Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 20, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. III. T H E No 95;



From SATURDAY, MAY 20, to SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by Jon WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

European Intelligence. P'"iyed in going to balls, concert*, and mnque already been mentioned. On the Eaft coat it wa
rades. Hitherto the Imperial CommilTary ha felt, but without thunder, and much lefs violent.
not opened to the Diet tie buflntfa relative to The following circumnfance has caufd an alarm
L 0 N D 0 N, JANUART 7. lavaria; he has been taken np in concluding a to the merchant, &c.-A gentleman of fome
rrT E claim madevby Major Sheridan to the private agreement with the Comtrs de Truchen, eminence in the Hamburgh trade, received a let.
1 title of Lord Whanton, will be fisbmitted to lot the porchafe of the lands and lordlhlps of ter fiom a correspondent abroad, with the Ham.
the Committee of Privileges in the course of the that family, which has at Ingth been fettled at burgh poft mark, and dcfcrlhing a person whom
next frilion of Parliament. 'he funm of two millions of Imperial flor;n. But he informed the gentleman had defrauded him of
It cannot have efeaped the recolletion of the as foon as the bufinefe of balls and concerts Is upwards ,of 3oo00. and that he had received cer
public, that the Sieur Battineau made mention concluded, then the Prince deTaxit is to propief tain intelligence of thedefrauder being frequently
of his discovery for the afeertainment of the dil. to the Diet for their consideration, two .try im. on the Dutch walk in the Royal Exchange, and
tancea of flips and land, even when Co far off as piortant points, recommended by the Emperor reqtffing that no noife might be made ; but if
nearly two hundred leagues. The learned met Iis master: One, the Elrdinin of a King of the he courd inite the party, who had every appear-
this pretenron to knowledge with contemptuous Itomalni, upon which the 'e.' ,br cannot porccd ance or a gentleman, to dine with him, and bring
drrifin ; and fome of the public papersendea- without the previous approliba!;i of the Diet; him to return the amount, he might furnilh him
poured to hold up the difcoverer an a mark for the other the change of lavri.i, and the erec- with the lum of ool. and fend him about his bu-
idlicile. Yet, fuch are the present circumltances tion of the circle of Burgundy int a kingdom, in fnefs, for he was a near relation. The gentleman
of this affair, that the Sisur Battineau is now favour of the Palatine family. To both of theft accordingly kept a IAronglookout for fomedays,
ea the point of obtaining his full revenge, and tw, p opoltions, hut particularly to the latter, a and at aIt met the perfon described, invited him
of feeling all the fneertri defert from the oppo- formilhble opposition will be made by thofe home to dine with him, and previously gave no.
fte tide, to enlift under his banners. Having lor Princei who have already acceded, or who in- tice to his family to quit the table as lion as the
fame lime fuiferted the Journalifts to banter on, teal to accede to the hermnay Le .gue, over cloth was withdrawn. After dinner, the gentle-
he at lnith feizes upon one of their fraternity, which, however, the oppofte interest appears fo mal opened the reason of the invitation, and ae-
(Albe tie 'ontenai) the author of the General fiirr f prrcailing. that the Eleclor of Palatine quainted him with the knowledge he had of the
Journal of France ; and, turning him over to the fC m:r It be already taking meafnres with refpec0 defraud; on which the culprit expreffed great
Chiatlct, requires that this Atb6 he coldemnil Ito the internal reconnmy of the government and futlpife, breed for God's fake that it might not
to undergo the putnilhimnt of retraeling paa.- as my of Itavari, which would never have been be made public, and he would comply with his
graplh inlrted in tine of hiN papers, a hiinf; n- thon.lit of, if the idea of exchange h.d not 1b en defire, and accordingly delivered Bank Notes
jiniuIs to the rdicovery and to its author ; and ftartln -His Electdr.l Hihaeofs has a-tlally bi;t- neilyI t, the amount of 3ooel. The merchant
t!:a,, hcncefoirivnrd, lie I.all remain forbidden o tedo Munich, the Capital of HRiari, in onl', to actcordinrly gave him a draft forool. on his ban-
write concerning matters which he does not un- rreire to Dniieldorp, where he mean to wait the krt, wlich was received. The next morning the
derfland. iile of an affair, which is to proe-re him a Crown. gent' wont to his banker to place the bani
So far the ,hnfinefacarrier wih it only an air of In all hia allons oflate, he rfemi,) o hew a nmch t.ires to his account, when, to his great fir-
py ifltr ; ,but, foon, we HllJil perceive it altime greater inclination to facilit',r. the accomplilh- prize, he found they wcrecounterfeited. He im-
a nor'l fri'u and inteiclting complexion. IIn meant of the Imperor'. plan, hv which he will mediattly Cent to his correfpondent the letter
conlrlirllrce of this difpiite, the Sicur Battincat barter a dncal for a regalcrown, than he dil ronme pinves a forery, and the whole turns out to be
pri ile Mnmori.l, wherein, to the utter confu- time ago, when the treaty for that puinpofe was 1 plot fin ted by a gang of villains, divided, fome
ior (cf bhh6 de Fontetai, he divulges the means fi il proposed to his late prerdceifor, and to him- on dillf rent parts of the Continent, and other
of u I.ih he avails himfc.ll', in order to difery lips felt, by the Imperial Court. here.
andi, at the diftalre of between an hundred DI,/l*n Coll.e, Deceir'er to. otterss Patent A new Prophet hath lately rifen up in the Eaft
anl fifty and two huhdlcd Icapues. He proves, have been piled under the Great Seal of Ireland, of Moomiinlde, who bids fair to rival even the
alfo, Ihit thefe means ate nfrlClv congenial with grant ing the dignity of Vifcount of this kingdom great Mahomet himself. His name is Beft, and
one of the great laws of nature, but have, as yet, to the Riht Hon. Edmund Sexton Pery, by the he was formerly in Shoreditch workhoufe, where
mloft unactountably escaped the observation of name, tile, and title of Vifcount Pery, of he was diflinguilfhd for his curious works in
the ablcft navigator. B; thife means can be Newtown-Pery, near his Majcety's city of Lime- fraw, and for having fuch a remarkable memory
diltinguiilhed ll ips in view, their distances their rick. as to be able to repeat the whole of the bible. Am
varion'; evolutions, the rapidity of their failing, Letters Patent have alfo been paflid under the ingnious fiicnd, knowing the importance of fuch
and other particulars. From there federal infights, Great Seal of this kingdom, appointing the Right eminent talents, parttrularlv in that region of the
the Sicer Battineau has collected together into lion. John Beresford, the Right Hon. John town, advised him to quit the workboufe, and
one point, a novel and extraordinary fcicnce, in- Monck MAroh, Sir Iercu'ts Langrifhe, B5rt. very generoufly invited Mr. Beft to live with him.
titled, A'lnfropia; the whole of which a Memo- Robert Rof., Eftl Oervais Parker Bthe, Etli; In a few days the Ma* of StraI became a Con.
tin, iflt ready fr distribution at Paris, will clear- he lion. Richard mHly Hutchinfon, and the Hon. inrtr, and he is now the fubjei ofas much won-
ly ethcidlte to the public. The author, an advo. Riciard Agnefley, to the Commiiiioners of blrs ,cr as ever was the Cock-lane Ohoft-He is a
care of the Parliament of Paris, has already much Majelty's Revenue in this kingdom. perfect Tree ofKnowledge-he has texts of fcrip.
dillinuiih,-d hinifelf by writing federal fervicea.hlc lendAn, 7nnar, y r (. Stati that have grh1t true which apply to all men, and all women, and
ar. ii: crilung timoriali. Not merely perfons power feldom want ambition i and the Emperor all things; and all depart fully fatisled of the di.
ofth Ii eitinmation in the republic of Ilterattare of Germany Is faid now to have the finet and beft vine operations of grace, and the unerring in-
but lilnie 'fthe lnr nattial characters In France, disciplined army thAt the Hoife of Auflria ever fluence of spiritual communication. He takes no
to whom the memormi has been communicated, pfrlefredt. With thii force, anti the affetlions of money; but thofe whom God hath bleffed with
bare, after a careful pe rfal, declared themielvts his fibje a, which he fo eminently polefftes. he afllennce m.y leave their donations with his land.
perltitiy crnVnined of the reality of the dinewvery may wellbe'fuppofed to form great defigns and lord, juft to pay the expense of his infpirations I
and throuriht themfel ce bondd to remark, that It is probable that he will direct the fury of his for it cannot be fuppofed that heavenly melen-
thore wihl may hereafter rted rf it, iuit enter- armn agalnft fich of the neighboring plates as gers, and celrftial exprelre, are to come all the
lain the fime firm opinion of its validhy. 'Some mn.aybe promptd, by their relpettive InterelRt, way to Moorfelds, at this feafon of the year,
obstacles mtay, perhaps, p:efent themselves against to op oft his favourite prnjg for the exchange of without Come compensation for their travelling
the attempt for a general circulation of this the- Bava r. charges.
itorial, %,hch thpoblic of all States will, doubt- The weather lat week was perhaps the moft amrnrr i. Captain Corner of the Fog
kls, I ok fr with avidity; but which France. etrordfnary for the fesfon that this part of En- Packet, wih had the honour to carry out Oe
will, in alikelih6d fttive to police o M i opehaitwer beer witness to. Thnder and light- neral Sloper to Bengal, is expected home i
iernflf. fin 'n at the time offroR and heavy fnow, are phe. abolit fix weeks: it Is taid Sir John turgoylne
.nk~nirf, D iWnrj .tl Great expediatins femi na inour lialld; yet theft' absolutely nap-. d Mr. George Dallas are palrener-the latter,
ref lomeid from the refolt aebfthe Dier of'tIt opened at one atd the lame time. The Thilbe as the avowed agent ofthe Biti abitantsat
LEapire, wrirh hliu 'laty 'r atittM 'hltddlbb flt*te, whlch carried Lord Keppel to Italy, on Calcutta, armed with full powers-hl olje,. ta
tioni. The Prince of Taxit, tlie filI'mpetrta hretradn' net with the fPme orm at the chops hbtain a repeal of Pitt's odious India IqWtdii.
Conlaiffa is alitally rrledat Ratlion,asare ottc li (tanel, which proved lb fatal to the Hill.-Is there friend to liberty, who doe
bifothe M Ml eraft lbme fbtt' of'Seklfl,l rto Hrl ten I talfidn*man. The lightning came not ardently wi(h hin hbnea exertigns mayr
the Ele Palatine, and'the Duk; do Deui- b with fuch violence i to ftrie the men down crowned with ficcest?
Ponts; ltthe pblblc cmLtd, oftleOertamtn upha the deck, the' luckily thet fron recovered. The acquittal of rJohnBtlargeuO t folLE
t will at their prtoxifcllK' p woce Wr flow- T~h rst 'sfte frlit, thd the raggig torn from as certain ftro the ofll. or f the har e Agr
AI. A humorous wltreir iMd, I tht e t t hI tlhtei;lb fi tomrle it uetflary to cut them quite him. There being a Afsjod ear,4 ttetil-
tfthe fitting o6lfe GOeBrmarBiwt'mstightedNid- away to clear the wreck.. Ait. Ives, in Corn- cal language yike It, the Court
E into thrcellrtt the fvit oald be take up ,all, the' lightnrtlt and thilder were terrible; inevitable.
diftes p about Oit ch dtey, the second in balls, but they prec ded the fnow, which was after. The ediA of the Emperor Is now at retl amio.
ad the third ilranfatll!ng funef. At prefet wards remarlbly heavY for federal hours. In the paroyfms of appreheanfla lthl It produced
ttrtt p art ithe huflnef is dispatched, and Mount Bay svrtil wells wert drove on Ihore. have happily fiblded. The Maicheter folks
"Hw i the Members of the Diet are a4ually cm- The daUges at Falmouth sad Plygouti have liavaetperieced audimiaution of tade, an thg

