Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 10, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00044
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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T %H .R No,

I3AHA~MA: GAZE'lw'jlt.

NuoLttiti Aiii"S ADW 64,sia R IN VERsA NAGIUTRI. Hor.

From, SA T'VI1LD A1r, JuIzf to$ to SATURDAY JUNE 17, 1786.

NASSA iPhlateliby 101 Jo1 W'WELLS'' at the Printing Office bn the BAY.
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lute V .'- a. Cle ati O,:orr Pd

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#,,%"A"bo Y .. Ir s

o,-'.' begs leira mint i
dolaw lthe pblic, tha h takr Wi
mo e u t the y ~t a'
1 4 l lthill Simon, he cI i dr
aft sis ,o4WAl.ORl'5 1041t ko lit ely
as, Voo-etskad.h isamily "Wby
"'tio"o4a, to. meti qhe Coeval er(Drit
-w 3&WPn PA may be fledif toR'v.
,%ei omplods. .-,I
: r (!)BZL hWN YIV FRt
I so 1706.rnar

European Intelligence.

Co*NswrTAZorLi, -Yamery a.
rTHE Janirfaries, being difcontested'at the
Sihdolence of our Minirfry, threaten a revolt
it Is feared every moment that they will hol the
standard of rebellion. The Captain Pseha i him.
felfapprehenflrc ofthe moft unhappy confequences
from it I thofe troops make a great clamour for
war, and the fear of their beginning it under the
aufpicta of ronie Chief they may foon hind, has
occalioned an order for difarmiug the fquadron
in the Black Sea. Our government feem defurous
to prelrve peace, and negled nothing to avoid a
rature with both the Imperial Courts.
Syari. 7. According to the barbarous cuntom of
the mob here on the leaft eaufe of dilotisfadlon,
the Incendiaries have lately been at their infamous
work iu the night of the 7tlh ult. The ire broke
out in three different walks, viz. in the fuburb of
'Jophana and (aliata, and within the town itself,
l the part inhabited by the Oreeks. By timely
md proper adlftance, however, the farther pio.
ret of the conagratin was luckily iot, and
olal js boules were burnt down to the ground.
'Ils damage il trifling, when compared to the
ldffle fuftalned on fimilat occasions.
Prteriburgh, Ftrarwy 6. Brigadier Apraxin,
who lately dilfinguithed himfelfn n an aion be-
tween owr troops and the Tartars of Caucafus,
is arrived here with difpatches, the contents of
which are not yet known. It is ru-noured that
boo,ooo Tartar have taken pofllkion of all the
defies of Caucaaus I bh this report gains but
little credit, being ruppTed to be fabricated with
interfted views. Brigadier Apraxin is honoured
with thecrofof the ler of St. Wolochmer of
the fourth cdaf.
Febriaryj s6. The second detachment for Alra-
can, &c. on the N extremes of the empire,
designed on dicov. s, arrived, as we learn, at
Mofcow, the ad of the preft month, after expe-
riencing a variety ofdilficulties on account of the
feverity of the weather, there having been an heavy
fall of (now fincedtheir departure. Our letters
late, that both detachments (which confit of
upwards of Ijo persons, with a variety at cattle,
caravans, &c.) had both gone into winter quar-
ters at Mocow, from whence they were not
likely'to move tillowarda the middle of April,
as the winter was iceedingly rigorous, and likely
to continue as long t flet ns thg laft. The Rufian
goveranght have the fucceft of this enterprise fo
much It beart, that'among other conveniences
there are travelling kitchens, with every article
of necefirits for cooking provision in fuch regions
as they may paf through. The Princeailhop if
Novogetod Is among the travellere, by leave of
tne mpiefs, from whom, being a man of pene-
trating and whiningg talents, much Is expected, as
well for a defeription ?f thejourney, as from his
labeurs amoengt the p ey are to vifit in a
theological relation. The police of this city,
long admired for its alubrity, is on the point of
undergoing a reform, and fame addition, in re-
fWed to widening, lighting, and deanfing the
streets to take platee tet Plmmer. The Emperor
o( Oermany is expet d at Mofow while our
oraresi a hid the Court are ther next June.
Jp MraWqf s.s. 'The all-India Comptny
fi i ider an teorbtoes load of debt, have
igan et the SMtea of Hllad for a fur..
fer p whic h i x t -granted; the
Chamber of Am iterdm does itefitate to fay
that the trade cannot be Ibppot shy longer.
The of Merchants tra.
l -bWe.I;aditki thofe of'the l alt,
d the StalM f Hand for a rfpply
o' mitaTlod" hbheY little better. In
l ta n that the Bat-India Coany.
The new eeopbet who has appeared in'tihe
Tirhi(h doimlba &d ientMlfthe number of his
finows everwdaT. 0eT ettiNOblee
whie, which wai e l-Zly forbidden b Was-

