Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 8, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. i. THE. No. 89.





NAssAU: Printed by JohN W ELLS, at the Printing Office on the B,tr.

EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE. hadthe whole front hewn fromthe quarryof Ar. calk, cotfiling of fix anchors, but for relh
bracket I. is a fine h rd flolie. ,love co;olnrei, ise!s, luch as Tokay, nine rohuler p.r clk.,
rted ofl uch a nature as f.-em to imnprnre Iy time. -.k. The .utliAns are to eiljoy th, fam privi.
L 0 N D O N, Dr lesit a 19. Thr grand enali is now cuntiguoui to the pla e 'tres as the Rulfians, in the pu:rt ofC Ci fon aid
BY the laft difpatche from inoli we are affIhred whre this flone it wrought, and time, a little Kafa. In the Tauria. The rather lie( Is nthe nlo
That the Dntch, at Bataia,l make i no fcret tme, will th:w Ireland i'sabundant natural ad- rcmaskable ait is founded on the print. ip:e t f a
o their hopte of fion biting in poffAtra n of the varitaes. .armd neutrality fuch a took pact during the
whoc' Inc of Sumatra, where the Britiih fatior ts, Ms. Crolbie, not meeting with that faccef in aft war. The a4th article se Aunireans
particularly fIencoolen or Fort Mailborough, arc the fuhlcr'piion fet on foot for his siten'ed ariA! the liberty to buy and build hofllea at Piterf.
lu deplorably in want of fClsants to carry on the voyage which he cxpttlcd, fet out two day apntio ,rgh, Mofcrw, Alchangtl, Cherl n, and Kaffal
Company's bulners, that not ahove twe'y gen- fI,r I.imer;ck, from which city he intends to make he Emperor bitdine himterf i vcr to life thofg
tlhmn nocenlicde the different eft.b ithmtnits, livi in :f,-cnt. hiifen ah lodgings for troops, nor ever quarter
ot whnifm, through fie.n es, and ,ithir accident... December ij. In conlfqeience of the encou them there.
wire s ti'ered inc pab!cf4 ofdiliarngtiheir d!u". -ani:,ra. it hrldi out by Patli;mcnt. and fiveral Pari, Deerl kr. The cut'sier y of the pih.
Tte co,' fcqincrc of which i-, that no regular p',b ic f]irittd irdiviluals, we are happy to men- 'ic i'- regard to the famrn ua- .aia the CaI tinal
retuIIn have be' ifent river from thenc. theft two tins, fromm ttie rvident e of f.vtral anthe'itic 'et .Ir Kohas, mull he f-l..enddrl for fome tinie, o
Years i f t hla' through the m It utupardonable 'er. that i'reat pirpiaratoinl are mAkiing n ihi c:ous.t oif he in. ifpisfiioin of Mr. Thon, ciit
rrmii flli fimecwhre, not to call it worfe, tbi northweft ci~-ft of ths kI igditom, fhr an ahdi felor in the I'arliam.en. sho ins nafged In this
country runs the sift oflofing not onlyavery im- ni et'enrive urifui t of the Irilh fisheries. The relbtrated caufC. It sr f(ii, n firthet proceed.
p s'taut Cftion n care of another war, fiom its ,\jeot is nfi lef important thi n lucrative, a'.: reas will be had in thi. bulifsii til after the firA
v cinity tr China, Padan, and Batavia, but a f, cannot ultimately fail of giving a real ueCi. ul day of the new year.
th, nily fi cc ,l :nd the Company piff.Les in all andi pu'e.rre is the kin.sdom. Lnda,, Dete.. kr so. There is not in this r a.
I .lix A fitr all the affi.liuus and artlil crfTrtR of in. rion a pe'loss of any party who por-lifers andour
I hie cr'i nt MW. Hwaarid is goneto the con. pn.lnary charaCterr to Ihep the kind,,lm in i and courage to fpiak Hli mind, that does not
tinrvo, int i. ing to vifit the Plgue Hofp;Ital at, the g Ioil f nfe oi the nation reign Iprcd, hi'iihly c.,mmeid the wild m of Mi, illri in di w-
M frtle tiron mmunicate fiCme di!'coveries, anil ninant. Ilabits ot intiultry ps-rrade Itelan' ; th. i t over to the frvic, e rf the national tie prefi nt
It) fumer i- re:m n s, to fave the hlvs of thefc tcop'c hi'gin to defp I. their f..Pin dlilempn. *..mmiifa-y fir coe petin th. ComimerciIl -r.
nohapisypa is. o.,ci. sandthe Voli.n,'craare ai;rly Iln]gi.l tlci japr'mnt with Prance Miniftrv have rn all
B If~,. IIrrkrr 6. On Monday the aS h ul'. rirrloiks, to emraoae the inlnrnmnts e t cin. -cr fins condiuaril the dutih of their federal
ans eriert'ailne t as g;vn at bhawh.nlic. l ,T.rie. Peace, happincfs anil p!,ity nts ii lpi- ffier with ii,tg ity and nfidluityi tirey are,
the 'in t. llo*. iohn O'Neill, t, a inumeroiu .'ily be the refinit of fuih wise de t'mmaln ons. therefore, at thil moment iit the full pVSfli io of
and I i,:rant coinp,.ny. It cillined of a play, I here is no prilice in the w rri t ho iiiisi'ge the eficm of a'l the romlot ai: politically viriusuis
bill. a-'d filppi,', *ll sof whi-h were coniiluttid tlemnil;ver more in )'igantic idcas, v.t h rflct l in his j 1tl fly'n d.m.inioi; and itorder ofc cre
.s h a i yiifience anild oe, ot shlich it is iln- lo comni ercrt th in the Irilh, witlhr t b u troib y Ihat efem tly could hot hare takIL
pifli le to give a trir piuret, t 1:ifrC who wert *'iemf.'vc with any material caperimrlntis stt .a mnre .Affrtlal fcp than to ot out plot)
ri t 1p crn*. '1 he pliy Cas C inidine, the farce pr.icO-c. They ramlle from the Caire s:f Giod- mcnt for the t ients .fMIt FI-en.
tie ttphilfttre ; bui, ofwchich were pertform'ed Inyloe 'o tie Strait of M.. ialan, but forget to T'he anlfiti tv wi:h oh ch MiniRtry eftrt their
il a tlyi, ofitlieatrical per'i ion, which even all at Madsi.a or the Canary lande. A conre- tarentl i: forsmiitgCo mmerrcalArrasrgmeint with
with thl fiiprior exclleCIce in fernery and dero. fnondntt, who fpent fime time among tIfle the dil'flent continerstal pwers, is a c,,nii ctin
ration. c tuld not have btcu fuipofed attainable. island., fays, that bifid c ter produif-, the lihig proof, that they are not, a (mse fhb low po a i.
