Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 29, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00038
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. gi9



From SATURDAY, APRIL 29, to SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1786.

NAssAU1 Printed by Jon WALLS, at the Printing Office on the BA .

To be Cold at Pulic Vendlue,
On MONDAY, the sadr MaY Innt.
If se pr misufyj dij-fd or Private Sal,
From Forty to Fift EGROES,
ointlv bnrn In Carolina and tda. an indif-
ittble Property. Perfon defirorl ofpur having
the whole or party Private Coufsat. may leanm
the Conditions and further particular, on ap-
plying to
Wtl.tL4M MOSS, or
N. I. The Negrnes are no at Charlotterille,
where Mr. WILLIANK wil tr them to Perfon"
dt:fiiu of becoming purclhiianyti beTte
the dA of rae. 4
fl 'al buhtilrth t. iiin ot ua ale it I flnd
Sin a few weeks, deires all Perfona anywife
in"Etl.,d to h;m. to ifcharge their refirteive
accounts i and thofe towhom he is indebted, to
cll for payment. ,
He ha. t,, difpore of reafonahle terms for
NIITURt,. and a fmall q intlty f PLATE.
He s1i': likew;f rent hli agreeably fi-ultedl
HOUE, at the aft Endl of tle Bay. Puoiri.n
to be gavtI the f of June.
V, /rm. Mar 4. 17 -
A LI. P ll i, ha ig ..ny te., s 1. ainil tile
FI' lte of J. i C.i u, a tle of C0ialetil
Sthie 'fl'n.l ,. Alico, Plant decrard, are
detlled to fhod thi m in attefle aid all tho.
inde!,ted( to h Panc, are reqtil to make im.
suite pa)yrent, to
,, 'I 4 T; p, .
ALL Prfoins indtotld 10 Mr. Illo tih i,
w albiii from this Iflad, are irotetled
ti ml e iimmedia'e flyiecnt t he Si f iher,
who a f' request. thoic who he any demands
1linhft Mr. l 'ett, to mak: thmi.An.
'" n,, Maao s' I86.
t, r. d.
b as .ld as he ll a t/,,d,/at /Ahe Au/crsber'i
rFW Tli'nufinda of ic.t SIIINC LES,
S all SLOOP. lt of Madcira Tim
btr a. ,ank.
A L S .
The S ouat
S P R I N G,
I fa ;tlful built vcihel, and fails fait,
th... e ii wll found wi'h Anchors.
'T Cablei, Sails, &c. For T'erm app'y
ADril :9, t8S6.
Ti' ll t lnbr iatrnding to I av ia llid in
T. a liort time, dtfires all prrf auywif in.
dcbteC to him, trdlifchargc theirefpei ac-
eua',l. anil tl,iit to whom he i indebted, to
all for paI meit.

Li Pc I It.hvlig demanitis alil tht*L
f 'he lait Letutenant.-ov iur, are rt.
ftled to bring in theri accorints
iE~ RY YONGE, A lnitator.
Av14, Apils 1786.
I.ANK Bonds, Billt of Sale, Bills of Lading
BiRlls of Eichange,. PIwers of Attorney, Sea
*it' Arti les. ApnrtAtice's Indentuies, and
ther bhlk PFoni; Writing, Driawlng, Wrapping
ad Blotting Paper; Qrils,, Peaknives, Inkpow
*r nkitandihes, Sealing Vax, Wafrrt Red
.P, Bla*k Lead and CacTHair Pencils, Inlia
her, Blank Books o rll fortn, Pocket and
"-'dun Boonks, Mic and Mulcal Intru.
T Violin anti OGutar String, Muic Paper,
.t. frame* and lated, &c. kc. Akc. to be
aIt Ut Printing Office.

Defultnr Ob/ervatims on the IZdatios owl Mas-
Seri ot tb Pai SIx.
IN the education of moft women, more attend
tlon ha* been paid to adorn them as women
than as accountable and intelligent hemng. and
more pains taken to load that with fitnerflltons
ornaments which nature has left fnithed, than
that nobler part, the cultivation of which has been
'ert to the attention of parents, or doomed to
e(rlaflting negligence, obhcurity, and ignorance.
But let women remember, that drefi and S iery,
When hbyond the bounds of diferetion, excite
emotions which h were honourable to conceal
w tile exalted virtue joined with fenfe and know-
Irege. calls forth, from every beholder, awe and
refrlrd, the meed of noble minds. The love that
thefe beget is of that nature which alone points to
a late of happinefa, more permanent than that
hoyifh rapture which makes the present hour a
1ay or a hufy one, and which ih the certain pre-
tde to difappnointment and chanlinl difappoint-
m ant from the cha-eability of the lover, and
chagrin to I rdI that mankind cannot be true to one
fully at a time. The company of the fivolous
ndl giddy, will ever thus bring i lia along with it,
and, in fpite of any glare which may darnle the
ynihfuii eye, virtue will ever he the ornament,
and vice the h'emith of hlman life.
Feri'lr hi aitt t'icn aIorne I by virtue, drawn
1tu vih mrr.ln ic f 're, the n tiee of every one :
,at who c.n beh l i.l iich a fight wi'milt ferliln
his dlmirattion .hinaqe into the warmth of efteer
ainl f icidh;p ? II w lhort lived i the i .Hniecr of
mere h, au'v ? Ilfipil and firitlrfs. it atttracd
ohfervation fir a moment, but that foon enlds
whrl we find no r uil to animate, no fenf to m ke
thr h nlr< pi in profitable and fmonth coiurtfr
and no virtue to command the refpct, the awe of
rational fi endfh'p
It has Ibten h tit'it that a woman's reading
i nold ne confined to fich book. as are directed
to the imagination and fancy : but the fallacy of
fIuch a ru't is mournfully regretted by that IuIhap-
iy fema'e, who thin intent on fuch works a,
.mtf.- the fincy, his rediu'ed her underflandiv*
and her p -i mi, to the fnandard of rules inronfif-
tent with rtteitude, and the indulgence of which
too orten. to mrai, by unhincini the flul, and
ldcpriving it of that firnnnef which in fo nrceflary
in i w.,rld that teems with the folicitations of
palion, or the temptations of artifice.
Fev women c 'o be airy and fp ighlly without
Sxpnifin th. mfr'ves to cv(ry danger corfqque-st
on levitv. Th- bound behtwixt the two are fo
nairow, that the mint hive more than ordinary
refi'ution, who, this enidavouring to gcin the
medium ltawixt auferity ar, wtnto:uners, does
nt ftray from the puths of retitude, and loef
.mire in h r fall than the wonld have gained had
fle b,. a f lcrif ful. Caiety anl lirelinefs may he
tie ch.araeritics ti'her of an unconcerned or a
h pry mind, andl ae in fome meafiure irceftlry
to the welfare of mankind, as contributling a (hare
of the pleasures of focietv and affahility; they are
for the moit part the qualities of an open and
,infiu .tling heart but let it be remembered fuch
have been too frequently the unhappy vidims of
male artifice. The mot innocent fprightlinefs of
conduct has a tendency to put her who poffeffes it
offher guard. and perfons ofthis ltmp are often
obliged to hear many things with no freeing dif.
fatisfadlion, which in the moments of deliberation
would have tec'ted a b'ult.
It is not the gradual depravity of the mind
which ofreneft proves the ruin of the fke, hut
the want of diferetion. Few men would take the
trouble to effe fuch a gradud chance of the
virtuous mind as renters thhe fuibfevient to their
defigns, but many will endeavour to betray them
into fuch ituations as are the effect of nditcre-
tion, and which the helplefsneft of the fet ren.
ders truly diftrel sg. And how many amiable
and accomplifled women, by one lapfed ftht fort,
have been brought to embrace a life of infamy,
and to execrate that beauty and e ho1e lhrit,

