Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 27, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00042
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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y70' ~.TI:i. lv`rrj .n~ vv'p~ .. ,ii



No. 96.



From SATURDAY, MAY 27, t .'SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1786.
N.ssa: Pr d e on t B.
NA. AU; Printed hby.JoB. WRIL, act c Printing Offic on the BAY.

A)ITs"onIoocCAL Diuay, KstasMay, ,thr'0 European Intelligence.
Sll-,o"i-"7? Wihd & Weirter. i COP NH AIEN, JaE N ult o4.
LUI,' .I,.% .rtHE numbering of the inhabitants of h cityt,
St*l.dat N. ar.w fF3 *ar ., s lich took place on Bthe efl of September.
7 7 6 V. MadknAi" /Aur rVamir'". makes the population of this place to emnfil of
S 77 7 B. "Thluaderg meJw r. 8 fouhs, vn. 41,s' men, aid 4a,86 wo-
S ;8 73 ik l slrd rsr W.S. lrav. men, cclufive to the military.
3 70 77 7 Squrllir ithbalnfreW[rail. Danr"tih, 7YasdA *4. A ietibe* ell vtrfed
1 70 77 FrA J AIt frr / .:Sr. IIi the corn trade is gone from hence to the new
76 74 76 light bre r k Ruffian city ofCherfon. f the purpofef dc c-
i a 7 '. ligt s ra .'a nd S.. r catia a new' n('esahtloh, whicb, if it flaceed.,
74 0f ',' 4Vw W 812Y. tMaylthe B&Itib trade; this ils owcvR cer-
.. .. 7"6 S 7 "ir c tain, that by as much as Chrton becomes more
4 n 8* 76 *'. Ja. frc9eintedl. ftvmnihuc thcrcevnues of Deimark
if ;74 Slt i. a sima s. inilfh the Spa*iards. 'the i leof aiar-
t 77 ISo 7 &f..,.,ar fills, arM thc'marind of Toulon, wi leave the
s 76 go 7F 'd paflge of the Sotmn for that of the Dardanelle.
4 76 7 7' ., Pfan4ftrt, February 3. By accourts from
35 76 $1 77 m". Mulich we learn, that every endeavour Is ufed
It 7 81 74 US M.
7 so "" i"'n e at if'. flttm to 1bing abeat bol'a d'derflanding he-
lt 80 8 a i.Sr. .ul-.. .. twcr ever branch of the Palatine Houf. The
t 8 8t 4 1 IV.m J.V r sa ElAri p-i& health, nd the inhtbitints
9 to 4 o 4iN.y .;Vr" of tvarIa f utndir apprehenionouf any ex
so kc 8 Id* tIage. iThe Eleota of enrz makes no secret
s S1 8. M S, B. Is of IOlsacce on to the Oermanic teague and has
ta o 81 o deU.. an. given orders to his ambai dor at the Dit to ful-
83 So 8 79 11fn". N. vi fil his charge in the mot impartial manner. The
4 7518 S d 728 F ..ioen.N...lefs expence of the marching of the German troops
s ,79 So I Wind r, S. .l at nihtV.- to and from the Netherlands, together with al
s6 71 1 23 1 am. # iav;rpas ,t .~' the warlike prep iaffon), is beckoned at I3 mnfi-
I? 74 8o 74 Lighs wMarNmhkl lions ofrix-dollars.
1 78 84 So 14M, fltry. i Februar I. .Theli High Mighrtinireft
159 8, 4 73 Ha, wylr asindftl v"'. e rC llrfy determined to la, hold of the pre-
l6 1 78 8. t S. S. F. ing 1 r' (eut opi. rlunity of a comile:t pacification, to
I 75 | RG 7S Idm. Rain mt putc' in praAice f.hemes for the )rneft ofthe corr-
I _- I merde of the republic, it confcquence of which
F o L O N J ) N, orders have been fnt to the Eaft and.Weft-IndfA
2 Sai- /l t j f *u t. Companic. to give in an account of their affsJi,
hie B B l"TiNS i'rtarticulaily drthcloffes thy'fiiftaincd diuiign
S' A f thI It VWar. K. .
SVt.' , r .rlin, B rBa We nentriontd loit irfic
a Jaal tlaD M.. ro. n.t-' io the ofClt Vantrorabe. 1n tcitimtnty
Pbr FrMight' of Cotton, or Piaffa of tie KIng'.s rcern'for that valuable ollcer,'his I
toS pro tie Malic on boa"id, or to Majlty fcut the totlowing Itter to the CologRl'A
.t5r az, i-t6 PETER DEAN,- k Co. widow.
R A A L I '"A "I.F.rTr I.
tF R. H A L I rA A X,. The death,of Cul. VAntriehe,'yj ir lulianda,
T* o 'Sa i Tin rn I))V commandiri the rcglimicnt of Old Waadeck has
S The BaroGan'rla alt ild me i a vry particular manner. By hi.
/P R A N G E R, death I am dpei'itld of a bra'e add good taicer
Ji ta good co;. mo4 tions fir Pa. fuch %wa the replitatian hi crieoy4dl uuivirf,Ill,
V as. aor cctonmoda to and I knoio full rll ow to va e the important
c ngrc. lor Pagl., In AN to rvices he has rendered ( me. The iiign:a of the
t HII DAN. order of meant, wh;ch he received from me, and
P EP' 1E R MI' A N tk C'o. whicA you return within than to me for the fa
G iVe n .NOIE,' that there to a nce* it fit tours haI'd cbnfetred oh him, will remain for
m immediately 'n a .lci t y ani f ldre r I i f the
Accounts p to th .0 t i to I.3 J. .i Irrv A. ; my
ncKrtfult Ai up l Pe o ia i t at" i t .. i. Y* 44y#
phayr upt Pe ril. .. tH e o6 coni rdi fre d'tfi at cert ounly,will
to pay oR thoer a se ,Acu, t, r her t t deferrlig ant o4i,
,ing dn an e hcee tct t or the 'yldreiiie has eft behind Let me
or.en.T. Tb. lI, rearf t tt Ea f kiow; without Ay referee, Ie real tate of your
Nhonn, Dow deour ae l' acanp no aIq4 dmieftic coggerns at Inc nupmeantof his deart,
ioa to foPrmer jea ctqrd ati rbo e l tell tr num ;.b S. Ihe of cliyour n., Comm a
tion~r to ) frmerdratifonentnp asoy (a no one evier l4di

amining, I\atlng,'0r fdtlflf htfhdndi; antfI mean to db for" ihc f >i. ,wd oirrU anlltt
feh, wir dtrwirt out ie d cerpbrony "ntraM prent f9couldb sT, nt 5 lrt hov o cdly'h.e
Ais. Ma/ ty' 4.v. t a pro 9 babs vC4ih'