In a private Ihc.atie lilh and Iutic import from the CanIries alocn clafms wouhi infinuate, tincocrnrted ;.h ut t e
The feiveral part h of the play were diftributef~ above So, tons of their fine wines. in rttu n Interefti of:he nati in. The appointin iMr. li', t
ju ticionfly am, ngthe following perfo'.age : Mr'. for theirmannfaiturce, which confift, in England, to be Negociator at the Comit of Vc fail re, t
O'Nelll tl,( Q,-en, Mrs. St. I.eger Imoie, n i f clth, ii ofcl olirnry caimblet, bays, molllr black, this critical jurtu.c, is a nral k of g 'o po ic)
Alicia Boyd ltelen ; Mr. Cory Jichimo, hMr. .nd emerald gecenfs; anatcoter, black and white and it is not to be doubhtd but that a gentlenmmi
O'Neill Pofthumu Cloten M ior North, Piramo fimpnitern., lampaiillas of all colourt, worlteds of his abihties will be able to terminate this tIi.ty
Mr. Lang. pellniuI Mlr. I.tflie if G 'effou:h. ockin gs, wove anil knit, hats, forigonellas, in a manner highly honourable to himfelf, and
Cymlbcine Mr. Cromwell Price, Guitieius L.rrd coarle astd lne linens, All fC.rts of threads, and great'y beneicial to hi, country. ktfide,. the
Henry Fitzgerald; antd tie charadbers ot the Farce all kinds of houflold furnitu.u,' horin-harntCh treaty in qutl l on will tent. to pronmo'e hamntsny
werefilled tromamongthe famercrpetahle cicl.e, pewter melcesyand itiardwares. Iith hii't. her- -nd Il n n hette an two kirgdonm fnomely in.
Thie fiperb fete was concluded by a finmptualts ings. april all forts of I11h- provifiton.-Will any fp rest a ilh mutual animon.y andjealourf tlowanld
bleakfalt in the cesfo.rvatory i which nrtwrh- pe-l;n p.,tcnd to fy, thit if we had a mid t, it.chh oier.
Landing the variety of fatiguirn attenilance thI ull v e the b' frrvnts had fultained, waitfrvediwith the higher talk f it) hit i hrtriring, beel, butter, pnik anm' if trade. Since her separation from Bistain Ihe
regularity and elegance. candles, we c.,,lit he nlderfold by any oiht' hrp been evesy day becoming poorer and lets oii..
Dublin, Derrmbrr lo. Irellnd in certainly tle i t;ion? TI e )r cipalreturtin the En: lifh take At ortasiir. The eonfcqutnce is, Ihe now d fire# a
on!y nation under heaven that can boaft of tIre- the Malvoufe dry swive ot wlich in a dry :.,nlmimrcial Tieaty with us ; that in, fhe itAi(t
do of trae throughout the ulivitre, and yet yia.'Trensri'fe aIl i pr cdlces s-.o(io pipes. Tlry 1 re-enjoyment of only fame of Iht ber, si'n flh
e conrtiiallv compti.t'ingof hrpoverit. If we a' o take lI'tar, honey, giat fkins, black guIt, was fo mer'y hlef'ed with;. ut whether Mniflry
are ti, hcic.~ lt r wtfe m"n, that Is her brawling tIrsit in.- fCiettmeats, pnulrry, cattle, and a rill be v.ry floictout to tl!tc to her importuni.
patriots, a ta her lf aipatrio's, the King is to erca' sumbicr of Canary hi ds. Here is a man tice, remainsyet aproblkm.
blame, the Bri'ifh \Minulrr is to blame, hi. Vice- fir Irifh anid nmanifahures, much nearer Mr :nen's having ac ep ed the rice of Com.
roy of Irtland is tl blame, the Vicesey's Sscl- hoim th.n Carton in China. nili nmer for a. iuft nig he commercial treaty with
tarv is to hliamr-fir wtat ? Btcaufc. forfiooth, Hfansi, Votem~b r s9. According to an exal Fra,.ce. give. great umbrage to oppfition. They
her merchant, a' i traders do not embrace a thou. and au helici cralrulatiln made by ruder if go- cannot deny the wtfdom of the nomination, ,and
fand ipsnrtu'itica grefinted them t.f extending vetnment, the military force of this t1i orate that hii great talents, intiulty and thorollugi c.
the oemmercr of their country to all parts of the fandst at prefeat as follows I qnaintaice with conmerrc. peculiarly quality irn
l Ile, where they have full liberty to extend it. Eleven regiments of cavalry, .nr f ch an appointmerl.t bht they rep nbate h I
Indlence is ourfclve in made a crime in govern-. colftfing of 40ro men. a* a d. fe'er from hi party: as ir m afurt.., not
ment, and we are cantinul'y cenfining admsi- Fifteen regmments of infant, men, isould be the nbjedt, of a Sta'tfmian' fuo.
frati, n for not granting what we daily boat we two of which were felt to pert or opposition. In feafons of fuch difficulty
pofs, and which no pnwer can dep ive us of- the Faf-Indies 1.1 76Z as the prtf n, every good man will contribute as
bike'ty of'Trade. and I liberty of Cofnittutioni I The regular militia S,noo much as pVlble to the public service, and pro.
Stange caprice this, that we are d:fconttentd un-. The troops of the garrifona 584 mte theplant that arcfalutary, by whatever party
der the very banner of Freetom I piojreaid or attempted. But the patrnotifhtn
That the bowels of Irilh arth abound with IT all s6.o48 men. many conifts in an Inveterate and uniform oppo.
treafures equal, if not fip-rior to any other part flasi Dee-akr r. On the sd of OCtober was fition to Governmen: their fordid aim being
of Eunipe, appears tevry day h. moe courvicing ispned at Pe erlbiurgt a treaty of commerce be. merely the removal of r:als from office, and the
and confpicuous. We impo t, at a monftrous tween the Sta.tes of Kstll a r thofe of Auffria, exaltation oftheir own junto to power. It muf
expence, the treeftone of the inlaad of Portland to continue for twelve years,lad con.ains fort five every friend to the State great rlfeaure to
for our public bulldit g. Of this are built the articles fnd that fir. Eden is not g verned by or.
principal fronts of the Patliament Houfe, the The Auriaam, in all the ports of Rusia, are to row motive, and that he is at lai hon ured wit
College, and the Royal Exchnnge ; in a few lea- pay the fame duties the Englilh pay, but the port an appointment that will give full cope to his
fonsthe beat- es of architedure become gloomy of Riga is excepted, whiqh is to be free to the eminent talents and exeninve knowledge of the
and dark It, thtfe buildings. But we have an in. Auftrians; the duties to be paid in six dollars of commercial intelella of thefe kingdoms.
ltnce in Charlemont.hotfe, that the Irilh tone 53o couper each. Par the common wines of The wretched inconfitenc'ts the patrinle wri.
teccivt an improvement trom time. His Lordhlip Hungary, four rubles only are to be paid for achl ten are nsducd to, idefee nt u utti raulmipm

They tkll n, that Mr.Ptit i obliged to appoint mutr not thercdfe look. We may, howe-er, the adion, waited on Madam da 4lo~i
Mr. Eden to the c mnmercial emballage with lIok for times in which the spirit of opposition invited her in their name to the ".T
France, because he could not firdl tie ofhis own lhall a prnat degree difarmed of its force; he was received with the loudeft
party adequate theett,. If this is irtridedl by and t uly filch time. feem not to be very re. and a crowu of laurel placed on her c
way of ceifure, it Is a lurioru cefure-that Mr. mote. Oppolitioni among us has been in the Marquis de St. Chrlfteau."
