Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: May 6, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00039
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 93.



From SATURDAY, MAY 6, to SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1786.

NassAU: Printed by JohN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.
- .o

To be Fold at Ih lit Venc!de,
On MONDAY, the iad of M/, inR.
If /nt previoufl dlj iod of by Pr vanl Sale,
From Forty to Fifty NGROES,
mottl born in Carolina and Floda, and indif
ptahble Property. Perfons defiros of purchasing
the whole or part by Privlate Cou0 may learn
the Conditions and further partfulars, on ap-
plynto WILLIAM MOSS, or
N. B. The Negroes are now at Charlotteville,
Whtre Ir. WVILLIA NK will Ihvwthem to Pciafn
difi:ous of becoming purcha fers, any time befrate
ite day of fale.
AND TO 0 1. D,
ty the SU C RIIB R S,
At tleir STOns a l the nal lad of lte BAt.
AN AsniarM r| of E'rg.,nt cut Dccant-rn
QAecn's and fuir- T '' mOe'rt, W e 0.affT,
fIve .in-al Cloths d Goblets, &c.
'1 r.i L A general affortment of
S., L n'rt ad co3 rimmnn Till ;lt*, aild
b i.C:,t;h 1;' k 'Tin Kitchen U-
1 nn'"n mar'e Pent tclfi
C .arf: an t. f. Irilh r.rtpoo' jpainne Ware,
rne ,n pS', ri ,. tca & Clffer I'rns, &c.
hlr-l atnd \ton:men Silk nc.' metal and ,tasd
Coton & 'IThrcad Stuck 'and cick ikn pai.t or
ines ht
Ditti't LI..ther, Tl.rtad Qin' rihSauce.Ktclup,
r, d Jc:,n G:oves C Muftard & P.LI.Ie.
Courtn and linen ,tripe%, A mall affortment of 1Fa-
(lck, an. Onablri, n wi y Mhi.lci.e', viz.
An elifrtmcnt of iiewii a tIi ghItoe'O Bitters,
5Il, Godlrey't C, ridis, Ce.
Cnhairigs anid Nuns A prlpral AIr rtment df
1 ihreads 'lk, fheatnihg ant
Colcur d, plain d fpont- Iudding Nails
te.l Jean :nt 1Icancts Ditto of Cordlage froni
Pltin ird c rdea Mulins Inehe. down. with Mar-
and Dinmitie IEne and Hourt Fne
srcwn Ho.:!d, and Mul- Centlrnlen's white and
quito Netting lack Beaver Halts
L[ire ani clear .lawre Dmob'e and single refined
tcira Dralb, HULcabuck l.oas Sugar
iillijng and Diaper tlylon 'Ti and Colfre
M l\aiikoa: & Brecches, .eaf Tobacco
in fuits Madeira Wine oit he high-
Ditto's Canvaft Frockl. eft flavour and qialiry,
'Trlr.fers and Check by the pipe or liff.r
blurts qi.antity
A peat variety of Cutlery Lonlion racked Port Wine
Irtlimnng ry, Tool%, &c. by the ditto
Gtrman ticl, & Swedilh* Bnandf in puncheons or
Rer Iron Icfeer quantity
Hair B-noms & Scrabbin A few bArrela of Snperfine
Buni"e Flour, aad Irilh Mcft
Window (.'af to by 1a, Beef.
9 by I, and 8 by to.
AL 8 O,
The fe'lo ing Articles upon Conitgnment, and to ie
Said for Calh, at a very moderate adv nae.
Kith by the Barrel I An legant Aff tmentof
Inglith Bi t er in firkins l yeltr y, the Articles
A mall affortment of fine too numerous go be i -
Pr;nt d Goods and Silk rI ted.
causes I
Par~n, Leflie, & Co.
A-Wr.. A 21t t. TOM.
BI.ARlK U lnlis, ills it ati., Balls f Lading'
Bills of Exchange, Powers of Attorney, Sea-
Men's Articles, Apprentice's Indentures, and
other hl.nk rormn; Writing, Drawing, Wrapping
lad Blotting Paper; QOtille, Peaknives. Inkpow
er, Inktandilheas, Sealing Wax, Wafers, Red
ape. Black Lead and Camel Hair Pencils, India
Rihber, Blank Books of a'l forts, Pocket and
iemonrandum Books, Mufic and Mifical Inftrum
,eta, Violin and Ouitar Strings, Mulic Paper,
,uire, fTamed and glazed, &c. Ac. &c. to be
adt the Printin Office.

1xtrIaOrdar Cetf o Mr. lttna. ase teoanai-
cated b Dr. Montsa to Mr. OooCH.
From Medical and Clirurgical Obferatlintis."
A (EPNTLEMANof the Law in erjean-'a-
Inn, aged asnut .o. and of a fanguine com-
plexion, wan frized ahont ten years ago with a
paralytic affetion on his left arm. after which he
hid severe pain on the fond joint of his thumh,
from theice it runs nn to the middle of the cit;t,
and to on to the mi-dle of the humerns, gradual-
ly increarng to an excruciating degree, and there
it lpops.
No means hai been able to remove it efft-Aq dlv.
hat a reryndd one gives temnoorarv relief, wh'ch
ii tanping him very tentrv ilift at the hrl&ion of
the laft vertehra of the ner-k with the Ai ft of the
hack. Thr. is Anne t'mst inceflantly night and
day, having a ficrlreffin of fr wants for this pur-
pore, and by this means he frire evCr nflep..
I raw him 6It on Tuefliy rt hr difmiflerl
the taprer when went in. and. t aed lhi wife to
ilo the fice. who ft heating him in thi; manner
all the time I was with him, which was more than
.in hour.
At intervals he nwa. rtied with the moir vilTent
i**nm ia the jaws and horhoutgmi, and onec
i*i h I was with him with th- m i't unwcen-.
'ah'r difuirdr npin the murcler of the laIynr. I
I ipptfe, f"r he mide fich a homrld, fonorontc.
inarticulate iahhrtint, a. I never fearrd and
roninig on a fud.en and unexpected, it affrighten-
ed me.
T I'i r in touch hi it t h hi thim. and it gave h:m
equieite pain favt he, a ftraw drawn over i'
;s a tlper :" and yet once, iupn me
;t petty htrd, it took oIf the psin as did more
than once feratchln, his eve.hrow hard.
Whrn the fpafm affels his throat. and he bet-
ehe. frh wind, he f- with fuch vehemence
inl finiartnef. and with fich an actte noife, as
I know not know no- how to defciihe it to you ;
hut it rtemsto me something like the explosion of
a hnv's pop.-gtn.
Were I toennmera*e all the oddities I oferved
it this vifit, I fhonid tirevou and mvfelftoo.
lie once in his agony, tent for a furgeon to cut
ofrfhis arm*.
He hi confulted a great number of phyficiaas
tnd fiyireons of the reateft eminence, without
f ,dine the leaf relief fiom any of them I Doctor
Frewi frent him to Balh.
He h is lately been itnder the rcie of Domini.
cetti, the Venetian d, ~or. whi is come over to
cure every hody of all di;emrers hIv fweatin' ;
but, after three months difc;nl;ne, and keine im-
modera'e'r fwcated, witll dry and wet fumiga-
tionsa, rftiAi~nn, &c. n,'k:i E*nia.
Cirinfitt led me to inquire into the fi range
and firprifing hlanometla.
Hle herged of me to try fmething; but I had
no roerage, fpirit, or hnpes.
lie has taken all the nervert tribe "f medicines
over and over again I however, not to anpear in.
human to to wretched a being, after tellilue imn
I knew not what would or wou'd not do him
enod a as foon as I returned home f fent him a
bottle of rattle.fnake wine, to take a glafl of fre-
Upon my taki;n my leave of him, he toTd me
he had not closed hia eyes for eight nights fuc-
Laft nitht, the third fince I v;fited him, as I
was fitting by my fireide, in walked my patient
to my great furprize I which he obferring,
" Sir fyls he, you cannot he fo much ama-
zed as I am, norhalf fnmch p'eafed ; I am come
to thank you, and, if not criminal, to worship
Well, Sir," faid i, ," but t thought you
cold not bear a coach nor a chair i" #9 I can-
not." angered he, a I came waklne,. and have
Ia letter which Mr. 0. lately rece red from Dr
M. he fayC, that tai rnmmer a frgeondivided the
two hbrnches nt nerves bsldegiong 1 the dml, but
without beate."

