Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 3, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00043
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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folo 111

No. 97.



From SATURDAY, J0-..3, to SATURDAY, JUN. to, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by. Joal WaLLs, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

N E W BO O KS, &C. r. the BAHAMA GAZETTE. Cetle. elept fuh a hve luatdl emlrted hither,
i W C U 1 qp I arr w d *varm L O N D O N s I l E ri g- Mr . *L .. Ined to a hot climate. their fo mer habits rad modl
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AND oll 4 VIL GAl, con red as very remarkable eveo In tehU ltlyof jtkmacnt, where athoutd claenie frml roSli
At the P 1R 1 NT 1 N 0 P F I C i. t world.-Many of the confetincl refutltig enm father patt of America muA have er ai t
tE euce, may not probably be unltldd in the peclent ifrfed. But, with oll thee adnnc r an iltraVowy
CHAMBERS'sDition- Entertainin try Teller e. o which are alrdy know, e vry tmrlrk-. hey fo.nd thei elverfubleqd to S a diS tic
.ry of Art.s a ud Sidney *Bddull,$ vol. aI atnot which the ePlpuia or emniratioin of Sceaiei, Ir t hI thir ing u.nariinted sd
c..s, new edition, j Sir C. Oredison, 7 vole. ,he Loyali tfr um hat country, is nune of the laft ma y utrtcle of trapicd atculture for it I. muh to
vole. (lio A large colleion Iof ingle tmpourtt. Had the' United states underllood their e lamented. that the mode and obje0 of culthvatiod
smnclir n0 Finance PlaN inutrefls at the termination of the late war, the1 in the Wcfbladie ae o little understood, ist
Buiion's Natural Hiatry, New xy ysi. 1 ould have brained every t.ry to have prevented places nlich ae well inha bied, ihas a ranei in a
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New AnaInal RegiftwJi CPie'. tc nh which they knew was about to take place front di i thee points from books, if he cannot obtain it front
Ghison's Roman ipe. Dclpoo's S ith 9rai et ceontroa in Boro to i thircrriwries, although rIroual information. In Britain the cafe il the reverl
r,.s, 6 vol.. mo tt iB ht fulIy the places of the Loyalif who left the publiein an evrc knach of their rriu!tua.
Fnurce'ml Chemiflty, Pia a c t te ifhil hih would re inumeriu l imeliat their cfca tk.Tv
Moore' Travels, 4 v*uh. b *i nifl S and to their com aerce a d ,ricekur. en highly ortant. tin are to bhe tribute
Guthri's Ge.graphy Itoabrtfos CChUl WV. 4v fv a, th. of. many thoulfnds of uf.l eitise a. i toidilg mans which hiav take place
Buru'< Jultice,4 Vo0L. Iaynall' Indie, 8 vole f ly l ed Ists ad ery of that con- tht a, nd are iag dlly wt fr
Blaclaonte' Com, nti Srmth'. Thgpry of Morali ti; whol,b removing to th ing uroinc t ii t ccry "cint d c i. 4ukly u,
Slc s Ion' *t r i vcea adiey diat every ie
tice, 4 vle. Sa"timeni o the.Britilh Empire, wod at fail to foh her toe eny p to one immeda ar ove e it. BoB
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Bucham's Domeflie M& aAinU Pilot Il inl nation o north. Thufe cirt ce, eti and low price, occalon their dlfpcrfion cery
ci.e, 9ih Edition. SaUlleft Co)nmon Prayer aed to the bhignity of a free government, bit fair, where I they fele the material and eutertaini purt
Ilhlte Coffee Books with Pflalim, ccI- I a fatur period, pr b .by nt very difint, to raife of new book, for their readers. and furaik reacdyactL
Itounfean' Confefflliou a v. latJy bound the remainmug itifli Provuaces to a p4tch of ropu- m the pre to every man who can cohtmnicte an afe.
Roufiru'sa Work, lootls. tils P% r of r alt ortS, Ititon and wealth superior to what.-i gnemr lly Ims- ul hint, without puttilghinl to the epenceof publ b.
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Frclnork a vol. Aed Ink, in dit* 1itr acqu.lion would have been eagerly 'courted y knowledge has a.ltvncd in shmol.rteometrical pr
wu niufqiru's Works Dutch quill Iracc, Spaln. and l every maritime nation in reio n. I he celcbrted Dodor Franklin luly .
thefirhe d's Letter.s 4 v. Ink Powder ISrope; a measure whih the numbers, the arts, and rves, that Britain is fid to have produced nothing
Ilijr' L.edurs, 3 vol. 'A' anad Wafers te hablteaf the Loyali Q wouWl have well merited. nrigiablly but flles yet, by introducing the roo
B' i. v.rrmons, a vol. Catmal.hir Pencils Their emigration took place i two great lresnast the lats, and vegetable produdai-o of other ---
Ti;lutle'. a stmons,4 vol. 1onel o WteLr Coloner hIrcft, tlrningl to the anrthward. filled the collsand fe hlM made herflf a great and mighty ntito
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Ponteou. Sermons Poet u khldbrst brnch continued its course into Cnada. The other, her trade pervadlc the world, and her sfeet e~
Grtegor' Legacy Rd silkTak p Tm lkg a contrary direction, penetrated among the theocean. Th' freedom of her conlitutleo tlitrue,
rogre7s o" romance. A geat variety of Sctip- BahamoIei d; aconfiatderableouttle reached Jamica, waa iipal and etcient caufel of herb glet
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Errorof Innocence, Vole. g!atk Wiudward. The fetticmint of Nova Scotia and New as wo are under the lime u 'piciois iniSree, by fol
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Gil Blau, 4 vol. I k ifl- afe r hi common with North America whenever they are variey they have introduced ito their agricultar
Piun i, 4 vol.. Ouitars, in Cafes equal to furnihing a full supply, they wil have the notwithfileding their ltsid fmmer ud lb l*g wi
nny, a wil. Ecan Harpe onoily. In the mean time, de duty aid upon oil terms, who would he fI ra as to point o bouniae
Eleanor, a vol Vilins, in Cafes rom the United Stater inpor into Britain, tlthe o our dilwveriiet d iaimpro tu.du t he pr
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m nccnuat of the many reoanq coufequicel resulting the Bahao m Oaret, ud I ll po t so mm.
OTICE. All Perfore having demands to them from the expu.lo of the Lryalilth. The fet-. icate their obf.ervmti d dllt f oirl onl eagriclt
N gainft the Eftla of the Ila colonel Jo tN element of the Bahama's, ad the late acquifition of or aay other uIfeftl Aubjae thoeh thfi
STUART, Stiperintendant of aiBn Afalro, ar tlers to Jamaica, although hitherto o .ocd by the ell ftored Scld ll f aas eit
qucttlc.l to give them in to the hWcriberts that ilic, may be lburtly prodedis .of atd equally lie. open to their invt i ui le rthI
they miy be fettletd and wPidla lIttle delay Important in tihi part of the mpire. According to will affure dly he stteanl dt ..wjli U 0w i .
as pofible. JOSIAH T WNALLr, helatsft nd mo .akcore seefcot m Jamaica. thy fure. M he improateqtt wU t ai oc er ou
*T OMAS o1RB3 revival of he culture af I te, by the layal- bwn agriucltre, oot ofthit. To" v olr
Attornic. for 8 4At TUa sP.cutrrti. re i r aow Crtii and, te h ie now ta *erd nm rmtiou lot ue mo Ws plode J n &
nedya p i 0atet doullIs 0w atrtaind uf 04rmatio of the meodeso.ric
ail JoHn STUAT, Rlddary Ltegtet. t.t min as important ape of that ifuad In a .y, adopted not ody in r ly1Si
Naif, MAl 1t, 1786 evs e. ci-Indie., but in every coatry tilere
Th alsam'l wll feoifuiranii a entity made any progrif. The wripu, rlo
LOST, or ten sway from ta f-afh*g, adlf k A.eply equall the temlperte climte we nmotal..t
r 8T, or t-aen away from t =L- fthidrgs, tiuplE Alpply.o Will
fite the tbfcriber's t5 WI l to dr deia f d 1 aB by thef. We .dio 1 -at tbhe pai
Around, about a orloight ago, a two governMenta, sr y WONCAe a daty ablo said the fleap-bis a
as, fhtatn feet long ad about ddt WiU. *olut i dallsi .jtal it-.elmo., when fr- _ah mnyuejldhideo J ei t
A reward of Aiw oSo ? f t be h to y i ed b ro h W ni ould be fanely felt by Eculwtivaoion a41n
prfon who will deliver MfadDot to fibf d gethe4Sate, me' time, du'r" a'very, whih m"wi
r, or give fuch information as he my u be reco.- tge. the pre l of inches ( agricultue l colony I S e .
'"tred within tlis I "an hBTH DOUD. latii t =e U ties fm Let f! o s
..,.. D I in"the f t:tfamehe a.
S- a-er ta epiby'a Uuited Iitae- e-hthe
.... a id, Is a fw 6bA f atr is.
/ Thol'obuo111 rMfso so, h oteg g a
THEt? Iri No.
Us, resitieft ehr s^ gfefem
,to fettle them without dAly. He 4Wl I d
ftofthe OODS remol a Rla II oer ts he