'n'"'cnt,'"br d ir.r~le lmB ft brv e tre teof o s. hnPd otl
Perib I aftit t bu h S. I hrcrourbd y atid, as
1h patti tar'W 4ri 6 6fthe model of anexeeatm qzb since, alail
th ioportunity of offer i terevicet he t no more..I flhall, e to b iln a father :
nAmining, Rating,, r tdtti s dhtla l1 mean to do for' the so his, MW44SdOr all that
aih. for dhawuig out Sod it Contrad& 0 a parent could l4ye, 95 let q; havzonly'Ahe
Incentent,`6r irtriple- s lbitiver true 4 et fgagnS~o doas 4
'f further, prt culSs.e Iir pt Mr. r vOt aried l forte ryiSAl ., ,

dqqafedSA a9t oliea, skt s u
tr, are Adq cQtake pa f n on u; your three l w Won ma.
before the ijth Jfly nt i and \hore. having mtagunt. w T.i n r isnmrds,
e Soiil,,galilt, to aBlej; IQ accbaiii oituSitanatra
td6f, daly d, b e d'd, to to fee whetuwV t n a antn-
IHJaIORLEY, Adiaaltiator, nCr whiAt h

wince of Weltphalia, for your two young ladies
when marriageable, I hall take them away, ano
fetle them in the world.
"" (SItgned} 7RBDFRSC."
'St. Jamrt, Fbrura rvS. Th s dav the Baron
de Kutzleben, Envoy ixtraordi .ary and Minifter
Plenipotentiary from his Serene Highncf. the
Landgrave of Hcile CaMel, had a private audience
of his Majefty, to deliver the enfigns of the Mof
Noble Ordr of the Garter, with which hiSerene
liighnef the late Landgrave of Heffe-Caffcl, was
LvUdon, Februey It. By the moft authentic
accounts received from Peteriburgh we learn,
the great object of the Emprefs at prefent femsn
to be the ftrergthening her frontiers against the
Turks, and to prepare for future encroachments
on their relaxed empire. Thefe views form a bond
of union between her Imperial Majefty and the
Emperor of Germany, the enemy, because the
neghborr,,ofthe Ottomanso : hut as that political
and prudent Princefs eagerly cultivates the arts of
peace, as well as thole of war, fge will not in al
probability incite, however rhe might support,
the Emperor in a war with any of the Powers of
The French have reduced their squadron in the
Eaft-Indie nearly to the fame strength as that of
Great-Britan ; but the Dutch have by no means
been to complying on the contrary, they till
retain fix flips of so guns and upwatds in the
AliA c fans, viz. at Batavia, Ceylon, and the Cape
of ,G iod Hno|r, where they may be brought to-
gsher in a few days. This certainly denotes ap-
prhenfions, and indeed not without great reason.
the situation of that Republic being at preftnt
vet y critical.
I'rivate letters from the Cape of Good-Hope
affure, that the plan of revolt meditated by tlh
J 'cZja. of Luxcmiburgh againl the land of Ccy
Ion, was diflcovred in tim- to prevent any (a"t
;r.As,. and that foew of the fomenters of the Is.
ten fed iurrnfu:ion are feet in rons to Batavia.'
The whole number of liips of every rate and
Sdefcription, of which our navy is now composed
Straafiorts and Aoredhipa in the fervice of the
Naiy, Viaunalling, or Ordonnce uficel, only
excepted)is four hundred and fifty-two, of which
one hundred and fifty-fix aredofthe fine, nineteen
fifties, one hundred and forty-four frigates, and
one hundredd and thirty-four foops ; of all there
there are (wenty-llve of the line, one of so guns,
nille frigates, and two floeps yet on the Rocks.
Ore Thurfiay the Couot d'Adhemar, the French
Amtrrtador, arrived at his houte in Piccadilly
from France, where he had be foe time for the
recovery of hir health. -
F~ehruary as. By a letter from Bar-le.Dec. If
Lora.ia, we bare the flowing intelligence.
which is announced to be a fA s I The public
Excu tiunec of Landau, who is looked on as an
adei4 in the art of decollating, received ap ano.
aymoua letter laI week from Nancy, the capital
of Lorraine, by which he was ordered, on a day
appointed, to be at the gate of that town. and th
take vit him the beft axe. He obeyed the order.
and when he came to the fot was fized by three
aIrlad ren, and entreated not toArefift they
theM blindfolded him,. and put:him into po t.
ckai.t, And aringi ravtellkd abot twelve hour,
hnrw n; roasd edint o an apartment hung round
with black, and having many lamp. to light it.
The .nrpklm :wit.which his eyes were covered
was instantly taken off. '` tall man in a mafquet
pointed to apefdou on the Soor, whole head waa
I.,a fack.. Theleseutioner wad ordered to AilMk
of those ftld; refusedd. The man threatened
himj with .bramo of pib is; he was at length ber
cen to obey, WJit the eneati6a was or he
rrceiveda,'patie oif A a Louis, was theblind-
folded oae ntdrie; put into the Jmneehbald asm
carried to the place where e wai taken up. Hd
amrme..,thea k .lodoco a ofwhat feg
ssasIhagy*ll yn wa, he tell whet -
'he rnLa beqpge aIted or "-b
1:101114 VA 0111111-1111 1s~d tb