met. Sacrificing to the appetites of the mob, Is
the fitrl way to gla |bcir &voar, and this mau
will hold truth from the mobl at Coaantlnoik to
the inddpendt eleaor of a bo lughl In Ea d.
Byletten freh Li ofthe Ijt hut, wtk
that one Pierlot, a pried dd adrh warden. who
fome tine dgo had commit t4d murder la t he
hert fpace of Ifteen minutes, has at aht beeS
apprehended d a brought there to trial.; He has
confefled the whole, d laring, that fading b
felf over-loaded with debt., onraed at
gaming table, and unableto dilharge a bod
sol. then due to a lady who had leat im the mo-
ney, he refolved upon the murder of Coaufcllgo
Delmotte, and to rob the hole kftarward. 1f
order to put the villalous plan lto eecatilb, he
fond means to entice e he two women fervant,
under pretences which his faced fuailons ren.
dered but too probate, to klea the houae. Theft
two he Art dispatched, then taking out of tbh
pocket of one ofthe deccafed the ke of the bftr
door, he returned to the hoo; and entering the
apartment of the Counfdelor, who was feated in
he bed with a book in his hand, he knocked hil
on the head with his dub. Having daifptched
this third vifim, the monster thito the brothers
ronm, a clergyman like hidafef, but her he e w
foiled at his own weapon a bie J.tagoait fougl
it out bravely, ga him blow for blow, and at 1
forced him to take to his heels The wretch,
disappointed in this part of hie purpose, sand
above all, in that part of the iander which he
figured to himself was to be hitU ward, wander
ed about for fome time, and at lad was taken
and will undergo hortiy, f hI ha s not
received, the punllhment dOt to fuc acompila s
tion of hellish lflany.
March By letters f e we are Infor
ed, that the s4th ult. the Ict Itlesot, o ,, edC
of murders accompanied th tie moAt rb
circumiftalces, ectived tJ e putniflmnrt due to
the crime. The fet prnonaced and eccu
ted upon hitm was ; r t havlme u ton witk
red hot pincers in tih dian places of big
body, then to have hlile, arms, and thidr
broke on the croft ofSt. Andrew and finally
mangled bodt to be put on th e wetl to req
dreadful fpedacle tillfe left hot. AH this bor
puniflment he underwent'with a fprit of M .
tu4c worthy of a better casl. It is ld. thA
during the whole time of his unimallelled .(
ings, not a complaint, nor a gr oa fcaped W1
that could betray the lea f rptiO or palh o
He had, it is added, been far oore atta ed at
the awful ceremony which to lace the day
before. This was his -being derded from tih
facerdotal dignity ; t was pcr ed as fllow,
He was brought in his clerical hht from the poe
fon to the porch of the ptoidp"l hurchi tiem
on a temporary altar were ted the dc icto-
gether with the cope ad on er gomiI t ld b
the Romilh prieft la the doort f tal ui. I
put them on one after t other, ad rwhenco..
pletely equipped, the D Uh the dfial
or eccleu.ialcal Jud di o degrees,
and when entirely ri ive, r&n Oti to
the civil Magiftrate, bain eew blW to
be clothed in oala iy.d d, iadir o i bit
to prfon. A thelts had ben e
red against him,. fetee w ad
execution performed an thM t
Maorb ro. The a o
to the Eaf-India Co at lliat g
mnich too Imal frll a
them from thiW
this day voted tht M the
the'oth S Ml
the C itlit W t to