tuttle Ries through the loom as merrily s ever- 1 to the new Fort, on hosrd of which fall be two fe li'htlf to r.-fure Iwr rffl.w fr iu/fal a dls a.
The King of Preia and Piince Ferdin.?rd are at receivers and two clerks, whoihall vifit all veffelI year, attended too with the power an patlrnape
this time on the moll amicable footing. This t'ling tsp or down the Schrlalt. of 1; exalted a filtiation, as that of Oovernour.
puzzles the politicians of Europet anl extraor- 1 hat a third finllkr vtelt Ilie l lie trationed at : i'eral. A manor Lord Macartney'sunqtirftion.
dinry enough it certainly is, that fuch a reconci- the fame place with two other clerks for the pr- cd independency in politics, cannot have felt any
liati6n Ihoold take place, after a trrrtulial dila- pofe if examiining all vefiels failing tip the Scheldt party dif~lt arainft the prefent inlnifry, who
agreement ever fine. the peace of 176. for Hrabant. have honoured hilm with the Brnt poaintment in
The Malquia of Baden, who, according to the Lomdrds, F'ebrunrr In this age, fobarrn of their gift and that too in oppollion to the rxre
laft advices from Germany, has rrfled to ac:e !e true patriotili, inviolate fidelitv to party i, f-.h- tion* of Mr. Ilattings' friends, the great initru.
to the Emperor's proposition for the exchange of fituted as the teR of a fair pnhlir charaaer. Tlhe ments of aggrandivtil, and eftabliliing them in
Bavaria, poll. ffe even fertile Provinces, fitua- laft praise all allow Mr. Fox and, taking in view power. To what then, fays a correfpondtnt,
ted between Bale and Philipfburgh. and has large the whole tenor or hi comndn,, he ir not unlh- are we took for the real motive of his ILrdfhip'
ellatcs in the Palatinate, in Bohem ia, in Bhrgan, ferving of the frt. It i; fnpofcd th.t he lof the i co:ndlt ? A man of Lord Macartwey's known in.
and Luxemburgh. Royal Favour by his fIrcinuims rexerion in lop. terrlity, whofe firn care it has been to deliver is
Col. St. Leger, who lately made to confpir-nous pin off fome dangerous excrefreance of power. the mull explicit account of all the meafisres por.
a figure in the elegant circles of beau monde, who He was displaced a, a Miinier an a pretence fued and all the pro"rerty acquired by him in India,
was the confidential friend of an iltuftrionil perfo. which cnild hardly he avovrlr b y ancv nttyfor cannot have heen a'Flatled by any terror of that
tlage, and fpent hit fortune in keeping np his ting attorney ; anil lii room is nwr fll,',l p Ivy rilifallrin, which has excited fich alarming dif.
connedion, is now in Paris, where lie drives a men who re as opponite to imn in th-ir prirr;. cintentsin ItengRal. It couhll only be influectid
one horfe chaife. pies, as they are inferior to him in knotkl'dger, hy pitih!bcaifes ; annd perhtlpl we cannot he muck
The verdict obtained laf term by the Earl and vitour, and alilily. at a lots to cnijeslncr what they mult have been
Contiefs of Sal;lbury. against the Printer if a The di(rannteit and eo'mlinamtioiq an Tlolia t1. if ie recolle,?thteleadilin/mrfireo h is Lt.r Inlip's
Daily Paper, for inadverlently copying a article ready prove the imno':cy of the M1inlsflr': hill t aovrnment.--'l he cnombinat:in io the Nalob's
gofsly rcniing on her Ladylhii's characer, and time, it we may indre of the rnatnre rtoom tie creditorts aftrr th- death of .ord Pigot, had load-
gives general fatisfaaion, as It not only affiordld p.ft, will alfo difcoer the impropriety of others e,! it without control in the govwlrnment of Ma.
the fulleft vindic tion of unfililied honour, but of his mcartire, nt vet frlly anld fairly tried. i draft. To trlth that comhillatlon was Lord Mac-
will tend in folae measure to check the too liccn- A memorial i' laid to have been delivered to artney particularly fent out from this country.
tious condic of the pnblilc prints. the Marquis ofCarrmarthen, Iv the Prtnllin Am- The provinces which had been affigned by the
We cannot help rlc'rting on that barbarous bhalodor, flatin, that his master has at afll taken Nahob to P. and hi. conf iterates, his Lord-
and rapacious crlltom of the tinnert of Cornwall, the decided refolation of reinflating his nr.hew l lip reiorered to the Company. But thrfe dero.
who f,,ck to the lhore on the ritf alarm of a fltip- the Stadtholdier, in all his right in tile Untitred ted conrtries the R,,ard ofContronl thrllght pro.
wreck, and in the molf inhuman manner, carry Provinces, and reqinetinag to know what part per again to rtflore II their former happy livle of
away every article that is call up ; vtn the unfor- Greit-Btitain will lake in hil mealftren. ivafrTlare nnle Mr t1. Immediately onthereceipt
tunate fiIffirers are inhumanly ripped, and fbmnie The recent ficefflm nt the Rev. lMr. llolnme, of theft order,., hli I. ardllip haftened to Fort
times deprived of that life, which the raging of the Ine of Wight, brings an acceflion to the William, to n(qnetl of the Supreme Council the
billows have pared. Ohferv. the coniuln of the Mint'ler of four or five Memers. fufpenlion ,o t'herni till he could paperly repre.
people of Scotland, and fee the hofpitahle manner To thtir fecederis, is to Ie addlred, iir Philip fnt at homme the latalconfclquencesof finrh. men.
in which the) have adted during the late dreadful Jenninzi CIrrke. IPat. who s. 'lk wifcle left the fa"e. But while he was there till waiting the
floint ; they left their common occuniations, and Oppofitio:n, and inined the M;nifler. event of this atpplication, and was preparing to
few with their horfes and carts to the a.iitanice The Amh.affadrl r fitim the li-y of, Tripoii, la'e. rome in pefion t( remonfiralt on the farlii h ere,
of their fellow creatures, and adminiltercd eve y ly arrived in London, is come oerr for i l pur- lhat m-it' tve l n lhi fuirp ire to find himfeif
cinitort in thlir powcrto thole I'lhappy men who pore of concllding a treaty of Ii' petalt n-ity f' lei'ted, as (Govesnoui of Bengall, ta carry into
had rfi-aped the fury of the waves. between the Court of Grcat-B1it.l;a and the exenreion thole very i.rlers, which were to tub.
Lettcrs from Cadiz, dated Jan. a, mentions, Regency of that place. vert every thint that ie had hern lalbnring to
that two large American inips had bren taken the A petition is come over from the lnMa 1 of: e 'rl fitne Hli armsvi: in India? Thus circuiltan.
latter end of lat monilt in the atailt mouth by Jerfey, praying a ifpcr'! accoinmmm! aioin of tthe i crd. he fpritelly .idl lihnouraly.y chore rather to
three Algerine sehbcka, after ant engagement of commercial fylenm %rvith France. i cline he the Ii-li fRiaatiin oifrtred to him, than
near four hours. flor mt:ch are the Americans fallen in the become the agent in dilgracigi himlilf, and am
antary a o The appearance at the drawing;1- opinion of mankind ? They h aie been qilurrellih,: .uccrll'ary in rr-clla -lilh;ii the power of that eor-
room on Ihe Qen's Birth D!ay wasthte monll plel- with the mother coinil:ry for a Ihadow, by which rnpt confpiracry. whlcl it had been his glory to
did we have ever witnefell; anI it In not bo.itIng til y have loft the flilltin.te I' Ireak, anil which he well knew mipit, by the
to fay, that no Clourt in Europe cniill exhibit We are informed., Adminiiftra.tion ar, Irn in exampr of itnl fati rfs, encourage. he e intrigice of
a fce.c more fatiicb, in point of drnf;, or more Inliorcine the Favigarl;n Ast ilth the Americt-an. avarice and ipecilalion in every other quarter of
wonderful, from the iunhmbr of clegantl and 1 he French are eqitlli floffile tolhlcir trade, whcn Hindotao, tl' the f-rno, hall rhlre with the cam.
besntiful women who graced it. i pu' in competition with tat of their own fiaiei'os. i plete ilefrutitioa of the Britila intreft in our
Their Majellien, with tnc Princrf-. Royal, Prin- : The Spaoiards cannot admit them to trade with 'fairef aind mnll extenfive pofilti mns.
cefs Angulfa, and the fict aal other Princet. and their colonies, from a iea'oufy of ontaglioin to their The 'Publbe mva he aflured, trom the beft author
Princeffes, made their appear.ince ia n this brilliant American fettlenients ; and even the piratical rity that the latl accounts from the Fall Indies, fi
Affembly atl abut two (c'lk ; hilt the I'-inccfs Staten of Barbary fet them at ilefince, and pre- far from beiC" difitrrecable, are of the mint fa-
Elizabeth remained at Biickingham l ifulc, on vent their commerce in the MriliterrareiIn. vourable kind, which will loon be made pub-
account of her indlipofition. The firplai of the taxrs, exclhfive of the hhpl lic.
The ii nmmations in the ball-trom, adnic I much tax, by the account mule oit for the IHoul< of The membersof the prerfnt eabinet are the bit
to the fp' edid appearance of the AflOnibly, but Commons, appears to lie i,793t47-61. t. 3- t. No friends of laitain, andl they are the very favioiur
the room bring two mall far tlhe c-impany, fevc- wonder, then, that the mitlikr is fit atnxiin to nf all our caftern tpff-f',nit. Ha thIe late well
ral Ladies flxffered very much from the inconve. communicate the ntews an.11, mnlefs tfsething known India Ilill been enforced in Hindoflan, all
nience of their fitnation. imtarteial Oould happen, the Pailiament, not- the Britllh inhhabitrnts of it wonhl have been up
The Prince of Waleq attended early ; he was wrtlhllandin the laten-f of its meeting, will in in arm.s, and the Pr nes living in the vicinity do
in the room be'ire nine, and converltd with fe- all irobahility rife before May next. our poffillioin bheholling the difinited andlciitical
veral ot the l.tdie,. Ikiteahll, February 4. The King has been condition (of ror affairs, would have interptfed
Their Majelties and the PrincefTes, preceded piafed to grant the dignity of a Raronet of the and driven us out of Alit. Mr. Pitt's Iull ohvia-
by the Lord Chamte lain, ,nnd attended by tihe kingdom of Oreat Britain to J,.hn Sinclair, of tedallthefemisfoittinei. It ives moderate wealth
federal Officers and La.liis who make up the Ulbeferr in the county ofCaithes.i, Plt.l tothe and felicity to all who chorl fi to enjoy them ; and
RoyalSuiteof the Palae.e, cameinto the ball-ronom heirs male of his body lawfully begotten; with nonecomp ain of the want of them bit thofewhl
at about nine, and fainted fich Ladies as tal cmainilers federally to the lb i and every other oppnfethe meat'ire, merely b-calue it Itandsia
within the fpacc affinetd for the dancers. on and faon fucceffively of Hanilah Sincl.air, his the Read of h;s predeceli r's Rill, to whick
The Ball was opened by a Minurt, danced hy elleft daughter, and of Janet Ranclair, another of fome conditions or patrons of their's were
the Prince of Wales and the Princefa Royal. HL hil danughtcrs, and their refpetiv heirs male, friendly.
Royal Higknefr danced a second minuet with the St. y'.7aes', Ferunar a. i his day his Ecel- That manyof the Members ofoppofition Iholld
Princess Auguita. L'llaiee Ahdrahaman, Ambaliado from Tripoly, begin toftel nearly at the duration and profpe
The Country Dance, commenced as foon as the had his firit audience of her Maefty. rity of Mr. Pitt's Adminiftration is noting won-
min',ets were concluded. L.nnon, Feriuarry 6. What crmbinatlins and derfuil. They have reafr to think, that while
Their Majeties retired foon after even o'clock. ititriignes with native or foreign Princ's, the I.,ia he choofestocontinue at the helm of affair, it wil
and the Ball clhfd, but it was very late before Rill, which treats Britili fnbjeda in India lilk I in vain for them to attempt getting into office.
the apartments were cleared of the company. proadial flaves, may produce, it is difficult to They fee, that upder his Adminliration, public
The mnst remarkable person at the ball, wa. conjedure, and time may foon discover. Btil it credit is re-etahlilhned, commerce flourishes, the
the Ambafbdfar from Tripoli, attended by his Page is eafy to forefee, that if it be long kept in force, revenues are encealed, and Britain begins to bc
f Honor and Seeretarj all of them were drefed a mutual connivance will take place among the highly refpetted among foreign nations. Their
in the habits of their country, and appeared much Britif flibi,4 s in the Eaft. They will make haltt beft hope, therefore, is fat defiasr "
delighted and afltiilhcd at the crowd of beauties to fccure their property, and to retreat Aith it An Arret has pasfedthe feal of France, in virtue
that furrdanded them ; nor were they lefs objeda out of the Britifh into fmoe other dominions. of which, all foreigners, of any religil whatever,
of wonder to our faircountrywomen, who beheld We IliAll not need, in that event, to complain of will be enabled to fettle in Francet l d puircbab
with admiration, the venerable beard of this the influx of Aiatic wealth, and the number eo lands, &c. as natives. This t don ith rfie*
great Plenips. Member.n in the Houf of Commons that are made to encourage foreign manufaArturers, and will e
Hqtau, Fanary sy. The States Oeneral have by or are under the influence of Nabobs. thinly be the mean of improving the kingdom.
come to the following resolutions with regard to The three companies of Artillery, which have The .Driid'Ar4 ais is otsirely give up by the
the Ihatting up of the Schcldt, and levying the been for fome time pat in garrison at Jamaica, French Meoarch.
accustomed duties when Lillo Ihall be put into are-- after long toils and dangers paft"-fafely In the treaty which Mr. Eden it ttcos"
the hands of the Aultriansi arrived at Woolwich.-Confideritin the service 'dude at Paris, the lreatftdificultt siUoc
'That a new fort (hall be erected at KadcBatche they have feen, their numbers have not been in the articles of wine and brandy as t
In South Beveland, with a Cultom.hoste. where greatly decreased finm they left this country, cambric, France will never to much me*ntlo
all veffels navigating the Ealt or Welt Scheldt, which we are informed was chiely owing to the it, because the ufe of, cambr would not well be
Ohall be obliged to touch and pay duty, beddes uncommon attention paid by the oMccers tohe more general in England, thogt were adltt
which a veffcl hall be stationed at Saftingen, with health of the privates- under aneafy dty, than it is at pllnat; andmo
two clerks belonging to the faid Catom-houfe on The return of Lord Macartney in the present of it could notbe iet tothis co than is nowl
board, for the purpose of visiting all vcffels co- crisis of our affairs in the aft,feems likely to give consequently the taking off the iohibtion hab
ing from Holland and Zealand. rife to much political speculation. A man of Lord cannot be a ground for requirlt nce to make
That another vld gF I be tUtioned oFpoflte Macartncy', moderate fortune cannot be fuppo. any couelion to s in return, t fhmuiggvli