Nefaih u, nm4C MAC RSON .
Nq 31. 178& 468.. ,.,- 0 ,-.*M

ear ilans, the ibnabitants have been long reduced
the seccltyef nirng all their crop by dint of mnun
as is done in Great iritain. They are, in part, co
pofed of a number of poor white people, who are oft
not pofliced of twenty or thirty acres
land. A detail Of their inaaagement would funi
ulfful lei to the plants in n~ w colooiea, who a
too apt to clear ud plant larger fields than they c
attend, by which mean their timber is needlicf
delerogad, ad their lands laid watte. The large at
fertile iland of Jamaica, pobflfed of a variety
foil and climates, dcrvets attention. As it has fu
nilhed an aylum for a number of the American Loya
its, we may reasonably hope for uleful communic
tions *n there fubjed, from them in particular; as
Luppoul they naturally retain fentiments of fympacl
and regard for their fellow fubjes who 1bave fetil
here, witJ many of whom they formerly lived
habits of intimacy and friendship, which mut ui
doubtedly be heightened by the reeolleaion of td
common danger and calamntice they mutually exp
ricacedin the late war. A Jamaica Plaucer havila
fume time ago, made choice of the Bahama Gazertt
to convey what he fuppefed to be a ufdul hint to th
American Loyalifts in Nova Scotia ad New CBrun
wick, is a proof that this paper hasfound its way t
that island, and that my expednations of aliltafnc 'ro
thlt quarter are not chimerical. T'o thcfe geatleme
we already owe fome uleful informati n relative t
tt6plcal agriculture, and it certainly muft be great
in theirpower to calarge further on that fubjce
bocaufe theyhave au opportuiiity, which never occrree
fo generally before, ot con'aring the North Amcri
can agriculture with that of Jammrcs, which nia
enable them to throw much additional light on thi
fulje. But it is not on any parti.ular clari of you;
readers, that I call to lffift in this undertaking: An
citizen of the world, u well as of the Britith Empire
I hope eviry perfon who perufet the Bahama Ga ctte
and has it in his power to communicate an uflful hiat
will concur in forwarding thi attenmpp.
.rt us not he deterred by the inconvenienees to whicl
many parts of thefe island are fuhjered, from barred
or rocky icuatiotn. If we except fndy deferts, and the
interior parts of the polar irrcles, we hall fid no coin.
try bat what is fited for the abode of man; and fuch a,
aft already inhabited. capable, by further improve.
ments, of containing many more inhabitants than they
do at pretnt; fo great is the influcnce of trade, and ft
bhdndlefs the resources of agriculture, in the numerous
articles furnished by Nature for every different foil and
climate! Agriculture has been found to lecreed no
where better than in unprnmiling fituatinms, which
compel the inhabitants to firile out of the beaten path.
of the peatice of more fe tile countries. Experience
has (hewn fomany inflances of this, that thI o(bfciva-
tion has at length become proverbial. With the
referve, therefore, of the cxccptions juti now made,
to aifert that any country is incapable of improvement,
favours roo anch of rafhners and impiety, mi afgningi
bounds to the omnipotence and benefience of the
Let us examine the Bahama's, not with a view to
their healthy fitnation, equally well adapted for tgale,
and fi~t but to afcertain what new obje s of agi-
c ltuAer' y are probably fitted for, and the lift will
fcdrRto be longer than is generally fupyofed. Some
of the articles which follow, may perhaps never be
attempted, and others upon trial might not be found
to facceed to our wihes; but if by Ipeciuationm of
this nature one ingle article can be added to the num-
ber ofthofe ptevioutly cultivated in any country, it iF
equivalent to increasing the wealth and population et
that country ; beaufe every new branch of indutrIy,
after fome little time, naturally produce* the number
;uilfte for carrying it on, by augmenting the means
of 'bfifiAcace.
Of al the tropical grinu at prcfent ln owtn Guinea
Corn bide fair to answer the Bahlma's beft, as it
ylXdafo much and grows well on the drieft and poorell
olhs; in which circumfance, it appear to fand in the
fame relation td Indian Corn, that aRe does to Wheat :
bat It ha many other properties which are To valuable
and lb wonder ully adapted for hot climate, that they
deserve to be particularly pointed out. It has been
known to produce from twenty to thirty bulhels to the
eare In a barren fand, in which the car of Indian Corn
would ot form foo that it would undoubtedly answer
in the tody pine barren of the two Carolina' and
Georgia, where te nhabitans conot at present rife
y provifns ertept (weet petotera nd red peafe. It
feemt ezf Intanded to provide a fupply of found
gra drin the greatest part tf the year n countries
where th4 Uhe no froit because it houfed In the ear
and trod dd clofe, it eemp altmoft throughout the
unmbe without being alfreed by weevils, thofe in-
cefant cbmie tp all kinds of bread and in in ch
cmmate. At whatever time it Is plnte d it will not
produce it fead atil' the begIang ofd the yer, at
which tinm dian Corn idi l y thing. The
be time for plandrti It within tbhe rin our he
ailere, lain Audt and Septl er I t t s in many
phaIc those month are to dry foe that pTpWe, it
muy be owed at any time of the pEtcdBg fpeing or
ummner, when the weather ia favrmal. by which
umns the hoadman may avail himself fevry
doer of rain. If the fummer is dry and thebeqe
ills, the salOk sodm f te 'eary ptlm Cora ,
are en dbun and gIeM the e todt, wnore preferred
: &-.Lt., one dme ndm eent m I nkeIn/p
tc a h wal athe dit ifeatm, f r d=
dlk aMll fi ffc dtrema i ar Step temr. If
S*r hmiua y lved.'nty of r.ftin
4btwhl r Ip .tiiSBI"w4*i OO -,aightoc