AlsiA Tilla. The Iysiand
'betwen VM 4 F40i *4

tender the mediation of his Catholic Majetty, Dulin, Mar.ib &. At one o'clock this mar- without pride; and wit drl l .
wheriby all Jdlrence between the contracting ming the Houfe of Commons role, aft:r debating licentioufnelf. Hit amtbi(i -U toMf
parties, on the coat of Africa, are terminated, nine hours. Mr. Forbes at four o'clock yefltrday danger i his resolution to furmount Ik durt
and provision is made for obviating all future dif. purfuent to leave given, brought in his bt t limnt officers and crew, convinced of his k al hi
ag. the amount of penon. The n lef t I ill hi
oi al, Marbch Ihe Court f Spainhas n6t opeared, upon its being read a hr. times tfeo fint o ais
admit fan Invoy om Aperic, which fae boundary to the gruts amount fpeioneons to l k rtfwifics ri -
regtda with content and jealousy; Mr. Sayri, lmit the *mount of each individdd pilosion, and-t
who ated, during the war, as an agent to the to make it lawful for the roaown to cgeced thote of his country, in tiavng two valuable con.
Trench Court has been talked of, but.without bound, except upon the adreft oioah' Houftrl fraa. lb. i, btuwe twicetrted ninn
any other foundation than tio going to the con. of Parlamenr. with tt di t ofir aew whicharetu
tinent p a travelling mcrheat, and not 4 quality It was argued In favur of the bill, t that the I Ull tt diJ nil i1et a
of an envoy. poverty of the nation and profusion of miniltert tion of his atiments placed him out fur admir .
Ltterafromthlag affertl. thatgratailarma were to great, that Parlitment was called upan tion in every ftnatlon of f11t. -lWil he w.
continue to prevail in all parts of the United to apply a remedy to the evil, and thut granting gezrroif AtliAder, hewaU nRill more to ai's
Provinces, left the fubltttaing political diffentions 'pennon during pleasure, to dmebers df that. fri d.l hert, alive 'i the *to1 virtue
should terminate in a rebellion. The fame letters Houfe, tended to the fubverlion of the coullitu. f(c(ibllltiia. Indulgced it&flLia -aioot. the mft
ild,Thatacorrefpondenceletommtnced between tion. brilliant. Tt his friend he was ever ready to
the Courts of France and Berli, repeating the On the other ideit was lkted 'that nnroihg i cdlBptl dronsrle td hi leale. It was not
critical fate of affalts in Holland, and that a could be more uinwife than to fil a ltli.n Itrn tIlghltly that he formed his opinions; and hedit
cq4pjeture pmerails, that thofe powers have .it in which the miniftcr might give "a y at plt..i.r'ce a ,- ., 4tdt rSeitU
contemplation to interpofe their friendly offices because that fum once ixed, would rlver be as his, could not be I b to galaitry, andit
for reconciling thofe contentions which have long lowered; and if, as 'ome gentlemen fi ilofld, is fit that the brave should be r A fdith the
interrupted the internal tranquility, and are now penfionscrtated an undue influence in thitlotfe, fnilea of beauty. He had 1tah alt a
grated to a height, dangerous to the very there never would be wanting addrcfcs to the was qt ilflble o$ elf t ,.
ene of the Republic. Crown toheflow them onthofe whoehall ffflicient He ervn Vre l llri hk idtdaefl,
clr. PeFigrnuelurs and Scheur, bankers, at internt ai either Houfe to procure them. Thsn, anil pt uifreuntidl(? d m tliral
Lyons, whofe he loba b y a confiderable robbed it was Argued, would the Crown be rbobed of Its gracrd wTh e ipc h .'aftl p tion
Ur, we have bad ccalon to mention, have not prerogative to grant, and of ita diteretion to re. of sore i lw J t ista his
t ben able to get any othor tidjngs of the vil. ffe, i nlonsa and the very ai intended as a .iJe tent uwi it) t
bau than the anonymous letters that follow: reme y would aggravate the evil ten fold. warm. tl d hil
L E TTER I. March, is. We iul n >w hear, tnat tile fa- put It w it 0 tl .
&iPth the epigraph, An Ad of Probity and aous Connaught Chief (who has been iln .rmr, ry r nm a le it
S." and fet himTclf tp as fiprmne m.tgifratr, under a to au be cm bied I
SWe here inclofe ysu only Rftcen of the ot- preenoe f being dfccnded from the ancient kna dge. p( I ld u' M
tery ticket ; the three others wil be tent by the gings of that province, which is however far from t u ruption, A
text poft, atwenow wait for a few firatglers of the truth) is dtlrfrted by the principal prt of his to be every thin At'b
our company. rhe loIfsaya have luftainti by our followers, on the n: vs that the drmagnonsi were on left it to hiae ons
means i too heavy, for. a to keep tickets which their match for that part of the kingdom; fj that hits litter wi *a unaall
are entirely felcfs in our hands, as we cannot we hope this threatening infurgency will be qudl. Pitr y.
put them ot without danger to ourfrlves As to led without bloodlited. Iaft year 67 lip crered ah
your calh, you fall never fee any part of it again, L.ndv, March 06. By letters from Ar heim. number 349 ere Entgli, the reft
we have placed i: In the new loan, or rvclihaned the capital of Dutch-Guelderland, information were feren, under the Rag of n Statesof
it for good bills: The los, though counll lerable, has tken received at the Hague, of a dAngerous America. Our general exportftiolafh year, wu
will not impair your fortune, but fccure ours. mutiny having taken place among the regimen of not equal to that of tj54 '
-This robbery, the fneft that ever was commit- Douglas, there in garrifon. Many excfles, and' MiTa, Fbrustar 1. Wedactled y wevo arri-
ted, will be our laft exploit. We hall now leave Ionie murder, attended with circumfances of an ved here in god health the Dtke1 and Buacefs et
of a trade, degrading in itfrf,and contrary to the atrocious nature, have been committee and the Gluucetier, with a numerolusredtrlv.
laws of honour and humanity, and which never whole place was in an iuproar when the letters PlmF'noh, Mareb 14. Lat Thurfday evening
could become as. You will alk, plehapi, why came away, which were datedil Fbrury s6 his tRoyal Highnrfs Prince William i w
We have engaged in it ? Our answer is obvious,- Some diflurbances have alt, taken place at the initiated into the ancient and honorable society
It was through ecefity, and is it not all-power- Hague, fcgeral infultinng printi and ftuiibs having ag~Free and Accepted Maflin, ir-the:Lode,
ful neccility that has influenced the conduct of appeared against the principal irembien of A;:ni. aW. 16,teMdat the Prince (org Inn, PayMe.,