win*e l.ded, is more difficult thin that of cam-
ic; all upon this article it is that we may ne
fliate with advantage to ourfelves. But Portu-
nlmay be dilyatilled at the introducion of
Ifrnch wines under an eafy duly, because they
might beat the Port wines out of the market. Por-
tuial, however, cannot he injured by fuch mnc-
furel for let the duties on French wines be what
they may, there of Port wines muut, by treaty,
bone third lower. The Port wine brought isto
this kingdom amounts remnFuniiibu anni to four.
ie, thoufand tons a year ; and the confunption
ofwhat is called Port, but in falf fephiflicated
wine under that unme, does not hall Ilsort of lilty
Iboufand tons ; fo that let the French fend twenty
r thirty thnufind tons of their wine into Eng-
and, Still there will be more vent for Port than
bortugal can well furnilh ; and the lofs to the
revrnue by the lowering of the duties on the latter
will eo made up by the duties payable on the
reait qnantitil of Frenca wines that will be then
imported. But the grcal difficulty will he with
refpei to French brandy; fil tluitd the duty otn
that be lowered considerably, Co muft the duty
on Rums, or our own colonies, which ought and
mull have a preftience, would be greatly injured,
if not absolutely ruined, Ihould the duties on
Rumns be lowered in proportion i then the rcve-
nue would be very much diminished, and Fiance
would not think herfelf benefited, as the rum
would be imported onfilch terms, asto hea fuc-
crfful rival in falc to brandy. Here then it is
that the public hA* a right to exped that Mr.
Eden will encrt all hi' abilities to reconcile the
interrflt, both of the Wilt.India Iflands and the
rtetnue, with thofe upon which the French mi-
tilner may think it his duty to Sand out fome
time. In order to bi ing the negoclation to a hap-
py concitifon, it will be neccllary for both fides
to make citintllins anid certainly the lowering
the duty on French brandy and wines m.y be fair-
ly balanced by a limilar dedCltie oa the part of of the duties payable on the inipotation
inththat country of Blitilh goods, whichh are now
fubjea to d equal al .ft to a prohibition ;
and, if o(,i inim er act wU' ly and judlicolufly, it
is poflib!e tat tie F bench cal, in t m ybe induced
not only to ad uilndr ely dit1is, uIth articles
of Blitilh gtovo or tan lltif u as aie .ow ini-
portable into nce ulldi very he ivy duties, but
alfoto take t the prol.ition on ouers which
are now to band Piethaps evtn Ram might
bm mute ii rtable into the French dominions,
tothe gilec ienit of or \Wrf Inldia Plantcr.
,buary. A new police is to be ercdted on
the 'lies of the Board of Tride fir Mr. Jcnk n.
fou, iand le is t I be introduced into the Iloufe of
LcrtI aInl Cabinet as Secrelatr of Stals for Trade.
Mrs. Fi tzhrbert p.ys a hundred guinteas for
her box it the Opera Iloulk, from which it may
be pufilmel, t tie c.'nnrcli.lln and fui'e of
Ihat i.dlv hlve ie.if, air, IC inceating, and not
liklIy ,. le diminitl
Londn, ~ 8 It is faid that the comn
riercial tieaIty et ei Great-Britain and Prance
i fir Iht prrfent a fland I M. Vergennes tl c
Frtc ih Mi, fler ufing to proceed ti: lie is fully
acqia tled whi articles Mr. Pitt purposes com.
u'inlg, It bhis pretty well underRood that tu:n
is one fhof ir Minifler has in contemplation,
a'd the ,bil ing of the duty and excife thereon
will iakr it come fo r.caf)nable to the confumner,
that the cunning Frenchman forefees it will be
impotffiic to import brandy on the fame reafona-
hlettrmn; iiclh article, with their winery, is the
irintipal nhit the French with toget introduced
February The plan of finance, which Mr.
Pit will brf before the Houfe in the course of
thi week, flated to be as follows: A commif-
ion to be it nominated and then confirmed by
the li ide a clear miion of money to be flt
upa" foran immediate purchife of fock, as the
Iofe llhail molt approve of; with a pofiti e pro-
tilon of a million every ensuing year; the whole
Manatner lo be left entirely with the Commif-
loners, wit Itany miniflerial interference what-
When it i confiJered that by the above fcheme
the market will have a million more of money,
and a r:illiin, and an half lefs of fock than it has
'tprefent, the inference is clear, that it muft fill
r~e the funds, and support the elevation firmly
BYa letter fiom Paris we are informed, that
the Comte de Mirabeau, fo well known for his
Trlile on the Lettres de Cachet, his doubts on
the cheldt, considerations on the order of Cin-
tal i, the E en of the Btnk of St. Charles at
leind, &c. & b. having chosen Pruffi for his
a'ylm, was fi at as he Wats affing through
lee, on his to thee of his destination,
In mpany a lady, his Ion, and a cham-
l flgh wounded the poltil-
Sand the aflmnihavng mifed their blow,
de their ef I It 1k remarkable that the at-
tnist was madman the neihbourhood ofthe place
".Thre M. de ecaumarchils has his maguificen

