Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 1, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00034
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL." IL.1 '




No. 88.




NASSAU: Printed by JohN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


H.,lifax, News-Scotia, A, rcb 13, 1786.
WT HEREAS an Adt-pflfd during the lat Be~fion
o P..riameur apptinnsg Contmllioners further
*t rntquire into the L,fle afod services of all fork
re.lio4 who f.fferd tn their Rights, Propertics
sid Lrofefli,' n, during the late unhappy Dilantotion in
Amerl, aIn Conlfeqintr e ol their Loyalty to has Ma
jefly and Atti.chnient e the brinfh Government.
AND WiHtREAS ColoTne 'lTuous i)vD ua, and
Jslaue Ptersg rot.' klq; two of the Cltnniitfiotnrsi
ap, on ,ed by the faid Act, were thirty dirdcled to
replur to Nota-?eotna, or any other .f Hit Midlly't
C4iesie in Amerrna. to enltuie into luh L'atlm;
The laid C' monillodern, now resident isn N"ovascoti..
do h ret y tGIiE NOTIICE, that they mean to continue
in ater iv,. t:n t doauro the enfuing Marldls of May.
June. J'ly. t di Augutt: And thudi Loyalis. rtfidtiit
it the iB.h mr-lnflaind, who have lodged Claims in
I glaiald utic, ;he Adt i Pariniament pafled in ths
YTar 1783, a, 4 wir, wfh ti have tholc Claims in-
r.etiir. l'y tin le Iiid Coimnilfiornrt, arc dlifrd m
uatei them an the fLid i'ruvtie, durno the faid
1 ii. tl1s :.lay, Jun., July, and Augull.
'lhe lia 1 C ai n t ate dnilirtd to 'AKE NOTICE,
t. t t tir prlno.l Ay, dbl) < t. .onuifii i 'ver, at the 'li n.. their C...m .use
eilalsnultd : Ald It i* rpetdl that :;kv producer ut the
T r f 11 a i', '. al T'ile Deed whui lil they hawl,
prl r'eA. ior .no -.,ocu.c ; aitln .,l1 Cerrticate., whid,
th, n y ihavei .ilit; el oti t t t l.o lud .\ aid Itrvics
u;i ..4 toL la. W\ir. Ad tllt ale rcqutrI d to cul
th iI uiil. F' .ri*lrti.s t- pt cure finnm the Olilics
wi :e :a o: c n.ia l tLd t'iltCs iar ret gaterd ini ny
r tli. L.itttd ,-., tc.uc t., a bli .,. which iay
la I tc,.n iaidic doI the Cotr.lJ.atnt.n of any .P.; of
lit. r I'r. ir' .i* 1 .,c) arc like iwdi rcrejurt. tI pl u.
at I!. 'T t ;e [ Ilt ini,, a Diu.l.i,.t or an A..oulnt f'
the C s, at I.rmc y e' v:red
,\N ilt. lit.AS hy the faid Ald I insie has been
allowed to the Ill ,f May I;86, fur new Clansi to
bI. itf r J I by l'irfL., who b i u i.puat Oath rllrt, to
the b., ,fad i..,, 'h1 h C. ninf.i,,iier., that thry wtviro
albiut frma the Kingdom* otf rc.t Britain anl Irlrand,
and by -nudO *.ol e or pFrcicular LirU:r.,-
fltuoe., wre uSmr y. slcapatle ui ptcferr up their
Cladi* i oi sing th, J I 'e iid ot.d l y ihc fati f .nrerC
AA; NOlt IE ISFI-REBY GIVEN,that it sexrc.-
cti ly i' oAdI Cot., tiat ,on the Deliverr of
rve.y fhicl new Clahm, an Afidavit be intla in thJ
folbo.n. g Fo, m.
A. 1 las. of but now of
na" matlI Oath ard Slith, That he ret'ed at
" Ir sn thle ilth of Ji y 17.; to rt.-
" o'h ef March i784. And tLis fi o an.n fult'
i" lith that he w tittt riv it, ip.bic of pireftrinig '
" dc nverig to te ( ominiili nert. p,.inrcd by Act Ai
" i'Prli n;t i ff iT ii ,!e ,jil Year of the Kctig of
" Hii. tref t \l j i y ct c.iel An AJ.r apyrt-
" i.'i .., "* 4 i* wfi tot-, Lfir and Stevuc4
'" iLi f-. Pi ,,f5i, .L fd,-, d is nr Ri'ldt,
" t J' .. n.,; I,, Presj .7,wi, a',t tif t,i t ai'^ Di
ifi j. .if't" a tn C, 'J'ifj; o,.e i/ lt e.'.r t.oy Ii 4,
I/u M i-t. .,1/ flAt q /it,..o, to Dt, it B<.*fiem t, a
Sor at It ctir OliLn c i ni miral. o ,.ii tr Rcq,:eoi
fir Aid ou i: l ic, ir Alicu, t of tlis Depomont'
L uf:,g th ine l ne nl tithal y 11if nliu in Ame.
*" li,:, w:th.i the 'T'inmi by the faid A& for
tlsci.l frch Ciains, by Riafi that his Ueleo-
SIat Ait.r g all fiLch Tite. viz hbttWen the rlth of
July I8 : adl theu 2jii s f March 1784, tired t
rdidd at
Aodl l/t,r ti. pf'eartin?.lr CirrimRantei ralid pr.'-
And (t... 1174,j ,hhtja laid.]
N B. T'hin Af'.Alvt I..,y rb f(worn to before the
O"vrn,,ur or ay Mag.flatr of( the Place wherein
fush lain-roo rcfidc..
All new Cl .i' s accompanied by an Affidavit made
pural rt to 1I.c ah, re 1orm, which (hall '1e ludoedt at
this 0Tce on or htfore the (i ol M .ai.t, will be
repi;vt by the faid Crmntilltners, p iT !cd th 'Pals
nd4 Ciraumlance. flated in I. h rrb*e' to
the itittf.i'on of the tonim ofiloesl; the utter Inea.
ruity of th P;iRt toltave aTvail' hit'fRt'lofthe flr-
acr AC, faid, however, if reci4Sclf, o'ofuture Ei.-
laiy antd Cnlicratioan n ithe perfon.alApptn'eanc of
the claitmar.t
But a. feIh. will arife ahot the Adnriffibility of
thBle ClaMns ftlch NEW CL.AIMANTS will under-
L0d that their Perfaoal Attendance is uaect iry till

further Notrie. Ano tlofh PerfSin who have tronf-
niitted their ( 'aims in proper Time to the Office of
American Clainm in Entla-"d, may rfit fortified that
their having fC done wi I he attended with the fame
Cofcequence as if they had bern tent to this Office.
By Od.r o t, i C..rti oe,,
PETER HUNTER, Secretary.

