Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 15, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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NASSAU: Printed by JonN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

From the London Magazine.

AI Aee unt of a memorable Tatn.afor MUaDIa.
TN the reign of Queen Elizabeth, a person was
Sarraiinedl before Sir James Dyer, Lord Chief
Jufice of the Court of Common Pleas, upon ai
Iditinm'nt for the murder of a man, who dwelt
Iu the fame painli wi:h the prifiBcr, The frft
witlcfi again.i him deputed, That on a certain
day, incntioned by the. witnefa, in the morning,
u he was gilig through a clofc, which he parti-
cularly di;ri;:ed, at fame distance from the path,
he I'w a ret Fon lying in a condition that denoted
him to bx either dead or drunk i that he went to
tie p'rty, 'ad found him actually dead, two
wouu.:. .-pp ar;ng in hil brtea, and his Ihirt and
clouht ninIli. aiined with blood; that the wounds
afpts cd to ihe %ii nmf to have been given by the
patd at 5 a fork, ia fLm: fiuch Infirument, and
olukntg anont he il:'.tc ed a !ork, lying near the
corpf shInch he took up, and obfcrred it to be
marked with tht initial ktters of the prisoner's
tamt: the iitfs t i the fame time produced the
frtk in .ourt, -v hii h the prifonrr owned to be
his, add w.'vcl kingg the witness any qn.flions.
A itcor.d witllis s nepofcd, That, on the mor-
sil g tf tlc i'ay on which the dtc(afcil was killed,
tl,, witlnin had rifeit early with an intention to
go to i ieighboiiing market-town, which he na-
mild-that. as he was Ita.di g in the entry of his
cwl d, rl'in::-hiioe, the freet door being open,
he jtw lie pr:tlti come by, drltf.d in a fiit of
Clohttle, Ilte c loiir aid fithion of which the wit.
ac". d l'ctil dl-that he (the witnefa) was prevent-
ed troui gK"ti to mat kit, ard that afterwardA the
Irnt itnctf liriii ht t:rice to the town of tih
death woiii'as of the deceased, and of the
priloiit'i fork bcing folnd near the corpf--that
upin this reply rt the pitifinar was apprehendeld,
and t.irtic:' before a Jullice it Peace, whom hi
saied :n I p,,inted at, he heib.g then prftnt in
Cou't-t, it he (h,- lollouwdl the prifoner
l the Jt:lti,-i 'ioufr, a'.l .i ticlteed his examina
ti". -. i. ,l' iEti h. t)[ flvred the change of rai-
irn.iwi. lih thr if .)er h li madt fince the time
1h .. Ic i 'ndis had lirlt fler. him in the mo.r-
n" --t,'t ..t iti time of fuch examination, the
pltlct-, dslt &nd in the fame clothes which he
hadl in a: 'he tnme of the ttial, andl that on the
witicl..'s csnrgnll; him will having changed his
tklthcs. lie gave federal lituflling anfwtar, and
woutll havte denial upon the vitncfa's
aienitiio,itI r.i, ciitciulance of the change of
drtl., li- jillic granted a warrant to fearch the
prifonci's st. ill -ar the clothri described by the
witFnrf, a:, I.,,ing ',. n pit offfince the morning
-thIt the v ittifa atvs.dcd, and affilted at the
frlrch, .nld that after 4Ince enquiry for two
bouri and upwards, the very clothes, which the
witneft had dcltribel, were difcoveied, conceal-
ed in a Itraw ned--ll th n prod ued the bloody
clothes in Court, which the prisoner owned to be
hiclotlic, and to have been thrust into the Iraw
ibd with an intention to conceal them, on account
Of their being bloloy.
The prifoncr alfo waved asking thai fccoud wit-
Itfs ll queltionsi. r
A third witr f depolfd to hii having heard the
Plftner deliver certain mcnaces agaitft the dr-
ftafd, from whence the proncptaor intended to
nfer a proof of malie prprInfe, In anfwer to
Ihich, the prifoner prepofed certain qutllioins to
dt Court, ailding to a discover of the occasion
o ctle menacing expietlfiti depoed to, and.from
t withnefi' aiftier to thofe quctons, it appear
that the deceatd had fir menaced tpri
.Th ptifonur-ing called upon, to make his de-
lee, addrfled the following narration to the
Court, as contain. all he knew concernng the.
manner and circumstances of the death oUe de
Coed, viz. *- That he related a dofo in tIe ame
pit i wlih the deceased, andthat the deeeled
Amsed another cloil adjoining It-tht the only
"a to his own clofe wa through that of the'de.

ceaed ; and that on the day the murder in the
indictment was (aid to be committed, he roae
early in the morning, In order to go to work In
his clofr, with his fork in his hand, and palling
through the deccafed's groun-, he ohferred a man
at fume dinance trom the path, lyine down, as if
dead, or drunk ; that he thought himself bound
to fee what condition the jperfon was in, and
upon getting up to him, he found him at the laft
extremity, with two wounds in his breath, from
which a great deal of blood had illited-ihat in
order to relieve him, he railed him up, and with
great diffiu:ty let him in his lap-that he told the
deceafli he was greatly concerned at his unhappy
fate, and the more fo, as there feened to be too
much reafon to apprehend he had been murdered
-that he intreatcd the deceased to discover if
poffible the occasion of his misfnrtune, alTlring
him he would ufe hli utmoft endeavors to do
justice to his fufflrings-that the deceafed feem-
ed to he fenfible of what he faid, and in the
midln of his agonies, attempted, as he thought, to
freak to him, but bring ifized with a rattling in
his throat, after a hard f.ruggle, he gave a dread-
ful groa., and vomiting a gieat deal of blood,
fom ofi" which fell on his (the prifoner's) clothes,
he cxpiied in his arms-that the flock he felt on
account of this accident was not to be expreffed,
and the lather, as it was well kiown that there
had been a difference between the dcceafed and
himfilf, on which account he might poflibly he
fuf|lpied ofthe mtrder-that he therefore thought
it advienblo to leave the deceased in the condi-
tion he wan, and to take no farther notice of the
matter-that, in the confufoli he was in when he
left the place, he took away the deceafed's fork,
ind left his own in the room of it, by the fide of
thi corpfc-that being obliged to go to his work,
he thought it heft to (hitt his clothes, that they
m:ght not be feen; he conffied he had hid them
in the place where they were found-that it was
true he had denied before the Jultice that he had
changed hisclothes, being confcions that this was
an ugly circumfance, that might be urged against
him, and being unwilling to be brought into
trouble, if he could help it-and concluded his
flory with a f)lrmn declaration, that he had re-
lated nothing but the truth, without adding or
diminishing one title, as he should answer it to
God Almighty" Being then called upon to
produce his witneffic, the prifAer answered with
a tRady composed countenancr, and resolution
of vo'ce, he had no witnefs but God and his
own confcicnce."* '
The Judge then proceeded to deliver hislharge,
in which be pathetically enlarged on the lcinouf-
nefa of the crime, and laid great ftre on the
force of the evidence,'which although cifeumflan-
till only, he declared he thought to be irrtfifti-
ble, and little inferior to the mot positive proof
-that the prisoner had indeed cooked up a very
plausible Rtory, but if fuch, or the like alle-
gations, were to be admitted. in a cafe of this
kind* no murderer would ever be brought tojuf-
tice, fuch bloody deeds being genially perpeta-
led in the dark, hnd with the greatest fecrcly-
that the prefent eafe was exempted, in his opi-
nion, from all poffibility of doubt, and that they
ought not to hesitate one moment about finding
the ptifoner guilty.