_ j I


Y_ ___ j_

Ad~awFp, fPenriy o. The exchange of the the content of NW trethk, bas diove red the feet I The funm Ieted upon thte tite of t.
firts Lillb ahd Lierienthack took place tihe as 4 of rendeiinr f a waier freh and potable, withioit al a further loan to the Ni ~t, l.a t fe t
of laft month. The At-ian flag is now living at either the ufe o fire, or anr chemical proof :- pany, ten million ofn r ins. Th.fe. wit' at
thaoe place, and a garrif in l p't In each. The A fm il quantity of Iquld poured nto a v'IeclI f, the above province ham alre':v advance '* f tn,
Dutch carried away all hbl dtriletiles the day fca water, imnediatrly ra r e a fermentation ansd il te Cuipof. will rtnake a Ipt' um of A or '
befo e obr people a rchtd id. precipitate the fali,,cqlUlltl to the bottom. The I s Il bu there frqn l Mn rat er hitmili InI
rDlw. Fdruaryso. Accordl.s tto letters from iexence of tuina the f,: from a toe of fea waitr r a eoarpOlytof telhaL, t' which they m
Lilbon dif the ait nltant, hermot faithful Majefty Is aid to be 24 fas..-ShottId hi- fuppofed dilco- fu'1it. kbfo tLty tdtCe" Tha
is now at the head of a league who arc negociatig very ber reaticd, it ~411. 4Al*tit be W eO of the generality of people at riu'er the alarm'nt difcre
a treaty for the guarantee and mutual protedion mlt uffefil I the pr fe l dt into whih tbkt ,minr.y bIl gradna'y tAl,,
ofthetrade and com-nerc In, porters, from the infuti arid dl redatinan of the Coiltilflv lcre. of the u.ft;sna; all vefeli co. the rapacity of the r (,f*.ers hi the 7 tern fettle."
the piatical Statle of Barbary i to which moft of I in ngji t the fivte are bltige I to come up totheir esnlr Oa this account, and left their monec
the Italian States have fubfcribed, tartical rly I mrlnings one ti. e AIter their c mi g into the Ihooil. be thrown ,y, not lent, thelr N ,-.
the RI public of Ven c-. who h ve tent a Plen'- I Pool, or two tides after palling Oraviefnd. u der and Great Mittineffes i", previnilly to their
potentary td the capital of Portugdl, for the ole I pain of beieg i'ee i :-hhich is another great advancing the abAr ten mil'iis, tat the bitr.
ir tf of bringing this m.htt r to a fpr ly con- I roke at the river fmigglhig. rowers h mil afleat tI a nimiitrcr of er.I ltions.
llon. One oftheait~iEtles ilttates, Itit wih Pebruary T. Orders are given from the War. which Ale nflt vet male plubic, for the better g.
the moft ftrti regard to the seicral intrift of all Incr for the mii' ry change in th' g4ar iflins, verntlmcit oth wh- e.
the conraling pur;e-, noim hat', un 'er any pre. Ac. of Or,-at B, itain to take place in M y nkxt, Mirch S. f.'rd Cirnwallis, the nrw ft.eer.
terce whatever, give as p-rfenis, or hargtin or. inteiad of the e;d of the year, as rcpeatcdlly plac- nour General, is to gr,) ait with the m It aof'ut
fell to any of the Barbary Powerr, their agerts, tded heretofore. power, totally ind pi 'dent .f the Couni11, a;ld
Iei any Ihips, litore, ammnuiion, arms, Ac. The interview bet vern the emperorr of (r. i not to for" a part ot I' biut m ely to put a ne.
ef ny kind, without hbing connilercd a bieakers many and the Empretf of Runfl, will I titter oall ntaale nn their m iau er. Ihlinu
of the league and entmistherElo. Another art. take place the b 'in.inp of next April. Two; the fyftrm Lord Mticcaitney pointed nt alif .
le ftipulates, that each L .11, every year, or as elant hotel are fitte I up at the appointed rcn- Iutely neeelltry to he adil:te l, an I on which lie
often a called upon, end fuch a furc. into the dtvoua near the boundaries of their rep-itive fa:tlion of l'nli. depin led. Th;s ilan, which
Medierra.nean, ot the mouth t'iercof, as miy emi.irev, which travellers tile the N.#ft if the. remove, the Ooverlollr.-nrfer, atl p'alee ha
amorer the cnmmnus purposes of prtedt-'ing their Blagi ul I arabe !he Chtncil, ti cra'ty creates a iey
com -rce. Many power are clpeled to ,j.n, eMrirrE4 a. Yefterity in tfe loifte of Com- the faipreme B arln.-whiclh i to he Rile' hy tr.
as it fee na tbhe ag-ntr.fl itn:er e if .li tin A Chrif- mon, ht. Irrancln Rave nptice that it wa hip in- Vinfittart, wno is to he appoirotte P.enlent.
tian Stacls againfl the t1 hirlidt inct-. tentioi fresh to m e ori litae it bring in a blil AMi-rid, Firaerr 46 T''e 4 rqi'. 'e Pinentea,
A letter from Nip'ei. tya. I' A c.oilntri has to cxp ain nlt amen-I the ial f.' the better ma- who is (tid to b. a.p intend the .*41 ofreIre..
tkken pace b-iween this Court al t the Spailh naming the ffirsf the '.l.t idia Company fintlng he Ca-h.lie Kin. at the C.iirt ofr.o loo,
Sovereign. Tre change o.f M niltry i hich ws T'hr ',itch .iat lInlia C0n~iM ny have prreftted i itsillt arive here. an has hil f;veral audiences
eppreled, has happened ; the M.iquii della Sai ai midl to the S:ates at Hollifld, conceived hl of his Maje'y. 'he "rince of \ uria. aid ti
bocc.. has iecci' d hi aliilii i IinI, tinouh, for the the f dillowin teris : Minifter Thit y one "bItml man. whl a'nua
f.k oif rttltl itt, he reql -tied it, awll hi plide ** Ilobrl, Ore it, anl Powerful .nlrds. fur years fine fiucceered tothe tit'e ant. etiat
Il filled by anoiter lifter In tie in'trith, tl .all lltei u- rer ti e ,ucel y of lviine ifore of his ailceftorv. Is fail to le a min ofiry rare
the Marquii de Ca-racci'.li, tYcctii ot cily, y ur Great Mi, hti-rele our want of money. we virtulg, and (hinin; ta'eits. which have a';n
om-.m hum. nt fi1 un the imtirtlnt Ration of think it aur inlifpenilihe -luty to Inform roitr recommended him to the Prince, w'h is Piotm
Premier. H his brten recalled from hi Govern. M'ghtintrlea that this wa:ni has gone to furhex-. Milniter, *nd trajmi. al al nh'ic atfirn. htll
m- it .rn I is elpld:J. in a few days. The Chcva- treinity, it we do not ob' a .i fime at'litmne foreign and domftic L anld tici is the attenti:nef
liir ,At.., Minifter if the Marine department, we .t all be oblged to tap payment in a moith's this heir to the Cranv of iaail ail the Indllea
and i, Minlfrt of every parn.m it. has at- time. that he is literally at the head ndd tra~tfinon
quield tie cO cI ence of our 'vtrtign to fl "h a IeinF dtAirou tQsdoeverythingln our p rer all public mitlers whatever. ThecLp"net itive
degree, tiht th ir Sl.ill i Ma rltie, in fn,.port to Iprveut this danglro is moment, we think our- rem vd here from it. litef nof, where thy sa
of their f,.i lat.e, have made auch a rac iice as filves boundd to addrts the'r Hilh Mihhtineofte hb-n celebratinl the late hi.h feriS i ofthe Nal
muft colt the King of Naples dear. as thia deter. (the S ate AlCneral.) praying them that they thy. A Miniter, a o Ene fro "onglant, is
ra'nel tav,,ur'iTm of the Che ilier Aa It lHat oc. would be pleafe.I to contribute to the utlennt daily etpee I ,fh- hotel to long .Jyet d fr
enAfric i a co lnetr on the dirt of the Kivu of their poner to Irevent the fa I of the Comitafly, the Earl of Chefterfie r bcine now putting Into
Spain. It is fered that the king will he nvoIle and confrq4 lely the ruli of our country. Per- itch condition, as If his atriral wa rertdai