left my friends and neighhbour in the 1 eatft
aflonilfment." "* Fir i this change faret can*
not proceed frame my merdicire, it troem to me
almelft Impoffible. s" Sir I it is true for all that."
replied he, and I have not had one tap all th'e
wh o' day, and Pm In a manner free from pain.'
" Sir faid I, don't halloo, we are n"t yet
out of the weod." is In.te'd, Sir." fiv he, I
am at ptefent. but Cod knows how foon I may
he in again." When your furprive it over
and your mind fettled, after your walk, I'll feel
y rur pu'fe." I did fo| and from a quick and
t regplar one, which I obferved when I v fArd
him at his own hour, I found it revntlr, even,
axd flrrng enough. Thts beran to denotnifh my
infidelity, and to give me fame opinion of my
rattle fna' e wine.
After fitting an hour with me free from paint
ind without his man netting him once, I afltc
him to go homeina chair. i* !ir," rayshe, a
chair mnioder me, unlef the f, lnos would esrr
their po'es fhort, and givmeme no rving or dan.
ring, and that they will not do;" fo away he
went on foot in great fpirits.
I called p -n h'm t.e day after thl% dialogue;
nmd hr told ire he walked from my apartmint at
Lord Godolphin', home with great rafe, where
he met an affembly of rr;endr, exnefting hbl re.
turn, wondering at whatthey had heard and then
He told me he betleved his nigit wae no* quite
f' pn rt as it might have been, had not hii friesid
k:ept him up too late to reio;ce with him on this
hapnv event: ye' this day he iid he had find
himself flrorger than tfial, and had been at L.n.
coln' -Inn HIll, to prfentt a ret: in tomy ord
Chancellor : however, notwithria-rine there hal*
cyon day-. this fair fin-lhireofcomfortable hnoe,
I am afraid c'luds and Pform will arife, anl make
this poor gentleman again the mod miserable of
What happens farther you hall know ; and if
ynn will now tell re where the cafe of this
disorder l;e, ers mibi marims faolfl. M. M.
An inrefimtall Dilintet for Ib HUMAN CALr
M R. Benjamin Colburne of ath 14 a gentleman
fo universally known and efleemed, that
were it not for the information of mankind
throupghi t Europe, it would be needlerf to far,
that he i a ma f amp!e fortune, of the utmit
candor, and p rens snbrundrd phianthronv
That being bredyo phyfc (but from the prat&ce
of which hhae nany years Ince retired) he has
employed his If re-hou-n in chemical ecpert.
meits, and wit uch ruccef, that he ha. proved,
herond a doub on himfelf. and on fevere' of his
f ;end, that the folntion of Axed alkaline fault,
saturated with fxahle air, will prevent the for.
nation of naleli in the human b'adert; nay, that
raeai Ieting fte p'd In that solution, will daily
lore of their original weight, and be difoofed to
crnmhle and difolve. The late inrenionT Dr.
Dobfon. in his Commentary on Pixed Air,"
had conceived, that muth benefit in mray dif.
orders, and partktarly in the gravel, might be
received from thl e of medicated waters. It1
It appears that Colborne lis -te rllt man who
h ts experienced a his own perrin. the ciccert of
his own difenyv and havn fo done, he yee.
routir commu cated it to hla frriend and nriph.
hours, who h een equally relkWed, and who
were equally 1 oing to have their ame' and cafe
published i w ch not only prves the emfi y of
the medicine on a Angle patient, or conafllon.
b;t that it is fitch an a&s on the urine ofm hl .
man heing. Mr. Colbrne's own cafe. the Rev.
Dr Co-per, the Hon. and Rev. O. Hamilton to
Taplow, of Mr. Ainlie, and of a Imple man of
At, who ontl, not permit his name to the pub.
lihed (yet equallly behreied) ha been ptulihed
by Dr. lp'Foner i bIt pubtlflied as an AIendi
to Dr. Dobafn's Commenary on FIIdA ..*
I have, therefore, thought itat at a humanity
to give the p ors VA illa rfi, tbhe ma