Niw-Pi,.v IrNc ts.
By bte nourabti JOHN BROWN, Ffqvire,
Pref/defo and (Cmmandor in (:bC f If te It a-
sbnma l4ands, Chbance//o, Fire Adminiral, and
Ord'ann of'eflrfme, .f e (f c.
W' THEHP.AS the Cenerf. Affrcnlly of thtf(
SIflinds flanslt proro lerd to Monulay the
id div of April next A T WHPREAS it is
tho hit rxredient that the ;d Oenterl Affem.
hly fhi.tll.l he further prorogruitt I tIAV THI p-
FOR THtrO'HT TIT, hy and ih the a,!vict and
ennfert :f hiS Malefly's Ilonr alle Crttei, to
;flit this my Procliamnation, pr aogurpn aln I di,
hercrh prrope,lr the lfid e nil Af' inb'v to
Taleflas th. lith y of ti tt oext, then to nimet
for the sif( ath i of ptuhliic hilliti's .
CII'FV s.,ler my lin.d and the Crrat Sea'
*/Ift t ,ffl, tii, ti th dv f Lfreb., ln
the Ye-ar ef0 r d-, onel 'i/oui',t fevI'
An- dred and eri .tr fir, ad i.* the tIweny.
J teh liar of Hlis .ilajir,'s Rei-n.
j Hlisr Honu r'" femmnad,
Httayi YoiNOa, Secretary.
rO D S A V i. 1 H, K ING.
W TI'TI lA the aff* .rnfT lt ile ofth late
Ronl Trcian. Ffq; w;ll Ilv rufed, an.
a division between the chilhtrn Ade on the ath o'
April IRi6. ay PIerftn thzt nil Iav der, n,,st :ri:ni
tihe fli- rOat. and Pfall not d (fer in their refpeflive
accnitalt, cf.ire th.* f id Iav wi lore the f.ine. Arnd
tlno idetr'ted to the fid latet, ith- 1 y hind, no-e
of ha.d, rr hook debt, will Ie df without any dif-
tin liol.
WIl.LIAM'S ArtFORRD, 7 Erecu-
a f'un, Afweeb 28. t;i. *
Nn TWICE IS HIRElY C ~ N. This the
F'eiion of Parilh Officer f4r thrift Cohtarh.
wl Tle he h'd in the Churtch, on 5ndav tie 17th of
Ap it, hin h Faiter MonJay, hbetsen thi hours of i-
andr2 in tli Foetnon.
JOHN r.\R',ICH.1EL, rardens.
A'*fg., Mosi 07, rltP.
TI~ TI'n IF IS RI.Y Ini':N ti all P et
4 Is In. nvwife inmehttel to arte as of the, te fri t Tr rO t IntsMtN SITn itont tin nlr ie pavment
'by the ift of Mtay, a. th're ir an f'tie nr.lfirty of
clliifr the af1Rair hy that time; rd all Ptrfono to
whom the lffate is ihdrbtcd. ree o lrtd to render in
fat~e of their actindnl, proper' y at ed, by that vime.
Thtre Perfons who do n give then in on or before
that day, will be excluded from reeeivi payment.
Nar-, M .h 30, 786-
TIl:I Suibfcli ber again requSl hat no Perfon
I whatever will ) o a shooting his bourida-
ri on HI" Inlani without .having p ouoy obtildfd
hin permi(on. Ferfloe offending, t thi notice,
mayhe aflured of having tbe Agiourof the law put
in force again them.
N. 1,a, M,. W I tlfl.
T H O, AS B fR' D,
ADnII.ER f OPH, LST RER,.fro, Lostior ,
IGS evc.a Inform.his Frlenlds and the
S.Public, thaBhe mnise and rrpairtall forts of
Ssddlerv, trigna 40 rots* f rilis it Chairs, and
HoufrChair., triahe all ferts of Matraffcs in the
smateft manner, and rs the mtolt oderte terms,
at his Shop. the Eat Corn eyB U Bay ad
Ocorge's Streit.

American Intelligence.
ST. JO H Ni; Jh/KeeBalric) Oc7osra tr.
T H E following is n authntic lift ,f the fip aand
veirfel which thae been cared from the harboit
of St John. with the produce of thin province, ince
the Ipth of February IiSt.
S ip Medway, 18 mafts, I yards, and 75 pieces of
tinbher Great-Britain.
Sl.op Providnce; oooo running timbers, sS,oom
boards, 70o000 fhingle ; St. Cross.
Esg Elein, r, 40,000 raging timber, and ao,oo
ltnhaor ; e'(s rlada.
Sloop Delight, 2o,e0o ranging timber, 6ooo boards.
tt,.o'o Ihing!r ; farbadoa.
Ship Hcrmoiie, 40,00o0 raning timber i Lilbon.
Sloop EtDher. ta,oo ranging timber ; Welil*ldiee.
Schooner Ellicot, 1so,0o board, 3o,ooo Ihsogles; Ja
Slomp I.,oo ranging timber, loooo beordle
0o.o00o lintle.; Louifbtourbh.
raig Neptune, o10,00 ranging timber, o,oco boards
lo,o0o alingles; Halifax.
Brig Dacket, tooooo board, fiinglet Ha*
Sloop Fanny, s00o boops, looo boards, 0oo,oce
folill.t- Barbadol .
-loop Polly. 170,000 singless; Halifax.
Ship Crlhtlriic, 7joo0taro, 75,o00 ooJhgles; Ame
rican ,t'Ce,.
Brig hiM.ry Anne, 12,o0o boards, o0,ooo fhinglesa
Brig Two Frinads 45,oco boards, zo,ooo Ilingile|
.li.ip Slly. 30,000 boards, 40o,000 hinglei; Bar?
Brig P-lJ and Jane, 45,o00 boards, so,ooo finglei;
Schiiner Succefi, to,ooo boards, 40,000 Ihinglesi
Sliop Induflry, 6ooa board, 40,000ooo singles; Ha*
ling Dclight, icoo hoops, 3oao Raves, o0,ooo rlin.
gir; Jamaica.
Schcouer Polly, so,oo laths, sooo lavte, & 3o,ooe
ihingtkl; Halifat.
SclhoOncr Induflry, IooIo laths, 40,000 WinglIS
Brig Eleanor, toon hoops, r,oo.n single.; Halifaro
Brir Prince of Wales, l,4oo ranging timber, 7o0
fIaves; Lilibon.
Schooner Swallow, 3o rtoa fquare timber, d4,toe
1lave. In (par.; Glafgow. -
Brig Adventure. I3,ooo flave, 40oo boards and
pl nkh Halifax.
Slonp Charlotte, jo,ooo boards,- o,no fhingiles
Ship Anne, ono tons timber, 1400 feet ofoars, rg
ovk knre'. zoo handipikes, r1 matast, o fparl, 14,0oo
fl.ves; GiLfgow.
Sh,(,o.tIr Pcggy, $o,ooo board, 10 flart) New.
'Pr.vidt cne.
Sinoot Cumherland., to,o00 board, oe0,00 fRtae,
5n,woo Ihingtle; Halifax.
Sloop Cumberland. boards, soo. fiavin
5o,oto hlingle., 8000 hoap; Antigua.
Sloop Watfon, Jooo faves; Hafax.
OA .rr zy. In our frA paper we gave a seoeona of
the' .ep6rts of Iumber, Ac. from the harbour of Sz,
John, and on a future day we mean: to prefer a tiH
af the Ibip and veffelt which have been cleand oue with
lumber from'other plhees In this prosrice, fr the dit-
ferent W'eft-ndia and European mntr, nd we ntr
It w ;: be o hard tab to preve, that the WeA-ladle
merchants and plhotetr kn ashhu ofthis country
when they afferted, i their fevcral eaoeiriala tO his
Majefty and Parliamet, that they tmali not be flp.
plied with lumber fra this country. Mr. Wrilhtolh
Mr. Leonard, at Beavl r Harler,t have now on hatl
6ooooo feet of f are timber, sad Oflties in p
tion ; and we are minrmed, that theoe ngetlemrl
would undernate to fernal the Watl-nadis r canea a
with the ime quantity ery threat montinthrs thMb
the year, if they would but lad them Inpping
.it off. Another gentleman, on the Raver St. nel
now poffebi of 1io,0"o he.r-pol, fuiudta bma
the Jamaica and Windward Ifland mauketf,'od will
renage to cut ua many millions in fS months, it require
ed, and effeh found to take them awar.
arary., t,. O S8turda* L4 agrnd i is