printint.houfe; and au the Count In hit lIa works
has not pared the author of Figaro, that aentle-
man's eluemlcl have not ferupled to ac a feaim f
thi atrocious critic. But his Innocence was Coon
We are affured, that the Emperor hu ordered
all his Miniflera at the different CoIIrtsof the Em.
ire to require a categorical afwer from the
Princes to the following question, viz. Whe-
ther they have acceded to the German confide.
ration, or whether they mean to accede to it ?"
n order i given nfiomathe War-Ofcefor all
officers ableat with leave from regiments now on
duty in any of the garrison out of Great-Britain,
to return to their refpedtive corps the very lrit
Cadi., Fb. 4. The coaft about here fwarml
with Alperirn Corfairn, who fop every fitip they
meet with, except the Englilh ; they have within
there tendays taken and fent toAlgiers three large
Amer can hips of a4, tons burthen each, with
reven paffenters on board.
ranviter, 7auary IS. Commodore Colby,
comntander ofthe Englils fijuadron in the Medi
tcrranean, arrived here yecerday with the fleet
under his command. He instantly claimed the
fifth flute due to the Britifh flag, which was rea-
dily con.plied with. The objed of his vift is
provifin. and afterwards he fails for Gibraltar.
hfbitrhall, Fibruary aS. The King has been
rlealel to Brant the dignity ofa Marnlis of the
kingdom of Great-Britain to the Right. Hon.
(r.aniill Levefion, Earl Gower, Knight of the
moft nble order of the Garter, and the heirs
male of hi body lawfully begottcn, by the name,
ft) I and title of Malquis of the county of
I.mJao, March r. A Court of Directrs are
fumminied for this day at the EaR India Iloule,
in .eadenhall frcct, to consider of the appoint-
sent of fImie fubbordinate officers under the
(Coverrnour General of Bengal, who are to go out
with Lord Curnwallis.
Auaich, a. Lorl Dunmore has certainly decli-
ned the acceptance i.fthegovernment of Jamaica,
and it is ftonily afferted, that Governour Orde
will have it.

