Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 13, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00040
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VO. ll.




No. 94.



From SATURDAY, MAY 13, to SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by JoaN \VELLS, at the Printing 01ice on the BAY.

American Intelligence. Prizes taken 1by the King's tli,) are allowed, and liberty fqr a notanift of his Moft Chriftian MaCf.
no oth-ra. Ancerican vlcTl which may b here, ty to purchafe a pieceof thirty cres of land, fo
after beiog taken, and condemned for fmntg ling, the purpofe of facilitating the mutual exchange of
B O S T O N,. MA CI 1r3. are not to be id as former' hut htl lrnt. In con- trees and plint, &e. of both countrie.-CoA..
ITges the moft fenfible pleasure to the trne feqence of the late order, upwards of joo fail of mnttedl to tMr. Schenk and Mr. Hall, to bring in a
Friends of the United States, that the rti/fl- brigs, fchloimners and fl mop, which were ura dlv l Bill for that purpose.
iaW andl recorsinendations of Cogt crfs meet w rh employed among the if ails, are relidetrl Iof:efs Extrafl from Ib, Prsreedinev oftbhe A0.ral dAem.
(u c un.verf l approbation, as well from the .e to tihe ovnri ; alit many capital ftlps, piuciL.-i bly of Penfflvaniat, March p.
1inlt.rcs, as from individuals of all ranks, e t- fed (ince the peace took place. The gentailrn i The committee to whom wa referred that
cally the o;d and decided ,whigs. The fprit ('or ifo'll uilt) ftw f(verlcd r flcl in St. Martin's part of the reflige from the Vice-Preident and
which animated u. during a loig and bloody that !t heenoalligel :oleari St Kitt'on accitat Council -efraiinp th dillurbancesat Wyoming,
aar. is reviving: Old Maflcrbu/etU i fltkes hi. ,f the o.d:r., aln the owner; were oilrring them replrt-rhatinthe opinionotthiscommittee, the
r~vtcnd hela; his rite to enforce tie for f .l. I'he Britili Miniftry fecec determincE iitelligence communicated by Council, affords
calls f po li y and juilice. The people otf thi. to f:rrifice their ill llld to rei:n. c thernfr-ves little ioom to doubt but that the people at Wyo
Commonwealth wciA long fin:e coi;vinced tf the Ipn u.. file planters were vel i i .h di:tit;- ming are meditating a serious opposition to the
properly of aiding Conrers: lTh e import was lied bei'urc. bit this lift iroLke gc v ditillrcnL autihtrity ofgovernment a and it appears to them
thirsore granted etry early: Tie grant in now them. lThe genc:!lemn had fu'icient )i iortuolity highly expedient farther to ltrengthin the hands
in force I and the fupplrnretay ai, as recom- ofconvterrl-t with punters andl mechants ii the of Council, to enable them effe&ual'y to carry
mtndedl in /.prtl i7Ij, is naw under the co'fi infl;,al. ani they .ll fid, if Aterica dlid not into execntion the ad pafed at the laft fcflonn
dration of the Legillature. This will iindlolbt ,el i, l, admitting Britillih hips to trade with They therefore fiibmlt the following refolntion:
edly Ie granted in feafon, and agreeably to the ihen, thi Britfli inmt fo in a treaty or ruin the That a rcommnittee be appointed to bring in a bill
tcftlv,L. Ajtl to third, tlat a lull compliance iod,1,. Ily the lalt lck't, the Cuilonm Hf ifle in to .ithlir:ze the Supreme Executive Council to
with tle reqiirllions of September 1785, ha5 bhcn f.on lan writes to that of Do oninic--" \We ex- irifi a eqip volunteers, in addition to the
arenril t(,. ioniol tilaninoully, in tlhe Huonfef ,c to fc:' you furthcll e triiruflini nut to .iilnit proriliionil nme:ifres dieted by an ad, entitled,
Rleprefenaltiver, and will not nieet with dl ily- any of thi prulleCe oi the lUntied S;r'C liv w tly An ,Vt fr quieting the difltrbances at Wyo.
or obnfliu~ioia at the otlihr lic. W;'. aii I 'r.ic or Neutral Iilaind, only dirc liy fil n minR, for pardoning certain offenders," &e.
jilt ii.f.ic. to fik a p.Irt orf Ou owr n .par:i'ca. ,he Si:: re, in abl',ttcly Britilh bui:t llhiis, 111- Afrchb i. It appears that the dispute between
lbis, hv been adopted v ;th delibciarin and vtieg aceirding to law." the tiet of Pennf'lvania and the Conneeticut ft.
goIrl eniper. So that we litl, onre mor*, re- V'i thenticilnan wi Viat isrtinico, us ili;0, tiers aqd i halbtants of Wyoming. has again re.
to nin.l coufiltRnce in the wifldom, the hjliliLe, lirig, wee frm Iliublid S:. Viin- vived The pithy debates of the Pcnnlylvantl
ai.l i hctitrgy four cour':y. cit ,,aI'd Gn it, purcltafirl tuinber, h s '. Af/mll)y. contratlled with the determined refo-
.1,/i7. F id.y laRi c.i.n-e a before the S'i &c. t, fr p;iy thifie Illindi ; al I rum is to tihem itu);o), of there Wyoming settlers. betoken a
prrtun Julicital Court for t!.c County ol MN..l11*. if little viije, anI wtlch f.)in-rlv pIrchafed all fla.ugititingb bloody i(ife.-Many of our Ameri-
f. :, tlli littingat Concord, the 'Trlt of \' I1 n tlhrf. arr, jle. Lumber in Mr:iti r v I f. 5.-in ,ca. heroes have, in faft. exclaimed, with the
hcitt, ;i.l I ua;cr, his wife, fe, tlie mit dc t '1le Bi'ilh Hlds, flioim i10n, to to Ial.--lut fay ithe i.ainilnolili Cato, What pity'twere, we can
M.?ay, dau'liitr of tile Cfid Willi. m Scltt, k: Euplilh, ioa ycar ortrvo, NJav-Sco.i will fupply .lie lbt uroce to ferve our country!" But here,
roali.,a or liirniing her >in the -Id of O()hobe hem fui:y. fnv* a correfiondent, with no lefr propriety muft
Left. Their ienltncc3i w.r, r"' TI f4id W'llilan roin tle forregoing accnt, we can form a .very f.i nl to: peace and unionxclaiin,what pity
Scott to be fLt to th: gal'o:va wiihl a rope ,ounid full id:- of tile rie'rntment which iill infllic'ces it were. that every provoker, aider, or abetter
hi; ncnk fir the fpacc of ine lihIr, and tile laid the poli,;c of Brilai,; :iii lthin c ntlry.-Ame- or inteflin, holftilitice were not already dead!-
Eutiice t(io b: randed, aJm oa b fgt on the g.- 1 i1,, h .%vVr, has on y t tpunrfi a proper fftem The general voice re-echoes, would that fome
lows In the fame n.anncr ai for tthe fAne fp ice ol ei se, by fprbl-itid,, all Ilri t,/i i',4r1 from plan, h rs federally Injurious thin MUld-si f.,
time." C rryi-';.if',p! :,Piri ltthe MfN'i/h i :N ls; which i e- could tie ad,'pted. Suppofe. f the line ofjuftice
ivy a gentleman, lately arrived from the Well- thldl, 1t tIr.adlly pirfued on oulr Ia:rt, together cannot be afcrtained, the dispute be equally da
Indi:e we art fvuiired with the following parti- witl their Iown ill-judged nolcv, %1 ill reduce the vided; or, that the trad be made an independent
cilar :-Nothing (lie ftys) can ex-cedl tile frcvc WVelt-fili to fich ditrceft as findi'l to force the Rate, &e -Ifit is known which party ha justice
rity exerciftd tow.itds every vctlf'l fuifpctrd lto he 11hau11hy Ination of Brilain to acnomlmercial treaty, on his fide,-rlo bhe te blm who reftralnetl hib
Anici!can, touching, or coming near any Britilh ,'rcatly a Ivant;.eoiu tis to this .lntlry. hand from Aline ribht)
port. Otdcis arrive, by every packet, to the ,./pril 14. On l:rlay 'lift t ll irig Z.-phy'r, Marec24. Should the rulers of the United
comlmInahrlsri of the Ilips of war, to elu e .la!ait (':ri. Lee, arivred hetr f:romt L'Orient, in 47 di ys Stateq of America trife with the fair inheritance
the A;i licans. Government briga and leai o p Ida:i ; hIl this v arrival rce have received intelli- that has been acquired by the toll and blood of
nets ate fitting, from every in.fnd, for th neClie CI.e, that a cintiram hii; licn litc!y completed. one of the molt virtuous baodi of Patriots that
purpoltf. 'I'nc uovernour of St. Vinccnt tdecli IhIy a i A mc ican mcrclhail, for the adminfion o: ever were cemented by a popularcaufe, a traager
red his inlru, lions were, to take any Anmericani WhVal'e il hilto Prince, from thl Uiaited Stats. miy make the fame retlf'aion on feeing the ha.
tvithi tree hagies of the iflind. The gcntlcm in at the fiipulatcd price of forty livres per C. ~ie rock wh:ch will he made in the laws and rightsof
himfelf was chlal.d within that diflance, and his or dilty. the people, that Cafar did on feting the fields of
thip fired upon with round and grape Illth. And Satlr,lay night ltA, cight convilis made theli Pih.;flia covered with the dead bodies of lain
niiilktry, by the government fchooner, for being fcapte fiono Calile-li.ind, among whom is the Roman citizens, viz. It thri otwe sietr.
fuIp~dlil to bh an American fhip. A Ihip btlong- laimoit Parfiun Burroiih., and the twuo Piiates. Alril 7. A correfoocdent obfertes, that the
ing to Mr. Robert Mornis, put into Barliadns in Char!e/ln, (tMa.i:clb.itt) lr.ich st. The Jramaica G lzette makes a great boaftint of the
diltrfi, bonnl to Lilbon ; they gavethe Captain flate ot Rhode Illind hasli at length nii)t only ac alivity of a Mr. Fl'werdew and ga ull O g l.
libri ty to flop hisleak i but before he had accom- cedrtl to the five per cent. impolt, but to the tilh velrtl of war. feizftg federal American 'itl
plilhld t lie iufinef, they came on board, threw who'e general lyften ofrevenue rie .mm:nndcd by lately in that flhand, and that Vry few o the
it his flnir (4>o barrels) and tu ned him out. lie Conlgrl'i on the tbth of April, 1;8 ; o that the Stateshare empoweredCongrf to regulatetrade.
afked ,le Admiral, where h- should go, or what exiltence of the United States now depends, un- Our correfpondent wifhes to iBorm thece Jamal.
he llounl do, in that condition ? Admiral IIugher der Heaven, upon the Rate of New York; whofe ca boaters that they will fhortl find to their for.
replied, to IH Il-to leeward, among your al- concunrrnre in thie only neafire which the wifiomn row, that Congrefs hav e a e powers. andthat
liei." Tiiee fieli were and condemned of Congrefi has been able to device for our politt- we Ihall haveas fharp Bull Dojnd Flowerdews
in Dom;nica, for trifing cauten ; one for putting cal Ihivation, (to which that venerable body art as they have, to catch Mtitl fbii rItr
into an out bay to wattr, and one of the people carnillly prclniig them) It Is hoped, will fomon .pril tj. We hear from til Mrtc .
unknown to the Captain,eachanged a few p iinds reflue the nation from the brink of diflolution, at iMoreal and Delepine, two eltit itb of
offini for a fmwioounds ofc fLec, by way of fores which f i is evidently arrivel. As foon as full th t city, have extraded a Ioanefd thi idde
only: Anothlir longing to'the iflail, trading concurrence liall he obtained, the flrf part of the of a patient at the HoteldeDieu ,Wh*lbel (brd
to Virginia, fr hoilting American colom l in that revenue fyltem (the impoft) will immediately be- ken, was found to'contaia anImaltlr'e g a
tate, and Fnglilh ones under them, with the gin to operate; and Coaugrefn till have confidence toad, which died on getting a't. Whether
union downward. The American whalers are that the plates will alfo ultimately comply with the eg, or fpawn of any Creature wa. tabn.J t
Inred at whenever they approach near their ifiands. the second, viz. the ctabliflment of erfeanal this tltn's body by fundliol or roittn or
The ministry ppe thy have now put a fiilh- revenues for fupplving their refpetive proportion, whether fuch a rptile could be eleldeR e by
ing froke to building and increase of Ameri- of one million lire hundred thousand dollars, corruption of the julce, a rig-worla, now
15 ve9ld. [n order has lately been p.afld in annually, exclusive of the Impot duties. a filbjtt of debate in the ob l aid furHea
E"nland, and inltrudions arrived in February, New rork. Much ti. In the General Afem- academies at Paris, and well i efea the
That Io American built velTel Ihould be employ. bly of New-Jerfcy, now fitting at Trenton, a lion of the learned, in every country.
*I or owned by Britilh fubjess. on an pretence melage from his excelleucy the Goocr oor of There is a curiosity in VIrfin whlih feate
whatsoever, except fuch as were built before the the State was read, together with a letter from unparalleled any where.--lI tme ty lFin.
Tyar lin6; and in cafe ofdllrpute, the carpenters Mr. Otto, Charg6 des Affaires of France, dated castle, there Isa mall ruailng water', r
f the Ihips of wAr are to determdlne th built. New-York, sth December, s17s reqaefting pofcfltd of a qtlrty Wh t Caai fg

