnour-Gene. panied Py l. m ry and the ctk.eme
prit, and a fubjc& of the realm, to its awful dc. ral and Council.-Theretrenchments ordered by the 9f the (tl'e ut t hit t fe, where all te adiewrm.
crear. Court of Dirtlers hae been completely carried into affetmhicd to ongratate him. The frefidit gave
A mof extraordinary occurrence of good fortune is effd.-The orders upon the treafory bore no difcuet; dinner and iuppw t6 the whole t:ttlement ad lLs oed
circulated about town as a fat-A pMr. Sardon, or and the discount uppo the bonds had fallen to eleven BSn."
Sanadon, or fome fuch name, landing up lately il the per cent. Centers from tengal grve the moil favoOrblIc sc
gateway of an inn, near the loner-end in the Borough, A petition to the King and both Houfce of Parlia. counts of the present fate of that prefdency-the O,.
on account of the rain, a horfcman came riding up into ment, from the officers of the army and the inhabi- vrnourand Council hadanticipated, in a great meaflue,
the yard, who on feting Mr. S. accotled him by his ratt ofF Madras, is alfo brought over by this packet, the plans feat out by the Diredort for reducingepren.
name, afling him how he did. Sir G. Elliot, ai the agiinfl that part*fM. Pitt's india Bill, which regards fiveofiees, and abolishing finecuires in the various de.
fiery goes, having taken fihlter in the fame place for the criminal inltitliKi. The petitions are wrongly apartment. of the service, civil and military-thofe on
the rain, on hearing Mr. b's name pronounced, en- worded, and numerooy Agnd. whom the regulations fill heavily, fubmitrcd cheerfelyf
quired after his family, and whether he had any rcla- The petition from the Briiifl inhabitn;ts was not to the necrfity of the time,, Oeconomy is nowhde
eio n abroad. S. told him all he knew conncerninA prepdeh*l ithi padet lailUd-there had beei nmucih favourite fylemn, and every man In that once 4l1.
them, usd in partltlar, that he had heard his motheO, differenceeof onion upon it, and the general idea wa., pated country, cuts hbs scat aecordiig to is
then dead, Ipcak ofa rich relation at Birbados, Iut that it would he signed but by an inconfilerable umn- cloth,"
of whom he knew nothing further himself. Sitl her, a. the spirit ofoppefition to Mr. I'iltt' Bill had in A Kanitfhaitka comply, on a plan fom tcng o'mi
E. told him, he was executor to the will of a rich a great measure fibhided, particularly in thr triy. !.r to that rcnomended by Capt. King. ifnhe pub-
planter in that Ifliud, who he believed had left S. all The death 4f Sir John Burgoyne is confirrd by lication of CptI:tin Cook's t ft voyage, i blifed
his funded property aid clates. In order to clucidate official dispatch to the Court el Dired/r.-; hhi at IlBnlhay, and fIrmi wlfch great hopes of fuccefl
this, he defred the Laid S. to call upon him at Black- death, the contmand nf the I)th regiment oF dr.gwooi, are entertained. Two fine vefiels are already purds.
heath, and bring with him all the documents he worth oeol. per ann. kvac..nt. fed, and are coppering. They hoped to he able to lea
knew of, refpedring his family, with the register of Mar A 3a. A *failnginnaine ha', for fame Drmbay the beginning of November.
his birth, and certificates of the marriage and hbrial, time pad, made ialp aranci on Barham Downs, near xtr i/A, letet fit ts as Rellli fetlaeie at Mse,
&c. of his father and mother. In the perfuafuon alfo Canterbury. It goien four low whitel, with a fleer- datr,. ar r.
that he was t h right perfon, ha at the fame time age in the prow-it I. put in motion folely by the It i reported here, that verydlfagreale aetet
farnilhed the nn with five guinac, to enable him to wind, and runs with five and a half pointt rl' it; and have arrived pf a revolt in Spdilh America. whithau
prosecute his etuiries.-S. in a few days after calls it is imagined, may hereafter be of gr-at utility in an oceafioned a total lp to cm erce from St. Ja~ l I
on Sir G. E. whom he perfedly fatifies of hi being open, extenfiw, plain country; as it fails at the anazionr Chili, to Old Spain, It isdi ult in this cont to
the party meant in the will. Sir C. on this conveyed velocity of twenty-nbe milel u ihlin the hour, ithl come immediate at the trutrof any public eal
over to him fund d handed property to the amount the wind on the bean. It it an invet.ion of thary but it is c body of troops have
of oooool. It' arkable that S. before this hap- Oienden, Efq; fon of Sir Hznry Oxenden, who, with orlertIoe part of the globe.
y incident, was ng but a poor jobbing ardener reat perfeverance aiM iduflry, lie bright It to per. e y
about Ncwingtn, arwel, &c. and hadbut juft inStates toa with
before been turned oat of his lodging for want of being The appointment of Lord Cernswalni to the onm. few daytor layonne, witheolM
able to fa ify his landlord, after which he was taken mind in India, gives general fatitfai ira: ndl lthe etra. accompliled h l The truth h, the i
in by a cdchman, whom henow retains in that qua- ordinary powers his Lordhip is to take over with him Minifrook wit sjcloe om tIhe lmn cipfi
liy in hitown service. Sir G. had repeatedly adver- (and which wouk have created an alarm if given to North Aei cae, nud a rfall di a power, whih
tied, in vin, for the right heirs. any other man) will enable him effeliaslly to remedy may at tme ifant period, pofe itself ofthe ter
March %a. The merchants of France have come to every grievance thar fibftil there. The appointmear fore of Mexico and Pirv.
the resolution of prtfenting a petition to their Mo. may there re be confidered an no let. a blelHrg to tlhr It muot vie oo great pleafte to learn, that t
narch, requefting him to withdraw the prohibition on poor natives, than it is be f advantage to this charader of Enilshmain hld ia the hl ed tl
the Importation of Eaglilh manufaures. They al- country. "1 nation by the inhalibintn l this irtloptill onh
edge, with ge fagacity, that without Englifli goods n a 3r. Yeflerday Hamiltn, Efq; lately deed. b thofe of aall the on I p ledt l o
they are unable to make up their cargoes for foreign arrived from America, wasn't Cou rt at St. Jamesr*, St. Sebalian's, where I landed foemen rd -s.
markets, and If thefe articles are not fent to the coun- and was rcfentei to their Msiellies by or. Adams, This attachment aril cbiely aol the @ ala. 0 ed
tries which require them, in French Ships, the Englilh the Americnn Pl potentiary. made by the i ari Oi.alI
themselves wil find fame o*trh channel, and will pro- The Prince's muhcal talaits are of the Brft rate- circum(se. e they ftpe of in the i roia' tc
bably elablilh a rivalry agaiu thote manufastres in his vire is pleafimf-he is itead to, and peculiarly byrerbollcal teams.'
which the French take the lead. This intereoin in- happy in hmino .i old itr-Hni Highi.ef, has lately Government on WdteWdr recehti'd 11fee
formation was communicated to os by an eminent fU. the D-aiat~ much Sither in order to luit patches from NovaeSoth, .y the 'W r Cli
manufadturcr in Birmingham, as the fubflance of h alt i. a Berkeley. iwheartel i M
ome late letters from merchant in France. Indeed it Te report i th) metropletn Mr.--t whole myA f he i
hay be observed, that the alarms which the edids of is, that her mlN p ha ailscay ta. plae, and Ie by the il fldop of
the Emperor and the French Monarch at lte ted tht, in eonor t tie etqm tt of ce4 cnnec- awyer dfpatced om dal l enjmy laSI, n
in the ChamberofCommerce are no loo r an .alof. tan, fe didn't U es. Ae pegWanm which nbl riters d dinakt rf
Mafrl, a. There are ths year no Ie t than thirty and owing to htlI eHr tnen htlJoufte t ad publicly fae dfaer hnain ha etoeecai llte .
appeals from the Court ot Sefion in Scotland to avowed huam are. '-hors man otwarat inLhmeiMan nd
th Houfe of Lords, and only one from any of the It is probable, at to the various families of the feate to England. T isow toeleest, a I
Courtsin England; n ariking proof other efficacy of a Pihr, we all f artly hae the new name of Fit. Ulteelly a fellows .- e in ame.
trial by ry, and of the necefity of abolibing the Gl. come fo great, pa I the two B lu"
Md e aJ-e of the Court of Semen. Impregnaile, a new fetond rate, now ady to ted State t, t aAarty.
ThIdea of diminishing the numberof the Lordsof .be unchedin theiing' Yard at Deptford, is he mot weathy and ca dofthet,
Selion ls dropped the vacancy occaloned b the 4eaak W lt hew cl el dee com ltruned on a plan for duey removing wre t can f id iT .'
of Lord Kennet being ileay lled up, fi that the llfging all tdi si the i.ouheba, in which an partInlor, a nNaber of talkers
bench is now coapleat. engeent in t al e able. is IT s dem b el property and conmteril oi
Some of the nol falliemable idrel-caps now wore the lower prfittee Inhes father from the have removed, with their e ,
are the Cvptiw, ously, ad Meeasss,, which have wale in the rmmde. peim into the i. l lbr mit m be
been lUel introduced by fom ladi of diallinion. Integrity is the btigheft jewel of the khian thate. they rneaed t e l i ii