The Foreman bigger of his Lordfaip, as this
was a cafe of life andeath, that the Jury might
be at liberty to withdraw; and upon this motion,
an officer was fworn to keep the ury.
SThe trial dame an the iri in the morning, and
the Judge having fAt tHl DnI at night, eapeding
the return of the Jury, lft feet a officer to
eq4titrc if they ere agreed their' erdidt, and
to fignify to them t!t hir Lordfhip would wait
no longer for that. Somet fat het returned for
aufwer, that elevenoftheirbdy had been of the
fame mind from the bfit, but that it was their
misfortune to have a Foreman that proved to be a
,floulrlftaplce of thmmoR inmeterat obtinacy,
.who baing taken ui pdifcrto ~ia fn them,
wal unalturablylied hi L ki-cem wn

no fooner re*urred, but the cmplalning mema.
bere, alarmed at the thought of being kept under
confinement all the aight, and, defparing of
bringing their diffenting brother over to their
own way of thinking, agreed to accede to his
opinion, and having acquainted him with their
resolution, they fent an officer to detain his Lord-
(hip a few minutes, and then went into the Court.
and by their Foreman brought in the prisoner us
Xuil r. His Lordlhip could not help expreffng
the grearef furprize and indignation at this unea.
pelted verd!dt; and after giving the Jury fever
admonition, he refufed to record their verdict,
and fent them back again, with directions that
they Ihould be locked up all night, without fire
or candle. The whole blame was publicly laid on
the Foreman by the reft of the members, and
they fpent the night in loading him with reflec-
tions, and bewailing their unhappy fate, in being
affociated with fo hardened a wretch-but he
remained quite inflexible, constantly declaring kh
would fuffer death rather than change hi opinion.
As foon as his Lordlhip came into Court the
next morning, he feat again to the Jury, on
which all the eleven members joined in request.
ing their Foreman to go again into Court, affur.
ing him they would adhere to their former verdia,
whatever was the confequcnce; and, on being
reproached with their formeLinconfiftency, they
promised srever to defert, P recriminate upon
their Foreman any more.-Upon thefe aflurances,
they proceeded into Court, and again breouh in
the prisoner not gyift. The Judge, unabe to
conceal his rage at a verdict which appeared to
h:m in the mot iniquitous light, reproached thea
with the feveret cenfiures, and difminfed them
with this cutting refledion, That the blood of
the deeasled lay at their door."
The priftner, on his part, fell on his knees,
and with uplifted eyes and hands, thanked God
for his deliverance, and addrefing himself to the
Judge, cried out, You fee my Lord, that God
and a aoed confcience are the heft of witneffs."
Thefe circumllances made a deep impreiBon on
the mind of the Judge, and as Coon as he was re-
tired from Court, he entered into difcourfe with
the High Sheriff upon what had paired, and rar.
ticularly examined him as to his knowledge of
this leader of the Jury. The anfwer this gentle.
man gave his Lordfllhp was. that he had been
acquainted with him many years-that he had
an estate of above Jol. per namum and that he
rented a very befdes--that he
never knew him chungd with an ill action, and
that he was univerfally eteemed in his acighbour
For further Informatildl his Lordfip tikewie
fent for the Minifter of the Pafldi, who gave the
f'me fvourable account of his parifgioner with
this addition, that he was a contact cbrchuan
and a devout communicant.
Thee accounts rather Increafed his Lordmlip'.
perplexity; from which he could think of no ea.
pedient to deliver himself, but by having a coofe.
rence In private with the ony person who could
give him fatisfa&ton. This he dfired the Sherif
to procure, who readily offered his service, aad
without delay brought about the dedred later.
view. AI
.Upon he Juryman's being latroduced to th
Judge, his Lordflip and he retired Iato a claet,
where his Lordlhip opened his reamo far de.
firin that vilt, making no frple of ackowr.
ledgin the unealnets he was under and coanj
ring his victor frankly to difcoer hi* rnafis for
acquitting the pilfoer. The Jlryimas returned
for antfer, that ie bad ftiMeent eafie to Jutlf
his conddt, and that be Vwais ether frakl
nor alhamed to reveal them bt as he had
hitherto locked them up In iaw n abre and
was under no compulilo to dcliB them, he
espedted his Lordlhip weald eMgae uoes h
honour to keep wha e wl about to ai-d a
secret as he himftif had d which his Ld.
Wia having promifod to do, the iyma th
pruidto ons No Lqrdft VSO Sui

.0*~nnt: Tha; the deceraed being Tytheman
of the parish where be (the Jarman) lred, he
had, the morning of hi deca, ben In his (the
Jurymnn'd ground amn ft his core, and bad
done himl n eat Injulior, by taking more than his
due. and eLins othewhife In a moat arbitrary
manner. That hen he eompl.iiled of this treat.
nlnt, he had not o* Il been abufed wlth fcurilous
Ian age, bat that the deeafed had hIkewife ftuck
at hm fever! times with his fork, and had ac-
tually wounded him in two places, the fears of
which wounds he then fbewed his Lordlhip-that
the deceaf d fteemd bent on mHthtif, and he (the
Juryman) having no weapon to defend himself,
had nn other way to preferve his own life, but
by cdl ing with the decafed, and wrenching
the fork out pf his bands I which having lcfldtd,
the deceased attempted to recover the fork, and
in the fcuffle received the two wounds which had
occafloned his death-that he was inexprcfib!y
concerned at the accident, and especially when
the prisoner was taken up on fufpicion of the
murder-that the former affizes being juft over,
he was unwilling to firrender himself, and to
confert the matter, because bli farm and affair
would have been ruined by his lying in a gaol to
long-that he was fare to have I Gen acquitted on
his trial, for that he had confulted the ableft
lawyers on the cafe, who had all agreed, that as
the deceased had been the aggreifor, he would only
be found guilty of man laughter at the molt-that
it was true he had suffered greatly in his own
'mind on the prisoner's account, but bIing well
alffued that imprifooment would be of left ill
confeqience to the prisoner than to himself, he
had fnffered the law to take itr courfe-that in
order to render the prifoner'sconfincment as eat,
to him as pofible, he had given every kind of
affliance, and had wholly supported hli family
ever fincce-that in order to get him cleared of the
charge laid against him, he could think of no
o.her expedient than that of procuring himftlf to
be fummoined on the Jury, and fet at the head of
thelt, which with great labour and expence he
had aecomplilbed, having all along determined in
his own hreaft, rather to die himftlf, than to lfl.
fer any harm to he done to the p ioner.'-His
Lordfhip exprefred great fatisfaason at this ac-
count, and after thanking him for it, and making
this further ftipulati,. that in cafe his Lordhnlip
Should happen lt d vive him, he might then be
at liberty to relate this ftory, that it might be
delivered down topotecrity, the conference broke
The Juryman lived fifteen years afterwards
the Judge inqquhied after him ever year, and
happening to furvive nim, d:lvered the above

HauIrowu fT, t playd bp a Sictt.l* A CaiCHIaN.