(though fuppof tz to be a mineral n.itcr, !tr..-ly I iar that tl e inlandd navit.itio of tici p.i..- k Sllats w'illo all t,* I:,ICflt.i' ePeA t de.
impreglared with fulphur, or fome fcich thk i) .nd its branchrv ii at prCneit i liri pro,;inp i rnre fronm it, 'iml!erf lone moPo eieti .
however, by flapping a pmn ofa piflul, or tinder- appear race, a p. partict'a;r! to f t.. fIlro a i thod for ope:ri:, the settlement on t il e the
box, with a little gun-powder, the water will iend t difrer.t T.rill:it ca of river fltinld he lpedily adopted."
nlttantly catch fire, and brn in the ftme manner Maryladl, PFe;r.-Ia;ni.a sad the otis r tinvern- tAril An adtlin was brought fluo time
Ap fpirit would, until the water it entirely con- ments, towanrrl inirlrovencits ofthat kipt. asto t ne in Irelan ata!ft a fnt flh fowtrirw.
tinned, ordriedup, when the channel. n which alTurc th-r pulic, thatCnmmililontri are.nd l will withthe wife of hs ln r. a fat. were rfi
is monmmo earth is left as allbe. There being e appointed by there States. for opening; a eorn- proved, gnd tt Coufrl Ift t fa deu
no more water left to feed the Arme. the spring mnuniction between the Cheapeake and Dclaware therelbre do nothing more thai tre fomt plia,
bubble; out from the crevices of earth as nfual. Day s an event big with the greatest itilityi t in alleviation of the dam n es. l wal vy
audin the (paceof lihalfan hour, the cunent goes evnryclafr ofcitizens of the middle e Statel-SnF lr-calrinedly and eloqnuntly tone te laid
on as formerly. The water continues, when fuch quehann.Ah, that great force of the Chctraleahc, cond, but ni rt mli or; elP ally le tbhld.
experiments are tried by people, for two or three will, no doubt, in a Ihort lime pour ino tihe ltap who if a barrier equally fllnglfd for his
das before the whole is consumed. of comnneIce the intamerfe treafilre a with which humosur and hisa brogut: My ord," lay he
rpfrs f a) letter from a fellnman in Birlfrd 'irc.lvriols and fertile brancihca nrmy alhonnl. and I fall not he quite to diffuif as my lear.-'i
o bir aacqutait ane Crlin/e, d Mated Mrch 7. the numerot,. irnhaStanti through, the co rk, of lrethrerr for I ftall only ty, that th is one of
Laft evening had the onour to be inrodlt- federal hundlreld milas, will, we hope. fjpoeily fil the inof mirmfounded and illnatured Aliont that
cer to Capt. eO& B or Cornplnter, the Chief the happy cfflca which in a particular mnnri r ; ever wre-broaght- it is-an action brought *aii
of the Senecas, one of thefix Natiblts, a young mnil readund to thln, a poor fErvarnt for doijn his wer'r A sjef by
Chief or Captain of their warriors, and four yoinog f, M-cl 3r. A writer In the' Pennit.vanin Oa.- his mrief;l'i order." Thia fpftp h put the Court
imnen in company with Major Montgooci y, on e.tte, fays, It i' a w il kli .-i t't0, i it m nit amti jiury nto ft a good humnir that the datosa
his "Jtbrn from the treaty, andi Mr. Jofip ofthe holes and Ihlps that were h.i!t in t'i city gvTwere re-luceld to a mere trial. '
Nichbo;on, their interpreter. I was delighted before the war, were built 1it),n, r in'ift u A gentleman in Carlile has received a klect
with their eafy addrcfs and natural politenef. A tle ne w manufnirrcs were' ft t, antd ci id In, i fro t: correfpontlcrt of veracty, dated. Fot-Pitt,
great number of theinhabitants of this place wait- and even fairnms cr p:lrchrafe and iro inllv.r', March ri, rlR6, which contains the fuhfequent
ed upon them; folie outof curlofity, and other apon crtdi. 'f e foffTrini frnm a pa.t tem dr partictul.ars: i I hive been very ftceeiful, muck
to pay their rdiprits to them. I understand they lawr, and a dreiel of a frtuui- one, h I'r hitltert i mure than any oth.r- rt ier out. Mr. ,
are now on their way'to Congrefa at New Yorki prevented the rIviv l of credit, or lenlintg of I has met With a coinflderable lots his horses with
to manifeBt their pacific dil'poition towards the money upon bonds r mo rtrgag-. IrCier the their rctr:rn of peltry taken, and al drivers kUil
Americans." trneration oF thi fear, the Bank of Ncrih ,\rme- i h tl1e D!eaw.relndiann. Thenation offandian
It muft give great fattsfation to erery over of rica was instituted, and for frveracr ye'ar iti irvc.l :.le with arc at prcrent peaceably difiofdli
peace to and the difpofition of the late hoflite na fubltitnte for private ihrna. Ht-J,'e i na l n l.ii of tlircrintiniiit fr, I heve rome doubt."
part of the Six Nothern Nations fo much chan- w ere built, and ltnprovem:nts in mannrictire At three o'cioct thiu afternoon, the report ro
ged is favour of the United States, fince the of all kinds were itlrried on, biy romcy Ihoriowv the Conumittee on the memortals prefted tothe
treaty of Fort Stanwix, in Otober, r7584 andl occafin:ialy at the Banh. Crmmcr-r Inl, arts. o.inife of Altenmrly, praying a repeal of helate
lhew to the frontier inhabitants rf Peantiylvania floril7:d in Philadllphi, wrlieri ti, ly c~lir:, ; in law for lnnslling the chapter of the Bar.k was
and New-York, the popriety and rpoo. policy every othir rict in Ameri-'. fro:r t wint of finally ri-tW f, after ring been debated for
of cultivating the rfendlhip of, and li ritn on a that credit, which the Ban.!: in oit. city. four dlays. There were for the adoption o it st
good footing with thok nations.. But lince the f;t a f SeptmIhr li, what a I ,'a flrs itsreji.'ti 41. Mr. tHhnnuit before the
A ris rj. Wednefdar arrived heet the Schao- change has taken plre in ti ttri!e V can h'lfli'cj .rertion >.a put. n-frted. thata'r clanf (houid he
ner Harriet, Captain Plimer, from Fayal, by four city ? Orn whartve look oni a r.c' .,ay as infertcd in the Bill propofedl to be brought In, ro
whom were informed ofthe lots of the following they ufed ~ look on Siunilr r Oi(.nY f I't f hiool s ,fnhic the chlartcr of the Rank to proper regular.
veflrel at that place, in the gale that happened cil are building, and flill fewer contr,;:tid llor; anrd lions, reftrittioas, aid limitations. Thliwasre-
the joth of January laft, viz. Schooner Trinity, notralhip on the tort.a, the property rn-tfiur mer- jdel'd, Ayes j_ Noes 3p.
of Trinity, Henry Stone, crew field; Brig ehants! The mifchief done by the attax!; iipn. .ArilS. A letter fom London, toa merchant
Richmond, of Philadelphia, John Penman, crew the Bank centers ultimately on thc fiur.;:lr and in NIew York, dated 4th Jamnuary, l fl, fays,
fared; Schooner Friendlbip, of Barner, mechanic, particularly on the Shiip:atpnter,' Not k noowMi hon'w far you may be Interefted,
nalter, crew fared ; Ship America, of Philaddl- Houfecarpenter. Bllakfmith, Anchirifnith, Naii we think it neceriry to inobrm you, it is strongly
phia, Keeler, matter, two men only fived; a for, Painter, Sialmail.r, rti;ger, tMatmnllnir. rlitmiored, that.t it orfthee condition required by
Portugucfe Smack, of Fayal, but one Clved. Brickmnaker and Mlaln. befil da.iy-labor' reirs vtf MrP. Pitt. fir the delivering up the forts on the
Wirefir. (Mafchrfbt li) Mareh r6. We learn all kinds, who iate bcen foipp.irtrd Iby there horlers ofCanada to) the United states, agreeable
that the fum agreed on for the next tax, includi- trav rdcci Iteffore the charterrf the Ihink, andl to the treaty of peace, is an ablfolute-rpeal of the
Ing the Rate and continental tax, is a3o,oool.part irttfllry and trade w 1 !he invigiratrdc, .anl bri-ad trerpartlaw, pirledl in l73. by tie Itate