lwa county and petitioned the Covarnour for per
silman to fetie The people were at firfl, in Augof
hla, but few; but the succeeding mnthi having beer
fcllowdl by many others, as they foan their prede
tffor0 lo wIll received by the Englil, they hba com
io sova Scoiiu with eildinf material, ld bhun tt
conftrue dwellings. Commodore fSawyer has thefe
tle lent home for int.Adion, dative t e nJ a m
fithreu who, as they are both weilti pad re
cathleb, and a people by nature atd prate quie
d pe, icsable, dckrve te f Idul4 hndi r the da ttl
overnment b
Somn ninr,iflernt present, are preparingt hbe b et ti
the By o'f Tripoli, with whom a troty i jet ean
dulcll, by hi. A.mblirdor now nre ret is Londen
who return home in the coorft oatbh fum or.
In tihr Houf of Common yellrday, M.e MIach
gpe oidu, that he Ibould on t future day Oll
ttcention of the Houfe to a ib)t which he had far
merely mntldne.l, relative to the governet 'ei
provide of %Qebec, but which had been o rbkale
by Minifacr, to whore provlnee It more properly be
longed. He thought it proper to give thi's ce o
hin atretion, rthe object f his motion ,eold"o t~
,iiake fime material alteratioaM in the lrekbht fflien o
Hafso, Mwart, .. The ilty of Aitiy.itun having
nfolvcd by a majority to rntore to the Stadtholder the
eomm nnd of the gaerimn at the LHapg U leveT number
of the rppotl opinion have writt-ia ieertt, accos
paied by a Memorial to their Nahba did Geat Pewert
Ia which they avow the mohit f their Oppoiton
The Equeflrian trF and kate e, har inder
good thira, noteaeleoas Ibfel id ui of Dor.
drccht, Haerkm, Leyden, and i a en
copy of it to lay before threk yalmn. Thol si
/remuo,. lo that oth mf nnlJaieng aaleber
iswi*aafrlo .