Lt exprofhom Quebec, with d:tpatcher fe his hi ET Irc at Ita ,ven.l naleid away all boa's, drove l!i1 It to Iep"'e o norli -- a, tle a b
eacy our Goverttour, and the Cetlmitlionieti Ame in the forerlatJir.-y, carricJ from lic deck an iron irfcr:c, a iptwtling keepers
a claims at Halifax; he had alo charge f a mail for caioolc of ton r:wei.t, and illld llthe Ihip to full of the dI1 god. tint now lay in daft o thair T
the Pelt Ofice. water, o fliuatd all tie cit:h ia thie l.b;i a l-! fwsve (talel a n. h 'i c mcn modity walu ufle ra co a.
Eotren of a kiterr/run n gentlledar /fdtfiaion in tyk, a.ll their wa'rter cai, except tvwoyr three, I-c that lcen iated, ,nd feril them into the T'rrtfa l S
oled :fywasryl fl86. they arri. d here they had enly part ofa cak of water; wni ld at mitl the prtjriry of .i
The latc avice from Fuglanld hove spread un- the fcA burf into the cabin. arrived aay tl.e bIul calc it tended to give clEusl ell tiSto
feigned joy in every corner of thi coui.ry ; the people heads, and walked averhoard the principal pat t of the and do away all tcnplainta fto the Trh
pruanite thenifelve much happlncef under the arrange. Hitters and papers that were on baird; they had alfo fiat t.I gr(ood into parcel, and when any lrm
ments faid to havebecr lately made for governing thii the miforture to lofe one of their hands, who was with a cinim for money, they mght t
preaincclI hope your Hounl of Repref.ntetives will watched overboard about Is o'clock at night-the Ihip with old bla-,f tonetahnrg, -r pie (a- f41
make the opening a road from our boundary line all the lay to long upon a careen, that they never cxpedAcd nelrio a lith. To fpeak ferionfldy, hie
way down to Saint Ann, one of (he ir(l obj) di of lhat the r'ould have righted again.-On tlc 6tii of Hnufe mould thinly tetetfiy a d.fatevam
their deliberation*; the advantage. that Aift arite from March, in lat. 414, long. ,o. they fpok te hit brig fit on, ftauntki on juftice and humaitna;at
aA eafy communication with Cuanda, cannot ceatpe the Mary, Capt. John Ocrvice, liom Icicriudat Itimunil to houfe that owed 6oool. for duties, wLicaltl a
dilcernment of your legislature London-uit.e 6 day--Capt. Service very uAb;i;igly falelthill efetulally preventedtrem farmo
iHa iaa, (Nvo-Ss.tia/ Fne o.ry II. At a nu. favoured them with a talk or two of water. t we re dterminedl In pcle they were thaled I,-
merous and refpe&ablr Mvleting of th e eoie in BeJl, Feo',,ry 23. 'rom tlie account :,;ven by i cafc before ajur), and he fiercely beaelh
trade, and other li.habitantu of the town ef Halifax, evcral mrn olicr if a certain great Affeni-iy, one we i!d determine against the thate. A
at Roubalet's Tavern, ths evening, it wa. reprltcfted wuuld he led to finpfe, that the .e o fertile late tf w illi c to have fome diftinaola made lt ritm-
that notwithilanding his Majesty's different I'rochn.a- Mafallaohufttrs n..I tictdrt ec the d itrts if .r., i'-in rupv, t:lt tIld fr cafl, art how could Ih le
tione, and the ads alri rcfolutione of the General inme parts the land mvil y:eld ntlihg-no, nroteven Ipce .;rr:t at that ierofmt io.r tIr. oL
AlTembly. as well as his .scllcnry the Gver nour's lae p is; in Itler, trho c..Tl f ee tnrect- 1i *ih.olr c n' 61i; c vcr the town to enquire of
Procianlation, for regulating :he intercorif between trash, harint, the 1.r- of tILe rur.i.ian a l. -; h-vc. v I. .ether he fold for cIe r or Iae t
th.i Provinra and the Anarrian Straes, there are in. by imipertuou hfrr. hu,,, htc n r itr it ay. ii led, crct' woild bh futile in in confetacqti dd
producedd, clandcinely, inta this and the other ports did we brieve Il.- it r, (but It .1 b i, i, the homwri of the Hote. H.
in the province,.aaddaily ended, Arcldes, which are a new valuation rf ti.e C nso only prohibited by law, but which arc alfo ex- be taken, al d tas it hIl cofl lhi fatar ia at in: fare vote for calling upon the merchaoaltoF
trent-ly prejdicial to the fair trader, nad to the coun. thaouand dJllari, it is hoped l iI fi.n e finihifle, inake part t, hat they owed into the 're .
try n general; and that, from the nature atnd ficur- us ral hr dn ilat there t,.i-; ucp. rMt) we mut fuppokl Mr F. R/fledget trpie in reply, ad nteidlbJ
tion oflh c.onwry, it isalmoft impollible for the execu- ourfclvrc inih.alrbint of a bjedaic.n na dc y different ge ntlearO that bal
tive fficr of government to watch over and dedtc --- d.A- ",r t.fl? ImnA., I en before-he thought an idea, that bema
thee illicit and delrrudive pradlies; wherefore it is Hit'r. 'ie ..',,, ,,', ;/, i ct, e a.i I i4tl ii. I could not he immediately rolledied, the whLL
our un.nmn u opinion, Andi voie, 4 .t pdr a i t riel tv.rnten! would be dropped wan injury uhLo
I. 'i at it the duty of every good futibj anI Knet--rl, Maor Oa s : urday it the general ptnrtie charadler of the olern of aga-
citiien, to pay due obedience to,, and do ev ry thin AlStrbly o this State wr emp-l.oyed in high debate up- Vhlt, hec(aufe ite Governonr could nothbeaildeaY
in their power, individually or t rle&iv ly, to lipport on the following cfluufc f the Iill entitled, an Af far three montierl did they expedr he weald thoew ea
the laws, and hie aiding and allifling the cxccurivc ritilr, teTrl, J / to ,,,i,. in t ,t h o .,t i tt t" i. onflice f!--'raife the delegatra in CoereeftA eaC i
officer. in the discharge of their duty. o" And hear uriiber er'ic .d 1y' the ;.uihriry af reifld, inimneiarely receive money, did theiHofa fbIna
II. that it r. our opinion and belief, that the arti. tat the bhll.f b r,'t ni!; b-hy virtue of thica w h mill n*p in tle Iublir eouncil of hfi a
dles prmitecd by his lExcellency the Governour's lafe fialtl le a Ictal tendZ in all clta wlire an any Nlit i or o f thf e joidge and inferior olcearsierfngo
1'. .-imanion to be inip-,red, comprehend every thing th lII be bn light or ci mrnced for any debt or da- I-,l it not in their power to go immnedIl i
tl; ."*e inhabitant, of this province have any occafiun niages, crn the coni itf hri fuir in any ftge of the r,. f ., for tr|ir fairic, did the HMo e t iN
f :, fIrm the State. f Anioric ; and all and each of proceedirt thereof; rlv e v.itwys. rlhat nttlliing in that til wild Trflyn i-He trufted not. On
us, 1)0 H-IIRElY ple re eur Wordst ian o Iloar, that thisact contained fhrf cxtenl to countravene ary treaty occ~ftnr it was the pralice int to pay the-agfst
mw will neither bOn nor sei L any A-t-cies that are between the Uni'tdtl rte t Anicrica and ant foreign rov-rnmient rntil the end of the year-ile teti
prohibited by the Proclamation% aforefaid, State or power," wlich finally prlTfd in the mrit to himself, hbt when lie was in Conrelr
All. That we Ihallconlider all thole a unfriendly to by a niajriit o t rniy. *li hole a.1 for emitting, i col'tag.uc nor hmifelf received any me y fire
the prolfp.riiy ol thi cr unitry, who iliall hereafter, ic. ha. Inpliyed iatr .onerirAl.. Ioy ever fine, ani conrilcrahle time. Having thlu proved that goism
dirtdily or indiritly, introduce iimnt any port within nwa ycelcrj.y cun,. itid t a i u lnn.utc of the whole rent wa in no i'aner of being overturaederft.
this privince, or he acccirary to fuch praftlces, any IToife. ed,. he bhperd gitlenrcn wouldarrce rwilhlirel
rrovifison, goods, arre, or nierchan ci, that arena t o Cl,,tlee,, '. d... ;,, A. 1. Ve'lerday they werr caller upon to relieve he me rean t bisa
ftrdlly coenlfrable to, and within the letter of the the H.ilr ReHCI r ecfr.I: ii. tito. ui a bill for re- bi:'g iIprlled to nimke immediate paymlentloftir
Govertnour's Proclamation. g lnri f.r i un-ter \ or n *n. &. dunire : thi ir fiturtiran had already been rt do f
IV. That, 6 far a- relates to the p'rt of Halifax, /Irf,. F Retttle, the Hloufa clauf, which rrdini di.faiprrble, that there wanted e il
we think t cropcer and nccflary to appoint fix citias.n being stl trc., flo d a l.iiliio. : ahirional 'feather to make the (cale prepeadbma-