lT relief, by endingg u t fIketch of this val.abl' European Intcllilence. 1 "r p .""" Thi'lly'the la roluats
difocrf and it will then be in e.cry m,,'. uropean In c- l i,; Grace the Doae of Rutland, the
power either to prepare the oluion himflf. or N TANT OP Dcr .it r ofut rltr .pelleeh d hr w Ca hM
to purchase it at a very moderate price ; and they C O NS TA N I N O Dwctih.I 3 w;ih a very cymcili:in" f(.eech Itwashi Ma.
may be fure that it is fent to you with the ofUR Miniftry have itft received advice, thai idey's desire," le faid, that his Parlameptof
fame good degfig, that it was comnmunicAted by L the Sopli orf Perfi is making creat prepra- Ireland should give their utnnft attention to thofe
the difc6verer, whole memory, I have reason tu tions, which we fear are defigned aeainlt uis. We obhietl which were moll conducive to the real
believe, will be revered by many national. Mr. are induced to tlink fo, as a reit quantity of inter-ls of their country i that his Majefty, re.
Colburne informs us, that from federal very ac- prvifionts and anmminition is fending into the lying nn the Commnon of Ireland forfuehfippllen
curate experiments on the human calkuli fterpcd P'ace bor.ering on our late. A person of diL are necelTryforthe publl service andthefliP
in alkaline falts, they were reduced in weight, lnCtion, habited in the 'Perfian ininner, is fent to part of Government, thought it tnccelary to re-
asddifpofed to dffo:ve this led him totry what reconnoitrc our flontiers, but he is believed to commend to their confideration a fyftfmaticl
effef it would produce, by the internal ufr, on be an European. improvement of the Prlice; as the freqrient out.
the urine of thofe who fuffer from the gravel or Pars, nuarray 14. On the rI7th of Ith montli, rages, committed in fame parts of the kiHgdot
tone, and was agreeably furprifed to find that the Sieur Mechain. Member of ti Ht oy il Acade- particularly called upon them to enforce a evio.
his own urine (for he was a fufferer himflf) from Io y uf Sciences, difcnv-red a neiw c,,ort in the rous execution of the hw$; recommended totheir
being turbid, and difpofed to precipitation, he- left Ihou!der nf tiqvrinii. At t, I. mill. true protection, the Proteftant fchools, the linen and
tame clear and of a natural colour. But the alka- time, its tieht afccnfion wa- ;~z .'Yi ree ( i min. (iothr nmnnfilitres, agriculture, and the lihe.
line flts proving difagreeable and nanfeating, he its declination r de:. rr min. ;,ithah. From the i, i, and litch other meafnres as may animite
conceived that fume more agreeable mude night 71thl to the 19th, or in 48 t t;he lir h' ar'c-i in I iiI ury. extend he education, and improve
he contrived to answer tne fame good purposes. dim;nilhed a dleg. min. a l th decli ;.a!im in- thel moral of the l'. His Orace concluded
Fixed Airfeemed to Mr.Colburne the bef means created I dcg. 4. man. It *l nt vet ;ila)le to with the irontneft af tce of contributing all i
of fuccels, and experience foon confirmed his the naked eye, and it is entirely fct by the end of hii power to primot lhe interefts of Ireland, and
hopes. The alkaline solution is thus prepared, twilight. to tnlblin it flturfu/brit /n thfe fur-f an r Il
Put two ounces, Troy-weight, of dry fault of 7 ,uarr r M. de Krfraint i< arriverl from aijnfr f/gudntier.- o taddref to his Mihefty, into an open earthen vlfcl, and putr upon the Faft-Indies. with the difagrereale intell;rep'-e and another to the Lord Lieutenant, were after.
It two quart of the foftcit water to be had, and that the Legion of Luxembourg, in thie pay of wartIs moved for, a'il carried.
lir them well together. Let the filution land Holtndl, and ftatiored il the garrfoln of Coloam- I.ldo.n, Yfan 24. This day In the Ionife o
for s4 hours, when the clear part muft be poured la, in the tile of Ceylon, had revolted and com- Commonr, as foo t a' the Speak.e had taken the
e.ff wth care toavoid any of the reliduum, and mitted great erceffri M. de S.aille, coantm In- chair, the fpeecl real1, and the infil forms pafrei,
put into the middle part of one of the glarl ma. der four India-, r 'ili'lhlent't, c mnriving it inot i Mr Yohn Saihtb rore to move the addreft.
chines for impregnating water with fixable air, prulent to punish the infurrecnt, iifnatehlned M. 'I" re heads orn which he chiefly enlarged. wer
and repofcd to a Itreaan of that fluid i after the de Kerfaint to rereiv- :rei'%on from his Court as The tranquility ofEurrpe-the friendly alffrsa
water has been 24 hours in this situation, it will to what measures lie lihnd prurfire. I ce cffowreign ,owers-the blefflng oafpeace-the
beft fior ufe, and Ihould be bottled off; well- Li/a" Januarr 20. lHer mri PFaihfil Mai;fty, extenilfn of trade.-the increase ofrevenue.-the
cork the bottles, and let them upon their corka, after tile exarmae of the other potentates of 1- rife of the fand!,-the advancement of pub'icere.
bottom upwards; and with flch care it will ktep rope, has ian frt (n lf ot an inquiry in'o the dil-t'r care of the nav-and the great objet
'fveral weeks. Eight ounces may lie tak.iin tlhne fnte of the co nitrtce of this king,!;m. palticu. reI.-ommended from the throne, the reduction e
times in 24 hours without ny n c; y thout af ine -ice Il the attilit wh;ch ire the rwlth, inar I the iatiahnl !ebt ; if in that difficult talk he fai
but it may be belt to begin with a fnailcr quanl- Ii.naiue, and prodliuce Iof Pottelal, or lher ldoin. any ot11nrualton fho:tl he thrown In the way, he
tity. '" "lt. The eli t refperling the currency of 1P ar- trutled every member in the Houfe would smite
It is needlefs to trouble you with the cales of tua ini gold and fi!ver, in again revived. i' is t o remove the 4iculty. He ton bed lightly nn
the other rcfpcltablc gentlemen, wh tec namce are talked that an agreement is in agitation to allow I the alinflment ofyhe commercial Intercourfe with
mentioned above it is fnfficicnt to fa that Mra. of the impoitition of corn from America dulty Ireland; and concluded wit exprefrn the irate-
Colbu ne, by an almost constant ufe 4f this medi- fee, in confrqiience of fome regailaaions which i fil icknowledgements the tint in general noe4
cine, tnjoys better health and bclttr Iplits, are alboit to pafi between the two nation. to h0I MliefI, and with oving the following
though considerably turned of 60, lthal he had Hh i u', Y'nn. 17. We hear that tathe IKing ofwe- c. humble allrfT:
experienced for so years before, and never lhai den haa writtento their Hlth MikhtiaefTer a letter I MAfeGrarin Siern
any symptoms of gravel or ftone but when lie i wh'ch hedeclares,thatoutofaran)nile:ialioa I.f We, your Mirnly's ft dutiful aniloyd
happens to neglect (as is fbmetc the cafe when the friendship and goo I iidtrRtanrilin which las fhijent, the Conm'in- o a ritain, In Par.
from home) his accufllmed solution It appears ever reigned between tl.- t epuihll ol the nai:cd liamet afemblelhe leave to return you
alfo, that the other gentlemen whole names are Povrinres and Swetlcn. ,al itt thle a'li.a,-es form- Mti-ft our humiille tI nk, for your mlt gra.
mentioned, and a lady of Bath alfo, who from ed rletween their lHih MlithtinelTa* anll his nre cious feoechl rom thie rone.
delicacy, not foll, has with-held hlr name a'fo, decelffir,. he is willing to give a fre'h pntif of hi i We learn,with at fatisfa&;on, that the dif.
have all experienced the wonderful cffels of this gord' will, by renewinr an ll, i e titl hl R '- ,- ptes which apneare to threaten an irnterenptin
very Important discovery. Had thi me.licine public: and that he ex;,ef s a fpeer ty sfi vlr a to the tranquility o Purope, hive been bhroirit
been discovered by a praftifing and proflfi.anal this in'imation, that lie n ty puroced to conclude to an amicable conclnaln, and thatyour Malety
man, there is not a doubt but it would have made the hufinefs. onntinnie to rrca've from foreign power< the
bis fortune I or, indeed, had Mr. Colburne The laib letters Clere infor n ius, tint fr ine-l aTforances of their friendly difpoitiao
secretly communicated it to fame me.hcil f iend, the t'r-r'cv of that City ihas iflucl orlras to all towards this country.
and no doubt he has many, it mult, in that cafe, the cities and maiket-towin in the DI)yhv o nre. We aie deeply fetAllle of the blefnie we en
have enriched an indiiduIal. But he has gene. parr quarters tot ror pp. Even thole plrcee which perience from the enjoyment of peace, In thet.
yroei given it for the good of all manainid, hew- before were not obliged to keep ga,rifivi, are urt tennin of trade,the improvement of the revenue,
ing them how to ule it; and, thercl re, I dcfire nw exempt fn a Du r, Rees, fF.mi a )l Rr nm:. and the increase ofthe publiccredit ofthe nations
It to be univerfally extended in your ulefil and rich, &c One thruflin men arc crxpeLed in Cre- andl your Majefty mao rely on the utmolt enertina
catertaining Paper. ve ll, and f,- in ioher frontier places which are of our zeal and attention to the f important oht
I am, Sir, dependent rnPruffia. iel.
Your coaftant reader and friend, yfanurr .3. The ldeliherationt of the Slitr In order to promnoe. as far as In ns hy, the
POLYXENA. hvrvecommencedagain with 0afrtirofthe P, i., common interest oF all your Maiefty's fnhi je
P. 8. Mr. Colburneis father-in-law to the very of Orance. which we hear is likely to he at;ufl- we humbly laid before your Malefty, in the lat
refpetable member for NewcaRtle, Sir Ma:thew ed through the mediation of friends, anil hi feni,,n of Parliament, federal refinutions, vs the
White Ridley. Ilighnefs's return to this place will pI.obably take balls of an adilitnent of the commercial inter-
place in consequence thereof. courfe between Great-Britain and Ireland ; buitt
l.iverpil, ant uary 3r. Captain Raphel of thi. an no effeAnal fiep hah been hitherto talen there-
PUBLIC NOTICE IS iiHE BIY (IVhN Brig IIfil, wi arrived here oonthe i p by the parliament ofthat kin do, wede
L to all Pecdon indebted the Siubcribers her palifge from Dominica, on t:-r yth of RD- not find ourfelve t prefeat r ena')le to make tay
forVendue Accomunt, due prior the diffuoutioa 2:mber, tat. i6. 4. lon... 66. 47. pickc.i i the farther progress in that falntary work.
of their Coparnerlhip in Augu nlaft, that unletf crew of the Charming Molly, h:anndr frlo U:re- We cannot refrain from offering the warmet
they pay immediately, fuit w be conmenc-d mudas for 'l'rks Iand, which elfl had foun- exprcmon of our raltitude, for your Majrlly'
agait them as foon as poffib as it is well dered three days before, when the crew, ten iti gracianl afllirance of yo; earnelf wilh to enforce
known that a Commifflon of t or cnt. will not number, took to the boat, to the ftern of which moonomy in every department: we Ihtll beequal-
admit of o long indulgence as as already been they had tied a large log of wiod, hrich ferved ly ready, at all times, to make foch prorifian ,
give. to keepher head to the fea; in this situation the niay be necflTary for every branch of hepublic
HUGH DEAN, waited in hopes of being relieved by fone velfel ferice, particularly for maintalning the nav
JOHN DENNISTON. who might meet them. When Captain Raphl strength of thefe kingdoms on the mut fccareatd
Nafasi, Maly I, 1786. took them np they had about one pound of bread refpealable footing. Fully impreffed with the
and two gallonsof water, the latter of which they necefity of etablilhing a gfied plan for thereduc.
nr'O Sol4 at the Subheribers Shop, at the ave to each other ina wine guflluwll toa mouth. tion of the national debt, we lhaI lofe no tie
Swe tward, on Tuefday the r6th of May, at ful of bread, once in twelve hours ; tIe boat in entering on that important consideration I 5i
o o'clock, aaafortment of Ethen Ware, on- (twelve feet in length) being to very finally. one it will afford us the mlt folid fatiafaldon to lnr
siting of large and mall oval rnd Dithes, To- half of the crew were obliged to lie down in her that this moft desirable obje& may be attadei
reena, lhalow n d fou Plate large and fall bottom, as in any other fituation (he would have with little addition to the public burthens.
tound and oval bakin Dihes, large marine been top-heavy thus were they fortunately deli. The vigour and refoBcf a happily manifeitti
ncilled P.unch Bews, large ad f ll enamel- veed irnm a mo dreadful situation, as in all in our present ftuaton, mfi e encourageney a
led ditto, bhte dtto, ditto of l forts, mall probability a few more day would have termi- and confidence to all your Majefts i.fbje, I alh
Lafona. Cups and Saucer, a fine pencilled nated the existence of molt of them, which the cannot fal to animate our ecerte in eaides v
Tea and Cofee Sets, China ditt Coree Pots, very uncomfortable ize of the boat would in a ing, by a continual attentin to the feurity
Ta d Milk Pots of all feand lours, quart, great measure have expedited. the reveae, and the etenfon oftrade to
pint bd half pint Mugs, Sc. A few pieces of Ediabsr b, February This afternoon arri.- frm ard improve the incres n property of te
Checl and Stripes, ready made Trowfers and ed at Lei h, the Unity. Capt. Scott, from Phila- empire "
Jackets, two hour, hour and half hour, minute delphia, having no efm than say palfengers on Mr. A.lito. rofe to second the motion for s
and half minute Glafres, Table Knives and Forks, board, all returned emigrants, who find it better address. He followed the former ftealer, If ecoa
hoe Buckles, Shaving Cafes, Razor Straps and to return to their native country than tlay in A- rratulatin the Htiife on the happ proiped he)(
IRazor, Sclfars of all kinds, Ink Powder, fuper- merica. This makes the tenth vefel that has forth in his Majety's molt in os fpoflhei
ac Multard, a few groce of Corks, lce. dc. arrived in Sotland within there two months from poke more fblly on the fate of the prieaoo
4 FREDERICK STAOE, & Co. America with palrengers; it have arrived at fent to Ireland and lamented that the lntds
.J/qf Ma es, e17". Grenock, three at Leith, and one at Aberdeen. idea of harterint aetin rrn for ueassilo w