the northern Solismoa at Leipni: .' n riration, and fame fgutres hanging on gibbets. in thia'll, f todler the ptioatL of hisd yl
LE r. T T i H. Orders have been given to do-~be the number ot Highnefs Hentry. Frederie Iuke ofCumberland,
We are agprehenive gentlemen,left you will the patrols, that the offendecr may Ie dettafted. nd Grand Mater of ingGlh Mafhrs. He was
italke thee letters for cruel and improper jokes On the ath of lalt nmoith died Mrs. Wright, pro ifed and introduced, Bether Captain Phi.
pal d'upon yon. Do not think to. The baro- one of the mnnf extraordinary characters of the lip Wal(h of the toyal Navy. There were re.
meter which mark the degrees of human drpra- age, as an artiA and a politician: in al early pei iod tfnt on this memorable bstllnt, all'thb member
vity, has not yet regbed to high au t: make as of life (he gave nrong latications of a fintllar of the t oke, and fevetra brethren officer of
laugh at the expense of thole whom we have rob- talent for taking li'encill in wax, and did ot the army an av, who came as viatosa, a
bed. Entertain not bfpicion agdinlt any person fail to take heads ot tome of the leading Ame- were introdiac a rhis lRolal Highnebft' t,
Ul yourhoufe. Ouracarures were properly taken, ricans at the comnmencem et of the colntet, in at his own part ilar request. 'T Lo(dge w
fo well indeed, that in the fp:ce of two hours an which her family became Luch injured. At' doed at elevn clqck, wheaio a Hi ghaeald
i half the whole was performed. The ftoutet of rather an advanced age the found hcrfelf greatly the bre thren to artakef a lMa th
Uascarryingat oe time.tenor twelve,thewealket ditreffed by the ravages of the civil broils, and, fiipper, pro this ocel, 1TbI' i e
fi or oven money bags. Our leader had all both dillrefed and enraged, quitted her entire fat as Prelaent,
things arranged in to good order, our f*iec in country with a detertinatiqp of fervir.g it in Land, M sto. Hil RoIr aihnePlilae
front went through their duty to well, that we Britain. She added to the moft famous Ameri- William H tomake a rewlr naval ta'r
did not meet with the leaft hRftacle in our way. cans, ie heads of the Englith, mot difinuiflied. thecoaftofLa adore, in the tlftfl lt
Adleu I Oentlemea - Ben, FPaIlte at that time, foroppolition to Load North a mea- ring the who urfe of the
MearN Politicalaffairat t the present crisis furrs; and as her reputatio drew a very great tFe differrmt boursin aikbqrderl ud
plt on a new face in Europe. France, by a friendly variety of people of all ranks fee the mau*rlous G. 's Strait long a the tpemnratuNe (
treaty and by afinty is,atthisday,intimarTycon- productions of her ingenuity. lhe foonIolnd out fcafon Mill a t.
I*eedailth berandct rival, the Houte of Aultria, the avenues to get information of almoli every MartAh s. Yeferday monies ely M. 4et,
with whom the had been at variance for a period design which was agitated or intended tqe.l eixe- his Lady a y, fet offto ParTs on tfiatCo
of near three hundred years. She is alfo at peace, cuted in America, and was the object o the noft mercial Nt ltito between Oreat Ita al
and almost in amity, with the Unitel Provinecs, entire confidence of Dodtor Fianklin and others, France.
whom the had to oftea.fopght to reduce. with whom Ihe corresponded, and gave informa- lIrd C allis feta off for the aA.Illdils
The pacific abfpe that affairs now wear, the tim, during the whole war as foon as a General 6rft week in l.
concealed and duaual, though furse teps, by was appointed to go out to mount the tragi. Madam D dined and Pent mevel, l
which the Houe of Bourbon now aims at climb. comical (lage in America, from the Commander week with t ince of Wile ale tbo s.
nlg to univeral monarchy, full the nations into in Chief to the Brigadier, fhe inflanlly found has laid fdthe bree'Tet d and
Swarming fcuraf'tyirance, that formerly fome acctfs to a part of the family, and discovered peticoat, fhe ll retani: the -
rght to uhdue tt g aUM l by the ford, now the number of troops to be employed, and the cracks her ottle or two oft ll
f eesto etral themby reatic. She neociates cads of their destination. The late Lod Chata- en fellow, and driekt her, fF Ml
with the Turks, with e Ruffians, with the ham paid her several viuft, and was pleaded with blu. .
Aultrians, and with the Dutch, with the Portu- the fmplicity of her manners, and understanding, The following given to IV ~us~ 'M) i f
guefe, and with the Bridtiji.a Her authority and She took his likcnci, which appears in the Abbey making an ezcelle blacklg aM c
innucnce ar& greater at the prefect, than ever of Weftminner; and though the bad been Jn the leather: u Hal an once e of
the, were at any fa er eod and it behoves France, and much carteed by the politicians of quarter of an ounce of ivep iblds(,lF e :
Iea neilhbourtato ep a watchful eye than that kingdom, yet, at the end of the war, fle milk." .
tar ever k on b coi was fo Ingu'arly attached to E lasl, that fie The rolemnity af pr ~ t i
France a eqoy lu antages of trade was ronatantly employed to enforce forgincl' Ruia oereg f the cain
in.aerca awd hPoeaer to e tlilhs arfe- among her country eopl, whon the advifed, for Tartarandm other nations, who havsalM
n asjj canmporiym for, commerce, and a the future tol ijk to, Igland In preference to off their C pea (Bt Prte and
lazito .o naval. ftr*, at gottenburgi in France, for tr a anad atance. themfrvel so hprlsealoncflla; wl
M. ein ia a ing fpro rable to the Efkglil, On the zith Janua died, on the coalt of cndut wle d 1
c Voltaimqu a c rtal advantages Africin the dica dy t king and pn Mp avsf ten in. sl&e ihC wi. T*
aitricteat.l, and nowjbt country, Edward ThoIr. ,~ t.& Z.l i i C rftt d athJ Ifran4deur .JtoN- Im a I
n'. iihe opens Orampus, andcot 1i -fatch ef iLa B e* 4C fla w '4h ntgi s
i 2 Wtith n t the .port of squadron on the o Oa ica i am oiert ve.. braille tleiLa 1i tb
t the cheie of ry difinguithed eminence,4nd a *pent.etmaettto.- bal fre taIm ntram ntMr
Shim into an lvely known in the polite and in th literary 8ea. .er the Oreat bIaUl
U ot n its ht A .hc er their world. .His difctiOa were Dan amiable ompen to hiblthern roi
liTo ~tac lll hi anirero veqrrtr oy mediocrity; hi, the Baltic, Catherinc tan"*
SS i a 4tiw.Itrl daw Am. .i oH had>ourage Southaerapree.tlhetadar th Blahka"
S) (| I" |M.;1 as '.WMtt- 4, -