of which is to be piiil in public securities. will be given to thol of New-York, which he regards as a violation of
Carlfl, (Penmr latnnai March as. (On Tuefday .virat? of itietIrftwn a i n tlernn i, 1 tliv :,i-r;r ot of the articles of that tieaty."
evening and Wednefday laft, Generals Itutlr and- oatry, to bHi fired in, New rn H ate I 'rt E ta fan letter from an (mft4cr at Fort lfarmar,
Parfonstwoofthe commidifneri for Indan afthira FeInsr, near the M;in Di, D)ri,.- r., 17;. nt the ,ntil of te As Ifif~~ uam, eo the Obt.,
in the northern and middle department of the The population -ii th e country of K.nttciK ditre.l Fetr.nary I, rtG.
United States, arrivefln this town after a tedious willamazeyoiu; in June r;9, It- whtolc nioumbtir The treaty which is filf holding with the
amn difficult pafftae of thirty-four days between ofinhabitants amn.unte Ito 76 ianlt, ;ind they' :n" nt Illani at tlie Mia.ti, is the chiet topic among us
the Big Miami and Fort P:tt, asn fi. days from exceed 130,000 I i:,c\ been ; lar .t tiint t at preftnt. Tiil t'lat i over we Ihall not be able
thence to this place. We areauthoiizid to inform polt, and thelc lvce pial.'l j. !t'4it r ft r t[; ril ;t to determine whv-t the general dlfpofition of the
the public, that they have conclu:ile a treaty of an;d not more tlln oue nitrd the hr its w,: ici Indians will be to'. tirds s. It is certain that war
peace with the Shawanefe nation of Inlians, from cio to this cointrry voth fettl:r, i:,. i ti f doaown hl: been in 4.ntetiplatthm amonlgthem, and that
whom they hare received hostages for the delivery as this police; it i, a min lerate c, :ni. itiot:n to licy have bhtn exceedingly backward in coming
of all the prisoners, white and black, .l Iich li;ve ilnuber no to a !'jit ; thi givc it niddiltin. of to the trityv. Tlhcr are two Indiana now witl
been taken by that nation through the lari war; toon at Icalt inl th: lit 4:) day, aI'; I n : i iin. ts at the f)it, wlio were entr exprefl fromn the
alto, that they havn renewed the trca.ict conclu- ed more than ooe half the fettlrs cr.iie thi;no;,u treaty ; by them w: have letters from ctnerel
ded in tp7IS with the Wandoes and L)Dl.vwar.ic, the wililtrIft fro.n VirSinit ; i have 'not a diollt i P.r(itn and thcI othir Commifloners. They men.
arn fettled tome matters of great pitlic utility lInt jo:0 i lri in armi mli;:'t 1. :lla.lal at thil tion that appe.arancea were rather more avoaur
between the United States and all th;t., nations, plaac in twelve days, if rn,'rCli,. I abl; fon tribe ofl Iniain had already come in,
refe tingl the boundaries and furveying the landas ; It will Ie :c praclicable t.) ta1in a torrent nio ait they heCar. three more were on their wayt
of which events one of the commissioners his water backward, al to lprvent tLe arnlzinig emi. and they knew of inlthing which wou'd prevent s
proceeded to inform Congref ; and that matters ration to this coiantry ; ari, lihie t;ie geuleral favoturable iluc, unlcfs it should be the fault of
wear a pleasing afpet on the frontier, natwith. collecion at the lii d;', they a. of n.ll ntitin f mne white people, whofe intcrcf it would be to
landing the machinations of a Neik hliring tongues and laniguagi e from China, ftrom all have aln Inan 'a, aand were tfing their innlence
Power, who lill endeavours to keep upn tcjealou- parts of IFuropv, from our owln roltltry, and to bring on one.
y of thendiane again the people of the United evert pittof tAmnrica thc,.are;ilth:red. i The CommiliTtrirs have liven uracautin
States, bperfonal mninuatioua, and the .affitance Tlh wih) lc oftha.t counilltr; ii I'c.atci. f, mrc tlo be on the loo!; olt; for a party f Indianls
of bafe emilarries, who re de in their towns, and wit R9 ir to locations upon achi otrulir, tii hat who call tihenAfevcl Cherokges. had poitively re.
on our froaner. whoever purchafntthere, is fitretJ purciih; al.wA- fifedr to iake peace, and nd a ally gone out
ffaw-t-Lesm April ss. The fchooner Mary, fuit and a very uncerlain title, to war.
Capt. ofeph W. Coddiniton, from Jamaica, on c The imincipat fhttlenent is Lexington, 7 The rndians hatfe not been in to trade with
a Ing voli arrnlr l e dl here on the 9th Inliant, mie S. .. from thisi pl. Laoiftilr, athe fll u. s yet I but we impute it to their being f( buS-'
in diftrefs ;Ingbad leak. of the Ohio, cntslta of albust to. bil.liinti. int ly employed in hunting,-We foou expe plenty
We are informed tltt the procea ufted by Mr three parallel Itrects, in an obller..t dtirelion to' of them in to trade I there is a trader at this
AHen of Dartmouth, i his curious experiment the river; it is in a beautiful fitu ttion, Tnving t.e wiIth plenty ct'oods &c.
for extrading freid from fault water, is an follows, falls in the front, and a view of tihe a :, r in t t Our fort is very commodious and completely
-A common barrel or hogfhead is provided with courf- t-nom the upper country. On tl:: N. TI. ftilihed--the gates are all thnt at night, and we
a fa e bottom or 4 inches above the lower head, ide of the falls, the earth, or waters iffiin;t rt liecure. If no hostilities should commence, we
thsh fait bottom r) perforated with a rrunber of throu.Ah it, poelles a petrifying quality beyon.i fall an agreeable tour ip this prt of the
hole, apd. dtee ,Um a filter or fannel, or any what I have fern at any other place; fith, hiirds, world. Our living is exceedingly good, and I
thbig that l l the fnnd and receive the wa. roots, vegetab, les&c. &c. are petriled, a'dr ad- never enjoyed a better Rate of health."
fir; tbhe .(l Is-then neatly filed with the fnefi here to the flat rock at the bottom, rr.ay of A plan but fenAble writerin the Norwich Pack-
(and, beat do tery hard. A tube commuinica. which we have Oathered. ct fays, Iremember as long o as when the
ting with thi1pa~l between the two bottoms iss The big bonesof an animat, now rnnkno-;n, good Governour Talcott was at the head of thi
extended to conotalent height above the top of are alfo among the curinlities of.this counttry; iate, a poor simple man came to him onedaycom
the barrtl the feck-water ih poured into the tube, thy are dug outf ce carth at aJalt ,ick, bout planning very bitterly of the hardnll of te times
asd prefial ety way aciorolang to Its altitude, o mill from t is p ; we took up folme 7 fiet and the fcarcity of money and that he was unable
it n.odOX N to fo Its way through the and under ground. a t bon of four feet one inch to get any, andwondered they did not make mo.
tot tp l'. twe rrl, from nrhence by this long, and a double Ih welghlnI sIbs. and a ny, and would have him une his limence to have
ImN trttd offrefh and it for quarter, are among tm. Some mueh larger a bank made. After hearin the mal n tho'
ufe; tbeh ln a being heavier and er- lae biec found. he turns to him, and alkedhm If le y Pty
hap tly meet with o ftruCtons Ftom every olifervation I can make, I have or heef to fctl 1 Ne..-Any wheatOr 0f ,any
from the ftud ad are lt bebndd--The prowscc not a do abt but that tni country will be fpeediy kind ? No.- Any butter, chefr, R
is tAmple-the eCprla curious, and the utility lettld and very great vantage may be madby for, faya the GOnernour f yon ~r, I wi give
ar r t. thofewheo art y Inrtheir adetntres and flecu- you money for them. Why o, hed not any
,,r. f b Rs. Itiit wltl p C .rew w i latiolasandI ave om do ar bt thet Vlited thing to tell, Then, tap yi Oo.vear seltr,