which in happier days hahitamented a happier
mind. I knew Lucilla. parent. mo,'e, and
rrfreed (for fich the precept* and example of a
affeAionate mother formed her)r bult when the
came to London. and wat told that cnquetry en.
tered the lift of female accomplishments, (he allam.
ed a very different appearance. Thfte, however,
who were her advisers, fion had catfe to regret
the docility oftheir pupil,for th in nocent gaiety
expofed her to deign and elining, and ere the
was aware of her ftuatlion, fink her into difefteena
with the world, hrrfelf and virtue. So quick is
the trantltion from one extreme to another, and
fuch is the fate of her who would eftah'ih a me-
dium between d:fcretion and fo'lr, and ton In-
rautioufly wigien to MIun the ftillrg *" that leaned
to virtue' fi.le." I herereeprhate the abufe, not
the exertion of this frifihtlineft in the fair fet, as
I am convinced that the moderate ufe ofthofe
accidental ornaments will as much improve, as
the excefa will dhafe their charader.
Eager as moft women are to drefa themselves is
finery, are we to attribute this entirely to a love
,f fitch fuptrfluity I think the affertion would
he mean and neitltu. But neerfftty often takes
the place of choice. If we consider how few men
there are who place their affedions on any thing
hut the features, or the fortune ofa wife, we are
,w1 to wnlder that they. in their turn. thou'd
frive to ornament that which is mot esteemed.
ftit the'e i another powerful m-t've, I hdalmolt
Caid law, which has here no little inference. I
mean falhion. RBt fafl:on isan enemy I with not
to encounter. The numerous and p-werful a.-
vocates it hat ever hal, make me rink under
the idea. and feel m* inferiority in fuch a man.
ner as effcKually to silence me. But fallion has
fn long enthralled the good ftnfe of the oeopte of
this country, that in the common course of hu.
man revolution I think it muft loon end itfelf
and then we (hall be convinced, that in many
carft whe'e we hold our obedience peceflary,
custom i. the law of fools;" while it regulates
our drlfr, economy and nature muft beout ofthe
question while it regulates the choice of our
words. truth will have little (hare in the utte.
ran.e; and, while it enclave the heart and direda
the adtions, we may exped every ernfrqtenre
that will lead to rin and felf-repreach. Mode
ration in dreft is becoming. The heft person is
the more agreetb'e fir it. Even truth and fenfe
prevail mon when clothed in elegant lainnage
though by the bye, the moft elegant language is
every where the nift fimp!e. Simplicity and vwl.
garity are widely different.
Whether thereis more happiness tohe expraed
from a ma e of fenfe and understanding. or freo
one of an empty and frivolous mind, bat accom.
plilhed oti tCe, the can heft tell who hat learned
to diftinguilh betwixt that tranitory merit which
pleafes the eye, and that more valuable worth
enfures permanency and delight.
With moft couples, before marriage, all is rap.
ture and delight, every mile is heaven, and very
frown hell I racks, godtdeffer, tortures, and an.
gels, are familiar phrafea to expref the pleafure
of hope, or the uneallnefi of fight hbt all this
language foon ends in the fence of fatiety. or
perhaps the rough utterance of contempt. The
angel becomes a woman; the melliRuct anmtiag
of her lips becomes Billingfate, and all her fon.
nefs, if fme retains any longer than her husband
is foolery and childilhneth.
If we confder how much the aomplan yothe
ladies ferves to promote good manner, we can.
not help wondering that men ahold (o feom tire
of it. If the refpedthey command does at en-
tirely eradicate indelicate thoughts, it wll at least
preserve public decency, and the fear of offadic
them will be a curb to public llcenttloufteft.
As nature has appointed a remarkable dif6tose
of contltution of body between the fcues, It I
reasonable to fuppofe, that then iare aretals oees
pationa moe peculiarly apropClated tho th o
than the other. rI fat, eah bt" h tme virtue
and qualities pecua to" W "ta qh atS