g TowreyIn NAe SASeAer ., Ju.B 17. 1.-ts a
county, profit fecurity l prt ad nd AdvtR tu, Capt. Apple. ITAVING nre el. advise f England, y the
teedom from tix l fd thee years. ton, of Liverpool, mentioned i loa mcr pkr 11 ift ve( from theac, that leave me no roao
The principal objet of the America MWalfter to naot becn le t Samndy ke,y Ld from NcwTYork to doubt, that the tteatleaf Ooernment will be
at this Cu rt, is rrteto a *ek retlltion lor Jmunca, on the I8th of latll y, with a argon diraedkd in a particular mane ws th i dek yoo
br the admifion of hip blonfl to the United olflum.ber. ilntn , ma i the iland of that meafurro will be opt ed il that will aet
states, into tht porte olfrJ aifad o other PJatake, Wi *lthis ` f*Itewd t a firoog urren t. rot oq. to the Iuhiw1= .4lhun* t
Wt-lisdll, iad.." W ,.In pst thr.e twek. is eudeiib to bosat up, e pAel ly n. aanthe A t, ~ LL -
&,amrlla to ithe 4tite eJobtId polict. kwt "haueflt.a. On the ift of oitd !und Club, & kaag the cafte, ud .'jlnlg tb tsh = WI o
little to Ieeward of the fil of P. Ikino gulely fearc r*awdoon Illand rlp tea o u dpirssr1 o1t0 etacleod shtleip bCdn a ai ro t carr dillUrned lor *uar, on the 8th landed t Cape Qlnt Excellency Governom r IatiWLL, to wpm I Comn .
o our tr.enoAtw lft, ie elands, AO1Otrl end qutel fame, but foutd none. A .cw day. after. icuted my intentions at Irge ad iho ro ed
,,ther dr"L;ui jOtft "it l an '.eL rl diftend the watering wells at Cae Antosio, where my memorial Ihould be the a papct ref bhl
he will icceed in his ngor lifon. Ti. Coal they allcd their calks. On he isb ithe r d- to his Council.-The governor knew well, that
trade, Idet t1 ouf internal traffic, merit the tut from Cape Antonio, intendit to o through Rawdon. formerly 8 toUKlund, o an vla
greateaft cacoariylent I tecaufe thebtlon m. u lph 'ul they could ckar the tlean'.. pod in a platinga ew, a arte hist nda
ployed it It ark'ioft witt edll 'byrettlrin fte. me for die Windward Pl a ige. On thJ th, at he fungefed the ide, dut e li
qucntly' Into doheftic' h4qtbojrj ,q i l to hall pal three, A, t. MAcring north, the wIldidlow- dennasded by themnt friiiM l
the e Fcludon oI tair s a, t .f 4hlpv lleh were ing fra from the fotth, ran on a funken ref abous it W u in that hop1 nd.ia lie9tf, that lto tie
deployed, b for the merican r xl itn, in the two miles from a Key, which, they have line learned, b~rrair uItok worthy sonotie; eo I ieldeedl froo
tal itade, wetr~ou the hips engaged in the is called Sandy Key, two leagai N. W. 'fomi'the the moment faw iit, an:isprnmt titlasuwe
foreign commerce of Englandi a' -it3pl tona arc Orand Bahams; cut away the mal0, and, with greit military a. naval, and however much I havf
to ji,ooo, exclunp of repeated voyages. diliculty got ashore in the boats, with few articlio to omlain ofa dtentis ta. ~ea sheck
A Lte Hibqrnia3ilbop, of Epicurean memory, provifions, on Sandy Key 4ay 1lfcovercd to them, Ine in oamtg a commerla le tf I am d
was in tbe daily habit of''lwi a quart of tht they were calk sway o n a r tfandy Lank, where te in po rfv er
a o.. .j muc.. , t. ,ionot at Itrol)a grew, nor wu there die apple lrance ah oofImc j
e er, h dr u atgot r ih..,o..... f*iek w 1ter. A1 t'and,, h m, two 1lad u to ~rtsa, or reh ,ng my atiotr.gnm ,1waDl4l
aa _tah* feta at tiding to wihiahoir .R lc laue is go b.a Ardld here
otlAtcc, i it .. e i the r. p W. ppen red well timbered. but o trem f Af l r alt tioistth c-
fl(towia llnce, a of haibulai. flwoehl t.ey had, bat tiny Ine e who haver'chheldtow for IL.Btoln N ,
tHerl ~le Lr .bit.f ... wtrt inlulilicnt o Icrry thIhole crt.. o. crL off. T add have ie in mau nau to r Otree fu
Herldit Awe m rltttafe d lh to their 6'ilrft,, no pfon on bard could aftcertaiu tht if tey do not alin potpeslo to gfl l'dt Pen-
S,' het Nls'tlat6tite l* trump ,-ItdtlftCerl.-" where they wcre. With fpar ald fails they made tdmaon. and 7I. .liMSt Rft, that t enJ to
A pair of cJ ace being lAwn a (ew three tct ; in digging a well, they fortuantcly met tbake fleaop lo e imp o ae e blfo
weks fince, i te where Prqino illiia t wih freth ater fu e to tipply them ai i tHne nnat tla of J8a ur neat, they leS t be t oldtd
tied, hist 1hg f lot them on, and oayint dt.rei.icdon buildings vcllacqu ttothe purpufeof afer tht period a. entitled theato.-And tal
hkow the dirthm, icw jc .. t ...f.irg theml l ace to Loni.e iuahited plIA the .atccrra m ai fLc.,i ae nee W of t*i
at What wetas tq avn olfr c e la4r a t7 itt1 6,g" prah lad them timber, the wrecl, iruon Fl; ,I "nIo&. uctit a. om Wt ldn t, ..
Cle. whenw iffsl Di'y l,, AI..g.,,plAdtralDiyl" Apl on board, ioudnbd ug I t yice jl britein the A a rao mllpe Joe"nd
MiT. IFitahtett, who halflatly Lets th4(hb aI hipwghtncoraged otheou t tl. crprda, which 17, whica hbe tLe' fs e
ij(ta of mu.h4o ltlur it' -to th rolikbe flaw, o-ai tn caliataily ntcrodourem Wherjagdcio thi tl undercIath thie Letter. , ;q f
ia the g r btm Walter S thl, lA o tp rdionl undaeteiking, two of the ailrs, t o the Sth of Ian, 't. &a.,
Il te au, gal his itierandc ece, of ;ir ofd w' April, A rat off iotth the het l boat ; andas they have OHa. CLt ..
a ttle, In,.n OSir h nfdr l b tr learned, after being eighteea days at ea, roechel Tat rOLtLOWIOe In e Tle +11 eTI
Sanith, of Atonburnell, in the ame coulty.-- a frttloWeiNc Aba.C, whre,maki report to Capt. t TTS almi ra md lled o
rfit ._y. afettltuanthrt Aaof^, arm t to TS Greebstrom aleatie
Her firn holnd wri Jdhb Weld, Efcl of 1,01 Stephenl, of the litoaiun in which they had lft their A d Ie a-h. tL9a0 a '-d 00' Pa.e-,-.-
aotth CIatle, in Dor etflire, a widower.-Hi c,,pomntiu, he fent fm i vcl wlll ncla:o ". t .1,' r.,t ro' fIr. d.r T