to fill the rodent planter itn i in hispower, by flip
r, Pn and curi the blade, to form a baguine of dry
n- foder, in cafc t i- e imear should again fail. WVltn
en the corri* haeret d and the Ilalk cut down, if two or
of three ofrhe healthieft fuker, which fpring u mn lidlt
lb. from the roots, are left ad properly attended, they wil
re Ihotnly after produce another crop, although inferior to
an the first; andleft this flould notbefufficient in cafcs of
ly emergency to give a proper supply o grin, the alks
ad which have been com dMe may be planted oat by lay-
of ing them horizontally in the earth, either in full or it
r- partial lengths, when they will take root and put up a
l- Ialk from each jotnt, which will immediately produce
a- tolerable ear.. ut the bounty of Nature does not flop
I here. The planter is liable to hive his feed car de-
y firoyed by weevil or other accident.; to guard againfl
ed this, Guinea Corn has been mat* a rL .
in which will tall for leveral years; the platter ttercr
a- after having broke in his crop, to, make fare of the-
he tuciceUliu one ini the folloairg year. l.a only to let
e- the roots remain throlrhoolt the entui tgft ln.' aslto.
g fccil hi cattle as ulul upon the tltlke and blades until
r, the month df Iteptember following, -when, f his feed
he ha kept well, lie may tock them up and plant his field
- anew ; if nor, he may fufftr the plams to remain, and
o he will be certain of a good crop at the proper fealon,
i although something inferior to ,uie fio' the fed plant.
s The grain, after itll beat out f om the rare, may either
o be cleaned of its halk by,hl-itin it in a mortar like
y -ice, though with movie cafc in the prcfent cat, after
; which Iti dre.ed in the f ote nfis r, or it may be
I ground into meal like Ind;a: Cern. It is much to be re-
- retted that when Capt. Cook carried fo many ufeful
y oeeds to tne Society and t'riInilety tiand, amotig which
I idlian Corn i nclmcerated. he ''ems to have been ig-
r aorant of the valuable qual:ti.s tf (Guinea Corn, o'her.
a wife he would certainly have a Idtd it to the number.
* As the iBrcd Fruit grows lhrn annually, at the fame
, time wiftfi he plantalin Ci.ea Corn wonil have
Some in at that feafon, mad pr.hably prrecnttdthofe
famines, whichh he was infir,,rd ftentetimet, though
Rarely, afliRc' thole lands. It is to be hoped filtet
Snviatber will be better itfornmdl on this head. *
1 here a several different treciesf Guinea Corn, all
o f which are laid to refemble it in hli pretift qualities
of their fuckers and talks t but as 'hey are probably
Intended each for a different porpofe end foil, thry prr-
mile an ample, tandperhapst very important fcope for
fpeculatibn to the Bathanh planters. Rome of them
I may perhapiear it the fummer, fo m may asfwer beft'
Irtl-'1 reckts, od their in a rich cnrth. I beg leave
1c mention 'the difercnt fpec:e which f have either
een or heard fclhbed.
5. Barbary Corn is x larger, i hirer and foster grain, the
ftlk branches at the top into there' frms, each of
which produce in c larcr, ln:-r, hbt not heavier
than that of Guinea Corn. I in probably the grain
wh:ch is mentioned in Sailhna's grammar by the name
ofdrah, as being ufed by the Algcrines tor feed their
kerfes upon ih prefcrene *o any other kind o ccrt,.
I am igne.r.: of it* qtaliti't.
Barbary Wheat is another Ipeci. whhih I have never
fccn. It is laid to produce more focker tali the other
kinds, and to grow in the moft parcheld fituationii. The
grain is defcribcd as beingfiall, reflnbling red rice,
but yielding a very white four inii.rior only to tiut of
&sMillet of two kinds, Eiiropea and Elfrlndian.
The latter of thefr it faid to be fitpcrior to rice in
puddings, and perhaps it mnay alfo exceed it as a grain
although it is very mall. I am a stranger to- both
thefe Itcries. It i certain, that thIe latter i greatly
depended upin for food in the Eal-Indik,. I have
met with a description of two kind, of Millet in the
writings of a French planter, whvl fays they are cilti-
rated in Hifpaniola, and may probably be she kinds
jufr now mentioned.
One is called Streaked Miller. uhirh is planted in
Augit, and gathered about il lns, and ui iimme-
diately cut to have another crop at L.fttr. 'I he iift
ifelqf, land are ufually Kh.,fen for i., as it taket up
much rorm and is eafily produced in ondifferctm ols.
Candle Millet i, more delicate, and rni i;ri.s hcttcr
foil, i. planted in the end of March, and prtoducei unly
one crop. It nay be plantle in Aytft, but producLi
more falfe ear than good onc.
I have been informed of fome other fpecin of 'tuine
Corn; hot having never heard them difindtly def, rdld,
I cannot fay any thing conecrning rtlhem.
4The celebrated Bread lAuit of ile inland in the
South Seas, deferves to)l. particularly mentioned.
Such of y.ur readers as have peruled Capt. Cook'
voyages can be at no left for a defeription of this af,- t
nifing vegetable produdilon. To fuch ashave net, it q
will be fufiient to obfcrve that if they could procure a
few plants of it, they might foon have whole woods
of tree hearing bread as a child'* head, which *
are to early propagated that nothing more is natelhy
for that prpofe, than to break a twig from the tra f
and frick it in the ground, when it teo -rot cafily r
as the calabalh tee; and tht when once they were I
come to a proper height, no atcei woaldbe needary, t
aa all their flock of every kind might be fulered to w
range among them without their doing any dalmge.
-The f(ppliea of food which thot ere ftmaiied in a
Otsheite were fo great, that one of the fir navigator w
who visited that land, could nt hepa bden thet i
the iaihibtants formed be eeap tLhetore, th
imposed do the raft of malin- al," 'mo thdrir bread w
by ti(wit f their bws." It tw es in the ,
nerpe. lately, that eOme f hk term had bee .'
aobl 'Injanma, witd M ..i, ath e nanso, an
revrd odtha-p ebn I eot. It in be cafy to .
,,ab W t1.b ctt n ,hbelit ki t, toefamtime .

proper ti know that there are two fIpcies of tle BMW
Fruit. I'he bel kind is called by thA ISpniatai t ,
and inthat icnitiinrd above ; the other which is much
' interior, i the DardL, and is, from the
accounts given f it. not deserving attention.
TI M neetitcli tc'tog Jrve to inut, l
Palm, which wfadnd hy pct. C jhi ltyya
in lavu, one gil'sf Orit i lllalia, nll l'
dirc. tec ahlhi i a vr lgAr ,d.Md o, IwS.
pointed rut fumne tie agt o the pulc ln Jamaei, b
ra writer in one oftheir newfpaper It appema e -
well adapted for the Bahano's,0 that I hope your readr
will esuIe toe if Iftrt' Lribe the paltfg* Uk luS ,
which is extritled from Capt. Cook's account of Savu.
The F'au 'Pam requis e more particular bUties,
at certain times, it r a fuccedan.usm for allotherfood
oth tostian mnd4ilc AVkinldil wrilmollkd toddy,
% is produced froet the tree, bycutrir.the uels which
a to produce the'-fower foon after eir.t po .
".acc, .nd tying.mder thni fml ball:ct made of the
leaveses winch itar ft C l$d s 'tdh4ld liquids without
leaking. The juice whirh trickles into theie vefel,
is colle ed lf parite who climb the tree r thae
purvfer morning aid tveniig, and is the common
drink of every ,ndividalJ apon the illaid) yet a
much greater quantity I drawf oI than Is coo.
fmed a this ufe, ad of the furplue they makoh.
"a fyrup and a coarfs fagar. Thel f1rug ispU "
Sby boiling the liquor down in earthen pots til it
is ftiriicntly infpiatietd; it is not unlike 'trele la
Appearance, hot is somewhat dthicerandhMAj ae
more agrerable rarite the fogar isof a reddibl brown
Sperhaps the fme witih the Jugata &ag *o theea ds.'
Silent of tilia, and was more agreeable* It r palat
thln raty tne: fgar unrefted, that wer had ever
tatied. We were at fl i afraid, that the fyrp, oe
which f.laof iour people eat great quamitie would
have Ilrou hn fluces btP lerhient quality we
fo very Cight, that w at -1elCt it proud wa,
'1 rather fautuary than hurtful. I habe anasdy oblf-'
". ved, that it vwa given with the hlkt of rice to tl
" lags, *aul that they grew enormoully fat without
" rtakng any ,dltlr foad; we were a11 t told th th
" fyrupis uoCd fa' fltn their dogs and their fowla
** and that the inhabianen themfllves have fuhlta
,t uFpo this alone, when other crops have failed, and
31 nitual food han bern farce. The leaeua of this l '
Share alb, it toa various ifes; they thatch their hoies.
a and mI e halkctr, c umbhrllas and tolte
' pipe,. ITh fruit it ea eftermed, slid as the ble
*i, um are wounded for the tarc or toddy, there imai
" much of it; it is about as big a a large urnip aad
Scovereid like the cocoa nut wil a iebrous coat, under
" which are three kerncls, that mut be aeate before
" they are ripe; for afterwards they became fo rd,
'* that they canirin he chewed. In their eatable Asta,
" they talle not unliLeagreet cocoa nut, d like them
" probably thry yield a nutri enm ha is watery a
" wuilbcia.til." It appears mnaloher i rage tlh.,
die Fan Palmn is plar1rdi not oall on the Ihore, burt
In lthIe oun.ino.. If introduced here, it would li of'
fervice to hanall fert r who might in time fraie&
great qaueait:rs of fyrnp for the Americta market,
as it cou!d be afforded equally cheap with
French m.-r:nf.t, and being of a Iuprior quality
would in all probabilitl find a radier fje. It might
*tlf," If dfltlet'i, icht spirit. wuich, if inferior to
unm, night notwitading furnil a valuable arti-
qle for th fl ave trade as i i reafoanble to fupple
it nuigilu be al.rded as cheap as New Bgslad ren
hich is difilled' flonl the nulabf imported by th
mcrlicanfrom 'the French ilands, and which fO4W
Scnfilerrble vent on the coat of Africa. Thefi
qua:ititii will not be elecmed chimerical, if we
,ouili letr le amnaing qttantitiee of juice produced by
thtfe treet: in Save. This ifand which t in 10.3.
6 uth, and 317. 30. Weftl from Grernwich, is onl
about eight leagues in length, but cry populos.
ani as r prcknteel to Capt. Cook hy the Darcte
rcfident there, a being able to raile ?3on fgli
hen, a number in al probability much eaggeraMu
but admitting thee were only Isano foelsiw t to'
ifand, fill the quantity of juice futmiltbd by te6o'.
trcis, mulnt lhnc beet aflonimiag, as Cape. Cook
inform., he w'o Jre about the 2sth of Septemb4r
anfwering to ourlarch and(,hls. we wore u?
" the col it t tho er d of the dry -fildoen, wa
Sthdre had ber rain for evhn months, and t
* were told that l uhe dry featle continue, fo lo.-
" there is un rflg fitrysm of fre(h water untp t..
" whole iOarnd, it only oe O all (pring, which are
a" t a confidera distance fran the lea tde." Tour
readrs will be plfcd to wreclk here part of the
uotation given ahove, where hfa~i that, the
i juice i. the common drink of every individual "t
the island, yt a much greater qua y is dant o5
' than is ct ed in tiste -.It ia
hat the Dite at hatavila mke twdltide f win
rem it. I k was in tsy power a w Io f o
eader wb is feeds. this ute are e e tb.f
'mha t fl the y plis my be maittwhis
I heN E s d inI luh cafKeigs h they
rithn their r-ch. i
The next thing I beg Ie g to mentiou, rlaw t 4
m improvement In dry tropical country y
bere there wa Io hIiage.Wee it, a I g
peri etifulenit to recommend It 6bi e
lItea th ad I at: Heln bo ten s o l
7,- rie common firm iWor olt, (4a*b r
whi tur farmer et grae pw o ie o a
beea anted frhe ad nrrub, whic CnIly
turd The nlelMtu hman fe build
dvenia from a firhub, whick bn r-ay'