confined to aoe fz enly, on account of the pecu- Europca.n Intelligence. ..i ,; ;,.he a id. .ly .eid flit
F r -c I ntel,, e.: int". as he was, I
liar weakftni or frcngth of the fex. ad alked him if he would .e s as
Jupiug fie -bar gates wreftllnl, and pr ze- D N r y h. Yd nd h R c thi
fighting, are not kts ridiculous in a female, thn t i r Irt e are itred ote ptaton, with a prt f h ed 11
workisa tambour, or f riantendimg time cradle, .Y itivices aCten orft war : h rel d it thtoftlic rpmantcon, fwits a part of blsbw
would be In a m, We irit tendto erdicae B if', of a C-nred of War held at that placr, man condt.ried, ald the ..r wan i
that delicacy a tmlfemnine weaknelle which we d"'er tl Prefldency of Vice Admiral Comte entertaincd, and withdrew toe .
In a modest wigman, and the laft inducC A D'Aclc, upon Chevalier ile Martolicre, a alhtr,a loud thumping wa es tiat 5
fs, and e eminwac altogether repgnant to J.itteant the Nvvy, who commnantid one pf doot, which roufed the foldkt, what
firtand ro'.it n bit of a man, and hil Majcnty' frigapts.' The charge brought a- down flairs, and liflened at the
h tcrmed 6 digrRing from the valour of a li"nt hm was, fi' having quitted his flation oft were repeated. and the door alm IoAM
Joan.". t i... .. .. t le cl'alt of St. Domingo, for the purpolt of ta- by a flcdye or feme heavy inlutumnt. 1t-
Difputin and wrangllni on political points, fo king in goo i. at Jmaica, and fC .'ll', the fiI"I to time the t righted widow and hcrdaIthl .a.,
often frvq a. ndi at aimes tcief, reanlei his profit i the Iliellc colony t i; *lfo foir hid :,' runnini about in their lhifts, and ofera-t mO.
the company of men tirefme to the mone knble Fiitel tAe Inglilh thipe in a vnaIncr dclra.di.! to der murder! hut the fon having jad theti.
part I but that of women wouldbe dillF ful, if the diylnity of the Frrcli lig;i .al, 11Iy, for dier wiith a pair of louadd idols, al the ttls
thus employed. Eve employment or amul- trenting cruelly, and in iall t1uenthin.iui'e mn-il fcrewbu on a13 baydnet, and frbl pirilt h
rr.nt. that cites oent or umci ai.rtion, ncr. a < na'l p"aletier he h d on board, Ily to piece, i iich wi well l! Ird with a ls
s by no means becoming in that character which the praifo.ior, Moiut Rcgnler, i..e If tie riclr, the to etire, as bslo Oy wOrfit1411
Was formed fi r .very thing graceful, tender and IA'tier at St. Domingo. *'Ihe feie. hcbei fui!i y exptlted in a w minutes ; foun atertlhi"
worthy of Imitation. Jn fuchl amufemclts caution I filtlanti.ted, and proved to thle fltif.ilt on of was lurf In, a two fellows entered, Iidur
and tclerve are in thel greatest danger, and fre. i the 'Court, Ihe Lituleant was ttiteinilcc to lie il.anltly flit b the ftn, twli, diLtchargd
quently in the violence of a dirpucte expretiTiro cathicrcd, and then to he impiificid fur tile pace hsr pflolt at oAre. Two more rdrned4tb f.
will be vented, and thoughts developed, which, of ao yr andon cday in thec.iftleof Anyg.ilim;r. ..r from without, hut without cliI l the
at another titic, they would witl to have been i Fe"mar, iI. Exp rcnfl were oin Wdht.iir y inr epi. vterMnAtakinat immediateadrva l"_ f
concealed from the world. How often have we fC"nt oil to tle various mmniher; of thli CaIlnet to ti ile dichare olhlr aims, ruled on the U
fun the fairht bofm fwell with rancour against return to town with the ut.nult u!ifpatc'i, il a lion. Ian onCI them through thet hdy
the person who won the laft trick, and the eye I coaRqul tic of the alrmnl:ri i r cli, e vt r his jpayonet,.Ad whilit Uie 9ther was n ,
that Ihould have fparkled in a better canue, full of n"ade pnhle hby the printed iadcitilf~ment. frmin ..way at faft a ponible, logled th lbc ltti
life and ine, in tile iontctlplation of a hal of the Chamilb r of Cuommrce, r,'eft.ting; the total twtcin his hitlderls anil he dropped d Ad e'
tunmpn prohibition of Britilh nianilti'tiru4 throiri hot fpot. They then clofedl the door as weml tA
Many women will ever vaite themfelvet on the Autlian dlomiiiioan. The Privy Council .ildfu coful. re loaded their arms, mlde a good b
perfiona charms. The acquisitionn of ah clto (we 'can tho"li members of it rt, lihon the contl aill wtchled till day litht, when a numrtr l
them nothing, and to prrifrve them is thought dcrationi of ciomnlercial conicrnis is entruitdl) weaivitr and fpinners cmen to reftui thelres
the whole talk of life. Stch will ever be the con. ate lummnrllcd to1 a lrneral meeting. pl *yrnents; we may guel their horror ald tl ,
du4 of mistaken and little minds, who have not A letter fiu A, l .It faym. that an Ait.-ican prize on feiiil f(onr drad men an a dalsilM
learned to difinguilh what is truly valuable In a vc ltl called tle I: .; l.iei W,.i; t 'u i Ait I aid wli re thh foldi.' haid draged them beforth
character, fiom what is only secondary anil otna- flour, wa, tIirmen o;',l hrc, attcr a hl:i conteft, mental. But trifling a ietrfonal charms may fcef I'I the Algelinnei. an carried into Al;:icr. II; aitt, ned, ansl toptk the deplliditoof thefily
to a thir.king mnd, they ale with many antterst this Nlp hbinp ctpt're d, the inh ihita:tJ arc ilde rCelaiv to this aftir. The bodies were heriedb
of more cunfequence. 1 he general fuccea. beauty priced of the moll iRccl;uiy articlcisf life, which a croAu ro.ul, and a Rone crcfed over thelius,
has had in the world, has emboldened many to thrrv are much in iwant of. with this iiltrilpion : HI-le lit the iwretc
dcfpiC, every degree of mental cultivation, anmi The rcalle of tlhe Mohawk Kini'E vilit ti this catrarc of ioui unllkni'vn rti.ans, whotdetrwd.
dedicate every thought that could he fiarud from ennitry is not, aq many Iwye' im:!ainedl. t. nio.te- ly Ilft their lives isnAl attempt to robora'urmd
gaiety ad dillipation, to dccorate tih;t which ve' 'nr to obtain alliflance ag.linit lth'' niiitcd SI it r, a worthy woman 4nd her family. A itanger,
lecn the molt advantage~; nri acconplilhn.ent. hlbt to remonllrate again tlhe iju'llice ,of ti.; who llpt in the hoisl, to which divine Proidenl
The wanton does no mure if nhe concral hlier I country pretrliding a ri:lhi t l ive up l..n ti uindilliitClly dircai t him, was the pltncip' I. does lis." whl;ch they hail no kiid o'f cllll. ll',ir, y atirr ftrilu.rlnt in preventing the perprtralton oifflc
In fpite of all endlealvors, in a few revolving Ithe iiuad inmtiuil Of the Inl:l., JIfprilh flt ir lhonril r dilimgs hi.lich Jpinly entitles him to atl.
years, the fair face that now charm will paUnill. for Qiche, on liii arti it l e.!a ci li; dclun in. r g mcnoial. anl the -hanks of the public,
obfervJe amidft the other wrecks of tille; a;nd old orf vi tillA El:1nllud, alvinltn wlilcli he I w..'i I~r ly Joln, Ardrian De Viicu, a discharged foldltr ~lo
age we'll app coach in all its horrors, without fo nuch astt tile io ins of a well ftcnt youth, to Iaaff'rll e1 !I hii voyae woild .uiitver i pIrpi f, in Zeillan d upwards off-te v ryeain,
filooth the weary progrefj of our decline, and alui id lim tl i i tnaii i.; owv, country. v wa- the Dlid who flew two if those labelss
o, T ii tilthe bIr.e bMohawk wnolid not IrftRn, hat the ret beit killed by the fin of the family.
aJ r fwtred, that lie wr.j det'ruilnctd to cnmt W\' hebifat lengthito dilcver the re.aittn
JO H N W E I1, 1 S, and lher from the Kit bhiieffr. if it wa; thy his ofatlinn 4h the Court ef Vcrf;illts. HilCh.
At his SHOP on the BAY, orders that the land of hi: rhitlliful andl uiiilllak timn Mai'ty and his Miillters, mn.lingl thatl lhi
SR L A al lies had lbeen o I f.minfully given avwa, aml hlaft ot at ti hhead other a'iirs, a f.t ( os dl
A0 S F 0 A L E their fidelity to his caife reward liy ul.; leing are inculominlnly stage to flipport and endl lr
FINE Hyfon Tca, jult Silver capt Twri defrted alnd ahandt,,nrl. The propiictr and force t una, u plrivilegea, imagine that France casnrt ot
J' opened Plated Spuri of thi annlwer muP till evl y honi't Ilritoli r ith lon:ir ,lare to allumc equallhonours aithh tllSi
Blick Pteper Green Silk t'.llrellas indignatio,,.; lur wtnli cml look at the lm.ip of 1ut. Is f. me extraordinary xtirtions are dsil
Sp ce' s.lmon in kitt Vi.dins, Ouintl America, :and behold tlhe vaRl tra1 t of ltnl wani. ni flor this rpof it is, that they are lsow iri
Ftench Olives German l'luits nd I';1 only and c Irn ilctire'tedly ccded to the Il iCed rin at all d e Cvut' on the Europeancodbltli
Pickled .apers. Onions, A long thrl-e iti;, Piani States, lati not implreca:4 critle on the minatn f 'h .irwilh to diftrefs ouir power, andnt Mtt
Walnut, and Gcrkns runle the eani.atim.kfe Inmliticiao and flcgoKiatnr, whit thIe ih fi fll chemes of tir Militry. Bat t
India Soy rTtih Bruric, tranfdledi ith lbimincfr ? w-ll. i-i every umlnln prohlbilly. milf of th19
Mvintroom l ttcrup Ivory and H.,r i Cwuls A parket was diifpatched hy the lift Nrw.York am : As Miniftry are aware of their de ll
il ail anrd rilITo- T d ad pl HCair alil which is expected ti have fled oni fa rdly, anld are rnfolved to aC ,in all ocCd4l3t with l
cso Powder withfill inllrufionsto Mr.Ti'Telp~, liis IMa:iiy's tcrtAined lirmlefa aiinl lph;,it. They are rtfond
Scots Snut Hard anl foet Pomrnum Confui-General in Arerica, toichiilg fome pro- to mike the ilou of IBl ban feed, that Great
Iriih Lintces Mairechalle Pomnnalti ponals of Ct'iigrcf. nmile tlhrongh Mr. Adams, Britain has not yt contented to acknowm d
Cambril Lavendar *iater the American nAmbillrador. .lsoiit two Ionthlli elln d in point ofrifdom, and energettC mvtrt
tl horn and Chip tate Eiffacc ofm Bergamot, Lis ago, a"id 'which have been cvr lilre under con- lThe Dutch jl ltei between the tate andStal.
Ladies Riding Hats venedar and Le.mon fidcrltiln oif the Calinet, whll, thlug'h rather holer, ahate lvt of vhcemeree and ae dmiu"
LadiesHoopsof thenewel LadileSilk and Hair Cu- priredi by the American P.enlipotentiary for a by the phlegm andprocrllination of their 0,l
feihion thions fprely aii'wer, lhal come to no i determination till tuition ; fome great political oaing~r a
l.iaie l'ickenPadthread Tupee Irons within tlhc!; few days, when Mr. Adins wias in- hardly to be tefcded without rone inro iimn
and Crofshone Itay Het r Pns formed, thlt the Con fu at New.Yotk would lion, will be the ilobable and not rciot Ci*
L.ies Draf. Silk & Sattin Wind or Sap receive full poarets ot that flbjle by the next quence.
Shoes Walh Balls dliimiaches fint to hlim. Thie following is the ftbance oftheltttrfe
Girl. and Childrens Staff Shavi;lg lnelxc The Lcydcn Ganette of the isth ultim, aircv by his ene Highncfs I Princt'ofl
and Morocco Shoes, Cat S cdl Razor the foll owine account ofthe extraordin try ilter. the Stat. ot Holland an Friedt
Gentlemen's Platet Shoe Razor J ctisop l ferncle of i aven, in favour of a widow .nud her to his ni deprived cothe command