Pitt findig a man fully aduqnate to the high and wa:n for lime )ears; of late days its decline December In Yeferday wM held a
important truft of forming a grand commercial has heen gre.tlv accelerated. 'Thii happy re General Court of Proprietorsed' Ea d l ~3
treaty between two great inaiona Ilfp;fed patty, volutiou is, on the one hand, the effdc of the when the following letter from Mr.
and chofe cne on whofl abilities and integrity he confidence which the people have in the wifdom. which had been read at the lit Quate
coull well rely; and we cannot fifficieitly ap- .tld integrity of Miniftry i and, on the other, when the attendance was very thin) was
plaud the true patriotifin of Mr. Eden (wholf the fulpicions which theyentertain of t!ejuftners for by one of the Gentlemen present, ad nel
principles we always revered) in likewise over- and uprightners of the motives of !le polit- to the Court.
looking connerlion, however honourablr, when cal enemies of Miriftry. The lew;iiution in To the lion. CovnT of DiascTosAts .
he could employ his acknowledged abilities, to qinitton will, it it hoped, continue to draw Chelterall l)dj, aI.
render the empire an efirotial service. near and nearer to a complete rI'rpe; an alnd- Honourable Sirn,
Estrar ef a private letter, dated Pai, Dee j. though it may n, vcr entirely rea h ll it point, bIy I HAV.l had the honour to reeie w
'" A faint g'mmering of a more promising light arriving at which a cr.mnipletion o 1 chaie mioht your Secretary by your order. copies of r g,
has at laft piercrd through the thick milt that he fuppolfd to b altatie, Htil :t l pealing lntouls evolution of the OGeeral Court of R
wrapped up 'the buifinefis f the Cardinalde Hoh;an. to reflecr that its picgiefr h.ast.: .ct a l't" tait- t- pri'eors of the 7oth of November is*, asla
You may remember my acquainting you, in due nfticial. aoulithr of your Honcurable Court ofthe ltt
time, with the taking up of a Mademo:fell Olia, Setting pa ty co:ir itio' n ir.'v Izf,l, it Icenher laf
who it fremi has played very cap tal part in this certainly is a frong prefilnptive p;. ol auntlt the i With a fenfe of gratitude equal to thsia
trari c< mely. She has undergone ftveral inter- fairntfi of the motives cf .lppotltin. laut they I villt which I have endeavoured to sIrtab
rogitories, in one of which he has given the fol. now founmercifully, and with Io lite regard to fauln:ons for my pal services, I humbly bqe
lowig evidetrce upon oath: That Madame de trithl or decency, attack the ciar aler of Mr. to offer to you, Honourable Sirs, Bmy wfo
Lamatte with whom the had been acquainted Eden. While he atcld withi tlhe, did they not acknowledgments for both i and if aI j
for fTme time, came to her one day, and offered conflantly commend his abilities, hi; extenfiv; grular in the riquelt, may I beg, that you wigi
her an opportunity of carning(by no nnjuflifiable comniercial acquirements, anti the [i;.lnefs and pleaded to communiticate the Lame fcatiamesa
means, the afrjred her) a very handlomne fum of manlinefsof hsoi condiall? His having colfcnted the Court of Proprietors, to whom I hanu e
money. Having obtained her cofent, .Lamotte to exert hii talents to the betl of hi p.wer, to other means of access, but through the c
grew mort explicit, telling her that the purpose promote the intereft of tihe nati~in, fi:tcly docsx of your Honourable Court.
to be filfilcd was to affilt the QOeen in making not detrait either from ihis abi.tier, or exten- It is trot pollitle for me by any m aodea.
game of a certain great Lord, whole name the five arliiilrmcnt:-th'i n]! men ir;,. a.'mit. Dwo, prrllon to convey either to your Homeeit
was not at liberty to declare, till the very time of it then make him let firm anti ma!,iy tlinc blefret ? Court o tlat iof tie Proprietors, all theilng t
the metting.-Thatt fhe, Madcmoitflle Oliva, Thl t it, cll a main who has corts i to encounter which 1 rctl for thofe repeated pledge of
lxinz the very piturr of her prefnt M;ijtly, both the ralnritiatlions of a iltIFerate ir;tion, for the approbation ; and I am fill lefs ttisfild saS
in fize and features, could eaf"ly perimate the fike ol ficirinri tlhecornmmendatior. f a let of ift- an occasion as tle prelent, on which anyrthu
en. especially at an interview with was to fill public mcii, be ilitv accointed a mark of that Ican make miill feem rathertobedrawsl
t Ii Jrlace, as it were; between Ilak aid duz- dIrfciency in pi.ut of fi:mnefr -n1 m olinrli ? llis me as the nccicffry form ofa reply to the tlj
ti.l Accordingly Oliva went with her fiendi enemies will perhiap f;:, it d!-i,. iitarqe a d: fer- befr wed upon me, than to proceed froa ti
to Verfail!es, and between nine and ten o'clock tion of principle. Sro it ild es--btt tlat. i,:dicates to Feneroit and fpinitancous impulie of haeant
i,; fimmer evening, feeming ti detach them- us nothing more thao the defcrtioa of error fitr voted to: your frvice. Bttt as at the tais
fer'v from a group of ladies affmrled there on truth. which I parted from your service, no tfuchbd
puro'ne, the better to deceive te tl Cardinal, t they The eirrtnii Mrirt,, alias, tl.e i rifti ru Op- culil exift; and, as at that time I conveledt
ainva, red towards theplace where tire prelate had ,/intionof Ireland, are to be, to a mnn, keepl- your Honourable Court the effifions of a ml
been di ceed to wait the approach of the Queen. my far aloof from every apparai ie l tci .i cilia- filled with that fpirit which had ever animatel
That at foon as they reached the poat, the. Ms. tion between themand thefil en.LasoftheCnommer- to its better exertions, allow me to appel t
demoifrlle Oliva, addrctlld his Eminecre in words cial Bill. Worthy fmuls tIhey pt inl It and aloof, thofe exprtflions as to the trueft fate of myf
which the had been taught before by Lamotte, Ibecanf- they are not invited to dr iv itear; they ingS, and to conclude my letter by repeatltng o
telling the Prince that ile was pecfetlly satisfied continmie to obltruit, Iti alfe tl. v ?rc ti:t inlii- after a service of Sllrty-five years fre lu