l awrakened the feai of that high.fpirited pe
t, erjealoiul of their liberty, had been circu.
,td with fuch fuccefs s to defeat, for the priefen,
fe moRl falutary measure that ever could be de.
iled for uniting the fifler- kingdoms in the pure
bndl of friendlhip and mutual interest ; yet he
Joped, ere long, to fee that difcering nation
uearsect to embrace the proportions as they had
ltely Ihewn Almnefl to rejct them. Having faid
il, he amplified on the bold plan, alluded to in
the fpcech, for the eftablilliment of a fund for
te idudion of the national debt. Thri was a
aiature of fuch magnitude, he faid, as were it
lot olr the enormous incumbrance of the late
war that had already been provided for, he Ihould
aste entertained no well-grounded hope of ever
fring it begun ; but udging from what had been
done, of what might further be effected by talents
fi Cuper-eminent, he could not help having conAfl
dence in a meafure, which however difficult, was
sot looked upon a infurmountable. lie trusted
therefore that in the execution, ii tome fmall fup-
plies Ihould be necelfry, that the hour would
with one voice concur in granting them. He
concluded, after paying fume handsome c ,mpli-
iants to Mr. Pitt, with ficonaing the addrlfi.
L1rd Surr-) role, and was forry, he faid, that
he could not join in the praifes of the Right Hon
Getlceman, and that, for one plain reason, be.
caafC he did not deferve them. His Lordlhipthen
adwerted to the Right Hon. gentleman's meafures
.-bi India bill, which would it was feared, prove
of fatal coulequenec in India-to his plan ot par-
liimentary retor -and, what was of greater
cunfequence, to his commercial treaty with Ire
land all which had failed; nor was it likely
that hi commercial treaty with France, which
hai ucen )I long depending, would meet with
uchn better fuccefs; though, if it did, it muft
be owing to the late acquisition ofa gentleman
he did nut fee in his place-[Mr. Eden.
It uas alhed which was his place ? which pro-
d-ted a general laugh. He therefore allowed no
nitrit to the righ.. hen. gentleman for his men-
lurcs, but rather thought the rife of the funds
and the aicteafe of the revriuc owing to their
anrcarriage, as had they fuccetdcd, the itationl
muft have been undone.--le concludled with mo-
ring by way ot amendment, that the whole
piaagraph in the acurefi rfpeCting Ireland should
be omitted."
It is with the true regret we inform the public,
that by adviccn from Parri which we ftar are too
authentic, it ii tiated, hib Royal Highncuf the
DKck OF GLOUoUer i A. died the beginning ofthis
iwrllth in Italy. His Highnefl's death is Laid to
have been fudden, although for fuome time palt
bil decline was evident.
Ity authentic advice from Mogadore it appear,
thai the Emperor of Morocco has feit out cvtral
lallc cluizeri to tl. Wefiward, wilh positive
ouilcrs to touch at Madeira, and to biing fronr
thence ceitificates from the Governor of their
having been to far to the Weftward. Five more
ae going out immediately.
February 14. A letter lately received from
Tlni. cortaini the following particular :
lie Venetian fquadron have at f left our
coat. Pritvour to tacir departure, the Admiral
ienewei the lie without doing us the inalleft
daniate. We have line learned that palt ot the
fquadron failed for Malta, the other foi Trapasty.
In cotifeqiuence of the power granted by the Ve-
eiatan Senate to their Admiral, Chevilicr Emo,
we have tcalon to flatter ourselves that an end
willt f iii he put to all hoftihtieC ; the more If, as
hi, ha.lcllncy is very deliroul of bringing about
afpeetly and calling accommodation of differences
between the Republic and this Regency."
On the 9th of Januarn he Emperor pibliflied a
tew citA, prohibiting all games of chance, by
which he not only confirms his former decrees on
that itibjedt, but adds a penalty of 3jio ducate
fIr every one who is convi&ed of gaining, either
iiin public or private; and the like rum for every
P '; i,,r of the houfe where it is pradired ; one
third to the Treafury, another to the oficer who
apprehends the culprit, and the remainder to the
intormer, whofe name hall be kept Iccret and if
a.y of the gamelt-rs hall inform, besides the re.
arni, they Ihall be exempt from all punishment.
The late arrest of the Emperor, imposing an
additional duty of 3l. per cwt. ad valorem on our
fSer tfed works, and j percent. on all our coar.
Ierhodwares, eprefuted as a trifling reftric.
tion. hut a featr will turn the balance when
two feales are i perfeCi counterpoife much
mtre will its weht be deprcffed when thrown
aito that which is already too much prepondera.
tilg A tan of 3 per ent. in ifelf may tse coafi.
decd ialight I am ; but it muft be recollted,
that this is in audition to heavy buithena, which
o ltr oppreful4s r trade more than it was well
able to bear.
Atigbo t Court is faid to have been for
St week pati a terrible bultle The nany