deit, the ed of a o a toi
wrhudmd,.lli maide t &dle 4stily
luxuries, infead of th., they w
be raifcd wthko deu na A
lady Bri.a Tolinr ah clkee tele.
ed by Tl;,.*& triaba eis ardtreaiW rillrery.
and gfttinr an oppiytuei, W e n a word, ihe
droplc her eaetly, ndA fid, A" e ./o,.M. would
bo loll. i it wal not fr the netlie ).a take of ua."
.dit rday Lord Mountboddo wia pratented to the
Kin1g i t a t Jame', by ti Ome the Duke 6f
tciir giir. I
Not. ithlandingthe legular rffalcusf with which
the report of th m e of fiance I flted, end
alhhaglih the pl ure which it afforded to Parliament
u great e hardly one feriouA bjedlion was
lgd ainR t n findthat there are peeron becn-
fhcd ar inm~u~ rt igouh tn lafert. that hee at nol
ipcnbetL xtL di the nAtiunal incodae.
Ch. eof. J c erinced by auglnitu
uia table they were candid, th.,t the furplus
of p, Jr#J o otld,,f.andJ lf pmdi was not meant
to bBrth-com I oil Ally fuponfitious grounds, but
n rIud a ternained a nd ctain as thole on
whicl relied the bel afcertained funiren of I feent
revenue. Ic prapOfw d to rfie by taxzc l eool, ii
order to u&e the toitlity of the annual falingi, full
.i::i,. ,1 id a surely if he had not preioufly bop
rivlnerds at Parlr ent kid fucceeded in their en-
deav,,urs relief the firt part of the million, that il
tile 9oo,oorP he would not hai ber to absurd ai to
have talkel.-of putting otn iatot in th psfleoon of a
round mNl oI, by picesring for the compratively
inZc.fider fun(m of e oot.- Ha .s trefen-
lision. I Weed aN. r row-
inguof maldoleOOt as d. They
hdout to'u,, .o wh what'le
tie whih diotd thCs hd ir .d I
A;l,. The material bhal Ileal
of Conmmo n M. B Iaeke' l B fe he Houte ut
relole ittillf into a mnleel on the enqiry into the
conduli of Wane nH tiangl, if All tpders4 that
hive behn movCd r relatii to that buhneb -will be
referred i. the fucolamittee;,and it is reported, a
debate will arifirel to calling f to the bar
SIo be exasnined r wnle,.
It is laiddo y-a in a wak will be frled for hetr.
i l nlter and a Rated time for leaving off
e nih i ai in the bufineb of Sit Thomas Rumbold.
The other order foerhe day erea. rt of refolutios
from the Commilttm oe f p r-he Committee Oi
Ways and Means and fupplylaii the national Debt
Bill, to be ntefented and read a rtt tie.
'(lonetbl Eaeton, fayl an evenig piper, does not
atcoinpanry.ord Corwall to ladia, a wea afferted
iii mot of e public ei .