tLais Pale SThoe Buks ackinga Tp kes uillantd :-This indattrious woman was left Iy He co lalns In the firSt place, of anrd"
Slt Soekna e S he Bckles arknna Prvntative h, hnfba.d, who was an eminent carperer. in a givon to I garrifon, without his k or
Morning Shoe and Knee Keyfcr a Pills comforthle hotfe, with f.mse land tanil two boatii aiprobat i, as Captain Oci ra lch
Buckles Anderfan's Pi;ls for carrying merchindize and palliReger on th Ie I fl, yi alilty IndicatCeh.,th te t a
Sver Watches Powdered Bark cinals: the was alro fappnfed to he ivorth ab;nt tion ta hit m, in giring the
Wetch Chryills 'T'artar Emetic ten tholnuld ngildera in ready moley, which fte to p et the public tran*qllite did
palhionabl5 Watch Strings Godfrey's Cordlil employedici nahmpen n and fail-clhth mlnuifa ory, wit tha Rfidecne, which he lli
Ladiie coloured Habit and tames's I'iwdcen a l the mean not only of increalinl her fortune, rited. We cannot," coantltt hi
I Ol oves lManefi Alba but of inftrueiing her children (a fn and two recolt having, in any mone
Oevtletni~e's ilk.Tlread., Dairy's Elixir daighters) In thofe nfefil branches of blufinef. takLig crt y iLtp to appeafi tveryi
brown Leather a& id Epfom~Satir One night abitnt nine o'clock, whie, the work I when called upon by the eom lt
Olwe M.dicine Chls, men werelftne hone, a person drefl:d ii uniform I le neat Sates tl1. L fA, .
LJnado ntad Saddle &t. c. et. with a mulet and broad ftrord came to her hourf thon' to their Hilh ia aS
r uini riber liatenU in a few wlektoeat and requested a leditng tI ct no lh ging, friend, for this itfutiil, w he ,I aiI* bIu
J the Balitm-fand, lie therefore r all aid the widklow and bfeiies, I have no fparetlbd, I redrefir, they proe41 of the
PerjIon to whom he is anytife indebted, to bring unlict you hold Iftep with my fon. whict I cotiitteis nashe t tha
,iaathdml leaiteslCounte and receive payment, think very improper, ikelnsr perftA Itranger to all Mhi predeceffoli had untittlenp
lsud tl ifllst edto hm byboind, note or oo us all. The fllMier then flheermd a dilfclarge from W He further comi te ofte .
buLit lh dte pynent. Dief ech's regsimnt, fignel hy the Major, im feemingly all gd agallnihim, s tBn l t
'Idl f l- ITRWDIRA gare him n excellent chlra".l, and a palullot ed to eiablill an au*tholty; er
SB r the Conate de Malielll Govefanotur. a independent df their Hjih.'l ightioR 04h