.S wenad ueleae ad p iu Th-e at tj European Intelligence. another page from the letter from Mr. Mw
u niry wo s not lwr Co degtfn nht d apl pherirn, as fllows: The retat mand ift hf
a und v u parched bytheMoir hWan &IN p
Sl aundpa grfi were fhrvelled rp. T.. portent wol of a reform In the expicts of this
i as .r u wi .h t i a t L N D N. government, which ar refived upon, and in fae
Mau forte bu orbicl throve, as it werek d ecnderev.Ifis
Sdit of the fun, prefeanveda degree of mofllut HotIix O/CofNMOWS, YOaNy 14. dealwhegein c te thedcarttureof Mtr.Hlaflint ,
w,, .i" f.iy covered the wellm tiesif w4 Houfe, hip Bo thni ghts of taking part of your prefent adminiftatlib. I hotE at thel
ry dineret waid, u et t oh bef In any derfbite t of that might aIad d that i manylt hie ame teirr refai, that 0tA prnc f made in tisn
Thel autaine thire go'ramat ic ie it ims ,r- feld o troubled the douk, sad nto era Kngt tht mcnuri ng orual to my wfli. n
i. olticat t d i tel ituad hi a rf. tmi thing which had falla fron Wr. Pitt hC to hea it in any ver allieraog degree, re"ieed your;
'e cult b athonle otheP l re, a deal t d di.- plled hia now to rife, and to rcquelt their attoln dinafteffe."
to c, ,ry other fluaioo. Sa mnytnetiiatbe tion for a few minutes. That Mr. Pitt in lpealing With refA to the lat India-Bin, the merits
ne otd here. Tf h procure the fited f o utt it four affair. in India, had giern a very wlattering aon good itrei of which Mr. Pin t had e ltal d a
ib the South of hndu, to t it s t e hoped flie of dlri Dunti as, of them, and had advt tc know uhlienble right of anci begged le vr to raf
w ,the Ile fuceieed have h ard it afleted flattering affertlons concerning them, which n he the Houfe thate ha, d oppoted i I r t rye.
ch Cr o bt of t rel tlvu anw growing could at t e the lhd ofe were totally groundlf; without known or otfderlng w ir t a. ihkey
iln maicang ehepa lk n d w i n (i clnaa. that the reverfe of every thing which Mr. Pitt hit to be reeired in India. That he had a. tp f t

is.whe... Thdeore, th o .. -oi a n[ ols not might ate been aculcabie in holEng out hopes tried ty J, ry other Peat, however 01ormods
fe cultiv tiln of the Ole Tre dn to h e affired rwas the truth, and that he would prove f the m ue thought the true o rincip t bof tha
a ed m. Ih are two ids o it c ultivoned h ihatto bei fro authority n which he w fre conftituliao, beaufe it invaded the arialt and
I the Sth of Euvtoj the P asnteoe Oive a nowfront that hMr. Dud who ought to know iua hie le rights of a confi irable part of te
dmiilhe hni I oil ist, where theyd S Olive. we methingofthe matter, would not controvert. fellow Cuhjcnf. which they had not cquirte or
.Phich the l. t at of a ea k ..avour and i a fd Tbae the ufile had often heard the ame f at of their virtuei. and. if rhey wee ertcula crforw
;ile, and growe bewt.. ded t fr igo y ce language from Mr. Pitt I tha, n former time he cold sent forfeie. t h e t crimes that i t
agw to a good i e, th shin i qh .orat lea hav i been e thcucble in h in out hoea- wife, bys ury of their P however eaormo.
toeep atm ind orde afhoter a fcew T the. o a promifeo on which it was poffible be himfe f the magnitude of their ofkbenc, might be. That
lat good .d will hot iet &hsulaw ehl ke on.. might have depended but that now, with the it wau ri he at ed on this prinltpie aler, Ance
hrt have hon ninay w aa o ttronue Ito the Sopi(h tetaint knowi ge that lhia pminfhaeld lthd i wa well known that his conellotA, aw th the
ohi.icainTs i at outh-A I. t whet ibeIy thrive well, been diapptoialed ad with thie exprience of gentlemen of India were not very intimate oa
id hahecon e areithe lo..ter tcuulmi.nrc. two years before him, in r which hit prumif. hid rtonihe n c onltouerntly. that thre was no pqe
Piet4nn m -rjnamica Pepper is generally a ga d completely fAiled, his covtinuaig to hol the fame Corial reason why he(heaildbe partlcuiar!foirand
acle and lrowb e Iw rc dos wIt Dig" tothgirag1 went U pearnloable. t hat thMr. Pitd t ult their defence. That hewi n ew any ofth m toe
ptlaed in any rltniet iWttft lan*l ndl as the ortm jomine with the DircAors in deceiving tile public, be worthy men i but, if he had thought other-
ae gto ad fixe, nshig nwae wold lbe reqTifite or at least hail given them countenance in ronea- wife, ii cmnduA would have been the famed
so ee.p the In order after a few years,. ilhan furet vourig to do Ib. Wi Ih rerpedt to the ftate of That It lras vry rmorkIb!e, thht, while be hadl
soluore. When tbhe ae young thse ire generally there Copn amoun td ia in Ilith Mr. Frncia (rlid, done i, utmof to oppof the bill, the perftun
airtcdithrough cwithm ge t that tts far ioh the from that ir bein in thnt rnrihi whofppo d it mnft renouny, and who, i
Il .,, until they ttion 'h degree r ofo a condition reptefented by Mr. Pitt, ttey were in efeft, carried It intd a la*, were the liHindl. the
Nathig Cain ean ed the lnmpliciyr o the proc in geat or ter diftrefs than ever. That at ralotaons, an the compaolin a of thofe agalnit
pckg ahend caring af anrs- r fU .ntion. F tom y, the ha~ t d no revenue t all proportioned r whom the law was tooperrte Itthr it wla hatme.
e clate h at l dol Albe whicapteh grows ntlc *r eir can Mlt cxpenne e that the hooded let fu!w, e the fame per on., wno. If wealth implied
thy ailr where hr hor f dlym wa I e of I ea t there now amounted to three millions h ruling, gtilt, were the modt guilty, who aid retain ed
,hirfie Ir c lled iof cooer" with pro prjieyof which bore an in'erft of nine per cent. per nn. from India loaded with foteunte. and now lt ia
whicae tt r he t kept two ers h tm eting I a room and ls cunlnti t l increalic g by half rear o in, lm entt aeinll te nqui -to lee there
ih In oiled cloth tied oundthe roo. iad has beta ernns of the interest into capital. t b it he did vry person making laws to reit al and panifth
aftnrd.e, lantoed the and grew .a well t ever. It not knw f what the amount efthe delt at Mairi with the Ihrd ofd fle tyome t ladt e e me.
rie< w ahare called Hiatic Alos; which are too might be. b.t heb krow it wan confderahle mil ritnioul as themfeles, and certainly aire iano
lalh to he give in medicine, but re chibelty ed for that the prfndcncy iwa? lnking under l. diftrcle. cent, that is, so far a poverty impaleh inno erce.
ih.rfc. The prrtf of sinufklfi thI" f In proof of thin ir:rlirn, he road part of;a'ettrr, 'ht the only perfons upon whom the law woaud
fmpie. that it ml ble attempted by a finlrc p rfion from Mr. Macpheridn to the Court of llirritars. tner and saint whom it would operate, we-
Thy re a rulr eapct trumiri doat but I he. dated Sh July, i as fotlwooo-" h it, the thofe who bad not acquired fortune keltiUh to
I:e not fri m ny of t other ifiands ihe rtefo f Carnatiec, our lte orrs hae been ern n into leave Inlla before the lime limited by the ad
rhibh may be that the former r iog very ick fttaled, onme rrnte; the oeral ruin which that country t hc co mencement of the Inquifition t whereas