A L. g erfonl hain r aind aga
A te f Wl Nhl.X MaxwLL deceafe,
are de rea to ie tnl 'with nAutheutlatd
tochers aI nd all per -anTwile itlndebe to
SlikdEatejAre defrlnd 9Ib e immediate pay-
EMto bcrabem, bey are deIss; of
.lenfs thj 'r of e ialom as pd blte
s order I the creditors ret ive the divi.
*dndof r refpeaive debls
Alttrr.e for nN CUis, the Admiiltrator.
yeair s. 'W

S S1,lZt~? middle at Kin on in is Jmai, the
S.L th last month, b M. Flow rsew,
lefarher of he CaOoms, hao ocedlat mud concr-.
Sation there. Aliua hav n benm ULad&ed by both
*capts oaal4 .aptu r-ngsly c dtury of tah.
Other. TNlt wae w M nem rt prCeifct I but
Smast eonta t e ving is flwinu lbot
t alsd f thse A o pic from the

*f at"e o tlor ince-that publiie.o, verbal di
agreeabe ecircafnum have occursd; and to which
Sfd the balAl.LnMd bend, lie no wih us to deter-
, mlb i roy would humbly ryeto, A4di sli,,,
*. mut i, when legal cvide s1 adduced, not
It=t ,A t ll only pro.

f n i. ifl It inr ort ll. iy ti d N 't li1 j.l
iro f flour, intitdded .it N. ihr
S toj not f t clir i o I[l ld hiria t it 'i. fe .ght.
SI o unlrl liu t ith v 1ih 4li ul to
*- "a' orwe haI the c teft ea 'ul
~sin~~ 4Bpk-i"a,li 1.b
r r fu r J u d Pat' r' d
s s.i,',.: Cl n, ,L, C itR.l' +.r. . s ,'-

it-v( u d '-. l k .. -# r
Fi elfd, h iv t ftr Il,.M *
The ob af Cor', so''w.a info-,, -

1 t r e .n n rf* h.d .a, f mr *i ari tC '

m l 1 rf1- :* . . ., r .
t.C Sp .' . / 0 ,

h, *lat rl drupq r i n J ,, h, ,, en oi n ,
n 'rf tras Larri it e r i
l.l n 'I.
( a '' vf la t t S .
ltat I,. 1 1 Il
bp irga t o Ic! I~ ,
l stcv r hi c ig( y ,i ir..i ,*' 1 ,t Ki
To'l art, ben t o ; : c ', -
g! N ileirr iduhtlD o ii o th i t rl a.d ut I,
t, o '.;rated, adle c'TC d,. S r T r ,
t" '. di

i 'it I ste n i t Ollh law llro : fe hot. rni. -
An rt .. t o cul C oni. t f l a .n ll

i.r Fnhy ld, the sld of Al.
'ihe 9Isanboth trapffport. tiico: e'-, oo tnvic ib he

Th E late 1 N 5 I E 1 .1 D.
i th r 1gim L .nenlon d :it a l= t' pser tayt to. be
1milh,. arrehdat Port Re(al the iSh Isi> mnuonth
TIie lae veore drought i Jimicl ha heen fL,:owrd
by pletiful rain, which tft il the lls 'fo ll n.nth
A-!VE .., .FT
ur Ill. ligt6 L.ily I onif r.. Sn :, (rr.olin,
Sloop Jditih. htrit, iatinasia
r ,. Sschoo. and .-1. V,:It r i r
I, Sto, ".,
7.< 18. Brig Pi tlheti, P b.l. SIuntilnt
to. loop li; -rh, Dil nh
I .! l m Cirlotte i s' r ,:, r .h(,.l I nr. ,;
"', hyr l.olf 1 on d. .ti, Jamst ,
I2 T 1 Tg Re nr, lotfl, HsiAlilt
3J. Sloh,'u J~ol wrn. (;te,..

THE Sale of Flo anil UrBd,. pa:t o; rs,
Scargo of the ioonet, er,, libltc
the Court of Vice- mitalt for biearh of thi
laws of trade, adve fed t Sle oil Ti'li I1s
laft, and then pit will ro i cre on Mofdl:.,
next at ten o c:ock. Condition t iitli-
very IlINR G.1INTON,