to c.nve t the officer of government fuch intelli- Petr a:fe ,t-d tie or af.refrid, that all gainf} thmn
gince As they may acquire, alid we, individually, may ftirt alreanly cornimrllli. for lduit h.:l hb flayed, at.d r ar. P. CU/lc., lail. thet the Hnfoo headed ai
oni time to time fit nith them with. a litias hall he 1 ti. frer min' ci for duties until iriokcd in w}-at they had often hbore been ilm
V And, it is unanimeoldy agreed, that we will three months frtm the palfirg of this adt: and that I ir.-- diiemrma. 'h y had bhi-fre them two l edn
rapport and alilt fuch citizens in the executionoftlhee the previro contolned n ith 4 ih Ift1iii, if the ad fot j of vei h thi v muft adopt; and in uach catfs, itl
deterrinate ns; a. d will a' all timesfurnifh them with regulation of falte ln'imir \ nli,,ni adI I' r othb r pur- f:r tfa rl :nrl the greater. Two objaIe IwgeSt
fuctl inte.iginte aI may ctme to our knownldge, for prfes therein irciSr,- as 1. tr .. tii r... r:;ate- to i in vii i-to ilog the wl-iels of government wmdlt
the more cfllctually enabling them to rcnlsr that fcr. dutile, hall be aInd i hschiy 1 ttin i t rll ic e- t rhr ni-lchan The equity of thtfe two calf
vice to toe community, which we fatter ourfelves piration of their nforvthi, i rv1'd thalt e rr r-aIrl in-letds-i, executive urffileemlt
their cndeavou a may accomplifl. tech person Ihaul ay I thin At ayif, e et per cret. on r:irt and the Ltgiflature were called ioto i
And to the end that thefr our measure may be ithc amoun of ,*he f it dlu e 7 i c per.;on for dutlie." the voice of the people ; but pray whlar dli
known throughout the province, we think it neceffary ju..r I',, a e to l ge ther merchants ah it rit eal tic I for the negro mnerchantseer i
that they be pub'ilhed in the Nova.Scotia Gazette and far a I tIh ioult c)r lt-;nl. ,ril wiri; .*e~pcdinc and dry gp id ?-who fent f.r them to coem l
ialifas J.urnal. JIl ; .i t fir: tl. y lii.l v'r: o clog the nobody. Thef elood-natoredgl gertkmeahdt
George Smith, Andrew B Ichrr, Michael YWallace, whee, if goveri-:.t ; Iv:i,h would in-vitably hip. nf to enwe among uo from their own adla
Beo.j.ran M. Holme-. Wi liam Fo-fyth. Andrew 'An, ana coiifeq, eAcc ifa!r/ciei- w`tri this inution; for receiv-d them with kindnf-, and tney in tasme
M'G I, oleanderr Brymer, jun. Jhn Mailers, Th,- ..lthirougi the gri.c cr;ir, of late coull w.' yc e t hr.;r bell endeavors to crar every c Isry li
ma. Coc.ran, James Cochran, William Cnicran, Wril W v h was to bccr: iI th ie pori'nr whi fihtlin r n e t;c c untry. He fincerely wished no nm lns
liH Abbout, RichardJ. Uniaoke, .-a..ica el Hart, Wirl fall annuitilc o I y b c giverni.arntii Mil thev might he irnporte! into this or ay other o'f a i
liam l.yon, W.llia.i Wlliams, William Camphell, returnpennyletf~ iir t dirant ha le hlp? Ieh d fo Statet. It was o' ing to the negro nmerlllk Sl
Wi liam aabatier. Ptcr Sm-th, Charles Gdclet, Rich- much hard meaa l woncl not he cialt outt to lt.ue. perticut.nly, that the country was involved i
ar it'dlton, William Grigg, Wi iham Brown, Daniel Another point la-i oaurDel)gate. wAitid for money nift ,rlett and crelamitic. It w i ow Of lAg
JLt'Ma!lr, John William Schwarto, Godfrey Sehwarta to enable them ir-ccell, and iilced coull d uoiit go tht there i oa a nitellitry for liafling ta ao te
G.orge aell. l.awrcace Hartlhione, Philip Maichin- forward to Congrefllwiho it it; fi:ricly ft,, nch mon-y Shernas Sile. nbich they now enclal I
ten Janma Vcitch. John Paterfon!, rhonrs Robirtlon, o mightlhh r.tile, hb the nmerchantr .s would pay off :.ainfit. It hInd hfen laid trade lfpponredgia
John eirge Pyke, Alerander Coplland, Thoma Cop- thofe Iccefftry c'. iA. i ,n our trc.:ry ;r might c~t a b l't he ibelietd lwe could do much better
Ian, Jofeph Fiairbanks, Andrew ThonBlian, William difcjjihei.l' he IndIb ani,,iw.~ :itrchlnts Why fIrei:n trade ti.n without a regIlart gov
J..wlur William Taylor, G.orC e Dcbloi, fen. George Ihoul tl rli wh alt entirely f.r caih, and there that ftpplo rl n a:. 'lh. ry hadbeea a
D)Ah ,ii. jun. Joht Lawfon, Wileiam Kidllon, Thomas were not few thole, not pay thcir duties as fhen ed i ha t thaer !clrgater waited for money t
-lon, Ja Iaes Ihnllon, Eliward Nichola, Wi iamn as the law wonld ompettl the Ie wihed an excp- then to go forward th Cougref and aS
Vecih, J'hn bSmpio, Corilant Conner, R.,bcrt tion t all thfre alers for ready moun.y, wno ar nuot our finance, ll: not admit orteir draw
l aail IJ'hn Prince. Andrew Liddcll, George Grant, citizen of this t or not pay tarce. thc cafc formerly, until this mtnme was
lMhn Merric.k Anthony Moore, Wil iam GOrdon, Af jr Btiler, approved highly of the motion made dtIcga:;im owas incomplete: Their He egW ,0
li rk Miiile. Samu I Sparrow. John Cannell, Marin byallearnle and inonrahc gentleman for relieving til. t., muft rhcy not recerie money, reta
Shiert John Edward Ke by Patrick M'Maler, recrcantile interft ; fr ;f knew Irom information that fraying their cxpnce o n the ap h
I..larhan Snelling. Temple S. fict, Charles Hill, without the Hu f interfered in behalf of the mer- hoped they woe!d; for atloughe t ahe
O e ve Allan, Winchwotth AILn, Jamu Kavan igh, chtnts, th y miti be highly dilrefled-he felt rt inform- d in a fiormeIcr d1lete, w* tlhe
A chard Cleary, Edward Kin.g Ge.rge W. Sherlock, credingly for them, hut he felt (lill more for the dig- I ro reduce their rivil li, that those Jfda
Flr Sherlock, C. C. HlC. l, J me Lewia- nity, juftiice a honour of that HIirfe. A law had joiiday time of butinelis the c"l.
A:.daecordingly the iit fo.ow.aerl Citiecn were Ap. ben pale d co ely njuf yrt excufed by the fharp try gentlemen were always gladoftheir
hinted to carry the aforegaing Dtttimiations into nccetrv of t c miafortunet. The operationof thia took care to entertain them withtot
rcution, agreeabl to the fourth Arrticle: law thrt ouit nmechints f(m recovering any thi;g, believed that tome genmlemtlc n wan aL
B. M Holme, George Bell, asd yet wa jre enabled to recover from ihem ; we in boafting of their liberality; yet ud O /i .
Wai. Campbell, Wl. Salhaier, divided otur ,c luit, we laid yoet hall gain nothing tlemen behared to properly, in me en
John Malerlh Richard Kidfion. from ua, but we will order r Attorney General to cuit it wa. nrcelary for the Jludg
jirenb to On Monday Eenoig .all, there was a prosecute or rather perfecutle o Langiage cold not places where the peole were poar, alirl
very refpeaable acting at MerMantra, at Rouhalet's afford wordcl.tal to the tak o eprobating in proper gentlemen tl at 1kd the beli te l i
t vern for the purp .fe of efihlilhing a Wha c-Filhing c .our. fuch grant injuftice. As to the whlict of, hey wou'd aAet of enettaismentro
Com any. I he buGneI; was candidly d fi.fled, and gvermrn nt being clogged, he diatnot t:itk there was were indigent, without nthiltato 0
atI iare now taking to carry this very benefcial any ferlous caufe Im fuch it wa hard- fort afch~nardir Ihuld we abliL* a
deCSin into excutinn. Such un ertakiugp as there, do ly fair to r-pole nor executive olrfidt would refr., to and n foreign eou.ntries, i tY'
Ih.eliar their preji- or-, and pcro to the country the the inerruptiton of govern -at i if they were a little were unable to pay ouar 0late oll A"Isol
son darle forer.*s of wedth and prosperity. inmtreefrd in the welfare of the ate, it wonu'd be undoubtedly, which we mlghtltad I A L
Mnd ty. Yesterday arrived h re from l.imerick, better for us to do without lhan i but let what will of.
In Ir.lenn the thip Briannix, Capt. Muirhead, he fellow, the 1 rot o d for them to consider wa., MIr, 0 o. The Itod s CfeI ofS 5i
failed from Lipserick the tg:h of Jvitu ry. When in how they coui f pefor their duty. iay la te p he bil f ieae
e. 4. ad lr 14, they were overtaken by a r M I. i, M the motion of h honorable and holding the ic f ogament mn teHet t.
o al wird. which cal otad wwithe fch via- armed friend d i as the Irovad, he Ihould take the the Senatedifagree with at S A t "t