firel wife' *asIr jptaD tonghr of Rdbtrt-Jamct, Ithe relief, which after 'hrcc weeks fruitlcle ftrbh addo, tod th oa r apoi *ldsoa d t ondmn .
the lttf LordfPltRe.--ftcr ftbe 'diatb of MI. rctuornedhbc ontlthe zil~l Apnl,trly in tile toitr rider it in. lull. ipB wa. a to el fa
Weld, (he marrld a fetOd tlhis, o'- ingalw & large hlipagrouadur a reel aabouttchrLgc e n e i o imrtace i lay(
Fizherbert, E. f.lwinnert 1 in 8t;qt.prdflre. to th cN W. anda btri BAlodin of d btloa e w,,Thd stef di o Ilfd e p orta to thotme ,
Sav ated, and to'ofe anl ofmerica twot Salt the y Ir.r
o dird in c!o ieten ectqfh miig ifllA- ing frell. at fourth. 10 wib a ine miad in da l, "f l Americ ih .1t the -Simu t W
gratin and rists ii London, il'thlie yr zo. the ie fallen, in the evening, fivn e *' .bound at th tli.e ICtdi Orpe ia
Tlic circonimfane which oc ted the deai of Sandy Key, in t Mofu B.t, tor the 6hi. o ahcht. thy natural tdho o fme' of the i l, d It i
this Tgntl.mun, il not a little 1i ular .-He wt r teched, round her defertid, and her holud flll tatr. "at to be dmaied that ItMte
evl of the fiMa4itort wha tnin d io the crowd They were are furpried to find on boad a lfo u nfwtrthe purpof a to a .
at tlae liurnin-of Lord Man ldd' btoule, in lIoabnllcfapiy Ik floc, rta, and other preliitn I "titof AmtCrkld t Alllf tfr lt
Bll.tRmol-t.Surc iand retulnla hoe om I'n the L''"ia'I sutte Room. aa Ioa PpE l Steait sm, t nd hlilrun rl4e, hh lea. looadhtJrl
I o o xtrmclt- -ot, noth t biukher d tar the mieonals, attrat eheit o. al rtilofd eTur edtdtOe CaM tat,,te k
atring .imtel t.t cold ah, which cno, and on further fetrer, they found it 0to bea Fne r.,cef o. ;: .. ..
ic, DiA oftAnd lhs prodduc.c fevDtr, otwhf Chc he whe 'Ihef hey ,and with timer that i ll p e.
dic t.-t a. ditzhe ll~brtal ltier of Lortd fcural., ad afterward. divided equally.iouoga tile dote the bel Po tp in thi world the i
rlted.-Mr. ad lXert r foi oite of Lord whle Crewo, Some mricle, of wr ctlg apparel, were c, ;dmirably adapted far Ship.hie, a'd itln, a .
-cltl ti i Jd of Mr. r rltoei of tht Stable alo mfond and in orter to divide tde alue tuitAbly, i centrisl to the. Fmuh snd oAl i -nda
Ytrd, Sta Jatie sb. Se hc. bethirty-one yre b ere put up topublicfle in their cuap, mod the pr To ,ncoun e the Minoqreaiode" w ea
r age nett O ob. had nuo children by cced. lhara. tle p w ur, homewr l pt a tae I t ne ,,ity, bp4N slow a
e ith ierdt. r te death of Mr. found .d wenttpieco th. hea id cfM M d t r the
either dt br Minor -iiesr aid to Met
ritzl went abId and continue up- the Friend Advetoiur was bet to pite b heavi .". titlee in thel ell.d4d Uds gp, we
*on the 6nttit abovt hre yad Ptlling gale from W. N. W.-i Cann to i l at tt wt called one fret Iby thn airmu
fullicitatioohll r gl ltl ,e thoi a lcydclrdrmel e th GrlM I from the, .ehp
Marcr i. ay ommno ore. Ktith oiangfentoffthnirbo., dfo, dhIn eaw r nmed another L.evttrt; ohl
t kfl. tr O eg p. from thi po, commande arF mTb', fdiy ," ialmed after it c ul
potted Colleor of.the Lan a in Scotland. after atotheIr wreck aui .' O L te lo.n another we hve angered, Americt Arf &
foar l .l o Ith e Coarfer o i Pitt's fpech accompanied Themfnn hitha the el determi hitiono of our frinds oa thL emtbei.
an Wcd.efdrra In sationin.g the .Bhnrcu. of the ""n accmplobinm g th work they had agged in. baud- In the world, perhaps, h i.e i ors
.... +" h.L ^ ?5dffmfl herrn g m thc veffel. which wa$ now seady bt "d, modtio.,piec(e for trldevt 1*1116 l 0ayi S
coun.r; haerted the diffal of the crow og h l, whih tl now er d ,, dioup or
landi.s, whichthtb hot 1te rti,, produce an. rrywitI their property her, ah er come up to the Aom of h oof .
,fuAtesraldastages point of revenue, would yt termn proposed bythe 06 th 27 t
we r much prqaa fte t! infet on oer"nu, wouadTet .tlb, fte. imoi edaft fomm thisport. l .r..i. at
cr7 muchrqtlCommeret nd bein triure, S"antyKc.' Teir.'Cm s ,ldia laehgthe.Wl. PUB3 I C AtUCT ITON'
ad enfetly commerce, nd n time n which Capt. ApetooMd hiCwu l rived ha ... .. li
tcina of ekCating 4 conflderble addition to the Wtedulddl the 8it of this month. n u "0 N DA thi laun t
LJnd.Tax; b6t perasps fonu method might be On the ad inft. the Ship Hlen, Scalet utived arvt ZL'rif $@+ai,"
evifed of maklng isf of them in great compcnB Exuma, from LiverpooL TTGH Proof Jamice Wruiadwald Mind RIem
tlfa *nthe Loyal ftl. Atiavrno next, Noes H Murl adolasr in sod helaln
Mr. Rofiprelited a Welanefdattothe Houf, Mayq Sloop PoHly, Key, amaica MLa Beef andPorwkin bendL hlbf adi
of Commons, an C-o V of the charge of the --. Sloop Hanh, Dilworih. Hlift london T o aid i MrCia bt .
Cti!A i bliaglMt tq le tr6iave ofo Nova.Sco- 16. L4p Ulhellbamm, Atwater, Jamaica Fine Brad,.in .ia r .to
ta.-LDitto of ~uXanluri. wick -Ditto of Cape ntA.aI, Pa New Roe Bhtte, rb. ...
jteton;.-Diao drium. eeeffar to fupport lltl a6. Sloop TPamr, Greal. Hliufa Madeila Wi e Iin esI
the Civil lllimeote, of the Bahama In0and ; ---- Sweet Oil a c* IL
In--TLhSal*ry a the Chief Jullte of Be, muds. hft Hi r bo n-d Al., Cid. 0
-The title ere read, and the acountL ordered 'HB Sucrib tr ,ntcd1 toa.odept ti tb Ol es a. w HeirPowlr .
to lie on the table. 1 lnd ila an, U aub A f" ipiece d OP .n,
In addition to th areeale information recei. iiicbtcd to him to e faita paymltnt; L a
(d from Indi the Intelligence packet, it is thofelatwl deI agaitild will be plea-. -
faid.that. *~rT ooiMrmand*icndlhip t fed to dtliv er= o f th l wIthot kli of S C H 0 '- N E If;
vn'cdncl6delwth' the Nie on theb Maabar time. OAl d<, ,. ht L
,afrom *hb p- f t.d. thl r 9 bnpt ; Sl
ive c .... llbnaaena Clu EWS? SSol" S'daMa .alfclu.o
A nrtly rt, bt ttlMb ofArcotd, O UN AWAY f h Irler,* fpr, Caode, B