,y u, IS, t __. .
,**s* tf* I: I''
W HEREAR :',t SubfrcbieI"' C-"lar, ,he
Bay, wan, hrtven tlhr h'ot,;' of eleven on
StOrday eight aml frye t n d :*tdai mornirg lFfi ,
hrokL- pen, and fecvral Pitk;:.flButter. .norked
W o, gether with ftn.ry otier article, r!er
foIerwomt thence I in ordrr to bring thr p.: pc.
trlato of fuch daring villailly to C'intil t Isnflt.
Inet, a reward of Ten Guinea ise bhrtvha rflired
to any perfn r perfos, excepting trhJe con.
cerndin tlhe t!lett, who will give fuch infotnmation
U r Im trtWhe Momry of the thievr, to
be pasis thtuiecnlflost, by
78 70 1! 4, ;1g(

For 8 A L E,
SETTS of Merchants Account Books, other
Sblank Bookse of all Sorts, Drawing, Writing,
Blottins, ansd Wrapping Paper Qnil adt Ofic
Pens, Ikitandifmes,Pockt I nihe ders ln W
and other Penknivei, London made red adblack
Ink in rlals. red and black Ink Powder, Patent
Waci hit Cakgil Counting Hetne Ples, Ebony
Rulers, fliding and common Black-Lead Pencils.
Copy Lines for Scholarsm. Drawing Books. Water
Colours it Shell and Boses, Camel-Hair Pencils.
Cae of Sucrv se latruments, Circumferentors,
pare Needles for ditto, MoMey Sales. sun Dials,
or Lat. a d s6, Boaxs of Marking TTpes
Gaugnl Rodes Beek and Mahnol r B ga
mon Tables, fpr Dice, Mogul, l.-rm, d
Merry Andrew Playln Cards, Cribb e Boards,
Poe'ct Blook, Etwee afe Memoran um Books.
r.c. Ac.
Alf/, Bonds, Bills of Sale, Bonds with War-
rants to cocfers Judgment, Powers of Attorney,
Hills of Ladln, Seamens Articles, Bills of Ex-
Shange, Half ay Oflccrs Certificates. Recogni-
ances, Prices Current, Mortgages, Indentures,
and ether blank forms.

To be S O D,
O0 reafmtale/mrs,
A t bis STORS she Ar.
A fmall (Quantity of Hg Proof JAMAICA
and Tierce, .
RUM, V a
itlh a Jew e /thy
imported in the Sloop 7yithe Capt. Brown,
I from YMamaica.
'", atr, at76.

Wanted to P chafe.
SNthe course of days,afr Tons of CLEAN
A COTTON, for which ae r of Della r
Ca/s will be given fpr pold. Apply to Mr.
Ceoion HolLiDAT, or o the brigantin
Robert and Mary, to
Whlo will take a fw s of Cotton on freight
for London. Three oour Palfengern may have
good accommodations Apply as bove.
Na. yo su..l s
rTHE Subtlcrib r pollig t rlow for Bri-
Stain, rwquii thole fe counts with
him, to Fettle them without ay. He will dW-
foe of the GOODS remaining hand, on very
low terms, for Calh, Cotton, ood, or Turto
Nafiln, Map 3s, 1786.
r-LHE Subfcriber tending t, depart there
.. Islands in a hort time, relae r all Perfo
indebted to his to make i diate payment
thofl having demand against will be plea-
fed to deliver in Aate of the without lof
of time. JON O ALLORAN.
Nafsi, 7y Is, t786.
A LL Perlous indebted l r. Jow Bahrr
now abfnit from this Ifland, requee
to make immediate payment t th a ri
otherwise they will be immediately tlU withe
diftiniion ; and thofe who have 8 demands
against Mr. Brett, will be pleaded tolake thes
known, t JOH ONES.
A LL Perfons having n Articles of Goods o0
Wearing Apparel, or Mo In their
hands by my late Wife Maa Bas=w arw
he-rby defired to return the i iM te
me, etherwife they may be a rmofle
dies being had recourf to. k luc to
me in any manner, ae to dia r
their refpeive accm ui early a they can, In
order that I may M bled to faiOfy my Cr-
you 3, 07a6. HENRY O'BRI3W.
A LL Perfons indebted to the tate of thl
deeeafed SaMssal Moa lT, latesofElmua
Planter, are reque.ed to da ae paycntt, "a
before the ilth of Jlt snet and thof haIing
demands against the Wm, to ddlir Ia access
thereof, V = att*l the faid day to
W 1M Y11, AiaZlrator.
ALL Perfonihavln any douandls gaont thi
A Blmte of Jo.a CaN ua,lateof Carlct,,
in the lnand of Abmltieh water, deeeal are
d4eIred to iled them In attedld and ald taho
indebted to the Blate, ae reqlyd to maku I-.
mediate DN to A
payes'A D E Ad,..,