fPficaml to a Decree of Il1 MXsjrAj'a (aril of
Yc--Adoiralta, will be Sold, for laaly ;.n,
on MoeDAY ealt, ithe 1tlh injain, at Twerhve
o'CIj, at ltl Vanuov t H')U. .
The Scuotsai
Burthen about thirty tons, a new
vffeel, fails remarkably fitl, and is
exceedingly well calculated for. a
1er, or Packet among the Iflands; condemned
for breach of the laws of trade
Mlrnlal C.
Nfa, May 27, 78I6. V l-I
Fox LON I N,
7'. Sail thel f Ji a ntvt,
The B lolsntMa
ALIxANWft M'B1 1DI, Malter:
For Freight of Cot n, or Pafage,
he Maer on hoard, or to
K'ailau, May a', r:86.
,To Sail in Ti Daqr, ..s
The Baici i oi
Hag good accommoda ions for Paf-
fengers. For Palffge, apply to
Nafau,, May z6, rst6.
C IVE NOTICE, that tI re ia a ecelity for
immediately fettling d rloing all their
Accounts up to the Iit of th intant May ; they
therefore call upon all Perfon debated to them,
to pay off their ref c ive A nts, and thofe
hang demands agatt them, t exhibit the fame
for payment.
.Q Thofle fill in arrears to the Elate of
Tromsa Doew deceased, and who paid no atten-
tion to former advertlfements, may expect to be
fued, without further ceremony or delay.
Najas, May an, j186.
A Perfon well acquainted h buliners, and
Sn particular with poiln f Books, takes
thi opportunity of olIng l fervices n the
eiaming, eating, or ttling o adding debts
fo for drawing out ndentu Contra of
Agreement, or any Intricate e whatever.
Fr further particllare enquire of Mr. HMol