[ Fro BavaoNt's Tour.)
N O woman is admitted into the Capuchins
j Conventeither dead or alive; and this inter.
diction is written in large charaders over the gate.
The poor indolent Capucliins, the fraileft of all
flelh, have great need of fuch precautions: they
hare no occupation from without, and they have
norefou ers within thimfelves, to that they muft
be an efty prey to every temptation : Bocaccio,
and all the books of that kind, are filled with
Aories of their frailty -Yeterday, dining at the
Prince of Sperlinga's, and talking on this fubjeCt,
the Ab T gave us an anecdote of a
friend of his, whio wag formerly a brother of thitl
convent. He is knAow by the name of Fra
Pafqnal, and has pared through many fingular
fcenes of life, whiclft would be too long to re-
count. His latligration, or, if you will, traTf-
migration, was from one of the banditti of this
kingdnm, in which capacity he had been enrolled
for fume times but, tired of the danger andfa-
tigue to which be was perpetually ecpofd, he at
laft determined to exchange the charader of the
hero for that or the fint, and try if it was not
toth rffer and brar to rely on the weaknet of
others, than on our own strength.
Fra Pfqual pretended a strong compuntion
fr the tranflreffont of his pah ife, and made a
romite to the Virgin, that the remainder of it
tould be Ipent nl mortiication and dance, to
atme for them To this end, Palfui touk the
ves of poerty and of chtity. and entered into
ii the ngonra of the aaonaic lift-PFor fome
veeks b behaved in a onrft aemplary mancr I
be weat barefooted, wor a large roary, and a I
thcker cord of ditiplio than any moninthe g
onavet s and his whio fdeportafle itvr telt-
mnoay iothed slt unfeie I rBpeoM.tlo wev
the devnill a#It work inthe heart of Pafq aa
and all tlhef eternal mrotfic tlIs only made I
inm tth the hanter in L fbort, be foun ltno-
gMble to dmrve bte out. Pafo wai 1mfenihie of
this ad afraid let the eemy Ould t la get
Ith bher of him, he thought it aditable to
laeS a .Palermo the chlroe of h ity be had
a. ti weig hilmuwbue 0t wwaessw e

fcore. He embarked for Vapih, where wU lift?
fon admitted into a Cape C nvent, m,
As Pafqual knew from Mml that the dull sl.
uniformity of the monile tw fteel --t
lie amusements to render ie, the Bnt bolt
thing he (ct about was WiHltrcfs. He fch,
made love to a ladg of eafy tint who fool cou
adm tied his addrlesn, but at the fame time ma<
informed him that he had a iidte i ivrl l, j. i tdA
loussast'gor, and who would not fail to put them trot
both to death, holdd he d'ffover the inTrigue. his
Thie was no other than a lifedu.ail nin, a fellow togl
of fix ket two lielira, wNilh a vait f|l1a, like mol
that of Gu:i.h, and a monflioos pa, i f curled toli
whiflers, that would have calt a damap il the lhol
heart If any man but Fra Paflliali but the nona- cow
tie life had not yet enervated him; he was ac- ropl
cuhtomed to uater, and loved a few dtilf cltiea ced
however, as in lis percent charader lie c tld not felf
be on a footing with his rival, le thought it hent Fi S
,nly to make ufe of prudence and iratageln to flea
fupp'ant him; theft are the eccltlialtical annr, firec
and they have generally been found toe hard for to 1
the military. the
The lady promifcd him an interv;iw as fuon as hil
the court Ihuuld go to Porticl, where the life- in q
guard-man's duty obliged him to attend the king. in I
Pafqual waited with impatience for fome time at and
.at the wilhed.for night arrived ; the king fet off, all t
atler the opera, with all his guards. Pafqual Bcw him
like lightning to the arms of hit milftcfj the gain
preliminaries were fion fettled, and the happy eveC
lovers had J~t fallen afleep, when they were fud- dcte
denly Warmed by a rap and a wall-kn wo voice at the
the door. The laily batted up in an agony of Cap
despair, af(uring I'alqual that they were both un- aboi
done; that this was her lover; and if tome cxpe- deas
dent was not fallen upon, in Ih fBirit traanfports in p
of his fury, he would certainly put them both to by 4
death. Thre was no time tor reledt on; the eap
lifeguard-man d.maudcd entrance tt lhe molt ted
peremptory manner, and the lady was obliged to line
inltant compliance. Pafqual had jull time to ga. bed
other his rags together, and cram hiialf in below mati
the bed at that infant the door opcne.t, and the prift
giant came in, rattli g his arnms and ittRming at thfin
his miltrefl, for having made him wait t I1 n3 ; T
however the foon pacified him. te thcu urdeied fuchl
her I firike a light, that he might fee to indices: the
-this truck to the F.ul, and he gave part
himself up for .l t; h rwever, the laIdy's adrats tary
fved him, when he Iraft txpeced it. In briiging und
the r under, the took care to let fall fome water lady
into the box; and all thle beating rlic and herloner dool
could beat, they c,,ildl not produi e ione fp4rk. his
Every froke of the flint founded in Palqual's ca:s aoif
like his death- knell but when he heard the life fent
guard-mar. fwcaring at the tinder for not kind. infa
ling, he began to conceive fome hopri, and qual
blefled the fertile invention of womann.-'he lady layih
told him he might eaftly get a light at the guarl, nave
whirh war at no great diltancc.-Pafqual's heart As t
leaped with Joy ;-but when the foldier answered doo
that he was ahbetnt without leave, and durit not who
e f en, it again bernga to flag ; hit or. his order his
ing her to go-it died withiu him, and he now frial
found himself in preater d anger than ever. The that
lady hcrfclf was dicunccrtcd ; but quickly reco- and
vering, the tol I him, it would be too long before agali
Ihe could get dreled ; but advised him to go to the t
the corner of a ncighbouring fircet, where there witn
was a lamp burning before the Virgin Mary, qual