Ia the Brigantine ELIZASKTH, Capt. PEAcoc
AND NOW OrAINIs roR sate,
At the Subfcribers Store,
In FaP DEasIC ST raT,
For Ca/, good Bills, or Produce.
I.UE, green, brown, Men@ coarfeand lo She
drab and mitt Broad and Pumps
Cloths Womens blak colour
Blue and brown Caflintires Callimanco ditto
Black and bluh Shalloons Do. do. do. Morocco d
(.crn Baize Ditto Leather ditto
Whie Flannel & Swanltin Boyand Girls Morocco
Black, blue, and green Leatherditto
Durarts A large affortment of fal
Black f blue Callirancoae ionable Ribbons
and Talmmrac Lutelfring Umbrella.
Superfine Ruflret Worna. Stays and Parr;
Ditto Ruffel Petticoats
Ditto SattinPr Dutch Lace and Thre
Bnombazeen and Prince Edgings
'tuits Plain and Diaper TaI
Norwich & Itlian Zrapes Bobbing
Cimblets, Onlnaurg. and Nuns colored & flitchir
Cotton Bagging Threade
Sil Cloth fram No. t. to ewing Silk
No. 3. Shirt Mould., Cap Wire
3-4 7-8 h44 i(h I.inTni Check and white Shirtr
5-4 ditto Shr ting \ i)uc, Onaburg, & Stril
I'lainm, ripped uid (potteA Trowfer*
Lawn | B nn Holland & Fullia
Ftwcrd & needle worked 'cttien
ditto I Lindcy & Turky ftrlpe di
Bordered and Lawn l Sfurtout and Watch Coat
kerchiefs Playing Card
Needle worked ditto dio Moroccb and Hair Trunk
Flowered Lawn Apron b Cambric & mixed Floaer
Needle worked ditto ditto White, black and brow
3.4 to Io-4 Diaper Table Fox Tails
Cloths Blue & white,pink & whit
10-4 Danard ditto ditto ditt
3-4 aod 6-4 wide D&a r Bla-k, white, and Ibrowi
and Huckabuck fflat
Fine trip. bordered M fi Hland and Croh Cut Saw
Striped and Chcd tto Croft Cut and Whip a
Ill wide Book & Jacl nt Files
ditto Broad Axes. Hatchets, ani
-.4 wide Book Mullin nrtow Hocl
CTambour and opm wor CitlalT & Grubbing Hoc
ed ditto L Door, Trunk, and Pa,
Do. Muffin Haadkerchiefa Locks
Ditto ditto Apronis Con & Ceffie WIills
Superfine Tar b"Muflin calc, and Weights
shawls with open Work tcelyardi
and Fringe a Maker' Palms an,
oerfae ChaJintz Shawls Tedl1
Wlite ai d brown Ruffia I and HL Hingeo
Sheeting aping Irons
Cotton & Marfille un- 4. 6. 8. t. :o. 34. t& 3od
tcrpnas d Nails
rilh Ticking a lue Cutteau and Pen Knives
Linen [ Table Knives and ForLk
Printed Linen,, & C~tton. Razors in cafes
Chints Patterns Womaens Seiffar
Ditto Bordering Tin, Copper and Iron Toe
Marin Dimity ShaeC Kettles
India Pertians fainable Pump rTeks, Cork Screwc
*clours h Smoothing Irons
Di to Dimities eamdDntch Menplated Shoe & Knee
Cord o Bucklea
Cambric and slng o wna White Chappcl & comnito
Line and Cotton C*ksL Nedles
and Stripes Paper and pound Plot
Check and Pinted Hand- Looking Olafrs
kerchelf e A fmiallafortmeat of er.
Dyed Jean lcanett fomery
Bed Bunt. Ticking Ditto of MedicineR
Mock Qilti andMusli A large affortment o
Caxd I Qeen's Ware
Denifm anidri ted Jean. Ditto ditto of GIa& Ware
etrt Lintfeld Oil in ba rel and
Black SAtai, and black & jugo
white Modes White Lead, Yellow Ober,
Black, white, hblus pk in kegs
and other ble Black Paint, &t Lamblack
Luteoring A Urge aiortmoent of Fan.
English Perfian Sa A fmaU do. of Stationary
nets Porter in barrel
White Tabbinett Tongue. and Tripe in kegs
Black and white Silk and Irifh Rote Butter
Thread Gauzes Double Gloscefter Cheefe
Crape, Sule, and Cypreli Hams, Mufiard & Pickles
ditto Common and Pearl Barley
kllck and white French Leaf Sugar
Net Greean and Htlfon Tesa
Moe. & Womnml faa nd. Black Pepper
able Hate Raini ani Currants
Bo u d Girls ditto with Afmall anrtmmnt of Con-
Feathers feclionary
Mens &B Womens Thread, Soap and Candlein boxes
Cotton, and Sil Ho Poland & commaaon Starch
Boa and Girl ditto in ditto
Man. and Woman. Lea- Hair Powder and Fig Blee
theba, Thread, ad ilk Pigtail und leaf Tobacco,
lovew e. c. am e.
Tnr fm V, fir Enk,
A few lPunvbeoo f Old BARBADOS RUM,
lOf,, yaw, ,,-,