tales, to repeatedly told, of the diamond neck-
lace, aite now affertedto he all a hum An affair
of a much deeper nature, if fame may he credited,
has been the canit of the arreft and detention of a
certain Cardinal. A plot was discovered to have
been formed for delivering up Strabourg and
SAlface to a neighboring Potentate. The Miniter
thought it his duty to enquire into it i but on
further incivigation, found fome perfona con-
cerned whom he did not choofe to irritate. The
Cardinal, therefore, it Is rumoured, is dead in
the Baftile ; ani the further prosecution of the
affair i given up, as a matter better buried in
Bxtra8 of a pri.ats letter froi an EnslilF Cent,.
man, an oirer it Ith Ruffian detarhmien t that is
gone from Peterjurrh. o a fiwnee sfpenetratiog
Stoamfhath. by t d, dated atJ MIfco, Dtr.
member it, lylt.
Our detachment, which connfif of 6ro per-
fons, arrived here the. roth infant,. in five weeks
from St. Peteribuarh, without the lotf or alirence
of a fugle individual, and hitherto our at tie that
draw the baggage, as well as our men, are all
healthy and well. How long we Ihall continue is
at present uncertain, as we wait the second dr.
taliment, which is expected every day, as it left
Peterburgh we fuppole in a few days after our-
felves, and without fome uncommon accident
mult fonr arrive. We fall then let off directly
for Cafan, "o which place we Ihill be conveyed
down the Wnlga in craft, of which there are a
number collected here by order of the Empicu"i
for our accommodation. The dillance is .a'iut
3 to040o Britifl miles. At this place we are to
refl again, and if the weather i agaiinit ovir tra-
velling, to continue till the arrival of frinig.
Fromn thence leaving the Cafpiln fra on our light,
we thill journey nearly due Eaft till we con"e to
Samingoludt, where we are to make another halt,
and from thence we en fomethint more to the
North. Thisis a traiu of 4on miles, treit pirt
of which is as yet unexplored, except by the fa-
vages. What frccefi will at length attend this
expe.lition, or whlat advantage may finally refrlt
from it, is yet in the womb of time hbut neither
care nor expence are pared to make it icccefs
fill. Create part of our travelling will be ,v comr.
par.a for which puirpofe we have fome m:ft rxpc-
rienced aflronomncr, &c. The great part of my
labours are in keeping a journal of every occur-
rrnce. Now farewell Nor muft you expect to
hear again for several months, as after hence we
have no-other pace for conveyance."
A morning paper of Saturday fays, by the
Swallow packet fiom Calcutta, we have the fol-
lowing authentic intelligence: That Madajee
Scindia, the famous Mahratta Chief, had advan-
ced with a large army very near the confines of
the dominiins of our ally the Vizier. That the
Emnperour, Shah Allum, was in the Mahratta
cimp, and that Scindia fllued out all his orders
under the Imperial name and fandion. Among
the reft, that he hai made demand on the
Governor General and Council of Calcutta,
for all arrears of tribute due to the Emperour,
by the treaty made by Lord Clive, whrn the
Dewanny of fengal was granted to the Eat India
Company, amounting to near three millions ter-
ling. That this payment had been positively re-
fufed by the Goverrrinr and Council, and orders
were iflued by them to repel any hostility that
might be attempted.
It is laid that the treaty with the Spaniards
about the difpofal of Gibraltar is not entirely at
al end : They Itill prorioe an equivalent, art
it is afferted with confidence that Parliament
will be founded on the fubjce in the course
of the present Seftion.
February r6. It was yefterdly reported that a
proposition refpefling a union with Ireland, would
he brought forward in the course of the present
If we may judge of the opinion of the Ihiib on
this question, from their publications, no meafore
more noxious could be adopted.-The laft debate
which took place in the Iriih Commins alfo indi-
cates in a great meafure what opposition might
be expected from that legislature.
The price of lands has fallen conflderably in
Ireland, within there few months, even To low as
eighteen years purchafe owing to a spirit of
trade and commerce, which at prefent nearly
monopolizes the ready money of the country.
Yeferday at noon arrived his Royal Highneft
Prince Frederick, the heir apparent of Denmark,
on a vint to the Britifh Court, and with a view,
it is faid, to celebrate his nuptials with the Prin-
cefs Royal.
A motion is foon to be made to declare a free
port in one ofthe Weft-India Iflands, and alfo at
the Bahama's-the Miniter, it is fid, is of opi-
nioa that Dominica Is better situated than Ore-
nada for a great emporium of trade-but the mat-
ter will be warily combated by the friends of
each iWand.