with his endeavoutt to do a thing to agreeable to ced lby any oflirsof lih :.tion i ;on rtvttitonnlt, commencement, anll almost thirteen of thatthit
her, that by perlilling in fuch a condlut he was trofipprt public mentiur s. All ti \",i l do foi a piff.d in the charge and excrcife of the firAtl
flre of her favour; adding, meanwhile that flie "hile-but it would he imptw lr-t in them to m;ial office ofthis government, I donotpartfren
was, as he might himftclrcc.ive, observed, and think ( .f retiucing thbir ofpofionn to i: ,'cernment it with iudifftrcuce-I one to my ever horaosr
could at that time fay more; but that having to a tnflem, as Mintitry are lrctrminie I to hold iriployert the feirice of my life, and would ith
given her further inftruiti ins to Lamotte, the otlt no bits to them, in conf- ntice of wlich the idevotron l n he:rt' aninataed with the high
defied the Cardinal wild ai entirely after that they mull fion le reduced to thr faime pinchin' Itcife of grntitudei, Ctffcr it even with life, if t
Lady's direClon ; and fit:1lly, tiht tur compli- circiumflancer which mary of theti brethreon on I frrvice rcoikl he acccpt.d, or could, when acCts
dance, tie object of which the thought perfectly the wrong fide of the quiltion expeiic:ce in this eIl, contribute to the advancement of their iLn
innocent, the had receied! fumn Lamotte, in two i.aind. / rns, in return t rfor the uncxamp'ed InlBtes
pa)mentn, the fum of 6oo0 'irres." Thir far An eicning paper rayi it h.a been dtrmined which I have rucived of their generous falpt
the d.ponent.-l lnall not attempt to comment in the Cabinet, and no ftcret is made of it al'ut anl protection "
upon it, the drift is pain, and it iill tiehew you Court, that a very fipiiited memorial hall be de- Such profntions are indeed easily made, t
what tngines have been f t to wo k, i, hat pains livered to the Freivnr Caort refp fting thie Lzte I .inow not how mine can he put to the tet-Mlt
taken, and how derepthe fcheme laid fir the ruin encroachment and infraftions of treatict by tie my confciknce hoth avowathem, and prompt a
of an indivi!'u l-and then alk yir!filf if fuch a French Commander (on the River Gamb;a, in to declare, thatno man ever ferred them idtk a
train of dec. i: can be the t,!e dleice of common Africa. The memorial, ilth a detailed account real superior to my own, nor perhaps 1
harpers, lt hout the connivance, nay, the agfilt- of the fihbje s of complaint, in now drawing up, equal.
ance, perhaps, ef fame greater gen us, giving, and is to be rely for the )uke of Dvift to take I have the honour to be,
from behind the curtain, life ant. motion to hlb w th him on his return to P.ri.: It i' to be Ihe With the gieateft refpedt &c.
puppets -Pat:encr, time will clear up all." filt bufinelt that ris G(;ce wi;I trairlA at tile WARREN HASTINGS."
Thctwo hulks fitted np at Portfluouth, by or- Court of Verfailts. The DIfenfive Alliance, lately concluded l.
der of govcrnmcnt, for the confinement of felons eirr.a.9 a letter frow .Mar-/kn, Do, ro. tween the King of Pruflia and the Elector ofBn.
intended to work np'in the fortifications, are to i" 'lhe whole conveifition of ihi" :ty is on the over, aI it manifets an inclination to oppoft
be hble to accommodate j50 each.-They have gallianta and *heroi: Madamil d(i Fin Coy. 'I his views of the Empero-, has gien great oltnee t
each a uAlaftrr, Purfr, Boatfwaia, four Roat- lary crmharkel vwibh her lhutfarnl a few dayp ago the Court of St. Peterfburgh. It i well ks,
fwin's Mate-, a Chaplain, &c. and forty Marine in a trtane for Geloa. 'They had Ifrarce loll th t the Emprefs of RuiHia has adopted, and I
fIr keeping watch night and day. Diuing the glght of the port, wlen they dlcoveted a corfair purfue every measure, tending to aggrandiselCt
ninht the felons are confined in the hold, and otn taking toarda thcmn, andi iiiing it impuflilme lcrfe of Auftria, and that any opposition thbirt
the lower deck. On the upper deck the whole to fcipe hbifight, prepared to receive him. In (though in the moft indirect way) ts conflternd
being coveredover, is a clean place for them to vain did M.ul Frcnoy endeavour to prevail en hii against her person, and government. Aneutnlf
werk in wet weather, in picking oakum, or other tIdy to go bhfow ; fhi r-f,3!u:elyrAfur-d, andlt fi- fur the Eledorate of IHarover would have l,'
bufinefs, as may be thought necelr'y. The offi. zing a fibre placed herfrei by lis fide, declaring of great ufe to England, as the treaty ofCW.
cer's cabins are on the quarter dc.k. Both thefe liere rile wav determined to abide her fate. M. merce with Riflia expires with the yetllt
vrffels lie offthe dockyard. The convris are to du rFrenny, finding all arguments vain, was oh. this might have been figgefted to the it,
be divided into fix gangs on board each fhip, and liged to cofinet. The Algerine advanced, and Pruffia, as a reason for fuch neutrality.
launchesor flat-boats are appointed to carry them after a broadille, grappled the tartanr, and It is rumoured that Lord Walfinglam (lB
on flore, and to convey them back at the hour" threw a large party on board her. Our people whom in the prefent Adminrtration nonefoit'
app onted. received them gallantly, but none can defeib b for that honourable situation) will be o
|tis an undoubted falt, that the furplus of the the behiviour of Madame dn Frereny. She flew Anbaffador to the Court of Madrid. OwU c
taxes exceeds all credibility. Even the duty on among them with her fabhr, and with her voice refondent adds, that to a Nobleman of his
carts and wagons, in town and country, owing animated and cheered the crew. Monficur di informed and capacious mind, why not to P'r.
to its being faithfully collected, and faithfully Frenoy fell with a piltol bullet in his thigh ; his A polite and intriguing Court, where hiW til
brought to the Public Exchequer, con8derably lady flood over him, anti lerelled with one Itroke would have a proper field to diflna to ~iSU
exceeds the fum it wal originally laid for. The of the fabre a young Turk, who advanced to at- try the extent of his Rtrong and atvre 1 -.