f h t l Ie American Intellicgnce. n realize. e at f ad ur
itn(tnly wit llis honur nd dlgity, uw under fac N E W YO R K, Mac o a
....~. ,t the4 ....... w Y 0 r ..... rifle of the Unpited State I contalnlng an extent of
Tie .,lpps ll-o h. ; ..ei.t allteir Irueli th.ei K .. counrey two thoufand miklei from north to fmutb.
.Tl: p,,rlo.ih hav; n .au re i .atbe., "e HE folowln E copyofa Ieter frt C Fae n a d as many fomeat to weft I a;ITbhlisinter-
,,it, aid .1ll their _ple-, in Mr. lden. T 0r6, may be relied on i authentic, and (perfedl with an agreeable variety of foil, and
leaving rot their tronmachi emptied they are arfly ferves to thew with what rignur the ordinance of raen.raly a vesy pure and ealthful climate the
and mull therefore lit down qtietl till another of Irance are executed in her Wel India colonies, t flheries on our coat have gained the attention
their lirntllol M nembrs cal n lnd meant to per. C n Praeoi,, Sid of 7yi a 7 l and rivalthip of molf of the maritime power of
fiuade i.liRit y to 01m1lo0y him. Thi will be as Cptain Lori and Backus, In bri hlrlng. Europne
foon as .eer the Mrniitry can think tt admitting Ing to Norwich In Connmieut, were taken fCe It ., (continues e ) reafonable to lppot. that
any mtre of the Opihition into their ilicty. days ago by a brig bel oiin to the French navy, the fentments of tle mind bear fore proportion
'They ar not likely however foon to find ruch a thirty leagues from this ilfandl. and brot ht into to the objedi that surround it. Every objef that
mre, a, Mr. 'leit among thiir renmies. this port, for havit., fCone fugar and coffee belong to Amecl-a, wear the apeararca of rant
Tihr c nri t Duke oft ifcany has lately pub- on hoard, which they aln.lly took in at fea i deur and magnifiecene ; we therefore nd great-
lifhed a new F did or Law, the wisdom of which the Captains were feot to prifun, and while on nefls f rnion. in independent liberality of fnti-
is ., applr nt, that it would be prudent in our board the guarda.colla, were threatened with be. men', in which notation hath ever equalled the
Legainitret t to the power of the Cleigy. It Rtates in the pre. fiv liahes." well as v.rlous branchte ofphilo..phy, ich as
amble, ithat the ccliefiAltical tribunals haal ac. CGa.rb/l. Atril to. A bill wa. bIotrght Into et leici'y, mechanic and astronomy, lve rc-
qni;cd a ctitenfioan of juririitln in those tlhe Council of New-Jercey, cn the sth ult. for crivle more Impirovements fronm our ountrymen
a~n, vlwhen ka.i :nlr war contlied to the Clergy, making Paullus Ilnok a fric' prt for twenity-fve than they have fiom all Europeduring the present
anid wlen they wcrEonli fqlently almost eaclufive. year, or until New York hall adopt the fie century. During the exiganciel ofthe late war,
ly ltiultrld (t, I Ihy It;on! c ;ualilted forthetllk) pci cent. Impuft, which was ordert.l a fccand onr manniufaturel of fulphur. faltpetre, ammu-
witlh the adiell~g Il determining of all cafle, r nidirrg. nation, fire-aimr, and ordnance, were o rapid
tlat dclrinde irlcl pr a knowledge of the laws. Fxtra I of a lettr frije Pirteon, NAw Yerjt, as to refeuible the fpontaneous produltions of
But the tlms atviiig clrigegl, and inanktnd in datul MAnrt as. nature, and could be excelled by nothing bt our
gtelcral tillng now more enlightened anil more We have great c.imniinotii:in iere refpeEingl prr.grrvi in the art of war, or the bravery and
learncl, tlle fciulr Cuirts being fhnl with te el riilti nr a piaper uirrerncy at tills time. Trle perf everance of our patriotic army I
Judges % It I fnuinles lave qualifted flrm foir ex-. Ai aimlhy have heen fitting 111 that 'fulject Rfin April is. Yesterday arrived herethe lib Anie
poiinldiiig tle taws, arid applying them to te th ite uih lilt. A!,viit two weeks liiace a bill pafnld la, Capt. Caldcleugh, in feven weeks from Lone
c.ire libr:ighlt I'ioI te thet, the tiovereign thinks that lhour. folritirii n so,ounl. to be putt out at don.
puoper to exercise the tight which naturally be tlen for 12 or it years, hilt was negatived by the The FPrenhalip, Ward, belonging to Rhode-
hlig i to him, in refumial the powus. Ih.t lii Ctouncil. Thii di y it was lrerlTld i:p inew, anid lTawnd, who hal cleared out for Duohirtk, hd was
pedicceieors, in a dilfrcnt late of thins, hadl plefTed a. before, bt he fune file a the iup. yingi in Five Fathom Hokl waiting fo- a ar wind,
given to the Clergy; l aling them from a la!,u pet houirel t hv ih;q raier will cnel is yet dloiht- on Monday night, by the violence of the weather*
ri. vt~ cmam.ntA i ai in dircting their atten- ful. The ,Rho'e iate is at pirf nt in a lnin'rnt, plte(d from her enables, and was drove on the
ti;mn holly to tlr ir araig andholy Minilryi froni i rit hles than 7oco inhabitants ih:ving ptitiioned Soulth relakers. The vcfel and cargo arelolt,
which they had hecin o i all divert d anl. diltli.i- for the emilliti, llid neatly an equall number neither the Captain dr crew having een their
ed, tby having bCn inee mtly called upon to rttli. ag.'inft it." cloths.
civil rnJ tenipn.)Al a r In future, tltrefire. irlata8 of a lre rom n mne~ratt in Philadel. KNo ic. We have removed ourCosatinM-FHwf
their fpiritldl ciirc. are to be the fole )ijct pbim to hin /i-iineaii N" u i-Yo, ldatedl arch 4. from No. 9t, Broad firest. to No. iS, Church-
iof tlir cit, indo their alone ii the r jmilf '" I think ynIr triue wIould be very much fireet, rent door to the Clty-Taveri where we
clidinn conlutiiied. hil caults, lthe lijctt of facilitated bry tile inm i n iloa proper nfin in pe- requtt thoL indebted to us will call and pay a
wilikh, under' atecr l nta e it tniy aiai ir, ip r tronry, u. til litndint.-We Ilh:ve alrittec the pait, if they cannot pay the whole of thtir en.
ui:ll Iew l r.niteie taken fir a tinprial u ont w n. of iionioon pla.inI'., ant .oo Ponds pondon praemncati particularly thofl whofe obligation
iu l he carrin cf ni. the civil or c.;rinll a lw l.uni, whriclh pinl n al to ;OM anLa diver. It are upwards of ffteen months due, and no part
coi.rt only, to t Irndl liy the ordin -ry Jildge. oIf liII net with trelt opitlritionn. hut it is to well if either principal or interest paid. As all debts
thie Sa e. rvehrt ini relating to m.rreyc:. ,ll I it'lnhrd, that it in now erflih'ittd n cilcIIuat'e are place now, Lb fpreme authority, nearly
le tri.l i6 tile fccular Courts; tanl tie ipitiril i'ry freely Ti e fc'ti- i racing i i ahit out of the pon the footing of debts of honour (except the
tribnlla are trn ti ake contlil:r i ony f caltri purt- ce tin iy, thatit wIe llhluld f n be t a lofs fer a dchts due to the treasury of this Rate) we apply
Iv at.d 11 iry fjpirtital or eicltfitlal ;i.; and for ecircula.;iii meciimli, if we hlaJ not this for a fub- t,i the generosity of our debtors to gve is a lit.
tfi.i ul ciffll.:cs thev ar re litrained ilflict- fititte." a Il.fliftance, to enable us to great* the wheels of
iun any other fpiiritual puinilhincnt. I i a Ti'r American rcrolhiion (fayt a writer inl the govern ent, to prevent their tufting on theasle.