ere we (lioul make a bank of paper money, how ced. The Afliant ndgeI of Chathamu dif aerd.
I you expct to get it Why, truly, he did not ing the uncoaniitutionna furpeCifon by the ial-
know. tive, on Tucefiy rtfume their e.tic on the bench,
.* Let us ruc in debt lfe, fpend le, and pay and procceded to dilpatife the dultie of the Judi.
more, be mac frugal and indutrious, and we ciary Ulce. The Attorney Ocnral hein em.a
tl| o 'l find our affairs mendin I our debts, rloyed, of coiprfe attenlcd and plead 1efre them.
both public aa" private, leIlninig. and money be. NI,,, if the executive asi rofoill v, and are
come plenty. For the fie cly f money i a dif determined to purfue the career they began with,
care that will work its own remedy, and make a he will orcainly be fufpcnded for not pleading to
plety as in other merchandzce. But it mutt be thejutifiictio o and foon, until there i no other
In a way ofindully and frugality-and whenever tcffices filieo in the Rate but tholc of Covernoour
morne bec-omes Pt nty in any other way, it it cs and Councellor.
more ha::m thr. good, ai it create idelneF; and
wickednltl among a people, of which we have -- -- ------- -r
aircad 100 too uch." For Sale by Private Contradt,
April 24. A Itter from Richmond, dated Twelve health. Young
April i, fays,-" The Wl, riIpool ofSalem, and i d
enotler Amecican fhip, to a market, with car. N E .G R 0 FO S
goe of various articles, have twen taken by the Mof of Ilthe. CIRDS.
Allgtiine Corfairs; an a;fo the Maria Franctifa 'A I 0,
t! ladenI"" wilth boolt and thoes for the A a.tal a
Slprlill regimcnCs.
It:!'.:'rt1""n f()am ,ret) Felr' ry s~ The S 1 O P,
follow inr camefiom a gc rleinan of veracity, who About 6, t a blrthen, cnow on
arrie;Vl Icre a few dayi fC:e, on his way down the Stockl, a will be launched in
tbe ccuintry. thlie ciilrfe of n days. tHer franve
A t&w idays agn a country wnman floppel1 at i i of ccltr and mahogl iay, and her plai kt ce,.lr
Ith inn this fide of the ricer f:hunylkill. Aft i andl p:ith pine, a'l won inlrf Ilnl .
refrilling berfelf, flte hId o-carCn to get a bank For Tcrmt and furti. larI air y
note, I the value of cihacng, which a well
dilicd man fi-ting by olhfrved. No flontr tlbin ',"v, ru 1, -s't
fle Ihadl t kelcn her cde al trre foi the alive place, T O i I t i S .f D,
he !ik.wife took hiii, bit porlict quite a contrary
route. As foon as he thoughtt llc had got out of A P1 1 13B I C A T C T I 0 N,
hearing, he turned aboutand purfitrd her. When On, 'IITESDAY next, the inlt.nt,
he lI:d crime near he tcw iut a pilol, and thrctt. By J N P &
Celd her with iitantj death, if he did not dcli- B" JOHN PETT & Co,
ver ip her mnney. .e drew he" purfe from her A t te S fArriher' S\
pocket, and threw ita far as te coO:l fon her, iTh reraicing ARlTICLES, nt Tufd
6f)1ng, lince you mn have it, I'll give you fcme l1t. t o
ti .bic for it. He in ;nd leapedl from his horc, FREDER;ICK STA'.E, & Co.
andil wnt after it. c f.;i~ed the flavouraibe nmo- A. r lin, rS6.
me t, and I le of vith f,(ecd, whuqn lii horf -- -*
inmm:dai.ry follow after; fltc, fiappofing it ti I 1" PrIonC ini>Ite!d t) tlhe: E.tte of thc;
bc Il.e i .lier in pur it of her, grdiu illy mended dtcead SA lt. Ma Riy, late of r.xma,
hl i pac, uitil he arrived at her own habit.ation; Pl.iicer. a e fjitc t ld ti mak: payment, ao or
hiic, to her great ny, tlie fnd Ilirt:If i., pW.'l IHcl:fr' tIh' 13th of J.ily net ; ,Cll thfec hlivina
iftLnI ot a fine homfc, bi r~.s .. noo wl.i-h the I m : .:;tl; i ti: rainm, to delivre in accounts
aiti: :. *is found in thefutdll Inag.. The uoli, i ctini.', iulty a:teL:l by the faiI da;-, to
&er ihi At cc been advErtill,:, icit no otter lhai EDWARD MORf.X
,i .a Arca 19 d. Adinifirttor
SIllii:.rr, .Arily. L(ltr front Englan A, by ,,ru, Mar 9, 7,6,. r
thle '.Pckct, nitiihon, th.:t l.e Britilh Commit- c ,. ,
i nis f,;r i ,- Cirg tle Cl..s ot ;he Amnericm J H N W E L S,
I..,,ili'l, h:,c .icpaiatecl M r. Atmill, a,,,tlt- J O H N W t -, L S
rnr.,u,,fvo rfrp cTai)lc ch,l.fcr, toem,.rk fr At his SIHOP fn the BAY.
Nv.oi k, to m ke iiquiryi itothe value of the 1-i AS F 0 R 8 A L E,
:;l.rIc.. which hae h.'ii .-i:,fc.itl r nd fild on c fiNR !lyvfn Tra, ijun Placd Spiurc
a' c.i it of their .dc lrtlt;c Io Ul ral Bliti n di ,..,r n SiL I t llrcEhll
ir u the late war.;t. It-cr Vi' in. G.i.izis
l -:,!" '-fa Il.tterfrrm 1 -Adv ta a afM'rcioit i ;pic it al lnicn itts r;.C-ma.i 1'lnt. .andl rifc
N' ee Trk, dintd Y:caIaI, 6, 1, R6. P I'.kl,! C'. ,cr,. Onions, A Icng thrcc flop Pilan
I h'ive the pIteafUe to icii )o 10i, that I i V .'r, randri rkins F.,'te
lhav infl hi.rd that Ihe ncgoutiatiin b-:ltwc e Ih liaisy 'ooth. CiruFh
Gr-i'. P.ritain andi the lii: I1 State, is in a foir I fulroon Krctrcip Ivory an'l ltorn Coml.,
ts ,y i being tootn brcctlit to i conculioln ; ibut aI"-,l!c i Irih rfic.t'er C'oinh ir ., l i.
fw nhnclr emaii Tbhf of thu mit i'ii.'L.,I an- dm- Tr- SccledrJ noJ plain Hair
romlf, 'rence being-tlhe I at mnad by fotna of the Pona.tumer
S thrd r qta to obd r to ohiri ch, reco ry of del, ri c cnu HUac11al l ne PomlatImI
Ir fli ticdtt 1,cIarihalke Pormatum
dei.. to mrerc!aints of Orcat-Britaill contraitcd i ('mri, a r cr Ithc war; and a law pillld. line the p.a*c, .it,,,,m ani Chf 0,i LHafreis of Bnr.ilmmc, I. -
bv the State of Ncw.York. called thc T,,i;.i/fi l ic Rii, ; Ic nI vendari aull.cmi
i.i, :hi'ih afft&et numh:rs of Britifli Suhbjis; l..iei ,i0iopi,,fthc newlcl I..,i;Siilk ..nd Iail Cu,
Ite hit Ih Miniflry regarding them as viol.atiion f.iaioi llh., ,)
of tle Iealy, mnile thiir repeal an expretf con- l.alilTiktn, il'.Pa thread 'op Ifron
dilili (tf thu cva a;tionof he forts the f he tl tken,. and Crofsboic 'tayi Pii.
It is expted thc point' will bie Iven tip by Mr. I i is )rdfs ilk & S.'tii Winldror Soapj
Adcams. rtlev :thi)a ,ine fi perfedly rcalnclicle." S~hne- Wafh Illl n, ( tbh-Crbalina) MlaJ S. A correl. Cirli :nl C'hld-ens Stuff Shaving I r.;ies
P"nlcl't .blhfcv. that as nothing cemeits man.- and Mornrcc Shot'ei C ti Steel Kazur
kild itlgether c rmly t, inch as mutual int crel, C'ntIle':en'. Pl .tcl s!l'e Iazor Sttrop
that it would be propwr, in c.if Great-Britain Bl:cklon* of the ncwltl )relin g Car'. crnm lat
ftccnl"i cnte r into a caanm-rci.lf treaty wi'lh the IPc..rcc P itet lhlcing Cakec
Uitecd St.ill if America, to let erch vefl.- that Laie prl, shoe Iteckle. parkingg pctype
t t Set Scet:r & Knee BIcklek 1tannnt'Q Preventative
'sny be employed in tranfporting incrchandire Iorning Shoc and KL.e Keyfcrs Pill
fcie u coi ntry to the other, be one half owned B:echic Anderfiim's Pill
by the Britiith* anti the other half by the Amcri- silverr Watches Powderrd Bark
cacn :-'lhis would tend to unite the two coiui Wlarh ChryOlis Tarror Emetic
itrie togetlhclln a firmer bodc of friendship, than FV thionable Watch String, Godfrey'. Cordi;lt
they ever wre ; for then, the power that injured Ladies coloured Ialbit and Tamcs's Pt.wders
ote county wouldd inj Ire the other, which would Kid Gloves Magncfia Alha
make it the mutual interest of both countries to Ucatlcen's Silk, Thread. Dalry'i Elirir
1un]l aiy, nation or p-eok that dared to molet brown Leather & Kid E pom SIale
them in theitrad ; and weuld, in all human lovess Medicine CheflB
Priflhiity, i pt them united ia the bouls of London made Sadtles I. c.
rf endci nto the end of timc.-A contrae of Silver capt Twigs
thi kind lht alfo induce Great-Britaii to per- T HEl Subfcriber bep leave acquaInt his
nit the U cd States to trade to her Weft India L friends and the pbic, th e has taken Mr.
Iiands, in vefels in which her own fubjets were T'maws Snwith's Store on the opposite Mr.
'i concerned. -T.h interest of the inhabitants Suw ,ofo's Black Smith's hop, re he intendj
h cit oth o ries wnld then be exerted on both carrying on the TAYL.OR's .NESS In ltl
it lhe Atliniic,I to get fucli veffcl fully different branecle, and he humn hopes tat.c
t, bl h;ichlhere wonll be the greatest tention to b.fiie, eto le ri t o t
klifthiti;y:oifthf making money. of tuch ent en may be pbIIe tofaoir
.Sumanb, t ya. It i% equally a ftbie& of him with their commandJs. '"
Ahngter and dilltes to fee the curious and dif-. BNJa MIN.DUPRI.
Oftful condition to which this country ii rcdu- NAPf, MAt ap, 1786._