et for holding the feat of gotreslllt at the can by ilawk f violence, withl.ut obtai'.in; the i drcf to
is"$ oC. re arnd Watertc rivers, and ditermtin- ihich he wa. jiily entit.ld.
a ldhce to tker firli resolution to appoint Cto- he Advcte-eute appeartd oil the part of the
ljdacr to purthale landa for the pulpole of building woman. He faad, tat he had never conidercd an a
toN AonA f u removing the f[at of govetrnm iet to of fcratchlng to be highly criminal in a woman., p.-
y' Fetrry after d.batr, *c mnnitter of cut.fcr ticulatly in a Scotch woman, who was known fre-
.ar itndet ar d, afirrdebatng n e time, Mr. qluentl to ecprde her Liondif. hy that vCry the
? g lIete re.,cted, that theIr umnmitthe had nitt wail-known adaCg fufficlemly prved. I the fcratchl
Lt flom the S narc, tl.e refu. of wlich waa that the ing was nrplealnt to the appellant, he had himfelf to
ac eaould n .r Ifet tt changit g ith pe ac rea'd- blame for it, in harlhly exrling from a goor woman
",al.oAed oi the bil, ti trtofr.t c tnt.tlaitte o rteoi- alur equal to so per cent. of the debt fl owed, in
Tencd that the litl tf. If, adhere to their refoaution name of diligence. Prvoke I by thi, harflncf, rlih
for hltldnogthe "eenttt at the o.latutie rclpondtlt lhad called him Ia A..dfat. a/id. Wal tli
Ac doing to 1arlian+oary preaticc, it the Houfc 6t d/ll, cepreflitill inelegant no doubt, but which
hlai oggItd Ilheir ct imottcc, thih bui tA iull int, orten oothitg worft than that the appellant wa. a
hae lotd over uliai nnt meelilng of ni.raisA AItre- very ugly mn an od if in any cafe the truth of a re
ily, but a cualiloit taking plate betwecr t ti Cn Wttry c, old be in aptIlogy f.t it, it certainly would
ltralct, the qAtllion for agreeing with the Senate %w In thi-. ([Hre thi ai p llant, who wan in couit, c p
ndt atd carrn-d. I d bnth h land% upon lis lace. anc crouched behind
l l o a I'r" ft". a c*'pi" I / '"j 7 "',-ai, t ;hit agent. The conrt w.s very mcr y.] But furpoifig,
ther -ort'^denl t in *th ay, deltd Ko o, 1#C6-- ca'ittnud the Ad.oca'e.UDeute, that Ahret had betn
.., an in proyrict'l in h.r owing the features of thi ran-
Iohe lia nIftriIttirnt which art ;vd rfr. m Britai, lina kar, he ,.t air a 7, at hi own procured
ireated to the dif. rc.t off~ei A in lte i.almau lfervict an nmpt(e reparation, by rolling tile rfrondrnt a lure
bele, havtb u 1 h; al flnilly-put a flop to all 'ueaa; atnd, pitrh:! which denied: total abllriccufthel
inlcrcourle the Antrticn States, except in retl cha:taA rinic cerLlltncie. of her fer. She wat indeed
t ifit b-,ttoms, navi ated a wording to law. I, f julifi*le in acrling the apl rllntl ,f bein. A
an' Ilob.p i.f w.r.wi.l itO tetAnily kipt crtuiflng ri.und he r.hbcr ; li t fr thi hie hlI intlenified hinfeif
thi, iflansi ild its dealrtncnaio. We have htd t.ra tr likiwife, by givir g the rcllonndunt thflie dAr,9; and
three very dlfAigrcbhle jobs in centf qictnce of vtIfalns had noting mort. p1.lcld, the a. count would have been
coming rt our auldltl, ltukceld wilh unlawful plpt.r, ; I prt tiy equal y l.ilanced between the rartict. But the
and atllh' ithly ticket It helr (- I the fanc kind A, ppcllant, by alddin. the atruoiSr t charge of liastm
ever ought to a duct you to rilquc your property to aaintf the wife of an honcb f fellnwburgeci, had
this ifl nl. A 0 op lt ar, will, A cuflominhiuf. tflli- brought out a v-ry lhrIe and mnl alnfar balance on
eer ont ba rd, hA. fs.ud A Ihip two brigs, and a Ichou his tide ;4and the rcfpondEnt had only adijuted the at-
tar, durian hir cruift round th land aft week." count by her nail., finding her tongue ntmdequate to
A dcru;tation of Indiansof tle Cth:.lawv Nation, at- rh purpolr. It wat clear therefore that the appeal t
rivtld a i w dsy. ago in tlit city. wi h the in- had no g, od rcal, m to complain. Hi. libel mentioned
f. rn.atitn 'hIltt ila Spaniards Iad furntifchi the Crick .tat ni; or braiting; bill in f. t e he bld neither bhetn
Ildllan hiih i411,to wt. of gunrpowder, in ordlcr toI beat nor bruitlt; nllr coill the ratL rindet', operating
nilak war aganlt the Clhadawa. The deputation have upon hit face have any other effc than vt worti
eonme hire. in oaldr 1to fIlicit affillunce from this (arc. ,to mp.air At to.rnty fte a few ldays; and it could not
They i tf.itmed a warlike da ce aftet thrir nai na be tditlcult at, llilmate the value uffrch a Itf, to the
osnanell. Saturday aftchtroon, blorehi, acclllcacy appellalit, if he would only be pleated to catle
the (t,.var.m>.r's door. forward, atld/et hit f/- a his caufe. [Here the ap-
pellant efcrpd through the crowd to a cenote or*f
ner of thr e Aurt, where lhe rema.nd out of view.]
F,... rnl (Kt Ai A U A Z IT I' TI. The cal.ellanr t aTedlcd to cnsplain of a l.ft of bload;
t R ra, but thl was, the Imoll groundleft cmp'aint of all;
Sh uhl y at time he in want ofinctllifencetto f r their. eAid!tntly wa. much bad blood in h'ni at
l I Ip 1. .r I in yit.u t'i.1 t which elii- the time, of whlch the r:ptondlcnt had drawn Ita lit
i iatnd lac y Ihe c *i Court Ao !acot'atnd.-. 'I c tie, and the aj pcllatit Au'd have fpared at l dell dolenI
dIl'nr I y IIItu'. nat, I dare fay will makC la:nat tl- qalitairy walh rcAl advantage to hin,felf Layilni
of v .ur Rceatt~l la.h. arid. thereftire, all nlfidcration of the appellant a
Yours, Itultkralblc hbhaviour, the quellion would be, Whether
a If I. he u s titlIcd to fl. lor the itajury done to hil. Ic ?
r'liE laft ctf efoe If the Cort was an apical as the And this queoion could a:lmii of little difruffinm, an
I, a sc f Willi.'m H (n.ict candle, aker in the face and lat d together which had dilated tl e
F. f .m Ifenence ,of tn M 1 it;lrae:s of that hurgh. bringing of o foulihh a proef-, were furely not worth
Iti, fafk htl Itt aiw f Iht l. i toi 1 ar arrt *ihcrar half the lum. But when the who'e circumstances were
th wil. t' Ale r Mitth ac'f an .f 'he pert) confideretd, i, nufl appear, thar rrparatio, if any, wu
t, anan of Elgin, odh.avintg r psc.ttcdly cll~led fotr the de. not to the man. hut to the woman.
rt a a y t'..a r yl f ag it, he at all wt.i to fMicllt% I aord Garalcillton found, that the Magiflra*et. in plost
hb';f. atrendrd I atwn officer alnd alknim ded im-. offorwt, were wrong in having fineA Hofftck, wh n
nredae Ipaymenr~I f hii d Ilr, atnl a (hfially be dl to there was no conplailt agai i d him; and. formedd their
the oAtc-r Mrf l Mtch, 11 ilhierd to he nd f nience with refpeet to Margarrt Shherar. In confr-
H 'a fk t fifled upAn :t; a v ry wa m aotcicati n ot.- quctice of which, the apptelant who had brought hit
lu. ,, n the eno rfe of wh chl the .1f rt i that l.ll"ac appeal ith a view to recover Sl. from the refpoudent,
wa- a hanled-f.ace' r, that he Ivoked li a dlv.1, would have fally that lfun of txenies to pay.-'l'he
and a, the al day w tbl a f up 1 kal the devil, he pleaditcas o(f this cafe being in the true comic lyle.
wa f1, hlae hin already; and adler., th't he wai a and full of humour, were highly entertaining, and
h l t< rbber. o rl.e charrgei h lufa, k anfwcrcd. affi rdd da feafronable relitftotlhe minds ofthe audience,
I, I .r. ^ i ell wat a c )arfe; that The a a, dprptrffe by the fad series of trials and dooms which
a 1 a t .i m r; and t Pat A/ igrt o aed gev hail arecr;itd.
7oR, 'a ',a Mlr, Mltchltl m.. len r ply; but
ia lait.y .aipTdil her nails to H-llfck'. fate. wnh tfo i a llE Sniallcabrr itentill fal tsr tntgaad
ch c sooi Adler Huffack brought an acion' tore h r f is all Per-
ataIe ls iral.. af ikh e ncur of thb Procuraor- fons indebted to him, tn let c tn his
Ifctl. fe tng n fo bh, on or before tle l5'ih inflat ; fuc'h accounts as
a" I h t where a, by 'he laws of this and of all well are Inot thrn adjfted, will be placed in the hands
gIa re' realm., the bi altg, bruiling a.d wa.undlng of an Attorncy to be filed for. All Petfoal ha,.
an7y l hi. M Ol liy's lile ., to the efufia.n of other inai aly de nands against hint, are delf to cafor
I-H .., i. a rinti of a henouss nature, and severely pu. paymtn FJ
nila It ; yet trioe it it, that th Iail Marga ct Sherai On W> DNESa AT, April 12, l f76, l S ldat
h. c....1 :I d. and i aiilty f the f. at rime, in to enduee. Iby Me/r. DI)nAlsTOX sU"C.
far a at tme at place il~tllcd,,e LJadrsellyrabad An Affrtaent of MEDICINES, warranted
tIera.tlaiem. 's ;" and tiarcf re concluding Ag.aitt pond, fome HaUSHOLD FURNITURE, and
tr for ,I. t. 'lnr i. nlate of fin ., damage., a .d ti- fevcral other useful Articlcs.
p'a-eis. Mre Mitchel brought no counter. action klore HUOH ROSE.
tn 0la ,. ft itr, bi, fat forth in her defe cc. Ih, e na, Apei, htt h6e
.. ............ r.a .I. .t.. u r. L a, /il,
-c a ttft d- a tf f aa ffat a