In an ff ir wi th e Whole Hotd: of Bour'o.n of milt Us allo to renew this request to you, adil to "here Las lately bert pulllilthe 4 4late of the farm
which h- is dtfcer 'ed. Th-. oH :rtils lde Ca's, implore that youl wi'l ha e alt .-f, n'iA as favour cm ofthis kinl tom, and the dno.ani nit therelh
Spanifl P:e.ipo:entiary at the Court of Nap:;C, able al really to Comply w th tilf p' ition of the vhich places the marine at fixty-three Lhias lshe
Iyi;ing left it it l.'enly, ham gnne to, fnoe r-th of JiunUry, by wi, itn we recommend to In-, ant one l.undred an-f ilken others, and
*, ence he meant to rep ir to Ma 'ild. The y '1 the inlerelts of l million of people. We pray he railitary at flity.rcaenthoftnd men, orwh i
Prince dt CaramAnico, appoihte.l to hr N ipoii- God. &c.' but thoufind are the honthId I ruarde of tll
tan Akmh.iffiir at Verfalles, hits 'dcIrtn d the This petition is lignel by the direAors andt (ron, five thouri'nI two hundred dragons. ia
office, Fdi-f-ing th- ifla::re-i I. to f.qltenles principal uroprie'ors of thle .it IndsF Company tioufand cavtlL and the rft infantry, including
that willtai fe. Don Tonimarf. di So nm.s now at 'm etda.. It is refrr d hy the Statea of the he ga rifojs in irnoe. Din Joteph Tarcim
limhbaflfaor .t M dri 1. is :herefo e o.pointed to Province of Holland t' a Co:nrtittee Iob, is going tlhe Manillas witn two men da
Ver ll-mt Ge-'eral Pi'nntell, having, he, n int to When Mr. Jenkin.i' m,)vel the it ml. of var, which are w eq uippinx at Perral. Th
SpAin by the K'- if Naple-, in ,rd-r to rgain onm no1i fi' r leave t briflt in a Rit to preolng (jedt of him V e i. faid to he. to take a Air.
the gIoodwill of the Spania Mnarch. The the int-rcour between the ttaes ofAmerica an ty yof the Philifneinds, wlh hat not hee
Chevy ;her Aton will d to confe- on him the V ry the Ilfl ds. a fad tiouls GeOtleman obfcrved, i e in the prfent century, *a, as fupto'd,;
Ill ;ui-fh i hinnm rof :.icut-nant-Colonel of he I Ihiuld have ho ohjeftion, Sir, according to a making difcverlea, as it is afluredJ be g
It ,al I allti G,0s-4s, l u being aware o' lh.- the eoltm of M-re i .ta, to give tin.e to the dif- rof the Atlntic into the South Sea aud
b .d: f-ti ht in which the Chevalier Attn itand, treffed : HUt I am frre to declre every inter. bat rate to India.
'h thte art of Spain, he ht, retird to Calabria, courfe w:th America is big with dittref to this LoaiMn, March Lord Htwe has conflrAed
ofwhiCh he I govern ur, preterrilFn tiat N us- countrv:-Thry will not clmnly with the aiti. adraught ofa third rate tIho of war, to carry Si
tion to one likely to be attended with fo much clca of peace- hey are contindlly making laws rns, which he has communicated to the Nary
tlonu'..'* *o ilittref our fubjelts-they will not piy their bard, to be fent by them tothe different Ki'a
The chrvalier Ad a, whoI wi believed to be Hritiil debts, and, in tomie States, mk e lawsa rds to have a new fet of elhty gun lhitie b
an KnFliih na was b,;n it it fnctml, anld njoys jirinit it-they fmhggle fdraigil produce into our hey are to carry their gurn upon two-diekl
Ih nntur whi -s !'ew Miniltlre b-frce him have oh- Iflmdst and dll re% ttnr manufad&trer and fair rhich will make te maft ulefucl ai well is *m Ilis fa her was of :neilh ertraiiMu, ahd trader to much, thasthey cannot make their re irmidahle hip irrour nary, and 1 fitlpofed wit
fEt led at Rei'mntfon as a Phyfician. I'his Minicte, mit:ances-helde which, our navigation-ad) is e the greatest improvement that patlily enil
tI the cellc, (ftI1 illtrn. ma'erially Injured 1 Remote thefe objections are been made.- heirttetal is to be equal to
This day was r I.ched at Deptford yard a Ine -then I am with you, ir I othcrwie, I hall ie flrft-rates, and their guns all upona I e
daew sh of 9& IAts. which is to he called the oppose te ift." onftrution.
Windftr*Catlle. he is ti;e largest ovefel ever Letters free PaIMs fay, that M. Du Hauttoir, A landiag order of the Admiralty B ued was
bui't t ai tha tocti-yrd. flee etary to the late M. lertin,has, ben appoint- ule on Friday lat, that there hont be no frei
Berli. F.-aCre to, A formidable and extraor ed by the Sorereign to receive the depatatifs of artses added to either of th-Tay bhf pay llet
dina, y triple altance is tall ed of; but we cannot all the merchants in France, in ordci to be the r RI moath, a well to ve the epence, a
fay much c e tit i tiven t itat nr.fent: It l fild better able to form a Cer ts DeAii, againt Mr. tie a more certain h of emplyment tU
to b between Prufia, nrent-Bri ain, ndl Spain. PFAn on his arrival In Prls. M du Hauttoir Is Msof already on the lift, ch are very fll.
Th a .canre in the Sanifh political Is attributed to a'd to be one of the a It Intelligent men In the Overmeur Penn s toat go out to America.
the Pron a of At uri t, who i faid to be a great I Freuh king's domilnions, and the molt convera, thleharacer nofAmbafidor and Plenipltentls of the Englih. I rant in commercial arrangements. y froi the Britith Court It i fuppfed that his
Laned, .-hraor sa. The unlainte dlli- March t. The aumbmr of great things that appointment to this great o.-, Is toe attribil
de Id. a the tank ire to make part of the Mii. hlte breo done by one fngle ote ts worthy of :ed to the ihleT of Lord Innaladl, between
Jer's lIp get i the moint of the Im inso afner- i remark: Three millions now fa ed at onettroke Thaemi ied the r there has l ong IIfubi
aiu.Ig a' the Excheqaer, whTicW il fad to te to this kingdom, at the t modtI rate compute* :be Atridelt And t trientlhilp.
on Cllnir int Ainta. ; tinw, which mlt have been leied upon a dliref- Wednealay me n lry. anmeaale rrAyed at
Yelftl -it Laeence Sullivan, 0I|t many yea red people by another h-avy to. The present he Adiralty.ofic lth an expra from Co
Chairman of tie a"ftcadia Company died at : oyal Family came to the Crown of Great. a Are Sawyer, th alk commander at Healif.
hi.'i ,ou in ;lat-T. ret, Cavendilth-lare. i ,fl:dn by one ingle vote. te came oieral ttDnilk, Doop ofwar, Lieat.
FPh.ary A nvard review will take place i Ndtwithtandlng' the pretendedd unanimous Balter, of iglua, which wai ll sthed home
tli-i. print Ath t hips in ordinary at the dif- onfp !on of the l'rf and Sea Officers, i great hale with ad'aces. to be ofthe la
rent poat will he feat to Portfinouthi where refpeihit Or l t achb pnd's planof fortl- tnportanee. The Brilk arrivedt Valmoutt
Ei Majey will itefIent a fgeacle to the Prince canuons, yet e fi hrIth laid upon the being ordered 6b the Com=d l the
of Denmark, that no other natlotli the world table a the bid 'a habC~ oowi rpt I at lobl i n o _..
ca,, ehibt-u,,,ards ofl, af Lthe line In eme anon et i W-%_ : r ;nkvvn ,h labe Ki thatt- ab. Kn e
e lb .lee t -aa. e1. "ooal 1t h bL Mllbank, mesna, the en ling, Ariwe, to rete the Stade
Pads, l m sI A groet oithis city, aM- t Wl m ra e, m W. Orea .W othal, J. older to a his ilghts of bwpty over the
11116ar* P a ?* :ti orders belogi iUg to j....ervis, ...... *.jJs*,t of l lead ,i he w.oll e ow ke ~tMtaUum,-- whrILh