O N the 27th of February, in the Houfe of
Commons, Mr. Pitt, Chancellor of the Ex-
chequer, moved "- That it ii the opinion of this
" llinfr, that it is neeeflhry for the defence of
" this kingdom, and to enable the leets of tchi
i' country to at olffenrively abroad,that the Dock
" Yards at Portfmouth and Plymouth should be
" fortified." At fe-en o'clock the next morn-
Ing, the Houfe divided ipon the motion ; Ayes
19, Ntioe 169. It was then rtrrred to the
Speaker's calling voice, who gave it against the
reflution confequently the Minlfiry have loft
the question.
The Antigna Chronicle of the tifl of April
contains the following extra of a lette- from
I.nndoo, dated March r: i It is reported ftrong-
" ly, that the Prince of Wales is privately married
" to a Mrs. Fitzherbert, which has made muck
" noifr. It is faid, he does not deny it."
The Cyrus armed Ship, Capt. Johnfon, funk
al iot the rSth ofl af month, in lix fathom waters
off Barbados. She had been repaired at Englilh
Harbour. and was to have carried the Lady of
Admiral Sir Richard Hughes to England.
Some Sailors who lately came to this town,
making an unusual display of gold watches,'fpe-
cie, &c. excited fufpieien ; they were taken lip
are now confined, and have undergone a firit
examination, the result of which we are not yet
epprlzed of. The talk out of doors is, that they
belonged to the Brig Friends Adventure, Apple-
ton, of Liverpool, from New York for Jamaica
which was driven ashore on Sandy Key, at the
Wef End of lahama, the nsth cf March lafts
and went to pieces in a violent gale from the N.
WV. on the i6th or ryth of laft month t that om
the sath of April, a Spanifh Ship and Brig were
alfo driven ashore on the fame Key; that the Brig
was got off, and that the Crew of the Sh;p went,
on board of her. The Ship is laid to he from La
Vera Crlz, with a very valuable cargo. Several
refftls h ive gone from hence to the wreck. Is
our next, we hope to give more fatisfaldory
Information refpeting this matter, which for
lievral days paft has engaged the attention of the
T he Brig Charming Folly, Burton, out so days
from Martha Biae, for Shelburne, called off this
pot on Thurfil.y, and after getting on board fome
provisions and water, yesterday proceeded on her
MARRIAGE.-Dodlor MiCHst. GianT to
ltift ANsP Bcowa, Daughter of the Hon. John
Brown, Efquire.
fay at. Sloop Sally, Cole. Charlefoa
Brig Live-Oak, M'Bride, Oeorgia
Sloop Polly, Craythorne, ditto
as. School. Nancy, M'Dougall, N. Carolina
sa. Brig Ranger, Turner, Tortola
May sj. School. Elphinftone, Tucker, Charlefon
Pliladelphia Flour, ar pa. Al rli. the bar.
Ship Bread, 6 Pa. 41 rls. the bar.
R ce, clean, 4 p. 4 rsl. a pa. tootlb
rough, a ps. :4 rl. the bulh.
Indian Corn, I Pa. sa rll. the hlifh.
CGinea Corn, I pI. 4 rls. the bufhel.
Yams, a pa. the roolb.
Red Peafs. I p6. 4 rli. the bulhef.
Irilh Mefs Pork, sl ps. the barrel.
_-- Beef, at pa 6 ris. the barrel.
Butter, rls. a s ris. the lb.
toaf Singr, at rls the lb.
Mnfcovado Sugar, o ps. 4 rls the noolb;
Coffee, tj rls. the lb.
famaica Rum, 9 rls. the gl.
VWet-India Rum, 6(rls. the gal.
Melafftes rls. the gal.
Porter, I.ondon it p. 6 rls. the bar.
Inch Boards, 4 pa. the 1oo feet.
Scantling, j p.. a rl. the too feet.
Mahogany, al pa the ton.
Brazilletto, jo pg. the ton.
Lignumvita, o ps. 4 rli. the ton.
Cedar Polls, 3 rls, each.
Stoppers, 5 rls. each.
Cortex Winteranss, 4 p. the toolb.
Elenthera, 8 pa l r the noelb.
Cotton, clean a ril. the IL.
Ditto in the ione, 4 pIa 4 rls. the looth.
0a7 TW Otlemnu Wi w i*h inXta at Mri.
Smrith's ~rw, i Moanfia flhe Sth uf l, in
howeur f.HIS MAJESTY's. IRTH DAY, .will/
pleafed to lfue their Nales at the Bar any S
hkfore Sanuirday Swauing.
A LL-Perfons indebted to the Eftate of the
deceafed SIMorL MorlTy, late of Euma.
Planter, are requested to make payment, on or
before the t th of July next I and thofe having
demands again the fame, to deliver In aceountm
thereof, dulyy atted, the fd day, to