ha o COnfoe a ratr na nee o Poft (p teic pec aa
honit cralliio rtte nm er to bitiua *rP ht undergone s from the dovalAtion of war, wil to all thofe who had ed y al r cqired wortun
tle t .ril Ale, F.omt whiash the hel fort of Ale for Lkee your atftira li that quarter along time in noagh to he able to ecoae to kneland be
ehlit Ic. ntral er, m teit probably la weret rl diftrea." tt Jaear, 7, this bo re.d law held out Inae l.
rl ie preaiv fion here. y alef r in of thi plIvr are e then reminded the H oun e of le te nerro of eince, fenirity, and protecon i that itdeer.
l t ard nutrw. come ot withon t order, annd frns which he hail already coovienlh the Direftor., in red the eertinm and applcatfon of all its rigour,
la gead th aes the nege te irve atre boron ;threr calculation an promifci exhibited to the until thne who ought to be the ohj Aie of its eat.
and thitk ot the hre. anrd terminate in a poie.t at the n fe hove two year ago. That he had con. rity, bad put tilhe melves under f hi'lcr and out of
top ; ihe ormalfocf ae f reen tolour. aMd are font- i itc them ofpromiing, a urple ofh aboe a mil- the reach af 1 nquira Mr. Frmanis (aid, that
itl ith hila. when7ota1g. Th orn- oln and In half Ancrinf in the Bengal revenue while the Riil wa drependinh the had bpokea of
or phopgati by Nicm but a they are very n he n of May, arl, which they were to it io h a deteftat d and ahlby alr.ce which it
i culret pais. it lan fairy to let the fuickes lie p to the difchae of their debt, but which, iht not be decent to apply ohan ctlinig la
after the Y ire broke eight Or mt day, a cool ie t1 e turned out a deficiency to more than but he hored. th ereat the end at the praefnt
rly i osia that the place where they were torn of tlt amont i Co that their eftimatc had impai. ffion, he wIould fee n e attempt made torpeal
fram the parent Flack may dry si d thin ovrw, ether. O pon a rtiament to the amount of more than lthi lawentlirel),or,ifthatcoulnao be iab(ittd
ift they ar apt nto re. Many d enter ste o ftria e milli t l erling in the rementte of one year. at leat to ruepea that pert of It which invaded the
ind to (he necqeCaty of alfug unire prei ton in Glut the language then held in defence of that rihts, and attacked the f teidon o the hatino as
rienit au onnm when the rout, afte r being I*t error dwa, that their estimate did not include lar tl t ha he food pon Ihe ia t a trnm i th
Trv.r tpi.rpnr, reefta dsy ortwo to t the wou ome expencel which could not he forefeeni that cotant ution, the nalthenoabe tight of every i I
hic'o before they swe padt indo the ground
tr he nucnraitooi the above article. isfrufiient to tclied on favinge which, a it happened, could agilhlan to a trial be hir Peerso that M Pitt
iw what auditione may be made to ie rodtdaios not be made In that fpctcifc year, and that it h ad endtaioured to aholilh the trial by uryt. Is
ndh roe aent. It your rcad.srsabs tof a provided for all the arrear. of *t e army, and all one instance, and defend it by argitmenaf whiO
ti, .aple of eoamnicatihe to the pbHacn their the outtandng charge ofthe wari but that in would oqully a to rather caclif and Obtb
r c, o and Ceatri.t reltive to werihture or the enfulnig year, no liin;lar cites of expense clafres ot men. that theft wee the oSep b
ther iiftf\ art., e lift would oon be Irtly in. would eoif t I 'that wonderful reform, would take which the wort principle were pracnually eft.
c Lrd. A Few of the mas leifrs. rn ry p'acer and maillold f vig would nrfe out of ,blied, and the heft p' intkfutlon.'
plietr has. cPmmnand.ould not be better emnpltaedi them i that the revenue of engal would exhibit or later fubnrted. That the fad of Itl was
snd the confeqaences would moft affuredly be, to a murplue beyoe n all doubt and conlrtrdlefon, dangerous, and the docineat, by which It w
nner thi olony riher, happier, and more iadpen- f efficient to make a considerable diminution of i supported equally wek and pa ligate: Fir
ot; a confaimanlon deveaLy to be wileed for. their debt that Mr. Pitt, even now. continued d Mr. Pitt had declared, that mihlraws men thad.
A A T 0 d. to hold the sanme fort of language, and talked of our foidiefe and failma had otuataily ro ced
arono 7t. May aI, 786n furpluufei in the Indian re-enua, under thc infant that priviled of which te l ee -India Ceq.
application of which all their debts and iacum- pany's fcrvant'a were deprived ii ths law aa li
d braieeswe ild pedilybe nnihilated. that, at *aivoentIt was no balihlpto thoh pr.
U N AWAY from the Subfeelerl, a Negro Mr. Francai"H d, he hoped that the Right Hon. oaft. since they were at hbevty to chafe weah
Man named LONDON, remarlnbly likely Gentleman, when e talked of aua tll they wld continue t Coimpn'a fa ice or.
ed well made ihe la about a etence of means to conlitute a Powiefti finding not.and had relffidct 'li "nwe d themetoik
to inch-i high, aI very ar Nd tlbAUc l rtko fuid at hmtw, (poke with better knowledge and ; their option. That, In the Srt place, the ct.-
god PFolilnwllithe act of the back country infoeation of the Cubjedt. than he appeared to clufon drawn from the Ote and eircutnftnce, of
people of Sout Carolinaad on, when he west pofeft concerning the Indian ivesim B that fo I military men, to the other men -err of the co.
away,abluejacket with 1 i uc ts 111411.lpof f har vrhalag a furplui In Desial, een I i this munilty, was lfe and aib d. Ihib atf iAeM
lug. trnwfer,. He had l am-r *& third year ofpce, when to much ecmotiay had wan admitted to hbe ecear. It followed tha-t
Jer'. Plantation to theW werolihe was be promlnf, the balace of the ofimate a military w msut be ovrned by the iIt ralis
Wnce before taken up. A so FAr Uneau rebile and dlibarknfmenats for he year ending of military rtfdpilne and tha thMft v
willb pai< h ppre.nd ihbrins de Mag i, Sll wa ln a ii the Company to the they ufiprepl an I aue, V Bce they PeCvi""
Ir4d in btqme,1 eaicto bn aoent di tweve hundred thvaiLd pounds the- kn whattheyhad toh a. l thaffn
lrod, Efqu andaftrther of rTwieado lingi thattheir bhonded debt and anfatiefedde- acode abuaosi i faiI, heitaw friom the dl.
aii he paid fbr idrlr maitia ad, Wing hadmw aaind on the treaf the ki accounts, twea of the smay to e vh, v.0 ofheansi
fit, entertained, ate irin v a amountetdto this=rag and that this muuallyoftheir eivtlvl= it,
Prfoc whatever, oh eogOdl t d wa e"v eey in a c to olreae rather rager than we ad ite
hi RiNT JOHNSTON. than dlmkntoleusod IV coAda to, a I" NInrodfttina of a d m a
Who wants an vfe orfo his l ntatttim ono as their earmfom temeeded. they lion ofthiauoouny. TI 2It
Cat-th. SA Perfo l reomedd, will did, thir rg W fth the that an option was ain" to the&a
stt with good eccmuraac t, ndi Ma oad boned wr"rhie Lradh bf much a i, w5a. t 7hepn C7110.eM 0.
nee d aply often bpoke. er, h4 6d4 th at d ye7"T5 d gaged inaTIfm t I ba d hi be
W Z I, no matte an d t otf^ yca hldt t biw ii t

dqepsdaua tv d aO tIq occupation in which MoanaY, Febrlbw 6. IAsTI1onA Paags.
t e e I W Wad it a their pro ic in life or Tax. Mr. Praru rofe, to move for three accents
wegetiad tot. Wi it option to mch .. .. .... h t relative to the tnte of the fa.-india Corl
perpmtotell them, that if they did not accept rine day petition aa in t the op tax were affairs re to rev tce, dit. l t
tof l ame nte wly imposed uon them, It ey nted t the ure of Curmons fo, the lfs in d bt rnpe t a re d, dl. r n cs l "-
ra ed t toaHd, anmt po 'hted ih if the Mtopleped r of bMldleflex, Welttminlter, Southn de II di. F o m faoi- d, thoe an d he
ae4 rtw ie at th icoine' hio, the rltc 'i o ofif y warkthe city of London, and the town e fhoutl move for were dim to ta
l would ogive .no riht to o bi-l toit i for t ig irtmn hopkam eper, i he l. d threfore it o te arer due in thlt frve.ral departments t
i.ltladis, they Lwe a t nwprefe their birtb.right rmingbn cov acethe, and Cilreceft er. i er- o ated hs Ilf. and, on eathe fcera
by-a furmedarof altleir VJum& and mrit In When Lord Hed had brought ip the Weftmin- sOUs fne lhat it wars I`Mutely nmote to
Ietidia rerve, and return to farve eeper petition. aid it bhd been read at enter upon ay dlleufionof the Compsan'f s olr
In t omn f r o .the .o without having the papera he wouldd o ive f e.
Mr. Pn cautioned that he efon hohd tothe b rfolaw, M oeaindtfad, he lhped, ta.n nquence eTore hem e t er re would notb