who could have no objcqtion to his lighting a group
candle at it.-Pafqual revived i but tle folder own
declared he was too much fatigued with his walk, thl
and would rather undrcis in tlie dark; he at the '* ft
fame time began to grope below the bed for a bot- "e di
tie of liqueurs, which he knew flood there.-Paf. beds
qual Ihook like a qaaker,-howvever, Iill he rfcr- li
ped.-The lady obferving what he was about, C
made a fpiing, and got him the bottle, at the ve. a
ry infant he was within an inch of ftizai they
Pafqual' head. The lady then went to bed, and betw
told her lover, as it ws a cold night, the would ftiJe
warm his place fur him. Pafqual admired her all
addref, and began to conceive tome hopes of them
ceaping. and
His Ituation wasthe mol ikfome in the wrid; he
the bed was folow, that he had no room to move pc
and when the great heavy lifeguard-man entered po
it, he found himftf fquc zed down to the ground. rie
He lay trembling and Ailling hi breath for tome W
time, but found t abfolutcly impolible to support y7
hils itnatipo till morning a ndndeed, if it had, or
his clothes, which were fcattered about, mauft I
infallibly discover him he therefore began to fJI
think of making his cape but he could not nove In
without alarming his ival, who was now 1img thet
Ibove lm. At ft he tboight of runlin lli-' fe
denly out, and throwing bimfellfnto the t ; fomlfe
but thi he dilamd, iad on second thought, deft
determined to lgo the lieguardman'I fwo, anoC
and either pim to death, or ake an honour *
able capit ula b. oth for bliblfaud the lady. I lain
the adft of there legeiw, hi rival began to o
Si srtfel t bia b ulL tre tried toira rt

ee that histi p'n hadttka hits fallleffdc, thought N A .SA I, AP tIL 2 3 that amlegaly ldlrdteed: Ifyoumn, nlbat Tar
itpow tle: to make his retreat, before the or- -- I of .. I*-. v
iner f t r itld have an opprtun:ty of eami- hNi hA we I t.iLa ~cs Monur t lenllnce plfid upon me by that i etched Jrfry
*,-cl,, :,c't:dt ,a m pcrhapl e nafi,, han dh tre n.t hlnE h aste, ulMe i oa
irtttirng |!lu,d that he was o)bid tn-i n bd Ito K' o Martial) bv which I was tiled, all I Iual foy in
tti I that be was obliged to ,n h m n sko reply i. that I can with conltdence pronounce,
tp !, t k lare oft : offi r fai Jt-V -ua d; tt per, I', r ', a i. I,,.i smeLn that every man of every rank in the hole army,
(ic .mc ut e IecwIu l .. .ig bly all meanf, to Seve,. j Jn S.a. T.i mp, who was either paefelt In the atlion, or at the
,tat t he h )> ttihct hb ..I t iveenc iand fd O aI BU ; an. I I '*, ty e trial i every man outof the army. every man on
: .it a due ata t! O I' l: 'It a per on. Vrlby ap' laintee; ot. +*r oir ow. run.t1t I rnat- the whole continent, who has read the proceed-
SI'. -.- ihm he it jut ufr m n.l. ad Mrl Haltt tos Chuith War .- wings. Is of opinion, that the ligima is rot on him
I 1 r F1,. lart ll, tk. about for h:*Clo)UtL; l lati hiavr rains haie riti; ai the on whom the fenteneLwas paflid, but on thofe
but it ,,, ut the ,::-fI w'..'. c: 1I' i: t wIi formir.g in Rlfc Ill.,d I T. .4 The who paafed it. Petbhaldeed I mightmake two
Ca i ,r, lr Ie .tow t,,t (itly Iioi., i,' will how cr I* ava, t.,.J by cienm I csceptions, your prindpal coadjutors in the ho-
t, i, li.'red Lim f" I I'i p n iLtr Int s ul et *' id JUne nourable bulnef, Mr. Penn of North-Carolinao
fr~c .... .e a .t finc .a a ti of a. Le e*s'. M'l l*r Crti.o and Dodtor Sruddcer of the J yetfis for to do
e' ,i,,t, -'" -a t ir- trt mo el It y ;irt tH Ac. ..a ... a .te o untst yonjuflice, I do not think you quite blockhead
ou)-the ady to, ed her part o well of fme new har p impeeon the rsile enogh f, to think the charges had a ha
t so t h .. ... e ,y o u rfielf, to th ink the ch argues h ad a th a-
hit he had no longer any doubt of it-"a Thaus treti.-" Pontth ari, ,undor he lou dow of fuppont. With refpt to the confirmati. n
i (laid heuin a ppnitentpalevoice) to offrtyd I hrfeed fot debt being aideon-
Sit is (faid he in a penitnil voice) to oRffd bl nrl al e ad there rin of this eurus fntence,. do not conceive myfelf
* heaven !- uwn my fin.-l tknw it wasPrida)i many a viertnon citizen frrm total ruin, an to reg.u at liberty to make any e.cmments on it, a it is an
o: and yet-U, lelh, flelll -Hlad it been .n y Ile Sheriffs Sales, was paid in Odobr lft year. It afair of Congre, for which body ever had and
. other day, I nill Ihou!d have remained what I aiutiorifre the ldbtor to tender in payment to his ce. ouFht to have the moft profound retfet. q Ihall
si was.-- O, St. Gennar I paf'd thi too editor fuch part of his prmpirry, real or rperhei, as only lament tlrtthtef iould ever have bceatif-
s without po) ing there due rt fa :-- thy all. he hall think proper, at a valuation to be xed upon it g eraed by f6'fol a Member ha W. H. D. If you
a seeing eye has found me out. Gentlemen, do by apptafer to be chofes by the parties rfptively i think the terms I have made ife of fever and
with me what you please ;- am not wat I to that by this iniquitoun lw t aterchant, who h 6s unmerited, my friend Major Edwards is com-
fees to oC." -" No, no, (faid the oflcer) foreign as well as domeflic credit to support, m millfoned to point out the remedy.
a we are fenfible of that -But, come, Signor obliged to accept, in payment of hit junl debt, tirll C. t.
a Padre, on with your garments, and marchl- Trats of PiN Batrr9., at fome hundred. of miles i
'" we have no time to trifle.-- Here, Corporal- diflance, Wahich he may probali never fee, and wih th J
(giving him the cordn this le hand, and let which h. %ill find u much d uIty to fat fy his ere- PU BLIC AUCT N,
Shim fel the weight ot St. Prnci.he ainit fdets abroad, s with Amrrich paper currency in the On MONDAY th th ntant,
o him that, ~or havin1 Cimptdt ic- lowell flate of Its depreciation. his a&, known by ..