rr' thelinid cunie before then, iin which they New-Hiaveni.araette. ierrilrth lnlialure ofLycur- We are willing to pay the treafurere, but unable,
loull lIe Io opilion thaia criniatl ought tn R1) pu, in ant intnrudiui n ton a f-rits of papers, on, and their power against us Is above enmesrlnce.
pai.lhc' nwith I anitlihmcini or confitnet in a the prefellt fit"atin and ftit'e profpeas of the JOHN & THO. MANSON.
coai ent or pliimun tor a lionier tcim than one flni*.il Statre) will doubtlrs he confltiered here. Satvannabh April c. A late letter from i gen.
month, they are left at liberty to lt.te the cafe after, as comnrmencin a new era in, the pirorlre termman in Philladrlphia to another Iq Raltimore
fpecii'ly to government. which will ufc it. own of hiumin affairs. It i the opinion of fom late mentions, that his Catholic Majefty had ceded
iiiirationttin r in lndnling hand to, carry their philofophers, pa.rticil.arly the ceclbrted Doiet.r I.nniRana and the two Floridas to his Molt
willes Into ciR :t, or in tiobidding thcni to pro- Price, tiat the na'tirl coeirfi of improvement Chriftiar Majefly, and that New Orleano would
cccd any further in the bi lhe fC. will lead on to :aniverfAl cvilization and itcial Tonc be declared a free port.
liebria yr 16. It is repirtenl that maverninet h.appirnelc, ansd tiat the events whlidh have taken We learn from Sunbury that, on account ofthe
Ihat I tly grantedi, at the rnrlill of the Amer-icai place in Anmeric, furnilll a l considerable ground nonattendarte of the Chief Jufier, which prevent.
AiiranilLn., thart Amrn can llip' touching; at (til- fir this conelrtnfon, as they femn to open a larger led the formation of a Court is the county of
raltr nma Ile provided with pil'n, andi have field of conrteplation, nd aLn aorl to othernation Liberty, the inhabitants of that county. after
kae. to n.viga*c nlderr the Britili n fl, ini ori'er mary deful Irflia In l e Inlition, government, general ennvention of them at the Court-Houfeo
t(. tincrn them froin the lepredationo of the Har- com-ntrr'e, and every article inl wliicl we may he the I nfinef of the term, were ohbligd to depart
boiy coifiirs; on condition, however, of their alloiredr to excel; at thearmcetime that they cui -4to- ir refpretive homes, with melancholy re.
cortor' ttI ctrtaiti Hipulatiuonr, aoid Ipyinuh the renlty c-iltenance theorpinioi ofmany poets and feAlions nrongly inpre fld on their minds of the
ai-mitrrnel t ordrt dltlit vtt tOr!t irtn. ditvii:.<. that thle Miiletnninr is actually to ct, fatal confequinces which mult necrairily enfte
Onit of a "cet conrifling of rj fCil of Swerli. mrni inre i t'he terlitorica of tli (U'ited States. to fciety. from the abandonment of it by the
n ntrdiantmen. Idlti, wivili naval Itorn., co..fined- Whilee ve iew ~thin.n,.( h."i le,) with prophetic fidicial Power:-A sirf alarm qt 9l9j1wis
:or l'Oiirnt in rancher, only tr o l. ive rcachuril certliinty, it may b oe u to e lill i'ii e arn a number /fro e af .ll amre alrirs easil- ali ereim a
the dilmnci port; the ot hr o a have been v cart4ked rifthnfe circutilft.ncee wh'ic are lihapily com r bi. eithe rm B ive with the nd ulo arl Derlareins Ief
in that h Iavy .ile iof wind, a Iliort time rioce, nedl in tire fylem n if Prorilence to y:niler this G evwrrnienl.
lth.t pri-vI lii final to tle Idllnewell Eaft Inilia. country a fcene of pecuiair glory anmfclicity to s i t
mtn. Tihe co nit if HIfrc has been covered with the hiuan race. In viewing the two grear conti- N A r C A M R
the Iaroits tlhirI rtunate A c. nts which iville the earth into the eallern and A U, Y .
In tlii Ih ule Cmmoanuln, oni the a7th cfJanu. wllteri lhenmitifhere, we oerrcrve this rcmrirkablie tURING the lat fortnight, the weather haa
ary, lav ea given to bring in a bill for coitln. difference in every article in which we can form .Lf Ien very unfettled, and, what isa ncem.
nrg tile It e between the parts of the United comnp-rifona Ietween them i that every olijel in nmun at thiefeafno, the wind habeen chiefly from
Sate oAf mciica a.d Newfoundland to bread, the face of nature on the eaftern continent is the weftward, frequentlyblowing very fret, and
fl ir, intn corn, atil hv flock, imported in forced upon a mall and imperfet fcale; on the accompal i td with heavy rain.
none butriilli bo:tomr. western conitnent the fame objeas are extended On Wednetfday afternoon, the Houfe of Mr.
A cum lion is cxpdtted to pafC the Great Seal tuon a larger and more liberal and elevated plih. Rumer, at the Balt End of the Bay, wai truck
to morrow, in order to give the Royal Atfiiet to And this feema to be the reason why this country by lighting considerable inajry waa done to
the Newfoundlanrd Tria Bill. ia reserved to be the aft and great there for the honr, but fortunately aone of the family
On Sunday light, altbat ten o'clock, an Ame- the improvement o(mankind, that the produc- were hu rt
rican Courier arrived at Mr. Adam's houife li tions of nature, and the exp.afion of the human The Schooner Ifabells, Nelmta which arrived
Grofvenor-Square from New-York. lie came mind, should unite in completing the perfelion lhere from Georgia the ad ink. is feized and libel-
over to nt-h in one of the French packets, (t lie of civil government andi the happnefs of society. led in the Court of Vice Admialty, for breach
Englin lackct having fCiled the day before) and The works of nature are certainly much niperior of the laws of trade.
frim tin cni by way of Calais to over. It is in this country to thofe in any other that his yet The Columbus, Mastaughton, and the sa-,
eipeted that the American Minilftr ha received been discovered. The mountains of America are Ogilvie, both fi Loodon, are nl the harbour
from Congrefl their ultimatum in refpeft of the about one third larger and h gler than thofe of wlnethoianl.
treaty with Great. Britain, which mult foun he Eurp, and fill the mind with that dignity and
brought athe tpi. Cublimity tif d fatiment, peculiar to the western 'allTl MEMB lmlKof tiHe lio f arrnr 7feici
contInent. 'The various rivers which Interfedt .1 of at-Fllorida, and fuch other Gentlemen
P.HE C m rtnerthip of MalTi BTLmuBs and our norates extend their branches Into all parts of as wilh to renmertheir talents, in that prafing line
.LW W s a NwnHai, Bakera to to le weft- tht continent, and open an inland navigation of exhibition, fulfervient to th relief of the nu.
ward of r Naau, being didlved by mutual which wa forprifling to the rflt difcaverers, and metrois Poor of thetb Illnds. are requeqled to
content, ii therefore to give notice to all which hath never been thoroughly understood by meet at the Coffee Houefe, on TuefUay next, be.
Perfons, nywif indebted to Ihe id Copartner* ourflvets; and the fre great takes, which are tween 12 and a o'cldok, to = r the belt
Sip. to 6y the failed dertts to MartinI Struiler, embofonmed in the heart of the country like To measures for the om of a
as William 1Nwrnj intends to leave this liand many Bltticeor Mediterraneans, afford a profpec dellgn.
immiieduiatel,-. J, s76. of wealth and commerce which futo r ages alone. May 6, rl6 f