maB arcmtntofIndlisa aire,toaat wthoptboencc Mr. -"*r> pai to hia ddivvring of Ta*roTarson df CoNTsT.
Speaks fbih of the principles of the conlitu ioS the various o petitions ifr t rom Lo many o their otie ob t h to Iis moti.l.
with fad to t e Jutimed b ty an precedents aop ped c anituents, rayi t a repeal of the a enf ce the l ntcc foraccrdtirl
to pincalith That he never would admit that pr ing ata. ton op. ome'mcr wa te wo dily That of tlre t e vanid before this Hoteal sa
the commg, itd and Cl mma as, ha danero t tao broke in that oute. I di not te fee the enlimate of the probable rf"ure and dilue.
p. t fcoridly, for t of the Enli c o worth Y Alderun in the Houfe, who hal pledged t of tiT e Bengalr ov rnm etIc frof the jit
lately a 'et'ed by and nally, f or a reafo t hi to mak t oe a motion on the fuojr t, andp- fa ihe tte to whictthe Hon Ona
wilahllU thou y o meeuh to epe i tce he con tinwd th op, ax, would no x o n early c datf it at tqe h n he id before H andwaa
thr, w. patuarlyr pito the o imei fon. That on that time; tut when the pttifhiid that I ,aibern othne bonded td b the der at India G oen
the Rfse rinple mhborhtth a introduced thfa re his noble c mi angrr wda 1 ,okedl at, palh at a ithe Prerenf rops of Pal Willam, fe t
the ad the toptrc, ane provided re in adce the it.w.klbeou s t l e Goric, and ombay, repeeiivly.
tio4n toM. Pittce that he waio th e ave theat wih it t ifon all ofa whom were to his ltd that fte therm be laid efote this Hoar, a hlte
oersted would have no right to oatei to it ft. ge real fhopkeeperg; fie hIoped therefore it of the strea drie in the feveral depments f
two ideath whh he newly to ughlit to the ruld, under would convince thae ilobe e, lictd onw the difubjet very reaon to believe, that w he federal
and pale tortureion, depended on that ofel t ence t opinion there mioft arliamt, been in the cit wa preficn, ied o hemd rmaiupon iothe fbj at there wa
lnave the hout entry before t ae law begai to ope Of Weintcr with rrfll tt politics, th evr y reafon tcie of ve, that when they had be
rate-. r on perf Tr and complete nefniciecy onf the Bondencmbyof erchaa
Mr. Prat cautioned the pert on who had te adminit comeplarnt agaiihlthe Ihrptax. Th e tmotin were all c Iproted
mhtatement of india afeains, to ad ith prudence Mr. hornto, previous to his delivering of To b a roatnls I orf Co it it t
andit arcu ail ien tihe present cinfs but that the outharh petiti public liis ci olitne on ths M. co erat il, a he rud t far from deimtr
thi was and to fr on which he thought it right to wre i like manner rtadc y unrneimotlu in their f iMain r th lioufe ae oped a troeublce an
peak wi th great referee, willing them only three and He ier men fwr woulmosd be give which there ilat n thlye g.
re-ner, tha*t Ben"al was utterly .alihabl the petition in his hand. b ine lignar by hi on -- e.rlii he beed to kngtow u orme nl
by the power id, he wat- gaitin. cOnnda had fw e to rove the quetitn o lounibe nt at temptation of government actually to car it as
wirth flayig, that he lamented the precedent a- itw..ents moinuet only our o'oo. litendedto enforce the lintnce tation 1cor.
neaffarlcc eaflifhed by this law, of detproving jught an te mpreaer war e p nutting the Ce i fetenced to ti O tanfvic, rtatand ca i o to e oi .
Britilfe. jes ofth the Trial by Jury, for in ant rhat this petition do fie on the table. csdati, O any m dairre to b jab pofitu d to thait
rdi feln: irul for the injrfu which it did to Lord Sorrer rofe, and dren ur ito foayrfe word mente orn theard labr deitlr oqii oe r ointhe
the community at large, a a dangerous exam.- forc the qucn tion wo s put. lie hoped the w boar d. t Ee fifflon.
pi fecondt y, for thd fa He of the pwae inrte. pine thy who had given notice of his iaten- Thd CGntnerar of tha lt eclwaat roel, and I
diltel ed y itr and a nally, for a reafo endd to move odr leave t bri in t the he r the ol the the Hen e ti
wisfh, theoa of much left impo tance he con. repeal of the Ihop-tax, would it on hi early day man quefion went, had long been, and was a
felf e, prticu:arly painful to higrantl from for that purpose, or that, ifh did ort, govern ent that lime und fch dangerougangi of vllament
the rd ilbe bew ato the memoryoe. a noble rc. would take up the bfnef, and do flethig that a great variety of propofanl had beem p.
latioa to Mr. Pitt that he was forry to tee that nwth it that iould be efct hital. lie fatcd, that d noted to them upon tioe fbjed and there mwa
two idNea, which he never thought coudr, under a tx ron utop, had been pim litd on the qubjed evey relation to believe, that when they ad be
andi plareb for the yea, e united-that of the by the authority parliament, dhich tax, it was presented to them unpog the dfujedeon their wa
nale of the Right Hbn. Gentleman, and of the .notriou had not Ieon collected, hit fol at every reason to believe that pe they had heft
dehrudionof the Tral by Jury, Ihould belong to tlhi day a digraceful proof of the inrfficiccy of blcw mature to weigh the tendency ot(c, and
a anot and be delivered dawn to Mferity a idatlon; government ought thvermeifre to to compare their pranica n o, groperiety, a
toSt Ta.. prop fe fut chreulations, with ird tnoce the pould raithe e dfut would beam tpplhe rcin to p a
Mr. m feaoted to i o n adi. M. Frmancis on Hcop nioS o the tax, trie ot Phtb oli er trepe ipntaion with a to t he provdin any meth ht m
hie. Brirate t of the Bengal r epeal t nues.t a.u bes ante ft pledge for di. l on the 3divtirle to be adi n i e p order tho uldi it to
hiinlel atax proper time, to enter intoiha g d manner i whch the pubrlc h, had ou to ko, whether t on and ud lat f the leginro.*.

*fic ltion wast h Wd at t tble h at rc the noMe Lord th e l d fe him very fined at hard labour, either on theor or on ihlp.
cM'o and to prove that all he had fad o that lrc the telion had comenccd; the Hublic h ite l Mr Mbainrw arm g e cn, e hoped a precise an-
put o the fubjed wia f orea. met generally about tai ree, and ti e mirnifer cam e fwer would be given, and that it wal n the mo
Mdr FAais Hefaid i he tw glad cr. Dnndas had down to move the question of tadjourronent at temption of government t mually the ae. in

MfaertoTasto make it a general tas on all carl as in preceding elpon" of paiament, nor tieman over the wat. (Mr. Baftard) hid tse ar t
pronaifd to enter ito a dio afeu ton p the revenue about twenty minutes before foulr orclo(k this literal ffe, theai t forth trindan rotation ofrt .
account, because he concluded ftim that pro- e thought an improper mode f co ruling the ids fentencmed to t o an nt tianortattond not tocat
ite. that the papers teefaavry for going ito hat national concerns of a liarntiy ntu ad te the punimafieat ber aitbtion o ioae
dik etaio would not be reftofed when they Ibould thIt more ought to had been le roufghe t fa ward meant or hard labour, either o tore p r e onf.
be.led fort and he thanked Mr. Dundu or for the consideration of that Hollo than a had hen board. Experntean Md Manewaring deletha
gi*in himthat fatiafa ion-ElHere he wan inter, opened to them. Ibis Torlhsip doclaredl, h: ia- had convinced him, that it wge eatiely tn the
d by Mr. Doda. who refufed his thank, tended to have akwledge wat h le tad faiy to the hwai man done for rof time, tha e eit
anid, he never meant to enter into any f ach Right H aen. Gentleman at the flead of hs fe nte ce rf ranfportation, thatfilch namer
et t, ort r b adjo lrmfef tOgrant wa pa jft. y Council x hd he been prefnmt, and he fich daring, and ucb dangerous gangs of t illa
u- nt'il be knew what they wee. r-Mrn heo of thote wohoo wo e i.mmrdiattly cl e- had alhembled, the great annoyance of the r b
.aid taere couldGbe buntl one p at immt iat ey ned with hima, would ilform a im of wat had lie; it w the fiu btulon of a drilr t mde at
n-cquehion, via, the intate of b refourced and been thrown out, a in all prubbility tihe queftion punflmet which did not equally remorero
dblrf the ue t for the fyear, endin elat t the r rMay aornmnt would that J ay e moevd and te kingdom, gang b the deftpt ion to wki
1l7.s. carried bIefore the Right T ion. ast oered camo e he had alluded, that had peopled the meoatpl
a5 wodr aytd.he down to the Houf.c with thieves. As he knewi thi tobe ihe f he
TNUasAa, IFenranr a. Mr. Rofe aid, that whatever government might wats ansrotas that the attention of government
8no.R Tar. th ink it adrifeble to ld,, with ergard tv the ftiould rather Ire diteet to the raforning tram.
Mr. Ca parented p ion f the bop. op tax, or any other nnafltre tif public oeicern, portation, than to the providing any met s l
heefpe im of Briel, rating o repeal f the t -the