Ap eiy lo M-,. I'oo.oo. Burta Ode, Ot JOHN ROUgOK. N D, 7aee, -
'"sa to Ireici Val i;, >7- y g

S v i Lfolidatid fra rilt Jiuoklting, and re S'? ~'E'l:M a t ,h the bofe beinS fpdcly dilflved, occurred Irc-
eFnRElE MASONR Y. a ofor tals And Olt e a d In t nhe
ri 0 "iwou i open ad two fruo the nature oft NO r0mN r. ".1
.'. PI Vor. abt tic t i were ed without ti h bferitbrs. 8 ,
wltrhtY teltf r$ e T- <h u '~ itrifol. ur aout,-.el ill
Xxyn? 'Sw te N sl.emdoi, he. but 9--bi --'- -N- -;I,'-;
all po f ar ecille was Ifreit lemsons and orange, givenUh LU Ubegros ::si e
thea 6k7 I to. jia ot when the could note procured, the D *a an (ifT'lw imr s s
'cn tti p d jue Isa ucb quantities. from.. e to Cler* t -.C.lo W hma. ti okud
Wow of asa mraMcCn per diem, as tiep patient cold bear. B ad cm d.
to heb WhSilA the lemo n were fouwdO, fmo a to three ak G s Do. 4..
Y9 the C ifit or etn were. admniftrid each day. aU circumtincle O. Diti ,
yto _.a to. the itendanto dired, Te kce ien to thote in tbh men White sG a. 4t'