I ORDCORNWAI IS i nominated Oover-
1 noeur general of Bengal, by the Court of
]nil etors of the Eaft-India Company.
lxtrcl of a ltter frnm Phbildeb* April is.
I have jif time to acquaint you, that he
laws which our LegiOaturepaffrd laI year,laying
an additional .onnage on Britllh vefltis, and im-
pnOing rxtra duties on mtrchandize imported in
then,, ate now repealed ; and that all Vcffel
have now full liberty to trade here on equal term$
with thofe of the United Slates."
Atlrnf of a letter Jws Saan nab, Ma r.
This i.orning arrived here an exprcs from
the Altamaha, with the difagreeable news of he
India-li comining down to attack our Southern Set-
tlmnrnlIt. (Gnecal Flbert and William Clark
ha\ a Store on that river, which they are fortify-
in!i wtrh all diligence. The Militia in that quarter
aie .c fcred cut, as the Savages are aid to be it
grcat force."
0:1 S nlda laft NiCHOLAS OGllNl, Efq;
fai!cCi frnm Icnce for Cbar'eclon.
On VW arrived here from Maryland.
Capt. Swaini, of the Schooner Falrplay, from
Newl.ondon, inform 1us that the Bt i ,
Thonufici, w which was driven aflore in November
lift Hn il rt, ani, after being repaired there.
pn rceted for New-London, was call away on
b-r pafiag,' ihilhcr, in a flow form, on Pilher's
Ilanld. The mailer and the crew were faved.
wVc anr informed that the major part of the
f-rfaiini people of Nantucket have removed to
IN vi ?c'g!ia, in order to engage in the Whale
Fiillr;ly under the aufpices of Britilh Govern-
'; ht Rtv. Mr. Foco, appointed by the Society
f, r nm'p .n' the Gofpel in foic'gn part, to
the m;li, for thee flanda, vacant by the deati
of the Rer. Mr. Molu, may be foon expeccd here
film (ionnFeicut.
'1 he Amilty's Produdtin, Dale, from this port
for l.odilon, put into Cork the end of Febru-
.c1 <.
We are extremely concerned to inform tho
friend cf .ieit. FAIAcsI W. WOOLI.nzoiD ,
thllt I.r died on the pafllge from this to England.
aRircED HEa. TaB.
filLr I. Schio. Minerva, Kelly, Baltimore
School. Fairplay, Swaine, New-Londom
;o. School. Charlotte, Jackfon, Clrleftoa
Sloop Live-Oak, MacKIn, Gcorris
f'oop Nonpareil, Phillips, Jama-ca
St. Bctfey & Fanny, Adderly, Baltimore
School. Sally, Berry, Antigua
SAtIIt For
Mily 14. Sloop Providence. Arthur, Charlefton
Sloop Typer, Wheeler, New-Yorkc
ih S. Sally & Belfty.Brumhall, Chailtnltot
at. Brig PFetdwell, Wallace, Georgia