lMlrhetmss, .tarm s6 Gro. Ill.
COaatTr alaVi B*lON POulrITZ, and Wlr.
T HIS wa an stion in mruft of udemint, and the
cafe wan as follows:-The defendant's wife had
formerly been the wife of Lord Percy, from whom fhe
had been separated, and wal allowed a fepaate main.
raiac by deed. During the time of her fo living
iparate, te was delirous of receiving money by annul-
tie, and the plaintiff ername bound asher security for
the payment of one of thofe nnuities, at the fame time
taking her bond to indemnify him. Her nmriage with
Lord Percy wa afterwards diffolved by o& of Parlia-
aent, and her fepuate maintenance, to the almult of
JooI. a year confirmed to her. ahe afterwards mar.
tied the defendant, and having failed in paying the
anuity, the plaintiff wa called upn for it, and having
id it, brought this a&ion on her bond to be reim-
bured. The defendants pleaded the generall iflue, and
there wasa verdiAt lor th plaintiff. The quefion was,
whether the plaintiff could recover ? The defendant
(the wife) at the time of entering into the bond being
a femme covert.
Mr. Wood and Mr. Lee for the plaintiff.-The
fogle quellion is, whether a femme covert, living
separate and apart from her hulb nd, and having a
competent provision aut maintenance secured to her by
deed, is bound by any undertaking lite may make; if
fhe it, it will follow that her fubfequrnt nlarriatre
makes no difference. This has been fttled in the late
cafes of Rinlftled againfl Lady L.nciboruugh, and
Barwell against Brooks, in this Court; both which
cafesdctermined, that a femme convert Is in fuch cafc,
bound, and may be reroverd against. hlie reason of
the thing, and the inconveniencies otherw:fe eartfig,
plead ilrongly for this exception to the general rule,
that a femme cover cannot bind herfelf.
Mr. Bearcroft, Mr. ErIkine, and Mr. Lawe for the
defendant.-T'he present quellinn i new, and moll
effentially different from all the modern caes relied on.
It is a qucition of general exLelt, involving important
cotfequencec. The general rurl of law i-, that the
contracts if married women arc tni;rely and ahfulutc!v
void, on the principle that the has no property of her
own. Modern times have intr, duccd separate main-
tenane,. which the decency anl virtue of our ancellors
never dreamt of. There give the wile a property, hut
only for certain purpoles, viz. fur the fipply of nccYf-
fari.s, and no other,, not for the purpolit of eitnrva.
gance. That the present cares, if allowed, 1s giving a
Sfemme covert, who has a liparate ninitenance. the
power of ruiinig herfclf, as fi- may make away with
her whole allowance. That the. cafe already decided
had gone o further, and that an extcnfion of the rule
night be attended with the moRl dangerous cunfe-
Lord Mantfeld-The debt here contradred was for
the benefit of the dcfendalit's wife. he was feiarate,
living a a single woman, to all intents and purpofe,.
The dett wl.ich is now due iI a mAl, mer;tor a o one;
for the ets the plaintiff to be hLr fccurity, and he is
damnified. He considered her as a fe/riefe. There
can be no doubt hut in jflice the oi ght to pay thi
loney, and in. emnify the plaintiff. But counter to
*his, there in a rule of politive law ; and to be fura it is '
better that a p neral rule Ihould tike place, thin the I
cafe rf an individual, however hard that rule may bear t
upon him. The general rule is, that (he has no pro-
perty; her contradisare merely and ontiverfally toid. f
THer contract, even for nccellarisr, is not her's,
but her hufband's-lhe cannot be fuedl--he cannot be
taken in execution-Her hulband mulld aifwer for her
debts contrtaded previous to her nmariage future the d
can contra& none, by the general rule ot law.-Nlw i
cufloma have made exe options nrceffary, and from
Juice andconvenience, different rulshave been adopt.
ed. The qeftieon then is, whether this is fuch a cafe a
as to demand an exception from the general rule Cafes
have arifen when the husband wasbanilied or exiled.
What ha the Court faid ? It isjuE fie should pay, and
injuftice will arife if the doe, not. The cafe of trani- a
portation next arofe-che fame exception was allowed, n
though the absence of the husband was only for a term S
of year. Separate maintenance is a cafe unknown to t
cur anceflor, and by which married women become to r
all intcont for their benefit asfinr. fo. The ancient t
aw had no idea o this; but the Court hat laid it is utl
that the husband food not in loch cafe e lia le. fi
No diainfion'hsl been attempted to Iliew, that if the e
defendant's wife i liable, he himfilf is not. Nor do I i
think the e can. The tingle question then is, whether i
any married woman, living separate from her husband,
ad having a separate maltenean.e fecured by deed, o
conduding herftf, and having credit, as an unmarried
woman; ca be recovered aganf for debts contract "
by !.er I ais opinion that fhei may, and that having f
tade this contra&, he ill not be at liberty to fay
ice is not Hblto to b c ldto perform it. I am h
not ablek dfilpguih tbis from Lady Lanctorough's
The whoit CoWt of the tfae opinion, and therefear ft It. .
S- .. .... sm in

SEvery, Man in his Humour."
4A R.A G M B N T.
tMURIN the r *Se the lat oetintetal warh h
.Ju or M, 6als- matter whlt .. lled sn
i 1 uT 5qrt U wak a mrou y ) o Wuartw. -

SUntvelled d a andtnni a, he provided lumfrelfwith
no paffpoir.t--. bifurnerinneerned Ilmtli alone, and
what had fore;g, nation. to do with him nt
His rite lay thrmigh the lIstes of rin /and ,e rti .
dsn ror.--he I...!,t iil Hollanl--pAlltd the ullal
eanit tat illlinig tt athe r.Airs which
broulit lim tree were of a private nuture-he wau
int'eifoie...-quefltinedI-fifted-and appearing to be
incapable ofdefigo, wa at length permitted to purfite
his uurne" .
To the oifieer of the guard who ond edtie him to the
frontiers, he made frequent complaints of the lots he
should fulttin by thr d lay.-
He fwort it was upfriendly-mnd uOge.
nereuis-hivc hundred Duatchmen might have traveled
through Great-Britain without a qnlulio -thcy never
quefioncd any firanecr in Grcat-Pritai n-nr iilpped
thini nor iinprifornr them-nor guarded thell.
Routed from his native phlegnm iy there rcfltfri;on
on the police of hii cr.uitry, the oficr flO.,ly dirw the
pipe from his mouth, and emitting the I'llike
M ynheer," fay lie, when you liri frt your
foet on the l-nd of the S&: Uit'l ',s.;n.r, )ei
flnuld have declared you came ri rher r .aftTir, .,f
comnarre I" and replaciing his ipe,! relapfed into
hnmiveahle taciturnity.
Rcitafid from this unftcij cdomipaninn, he foun ar.
rived at a F en poll, where the ceritiecl of the adrin-
ced guard reque licd the .e--'or f his f/erei" m to alk
for Iis pasfport-on his faIint to Iroduce any. he
was etireati to pardon the lii ltv he took of concludingg
him to the Commantlat ; but it was1his d.r, aoUd he
mult, howrcvr relutAl noly, p.rformn it.*r e Comn..uant received bim withl ce'/and
pompous politenefs;-he made the ufu.l cnqulires, and
our traveller, deternmieod to avoid tie error which hid
produced fetch inconveni.:nce, replied, that commercial
concerns drew him to thr continent.
*'~li *i," 1'ys rlie Chmintlldiant, *' i'1 ui rp
ti.nt, In A'r,',r..,"--tie himi away to thL Citadel, we
will nclm nme him toi-orrow-ut prefcnt we muf drcfs
for the oJalit-Al-.l,."i
MlPtillur," byay the ceritinel, as he condiledI
him to the guard-ruoom, y" yon Ikh-uld not ha., men-
tinned commerce to M'. eu, r It Ca,,.drrl. -nogntlre.
nan in France difgracc'hiiiitlf with tradt-- e deipife
You thouldhave informed Af r i.-r I Comer..mart,,
that you entered the dominiont of rhe (;ranJ .fifno ye
to improve in fi,,;,., or in d.ri;, ,or in d'jir-
anrm are rte pfcfl'rin of al man of filin, antl glory
and accomplibments hit purfirt,"-."ive e RA f-He
had the honour of 1,ailim, the night with a trench
guard, and the next l.ay was difmi isd.
*Proceding on his journey, he fell in with a de-
tachment of GerH- GC afu ~-t hey demannded his name
quality, and brufiin--it canme, lie faid, to *dnrr- i
and stoflg-t nd to ,i./.-" He is a Frenchman," faidJ
the corpotal-" a fpy," cries the fergeant-he wai
directed to mount behind a dragoon, and carried to
ttie camp -
There he was founi difeltark-ed bIt not withnot a
word of advice. We (:-rntn.:," i.dl the' nLtrer,
" eat, drink, and fmoke-thefe arc ,.ur fivouirite *ri-
ployments; and h tI you inform. d the dranoon you
followed other I r fietir yon w, ldi have lived ten,
nd infinic frou:,it "
r ,,rtad tihe Prulln Ilnonions*, where
i a atTon was fill n.,e I;rit-and -'o a.ifwering
h his only tila were to ca.-- id rii dink- 'ind
to fmoke.-" Io eat !-and to drink !-and to
moke !" cxclaind the olli-er wilh a-dlifihment;
* Sir, you mull fuurwardtd to PI'tldain-I- ar is the
only h,.fi t oran ind.'
The acute ani[pcnetrating F-rerid f lon romprehcn-
led the chara r of ur travel, r, an 1 gave him a
afport under his own hand. It is an iTnarant, an
innocent Englilhman," fays the vrera n; the Enlilfh
re unacqu:ted with military dutie-when they want
General. theVorrw him of nl."
At the barril of Saxony he was agitin interrogated :
I am a foldIr." fays our traveller: brhold the
Afport of t firft warrior of th age."-'* You are
pipil of the efroyer of million,"' reptled the cent i
tl ? we it fend you to Drcfden and, harkee,
ir, conceal our paffport, as you would avoid hbing
nru to pieces by thofe whofe, fans, andl
relations, hve been wantonly facrificcd at the ihfrine of
'rulnia amnhitieo.
A fecund examination at Drefden cleared him of
lifpi ion-arrived at the frontier of Poland, he flatter-
cihimfelf his trouble were f't an end; but he rcc-
oned without his ho.-.P Your bufnefc in Poland i"
ntrrrogated the ofi, I really don't know Sir."-
SNot know yor. bubfinefs, Sir!" resumed the
lcer, I tuf(t 1 du& yao to the Staroft."
" For the ff1od," fat the wearied traveler,
take pity on m-Il have beeT imprifuned in Holland
ir biig dcfiron to keep my own affairs to myfcll
" I have been confined night in a French guard
etfe, for declaring myfclf a merchant. .
'* I have beoe compel o ride feven mile* behind
German dragoon for pfoe tng myflf a man ofplea-
" I have been carried fifty miles a Irifoner in Pruftha,
.r aeknowle gu my attachment to eafe and good
" 'I T treateoed with aflIina im in
kaosay, a [a fa wrri.or .
*" l w i nefut to let me know 4
ow I ay cg sA O -u a of *myfelf us not to
iv o t, I e as my friend
a4 p tti