P O E T R Y.

HB Pow'n who watch o'er mortals' faLe,
G we me a mall undipp'd cftate,
Value fIme few odd hundreds clear t
The renrs forth coming twice a-year,
Hygeia law my little wealth,
Nor envied aught, but added health ;
And Priendfbip feet, with open palm,
Shed round ny heart her gen'roua balm.
Apollo too was pleis'd t' inf,.ire,
And lent me, now and then, h s lyre
Whiltl Nature pave a little title.
And Flatrrv faid my mufe was chafle;
But more there hkifing. to ende;r,
My lofum own'di a enfiirte l ear.
Thus, ftlet by Fortune o'er and o'er,
Who'd have fuppos'd I w.i'ed niore .
Yet fimerhinrg fill rerain'd behind,
Tho' what, I flrove in vain to find;
Tilt H av'n (to whom I pr iy'd far life)
Ibircecr'd what, and gave a wri/r.
on the Wandfwortih RIlJ.
O call not here, ye lottihl wight.
Por purl, norale nor gin;
P.r if re flop, he'er alights,
By Death is taken in
Where having eit and drani your Ill,
Should ye (O haplef. ca t')
teglec to psy y ur landlord', bill,
Death flares )e in the face !
With griel filriere I pity thofe
Whi,'ve drawn ih marives thi fcrspe-in
Since f om his dreadful gripe, HIav'u knows,
Al-.! dliee's no efcapiag !
T'i. orn-e advice, my friends, purf:se,
i'hi'f you ,e've life and breath ;
6'e- ploedt vetr hofli for if )-u do,
You'.L furcly-drink to DLei'b
Written on the Waintlnt at the B.UE-POST, at
O Wretrhed wainf o, hu' d to receive
S.lh it a blocklh-a'r schlfe tra lee
Whllh Itll miui heir. whn'cr in litei e'm,
Line heaviur than the lead that writes 'on
Let them write rn. the wainlcat crihe,
Thlnk he v'n, I've neither ears nor yeis;
And fr their wit, I'd rather bear it.
Than s,. like you. to rea or hear it:
B, fider, to cu c me of all f.-rrov.
My fraernd, the oilh-clout, conime to-mnrron .
SOM P. I'dmo fire, (fayi wnd'ritii Ned)
In Newton'. brain had fix'd hiis iaion.
Tru.h Dick -.plird; you've rightly Iaid;
An I more, his mane is awn-Stration.
On the Flower% in Stella's Bouquet withered
T .iOSEB Sowts (whe-c nougit, one would think,
could e'er harm)
No longer their he.d. can uphnl !t-
is it Then that the brfom of Sttl a' too warm
Ah! n,; but I fear 'tis too rIl /
I S.el'a mnrri d-nr, or y's?.
7" By jove." lay. Dick. *' (h ,,'s t .amifa!"

Fhom the COLUMar t ao, of April 6.
Parerr Sue jefr, i albellare Splorbu.
A CO\PANY early lft farnmrr frirm Auguita for the
Watch th hee/ went rough the Creek town,
vwh,, r t r vi, who rtiev wrre, nor their
buri c's, frffircd hentrop.f, without mn'etition.
but fr.ia f I a ,irty after thein to cut them nTf:
happily our p ople had got into the plains, on the
wtetcrn fie oif the mountain., before the Indian
party cou!d cme up with th, m; difapp intend in
their expect ion of waylaying them in the deiles,
they dopt the pursuit.
On their arrival at the Natchez. they found
thise aitif n rf the fort to confit only of a
Capitatn's ommanls. about forty men. The
irjetenant-GOrvernour wai rather alarmed at their
vlit. and in a sort time a reinforcement ofthree
bhudred regulars came up. The first oneafinrCf
ot the commandant having fubfided, our people
wtr.cated with politencfs, but not fullered to
do af'hfinecf with the inhabitants, specially
In theland way
8, what could be learned from the Lieutenant-
Covernour, th-y had no p ohi btion from the
court of spain, to deliver up the fort and the ter-
ritory on the Miffifipp, down t hthe j1 North lat -
tode but at t ie fame time, they had received no
ordes for comply ing with that part of the laf
Igene a trety o af c,
Theb ". 0, ,by way of conversation,

;.frurerl ollt people, that if the miniftrl of pa"in
khrew, as 'veil as Ile dlid, the value of that mot
fertile cotunr/, they would never give it up. till
drove from t Iy a fuprrior force. a fpruied
Ancrican Fertleman replied to him, It would
te a v.ry impolitic fep for L"ullr thle United
States be compelled to be at the expence of end.
ing an army to pofferft themrfeiveni f the Natchec,
(their undouacrd rigltl) he cnrld not expedi tihe
Americans world Rtp at the tr latitude ; that
nothing Ihort of all Weft Fli.tila. dl*'n to the
very mouth of the Milrfiippi, vwrold fatify them
f.r tle unnecell ry expence thlry would have been
at, by the con compliance of Spain with the
T'he SpaniardR cla;m all the territrry lyinp welt
of the Apalachian m rontainsr as far up as the
mouth .f the Ohio. conmpthenrinig the back
parts of Georgia, Sunil Carolina, kWr,rh.Carohn a
artd part of Virginia ; the very fame claim ilthat
ot tie French, whrn iln poIrfltffion f Canada and
Louilana, and which was Ilth caufe of the war
in rt5S.
TIe ahfirdlity of theft pretlnfrone is Ifo evident,
that the Spanijih government wat!l river attempt to
affort them. However, we orrght to loft noti'me
in innfifing n na definitive anirvrr from hos tmoft
Catholic Marfly. or the evacruation of fort Nat.
ehes, and the celien of the territory, down to
the JI Northr latitudel,. qreeshl to t tenor of
the lat tuoaty ofpreace: on a refufal f-om Spain,
ConCrrfes' ultrnsrat:m flould be notifiAd by our
minister, containing a proftive ilecta'arion. that
we will do that juice toonrfelvre, whi:r i.denied
us by them. No danlgtr can arife fru.n Inch
fl iiited me.alire i; for tle weraknrs ofi te epini.
ard., both in Florida mnd l.ourilna, will not per.
mit theit to etier into an an'ift contention,
which wt.ltil endange- rot their rich empire of
Mexico ; and the more fi, as thtyv have a for i-
dable intetine enemy in all the native of Soulh
America, who moft rtnrlmuhtcdlv wlid not lort
the favouiable opportuorty rtl hoilli:iei between
Spain and Amerir'a, in l.nrnil .'a, to counter. for
anil alIert that indepenalranc I:',m Old Spuin,
which they have heen l 6tu g'in~ fti liice a few
years. Bifl Ic', Spain cotill expeta no anffilnce
from othtr power as France, E:gtlXn aind
lolland, arie giria'e<.n ft the tie.rv, an infrinme-
ment of which, hy Spain., w.iuld be the motive of
the rupture.
Should Spain, to all there conri.'eratinns,
Ihc o bl!inrl t llcr rwn ilererft, a to f.,rce ns, in
cleltrce nf our nwi,, to take rip a, its aga;'t t her,
it is in the natural order rf th nga to prefime,
that theerent woll 1 prove the rlin of the Spanilh
monarclly, and rife the flory anil proll e.ity of
the United Statle. As it i o(ildl de'grade rv in the
eyes of Europe, to commerce ili'iltiq nn Siain
without any juft caule. 1, it would equally reflect
the gre ttft dillhnour oni u', tot. niely fuolnit to
thi. breach of faith f'om the Sr n-a do..
A war with Spiint, to which se wni old htre
been romp :'ed, in vinmlcati.,a of onr tight.,
mitll he ofgete a lvnralta to Arlric.t. In i.el,
as in the lir' contcft, of fignhti h in our owvn count-
try. wihcre we hid to ulrpply tie elemy'l aimes
ai well as our own, we would mnk e the ipanill
rich fettlkme.nts e hthe.are of ho ltltie, ; ,or
armies would be 1inrplhic with the r prrvifiRnn.
and paid out of their gold antl filer. Trwo
tho fand brave Americans., ulder exrericni'e<
officers, animate. with rei 'rmenrt againil thife
trotiblefme neighbors, and having in oijied the
conquief of the icheft cotl'tr in the wrihl,
wotnil complex in a fer week frim their arrival
at the Na-chez. the redntclior of Wel llorida
and Li)nulfrna, in fpite of all the Spanifi efforts
to refift u.. Another army olf .bout the fame
number of men, Icavir the fiRft conquerors to
defend their new acquilitions at the eapenceof
the fime, wo Id c.rry the war into the very heart
of Mexico. An expe.lition of this coinf.,uence
would coui little or nothing to the lUnited Stater.
and would infure to us for ever, the free and
undifltilied navigation of the Mifllippi, as by the
situation of that country, five hundred men can
at all time hel malere of this river, provided they
are in pufelff in of the upper parts of it, frs.
which all fupplite mul come, and where itnurm:-
ralie fleet might he conitrueicd
The greatest objection that may be offered to
our fuccefi, is the deficiency of a naiy to protect
our trade, and pnard our coaft againaht the
enemy's enterprises; we need no flnct for the
conquest proposed, nor to proted them ; befidcs
we have a right to expect afliftance from Egland
and Holland, agreeable to the treaty; and France
undoubtedly would keep a neutrality. Every
power of Europe musf be fenfble how much it
would be to their advantage we should be in
poffeftion of the gulph of Mexico. Spain will
fufferno nation to tradein that rich country; but
becoming part of the United States, all the trad.
Ing national would be indiferiminately admitted ;
therefore it would be their interest to help us with
a auy against Spain; and Oloold it be required,