On MONDAY, MAY 22, 1786,
Bct&Ire thle Iloiri of Flean and One o'Clock,
W I L 1 B S L D, -
At the VenuOa Ho ,a, fr Ready Money;
he Sc.oonma
4 With er Boat, Tackle, Furnitare
S.- ai A anartl.
A S Oi
Her C R G O,
coueNsI a or
American Salt Pork. M ira and Claret Wine,
lnu, lranidy, Gin, vOdo Sular, Me--
.lalen, xecon, Maekaerl, ifins, Indian Corn.
Iice, Soap. Candles, &c c. Ac. condemned.
in lii Majefly'a Court Vce-Admiralty o,.
the Bahla.MIflands, for reach of the Lawl 4
.At ONB eClor the fmie aj,
At the VasIon Houol.
fThie Remainder of the CARGO of thebooer
Ins SILLA, onfifting of ROUGH RI E, ona-
demued in the aid Court, -
MaHhal C. V..A.
Sabur, Ma g9, Sx6. *
To be Sold at Public Vcndue,
On MONDAY anet,
At IWLrB est'"ce,
By Meflrs. Sterling & M'Kenzie;
LOT of LAND, fronting ass feet on the
A New Road, and feet deep,
Col. DosaWti. On the Lot am S MnM oI
Orange and Lime Tree. The CoMdtioM ll
be declared at the plabee U i.
m al t asu ---- W q...