At his SHOP on the IAY.
FINE Hyfon Tea, juft Plated apon
opened Green i tlk mbrellu
Black Perrer Violins, (iitarl
Spired almotn IIn itte Ocenneu qt am nd lfai
Pickled Caperr. Onions A long three tsp
Walnuts, and terkinr Forte
India Soy Tooth Irulale
Me'hroom Ketrhup Ivory and Hone CoM s
Enrlifh and Irift Butter Cost Brulhse
Pigtail and Strmeoing To- Scented and plain Hl
baceo Powder
Sents Snuff Hard and flft Ponitat
Irifh I.lnrni Manchalle Ponatnus
Canmbrics I.avemnr Water
L.ehorn ansd Chit Itats Effence of Bergamset, L.
l.adies Rtiing Hats vendar and Lemon
l.aJirt Hoopofthe newefl I.aries Silk, and Hair i
falion Ifion
l.aie*'lTitrn, Pacrthread Tape from
and Crofshror S'anw Hai Pins
l. lles Dlrcfs Silk & Sattin Windfor'loda
Shoen W th Balls
G.irl. and Chlldrens Stulf Shaving Botes
and Mnrocco Shos Calt Steel IRaer
gentlemen's Plated *Shne Ranor S itpe *
Burklec of the newest Dreffinmg Cal m c
pattern Patent Blacking f
.adies Pli)e fhoc Ilckle, Markiag Type
Set Stork & Knee Buckles Hannav's Prevatttadi
Mourning Shoe and Knee Keyfer's Pill*
RBckler Anderf a's Pills
Silver W.itches Powdered Bark
Warch Chlryfals Tartar Emetic
Falhion.ih'r Watch Strisatr Godfrey's Cwrdat
Lauies rcoure Habi ad bit Tames's P, witer
Kid Gflvvre Marnefia Alia
OCctlem-n's Silk, Thred, Dari' RHlieir
brown a.carher & Kid Epfom Ralf
>liwes Medicine Chets,
I.' Silver capt TwiOl
For Sale by Private nra ,
Twelve healthy -alt
Mot of them O01 .
A L 0,

s L Ol P,0
About 6a tons b Ra ; now a*
thle Stocks, and will atnchledll
the cnurfe often days. Wer frsal
is of cedar nd mathiony, and her planks cedr
ant pitch pine, ill wvod of there Iflandn.
For TcmAr ant4 further particular, apply te
J.i IN RImEtr.. ar to
3TH 7 n -ier hbes l to acquaint his
I friends ianlthe pt blio taikn Mr.
t'~~ 1o Smith's torchc nn t lW ppolte Mr.
Sruaston' Blactit: nlth' Sh he itense
errryin; nm the TAYf.OR I1S8INB3 I Nkio
different branches; and he h hooes, by It
tention to Iiii 6 t to mnt t neouragllu
of fuch enetlemen as ma b cd to 4N*or
him with their commands.
Nafal, May e., ry86.
1 to all P.-erfi inJebted to th' thf.Mubet
forVendit Accnaint, due prior t 4 lt'dtllit
of their Cnpar'nerlhio in Auiual I that L
they pay immediately, filts wIll o aetanc
agalnft them ts foon as pofthle f It a
known that a Commialtin of ste Ir u
admit of o long indulggece as hau edy
*l10 N? ,D
A LL t erfon haing demands a Ati
Sof the late Lleitenant- OB*.
quefted to bring in their acthonmt
HENRY YO'OK, Aeliltoer.-
Ni"tsm, ANr;i, U.' .

A LL Perfons having demand s, thtB't
SMr.AtaLnaUD Romau Mee ls. 4 l
f this town, are dt4redtoQ n rs l
heir claims, properly attefted, to the I BPr
nd thetr who ae elabted to the 4 ,
|sefted to make tme1 t Im9 il. t
is maty he fitt x roce as *
Art H. ROX
ALL PeToni iif T BBJ
Ar n Itata o7f J "a wCOix l ,U.
a the Ifalod of Abio. 5
aiered to fend thIes
Undbted to the iate, -r i i
cmdiat payment' to t Ji

-. . ,, ,/

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