So.te him that, for having fotimpdently di. the nam te ,f the Pi Bar, hat been continued That valuable USE & LOT
Sfnield him for his matter.' -Te poor dminter in force for anotheryear, and when that expires in ll in 7rederick Street, whk Mr. JOHN TuCKEr
C \ i rnd h Fra Pdqul, FPpearre tI will be continued lll l,,ngr. While the now lies pofmicn will given two months
tild,.i, the cowl, an cid the cMk of r PafqlUal, nrchanr Is thus denied payment ol tile debts dse to after the Sale.
anti pl.c the great rof.ty about his neck; and a him, he i compelled to pay all the heavy duties. I.m Conditions of Sale. one f Cal, the other
munlt woL+ul hfure hi. made.-The ;ffieer made pofd fly the LncKdfl re. C ondtios orfJat, one, Cekh therothe
himn look in the gf to try if he could recollett Several letters from ha hrlfton mentIon the fthme. Six Months Credit, giving ad with approved
himfelf, and walked i he was a Capuchin now or ful barefacd violation of the treaty of peace by the Securiy.
not.-He was (hocked at his own appearance ; Legillature ofOeorgia, in ordering Brictah bratcon. 10HN DENNISTON, & Co.
but bore every thing with mtt ktrtfi and reitigna- tradli prior to the war, to be pald into the Trcafury N"Tn. April 14, I y6.
tion. They then conducted him toLthq gulsld, of the Sate. The 4h article of that trc.rty declar, T O B E S O L D
brlaboliring him all the way with the cord of St. that creditors on either filc fall meet with no law.
Fraocis. and arifk. hiin ate.e y (trlrkcif hc knw ful ir.podio.nnt to ihe recovery of the fpl valve, in AT PUBLIC PJr D f 2,
his. maler fnow nt.llila. meony, ,f all H:.,j de debt, heretofore b- By JOHN PE TY, & Coe
III the mean time, .Pdfq(rl t fng In his con- t. rele."-- ocri, hvwevcr deferr e crt r On TUESDAY the th on the Premiffc
vent, er oymg the fwet of his avcuture. 'lie th r pl n !ea'g: Thrcy at once mveid TED e atDWELING HO E nd
hid a f,:tre c'oik and cowl, and was foOn eqtip. i l.T mp our Con .Gner in Nor -Amric, 1 OUT- HOUSES. W gin to y ar &ai
p;h ... tTi mile. oar Coral CeUeral in Nottb-Arriging to Y
ped igain like one of the holy fther; he i arat mattr far hi. dif catches to Admi- Ship Bnilder, with a tr convenient STORE So Ihe clothe and accoutiemtn of the lite- t ,i ation; tr whom thcte will douhtlec be very firong feet long, and a Black the's SHOP, with an
guard man, and laid th.m itn a heap, near the rJentfcmatio-'s lfumadeby the Merchants inmtenll Allortmcnt of Blackfmith Tooll. T
gti tf ai-other convent of Capuchins, but at a in the commrrce with America. A L t
icat iltanc, frm his own, r bhmltlfa triir of money which he found in the to the real friends of Great-Britain and Ieland, to bred to ,he Shipbuilding bu eft, Two NEGRO
brretchr pocket, jult to itndmnify him rfr the observe the spirit of moderation and improvement, WOMEN and one BOY, C r and Mahogany
lor" of his cloak andJ li cool; and even this, he which feems to he succeeding fAf to thothe jealoufica Ship Timber, and a variety Articles proper for
y I e flould hay: held fa.cred, but he knew and ill.futundcd prejudices, by which the letter country the Shipwright Bufinels, P Makers Tools, a
Lwnver fhculd fitd the clothes, would snake has bcon fo long led afray. As a proof of this pea- flient quantity of new Bolts to complete a
L1wii ipri;ze ttf it fing imetianm. rphoflot, he inlfin s the efilblilhment of aut t niel to
'r, l oieo r fil: ier remained neat daya fpcaAcle Socity in Dullin nde.r ihed nmia.if the Royal Ve of r, with a new Kel St for a Vefel
of tid c 1e to ail the word at Ia t hi companioals Acalcmy uf Arlt nd Screrr., Polite Literature and of the famc fize.
t of i. ..r..t. meatntrt4li, cmeit Aniqaai le., which is competed of fome of the fit cbha- A N D,
td of t fre him. tha jos wereprn, ni reader t ha t Ligdom, ntder the immediate paro.. A new BATTEAU completely fitted for the
trpa to lire hin tho m. their joksl were ,tps h nae of the Sovereign; a. sift the incorporation of the pnrpofe of carrying heavy Timber, with fundry
ma.e ga li.g than thre ftie gua ut a urgons of Dublin, by Royal Charter; an et ablih-. other Articles, (uch as Oakum, Cordage, Nails
thought hlintilef under the finger of Godor at ncnt that mul very much increaft the ireans of chi- old Iroi, &e. &e.
kaft of St. Jakuariul, he bore all with mecknefs rugical k-owledge, and in itc eonfequences tend to the The Conditions of Sale, One Half Cath, and
and p tience ; at laft his clothes were founl, and general a Iantage of the whole community. the otWer Half to be paid in Twelve Months,
he wa. fct at liberty ; buthe believes to this day, Aatvro ua.s, Pro, giving Bond with interest and approved Security.
that tl,e whole was the work of the devil, fenit April 17. Sehoo. Ocn. Shirley, Angus, Charleflon The Property not to be altered until the Temrs
to ch:itife hii for his finG; and has never fine SALroi, are complied with
ften his mitlris on a Friday, uor paired the fta- Apt,, I6. Slop Fanny, Tucker. Oeorgia Nf,. April s. zS76.
tui ef St Jannarius without muttering aprayer. i8. H Mj efy'sSloopof War) ... a
Fra Pafqual has told the torty to fevera of his WeacC. H pa T O B E O L D,
moft intimate friends, whom he can depend on. Ship Lightnag, Burton, London PU L DUE,
a-tatS w.eai i e T -t-i h b often Ship Nancy, tCrof.ktil, dilt A rP U B L V E N D U a,
ha it f .tmane ho ith. 1 Ship Hope, r sPe.rHn, St. Chriflnphr On MONDA MAY 1, 1786,
had it frnm hit on m iih. .1en Bernud.Packet ,PeaMen, Chale~on ,. .e prmwl, AA f at *r Pmte Sol4
SA cJ,.tlated flatue of st. Jau arius, betwat. Pou- Berma ePrdn. Charlef on OM o pevii v blf e SLAVEt i
iki aDl N aples Ma-I. W L. r FAMILIES, mo born in Carolina and

The inclofed is a Copy of a Letter from the
A the Subfcriber intends t il for England American General L.t, to Mr. Hilliom H. DrnT
in al out 6 or 8 days, he re all Perfons on, of South-Ca-olina. It carries lnternil
who have ay demands again toknder In proofd of authenati, and was evidently writ-
their arccuntl immediately, d ey may be ten foon after thb ongrefs had confirmed the
fettled; and thofe indebted to avrc requested sentence of the Court-Martial held on Lie, in
to make immediate payment. ., confsquence of his behaviour in the aclion at
April so, zyi. I appeared in print; and is certainly too good a
HE S ubfcibr di t to Scota thbg to be lo to the world. Your pounlifing
Subf intendin tooto c t will therefore oblige A. Z.