Fidelity of the Minifter in all money concerns, tack her. The pirates were obliged to retreat on The departure of her Royal Highnei the i
every day g ves frifh proofs of his being an up- board their own thip, when they cut their grap. Duchets Chrifians, the Emperor's LRer, frO
tight reward lings and fell off. A fmart action now comment. Brutfels for Vienna, together with her b IniB
Dsermber 1r. To hear of every individual in ced with the great' ins. Madame du Frenoy, the Duke of Saxe-Tefchen, is thought by MW
one State endeavouring to promote the public after aflifling her hIand down to the surgeon, perfons to be a prelude to the esc'heange.'
welfare, would beto hear of a prodigy.. It would returned upon deck7 where fhe continued encou. Auftrian Netherlands, of which her Royal
be (I In a higher deanze in no State under the raging the men until the corfair, tired of his re. nefs is at present Governefs-OeOeraltl
fun, than in that in which we now live; for there ception, cheered ol'. We had fourteen men killed, opinion is confirmed In fame meaftue s aiOi
it no country on earth, where opposition to the and thirty wounded. The loft of the pirates muft count that the Duke of Saxe-Tefchete r~t to
,i ifures of government is fo warmly supported, have been great t they lft eighty upon our decks, return to Bruflels. but will be appelint d
*an. fto generally countenanced. For a total abate The tartane being mukh shattered, returned to Lieutenant, or Viceroy, of the kingdom 1' -
Icut ot the whiggilh exertions of politicians, we this port. The Magiftratca being informed of mia. The Viccroy's cmolumats howeovr, m

rther inferior to thone of the Covernour.Oene. ndifnfiltion, but the young Count Beaujolioil is
aluf the A:trian Nthliclalnd, wi.,ft Incomeis very ill.
pJ l.o..ol. It rliov pet artium, befide douceurs "' A duel ais lately fought between the Count
*erefnt4 oce voted by thv Stlat. i the da Da-sm-a, and the Clevalier St. C- s.
ri..cctf Chiiltaists gIt juoio flrin, as a aift The Chevalir wet dangerouLly wounded, and the
tem the Statels mminm dtely on h. r taking plOl I. Count is, by*order of the Marefchal of France,
gon of the Govcrnment, beliu" f.Nme very valu. ci si.nied in the Chateau St. Ocrmain. The oc.
htlepr'fents uf Jewtls. caltln" of this rescontre was a dispute concerning
O.drrsaregonedowntoP,,r:fmouth for failing the celebrated aetpefa Duth6, commonly called
oat a fquadrun of fiiga cs, iIc are ito relt.z- the I'nglifh fille k J e, from her being remark.-
ous at Spithradl; theis difiiiat,oti is not k:.uwnll, y fuccelful in her efforts on that nation."
but it is conjetlured, that lieri are to proceed to
the North cSa to meet the Prioc. Royal of U. n- /
miak, whom they are to sfi'rt to r:,iland. We N A b S A U, APRIL 1C.
ihar, that to th. fsigates is tot b audcd a fbip if (t Wednefday Evening here was a Silbfcrip.
the line, to lcry anl' fla,,g a a b road j tio Ball at fmith's Tavern, in commemo-
pendant i and th, Foumi', i Ic is talked ol fr that rarion of the glorious Viaory obtained on the
purpfr. She i. the vatl.l th t carried Iudony's ,sth of April yga, by the Fleet of Oreat-Btitain
ldtrioous flax on the aita ofi April. commanded by Lord RouNiY. over that of
The prrfent Landgrare oif ticlfe Caffel enjoys a France, under the orders of the Compte Dl
EMfin sif 500 I. per a,'iium whih ia pail to Gnan. a
lem by Ir, aid ; and Ihould I,;A brother lurvive Lat Sunday and Monday, the wird bring from
hian, the pcnfion wll patf to him fir life, in S. to S. W. tile weather wal very difagtetablr and
consequence of hit d f ent iorui the K ,yal Iamily fultry the Mercury o tlhofietwotava was front io
of England; for when the late PitacJsfI Maly. to 84. On Tuefdayforenoon, attir heavy flinwer
mother to hil Streite flighn-,ii, muricd the lie of rain, the windl veered to the northward of Wrt,
Landlgrav, htr I,ther, (Jeoree II. f.ttlted upon aid hat blonw from 'W. N. W. to N. ever fine.
heran atinuity of oool. on the Irilltellablilhnientl, During this period, the weather has becn tnucom-
andafterthe birth tf her two fon, he wa further only cool for the time of year, the Mercury
plead to grant that the peision should continue never r;fiig above 73, and this morning at fun-
to he paid, not only during the life of her Royal rile, it fn)od at 67.
Highnel, but ailo the liuss of h.r two His Majefly's Sloop of War Weale, crmmand-
f,nn: And as a futi.ter mark of 1is paternal re ed by Capt. Mood, we are informed, will fail for
gad fur his daughter, lie feat an order to the Halifax oni Tucfday next.
Traltury of Irelatnd, that del annuity should be AARIVDO Heat, F m
paid without three ilded tl.n of two (fillings in the A4,;t 9. Sloip lFanay, Tucker, Jam. ia
pound, paiabe by virtue of an Irill .i of Par. se. Srhoo. Sally, Baynei, I'n.:icl
laament out oft .1 peifion.c n t at ctabtilhii.ciut, SAII L, Fa.
granted to perfons nlot iridtnl in Ireland. Afri 9. Ilii Maieft)'s S:oop of War 1
December ts. Tle Parliamrotitary declaration, IBll Dog,. Copt. M. alh, ca
of the nT w Treaty ot Comltleie l ew en ELtglalid Sloop SIlly, C lc, Chartf on
and France, ,ill be one of the molt tIiim, It. S'oo Polly, Kelly, J..mica
things of the ki)nd, both ill the difpiay 0ot h., ne- Hit, Majellyar Ga.y in
iociation, and :l Iat is of vit more, icnur. eac ,ur. rnt', G lle
the magnitude .ufibisous adlvaniage. li, M ejnfly', arn.rd Galley dito
Independent of immenfe a,.vanagca. tl, nce De pei erce, Lieut. 'oodriff,
diltcly andi iindiret'y incidental, tli. Purt du: es Adder, .irt. Avmery Ga di
alone on tli i... 'y .poned n Lon,,Ce ce with ille Hi Maje(fl's arned ll, r ,
French, will an t,,nl til abotvelt 3 ,,)oi. ,a )e.r. Arburhnot, l.icur. Wcl!l, i it,'
Ihe comph tioil of thi, texllittl Conmiercial 14. Sloop llope Eve, a,. C hriftophr
Treaty, harn 'i;linlg we!l wita lAr. tPlt's wife -- -
Crmmll.llatin B'1, will fl illh what that,
ii plttng an oit tnid to Imuigint. PU BLIC A UC TION,
The d i iIct it1 of lisugg.ig iuqht t bt, and On MONDAY the s4th infant,
saft y m.yglt III, h exaatlton ti of iur fialcritI.
CGt.rnrm.nt ha wever, might kn..,w aid i.rtllle That valuable H VUSE & LOT
sI ilte ar:n oi f giving, and biillg, to cerltal in Frcrdelck street, whr Mr. Ios Tucxy'a
portion i.fitc flaj. S. now lIfi ; pofl'nfiin wililbe given two monsit
Seafitn.lel b u' ties now wrl admini:lercd for after the Sale.
the encou' ogemni. f th fi I.. <, .. u.,d launch Ctonditionn of Sale, one f CanI, the otliet
that muen wanted fclheme aI th fich f.vuui ble Six Mr,:nths Credit, giving mnd with appruuedl
imp lt an Iould in v .-b y ca ly it oil ta the Sccuri:y.
cite atli mcltA of i, dvi uial caiin, n.y, of fuis TOHN DENNISTON, & Co.
tar:i a,- i',u d be. if national in.p ,tar.ce. Ai/. Apl 14, )36. 6
A mil a nrA a haf it t wo mhllont flerlig per tr i i .