IpS li.payiBngba br o ght wch lyed tobea ittbe fulijed i for dllin hen cois county bet In its place; and year iould be l
npofing a ta l on retail eIhtephr e s. Right Hon. friend was present, and he could to know, whether the time theonvls were so.
Sad at te t re the noble Lord that he d rd fee him very fined at hard labor, either f onr g mrte oron bhp-
The petition wate mad that the table, his filortly. With regard to the public bau6nnels being board, was to be confidlered a palt t of the tiat
,rr thend finted at te hof' complained delayed, there was not tihe tinmleft foundation for which they were f :t eed to tranrortdaq
Mr. t n for Tthe complaint. Thc ppiei of te year ha l upl t e ,li of the year had Te grta e, t id, the '
tae t I nrlt, and therefore an opprMedbve b
a eply a een brought forward, in reluar tradations, as tlon that ha d been putto hint l b the Hen. Ol
t fr e i, if the tax conld e arl as in preceding fefions of pa ment nor t novr tewa, Mr. Baard) had bel T
and thu do aw I partiality, oldone be ilaneedt confideriag the period of idently pointRd In mind, and hit er'101
4rs, afl tust do a it aiahiun t ime the Holfe had fat, in which the public bhi- applied fo Immediately to that question, thathe,
l tieftlasts woud faionmit to it without co- newas more advanced In its pnI vel. As o what hionl have ogild ihter qgltation of the
etItio wasupnmotIonordered toli the noble Lord bad been pleafedl to lay In rerped ter anneolefary, aetI faor the prefest. TLh
h wa, mtin; r to the Ihop.tU not being colleded as far as had Han. Gentleman had ed, whether any lP
a he become to his knowledge, the contrary was the was meant to be pro to that ot in US
WAsT. Lasme fad. Regular adlisum ts, as inthecafe ofevery course of the fcfllonlsi ah tsot a ol1ep
Jl tl the ion for adjournmnt was put. other tax, had began ade, ad he had not heard tenasma onia, jcato, fvy h ittol .
t or verolct and begged to know whe- of any oblhiulcon to the colleeton. Mr. Roate I reply, he had e that 4lUerw -
tWu "MIh l GOentleman at the ad of LN pareffed what he bad faid, as an irrefragable ar. dee th Icha al hiesl mtIa
evollk d meant to brig forward any mat that the able Lord bad been ill-18und= dn and that a valet ropofas btle Ih a
-inuf. is the euarl of the ref relative to the greater pe t ofhis obervatious. wroe sw bDe o Trw was.W
tl a f wale lad If the Right m Ges. The Southwakc petition was ordered to lie on dombtedlyw to the dUc1lt= t
t .s would f da i tltbe, ad mo L intention, te table. in the way of ntoe d ki nt
.R el dehrit bsrwouls himnef tate au Mr. dlderemo Somoio ftid he should defer poatig conelds aed totloj t
rnlty mof alth motley, on, the fb.n making amy matouto tthat pa t thepetitl, ti n l welU ks that tr l ,_
UgOf f i, it a of the rtail iopkemasof t th.dt of Ladon, g o uts s the alpngof A
t ightbebrought whhpayed taleiasbl I elvor c onus louatr had, wthin a er8 t710 fg
ISnth l lad, i the d i is the tms il theltbrmi which an ho- eoteqtaently mnbe hob ies Wto w8,
nu o nmrabld mber ih dpl d ~tMw to make, It ws much easier for tlgenMtl to
-solifiled. fbr a peedh sas but no f be under oanndinto as wat l s all the complain of the grvame, thag far 9141mqit
do g"P'~`~F.~4,~, ~'pr pugttthat haibasisnd b6uki be plefooted told out andto apply aaurequnale TU

,.,.,.~~ ,nli i) '4 r1 .

'' lL ~ Eiiioip
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V T IU1 I A' i
IPUsAst to tic000 '
us toI,,( *' .' tt

ants,, door. -it t

ii I t. r!.in hi I'oi'"i E.1 I'
to jlis:0lt ti M?, i !I: ~ ,
L, th c P A T4JI I w'' "Im .

V ir ) & (It, ;i-!V ir'.I t h C t. C 9 d I.; I
:, I.I., ((, 1, ru 1,
iliabil' mi o f o. YC iliu C"I to
T, Cal to t1iL I do -1 d A, II ", wliotch W
ftl. with Itli limillt *00 I d that
in Ame .

,.V h o. cI t ll, iio
011d tio 51. .

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Wv. '0'' k ; i 'i.

lit tor, ifttill
a ." y of ttnh, MI~T t' s'~'5
tl c tO xportat If I.
I t CA th
-i.6w;9 the .

111a J- tbat, IlY' ther 'r.rr, -
ti. ltail wht 11~ t& Ar.avl %cks ,1 I , ii'
,ognyt fown leail e t akhC%, -Aku" i
atlat n it, AmeriCA, III
'Altited States of An t ~ tp o
or' 1.17 be all,.oved
PIC cx-c~rt I the like .rt Jf CaiiCs i as~ 41eV
f'in the tnt
ti i' i, and (.,feiures h. to-
I, I to by lot's, upo Uit I ll-i 11
ho fiffuel& ltitm ii ot Iron into other Andi hO3 M
"derO, ti, in
U ~p,4her'eby luother picaW toOr- lirowvith I
oft .4 e trertei wof the fail Irtoit"t Sc'uawtl '
eds u-tiit
I'm a lilhaccow.~ r imp'ner, I
0ii :4 ifl'ittc
r A r

a ndi rro aI

I A.. -r(-, ay(wssllfurticl todi- t,, a 'naio by.Aut
51 to neve the4 to all anti ttig11 i
it. ii .41 sor Iht maeaa alsj .t oth

'3~ ~~~~~I the h-tt feete enc. i .tt~~
Oed, lie o hll e i e .ec p113, lind
etlali payable o rtobacco." i: rins tech
A Nicty is further pleifed to we;' or Co iniari
e. Tel- J[ tiir i gagirth or hTcdt "' the (hi p,,
Q of LUar INW6,as, o A- dA~i&, ra

;* i-.. recyftmthencee
i r' .t ldea, I manner
we importerpaying
S' ', commonly called
uienahfer elepted)
,' 'd for that pur
r. *;. Majdr'sCnltoBm
i' t.lh-. :.poathk intr's
I IIr in. i. pan itW hoder d
ht ii a
ii': '; -. i aonthi acoerdin
,t i 't,,i., ofi bc ica at the
;.,,dl," :.: it I his l ajely'
:',:", ,; .:;,.m the Imprtatioo
; if ", London, riftol,
V vcr i, l, Lacafer, Pal.
.-L,.r, Hull Oreenock,
of t"et, In the
.:.. torp'ceid, the importer
1 .1. It ,' er order) tu center
Sr,' :~ 1, At', eldlof the tlidduty,
i o' ,' Lr, i' of all the fur-
r Ci n.r I .'. withotMany allow.
I :,.t r ,'I e id duty co r
., ay other of the
i .- ri i ich labe fo im-
I f. (< tai U.dnitdtedates,
wtt aeI wein before men
'- i wherein the fame
I ,,, !... clajety's locks, in
1 : 1,' a .at any of the parts
*. fthe port above-
r i, e cafe may be. to
H I :. .-e, the bond which
P., nt of the faid du-
;*.: ,:mannaru hobnds
.on tobacco are dl-
: at of Pallianmcat

Concils, by procmatloo, dedard the hnpmota.
tion of ay of the id article to be necelary for
the fupply of the lubnbitants of the lid proinces.
And his lijey ie hereby farther pleusd to or-
der, that no goods or commode of the growth
or snnufalture of the aid United Ittes, lall be
imported into any of the ports of the prince of
And the Right Hoourable the Lord. Co..
mniffioner of hi Majefty's Treafnry, and the
Lords Commifloare of the Admiralty, a to
give the necelfry direlions berein, s toitlm
may lefpe4ively appertain.
Steph. Carill