---'- -

P 0 O T R Y.

Th following Tribute to departed Worth an
OGeiue, was written by .a Gentleman c
South Ca na ina in t774, and has never before
appeared I print.
O m dbly i- Death efRowLnD RbuaILl
Uff f l.mO & *$r of a Polume o
Mi.ilneU PemO, and /o rhe Story a
BIase and DIDo burlefqced.
F OM scenes of bufinef., where th' unfeeling aind
Jl. s a toreli, or tfrdiJ piga confia'd
From 'omwm' revels and hi noafy train.
Whode brutal oys oft spring fran othe,'a pain,
The moturnr tiinksl!-check with indigjiat cae
Th' uanfwered gpyan, andlideath' tunptiaI tear:
But I is (impatient to indulge his grief.
And feek, fr n fymptthctic woe, relief)
To CLraN ITu, fad retreat! where many a ril
Burf, gurgling forth, from each furroimtding hill.
Once niilsd reamsI! who i year onn Ri.r lay I)
Wrpt eny itr banks. and bad his fancy rly;
Fllion's v field, with g I ontaine wor.uld tread,
Call the fweet l iwer, lut Ipurn the noxious weed;
Gralf (fort:ve humour upon's fene,.
The grave Bard fmainlg at hi own ealr ce.
Does Flaceswife or witty choofi to ie
So wife, fo witty Rugele, feenm to me
Nor Ar ins more plantive, Ovid bhid to ow,
When Romas unbersn melt to Grtcian woe,
Than when, conduAed by the Briiilh Mure.
To modern tears, he ancient paung renets.
Or if thro' Nature'b nauee, he chod e to firy,
His thoughts the chcarful partner of the way,
In juleti light he every bjclda fees,
Draiw moral lorth, and tearhe them to please;
Sport with Cytherca, hat to fnatch her zone,
Whilft flmling Virtue cla m, it as her own.
Charm'd with the rpell, behind the Graicenove,
And Irient.ihip lead the unbaniago' God of Love.
At Wirdom's voice, when difapioinntmi nt frown'.d
He fought contentment; here the n7ainph was found.
I neath you lowly roof he w ,u'd the mAutl,
Who foen his vows with peaceful foulte repaid'
Whilft the wild land. ape wav'd its native vil,
And bad the Mute and Agriculture lhill
By Rugeley taught, the woodman's braudilh'd fiel
letraina its rage, and learns fiom tales to flel;
Spares the ay tree, with gaudy blolfom frpread.
Or graver beutle eof the verdant hade
In Natar's clumps the oak fill graceful waves,
Here Prud-nce doom., and yonder Geninu favsi.
T i mnun-' .' ferti'e bhre, andri:6er vale,
Snript o tl.cir woods, with feature harvoias lwc,;
Aioy., ctendq a length o' verlant glade,
No mere a forest, nor dupriv'd of Ihade,
Where Rfocks, andi herds, and fleds promiftuous fray,
The parents graze, the happier yoongling. play.
M re diil.t hills, fill brown with anciet tree,
Repel the fury of the northern brefec ;
An I throw' the openiu;s, rugged cliff. are found,
Like Gothic forts with mouldering turrets crown'd.
SNor thro' the vale. thofle flrcami iufcful wind;
In yol'ler -tell, by potent baktcoi einfi'd,
Th' imrrifan'd water yields to human law,
Float bhe huee raft, tinpell the lahouring fi.wa
Bid, ti tall pine ferfake the findy plait,
And fIck on ba nant iAodl tlde itant miin;
Or' the luice, white f.s n'ct the wheel,
Converu the hulky grain to lolcfome aa :al
And had he lih'd to eecute hNiplan,
Had minier'd to half the wan of man.
S.Such ufefl works did Rugey'a Day Employi
T' Even he yielled to more il joy
To couverfation, iniercoorfej minds!
Where thinking man tweet nation finds;
When friend to friend, ihUwel weigh'd thought im-
Cm a where juft, .re ffe th' objedion tarti;
PnAif-a fom latter, as from envy, free,
lubmts where wrong d all %where right agree.
She hofpi ab'e board claim'd his care,
Ritplet with avaoryji e than cofly fare.
Ai CIrmont fill the ighted ranger found
A hentf wdcome, cand the goblet crown'l.
But doe. he prove the friend of former d'ay.
Strong hbart-felt jly his nlifaer'ns eye displays.
U.inoeiced then, the fparkling bowl wou'd low,
ryonlI the r.lei that Cyic law allow s
Then decent frolic book the merry hall,
The cheesrul rneA s fnr eftive fins would call
And the kind hba, to plafe hi friends, fubmit,
H voiee all mane, andi hisnha ur wit.
ove le fAird bhateous, under Hymen's wings,
And promia'd all the joy their enion brings
Tre elt a neA d I that e ta a empty air,
Auetldot*tb ehsini rfen to fel depairl
l.oi noblef plee the it eming Fair hbeow'd,
fBt Death 1oM wrapt th-nain eman mms rood!
Mild Reif uadi Murmrie.voi renrain.
AhIu Anil led him to hii dear rmvalae
And acMrevli Mo. beeldh tah Onr
Th B Ab te her, and re sli roeei*e l
AI nc fa, r s A. t de, oneal with thy own.
.AuRM d Iy iie. ain make hy i hrteeokw.,
binIm tan rtir lehw e o eMa wel.
--r .. 4. kd .

T HE following Troan., given at he festival of
SSt. John the tvansgelft, December 73s ,
In London, are fn entirely new, and rontatll"
d uch real fitimcnt, that we readily prcft them
Sto our readers.
if MAy univerfal Mafonry be the only universal
9 Monarchy, and reign triumphant in the hearts
of the worthy.
May the tortiue of every Mafon he the key
of hiskeart, mayit ever hang in jitlt J.,l' ibritri.
f aad never be fintired to lie to in)tre a irothcr.
s. May every Mafon's heart have the arI.ehcy
of charcoal, and tile freedom of chalk, b :t not
the coldness or hardnefs of marble, when thie dif-
treffe of a Iother c' ii alliance
6. The fqnare In coand.t, the level In conal-
tion, the plnmnaline i reciittde and the cum,afl
in prudence, to all Ma .
8 The fpllendiir 3 he r't, lte rcpof of the
South, and the Jl, y df the Welt, to every
regular Loodge offre slnd acc:ptt MlafI,.n.
9. May the fragraje of a good report, Ife a
fprlg of caTi. bloonoover the head of ec ry dc-
parted broilhe.
eo. Otir fifters.--ay they have 3a mlch rea-
fon toi admire our plfdorn, a the Qi.t-e of Sliib
df at f our atM.der Sal in.
ty *'e cAApprentice% to bil-nty,
nd l CJ i but flill Mailers of our
p.ffilono. ^
la. May wisdom coblrive onr hip;incif.
firength ftpport our virtuous refolutiuons and
beauty adorn bhr bedh
1.1 May the ays oif cetaletl ligh' picree thrn'
the veil if i;nrgce. aI pei everance rtmosc the
key itone that' 'wrs trnt'h.
14. MA.Y t ,e yal Aro'h cover every hnne.
Mlafrn's heart, rnld the g'.ry ,ftihe firif tcen.ple
ove, hladw all, whoa.' up to the true principles
of ,.Idfnrv.