I ruin, a ir, u leah if we will /hA for it. O /'b So .l, at 'Public Vicndur,
Whal ha < I tn Iay be; tile Dutcii get this On THURSDAY AraI so, 1786,-
On ou, .ajt. Wy mly not we? Twelve valuable N E R 0 ES,
I of a Lerfr he property oLf I A ar and a
Tlie priI 'p. topic inl this city at present is Prey ofWLL BEG and DA!
the ,- u r. mvrarrau into whcI the ol nil M aMN, formerly ipwrigllt in ltle
fu--- .fr IlaFarmir Gercial, ia brought Irov'nce of South.- .roinal cfiltlng of Ship
tilmflt. S,'mt nmoinlha ago as he was walking in ",'rigltr, Casitcra, A.r.m en, aIdSawyers, I ;'hr
the Thuill kics, he was rruck with the airs of a good Black Smith, regularly d to the bufinefas
lady who was in the fame walk. He ordered his The Conditions of Sale, half of the pun
domestic to follow her b.,me, and make enq:irice chafe Money to be paid in Six month the o'hes
counting lier. The f rvnt oil his reicin n Twelve Monthe with Lwfu atereit from the
formed hit maler flee l-lgrd in the Rie de a \alc, with bCnd and j ro.ved fctrit,
Richelitu, where the had been for abrut four y be d till er( ?t
months, and -'as univcrfally refp'eded in the recop i
Ie:ghbourhood. That the was the widow of a ime t' old, at e
gentleman of the Pro-inclef Santonge, and hald l . A . up in confqutnce of'a law fai', ref f)Clng Cl am e new FLAT, ftrong and well built;
her hufbandt's enate. Elated with this account, al1, f ome Pitch and ramerKeUles.
the old g:ntlemin waited on her the next mor- ALL Pt rfoons having d.eiads against tjL..
Ring, informed her he was acquainted with her Lt.l an BrasNI, or Btoiat & MANtoN, arc
StuAtion, who he was, and fam ceremanie offered defied to bring in their accounts for payment on
her lii interft and afliftance. The lady played o- fore the jos infant Las l e Suhfcber
1r pat to a dmirtion, and foon wrought the old te s to faU r Ednd It rf M th
farmr u ti fuch a pitch, as to obtain from him m0 tW V
a pNrm.fe of marriage, and a penalty of 4oo,oo000 -,, WILLIAM BEGBIE.
litesl. The happy day wan appointed and great a-da u, April IS. 1786
ptparatlons were made, when foaed- good- 'IHK Copattnerflip of IfRt I anid AN-
latured friend, which, as one of your bet come- DERSON. being difolve by mutual con-
die tfas, a man is never in want of, informed the I tent, they reueft that all perfonis debated to that
Old gentleman of fome difcoveries he had made, Concern, will come to an imms e fcttlement.
which threw him into the greateft perplexity and j A'va. Aprid it 1786.
aP"allnefi. In Ihort, he found himself obliged i -- -r
ahier to pay the penalty or marry a woman of i F R
the molt ftpicious chirader, and is now become 'HIRTY Barrels of EaRf-F1 idstTCH, In
ts*jelt and ridicule of all Ptia. ( I good Condition.
The new Duke of Ol;e.ns has behaved in i PANTON, LESLIE, & Co.
teI mft generous manner to all the ancient do. LL Perfons having dl a again the Eltate
s o hit lte father. He has added to tir ofthe late Lieutenantovernor, are r
1ons left them, continued them in his fcrvice, quelted to bring in their aceoc ts to
nd promised them his further tavour andl intcn- hENRY YON A Admiltftrator.
l. His Highners is perfedly recovered of his fi'n April, yS16.

At tbhir Nwu STO at r' C erCu r i Unson*
STHET ,rand ay,
SEAST-INDIA 0100 alfo, ManDI&A
Wina of the fir quality, Shi Chandlery, Hard-
ware. Orocery, CrockeryWare, &c. which they
will fell on the moaf re able terms forCD. 0
Sd Jilli. y Suekagwi.
On MONDAY, MAY I, 1786,
If nt prrvioaj oif *f at Privwet Salt,
OM y luable SLAVES, IS
P FAMILIES, moltia Itrn in Carolina and
Florida, and un.sce tione property.
A rafounahle Credit will e allowed, the pur-
chafrrm giving bond with approved security.
For further particulars, arp'y to
N'aNr,. Marchbs. 1786.
HE Snbfcribher intoning to thie Ilt Ilna-d ra
I a fllort time, defirea all pfrfon anywife in.
debted to him, to difhliarge tir refpeive ac
counts, and thofe to hom is indebted, to
call for payment.

E'edion of Parif Ocer, for (Chrift hlurch.
will be held In rho Chielthjon Mond y the slth of
April, htine Ffier Mon.lay,1etween the hours of to
mid II in the Forenoon.
ROBERT R#MER, ? Church.
n'*'a., Afr.f y7. 76M.
A HOUSE in an airy pD of the Tr.wn. and
CAlculatcd for a fmatll jiily. Apply to toe
AKES the lilheity to rreqeft that thore
S entlemen who have cen fo good as to ho.
noar him with their com'anmihns, will he pleated to
discharge their refprbivraccoints. All Perfons
having any demands agaft him, are defired to
call for plymrnt.
Tle has received by thpOtvdence Packet, a
neat Affortmrnt of fashion e Broad Cloth, and
Ilrriymeer, with fuitb Trinrmings, A.4,
folod and Silver Vellum are, Ppaulets. S3th
Rrgimental Rutttons, &c. which he will fellat a
rcafonable advance.
N. B. The TAYI (R's BUTSNESS carried
on ar niatl, at hii Houfe in Frederick Street.
VTan, % ~-*wr. .r, 1i79.
S anDI.FR & P UPHII.STERER, from Loaoer,
B ,EOS 'cnve to inf rm his Fr,-nds and the
SPublic, that he makes and repair tII forts of
Saddlerv, trims all forte of RItling Chair, and
lioure Chair, makes all forts of Matrafri. In ihe
neaticf manner, and on the mofn moderate terms,
at his Shop. the Eaft Corner of the Bay aJ
Ororge's Street.
T'IIE Sibtfciblr again rcqnrtfhat no Perfeo
I wherever will 1o a.fhooing c ithis hi, bnunda-
ries en Hfe Irlioan, without havioglrevioutl oh'arned
hi yermifllon. Perfern offending, 1rcr thi- notice,
m!y be alfured of having the rignr of the law put
in fore agoinf them.
.n ree agiJOHN RUSSELL.
NVM., MAfr tIo. T.4.