Ste attend the Commitlbners Ajcrican Na" s, rilN 7t6.
Cllms, dee~rs all perfon tywifetadrted top 73...d
hito fr tle toh a ftisfaton a thofewho A S I have now fitted all my s irs, ad u I am
ndm nd agint him, to for pay I |,Y iven to undetnfand that you may probably
he any d and A h, to for ph fet out foon for outhCarolina, I take the liberty
.aat, on or before the ab of net oN of addreffin to you this letter, which is to doe
S"N I The LC Ml I NS our orepndence for ever. Until very lately,
will be carried on an nr.l thi io,. I was taui1 to colder yo only as a ompous
NMa April is. s16. efantaftic C edin, an Imere alrolio, neter to be
f pri s. It l thought o norb'oken of but for the fake of laughter,
'THRE Copatnerilp of J.aB an AN* and whea the havour for laughter fabldedt ne-
SER N dehlif r mutual con. ver to be thboigt or fpoken ofmore. But I nd I
at, they reque tht ll perfon debted t that was miftaken 1I Ind that you are au malignant a
Center. will come to -an i l fttlect. fcoundrel, as ydu are usverfally allowed to be a
N .4n, 6pril s, s,86. ridiculous and Oaufsous Coxcomb. You ay,

Florida, and snexceptllable property.
A reasonable Credit I1 be allowed, the purv
chafers giving bond wit approved teurity.
For further patc pp to
Nafow, Marh as, s786.
A LL Perfons having demands IfTnftthe Elfat
1 of the late Litutenant.Oom our, ae rc.
quelled to bring in their aceoontllo
HENRY YONON, AniblAltor.
Ne.A/, April s, pil.
T'HE Subfcriber again reqnetls it no Perfit
Whatever will o A.mW a la his boamdk.
rie on Hn lMandl, without I vle "v.oi m btainmd
hii penimfon. Petfofa oiasdt-a, -r this aotic,
may be fltured of hatial the risow the law Pat
in forte agoinf the .
ATr., Afer* p. IS .
A HOUSE In an airy It of the Tow,
Al ciklatd ftr alk pply to rr

**added m totMs* ar : o laibal'lf aiet. A ftrelo, tof leNhe aS 1b V
wen n Lord, which eecn in the poal ryfien oftfaeya oall of having lqa
From the Middlefe IJournal, t anreaf.nably mitigte df Atvcrernalt|imof pj- wil ever be e ide of a ilw,
jo ur r taommutata n! PoirblTy it ty appear bhut fervvo to the anion of mfch aot tI.
J tvU r & & Ious detail: yet, .las! my = .b it not a melan- fRrvirt. Yoet nu lre:olle&
A A isO epp iese eIf earb w, thl a greater choly truth,thhat every atile f a nurfery apjiratus tlat the ifte *Qje4 of
f/tirre tant b b ritwnM sone ai cren Gerlonemn mren under the rrc irtrs stculatet tusation o an eCWti o, T
(wnu has left et)} th his oeih i npprc ond i i th thbe feverek uoomly l i op lt. f~. tl Mo
-h uwar fao uset aada wap -
*idaofa hNI feif of/ euhdA h a prot*nibeioa of Littl e lanwica, aie tenant. of (at far li. covatry. That d^.jaie8

YVER manioue to crince my nabaing efleemn and lutIy illullreaed by ty late flep, i the bafe precedent however, to that moufoa dti'l
1 inviolable repteC for your Lorrdhip, I halten to i wAltcra o Sidnty to Ibe aaia rfcrted to? Amn to ferms at prcfnt to hold oat th e V
impart, by the very earli-lt dilclofure, an arrange. be crnaimiatd by the produaion of my own pFaper- p. Os. Should I he deerivedin this
mear deeply interlcflng to both the fortune and tle ut, an the name of ciaemn Ienle, what i the dote of efI L*ard. ored I ad,. with what
rrpurlario of him, whom you honour with the Lfared tie lotral t Why ii long bck al s Oalober, 1729. t whlt dflnftertftd ftiafaliha ua tl
ti'e of Priend. prtty c ,aderab'i dltlance to form a criterion of the, yoeloariurninr into poter, I Ihlahac to dit
'thin maoent, my dear Lord, have I aquiefted in e tlllatce or laecoorilty of a ptl .with a pTreent epi, tinc maor the fkrmin f,
Mr Pinc' refptdable and fona oeon ot r uf appoint- ,loh. Your Loordlhal'. well Iered 'oino wall rccal the Dea J!. "*l
ins me Envoy l tlrordoin y o ihe C'out ol Veltuliea , woanroust ruture of the hum.n bidy, and o,'ply it Your mart dev-oste, amIl farhl.i, mo olbl
for the purpdfe of neg.citang a commercial latte be- to the coiling cafe. Vae hlve it from P t. that evtry I monf wu rltrably attached humble I.rvnw.
twen the two cuuntri.e, algreabie to the re etans fAngle pmrtlcl, every in:iidul al.m of the haby an- i P. S lrn ---- defrre me to add, that Ihe l
L title tifthe treaty of Pari. A f uatlioU y dalO dergoet a comp!etc c .n.e within il. coirfe oF.vo be prome snd.happy to ncxcutean- c mandidat p.
Lord, one c d aleaneminent of cabinet con- ya a, a nd yet the wahal l I .af the pref n: lour would which Lady ir ith, or her amis au i fteleA, the whLt
Sald fce, and dipo tatic da)gnit pofibly too, of ll demand a pertifi l inearf, an entire iadlrity in the ladae, wail do her the honour to enltrul berwn
'othcre, hbe adopted to the h ebina ind acquireniclt of li dl h d olati C coi p li ion of the n, ntal frame, for
Pint, who i, feleed to lu fit; inctc, it ,hcre be any naily the flne period, but a f o f .r an ad.i..itl i n he Ri)th e.. CHARLES JAMEH 9O ,
one point in which both my friecnl, andl my nlcentea raion of time, nearly ai.ou.ntig (a fume wt hi Btacsenil, Darel f, aI *
Sanie, I believe itilm- pcrfectacquaitau)tace cilll cv.riy calculate it) to anir.tlir qal mfr.ege. Away uith irh Dens (Slftlr, .U. )a
are nod trick of contraband trade. A fuch have I c- ; nlepitude of enmoar' it.e nalnir.ale Ilrasie fo me- MY early habit *of hltima y with yo1,atl.