An Lixtraordiaarr CHIItUaCutICL C.Ai.
A POOR lIbourinq nan's wif., in the parilh
of Dalinthoe, near Wicklhiu Matirkt, iii
Suffolk, whire name is Marv BrItrlcock, in the
severe winter of vZT. a. w cited with a piun in
mot of her limbo, whi.t Ilie aitribuited to coid
and bfe rhemititlifm; when oine d!y i talking
acrtI)the houfe, Rhe Iripped her f.ot flglitly
ngaln a brick, and w.t rfirprir(fl to find her leg
bro-en nra- the anelc.--Iefore (he v ia perfttly
recovered f om tlhi accident, lie hbcame mreg-
n. nt nid. growing wc'.ik a.ln ifi'mn. was a l1itcd
by her hinlb nd in getting out of bzd, when her
left thigh bine f tilar :d in pia*i'e, without any
other force than its own weight (f.liln aginft Ilia
back; file was fafi!y deli ered h .in epriii-n-c,.l
gentleman ofthe facultty; after which her left aim
was fraf lred the (litoder, by plttlin it
over an lli'tant's n ck to get o:tf i; wd.-T&'is
1i kw'fc formed a calliz. and r-e, well. She
then f i:nd her right thiih boatr broken .t fthe
lay in bed, very thi:h up the hip; ai it wls
alfo, fome time aft.r, tower lova.n tow'trds the
knee.-Her collar bnnc has li'ewvife fenarated,
withoutan accident or violence. Her rliht arm
has met with the tame mnifotrtunc, hv only lifting
a pilt barf, off a tatlle. She Ito,1r lie% with the
third frhdure of her right thigh, which happened
lately, fre m being genttl raifel in I.e IIell, at or
neAr the pirt by her knee, before broken and
catlufed. The bone, are permiltl to grow. to-
gether in nt irregular manner, with the asit'tince
of ha.tiing and b:airlaze only, ai ti extenftn of.
her limbs would endanger b-ca.ito them into
twncity pieces. So deplorable in thlis unhappy
woman's fitnation. that th.'y dltr not move her
to mite the bed, or fear of bc.-c':ig her bhnci.
She 1i thirty-two years otl. of a delicate make,
lax fire, fair complexion, and p:tie brown hair;
ha had eight children, and alway.i lired a folter
temnperate life, and never took m:dicinca ot the
mercur'ial or any kind | but has generally enjoyed
a fair flure of health. There doe% not appear
any erilent caufe of thl singular phie nonenon-
Before the bouti break, tlie always com;plains of
pain on the very fpot federal weeks, Which keeps
inereafing till they (nap, and then goes off i a
few days, and the bones unite in five, fix, or
even week*. She has new a frefh pain feized one
arm, that Ihe expe&i will terminate in a broken
bone. This poor woman has had eight fractures
within a year half, even of which befel her
in the t we onths I and all without any
externalm eauf t ontb them to.

A I. Pere eint demnds theBtate of
1 MrB.A Llxua Reo99t a deceafed late
oEthis tows, defred to r in fate of
their dlms ey atteed, to e tf ber |a
and thoee w r la debted to ate, are re
quoted to m aT at Ia ted lly, that the
lir myr be tlet n aU e.
._+ AM R. U .ll &dlr.

At their StRa at t1r RaN Bnd Of t/h T.
A N A.,o>rMeNT? of llent et Deet iem.
Qncern' ati fuiper- Tumbler. lWinOeflt,
fite r.tII Cloth& and Goblets. Ac.
*lrimminii. A general afforetmt of
Negro Blankets and coasf common Tin Wait, and
blur Cloth lock Tin Kl uha U.
lAndon made Bl ts monil
Cuerfe and fie Iriti Uni. I ipoot lpanned Wafr
eha and Seetngi Tea & Coffee Un, &e
Mens and Wonmen Silk lca's metal and plted
Cotton & Thrled Stouk- Cand:@leks in or
ings fete
Diilln' Leather, Thread hlslf aure,Kerteh e
anl Jean Gloves 'I, Muftard& Pickles
Cotton and l.iiien stripes, fall ~ortment of Ft-
Checks and Ozlalriga Inly Medicine, viz.
An afloruictit of Sewing I tonm' ittern,
Silks rey'. Cordils, &c.
O aii.hrigs andl Nuns A ral Afrrtnaent o
Threads le. Sheathing and
Coloured, plain and fpot- lin Nails
ted Jvans ndl Jranet D I o of ordage from I
Plain ,n crnlkd Mlullins dantc down, with Mar
and Dimitiies e and Houfelin
Brown Ho'lanl. and Mit- 8 itlemea's white ad
quito Ncttinr ack Beaver Hatts
T.oIg and clear I.twnq ble and figle refine
Rufha Drab, HuLkabuck Loaf Sugar
Dhiling and Diaper Hyfon Tea and Cofee
Mens Dimiry Cnntret, Scteh lPitail. Oronok e
Wiaitioati & Brcclies, Leaf Tnhacco
in fuits Madeira Wine of thehght
Ditto's Canv Frrocks, eft Savour and inalny,
Trefert and Check by the pipe or
Shim quantity
A great variety of Cutlery London rated Port Wiu
Ironmongery, Tall, &c. by the ditto
(crman Steel, & So.edlih Brandy in puchtem or
Bar Iron Ileir quantity
Hitr Brooms & Scrulbing A few bulrel of SupOrke
Brufhe nlour, and Irib .Mcet
Window n(if. to hy is, Beef.
9 by rr, and 8 by to
A LS 0,
the following Article, upon Confgnment, and t Its
Sold for C:fh, at a very moderal advance,
Pitoh by the Birrel I An legnt Alfoetmeant
Eneilh Butter in firkins I ~Jelul, the Articls
A fmall aslurtment of ie I too nmeroas so be in
pIrintrd Gool ain Silk ferted.
Gauzes i |
Panton, Leflie, & Co.
'/,6s., A ftil l. t786.
P to all Perun itndlhted t.the Sublfclrtel
forVenditn Accottn't, due prio to the dtflltution
of their Conpr'nerlhip in Atlign laS, that unlc.
they pay immeJititely, fCits wkLbe coiainences
adg.dft them a, ftoon as poffbll as It t well
knowvn that a Com.iafi lt of t will net
admit of fo long indulgence as already beed
Niafas, May To, a86.
A LL Perfone havi demands lInthe Sla
of the late Lieurenat o, are
quoted to brings in their accounts
Miren. Arils ,. tS76.
A LL Perifon having any dem ar Ildtet
A Eflateof o Jo f ACNOtU eiCfI
in the Ifland of Abaco, Plnter a
defred to lead them In attedlEnd l a
jidebted to the Iftate, arc req r M ull
mediatc pt ment, to .
HUHde DEAN and A dadu-
A LL lerfors ladchted S jom
1 now aleat froa this a are
to make immediate ir te
who alfo request thot whiM al M
agalnt Brtt, to make N
tl4h, #Ae so ilM

STo be Sold at Publi .Venlue,
On MONDAY, the isd MAy lnt.
If not fprrntiofl 4frd 04 of kyw t I5k,
From Forty to Fifty N ROES
mofly born In Carolina an Flo and ludi
putable Property.* Perfone deroml pard atu
the whole or party Prliv tCmut n may rguu
the Conditions and further pa i on ..
plying to .'
N. B. The Negroes are now at Charlottelle,
where Mr. WELLBANK will howrthea to Prfato
def(iron of becoming purchafer, any.tte kbftre
the day of fale.

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