11etislvo i d b. thi sam dA llrw Vo Tr, r th. Ord we rlv"fdir NA1S4AI A Tut .
,.. .= __t__ =.d. *& ^4
,jib to oh Udaited Sta to a part CPop alclt the equipment of the slilbury, 2 a* au.barlze to Infart our
. ua in that caft Praiuce.can always com, and Wincheltsr, and Leocadia, fril te fir I7' are au horized to r our e ,
L Blgic Mower, with equal efft as it the foundland. Commodore Elliot ta diird e Wt *ef that letters of unquefionable authenticity
states were her own colonies. down to bolt his broad SaI in the Sailbnry of and of a recent date, are received here Irom
The Houfe ofCommon have hit en the tr Id o guna. An overhaul ia a commencd of 1 Lond .n, which fceak, In the police terms
praficable method of protectirg th doc arda, the e me of war at this port, in ordinary in corn. of Gooeramen' having deterdlised on making
ag..ines, and ithala of the empire: rt by million, under mspairs and building, b dcrdof thi a I"R PORT, or the i.portatio of .
fortificatins, which would in truth wea tn the ithe Admiralty Board. Re. RAN frMerial, PrTols i and Lurmr, d Ity
general strength in proportion *a It added to the L aul, er.b 1y. Private adcs from Le. f re, Indluding tfaM Prc l i uof c tmy a
rce of any particular ft oof the cnuntryr-abt horn Import that new bhad been brought tiere cic" and *bat ,fch ,rtids a cahe admitted to
by encouraging the Britih fitery. Let them u- of the fuccefs ofthe Chevalier Emo the Venetian entryin Breat Britain, may be re-caported fro j
aend hut onre twentieth part of the fum required Admiral, ag Aina the Tulnine.-Having ordered hence thither, In Britih hotttoms, wilhoul being
iy the Duke of Richmond, to the beneolent puri a fe'nt attack upon a particular part of he place, ftubjted to any duy or improt here i that no
poe of (weeping from our own fea the riches he drew thither all the garrifn, whilft improving flthafauistd govds, or Ef India produaiona,
which Providence has difpenfed, and we taH a favourable wind, which fprung up at the ti ie, will be admitted from any other quarter than
create a nurfrry of fcamen capable oftmannig the Admiral entered the Ooulette, w ere h vin; Great Brltain a that evry neeflrty mealfn for
t~ir' 1h;ps of the lie, in addition to thofc we Ian ed s oo men, he levelled with the ground a making thia aplace of security will be immediately
iould otherwise equip. Thefe are the wll, the new forticatios e.r. ted by the bc .ed, adopted it being the Intention of Government
which oBriwlan ug to Thiliar table of the nw fortifications craed by te bDefl.ged,ilc
which Britatn ought to raile-w/ll capable of daring the trues formerly granted to the Der: to Rtion a cnil loving to where the attack is made. A ftrang cale was alfo taken by the Venetians, Force iI thrde Itfands for that purp. fe, and for
If the black deeds of the whit boys of Ireland who fpiked all the ordnance they found there, the effecual arrangement of.the Salt Tiade here
are not fpeedilr fuppreffed by the etrid at the which conited of federal large piece of artillery, and at Turka Ill nd.
hea I of the muntary power, something like the It ia added, that a great number of Tunifiana On the a th of March, Stocks were u fel
military without that head muft be called into were killed. lrow: S per cent. confol 7e -3.-4 percent*
aaion. King O'Conner Ihould be exalted from The report In the city yesterday was, that the ow rt 3- percent. o14.
kit mock throne in a bog to a gibbet on the high- Minifter means to pay off s.oso,ool. confol by Two Trafports with part of the loth rei.
y E. a n h way of lottery i taking the confola at 7 per cent. meant, arrived at Jamaica the lath of lat month
The Expeitton, a new hip of 44 guBs, Cap. andgivingthe lottery,ofso onoticketmat is'. to-. from Cork. A third tranport,with the remainder
tain Stone, fitting out at Deptford, is ordered fothatif t. furpir be but ooonal. he will be of the regiment, Was minfng.
for lamaica, Commndore Gardncr, fal' in her. able, by mean of the lottery, to take a, ooool. Letter from Jamaica complain mitch of a
It is certainly determine ed In the cabinet to fend out of the market, for the pref nt, until a pro r long'coninued draught. Plantain tree and every
aMiiftkr to the Unite States of Amelica. It is moe he eeftab'ilhed for an ann !and regular dif- other flpciei of egetatlon had fuffered greatly
to be h. ped a man of ltronig active genius will be charge ofpart of the debt by a inIlng Fund. and the young lant canes helng bur.t up, had
thofen for this important million I one who is -- totally delroyedthe Planter's hopes of a good
vll acqluaintedl wiih thr commercial iatcrelts of .- - -- cr nxt year.
thi country, and who will nea'lly (fpport them. TO B B T. We hear frwm St. Domingo, that Brigadier.
The tnti nman menioned(Or.rPe:n)is the mol d. war & H E i iIered I,. GeOneral Gonzales is appotited overnour-
di man inn the kildoumI for I dependent of want 'lHE STORP. and CELLAR on the Bay, ad- Genrral of the Spanih territory on that Iland.
a* talent and aSriity o mindJ he baa ptrional .1 joining th Printing Office, and lately occu- A large three decker J maica Ship, was lately
claim, fr rrtitution of property taken from nis pled by Mr. ok7 Enquhe of nft n the Colleradonel it is (aid the Crew and
hmily, anidi, much poured from di'appointmntm.nt THO AS TOWSON. coaiderable part of the Cargo were ftaed and
He could therefore neva himiilf agreeable Nafau. Yun e, Iry6. carrt1e to the Havana.
tithe America-1, or useful to this coumry. EVen T 6 B a / f, j B asthis paper was lnlfhed, a boat fromthe
the thought of l.od Lonf.lale'a protdimon can '-rWO Prnt ROO MS h la a, onthe brig Elizabeth, Peacock, In the Offing, from
aercr firmonunt thfc diicu'tiea. Tbie hubncf I Bay, furnithed or un urithcd pp'y to the London to thi Port, camealhore. In her came
so' a (crions naturc-let Minilters look to the Printer. pafen-rers, John Mu*yne Tattnall, Efq; rein.
ct:,lquencci, Kaf/aw. ya .. irt . Rated in the office of archer of his Majefty'o
Lard Iloud fucceeds Adm. Mjntagie 5 CttM. rPl~ t ubfcaucrnrr ,r',polu nI to r taor Sri- o Cufoom, Capt. Wowland, Mr. Hal, of the Ord-
Lord todfucceeds Adm. Mantslneas Cornd dubcrar ,.r i nr "nt ol o r Bri. C e, pMr. oacqcernand M. Bedford.
wInder at Portfmoamh. and Admiral Campbl, tain, rcquet ihoie having county with nance Cie, Mr. Maqueen, and Mr. Bedord.
t Sir /.llcck, n hath ben mantioead) himto fetle ira without delay. e wi dif Theintlligence re n the eftaliihment of
eedt Lod .,nldham at Plymiouth. poe of the GOOOtltremaining on d, on vry the fame pivioedgle. Beud to .
Thnrfday night died, at hislioufe In Prliaient. low terms, for Calh, Cotton, W Turtle thfame pvi
rret, in tle Jift year of b.s age, Dr. J. Jbb. Shell ASaireeD Saoe,
The ranfom money deman,'el by the Dey of D VI M tCPH SON. M Sloop Caroline. Lunttit, St.Buftatius
Agier for his Am-rican flave. Ia 6,A. for a maC- Nl 1.78 TI. r. e o' Sloop Betfry, Nicks, Jamaica
tr of a rv:ffl, 4co. far a ma*, and sool. for ,i 'iu & co 7s SU loop Hope, Eve, St.Chri. o
w(l cminiIon m." Lt are requested tpa rl V tie h- Ira P
Yeertday th, Ritbbno anti Order of the Thiftle to p Sloop Lie.Oak, oMIan., Phitadlph
o L rd Potimore. ecua" d, weic nrrel on lances in the course of the entfii week, or their s, Lobfer, Swain, New Loidoe
te Dr kc of HA.mltton, by his Maieity at at. accounts wiil be placed In heha of an Attor- ~e Schoo. Charltte, Jacron, Charlefe
S, ( to he rued for without diftlUdon. Sloop En'?lcvour. Bion, ditto
Marh I1. A conlna mtion his been reeelve.t is Na, y s It 6.
low iec S turday, (,f the engagrment, men- T OST, or taken away troa nthe linding opo. BaIMa-I.ILIAU, I a .
t.n:, in the pcTrs, between a ilen"dee and an L fite the Subfcriber' Hs on the Whlte Nlw-POTrD.NC.
Alerin- vellel, with thi, additional circum Oround, about a fortnight a, Flt B eated Bj the HOmatle JOHN BROWN, .tA
lice, tha the two hii.,s. wcn abr:aft of each Jat, fifteen feet long and a cit lve feet wide PrJfdelt and C.nmma~u r t Chbkqf l Ia.
*ther within pillol ,hot, big.i a molt dreadful A reward of Fiw Dtllar wi be given to an banms-1/lands, Chansellrr, Fir-e.4Mdd mt
atnilia when the Ge jf bew up, an i every perfon who will deliver nid B9t to the fubfcrt. Ordfasrj of k s fame, We. W t'&er.
bul r if0erd. Thr Alge.ine (according to the her, or rive fuch information a' Ihe may be reco A PROCLAM ATION;
kecunt receive") Ihjuted, on the eaplofion, vered within thisOland. ETITHFRA the Genera Afably of the
'rco i i f!"--" 1 here go the GenOrefe" sI SETH DOUD. ana and prorog. o Tueray thr
Much s4 The heir apparent of a great nor- f.ume i Wth day o June Iant t Aj WHaia It it e
Iern potertate Ias been lately deteded, by hia ALL Perfons having any Articles of Goods or thought expedient, that the d General Alel..
vereizn, in cat rying on a private corrmfpondence A Wearing Apparel, or Many, aced in their bly hould be further prorognm I may. Tna-
ith the Em seror. The ma-lil 'n nar.h has hid hand by my late Wife MUay 'Bit a., are rosa TnooonT rT. by an- th the advil
tral private examii.ation' of his fCur~ocar i the henby desired to return the fame ediately to and content of his M ajclly'a on rlale Coanenl
i of which latieo not Iclt ,an fi< hours. What me, etherwife they may be affredf legal reme- to ifue thia my Proclamation, og, and
It result may le of this inter lhrtg dfecovery, dies being had recourse to. Tho indeed t do hereby prorogue, the aid Airemblr to.
abIhow the I tig1nlat hero nay treat his heir me in any manner, are requested discharge Tuefdaythe it da of Augftn n then to me
oPartet, is n-ai yrt known. It however makes a their rerefpCive account a early as hey can In for the dispatch of public buanefa.
tnto; feat nrcf lina,ng theGermmnlecourtst order that I may be enabled to satisfy myCre- OIAr T r my Hml d l Orst
at, by tiis mariturre, c .nerive tioe vai objea ditor B.. ... I e Pnd, ao Hi. Ort SJ na.
Ihe late grand u ali/a to'ally fruntrated. HENR O'BRIEN. if ir, i tbh r 'l fOf Or i via, rA
Iould a c. am northern mo,.asch oon de- Ng as, Ymw 3, y736. f wse HMan Ied s td ,4i
ror, itwil mmedi.atly throw the Col n1 AWAY from the SbtarIbler. a Negro .d ln Ie ra r.. -ia .j -I
Sinto al t horror a of war. R u Man named LON rakbl i ill a 3AJ 1 .
art. ie aluw packet is re-fitting, Anmdwell made heliZ a syearslof ae.sJ |ft l Ff .non Conma, as
it to taksL>rd Cornwalli 'aed hi. quite to so inches hIgh, 1a vr MY And kenbl, and Hantt Yoo t, D. 0o e
-lth: isKa fame racket that arriedoot (neak good 1"lli with It aTent of te back GOD SA I T ll tIN .
ht hc Lord Macartft-ib Is about c y l Sou h hehad ona TIa ie Cth ICt r dome
I urt h and a remarkable twiftIaIerl bujacket with metal pr ra of e agan S teElate o oiAool Jewm
d quit England about We bitter tro taken H abn rewd r. t Ta uperintendan Aii, are
V ri Plantation to the Weewt hew. oc requeftcato file them i uto tkbaeribevstkct
,i.nanent have had two gainsoon the before taken tip. A reward of Pinr a wi they may be ttled ad as Uaw tled
e received fro Commodore faer: be f or m a d i t Ing del. a poible. 1 TIAL
'Adhemar a Mr. Adams have een sered iN at met. o eas Attoateo tor Saa I sTo l tr
ted with the p l bench sad W s and ac r rewar of rmthe Attorti Jo ST r ReAdNaadr Iue
Senlrlachrta oni the boundaries of w fll r be pa il iemil ll harb o ur. Ad Join IT ao, Re.dar Lahse"
,:otearrat^ewa nd, Sic. and aveev d, entertained, ad an
eprfentado nh otie rh r ,l" al tol l
to the crilwo whatever, Id Mr
Seaprtf that hig RoyaUj f IPrice Wo wnt hi to ma-e Nmmeilit to
i will n he promoted t the rnik of ClGo A p o thnfwihfitbetID
ti d that he i to have the Eoc. =ia t o
ehePm ilhs, ofl guns.aon ttug A mg .
h NewtnbA. L4a