Seeded to thia lofty fimation,-.and yet, my dabr Loran, where ohblrvey R ai a ,i feri..s ao e iu. Yr., were at fehool, and my lto habitat in llfr il. t ie
with candour wll I own, not few the di y ir, your L ,rd a,,d mvit cill lco at to we have been is opposition together, allu ope
five which I felt a rong in operation t anil ful t unplilof .pical an attack, v;,ita me i ;I nw but deal I opnly and frankly wiih yo, sotitr is ym
inrous and etraordin allur.mcn.-kl ht c mulln my Lerd. re utaianly conclude thit i n tral ethlom to do with all mnlkind. I proceedtJoi
it fo, the bo ti y on *y rpcatroin wa-, an truth perfe letter It It ny purapf ter. l ter in ont o cr loret, without reremo iy to iiftrm ye, th
ncomnonly hitgh; h out anh rvarl:l: .u ice hve end d ferie of eplllary rclairclledn ent with many friend end neighbor Mr JLnkinfoi hatml ie
undoubtedly created t wrll drawhbk. A Lt Lhect. oter, on the fulea of e nl y ai aberration from and enrirel- re. cit-dl me to my new lritid
however he Li h ia It wa not the fsonildcrtce that liae of politic, hekh iadnleta d nle to their conf- trigCbour Mr. Pitt. Yon, who now pail math l,
remunrartion, whlch North had Iantily dca t dence. tth your I.t,,ar.;hi,., lower, I felt moyfelt time in the country, mu be fenlilehow Imril lia
out to me, with hit tardy fcuiility, that ncld n c in irrct rih'y impsi :a tiya tlae painful eplanatian, not to live upon the moll faiadly footing r i
itnlomeot' fufrcte.a ; little w an it that the. ., .h ..i.oto.l.1 la a..a-ii rej,, H. it l AI i. u ".. n hhrurt; and tdred you haie aed rn hhn ot
faie ire ofm"ity other reproachet coild ccallu i /n. r a w iant lan Si Anneo than Wiadfor, with M i
one. i.nic hour. oe their imouldbl princip as I rain, my lrer Lordl y oun tae my advice, you will tfoon, ua yo te
had biu to thate my fagry; anu d if their envy could be U.altcrollIy ada faithfully your., nvltly can, mlake up all difference.; hbt ofthieli.
lulled, what other pffiooi h ad I to ar t- tll.Ta? W-.E-- f er. I am anoincud the perjea it by Mo mm
No, my alenr Lord, it wan to uta, aitl you alone, tht, impraaicble, unlef, you prefer a rigid lad nad -K
all my folicitudc wa direle.i-your iartaioty had iT tie oflt Hi.. LORD NOiRTH, Ua. .. illterenta It ourcta friend at Blhy, whith ,.imtre,
twice ad.anced nr to taoll erpctlle o altl IoaII-we jJ,^'a ** De.aai 7, t;ijJ. may prove an informiauntahle obliacle mit Upbaha
had in a m.anter pall'tly enmbrked in one cm,.Ion J.y de e hLw fli:htell hint (frm yna, however, believe me, itie
bottoum- you had pr neatd uoe t. your Irianias, and' THE reiterated proofs nf friendthip with which yeu which I Ahil feal myfelf happy to be oldlabd
our jo.deon wa etabli d on dtclarcid and have hi.onoured me, tioeurage me .o that you will in. and hill enter upon that n fgotiation wihh a n m
uncqulrocal; that notn hllandat this, I hi ae atonce hcr h ithl pilefure an evelt in which my ira tret ia faeifalion and readianre a' the atceded to a feparte gan, as a carcum lauce i aterially concerned which 1 am now app inted to adjwtt with the Cowto
nO other way. to hbe plai.ed, tilia by decle.r.. a. I | hod yaer ay a v fit from or friend Mr. Je]Iinfdo, France, although the latter employment fccure muI
with truth I do. th h.r .atoeell nior vanily hae wha came to mt wa h e vry oblaiang aml'lhafonec an income of a ynr. with the adlitiol
had the ftailelt h.r dctlchilg me from your Lort. mcrage from Mr. I olr, tarrK' In the nea.t liberal d.,urrd.r elo plate, eqipacge, icl. Such, my deua Cr.
Ship-No, up, mlIn oour, I aitcre, my ical motive manner to fIrget all the little diflrcney of opinion, are Ihe rtll fruit of the renne.iion I have nhfb-
was to fv Ithe Illic in other word-, the fame hionlf which arofe between iu in the courie if Ilat felon, anid ne.l; nto peak the plain truth, my political ftli
rdo.nur .which ioc d me to detac and e apole the appoint me .nreay lEeni|p>aenary ltn he Court of wan becnme fo irkfomc et me- a to ed bohti
are,r y of A inil o, op en in the courl-e Vacr;lc. lo ajir, and tc .olu9 a iari .1 Itreaty health anol fpli,it, and even my favrtmite and Laoe
of lift killi*, Idei rmiaed me t. prevent them n the between the knl gdloni o Fr.ance .and Gca-Britain, retreat ofl lckenham wa hecom odliolr tom e
enfui.g, a their friend and allarate. The latter ap.- according ,o n .r cle .f t:e late peare, in the paria- efecially a. i., vicinity both -ta Mr. Pitt isd Mr.
feared t. men to he a mo re cl erual way forth couul mantary celflure f wlahh I ha 1 the f.-i.flion of,.n perpetually recalled to my imaginatiesths
try; and in truth, alabetter wy for mlfcll allo for coniicl.r l with pour I.ardtlhp. I ronfer, th.t upon the &rilin, and melancholy adference of our p.tid
to (fpcak ao1. my dear Lord, my w-ek cnfeebled frame fIr mention oa hib uotlr, limnc d uhbt flggl end bthm- position.
nt but ill fuie to the vigilance, the eternal atatck, l. el t m e m no, wle hir accprtacc wif aelt or id fc. w er h na fe ti a e ime eal
unJ he inmptuouns o:eaice of an oppopfi uoa ; n to be fuhjed to at si.fa aou.a'le c. ll ltui.n o.a the latef r .ne-m ir mc eaien weh
incnt n the late hour which at minority dab cr c von.l of fa le.dt r at a.ppatinlaeo occotiit ec t m pr.nti libi e ere Dio o.