N- T'ICE IS Hl.RiLbY G(Vr.EN it all her
fone. nywife itnethtre- eEfla'e ofthe deces.
fed Mr. BiwjaStt SM liU looX tn make poimren
by the itl of May, as tte is a1 nbfo uae neelry of
cloling the affairs by t times and all Pcrfons to
whom the Elate is index are defired to render in
latest of their neronOit, pj r'y attefted, by that time.
Tt.nfe Perfons who do ivere them in on or before
that day, will be excluded from receivi'r payment.
Naf'o, Mr 30So, ly6.
LL Perfons having demanj on the Pflate-
LMr.AsiAinaal RoXasi a deeeafed, late
of this town, are defired to ender In states of
their claims, properly attefted to the fubhriber
and thofe who are indebted tf the efate, are re
quefted to make payment'ely, that the
affair may be fettld ra foon as Oflle.
ANTI. ROX Bt H, Admr.
L Perloni hiding de inftth
A1of SEmU,'L PtI.L Efq Ideceafed, are
requeled to deliver them kprrlatteted to the
Subfcriher without delay i d thne indebted to
the faid estate, are dircd i make payment as
foon as poffiRlc to

Mfinm a Cvuea s tlueInit Awcamw ad reigners with contempt. What in ecfcold prc to the nation, and rellte
Meadsau Malnss. be exapeed of them, who were fuch abarbria. ti n of ll theirmxilooBlcears i5etli i
'RPHET R a cynical old men who are themfelres, as to fnigmatise ill other nations by of his prrogative.
p erpetuallydinlnla our ear with the piaifes that opprobiois epithet I ... uch ..i, dllr. t 1rt
oftime pal, who end of drawing cmnpari- There is no virtue for which the anclents have much peer clngth; but bal llr
fons betwethe a ten Itand moderns, much to got greater credit thanfor their patrilotif, yet faid lough to produce thea ih
the diaragment the latter, and who take on examination it will appear, that their merits the trth of my propotto,-
nifanthropcal de lt in representing mankind as In this article have been very much exaggerated. with great riepec9, your's. .
degenerating front ae to age, both in mental and It is true, that we And among them fome trikinsg fbJp a
crpoparel endowments. With thefe people, all instance of this virtue in indivdutal, but it never.
lence is held to be on the decline, arts are retro- was diflufit, as with us, among the great body POLIT LIT J
gade; the greater virtues absolutely annihilated ; of the people. The porters and hackny coach- DlsDorl'TA -r*A
and morality itfelftending fati to utter extinlion. mes at Rome and Athens were deploably ito- TTE regret the wantf a
Even the human Agure is dwindling away in ta- rant of the affairs of tate. There were n clubs V nur own country, though w
ttur, and diminimng in strength ; the climates in thofe capitals for contfilu.imat Rt.rmaline at a losr to know to whom we t
are altered,the feafonsbecome yearly more incle. Carpenters and bricklayers refinmed the borough elaborate a performance. Were
ment I the earth ia lolin its fertility, and the fun only by the axe and hammer: flomemakers and I by our veneration of geniul, we
its heat. Now, Sir. though I am difpofed to tailors were dexter.os enough at the awl and the address ourfelves to Mr. Oib ap
admit that there is le foundation fo- thofe needle, but could not mend the government. r i er npon the amazing cosprl
complaints in a rfe prticulass, and will, for l'erhaps even the patr.otif of invivi.httls a- ihi defined history ofthe Romia
instance, readily allow, that the mule of the mo-. ong the ancients have got more thian its due rart only of which hat', as ylt appl
derns isnot quite o powerful in its elfeds as that fikreof praife; and upon a fair rftnimte it might rludtantly confers that there it emoplo
of Orpheus: That Agsulu., King of Poland, be found, that the moderns cou'd produce equ1l, c' nt for a life in the remaining po
though he could bend a horfe (hoe, could not if not superior examples of the ame h-roicviitue work. We feel ourfelvcs under larftlg
have pitched a bar with Hercules i that SwanM What is there fcr in Rfance, f> remnikable in the fi r the invaluable volumes we have reed
have loft the art of singing; and that even in the boalted examples of Themjsler anin Ar ilidr ? attend the conmpletiont ofthe history, w4l
period of my own remembrance, there is a great They were bitter en, mier, but forgot their qtur- expectation of a delight uailar to that
decay in the art making plumb cake and pen- rel when their country was in 1 inger, and join- experience upon any reiterated peir ll
ny-lea; yet I nk it might be cafly proved, ed their Interefts to prevent its falling a prey to riod already elucidated.
that in other r dts the piIture isa very falfe the Perfians: So our modern ftnaernmn, who the i It poffint fera poarrirate elL
one ; and I am roghly convinced, that upon one day declare the nmit ronted abhorrence ard The nndy of Roman litnature(wirtaa
an impartial c ateof te merit of theancient deteftation of each other, Inrth in their public we remark) i become negleded alnd af
and modern wod, the female of the latter would and private charnters, the neat fur the proirperity lint why Ihould we expect a ratlonalt
very greatly preponderate, anl good oftheir country agree, in every nc.llure, luldies, while the pen of the fahiriti
I do not intend at prtfet to enter into a com- and pofrfa for each other the m,'rt li cere i itenem ridiculing the frivolity of our manner
plete difcuffon of thl important fubjet ; but aid veneration. ItJeri,, it ii trun. dev.ited hint. contemptible effiminacy of our yot
Qall content myself rth advancing a very few felt fr,- hns country, and by acrtrnicing his own fetw who are happily exceptionstoa rt
arguments in refutat of the opinion of thofe life, won a great 'idiory over the enieniie of general, a complete tranflatihn of Lre
oldgrumblers I have nentioned: Aild I think it Rome: but our comliantders go much farther i hand of our admirable Dr. Alkin ould
willbe no difficult matter to thow, that the fault for thea devote whole atmirp, and fl cts, from a acceptab'e. We have penifed with i
lies entirely in their own peevilh and fplenetic pure fpiritofpatliotifrm. In ihort, it may becinf. his Life of Agricola from 1Taute, a
humours; and that the world C) far from getting dentlyalTlerted, that a:l thliic blight examples we the correctand beautiful drefi in which i
wotfe, is in reality uch better now than in an- read of in ancient Hiflry, mriy ind their paralels We wilh mrich that we had not beead
tient times. You l exclfe my negle of me- in a modern newspaper. the original in the laft edition. Andi
thodical arraneme for a this is a picture con- And now, Sir, that I have mentioned a newf- be understood to recommend, partlerll
IAting of many detacd g'oupe, it does not fig. paper, allow me to obfreve, t'at thelfc hritfchro- tranflations from the Latin, that the tel
nify at which end we begas nicles of the times afford every day nulnslie, fs o the opposite page a mode which we
I have been often much amazed at hearing it proofs of the superiority of the moderns to the I will very much facilitate the perfe at
ferioufly maiaiined, that mankind are more vi- ancients, in mary of the nrll ifeful arts and of that language.