S.. 1111c lt a occi ut a lul lll a glIt lOlll.l
bef.r tlhe col m fl.ry-coout. 'lle Magifrratcs, aln.r
sa1 wata a pio. t otl ,lie libel, pronatuncedl tieir judg-
mant. aihrc'ry rhey i red ech party in the faim of
3J and Inuand ovr to ketp the cnce for a twelve.
Otntnh. In thi- ludgmetnt Mrs. Mirchell arquielccdl;
but HfflT ap called tharerlron to th- circuit -curt,
'a.nd i.fil d for ha tl. as labeilld before the Magif-
sata. Mr. JInttm. giant ntut.fdl lor the appellant,
gave a full f ate of the c fe and proof a idccd from
habchl he A.nat.raila d0. th.t lMr Mitch II appeared
" rity -n have .e, the agerff.r ; that the appclla at
barI ade, th udhout metlyon theddcfcnlie, atevery
m"tI a a 4i .n co el had wit h a female antagonist
wht talo ; that when furiouafl affanuled by her. he
td letre Jel, and l d int, ,he houfe of a freind for
fctter au 'aher the irago had purfued him, and
Ih re i; t ld 'th fc wounds which had givan rlfe to
the auwt,. In this cafe, here evidently wa* B6a-
gIant ca[h of Ihe peace, and bat'ery of an aggra-
ated ature; and unlcf. the featreac of the agif.
toat'ehuld be revered, the appellant muft falbmit t3
t loft of his money, u well as to a ltb of hi blood,