let. realnabhly, but which re tihe wourit o itJeMgEC uf polilticil cnd a. IUut hi. ery t.ctr ,r.lh. ic ow Idi jvenem, Mebl qume o n
-,d'. earth fr an aiapaircd t-anat, luch aI cIandidly jdiun *raa ittiielaiy oaiatld Er Mr Jcnk'.fon' "i (er-iii mo. Blenn dtentrit a rfume. lla. my own to b:. In a word, my dear Lord, at a(ifoia;ilg ce, it wa Mi. Iit,, iateion, that els lremihi refont., prm* a. ei luble...t. r"i
tai c. lc of the lot fteiona, what fr.Im exccllive Ia- itcogh with the chae er n of tiy intra or- Pafee, at Ante, does, puer, fuobm ttte turena
tiagu, ndl llthe gloany profpe of 1ubll- aflfira, I fI'l dinary aid Pleapafteatiary, I Ihould rcetvce the full I latter myflcf, that llthouth yop peehapfmsTet
i, a arl ondcncy too mlanchoiy o pont, but iou "ppoilonent of Aim'afl.lor, that ir to fay, 60oo31 wholly lpprove of the ftep I have taen, yut wIe
all ,le in my countenance, s to a arm nmy near .i and yJear hbfilde plate elquipage, m racvt, &c. 'Thene candid enough to acknewledre that I wla hiatJer
i'ct atcl rnnoi un,. My advletd tte Sbp; extraordinary and sadnva acdemolurmen aiave an addi- fnme cnrvice in expof.ngttheo ae ylor ande n hfleii
but my own feclinfl nnauced me they tialircly iot- toi.ial menri, c.inot efea oE your L.ordliip'u tab. of the Minitrer, ol hl iaierd attemp Ut I Sta
took my a t. All this ticn yeu wcre btll.nt from (erroion, and which I trull your candour will readily mercil arrangement with the fler k1hia(Mt Ie i l
town, natr commerce xpad to doily and huurty dau- .helieve, wai a Ilronger incentive to ay acc~ epata f be herd if you difpnte me that marit, Iee tulrn*
5cr.-iy reltbroken-thccountry at lake-m) ino- them than any perfonal or private advlantage of my appointment feemnfo enpllit sdfalirs eonfeuefit
ceosl pra hling at mny ok e, your favourite Augutllu, own; I mean the dligrace which they incvithaly refedt on his part. In piMmoting the coailitan betwe a ue
the penlivc W Ihenlmna. an oar a little playful Frede- upm the aninilter; who, while he la perpetually ma- felfand Lord North, you will likewife allow-e
rick. I am niot made of eon e,"- obiniln arrived," king prefellion of nfiri acc nom. and pathetically have had fome fniall merit; .nd perhp eeuldt Ibe
nod your (reaed w ran tdlhed;-no man on earth Dort Iamatene t'e intmofflhilty of confninig the ependiture prevailed-upop you to l afide tme old preidaeal
ordlilly d .cel delbe.te ,ncofilitency than dol, v t n of the civil lift within due bands, lainhes, without iegirt to" t nfriend Jeankmion, fmee ldenluism
to fervotr; but, my Lt d, my code al pi irante thought any reason, fo cInfiderable i proportion to tie public my talent taeeciation miht a l hve plai t te
i;e ila immutable; nor indeed do I admit apubhc in- money. May it not. therlore, be problematical, the enviable a taen in whcl Mr. Pittor jo*
congruaty, or e cnthe finallet Ibf nce of alaion coan whether by the icceancere thiltppointment, I have But I will InlsD on thi l pic, leA t e ih*3
fernitnaneo to p o!efion. What I hane now done, i. not nmre elfentitally rredd c ufe I pprently ibs.- the ap iof rep coaching you with talidf
whto I had itwaydone before, na naore. what I will don, thn I could are done by the mll llrenaous and inveterate lchment to cenrtl ctrihll1
always do in future-to benefit the tte, I heve r c. indear.igbhle perfeverannce in opafition But, inde- much leea', nor in your ature i r eserreo Wi _
eeprel a dlimp uilhed oticc--Unifirm in my erlie:t leendcntly of tie confidcration, am pcrfedily fure, my you give m ps that yw mr lnediiadte W
ides, N Repais df re ," defy my eac- dear Lord, when yu consider the fcantintf of my tr iay hlMe at in the fanor pt d l'Iis
m to prtidloevc e huhng itIoof front c an plu. income, (which k it unnoce ,ry to point out to you doubt, we I hbe fore a oetdlidel es -l
raliry of rae on the contrary, I do maintain, that fnce, fuch a it ia, I am indebted to your kindnef and o line f public tonduodro l *p t a.f I .i. '-I
under erycondia. under r eery change, I hre at I friendflap for every hiUillng of it,) voting alheg- to fee y e ontb c to dlfplay thot u w*e
a& n.witLiDl In.fltealaly retained that eigh- there, including Mr.- .----- penlon, sad my of which I have alwsy bee a ncerei M --
teen hunrsd aty wh l hcc fully ctfpted in own, together with two fnmll fnure ofices, to M he conduat 4 oppoido: It i et heait bUe dy I
aneqaivicl ivuer, thuat o perfopl h ', no difer- annutlreceiti of fomethinm left than t8ooL that you opinion wid nowleow it by opetlM) *tm'
eace pral i ple ltould on oy ground detach me from will agree with me in thinking, i would hive been flltatio Coppoltion le ait *ue. ald-
the pohla diriei. that I projected and- accomplilbed ,hfCtues midncfs on my prut, net to hae clofed with rout leOabl u the I latter m dtey I n
that Coaliedn, which I mn c linoquiA, I asr m frank to a prop i>fl do ldvntqeou. i mgy my dear d ir, t a rtatIw was f'
admit. That u o long l I remained with It, I ditin- I canot my det Lord, omit th epportuiiiy of r wOfit t isa waItd Ayfelf a tlsa -a sc* wrie ferchaetr of r. carming you. rom theibotom at c n yheaurtith moe On. e Ia atr nd bhet I aiel h e hiee iOPt -wPin
rlamentry precedentc, intd deawet of popular rdefolu re sisd ue igned W aalh, for the many, many a no r tribee myftlf, Tour u er oe d r s
tmn I appeal ty the-fair sarvifetrport of my yo have, tfo kindly hbeped eopS me, too nnmerons td Annt. ---W.
fpcheso, a Mr. todfall, aided by psc, hu tr-of- L here reputed, too dur te me be obliterate
minted chesm o t; but i cairn to aIll fch froo my memory. Ifir r tal e hten tid il r mesaN 0
etatlmo tr o permit e to nId yur my power to render aLord nsip y Service, 1 flatL- Anil f LAME ss, J .
Lordlip. thr e I leoted yo with my an t myself o0 think ave tse ben aeiledIfal Upon tD mofRcha f ow vs o
prited lert- r s fi whc a word r the bye) thr ai tfa oresi o, in edvrdttaeatig at remothethe dlcl tiles, Ap ce'itnda et eac.
baab, a your nar4i ry wetll kawhn been u which lay it he way f a recenciliation b t iect the crimin O .

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