7 T7. 'f W AT,.E 'PA"P itK-. -
fisUsearaly ofthi Afi vewseeAktbei ffl'rie
to <* ,,#mr'i Dieklratwio, r ltlt bl U BEx
r, tl a stariii ,i
Smpro-eAt the referencess of Broehah,
.. th nooa meldjamaieon thoechagenic f cth
i Foehyfla*tL .
n.. of, Jr aql. Reteir. to thedeclaration hi
a da OdXaber t17.1, where it t proved, chat Mr,
Tl qO t made a peopofal of that nature, in the
o o is Sovereign, and which the King of Prullia
a. nBaccede ti-.dda, that the war wa continued,
aid It lenth terminated by the peace of Tcrichen, ac-
Aordtnl to the term of which the pretnlfions of the
Imperial Cotrt to Bavaila, and every idea of aluture
a ~ere dedroyed. '
The mperor-Accordin to the German hilorian
Schmidt, the treaty of Pavil we got concluded by all
'the houre of Bavaria from that time. inr concerned all
the territory which they might loffe at that tinre.
The KingJ of iufl-Thle opinion ofa modern hic.
torian provcanothins, if not fupported by the evidence
ofeoteilpoeary writers; and the inferences drawn are
L~fltely fao, in laying, that Lower Bavarta made a
pat of the patrimony of the Houfk of Wettelibach ever
esaslhse the dilria of Brandknburgn wa a particu-
Seld U:c tcq, and that, the 'oule of Bavaria could
alinat .Iha, without oppofio, or infeirgKemneu an
the tiaty of Paria, BelidCs, granting tsaoe allrtiona
to be ut. the family compass,, o oftti renewed, have
ueaiied the treat ofPavia to all the pollcllont of the
a4trbPali ioe Houtfe thlerefr no alienation can be
A 0cade.
The lmperor-infera from the 14th article of the
conMpeSof 171r, that as on alienation ia allowed ta
cUi arffetjtjt an exchange tay be'untified.
The King of Prollia-from t me f ticle draw
em infi.errse dalnetrically oppadte, ed ltarv 'tiha
the motved'of the eontradfin, p.rtiea always na to
Ireferve the patrimonial clates t their Houfe; and
beis, in the pretfnt cafe, the.e was neither necellitf
nor advantage for lach an exchange; that any one
throwil.g hia eyes over the map, may be convianed that
a ft, and notan aan wtage..rwould follow-and that
the nlqpc' oa Ryfli had eipleftly faid,. tha, the refu-
fal of the prduenpniva. heir of Bvaria was fauicieat to
efoth nw the propaifd change.
Th4 EIpor--ac'.a the Court of PruliTa of.ha,.
az yi'd rcponl, tha thtie emperor intended to eac
tiqcat nmeithod ttl effc the Cchangne.
The in, of Prili.-:hallcngt :a tCourt of Vienna
to menion one in lance, in which luch a report was
propsagted by him.
The amperor-cannat conceive why the exclanage
of Blavoar uld bi to:eel, while there arc (La na y
exnamplten d cord of cchaige of G:rnnan tcrriteries
rhe.King of Pr~ffi-i'fwrns, that any exchaine ii
polab'e, wvhea, by thl cnfent of the contradiin pat.
aet, whearelree to do it; but where that it wanting,
anpexc*langeli impollible.
E perspr -refraumes that the Court of ProaiRa
contradi. nfe f;. in the deoia atiao of 1778. the right
ofthe iHotnfeoI-lo ria-o alienate it lntate is le
LnoioilaJed ald ian the declarations of t;ls, it is
contened. ,
Tht ing of Pruoia-Since the peace c Ttfshe, by
whi A thcTanmily of the fLid Houfe was guaraltied,
he i epgadd to support that guaranty, aod thca'.loe
Ai n iroahuld a djifernt language from that before
the peace. .
the aitaient oa the dpi between die two Courts
psceedefarlher. that as hi Prloan Majety, in the
V. ity ol Bui, pmiu a ut to oppofe th echinge of
ny d, l bhe t iee arias th Hpuife of Bavar
it h to oiaka exchange at plUelt e and unli-
ia l au it cor n o the Ciat of P tutri,. this e*.
nao Wi a ipt sld l1od to' c le oil by partial. e.
lo-the ta y 4i dou not drfttnol the family
em arn eft fetb Bavaria, nor the Golden Bull,
aer the U m of the amphirei The Emperor
glal y, thah t bth y -.that treaty and the treaty of
fAtsd, tta oC era r n ad the Empire can, 'in confo-
queice of an united legislative power, grant i privilege
teaeIanite ic Bllvaias to make an hdiange, not.
wiklh adg. the comppait, .the To' this
the Coqrot Prui agcees, bat piros that th(e Empe-
r andinpire have not a(ed she powlrsecooferred in
m1teatie, and ithlo therefore the he oudo Bavaria
MOlmO boioud by theiompadcl, Ie.
u iaT llleed on the part of the Emape er, a a
ik 'a1id af .he puojcdted .echuage, thiltolifferent
.. ANton-4..o v. a n a~aaaniaal, oF