T HIRTY Barrels of Eaft-FloridlPITCH, in
Good Condition.
A HOUE in an ary prt the Town, and
Calculated for a fill fanly. Apply to tnt
R UN AWAY from the ubfcrikb on Friday lItlh
a Negro Man namedDANIEI Baker by trade;
he s pretty tall. very black. fr very good Englill.
one of his te, flands up rig t, Tfeiee on his righ'
foot, and not it to wear any foes. a late the pr6.
perty of 7i. Weil, Efq. Whoev will deliver him
to me. or to the Jail Keper, fhalli ae FAr Dhlamu,
Reward. I a fo forewarn any Perfi or Perfoa frnm
harboring, employing or carrying him off lai Iand,
as I am determined to prove any that do.
March So, t786. L ..

0 N Tueflay arrived here from Hlal'ra, wrlt
i lifpatchen from the Comm liners of .me*
rican Claimr, hns MIajet)'l 8kmtpof War WA'l cl,
canuinmddcr hv Iamnel Hood, Ffqiare.
On T'nLrfdiay arrived Ihie from Chatltfllon
William Telfair. fq; Derna'd Campbell, Ifq; and
Mr. John Mitchell Jon.
Two Memoriala, recyea&ng the Illicit teM-
merce carried on within this goverr.mentarticul
larly at Turkt' Illand, were in the c utle at lthi
lcrk pil f nited to hir Honmar tlR Prelr tnt i
Council. The lidadvantiesae cip.rI need hby the fair
trader frum P.uropcan md Pan-IndIa Goods be-
ing introduced hete from foit rigdin tatt, were pI.
ced in a Aining point of vlew and it wa requttezd
that reprfe ntationa ofthefe mrntttt miht he made
inthi Mlajey's Miniftern ad to the Incr enr.
manting ter fqualtron at amailt.-Th. Mlemo-
rials wre, faMvoirbly received, and there is every
real.n to brpe the objeAs will be foon attained.
On Wdirefiday right died here, Mr. WALTia
BI.LI.EY, SCrlant i* the RHoyl Artillety, in
which' corpshe haddfervd twi nty- As years. This
refa etah'c Veteran Koarc'td a Mtrikii inllanee of
attention, prohiy and worth. eve in the hum.
hlrr walks of life, corrmea nilain the regard sa
cteccr of mankind. Hia iemArins were attended
to the grave by icvery rumernoul iain, aud thcie
interred will tIl honoure of war.

Apit 4. Hi Maejcly'a moop of War Halifax
WcB olt. Capt Hood.t
6. qehon. ectmada Paket, Priddea, Clatleftal
School. Peggy, Clarks Georgia
RAIt to, far
April 3. Brig Iv;e Oak, Macbride, Ocorrgi
Slonp Po'ly, Craythone, ditto
t. School. suranah. Back, A tiguo
REMArl WltKilDaes.
Hit Mojefty's Sloop of Wo A Ce.n
Buoll Dot. Capt. Mitt, A
His Majltiy's armed Oalley.1 -it
Se'urte. .iclt. Smith. Jamaica
Hi. Majfly' armed Galley, ditto
Mir majcfy'sarnmed Calley ditto
Adder. Lieut. Avery, $ dt"-
HI- Ma*11y't arned Oalley.
seellc d dalle. ? itto
Arthurnot, Lient. Woollam.
Eh;p I ightnianr, Bron, London
Ship Narcy, Croftill, ditto
S'oop Sally. Cole, Charlefion
Sdep Polly, Kelly. Jamaica
li;p Polly, M'Naughton Lndon
Ship NafLta. Hunt, ditto
,Ship F.aly, Ogilvie, itto
Shir IHero. Bayan, ditto
Shi1l Charlotte, GibCon, ditto
Ship Hope, Fergufaon, St. Chrifo her
Sloop Ie1'pe, Eve, ditto
Slorp ll>nd Packet, Stewrt, Bardo
S8oop Safannah, Sweeting, dit
*, ON WranTSDAT Ufat. Ite ifth of Afr'?
Lhri t e. Areiwrfai of RODNr," P7CIORr,
shire will / aH SnAferi)is Beall at Smitrk'h Tlrm.1
_----I___ __ --
A Paragraph tmtlraed frm a letter f/nr the
Rigbt Hnm. L ord l sr'it,, eon nfhi l'jrljy'
rrintipal See'etaris of Slate, to lis Hosr
JuIMt PA PowA wnPlat, ofthe il nd e f e
Providence. yitly sy, s;71, mnd i Id
me, (that is, by Lart. LIAvra.) by tIh Lik.
tatentvCffverneir's dore axd arrffaipess. Sep.
temehr it, tT8t.
T AM farther to Inform you, that yames
I" Hfp/urn, RKorl Yeoen,. and Yhoi If rh,
anld other of the pncipal promoters, as
SIlhall appear to you to defere public mark of
royal difptlcfire do not receive any countc-
nAncC, fipport, or protetibon whatever from
you ; the fame cod 1 sla alfoo e he observed
toward those ollccrl, whom you are direed
to uflpend."
MR. Wit La,
rpHEP. above extra& came into my pollfficn
I fnme time ago, asd I trque t you will pub-
lilh it in your next Gaettel, n order that your
readers may be informed how far a Ieretar
of State can go, in withdrnawrg bhi MAse fl
mol grac'?ota 'pretetle firm his Iny and
affeAionate fuCraer. withrlt say kaid o trial.
I have only to nform you farther, that the fuf.
penned fliers alluded to, die Mr. Tes iual Mr.
Hatan, and
Your mcft humble fervast,
N/lTau. March }|. 9,6.