On rea/OsaiU Terms, .fr Can o. lJ,
At bhi SToaa on the BAY.
PRINTED Llano anadThr &' Lather Glove
Cotton Men fashionable plated
Check, Linen, Lwn and Buckles
Mullin ilankerchief Catteas and Pen Knives
Checks and Stripes Cheft and Box Loaks
Yard wide Irifh Linen Womens Sc;ffare
Brown Holland & Dowlas Starch and Fig Blue
Brown and white Raflia Hair Powder
Shceting Hard and ofit Pomatumn
Britannia',. Nankeeas EIfence of Bergainr and
Marfilen Quikinrg, y avendar Water
wide. corded ".. Horn amd Ivory Conit
Dimity, white and ed Ladies Tortuiflhcll ditto
Jeanctts Blacking Balls and C( akc
Book Munin, Cerd do. Men, fine and coarrf Shoes
Cearc and fie La s Boys and Girls Shoes anal
Cambrick, i Pumps
Black & coloured n Women Morocca t LafI.
BIin, Whire Cha ired ig Shoee
common Needlea Ditto Leather Pnp
Black and D Mid and Childeons e-
and Callinmaeoan k roco Sho .
Black RuIflel' heck Shirt, lriped Jack-
Broad and narrow thread eta aidTrowfers
Fringe ekery and nila Wlre
Black, white and coloured u eand Ca ind
Olfrich Feathers e
Ladies faffhionable Chip Fi e Butter
Hats Jar Raign.
,Mena and Children Candied *amonds
hnrn Hats, lined and loaf Sugr
hound HyfEn, Gretn and Bohka
Mini, WomeIn and Boyi Fea,
Thread and Cotton HofC Folio and Qarto Pod Pa-
Men, Boys and Children. per
black and Bcavcr co- Quills and Wafert,
loured Hats &r. cI. Src.

In the Brigantine ELIZABETII, Capt. Datid
SPeacoks from LONDON I
S And ta be Sal, IVakblfa ani Retail,
By Falconer, ShirrefC and Co.
S At their STORM on the BAY.
S OAF Sugar' Cap Wires
L Hfon. Green. Soo. Waiflcoat Fringe
chong, and Bolea Tear Dutch Lace, from No. a,
Bloom and Calk Raifins to No. no.
White and Brown Sugar- Holland and Diaper Tapec
candy London Quality Binding
Mace, Cinnamon, Cloves, Childrn's Stays
and Nutmegs Ladies French ditto
Sago, Fig Blue, Starch, and Edgings, from No. I, to
Black Pepper No. i.
SMelard, Sallad Oil Black, pink, mazarine, and
Soy, Ketchup laylok Silk Petticoat
s Barley, Split eale Hoopa and Pad.
Calk and Bottled on Whitechapl Needles and
Porter I Pine
Me Beef and Po Fine Thread Lace, from
Yorkhmire Ham No. 1, to No. At.
Turpentine Soap* Blue, beaver, white, and
Linen nd Cotton c black I weather
and Stripe A great Variery of falhiun-
Cottoa Holland abe Silk and Gauze Rib.
Ticking and Bed BunB t o
Jean and Dinmities SewiSoilk, and Twil
SDyed and Printed Jeaneta .38 fi Cyprefl
Duth Cord nch et
Mof Quiltings f and Souffle Gauze
Cotton Counterpane& end -x6 Love Hand.
A great Variety of printed chcTh
Linen, Chintz, and Cal il Lacesand Silk Cord
lio Gown Patterns B and blue Tafatice
Clouting Diapers arie blue Perfans
Checked, fprri frl B and shite ditto
and plain Muflin MSuaandSarlct,
A Variety of worked d Umtrcllas
plain Mullin Ha er- ble Lutenring
chief to .tclteiring
A Variety of Chin Bor. ditto
during J Mode
Cmbrick clear .awn Taffaties, Cordnroy,
4 worked Munin Aoprons Tinf y, and ''ilffue, fo
6.4 Dreden ditto Walfceats
Coafe and fioiril Line Tanmu les, Durantr
Raia and Iris SheBltin Caliasncoes, Shalloom
Brown Holland and 3.4 Superfine blue Cafllire
Ducka Satniantand Italian Crapcl
Britanalu, Platlflae Fien and Tow Oflaburgs
Garllr, Huckaback Sail-cloth, No. I, to No. 4.
Printd HandkerchIef Meanino ad coarekShoe
Red and blue Millin dits Mean ien and coarfe Boote
Check and Pllieatdito Childres, Boy, and
Bordered Lawn ditto Youths Shoe,
Spotted and striped Cap Weamm andOirhfineLea.
Laws ter PampsoadShoea
Ounce Thread of the bhet Women Sur Shoe, with
ualky, froh No. 7, to rch Heelsand com-
N.(. mon
OfoaburghaadTaylrJdo. Ladie Motcco S(hcn