NASSAU, Jus 10o.
LETTERS from ERlland afrod Wry ood
L ground fur expteaing, that the Combmif-
flunmer of American Claim, now at Hal"f, wil
in the couple of net; Wintqr, repair to tMd'-
place, to invefllite the Clhis of the A ri-
can Loyallis who have fought an afylum in this
We are hapr ion anmoe to oa read er
the intention of our Molt Oradof iSoreitn to
grant another TYo Proviros to hig fgthfd
a ercaus 8ubed Rddilg In theft Ilandml
Cmomon Fame has in fCw hnftancepro.s
a nrater Lyir, than In her repots and Iartn
rrepctlng the Crew of the Prienda Adventutre
lately wrecked on Sandy Key at the N. W. U
of the rand Bahama. This afteroon we wer
furnilbcd with the authentic pcrticulam reipe -
ing their ihipwreck and fubhfqucnt adventures
but too late for thi Evenlng'a paper. In our
next, the wholL will appear ; and iajultce to the
unfortunate fuftrers, we mnt now antino, thab
examples of greater periewrancet, ladftr1-r4_,_

I ingtheade mnd n "i tery, unocr c ihe aoormn a
Satd i uS u m circus m il ances, h rave r r ly o e s to o ur k no w -
I. cat-Britals, in the Ac tirva umst, Prm
i o tion tth BJhma. 7Y 4 Brig liakbeth, London
owers o lanud are S 51.ta Ik L-
Iitte anlggies y a. Sloriop Abrabham. Burt, Li.erpoo.
erie r his ft ao. 8ehoo. Sally, Bkrry. | Jamlaca
SIcr, that s goods "_
except pitch, tar,
s Ea, yards and BatMA*.IasIaND, } T.
yards. timber, Ibi Naw-PaorviDaI c.
S~ f lumber, hors Bi t H.onurable JOHN BWN a, ufir,
p tsy, and all other PrifdrSt and Comsaonir of the B-
Sprovifio. peas a-l, Ch'r irl, Ca m
r bread, bilcuit Ordinafy.f the fame, a c. th.
'., ,,".. i toif ha A PROCLA ATION..
l., id alfo tobacco in TTrHEREAS the Gene A i bly of dtheb
I terand traBc, be. VV Ilands ands pro to Tueflay the
SJai ed States and (th day of Jnoe lnultt up WHstsas it I
..Indladiatllds,a thought expedientthat bid General Afema
d as paier in th. bly iould be further edys4 Mayr THIita.
S, of his prefnt Ma- o 011 THOUOHT rt, d with the advice
hs! of thealdd United and confent of his Majeft onourable Coanell
,hi Majety's lid to iffucthis my Prodlma pIrogni, and t
abovt MA* do herebyprorgue, the ilmerfembly to
1 y I hrflt.i u Tuecfaythe ifdayof A stthen to mee
'itm built iupl for the difatch of public
sad navigated ma- OIrFN luder a, nd -J m O Gtte
I. f6pur mnelaFes, o, f ,e rs. do NaJ r ed Asp

i ' any portor i mple s ,
I,, . .. I, ,fue- H-Rf r N'wn ', a and. t
.,n 'c,0fa6e c tootk HNanr Yomei, D. Secretary.
;; andof, rdioad GOD 8AVY THE KINO *
au,' ia ., ormay e Pfi'Loe
. 2: ld the bonad and 1 .m ysitied ek B .000M I tUASBgp Cap&
S" sor .rlIAf co JOHN WELLS,.
;,\ r, r,:, d to hb take for
r, ,.... : , al, and may be PoAcocm, mr Loss",
I i 3 o. ,-a the Uke cril- T ONDON pOekled Pork T and
. id recited a made La Tonggues Yorkdl h0 Si P
L , I. .-.. if pM t bIptaetT'* Barley, Porter In holPian m and bardsbumik
chr s Ilm I GremI- orter in hamper is, Rne d bal
,,.. .,. I lany other goodwin ind Cherry Brandy, Brandy Iwieetaoe Bolln
I i. '\ irt*e. Linfeed Oil In Jua, White Lca, TelbswmOh
;i. y i, i.,'' further eatd to and Spanih Brown, ground ia loM LTa
I n.aoditlesi pltbthe Sugar, Teas, la, LMoge ash.H--
alt. it,,rc ,l fhid led States, daihery, Jwllry, dware d e .
-rted ilt i rlces of Nova c. c. which whe it d) 44 at asiMp
o, Alit,1i. <. W their relkaitre oN the Blay e as ryaj o mgamht, Gnaw
.r T, t i.. pcieOf III Ii | Ile partleda 11in 0!f bUMrHe*
i; .ea, he",- nn Id-g, tto WeI, to diaelarp f Sa I
bi '. ba r, t. m order thLt he aby ben T, h m 1'r
-i. the Abo bv-l mlti L bib'-e
ties fay sl on d s r- F td aJ- Bw'
,.Mt AfP^ bpIft A. sow MW Afab
I ;aigated sX.-c< mo o and to make idit ed|i|at
hriitedim ori0itsOL heerowgywM.i
,or t c(bef, t.ilbtliben of diMael i iW n thb M wh
Vin otis ti iC ,rdoh ado lnlir. oftt* w~ bs
1, wn r h t4r' their a 5r aras te -

In the "omlne Ru r4tiab., Capt. PEstOec, in toAi' rijntinBuz Cae@4 T 11011,91"Go
:u6 0* rr*~a rl ,r+,PICcIll, firru
At the Subfcribers Store, twoFkcone Ihirreff *i'*
If VAaaCI'By SBoner ,hirreff"itu
41; %w rli b~g an the A~Y..
For C1,4, Sed ARA. or Prosieuc. ttirSt)K0lheRY
41111. ireen, brown. Maule'rfand So# Shineof T4 s : Mena
W orals nd-mixtunosd Hy",-6:esimgoa. cildromm, No a
--ild~w. lng hoo amd bolisi Team Youghir WNW~nl'-?
Wn CAMi" t1uack r c dourc Blowu ad CA& WImeman GirI
White Amid Brawn sugar. the& Pampa 4I
Btck and ble Stia.lous Ds.. do, o. Morocco do.1 canl WatitO Vil 8htf, it
Cirun SatanDitto Leather d to M ca, i~AmoIn,.Claem, Fitich kl Il, snoclal By
Jhug Flannel Ja.un~~b By$ And r.aigoeo MWON d(enng R" 1i'WS3eII )~
Ml blul, ad green Leahrr ditto Elm?, Pig 8lutnerg. moo. o Shoca .a 1rtad
DtmacIat A laki 5 itin o .h Sm i Pepiiltr.Il a4 LflWadies Morocep S ~ ae,~
D1.1, Zb, glina cIIIIZ~ils andJ; itI* oilt 6611 %,ki
DI, blue Calimaoea iout"lbbole 1- fl P C:1,; ualrd P IC, Il uettlartajft I aadgr.a, j,, t
CAd Tra e L'erring Umbrella c lo apui r.
Sqprrt .~e I.l U'ttrl Stay*and Ptrlao rfr, .pli Plzfe made Q till14 1 "Ain and V ri.
P, CIE.. r ndako rd t~
ba~6PUII ~ fIOtSCA& and hpaettj atift C&tqVi, fiVflijohiardl ~ as
,to.; ,ttalett DMI11h Lace and Thread Porter' flttnn
Uamantueoand P*m Ettnmg Meta Bed md P B.i h Rd7 mad, aliroat. Olt&Wrt t If'
- 1015 PiaIAand Diaper Tape YorfMhiksre andar .* tto b ,lbk B ad WiR a t.s I
*~.*j ,d ~* ~ga,'d fiub rng ia Naal eotn, e~h Ditt b. *J dkeu li d Z Bitimsns Zand era
.Norwich & Italian .rapes Bfbbing h4u*N,, I'lttd Mliatca
a*L l"Ureh ft i g LiltSM6yt0itwU atckg C, -lck aed slid 3 .dc, .
al, No*tu ?4. I. to Selvag silk. Imtutntl df l &kj. d iutto ("t4
44 4 :hifRt mouta, Cap Wife lkjiea 15011 Itnta l U ta .014- Whit sid"
)y 7.11 l 4-) rib Lianl f~lt~ a ul~tte Bhijtn 1as~il' JR~ly l I i $lck, L1.a. (iiio** a1ia he 1.
rl'ftkLt. ojzojbarg, & 4I l ttittd Jrt.'. I k aa~ SaJ'rd Stripe_
.,", ticandlinA 4Ia 1t a 1 i. c.Alln( t.:nt a id Sr d. La,,,,
~I S t.f I"t~i "I~.ra~r j. C. W ad
tin l..tfr Ilm & Itl CFt I t d, V~C- i .4ki IiRr Itt
'. utwi. pd Ilf 'a .QC i-
+.,,,t .. d.t .'-t nd b lc brctan d i. r 6
.1 D;,. ccloured m ,
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