___ _____ ____ ___

Sltigs at N ifi h. ldU all/, Lsvden, D.'ecm-
A ber ri.ty 7tlt.
BRADFORD i tam, a einv PLOMEt, Ktt.
'1tls was an tion nn vhe Statute of Ofury hinught
Sby the aflinees of Mr. Eigglton,' a bankrupt. on
fEveral money Irai~ia a ke weei the dofdtdant and
Mr.: in the coaur l th y .ear 1
SMr. lBercrof in A Ppinck, listed the'tranface
tloan, on which tl laimtifT sat to rely, to be at
follows; that on ilflit ofJanuiy, r;83. llagleonn
being inldeted to t dfenda t, in very conulderable
firm of nmuney, appli to him to borrow j.tou. more.
In rkat loan was conaiundl. a note or draft for eool.
which was npa payabh: till aoti' TFb. but when the
Sinter'ftd on the'whola, loan came to be pid, the defn.-
dant itihifed upon having the itereft ,n the jool.
calculated, not from'tie time it vaa in fac advanced,
but from the Ctor the draft. "' anntllrr- on the delendal t *h, for taking the ufury on a loan
of aloo at that ofd per cent. The IsooL wai
made payable i particular day part, however,
of it. w repaltbefre that day, by ifllahat. Tlhe
defendant ne thekfu charged Eagletoa intereft *o tl.
ire'e, from time of advauncinj it, to the tiLn of.
payig the I a ,apant.
'Mr. khdward agletti was called, who dlpar'd, that
on the }tb of-Janary, 1783, he owed the defendant
thread 'fevial fns'lm r i 9use of 34,ol. joa3l. zlool.
whish were then ctntlpued ,and two new funos advan.
ca da 4pooL'wd, esoL making ip the whole, the
(umn o1 pool. that 9e1nd ceaton for the mouey, mt
tiahe a p.ymienot to th iftla.dia Qn yal ; that on
his applying to tih e lj t. i t, he fal, that he had
not fi ntCh nio J l, id that tkagletonrmu4.
ake his n6te I s i'T L I . *. d it to be
iW two noitr, fer, ivAlAiei c of n4gocfatun, as4
thl'lfentda et accM00 gi'e note tlr sool. da.
tea the n "it of stor.inth. whih becane
due on the set *tery. lehd thir daied the
fame day for gooel. J dnyalS'due the 14th Feblatry.
Thefe notes Mr. L. Mt si a h1 natgciuted them
and paid the dleiia*thnbtatyM w ere coiddered
aemaking p.s of thei leey l i n t:r lyth January,
and he paid efaldte atshle lo oEjool. s
!fae uile', la4a>iepniifr boe thau dJam
T~i^ ,rwNl J.A k^ f,t o,

At 4of,


t~a 'bag .1tt
H5oF Ii~bqflb'