ttaosehtes ,. boIr thvalt tw was i era od n ad go' d sualti
3i 7 t lS^m Ibl theI IT Be.rr oi "
city, onenimes dilo, %withm fugar,
t 9i r in t. a -i -OS cp itiditircetl ant e o w the firge The odm t lice A CVp ws1ir

i 'Odfm at a nrC t oldlionlwat th e ow r er y a odin tcaciou aW thte i
oah ilt etiel to themfanvesr, but 7. c Lh, y verlg Ionti in s rlef, o t ad, = . -
^ eet ^ a skac ubl s which lornrr wasothowee, efiredilyefficciouaasthe ., ** .:
ever remas udertd eaital.l othe maihtray. .... I
Tle dei|uquet hall e liablb to perfcal i. "rd c nir ; .i '
r II. Thheddep pQedientl(wlattever he the N E W B O O K S, &c. r.orrnj .r, .. 4 .,
Mtle-4h*l w bftam l htm'te ave)offuch alt arri vd if. LO NDON, in the Bri5q a "
ldgis 'wil^ h iilg rat'd eYitcr in acb town EIzbeth, C:. Peacock, ,..... ::
or-b fd ts e.'4T O l tiefr Ionour and credit, I, .p. o i r
deliver to the pricinci hl a l'theie country, a lift aId oa n lliN C I r, .,.I', b ,.. M.
of al the lcmtif ht brotherhood, ofwhat. At the TRINTIN O .-OFFIC E. *
cvel rank and Conltion the la be; whcb .. MBERS Sidney .. .dd l Ialin
,al, b iw Jeite h I a= ,-.three molnthl st of Ari a n.d &. sir C. t(a ui' ;. . ...:
Pthe Ame hee ca rp ii oia n tm a. new Edition A rr ole9io. ofi lor tea
flflivelleaicandh ntusayis whit in v1 folio alays 'I "l, 1 ,.4
tot dlb rlt, It S ho russa within that Siclairon Finance New layo,via. The Hir 'al tt
fp tr. o t lt relt dlthlnithed. Other udfofn' NatmIl allory, i SctngeTnat Home, J ; i
WiHil be a nt ireof flety toaddtothenameu vroh. 8t o Cptin e Ac. e. s' I ,, ,,
the applllatl r which fl bietre W Lc are diftin. Oibboe' Roan mpe- Del l SpnilhO ;. o n. , t ~ e .v I0,,
uilhedll I Is yt, whenever a new rot, 6 rols n lr ambour J t wok- I'`u!it. >. ', r.
after flia appatted, the new eeaed one Fourcry' Ciemilry, is. Pintda and Barclti's rl. litor. T'ruk, ::'
balnt "ve of theillfo.tihe Reency. Moore'. Travels, 4 vok. Bpaninh'DidlionaiU,. t B, .. rA.hiefs L ci
IV u l thui a l a e .:aiirll hcte forth be uhri'eicoraphy uobrtfon'. Charle.Yv.4 ,', ,.. (norn A Cef.r ':i
I\I U A *(Ci~ y _,u fie o f lkind and nature er's IJtical 4vels Ral asl' lndies, 8o* rfl'. '- M" i .Scal ssd a ;;....
Vi ia si tes brethren aUil be at full 3lhltne' Coenomlentn. Smnlpt Theory of Mol ,' ork Sirrelard
Iq w m anyC cotiron Hr le sy os old ELoNOVio, thIlritin l Ia jTr4
yn, ^ f ctll e T l i.tH nt rt ntt ifr.ter. M*s-d, jo--. o-- -- .. i ... .. .... .. pr 'i g> i
S wll d .W I xlly ditinui ll dinry r d ors86. r, .;. ....
gei l, and d to Mtv rs e tparticulr. But in cine, thlitio. Small.A Common Prayer p',ik i d l C rau onV P r -s
the nmel w i s lo.d i rad clandeline Elli on Cofee Book withl Pfilm, I ec- inen Table Kore..s t,.
e tla lM Tn0il t r me hatv been In Rwyouea's Cnfeions, iv. gatlybond ,i'.d LB.nB, & C"tt KRaor, is Mtalul @ id4iltrder* ad Irregler, lhaUbc, Rlaau 'Work., rov lo. 'r satio erofallsort .li, P.etrn< Wl. .SFr
4ad i rl f prol bited, anf cvr abo.- Italih Theatre,. i4 vi. gilt, .piu ad black a Bordnluig Tin. Copper od tian Tr
i -lIo- i'btw ti D aefnt reirpt.will "tiary .. .- r Lra1 lack Ink, ;.1, Pais r., ltor:s l P.ha pTet o Ik cre
th f teeeltet 6adU lo cf an, well-meoning A Re l Di l iuory, a vol.. i Phelu colours SAt" ag II""
t'alit ll r heiccrty, while t a new r ot~, i d6 voitsao t,,,o Dumires d Im T- rh, er
.a iand qltarble m fe.r prcwttin c fi ie'o Wal, Dutch Qilla Cord k
w Oni psreeniwn Chclea d en e F, E yi emd'l ra Ink Pown r a smbricund lon -i w .h
b.t.alaIt.w. fl A 1 z re t lair',Legur, 4ios. Wisalad Waen :,rs and tiljb-on CheckI tle i
Vlc on I thusiUt s Sbth i oic ee 4 vats ~ bYtoaer Wiser Chd..,. heck od l'rlel Ne- I C-o. A Jcoer e,
plenthe Jl r alnuay, c6. Whyla'> r. MBt i m ck Lead Pcncils kcrnhii. AS ll ia5kotc.r i .-
SIt i-L be ,tror ace Potrtouit sermon .Po t luLidkh er l ,d Jeano KnA (oifn tu
#ry'o eit yll adl ilk .a11 .p* 'q"r7eor(5y 4 iT- lid Bort i s ,d r.I i h (',> h I ,L : i.
iafoII iVlhae ei benL of the pAity, na rvol. r* Pieces, p imed on Cord .r-
ti b naml ie ; lrrorlofnanoceinc, vob. !f Il n'fm ind Print, a- r dirra of GliN
WiO atli i, .1, b 7at tTie RpuefT by thte celne. HDriontl 1n Dl We l t, il.od rl N a4..~ t
S (11 dl ..\ JOSEP I. brerd Mif l e, e vul.. Poctet Compkfe- pcl '1 tean. .dI is L i b "'
aDon Quiote, 4 vol. Fimru oiest t *m. wrtc Sc r jr Ald, Ynllow .
no azuette, retard'l t Il rs the public. FaBiniy, i lol. Ou.Cr.. in Pa 1 .uteler,r, A lata1 aM t u.! rt.FOf
catioan th t o t a was, that Elaaa, a vles. EolEli frio rp' Bgotrh Pwrll ad. tric A skul dot. .of
th)etwo Germs ,l ~ ptranfllation, Italian Lters, avo. VIMo ini OCrc. nlt. P'rrl( ntr'e k
have been fofte edl Itt l of d a enrt Inr Tom Jonu,' 6 wIt -* SIDanilyts White TaLbb, inrr& 1.ottl*sd 'lzj'
iappearetoo t i t ilere l wa E intertaini S T e ik acler Fifes, Ac. ac. oc. i S ll oi nd wh:er k at rL t it Ro-f ,,Neaer
Made by thee .n to .lave them alter- 1_- i r.,rrrl cr;a .. Dtirb Ci;e:tcrlt.
Ced. Thet wor.Ito i,t Gtermn original, MOTICB. alm lon leal demands i. rP, sfles, ....4 pre it M stt t fW
e iM e l, ricks, and O, ldfahe ri, J'agalni ttil ted of t ooodl Jdons l, mas t elll. -M '
li, -teBlper IL lo Mouan lr are II'i anbd whire Frec-.- Le i
01 con iht s theJ i Fl t, tht L rt
Jtu a' AintI. W i o t t ha e sce Bac a PR iI Aa. t fP s
n ,sD tMM ,earrniit- k, ,fttbcnieekc au, bt y ad (oilfc *i
rr*Th. t he "5VA1.. .pT.'OT lUe0 t, --i.-'m -" sd!,L l

ott w l- it 'h%" Threa and d Silk P
iget uablie., ttia T J. uo*, t w t, OiO4. b. few = cos'tu J J
b e ra l tw el = f I l e v lMmd Mrai e t y ;o f .ri p an M u ff i n A ,

*aeitfd BIn o the vag y that celebrated DAVID MACPI uOtl N.
drgl gator, the latiL1rd Aaon, f co- T s, May ga, l786. t. 1", ru. 'i ll

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