IN the rtffels which lately failed for England,
Sent paftengern John Douglafa Pfq Thonas
Walters, Ffq; Mr. Robert Reld, Mr 'ohn Fox,
Mr. John Dennaifon, Dr. Huth olne, the Rev.
Mr. Trichner, Mr. William Begbie, Mr. Jamei
egrble. Mrs. Woodriff, with her family, and
fome others.
Letters from London, by the wayof Charleton,
mention the Polly, King, from this port for
London, being loft about the s5th of `annary
laft in Portland Road. The pafrenger, crew,
and the greatet part of the cargo, were faed.
The William and Mary, Swinburne, and the
Pegey, Matthews, from this port, are arrived at
A veferl for this port was up at th- Coffee
heufe the Irth of February, and was expected to
fail In flve weeks from that time.
DEATH. Mr. JEasaiil NWTON.
AtaRvrn sinRe. r, f
May It. Sloop Abram, Burk, Tortola
an. Brig R. c Mary, Hutchifon, Charlefto,
SairLn. For
May I. Ship Columbus, M'Naughton, London
Sr. Ship Hero, Bryan, ditto
rI. Ship Sally. Orilvie, ditto
T HEREAS I have from many circumstances
Sreafon to fuppofe, an from the inform**
tion I have received, to be ve, that the Negroes
advertifeei for Sale in Mr. IasLLis lat OGaette,
hv Mr. W!LL1AM Moss, n d Mefl's. STaLlUta
& MaCKitezrE, belong the lite Col. JonH
STUART'S Pftate: I th re think It neceflarf
to prevent the trouble, ad perhaps erpencee
which faid fate. and p hafere ignorant of the
predicament it is in, may led Into, thin puba
liclv to warn and cautl tll Perfons whatever
against purchanng any of t Negroel the pro.
perty ot faid Efate; as WitrLta MolS,
Mleffr-. STERLINGo & McKINlaz or even
'ttornies for Mrs. STUAaT, Executrix, and Mrn
JopN, STUArT, Heir and refidnary .efatee. hae
at rrefent no nower or right to difpofe of, or
(in the eeent of a Sale) to give legal and v4l'
titles for any of the Negroes bhlonilnt to faid
Eflate. A right and power to fell Negroesthe
property of it, only can, (ntuated as the late Col.
Inlr STIAtr's Eftate at present Is) proceed
from Mr Wr: Lta M'Krwn,. Adding Execu-
tor fr faid Eftate t and that right and power the
fall WILL AM M'KIrtno has conveyed to the
Sultfriber alone, and not to any one of the Gena
tlemen above mentioned, or to any other Perfm
or Perfons in the Bahamas.lland.
Attorney frWIllM oM' Now, A.i
Executor th atn Cel.
.late r
Ntafu, Ma, ,172(.
WTTHP.iIIEA we have hy virtue of fill power
VV (uly recorded in the Secretary's and Re-
gifter's Office of thefe jInds, oa the a9'h day of
April laft plt), from fjrs. Sian STUAIT and
Capt. Joan STrttna of His Maiel'y's 3d Reti-
ment of Fo.,t Cuard. fold and co-veved to Mr.
the property of the late ~ # STuseT, Ffqniue,
Kuperintendant of Indian fairs: There are to
Certify to all thofe it n concern. that we
will warrant and defend the faid WrtL.tra
Moss, In the fall and quiet pnifeltion of the
aforefaid property, or any Perfon or Perfmn
inclined to pnrchafe the whole or any art of the Negro Slaves, either at Public Sale
Private Contra&. -JI
NVtnr, far t3, 17y6. %
For ABACO, nef week,
The Schooner S TL L Y,
Captain CitToe
TIll take in freight dell at Spencer's
V Bite, on the mot reafonWe terms, and
from thence to Eight Mile Bary, return to
Naffau. Apply to the faid Mat r to
ALL PerfonA having any denmandiraialn the
A ERate of Joan Cauaou, Ii of Caretea
in the Ifland of Abco, Ptanter deceafed, are
desired to fend them In attefted and all thofe
indebted to the EMate, are req ) to make im-
mediate payment, to
HUOH DEAN, n Admi;.
ALL Perfone having demands, "fttFhe --tie
of SAs IL Faiaar, v deceafed, am
requested to deliver them aptteted to the
Sub.eriber without delay It d t fe Indebted to
the taid fate, are delred to Ie payment a
foo u pafble, to
ORACE IARMT, Adminartri,