~A~f ~c~

tolachaitsagr "t Arfpach aTJ L eid sel srco
the /Houfe of irla ,ain equalrigll to sfp'e of int
efatet-that the treaty of l.dF -havi:lng p-rmit4 an
exchange of Bavaria, the iftty sand balyi o. of fcr-
any ctn' be it no danAer f incef the date of that
treaty the Hot.f bf Auaiil wat nr h'bte poWerTul
Ibant t pfeatI t Btatf a l in h wit.ntee
ianretaf in Its apeneo 'rot4 N ii n 'lied na
p-'sr fatl ftta trlit il Wil te r the
tehtiagte /i.. e, thee sc:pal n iniati ll,'bna the
dtrcucnIn applicahble to the prer;nt caife, lCc tho
the Houfe of Biaaria refultes it cornfnt to that ex.
chanyt, it cannot take placc; that nmorcover the Houfe
of Brandcuburgh received from fccral El lpertor the
privilteg of ditoal oa it eitalt at picalwr.. Thut
the treaty o(lB idl,3oc t ant p1laiit i..' ti;hlpc. it-
teaded; that the Is urc ou Aulrira Iri, it ia truw, lit
tha kisndoml of llaplcs antl Su'ily, LarAiae., Sila,'
andl erli, but has acquirol Tf..n)y., tiallicZ, OId
dllrifl of Inn, fo thlt t i. mort -.wl fl th:m at the
pacc of Bade; and that bl,' < 'r,(ig the Dathe if
Bavaria, in enn~amcn -e of cxchallgii. frr it a provirce
far dihtnl and oflittle impnrtancrr, the liberty ,f O'ar-
inBy dltcns cveafttr on tile difrctiou of the Au.f-
triin Monarch.
Tie Countof flear.t alle'den, that if the enfllion
rel(at to an ehac ., a.1 nuot an sa-ratn'Iizeect,
thlrt ehenei depen Mado th will of the lfI ld- l-
tino, and ilthth cofentiin rcfifrd, the plar t:lh to
the geounds if not, as they are undlr no chntrou!, the
cac tage ma n take place. '1' tlh. it i. anll'erCtd, that
it haq been already prnvcd, that the exchange is truly
en aggrandiaemaent and the guarantee of thla
pace Of T'Ti&.a, *vea r; ht tT opplfe it, *si may ie
proved hy a Infpelon of tcne ap only, atd by a p&e
ft-rff dwtBr r pMrcr.-Aid tl'to tlte rrn'dcle
of the Mirgrevnaf of Al:ppach and Barcith, the
Court of Vioia lt niltl thl.e proofal', that it might
itn fonme mIehe eie a prredeat f1r those
Bavaria, which hL-.n a% a n meditation and beridre
the cafes are not nm ii'r at es t Ihe l aoe of an.ltenohurgla
was no; tieedp in majnser of the Hole ot Rav.ria
After fone other Pguments, pro and -... to the, flne
purp fc, th. Court Berlln c .n ludes "with fayinf,
that the Faprr havl affured him i.r l1rr .,riclar
decdluraion, Ihe fit d never prAionfed to the Duec
doe Dounl Pti ayn otilr than a free aldt vtlwtarwy
exchange; an1 that being refufrdl, on tin ia't of the
Duk,. fhe let the affair ch!.p; and that'ith Court of
Vien'naiavinglilkwif fa rd, that in all this naffo r it
was c.nduted ii a depctn la :c on the wir of the Due
deDeu, Pint hit Pr.iann Majally fliaterr inmlilf,
'hat ihiN laft laration oet the Emperor in aonfornabhle
to hid fIr tinltcation, an.' that i;. wil no n'nre
think of a vinsralry exchange fimillr to that which was
the fubjefcf. the conventll.. f J tnuary ., 1778.

Asp% relngablelsaia 44 a *

heala sad 01 .0 ll 00 t6 tnoh o
P i, and itera from it he.thl Iikq
it w the h aaot. Th. teh nceal tl
A. ltt d^filadnt 'wab t*
enevr 3. i repllo'to ld. re

faaiaf.'haaad(Tin put. Wfa th^ laN16d
cioM-xothink o 11 at thdii shi a Mfl irl(.'
dtiea nactidle to afte the ..fa= Abo vee t
tInoL which not beirn able to be fortalyy and tthalk
ally made t totally with tL deleclalas,' tAe bdpat
aftcwardsraiadoned It appeared, htowesr to be
a ftIdlhw0i'A 14th Jwy, applito ae dia
wtc, a I a4nIne i.pasl..-Mbiah h-idaiiahl fe lll .iL.
uanurt I he gan Mr, E, his note ir i39edl. 4e.4
2lq loaorytrt fix wikn, 4051th q il 4 nag
.l;t,1 ,ath i[". _til" #1 6 wkcr. Z Is)i it
i.rcbi; a c hck.t;S hi. baVpr, dated t; 24t4',,f
aol. and anoathrir, dated hie ij5h. for 3ool00 M
All theft the detail i i c.ilds crc a rO, l tharr
iltirrrcl -'a them hccordiri '!. At the'cimte oft l i
he tild B. that he nt l et him (the dcfndantj) i
money ,n trse tis te Pt(. when they D a.mi dkid
LatI ahcli E. ai-nrdfigly did; fo that tlhdefiltat
wag vae oe e tlAdlling i advance on a'dtanit 'lft
i:otes, apld yet charged inreien on the whole atdlg
had advanced all relh, and -never bhr.*asr d 4i*y.
Mr. H. in thi eourfa of his evid eha, whtda uas
narkably cleat and explicit, Was dfltousavfirlqn
to his k.nker's books. hot which wau hstnrly oipfe
but the ncdaant' coaofel, and wt not permitted by
the court.
Mr.. WVilfon, (who with the Recorder was ca
far the defendJnt) Dated to the court, eI yuil a
law, on which he infided the plaint 4tik, t 4a q
nan-fuit al viz that the vfilece did not prq ti
dargo laid in (le a4cl|aritlo,., The charf '
taking ufurioun interred un .lool. That the tr'fl
as proved, was a lean of 4ool A ooltad .
on thore fiams the lnteret was taken.n certnag1ti
gain was proved as to any (am ofoh, nor as
proved that any Faerious intqrce for h'f" fIu m
keo. That the Ipayments ma oe by I. t'thedtolaq
millet e pIled by hin to is he cId'aout, a*
evilrnce was given to Aw fro l6e ipplikatdo te
lturr.lban. '. -A. 'I *. ,i
i'r. Beareroft and Mr. Prikine, for theplhaltil, a
tended, that 4ke corrupt unaira waaMcft4-ta d mil
fur the 'ool. only, but the cafe Ited i the droise
titan, and Mr. I. was, that on a cr pt
c,,rrata relieaing re oan of oencr, the dcf.iads
to.nk ufurioum intreb on the Run dof. pol.-.*rhdt
Soul. advanced by way of note, wsa not in fa4 l
till the note becanw d,*c, and therefore t lat so tl
,or,l'dcrd asa dinBii loan, comanaril fro t
:,ae. If the originat1 p1 had been all cal,
plaintiff could not cta"nly' flutalinde the tosta
blut that paper can never be cnnoide d ar mntoy Ut
the money due on it a^tua lly pd, and it thea ih.
eome a difind anld feparate loan, to whildt the th
paot ef the mtar tio.n. is totally fwrtigi. Irht l
defendant has papably tranf ri'fed t law byroM
ldesing theoateai'a dlt froh th tMt or0iio
iuflead of th t w t ti hey'were duo. i' *' *
Mr. Jnatice aller (who tried toer caiftc)a.iLct
nnevr as y fpctific loan of Sook VYo eanarlil
an adion of ufii divide the contrai. If thlatfilr i
committed at. al it is on the whole contra&. Whar
is tint contraf t That the defendant should lent
oual. and that to -lake up that (fl, the aqtO c .1
ab taken as calh. o charge him, thtefora, *c i
uairy, you maqf, threw uf.rious jtinueA to have
'tr.kci on the who!e tum. If thl'pa p
beachess iet hlc t. t rehle the frfe;iare he wht
o tooL T ih t not tie contrada lIated l aihrt
tlon, tad I cain feyir ate 1 into dl t 0 *g ..
There being ido conoit i the declirattl eon "to
cait, acerding to the ries laid down by 'd lIi
Judge, the Plaintiff wasr i on-f ld.ed.
Caunfel for plaintiff Mr. IBercrot, Mr.' SV.
Mr. Morgan, ad M. Lawe. '
or defidant. The Recordet, and Mr. Wlst
We iaw given the above to miceha*t la It K"
very neatly concerning the eomntrcial wM rid,
to the law ald the fdi; O the latter ms eoina
need be made-hey fak tor themiferl *

A LL Palbroi havin l destnmda Uhitu*s
Mr. AL, XANI,, Ro02eit0 a dieMA l
.offli IovW,' are deflired to f itS
their cialm, p aperty atteted, .w
111d 11 t to
at- a t "gg,a

i --- -- -I --flff

m _. IlunaI

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