Cious and abandoned in modern times, than they sciences. In that irt noble of all arts, the art Our elegant moralift Dr. Percival wall
were in the days of antiquity. The moderns no of healing, fo great 5the perftrion to which the u much by future obfrrvations upon t
doubt, have made manynotable difcoveries in the mulerns hae atttirai one of your prcde- I cation of natural hiftory to poetry.-Mr.
arts and sciences; but do not find that murder, cenfars has very i'llry exprcid his atritniment we hope, will continue his refearche
robbery, perjury, adutry, &c are among the at reading in the illof mortality the great num. animal world, and oblige us with additc
number. It is trua.'at there is a faflion in all her of people whli clhuif to die of fiuch and tuilc valuable and well known publications a
human affairs, whicl alter within the times, its dilltrmprr, for every ocne of which there ate fubject, and induce us frequently, with
iofluence may be ohrved in crimes, as well as in infallhtle and fpecifit cres. To he fire. thcte to expatiate upon a world of beautiful
every thing elfe ; but here thI a.ivantlge, I will is no helping the foly of fume p, ple, who will testing olbledt.
be bold to fay. lies entirely on the fide of the perfift in retiring a cuj till they are in a manner Qr:r mnale parity diven, ha'n entse
moderns. Long ago, in committing, they had a in articuleo'mortis (i he hlt atgoiy) butt it is to -
barbarous method of going directly to the point. be hoped we lliall Hr no more of foch deter- Extrar, perhaps the leajf dull ad mil
If a man had an ill will at his neighbour he knock- minen fuicide, when 4'e read, that fone of hofe froan tihe ewqu-fpbhld Essay oa 01 i
ed him on the head the flrt time he met him, or modern Efculapiurfe clhure only lich p-tiets as fitF all the tender martyrs of love, Leod
perhaps fet fire to his hoife, and made a bolreaud are precif.:Iy in the fituation. of-i"ncrab -, to be J perhaps, the firongef title to our
of him, his wife andchildren. But now the mode the fubjtds oftheir prasicti. One of thof: excel- fionate adminration; and I recommend hi
il altered much for the better. We fee none of lent- physician* proeffles, in his advcrtilemenits, to our pocts, from a perfualon, that in t
thofe wildbeafts in society. An enemy now that he wilhes none (hiw words are diroinly exclu- of nome inimrpaliied genius, his Eftol
wears the countenance of a friend he thews you five) to apply to him, but fich as have been dee- form a pleating companion and a porent
all the politeness in the world to your face, and med incurable, or made fitch iy the /;ealrv I the pathetic and enchanting Eloife of Ps
only ruins your reputation behind your back: thereby encouraging the difeat,l of all kihril lirft Before I clofe this Ihort account of
Je lends you mency if you are much in need of to take every pouible micansi to re'aer thtmfelves hibited dnmeftic connexion between pr
C and only throws you into jail, when you are incurable, that they may thus be qualified for profilred virgins, it may be proper to
-rving out ofit; he would be the lait man in the being perfectly cure by him. that Dodwell fuppoles this catom toast
world to revenge hfelf on you by (hootini or Somewhat anal s to the science of medicine ded to the primitive clergy ftom the
abbing l but I through his means you grow fo is the art of rep ng the huimnu figure. And luflrios of the pagan ageIs.
tired of lie ant~ut your own throat, tobe fure here, Sir, the pr minence of the nia.lrrs is This learned critic images, that '
It is no fault of A. equ lly diftingusd In this mot iefi.fl art, the honeft heathen old maid attached herfff
In cafe, "howlser, it should be neceffary for kill of the ancient went no farther than to give a eminent philosopher of the time, and wir
him to be your executioner, which often happens little orior em Iime& &t the contna, with his doctrine, without aspiring tob r
where the injury in ot a very atrocious nature t v nothing e po r which lHe mentions the intimacy of Ciceroand
fich as ifou flMold by chance joftle a gentle- M the making Ti and orga s a as a cafe in point.
man in the reet, fpit by accident on his fho, as featu The parcht alve cor That fuch an innocent but dangers
or difturb hm in a private onverfation with your rump, and boltred spring hodice, ment has existed, even' modern dl
rife, he gives you warni in the politeft manner of glafs eyes, and the transplantation of teeth, a memorable and moornall in(e nt I
of his intentionst fays believes you in every are all inventions absolutely modern. And fce I of Swift and Stella.
refpedt to be a man of bur, and only reqiefis we know for certain, that mechanism is fo per. That Angular genilu had the ta)1g
you by a civil card, to c e and be (hot through feed, that a wooden man can he made to per. inclination to port very cruelly with g
the head. form a folon the violin, play a game at c- f, of women I but, as his lngena and
The antients it muft owned, were remar- wa t articulate d; I fe nJ godfon and biorapher (old
ably inferiorto the moderns, both in good tate, reafnn t in t l me w ay ly confeffes, w thoit the power I
and good manners. That recnement of tate have artificial men currentTy ll' the JI j This ingenuous confemffou I
which manitelt itself by a polite contempt of all performing all the functions of life, fao diT et of all porble apotloie fr r
home productions, and a generous admiration of going their duty in ficiety jolt as well, and more C cal fpitrt mputed to Swift |
every thing that is foreign, feems to be a eualil- peaceably, than the real ones. When the art of Iperfeft and uncandldjudges of
cation need peculiar to the moderns. A well making automasoei has attained to this perfefIion its inlrmitiel, who do not e
educated Britilh gentleman, it maybe troly laid, which we may0afonably hope will happen in a who cannot readily pardon, a
sl of no country whatever. He unites in himfelf very few yearr e may congratulate ourselves on I of milanthropy In a giet hot b liau
the charaderiftics of all difllent nations: he the very great litical benets which mult arife I mmaturely deprived, or seer
talks and dreflee IsFub and flags aliat he ri. from this admit le invention. As there is no o fo common yet (o In a
vals the spa.i in Indolence, and the Gorman doubt that the nits of this claf of men will en. But peace to the afht of
nl drinking his booe Il Gre a, his oces title them to tI highest promotions, it is then writer and peace to thloft cl
Gtbire, and Ma FrmnitBre Ch H preferve we may exped every department of the rfate to of our compaffi higs unfts
the fame Im reality Ihsrellls, and fndno be rfupplhe d by a (et of upright and inflexible had the tlaue mlsrt
fid reafous fr prfel Cfaiw to Bnrama, magi tltes, the mgr abchine of government will cordant tthir. 1'if ano
or MabheemU to i hba f or al their be mot ably cdAt l i judges will administer May M er f and u
dolrines an equalldigen. Jultc wit the it rigid Imartiality and nl eflon to every aeniblTe
Bat how different from this the character of (what Is the great denideratum of the present age) fpinfter, n.t to coantl
the Oreekl and Romans I Servilely attached to a wooden kig may fit at the him of afrai, who admiration, either the wiMt
tlbei own maas ad caltoi, they trnted fo. will fpart te dignity of the crown with no ca. old philofopher.

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