S A eirsaftansids Account of the Ob ATACse
by aeI and La*I, of th eeaOT ii at uMSr LTAI
o the sljhdolepteher, sy8s, by the coustoin
FaaTs Uad Almeslet ad FaAc and Sraw.
[Fra Cap. DAxINWATeRS 'I N; / $t Sht I
r t M battruing ipys, after leaving the men o
J wore w the ac thi4 ad little pa nbm
o'a bore down In ad anbk order for thir fove
tid the Adal in a tw-ecker, oning oboe
9co yarda other Knk'. Mbial, the other fucceflel
uad their letions to the right and left of the fag
bup, a asllerly manner, the mon diflant heli
ebout leven or twelve hundred yurds from the garrip
Our artillery allowed the enemy every reslfoMble ad
vantage, in pnernttin them. without molieation, t
ehul their diftme i at aa foon aa the rft tip drop
ped her anchors which was about a quarter before teA
o'clock, that inflat pur firing commnced. The one.
my were completely manre in little more than ten
minute. The eannemade then became in a high di
gree trnenedo. Trbe fowCe of fhot and fhells which
were dirdeed from their land-batteria, the batteein|
dipy, and on the other hand from the various works eo
the garrison, exhibited a scene of which perhaps nei.
their the pen nor the pe nil can furnit a competent
idea. It is ulcilent to lay, that four hundred piece
of the heavier artillery were plylnin at the fame mo-
in Il an indance which has fiartcy occurred in any
eflgnce the invention of thore wonderful engieu s of
After fame hourt cannonade, the battering.flipe
were found to be no eIforuidable than they had been
eprefeted. Our boml&ell o'ten rebounded from
their top., whilft the sl (hot seemed to be incapable
of making any impreli p a their hulls. Frequently
we battered ourfelves thI were on fire, but no fooner
4id the (boke appear, th with the mofi perfevering
hilrepidity, men were ed applying water, from
tbetr enian a within, to f places from whence the
fmnSe ifl'ed. There cir flances, with the prodigiuus
cannrnaile which the give usreafon to
Ihar;ne that the att ould not be il' fonr decided,
ea,' fIm nor re'cc.nt fuaefi agaiti their land-batteries,
we had f. nd'y expected. The enemy's cannon at the
comrm.nCemeat were too much elevated; but about
mion t'ie;r i t was powerful, and well directed.
Our cafual* then became numerous; particularly on
tlfe batteries north of the Kin,'s Bsilion, which wete
v warmly annoyed '>y the enaty'is jfa, re and rnrws
re from the and. Though 0 vexatioudly annoyed
from the ithmau. our a tillery rotallv difregarded their
opponents in that quarter. di-eding their fole attention
to the battering.-fiti.. the luriuu and spirited oppofi.
titn of which frrved to excite our people to more ani.
Intte.l exertion*. A fltr more tremindoi if polfible et, wae therefore direded from thi garrison.
In eITfaut fhowets of hot balls. carcal and fthlle of
ev y fpecie, flew from all q aruer.; and as the mafia
of federal of the iJh p were hiot away, and the rigging
ofdll In great coftniion, our hopes f a favourable at d
fpeeiy dec;inn bean to revive.
About nSaon, the mortar-boats and hnmb-ketchel
Stempted to F td the attach from the thips; bat the
wi %vim llged to the fouth-weil, and blowing
I blar ge tha heavy well, th y were prcve*t-
the ad.oo. The fame reaon alfo
his our I boats from flanking the battering.
hips from the southward.
ror fome hounthe attack and defence were to equal-
It wel fppolted, as fearctly\to admit any apperance
of fperirty in the cannon ua either fde. The
wonderful eonftirdon of he ip fee ned to bid defi-
eMe to the power of the hfioft ordnance. In the
afternoon, however, the f f things began a change
coimderably. The fmokhich had been observed to
ilta from the upper parf the ag-hip began to pre-
vail, notwithfinding te constant application of wa-
ter ; ad the Admiral'. fecond wai perceived to be
In the fame condition. C nfufion was now apparent
on board feverl of the veiele, and by the evening their
eanaeade was confderably abated. About even or
eight It almost totally Ceaed, excepting front one or
V i to the northward, which from their fdiance
y red little injury.
the firing besn itv licken, various ignals
fromde the fouthernmoft Ihip; and aathe
fteni al.itanced, mrny rocket were thrown rp, to
infrrr, their frised (sa we Afterwards learned) of their
trardin danget r d dArefr. Thefe fignale were im.
Plmei.ei nflweT and fev-ral boat* were fcen to row
trid' th dillthled lip O artillery, at this period,
ntrnt ha e* ~ anied faul havock amongl them. An
inliiinot earn with lamentable cries and groanu
pr..t. 4red tritt he fhnt intervals of cefaion) from
a I qla-ters a a little before midnight, a wreck
Sflt, e in, a., which were twelve men. who only,
r,, of thee .fere which were on lhard their launch,
hid efeaped. Theft cireumrhuce convnced us, that.
we il1, gaie I u4 aancage over the enf*mr yet we
did tner creivehat the victory w fo complete u
the )udceJ g lining evinced. Our ring wee
theref, 9 covi fn1ho 'oh with lefo vivacity; but us
the tirillerv, ftrd fuh a hrdfougt day, eupofed to
e'te init-fe heat a warm tim, in addition to the
harral-g dateie tthe preceueing eight, wre much
f inuie 1, and nit wet i naonllle to ftreee what nev
objed. mih- den thid their foriee the following day,
the o0 verwnr. h td emmy' fire I td, permit-
tel aimut 1 iit I I vnln, the mejrity of the
ifekti nd nt*a Ifrelemved by plequt otan hin.
dryd ieen from sn marie brigade, iverl the cmti.
ean.d of leoteIt 'Trentham, an d owa aelnd noe-
id as gerl w lh e ert lq we a OuT*std

, the ditrct batteries, to direct the fulor in the mode
, o: firing the hot iho,
S Abo,.t an hour after idnilght, the batterio% iip
which had faffered the greatest Injury, and which had
t frequently been on fire the preceding day, wau comr
pletely in Same% and by two o'clock he appeaed in
f c utilIfud blaze from etem to tern. The aip to
s the fouthward was alfo on fire, hut did not burn with
So much rapidity. The light thrown et on all fidea
Sthe flame, enabled the artillery to point their gunt
S ith the tmofl prrition, whilf the tock and neigh
.bo trie objeas were highly illuminated; forming,.
with the eonflant flalce of our canon, a mingled
tne of frblimity and terror. Between three and four
o 'clock, fi other of the battering Ihips indicated the
Seficacy of red-thot that and the approaching day avuo
promied us one of the complete defentve vidtortie
on record.
ktrigadier Curti., who wa. encamped with hi, bri-
ade at Europa, being informed that the enemy'
hip. were in flames and that the ca.ltoiea of tlc fL1
would permit hi; gun-boat to act, ni.rched, about
Three o'clock, with a detachment to the New Mole,
Sand drawing up his boats in filch a manner as to ink
the battering Ihip', compelled their hoits to abandon
them. Aa the day approached, and the girrifon-fire
abated, the Brigadier advanced andcaptured two lamn-
cheb. There boats attempted to efipe; but a fhit
killirg and wounding fcveral men on board one of them
they furrendered, and were conducted to Ragged-Staff.
The Brigadier be:ng infirned by the prifirier', that
many were throu-ih nececfiy left by their friends on
board the (hips, be gcnerouiy determined to refcue
them from the inevitable death which seemed to int.
pend. Some of theft infatuated wretches, however,
(it is (aid) refufd at first the deliverance which wan
tendered them, preferring the chance of that death
wlbich appeared tnevitablc, to b-ing put to the fivord;
which, they had been perfialed, woull le the confe-
quence. if they fulimitted t tth. arrifitn. Beiny left
however fome moments to the hoiror of th-ir fare,
they beckoned the boats, r return, and refilaed them.
felves to the clemency of their conquerors.
Whilf the navy were thu humanely relieving their
diftreffed enemy, the flance reacLed the mngasine of
one of the battering fhips to the northward, which
blew up about ive o'clock, with a dreadful explosion.
In a qnurter of an hour fllewine, another, in the
center of theline, met with a fimilr f.te. The wrc:k
from the latter (preadl to a vai extent, anil involved
nor g'rm-boats in the utmoft danger. One was funt.
but the crew were faved. A ho!e wai forced throw'
the bottom of the Urigadic;'i hoat, his costwain killed,
and the ftrokefmn wounded: and for fome time they
were obfenred in the cloud of fmoke. After this very
fortunate creape, it was deemed prudent to withdraw
towards the garritim, to avoid the peril rising from
the blowing up of the retnainii f(hip. T'h Birigailier,
however, vifired two other thip. in his return, and
landed nine officer, two priels. and three hundred and
twenty.four private soldier, and feaien, all Spaniard.
which with one officer and eleven Ic henchmen, who had
floated in the preceding evening, made the total num-
ber frved 3S7, Many ofthe pririnera were severely,
and fame of them dreadfully, wounded. They were
instantly, on being brought on fthre. conveyed to our
hospital, and every remedy adminicered ncctifary for
their diflrent cafes.
During the time that the marine brigade were en.
countering every danger in their endeavour to fare an
enemy from perithiig, the batteries on the ifthmin
(which ceafed the preceding evening, mtot likely for
want of ammunition, and which had opened Itain upon
the garrison on the morning of the rath), maintained
a warm fire upon the town, which killed an.l wean led
several men; and three or four tel;s burft in th air,
over the place where their countrymen were lanled.
This ungenerous proceeding could not efcipe the ehfer.
vation of the fpcdatorI from the camp; and orders
probably were fent to the lines for the batteries to ccefe,
as they were filent abou: to o'clock.
Hotwithfanding the effort of the marine brigade in
relieving the terrified vilcims from the burning (bipt,
federal unfortunate men to-ld not he removed. The
ecnen at this time exhibited was as af feinr asthat
which had been presented in the ad of hiftility had
been terrible and tremendous: Men crying from amidit
the flames for pity and alfiane;, oth-n, on board
thofe thins where the fire had made little progret, im-
ploring relief by. the moft exprefive geflures and fign
of dlfpair whilt several, equally eppifed to the dan-
gers of the oppoGite element, traded themfrlvea, on
various pirt of the wreck, to the chance of paddling
to the hore. A felucca belonging to the enemy ap.
preached from the Orange-grove, probably with an
intention of relieving theif unf.trtont perfont; bat,
jealous of her motive, the garrifon fatpefee that the
came to fet fim to one of the battering (hips which
appeared little injured, and obliged her to retire. Of
the li Ihips which were yet in ames, three blew up
b-fore eleven o'clock the other three burnt to the
water'a edge, the magauines having been welled by the
nemy before ithe principal Benm quitted the thipt.
The admiral'. ag wan on board the latter, and wa with the vefel. The remaining two batter.
Ing-Ihlps, we latterd earfelve might be faved ua
gtllo treophi of er faicetfi but one of them unet-
peaedl bant out l ao mea, ad In a Ahort time blew
pi with a terrible report and Captain Oibfon repre.
Centaci itu Iprelieabte to preve the other, It
wants Sa in the afternoon, uder hh direlioni.
The the oy put a sfinig hknd to thi Isnld d.
undf te iaedy.
Darig the hotteft period of the enay'e cangade,