we would be able to pay the etpeinee of the fame
with Spanillt Vold. Wr atever Rep. the maritiar
powers ma) take to aff us, it is a faA, that the
American feas would il costed, on a rupitm
with, with Iwatma of privateers from all
nations. under the colouirl of the United Staitc
Our lettlem nts on the wraile waters are ia.
creating i ftrength daily t near son miles og
Cumberland river are now fcttled, and emirnutl
from the Carnlinas and Virrinia are conilantli
travellinl to Kentucky and Cumberland. Th
two fettlements alone, fupplicd with boats and
ammunition, could murtr tven now, a force
fuficient to make the conqneft of Florida aad
Louiisinas and thousands of volunteers would
run to arms, and would be sealouu to Join MI fe
promising an epeditlon.
Should Fpain comply fully with the treaty and
only infift on ome reflriation as to the nal.gatloa
of the Millifippi, it would perhaps be more poll.
tical to pofpole to a more remote time. as
thoughts of coriquelt.
Charlronn, April6, e1?L

At their STona at thb E'C And of the Bay.
A N AssoarustT of Elegant cut Decamter
Queen's and fuper- Turmhera. Wine OIaes,
fine Broad Cloths and Goblet., &c.
T'rimminirg A general afortment of
Negro BIankcts and corf common Tin Waie, and
blue Cloth / Block l'in Kitclhu U.
I.Lrdon made Boots tenils
Coarfe and fine Irih Portipoolj apaned Ware,
ens anlI Sherrintis 'ea & Cuffee Iltr, Ae.
Me and WuN o ner. S Prince's metal and pluua
Corton & Tlhread Stuc Candleflicks in peas or
ingis ft.
DiItt'. Leather, Thread rin' FillhSanceetcerp,
and Jean Glo-t Oil, Mllftard & Pickes
Cotton and .ihen trripes, mall affJunment of Fa.
Check and lily Medicines via.
An affortoent uf Sewing to ghon's Bitters,
Silks odlrey' Cordials, Ste.
Onahbrigs and Nuns A general Alftrtment oi
Ihreads pikes, theathing and
Coloured, plain arnd fpot. aildnntdtlads
ted Jeans and JeJa.cts to of Cordage from 8
Plain and c rdcd Mulllns nches down, with Marf
and Dimities lie and iHuufcllne
Brown H,rland. and Mul-l Genullrlri'. white sad
quito Ntrtint hIlcik L.eaver Hartt
Loin ani clear l.awnri Double and fnglc refined
Rulia bDra. Huckabuck Lot Suigar
Drilling and D aper HyIn Tea and Coffee
MIn% tD)nrity Co*teer, Scotch Pigtail. Orereoke &
W aifcoat. & l;rc.ches, Leaf Tobacco
in fuits Madeira Wine of the high.
Ditto'* Canv.rfi Frocht, eft flavour and quality,
r'I'nfers and Check by the pipe or kIfr
Shirts quantity
A great variety of Cutlery London racked Pert Wine
Ironmnngery, I idl*, h. lhy the ditto
German .tcel, & Swedilh Brandy in puncheoas or
Bar Iron lef'er quantity
Hair Brions & rubbingg A few barrels of Superfin
Brunie, I Flhur, and rillh Me6
Win.lov ( o hy al, Beef.
9 by tr, and 8 hy ro I
A L S 0,
'he follow in; Article upon Cogfignmtent, and to be
Sotld ir ('lh, at a very moderate advance.
Pitch hy the B rie An elegant Af'orutent Oc
Engllflh ltItrr in firlt ins W/!.r, the Article
A Imall aff'-timent of fine too nunirou. to be i-.
Printr.d Giood and Silk Iftrtcd.
Gauzes I
P;nton, Leflie, & Co.
,., 1,, 6t Jil i-(6. '
''li .SIbfirhrlrr iiarlter.rirg to gito Nova-Scotia
1 to attend the Cominifinte of AtMrican
C.aims, all perfuns anyw indebted to
him, to ferte to his fatisfarlion ;nd thofe who
have any demands against him, t call for pay.
tr'at, on or before the 2sth ofne month.
will be carried on as ttfual at hit SIoe.
A'nlrf. Aprilsn;, 17l6.
ALL Ptrfoln having demands orn e kiate of
SM'.ALKXANDr. R0oxauao3 lceafed,late
of this town, are desired to red in hates of
their claims, properly attefted, to t fibfcriber I
and thofe who are indebted to the ftateare re
quelled to make payment immedi ely, that
affair may be fettled as o as po e.
A NTH. ROXR R I, Admr.
LL Perlton hr.asg aemandrla multthe ciate
Sof SAMUIL, FAPILST, v f dceafted, ae
requefed to deliver them pro. t attited to the
Subcriber without delay amd t fe indebted to
the faid etBate, are dered to m payment U
foon as peofible to JARL

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