ALL Petfoen having demand liainA the late
-Te ofthe lte Lieutenant.O; eresr, smr ne
qufted to bring in their acenttito

S mn eRnment of year adisteriarie, to c-aplet* the ad to which jt'lafarjh 'W
"o t --ao^iratu^ii J' >rious arlgemnlta that were iny. paen. .t we we ill mnr l t 'l
-t. JOHN, i Neo*Raqwhk JAnur 7. mr u a s rXciin of thef era bricheofthe hruy iof.iut4
A a peme1r4 n of heu r fellos of the Alfembly legislator in thdi new prince. His Majefty'racit its weulfae.
thi Pir e*r, hi BLaUeic Onverunr Cauleton endeavour to procure the in.hbitanr neery p ,rtca&i When we rreaplrait wi
wa pluedd to nake the f allowing Srscu I of a free government are, by there mica, already in exampled liherflit of the I
Gotrmlewe (fa Cau/e, nd a fiir way of being alrdly faccefsfuL unfirtu l oyad s lifn. ge it
Geede.eo ./tH.e Ar. My, We are happy to find, from the voice of public gr- p nalicen na, pn'. el care r |
A t' ftheJved branches of thlegiflature, titude, that lour ExnIlilnaer beay' okln attention he riia to t th ftle d'.ln t
S for te fBrit time o this new province is an been fo effesual in uard ig the people lait tlle tuAc ad t e l'pt e ktar
SOvel f luimt importance and am l prove fo conducive numerous wants incident to their peculiar turation I and wr ae er aad rna h 4at h '
to itn ft1bijlty aEd prCeffeity, that I feel the hightR and we are confident that ep.rienw will givr lalinK ser. and ltoal Fnl l 0 au! t
r tth~ diio st fClag hli Majefll* endyeamor to pr to the wifilan of thufe mittlrea whOie on.du*y atl tfor, t ~atick l
Sear the inhabitants very priem lon od free gever-. your Excellency has pirfued for the general wellfre. Exrtllency hail loM d oiu t,"I s a
moan, in If, fr a way of being finally fuccehful. it i therefore with pcruliar fari'tadioll thJt we obhy ter the future welfate -f the preilte
Ti. proceeding r ier wasl ccerKrily f(int in guard. your Excellency's fumm n,, by wlich e a re called up. mplite in confetihy there, to ieLr
lS the people a.iunf thofe numerous waut incident o., in urnjuiecti.n with the other brancrh of the th behalf, by promnitnR by a
to their peculiar tutiou, and the summer has been legillature, in (ien-ral Armlnily, to put the finithing fobriety, indtitry sid the pnr We A
employed a well ia the prosecution f this cilutial hand to the arduoui k I of orianzisiiig tlhe province; ronalrln l fadion and pa diy tia
buue, a In dividing .the province, and clablilihiog and in the profiritinn of tlh in aportrat obi;e t we are alctain htrmaony betw&rn 'dJl
.the fivetal occa and court of jullice rii qifiie for the prepared, with all zeal and diligeniic, by a f4irifl i9stt'f arnhl t inthis province. . fTac
fIcurtiy of the farmer, wrilo engaged la railing a fup- ifLhrtse of our duly, hlily lt justify the c(i.ri.lriice 'We prrtlcipate with pyor Eeelly
port for hisfin lyi And now. that the feaion of the 'yur xcerllen.y Ila .cln |1 ild to cx..reil if our fire it auffrds that our profpi&ay feo
.n render* rvelling comn:odius, and allows yeno hear .lTpoltirn to c -oFp.rate in whatever may tend the joint eeriiom:s of the legilut r, fd
leifte to attend the public bufincts, without inttrrup. to the flality and pri,.plrity of hisinfant crleny. clal purpoles, c:n fcarce'y fail t re de
tion to youo private fairs, I have called you together, We feel and acknowlrlge with every eotiona of 1rofpernu. thi. asylum of loyalty. AaEa
L compliace with the royal inlrudioni, that you may duty and gatioudr,tl,e ibtrality of the Britilh govern- tith and ffnranue, that by tzerei i ig
put the Alilhiag hand to the rduou- talk ot orgalyunlg nlnt to the ounortunate loy.llist in general, and the under your Ju and prudent aidelilotie l
the province, by re.aoaiting ruth of the Nova-Scotu peculiar munificence as well at the parental care of our will be enabled to euloy their co t r
law a re aplible to our situation, and pulling fach I moal graciau fov-reign to thofe of them who ore fat. rent late, and retain their alleg~ikie ,
b illuas t Ill judge bet calculated to mainta.u our i tied in this province, and art convinced that the bell Knlrp, wtikh their ionducl htfeafLrdr a
rapid a eanc towarwia ucpalete eablil&ument in this return we can mauk on this hchalf will be to exert oir. above all other coalderatloue. ,
s 'Itry. felvee for the promotion of wh.uever rniy tend to their To hithExcellencyreturnoedtoi
Geutinh f COir,- piece and security. .+InMoe
That branch of the laws of the old province, which And we have the higher cti,denrce 41it, under T RE IURN you n y nc.rethaneifoetdla
elatt. to crime and niidenmeanours, I would recoi. j your Exccliency's vigilant and wile ai'trHir :ion, lthe YI:r :Ippre b.itpin Of the mearl h I
nten to )our firlt confidrration i they ure tor the muan pleading profpcdi wie at p. iifnt rinjiy will he feridily 1ourfirl tIr proinitp the puble it
parr, if nIlt altogether, extrad.j from the itatute law rsal zed in the pre an. t hiapl inef. of th.l who have the m ni I'elI fati fia ion; and there a
rof Zgland, and.wtll hbecoe our. bft frcurity for the preferred their duty to tvery othir corifideration. tie, if your ctnicrrence a'd fuo
qu~ia and permn net enjoyment of private liberty and 1T whkih his Eacel'Lrac) was pi:c.fel to make the fol. romm to doubt of f iref in tile firtai
pter ry.F As it may rm ome ninllanct, perhaps adl- loi ii A r. -k I l" of nty Iatn io .
Wit of doubt. whai part of the.e laws extend to this G..n ln, ,
prove, and which are loft by the creling ofa dif. THANK you fr tlhi Adief., anl with plefoure . 0 Li
tin dminitrati.e, it will be smok cligibae, by re- j embrace the oppu.;ltu., i. return foryour clrcr. Tr S L
lwi.g them, to leave nit pihility of uncertainty i lfont of a, prr,bati n.,, l ,iilld he, t I .nl much AT I PU B L I C VF E D t
I mntterfo c early f.Ltig th happintfe of aIdividuali indebted to the c atl..'olii all id feilhll adi-ice I n nIwtN I I0 a1 "/" D
and the piece of the community. Thole laws alffo ofhi, Majcfy'sCoucil., lfra. fuccLf, that anyhave . OND. u iM f .
which relae to the execution of jultic, civil and attended my eirorti for tle 1b.ilir frvke. If 1t .reia;,r dih1ofdJ a Pr ii a
cr.inisil, male another important ohbe ofyour at- ... ) F,"rty to Fify val blie ie
tntin a and at thle al. fian. f the ju lg will be re- 'he following Addrfo w%- prt,.nled to. hi. Eie.ll.ncy PA. IIE mo ly born I C
quired form or reviwinc thm, they will of the ( error th i'llh ilt. by the liH ourable the Fria, and unexcptnabl pert
C1 fla uppeorigiate 7ou. ot e o Almly A reafiflable Credit will be ilow itr s,
Audaieris oft1. qutJ1uv,"l M. 1-6 '..elle + 1 LO |AS C \RI.'FO ,, i hcifcr.r giving bond with app ved
Among the uahteru. fu gee, which will f 1I under C.pse. -;u ala/ .. ,,r a rf of th, o F t pn m app y t
your c ,,ileirati n1, after you have adopted adt.e o<" .Vu-,e.!a. ,, Fur ur thr Partular, yy ,.
of the province of NovaSutaia, as you may fin laccef. Tl'e lhumblle ADo.u I. ref Ithe Holufs of Affnembly. JRInlA ,T BrNA I,- -
fary or propir I would particularly pint out a bill Alt, t /a ,,/ ..r uC... .. MA FORBBS. i
poimirodr4 thefe'ai.n of memabet toferve ii gene- TJi AI.,jvty int dut.ifanl Ian lol fiohjeaiA, the ll Na., March It. 176.
ratl flTcmly. aoA for regutlpatp all f.. e&h 1.on, I All f.ily .rf ilic lrovianc of Ncw-Brurtwitr-, i i ti.fc.iher gr, .n ik. lic not
well ai determining the q Zd cationts flcl or. A mecun your Ecelle~ny liYre thanks tr your obligiig ...fn re it it th ad i
law Lfor rt af lering o tcr llorfal of lled, lying anof adiu.onate Spcch. ihl d U n '
w*irh thur province, .tn I m c before oiur division T Ihe experience oae have hal of your Eccillency'. qnt o h d .s
hom N lov,.Sot.a,i.' ncrfllry for afcerta.iing titles ti prudtnec in irrarngei g thliigovern nit, i of your jlliue l P l Favannil that "o W~reds,
cftltei, and will preov of the gretenft ufe in their aid ol u cra-itn, cl your coulatmt atlnntioi to illte pub- 'c. will. wiolllt dinlirii. j ned
ltrinesiun- aU therefore inruaded to recommend lc affairs, a.d of your It nwacacd co eu.t ours fir the itt tile hands of an Attorwy, t
general happincf, deimains our .ikn ,wvlce lcnien sto i vrC. ie 1 fcvrral y.i irn'r I havel i
Genlerwe of the Coreil, mnd Gtla renn f o our molt graciol Son ign for lo t fdJ .n and good. ait hut prdUocilNg tilt ifilred fl! f.
.nefs in your alppsi>iiinmnjit to the chief command, a d ALEXAND J
I fhall dtine entering father into the particular ourn o ut tmiull eTuort tu dd to tlle di'n.ity and BLc fi f-
lojecdl that may be proper for pur conuliertion in of yior adminitation F 0 L N 0 N'
thoe courts of the pfet asion e ; Lai ll leave thEna We are highly gratiFed with the farli'feadin enpref- The U
lb 1rmtotW otlrni s eoistrantimafn bya heEffigci ia he fed by your iEc-lleny, i nt aig hit MNjrlty's denr. rdeS r re< A t
mean time I hav the fauleft confidence, that you will ounr to procure inlbiitant oft hit province eve ryS A L v L
oter upon the public befaitf warn a hearty difpolilion ,rotedlioii if a fy glorenmenl. in fo fair a way iI ArANntan On
to join me ti whatever may taed to tith welfare of being fin1ll fourct ul, by an esent of f rto reCa r impor -h Froai or L
this infaxtt colony Tarce eand io coit vt to the Flblry lna prolfprity iFr rcitht or Pa l
Thre liberality of the Britih government to the ua of the provincr, a ior ne h of the rfcral branch of FALCONlER, SHIRREFF,
fortunate loyahrfti in genera, and the peculiar muni. the legflataireaso c watiit ti time. WH.I.IAM BPCBRIB.
leene end parearaltrer of our mft gracious fo verign We recollI c, wni l a full of ri -net, f our h I -neHl ,
to shore ofthem frtledia Ntw.Brulfltic, call ionu ly F.xellceny's care anf li NoiurS in the S reccdiiig winter, J H N B U C K L E Yci ua
for enry vertrn sheo Ai redeioo t and flavored p o- e. unardiig the people against thiole numerous want rTAKES the liberty to tor eft
de can make t; ud I am perfeaded you cannot better isinrelat t thcri pcnli .r iltuaion; and are equally I Gentlemen who hav cn en .o
thew yer r deLitk,r. this behalf, for the many t nii.lful tthe happy elkaeofyour attention anl rood. nonr him with their command w l he
uneriupd inftuances of national and royal bounty, nrfa in tathfiquent p rflcutiutl of tis rental bhut. 'lifeharge their ref rtive ac i .
Jaby promoting q brity, indul ry, and the prac. fnlr, a. I a or your wiflfm an. prudence in divid. hiding any demands a gainit m e
tic. f religion; ty dilciragii all faction and part ing tholine, s anm ellaolifihing the llvenrahliicland ncil for pl rcnt.
diindaioi among uI, sad-by inculcating the atmo courts of jiftce require for our ecurcuity. And as you I.e h'a received Iry the
harmony bentwen tlne.ily arrived loyalifts and thofe have judted it expedient at this feafoe of the year, neat ArITortment of fafhtinl ble as
*f 'i. tMa>y's t ije. formerly refdent in this pro. when the public bufotefLcau be atten led to with tilhe r r with suitable T
dlutc. And, gentlfen, it is witl uea! pleaf~ re Ide. leaf intercupitn to prievt'atllirT, to call uo ,tgcthcr Klr ,
itare. itoarr prbfpti are fo favourable, that your in compliAnce with the royal infiructitn., we affore Oold and Silver Vellum f.act,
enrtions for thof l benefial purpolf cu scarcely fail your Exelency that we will, with esal for the public I tmental l Buttons, &c. whic be
to ren or thi. dyI. of hel, tthe envy of the neigh. r fpery and with b t endexvounr for the complex. rea.tnable advance.
b. riog fates, and that, by eerciling the ar of i"of n eoiablihitmct to wifely begun and To fuceefs N. B. The TAYLOR'i B
T ety who l irve tah refuge here will not only fuly carri on under your aufpic. enter on the ardu. 0n as utfual., at his Hou ie in Fred c W
o 'sinimr tty reeipenfd ifor their looer, but be our talk oflnading with the concurrnce of the other Nalra au, YJearIf. I, 786
entltsd, injo, their aoMnezin with the parent f uate branhe i of the tgif ature, fuch law. ai Ihall he appli. A L. Perfons having demands a l t
ndgt a.lipgla-nce for the beft of-aui, which cable nd c intn toile faet opref t-e of the orntr, A Mr. ALsaIInlat RoxUatOtM
e mssdt ha giai they prle a e a i con'Fde. Among the a nt i fueje& h of lgtilat on which of this town, are defthed to i
rTa -Tsi ..:-; r1 . may comne ojder.r deratao, we are full f olible their claims, property att sed, ON
Thefwi 4. ..res we Itd to hisEecellea-n of our dlcer a i pointing eat a bill protidin and those ws h are Indebted tot
e Ow Yrca -' 4 by-. the Honourable far the ediin o memberir to feve in the Genel qete to make r Id
ai ,n pTt Affinembly. and far re1 ntei g aUc el line, a wel -
fe ) a^ yroiTHdMAfA CARLETON, B; as determiinnge Ia o e o And eon. I ANTI. "ROX
~CapN and 9ewraerChuief e m +winced of t he a n of the better aftatainn a A Lj. Perfon having de.emane
V/ if novaAra. focuring the ta I owigreqalelagthe
uV h'ii noaetf of his Majety' Council, la regift erliof al int oflanidewhaif r in his 'of SAti- L FARLAT, J .
o .neri A .embly met. province; we all not omit an earli atte n to there re ucltdto deliver the m
-- -^ hi tir recomnmcd by your Elcellency. Subflcrier without dd ly
et r lceilmepy ew hum). Ara your elty may ely p on rceiving all the faId elate anre delek m uING
Vormin I a wommunicationswith t mo inatlr fooS o an pwOllHIu, ton.
a re a I tht O r ueaur r o m n. that a Wsftik
Sten a I ad friend.
p ae e year wholek dminlimatien, I

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