the Coverner wu prefte tahs :; is aU S
whilt Lieutenant Ocenral 2 took -W bain
on the South Bflion I eanitig k*O Oeniuf* bp
presence. and encouraging them to eToatiou Th
c wortlos 4A .1tivty of the hnave Artillery in thi
well-fought coneli, deserve the hhlgh c dale.
To their fill, perfeverance od rage, with th
alliance of the line, (prtcrly te cn
town, the 39'h and pal Remu ) wa bnhr
indebted for it fey a the' cblb'eud power,
by fem and land, of Prance and Spain t 'ad thbl the
Marine Brigde had not fo estlidenble a Ontue the
duties of the batteries, yet they merle the warmet
praites for their reneroun intrepidity in refie thar
devoted enemies from amid& the fame.
Whilf the enemy were cool, and their (Aips be
received little damage, their principal obje e ware Ihe
King's Bation, and I.ineWall, north of Orange'i
Bafeton. Their largeft hips (which were abeu 1400
tons burthen) were ftationed off the inrmer, In onde
to falence that important battery; whita breach wa.
attempted by the reft, iL the curtain extending fret
the latrer to Montague' Bfftion. If 4 breach had
been effReed, the prifoners informed uo. that" their
Grenadiers were to have formed the Garrinm under
cover of the combined fleer." The private men conn.
plahicd bitterly of their fflicer fIr describing the bat.
tearing (hips to be invulnerable, and for pronmifag the
they were to be leconded by ten fail of the line, and all
the Ion and mortar-boat. Th y further told us, that
they hod lien tznght to believe the gwrrif awoul
not be able to discharge many rounds of ht ball: their
aftnithment, therefore, was inconceivah'e, wheie they
difeovered that we fired them with the fame p-eeifl
and vivacity a mld ihnt." "1 A Imiral M reno," they
fai a. quitted the P.ftors, which wa the fla-hilp,
a little before midnight i but other oIcersretired mckh
The 144' fi flainet by the enemy could never he after
t;ined, hut from the inf rmation of the prifoners, ad
the numbers feen dead on board the (hipn, we eflmaited
it could not he lef, than sooo men, including the pri.
foners. The cafualO of the Garrifon were to triflin,
that it will appear almnft incretib'e. that fuch a ansa.
tity of fire, in almost all It deflrueive modes of adol,
should not have produced more efl',. with regard
the lotf of men ; there being only I nflirer, ferinta
and Ir rank an flie killed; and g offers, 61 tank mse
file woundler. The dillance of the batterinF*r-hilp ftr
the G. rr;in was exadly fuch onur Artillery eaul
have wifhei. It required to fmill an elevation, that
almoft every Ihot took place, and the cannon thol eleva.
ted did not require the (hot nt he wadded: a circa.
fiance n t nnimpornrnt; as the time which at ponit.
blank woull have heen expended in doubly wedding,
was employed in keeping up the cannonade with treat.
er btiftnef.. The damage done to our works held n
proportion with the violence of the attack. and the
excellive cannonade which they had faltair.ed. The
merlons of the different batteries were difordercd, aol
tie flank of Orane's Bation wai a little injured ; but
the latter ovai chiefly done by the land fire, and xai
not of finch confequence as to afford any room for an.
prehenfinn. The ordnance and carrlngs were ati
damaged; but by the ativiry of the artillery, the
whole tea-line, before night, wa in ferviceableorder.
The enemy, in this action, had more than three
hundred I pieces rf iheav ordnance in play ; whilt the
Garrison had only eighty cannon, even mortars, sI
nine how;trer, in opposition. Upwards of eight thabo
fand three Iindrcd round. (more than halfofwhich
were hot.Plor),, ani even hundred and ti tcen ba reil
of powder were extended by our artillery. What
quantity of ammunition was uted by the enemy emai
never be aferrtaned.
It is singular that the firft perrn wounded Is this
memorable fie.e w'i a women : bit it is almost in-
conceivable that during a peri d of Tmasl Trels
erPV MOsMTur A"n TaLveL Our. in which dtim
t17.,74t (hot, and 61.361 thela were ldel by'the
enemy on Ihire, and 14.83l by the gu.r-t, the
number of killed and wounded I the.l be fo very *
coni terable as to amount to no more than,
Killed and dead of wounds j3
Difabled hy wounds and jtcharged 3i
Woun le. but recovered 7t
a it will not be improper in this place t reame,
that General Boyt war the founder of the Kinfg
Ballion. as it will be an apology or Introdoelg a r-
markable fpe'ch of the Generil on that oeeafier. I
IY 7. General iByd. attended by Colonel Orew. the
Chief Engineer. and manyrildd-lNfer ofa the Ori
fon, laid the foundation-(one of that week with t
ceremony ufo i on fuch occalons. Upn pldin aM
frone, This." faid the OGneral. I th lltift
of a work which I name the King's *ftinlt Ma 7 l
be as gallantly def~l ., a I know it will b ah i
tred and may live to fee it "ff the ast edemle
France and Spain 1"

A Lf. Perrone hivInRdeaf5 len tltethl
of the lWe Lleutenant.O| e F fiHtS
quefted to bring In their aceone to .
M ndi, Arl/l, it86.
A LL Perfons Indebrd to M 1Jnei lts
now abeaft ft rom thi It
to mak inmmedl te paImcntinI
who tIIb rqueft thole who If a*--'
aglant Mr, Brttt, to make them

Nei, Mj so, Isp.

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