Children and Cirl Atte Pala and 4ajd hard
Blue,dark green, and drb Bof Ponsatum
coloured fuperfine ready Tin Were, ctnfRiag of
made Coats, and Ihort Suar Boies plain ad
Coat, with flhionabl pinted
Buttons Gren Vtrl Pok
Ready made Waillcoeu C iksu Tuld
Ditto blk Sil and Drab ba
Breeches Candle Boxl and a'.
Sail s Jackeu, lined ad thorn
unlined Sauct Pains d Pdding
Boys ditto, ditto Plas, Ac. &c.
Duck and Canvas Frocksu d. lod. od. 4d. and a.
BoatCoalot Nail.
Ticking aal Stripd Linen Shinglig and Spike Nlil
Trowfere Chts LokI
Cotton and Dick ditto Hookeand Hintg
3-4 and 7.8 Linen Check HL ditto
Ahirts Round Plate Bolts
7.1 Cotton ditto Ship Scraer
:-8 Coarfe and Ane White Helvd H.te
Shir* Smoothing leron
Quilted Durant Petticoats Wrough Iron Tea lt.
?-. Flock Mattralfe and ties, Ac.
Pillows Ju of Linfeed Oil
Fu-ur-fet Hair ditto and White LendgrondiaOil
Bolfters Sd pani Brown, in ditto
Mcni ine white Thead, Yellow aker, inditto
Cotton, and Silk Ho a Red Lead, in itto
WomenG in* Como und Lnmpblack, In pread Pa.
Silk ditto fes
Mena coarfe and geuA a iMne edge Chine, GOen
with Bucklesand uad Soup, and Flt PhMu
Ditto b:anetcolour ditto and Diflhe
Ditto fee cocked ditto Tureen., ditto
Children, od y ditto Yellow, ble, ud wrli
Youths and Sailors ditto painted Crokery Wan
hlMcdicinei, coniii of Ola0 t Shade lusd Con
(luberS sits "I,

Stoughton d Fork
Min. Oets of Doe PChanitan
Tjorlingtas Dro i Moensl ad WlaJm p
Jalllap, Hetldorn Shoe Buckle
Lavender. Magnlui Sciffnrs nd Pamktien
CGuem Aoa ice iler Thlmkle
Ca-nphor Brat mounted Gilt Ti
Scotch Pills Cablet, frTmn to inhelu
;odfrey' Cordial, &c. Cordage bonred
Gun Powder and hhot Spun Yarn, Ruling Slof
Plain and cnted Hair UDep-Suu and LogLiL
Powder i &c. m e.
Which, with their former A ent wll be
.Iuld on reronable rla. o. s

THrE STORE and CELLrg thir d-
L joninin the Printinr Office, id lateo -
pice by Mr. 7obh Chrifii. Enquie of
Nnaorauiar 1c, .7. .

TWO Front ROOMS, with a Pi ontbe
Bay, furnilhed or unfurnilhed. i tothl
NafKu, Yat s, 1786.
T 0 B B N
1d < btred ow im ,
A SHOP cioLtth tide of ie Parald,
A Appl H THEXSPo p..
SThe Subii r pnrniarLm
wTat evr,plly MtBof Veflsi.fteo
taking or caryit O thi, is a Negro ieloW
named intmmJ, whopal for free man by a
fa p, whih been pro under the name
nf John ColMn ftlruc out, and eone Ormenh
interlined, instead of George enand, as he
or they may depend upon ~ f p cuted to the.
utmot rigour Of the tw. I
A'a&/,I, Yawuo, 17t6.
SUN AWAY from the Subtriber, at 1c`ur'
l ite, a the 1Land of Abaco, a Ml tto Fde
low known by the name of fm, and fI be-
longed to Major eltno. Whoever willptd
and deliver him to me, or in my ti
Donald Ferguo, (hall eci Twe D
reward and .rfo ,
I eand.
bourlqh e hioRt

NOTICE. All Pe, hain lel d
agalanft the o the late $I. s
STUAar Supernft t of Indi l M
requaeed to gie in to the SoU
they may be ttle Aad Sid with 8S dtr,
as polble. JSIAH TA AL
Attorney for SLA H Tar aT u.
and JOHN STUART, #Kefidr LatU
Nrua.eJ M 3a%, 178(.

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